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   The  No. 65 Jersey of Mrs. Freeling

I saw this task as unlikely to succeed, when I started. It seemed like a needle in a haystack. I figured it might be nothing at all. It was just a football jersey and no significance to 65. Too many players had that number for many decades. But everything having anything to do with football, in the movie, turned out to have meaning and logic. The irony was, I already had most of the solution and did not know it.

Fairly recently, I did 2 articles on the Kansas City Chiefs getting brutally robbed, in my opinion/assessment, in being forced to throw a playoff game in 1971 and again in 2018, both in the exact same style and manner.

world_w_117.htm    Satan's NFL Follies - KC Chiefs 1971

world_ w_#3_119.htm        1971 KC Chiefs Repeat in 2018

I had, maybe a couple months prior, watched the full complete 3 hour game, the longest in NFL history, where upon I noticed the deliberate, in my judgment, a deliberately thrown interception to all but give Miami the game. Miami went on to play like absolute crap, against the Dallas Cowboys. but I had not, at that time, bothered to gather screen saves. I had to leave it for a later time. I also watched the Chief's 1970 Super Bowl win. Lots of fun seeing all that stuff again. What I did not realize was that they would take down the 1971 game, because of the incriminating evidence. The angles and views were perfect. All the other videos do not  have those particular angles or they took them out. So that project waited. And I forgot what I saw in the superbowl win of 1971.

There was a famous play that that coach of the Chiefs selected. It was called the (Jan. 11, 1970) – The “65 Toss Power Trap The name had not stuck in my mind. I just remember that it was a Trap play. The Trap was a fairly common running play in the NFL with some variations in it from time to time and team to team. I knew traps well. But did not remember the "65."

I knew a number of plays from a game a friend of mine had, that had well know plays drawn out and a booklet that explained them a little. I was not a stranger to the diagrams and strategies in plays and blocking and receiving routes.

I put something like NFL 65 or 65 football in google and up came The “65 Toss Power Trap.” I was flabbergasted. I knew that play well, but not the full name of it. Coach Hank Stram had made the call for that play. The QB Lenny, had been calling much of the game. But Hank made the call on this one.

I am going to briefly quote some of the things recoded on film, by the NFL Camera crew on full color and resolution film, rather than broadcast cameras. But I knew that was a big call, one of legend. There is a small collection of plays that have become legendary, and this was on of those. When you see the great insight that Hanks had, caught right on camera, you than realize that it was Hank, as much as anyone, that won that game with his perceptive insight. And it was several lines that I believe were the message to us, now, today. This was a unique kind of incident and delivery. Most messages were just symbols pointing to circumstances or events. This was a message and maybe an announcement to be made at the time/event, that start a kick-off in Bible prophecy.

I do not know why 65 was selected by Spielberg, or if there was even an intent that it be 65, or not having any intent by it. Then just this week, July 20 to 28, all that I was seeing on youtube really struck me. Before I go on with more, I want to show some of the lines from that game in 1970. Then current situation considered.

Hank Stram: A Man of Insight.

I Provide the link to the video and provide it in writing, below. Could it be providence that Hank Stram was selected by the NFL to be miked. Because of it, we will be able to see why The KC Chiefs were the best team in the AFL and best in then entire NFL, in 69-70 and 1971, even though they were not in the Super Bowl. They should have been.

NFL - 1970 - NFL Film - Super Bowl IV Memories - Chiefs VS Vikings - Coach Stram's Miked On Sideline

6 minutes long        The video is the way to go, but Hank deserves a closer inspection & appreciation.

T1: Stram was a brilliant coach. He understood that the old way of doing things in football was obsolete. You’ll hear (read) the insights. To make it clear, football was all about controlling the line of scrimmage and stopping the run, which was what most plays were. The Vikings had a big dominating defense at the line of scrimmage. Stram and Dawson had the antidote for it.

Don’t try to run thru the line. Send the receivers out around the line near the sidelines and make a quick pass/catch near the line and run out of bounds if you want. You could reliably get near to 5 yards on most attempts. Provide a decoy look to the line up and fool the defense in mid play. Don Coreal would use this as well. It would become known as the “West coast offense. Stram and Dawson made it work beautifully. They were the first in their time and would influence the west and transform the offensive game.

They would defeat the Vikings with “a steady dose of short passes” says the narrator.

0:30 Dawson completed and short pass and comes to the sideline after. Stram calls Lenny, Leonard, in this instance.

"Leonard (in regards to the pass he just threw) Do it more often! He, (the defender) can’t cover that thing, Lenny."

Lenny had been calling the plays as was most often the case in those days. Stram was quick to recognize the bad match up between the back covering on Lenny’s right side.

Coaches and coordinators make the call now, but back then, QB’s often made the call. Football was a less developed and less specialized sport at that time, as was the case for all sports. And all wars, too, for that matter. Stram had time to observe and contemplate and pass that on to Lenny.

1:05 Stram: That stuff out front is like stealing.

1:17: Stram: they can’t cover that in a million years. No way in the world they can cover that stuff. See! That’s like stealing, over there! Double team those hands? Now way they can cover that stuff! Keep them down and we throw over the top!

They did a quick huddle and the Vikings were not ready for it. Defense also played without coach intervention in many plays. The Vikings were expecting a run game primarily. As well, the NFC and AFC did not play each other in the regular season, so the Vikings were not familiar with this new style that did not run as much nor pass deep. They passed in between the linemen and the defensive back in what you might, no-man's land and often turning near the sidelines instead of running a long route down field as was typically done.

Suddenly stopping and turning toward the side lines, which was underneath the backs covering them, they would get an easy catch and maybe several yards more. It was far more reliable than the running game and more gain per play. The NFL was slow to catch on, but Hank had it well figured out and The Viking Defense was lost. This was not what they typically faced in the regular season.

Stram: “Look at them moving around out there.” He was amused.

At 2:20,the Chiefs get a fumble near the endzone. A score here would seal the deal. There were no effective 2 minute drills back then. It was ball control and run out the clock. Boring as hell.

Stram had a special play he liked to use for special circumstances. It would become his trade mark and score the touch down that would put the game out of reach.

It was called the 65 toss power trap. It was considered the game winning score by Football historians. Stram sends in no. 30 with the famous play call.

2:43  - "65 toss power trap. It might pop wide open, rats." He called his guys rats in good humor.

That line that Stram gave, I believe, is the key. It is pointing to a time where everything was going to pop wide open, perhaps something tiggering it. Stram was elated when it worked so well. He felt power and control. He recognized that he was way ahead of the most feared defense of that year, the Vikings being dubbed, "The purple people eaters." Stram was proud of his system and insight. It was working like a charm. Success is a great high, no doubt. That day, Stram and the Chiefs could do no wrong. They whapped the Vikings.

That score gave them a 16-0 score. The KC defense would take care of the rest. The score would end at 23 to 7 for KC.

Now if this interpretation is right, which is far from certain, it appears to be a message that would be delivered at the right time, and yet be connected clearly to other football symbols in Poltergeist. To the best of my knowledge, no one ever suggested that Heather O'Rourke was murdered. It has been promoted as a misdiagnosis that is an impossibility and if the accusation of Culkin that Heather's skin was used to make shoes for at least the big mogul he was trying to avoid, who made the brag and showed the shoes, probably to intimidate. It was this account that made me decide that I needed to look into the Heather case more. As is the case for JonBenet and Elizabeth Smart, too.

Many events of the past were not discernable in their time, as we did now know enough about secrets that had been well kept at those times. But now it is the time and the time for many other things, too. The world is popping wide open.

Will that become a catalyst now? Or has it already become a catalyst? And is there a good deal more to follow? Has that begun, too? It is ironic that it would take a diehard Chiefs fan to blow the thing wide open.

But I am going to suggest right now that in the last 5 days or so, the signs seem to me to suggest something very big in the world is about to be revealed. Maybe it will be a bunch of things.

I guess what would have to be answered at this point is whether Spielberg knew of this particular message, or not. Both he and Stanley Kubrick knew each other well and talked often. The messaged in The Shining and in Poltergeist seem to be very similar. This is a very recent discovery for me. And as well, Kubrick's Shining was 2 years ahead of Spielberg's Poltergeist. So even their similar films, messages, and timing are very close to each other.

What this means is that I now have more to present then I had initially seen or anticipated. And it opens Pandora's Box. So many more connections. Many things will have more conformation now. I promise many new exciting things. I am way ahead of the pack who will be playing catch-up for a long time, now.

1st up will be Jay Weiner's presentation of Kubrick's "The Shining". Jay had interviewed Stanley in secret much earlier in time, the 70s. I will get the facts for you. Kubrick wanted secrecy due to the danger of what he was to reveal. It also speaks to Stanley's movie also foretelling the demise of the American dream, just as Poltergeist did, 2 years later. And there is so much more. Indeed, I believe that this whole bunch of connections and reciprocating confirmations, will indeed, "pop wide open" what is going on right now and to yet take place.

YT channels are now scrambling to catch up with me and the world stage has popped open. The vault! The whole damned vault. It's about to get real interesting. Strap yourselves in, and hold on for dear life. Its going to be one wild ride. Satisfaction Guaranteed! You can take that to the bank. Don't touch that Dial. Ricki don't lose that number, cause you don't want to call nobody else.

I am still busy with summer work. No guarantee of schedule. But I will get at it as soon and often as I can. I'm more excited than anyone else.

 Truth1 Out!        And how!

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