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1946: The Final Countdown #7   

The CIA Hippies

There is something in the air as of the last 6 months and David Hoffman, who has done many video interviews over the years, found out first hand in recent days, that there "appears" to be a lot of hatred and blame for the Baby Boomers. But looks are deceiving. Its a relatively small band of government/military employed internet agents with many fake IDs pretending to be many different people.

Regardless, I need to point on in this installment, how the CIA started the Hippie culture and ethos, so called. To do this I am going over some of the material From a truly authentic investigator of the government and culture of the USA, David McGowan, a hero and martyr, killed by an injection of a fast acting cancer strain that took him out in short order. Its a well known and used tactic for assassinating. The Title is Weird Scenes inside the Canyon (Laurel Canyon that is) Laurel Canyon Covert Ops & The Dark Heart of the Hippie dream.

I intend to do a more thorough expose' of the dark operations of propaganda that this blog will touch on more generally. Laurel Canyon is located almost right beside Paramount Studios TV productions, formerly Belonging to CBS and it was Desilu Productions originally. Many various Studios have big production facilities in this area.

Laurel Canyon was a CIA "community" for agents and their families, so that they might remain fairly hidden from the rest of the world. But also mixed among them were many celebrities living side by side. Truth be said, all Hollywood and TV people know a lot about what is going on, but they stay quiet about it all . . . or else! As well, the CIA and Hollywood have always been joined at the hip. Deception, which is what any film is, gives you the impression of action with brief scenes all glued together to give a sense of continuity and action. Your mind often fills in blanks without us ever being aware of it.

Much the the way of "news" is conveyed this way. We are told what is going on, when in reality, the footage shown is put together, even scripted and with actors and not real authentic action and people. The CIA and Hollywood have been inseparable as soon as the film industry began, with WWII bring the ultimate melding and promotion of that war and all things afterward, which brings us to the Economic Boom beginning in 1946.

This unholy union of Creeps was a key to the shaping of the 60s culture. Even the car industry was lending a hand and advertising and marketing become huge industries in the 50s.

So we are going to skip some things for now in this article and get to the Hippie birth/mythos. Oh, and just one more thing. Those CIA families? Their kids would all become music sensations. Many actors lived among the CIA gang. Many nefarious character were often found among this crowd. Most government agents are indistinguishable from Criminals. Both act outside or the law and accountability. Any thing done outside of accountability is outside of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, which in theory, are supposed to be accountable to the people. But that is all a bunch of fairy tales. Reality is that there is more going on underground and in secret, than there is in the public realm.

So lets get down to those Hippies now! Excerpts from McGowan's ( McG from here on in )book and my own cynical analysis as well.


"Call them freaks, the underground, the counterculture, flower children or hippies -- They are all loose labels for the youth culture of the sixties."
Barry Miles, author of Hippie

Page 62 "Vito was in his fifties, but he had four-way sex with goddesses... He held these clay-sculpting classes on Laurel Avenue, teaching rich Beverly Hills dowagers how to sculpt. And that was the Byrds' rehearsal room. Then Jim Dickson had the idea to put them on at Ciro's, on the basis that all the freaks would show up and the Byrds would be their Beatles." Kim Fowley

McG starts with CIA son, David Crosby:  "As it turns out, quite a few other folks seem to remember some people in Crosby's life who are all but ignored in the lengthy book.

page 63: The names are casually dropped only once, and not by Crosby but rather in a quote from Byrds' manager Jim Dickson in which he describes the scene at the Sunset Strip clubs when the Byrds were playing: "We had them all. We had Jack Nicholson dancing, we had Peter Fonda dancing with Odetta, we had Vito and his Freakers."

McG:   Following that brief mention by Dickson, Gottlieb briefly explains to readers that, "Vito and his Freakers were an acid-drenched extended family of brain-damaged cohabitants."

And that, in an incredibly self-indulgent 489-page tome, is the only mention you will find of "Vito and his Freakers"—despite the fact that, by just about all other accounts, the group dismissed as "brain-damaged cohabitants" played a crucial role in the early success of Crosby's band. And in the early success of Arthur Lee's band. And in the early success of Frank Zappa's band. And in the early success of Jim Morrison's band. But especially in the early success of David Crosby's band.

T1: McG is laying the ground work for showing who Vito really was. As you will see, it takes some doing because Vito kept a low profile when not in the trusted company of friends and conspirators.

McG:  As Barry Miles noted in his biography of Frank Zappa, "The Byrds were closely associated with Vito and the Freaks: Vito Paulekas, his wife Szou and Carl Franzoni, the leaders of a group of about thirty-five dancers whose antics enlivened the Byrds early gigs." In Waiting for the Sun, Barney Hoskyns wrote that the early success of the Byrds and other bands was due in no small part to "the roving troupe of self-styled `freaks' led by ancient beatnik Vito Paulekas and his trusty, lusty sidekick Carl Franzoni." Alban "Snoopy" Pfisterer, former drummer and keyboardist for the band Love, went further still, claiming that Vito actually "got the Byrds together, as I remember—they did a lot of rehearsing at his pad."

T1: to spell it out, Vito was choosing, vey carefully, who was going to be allowed to succeed or not. Those he chose were CIA kids or members of the club in general. This is how this how these networks keep they their power and privilege, for the most part.

McG:   According to various other accounts, the Byrds did indeed utilize Vito's 'pad' as a rehearsal studio, as did Arthur Lee's band. More importantly, the freaks drew the crowds into the clubs to see the fledgling bands perform. But as important as their contribution was to helping launch the careers of the Laurel Canyon bands, "Vito and his Freakers" were notable for something else as well; according to Barry Miles, writing in his book Hippie, "The first hippies in Hollywood, perhaps the first hippies anywhere, were Vito, his wife Szou, Captain Fuck and their group of about thirty-five dancers. Calling themselves Freaks, they lived a semi-communal life and engaged in sex orgies and free-form dancing whenever they could."

End of page 63

T1: so there you have the first big indictment of precisely where the Hippie movement began and who started it. And the communal life and sex orgies, too.

So all the stupid lying devil worshippers who run youtube channels and are paid by the CIA, as you can bet, Vito was, too; These are the so called boomers. But not just any or all Boomers. Only those who worked for the CIA. And by the way, sex orgies are a rather consistent feature of Satanic cults. I'm just saying.

All intelligence agencies obey Satan, as do politicians, gangs, crime syndicates, celebrities and more. If it involves wealthy, power, celebrity, or privilege, then there you will find Satan venerated. I guarantee it! It was not for nothing that the Bible declared that the whole world was in the power of the devil (wicked one).

And I am just getting started! So whenever you hear someone bash boomers, you can pretty much assume they serve the devil, too. Makes it easy to tell who is who. I want you all to know that we are deep into the grip of the devil now. That is why I called series, The Final countdown. Its engines are on and running. The antichrist will be soon to appear. His buddies on youtube are already preparing for him. Not only him but "Aliens," too!

I do find it absolutely essential to quote McG word for word in order to support what I say. It is not me making this up. You can buy the book and see for your self. I give you the page numbers even.

So do take note that Boomers were innocent victims and the generations after have been just as conned and fooled in their own way, as the Boomers were in their day and that most boomers did not act like this wild California bunch did. In fact, most outrages were exclusively in California. Much of the rest of the nation was still very conservative, if not naive or clueless. And the young teens and 20s fell for the fads, just as the X'er's and Millennials fell for fads in their time, like Hip hop, rap and crap. So don't any of you young punks and Marxists in training give me any crap about boomers or I'll stick my boot so far up your @$$es that my toes will be sticking out your mouths. Truth1 is on patrol!

The next installment will start on page 64 of McG.

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