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Fake Scripted News Events

My premise is that the things we see happen on the news, or on video, or in the papers and magazines, have, since maybe mid 2015, been all put on like a Broadway theater production or a TV show or Hollywood Movie. They were not real genuine people expressing themselves, but were and are actors pretending to be something concocted to mold and shape how we view things. In fact, you'll not that on TV and Movies, characters are often exaggerated in what they say, do, and how they react. In fact, the best example of fake scripts are found in wrestling, where one guy acts like real jerk and cheat, and the other guy is cool and gets blind-sided with a weapon of some type. then the good guy goes crazy and beats the hell out of the jerk. And crowed is delighted. So lets look at a supposed real event now to see how it is likely scripted.

Yet Another Nugget from Jon Rappoport:

Scuzzball Twitter Inc.

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Apparently, Mitch McConnell doesn't support more restrictive gun control.  Therefore, protests...

Earlier this month, The Washington Post and other outlets reported that Twitter has locked Senator Mitch McConnell's re-election Twitter account, until he deletes a video showing protesters outside his house shouting threats.

T1: Twitter was created with the premise that it would make money for hits creators and investors, right? But if this were really the case, Twitter and other such monstrosities would try to stay out of what users actually posted, for fear of offending one side or the other.

But instead, Twitter seems very concerned about what is being said by some, while ignoring the other side. This is a very bad business model but an excellent policing model. Isn't it obvious? So if money is not the object and profits do not matter, then why aren't investors upset? I just can't imagine why. . Let us look into this more. << end T1

(Update: After politcal pressure from Mitch's campaign and some of his supporters, Twitter has since unlocked the account and restored the tweet. "It shouldn't have taken an avalanche of outrage from across the country to stop Silicon Valley from launching an effort to silence conservatives like the majority leader of the United States Senate in the first place," said Kevin Golden, Mitch's campaign manager in a statement.)

T1: Oh, so they back off. But what motivated them to do this in the first place? Are they that stupid? Actually, that is a tough one to answer. << end T1

One of those protesters was identified, by the Courier Journal, as a Black Lives Matter member, Chanelle Helm, who shouted, "Just stab the mothefucker [McConnell] in the heart, please."

T1: If I had said in a public and notorius manner what Chanelle Helm just did, I'd have been given a life sentence in a maximum security facility and left in the shower shower with Bubba and a bar of soap. I guess that some people are more "Equal" than others, right? << end T1

Twitter, which makes no attempt to curtail the phrase "massacre Mitch" on its platform, and had wanted the McConnell video taken down because it "violated our violent threats policy, specifically threats involving physical safety..."

How much bullshit did Twitter think it can get away with?  Apparently, a mountain of it.

T1: Jon brings up the point I am aiming at. Twitter is not even remotely dignified or impartial and is letting the left run wild. Twitter was telling the McConnell team what to do. The Mac Video was only showing the facts, well, sort of. They did neglect to put in the disclaimer: "This may or may not have been a real genuine event. Some actors may have been used in the filming of this production."

Twitter itself was playing the part of being part of the left. That seems fairly certain as the left has always been promoted as wild and crazy since 2015, if not even earlier.

Even more amazing is that the semi-threat made against McConnell, a government politician, was that no government agency like the FBI was the least concerned about possibly implied threats. Were I to say what Helm said, my carcass would have been filled with lead and my death celebrated. << end T1

The "violent threats policy" is aimed at individuals or groups that promote their attacks as a way of gaining advocates and publicizing their actions.  THIS video was posted by McConnell, who was the TARGET of a violent threat.  Anyone who fails to see the difference should redo their education, starting with the first grade.

Let's see.  Suppose a hundred people gathered outside the headquarters of the FBI and shouted violent threats against the Bureau?  And suppose the Bureau posted a tweet about it with video?  Do you think Twitter would lock the FBI's account?

Suppose a few people stood outside a building where Barack Obama was giving a speech and shouted violent threats at him, and suppose a Twitter user posted video of THAT?  Do you think Twitter would suspend his account?

Twitter's initial ruling in the McConnell situation implied that any posted video urging violent action anywhere in the world in any context should be deleted.  Such video couldn't possibly be news.  It couldn't possibly be a response from a target of violent threats.  No!  Such video is a "violation of standards."

Actually, Twitter Inc. is violating a standard that any reasonable person would advocate: DON'T DEFEND YOUR BIAS WITH HALF-COCKED LIES.  DON'T CONTRIBUTE TO DESTROYING THE 1ST AMENDMENT.

<< end Jon R. article

For at least 4 years, events have been created and staged to produce an effect on our outlook and view, regarding our world and attitudes. Nothing has been genuine. All the shooting, riots, protests, assaults, interviews, and more, all done to make us adopt a certain view point and outlook, or so they hoped, anyway. Very little of it was genuine.

So the next time you see something on the news or on youtube showing whatever, take a real hard critical look at it and ask what they might be trying to get you to believe and why. The goal is to make you fed up with your government, and nation and world, so that you will accept "Aliens" for saviors, and believe that a guy claiming to be Jesus is Jesus. He is not. Jesus gave up his fleshly body forever as a sacrifice to buy back the fallen sons of Adam who accept the sacrifice as being a sacrifice for the sins of Adam passed on to us.

Some scriptures seem to indicate a prophet speaking for God and against the aliens and Fake Jesus. But how that will turn out, I have no idea. I assume that it will be discernible when he becomes apparent, if he becomes apparent. The few mentions or implications seem to suggest that few, if any, will recognize him, an indication of how far we have fallen from discernment.

 A Prophet Expected?

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