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David Hoffman's "other side"

2 issues back, I did a blog:  Honoring David Hoffman Vids  I was and am, grateful for his work, and I have views on a lot of it. But it was in his comments section that I experienced something I experience most of the time. I got censored by having my links to my Boomer series, on my site, deleted. It was an automatic setting but it does not excuse what happened. In fact, my series that does a far better job of making sense of the, at present, very popular Boomer bashing and blame which we do not deserve and oddly enough, represent hate speech, truth be told. The very video he made 'defending boomers was where he would show his true colors and reveal an alliance he must belong to, that fears Truth1 and truth in general. It seemed to me a perfect example of what I have been writing about quite a bit at this time.

I asked him if he was responsible for this. I wanted to give him a chance to explain as it the proper thing to do. This took place near to the morning on Sep. 2 Labor Day, 2019. This all revolved around this Video put out by Mr. Hoffman:

Who Created The Baby Boomer Generation And Why         

David Hoffman     
Published on Aug 31, 2019

Its an excellent video revealing, in my opinion, a great deal of hate speech going on in many comments all around the internet, against the entire body of Baby Boomers, as class. Blind hatred of the entire class, without any solid reason for it.

You may judge this in any way you see fit as a citizen entitled to free thought and free speech. Enjoy!


See the problem here? He set his channel to "no links" . . . because links are free speech and free speech can be dangerous to my alliance. And now more irony. He says keep commenting. I appreciate your point of view. My point of view was also in the links so that I do not have to type it all in. Youtube will not allow pasted comments to remain in readable order. My link was covering the Boomer issue in an expanded  way, and much more thorough than anything he has covered. Modesty is not my virtue. But truth is!

As well, by him turning off allowing links, he is protecting his alliance, whatever it is from the truth exposing them. It is  100% censorship and he is placing himself as a gate keeper who will decide for you what you should be able to read/hear or not. This is what totalitarian regimes do, too. He has no right to decide for you. That is your right.

He is diverting attention in supposed time to answer my comment. What he says is another way of saying: "I have to protect the people from hearing things that I or my alliance will not like anyone to hear. I want to decide for others what they should hear on this subject." He is terrified of someone seeing something that he might not approve of. Well, who is he to decide what you see or hear? A gate keeper.

So he is doing in acting in behalf of some over-reaching influence or observer in power who fears the likes of Truth1. These are actions of despots. He is being polite but acting like a dictator banning anything not approved by the Communist party. All the politeness in the world can't hide it. There is no defense for it. Its OK to comment but not link to other comments not reviewed for approval. I got cha Comrade.

As a card carrying member required to protect greater interests, we might ask what or who it is that Mr. Hoffman really works for and protect by preventing just any old link from being posts. Comments made outside the comment section can not be erased or hidden. So don't allow the links.

What David has done is reveal that he is part of a network or alliance that censors and bans. That is the work of a totalitarian despot.

What this all proves is what I have been writing about. All youtube channels dealing with news, politics, conspiracies or criticism, are all controlled AND professionally trolled by government and secret societies and their associated allies. All nations are in on it and Mr. Hoffman has made that clear. He come out from behind the curtain and exposes many more who do the same.

Don't avoid his channel. He has a lot of good videos. Same for many "opposition controlled" channels. Just be aware and critical of everything you see and hear. In one way or another, their goal is to control what you see, hear, and think. This is the reality of Youtube and all other social media and other platforms. Google is rigged, too. They are a CIA front. The CIA operates thru many different businesses. In fact, the bigger the Business, the more likely it is a CIA front. Big businesses have far more wealth and control that smaller ones. Follow the size, the money, and the control. For as John said of Satan, the whole world is in the power of the wicked one. That is Satan and his followers, too. Ours is a battle of propaganda and reason. Now some more from that video/channel. It was a commenter.

I post as Diligence Integrity on youtube.

It then dawned on me, MeBe Ramen was likely a sock puppet/fake ID. So I clicked his icon. Here is what I got:


No content ! 

That is, no viewing thru this channel, no playlists, no nothing. Only used to hide who is commenting. Oldest trick in the book. Busted. He is a government shill, 100%. So is the channel.

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