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Setting Traps thru Laws

Laws are almost always designed to unjustly and unfairly  punish and exploit with no other aim than to steal money from citizens already pressed to their limits and having done no real harm or wrong. If you do not use a seat belt, you get fined for being dangerous. Truth is that in Maine at least, 52% who died were not wearing seatbelts and 48% who died were. Those figures are fairly near equal. The numbers suggest that is not much difference either way. A 2% difference in odds.  Of far greater importance is being alert and having kids restrained.

Further, there are far more dangerous situations that we are allowed to place ourselves in, that we do not get fined for. I can go hand gliding if I want. Boating is far more hazardous but I can do that without being fined for being reckless merely by driving the boat.

Where I live in Portland Maine, They have stop signs all over the place. They make everyone stop when 3 directions cross. Here is the kicker. There are 2 little dead end streets with 2 houses on each. They have stopped before the signs came along, going left or right. Its not like they have to wait for traffic as this is residential street exclusively. So why all the stop signs where they make no sense? After all, no wants to get in an accident.

Before those signs came along we never had a problem. Why create solution to a non-existent problem? Because they want to set traps all over the city to frustrate people and maybe aggravate them enough to ignore a stop sign when the road is obviously clear. They they can fine the driver for being dangerous to himself. Its all about money.

They make lights quickly go from yellow to red so that if you can not stop in time enough for being near to the light when it changed to yellow, you might well run a light for the light changing too quickly. Its called entrapment.

How about putting out fake prostitutes to catch men soliciting sex? These are ways to blackmail men. My opinion is that prostitution should legal and regulated, for the safety and security of the seller and the buyer. But the truth is that making it illegal, makes it far more profitable and they can blackmail by also selling the services of minors which is why there is so much trafficking of minors going on.

Prohibition's main purpose, says I, was to force something very popular underground, so they could jack the prices and create a wide spread attitude of thinking nothing of breaking the law. Make the law unjust to that all law will be hated and the underground can operate with the approval of most people. For law to be popular and supported, it need, to give value and improve life, not punish us at every turn.

Building Codes and Zoning

Cities love to extort as much as they can in taxes thru use of codes that often are not necessary and cause all things to be more expensive. they also interfere with  freedoms and rights protected by the Bill of rights. The codes force incredible amounts of extreme conformity that is arbitrary at best. It often impacts, and discriminates, and hurts, those of lesser incomes, making them vulnerable to wealthier bullies of the Upper class.

The main purpose of requiring building permits is to keep track of improvements and quickly raise the taxes. Anything you try to do to increase the living comfort of your home and and increase its market value as a sort of investment, will be punished, with the city taxing you far more, thereby robbing you of the gains of increased value. A home owner should not be taxed for improving the value of his house.

He should be taxed for the services require be all citizens, such as garbage removal, street repair, sewerage, and the like. Instead, Cities charge far more simply for you living in a nice neighborhood where the streets are lined with trees. Every little thing that you might like or do to improve the enjoyment of those on your street, the more your street and neighborhood is punished and charged for it.

Cities have gone way beyond their charters or administrating the functions necessary for city operations. Instead, they will try to bully those of lesser means, whose houses are not in as good a condition of repair as the city would like. And if someone went to the city and said, I'd like that house on 73 James Street. Why don't you bully the owner and give him a hard time and try to make him sell. Ill fix it up good so that you can charge more taxes. Have we got a deal? Yes, we do, says the city. Mind you that if the requirements and costs for permits were more affordable, Maybe Jon Doe could fix his place up better. But if he did, he would be brutally taxed.

So the poor are always under attack. The truth is, that were it possible, they just would just exterminate the lower classes.  They do this to some degree by making codes that force standards that only the wealthy can afford. It is blatant discrimination and harassment of the "Have Not's."

I could offer so may other examples of that I have written in this blog, but it would take months to do it all

The odd paradox of building Codes is the oppressive conformity that is dictated to the "little people, the underclass and the working class. It is often the hard left who claims to champion the cause of the poor and the immigrants, who don't want either of those classes living anywhere near the leftist liberal liars and hypocrites. There is becoming less and less room for the lower classes to survive. It is a prelude to the upcoming mass kill-off of the better part of the world's population. Satan and his many governments only want to exploit and then kill off, most of the population. We are entering into that final phase. It has already begun. I got some interesting things to show you in the next blog.

But I think it should be very clear that our governments imitate their master, Satan. Don't be fooled by the fake Alien landing, where they offer us "help." They lie. They are humans, not aliens. And they mean us harm. And the "Jesus" that arrives or is revealed, will be a phony, too.

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