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We continue with the shills all seeming to expose themselves in dramatic fashion, all at the same time. Something has taken place in the spirit realm of the cosmic legal battle between Satan and Jehovah. Fair declaration of intent has been required.

The problem as I have stated before is that many of these channels/agents, give you a fair amount of truth, only to be waiting for the time when everyone will be getting on the same page and support some big event like the appearance of the fake Jesus or an alien landing, perhaps with fake Jesus on board, or WW3, or something of similar huge global impact.

So now I will pick up with another prominent youtube channel who has come out from hiding, sort of. For those who have eyes to see and ears to here, We know of the signs and symbols of God, almost always in literary symbols, while Satan has opted for visual pictorial signs and symbols. Likely, the Heavenly Father relegated Satan to the visual symbols exclusively, while God avoids all visual symbols and signs AND requires that His loyal, obedient people refrain from all idols, signs, symbols, icons images and the like.

Satan seeks to trick Christians into indulging in symbols, such as the cross, for instance. Satan was the first to invent and use a cross image. Christians have adapted many pagan symbols over the centuries, much to the displeasure of God and Christ. Our signs and symbols of devotion are our dedication to God and our works in His behalf and cause, the works of the heart, so to speak.

So destroy your symbols, every last one of them. You are pardoned for your blindness to this point, if you cease using any images or visual symbols from this point forward. Do not delay. God does not like a stubborn heart. And if you delayed and died unexpectedly, you might lose out on everything. Don't Gamble with your salvation.

Well, "WeAreChange" youtube channel has come out from behind the curtain now. Luke is his name. I knew it had to come. He was once part of Alex Jones' group. I have liked much of his material. But given my belief that any politically oriented conspiracy channel is 99% likely to be "opposition controlled." They build and good reputation and await for their time to join in on welcoming the bad guys. Here we go! These screen saves were captured in the morning of Aug 24, Yesterday.

In this set of photos, Luke makes his hand signs by thrusting his hand forward fast so that it blurs. So you will have to be perceptive. I expect they were testing me, too. But I recognized them immediately. This 1st one, I believe, was connecting the thumb with the middle finger. I saw this symbol a lot in a big photo from the Malibu Presbyterian  church in Cali. Its has come up recently as well, just to confuse, I suspect. Notice his facial expression. Almost laughing at us. You can discern the motion by looking at the closest part of his shirt. The plaid stripes are very thin, yet quite distinct. So if the hand were not in motion, it would be distinct, too. The pic to the right shows it more clearly.



Below was the best shot. And his grin, too


Far right below, he had made a "peace" sign but he pulled the 2 fingers into hooks. Its a very contorted formation, one that is hard to do quick. It is far from being a natural expression. The 2 finger closing was too fast to have 2nd frame catch a glimpse of it.


There were many signs that I could not get a decent shot for.


Our next "specimen" is a well known MGTOW Channel, Sandman. the Title alone could and in my opinion does, stand for the idea of the legend of a Sandman who is invisible and slowly flies over you and puts sand in your eyes to make you sleep. Is he suggesting that he is lulling us into a sleep? I think it likely. But as far as his concepts about men, women, and MGTOW, I think he is spot on and I think any man or woman unfamiliar with MGTOW should get familiar with it. For one,  The scriptures demand that a wife be subject to, and  be obedient to her husband. This is not an option for Christian women. This is the system that God designed and requires of any woman wanting salvation in God's Kingdom.

The Etymology of husband us hus as House, and band as bond, typically bonded to a piece of land to cultivate. A woman was bonded to a man and his house hold. From the Norse language. One bonded was one indentured, really.

Satan has been very clever in getting women to reject God's laws for marriage and community and have them obey Satan instead. So let me make it very clear, you can not inherit God's kingdom if you reject God's laws and turn to obeying Satan. This places most women in a very dangerous position. Satan has dangles many temptations for women to use the laws of the Devil/USA for big financial benefit to the woman that God's law forbids. Its challenging to resist the juicy reward of Satan for rejecting God's laws. Now for Sandman.

Sandman has been far more creative. These photos were taken Aug, 17.

2 hands, each hand with the 3 fingers out like the 666 sign and the thumbs and forefingers grasping the donut holes, which holes make the circle normally done with the forefinger and thumb. Clever. To its right, the one all seeing eye symbol.


Below, another 1 eye symbol by covering the other eye. its done all the time. Below right, the hands form 666 symbols, though the fingers are down. And new here are the hearts. Many are not aware of the symbolism of the seemingly harmless symbol. But it symbolizes the female labia (flaps) separated.  Admittedly childish, but also vulgar. And I could swear I have seen that chin somewhere before. Probably just my imagination ;-)


That hand sign is our president. They are everywhere. Aug 21.

Below was a girl that came up July 20. Left is the 666. Right is the all seeing eye cause by blocking out the other eye.

Have you ever notices that on the cover of the Beatles Meet the Beatles, The Capital Records version and With the Beatles Parlaphone/EMI version, that the dark shadowing makes their left eyes of all 4 guys not visible to achieve the one eye effect. I only recognized that this year, 2019, 55 years after it came out in the USA.


Again, its everywhere. Pitty the children caught up in this.

I have some actual message content from  "WeAreChange" that should be considered in the next blog.  They are indications we are now very close to a revealing of all things.

this came from "WeAreChange" I saved it just in case some symbolism might later be discerned. You'll note the man with camera on his  shoulder facing left and woman with a megaphone, also pointing upward. Are the tentacles lightning or tree roots or tentacles. And when he says "Change," what sort of change is he referring to? Obama kespt saying change, but noting did other than the 2008 crash.

I often save suspected face angles/matches. They might not have an answer when I take them, but they often come in handy at a later date. Its just a good habit when you are a detective. Cheers!

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