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Something Fishy Going On

Unless you have been living under a rock, you will have noticed, if you are red pilled, or conspiracy oriented or just very distrustful but awake, that Youtube has been going crazy deleting Youtube accounts, that tend toward right wing or conservative thinking. BPS (Black Pigeon Speaks) got deleted entirely. And he is not the first. there have been near brushes with deletion or demonetizing, etc. But it has always ben my firm conviction that

all well done channels that have all kind of video footage, time, effort, that would all require a good deal of resources using copyrighted footage or extraordinary research, all typically are financed and backed by hidden supporters with lots of power and money. The internet and Youtube are their ways of shaping our views, opinions and soliciting our trust. That many of these "supported in a big way" channels are getting banned by Youtube just seems very suspect to me. It would be the equivalent of the mainstream media censoring theme selves and going off air and remaining silent. It would never happen.

So what is going on? Well, I am glad you asked. Ever watch a fake wrestling match? Its all rigged as everyone knows by now. But we suspend belief and enjoy the show. The show has to have a good guy and a bad guy. For the big matches, the good guy (fan favorite) has to win. But first bad guy has to start out prevailing, usually by cheating or saying or doing something outrageous. Maybe taunts the fans and get them to hate him and eventually they good guy recovers and beats the hell out of the bad guy. Its all staged and I know you all know that well.

Oddly enough, World wars are carried out the same way. Some outrageous offense is carried out to get both sides really angry, so it would seem, and tempers rise and war is declared and many men die. Millions.

Enter social media and Youtube, deleting and censoring left and right, in the outrageous fashion. They are obviously playing the bad guys. OK! Now who are the good guys? That is where it gets interesting. Ultimately, we are heading toward a world war, an Alien landing of either goof or bad intentions or 2 warring factions of Aliens. I  don't know the exact scenario. But how do you get another World War and get people on your side, that many are willing to go to war and die for? Are the left libtards being set up as bad guys so outrageous and stupid that they are shitting on the city sidewalks and streets and living on the streets and lets throw in a market crash and hyper inflation. Why I do believe that would be the perfect storm.

Now even if I am wrong on this last paragraph, I know for sure that the two sides are being set up for some kind of showdown that will accomplish the reactions in the people, that those mysterious people in power who stay hidden and use their actor-politicians to carry out. It may start out as Trump and allies taking social media to court and beating the hell out of them. But it will develop into a war to "drain the swamp," so to speak. So don't get too upset about this temporary phase. After it, no one will be able to criticize the war or "Alien saviors."

Ask not for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for us all. Now is the time to recognize that the Bible was not so far off after all. Notice the immigrants now pouring into the USA? The Bible says that the nations would be mixed with the races of mankind and that they would not be "cleaving to each other. That is to say, they opposed to each other. Eventually, the whole world will explode in vicious riots that the bible says will result in the biggest slaughter ever to be seen and that would never be outdone again.

At this point, You  really need to take 2nd look at the bible and its predictions and requirements if you want to be spared dying in a race war. The promise is that God will restore all things to the state that God first wanted, before Satan whined and cried that he wanted to be worshipped, too. God does not care about His ego stroked. But He does require total obedience if we are not to get into this same mess again. We don't owe Satan anything for our existence. Only God is owed our appreciation and obedience.

Its time to get sober and wake up. You can not afford to sleep any longer. Its the final countdown. Make no mistake about that. I am dead dead serious. I declared at the the beginning of 2019 that it would a/the year of disclosure. And it is already going that way. Hesitate no longer. You do not want to miss this boat!

  Truth won Out!                                   

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