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The Ritual Murder of Heather O'Rourke #17

     We left off in #16 with the Freeing  house getting swallowed up into the ground and them fleeing fast. I do insist this was to be prophetic if the middle class getting swallowed up in the future, which future is now the present. I got some great videos to prove my declarations. These are mainstream network productions that sound identical to what I have been writing since #1 of Heather O'Rourke's murder.

Now the next events as the Movie winds down, struck me as Hilarious. I had the best laugh of the last few years if not longer.

The family barely escapes with their lives and children, almost like they were cast out of the garden of Eden, more appropriately, being expelled from the American dream in the most brutal of ways. A total catastrophe and collapse of the Dream, which was to warn us of what would eventually come about, and is now getting unprecedented attention in the news media that I will show as being the fulfillment predicted in the 1981 filming and 1982 screening/screaming in the theaters. I will use the screening distribution year as the year to count from, 1982. We are now into the year of 2019, 37 years later. In many respects, the horrors of the invasion of the middle class neighborhood at the beginning of the movie, to its catastrophic end, is very much like what we are seeing now. And it is every bit as horrible as the Movie. We are at the edge of dangerous precipice now in 2019. Lets begin.

After seeing the wild eruption of skeletons and graves and the house implode and the family hot-rodding it out of the development, The sign at left appears. I exploded with laughter given irony of the sign. this was supposed to be a middle to upper middle class "heaven." Instead it become hell and maybe closer to reality that we might want to admit. All I can tell you is I burst out in strong laughter. Spielberg films are never subtle.

Below the Freelings are checking in to a legend of the new economy and the blooming trourist industry that began in the 50s along with the suburbs, initially often quite small in many placed but would get bigger over time. the result was the famous 1980s McMansions, that many had to sell after property taxes were revised. It was a betrayal of the Middle class. Had they spent their money that went into the house, in other ways, they would not have the yearly property penalty for spending it on renovations and expansion. Taxes have become more like piracy and looting. People pay the taxes on the income and then are penalized, not matter which way they spend it. We are only supposed to be taxed once for our income. But we pay every time we spend it. Buy a car? TAXED! Sell the Car? TAXED. Taxed 3 time and more. Not throw inflation in! Throw layoffs in! Ship jobs over seas!

But in the 50s, this happened:

About our brand and the changes along the way:
In 1952 he created a brand of affordable hotels where everyday families could enjoy a consistently clean and friendly environment. From then on Holiday Inn celebrated many successes. 1952: First Holiday Inn hotel opened in Memphis, TN, USA by Kemmons Wilson.

The new recreational lifestyle of the middle class. Tourism in the new explosion of cars being pumped out of Detroit. Cars were very affordable at first, so that the infrastructure could get up to speed as they prepared for the technological development of Defense Industry expansion. No one was getting rich in the 50s, but no one was starving, either. Everyone had jobs and far more conveniences than they ever had previously. Holiday Inn was one of those icons of the 50s, being like one of the first hotel chains that were designed with the middle class in mind. Holiday Inn has shrunk and far more competition is out there now as well.

Many Burger chains opened all over the USA. But with the power of big financiers, McDonalds prevailed and become a household name. America was growing fast, but California was off the hook with growth. I think Hollywood and the CIA wanted it that way. Its was its own country unto itself. Cities were no longer the place to shop. Up and down California, shopping centers were springing up to accommodate the suburbs. Not more city shopping.

All over the nation, city stores were dying. By 1982, Holiday Inn was on the decline. You'll note the 207 on the door. There is an urban legend or rumor that every hotel has a room 207 reserved for free to hotel workers all over. You can look it up. I have no idea if its true or not. I tend to be skeptical. But they pass 207 and go into room 209. My phone area code is 207. Who ya gonna call, folks? Ghost Busters? Prophecy Hunters?

Here they are, cast out of the "Garden of Eden and banned from ever coming back. The American dream is now, in 2019, dead, predicted in advance, not only by the bible, but even Satan and Spielberg wanted to get in on it. Copycats every where. They don't even know what their fate id going to be. The movie gives no hope. There is no sign that things will get better. Their house was swallowed into the ground to disappear completely. We are not left with any hope. I do believe that was the intention. Below, dad looks out with nothing but uncertainty. His whole life as been taken from him. Where does he and his family go from here?

Glen Campbell Where's the Playgroud Susie Written by Jimmy Web, a great song writer.
The best version of it, ever:]

It is the lyrics I will focus on. Picture this as being sang to the Government (Susie) after we have lost everything.

The end has come and found us here

With our toys scattered all around us here
The puzzle that we never found an answer for
Still asks us, darlin', just what all the games were for
And here we stand
in a box of sand

Where's the playground Susie?
You're the one who's supposed to know her way around
Where's the playground Susie
If I don't stay around?
If I don't stay around?

T1: Its that feeling of having lost everything and no chance of recovery. It is the Middle class dream, DOA!
The carousel has stopped us here
It twirled a time or two and then it dropped us here
And still you're not content with something about me
But what merry-go-round can you ride without me
To take your hand ?
Where would you stand?
Where's the playground Susie

The government (and Satan) plans on killing us all off.

Now the next scene again made me bust a gut laughing. The door had been closed and then this:

He throws the TV out onto the balcony. That is where all the problems came from, right?

As dad ponders, I think of a David Essex line from Rock On:

"Where do we go from here? Which is the way that's clear?" . . .

Below, there is the suggestion of the Movie. Throw the TV out. It ruining you and all of America.

But lets not get fooled here. The TV itself is not the problem. It is the lies and deceit of the programming made for TV broadcasting. Remember the TV people. "They're here!" Look up "Network" on youtube. The star rants and raves about how bad the TV programming is. And he is 100% right. Its the end of the movie, and the foretelling of the end of the American dream and promise of everyone being able to have a job, home, and family . . .

Never again ... Never again ...Never again!

What I can say is that TV could be a great thing if those in power were to use it for good. But they won't because Satan is going to hold our wants and desires against us. We need God's help to "get back to the garden" and perfection.

Really, this is a very sad ending. Then and now! But I have more to show.

 38 years since 1981 Poltergeist.

California: America's First 3rd World State

Tucker Carlson & Victor Davis Hanson   

This is only 7 minutes long. You would do well to watch it all. I quote the most important things.

Tucker: “For generations California symbolized every thing that was fantastic, was great about America. It was the most beautiful place in the world. Snow capped mountains, pristine beaches, lush inland valleys. But it was more than a vacation spot. California supported the biggest middle class in the country.

It had an education system that was the envy of the world. It had a gleaming infrastructure. California was the state that made the American dream a reality.

Now the state of California is known for a very different set of images. Needles and feces in the street, a dying middle class. The country’s highest poverty rate. Policies that prioritize illegal aliens over ailing American Citizens.

California is still a symbol . . .  a symbol of everything that has gone wrong with this country. (Not my words says Truth1, but I agree with them 100%.)

Trace Gallagher joins us tonight. T1: he gives specifics on how things are getting worse and suggesting that it is the Democraps who are in trouble for their policies that have brought this about.


Truth1: Oregon is having the same problems.

Tucker investigates: California homeless living on makeshift boats

How the opioid crisis decimated the American workforce

From the PBS News Hour:

A direct link between opioid use and “out of the work force Americans.”

For both Prime age men and Prime age women, the increase In the last 15 years can account perhaps for 20% drop in the labor force participation.

Medical treatment prescribes 3.5 times more opioid medications today than it was 15 years ago.

T1: it makes them an unproductive and a drain on society by design and intention.

Young people can be seen just wandering around and not looking for work.

Some have kids who resent them for neglecting the kids. Some won’t even talk to the former addicts.

Paul Solomon for PBS From NE Ohio.

Truth1: Taking opioids is a quick easy way to escape what they fear to admit. That their unproductive education has left them high and dry with not way out but minimum wage jobs and soaring rents and mortgages. Drugs only makes it worse.

Truth1 Summary

Some might reason, this is only a California problem. But it already goes much further than that. Oregon and Washington are feeling it. It will spread to anywhere where the dwindling lower middle class and the poorly paid working class will not be able to support all the socialist freebies. The pit is not bottomless and it will run out and then all hell breaks loose.

As I have addressed in a past blog, the upper classes have cause all housing to rise, leaving nothing for the poor or even the former middle class. Dynastic Inheritance will kill us all, as it was intended to do. People do not think that we can have a Bronze age Collapse like we had near to 1200 BC. They are only kidding themselves. The past will become the future and finally the present and then we are all gone.

So what do you think? What is scarier? Poltergeist? Or the situation we now have that will only get worse. Poltergeist was a warning to us if you can accept the symbols as prophetic. They certainly seemed to come true.

There are a few more things to needed to wrap up A very interesting Movie full of symbolism and a summary to follow up with, too.

What is left after 17 blogs on this subject,  We need some concrete decisions about Heather's death. What about Mom's no. 65 football Jersey? Is there a solution? There are other tidbits, too. I think there are some big implications in this wrap-up, too.

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