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The Islam-Muslim Psyop

The Premise
ISIS is the Problem
Previous "Crimes"
The Illusion-Lie
Learned Lesson?
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The Premise
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Perhaps beginning with Jihadi John, who I prefer to call Johnny Jihad, with a very British accent, I might add, began a series of videos showing Jihadist fake executions, says I and many others, too. I have seen real beheadings on Youtube, from ISIS, so we are told. Now many psyops have been carried out, seeming to show Muslims committing all sorts of atrocities in the name of Allah and Mohammed. And to be honest, I do not believe a word of it. I want to show why I believe this is all one big united fraud to accomplish something really big. Please, give this some consideration.

ISIS is the Problem 
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ISIS had been blamed for a lot of unrest in the Mid-East, and long before Johnny Jihad, too. But who is ISIS. No, not the Egyptian goddess, in this case. ISIS is supposedly an Islamic movement according to a narrative being spread around since it first came out. But now I am speaking to conspiracy theorists like myself, who are far better informed and insightful than the average gullible American or any other nations, really.

ISIS is a front for the New World Order (NWO). They are mercenaries for hire, mixed with US and UK intelligence agencies and likely Israel's Mossad, too. They created and organize "resistance" to supposed despots, when in reality, every national leader is a despot. We have seen them all go down. Gadafi, Saddam, Mubarak, Assad, and probably more than my senile mind can recall.

ISIS has been out to terrorize and to make a point of killing Christians, too. I'll get to that. They overthrow nations. They conduct drug operations and human trafficking. In every way, they are indistinguishable from Intelligence Agencies of the NWO. What they do not seem to be is real Islamic Muslims. Islam is against drugs. Islam, whether anyone wants to admit it or not, does not want to tangle with any part of the NWO. And its not because they like the NWO. Far from it. But they are not stupid and they know full well that if they bother the NWO much in any way, that the reprisal of the NWO toward them would be brutal as it has been already. They do not want any trouble from the NWO. They want to stay out of harm's way. Can you blame them?

They do not want to irritate and anger the big monster. So they keep to themselves and they carry on with some nations such as Russia, more to deter the NWO from attack, than perhaps anything else, but also for trade and possibly weapons. I won't go so far as to say that Islam bears no animosity toward the NWO. They do not like the NWO, to put it mildly. But they are practical and sensible. They know that they have no real power or change going against the NWO. But for that matter, here in the US, significant numbers of citizens are not happy with their government but they now better than to pick fights with the mega-beast. I do not find fault with Islam not liking the NWO. I don't like them, either. But Islam has behaved, for the most part.

Whoa whoa whoa! Hold on! Don't throw the rocks yet. You question that I declare Islam has been reasonably restrained and behaved. Well, then I will address that next!

Previous "Crimes"
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What are some of Islam's sins? Some will say quickly, 911 NYC Twin Towers! I will not go into details but there are lots of details out there on Youtube and Big documentaries on DVD and often, Youtube as well. Websites, articles, engineer reports and much more.

What I will say directly, is that Islam had nothing to do with 911. Who did it? Quite obviously, the many military and intelligence agencies of the USA and likely Mossad, too. And don't leave out the president of the time and his buddies, too. 911 took place in his first year of office. The supposed Arabs in the attack? False IDs and maybe Saudi supplied agents as well, operating with the good graces and cooperation of the heads of this great plan, the NWO, led predominantly by the USA.

OK, what about the earlier attempted bombing of the Twin Towers in the basement with a truck filled with explosives? First, "they" (US Intelligence) knew how solidly the Towers were built. They knew it would not do a thing. But they hoped people would be sufficiently upset to want payback. Oddly, most hardly cared one way or the other. This gave the US other inspirations. Since they people were so dull in their reactions, those in power decided they could get away with far more. Being asleep encourages predators. But as well, the conspirators knew that to being down those towers was going to require the most elaborate demolition effort ever attempted. This was not a stadium or a 20 story building of modest engineering. This was well designed to withstand about about anything.

I need to point out that the Empire State Building had a modest plane crash into it. It penetrated but the building was relatively unscathed.

So to blame this on Islam is absurd. I got more to cover but we need to address a few things here about Intelligence Agencies.

By now, The USA and allies have a long extensive record of psyops. Lets start with the Boston Tea Party. Supposedly done by Indians, but the British government's informants assure them that it was the colonists, not Indians. Let's just say that King George III was not too happy about the affair. But those in lead of the colonies, Freemasons in particular, wanted to let the king know they mean business and wanted the colonies, first bargained for with King James and then James decided that he was the proper owner of the colonies and not two companies who he first had granted charters to, to do as they pleased. These companies looked after the interests of some very big influences. The Freemasons saw the colonies as they proper due, and to be honest, there is a lot to be said for both sides of that dispute. But this was a notable psyop.

Normally, practical people in power do not sweat details or care about minor infringements or losses. But if they want to do something bad enough, they will find any little excuse in the world and make a big production out of it. Then all of a sudden, a petty little dispute becomes a huge act of war. Destroying a load of tea was really no big deal. But both the kind and Freemasons wanted the colonies and those represented a huge anchor in this new continent and both sides knew that well. So began the war for "Independence." Much more unclear was whose independence and whose loss.

Now in every psyop, there is a goal and something to obtain. But what that is may not be entirely clear unless you are a conspiracy theorist who looks beyond and behind something to see what is really behind an action or plan.

Let me show you an incident you all know well, and show you how different it could be, depending upon what goals are desire. I point the HMS Titanic. J Bruce Ismay, Owner or Manager of the White Star lines, was aboard the Titanic on its maiden voyage. He was powerful. He had friends. He was among the elite of society. Though Maritime law says the Captain is the ultimate authority, with the Captain's boss on board, there is no way the Captain should have been determined to be the ultimate authority. His boss had the power to hire or fire and The Captain's fate and career hung in the balance. Ismay was the highest authority and should have been made to answer for all things.

Ismay order the Titanic to go full speed thru a vast ice field off a ways from Newfoundland. Every ship is the area was shut down till daylight. What Ismay did was one of the most reckless acts of disregard for human life that has ever committed. Ismay had that attitude so common among many of the elite, that there is nothing they can not do and that the gods serve these serve these insane bastards. 1500 lives lost with good excuse whatsoever. Senator Smith tried hard to blame Ismay and White Star Lines, ultimately owned by JP Morgan. But the judges and Maritime commission said the Captain was responsible. Bullshit! they were protecting a member of the club, namely Ismay and Morgan's money. 1500 lives meant absolutely nothing to the court, the elite, or even the American Public. I am just stating a fact.

Now lets put another spin on that. Lets say it happened today, and 1500 die as a result. Only this time, ISIS terrorsists claim responsibility and say they did it for Allah to stop the great Satan USA and her friends. Now what do you think would happen? Can you say WWIII?

1500 die either way, but one gets covered over and another starts WWIII. What a different a cause makes, huh? In my book, the reason does not matter as much as the result. In both cases, 15000 lives must be justly accounted for. In Truth1's court, deliberate reckless disregard for human life would cost dearly. Ismay would hanging, just for starters. Had the Captain lived, he would have hung, too. White Star lines would have lost huge sums of money and such a crime committed by it its operating officers and agents such as Ismay, might have led this judge (me) to nationalize the company and maybe sell it off after bleeding it. But then again, Truth1 would likely end up overthrown and executed by the elite gathering a number of nations together to wage war against me. You can't win an age of evil.

So back to our day, governments create phony fake events, and claim they were carried out by ISIS, who they say is an "Islamic Terror." But Islam has nothing to do with ISIS.

Now we don't want to confuse the goal of banning the right to arms and weapons for citizens. There have been plenty of those psyops. I want to focus on "Islamic" (supposedly) psyops.

The Illusion-Lie
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I want to explore the pattern of a psyop. It is a fake event designed to be either video taped or photos taken and actors playing parts and roles and being interviewed by actors or news reporters handpicked to interview the actors playing victims or witnesses. First, all the reporters always interview the same people, hand picked people. Reporters, with all the people available, only manage to find the same 2 or 3. What about all the others?

As regards blood, bodies, bullet holes, broken glass, shooting guns, explosives, burning, and so much more, how would we know if something we saw on video was real or just made to appear to be as if real. We see movies do this all the time. All sorts of accidents, crashes, disasters, deaths, blood; you name it! We know those were not real. For instance, if we go back to the first big disaster movies, the Poseidon Adventure, we know it was not a real boat or a real tsunami and no one really died in the filming. Film makers and film fakers all know the same tricks. The take brief shots of something and you mind supplies the missing narrative. We see water rushing in and it looks like the ship is flooding. Only there is no ship. A couple of rooms made to flood, perhaps. Maybe it was done in a made up swimming pool.

There have been lots of blood and guts war movies. In "Full Metal Jacket," you have the sniper's scene where US soldiers are getting ripped in slow motion by a sniper. Was it convincing? Was it ever! I was horrified. I got angry. I was watching "innocent" soldiers getting ripped to shreds. I wanted the sniper dead. Then Kubrick used a very clever stunt. He had a small delicate "Asian" looking female come out shooting inside the building she had been firing from. It was totally unexpected and the effect was powerful. She did not look like a cold ruthless sniper. She sort of stood in for all the innocent Vietnamese who were victimized, not so much by soldiers as by USA politicians and leaders.

I was torn in two. at the very same time, I felt rage against the sniper and against the soldiers. We had no business being in Viet Nam or sending anyone else there. And our soldiers did not deserve to die. I felt such rage against the sniper and yet was held/paralyzed realizing that the sniper, a delicate female, was only defending her people from an unjust invasion of foreigners. I felt torn right in two.

But my point here is that despite this being a movie, I was feeling very strong feelings and conflict. video and film have that power. its been known and understood for many decades. Hollywood and TV have been shaping and molding us, along with our schools, for all our lives. If we accept everything at face value, without any critical or skeptical analysis, then we will get fooled every time.

One of my first deductions, at a fairly early age, say near to 13 or so, I noticed how unrealistic TV characters and their behavior were. I would say to parents or friends that life does not happen that way. People are not reasonable, and do not change and see the light. Things don't normally work out. There is seldom a happy ending. Families bitterly fight all the time.

When I saw cars on cop shows in the 70s and 80s go soaring thru the air, I laughed and said, no way! A car would be destroyed taking jumps like that. MAD magazine once did a TV satire of one of 3 shows, involving  the "Dukes of Hazzard," "Knight Rider," and "The Fall Guy." I think the Dukes of Hazzard was the feature, but the scene was at an airport with air traffic control warning the air-born Dukes about incoming traffic from Knight Rider and Fall Guy. They were all pictured in the air over the airport. In other words, totally absurd nonsense in these actions movies.

So now, honestly, if you see what appears to be a dead body on TV, would you or could you tell whether it was false or real? We depend on the context. If its on a TV show, we naturally assume its fake. If its on the news, we assume it is true. Murders in horror movies or murder mysteries are not distinguishable from the real things. We do not have enough, without context and trust, to know what is real or not. Because anything can be faked in picture, video, or movie film.

How about this! Can you tell whether two people having sex in a movie are going it for real or just acting? I have sometimes said, how do you know they are not doing it, to a friend? It is now alleged on a youtube video that some sex scenes were real. It can not be proved but knowing Hollywood types as I do, I suspected they would sneak it in sometimes.

Most of us trust authority and institutions to be honest. But we are trusting far too much. Our leaders and authorities have lied far too many times. The sad fact is that we have no real way to verify photographs, videos and film unless we have much more info. Modern day alleged psyops often have the supplementary evidence needed to show the contradictions to expose videos and events as being faked. It is the careful attention to detail, or the obvious cover up, that exposed the fraud and deceit.

What I can say for sure, is that we can not trust something based on authority or being a formerly trustworthy source. We can not trust our eye, for often, our eyes are not trained to critically analyze photographs, video, situations. We do not normally ask critical or doubtful questions. We are often not suspicious people and in our day and age, we can not afford to not be critical and suspicious.

Consider the following:

Zika, Florida, NSA Hillary emails, Obama signs GMO Dark Act
Give us your urine
by Jon Rappoport  August 2, 2016

"Every day in the news business is a fake day.

Headlines and articles smear lies, cover stories, distractions, diversions, and phony parroting across the landscape. And headlines that would reveal important truth are omitted.

The gullible buy in and submit themselves to prime-A mind control."  <<< End Rappoport quote

Truth1 >>> John R. is one of the best when it comes to reason, logic, and conspiracy reporting. He might be the very best of those I read.

Learned Lessons?
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Have you learned any of these lessons to follow:

No matter who gets elected to office, none will live up to anything they says they intend. It has NEVER failed. Do you understand that? I gonna quiz ya on it after!

No politician has ever cared about the broad general population of people. The politician only cares about those who fund his election and tell him what to do. He is a slave and "they" are the masters. They often peak thru lobbyists or even mind control agents on behalf of secretive bosses of the world.

Both candidates and both parties are controlled by the very same powerful secretive world manipulators. Parties and candidates only pretend to be at odds with each other, and they are told to be convincing. They are told to play their roles well and convincingly.

No candidate can ever get away with disobeying his masters in any substantial way without being made to pay severely. I cite JFK, RFK, and MLK as good examples. A good politician MUST obey! Normally, an obedient politician would never dream of disobeying his masters. The penalty for doing so is usually death.

Politicians will try to win if they can, loose if they have to, but always they will lie to the people but never to their masters.

All polls and voting are rigged. Elections are determined in advance, often 10 years or more ahead of time. Many are selected when in college due to breeding rank of their parents.

A politician will tell you whatever you want to hear. They won't mean a word of it.

We are not run by governments or elected leaders. They are all puppets and servants. You are run by extremely rich powerful bankers and financiers who control all corporations and business in one way or another. None can act up or defy this leadership without going out of business or being assassinated. No disobedience is tolerated or goes unpunished.

There are no division or wars among the elite wealth of the world. Any apparent divisions or squabbles are either put on, or quickly extinguished. lower levels beneath them might be allowed some minor divisions but not extreme and not for long.

        The above requires a small example. Microsoft/Bill Gates was long ago chosen to be the controller of the computer industry in behalf, it would appear, of government, most notably the USA, who acts in behalf of the world elite. Gates was allowed to violate many antitrust laws as was their predecessor, Big Blue IBM. Microsoft hurt other computer industries to some degree. Those hurt filed an antitrust suit. The Court/Government, in behalf of the wealthy elite, Made some concessions to the 6 or so hurt companies, but were not given their fair due and share as Microsoft was officially authorized to do what it did and no one was allowed to say anything about it or they would ruined. Each excepted their concession and kept quiet. Did you notice how Microsoft never got into the portable MPS player market and let it to Apple, unopposed and without competition. I'm just saying.

        In fact, I would go so far as to say that Apple deliberately chose strategies that would not allow them to beat Microsoft or IBM. Apple kept the Mac slow, small, no color, no real expansion abilities and a very high price. It gave Microsoft the 10 years or so to catch up to the Mac OS. I can not prove any of this, but I'd stake my life on it. Much of what you see in public makes no sense unless you look beyond and underneath the apparent surface.

Nothing is ever what it appears to be. If you do not get suspicious and ask questions, you will not gain the truth of a matter. It does take some practice at doing it before you begin to quickly see thru lies and deceit. But if you keep trying,  you will become unstoppable and see thru everything in time. Then it will be hard to stay out of trouble and you will need God's protection to avoid them kicking you around.

Just in case you doubted my cynicism, I got this from:

Brandon Smith Gloria D. 2 hours ago

It is most likely all theater. If they really want to keep Trump out of the White House, then they will find a way to stop him, up to and including killing him (as they have done with past presidents). If Trump "wins" this election, it will only be because the elites WANT him in the White House. If he loses, or is otherwise done away with, then we will know he was legitimate. There is no such thing as "winning" in today's rigged election process. Presidents are CHOSEN. Period.


I listed all of the above because I belief I have an inside scoop into what is going to go down in this election or 2016 in the USA. The points all above will expose whoever the charlatan is. It won't matter if it is Hillary or Donald. It will work either way.

Every war monger needs a escape-goat in order to start a big war and do some nasty things. No politician or his masters want him/her to do out and tell the truth. People would not like the truth. So a cover story needs to be employed. Here is the truth:

"We are going to start WWIII so we can set up a phony psyop by which we can shove world government enslavement down your throats and destroy all your remaining values and morals and freedoms."

No, that would never do. Here is what they will really say:

"We must destroy a huge threat to world peace and order so that we can finally established world peace thru a wonderful benevolent world government. Its the only way to prevent this from happening ever again. Its the war to end all wars and the government to end all this disunity and division in the world. We must become one. Unity in diversity. Its like heaven on earth. We need a world religion to go with a world government. Won't join us in the history making miracle?"

You say those two statements could not possible refer to the very same thing? Think again! Carve this in stone, if you would. I'll need it to rub in everyone's face. So now I ask you, who or what will be that escape goat to get WWIII going? you are already hearing being played up everywhere. You doubt me. Good. That is why I am doing the next section.

Set Up
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A previous history lesson if you don't mind! As I recall, several abortion clinics were blown up in the US, back in the 80s or 90s. At least once and maybe twice, an abortion doctor was killed. Christians who protest abortions were blamed for the extremism. But I am not so sure now. How would we know if it was really Christians or a government psyop to make it look like Christians?

North Carolina Fugitive, 31, Charged in Clinic Bombing     By KEVIN SACK    Published: February 15, 1998

BIRMINGHAM, Ala., Feb. 14— After an intensive two-week manhunt for Eric Robert Rudolph, Federal authorities today named the 31-year-old North Carolina fugitive as a suspect in the Jan. 29 bombing of a Birmingham abortion clinic, which killed an off-duty police officer and seriously wounded a nurse.

Although they have not found Mr. Rudolph, Federal investigators said at a news conference here that their searches of his mobile home, truck and storage unit had yielded enough evidence to change his status from that of a material witness to a suspect. They declined to discuss the evidence, or to confirm media reports that traces of explosives had been found in the truck and the storage locker.

>>You know, right off, this one smells. Why was he only a material witness in the 1st place? The Feds would not discuss the evidence. Silence. Psyops were done more cautiously back then ;-) <<


Backgrounder: Eric Robert Rudolph   June 5, 2003

Eric Robert Rudolph, the nation's most wanted domestic terrorist, was captured on May 31, 2003 in Murphy, North Carolina, after being a fugitive from justice for nearly five years. He is charged with committing four terrorist bombings from 1996 to 1998, including the bombing of Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta in 1996, which killed two people and injured more than one hundred people.

Rudolph has had connections since childhood to a number of anti-Semitic, racist and anti-government movements or groups, especially Christian Identity, a virulently anti-Semitic "religious" sect that preaches that Jews are descended from Satan and that God made non-whites inferior to whites, who were made, "in his image." Identity believers are also fiercely opposed to race-mixing, abortion and homosexuality. While Rudolph frequently espoused these views, he never officially joined the ranks of the hate groups he followed, and is believed to have acted alone in the bombings he is accused of committing.

>>Are you smelling a rat here? For one, this is the ADL reporting this. They are often involved in these types of things, I hear. And while he supposedly had voice certain views, he never had any tangible connections with any of the "hate" groups and is believed to have acted alone. You mean, like Oswald? Like McVeigh? Like Sandyhook? Aurora? And so often like a number of more recent psyops in Orlando, Bastille Day, etc. All lone wolves! Oh come on!<<

Eric Rudolph's Extremist Beliefs

By the time he was in his 30s, Eric Robert Rudolph was fully immersed in the anti-Semitic and extreme sentiments of the Christian Identity and extremist groups whose rhetoric he followed, but whose ranks he never joined.

Rudolph was not known to be a regular at extremist protests and rallies, nor did he create Web pages to espouse his views. Like a few select others-such as Timothy McVeigh on the far right and Theodore Kaczynski on the far left-Rudolph appears to have opted instead for violent action.

>>He cared so much about his cause that he did not ever write about it. Nor was he known at protests and rallies. That no damned sensse at all. I am passionate about my beliefs and cause. I devote most of my time to it, and energy. This guy does not sound believable/credible at all. Get the picture?<<

----------------------------------------------------    Sunday 6 March 1994

"A Christian fundamentalist described by prosecutors as an 'assassin' was convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison on Saturday for the fatal shooting of an abortion doctor, Reuter reports from Pensacola, Florida. Michael Griffin, 32, showed no emotion when the jury returned its verdict after deliberating less than three hours. He was found guilty of shooting David Gunn as the doctor arrived for work at a Pensacola clinic during an anti-abortion demonstration in March last year."


"He wanted him to stop doing things the Bible says is wrong and start doing what the Bible says was right," Burt told reporters.

"There's talk of making protesting abortion clinics a felony. If you start talking about that, people are just going to find other ways of dealing with it," Burt said.

On Christmas Day 1984, two doctors' offices and a clinic in Pensacola were bombed by abortion foes who were convicted and imprisoned.

Burt emphasized that the protesters today had no intention of harming the doctor.  <<< End account


>>Truth1 >>> Don't know who this Burt was, but he was delivering the whole narrative for us to swallow. This is the Washington Post, a typical government liberal subversive rag if ever there was one. We see unspecified "abortion foes" who were convicted and imprisoned. I'd like to know more about that. But Burt will not tell us nor will the Post ask. Real good reporting, huh? We were much more trusting in 1994. I woke up in 1995 when the Oklahoma City bombing took place.

It seems to me in review, that it is possible that authorities of various types were trying to create a stigma around "severe" fundamentalist Christians. I have never been a fan of "Fundys," but looking back, I think they were being framed. The suspects and convicts don't seem to have any real connections to those being framed. Well, knock me other with a feather all these years later. Could it be happening again with another group? I really think so.

The Real Guilty Ones
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Today, I hear a lot about Islam and Muslims in the Media, by candidates, by a number of Youtube videos. They are blamed for all sorts of things. But are they guilty as charged? After carefully thinking about this for a while, I have to conclude that no, they are not guilty and not to blame.

Now I am not saying there are not some horrific things going on in the world, but only that Muslims are not eh cause of it. Wouldn't you prefer the true guilty ones rather than fraudulent claims and phony accusations? We know Europe is suffering a major crisis. That is certain !!! We see and hear of many attacks around much of the world now that are supposedly carried out by Muslims and Islam. but are they really as is claimed? I want to show why I am in grave doubt about Islam being behind any of it. So I will start with another list.

1) Muslims are not stupid. They know how big and powerful the NWO allies are. they do not like the NWO but they know better than to mess with it. They strike me as smart enough to try hard to avoid confrontation with NWO.

2) The hordes of so called "Syrians" and "Muslims of Islam" invading Europe is a lie. Almost none of them are Syrian. I have seen interviews over there expose this. Nor do they look much like typical Muslim culture.

I live in Southern Main and I worked at the Portland Maine Jetport from Feb, 2001 thru Dec. 2001 and then transferred to the Remote Parking set up while construction was done on the main parking across from the Jetport Terminal. Somalis were pouring into  Portland and Lewiston that year. As far as I know, almost every one of them was a Muslim. They are very family oriented. The girls dress nice, though very conservative by USA standards.

The young women and teens are very well mannered and pleasant, much more so than many American girls. The males dress decent. Most of the Somali Cab drivers would kneel and pray throughout the day. They did have a bad reputation as "cabbies" who played games with passengers. I can not verify these but there was lots of talk and complaints. Customers sometimes called other cab companies. But over all, they are fairly peaceable and behaved. They did require a lot of welfare and assistance.

The hordes invading Europe were almost exclusively young males of their 20s and 30s. No families. No wives or children. And they like to raise hell. Somali Muslims in Portland are saints by comparison. So I am not seeing any real similarities between what I know are really Muslims and what are claimed to be such in Europe. I do not believe it. Its a lie.

Now what about the rapes and groping you ask? Again, how would you know if it was a staged event for which a group of participants may even have been paid to carry on like wild men, with the promise the police would not act? Did they act? They did not! How come? It is their job, isn't it? Or do European nations pay cops for nothing?

What is the difference between a terrorist and a crisis actor? At times, not much at all. In fact, a crisis actor could also be a real terrorist. For a fact, if a person accepted a job as a crisis actor who commits terror and terrorism, then he really is a terrorist, too, albeit, one paid by European government to be such.

The attacks and rapes on females in Europe are very real. I have no doubt about this. What I do not know is how much European leaders have to do with resisting or encouraging and promoting it. As best as I can tell, European leaders are deliberately selling their own citizens down the drain and destroying the nations the leaders rule. The leaders have become aids to terrorists and traitors committing treason against their own peoples and governments.

So the real problem we have is not Muslims or Islam but treacherous treasonous political leaders in Europe, who in many respects seem to share a lot of the blame for a lot of the rapes going on, as well as creating huge tax burdens and strains on the infrastructure of the nations. European citizens are going bankrupt paying for welfare of million of males fully capable of working but no jobs are open and language is an obstacle as well.

So we do not have a problem with Islam in Europe, we have a problem with Africans and others who do not show the typical Muslim families and order lived out by those families. These males seem to be of some Mid-eastern or African nationality but I do not see any Islam in them. And I, therefore, do not believe they are part of Islam.

In fact, the fact they are of good young military age and are willing to cause trouble and havoc, suggests to me that they resemble ISIS far more the Islam.

ISIS is not Islam. ISIS is USA-UK sponsored as far as I am concerned. Johnny Jihad had British accent! How about that! Their videos were all fake. My favorite was the pilot they made a trail of gasoline for and set it on fire. We did not get to see him burn, but they had that fake dummy that did not even look human. Best comedy slapstick I have seen since the 3 Stooges beat each other senseless with hammers.

Everything Muslims are getting blamed for, is really ISIS, paid and promoted by the USA and UK as I see it. Maybe Israel, too. There are lots of male citizens among Arabs and other Mid-East types who are happy and willing to accept payment for mercenary work for the NWO allies. I have seen many videos of these monsters who rape children and traffic them, and deal drugs and weapons, perform beheadings on video. This all had nothing to do, whatsoever with Islam or Muslims.

Our real enemies, like in Europe, are our own politicians and leaders, elected by us (supposedly) to represent us. I am not being represented as I want. We have nothing but liars and traitors for representatives. But I can not see that we have any legitimate problem with Islam. We have a big problem with NWO trying to bully us into a One World Government, so we can pay even more taxes and have less rights than ever and less control and less freedom and more slavery.

Reservations with Islam
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Now I am not saying Islam is without fault and I have concerns as I do with any group that is controlled and/or organized. In my experience, any organized or "controlled by a hierarchy" religion is suspect. Does not matter which religion it is. Satan is the great collector and controller who loves in infiltrate, take over, and corrupt all religion and have it follow him simply by not following God correctly. And Islam certainly appears to have clerics or some sort of leaders.

But my main concern is the bad foundation upon which Islam rests. God began His worship thru Abraham and completed it thru Moses. That was about 1500 BC. Prophets were given revelations and they performed signs and wonders. These foretold a coming messiah which Jesus fulfilled. Due to the rejection of God's worship by Israel, lastly and mostly by Jews of Judah, God in advance had planned to restart His worship by means of His son, incarnated as a man through a womb. Jesus came to allow himself to be wronged and executed without cause or crime. In this way, his being wronged and uncompensated, could obtain Adam's many descendants as his own, justified by law (of God), thereby receiving compensation for his being deprived of justice and law. Her served as a sacrifice of sorts.

Due to his giving (allowing) his life up for redeeming mankind, and rejecting the Jews, and to gather all men and nations to God again, would be the task of Jesus to start and the Apostles to finish. to this end, God willed that His followers, named Christians in Greek, and would be called Messians, Messianics or something of of that nature since Messiah meant anointed and in Greek that was Kristos or Christ. So his followers were called, by the will of God, Christians. Christians were to go into all nations to gather people to God. As such, they were not to be meddlers and interfere with the affairs of nations in general.

They were to obey the laws of whatever land they were in, as long as these did not ask them to violate God's rules. What does Mohammad and Islam teach? They were taught to be conquerors and to convert with the sword, conquest, and war. This is not a continuation of Moses/Prophets/Christ/Apostles. Not even close. Islam fails to be what it claims, a continuation. Mormons do the same. They claim but they do not live up to the claims. Go to my "Modern-day Heresies section for more on them.

Islam does not accept Jesus, if I understand correctly, as anything other than a prophet. But Jesus was far more than a prophet. He had been God's very first son/creation and all things that came after, were created by Jesus, as God had desired it. One reason for this is that who better to represent God on earth than His very own son, who in turn, created everything else. Jesus was way higher in status than Mohammed could ever be. This is problem one.

Problem two is that the writings of Mohammed and his teachings and actions are not in harmony with all things of Moses and Jesus and his Apostles. A woman has to have 4 male witnesses to have a man accused by her and convicted of rape. That is not the standard set out by Moses. It is my opinion that convicting a man of rape in Islam is impossible. What man would dumb enough to bring 4 friends along to see him rape a woman? And if the 4 friends joined in, what the are the chances they are going to tell on each other? Zero!

It is my opinion and observation that only women have their heads cut off for adultery. Now I am dependent upon what the news tells me and they may only show women getting it. But I have never seen nor heard of a man being executed for it. My impression is that Islam is a man's and all men seem to stick together and cover for each other. It may be that they are fine with men cheating. Just not women.

In general, Muslims are known to be very political. They started out that way. When they become more numerous that the inhabitants they settled with, they start to try to control and take over. Some Christians do try to gain influence and pressure over some leaders, but do not try to take over, except for one particular time. It was the American Revolution. And a good number of so called Christians supported rebelling against the king of England, George III. This was in violation of the scriptures. Quakers of the time did try to point this out and were persecuted for it. But they were right.

But it would be my opinion that Christians should be fairly neutral in all politics. I do not even vote. To vote for the lesser of 2 evils in not acceptable. I let the rest of society do as they please so that they can not blame me for whoever won or lost.

In the past, there has been some Muslim resistance to nations. It is not a continuation of Christianity and neither are Mormons.

As I see it, Christians, for the most part, avoid direct interference in politics. I note that Local Somalis where I live, are more politically inclined and active with issues that concern them, like our generous free hand outs. For them, it is a government right, even though it is the average citizen that pays. But over all, they are pretty much like Christians.

Am I suggesting Islam is a danger? No! I have not seen any evidence to that effect. And I am not about to condemn what I have no evidence for. Much less sanction WWIII because some Jewish news media companies say ISIS is Islam, or because might say it. As long as I only have ISIS as the blame, then I would prefer to leave Islam alone.

One thing we might want to remember. There are many Islamic nations and they are not all the same. We must also remember that Muslims have been major traders and merchants in the Indian Ocean and with India and China in the past and likely present, too. They are able to get along and trade and be cooperative. In fact, I think Iran is a much different brand of Islam than some of the other nations. Iran seems to be reasonable and cooperative. She has willingly allowed herself to be carefully inspected for nuclear weapons or enriched uranium. I can see no fault in her. In fact, Iran's only "mistake" (not a real one) was putting a stop to Jews trying to settle in Tehran in large numbers so as to take over how Tehran is run, which was what cause the Ayatollah to throw them all out.

There is more than one way to invade and take over a country. Go ahead and try it. But then don't cry if it does not work because someone realized what you were doing. And as regards the capture of Americans in 1979 or so, this was done in cooperation with people who wanted Reagan as president and wanted to humiliate Carter to give Reagan a better chance to win. First thing Reagan did was to receive the hostages back from Iran at Iran's offering. All just politics and we all fell for it.

In short, I do not have any real evidence for bad conduct by Muslims. I have seen horrific conduct committed by ISIS and ISIS sympathizers in Europe at the invitation of European leaders selling out their own people and nations. I have major problems with ISIS mercenaries. They are all criminals and so are their sponsors. Guess who?

Aug 18: I noted a couple of Arabic women with head gear on. Maybe they were Muslim but most Arabs, even if not Islamic, often have that style and culture. There were 2 kids with them, a boy and girl near to 6 or 7 each. The kids were adorned very nicely, more dressed up than I typically saw in school when I was 6 or 7. And we dressed pretty well at the time, 64-66. That was just after the dinosaurs died off, for "you youngsters."

And by the way, where I live, a small town of near 20,000, minorities of any type are fairly rare. 20 miles north in Portland Maine, minorities are quite common.

Some thoughts came to me. As far as modesty goes, the particular immigrants I saw today were of a good caliber. Far better than the local inhabitants and "natives of the last 160 years or so. Locals dress their very young daughters very provocatively and immodestly. Locals are not all that concerned with religion, is my impression. But I suspect Muslims, if that is what they were, are more particular about religion.

But my 1st thoughts were, upon seeing all this, that while the modern local culture was not likely to affect the women that much, it was going to totally change the kids. I lived for a while in South Portland, 4 years and saw East Indians more than other foreigner. They were very modest and strong in their culture. I now see a few while I world in Portland and they are much better in values that Americans, but I have see a teen girl dressing like American girls, with the tight thin parts and all. She had an appealing form and wants to be noticed like we all like. But she is perhaps unduly influenced by local native culture. But while she is the only one I have noticed like that, I can sure you that more will follow.

She and others will want to fit in and be accepted by those around her. The schools will exert very heavy peer pressure, very different from the families. Any foreigner who wants to come to the USA, will have to face that like it or not, they will likely be changed more than the natives. But they will still have some different identity. There will be internal conflicts as well as external ones. Its a double-edged sword.

But for this article, my point is that not all things brought by foreigners are bad. I am not saying that immigration paid by tax payers is good. It is bad. We overthrew the king  of England because we did not have representation with taxation. But when you spend those collected taxes in ways the voters/tax-payers do not approve of, they you are no loner representing those payers. You have now become the King of England and if the fomenters of the American Revolution were correct in their assertions, then our politicians have committed treason and beomc traitors, stealing money by spending it against the voters/payers rather than in their behalf. 

I do not advocate rebellion or revolution. I believe those are condemnend in the Bible. But if one accepts the rhetoric of the founding fathers, then what our leaders have done, has justified a rebellion against treason. But I say to Christians, do not go along wit any such thing. God will take care of the SOBs. You can be sure of that.

Our politicians have let our jobs go overseas. They let immigrants flood into our nation to drastically lower wages in the wage market. The government does  everything they can to destroy peace, prosperity, and unity. But WWIII might change that for a time. But not forever.

What Others Have Said
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Here are some links I came across to back up my own suspicions.

Putin Tells Everyone Exactly Who Created ISIS

begins at 2:00 - 

Do you really not understand this to who is fighting in Syria? They are mercenaries, mostly.

Do you understand they are paid money? Mercenaries fight for whichever side pays more.

So they armed them and pay them a certain amount. I even know what these amounts are.

So they fight, they have arms, you can't get them to return the weapons of course, at the end.

Then they discover elsewhere pays a little more, so they go fight there.

Then they occupy the oil fields. Wherever; in a rack, and Syria.

They start extracting the oil and the soils purchased by somebody.

Where are the sanctions on the parties purchasing the soil?

You believe the US does not know who is buying? Is it not their allies are buying oil from ISIS?

Do you not think the US has the power to influence their allies?

Or is the point that they indeed do not wish to influence them?

Then why bomb ISIS? In areas where they started extracting oil and paying mercenaries more;

in those areas, the rebels from "civilized" Syrian opposition forces immediately joined ISIS because they are paid more.

I consider this absolutely unprofessional politics. It is not grounded on facts, in the real world.

We must support civilized, democratic opposition in Syria. So you support, arm them, and then tomorrow they join ISIS. 

Can they not think a step ahead? We don't stand for this kind of politics of the US. We consider it to be wrong.

Harms all parties, including you [USA].

When it comes to the consideration of our national interests, I would really like it if people like you [US journalists] opposed to questions, would one day head your government maybe then we can somehow reversed the situation.

<<< end Putin transcript     I stopped at 4:20. Its a little over 7 minutes long.

Oops: Did CNN Just Admit the U.S. Is Working with ISIS? 
Some great footage from a good channel.

I wrote this back in 2011 Regarding Islam. There was a fairly progressive Muslim writing, promoting, and talking sense but I think Islam is incompatible with Christianity, which it is supposed to be in harmony with. This is on my site here:    On Islam and Mohammed

We Are Being Groomed for the Next Big War      TRUTHstreammedia

The above video suggests that we have been planning and preparing war with Iran for decades. I agree. She notes the recent events and players. Well worth your consideration. This channel has put out many good videos over the 2 years that I have been watching some of their stuff. They have done some satiracal humor as well, that I enjoyed very much.

I often go here for interesting conspiracy type stuff. Psyops, Mid-East and Islamic stuff, too.  James Robertson writes this Blog.


The Richie Allen Show
Jim Marrs Debates Richie On Who & What Is Really Behind The Migrant Crisis.

Richie criticizes those who blame Islam exclusively while Richie says they should be more interested in the global elite manipulators and leaders of the nations affected by the so called Muslim invasions. I find it interesting that while he correctly IDs the ultimate source of the Islamic invasion of Europe, he does not believe the Hampstead affair where 2 kids said they were victimized by a Satanic cult running their school (Christchurch, Hampstead, London, UK) and say that there are at least 8 other schools involved. The 2 kids were continually physically and sexually abused daily and prostituted as well.

Richie seems to fault the parents as unreliable and questionable and they are not always forthcoming with answers. But then again, they might be advised by lawyers to do so. But What is going on in Hampstead is not as bad as what goes on around the world every day and surely he would not deny that. So why deny lesser problems? And if trafficking in kids is world wide, then the global elite are in on that, too, just as they are with the Muslim invasions. So Richie can see the Elite behind invasions but not the elite behind, not only world wide sex trafficking, but local and national sex trafficking and that it might be going on in prestigious communities' schools is something he does not dare to touch.

But I have no doubt that since Rich can see some things being done by Global Elites, then he could likely see it all. He's too smart not to. So if he does not see, it is because he is getting pressure from powerful people. He could lose his job and show. You can be sure of that.

Bur for this article, Richie sees clearly that global manipulators and national leaders are the traitors behind the destruction of Europe.


Below is a post that I thought deserved to be heard, at least.

I am not sure that Islam has reached a level of tolerance that Christians come more naturally by, since they have had to blend in to all nations. But not all nations were tolerant of Christians. Can you say Rome? There were many more after. But Islam makes converts thru war and conquering, primarily. Their religion has little else to offer. They do forbid usury/interest-on-loans as did the Bible/Moses. But forced conversion is not very compatible with tolerance and living with other peoples, cultures, and religion.

Rome was an empire in perpetual war. And Rome was always trying to come up with excuses to attack those who were not attacking or bothering Rome. The perfect example was Julius Caesar's attack and conquest of the Celts/Gauls in now France and much more and wider at that time with land routes, horses, wagons, chariots. The Gauls were like a trucking company. They shipped over land. Carthage and Rome shipped by sea. Gauls had not attacked Rome for 300 years. The Gauls had excepted Romes position and assume that Rome had accepted living and trading with the Gauls as they had been for the last 300 years. But Rome was greedy. She wanted the Gauls' markets and venues and money and power that went with that. Carthage had been defeated. Now who or what? Answer? Gaul. Could they have both co-existed. The Gauls thought so. But not Rome.

Now world government has been the goal for a long time. I would suggest at least 1066 AD if not closer to 404 AD. But for sure, the colonization of the Americas set off what we might call gold fever and world conquest for that was the Devil's ultimate desire in order to control the world and rebuild the temple (can you say Knights Templar?) and create a one world religion and a one world government, that is really a massive slavery plantation.

Islam knows this and fears this as many of us in the USA do, and citizens of many of our allies as well. So the Western allies are not satisfied with alliances with Islam. They want to own and control Islam and bring them all under the yoke of Satan's New World Order. Islam is not stupid and knows this. Shall we see another Gaul in the future. I fear so.

I just watched a video of Black Pigeon Speaks,  "UK: Rise of the POLICE STATE,"

In the UK, they really do have a Muslim problem. Muslims have been brought in the UK by the millions, although it must be admitted that we do not know how many are actually Muslims and how many are just Arabic or Pakistani or some other looking races. But enough are clearly seen in their clothing to be ID'd as Muslims. But many UK girls are being raped, kidnapped and prostituted and trafficked. Police do not even do into many of those sections.

Now if this is primarily non-Muslim Mid-East types, then Islam and Muslim peoples need to be exposing these criminals. If they are silent, then they are accessories to the crimes and as guilty as those doing the crimes. If they do not, they will be slaughtered or put into camps in the great WWIII that is nearly upon us now. Its time to get off the fence and choose one side or another. Will it be respect for all peoples' rights or only some? Other religions like Christianity, have been role models by comparison. They respect all peoples. But not all peoples respect all other peoples. Those who do not want to live and let live, are surely worthy of dying. Think long and hard about it.

For God who is Jehovah will be judging all the world. And it may be that He might very well allow the extinction of Islam if Islam does not smarten up and learn to tolerate and respect differing religions as we Christian have had to do when the truth is, that in the US colonies in their early founding, were predominantly Christian, favoring Puritan type religions for a time. They could have been quite cold or mean to others who did not share their particular religious views.

Message to Islam
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My advice to Islam would be that they must give up their war rhetoric that has long been a part of their religion. Now that is not to say they long for wars. They might have been behind a few acts or terrorism and they have attempted attacks on Israel or threatened to. But I am not aware of any major military efforts, save the 1973 attack by Syria, although it must be pointed out that the head of the army leading the Syrian tanks stopped short of going in to Israel. Was it because he was secretly an Israeli ally? Or did he just make a dumb move by not invading? I am inclined toward him being perhaps like a Freemason or similar and would not attack Israel.

I should point out that many British generals were easy going on the colonists of the American Revolution. I suspect the British Generals kept Washington informed of certain plans and allow Washington escape routes as well. George III lost the colonies primarily because his most important men were loyal to Freemasons rather than the king. When some colonists headed for Canada, say Nova Scotia, they left behind many relatives in what is now the Portland Maine USA area and you can see the common names to both Kings County, NS, CA, and Portland Maine USA.

I do not doubt at all that many relatives on both sides kept close contract and informed each other, favoring Freemasons over political divisions.

But back to Islam. Since the world has nations in power that are not Islamic, the logical procedure would be to seek peace and adopt an attitude of "we disown war and do not want to use war to make converts and we want to respect all nations, cultures, and religions, as long as we can keep our own of those. In many respects, many in Islam have done some of that. The supposed terrorist links like Bin Laden are totally phony as I see it. I am not sure that Islam has been an enemy for quite some time.

Here is the problem. I have no way to verify any connections and the press has zero credibility and many psyops that have been carried out to date, destroy all trust and credibility. Just a bit further back, I remind of what John R. said about the press. Its all fake and lies. But Islam needs to give more attention to public relations and make it clear where it stands. They need to get on the net and let people know where they really stand. Are they for peace and getting along or are they just holding their tongues and waiting for a chance to strike? I did not suspect a strike but I know the Western allies have been alleging such things for years. I'm just not buying it. That's all!

I have to say that I do not find Iran as a trouble maker. But like Rome of old, the modern Rome/USA Empire sees Iran as perhaps unwilling submit to slavery and modifying their religion. And I can understand why Iran would feel that way. Iran have nukes. Israel says no way! So the USA says no way. Iran is the largest of all Muslim nations. She has a long legacy of history, once being the Persian Empire, no less.

I believe that Iran is one of the objects of desire of the USA Empire/Allies. Iran would be the most formidable foes the "Empire" could face. So they picked off all the other smaller ones who might have been able to help, leaving Iran as the one to make the last stand. That is how I see it. The Empire will never allow a co-existence with Islam in the Mid-East. Islam hates Jews too much. Islam knows that and Jews know that and the Empire knows that. That is the problem at this time.

Message to USA & Allies
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I express my own sentiment and speak also to citizens who do not like or trust their government any more.

Can you really be sure that anything you government and its ally, the media, are telling you? I have come to say no, I do not trust them at all. Why not? They do not seem to trust their citizens and monitor us 24-7. I have not been given any credible evidence that real actual Muslims have really and truly been behind anything harmful. They want to live and exist as we do. They want to trade and bargain and be treated fairly with their national rights to exist respected.

What I have seen is mock violence (psyops) and fake acts of terror, and it some were real, they were not done my Islam. Someone pretended to be Muslim or Islam. The laying phony governments of the NWO and the media have assured us that Islam is behind it. I don't believe a word they say. I say they want to enable Israel and Satan to subdue the vast Mid-East so that Israel can rebuild the temple and priesthood; and as well, get control of all those yummy oil fields and wells. Corporate American oil companies would love that. And they are among those who run our country in the USA.

So lets say that may be you are not fully convinced that it is not Islam. OK, lets entertain that. So we are going to start WWIII. Do you have any idea of the cost of that, both in money and lives? WWII was devastating to the USA. GI's came back with psychological trauma (PTSD) and took it our on their families and kids. That in turn, left the kids in somewhat of a wreck and with chips on their shoulders. Some vets became drug dealers and they were handy with guns and violence.

Our military budgets went thru the roof and ambitions sought to build military bases all over the world. WWIII will be about more ambition. It will bring the One World Government. I'll take bets on that one! Is that what you want, so they can bully you 10 times as hard, putting all kinds of foreigners right in you backyard and beside you are neighbors. Your former neighbors will have no money and have to live in Tent City or some remote little patch of woods.

Do you want to see the young die in war? Because when we have a war, getting many of our soldiers killed, is part of the plan. You can be sure of that. Then they can replace them with foreigners back here in the US. All this because someone says Muslims are dangerous to us and are terrorists who are behind all the violence of the world. Bullshit!

People of the US are all too willing to engage in wars. Hey, most are beyond the reach of the draft, even if we had one. Its has always been the young men who pay with their lives, limbs, and sanity. But I am not in favor of shedding innocent blood of my own countrymen. The cost is too high. It has never taken very much to convince Americans that we should go to war.

But for me, it is clear that war in the Mid-East has always been promoted. My father and I always thought, even back in the 70s, that the Mid-East was going to be the ultimate showdown. It was that obvious. Israel has tried desperately to stop nuclear power in Iran, even though Iran has been very cooperative with being inspected by UN approved nations.

To me, the devil's plan is clear. He has a charade to put on. He has a false Jesus to promote and needs a temple and priesthood, though the Bible does not require or allow for a rebuilt one. Are you willing to go along with a big costly war that will change all the world, just do some fools can have a temple and fake Jesus? Really? I won't be part of it. I will be against it.

We live in an age of deceit and lies. The question I have is if you are all up to that or not. If you believe in Satan, then  you know he is evil and always lies. The Bible says he also rules the world. God has allowed him a chance to prove God and us wrong. And you are going to trust a world that is run that that maniacal bastard from "hell?" I hope not. but you are seeing the fulfillment of prophecy in progress in its very last stages. No more waiting! It is now here!

Let the buyer beware! Make no mistake about this. I believe there are many leaders who want and are going to promote a war against Islam, as if its people were the terrorists. But ISIS and ISIL are not Islam. They are USA/UK/Israel Mercenaries who fight for the highest paying nation that assures victory and protection. You have all been warned. The war will be based on false pretenses and many will die and our world will be turned upside down. You will be helping Satan, not God. If you are a Christian, you have no business supporting Satan's lies.

Hot Off the Press!
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This is from Personal Liberty Digest Website on Aug. 22, the publishing date of this larger article.

Report: Feds vet immigrants for Nazi and Communist ties, don’t mention ISIS

Posted on by Sam Rolley

Federal officials vetting immigrants for visas and citizenship ask hundreds of questions specifically addressing things like whether “he/she has been a Communist or World War II Nazi.” But a new analysis of the process reveals that the immigrants aren’t asked about sympathies for major modern threats to the U.S. such as ISIS.

The analysis, conducted by homeland security expert Mark Sauter, reveals that the federal government asks specific questions about a number of national security threats from the past but fails to specifically address many of the numerous threats facing the country today.

From Sauter’s analysis:

What we learned: During the visa and immigration process, someone seeking to become a US citizen is specifically asked in writing if he/she has been a Communist or World War II Nazi — and in many cases, whether he/she was a member of a Colombian terrorist organization — but is not specifically asked in writing whether he or she is or has been a member of ISIS, al-Qaida or other named Islamist terrorist groups.

The government does ask general questions applying to other terrorist groups. But it does not keep readily available information on the number and affiliations of applicants who admit being part of ISIS/al-Qaeda/other terrorist groups and appears to have no statistics at all on the number of applicants who say “No” when asked if they support the US Constitution.

Read the full analysis at Need to Share News.

Sauter says the findings suggest that GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump may have a point about the need to implement some new “extreme vetting” measures he’s talked about for new immigrants to the U.S.

“All this doesn’t mean Donald Trump has the right plans, but he is certainly correct in saying the immigration system needs an urgent update to respond to America’s current threats,” Sauter said.

<<< End of Article    --------------------------------------------------

Ever since I put up this article (below) Aug. 22, 016, A wave of articles similar to this in theme, began to appear. The link below was actually put up Published on Jul 27, 2016.  It showed up on my browser Sep. 9, 016. That is why I continue to up date this page often.

Richie Allen On The Single Greatest Lie Ever Told By The Media & Why People Must Learn The Truth!

Richie feels as I do that ISIS is being framed as being Islam, when it is not Islam.


Anonymous: World War 3 Critical Update

This video is all about the big players that will be part of WW3. Both sides! One should approach this info cautiously, but I believe lots of this is good info. Even Vital! Its only 11:15 minutes so its very short. Don't pass it by.



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