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Jeffrey Epstein Implications #2

Todays focus looks at the YT channel "Black pilled," who offers a rather unique perspective on this and whose "live stream" presentation had many interesting comments. He named this livestream, "No Surprises"    Streamed live on Aug 10, 2019

His voice was modified just slightly for this presention with sound filters. My conviction is that Black pilled is also Lift the Veil and a few more channels, too. His real name is Nathan Stoplman by his own admission in the past. In my opinion, he works for government internet Intelligence operations. But never the less, this was a good presentation and he often has good ones on this channel. But he made an ass of himself in blaming Boomers for the USA is going to hell. It is also my opinion that "BP" gets all his material and insights from his superiors, as the films he often reviews and analyzes are long before his time or even mine. And the insights are beyond him, says I. But his superiors want him to look real good and be persuasive. Again, I repeat, his channel has produced some really good works. Don't ignore him or avoid him. I don't! Just be cautious and critical. In fact, you should do that with me, too. I don't fear being examined or suspected. I can handle it and thrive.

I am going to provide the paraphrased essence of what Nathan delivered. And remember, liked his ideas. This is a praise of his work. Nathan does not spend too much time on Jeff E. He focuses on the powers that were behind this and all things, and their attitudes. And he was spot on!

Generational wealth that translates into power. Becomes Generational power. No oversight or accountability for this power. Diametrically opposed to our power. They do not have to live by the laws they create. They create laws for the slaves. That’s us. They are immune from the law and above it. Its very relevant to the Epstein situation

T1: I have heard it put any better than that. And he was concise, too. But now the interesting part.

Nathan has blamed Boomers in a big as being the plague of the USA. Now consider that at least 90% of the Boomers are struggling to get by, some just hanging on to the last vestiges of being Middle class. Yet he says above that its wealth and power that run the world like tyrants. I'll get to it shortly. If this is the case, then we can not blame the 90% for the 10%. But in general, wealth lives longer than most other classes. So Nathan as made fool of himself in exposing wealthy and power accurately. He shows that his and superiors' agenda is insincere and diabolical. They fear the aging Boomers for their brain power and experience, made sweeter by age and mellowing.

7:44 There is an Incentive to keep down the middle class down.

Nathan spoke of the many different advantages that the elite young have. Better places to live, better education and health care. Networks, inside knowledge, being favored over the lesser people. As I have put it myself, T1, wealth and power in motion, tend to stay in motion and stay in power and control. Their power lasts for centuries.

The upper class fear anyone who is in striking distance, who poses a threat to the upper class. They push the middle class down as far as possible, and put as many hurdles in their way, as possible.

Nathan, did it ever occur to you that this also applies to 90% of the Boomers? You screwed up, Big Time!

“The Rothschild kids are still cashing in on what was done 600 years ago.

He spoke of “meritocracy” where those in the lead in a race or in wealth and power, not only enjoy they substantial advantage over those under them, but they also put in as many blocks and obstacles as they can, to make sure we never have even a remote chance of rising up at all. I, T1, say in addition, that they do this as much for thrills and pleasure of seeing others suffer, as their father, the devil, does.

Nate gives an illustration of a race, everyone lined up but the rich get to start further up from the starting line. Then once out of sight, they can use scooters or golf cart to advance even further since no one can see them since they are so far out of view. We are at a complete disadvantage. They get to see our cards but we don't get to see theirs.

Nathan says they killed Epstein because they did not care about him and he was a liability. He does not understand that the Elite do care. He is one of their own and their security is essential if the hive does not want others blowing the whistle to save their own hides. I find by this time, Aug13, that most are saying Epstein is alive in another nation. This is where shills play false. Nate was assigned to Declare that Jeff was dead. Stefan Molyneux was told to say Epstein would never kill himself. Not at that level of power. I deal more with "Moly" later, in another blog.

Their collective job as an army of government liars is to muddy the water and cause uncertainty and confusion. Some quote of Nate:

“Trump does not want to build the wall!”  T1: He considers Trump as part of the elite and that they all stick together. He is right.

“If you think the elite does not view you as livestock, You’re crazy!”

I end it here as it has along way to go and not much more possibility of bigger info.

Comments from Black pilled live stream. I put black dots on the ones that I liked.

This was a woke audience. Most think Epstein is still alive


Pay attention to the double dots one below.


I will sum it up this way. This group is not fooled. They think Jeff is alive. They think the country is lost. They don't seem to me the type that are going to give in to Satan. I think there is hope that a good number will tell the devil to take a hike. They will be a minority, but sizable just the same.

Here are comments after the livestream was posted:

John Paul 1 day ago

No worries , the FBI is on the case investigating making sure that nobody is held responsible.   619 likes

radavar 1 day ago

He must be in Israel now laughing at us.  295 likes

Sunglass Shinpan 1 day ago

Look for another FBI staged mass shooting to make this news story disappear!   184 likes

roger Brownfield 1 day ago

Meritocracy, how everyone in America went to college but somehow we got a lot dumber.    236 likes

Gerard Byrne 1 day ago

What's shocking is that everyone knows government agencies are implicit cover up of Epsteins crimes and probably of his murder. And what is going to be done? Nothing.   92

Mike C 1 day ago (edited)

Cause of death: accidentally falling down an elevator shaft and landing on some bullets that lodged in the back of his head, after failed autoerotic affixation attempt.   71

The sentiment is one of the country is gone, as we foretold symbolically by both Kubrick's The Shining, and Poltergeist, that came out 2 years after Shining. And this whole mess is popping wide open, like the flood gates of Heaven.

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