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1946: The Final Countdown #1

Nation Wide Depression 1929-1946


Some very Odd things have commenced in this last year on youtube and around. It would seem the younger brats that have come after the Boomers have decided the Boomers are to blame for every ill to befall us in the 20 century if not the 19th, too. Never mind that we were not born till 1946 or later. Its not the people in power or the ultra rich word elite. Nope! Just the boomers. That does not mean the Great Boomers, and we are great, are truly responsible for the ills, but it is curious that this seems to be a movement that began almost over night. Why were we singled out for our age and not specifically our deeds so specified? What is it we did that has ruined the world?

Well, this Boomer is about to give the pampered Generations that came after us the biggest spanking (It will probably be the first one they ever had) that has ever been administered to the biggest bunch of pampered cry-babys that the world as ever seen. Yes, this means that we Boomers did make a big mistake. We give birth to many of these idiots.

But more than that, I am going to shoe you that this blame game movement was started by none other than the CIA, and launched thru the Youtube shills employed by the government to make video saying stupid things. And I will give the true account of the Boomers and our great accomplishments and failure from 1946 to the present.

Even more impressive, I want to show that the post-WWII era was and is the final countdown to Armageddon and that the post war period is like no other before it. Its going to be a lot of fun and it will require many aspects that will require their own chapters in this series. I anticipate between 10 and 20 blogs on it all. We will start it all, right here, right now!

A WWII Lesson Learned

Hit The Deck: Aircraft Carrier Crashes       2:29 long

An odd discovery was made in the Asian Pacific war on American Aircraft carriers. A pilot would get wounded while in the cockpit and have no idea that he had been hit. His mind was in a state of extreme alert and the instinct always overrides pain when it perceives that its life is in danger and so it blocks the pain of a wound, even though that might cause more damage to the injured area. It considers life as more important than the injury. Self preservation is top priority.

It is only when the danger is deemed to be over, that the instinct allows the pain alert to come back on to protect and get help for the injury. A pilot, upon seeing the ship or drawing near to it, now has the sharp attack of pain hit him. Unable to use, say, a wounded hand/arm, he is not able to guide the plane well and crashed on the deck. You see the results in the video.

But now here is another interesting paradox. We often live in denial of painful emotions and their causes. We try to ignore them or block them out, perhaps making ourselves busy or distracted. It's not life and death, but it causes emotion pain, or anxiety or similar. They are often unaware of the psychological pain, as the instinct blocks it out to keep the person functional in their world. Maybe its fear or dread. Maybe its hopelessness. Perhaps mourning, a deep and devastating loss.

Maybe its concern about the future. Many things can oppress us psychologically and deprive us of much of our mental and intellectual faculties.

Now let me take you back to the Roaring 20s, when everyone who liked alcohol ignored the law and indulged. It was a bad precedent set by the government. They passed a law that only minority wanted and that the majority, by far, hated and ignored. It ruined respect for law since the law no longer served the people, but sought out some sinister goal of developing a strong networked secret cabal that operated outside of the law, most often in secret.

The 20s was filled with the abandonment of modest clothing and moderation and cast off the values that had brought the nation to that point. Everything seemed OK  . . . until the Great Depression hit. It was like nothing that had ever been experienced before. Added to it was the "Dust Bowl" of the Mid plains of the USA where farming had been done and overdone.

The Great Depression was well named. With such a bleak outlook, people were just going thru the motions. They were dead inside. I saw this in my parents and Grand Parents. None of them ever really recovered from that. WWII hit and rationing began. Just more of the same, except that a lot of jobs suddenly appeared as factories switched from making consumer goods to war munitions and vehicles. but as I said, a lot of unresolved issues and depression were permanent scars that we would eventually call PTSD. It can be healed, but even now, that is not fully known or done right.

The concerns of the war replaced those of the depression. Everyone went to work to save their nation and the world, so they were told. But while this went on, no one was giving thought to anything else. It was all stored away deep in the brain. Many would die with all that crap buried in denial in their minds by the instinct getting them thru the crisis.

Then WWII ends and soldiers come home, often badly scared in their minds (PTSD). It was a relief and yet it was not. Not for the returning soldiers and not for their new families, either. All the kings horses and all the king's men could not put the soldiers back together again. Women had been required to work in factories while men fought and died. Some women got to play around. Some liked the independence.  Some liked the sexual freedom.

Many things in place before the war would not make it back after the war. People were changed by too much upheaval and trauma. This was the start of the Boomer period and what they were born into. Neither mom nor dad were up to the many challenges that would come when Boomers wanted answers for many things. Those before them had not the time or hear to think much as they wallowed in depression and gloom. So now the stage was set for a great confrontation that neither side was ready for. But . . . There was yet a 3rd big factor, perhaps bigger than all the previous factors.

That would be for the next installment Regarding the long range plans of governments and Satan to accelerate technological development, and create a society that would temporarily create more wealth (Labor to be specific) to be siphoned off from the people. And the governments all had the goal of transforming society from what it was, to something far more different. Day and Night different.

Coming up next blog: 1946: The Final Countdown #2    Unprecedented Prosperity in the 50s

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