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1946: The Final Countdown #3    Unprecedented Prosperity in the 50s

Lets look at some prices, shall we? 1957


for perspective, in Portland Maine, a typical split ranch with the basement often providing more living room or typical storage, was about $20,000 in 1970. 13 years earlier, Just under $10,000.that is nearly about the price in 13 years. Can you say inflation?  No date given for below or where, either.


Springfield Mass 1959 ads   I never once saw any mother or housewife dress like this in Maine.

This was marketing, like to those with far more money and often having to entertain a guest for supper, that hubby would bring home. Bosses cared about who prospective promotions were married to, being considered for a promotion. So the wife was part of the formula. These dresses were very typically seen in TV families. June Cleaver in Leave it to Beaver, Ozzie and Harriet, The Dona Reed show. Perry Mason's clients dressed like this. Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock showed wives this way a lot. TV shows always double as direct advertising. Ford cars were typically featured in many TV series.

But for working class stiffs to whom my family and I belonged,  it did not matter what the wife was or looked like or dressed like. We lived in an apartment development with 2 apartments to each housing unit. Hardly a family that did not have kids. In fact, a number of big families for comparatively small apartments for say 4-6 kids. The Village was built to house Liberty ship workers in WWII. Then it became a place where many were there for 1-3 years till they found a house of their own. But it was insulated from the outside world at that time and had a fair amount of woods and fields. It was a great place for kids.

Our mothers had chores and took care of their kids and did not dress up. Shorts, kerchiefs up to about 1966/7 or so. Slacks in the winter or spring and fall. Dresses were not that common for ordinary for day to day life. Raising kids would make it impossible to stay clean and being married and at home. They had no one to show off to. The early 60s did not have many 2 car households at our level of standard of living. You had to be upper middle class for that. But the 70s would change that.

But marketing tried to seduce house wives. Madison Ave tried to market to everything that breathed. Saturday morning cartoons had ads for kids so they could bug mom and dad to buy stuff for them. The more we spend, the more they can tax us.

But also think of it this way. If our population goes way down and welfare goes way up, who pays all the taxes needed to keep things going? The rich are not going to pay. Welfare people will not pay. There is no middle class left to pay that much. But taxes are not going down, even though many are making far less now. You can only have prosperity when you have ample jobs and people working. And if your jobs and economy are shrinking rapidly, you are apt to get shortages and people living in the streets and sidewalks. You already have that. How long before some big confrontation happens?

McDonalds once sold burgers (1966) for 15 cents. A dime for fries, small bag only, then.

As you'll see below, prices for homes started to jump in 65 and calmed thru 70 when we bought our home at the perfect time. Prices went nuts after that. Car prices were very stable thru 65 and then took off. 65 was the beginning of spiraling inflation, though mild at that point. It was 1973 when the 1st fake oil embargo took place and began the huge inflation spiral. By 1975 gas went from 36 cents to 57. Almost double! Layoffs began hard in 1974. In 78, we had another fake oil crisis so that by 1980, we were at 90 cents a gal. The early 80s was a disaster.

Average home price in US

Average car
price in US
gas/gal in cents

Many people did not have to worry about prices all that much up thru 1972. 1973 blew up like an atomic bomb. Now people started to think about insulating their homes and buying cars with more economical fuel mileage. It was like all four walls closing in all around you at the same time. I can assure you that wages were not rising nearly as much as inflation was. Inflation is a secret way of stealing from the masses. You pay more and more and have far less disposable income. But its not as noticeable from week to week. But do a decade analysis as I have done here, and you will see how brutal and severe the stealing was. By manipulating narratives of embargos, shortages and other numerous lies, the population falls for it and does not see thru the lies. We are being brutally robbed if not raped, too.

Truth is that many are not breeding, because of it being too expensive to breed and have kids. Most who sent their kids to day care or preschool in the 80s barely cleared a small profit after paying for day care. Some had their children raped, tormented and prostituted, and had porn made with them (McMartin Preschool). It was mainly in California, But there was the Edenton North Carolina Little Rascals daycare center.  And there were others, too. All with the help of prosecutors covering for the evil SOBs behind a nation-wide, if not world wide network for the porn and sex trafficking. To say nothing of the damage done to so many kids, many of whom were denied any justice whatsoever. The 80s were not good to anyone. By the 90s, a crisis and crash kicked off in 90 or 92. The 90s continued to be desperate for most of that decade.


The 1979 oil crisis. The 1979 (or second) oil crisis or oil shock occurred in the world due to decreased oil output in the wake of the Iranian Revolution. Despite the fact that global oil supply decreased by only ~4%, widespread panic resulted, driving the price far higher.

T1:  By the way, did you notice the lies right above? The Iranian decrease in output was orchestrated. The Shah, then Ayatola H. worked with same bosses that our leaders work with. And notice that that the oil cutback was only 4%. But I assure you the rise in prices at the pumps in the USA had doubled. That is a 100% increase, compared to 4%. Can you tell when you are being lied to? Nothing but lies!

 From 1970  gas went up from 36 cents to 54 cents. It went to 63 cents in 78 and 86 cents in 79, and 1.19 in 1980. 36 to 1.19. 3.3 times as much cost in 10 years. Triple inflation that we felt at the pumps and also in all other prices as trucking was paying far more as well. All prices went up. Can you afford to have your cost of living triple? Well, that is what happened in 10 years from 73 to 80. It was devastating to the middle class who pay for most welfare.

Modern day brats have no idea how difficult this explosive inflation was during that time. We fell way behind in ease of life. The 60s were modest inflation compared to anything that happened in the 70s. Stay at home moms were common in the 60s, my family excepted. My brother and I were the first latch key kids in our village. My father had a nervous breakdown in latter 66 to 67. That forced my mother to work. Despite that, we bought an old cheap house for 15,000, in 1970. We were very lucky. Most were at least 20,000 and more. What was fortunate for my family is that with 4 of us paying in together, me in 77 and my brother in 80, our overall cost of living was cheap compared to around us. New housing in 1980 began to sky rocket to the tune of $100,000 plus. That was 5 times the amount required in 1970. Groceries would be going up all the time.

We bought groceries for about  $10-$12.50 or so a week in 1970. in 71 we were at $15. 1972 at $20, 73 was $25.
5 dollars a year increase for 3 years comes to double the price in 3 years. That followed by the skyrocketing gas prices.

We stayed at a camping ground a few times, and in 71, while my father was attending to family matters up there, we had a tent and decided to visit camping facilitites and take the Cabot trail tour in Nova Scotia and then Prince Edward. We rained out  there and went back to the USA. We did it up Royal in 1972 going over the same route. Much better weather and we had a blast the whole time. There were all kinds of kids back then. You should have been there. But we had no more than started this sort of thing when 73 jacked Gas prices and we could not afford to do that again. No touring for us. We would stick to local lakes in southern Maine.

Nearly everyone was deeply impacted by inflation. Some of our friends parents had camps at lakes. Some had to make the camps year around liveable and sell the houses in Portland. So it impacted even the upper middle class as well.

Belts were tightening everywhere. The fun and games were over by 75. The glory days were in the past by then. I personally watched home prices soar to unimaginable heights and knew I would never be able to have a home or family. My parents were working class and had no social circles or networks to pull them upward some. And neither was too bright, to be honest. The paradox was that while school as useless to many, I got enough out of it at that time, to become smarter than my parents. I was fortunate. Schools are horrible now.

What can be said is that the 50s and 60s were the most stable and prosperous decades the world had even known. But money is not everything and many unsettled issues remained in many people who endured the 30s and 40s.

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