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Boomer Psychology 102 -- The Sexual Revolution

In case it has escaped your notice, Our desire to breed, more specifically, have sex, is damned well over powering, if not a bit deceptive. For such a strong compulsive urge, it would seem that we would see more of a pay-off. But really, that urge is a trick to get us reproduce. We are the products of our DNA.

Throughout History, sex has made fools of most of us. But Industrialization of the 1800s onward, brought a new twist in 1860. Forced and Enforced, mandatory education "to raise literacy rates." The odd paradox was/is that Literacy did nothing but fall when forced imprisonment, I mean, education, was put into effect. Now how could that be, that without schooling, we were very literate and then got dumber with schooling. If you want my opinion, I'd say something very sinister has been going on since 1860 to the present.

Now the 2nd problem. Kids were either labor for the family, or for a brief time, supplemental wage earners for the family. But with forced schooling, families were robbed of the wages of their kids, but not the financial liability. Then we have the even bigger problem, the proverbial Elephant in the living room.

For 1000 years in Rome and another 1000 with the Eastern half of the former Roman empire, Byzantium, another 1000 years of the single tradition that in absence of parents, boys could be considered emancipated at 14 and Girls at 12.

2000 years of this prevailing policy that was not much different than that of other nations of the time. The issue always, was about sexual maturity. They all knew that when puberty hit, you had better be ready to deal with it. But with JD Rockefeller and his capitalist monopoly buddies wanting to insure that the population remain stupid and easily fooled, they created schooling to keep us dumb as hell. It worked like a charm.

Now we jump ahead to the late 50s and early 60s when kids have long been fed up with all the secrets and parent-society collaboration and now teens want to know why they can't pursue relationships and dating. Again, not very good answers. The teens knew they were capable of breeding and they wanted to get on with it. No more waiting! They would just as soon quit school, get a job and get married. When I was in high school, I noticed that those who wanted to drop out were usually just guys who wanted to start working and making money, not the tedious bore of school. And of course, with that, sex with marriage we hope, right?

Government laws were brutally oppressive to the young teens. And I agree with them. Nature meant for us to breed, once we completed puberty. To delay or prevent that and put it off, is extreme abuse. Cruelty! We keep them in school and college so that the young adults could be further brainwashed. I'm against that idea. Imagine others telling you when you can marry or not. Only parents should decide that.

These Boomer kids were not going to take no for an answer. They could smell a rat. Even 2 or 3 rats. They were not stupid, nor were they willing to go along with all the conformity, especially without any good reason to "go along." They were absolutely sick of going along with things that did not make sense and that no one wanted to answer or

That's not a bad thing! That's a good thing! A showdown was going to be inevitable.


The boomer kids had long watched their compliant unquestioning, "obedient to any length or degree parents" and the kids were fed up. They had had enough. This is what set up the 1960s. No more war. No more putting off sex. No more obedience without good explanation that made sense. I am all for that. There was logic in what they were doing. They were not going to be automatically compliant. Its about time, wasn't it?

But the real problem going on here in 2019 is that the CIA wants us to be like the Boomer parents and not the Boomer kids. So the CIA is having their youtube shill agents which is just about everyone, saturate youtube with Boomer hate speech. Its everywhere now. Boomers are the only class that you can legally slander with the worst of accusations and call for their deaths. The Day of the Pillow. Its not that I feel threatened, but its knowing that Boomers will be persecuted for their defiance, not only of war, but also many other ills of society. The Boomers are the last holdouts against the Satanic evil encircling us.

Did the boomers go too far? Or was it the CIA that went too far? That is the question. Who was promoting the drugs and drug culture? The CIA was. Who promoted all the communes and cults all over California? The CIA did! Who started the Hippie movement? The CIA did!

In fact, in many respects, the CIA was running California, Disney land, Hollywood, and more.

Another fact! There were hardly any Hippies in the US. They were an extreme minority. Most Boomers were still getting married and having kids. The USA was still very conservative. If you were to believe the media, nearly all Boomers were Hippies. Real Hippies were CIA employees says one of the greatest conspiracy writers of all time, Dave McGowan. He back it with lots of facts and I will be reporting on it. Hardly any boomers were Hippies. But the slander being promoted says nearly all Boomers were hippies. Nothing but lies. This is what is behind Boomer hate and hate mongers.

As well, if you were to believe the press, almost every one in the 60s was a hippie. Lies. Hardly anyone was. But since the media were promoting Hippies and the hate of Hippies, fashion began catering to Hippie wanna-be's.

But it is true that many of the young kicked up their heels and cast off any restraint in the name of "love." Is it love when dad runs out on the mother and child? No! Is it love to use others who thought they had something with you? No! Is it love to be reckless with sex and spread sexual diseases all around? No! But you don't have to be a hippie to do that. Anyone can do that and many did in the 60s. The 60s has a dark underside caused by . . . You know it! The CIA!

But the real truth, boys and girls, is that the late 70s was the real time of complete sexual abandon. Not the 60s. Too many of you only know Woodstock and you only know that truth. Given all the conditions and poor planning, what took place there was significant. There was a yearning there, manifested in so many showing up. It did not last long, but it was expression of what they would have liked the world to be.

But the young of that time, 1969, had good intentions, maybe, but they did not have any solid understanding of how to get what they wanted. They needed are more time to acquire a better understanding of what they were up against.

But since most Boomers were breeders with families, they cannot be harshly faulted for their mistakes, anymore than we could blame the traumatized parents of the 30s and 40s. How dare the little punks of today to point the finger at us. They are really and truly the dumbest generation to come along. JD Rockefeller would be proud of his accomplishment. Gen x and Gen y are jokes that are not very funny.

I have some recommendations for you all.

Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon: Laurel Canyon, Covert Ops & the Dark Heart of the Hippie Dream

by David McGowan and Nick Bryant | Apr 30, 2014 Margaret Thaler Sanger

Weird Scenes: Concrete proof as to who was behind the Hippie movement. I will be writing about this shortly. And when I do, I will be naming names from youtube channels. If ya don't want to be on my list, you'd better start making apologies and recants, FAST. And they had better be convincing. Sanger ran into the CIA, more than a few times. I venture to say that were it not for the CIA, and those behind it and all governments (do the names of either Lucifer or Satan ring a bell?), we might have been able to live in far greater peace and prosperity than we have. Those in power hate people. They are from their father, the devil.

My next article will be on either the sexual conduct of the Boomers, and/or the CIA allegations. Both are essential for understanding what really took place in the 50s, 60s, and 70s.

I will soon be writing on McGowan's report on who started the Hippie movement. Be afraid! Be very afraid!

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