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1946: The Final Countdown #2    Unprecedented Prosperity in the 50s

 The prosperity of the 50s needs to be better understood. It was a booming prosperity, but it was never intended to last long and it did not last long, either. And there was a goal behind this "Gift Horse." Not all that glitters is gold.

And I thought I might point out that it is my belief that the Boomer Generation and the early Gen-x'ers would be the Generation that Jesus said "would by no means pass away till all these things he foretold, would have ocurred. We are very near now. But the boomers have an advantage over most X'ers, in that they saw the old world that was rapidly fading. They lived in it and were directly acquainted with it and in their lifetimes. They would see it all disappear and change for the very worst. Hence, the Boomers are the Final Countdown generation. And it begins for them at the close of WWII.

What was amazing was how immediate and fast the changes were. Passenger Trains and Trolleys all over the USA were ended as roads and highways also commenced construction. As 2 examples, Portland Maine stopped the Train in 60, and tore down the big Victorian train station in 61. Buses served Portland and all passengers going north, West and east. Trolleys were long gone and buses in their place. In Nova Scotia Canda, a small hamlet, lost train service in the mid 50s and buses took over and even those were stopped about 56/57. The hamlet was now isolated. Neighbors looked after each other. It was a humble place  for 250 residents. The tracks for the train were ripped up in 62 and the land sold off.

TV was around in 48, but big production and sales did not begin in earnest till the 50s. By 1954, more than half of Americans had a TV. Appliances were gaining quickly. Car production and sales were ramped up to staggering levels and the competition was intense. Cars were affordable in the 50s, to encourage everyone to get one and enjoy the "freedom and recreation.

 I need to point out at this time that the Music industry was non-existent till the reel to reel tape deck was taken from the Germans and brought to the USA. Bing Crosby was given the rights to the Ampeg recorder and Ampeg amplifiers. One might wonder just who Bing Crosby really was to get such nice handouts. Clearly a CIA Asset. Memphis and Nashville were the beginning of American folk music and NYC for Show tunes, Bands, and orchestras and music for commercials. San Francisco got in on it. But it took a little longer to hit LA, but once it did, it would eventually become the Capitol of the Music industry. Laurel Canyon and the CIA had a lot to do with that. This would change life for many young Americans. All consumer manufacturing exploded.

TV was an essential part of the ability to market new products, as well as radio. Store shopping centers popped up everywhere in the Suburbs, causing, in time, the demise of downtown shopping. New recreation was springing up. Disney Land opened in 1955 in Anaheim CA. The CIA quickly became a partner and became the Dominant partner much to the grief of Disney. The CIA would be instrumental in secretly securing land for Disney World in Florida.

Many places like camping grounds and other sorts of travel and recreation would spring up all over. Motels and Hotels. Explore the country and generate more sales and more taxes on those sales.

But how about this! The great airline travel industry, quickly began after the war. DC3's and DC6's small and slow by our standards today, were a big jump, first for Business men and the wealthy but quickly assimilating and accommodating the rest of the people so that the government could get even more taxes. Ah ah ah ah ah hah! The planes were small at first, but jet engines and more design efforts, aided with military technology, would allow bigger, faster and more affordable jet liners to fill the skies and of course, more taxes generated from far more travelers. Jet propulsion, a result of military development, was fairly quickly introduced to revolutionize travel speed and distance.

Below was state of the art in 1959 below:   From a Springfield Mass. paper, Oct. 18 1959


Nearly everything we have today, began in the 50s. Such things were not a part of American life before that. Horses and carts were still delivering coal to some in Portland Maine. I'm sure we were not the only place doing that. Life was so different before the 50s. And the 50s were a radical departure from that older world of the 40s and earlier.

Boomers would get to see part of that old world for a brief time. In Nova Scotia, Canada, it was even more so. My grand parents and many around them were living a far less luxurious lifestyle than I lived with in Maine. They got a toilet and bath, in the 50s, only because of their 2 grand kids of their live-in daughter. A number of boats still ran on one cylinder engines. My grand parents still had an ice box and no fridge. My grand mother would get one in the 60s. The community store was just one block away. My grandfather grew most of his food. When the plumbing was not working, the outhouse was always there as a stand by. I used it more than a few times. It was nothing like Portland Maine but even there, the old buildings of many years age were still around having been there for at least 80 to 100 years. It would take 20 or 30 years for some good portion of it to disappear. The really big changes came in the 90s onward. The most drastic changes in Portland began about 2010. Portland now is unreconizable from just 7 years ago.

I'll speak more of this in another part of this multi article blog.

Ah, Daddy government, what big eyes you have.
Ah, the better to put you to work so I can collect more of your blood and income, my "beloved citizens."

Ah, daddy government, what a big nose you have.

Ah, the better to smell rat citizens trying to hold out from paying some of their taxes to me so that I can protect, you, you know.

Of course, daddy government, because you have made us so dumb in your fake mandatory education gulags. So we will never question how you spend your money that we give to you.

And daddy government, what nice teeth you have.

Why of course, you little ungrateful brats, because I am planning on devouring you all. And even though its obvious, you will not believe it. You are the perfect little victims.  ( you'll only get this hard truth here at Truth1 )

So you see, little children, that Prosperity had a plan and purpose even before WWII had even ended.

A menace began in the Truman sponsored OSS, which became the CIA, with operations such as their secret MK-Ultra Mind control programming operations that began at the end of the 40s. This allowed Bullet proof security since agents could have info hidden from themselves, while carrying it inside their own minds. Some had exceptional brains and were programmed to back up all the biggest computer networks of the Federal Reserve and likely Intelligence agencies, too.

The 50s was the boom of the commercialization of society. We were now being programmed to become enthusiastic consumers who did not want to be the only ones who did not have this or that. No longer would we buy out of need. Now it was about new styles, looks, fashion, and to be hip and cool, first imitating Hollywood and then Music stars and groups, as well as athletes.

Factories were booming and one could expect to work at a factory for life and retire with some security. This was unprecedented. But it was not to last long, either. The 70s would shatter this hope for many and it would only get worse.

It has to be pointed out that that one state in particular, enjoyed a far higher growth in prosperity then any other state for a while. It would be California, whose climate hardly ever got rain and had abundant sunshine and one great big endless coastline to attract the more wealthy to settle in. California was a vast land that had lots of room for growth. And grow it did! It is the Classic car/road/highway state. Wealth just poured into that state, particularly in the late 50s onward.

If you watch Perry Mason a lot, you can see the largely undeveloped state of say, the Malibu coast and the city streets, apartments, houses, and more. These would be the episodes of 1957 to 1960. The Show lasted thru 1966. Many other shows were filmed in California. In western shows, if you look carefully, you can see the same places/locations/features. Even the same sets in many instances.

The Big Switch Over

 While most factories went back to making things for the buying public, some were also kept as Defense Industry Contractors as war has always been important in transforming societies by the use of Crises that got people to accept and do what they would normally not do or go along with. Just declare that it is an Emergency and people will fall into line.

As well, the USA was to serve the goal of world domination so that those in world wide power serving Satan could finally bring all the world into Submission. But it was to be done on the backs of American labor. Producing lots of people for a limited time, would allow for more labor and taxing of that labor. Government could claim expenses that required more and more taxes. This generates the money to fund a never ending perpetual war, except for just one thing. Those damned Baby Boomers and their protests for peace. How dare they! The Korean war as well as the Cold War (which was a phony war and all war is phony since the USA became a nation).

The USA, combined with the huge business, banking and trade, which was also its own military, so to speak, would go to work to make the USA prosperous long enough to get fairly good control of the world thru their ever expanding number of military bases around the world. Much like Roman Garrisons did in their time.

So for Americans unaware of why prosperity had come to them, enjoyed the transformation of ships and trains for transportation to cars and highways that liberated people from their localities and made leisure activities far more accessible. So America went to work in a huge way for a brief time. Cars to be made for everyone. Roads to be built from east to west and north to south and all points in between.

I see this as a big feature of the 50s. We had so much made available to us that had never been around before, ever! Reliable roads were not everywhere in the 40s. Or they were dirt roads and were not plowed or maintained. And travel independent of others (avoiding trains and schedules) and having recreational and entertaining places to seek out was whole new dimension for Americans. And because America was largely undeveloped, roads could be built everywhere. In Europe, towns were densely packed so that making roads and highways was far more difficult and so trains have remained there. Our railways by Amtrack are far less useful.

It was just one family car at first. Then housewives and their husbands found it easy and convenient to get a car for the wife to do shopping and bill paying. Suburban life was designed to require cars. You could not longer shop on foot with a store within a few blocks of you. Appliances multiplied from necessity to luxury.  My favorite, the Hi-Fi Stereo. Washing machines. Dryers instead of clothes lines in time. Gas and Electric stoves rather than a wood or coal stoves, for far greater convenience. Drive-in Theaters for entertainment right from your car. Tourist traps opened all over. Hotels and motels went up everywhere.

Fast food was springing up everywhere. Convenience would be the rule from now on, so that slaves, I mean labor, could have something quick and affordable. And it was of fairly good quality up to the early 80s and then it tanked. And it got ever more expensive, too.

A little diversion here. McDonalds is the prevailing fast food chain. In the 50s, a number burger joints popped up all over the USA and some had a jump on McDonalds. Small independent places saw more money go back into the community. Chains would siphon off most money. Family run business supported a local infrastructure. 10 family businesses would spend their money the local area. Grocery stores operated this way, too. Money stayed fairly local. But Greedy financiers saw the opportunity to make all employees low paid slaves and siphon all the money away to a big HQ operation.

You can look up these early upstarts of the 50s. I am going to show you a chain that was bigger than McDonalds at first, but Ray Croc and his financiers saw the opportunity to have a nation wide chain funneling in vast profits with meager wages being the only thing offered where a store was.

Sandies was bigger and as good if not better than McDonalds. It was primarily near population centers for most chain restaurants. Small towns, for a short time, would have the market to themselves. Who copied who? I'll leave that for you to investigate. But burgers were a big hit all across the country


 The Korean war, which was a nasty one for US troops, ended in 1953. Everything looked great as they thought about the future. But looming on the Horizon was another contrived war, Viet Nam, that would kick off the 60s.

It should also be appreciated that many defense industry jobs continued and expanded all over the country after the Korean war ended. During Viet Nam and well beyond, to this very day. The so called "Cold War" was another excuse to escalate technology that would enable war, enforcement, and a means to much further, and more firmly, get tight control over the average citizen, all around the world, which was their ultimate goal in government. The more we are controlled and the more they know what we think, the better they can "police us" and force outrageous taxes on us.

It's taxes that fund the military, used to subdue every last person on earth; Satan's goal from the very beginning in the Garden of Eden. So we are told that we are in danger from the nations abroad, which would not be true, if they were not also told to build up their militaries and act provocative. It gives them the same excuse as us for bringing all people into slavery and eventually, killing most of the world off. 7 Billion, anyone? OK, it may ONLY be 6 billion. I could be slightly off. The bible say that God will but the days and plans short or "no flesh would have been saved. So they have concocted a very effective strategy to kill off everyone, were God to not step in. You should be able to see it now being set up.

So any and all spending by the public, generates more income and sales to be taxed. So prosperity had a goal and purpose. But they were not going to need it all that long. They had already planned the reduction of the population, first by reducing the number of jobs, thereby reducing economic security, which would reduce people having kids because they would not and could not afford to have many, if any. And single bars went up all over Portland Maine in the latter 80s and the 90s, so that the sexually reckless and adventurous could get laid with endless variety and collect a lot of diseases, too.

What I intend to show is how the Federal Reserve, independent of government, but in cooperation with each other, destroyed the promise of prosperity and security into retirement and eventual death. Cradle to grave care! Only a very few got to experience that. Many lose their homes in old age or they are acquired right after death by finance companies who pay them for their home, though far from what was paid by the home owner, when one considers the interest on a mortgage. They live in the home till they die and the company gets the house.

Many will go bankrupt or the kids will have to carry them. Combined siblings might be able to finance them in a old age home. Those who become a burden to the state will have their treatments and diet reduced in quality to speed up their death. I know something about that. Do I ever!

What made the 50s so unusual was the race to advance society so far and so fast.

We went from WWII rationing to what one video historian described as the most prosperous time in the history of the USA, if not the most prosperous time in world history since civilization began. I believe it was the most prosperous and easy time in all history. But again, it was not intended to last long. And one other thing would change the Country for 40 to 50 years. The resistance to perpetual war to come about in the 60s. You will see the 70s turn the USA upside-down almost overnight and begin the Great Decline.

What I have talked about were the things that some were discontented with. For one, most did not voice such things except the young. Most were just happy to have what they did. It was way more security and prosperity than the nation had seen, since 1929.

What I will say is, that we had more, by 1960, than had ever been in existence before. If used right, this could present great opportunity to explore and resolve things long over due, as regards mental health and outlook.

But if ignored, it could set up disaster for the unprepared. I see the 60s and 70s as the small window of opportunity that would soon close up as life would become hard again.

Another problem was that Religion and those that subscribed to religion, having neglected to secure good sound defense for that they believed or not, would leaven the young with insufficient, if not entirely lacking in any sound reasoning for anything that they or their religion prescribed. They were completely irresponsible and grossly negligent in their duties to God. This would cause the young to doubt what was coming from their parents and religious leaders. God will exact great punishment from those who failed to do their jobs as obligated in the Bible or whatever other religion they held to.

The next edition will feature prices then and now. Before and after for shopping. And something not so well talked about. The not so weak "Suggestions" put out and about, that were unrealistic and had little point to them, and frustrated the up and coming young. But at that time, everyone was a silent follower, very obedient. Another aspect of the 50s was that still very much in force, was the strong social pressure to conform and obey, used to enforce participation and support for the great War Machine in evidence through out Human history. World wars are not possible without this very intimidating pressure to join and participate in whatever way possible.

World War Turned society upside down. Women had been stay at home breeders but the war made them all factory workers and independent and free to play around and some did. Some would never to back to breeding. Many parents were silently expected to look the other way and let their daughters give the GI's a sexual send off, incase they did not come back. Putting morals back, once gone, is not possible. The genie was out of the bottle. Too many things were not able to be fixed, that were disrupted by the war. It was a transformation of society as it was planned to be. This is what would challenge everyone in the 50s and 60s.

But the Youtube shills, pundits, philosophers and critics only answer to all these many contributing problems, is that it was all the baby boomers faults. Nothing more. Nothing else. Just the boomer. All of them total worthless lying idiots, no smarter than retards. Or perhaps just completely dishonest in shilling for government "intelligence."

Though maybe not in the next issue, there was something many were feeling, that some thing wasn't quite right. Life seemed to be lacking something. There were contradictions in life at time. But no one could or would put their finger on it. The young were more sensitive to it as they were less damaged in many ways. Too many dads came back from the war badly damaged.

Many had this feeling that though things had never been better, they were still not happy. Some said nothing. some just said to hell with it and kicked up their heels like Rosie the Riveter sometimes did. But it was the kids that suffered most as I will get into in the third article form this one.

Society had been too beaten down for too long. Their spirits had been crushed. In not too much more time, the perfect storm would arrive, that had long been due. But we will cover a important issue in my next issue first. The monster that would soon arrive to devour prosperity, slowly at first but it would quickly gain speed and power and bring us to our knees.

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