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The Ritual Murder of Heather O'Rourke #18

     This starts out with Film Analysis, a past time that came about due to Stanley Kubrick subtley weaving hints and symbolism into his movies with a view to revealing his participation in the fake Moon lading he did for the government. He contracted with a one Jay Weidner, to take down Stanley's interview and "confession, back in the 70s, I think. The agreement called for the info to NOT be released until one year after the death of Stanley.

Stanley did not just hint at the fake moon missions of NASA. He revealed a number of things and in more than one film, though "The Shining" had the most info on the moon mission. I recommend Weidner's 2 DVDs on the subject, using footage from the movies.

Jay Weidner - IMDb

Jay Weidner
is a director and producer, known for Deep Space (2016), The Last Avatar (2014) and Infinity: The Ultimate Trip - Journey Beyond Death (2009). ... Kubrick's Odyssey: Secrets Hidden in the Films of Stanley Kubrick; Part One: Kubrick and Apollo Director.

There could have been earlier movies with hint or at least sinister side stories, But Kubrick raised it to new level that is without precedent. Now it is not uncommon. Further, many films often had a message in them. That is not new. They more obvious in their messages. Kubrick loved the subtle, even to the point of practically hidden in extreme subtlety with things that seemed out of place or in visual symbols and metaphors.

So what I suggest in this article is not really fringe or unheard of, anymore. Below is Rob Ager's analysis and follies for consideration if not amusement. I claim "fair use" of his written opinions/analysis.

Hidden depths of POLTERGEIST (film analysis)

Published on Feb 19, 2019
Poltergeist has a good reputation as a piece of basic commercial entertainment, but it's aesthetic and technical craftsmanship is still very under-appreciated. This video digs beneath the surface. Written, edited and narrated by Rob Ager. More film analysis videos and articles at WEBSITE:

Rob:  In answer to some of the more frequent comments ... Yes, I was already well aware before writing this video that the US anthem was played as closure of broadcasting at night. This video does not say that there is a political theme, but merely that the use of the anthem at the start of the movie overlaying the titles and then merging into the TV version could easily lead viewers to assume the film would have a political message.

T1: Exactly and as well, it should. It has a very big political theme as well as economical.

Rob: I was talking about the genre deceptions in the opening 5 minutes of the movie. However, there is a political commentary in the Poltergeist anyway, which is present in more details of the film later. As for the anthem at the beginning of the movie, it it has no relevance then the film makers could have just started the film off with the static TV. They didn't actually need to show the anthem.

T1:  Rob missed the boat. That anthem coming along was to announce the arrival of the "TV People." I did not say his analysis would be spot on. I am not impressed with Rob's analysis of most movies or their parts. But he is one of the few that does analysis.

Rob: Regarding the online rumours people are bringing up that Spielberg and others in the entertainment industry abused and caused the death of the little girl in the movie. There are tons of rumours on the net about all manner of things. 
Yeah? And so what if there is?

Rob: If you just believe them all without checking for evidence and sources then you'll end up in cuckoo land if you're not there already. 

Who said we believed them all or not? Who said or implied that we did not check for evidence and sources? Rob did! And he does not even know us. And besides, I ended up in cuckoo land way before Rob came along. Besides, I like it in cuckoo land. Rob needs to get his facts right and actually address the facts behind the "rumors. How do you get the number of coincidences in the Heather prediction of death without some very impressive forecasting. Its a bit much to suggest that a coincidence of that many details could happen by accident or coincidence. Sorry Rob, but you missed the boat, the train, and the flight to the moon, too.

Rob: Yes, abuse goes on in Hollywood. No, it doesn't mean every rumour of abuse is true.  T1: No, but the Heather "Rumor" is no rumor. Is is one of those things that should force open reasonable people to give more thought as to how a deliberately created poster could point to a year and circumstance that Harmonized with Heather's Murder, says I. Rob is terrified of the concept of spirits having power over the earth and its inhabitants, as well as powerful connected people.
Rob is such a coward.

Rob: Regarding the big trees at the start of the film most likely being filmed in the fall ... yes, of course. How else would they get the dead tree look unless they manually stripped those trees of their leaves, which would be time and resource consuming?

I also show a part matte painting clip of the cemetery on the hill which has a dead bare tree in the foreground (very prominent) and a leafy one in the distance near the sun itself - very obviously symbolic details.

T1: So we see that Rob does recognize that there is symbolism in this movie, but exactly what, in this case? Rob likes to avoid any detail.

Also if you look at the other street shots leading in from that opening, distant trees are seen still full of leaves, including on the hills, but the film makers very specifically emphasize only leafless foreground trees in their shot choices.    T1: These tree observations are very good. I think he has been spending too much time in Cuckoo Land. He is starting to sound like a conspira-loon like me.

Rob: Then as we get into the ground level street shots the trees and plants in the gardens are full of vibrant summer leaves. Come on, put your glasses and thinking caps on ;) Regarding the people asking if I think Spielberg was essentially the director and /or creative force behind the film rather than Tobe Hooper ... absolutely. I have a ton of arguments and info to that effect, but it will be in my full analysis and I may actually post a separate video about it on here so if you want to debate me about it please hang on until I post that, thanks. I haven't found a single comment disagreeing that Jobeth Williams was a babe so looks like we all agree on that lol

ends Rob's written intro.  He does think the radio controlled cars are controlled by spirits. But otherwise, I think his brief analysis is quite unremarkable. I do note that he published this Feb. 19, 2019, very recent as if someone somewhere was aware of my early preparation awaiting the finishing up of the FBI reports on JonBenet in Feb. of 2019. I had planned on this case as soon as Macaulay Culkin said Heather's skin had been used to make shoes for some Hollywood elites. Rob says he has a more detailed analysis pending. We shall see if it ever come to fruition. But as it stands at this time, Rob is in denial. He is too smart a guy to not see this stuff.

Top 10 Scary Poltergeist Theories

MostAmazingTopTen  Published May 11, 2019

 This was the first I had ever heard of someone suggesting that Heather was murdered, except for my self.

Here is what I published and when:   sra_watch106.htm - The Ritual Murder of Heather O'Rourke #7 - NEW - Apr 4 019

Just over 1 month since my suggestion of murder in my link above, It gets suggested, when to the best of my knowledge, no one has ever said murdered, other than myself. They did not want me to have the credit but it's too late.

It is the first to be numbered at #1

I will tell you something odd about this vid. When I first viewed it, near to its release date, the number 10 reason, stated first and counting down to #1, was that Heather was murdered. But no explanation and more strange that it quickly moved on to no. 9. The video now shows the death curse at 10 and Heather's death, due possibly to sex abuse gone too far, anally injuring her and leading her death, an "accident." In the number one spot. But the talent Agent who wrote the allegations, did note have the ages right. The implied person giving the account, is guessed to be Drew Barrymore and this witness says she and Heather were the same age and that "Drew" had just turned 13. It should be noted:

Drew was born, according to IMDB: February 22, 1975 in Culver City, California, USA  she would be 12 in Feb 87 and 13 in Feb 88    

Heather was born, according to IMDB: December 27, 1975 in San Diego, California, USA  She would be 12 in Dec. of 87. that would allow her to be 12 in Feb of 88 wen she died.

Drew would not have been 13 yet, for another month. It does not fit the account. She would have been 12. Either she was confused or the account is BS! It smacks of a coverup. They are not denying that Heather and others were abused. They are letting that out. They are even trying to suggest unintentional consequences of, and lets call it what it is, whether vaginal or anal, its rape. Another story is that the doctors misdiagnosed the cause and so the death was "accidental" and therefore not a felony. Poison, as I have suggested, would be Murder One and at one time in California, that would have been the gas chamber.

So the very last thing anyone wants, who has anything to do with Hollywood, is have a charge or Murder in the 1st degree, which is what I think it was, via arsenic. That opens up a whole lot of possibilities and involve a lot of co-conspirators.

Hence, they will whatever they have to, to avoid my theory and shoot it down.

Now I want to relate what happened when I first came across the link above. It came up very near to its said published/uploaded date. As soon as I finished the video, I saved the link and I don't recall if I sent the link along right away and had not thought to pass it on. But I was very excited and I sent it along to a like minded friend on the net. I think it was very neat its uploading. But what stood out strong was that it was the first thing mention and yet not discussed at all as I said earlier.

My friend, James, was not impressed with the pop presentation. I sent him an email explaining that it was the stupid channels that often got the more controversial ideas to put out into the public, so that though told and truthful, no one would believe it. Most pathetic shills get the best scoops. Its the scoops that lend them some credibility. I eventually deleted the email thread but I still have the sent part explaining why dumb pop channels are relevant and important, as I see it.

Then in writing this very episode in my series on Heather, I went to get the link because I could not find it saved or did not recognize it at first. And when I got there to take notes, the very brief opening number 10 on the list, citing Murder and then saying nothing more, was gone. And the explanation was at number 1 on the list at the end of the video.

I can not stress enough that this stuff was well etched into my mind. And that it changed, was actually exciting. "They" were watching me and "they" were a bit on the concerned side. But as you can see, unless you do the math, you might buy their alibi. But if you do, do the math, it does not fit. Most watching this are shallow, anyway. Nothing to fear but my big mouth.

I am still writing James for possible emails or memories. But as it stands, it is only my word. and the evidence offered can no be verified. But this was no small memory or reaction. To not explain and put up a new version of the video with it still giving the same upload date, is fairly good evidence of concern and cover up I had doubts about and disregarded in Issue #4 on Heather:

The behavior of this video channel clearly shows some dishonesty if they did re-upload and change around facts and not saying something. and that they did not carefully test out the account cited to see if dates could fit into narrative delivered.

Sure, they could say its all light-hearted and not to be taken seriously. But there are parts of it that are presented seriously. So they would be talking out of both sides of their mouths, which is what shills do.


10 Amazing Facts About Poltergeist

Published on Jul 4, 2017

This video popped up within a week of my posting Heather #7 that dealt with her death and my charge of murder, not misdiagnosis.  Its very first suggestion at #10 was that Heather was murdered. I have never come across anyone saying that. But maybe its out there. But I remain skeptical.

It begins:   The Reagan era, & our fears "That our urban lifestyle might hold many dark secrets." Exactly! He refers to the hole in the closet as a dark orange vagina. But I say a throat. Of course this video is being humorous while perhaps making points, too.

#10    The Twilight zone had an episode of a little girl lost in another dimension and got recovered in the end. Some claim this was the inspiration for Poltergeist. They could not have been unaware of it. Truth is, that ideas are often used over and over again, sometimes barely changed. I agree with them, that it was influenced.

#9    Director Disputes Tobe Hooper was said to be the director as Speilberg had a contract with Universal to do ET. He did both and Universal said nothing. The cast says it was Speilberg. That is good enough for me. Poltergeist had a special  purpose that had to have Satan's involvement so you can bet that Universal stayed out of that one. By the way, Hooper was the one who did Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Very interesting.

#8    Awkward Jump Cut    Dad said "I hate Pizza Hut" and they cut it out to make Pizza Hut Happy.

Next, number 7 makes a claim I can not verify, that room 237 appears in Poltergeist. My comments for 7 only apply if it is true. I fine no evidence on the net for it, either. All pictures I find seem to be from "The Shining." If it should turn out otherwise, I will update the #7 that follows.

#7    Room 237 appears in Poltergeist, which had been in "The Shining" by Kubrick. How bout dat! A little nod to the fake moon landing. How appropriate that Poltergeist, loaded with hints and symbols would refer to Kubrick. You have to understand that this was 1981/82. Kubrick did not die till 1999 and had not publically said anything about filming the moon landing. Yet Sir Speiberg seemed to know all about it . . . If 237 can be shown or given a time reference in the Poltergeist video with a context for it. All the same, all powerful people in Hollywood know about these kinds of things. They probably all helped with advice on it. But its more likely that CIA wanted as few to know as possible.  I think it was shot in England rather then the USA, at least for the first landing.

"And the video points out that 237 in both movies features a child who in in great danger from supernatural forces." I say, Good point! . . .  If it is true. They could have planted this to throw me off.

#6    It was Speilbergs hands that were tearing the face of one of the investigators off. It was pretty cool.

#5    Drew Barrymore was auditioned for Poltergeist but Steven thought she was a better fit for ET. And it may have been that Satan wanted Heather. You never say no to him if you're a Hollywood big wig.

#4    The beast was always meant to be a creepy old man.

#3     Deleted scenes. There was a Clown scene deleted and mom on ceiling scene was altered from original design.

#2    Mom with 2 Skeletons said to be real ones. They were cheaper than making them. I am skeptical. Can real skeletons float?. They looked fake to me. But it gives the public more to talk about and may boost ticket sales. But if they were real, where and how did they get them? Left overs from a Satanic sacrifice? This one is Questionable. But it is well within their character to do things like this.

#1   The Poltergeist "Death Curse"    I don't believe in it so I am not going to indulge it. But I can not 100% rule some of it out. But the Superbowl/Heather circumstance is beyond dispute in my eyes. I just came across this article while writing this very article. I intend to put it up on my site as well. It was very well done, though Wikipedia protests that it does not site  references. They are photographs. And what do all those show? Wikipedia fears the truth as do clowns and circuses. The truth is that clowns honor Satan.

UP in the next issue, among other things will be my investigation into whether the football Jersey worn by mom in the movie, with the number 65 had any significance. I believe it does. I might have other stuff, too. I have a summary to make, eventually. Till next time!

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