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The Jeffrey "Corbomite" Maneuver

 When it dawned on me a few days back what was really the goal and purpose of Universal Basic income, and that it was not meant for immediate passage but was to be a tool for the AntiChrist and that we were deep into the count down now, It left me kind of dumbfounded. It's here!, says Heather O'Rourke. Now the manifestation of what I will call the Jeffrey Maneuver, had numbed me. And I had to listen to Cat Stevens' song, "How Can I Tell You." Its a sad yet beautiful song. A very somber mood to it. Jeff news has gone of the hook. Its everywhere, and the voices are very suspicious. Its the 2nd big premature launch of propaganda to get us to embrace the New World Government and order that the antichrist will promote as his solution to our problems when in reality, it will become out worst nightmare. The shock is that this is all happening so fast, right on cue. I make a lot of big declarations and while I mean them, I did not imagine that they now go off in rapid fire, Amounting to more than I was expecting. Its like a big volcano going off. I am quickly falling behind in trying to keep up with it all. So lets get to it.

I dubbed this the Corbomite maneuver, the title of a Star Trek OS Episode, where Kirk tricks/bluffs an alien ship, and succeeds in deceiving him. We are being deceived as well. 

So Mr. Epstein is dead. Well, For one, I'm not buying it. He'll live in secret somewhere with a new ID and be just fine. But what has been fascinating to me is that Everyone on youtube is coming out say they are pissed that now this will all get covered up and be swept under the carpet. Yes, just like JFK/Harvey Oswald/Jack Ruby (Reubenstein). Just like RFK and MLK And so many others. So nothing has changed . . .  or  has it? The promoters (actors?) are telling us that this proves that those in power do not care and are rubbing it in our faces. Well, yes, but they have always been doing that and no one cares about those. Now they are saying that everyone is saying it, or will be. Perhaps, but many of us have been saying it for along time. But now they declare that this is a wake up call. I'd be surprised if it was that.

I do not think people are fooled, but neither will they be any more upset than usual. But all these pundits and promoters want us to get upset. They now want us to react and get all upset. They want us to hate our respective governments and beg for something new and better. Along come a guy who says he is Jesus and will perform signs and wonders says the Apostle Paul. And he will say he can give us a much better system than these outdated dinosaurs of Nationalism. This "Jesus" will promote a world system of government to solve all our problems. While he call himself a lamb, what he speaks will sound like a dragon. Let he who has ears, listen to what the spirit is saying. So yet another plank is being put in place to set up for the arrival or revealing of the Antichrist by trying to make us all receptive to his lies and BS. You are seeing it take place right before your eyes. Time will prove me right. So I want to show you some of the rhetoric being pumped out on youtube.

"What Pisses Me Off About Jeffrey Epstein's Death"         Stefan Molyneux

 My notes and quotes from Stephan. In this case, for which I have no other like it, he flashes at least 6, "666 hand signs," making most of them very pronounced and prominent. He seems to be the main kickoff agent. Others have jumped in as well.

At least 6 times thru his video, Stefan gives the 666 hand sign, often very deliberate, emphatic, and pronounced. Typically, those going hand signs are subtle about it.



Above was far more subdued, bunching his fingers so it would not be quite as obvious, yet using both hands makes it emphatic.

Intersting, no? Others are doing it, too, in the last week.

Below, you can see the headline. WeAreChange use to work for Alex Jones. Need I say more?

But actually, I have always liked this guys presentations. But the elite have never hidden their deeds. 911 was obvious, was it not? A president getting his head blown off in a Limo in front of many people? I don't call that very subtle. And then Killing the partsy Oswald the next day. I'd call it bold, blatant, and arrogant.

Black Pigeon Speaks was right on it, too.

They and many others are saying this is the straw that broke the camel's back. my version is that they want to convince you that your apathy and indifference of the last 100 years is no longer excusable. It never was Excusable. The best we can say is that we felt helpless to do anything and there is something to be said for that. But now we are supposed to be out in the streets protesting and demonstrating. Yeah, that will work. Has it ever worked before? I would say the only time it ever worked was when the Boomers were getting very vocal and demonstrative over the Viet Nam war. The great Irish uprising in NYC, about the same time as the battle of Gettysburg was wrapping up, was effective, though they killed the instigators, they also went out of their way to significantly improve things for the shanty Irish in NYC, afterward.

All the youtube shills want you to think this is the worst thing to ever happen. Its is outrageous, but we have had lots of those sorts of things before. people hardly blinked. Really, what else could they do? the government has the soldiers, the weapons and the ammo. And now super weapons, too.

Next issue will have more pictures and more evidence. This is a huge plank put in place to prepare for the Antichrist/false messiah/Fake Jesus. Things are moving fast now. I say they will get Trump elected again and then spring the surprise. It will not wait any longer. The time is at hand. 1 year at most and lots more before that.

 Truth1 Out!               

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