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The Premise
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The alleged cult allegedly operating in Hampstead, London, UK, regularly reports, falsely, says I, on those who support the 2 children who accused their father, said leader of the Hampstead cult, of many horrific abuses and not only him, but all the school staff, social services, police,  and most parents of the many children of 10 Hampstead schools, and many private functions, too. The kids allege porn was made with them and other kids starring in these and being prostituted while in school and at private homes. Many other accusations were made. These were all video taped testimony of the kids and the police videos are in circulation as well. The kids say that babies are imported into the UK thru the 2 London airports and delivered by 2 delivery companies and a company of black taxi cabs. The kids said they were made to hold a big knife while their father held their hands and cut the baby's head off. The staff  and the children of 20 special families would partake of the flesh and blood of the babies.

The cult vigorously denies all these things and accuses the many supporters and especially the mom of the kids and her boyfriend. The cult publishes a blog on Word Press called Hoaxtead Research, as a sort of spoof of the once in operation Blog called Hampstead Research. But Hampstead Research is alleged and accused of, by me, of being a state funded intelligence agency operation who actually works on behalf of the Hampstead Cult. In fact, I would go so far as to suggest that most who claim to support the kids are actually, in some way or another, agents for the state or who support or are allied with the State and/or the Satanic religion. The state enforcement agencies and courts all protect and cover for Satanic cults and related Intelligence operations of the UK. The media and big business also help out as well, says I!

Most supporters of the kids refer to the alleged cult as Hoaxtead, as they are the liars promoting a hoax. So I refer to them as Hoaxtead as well. This is the brand new Truth1's Hoaxtead Watch.  It could end up a very big section with many articles. I can not be sure of what the future holds. But each article report will have a number and title.

Hoaxtead Watch #1  Hoaxtead ducks answering for their lies about Satanic Abuse cases

Hoaxtead Watch #2  Article uploads and posting time patterns of Hoaxtead for one month Sep 10 - Oct 9, 2017.  I say RD lives in Cali.

Hoaxtead Watch #3  Family Crisis Abroad        Very serious!

Hoaxtead Watch #4  They're Back! Charlotte, Jax & more!

Hoaxtead_Watch #5  Hoaxtead Admits Guilt!

Hoaxtead_Watch #6  Hx reports from Mars

Hoaxtead_Watch #7  E.C. Scared of Dissociation and Recovered Memories

Hoaxtead_Watch #8  RD Comes out of Hiding

Hoaxtead_Watch #9  Children Lied on Video, Says EC;  Message from Ella !!!!!

Hoaxtead_Watch #10  Gabriel in the Audi Commercial

Hoaxtead_Watch #11  Alisa & The Walking Dead follow-up

Hoaxtead_Watch #12

Hoaxtead_Watch #13

Hoaxtead_Watch #14

Hoaxtead_Watch #15

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