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Honoring David Hoffman Vids

In my last installment I was going to explore the sexual revolution more and some Dave McGowans work on how the CIA started hippie movement and culture and Margaret Singer exposed the CIA as being behind most cults in California and the West. But I am putting that off to give some praise to the  David Hoffman youtube channel and his latest, just put out today. He has been finding, on his videos, much blind hatred for the Boomers. He read some of the comments he came across. He does not realize that the CIA is behind it, as it is for all cultural creations and mis-directions.

Who Created The Baby Boomer Generation And Why

David Hoffman

Published on Aug 31, 2019


With this clip, I decided to respond to the battle going on between the generations which is so evident in the comments on my channel. So many blame the baby boomers for our current state of affairs (which they don't like) while others blame the millennials. Yet we all know that parents are to a great extent responsible for the actions and attitudes of the children. This clip presents portions of my 6 part TV series titled Making Sense Of The Sixties where I asked parents of those who grew up in the 1960s about how they raise their children. << End Hoffman intro

I have been Watching David Hoffman Videos probably for a few months prior to beginning this series of mine, world_w_#5_127.htm  published first on July 14, 2019

Boomer Hate is not rational or reasonable and mostly without any factual basis. The boomers are just like everyone before them and everyone after them, to some degree.  But those who cam after us boomers, so do by being brainless and falling for any CIA trick in the book dispensed by youtube channels funded in disguised ways by CIA and military shills/agents. I add David Hoffman's channel link and video link for your consideration. I will be publishing the list of videos of David that I gave come consideration to. But I have the benefit of living in the 60s to have solid direct experience as my reference as well.

For anyone new here visiting, the top stories or most important stories are given priority by me. So once I start a series, it has to delay when something more vital shows up. But I always get back to it sooner or later. The Boomer debate is close to my heart as even the youngest Boomer, born in 64, and in many respects, but not all the 1st few years of X'ers have a lot in common with the latter Boomers like me, "class of 59 birth" (age 60) those born in 64 are 55 now. We are dwindling now, our numbers dropping by the day and X'ers not very far behind.

Those who came after the boomers are to be pitied in many ways, for the quality of education has gone to complete hell. Education was really "Education Deprivation or starvation. Many were raised by mother since the law discriminates against men in a big way. Thank the government, Kiddies. They are behind everything. And the beautiful world the Boomers knew is long gone.  Life was good up to 1974 and then inflation went crazy as did layoffs and factory closings.

What the generations who came after Boomers can not appreciate is the dread and pressure that faced every graduating class of young men with the draft looming over them. That ended near to Xmas, topped off by John Lennon's "War is Over.

And its been 46 years of freedom from forces service and a war that created huge numbers of casualties and death or at the very least, PTSD for many. The Boomers alone gave you brats the chance to not have to worry about getting killed or seriously injured, involuntarily.  But you should also be aware that WW3 has long been in the plans and soon we will be back to the draft. I guarantee it. You'll know then what a great gift the Boomers handed to 46 years of births.

In this respect, it can be said that you have known more peace and security from war,  than anyone born in 1955 or earlier. And you have the boomers to thank for that. They offered a level of resistance that I see as unprecedented for a very long time, say from 1776 to 1973. IN all ages that I can think of, every one went along with war reluctantly. Not the Boomers. The Boomer had guts and brain, for whatever their failures. You will never match them.

I do believe that jealousy is what motivates Gen's X thru Z. You did not have what we had. That is not our fault. The greatest powers in the world, who remain out of sight but buy off all politicians thru lobbyists; These are the ones squeezing us into oblivion. For those who blame boomers, I point out that 90% of the boomers are no better off than you are. Most of them will have to work till they die, to survive. Retirement is all but phased out now. I'm not sure we have 5 years left of it.

Further, when I was in my senior year, I knew college was way beyond me. I could have taken out loans but with no guarantee of good job for it, I skipped it. I figured it would be better to stay out of debt, stay at home where the 4 of us (parents and brother) sharing the bills could live quite adequately in 1977. I have always had a car but . . . but never any younger than 7 years old. Buying used was way cheaper. Yes, a lot less prestigious, but far more affordable. In all matters of money, I was very careful and conservative. I had to be. I had no choice. But I was fine with it. No wife or kids and I would have liked those, but not with my frugal conservative lifetsyle.

I do not tell life what to do. I let life define my borders and boundaries. I lived within the means of one whose parents had no power, status, wealth, or social networks. That is just the luck of the draw. Too many of the young today think it is their right to have it all. you're crazy. Life makes no such promises. You inherit the social status of your parents. No Status? Then you are behind the 8 ball. Learn to live with it. That is what many boomers had to do. You don't hear about that.

90% of boomers were on the bottom of the barrel. So how is it that Boomers are the cause of all problems of the last 2000 years? They will say, Boomers are in power now. YES, a full 10% of them might be. What about the 90% who got left out of the American Dream? Oh, you won't talk about those, right? Now it is only fair to disclose that I now own the home of my parents at age 60 but for 42 years, I was without status or prestige. I also point out that the free love and sex crowd of the 60 was by no means a majority. The press and publishers have led all to believe it was everyone doing it. It was a minority. Living together did not really take hold till the 70s in Maine. The truly wild and decadent sex of the disco era started in 1978 in Portland, Maine.

You need to get your facts strait and the press is the worst place to start for that. I was there. I know! What you think the 60s was, is far from right. Further, what reasons did anyone give for not going sex crazy? I don't recall any, but I have a whole bunch of them now, because I gave it all lots of thought and research since the year 2000. My site is full of considerations on it.

And most of all, stop listening to CIA sponsored youtube channels from dumb-assed sellouts to the CIA. They may be among others, says I, and I have no proof but only my instincts and my analysis and experience, all of which could be in error. Use your own judgment. Some channels having voiced some boomer hate in my opinion. Turd Flinging Monkey, Stefan Molyneux, Aaron Clarey, Black Pigeon Speaks, and I am probably forgetting some, too. Boomer hate is everywhere, as is the CIA.

Sep.2 2019 I forgot the biggest Boomer hater of all, Black Pilled. I am of the opinion that he is also Nathan Stoplman of "Lift the Veil." Some of his hate might derive from me, since I ripped him apart for screwing the 2 Hampstead children over in one of his videos, saying the whole Hampstead affair was a lie. Of course, his parents likely regret their union that produced him, too.

To the Post-boomer Generations

So ya got left out, huh? and you found out that life is not a bowl of cherries. Well I have some thing for you to consider. Life sucks for 90% of the people. Here is an article of mine in my psychology section that well applies to this.

>Self pity.htm

The essence of this article is what my brother suffered. Probably a Majority suffer from it. Its self pity and there are many reasons why this trait is so deadly. It killed my angry deluded brother at 46. It can kill you, too. My bother was never to blame for anything that happened to him. People did not recognize his greatness, so he thought. He never wanted to look at himself or take any responsibility for anything that happened to him. And no one had suffered like he had, so he thought. It was everyone else's fault for why he was not recognized. And he was NOT an alcoholic, so he thought. But he was an extreme alcoholic.

You X/Y/Z'ers need to do some serious self-examination for why things are going well for you. Student loans that put you far into debt and not once did you do the math to see if it would pay off or not. For me, I did not see it as offering a pay-off. Turns out I was right. How about you? Is it my fault you did not see that a pay-off was impossible? that home prices were insane? I never owned a home or had a live-in relationship with a woman. No room in the house for that. I did not cry or feel pity for myself. What I did do was make use of my time and enjoy what life left to me, free time and few expenses to match the minimum wages I got. You grew up with way too many hopes and dreams and aspirations without questioning whether they were obtainable or not. Do you not know how to do math?

Seriously, read my article above linked and think about it. And stop listening to paid and promoted CIA assets on youtube who talk nonsense. Not a single one of them, or all of them together and multiplied by 100, could take me on and win a battle of logic and truth. There would be carnage everywhere once my sword of truth was retuned to my scabbard.

I am truth1, the best 1 and the only real 1. No.1

 Truth1 Out!               

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