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The Sin of Hypnosis

A Dire Warning!

The Premise
God Condemns Magic, Paranormal
The Hidden Observer
Greater Implications
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   Jul 15 016
Rod Scarth Speaks   Jul 15 016
The Attraction Bait of Hypnosis   Jul 15 016

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The Premise
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I propose here with good reason, that hypnosis is a sin in the Bible, located and described as such in Deuteronomy 18: 9-14. This reference deals with avoiding the sins having to do with magic and other such paranormal practices and activities. Hypnosis is quite unlike anything else in that it bypasses the conscious mind with its built in protections and critical thinking abilities and analysis. Hypnosis is the direct access of the sub-conscious, where normal critical thought is eliminated and where the hypnotist has unquestioned power to instruct, direct, even dictate with absolute obedience, and if desired, kept from the knowledge of the conscious mind and intellect.

Hypnotists and the APA claim that one can not be told to do things against their will. This is a bold faced lie. There are varying levels of hypnosis and deeper levels can overcome the will of the conscious mind and intellect. This becomes quite evident in studying MK-Ultra Mind Control and its victims. But bypassing the will and awareness of the conscious has been demonstrated as possible, exclusively with just hypnosis being performed a number of times to accomplish conditioning.

The dangers, if one knows about Mind-Control in its most abusive forms, is almost beyond comprehension. Once one has been accessed deeply, by use of hypnosis and drugs, you can be forever re-accessed and re-inducted; that is to say, put into a trance with just a sign or a word, or phrase, usually. That is to say, you are then forever vulnerable to whoever programmed you to begin with, with the possibility of breaking free, but by no means certain that you can. This realm is the realm of the devil. Christians must know about its many dangers and avoid them all.

God Condemns Magic, Paranormal

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I am going to quote Deuteronomy 18: 9-14 from the KJV with modernized words and I am adding Strongs Numbers (words numbered) from Strongs Hebrew dictionary so that we can consider the meaning of many of the words/acts condemned by God in this account. Many have glossed over many of these words for too long. Its time for an update. After understanding hypnosis as used in mind control, I realized there was a good possibility it might be condemned in this account in one of the acts forbidden. I believe I ended up being right.

Deuteronomy 18:

9  When you have come into the land which the LORD [Jehovah] your God gives you, you shalt not learn to do after the abominations of those nations [you should not imitate/copy them].

10  There shall not be found among you any one that makes his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that uses divination (7081), or an observer of times (6049), or an enchanter (5172), or a witch (3784),

11  Or a charmer (2266, 8802, 2267), or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard (3049), or a necromancer (1875).

12  For all that do these things are an abomination to the LORD [Jehovah]: and because of these abominations the LORD [Jehovah] your God does drive them out from before you.

13  You shall be perfect with the LORD [Jehovah] your God.

14  For these nations, which you shall possess, hearkened [listened/followed] to observers of times, and to diviners: but as for you, the LORD [Jehovah] your God has not suffered [allowed] you so to do.

The key word is in verse 11. Charmer! It makes sense, doesn't it? One could view hypnosis as a sort of charm or spell over another. Really, given that the devil was around then, I can't imagine him not making this "art or craft" known to a few devout followers of his. Once can trace it pretty far back and I will, with the help of Carla Emery's book, The Encyclopedia of Hypnosis, later in this article. But first we need to confirm or deny whether the Hebrew word for Charmer would fit into hypnosis.

First, I start with seeing what some other translations of the Bible say for this word in verse 11:

KJV) 11 Or a charmer,

BBE) 11  Or anyone using secret force on people,

HCSB) 11  cast spells,

NKJV) 11  "or one who conjures spells,

GLT) 11  or a magic-charmer

NIV)  11 or casts spells,

EXB) 11 Don’t let anyone try to control others with magic [cast spells]

CJB) 11 a spell-caster,

Knox) 11 or enchanter,

NASB) 11 or one who casts a spell

Wycliffe Bible) 11 neither any enchanter or tregetour, (that is, he who deceiveth men’s eyes so that a thing seem that which it is not);

NWT) 11 or one who binds others with a spell

We have often thought of spells as perhaps heard in fairy tales to be caste while not in the presence of the person you caste the spell on. But with hypnosis, you are present, and both the hypnotist and the subject of hypnotism who cooperates, are facing each other or next to each other. Then the spell is caste, so to speak. You go into a trance and you are controlled by the hypnotist. One should never willingly engage in this sort of thing.

Charmer has 3 numbers from Strong's Dictionary:

02266 חבר chabar khaw-bar’

a primitive root; v; {See TWOT on 598}

AV-couple 8, join 8, couple together 4, join together 3, compact 1, charmer + 02267 1, charming + 02267 1, have fellowship 1, league 1, heap up 1; 29

1) to unite, join, bind together, be joined, be coupled, be in league, heap up, have fellowship with, be compact, be a charmer


02267 חבר cheber kheh’ ber

from 02266; n m; {See TWOT on 598 @@ "598a"}

AV- wide 2, enchantment 2, company 1, charmer + 02266 1, charming + 02266 1; 7

1) association, company, band

2) shared, association, society

3) a magician, charmer, spell

        1a) (Qal)

>>The Qal form is the form we are concerned with in "chabar" which becomes charmer in English.<<

1a1) to unite, be joined

1a2) to tie magic charms, charm

        8802: Qal 08851, Participle Active 08814, Count: 5386

>>The Piel and Pual forms below are not of concern to us, but are of similar thought.<<

        1b) (Piel)

1b1) to unite with, make an ally of

1b2) to unite, join, ally

        1c) (Pual)

1c1) to be allied with, be united

1c2) to be joined together

        1d) (Hiphil) to join together, pile up (words)

        1e) (Hithpael) to join oneself to, make an alliance, league together

Hypnosis does seem to join 2 people together, as if the one hypnotized had a spell cast over them. As I see it, hypnosis gives the hypnotist the same sort of powers as parents often have, without being aware of it. Parents exert a special influence of their kids since kids are very dependent upon the parents for love and acceptance, and being provided for. So kids will often submerge their own will and knowledge and accept whatever the parents instruct. Kids will submerge and suppress their own individuality in order to please the parents. But it also has great consequences for the kids and parents are seldom aware of the full power they wield, quite improperly I might add; nor the full harm they can do to their kids.

Falling into a trance is not an easy thing. One usually has to willingly give over power to the hypnotist, believing they are in no danger by doing so. But if one is regularly hypnotized, then they become conditioned to it and falling into a trance becomes easier and faster. Full powers of the mind and body can be obtained by a hypnotist, if they were to so desire. We should never give over this kind of openness and access to the most important parts of our mind, which leave us so vulnerable to abuse, very serious abuse. Our whole lives can be taken away from us, if the hypnotist or those he/she serves, desire it.

One can end up becoming a sex slave, or a thief or murderer. Anything at all that is wanted of you can be obtained from you, without you even consciously knowing what is happening. It will all be kept from you by your inner deep level brain. This deep inner consciousness has been identified by psychologists such as Hilgard and Erickson, as the "hidden observer" who never sleeps while we do. The hidden observer is always awake, even when we sleep, or are operated on, under anesthesia, or when we are in a hypnotic trance.

Or perhaps put another way, if a blind man leads (another) blind man, they will both fall into a pit.

The Hidden Observer
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The hidden observer (abbrev. as HO) is like a watchman that exists in each of us, to protect us. It controls the very fast, but quite primitive instinctive sort of reactions and emotions. It can over-ride any normal body or brain functions normally controlled by built in automatic functions. But this part of us has the ability to shut off all incoming signals from the outside world, what we will call reality, and make up its own reality, so that you can see what is not there, or hear what is not being sounded or spoken, or any other aspect of consciousness.

Our imaginations are very useful but when used improperly, we can walk off the deep end and into a fantasy world of total illusion, what is often called delusion, psychosis, and insanity. Our brains are powerful, but at the same time, they can be misused by us, or by someone else if we submit to hypnosis. We do not do ourselves any favors by deceiving ourselves or letting others do so. But all the things that can go wrong are based on things quite useful to us if kept in their proper place, like imagination for building, writing music, painting, etc.

The hidden observer is quick to act, but reacts in knee-jerk kind of fashion, very quickly, instinctively. Over time, the goal is for the hidden observer to learn to pause or to reflect later on what was reacted to automatically at an earlier time, because instinctive reactions are not always the best solution to certain kinds of problems. The intellectual abilities of the brain are also useful and the hidden observer needs to allow the participation of the intellect in order to find more beneficial ways to act in our best interests.

But the conscious intellect does not always want to know the truth. So the HO gladly prevents any understanding from entering the consciousness of the intellect of what it fears. This is dangerous. But the HO always looks out for us, when we are afraid, or crave something or whatever it is we seek or want, or want to avoid, the HO will be there to help. But if one is a brave soul who does not want to be hidden from anything, the HO will then become an amazing ally that will pass on much to us that is understood in certain ways by the so-called subconscious and its many abilities. Remember that we all learned to talk and to understand language without any lessons. That is the sort of power the HO can put at our conscious disposal.

So he can be our best friend or our worst enemy. We can influence him and he can influence us. The trick is to learn to trust each other and work with each other that is inside of each of us. But what we never do is hand our best friend, our HO, over to someone else, except for God, Jehovah, the only and almighty God. Our HO is for us only. It is a part of us that completes us and when working right, is most beneficial and helpful.

What I tried to show before this section, was that though no one has appeared to discern that hypnosis was a sin in the Bible, Part of this is because such techniques were usually practiced in secret. But not so secret that no one knew about it, for why else were "Charmers" even mentioned? But "Charming" as it was called, has always been associated with the black arts and magic, and very pagan. So it should have been no surprise that it was a sin. What we were lacking was understanding the true nature of hypnosis, which has been thoroughly and completely lied about by practitioners of the so called "treatment" or "technique."

But hypnosis is absolutely a sin. Even if you discarded my Hebrew word analysis, the principles of handing over your subconscious with all its abilities, given over to someone else to exploit you, would still violate everything under heaven. Its black arts and pagan priestly practices would condemn it alone. That it is called "medical" or "psychological" means nothing. It is diabolical. So I sound the warning.

Greater Implications
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What almost everyone in the world today does not know is that hypnosis, combine with torture techniques, can be used to completely control a person's will and keep it all from their consciousness. What this means is that you can command or program anyone to do anything you want, no matter who horrible or abusive. Most of those who are mind-control programmed are done so in infancy and onward so that they never had a choice. But much can be done to an adult without previous "treatment." No one should willingly submit to this. It goes without saying, doesn't it?

Mind Control is practiced in secret by governments in order to obtain a great amount of secrecy in what they are doing and having total complete control over other human beings so that they can be made to do absolutely anything. Some are programmed to be sex slaves for the rich and/or powerful or because they are owned favors from the powerful. Others are programmed to be assassins. Many secret operations are carried out by such programmed agents. But these clandestine operations go on in secret all the time. They enable the very worst offenses known to man to be carried out without public knowledge or accountability.

This is why this sin of hypnosis, above nearly all others, is so dangerous. You could literally give your will and self-control away but you would still be accountable to God for what happens afterward. So don't give it away, ever.

There are victims of mind control who have broken away, perhaps more by luck than by will. They have written books on the subject and I have read a few, too. They are on YouTube videos as well. But this sort of exploitation of humans is the very lowest of low. First, don't get caught up in it. Second, warn others of the dangers of hypnosis. And it is very dangerous but professionals present it as "clinical" and wholesome. A complete lie.

More Resources Coming
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There is much to be understood about human nature and psychology in knowing how mind control programmers exploit the human mind and body. We can gain greater insight into how people really work and can work better. we need to know about the dangers as well so as to avoid them and help others to do so. We also need to know just how evil our rulers and all rulers are. We need to know what goes on in secret. Jesus did say that what is done in secret will be preached from the roof tops and that all things would be revealed, no matter how carefully concealed.

I have begun an attempt to alert you to a new level of evil. On the way will be books, websites, videos and more that you can look into. But stay away from hypnosis. And do not use hypnosis on others because God will judge all users of hypnosis.

Recommended Reading
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Tis what it says! An encyclopedia of Hypnosis and its very real dangers. Contained is a history of hypnosis, particularly in court and law, as well as psychology. To grasp this book, better, Carla took a course in hypnotism, both learning to do it and being put into a trance herself in the class. She did not know at that time the dangers of this practice. Professionals insist there is no danger and they lie like hell. Sound familiar? Professionals are among the biggest liars as they are tools and weapons of the state and of Satan.

Carla does a super job in covering the subject. This is only about hypnosis and no mind control, although hypnosis is a form of mind control, but not to be confused with trauma-based mind control programming used by intelligence services of most nations.

Mysterious authorities tried to get Carla to stop writing and not publish. When both failed, they cause her to come down with caner, she reports. She died of cancer. Rights to her book were inherited by her boyfriend/husband who may be under pressure himself or is bought off. I tried to order this book thru him and my card was charged but I never got it. I wrote or emailed him and got no result so my credit card company gave my money back to me. I got the book used on Amazon.

There is lots of info on Mind Control books elsewhere on this site in the section that linked this article on Satanic activities in the last days. Hypnosis was/is the key ingredient in Mind Control Programming.

What I want to emphasize here is that hypnosis, as shown in this book, it not a fast quick process in many instances. It is fast once a person has been hypnotized a number of times. There is a sort of high experienced when in a hypnotic trance, which is one of many reasons to stay away from this state and procedure. But we are going to hear of rapid and almost instantaneous hypnotic induction and this seems more to me like something aided by demonic powers.

As well, the hypnotic state is a state that sort of always operates in us, at the sub-conscious level. Our parents have a natural influence over their children. It often lasts a lifetime. But it begins to wane and weaken normally, as we get older and can think better on our own, independently. I call the early instinctive dependence of children on their parents the "Trust" routine in the subconscious instinct we all have. And anything our parents introduce to us as part of their trusted circle of influence becomes the child's trusted circle as well. We only start to question our trust when we experience something that contradicts the trust we had once held.

Some fear a contradiction and run from it and deny it. Others get upset that they might have been lied to and they start to question everything. Our parents have tremendous power and influence over us. Much of it lies in the subconscious. Such is the sort of power a hypnotist can gain, except that he gets access to regions he never should have been entitled to and can mess with normal instinctive functions. We should never bypass those functions, who have an intellect as an integrated part of the check and balance system in harmony with the instinct side.

This is the essence of the conscience. Conscience was a Latin word made up of con or co or two, and science, which is to know. We have two types of knowing in our minds. The instinct/subconscious and the intellect, thru which all the senses are comprehended and analyzed.

Rod Scarth Speaks                    Jul 14 016
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Rod Scarth is a hypnotist and has performed and continues to, from time to time. He is also a (Spirit) medium as well. This raised flags for me right off. First, let me be clear. Hypnotism, otherwise known as "charming" or putting someone under a spell, is forbidden by God and has been allotted to Satan to intervene in, should he want to. But if one is in doubt about this, there certainly should be no doubt about whether mediums are in contact with spirits and who those spirits really are. These are demons the medium has influence with. Now I am not suggesting that Rod knowingly cavorts with demons. He may believe they are dead people or that his hypnotism is all rooted in the laws of normal physics.

But what I want to show you is how the devil-Satan, lies and deceives Rod and all of us, all the time. I want to help you avoid the lies of Satan and know the truth. Now this does not mean that Rod does not know more. But we have no right to assume that but it would be wise to proceed with caution in this matter, for any who do know that they are really doing, they are not about to tell you the truth about it.  Just a word to the wise.

I came across Rod On the Kev Baker Radio show a couple night ago, from the date at the head of this section, which dates when I started this section.

WOW! Secrets Of Mind Hacking, MK Ultra & Hypnosis EXPOSED with Top UK Hypnotist

The Kev Baker Show2

Much of the important information came up in the first 5 minutes. Kev mentioned someone being hypnotized by hearing a recording of a hypnotism. Confirmed by Rod. A mind can accept any voice, even a recorded one. To put that in better perspective, anchors and triggers planted in a hypnotic session, can be set off by images, word, phrases, music, a touch, or anything. One can have an anchor planted so that as soon as the sign used in the anchor is set off, a programmed action is taken by the subject with the implanted anchor. The action taken is called a trigger. Now I would have thought the trigger is what got set off, the sign the anchor looks for. But it is the actual action taken. The setting off of the anchor is known in Mind Control as being inducted into a trance, simply called an induction or being inducted.

But the claim was that an entire room of people could be inducted into a trance by a mere recording. I am going to jump slightly ahead in the radio interview. At 2:55 -  Rod says that 1 in 5 can be hypnotized onstage but 99.9% can be hypnotized in an office. This being the case and it does harmonize far better with Carla Emery's book, we would not expect an room full of people to be all or most, put into a trance.

So I am going to suggest strongly here that the possibility of demonic intervention is very strong. This is a realm given over to them by God as part of the testing of mankind as to their obedience to God's commands or not. And that Rod himself is a medium as well as hypnotist, could give him extra broad influence in the paranormal realm belonging to demonic spirits, the only kind there are in that realm.

If demons were aware, and they always are, they would have the right to influence all the people in attendance at the playing of the hypnotic recording and make everyone fall into a trance. There is nothing at all to stop it.

Rod says the open minded, artists, musicians, and military of course; People that use their imagination, are the easiest to hypnotize. The abused are not so easy.

My notes jumped all over the interview so the times jump around as well. At 1:50 Rod said it used to take 30 seconds to hypnotize, now 5 seconds or less. Fastest trance in 2 seconds. Done fairly fast.   4:47 I hypnotize them in 5 seconds typically.

Chris Everard saw one do pre-performance induction to prime them for the live show. To explain, once a person has been put into a trance, it becomes easier to hypnotize them and you do deeper into a trance as you are hypnotized more. So once you open the door and go back and forth, in and out, the pattern becomes strong and you become very susceptible to something you should never do in the 1st place. So a pre-induction will make hypnotizing them live, much more easy and sure. Rod confirmed that it is done and he has done it before, too.

Chris E. talked about someone being hypnotized and told not to see a person in front and to see the person in back of them and tell what that person was doing. One could block out the person in front but they would not know what the other was doing unless “someone” was telling them or making them see a vision, or if enough of the person in back was visible, even though behind the other. If it was that the person in back was not visible at all, then the ability, not just to not see a person, but to see thru him, violated the laws of physics.

In Mind Control programming, you can make the eyes see or not see, anything you want them to see or not see. The mind can create its own imagery. but it can not observe what it can not see. It could make something up but that was not the command and the hypnotic person accurately described what was going on behind the person he was told not to see.

This could only be described by someone being fed the visions, a paranormal event. It can not longer fit in the physical world and its normal laws of physics. This is the tell tale signs of paranormal-supernatural intervention. Don't go anywhere near it!

32:17 (inductions, signs, or triggers)  are given time limits or they get confused and get headaches afterward. Something is obviously nor right. Those can be symptoms of possession as well, though certainly not necessarily the case. Chanting and "meditation" of certain types can cause these symptoms.

37:25 Officers in military are not allowed to talk to hypnotists in UK.  How about that! Hypnotists, in my opinion, can often be aided by demons and even if not so, military people are often hypnotized in their training and activities. So officers are required to not deal with anyone known to be a hypnotist. How is that for danger? If its dangerous for them, how about you? Let me just say this. Once you are in a trance, you can be made to do anything, even kill someone.

The following is a damn good illustration of what hypnosis can do without much effort at all. Avoid hypnosis at all cost. And thanks to James Robertson of:

He posted the above in response to our discussion of this Kev Baker show, and the link below was in that posting James made. Its a happening place since the "fireworks" of last year. So many psyops from then to now gives us conspiracy theorists lots to write about.

The Assassin: Shooting Stephen Fry     Derren Brown

53:30 Subversive hypnotism talk to them, and they carry it out all the time. I do not recall the specifics but you got the time and the link of this show above at the start of this section. Check it out!

59:45 James Holmes did not remember and was visited by Ewen Cameron. I have sent a question to Kev Baker on this one as Ewen Cameron died in 67, they say, at age 65. Could he have lived to say 85? Maybe, but that still only gets him to 1987 and James Holmes, supposedly the shooter at Aurora massacre, supposedly did his thing, in July 2012. Kev might have gotten confused with Cameron and Sirhan, but that was 68 and Cameron died in 67. I wait for the answer.

Now Carla Emery tells of one event where a certain person tried to telepathically induct her into a trance. And she said it took all she had to keep him out and not go into a trance. Again, this is not in the realm of physical laws. It only allows a paranormal interpretation. And if that is so, then anyone getting involved with hypnosis, risks involvement with the paranormal world as well, and I do not recommend that. Needless to say, I believe Hypnosis is dangerous on so many different levels. It is no wonder that God forbids that sort of thing.

The Attraction Bait of Hypnosis
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If you were to type in "stage hypnosis orgasms" in a youtube search, you'd come up with a lot of videos. They are popular routines that stage hypnotists perform. People love to see other people getting off. It is true that hypnosis could increase orgasmic pleasure. Hypnosis can help with addictions, behavior problems, and more. But the potential danger is staggering. To better understand the problem, you have to know how extensive the operations are, of government intelligence agencies, who used hypnosis to program people into being sex slaves for various purposes, for creating assassins, form making couriers who carry secret messages they they don't even know they are carrying and the info can not be accessed or tortured out of them.

These Mind Control Victims are tortured and hypnotized constantly to keep up and reinforce the programming. They like to start on very young children but they have lots of use for adults as well. Intelligence agencies who employ hypnosis in mind control activities have psychiatric and psychological doctors and other resources all over the country. Nearly all psychiatric facilities have relationships with intelligence agencies. Everyone is in on it. So if you get hypnotized, you can be used for sex or become a pawn for secret government operations and you would not even know it. And you would be very disposable. You can be programmed to kill yourself if you got into trouble carrying out a mission.

So hypnosis may sound and look like fun and games, but you never know what might happen once you visit a hypnotist. Besides this, it violates God's law. If you want God's approval and want to live forever, then hypnosis is not an option.

Most people do not understand all these dangers that go with hypnosis because professionals lie and say you can not be made to do anything you would not normally do. Its biggest lie out here and one the government demands of hypnotic professionals. Even most Christians are unaware the hypnosis is condemned by God in the bible, because they did not understand what a charmer was/is. Most people are unaware of secret government Mind Control activities that essentially make obedient zombies out of human being when desired.

In fact, I'll go one further. In the entire realm of Christianity, I may be the only one that truly understands the whole scope and breadth of this subject. Some do understand that hypnosis is dangerous. But God-condemned? Yes, God-condemned. I can say that Jehovah's Witnesses have always been opposed to hypnosis due to you turning over your mind to another person. That's good and a good step. But you'll never hear them speak of trauma-based Mind Control Programming. EVER!

In fact, I am not sure that Fritz Springmeier fully condemns hypnosis, perhaps reserving it for help Mind Control victims recover. But I believe victims can recover without hypnosis. The fact is that once programming ceases to be reinforced with continual trauma, it will start to try to begin to integrate and release traumatic memories into the consciousness. Many victims start to break down in middle ages anyway. So hypnosis is not needed for anything.

But what I introduce in this July 2016 update is that hypnosis is almost certainly affected by demons in the paranormal-supernatural world. For this reason, above and beyond all others. hypnosis must be avoided by Christians. I hope this message will get around. Anything manifest that violates the natural laws of physics is of the other-worldly realm and is to be avoided.

God does not allow His angels to act in that realm. It has been deeded for a time to the devil and his crew. In fact, humans are not supposed to supplicate or pray or try to contact, for any reason, any angel or saint or dead person. Only God (Jehovah/Yahuweh/Yahweh) or His son, Jesus can be sought in prayer or for help and guidance or anything else.

This is in contrast with New Agers who supplicate angels all the time. These are in essence, demons. So I hope this article has been of use to you.

I also want to pay my respects to the Kev Baker Radio show, youtube channel truthfrequency451 and now with back up channels as well. He is not afraid to deal with scary subject like mind control, the paranormal, Satanic Ritual Abuse, Cults, and more. I might disagree with a number of ideas or advise caution with them, but that they are discussed by his show is most useful to me at times. He has been brave in following the Hampstead cult and Alisa and Gabriel, who were stolen by the UK courts and government from their mom and pulled back into the cult they wanted to get out of, that was operating out of their school.

One of my next projects will be a top notch primer on secret government trauma-based Mind Control programming and the various books I have read and those that I have not read but would like to, if I had more time.

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