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The CIA Hippies #3

Continued from #152  The CIA Hippies #2

McG's page 66. We are looking at a Rockefeller Bride's Origin, because it involves the Rockefellers and an interesting immigrant family that on the outside, would not be seen for Rockefellers. It will lead to Vito.

Page 66

McG:  In her parents' homeland, "Paulekiute" is the feminine version of "Paulekas." Eva Paul's father, as it turns out, just happened to be the brother of Vito Paulekas' father. (A fact verified by—and brought to my attention by—a member of the Paulekas family.) I'm no genealogist, but I'm pretty sure that that means that the self-styled "King of the Hippies" was, improbably enough, a first cousin of Bobo Rockefeller and a cousin-in-law (for lack of a better term) of Winthrop Rockefeller himself. Vito was also a cousin of the couple's only child, Winthrop Paul Rockefeller, who would later serve as the lieutenant governor of the state of Arkansas.

The Paulekas family, alas, missed Winthrop and Bobo's day of celebration. According to Time, "Bobo's mother and stepfather... were unable to attend the ceremony because they were making a batch of Lithuanian cheese on their Indiana farm." I guess we all have our priorities. Truth be told though, the Paulekas clan has a somewhat different explanation: they were deliberately excluded from the ceremony as it was felt they were a bit too uncultured to break bread with the likes of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor and the Marquess of Blandford.

T1:  Although Vito was on the fringes of the Rockefeller family, it does not preclude him from being placed somewhere higher than your average American. And the Rockefellers would much prefer dragging along a relative, even if distant, than to bring a commoner along. As it turns out next, Vito's career as a sculptor get's a boost from the LA Times. Connections and blood lines make a difference and pay off.

McG:  As for Vito, he appears to have rather quickly established himself in Los Angeles as a respected artist/sculptor. As early as August of 1949, the Los Angeles Times announced that an art exhibit at the Biltmore Hotel was to feature his work. In May of 1956, another announcement held that there would be an exhibit by "Vito and his students" to be held at the Vito Clay Studios on Laurel Avenue. Another announcement, in February of 1958, alerted readers that a gallery on La Cienega Boulevard would be featuring the work of sculptor "Vito Bouleka." And the next year, in May 1959, a gallery on Beverly Boulevard was scheduled to host an exhibit featuring works from "Vito Clay Studios."

Also during the decade of the 1950s, Vito married and fathered two children, though that marriage had melted down by the time the 1960s rolled around. It was Vito's second marriage, his first having been to a teen bride back in his marathon dancing days, before his prison stint. On July 7, 1961, he married yet again, to the aforementioned Szou, whose real name was Susan Cynthia Shaffer. Vito was forty-eight at the time and Szou was just eighteen. She had been only sixteen when they met.

Vito and Szou made their home in an unassuming building at the corner of Laurel Avenue and Beverly Boulevard, just below the mouth ( Page 67 begins ) >> of Laurel Canyon and practically within spitting distance of Jay Sebring's hair salon. At street level was Szou's clothing boutique, which has been credited by some scenesters with being the very first to introduce hippie fashions. Upstairs were living quarters for Vito, Szou and their firstborn son, Godo. Downstairs was what was known as the Vito Clay Studio, where, according to Miles and various others, Paulekas "made a living of sorts by giving clay modeling lessons to Beverly Hills matrons who found the atmosphere in his studio exciting." According to most accounts, it wasn't really the Mayan-tomb decor of the studio that many of the matrons found so exciting, but rather Vito's reportedly insatiable sexual appetite and John Holmesian physique. In any event, Vito's students also apparently included such Hollywood luminaries as Jonathan Winters, Mickey Rooney and Steve Allen.

T1:  Vito seems to have managed to get cozy with the Hollywood crowd and be accepted near the CIA enclave of Larurel Canyon. So his Rockefeller ties seemed to have secured some sort open door for him. Not just anyone can cozy up with the beautiful people. Especially one with a criminal record. Doors just seemed to open for him.

As for his erstwhile sidekick, Carl Orestes Franzoni, he has claimed in interviews that his "mother was a countess" and his father "was a stone carver from Rutland, Vermont. The family was brought from Italy, from the quarries in the northern part of Italy, to cut the stone for the monuments of the United States." That would make his ancestors, it stands to reason, of considerable importance in the Masonic community. And there were in fact a couple of brothers named Franzoni who were brought over from Italy in the early 1800s to carve the Masonic monuments of Washington. According to lhna Thayer Frary's They Built the Capitol, Guiseppe Franzoni, who came over with his brother Carlo, "had especially good family connections in Italy, he being a nephew of Cardinal Franzoni and son of the President of the Academy of Fine Arts at Carrara." Also making their way to the New World were Francisco lardella, a cousin of the Franzoni brothers, and Giovanni Andrei, a brother-in-law of Guiseppe Franzoni.

T1: connections for Vito are popping up everywhere. People do not get lucky. Those who rise, do not do so by their own merit. They are helped, if not dragged, upward. Your belonging to the right family line is all that matters in this world. There is no real upward mobility. Do you get it? Nothing is an accident or good luck. Pick anyone who has a good station in life and you will be able to trace them to any number of branches leading up the genealogical ladder. They are all tied in together.


McG:  By Carl Franzoni's own account, he himself grew up as something of a young hoodlum in Cincinnati, Ohio, and later went into business with some shady Sicilian characters selling mail-order breast and penis pumps out of an address on LA's fabled Melrose Avenue. As Franzoni remembered it, his business "partner's name was Scallacci, Joe Scallacci—the same name as the famous murderer Scallacci. Probably from the same family." Probably so.

Franzoni, born circa 1934, hooked up with the older Paulekas sometime around 1963 and soon after became his constant sidekick. <<End of page 67   minus 2 last words.

T1: Do you notice how they all seemed to be criminals and yet never had to serve a prison sentence or had one that was short. They were always doing shady business and would end up in good places and positions. A charmed life, no? So it would seem, anyway. Those of solid and very old family connections have always been above the law and outside of the law, just like those in the CIA. Their migrations span seas and oceans across the world and time. Are you starting to see the connections? This has been going on for centuries. The devil looks after his own. And when this is done, you'll see it is a blood line that brings about everything designed to corrupt and ruin the world over time. And no one can be blamed who is not part of this elite centuries old of conspirators who prey upon the little people. Don't miss the next installment!

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