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The End is Finally Here! #1

It was just a little past midnight, by that time, July 31, 2019. I was checking the weather, email, and youtube, in preparation for when Mannix would be coming on, on MeTV. When I open Fire Fox, it shows a few articles of possible interest, from the dying printed press obsolescence after publish crap for years. And there it was! Light a bolt of lightning coming down out of Heaven. The crisp detailed vision of exactly what would be presented by the Fake imposter "Jesus" better known by many as the AntiChrist. And it was from the internet press, no less.

It was a plea for 3 things all related to Universal Basic Income. I had read about this nonsense before, but the way it was laid out,  so thoroughly and carefully, you could not miss it. I know exactly what the pseudo-Jesus is going to say and do. To the letter.

So mark this article down. It will go down in the history books some day.

Overture, cut the lights. This is it, the night of nights. And oh what heights we'll hit! One with the show! This is it! 100%!

Ain't no one gonna be stealing my thunder on this one. Only at Truth1! I present the article below, with lots to say about it.

The Satanic Agenda

Let's start out considering what Satan has to do to fool us and entice us thru his Chosen one to pretend to be Jesus. He wants everyone to go along with him, visibly the Anti Christ, who in reality, represents Satan in disguise. And just as God formed a covenant with Israel, thru Moses, so the fake Jesus will require a covenant, a contract, with him, fully deputized by Satan to act in Satan's behalf. This ~Jesus~ ( I will call him the AC from here on in) will use all force to make every last person on earth choose either him and his way, of if you cling to God and His Son, the real Jesus, you will be violently urged to join the AC.

A significant number will be executed for refusing the AC, but most who refuse, will end up in concentration camps or prisons. Anyone dying for God and Christ, has the surest place in heaven. The rest will possibly be subjected to some insults or labor and such. But as I understand it, choosing God is pretty much the end of your testing. But remember, I am not infallible or all knowing. I do my best with lots of study behind me, to make sense of it all. I have often said that I can not walk on water or raise anyone from the dead. So I have no super powers. I am a servant of God, serving as best as I can discern. I welcome being questioned or even disputed, it is sincere and reasonable.

But what most are not aware of, is that the AC offering a contract, is offering it on Satan's behalf. To accept this contract, it to sell your soul to the devil. It will mean your eternal death to accept that deal. But it will never be said. Christians will know it is a deal with the devil. The AC will say you are making a deal with him, ~Jesus~. The labels are all wrong.

While the AC will apply threats and force as his last resort, he is going to start out with seemingly good stuff. But be warned, it will be a trick. Before I get into article and offers, I have one last point to make.

In too many thousands to recount, Satan has made deals with untold numbers of peoples and nations to join and obey him, most often thru other identities of false gods, whose lore was based on those who once claimed to be gods and were likely supported by Satan, such as Saturn/Chronos, Jupiter/Zeus and so many other gods of various nations. Here is the twist. Those who accepted a deal with one of the "gods" often came to regret it. Satan and Co. were treacherous. They would honor a promise of victory in war or power, glory, a legacy, women, wine, and song, etc. But with it, some trickery and deceit or harsh demands at a later time. Once you made a deal and got what you asked for, he then heaps his own demand upon them. Remember that his deal is your soul.

That means, though not said in his deal, that he owns you, and you are his slave, required to obey at all times.  And he can be real nasty. He is not grateful for his followers/slave. He despises you, for your allegiance to him. That is his nature.

I would dare day that many, at least half, in our contemporary time, have regretted their decision. But once made, your his till you die. You can not walk out or leave without extreme punishment. Perhaps prison, perhaps death, or great loss of everything you had been given. Satan likes to make examples of those who try to leave. Many don't try but still wish they could get out. Deep Deep Regret.

Satan, I mean ~Jesus~ is going to offer all and anyone the chance to get great benefit if they will accept his contrast. Remember that he is going to claim great power and authority, but he can not offer all power and authority. Only the Father and the Son in Heaven can do that. What AC will offer will seem wonderful. Unbelieveable! But it will all be lies not long after the deal is accepted by those who do not understand who they are dealing with. The liar of all liars. Treacherous to the core.

What will he offer? I already know. It will sound amazing. And none of it will be true for very long. Then will come the world wide kill-off of most of humanity. So now I will discuss that deal that is too good to be true. The ultimate Nirvana for many.

The Deal . . . Sort of   

Lucky for you guys, I am going to represent you all in the court of the great God and Father of us all, Jehovah, as your lawyer. My services are free and my counsel, the best the world has to offer today. I have been advised by the Father to give you full counseling and explanation of the contract Satan (~Jesus~AC ) is putting before you. The devil is in the details they say.

Below was linked in the pervious (1st) issue of this subject.

The case for a universal basic income, open borders, and a 15-hour workweek

Rutger Bregman, author of Utopia for Realists, talks to Ezra Klein about the power and purpose of utopian thinking.

By Ezra Klein@ezraklein

Now as your lawyer, I have to point out that already, the trap has been set, with the clause: OPEN BORDERS.

This clause was designed to immediately allow migrations that can barely be comprehended. Its a trap and a really nasty one at that. It is the clause mostly likely to cause some reluctance and even resistance. But put in as bait, will be the universal basic income with only a 15 hour work week. I can barely resist it my self. But I know it is a lie.

Oh, you might have it for a very brief time, but as soon as all have made their choice between Satan the Devil and Jehovah Almighty, as represented by His appointed son, the real Jesus and not the fake one; and Christians have been locked away carefully (to be spared what is to happen), then the great con will be revealed and the mass killing of humanity will begin, enabled primarily by roving hoards as all income, food and maybe even potable water, is all shut down and cutoff.

You were tricked and did not notice the obvious lies. You have trusted government for far too long. Daddy government now becomes killer daddy government, Satan's Executioner. But you understand that the fear many might feel, will be overcome by that dream come true, so it would seem, of "free" housing and income for a mere 15 hours a week. It would have to be something this big, to overcome the Extreme dangers presented by just letting everyone go where ever they want.

If you think that LA, San Fran or Detroit are bad now, wait till  you see this one. And of course, without food or that promised income and housing, not to mention heat and municipal water, life is going to end fairly fast. I assume they will be doing this in increments as the said period is to last 3.5 years, starting with accepting the deal with the devil/AC.

The open borders should be the give-away to this deal. Have you seen LA lately? San Fran? Its a hell hole. When some move into your area and take jobs from more humble and less capable people, then you end up with people on the street, defecating wherever. Plagues are bound to develop. The mayhem can not be over exaggerated.

Now while these are of concern to me as your lawyer, I have to point out that universal Basic Income, is another loaded and undefined quantity.

Universal? Does that mean everyone? Any restrictions or requirements that have to be met? Can this be denied to you if you do not measure up to what they demand? Will the work environment be nice or they slave drive you? What rights will you have in the work place. Will they pay you enough? Will it be the same for everyone. Will it keep changing, shrinking? What will you do if they do start cutting back? What will you do if someone in management does not like you, a person thing?

Will you be able to transfer to another job or department? What if they say its all you and you need to change and they are not being fair. It happens a lot. And in a socialistic government, that has never been a good place to be in.

Basic sounds like minimum to me. What if you want to work more to elevate your life a little bit. To pursue a dream, maybe. How big will the housing be? Can you get thrown out for not being clean enough. Will you be required to pay for repairs in some situations. Will it allow for recreation or travel? How much?

Everything you have or get, will be decided by someone else who does not give a damn about you. You will have no control over your own life and circumstances. It will pretty much be you stuck where you are for life, if they don't start reducing your income. Then your life degrades. How is inflation going to be figured in? Will it be allowed to reduce your buying power?

There is no system without serious flaws. either one will be bad, which bad you get will not be in your control.

Now while the current system is full of flaws, it also has benefits, too. It is at least possible to change your circumstances some. Not so with a Totalitarian system. One as Guarantees and the other has options of choice. I never want to be at the mercy of others who are part of the elite of Hierarchy within a company or local government. they serve their own interests and not yours.

We have to consider the article now, to see what naive idealistic types have to say about it all.

We will end here and pick up here in the next issue.

 Truth1 Out!               

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