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Lone shooters, terrorism, and semantics

Aug. 15, 2019

This is a big one.  It's so big, in fact, that many people will want to turn their backs on it and pretend it doesn't and couldn't exist.  But it's real.  It does exist.

No killing of innocent people can be called a "negligible statistic."  But what label do you apply when an entire government stands by and does nothing, while millions of people die?

A supposed lone shooter motivated by political ideology kills 20 people, and this is called a terrorist act.  But what category do you apply when a government enables a monopoly that destroys millions of lives?

Don't bother seeking answers from the mainstream press.  They play dumb.  They pretend to be clueless.  They avoid these millions of deaths, as if they're not worthy of news coverage.

Doesn't that sound strange?  The press, which constantly sniffs the air for stories that will rouse public interest, ignores a force that is routinely killing millions of people.  Why?  Because that very force pays huge sums of money to the press.

So let's start here, with one of the most shocking mainstream reviews ever published in a medical journal.  The date is July 26, 2000.  The journal is the Journal of the American Medical Association.  The author is Dr. Barbara Starfield, a respected and revered public health expert at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health.  Impeccable mainstream credentials up and down the line.  Starfield's review is titled, "Is US Health Really the Best in the World?"  She concludes:

The US medical system kills 225,000 people a year.  106,000 deaths from FDA-approved medical drugs, and 119,000 deaths as a result of mistreatment and errors in hospitals.

Extrapolate those numbers out to a decade: that's 2.25 MILLION deaths.  

In an email interview I did with Dr. Starfield about a year before she died, I asked her whether the US government had undertaken any overall program to remedy this ongoing catastrophe, and whether anyone from the federal government had contacted her to consult on such a program.  To both questions, she answered: NO.

T1: On How to interpret this: No remedy sought by the Gov. So it is clear, then, that the Gov was getting the result they desired. And what was that? To kill as many as possible without explanation and with the effect of making their servants in evil, the doctors, very wealthy for their diabolical services of killing. These are not accidents. They wanted it this way. So we have blood thirsty murderers running our nation. How many want to admit that? So now I dare ask, what else is fake and phony and evil? Wars carried out and carried on, for money and profit as well causing the deaths of many soldiers, and bereaving wives, possible children, and parents.

I can not help but notice that they behave a lot like their father, the devil, a manslayer from the beginning says Jesus. Satan loves to kill and shed blood. See the pattern? Its obvious, isn't it? << end T1

Keep in mind that the US federal government, through agencies like the FDA, the CDC, and their parent agency, Health and Human Services, has extensive power over the US medical system.  In fact, the FDA, through its routine manipulations and regulations, assures that the conventional mainstream medical system in America remains top dog; and competition from what has been called alternative or natural health is reduced as much as possible.  It might interest you to know that, when a pharmaceutical company wants the FDA to review a new drug and certify it as safe and effective for public use, the pharmaceutical company pays a fee to the FDA.  Dr. Starfield pointed this out to me.  Therefore, in a real sense, the FDA works FOR drug companies.

T1: There are many ailments that end in death, that could have been fully cured at nearly any point in the disease that becomes death. And you pay for the death of your loved on. In essence, you paid the doctor and staff to kill your loved on. Your an accessory to the crime. Why? Because you don't believe the many alternative options out there because the Gov and medical institutions say those are all frauds. They lie and deceive like their father the devil. Just thought I would let you know. You trust everyone who waits on you instead of seriously questioning them all, severely. << end T1

I mention all this to make sure you understand that the federal government could, if it wanted to, undertake a sweeping investigation of the US medical system, from top to bottom, and face up to the ongoing of tragedy of millions of lives lost.  The federal government could come down mightily on the medical system and do everything possible to eradicate this holocaust.

But the government doesn't.  It doesn't do that.  It stands by while millions die.  Year after year after year.

I could cite other findings that back up Dr. Starfield's published analysis, and I have, in other articles.  Here, I'll keep it simple.  The government is entirely culpable.  

Occasionally, I receive an email from a reader that goes this way: "I showed a friend your article and he said, what about all the lives the medical system saves?  Why doesn't Rappoport factor those in?"

To which I offer this.  Suppose you created an invention---let's call it X---which, for the sake of argument, we'll assume saves many lives.  But you also notice it kills many people---2.25 million people per decade.  Would you simply stand back and assert that, on balance, you're doing a fine job?  Would you?  Or would you do your very best to eliminate all those deaths, which are occurring as a result of your X?  To put it another way, would you seek to be humane, or would you be a vast criminal?

T1: So I will ask, What if the medical industry was using a drug that was 50% effective, when there exists a natural plant derived substance that would be at least 90% effective. Why would an industry continue to use the far less effective one, than the far more effective one. The answer could only be that they want as many deaths as possible. they worship the devil and I am being very serious and literal. No symbolism here. << End T1

As I started out, above, no killing of an innocent person is a negligible statistic, whether you call it an act of terrorism or something else.  But what do you call it when the awesome power of an entire government is silent and passive, for decades, while the very monopoly it is enabling destroys millions of lives?

Depraved indifference?  Negligent homicide?  Manslaughter?

I call it mass murder.
 End of Jon Article

I agree with Jon. Mass murder, premeditated, and intentional. Did I mention deliberate, too? :-P  We could also say Species Genocide. It has a nice ring to it, don't you think?

OK Class. I am going to test you now. If a gov shows such wanton disregard for human life and has every appearance of whole hearted participation for the most harm possible, then can we assume they are up to no good in this area? You answered yes, right? And the smart ass in the back row who answered, No, he works for the gov. So just ignore him.

I want to bring up some other stuff. Are the courts anymore diligent and benevolent or would expect those to be just as bad. What would you say? Would they be reasonable with taxes? Laws? Law Enforcement? Social Services? Immigration?

I have to be honest with you here as your lawyer in God's court, in Satan et al vs Jehovah et al. Immigration is being used to destroy the USA and the Gov plans on using the Immigrants at a later time, to cause a massive civil war that will kill many on both sides, leaving death and ruin in its wake. If I did not tell you, your true legal position, I would be liable to God with my blood.  So I must be honest to you. I can't hold anything back. You should be very afraid. Seek God and His protection. He would have gotten you a better lawyer but I was the only one who offered. So you're stuck with me whether ya like it or not.

Now this article of Jon's, one of the of many, though he does have quite a few good works to his name, bring up some other very interesting considerations that I want to cover in my next follow-up to this one.

We see the contradictory nature of Gov actions and in particular, I want to focus on laws and justice. Is it possible that those are all corrupted and used for sinister purposes?


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