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The Opinion Climate Report #1

China's Social Rating coming to the USA?

NEW!    The Opinion Climate Report

I am here introducing what will like be a common feature as I patrol youtube channels and videos. Comments on youtube can be very enlightening. They can give you an indicator of where the general public or a specific sub-group might be at, for alertness or disposition. And I am starting it off with a Truthsteam media video comment section. This is not about Truthstream. Its about those who post and what they say. But Melissa did discuss a very valid concern that I think bears listening to. I give a short summary before considering the comments.

I will be doing these whenever I see a trend to note in comment sections of videos.

Where Eyes Wide Shut Meets Social Credit Scores      Truthstream Media channel

Melissa suggested that we will or do have Social credit rating like China does. I agree.

Spot on video. This will help separate the sheep from the goats and you may not be able to buy, sell, or trade as a result. The mark of the beast is likely a symbolic one, where your rating determines which side you’re on.

Truth1: What she says makes good sense. It is coming to the USA. I wonder if the Bible suggestion is one of those exaggerations (facetiousness) used to indicate very challenging times. But the Literal is quite likely. But I think we will be confronted and forced to declare whether we accept the Antichrist (supposedly Jesus) or not. That final step will be necessary, as well. Some will be executed to scare the rest into giving in. But in the end, Christians will be put into prisons or concentration camps for 3.5 years and then released after the death of the antichrist.

The Comment Section:

Truthstream Media   2 days ago

This isn't about their behavior, it's about the fact that they are building tools to scrutinize, judge, and literally rank and score the behavior of others in a system that will increasingly have real world consequences... and who are they to judge?? 453 likes   Truth1 really liked this one, too.

citi ZEN

citi ZEN 2 days ago

power creates monsters. honestly, I hate to consider what it would do to me. 18 likes

Michael A. Abbott

Michael A. Abbott 2 days ago

At 63, I remember black and white televisions with tubes that would go bad. My dad and I would go to a Carl’s Drugstore for free testing of the tubes. They also had the new replacement tubes for sale, hence the free testing. There were only 3 channels: NBC, CBS and ABC. Not even PBS. Wall hung telephone with a 20’ handset extension was high tech. However, we still had a party line service. Sometimes the neighbors were using the phone, so you had to wait to use it. Only the upper middle class had private lines. A lot of the technologies that were in the science fiction/space shows/movies have come to pass in my short time in this matrix world. It’s strange and ironic, that I grew up on a dairy farm, grew our own vegetables, and I fought and vowed to escape that life. Now...striving to remember the best practices of those times to finish out my time. May y’all find peace and joy on your own journey. 112 likes

 T1:  what stood out to me just above was this was clearly a Boomer and no attacks. Shills were not patrolling this vid. As well, this sentiment is very common.. Boomers got a good look at the old world and hate the new one. As well, you can see why the devil and his youtube channel disciples fear Boomers and their memories of a far more sane and kind world. And they are terrified that we might object to war in outspoken ways. tis next war (WW3) is very important to them. More sentiment like this coming.  << end T1

Zeno's Grasshopper

Zeno's Grasshopper 2 days ago

I'm in my 50s and I have fond memories of leaving home at sun up to join my friends for a day of play and exploration, only returning home for lunch and dinner. We didn't have cell phones, so our parents never knew exactly where we were at any given time. But that's how society was. And nobody was kidnapped, raped, died or even broke a leg. I remember the day when I realized the world had suddenly changed. My son, still in elementary school, had played on a sports team that took last place that season. The coaches, a husband and wife with two kids on the team, insisted that everyone on the team must have a trophy. I was floored. My eldest son, now in his late 20s, was fortunate enough to grow up with many of the freedoms I'd experienced as a child. Sadly my youngest was not. Nearly 10 years younger, he grew up in a society of helicopter parenting, where neighbors called the police on you for child neglect if your child was seen playing outside without the parent closely observing the child's every move. What a sad, sick place we now inhabit. My heart breaks for the kids who never had a real childhood, and for those who will never know the simple joys of life they have missed out on.  24 likes

Michael A. Abbott

Michael A. Abbott 2 days ago

Zeno's Grasshopper Yes. I believe that when my grand babies grow up, hearing the stories and tales about me when I’ve passed, they’re gonna think I was an Indiana Jones type character.

stephanie green

stephanie green 2 days ago

@Zeno's Grasshopper I'm almost 59. Don't remember party lines, but you only got a call if you were home to answer the phone! We rode bikes, played in the creek, climbed trees. Nowadays you don't even see kids outside playing. The kids of today will never have the memories of our generation, and it is so sad.

Chris Rebar

Chris Rebar 2 days ago

Everything is Backwards "Just look at us. Everything is backwards, everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, psychiatrists destroy minds, scientists destroy truth, major media destroys information, religions destroy spirituality and governments destroy freedom.”

T1: This might have best summary comment of them all. We are reigned over by pure evil. << end T1


jcroobug 2 days ago

Very true. I would make one change: FALSE religions and false prophets destroy souls.   7  likes

Zoe 101

Zoe 101 1 day ago

@jcroobug False God's. There is only 1 Creator of the heaven's and earth.   3



That's their job, to corrupt, deceive and destroy. We are their enemies, the desire is to destroy what THE CREATOR created, or invert/switch up.

Rebelstarr Haircolor

Rebelstarr Haircolor 19 hours ago

Every thing is totally backwards, they have us so brainwashed, thank God and I can't believe I'm even saying this because I'm so against the internet. But it is good to have a platform where other people have another view on what is really going on in this world I was beginning to think I was the one going crazy    3

T1:  Indeed, I think the net was part of God's plan for a "trial" that anyone could attend. For how much longer is not certain. But we got our chance.  << end T1

Ruby Honey

Ruby Honey 2 days ago (edited)


First Last

First Last 2 days ago

Our economic system rewards sociopathic behaviors. In the rat race, they're the head rats. Then they decide the rules. The less we play in that game the better.   63 likes

Bad Man Skill

Bad Man Skill 2 days ago

It should be stated that Kubrick died (some say killed) before finishing 'Eyes Wide Shut' and the studio changed it from what he had envisioned to made it a little less...    86 likes


drumstick74 2 days ago

You're correct... Kubrick showed E.W.S. to the film studio putting out the film, and 3 days later he was dead. Kubrick wasn't ill or suicidal in any way, even his wife thinks he was taken out. Before the final movie was released, the studio had removed several minutes of the story, some say 6 minutes, some say 20 minutes!    24 likes

T1 would say 20 minutes more likely. Stanley was going all out on this one. And he had been working on previous films to disclose, too. He made a big secret disclosure to Jay Weidner regarding the faked by Stanley, Moon missions. He regretted it all.

Marque Markofthebeast

Marque Markofthebeast 1 day ago

His philosophical death was 666 days from 2001. The mainstream puts out a simple cause of death but with obvious anomaly’s. So naturally the slightly more awake crowd thinks he was “murdered”. In reality most of these so called deaths are scripted using numerology. Real researchers know most history is fabricated and hoaxes. Not “false flags” but psyOps as in it didn’t really fucking happen.

 T1 says that Stanley picked the release date to indicate the fake moon mission date so that people would know once Jay Weidner would release the Stanley's interviews done with him.

End of comments

Closing thoughts: The last generation to see the old world and see its total demise in their lifetimes would have to be the Boomers. Their sentiment and testimony is vital to these final closing days and last gasps of the moral dying of the human race. They remain as the last living testimonials as to all that we have lost in our brief lifetimes.

We can also see a lot of cynicism in the comments. No one likes what is happening. They know this has no good will or decency behind it. It is likely that these are either Christians and Conspiracy theorists commenting. Everyone else is joining the devil. The Dividing line between the sheep and the goats is clear. We see it here.

 Truth1 Out!               

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