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Its Popping Wide Open

Got lots of interesting tidbits here that are very unusual and yet very prevalent of recent. There is a spirit in the air. Lets dig in so I can show you what I mean. As you might recall (who am I kidding) no.65 football shirt on Mrs. Freeling in the movie Poltergeist was interpreted by me to be referencing a rather famous play recorded by NFL films in SuperBowl 4, where the KC Chiefs proved that at least 1 AFC team was better than any NFC team, in soundly defeating the Vikings. Other teams would eventually catch up as well. Unknown was that the ritual murder (says I) of Heather O'Rourke would be a turning point upon its discovery and publishing. I connected the 2 no. 12 Jerseys in the movie as being significant and I got some appreciated help from a reader of my articles who solved the 12. It was obvious but I had a mental block. 12 was the age of Heather at her death. No one ever saw that clue. And no one picked up on the no. 65 jersey, either.

I will show you some recent recollections of the 65 Toss Power Trap as a signal that we are now into the time that will shortly reveal the prophetic mysteries concealed in Bible Prophecy. Hank Stram, the coach of the KC Chiefs, designed the play and named it. His line caught on camera was, after sending in no. 30 to tell the QB to run the 65 play was: "It could pop wide open." Hank was excited and having fun. He's my kind of coach. What Hank was suggesting was that this play, if it scored, just might break the game wide open. the Vikings were getting killed by the unique new offensive style that Hank and Lenny had co-created. That style is rather common now, but non-existent in 1969. And the score did pop wide open. The Vikings got creamed.

And now there is another score to settle. God has a few new plays He is going to unleash on the opposition. And if you have eyes to see, and ears to hear, you might come to recognize that we have just now entered into a new phase, the beginning of events that should produce big results after Trump is elected again, in 2016. It might begin to start before Trump is Re-elected. But be aware that the coming of the fake Jesus starts the 3.5 year countdown. Most, if not all Christian interpreters have not discerned how to interpret the Midweek of 7 years of Daniel and the 2 1260 day periods that are all one in the same.   

Part 7: The Antichrist - read all about him in the Bible and what 2nd century writers had to say about it all as well.
This is possibly one of the 2 most important of those symbols, with Babylon the Great being the other.

Part 8: Babylon the Great Revealed! She is such a big part of Revelation. She deserves special attention since she is said to be God's greatest enemy throughout most of the ages. this is possibly one of the 2 most important of those symbols, with Babylon the Great being the other.

These would be worth viewing and are short in time length. They are not the same ones in my 1st solution of the no.65

Len Dawson recalls '65 Toss Power Trap' in Super Bowl IV | SI Now | Sports Illustrated

January 11, 1970 - Hank Stram Wired in Super Bowl IV

Comments below:

Hank Stram Stole the Show in Super Bowl IV Kansas City Chiefs    Published on Oct 28, 2015

As their outspoken head coach patrolled the sidelines of Super Bowl Four, the Chiefs play on the field began to make even more noise.

J. ren J. ren 2 years ago

Hank was an awesome coach......... I'm proud that your light skin brother was by his side...... that is Lloyd wells the first full time black nfl scout........ his job was to sign any black player he wanted to.........and that's how the chiefs won superbowl 4 thats the real truth.........

chaja95 chaja95 1 year ago

if this guy coached a los angeles or new york based team he woulda been a star. 5 likes

Diligence Integrity Diligence Integrity 1 second ago

No doubt about it. He was charismatic and entertaining, as well as brilliant. Did I forget anything?

Peter Kleinman 2 years ago

These few minutes show how Hollywood can never get sports flicks right.

In following the current pre-season 2019, I found a couple videos of the high hopes the Chiefs have for this year and into the future. And I noticed the ending credits. See what ya think.

 Now let me make it clear of the train of logic that got me to here. There were all kinds of football associations made in Poltergeist that indicated the place of the future superbowl of 1988 by way of a poster advertising it in 1982. And there were 2 football Jerseys, a green one in the guys watching a football game together and the boy wearing a blue and red jersey with 12 on it. They point to the age of Heather at death. Heather also wore a Rams helmet when the poltergeist would make her slide on the floor.

Since football seemed to be the key to all predictions, I felt that the no. 65 on mom's red jersey could not be an accident. I believe that what I have found does give another aspect to the Heather Murder ( I think it was murder by Arsenic) But why football. All I can think is that since it was I to try to discern how Heather died, suspecting murder, and the same for JonBenet, that their stories being revealed would be the first of many to expose the sinister underbelly of the Hollywood/CIA beast. And the poltergeist was also called the Beast.

And that I was a big Chiefs fan as well as football over all, that the spirit made sure the no. for the shirt of mom would point to the last part of the riddle. A message delivered by Hank Stram post-mortem. And that I was so wounded over the loss suffered to what I consider beyond doubt, the best team of 1971 and one of the strongest teams to ever play of that period. Miami was pathetic.

Now some might say, Truth1, you are insane and a megalomaniac.

I did not discover the football poster. Someone else did. But I am the only one suggesting that Heather and JonBenet were both ritually murdered. So a reward was given to me for the many hours I have devoted to these subjects. So a pat on the back was arranged from at least 1971. Why was I the only one to discern the 2 no.12's. Why was I the one to discover the significance of mom's no. 65?

Many people are used in many times and places by God's spirit and so what is wrong with me being one of those many who are guided by God's spirit? Do you have a better explanation? There are too many interlocking connections to suggest much of anything else. It was all left for me to solve. More discoveries to come, God permitting.

Now I first published my conclusions about the no.65 shirt of Mrs. Freeling in Poltergeist on July 29, 2019. Then the Universal Basic Income (UBI) article showed up in my browser from and it hit me just right. This would be the bait the fake Jesus would use to sucker us all in. It popped up on July 30 and I published my thoughts on it, on July 31, 2019, 2 days after my no.65 article, that spoke of the "game" popping wide open. UBI, as I saw it, was the big manifestation of who people would be seduced by the great liar, the antichrist and false prophet long ago foretold. But since that time, things have been popping up all over.

Even recently, Richie from Boston said that "things are popping up all over." Even he gets it. Its not just me.  That's 2 witnesses. Lets take a look at some interesting trends.

Part of my focus while dissecting Poltergeist and just very recently, The Shining, both foretold the demise of the USA and the Middle class, and even California as best typified in Poltergeist. So now its become a fad. Even Stefan Molyneux is getting in on it. But I beat him to the punch. California, as described in one of Stephan's videos on Cali, said that Cali was the canary in the coal mine. What happens there, will spread to everywhere. Can't you all see this? Back on Apr 3, 2018, I published this article:

California Exodus - Bronze Age End

But of the last 7 to 10 days, all sorts of channels have been showing the 666 hand sign, that used to be, or so I thought, in my younger days in Jr. high, an OK sign. Maybe some of the kids knew better but never said anything. But more interesting was that as I was grabbing screen saves to add to my collection, the next vid or two, they were tying to sneak it in to see if I could still recognize it. Sure enough I did. So they know what I am doing and I know what they are doing. How do they know?  Someone is informing them. There are too many of them to not require some help. I'll show ya.

During the first release of info on Epstein, Stefan Molyneux was flashing hand signs and being bold in his displays.






Now in the next video he did, he tries to hide it some, but not enough so that it can still be discerned.



He was also making signs so low that I could not get a precise frame to show it. He would stick very close to the bottom of the screen. I got most of them anyway.



Below, Moly had a full sign but kept his hand below the camera so that it is difficult to discern it. He was getting a little bashful now. These were all within a day or so of each other.

The Odd thing is that I have not across anyone else showing so many signs as Stefan has been displaying. My suspicion is that he was required by his bosses to do this and they were required to have him do that as fit punishment for Stephan trying to get nasty with me when I ripped him for picking unjustly on Baby Boomers and so he came at me in the comment section, demanding to know why I did not take a better approach to him, after his completely uncalled for and unsubstantiated hate speech aimed at us Boomers. He did not do what what he thought I should have did. I ripped him on my site. I told him I was going to do it. I was not hiding. So Moly got spanking, I suspect. Its happened before.

Some MGTOW dorks thought they could make trouble for me on an AMSR video and comments. So I let it rip and went on about the Hampstead case and Satan worship, and their boss came along and apologized to me and they never ever had another word to say. The woman operating the channel changed the name of the channel so that all the comments disappeared. I am sure she was told to do that. Must have ben quite a shock to her. You would be surprised at some of the experiences I have had. I do have some protection when it comes to my work. Otherwise, I have little in the way of power power, but I have enough.

But for sure, Moly has come way out into the open, for whatever the reason.

 Next a doctor whose vids I check in on.



 Dana Ashlie does Christian Doctrine vids and does a half decent job at times, but she gets Babylon the Great wrong and worst of all, her and Heavener were promoting "no fappping" which has the ability to alienate young men struggling with a powerful urge that was placed in men by the Heavenly Father no less. So they have made God out to be evil as well. Here she is being forced to declare her real allegiance. Cool, huh? Besides, if God did not want fapping, He would have plainly stated so, as He did thru Moses on many other things. Captured Jun 15


I believe Dana is likely running perhaps 3 other channels as well. Exposure here is enough. I keep lots of files but since they are outing themselves, thee is no need for me to make it worse.
Captured Aug 16.

the was just a music instruction and review channel and an excellent one at that. So the only reason for hand might be that he tells you how to succeed. And the truth is that no one get big and rich without service to Satan. Hence the hand signs. His guest makes the first sign, the devil horns. Aug 9 capture.


Its a good channel. I view it all the time. You can't escape living in this world. He has a lot of experience.


I have to start a part 2, due to all the material in so short a time. But I have to ask, why the sudden and prolific burst of hand signs, often done in a very bold and deliberate manner. Its never been like this. My follow up to this will be from "Richie From Boston" channel in his expose' of military shills. And more hand signs. Most of these from August. Something is up. The veil curtains are opening wider. The monsters are coming out of hiding, maybe.

Are some being forced to admit their affiliations? If this is so, then we must be approaching a ramping up of the goals and agenda of both sides. Jesus said that "when you see these things, lift your heads up and leap for joy, for your deliverance is drawing near." The Battle lines are being drawn.

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