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The CIA Hippies #2

  Picking up where we left of in The CIA Hippies #1 starting on page 64:

McG  Some of those who were on the scene at the time agree with Miles' assessment that Vito and his troupe were indeed the very first hippies.

Arthur Lee, for example, boasted that they "started the whole hippie thing: Vito, Carl, Szou, Beatle Bob, Bryan and me." One of David Crosby's fellow Byrds, Chris Hillman, also credited the strange group with being at the forefront of the hippie movement: "Carl and all those guys were way ahead of everyone on hippiedom fashion." Ray Manzarek of the Doors remembered them as well: "There were these guys named Carl and Vito who had a dance troupe of gypsy freaks. They were let in for free, because they were these quintessential hippies, which was great for tourists."

If these rather colorful people really were the very first hippies, the very first riders of that 'countercultural' wave, then we should probably try to get to know them. As it turns out, however, that is not such an easy thing to do. Most accounts—and there aren't all that many—offer little more than a few first names, with no consensus agreement on how those first names are even spelled ("Karl" arid "Carl" appear interchangeably, as do "Szou" and "Zsou," and "Godot" and "Godo"). But for you, dear readers—because I am a giver—I have gone the extra mile and sifted through the detritus to dig up at least some of the sordid details.

T1:  The CIA does not like to leave a trail behind them. But fear not, McG will hunt them down for us. I use a quote on my front page: " To understand the forces that shaped the events of the 20th century {onward}, is predicated not on facts to be learned,
but on
secrets to be discovered."  Author, Dr. Stanley Monteith, "Secrets of the Illuminati Revealed

Put more simply,  we are not hunting for public facts readily found. You won't find any or enough. Most of it is hidden. So you will have to track down secrets not easily found, and requiring extensive research.

McG  By all accounts the troupe was led by one Vito Paulekas, whose full name was Vitautus Alphonso Paulekas. Born the son of a Lithuanian sausage-maker on May 20, 1913, Vito hailed from Lawrence, Massachusetts (though some accounts claim it was Lowell, Massachusetts). Parents John and Rose Paulekas had three other kids, giving Vito an older sister named Albena and two younger brothers, Bronislo and John.

T1: Note by this point that we have 4 witnesses on Vito.

McG  Some accounts claim that from a young age, Vito developed a habit of running afoul of the law. According to Miles, for example, Vito spent a year-and-a-half in a reformatory as a teenager and "was busted several times after that." A family member though disputes those claims. What isn't disputed is that, in 1938, he was convicted of armed robbery and handed a twenty-five year sentence following a botched attempt at holding up a movie theater. In 1932, at the height of the Great Depression, he had won a marathon dance competition held at Revere Beach. His winnings had given him a taste of the good life that he was thereafter unable to sustain, leading to the robbery attempt.

  T1:   The CIA operate outside of law and accountability. By Default, this allows us to consider the CIA as criminals in that they hide what they are doing because what they are doing is illegal. As well, they hire like like-minded ones who are also Criminal. The CIA as long operated Drug operations, all of which are illegal. The mob often works with the CIA. You know what they say. Birds of a feather flock together. 

  T1: I will tell you something my father and I were told by the owner of a photography shop. He told us of a guy claiming to be FBI, who acted as a criminal. He once stole $500 in cash from a guy's Car dash. He was a total renegade. He brandished a gun in the photo shop and a guy that worked for the owner was a mason and he called the police and they grabbed the guy fast. They had him surrounded and brought in to be interviewed. By the time all was said and done, he was freed and no crimes charged. He was cleared. The police made all kinds of excuses for him. My point is that Intelligence Agencies are criminals who have no regard for law, even as is so for the mob. << End page 64

Page 65 >

In 1942, just four years after his conviction, Vito was released into the custody, so to speak, of the US Merchant Marines (a branch of the US Navy during wartime), ostensibly to escort ships running lend-lease missions. Following his release from the service, circa 1946, he arrived in Los Angeles. Two years later, a curious event played out in another part of the country, as documented in the February 23, 1948, edition of Time magazine:

"One morning last week, bespectacled Bryant Bowden, editor of the weekly Okeechobee (Fla.) News, sauntered into the Okeechobee courthouse and stopped to eye the bulletin board in the main hall. Among the marriage-license applications, which, by Florida law, must be publicly posted for three days before a ceremony, he saw something which made him goggle. Winthrop Rockefeller, thirty-five, of New York—the fourth of John D. Rockefeller Jr.'s five sons and one of the most eligible bachelors in the world—had stated his intention of marrying one Eva Sears, also of New York. Editor Bowden had a bitter moment—his paper would not be published for two days.

Then he remembered that he was the Okeechobee correspondent for the Associated Press. He telephoned the AP office in Jacksonville. A few hours later, the whole US journalistic horizon glowed a bright pink with the fireworks he had touched off. While the first headlines blazed (and while Manhattan gossip columnists scrambled to assure their readers that they had known all about the romance for months), herds of reporters were dispatched to find an answer to the question: Who is Eva Sears? Hearst's Cholly Knickerbocker (Ghighi Cassini) haughtily announced that she was Mrs. Barbara Paul Sears of the fine old Philadelphia Pauls and thus a society girl of impeccable pedigree. He was wrong."

Indeed he was. So who was this mystery woman—this woman who, as it turns out, had once had a brief career in Hollywood before moving to Paris and taking a job as a secretary at the US embassy? She appears to have gone by many names at different times in her life, including Eva Paul, Eva Paul Sears, Barbara Paul, Barbara Paul Sears, and "Bobo" Rockefeller. None of them, however, was the name she was given at the time of her birth. As Time noted, "Her parents were Lithuanian immigrants and she was born Jievute Paulekiute in a coal patch near Noblestown, Pa." Even that, however, was not her real name—at least not by American custom and tradition. <<end page 65


In my next installment, I will be addressing another related subject to this one, of the Baby Boomers not being to blame for all the world's evils. Its about the David Hoffman channel and him coming out of the closet, so to speak, in favor of censorship. This has been my contention with youtube channels of a political or news persuasion, that they all serve the same master; who is a secretive master with a bad agenda for mankind. This was an unexpected gift from Heaven.

Then I will return to start at McG's page 66. We are looking at a Rockefeller Bride's Origin, because it involves the Rockefellers and an interesting immigrant family that on the outside, would not seem for Rockefellers. It will lead to Vito.

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