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   Truth is my business!            World Watch No. #148

The End is Finally Here #16

Its Popping Wide Open! #3

I focus on the messages coming out in the last week or so on Youtube.

What You're Not Being Told About This Important Case

"WeAreChange"   Published on Aug 17, 2019     T1 summary

7:59 he lets it rip. Authorities have complete disrespect for us.

8:50, the burden of proof is against the authorities. People in positions of trust let us down. What matters is the cover-up. Highly unlikely that we will ever get the truth.

11:00 and these are the people you expect to protect and serve you?

11:25 Luke really pours on the disgust and hate he has for the politicians. This is the 1st step in getting you all primed to reject your system for an even worse one that will claim to be the solution to eternal happiness.

11:41: "Monsters!"   Truth1: Monsters is a very good description. << end T1

Cover up, "So that the puzzle pieces do not fit." "Question Everything." He speaks of big group that are being paid to cover up and prevent exposure.


  RFB II   Premiered Aug 19, 2019

Truth1: Beware when opposite sides start to sound alike. Were I president, I'd have the left put in camps, even as Adolf did. Christians will be put into camps when they refuse to sign a deal with the devil/antiChrist/fake Jesus.

This Is Pretty Scary And You're Not Being Told About It!


13:25 Luke:"I would even say Satanic system!" Normally, none mention that name. But now it has changed.

I Told You So......    "WeAreChange"

3:40 be skeptical of everything.

6:35 to 7:35 then some really good stuff as to corruption.

9:17 really takes off. 12:00 End.

MY LUCK! You Have Got To Be Kidding Me.


“Be really skeptical of Authority and power.”

Not to be understood because if we did,  We would reject them, one and all.

"Because these are some of the most sick deprived individuals in our society that are propagated to us on TV, by Hollywood, by Washington DC,  as some kind of exuberant great beautiful role model  when really most of them are pedophiles or victims of other pedophiles or other sexual abusing monsters that take advantage and usually believe in some dark Satanic evil Luciferian magic crap." Video ends there.

This Is Really Bad!


Published on Aug 23, 2019    From the

Silicon Valley and the Pentagon said to be getting really friendly (working together).

Luke: war is big business. Its inevitable that more wars will come about. Its good for business. Its what they are aiming for.

He speaks of rampant corruption throughout.

Luke: Every video of mine is automatically put up for review. “Youtube decides what people see and don’t see. Always remember that.”

Luke presented the following:

T1: The truth is that businesses like Walmart and Amazon, Youtube, Facebook, Google, are all fronts for CIA operations. There is no separation between government and big business. But pretending it is a business apart from Goverment, if a clever way for the government to claim they are behaving angels. A goverment is supposed to serve its citizens rather than exploit them. They pass that on to big business. Again, its a lie.


Now the posts of the president are laughable. Blame China for Fentanyl? Aren't there many thousands in the USA who distribute and sell this stuff, all governed by the CIA? Further, as for tarriffs, those were needed way back in the 60s. A little late now, isn't it? Now that all our jobs and factories are gone? Its all a smoke screen and lies. You need the jobs back before you start tarriffs. Tariffs will cause higher prices. If we had lots of jobs which make us money, we would afford the increase in prices. But we don't have the jobs. The real goal, in my opinion, is to destroy the economy and maybe need martial law or maybe Aliens come to save us and a fake Jesus comes out of a UFO. Don't know exactly, but I know it was cause a crash, which ironically, might have been suggested by the Simpson's cartoon.


Its all just one big run-around with smoke and mirrors, too.


Don't get fooled by any of it. We are going to get screwed and then be offered a way out, supposedly, by benevolent aliens.

By the way. Anyone interested in snake oil. I guts me lots of it for sale. Virgin and highly refined for purity, of course Super Duper triple strength. Would I lie to you?

Truth1: It is my contention that Youtube is treated by Satan the same as Hollywood and the Music industry. You have to make a deal with the devil or you will have no success. Carve it in stone. Youtube has full and complete control over who gets notified or when. They decide who gets recommended a lot or not. I have never gotten involved in making videos due to the effort/time to make a video. Further, I have no video skills, really. I prefer writing, anyway. But I was fairly certain that I would have no control over whether I got exposure or would be treated fairly, if complained about. I saw the Hampstead Kids videos deleted continually and figured that would be my fate, too.

So I have full control over my site thru a webhosting service and that has worked out well until about 2017. Something was done to my DNS. I used to get visits from all over the USA and Canada. Now? Rarely! Most visits come from Hoaxtead or affiliated with them.

On the other hand, the things I write about are now getting full coverage by shill channels. Fine by me. They get far more visits and attention then I ever would.

AS I would see it, the terms made between Jehovah and Satan, which were never mentioned but had to be made out of necessity, Satan almost certainly would have asked to have the option to out himself, thereby being able to control his own narrative as well. God could have said, I can do that, But when my guys put something out, then you must put your stuff out at that time, or forfeit your reservations and allow my servants their voice.

I believe what we are seeing right now, is my recognizing, and possibly others who work for God, that the end game has begun its first stages. And the opposing side has quickly responded, so I assume that what I have unleashed was considered very hot to handle and they wasted no time in picking up my narrative and push it hard and even out themselves for those aware of such things as signs and symbols. So my message gets out thru them. That suits me just fine.

What seems clear to me is that its a brand new ball game. Everything is coming out of hiding. So now I introduce a video that come out just hours ago. Top notch stuff from a guy who tried to make trouble for baby Boomers. But he did a great job of crucifying the left and hanging Satan out to dry a little, at Satan's request, possibly.

Satan Is NOT Hidden!

Stefan Molyneux      Published on Aug 25, 2019

I grabbed 2 hand signs but there were far more, but not as pronounced and obvious.


By their fruits you will know them.

4:00 Saul Alinsky dedicated his book, Rules for Radicals, to Satan.

Truth1: So it is right in print for you. A public and notorious declaration from a card carrying radical leftist, of their intent to overthrow The USA form of government established by good due process of mutual agreement of the people. And the reason of the left for doing this, or should I say, the pretense for doing this? Simply because Satan wants it done and the left most clearly follows Satan and not their own desires as would be normal for human beings but not robots and sellouts. <<end T1

He says that "what Satan has been doing is well known, widely available. Its been going on for over 100 years."

"The devil is not hiding or camouflaging. The devil is trumpeting."

"The devil has gained such confidence that he can step out from the shadows into the open. And that means that this battle? Oh, its on!"

Truth1: So you have all the big youtube pundits now dragging Satan into everything. So its no longer just me and a few rare spurious comments from the peanut gallery. What more do you want or need to convince you? Its here. And it will get far worse. This is a new development and coming from a number of sources, all in about a week for the most part.

Now regardless of my discrepancies and suspicions, I sincerely thank Stefan Molyneux for a sound important message filled with truth. You would all do yourselves a lot of good to listen to his presentation on Satan.

But I also want to clarify a point here. We can say Satan is very "visible" in what he does, but only if we are aware that he is behind it all. Many do not believe he exists, so for them, he is invisible. His followers also swear he is not real, as they are told by Satan to do so. They say they are evolutionists Atheists. Its all lies.

Satan always uses a cover to the general public. A government, police, lawyers, courts, judged, professors, teachers, Media and much more. These all deny Satan, even when the evidence is beyond being refuted.

So Stefan is lying in this respect. Satan is kept invisible by many. So when people see events, they do not see Satan in that. They see but do not recognize Satan's followers carrying out orders from Satan. So he remains hidden. Saying he is very visible is a lie, 100%. If Stefan is to be more credible, he needs to show how and why Satan and the spirit world are not recognized. I say that needs to be addressed.

Comment sections are often telling, as many are shills pretending to be ordinary people. Other times, ordinary people can feel compelled to speak from their hearts.  Comments were certainly noteworthy in Stefan's presentation.

I'm A Mime Motherf

I'm A Mime Motherf 1 hour ago

The satanic secret societies of the world must be stopped


finestplanet 1

finestplanet 1 46 minutes ago

Battle is on and time is short I might add. Thank you Stefan

hugh mungus

hugh mungus 1 hour ago

It's almost as if all of these horrible, anti-human ideologies (Marxism, feminism, Satanism, globalism...etc) are guided by à single force bent on the destruction of the dignity of the human person


Stankin' Thankin'

Stankin' Thankin' 40 minutes ago

One of the most powerful 19 minutes Stefan has ever produced! Share this around, this needs to be watched!

Christian Mann

Christian Mann 1 hour ago

All the leftist perversions happening now were warned about by Christian preachers 40 years ago and everyone rolled their eyes at the "ignorant crazy Christians".


Stormbringer_777 1 hour ago

Was in the synagogue, place was full, rabbi about to address everyone, and then lucifer appeared and chaos erupted and women screaming and people fleeing for the door. In the silence that followed those left in this holiest place of worship, were the rabbi and lucifer himself. Why do you not flee in fear Satan asks the man quizzically? Because I've been married to you sister for the last fifty years! 😂 🙌🤔

Troy Fletcher

Troy Fletcher 51 minutes ago

Logos is rising. The more The Evil reveals itself, the more people recognize The Good.


ActionFitnessCT 1 hour ago

Thank you for admitting evil is real.

Matthew Ravenhouk

Matthew Ravenhouk 49 minutes ago

"The Devil goeth about as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour."

Regulus Forrester

Regulus Forrester 26 minutes ago

This is your best 18 minutes. In all that you have said, you have never been more correct.


BoomBaby 1 hour ago

Snopes, you'll be interested to know, declares the Satan reference to be "mostly false."


Mitjitsu 1 hour ago (edited)

Be wary of those who say everything is social construct


RedjackRyan 22 minutes ago

You basically sum up my thoughts on - and experience with - socialists.

Rocco Bianco

Rocco Bianco 34 minutes ago

Ahhhh😂Dude that part about Carl Marx was brilliantly funny. I love your talks Stephen🇺🇸


Brando 49 minutes ago

The trick he pulled was convincing everyone he doesn't exist through decieving everyone into believing God doesn't exist. If God doesn't exist, neither does the Devil.


Bob Domler

Bob Domler 44 minutes ago

Religion is a cultural interpretation of and metaphor for reality. This is something antitheists don't understand.


Egyptian 21 minutes ago

All I’m saying it isn’t God’s people who have been fulfilling the protocols point by point since the beginning of the 20th century.



T S 1 hour ago (edited)

Satan is father of lies...there is a spiritual war for the soul of this nation. The left stands for everything that is against the word of God. God gave man free will, to either live a Christian life or be cast into the lake of fire


lmtlsss 36 minutes ago

This is one of the most valuable and insightful videos I’ve ever seen of yours Stef. Thank you so much.

End of comments

My ending to this blog is to say that you need to watch youtube more carefully. It is another form of TV, really. And it has goals and agenda as all media does. And in fact, I think there is more to discern on youtube than TV news. And newspapers are all but dead irrelevant.

It would be my opinion that the net was designed 6000 years ago in the depute between God and Satan, for the purpose of delivering a source of enlightenment as well as deception. It almost like an extended expanded community for many. Whatever it is you like, you can likely find it on youtube. Youtube offered the platform that would allow, so it would seem, nearly anyone to contribute. But reality is, that even Youtube is tightly controlled with just enough room squeeze thru if one is looking for some truth. But I still think independent websites are vital, or were, prior to 2008.

But the modern generations were provided a medium that would accommodate to some degree, their lesser IQ, thanks to schools depriving them of any meaningful education. Instead, school was turned into a social hell that prevents most learning and often scars many for the rest of their lives, thereby drastically reducing the chances of recognizing God and His great delayed plans, thanks to brat in the spirit realm, who threw a tantrum at humans because he could not have his own little planet of people to follow him and adore him. I refer to Satan, of course.

I have yet one more related blog to add to this series. Its very important. Its about military operations on the net.

 Truth1 Out!               

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