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Boomer Psychology 101

The sins of fathers soon become the sins of the sons. Each generation curses the one before. The absolute truth is that parents have no idea what they are doing or should be doing. Their parents never prepared them, and they in turn don't prepare their kids, either. Nor do Our schools teach anything about it, either. They want you to be stupid and unprepared because you and your kids will be easier to manipulate that way.

Our next problem is that the pain and psychological damage parents suffered in the womb and onward, will in some way, impact the Epigenes of the mother for sure and some from the father, too. Life will also have its way with all people.  Children become adults, will impact the kids with they suffering and damaged psychology. Children will, in many ways, reflect their parents to some degree in most cases.

The parents of boomers brought the Great Depression of 1929 to their kids in many ways and then WWII as well. It is likely hard for any to appreciate just how hard it was to get along from 1929 to 1946. They were scarred people, and with good reason. Those years were a nightmare. The thing with Trauma is, that it remains in the mind, in its damaged state for the rest of their lives. They can't just pop out of it. Though there is a treatment referred to, among other things, Recovered Memory therapy which can allow a stored memory of the complete trauma and upon coming up and out to be experienced consciously, during which the recorded state and its changes are reversed to their pre-trauma state. But almost no one does this therapy. And most that do, work for the CIA to insure failure.

The Boomer Blessing

Regardless of parents, the boomers were born into the most prosperous time in world history, unlike any other before it. Though parents might rub off on them some, the world they would grow up in, was a mixed bag that would allow them a little less colored, filtered reality and See things more directly and more plainly.

But along with that, many dads coming back from WWII of the Korean war, were damaged goods and it would cause some damage in the young such as anger or frustration, resentment and the like. But a draw back was that boomers did not appreciate the conservative nature of many of that time. Fearing the economic depression of the past, many still lived as if it were in the present as well. The kids could not understand this. And the parents could not defend some of their frugality. They were not in a crisis any more and yet they acted as if they were.

These early parents of the boomers were not extravagant, compared to, say the 70's and 80's crowd. They were cautious about credit. They were content with small homes. Here in Portland Maine, a lot of small homes were built in the 50s. I have taken many pictures of many. Many have been vastly enlarged over the last 10 years. The latest home buyers are not about to live like those of the early 90s and earlier. But in the 80s, Banks granted loans and the City offered interest-free loans to fix places up. As soon as people got their renovations done, the they city jacked the property taxes thru the roof.

In the 70s, credit card were freely dispensed to people to encourage them to spend what they did not have and with outrageous interest rates. But here is where TV really changed America. They constantly tease and torment you with temptation thru marketing. The magazines were doing it. Radio was not as effective as you could not exploit the eyes. TV not only showed images but animation and emotion that printed material was not as effective in.

A funny thing about human nature is that people do not have a lot of will-power and self-discipline. They are very vulnerable and financiers did not hesitate to fully exploit that. It was extremely cruel and ruthless. The 80s became famous for credit card use. Fiscal responsibility was long gone. "Don't have the money? Don't worry about it. Charge it!"

The Irony of this is that these boomers would face some of that economic depression, themselves, in not too many years in the mid to late 70s onward. Parents of Boomers would often take their fears of poverty to their graves.

Were Boomers spoiled? Well, yes and no. They did not know poverty and limited options. Parents were more generous, thanks to be plied with advertising. The money was there and there were more opportunities to spend it. The ever growing fast food, for one. Toys that were just gimmicks and broke easy and lost their charm within weeks. Boomers knew too much trust. They did not understand how treacherous and manipulative business and authority could be, that they ordinarily did not interact with unlike at school. College kids of the early 60s were innocent and ripe for exploiting. And the CIA would be behind most of it.

Hitch-hiking seemed safe for a while, but it did not last long. They would fall for cults, communes and other types of madness. Boomers were in need of some waking up and maturity. They were not brought up in an open society where people rocked the boat and exposed all the secret activities, dirty secrets, and the like. So they were going to have to learn thru hard won experience. The College of hard knocks.

To sum it up, the Boomers had some waking up to do. And WOW, did they ever wake up! Can you say Viet Nam?

Now over all, that Boomers were less traumatized and were in far better circumstances should have enabled them to be more awake and less crippled intellectually. I will argue eventually, that this was the case. You have conspiracies and less trust of authority thanks to the boomers.

The Never-ending Conformity and Obedience  . . .  without question!

And then there was that stifling pressure to conform and obey, without much explanation going with it. The many videos I have watched and saw in the 60s, as well as my own experience as a child of the 60s, hit home to the oppressive regimented society.  In school, to go out to recess or leave school for the day, the boys would line up on one side and the girls on the other  and who ever was next to you, you had to hold her hand as you all were guided by your teacher to the exit doors. We all had the bathroom break, before or after recess. Don't remember which.

One time I was being bugged by this ass kissing Tattle Tale kid in 1st grade. I was getting a paper with connect the dots on it. For fun and as instructed. Don't remember his beef, but I said, "Shut up, Norman! He ran right for the teacher. She had me come down front and quietly say that I was rude and could have said something more respectful. Never mind that Norman was sticking his nose where it did not belong. I really resented the hell out of it.

I am all for good civil conduct, which is none-existent now. But it was these types of things all the time and they were punishing the wrong party, too often. School in the 60s, was very regimented, and if you were caught acting as a werewolf from TV, on the playground, it was straight to the Kitchen dungeon. Wanna know who the actor was? Yeah, it was me. Most adults always seemed mean or unfair, or unreasonable. It was like they hated us. Maybe they did. Or in junior high, being caught running in the hall before the rest of the kids got out to change classes, why that was a capitol offense. You would have to wait for all the other kids. All it did to me was make me resent authority. I do believe it was even worse in the 50s.

Its all that petty day to day stuff, and it was everywhere. It builds a chip on your shoulders. That said, there were those who didn't believe a word that teachers said. I was more obedient, even if I had to hold it in. What this all did in many ways, and maybe it was intentional, but it made you hate and resent authority. All adults seemed to be in on it, all together. If they wanted good kids, they went about it all wrong.  Anyway that you slice it, school was evil and oppressive of the human spirit.

Do Unto Others?

Schools today go in the complete opposite direction, not requiring any civility or respect. Of the two, the 1st, that I experienced, would be better. But there was a happy medium that no one ever bothered with.

Now on the good life and prosperity, the kids had it a lot better and might have taken it for granted, but 1973 would fix that some. But what many failed to understand was that there is a tactful way to teach, or an abrasive way. They always took the abrasive bully approach. They seemed to push their own childhoods and how they felt, onto us. I heard my father speak about it many times, and my mother too. Yet they would do the same. It never changes. Each generation forgets their childhood. Our childhood were where we got all our lessons, which we then dump on our kids and become abusers like those that abused us. That is a typical reaction, but a very bad one, too. It does not have to be that way.

But now the most important aspect. There are many things that young need to understand. But Goverment does not want you to understand those things, and government has always preferred to keep us in the Dark. That leave us with our useless parents to guide us correctly. Good luck with that. But if we are talking about the values of society, I think those are damned important. Is marital and sexual fidelity important? Yes it is! It was expected that children were just going to obey and behave, but it does not work that way and never has from the beginning of mankind. So why do we keep doing it?

For at least 6000 years, we have neglected our young. It will never change. And each generation will be challenged to find a few that might see and explain why this or that is important and vital.

Religious Institutions were supposed to Carry on for God and instruct parents on the requirements of God, and they did a horrible job of that, if they even did the job at all. Throughout history government has sought out and obtained the cooperation of religious leaders to support government wars and forced schooling/programming. And parents were never wise to this. They were obedient to it, as that was how to stay in the good graces of the people who attended church. Fit in and get along and don't rock the boat and you will fare well in society. Speak out of term and you are suddenly a pariah. I made a career of it. So I know real well, how that works. In fact, I am an expert.

The boomer kids were not stupid. They saw how all adults stuck together. I saw it, too. But I do have to say, my parents were far better at supporting me at school or wherever, then most were. I remember Jewish kids fearing their fathers and the greater community. Their parents would side with authority, every time. That was typical for most kids. So not surprising that young Jewish college kids were just waiting to break out and I don't blame them. Good for them. The Iron fist does nothing but break things.

Now Truth1 did not bring this all up, just to thrown my hands up in the air and cop out or or sellout or go into denial. I will solve the problem, so that you can ignore it if you want, but you will not be able to say you did not know or hear the answer. I will see that you get it. But you won't like it. None of you will. Did I mention I was a life long pariah?

But I end this blog issue with one big thing that caused a social explosion, the social atom bomb that exploded and I am going to explode some myths and false accusations against boomers, the smartest generation to come along since maybe Puritans of England, also social and economic outcasts.

But it was perpetual war that made the boomers snap and wake up. But they would be ostracized for their courage and bravery. I will prove what I say. And I will suggest the hate for boomers in recent weeks/months in the year 2019 was all motivated by the CIA and other government ding dongs. Don't miss a single Issue!

Next will be the start of the sexual revolution.

 Truth won Out!                                   

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