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On Islam and Mohammed

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A few groups in Christianity have claimed post-Revelation prophecies. Most outstanding would be the Mormons and their book of Mormon as revealed to Joseph Smith, so they claim. But as well, we have Mohammed, the founder of Islam, who also made a few brief isolated prophecies, which all tend to reinforce or agree with the Bible, but do not add anything new. But Mohammed was supposed to have received many revelations about laws and conduct for Islam, which are beyond the Bible and rules established by the Apostles. That is, they are additions and some of them are contradictions or changes as well.

But before saying more, I thought an explanation for what makes a book a legitimate addition to the Bible or not, ought to be made clear. These are articles I have written to establish these things.

How We Got the Bible -- God's Chosen Nation and Priesthood
This article spells out the qualifications for a prophet and prophecy when God instituted the law through Moses. God set up a Priesthood that would tend to matters of God, in particular, keeping records and scrolls from those claiming to be prophets. The entire law was established by the very powerful and marvelous miracles that came from God and could not come from any other. This was the evidence to verify that the message was from God.

(What Are):  Lying Signs and Wonders -- Why We Trust the Bible Only
This is a very broad discussion of how and why we trust a prophet or messenger, and their writings. The importance of miracles and Godly signs are contrasted against the lies and deceit of the Devil and his "prophets" of lies and death. Miracles are an essential ingredient in the delivery of messages. Just as Moses did great miracles by means of God's power, so did Elijah, Elisah, Jesus, and the Apostles. This is why we believe these ones. The Apostles were the last ones to have miracles be worked through them. So one can not add books to the Bible beyond these. It was God's intention to let the Bible sit idle for over 1900 years so that most would forget about it or forsake it so that His true followers would stand out from the pack.

The Authority & Foundation of the Church
This follows up what I said in the previous article just above. The Apostles performed many incredible wonders from God so that people could know that these men spoke from God and should be listened to. They left behind some vitally important prophecies as well as an understanding of scripture that was forgotten for maybe 1500 years or more, only to be revived when the works of these early writers who spoke of what the apostles passed on. Any claims would have to be in harmony with what was recorded by the Apostles or those they personally sanctioned and authorized, such as James, Jude, Mark, and Luke. Peter verified Mark. Paul authorized Luke. James (Jacob in Hebrew) and Jude (Judah in Hebrew) were the successive heads of the church in Jerusalem and we read of James in Acts and he wrote a book as well. All the Apostles recognized him and his successor, also possibly a brother of Jesus as James was.

John, who was given the prophecies of Revelation, sealed up the book and the Bible with that scroll given by Jesus to him by vision. No one can add or take away from these books or the words in them according to:
Revelation 22:
18 . . .If anyone adds to these things, God will add upon him the plagues having been written in this Book. 
19 And if anyone takes away from the words of the Book of this prophecy, God will take away his part from the Book of Life, and out of the holy city, and of the things having been written in this Book.

Revelation finished a great mystery first started in the very 1st book of the bible, Genesis. Genesis 3 spoke of the woman and her seed, but left it rather vague and mysterious, only to be answered about 4102 years later in about 96 AD in Revelation. Here, the woman appears in Revelation 12 in all her glory, for the mystery to finally be unraveled and sealed. Genesis was the beginning of the mystery and Revelation was the finish of it. The Bible and its many prophecies would then wait until the very last days to be understood.


So it is with this understanding that I can not accept the new additions-changes from Mohammed as he did not have the plentiful and powerful miracles, raising people from the dead in particular. Where he agrees with the Bible, I can accept him as a messenger in behalf of God, as any man who speaks for God is. As well, the Bible was fully completed by John with his Revelation. So the timing was wrong as well. the changes instituted by Mohammed, seem to be to actually change the laws of Moses and the Apostles. This certainly can not be acceptable. God's ways are perfect and can only be changed by God, accompanied by great powerful miracles.

Now in our day, we do not have miracles  .  .  .  or do we? Well, yes, we do have one very big miracle! Oh, really, you say? Yes! Its called prophecy. The prophecies were uttered long ago so as to establish a very long existence, so long ago as to make it impossible to predict such things by means of man alone. It is too far ahead in the future for us to be able to guess all these details so perfectly. for them all to come true, means they could only come from God above. No other possibility exists.

But I do not write to condemn all Islam. They supposedly respect the Bible as the word of God. To some degree, some might. I have encountered some very interesting work among one or two. But I do not know for sure, how much we agree on or not. So I will explore some concerns but I want to leave the door open to anyone who seems moved by the prophecies of the Bible. I will explain more as I go.

Claims of Islam
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This site sets a criteria for Islamic prophecy and all prophecy to be genuine and authentic. But like many Jewish and Christian interpretations, I believe it does not match its own criteria. To me, the prophecies uttered by Islam on this site are few and having almost no detail in them. Isolated events. The prophecies of the Bible, gathered by the Priesthood for the Old Testament, and by the new Christians' Church in the New Testament, are loaded with so many incredible details, all having to harmonize and fit together, that there can be no mistaking what is indicated. No such large volume of prophecies exist in the Koran/Quran. Nor is there a need to have such in the Quran, since it has been fully accomplished in the Bible and Revelation sealing the scrolls so that no more may be added after.

They say Aliens exist, too, and that we will meet them. They sound more like corrupt Christianity, who will embrace the antichrist and his so called alien friends, who are merely humans who originated from earth, at least initially.
The Protection of the Quran from Corruption is said to exist. This is provided that God was the source of it to begin with, and that is the problem. Further, it is suggested that the Bible has been corrupted. Where, when, how? It has not. The Dead Sea scrolls are dated from 1st century BC to 1st century AD. Lets say 1 AD in general. As of 2000 AD, there have been no substantial changes in the bible parts recorded from then till now, a total of 2000 years. Moses gave the law around 1500 BC. So if the Bible lasted for 2000 years without any substantial change, It can likely survive another 1500 years previous back to Moses. The Bible is not corrupt. Further, Bible prophecy is so precise in prediction and fulfillment that this alone shows its intact and accurate condition. The reasons in my 3 articles linked above also stand and apply.
"The Qur'an certainly does not focus on prophecy to support its own authority. But since this is a strongly used argument in support of the Biblical revelation, many Muslims have felt the urge to balance this out, searched for prophecies in the Qur'an and claim there are a good number of them."
You can judge for yourselves.
When I look at some of the things predicted and fulfilled such as the following:

Finger prints


Preservation of Pharoah’s body

Genetic engineering

Roads in mountains

New transport systems


Oceans linked

Modern communication systems

Use of electricity

Light bulbs

Petroleum and gasoline

Artesian wells

Image transmission

Extra-terrestrial life


What do many of these really have to do with the fulfillment of God's grand purpose? Little to nothing. They are implied, anyway, but their interpretation is not secured or certain. God only sends prophecies dealing with His purpose and plans, not incidental things.
You might find this article on Wikipedia interesting as well.

But what I find exciting is that at least in one case, a muslim speaks, fully seeming to support Bible Prophecies and getting so much of it right when so many Christians are getting it wrong. I'll get to him, shortly.

But with all respect, I do not find the claims for Islam to be convincing. I write to move them to seek Christ, if not immediately, maybe they will keep him in mind as events further reinforce the Bible prophecies. Jesus is the son of God and must be respected as the appointed head of all God's belongings and who has no rival or someone who contradicts what Jesus and those he appointed set down for us.

Some Further Concerns
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Most Muslims that I know of, support war,  and resistance to authorities, even as Mohammed did by example. This is another reason why I doubt Mohammed as a prophet, for since God has spread His people among all the nations of the earth, He has desired them to stay out of wars, since too often, those wars support the armies of the devil and often cause Christians to kill other Christians. Christians have to place their brothers and fellow children of God above the ambitions and interests of men and their wars and national allegiances. In fact, it has been the willingness of Christians in the USA to fight, that has enabled the devil to bring most of the world under his control. I, for one, will not serve in the army of Satan and help him conquer the world.

So Muslims would need to renounce war and stay out of such things. Further, they must recognize that Mohammad was violating the commands of Jesus and the Apostles. So he does not teach as the latter Bible does. They would be better off splitting Mohammed off from Christianity and claiming no relation to it so they can start over or change things. Terrorism has no place among people of God. Many Christians support terrorist actions against abortion doctors and clinics. This is pure evil. Even winking at it with quiet approval is wicked. Same for Muslims who say they follow and love Allah and yet subvert His right to judge and save as He pleases and has reserved for Himself, only. Muslims can not participate in war or terrorism or approve of such things. The Bible, being one of their holy books, does not allow it. If Mohammed, speaking for God/Allah, does approve, then he is not from God, by my view.

All holy people of God must refrain from cruelty and bloodshed and be as sheep, willing to be slaughtered for God if required. God absolutely can bring people  back to life, if it is taken from them. God will judge and execute all wicked people when He is good and ready and not before then. We must wait on God to judge and end things and not do it ourselves.

Many politically oriented people of most nations believe they should be the judge and executioners. They are not from God. God has a point to make for all to witness for all time. He wants to show how wicked humans get when they disregard even the smallest command of God as did Adam and Eve. How wicked are these monsters in power. We will soon find out. But God wants their wicked deeds to be clearly open, visible, and seen by all so that none may ever doubt again the horrors that happen when one disobeys ever the slightest command of God-Allah.

I find many Muslims, like many Christians and Jews, to be hypocrites who do not live up to their faith. This is not the fault, necessarily, of the faith they belong to. It is just bad fruits. I have spelled out strong forceful condemnations of Christians who violate the word of God. They are the ones I judge most, since they claim to be that which I hold most dear. But many followers of various religions, treat these as more like political parties which they adhere to loyally, even if they are wrong. But God commands that we serve as watchmen and condemn wrong from our own. God is pure and holy and can not tolerate evil and disobedience and neither can those loyal to Him.

I urge one more thing for my Islamic friends, if any will accept me as a friend or even brother. One can not follow human leaders without question. Almost all of Christianity follow the leaders of their churches, called various titles such as Pastor, Reverend, Minister, Elder, and other such names. But this is how the evil powers have gained control of Christianity and Jews, too. And I fear it may be the same with Islam. They follow certain leaders when the only one anyone should follow is God. We should think for ourselves for God will demand an accounting from each of us and without regard for who our leaders were. Trust no man. Trust only in God-Allah. Please! This is our best protection.

Even in science, the proper method is independent verification of any experiment or theory. the method only works when another scientist examines a claim independently and even carefully and critically to see if it can hold up on cross-examination. Whoever is my brother or friend, must also be my critic. He is my keeper and I am his. If I am walking falsely, and hopefully only by oversight, then my friend, my brother, or my neighbor can correct me and if I am of good mind and spirit, I will bless him and thank him for saving me from a bad course.

So I urge good Muslims of Islam to perhaps reconsider the claims of Mohammed and then consider the prophecies of the Bible and see which one describes our world far better today. There can not be 2 bibles fighting with each other. Only one can be right and the other must be wrong, if there is a disagreement between the 2. Which  one is for you to determine. I am obviously one who favors Christianity and defend and promote it.

I believe that true followers of God, whoever and wherever they may be, will find themselves with few friends or brothers if they serve God with their own mind and thinking for most mainstream religion, regardless of which one it is, is controlled by national powers which seek their ambitions and goals and not those of God. Whether Jew, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, or whatever other one there is, these have all been sought out by powers long ago. Most of their individual leaders have been bought off and serve the devil. Trust none of these. Trust yourself and your ability which God has given to all and think for yourself about God.

Something Unusual       Links to consider
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I have found a Muslim who appears to follow Bible prophecies quite well and sees the great danger coming upon the earth. What is so special about this? Well, for one, hardly anyone in Christianity comes close to him and his interpretation of the prophets. He gets nearly everything right. I have great respect and appreciation for what he does. He has a YouTube channel:


He points out the strong link between UFO's, Aliens, demons, the antichrist, the New World Order, the Illuminati and much more. These are things many Christians fail to do and prove themselves to be wolves in sheep's clothing, as a result. They are owned and operated by the devil. I will provide many of his links here and in other articles, too.
I do not come to cause division but I can not ignore things that need to be addressed. I do not hold his beliefs differing from mine as serious when he is speaking so much good. Rather, I hope perhaps there will be a day when he and I can see the proper course as events unfold and that maybe we unite in unity without compromise.

Here is one of his links and some of what he has to day on this link:
Satanic End of the World Plan: New Age, UFO, New World Order part 1 

""I'll also show how Allah (which literaly means "The God") warns us about all the aspects of the satanic plan throughout His 3 Ultimate Books: Torah, Gospel (which are distorted in somes parts) and the Quran (As the ultimate Book, Allah has fully protected until the apocalypse). Each book covers an aspect of the whole satanic plan since Adam, and the Quran prevails.

I've used the excellent search of Paul Christopher as the backbone of my series. Paul Christopher has devoted over 20 years to personally investigating and researching the UFO phenomenons and all its interrelationships. My own independent research has confirmed the findings of Paul Christopher and has completed them with the most recent updates of the global satanic plan.""

I extend my warm friendship and hope that we will draw closer together if the concerns I have brought up here can be healed, for his work speaks so well of him, otherwise.

Optimism aside, it would be clever for one to embrace prophecies that are so precise, accurate, detailed and so many of them. They would make any religion laying claim to them look good, even if it were not. But most phony Christian sects do not cover prophecy good. They screw it all up. This man, on the other hand, seems very in tune with prophecy from the Bible. I can only thank him and point people to his work, which points to the Bible. You can see for yourselves. However, his message is not a common one among Muslims and I see a number of Muslim critics criticize him. That is where I am, too, among Christians, so called. So I wish him well.

Some of his other links:

A 6 part series entitled:  
Aliens = Evil Spirits = Evil Jinns = Shapeshifters = Devils = Sheytans = UFOs, part 1 
Great series on the connections between Aliens, UFOs and the demons and antichrist

Alien/Jinn Satanic Deception: Human Base on Mars revealed, teleportation, time-travel part 1 of 10
10 part Series! UFOs will have much to do with the lying signs and wonders spoken of by Paul in Thessalonians. These UFOs travel far faster than the speed of light and can be 20 miles long. Bases are on Mars and the Moon, too. You can bet they are up to no good.

Raj Patel - Maitreya - The Antichrist - The Dajjal - Part 1 [NEW!!!]
Why is the media and other weird personalities promoting this Raj Patel as the Maitrya-Messiah? It ears watching and waiting. 33 parts to date.

[SERIE 3] Gog and Magog live in the hollow earth (COMPLETE VERSION HD) 1 of 15
Also fascinating. Judge it critically, of course. 15 part series.
Satanic Possessed Celebrities 1/4
4 part series on the Satanic influence of Hollywood - its very good!
To The Illuminati
I really liked this short one!

There are many other good videos at this site. Instead of watching lame TV, why not spend you nights normally reserved for TV watching on the net looking these up and more. And a word of thanks to a man who appears to be standing on the watchtower warning all what is coming. This is the kind of stuff Christians should be pointing out and most are not. I am delighted to link to these, so you can see what is really going on.

Now I have also encountered a site done by Muslims that shows the many problems of the world, and prophecies being fulfilled. Then they turn around and say that "Mahdi" is to return and prepare the way for Christ by leading an overthrow of the evil powers. Christ does not need help or preparation and no mention of "Mahdi" or a Mahdi" concept can be found anywhere in the Bible and encouraging all to support a "Mahdi" military type leader would contradict the Bible, which says we should not fight wars or rebel against the "superior authorities" over us.

So some Muslims, seeing the impressiveness of prophecies being fulfilled, are trying to use these to bolster and support Islam. But if they really believe the prophecies, then they should obey the rest of the stuff that goes with those prophecies, including staying out of wars and rebellion and turning the other cheek to our enemies, rather than resisting. So you might fund a number of Muslim sites that expose the New World Order or other such things. That does not mean that Mahdi will return and/or fulfill any Bible Prophecy. I get the impression that because Mohammed claims to be a succession to Christianity and Jesus, that they can use Christian stuff and still make changes. They can not. Contradictions or changes nullify claims of succession.

I have one last observance-criticism of Muslims in general. It is my impression that many are overly concerned with the devil and demons. Or they see UFO stuff as having demons, whom they refer to as Jinn, being behind UFO technology. I dispute this. I say it is man made and flown by men. I do not think that demons or jinn are allowed to come back in physical bodies anymore, but have been locked away in Tartarus, so to speak.

They also imagine greater threats from music, entertainment and such due to jinn-demonic influence. My thinking on this matter is that while entertainment has been used by the devil and his followers, we need not fear it excessively. As for cartoons with hidden phalluses or whatever, I would never know that had someone not pointed it out. It is only recognizable if pointed out. If I can not perceive it on my own, it is no danger.

We are better spending our time on more important matters like understanding prophecies better or something like that. I don't care to give the devil any more attention than what is essential.

Do Not Judge Hastily
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AS I hope  you have seen in the section right above, not all things and people of Islam are bad. The man in the previous section is independent and promotes what he sees as great concerns for all those who love God or Allah, if you prefer. He does the same sorts of things I do. I am most grateful for his work and dedication. Many of the people of Islam resent being dictated to by the World Government in control of most of the world. The Muslims of Islam want to live their lives as they choose as we all do. Surely, we can understand this. But Islam is seen as a resistant obstacle in the eyes of those who desire to rule all the world with no exceptions or hold outs. The press makes all Islam look bad. Most of it probably is since most of all religion is bad now. But in each religion, there will be ones called out by God to Christ in time. We must accept them and embrace them, on God's terms, rather than ours or theirs. I urge all Muslims, even as I do all Christians and Jews, to serve God and do not resist the evil doer and turn your cheek to him and submit to his authority as long as it does not compromise what God requires.

God will destroy all the evil doers when He feels everything has been shown and accomplished. But cause of those He loves and has chosen, He will cut short the days of destruction or no flesh would have been saved, says Jesus. But for Christians, they must keep their hearts open to all, for some at the last hour of harvest will come to God and we must accept them as our brothers when they do. Jews and Muslims will be among those that do come to God in the final hour. We should rejoice in that.

God is looking for good people wherever He can find them, to draw them to Him. As they day draws closer, more may yet come to recognize the more precise truth of God. Let that be what we all strive for.

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