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Jeffrey Epstein Implications #4

     I am submitting this article by Jon Rappoport for your consideration. Jon can be absolutely brilliant at times and this is one of those times. We got lots to consider. This is in regards to Jeffrey Epstein's recent "suicide" so called. Let it be understood that the focus in this article is not whether Epstein is dead or not. That hardly matters now. This focus and much of the previous is on the CIA and similar Intelligence agencies, astounding capabilities and the capacity to cover up. The focus on my site has always been how easy it is to cover up and conceal. Therefore, no one should easily dismiss any suggestion of a cover-up in anything. Our whole world carries on most of its activities in secret, while using an appearance of goodness and benevolence to conceal the most unimaginable evil.

"Jeffrey Epstein is alive" ---a fictional scenario

One hypothesis: Epstein didn't kill himself, he wasn't murdered, he was ferreted away by his handlers and is alive...apparently, an increasing number of people believe this...

In my previous two articles about Epstein, I presented pieces of a circumstantial case indicating Epstein was an intelligence agent---Mossad/CIA.  His job obviously would have involved accumulating tons of evidence on powerful influential men who were having sex with his underage girls.  The blackmail value of that evidence would be enormous to his handlers in controlling those men.

If that was his job, suppose Epstein is alive now?  Again, what follows is a fictional scenario.  If you believe I'm trying to PROVE beyond a shadow of a doubt that the man is still alive, you're either deranged or inattentive.

Truth1: Jon writes for "fun." But I would suggest that the scenario to follow has a lot of stuff in it that does often take place among Intelligence agencies. << end


MOSSAD EXEC #1: Jeffrey's in jail, but he's feeling better.  We've gotten word through to him that we're doing everything we can.

MOSSAD EXEC #2: Everything we can to accomplish what?  We're convinced he isn't going to commit suicide.  That leaves termination or we somehow get him out and take him away.

MOSSAD #1: Yes.  Termination is easier, from a tactical point of view.

MOSSAD #2: You favor that?

MOSSAD #1: I don't know.  What are your thoughts?

Truth1: 1st off, this was a planned operation from the beginning. Epstein knew it was coming and he had been assigned a script and instructions. An "escape hatch had been planned from the very beginning. So this assumes that the news and events are legitimate up to this point, which it is not, in my eyes. So this discussion, from my point of view, is irrelevant. But what follows is what often goes on, if something came up that was not planned. <<end

MOSSAD #2: We don't know where he's stashed all his evidence against our targets.  We may have most of it, but not everything.  Jeffrey's not what you'd call a careful agent in every respect.  So we'd need to sit him down and go through every detail of his work, which would take a huge debrief.  Months, if not years.  For that, we need him alive.

Truth1: No one who enjoyed visits to Pedo Island was all that secretive about it. They all knew that as long as they behaved, they would be OK. In fact, people in power are quite smug in the fact they can not be "touched." <<end

MOSSAD #1: Understood.  And there is also the fact that he's ours.  He's done service for us for a long time.  I don't want to overlook that.  I don't want to throw that aside and say it doesn't matter.  We reward our own.  He's been loyal.  The whole basis of our organization, since the beginning, has been loyalty.

Truth1: This really is the attitude inside secret agencies.  <<end

MOSSAD #2: Let's say we want him here, alive and well.  Plastic surgery, the works.  New ID, new legend, new life history down to the last dot.  We HAVE prepared for that possibility.  We have a double, just in case.

MOSSAD #1: Go over that for me.  How good is the double?

MOSSAD #2: Quite good.  We can take this double and put him in a coma.  With drugs, we can approximate death.  Or we can actually terminate him.

MOSSAD #1: But then we'd probably have to get him inside the jail so we can take him out.  Not deep into the jail, but a short distance.

MOSSAD #2: We can arrange to have the video cameras shut off, and we can pay off the guards.  

MOSSAD #1: There are other personnel we'd need to control as well.  And that says nothing about how we actually get the real Jeffrey out of there.  That would involve more personnel paid off.  Or somehow substituted for.  It's a bit tricky.

MOSSAD #2: I know.   

MOSSAD #1: Then there is the matter of the autopsy.  The double's DNA...

MOSSAD #2: We've got the medical examiner in our pocket.  But if independent autopsies also take place, that could be a problem.  And in any autopsy, a lot depends on who is allowed to stand around and watch.

Truth1: The CIA and similar, always have various professionals who serve the CIA in secret while carrying on in legitimate public activities. And when he is needed, he does his thing for them. They reward him in a number of ways. <<end

MOSSAD #1: Many little problems.  That's why I have a surprise for you.

MOSSAD #2: Really?  What is it?

MOSSAD #1: The man who is now in a cell in Manhattan awaiting trial?  It's not Jeffrey.  It's the double.  The FBI arrested the double.  We knew the arrest was going to happen, so we made the switch.  And Jeffrey is already here with our people.

MOSSAD #2: Really?  Fantastic!

MOSSAD #1: Yes.  We chose our double well.  He has a terminal disease.  He has a family.  He has no money.  We promised him we'd take good care of his family.  He's going to commit suicide in his cell.  That's the deal.  We've made a few payoffs that will allow the suicide to happen.  We believe we can control the autopsies and switch DNA samples, if necessary...


Readers can add details or make up their own scenarios.  

Of course, after reading the above dialogue, some people may be less convinced, rather than more convinced, that Epstein is alive.

End Jon Rappoport Article.    You can find this article and more at NoMoreFakeNews.

I believe I stated in my last or next to last blog, all the many contacts and options the CIA maintains at all times and everywhere. As a further Example, It comes down from Fritz Springmeier, that Anyone who needs or seeks help who belongs to either Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, or Scientology, can go to any of the other 2 for help, jobs, or whatever. They are all controlled by a higher agency. Who or what that agency is, was not mentioned, but should have been. I think the Freemasons would be a good candidate or one of the many big CIA operatives.

But the regular average membership of those 3 "religions," are totally unaware of these duplicitous connections. I know! I was one of Jehovah's Witnesses (JWs) from 1980 to 1990. The things revealed in the last 15 years on the JWs, is staggering and mind blowing, if you were once a card carrying member of the group. While I knew of many bad signs, say after my discovering the books of Raymond Franz and Carl Oloff Jonssen, what would follow in time went way beyond what those 2 wrote of. What I am trying to say is that those many dirty little secrets were kept very well hidden for quite some time, say as much as 100 years, if not more. Its the same for the CIA. Their capabilities are well hidden and very extensive. Because they feel they need to operate in secret, it is clear that they are up to no good and require many options that are never to be discussed.

But if one is diligent, one can reasonably calculate what would be needed from what little we have collectively gathered over the years, if we bothered to take an interest in things that seemed suspicious or out of place. Where there is smoke, can soon become a raging fire, if allowed to smolder.

And as for Epstein, I am fully convinced he is alive and well. The absence of any legitimate evidence in the public arena, which could easily be offered, is all the evidence you need to believe the worst, without guilt or shame.

    Truth1 Out!               

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