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The End is Finally Here! #3

It was Jesus who said in Mathew: 24 (NKJV) 

32 “Now learn this parable from the fig tree: When its branch has already become tender and puts forth leaves, you know that summer is near.
33 “So you also, when you see all these things, know that it is near — at the doors!
34 “Assuredly, I say to you, this generation will by no means pass away till all these things take place.
35 “Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will by no means pass away.
36 “But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, but My Father only.

While Jesus may or many not have pointed to the Boomer generation, it is the only one who got to see, and personally witness the extreme changes that commenced around 1946. The changes were dramatic and very fast.  The world was totally changed in near to 10 years and kept on changing as Satan was proceeding with completing and implementing his New World Empire. Given the unique circumstances that Immediately followed the end of WWII, 1946, it could only be the Boomers. Boomers would see the radical social changes of the 60s and 70s sweep across the country. And Boomers would also suffer the great decline of the present. Gen X was too far removed from the early revolutionary boom of prosperity of the 50s.

This article will introduce a new fascinating, if not outrageous, development that is springing up. It now marks the biggest hate movement to ever come about. An entire generation, base solely on Age, to be persecuted, slandered, and be held to blame for everything to the Collapse of Rome and all the wars to take place ever since. All the suffering and misery of the last 2000 years is all our fault, according to the new hate movement being promoted by Gen X and Gen Y.

Shall we begin? I call this one, Bullying Old People.

BuzzFeed News

What To Do If The Older People In Your Life Are Sharing False Or Extreme Content

Posted on July 23, 2019, at 12:36 p.m. ET        By Craig Silverman

“What do you do when your parents go from posting Minions [memes] to posting hard-right memes about cement milkshakes?”

Truth1: OMG NO! Not cement milkshakes. I am horrified . . . .Oh, wait. Old poeple don't have enough strenth to throw one, even if they made one. But let get real here, OK? No one had any real intention of making a cement milkshake to throw at the leftists, though honestly, I have heard worse ideas. Further more, this was told as a joke and a meme. But you can always count of the left to completely ignore humor and claim hate crimes. Jesus was no stranger to this. Whe he said, tear this temple down, pointing to his body, and in 3 days I will restore it against, referring symbolically, to his resurrection. They said that he claimed he could rebuild the Temple in 3 days.

Yet then Jesus was crucified, the Jews expressed the correct interpretation to Pilate, saying that he said he would be brought back to life.

But this little leftist commie bastard that wrote this, is suggesting that old people are haters and dangerous to the nation. You mean like leftists are? I doubt it. Leftists are the biggest threat in the world today.

The Article says:

This story is part of Protect Your Parents From the Internet Week.

“Look for the magnifying glass icon,” said Patrick Costales as he pointed to a tablet showing YouTube on its screen.

Costales, 15, was teaching Michele Bianchi, 81, how to search for episodes of Bianchi’s favorite Italian TV shows. This was the fifth Saturday in a row they’d met in the basement of a Toronto library so the teenager could show Bianchi how to email, read news, listen to music, and perform other online tasks as part of a program called Cyber Seniors.

Truth1 says beware of anyone who says they want to help you. What they really want to do is monitor what these old people might try to say and do, As they remember all the sins of government in the 1960s and it terrifies the Gov and its CIA.

This, by the way, is why so many youtube channels are now promoting hate speech with no shame at all. Boomers are said to be the worst generation in the the history of the earth. Yep. The Boomers have finally displaced the Nazis as the worst group ever. Who could have seen that coming? I did! I recognized this as soon as I saw it. The CIA has always hated the Boomers. We Shut down the war and got rid of the draft. We exposed the Viet Nam war for the scam that it was to senselessly kill young US soldiers and innocent civilians, who were caught between the Viet Cong and US troops.

This is what motivates this sudden hate. And it should concern you for it they are sore about this, it is likely because they are planning on another war, this one long in the plans. I am talking about WW3!  Dig it? Now back to the leftist big brother "teacher."

After the session, Costales sat next to his friend and fellow tutor, Mareson Suresh, 15, to discuss the online behavior of the older people in their lives. Had they ever seen an adult post something problematic on social media?

“Frequently,” said Costales.

Truth1: What? what? what? Don't older people have the rights to free speech and freedom of thought and the right to challenge ideas they do not agree with? Are these little Commie bastards try to deny the elderly, their rights? Yes they are. They need to be prosecuted and imprisoned for trying to overthrow free speech and subvert the Bill of Rights. They are spreading hate against the Elderly.<<

“My mom loves taking pictures, and even if she says she won’t post it, she posts it,” Suresh said. “And the thing is, I don't follow her on Facebook or anything because I don't use Facebook, but she’s big on it.”

Be it personal photos or false or inflammatory articles and memes, young people find themselves struggling to manage, and at times confront, the extremely online adults in their lives.

Boomers and older generations are by no means the only people having trouble in our new and chaotic information environment, although research suggests they have the most pressing challenges. Younger people also face difficulty, which is why so many news literacy programs target K-12 and college students. But the rapid pace of change on online platforms — and the lack of widespread reach of programs like Cyber Seniors — have left some older adults struggling to catch up.

"... Now what are you going to do about the adults?" T1: nothing! The adults have a right to do whatever the hell they want. I ask, what are we going to do about these SOB's who are trying to over throw the bill of rights and are not very subtle about it. Why aren't they in prison or concentration camps, and the media, too? <<

The challenge is to handle the situation in a way that works and doesn’t fray intergenerational relationships, according to Mike Caulfield, director of blended and networked learning at Washington State University Vancouver.

Truth1 will now interpret what was just said. "The challenge is to prevent them from having free speech and free thought without it looking like that is what we are doing."<<

He also runs the Digital Polarization Initiative, which pioneers new approaches to teaching information literacy. Caulfield said his students see the need for older people in their lives to learn the skills he’s teaching.

“Students in every class said, ‘This is great, [now] what are you going to do about the adults?’ It’s one of the consistent things that come up. And it’s not half jokingly; I feel like it’s very sincere,” he said. “I do feel when they bring this up, they have very specific people in mind.”

Truth1: Leftists hate freedom of any and all kinds. They like to pick on the elderly because They have the support of the Marxist Washington, DC gov supporting them. The Gov and courts can arbitrarily suspend the Constitutional rights of the Elderly, claiming incompetence or senility and appoint a guardian, who will go way beyond the bounds of their authority and forbid thought and speech.  You know, Even the old Marxists like Lenin or Stalin, were no worse than what we have become now or soon will be.

These old people are not senile or demented or incompetent. They are still human beings with rights. But those in power at the CIA are ghost white terrified of Boomers. We stopped the last war and we can try it again. The CIA does not have an answer for what we might bring to the table. But they do have those gulags they can throw us into. Every nation has them.

Fortunately, Caulfield and other experts have advice.

We'll end here and pick up in the nest Issue #4  

 Truth1 Out!               

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