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The End Has Begun!

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The Premise
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It has finally arrived! Make no mistake about it. This is it! The final countdown has begun. All the pieces are now in place so that many can now recognize what is about to take place. The fulfillments of prophecy are now beginning the last phase. I am going to show you how everything has come together and is about to erupt. This will begin what will bring the antichrist, whose arrival begins the 7 year countdown to the final end. We might only be 8 or 9 years away from that very final end. Maybe not even quite that. Strap yourselves in for the ride of your life. The day no one ever thought would arrive, has arrived.

The List!

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This all came to me on October 2, 2015. I began typing it all down in a list by October 4. I now begin the web page at this instance, Oct. 7, 2015 at exactly 1 AM at this moment. How bout dat!

But the strange part is how it began in February of 2015. I was researching symbols relating to Satanic and Pagan religion and Mystery religions.

I came across a site in a search engine: . It had this quote: “Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.” -Confucius and this logo:  On the front page was this video, now shown on his latest news category of the same site:

I watched and I was dumbfounded. No way! This can't be happening! I'll kill! I clicked the youtube button to see the channel for more. There was. I watched more then and after till I had seen them all. I made a list for a friend on Feb. 11, 2015. I saw these 2 or 3 days prior. They were only put up on Feb. 8. So I found them, by providence says I, practically the day that they were let loose by someone.

Link below of picture to the right  >>>>>>>

By the way, the above is a great site for conspiracy stuff in entertainment and advertising, etc.

The UK courts had ordered these to not be shown to the public though I have no idea what give them that right to be able to order such things. All I can say is that law is purely wicked and upside down and inside out, protecting evil and screwing the good.

When I had gone back a 2nd time, the videos had been deleted from the YT channel they were at. My friend found the same. So I had to do a search to find other places for these. They were being banned almost as soon as they were put up. Youtube was instrumental in persecuting the videos. Many other sites would join in deleting anything to do with this case. The worst cover up I had ever seen. I have the word doc with all those links in my files.

In short, these two kids' dad was the leader of a Satanic cult in the Hampstead area of north London. Not just any cult leader. This particular cult helped run a world wide network of baby trafficking from all over the world, supply babies for sacrifices to Satan, with their blood drank, and the babies cooked and eaten as a sacrament. They are likely supplying a good deal of the babies consumed by UK Satanists. These kids had so much to tell. Their mom was not in the cult. And she had no idea that her former boyfriend and dad of the kids was in their school every day, often raping his own kids and plenty of other kids in the school as was all the staff of the school and cult members from around. And 5 or 6 other schools were said to be doing the very same thing and its going on in other towns as well.

I have another article dealing with far more in details. But the courts stole the kids from their mom and would not allow any contract with the kids by anyone except the dad accused. The courts wanted to make sure the kids never talked again. Final decision on the kids is due in February 2016.

The more I dug into this case, the more I became convinced that this was no ordinary case and no ordinary event whatsoever. This was something highly unusual and mind-blowing with proportion and implications that staggered the imagination. I was sure this had some divine providence in it. I was sure God was closely involved. I believe that more than ever, now. But I'll leave the rest of their story in my other articles.

But I believe there is a lot yet to be revealed about all this AND that this was the kick-off event for what is taking place now. It may even be related to why everything is happening now, to keep this, above all else, secret. By Feb. 2106, they hope to have enough huge news events to keep this out of sight. But it will not work says I. God plans to reveal it all, I suspect. Also it has not reached many people yet on the net, due to extreme suppression. God will  fix that, and then all the people of the world will have no excuse for not knowing for sure the Satan now rules the world and most people in it.


So I start off my list of events going on, as we speak, that are sure to impact the world as never before.

1. Alisa and Gabriel, the Hampstead kids who blew the whistle on Satan and are now held unlawfully by the UK legal system. They reveal a world wide network of the devil, operating in every nation on earth. FACT and committing the worst atrocities imaginable against kids and babies, among other things.

2. Vaccines are pushed and forced on people, while going much harm to those who receive these shots. Part of a world wide eugenics program.

3. Contrails/chem-trails have been filling the sky in the 21st century and are now identified as "toxic coal-combustion fly gas.' (American Free Press, Sep. 7, 2105, pg 20, Dr. J. Marvin Herndon, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health - also see - no caps). Genetically modified foods also represent a serious health threat.

4. Sandyhook psyop as well as previous shootings in schools, on an army base, a theater playing Batman, all seem fake to lay conspiracy investigators.

5. 2015 brought a new pope, who pays little heed to Catholic doctrine and speaks mostly of the New World Order and politics. He is recognized, even by a number of Catholic, as having largely disowned the former faith. Allegations of him being way too friendly with boys, which is rather common in that faith.

6. Jade Helm 2015-2016 predicts a government takeover of the USA, thru martial law, whereby citizens are disarmed or even executed for resistance. Tunnels run underground throughout North America so that trains can travel at high rates of speed with huge cargo carrying capacity and be anywhere fast. Many predicting the worst.

7. Economic Collapse in the USA was forecast as early as August of 2015 and continue to select each advancing month as the one to bring the crash. More likely than not, one of these months, maybe in 2016, it will happen unless WW3 comes along.

8. Supposed terrorist activities taking place by ISIS, ISIL, Al-Qæda, as well as spy organizations of major nations. Jihad Johnny is a good example of phony psyops.

9. In September, an unusual candidate for US president comes from out of nowhere and talking about far more action than any president has suggested since JFK. This would be Donald Trump. It has been noted by conspiracy theorists that the Simpsons cartoon, so often the accurate forecaster of future events, showed Donald Trump as president in the future. It ought to be interesting.

10. Beginning on or near to October 1, the possible makings of WW3 begin with Russia entering Syria at the invitation of Assad, leader of Syria, to put down rebels, likely working for the USA and NWO. Both sides now conducting bombing. Many are predicting WW3.

11. At the same time as 9 above, large explosions of factories begin in China and Japan. No one is certain yet what it all means but it would appear to have a coincidental timing with the WW3 setup, if that is what it is; and everyone seems to think so.

12. Talk of WW3 has also inspired talk of UFO landings and aliens appearing, perhaps to intervene in a WW3. The USA has long been primed to accept ideas like this and Hollywood has supplied plenty of movies suggesting these sorts of things.

13. NASA announces they have found water on Mars within the 1st 7 days of October. Many suspect aliens or alien sites are next on the announcement list, followed by alien interventions. Lots of stuff has been on the net for a few years or even 5 years on this sort of thing.

14. Mass Shooting At Umpqua Community College In Oregon. Obama calls for gun control. Events 9 thru this one, 13, all happen within a day or so of each other. Too many are of the opinion that this is not an accident or coincidence. They believe it was all planned by World manipulators. First action after the shooting was to punish the students at Umpqua with unconstitutional searches and treated like felons, as if it was their fault or as if someone else was going to do the very same thing again.

15. 2 notable feminists, Anita Sarkeesian & Zoe Quinn go to the UN to petition the UN to outlaw online harassment, defined as nearly anything that hurt their feelings, true or not, should be classified and treated as if it was a physical attack and injury. I'll discuss this shortly as it does relate to all of the above.

16. Though not headline news, women have launched a protest against sex robots and sex dolls. Again, related to the previous, no. 14 and all the above.

17. Europe is being flooded by refugees from Arab/Muslim countries and creating chaos and havoc in Europe, quite possibly breaking and bankrupting nations.

So there we have in numbers 9-13 in particular, a large collection of events to happen at nearly the same time. Unheard of and not even subtle. They are in a panic and moving very fast. Mistakes will be made and cover-up will be impossible. But now I need to explain some things.

Too Many Things at Once                Oct. 9, 015
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The NWO is not subtle about what they do. This is their short-coming, which we the smart can be grateful for; but the dumb will not notice a thing. They are fast asleep. But things long in motion are now being joined by other things. Vaccines, chem-trails, GMOs, UFO activities and movies, these have been ongoing thru the 21st century to the present. Numerous shootings going on in America and even in France and the Mid East. Jade Helm and a huge Economic crash have long been warned about. Jade Helm vehicles with UN on them have been sited around the USA. We recently got a new Pope (2013) who is stumping for the NWO instead of the Roman Catholic church. Terrorists in the Mid East under various names have been operating for several years up to the present, October 2015.

That paragraph above is a lot. All designed to ruin health, or intimidate us into accepting a police state for protection (its not working), or throw us into economic disaster.  And now we got a false prophet as we might have expected. But none of it was really changing our minds. "So what to do?" asks the NWO! "Well, to hell with subtlety. Lets throw the worst at the people," they said. So here we go!

They give us a potential WW3. The USA gets a new dynamic presidential candidate to bring back our prosperity and order if we just agree to WW3. That's my prediction. Now we got bombs going off in Japan and China. Feeling a little insecure now? No? What's it gonna take to put you all in a panic? The NWO has a plan for everything.

WW3 will accomplish many things. But maybe best of all, if it appears we are near to a "Bay of Pigs scenario" again, only worse, then maybe the people will be scared enough. With us appearing to teeter on the brink of disaster, what could be better to introduce a fake fulfillment of prophecy and have UFOs land and out pops a fake returned messiah, Jesus by name. Now they say they have discovered water on Mars. What next? Ruins of former buildings? A secret hive of aliens living and squatting on Martian territory?  Jesus hiding out on Mars? Now they won't say he is fake but we who know the bible are expecting a fake. Some are expecting a real one, but without support of the scriptures. We can only wonder what the next Martian revelation is going to be. Conspiracy theorists will not buy it, whatever it is.

And while all this is starting to form, we get yet another fake shooting in Oregon that skeptics are just not buying, including myself. More calls for gun control. Our government (USA) fears its own citizens. Now why would that be? I am baiting you. You'll see! We are perfectly poised for WW3 and an alien landing.

Can you see the build up? Terror and mayhem surrounding us on all sides; at least they hope that is what we feel. Will we fall for it or will they have to bully us into it? It is clear they are looking to provoke and they desperately want that fake messianic thing to take place so that they can take over Jerusalem and the temple mount and restore the temple and priesthood. Soon, they will offer us a wonderful deal that we just can't bear to pass up. Heaven on earth so we are told. Ya know, ya can't make these things up ;-)

A principle often used in law is call a "preponderance of evidence." I ask this! if you are going to pull off a con job, could it be any more elaborate and ridiculous than this one that is now coming together in such convincing fashion that not one, but many conspiracy fans are connecting all the dots nearly as I am, with WW3 and UFOs/aliens as well. There is not much more they could do.

An accident? No way! This is the final count down. Oh, I could not resist this. Forgive me Lord, for I am about to sin ;-)

Now what is most unusual is what might be done with this whole crazy con-job they are cooking up for us. I can only offer possibilities, supported by some other possibilities. But we won't have to wait very long to get an answer, anyway.

Enemy No. 1
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Now this is not our enemy per say. This is what the NWO & Satan considers their worst enemy. I guarantee you its true. So I want to tell you a story about the Europe of old, which is also the Europe of new in many respects. That is to say, not much has changed over the years. Europe around south, bordering on the Mediterranean Sea, has long been in existence thru many empires who dominated that sea, the primary means of shipping and trade, as well as war.

Rome came along and subdued all around the Mediterranean Sea, taking much of it from the Carthaginian-Phoenician Empire. Rome held Europe in its sway. Countries under Rome's rule had to use Latin when accessing Roman law and courts. Rome fall like any pyramid scheme does, sooner or later. Her internal corruption did not help. But when Rome fell, a group from Rome migrated to a large swamp like area that seemed defensible by water and prevent armies from easy access and attack. We know this as Venice.

Venice became the most powerful shipping fleet in the world in its time. It was the most dominant merchant and banking firm & financiers. It even had the most impressive shipyard for both building new ships and repairing them as well. This Venice would become a formidable adversary to many people and nations. We will come back to Venice shortly.

What is seldom known to most today, historians included, is that the Indian Ocean contained the most powerful concentration of wealth and knowledge the world had ever seen. Why? Being near to the equator and tropical and sub-tropical, with lots of rain and monsoons, and mountains and valleys to grow in and ocean every where for ships of trade to travel. Lots of food growing potential meant lots of people and that mean lots of labor, which in turn, produced more room to support more intellectual engineers and administrators so that technology could be much more intensely developed, far beyond Rome's own well advanced technology. One day in 1434, a Chinese fleet sails up the Gulf of Arabia and crosses over Egypt to enter the Mediterranean Sea as they head for Venice. Why Venice? I can only speculate.

Venice having existed for at least 500 years to this point, had built a reputation that moved thru their trading partners, the Arabs and Muslims, over into China. China might have been invited or maybe she wanted to see for herself. But she brought her technology with her to Venice. An accident? No, my friends! Empires can not grow or develop by accident. That is a fact. There has to be purpose and intention to grow such things. So China "gives" (maybe or sells) Venice and as a result, Europe, the mother lode of technology that would propel Europe to the top of the world. This was the real cause of the Renaissance.

But even in 1434, Venice had good control of Europe and courts still used Latin. Venice often funded two opposing sides so that each would diminish the other and Venice would stay on top and make money off both sided as they fought each other. War was profitable then as it is now. As the 1400s drew to a close, one of China's valuable pieces of knowledge, which were her marine maps and navigation knowledge and experience of the entire world, were delivered unto Venice. Oh, no, I am not joking about this one.

And guess what Venice knew? She knew about North and South America, in 1434. Now class, when did Columbus discover America, so called? 1492! Right?! It was 58 years between 1434 and 1492. In that 58 years, some exploring had to be done and Columbus was not without Portuguese informants. But also Venetian ones, too. This kicked off the mad rush to colonize a new land for open development. American natives? Well, Venice and Europe were not worried about that. 1st, the Indians were not that advanced in technology since they had plenty of resources for living so they did not have a great need for technology and they were not as ambitious as those who follow the devil were and I have to assume that Venice was familiar with Satan. I'll supply some evidence later. This section has important goals of another sort. So the native populations of the Americas could be easily subdued.

So as far as the greedy and ruthless enterprisers/conquerors were concerned, the Americas were up for grabs. So to make a long story short, all eyes were on the Americas by 1500 AD. So the mad greedy rush was on to claim territory and develop trade. Small pox wiped out huge numbers of natives in the New World, leaving far less of a fight for the rest of the continents and their offerings.

So now we will jump ahead to the early colonial times of English colonies. I will later fill in the historical gaps but we have bigger fish to fry here.

Getting people to come over to the precursor of the USA was not easy for England and the two merchant companies, the Plymouth Company and the Virginia Company, for which King James had given grants for them to rule their own holdings but he would later nullify those grants which angered the companies quite a bit. Maybe more on that later, too. It is an interesting story seldom told.

Because the elements of living were raw and undeveloped and because many who came over were leaders not use to working and those working resented them, colonies faced a breakdown in work and morale. Jamestown nearly failed by just a few days. The Plymouth colony, used to name Plymouth rock, became the Massachusetts Bay colony. It struggled, too. Some colonies did fail. The typical luxuries of the England were often missing in America. It was not a popular place.

But something strange began, starting with the Plymouth Company and colony. The pilgrims were a religious group who were outlawed in England. They wanted religious freedom and to be legally accepted and tolerated. They came over and were well motivated. So much so that the company ordered many rules to be followed, favoring the religious types in order to get more of the same to settle more of the land to become the USA. Everyone had to attend church, etc. No slackers or trouble makers allowed.

But I might point out that the pilgrims wanted their own colony and the Plymouth Company (and king, too), were not about to let a religious group get too far out of observance and control so another group of about the same number as the pilgrims/Puritans in England and around, were sent along with the pilgrims. So even then, religion had a noose around its neck.

Eventually, the colonies rebelled from England, declared in 1776, the same year the Illuminati formed as well. The USA won the war in 1789 and set up its own government. Let me tell you about that. It was not easy to get people to even fight that war, much less fund it. A lot of promises were made (insincerely) and broken. When it came time to pay for the war, farms were confiscated as payment, which caused a rebellion known as Shay's Rebellion. It was a dirty affair, where farmers were robbed and plundered. Then they began outrageous taxes. The infamous Whiskey tax. It is said that whiskey enabled the colonies to be established and grown. Washington gathered an army and put the rebellion down. Known as the Whiskey Rebellion.

But the USA had lots of room and land for growth. They did not have many people. So the call went out for immigration. And people came flocking. Many Germans showed up, looking for opportunity, land, and sometimes, even religious freedom such as the Old Order Mennonites, Amish, and Hutterites. You'll note there are none of those in Europe now. They all went to America.

America had some unique founding documents. Since they had made so many promises to the colonists, they offered sweet sounding things like the Declaration of Independence. Technically, although a declaration to England, it is a fine document in that it says the bonds between a government and its people should be mutually voluntary and that should the bonds ever become seen as no longer respectful or desirable, the people should have right to a divorce, so to speak. This seems quite right. But the reality has been, since the beginning of time, that tribal leaders enslaved people for labor and eventually nations formed, using the same tactics. So nations of people are, really and truly, just slaves. But the document does say otherwise.

The Constitution is like a government organization of rules and procedures, designed to fool and lie. So I will not give it too much dignity. But the Bill of Rights, long resisted, were finally brought to bear and these granted and guaranteed rights to citizens. But smart people know that guarantees and agreements must be enforced by mutual strength on both sides so that neither can overpower the other and this was missing from the Bill of Rights, where government held most of the power exclusively. But it was a nice document in principle. People still refer to it to this day and it makes it tough for government to misbehave and abuse its power. So if the government and their masters had their way, they would like to get rid of that document if possible. Keep that in mind.

Now in Europe, there were families long in power and control, which meant most laborers, which really is another word for slaves, had no hope of ever being anything but a slave and used and abused. They saw an opportunity in America that had not been in Europe, perhaps even in Roman times. So many were seduced into coming to America for opportunity to maybe own some land and be somewhat independent and maybe even engage in a little bit of enterprise. So America grew and people got to crawl out from under oppression and breath a breath of fresh air. And they could worship as they pleased and think and even speak without royal snitches squealing on them.

The Bill of Rights also got them thinking and kept them thinking. Independence from the strict control of England was intoxicating, to say the least. Freedom of thought spread throughout. England was not able to export her domination to the colonies, now their own country. The country had a long way to grow, so clamping down would not help at this time. They let it go, knowing they could reign people in when they were ready.

But what we have today is a vestige of that freedom of voice, and thought, and action. Its still intoxicating and Europe has not had it for at least 2000 years. That freedom and free flowing intellect has been a tough one for those who want to enslave Americans once again, so that they are like the rest of Europe has always been. Today, that collective mind of free thinking and rights, along with the right to fight and bear arms and defend those rights is entrenched in our psyches.

So the new battleground for the NWO is the USA. The USA's citizens are Enemy no. 1. We are what the world rulers and Satan hate. We are the most independent ones for religion, often rejecting denominations for individual thought in God and religion. We got lots of stupid apathetic people. But we still have more thinkers and independent attitudes than anywhere else in the world. I will supply the proof. You didn't doubt me, did you?

What follows below is population numbers for English speaking nations and 3 others for comparison. I gathered the number of visitors to my site in percentages, to see how certain nations compared. My site is very independent in thought and somewhat of a departure from conventional status quo thinking on religious matters and conspiracy theories. I felt my website was a very good test for independence of thinking and ever radical in some ways. So how does the USA compare with the 6 top visiting nations to my site, Let me break it all down for you.

First, China and India are the largest nations on earth, both over 1 billion. The USA is a distant 3rd and Brazil might be 4th, at 195 million. This is in 2014 and my visiting figures are from October 5, 2015. The USA represents 67% of all visits to my site. That's huge. All the rest of the world only amounts to 33%.

Population figures are for 2014. 

County Population Visits %   Pop ratio   Visit ratio
USA 318 million 67%
UK 64 million 3% 5 > 1 22 > 1
Canada 35 million 2% 9 > 1 33 > 1
Australia 23 million 1.2% 13 > 1 56 > 1
Brazil 195 million 5% 1.6 > 1 13 > 1
France 59 million 1% 5 > 1 67 > 1
Germany 80 million 1% 4 > 1 67 > 1

Now how does the USA compare with the UK, Canada, and Australia, all English speaking nations? You can see in the UK that we outnumber the UK, 5 to 1. We are 5 times as big as they are in population. But in visits, we outrank the UK 22 to 1. It only gets worse for Canada and the Aussies. I have one partial anomaly in Brazil, a Portuguese speaking nation. Brazil, for whatever the reason, finds my site more attractive than any other on earth, except the USA.

So the USA stands out so far above all the world in choosing independent thinking that there is none to even come close to comparing. Even Brazil is only 5% compared to the USA with 67%. Our 318 million vs. about 6 billion in the rest of the world. But the USA is 67% of my traffic, vs. 33% for all the rest of the world. We the USA are outnumbered by the rest of the world, better than 18 to 1 in favor of the world. Yet the USA is 2 to 1 visits more than the world who outnumbers us 18 to 1. Can you see what the rulers of the world see?

For them, the USA has nearly all the independence of the world. And the rulers of the world want to destroy that. The battle ground is the USA. There can be no doubt about that. Put yourself in Satan's shoes. Where is the resistance? The USA, right? Who do you crush? The USA! There could be no other possibility.

So now lets look at WW3 again, OK? All nations serve the same devil. But they appear to be fighting each other and they are. People will really die. The blood and suffering will both be very real. But the leaders know the real game plan. Only we are in the dark. But I got a flash light with me and am going to share it with you. The USA is ground zero for the big one. We must fall or we must be subdued.

Can we be defeated? If the guys at the top say we must be, then it will happen. Everyone knows their role. The script was written a long time ago. The USA must fall. She must lose her prosperity and become debt slaves. She must lose her comfort and good living standards. She must be humbled. She must become obedient. That is the future of the USA. Will WW3 be good for us. No way! But our leaders have been instructed. They are to sabotage our nation. Don't you doubt it for a second.

All knees must bow to Satan. Christians must be silenced. Those of them that offer violent resistance thru guns, will likely die. Jesus says that he who lives by the sword will also die by it. Those who remain loyal to God but do not resist the evil ones, will be put into prisons and concentration camps. It will seem like punishment but it will actually be for our protection. The world is going to be decimated. It will be horrific. But Christians will not have to deal with it and they will be fed when others die of hunger or whatever else. So concentration camps will be salvation, really. And it will only be for 3.5 years. Then they are let loose briefly and then God wipes out those who attack us yet again and then its 1000 years of peace and learning.

AND we get our youth back, and likely more beauty if we were lacking it to begin with. All genetic defects will be corrected.

Now there is an enemy no. 2. Who? Europe! Her nations comprise white people of often Christian background, at least in name. She was once a economic powerhouse. 2 world wars hurt her, though. But her people have their IDs and values. Immigration has been pursued by most sellout politicians of most nations in her. So as of recent days, the NWO and sellout politicians have caused overwhelming numbers of muslims to come to Europe for the goodies and handouts.

It has crushed Europe almost instantly, in finances and rape has increased sharply. In one dramatic move, Europe has been decimated. Can there be a recovery? I don't know. Perhaps it was intended to cause a collapse. Though Europe is not the USA, it still represents resistance and independence. So the NWO took care of that. Now Europe is crippled.

More Strategies
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If you were to ask conspiracy people on the street or the net, who is in charge, you would get answers like NWO, Illuminati, Freemason, Bankers, Rothschilds, Secret Societies and maybe I have missed one or two. But those I list are all wrong. Oh, you're doubting me again, are you? But its true. None of them are running the world at all. The real answer, which some Christians would give, is, Satan! And they are right! So why is Satan not given credit for it? He is in charge, isn't he? He sure is! So if he is not getting blamed, it is because he does not want the blame. He does not even want you to believe he exists. He knows he can be most effective if he operates secretly, without notice. If you are aware of him and his power, you might start to rethink everything. Instead, most imagine that its just us puny humans and no one else. Nothing supernatural at all!

Now if Satan and his power were understood, as well as his spirit army of allies, commonly called demons, a Greek word of some importance but that is for another place on my site, then you might think in bigger terms and broader implications. Satan has incredible powers that are not bound or limited by the physical laws of the universe, though still with some limit and constraint by God, who truly has unlimited powers. Such very super human powers on the part of Satan put us all in great danger. That is what Satan does not want you to understand. Understand? Good!

So what are Satan's objectives?

He wants to kill as many people as possible due to his hate of humans, because some of them proved him wrong in his assessment of them in front of God. He wants to make sure they remain and die, alienated from God by disobeying God. This way they have no chance of being resurrected back to life. Satan is jealous because he knows he is going to die and that some humans will live forever. It kills him. Satan tried to tempt and sway the son of God from continuing to obey God. But Jesus died on a cross on April 3, 33 AD without ever having sinned against God, thereby proving that the devil could not away a man properly prepared and without flaw in the flesh, to turn from God and sin.

Satan does not want people to know he exists. That might alert some to his vast powers, which might put them on alert. Better that they know nothing about what he is really doing. Only his followers know what he is doing and the truth is, that they don't really know fully what he is doing, because he lies to them like he does to all. The most effective enemy is the one you do not know exists or do not think exists.

Evolution is one way Satan keep many from knowing about the spirit world and what really goes on in it. Evolution says we came from nothing for no reason, just pure accident and random-chance occurrence. But intelligent people know that every event must have a cause. Something can not come from nothing. If they buy evolution, then there is no belief in God and no responsibility or obedience to Him.

Consider that if all was done in a free open trial where all information was heard by all, then proper justice would be done. Satan does not want proper justice or honest hearing. he wants to be able to lie and deceive. So he wants to keep everything a big secret. So he only reveals some things to his priestly followers on earth who guard his secrets in symbols and in "mystery pagan" religions of his, often in the names of other pagan gods, so that he can hide.

Satan is allowed contact with humans if they contact him or seek out the spirit world apart from God. So God forbids contact with spirits or their magic arts. But if humans approach those spirits or practice their arts, then those humans can be contacted or even possessed and used by Satan or his demon cohorts.

Satan lies about death, saying it is merely passing on from the body and into the spirit world, where others already are. Demons even pretend to be former living people. Satan does not want you to find out about his lies. If you are a spirit in a body, and will continue to life after death of the body, then you will have no use for God. That is what Satan wants you to think. I have more on this in my article Satan's Lies 101.

Satan hates God and wants to ruin God's creation in every way possible. So he wants to turn everything upside down and inside out. He wants all his followers to do the opposite of good/nice. He wants to make everyone that way. So he will cause events to happen on earth to force everyone to choose one way or the other. Those choosing God will go into concentration camps and prisons, and some even killed. And those choosing Satan's phony returned "Jesus" will be substantially killed by Satan's "Jesus" while the rest will be killed by God in the end when Christians are freed after 3.5 years and they are attacked after.

So there are 3 main objectives of Satan in bold face type. To kill as many as possible be deception, to hide himself, and to ruin everything God ever instituted.

Kill, Hide & Ruin! Its that simple. But now the nations will have a slightly different objective. They are to acquire power, take away all rights, and enslave all and force the people to worship the false "Jesus."

But to keep us from realizing all this, they will feign other motives such as desire for wealth, power, control, calling it peace and justice. And those in power will give the side they want, to play the good guys and the other side the bad guys. They are putting on a theater production. Likely an East vs West paradigm leading up to a WW3 or maybe get near it and have a new USA president join with Putin in bringing peace thru disarmament and sacrificing political autonomy for cooperating "fairly" with the rest of the world instead of bullying it. The USA will be the bad guys I suspect.

Or we could have an alien intervention to save us from the brink of annihilation. And out steps a fake "Jesus." And he brings "peace" to the world. But behind every thing they say they want to accomplish, will be a hidden false agenda. Its hard to make enslavement and giving up rights look good. They never look good because they are not good. They want to block off all exits except only 2. Satan or God. Then all will have to choose.

Fear is a wonderful way to get people to do almost anything. When in panic, they do not think well. They will do stupid things. WW3 could scare the living daylights out of people. So they will make it look as bad as they can. And the myth-lie of aliens will encourage them to ignore the God option. Very clever! Aliens might even sound like something to take a chance on. But as far as I am concerned, aliens, who look and talk just like us are no comfort at all. UFO tech has been around for a long time now. Its not that advanced at all. We had them by 1947.

So while we might be lead to believe that the USA/UK want to steal oil and gas fields from the Ukraine-Russia, this is just to set up an us vs them situation that will rise to a WW3. But its what is behind the phony WW3 that we have to look beyond the simple obvious and consider the higher objective mentioned previously. Number1, the USA has to fall and its feisty independent and armed citizens must be humbled, subjected, demoralized and lose that "arrogance" the elite hate so much. No more guns, no more rights, no more USA. Its NWO now.

I can't help but note that Putin is being handed the hero's role, the rational fair man's role. The peace keeper role, with benevolence and all. Why this very thing is now seen as very appealing in the USA. But should Putin and his allies defeat the USA/UK allies, then Putin's gang might come over to the USA and subdue it. Hell, we already got tunnels all over North America that they can use. Our highways have been renovated and mysterious signs put up at key exits. Loads of UN vehicles on trains that are moved in the tunnels, all made by the USA, I suspect.

This has every appearance of being a cooperative venture between Russia and the USA. So why are we about to fight a WW3? Its all an act and game. Could it also be that the USA must fall before the "aliens" arrive? Or during? Or after? Could this WW3 be just an excuse to appoint a winning side to humble the USA citizens? And serve as a welcoming committee for the aliens, too. But are there any other objectives to accomplish. I suspect one.

Satan wants to remain hidden. He does not want to be exposed. Exposure would unveil what he was really doing and we might not fall for the aliens and all that crap. But I also know that God has an agenda and we have not talked about that yet, have we? We have not. So here we go.

If this fake crap is going to have a lot going for it, God will require a fair chance to alert and warn people about the devil and his activities and how he controls all the nations and the world. Could that happen? I think it has to! But how would God do that? Oh, I thought you'd never ask. I mean, for one, how do you show the nations are working together and that there are no good guys and only bad guys, really rotten ones? How do you show that the world is very connected and false?

This is the big show down. Obviously if there is a WW3 and a UFO fleet landing, we are talking End of the World type stuff. Just to be clear. And remember that Satan is desperate to stay hidden from view. Why do I say that and what have I to prove that? Beginning in the 80s, we had a fascinating phenomenon take place in the USA and unaware to me, it was taking place in other nations, too, like Australia, France, Germany, UK. There are videos covering this time period and many books as regards this phenomenon. What am I speaking of? Rape and extreme abuse of very young children, along with very strange terrifying cultic practices well known from previous times in history and called Satanic Ritual Abuse, abbreviated as SRA.

But in the early 90s, spin doctors posing as psychological doctors, backed by the CIA, developed a concept known as False Memory Syndrome. The Skeptical Inquirer, HQ'd in Buffalo NY, USA began promoting it. I was subscribed to this at the time. Elizabeth Loftus was one big promoter of this. It was designed to discredit the buried suppressed memories that SRA victims were recovering as they sought treatment for extreme psychological disturbances.

The therapists treating these victims were encountering all this for the first time and did well to find their way thru the maze created in minds. What was discovered, by surprise, was not only SRA, but secret government mind control programming, very sophisticated and very cruel and horrible abuse on a level that can barely even be comprehended. Mind Control victims would be used as assassins, prostitutes, spies, messengers, and much more. Secrets can not be recovered from these victims by torture since the memories are locked away with codes and can not be accessed without those codes. So they were the perfect medium for sending or storing information. Mind Control victims can have super human abilities called up to help them carry out their missions.

In the book, "Ritual Abuse in the Twenty-First Century  --  Psychological, Forensic, Social, and Political Considerations," it becomes quite clear that rather than treatment getting any better or the crime being exposed more, prosecuted more and more being put away for such crimes; the opposite has occurred in that SRA is getting covered up more, and prosecution is more difficult, and the problem becoming more widespread. Why are we going backwards? Answer? Corruption, infiltration by Satanic cultists on many levels of society, and people getting worse in general. In short, Satan has the world by the balls. He has taken over the world. How so? In a minute!

Satan does not want you to know much about this. Worse, he does not want you to know that not only are the nations all used by him directly, but that he also has a world wide cult network that worships him and sacrifices human of all ages to him. They drink blood and eat human flesh. They rape kids all the time, and often torture, too. It is a revelation that can hardly be believed, but by this time, 2015, the numbers of victims become witnesses is staggering and can not be ignored, especially with 2014-2015 case in the UK that happened in Hampstead, with two children revealing the cult they were forced into and kept secret till the ages of 8 and 9.

Now if you are not aware of Alisa and Gabriel, they were victims of horrendous Satanic Ritual abuse in a cult of Satan. But theirs is no ordinary story for their dad was the head of their cult and he likely is a key player at a larger level in that cult network all over the UK, and with operations all over the world. The kids were often hearing and witnessing things of this nature. This has never ever been something we previously had knowledge of or access to knowing. Not even close!

Though the kids may have been unaware of the full implications, do not think the UK was not aware of it! They and Satan were very upset and disturbed. And its not over yet, either, with a certain outcome. Put another way, its not over till the fat lady sings. And she is not on stage yet to sing. But as you can imagine, it would have been a disaster had this gotten out. Oh, a few of us know about it, but as a whole, the world has not heard much. It was covered up with everything the UK and higher had. All the Media covered it up. Youtube and search engines closed accounts, blocked searches, sabotaged every effort to get this message out.

As quickly as the kids' videos were uploaded, the accounts with them were deleted. The cover up was massive. Satan was very unhappy. It was panic time. Now that I know this much and now you do, too, you should know that if there is one thing Satan does not want known, its him and what he is doing on earth and that he is worshiped and hideous rituals are performed and kids continually raped and some often sacrificed to Satan. No Joke, I'm very sorry to say.

Here is the clincher. Cults are constantly trying to recruit more members. In the UK, they control many schools, especially in wealthy areas. Why wealth? Because Satan only allows people who serve him to gain wealth. So wealthy areas are mostly Satan worshippers. Fact! As well, people are enticed with forbidden desires they might have, such as women not normally attainable by them or maybe they like kids instead. So they are given what they want, but with pictures and videos of them doing it so that they can be blackmailed into joining and obeying. Brice Taylor's book shows this clearly in Hollywood in the 60s and 70s. She was a mind controlled sex slave, among other things.

They are continually prodded to do worse and worse as time goes by. Become more evil and ruthless. Participate in ritual gang rapes, killing, sacrifices and other horrors. Cults start colonies when they get big enough and settle in towns where they are not represented and they slowly take over with offers and blackmail. Soon, everyone is compromised and compliant. Two children (Alisa and Gabriel) had it explained to them by their dad/cult leader, what their roles were to be.

So Satan secretly has a lot of people working for him. Every level of society has been compromised so that anywhere they need help to cover things over, they can get it. Police departments, hospitals, all government agencies, big corporations, charitable and philanthropic organizations, fraternities, big finance, everything everywhere. Franchise owners, businessmen, teachers. Anyone you can think of. Satan is now fully in power. But he is terrified that this might get revealed. He pulls out all stops to silence whistleblowers. We see that in what happened to Alisa and Gabriel. We see that in the book I refer to above, dealing with SRA in the 21st century. But I am going to show you that this SRA thing has been covered up for quite some time. Now I just read this below, on Oct. 15, 015 and its 4:35 AM on the 16th, when I write this now below VVV. 

A Clue in Psychotherapy?
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There are some dark secrets, in of all things, the field of Psychology and Psychotherapy. I am using Peter Levine's brief history of psychotherapy in the book I am currently reading by him and then expanding on certain sections with more info to demonstrate what is suppressed and hidden that might indicate where things will be going in the future for any intelligent person knows that the best predictor of the future is the past. Human nature never changes. Employers often hire based on past performance of applicants.

The following is a 5 page excerpt from the following author/book, this part referring to an interesting progression of therapy, in theory and practice, with the focus on Freud and his sudden change of direction. but to get the full sense of what happened, you need all 5 pages. I make fair use of thins info under copyright law. My comments >>are in red and brackets.<<

Peter Levine Ph.D. – “In An Unspoken Voice”       all rights reserved, fair use claimed

Page 308         IN AN UNSPOKEN VOICE

The Merry-Go-Round of Therapy

When psychologists talk about change, they often equate it with insight. This assumption, though often subliminal, has had a profound influence on theories and therapies purported to help people deal with "mental" and "emotional" disorders. However, when we investigate this further, we see that understanding, talk and change frequently have little relationship to one other. Woody Allen, asked if he still had his same symptoms, quipped that he was only on his "fifteenth year" of psycho-


analysis. If only he had known that the process of change has to do primarily with being able to alter one's internal feeling states, and that "psychological" problems arise when these states have become habitual or "stuck." These chronic emotional states in turn dominate our ways of thinking, imagining and behaving. An understanding of how deeply rooted feelings can change is at the core of any effective therapy. It is particularly germane to how traumatized individuals can begin to free themselves from the many behavioral reenactments and repetitive feelings of fear, numbness, rage, terror, helplessness and despair.

The disparate roles of sensation, feeling and cognition in therapy have followed a convoluted and confounding path. At times emotions have been neglected, while cognition was esteemed. At other times, cognition has been dismissed, while emotions were practically worshiped. And most of the time, with very few exceptions, the therapeutic role of sensations has remained unknown. The balanced attention to sensation, feeling, cognition and élan vital (life-energy) remains the emergent therapeutic future for transforming the whole person.

>>In the 80s and early 90s, SRA began to flourish and Therapists slowly figured out how to best treat it so that a real healing could take place. But despite the good results of therapists, a movement began to grow to cover up the efforts of therapists and even figure out way to program mind control victims to experience things no one would believe. In fact, therapists report that many Satanists and those working for mind control programmers were often in attendance at support groups for mind control victims, similar to alcoholics anonymous. The programmers would devise ways to outsmart deprogrammers and therapists, as well as patients.<<

Freud, following his gifted teacher Charcot, initially believed that to cure neurosis, the patient must "relive" the painful (traumatic) memories that she had "repressed." In addition, this reliving had to include a strong emotional component, a dramatic catharsis associated with the precipitating event. Employing this method, Freud came to believe that the precipitating event was frequently childhood molestation, usually perpetrated by the father on his daughter. (The vast majority of Freud's patients were so-called hysterical women).

Needless to say, Freud's theory was not well received by the professional community, many of them doctors, bankers and lawyers. Most of them were fathers as well. From what is now known about the prevalence of sexual abuse, some of them almost certainly had been guilty of incest themselves. For this and other reasons, Freud backed away both from the seduction theory (as it was ironically labeled) as well as from his therapeutic method of uncovering repressed memories in order to relive them through strong emotional catharsis. 

>>The first method discovered and employed by Freud was later used, starting in the 80s, by therapists trying to help victims of SRA and Trauma Based Mind Control. This was the method that Freud later turned his back on. Freud was pressured to stop and agreed to stop, because too many professionals were being discovered as raping their daughters regularly. This was how the well to do professionals of society lived then as now. Now I want you to carefully note where Freud lived when he died, please!<<

---------------------------------------------   From Wikipedia

Born Sigismund Schlomo Freud
6 May 1856
Freiberg in Mähren, Moravia, Austrian Empire
(now Příbor, Czech Republic)
Died 23 September 1939 (aged 83)  Hampstead, London
Nationality Austria
Fields Neurology, psychology, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis
Institutions University of Vienna
Alma mater University of Vienna (MD, 1881)


>>Can you believe it? He died while living in Hampstead, London, the very place where Alisa and Gabriel were living and abducted without law by the law. Ya can't make this stuff up. He had only lived there since June of 1938, having moved there from Vienna  to escape the Nazis. Freud had been a member of the Royal Society of London for some time, while still in Vienna. He was well connected to high society and all its rules and privileges, which include cover-ups of rape and incest among the group. Hampstead at that time was a Jewish community, a natural spot for Freud to settle.

Do note that Freud's home is rather elaborate for a psychologist. He appears to have been quite wealthy. Was Freud bribed in order to get him to stop his original productive treatment in favor of lies and deceit, covering up wicked deeds? Its worth asking.

Following is more from the Wikipedia article, tracing Freud's start of his own practice and its change, 10 years later.<<

---------------------------------------------    From

In 1882, Freud began his medical career at the Vienna General Hospital. His research work in cerebral anatomy led to the publication of a seminal paper on the palliative effects of cocaine in 1884 and his work on aphasia would form the basis of his first book On the Aphasias: a Critical Study, published in 1891. Over a three-year period Freud worked in various departments of the hospital. His time spent in Theodor Meynert's psychiatric clinic and as a locum in a local asylum led to an increased interest in clinical work. His substantial body of published research led to his appointment as a University lecturer in neuropathology in 1885.[22]

In 1886, Freud resigned his hospital post and entered private practice specializing in "nervous disorders".

Freud began smoking tobacco at age 24; initially a cigarette smoker, he became a cigar smoker. He believed that smoking enhanced his capacity to work and that he could exercise self-control in moderating it. Despite health warnings from colleague Wilhelm Fliess, he remained a smoker, eventually suffering a buccal cancer.[24] Freud suggested to Fliess in 1897 that addictions, including that to tobacco, were substitutes for masturbation, "the one great habit".[25]

>>Smoking no doubt did help Freud both concentrate and relax and focus. Nicotine will  do that. But the smoke, aside from the nicotine, does make you pay a price for the benefits. But all the same, to make it to 83 is not bad and if the nicotine did help, then a cost/benefit analysis might suggest he got his money's worth, in the long run. People today might profit more if nicotine was available as a drug rather than thru cigarettes.

2nd to note, the shame or belief, not based on science or the Bible, that masturbation was a problem or moral failure, which I dispute strongly. This is what Reich would help to contest and dispute as well. The government loves shame as does Satan, too. If you believe you are doing wrong, according to the Bible, then even if you are not doing wrong by God's law, you are doing wrong by your own conscience. Therein is the sin. so if you can convince men that they are doing wrong with masturbation, which is nearly impossible to avoid, as it is a natural desire, then you have condemned all men as a result, under God's law. Now who would be pleased with that? Answer? Satan and a bunch of very stupid Christians who got their doctrine all screwed up. May they rot in hell.

In addition, if men try to avoid masturbation and so are more hard up and vulnerable to temptation, again, who benefits? Satan and his followers who look for opportunities to tempt, catch, and blackmail men caught in their own desires.

3rd to note, that the so called science of psychology was calling masturbation bad. It was not based on science or morality and Reich said this and he was "reight!" Psychology is not about science so much as it is about politics and exploitation. Our world is one big lie. I never pass up an opportunity to stray slightly briefly to show good lessons in other areas.<<

Freud's Jewish origins and his allegiance to his secular Jewish identity were of significant influence in the formation of his intellectual and moral outlook, especially with respect to his intellectual non-conformism, as he was the first to point out in his Autobiographical Study.[33] They would also have a substantial effect on the content of psychoanalytic ideas “particularly in respect of the rationalist values to which it committed itself".[34]

>>Its not clear here, but one has to wonder if this is not an indication that the "allegiance to Jewish secular identity" were part of the pressure to get Freud to stop his initial findings of incest among daughters of professionals and he ends up in Hampstead at the end of his life. Is there a sacred brotherhood among the Jewish professionals?

The next paragraph is before Freud's private practice began in 1886.<<

In October 1885, Freud went to Paris on a fellowship to study with Jean-Martin Charcot, a renowned neurologist who was conducting scientific research into hypnosis. He was later to recall the experience of this stay as catalytic in turning him toward the practice of medical psychopathology and away from a less financially promising career in neurology research.[36] Charcot specialized in the study of hysteria and susceptibility to hypnosis, which he frequently demonstrated with patients on stage in front of an audience.

>>By the way, hypnosis is forbidden in the Bible, in Deuteronomy. See this: hypno-sin.htm   Its on this site. That does not mean it is not useful, but only that Christians and Jews loyal to Moses rather than the Talmud, can not practice it. But Charcot's experience with "hysteria" helped lead to an understanding that many wanted to stop and hinder, because it was uncovering lots of incest and rape and would have uncovered multi-generational Satanic abuse in not too much more time, had Freud not bowed to pressure to stop. How far would they have gone to stop Freud, if he had not refused? AS much as they did to Wilhelm Reich! Quite a bit, right? There certainly was a lot of fear about what might get uncovered. Was Satan scared, too? You better believe it!<<

Once he had set up in private practice in 1886, Freud began using hypnosis in his clinical work. He adopted the approach of his friend and collaborator, Josef Breuer, in a use of hypnosis which was different from the French methods he had studied in that it did not use suggestion.

By 1896, Freud had abandoned hypnosis and was using the term "psychoanalysis" to refer to his new clinical method and the theories on which it was based.[37]
End of wikipedia account <<<<

>>Freud Started in 1886 and changed his practice in 1896, just 10 years later. Reich would carry on the real research and help for people.<<


Levine's book continues on page 309:

In what must have been a profound betrayal to many of his patients, Freud began to interpret their symptoms not as deriving from sexual violation, but as being rooted


instead in their childhood "oedipal" wishes, fantasies to have sex with the parent of the opposite gender.

>>In essence, Freud told victims of incest/rap that they had wanted these attacks or that they were fantasies. A real slap in the face of innocent women, once girls betrayed by daddy and then Freud as the establishment "science."<<

Freud may have also been unnerved when, during the intense cathartic reliving, patients would frequently transfer those (alleged) oedipal lusts onto him. Freud, with a discomfort in his own sexuality, appears to have shrunk from staying present with his patients' confused, volatile sexuality and, thusly, betrayed them in yet another way. For these and other reasons, it appears that Freud abandoned the "hypno-abreactive" techniques in favor of free association to "help" the patient become conscious of their oedipal wishes and then to (somehow) sublimate these infantile "lusts." In this way, Freud believed that by recognizing their fantasies, his patients' neuroses could be transformed to "ordinary suffering." A contemporary (Pierre Janet140) and a student (Wilhelm Reich) of Freud saw things differently.

The Austrian-born psychiatrist Wilhelm Reich was convinced that his teacher had made a terrible mistake on two accounts.

>>Did Reich really believe it was a mistake? or deliberate? I wonder. I say deliberate.<<

First, Reich believed that neurosis arose both from real events as well as from deep conflicts. Secondly, he was adamant that cure could only be realized when there was a powerful emotional release at the same time as the patient remembered a traumatic event. However, Reich went further than Freud in his treatment. He clearly recognized that the painful emotions evoked in reliving traumas had to be replaced (in the course of treatment) with deeply pleasurable sensations in order for health to be restored and maintained. Reich also believed that repression, of both the negative emotions as well as the pleasurable ones, was a physical reality, manifest in chronically tight and spastic muscles. These bodily restrictions caused constrained breathing and awkward, uncoordinated or robotic movements. He named this muscular rigidity character armor and perceived it as a mechanism having two unitary functions. While enabling the emotional component of the memory to be repressed, it also stifled the capacity to feel pleasurable sensations.

>>Reich had more integrity than Freud, but Reich was to pay the price for that later. Reich's theories comprise most of the basis of Dr. Levine's own treatment protocol, which I very much like and respect. Reich also discovered orgone energy, a "free" energy that could even change weather and he did. Orgone also could cure people of diseases. So Reich represented a huge threat to those in power, as they saw it. It was social/professional repression that was holding it all back. Satan and the world did not want this out. <<

Reich had a further conceptual breakthrough with the realization that one did not have to dig for traumatic memories as Freud believed. (This excavation was a central part of Freud's free association treatment.) Rather, Reich's therapy addressed the "body/character-armoring," which had the function of freezing the emotions while maintaining the neurotic


symptoms in the present. His therapy worked aggressively on two fronts. First, he brought the patient's characterological defenses to their awareness by confronting their behaviors such as obsequious politeness or passive-aggressive hostility. In addition, he "attacked" the muscular armoring, directly, through vigorous manipulation and massage of the tight muscles. Reich also believed that the repression (the damming up) of adult sexuality was in itself one of the main causes of the neurosis. This is not dissimilar to Freud's very early belief that "aktuelle" neurosis was the result of certain sexual aberrations such as masturbation and "coitus interruptus."

>>Reich was so far ahead in psychology. Religion, oddly, became very opposed to his ideas. Now I may not agree with all Reich promoted, though I can not specify for uncertainty of what he really said. But I have written extensively on sexual issues, taking issue with religion's rules on it. Sex needs to be accommodated as much and as soon as it manifests in a teenager or whenever. Further, I do not believe masturbation violates any scripture. You can view my Sex Articles Section for much more on that.

But understand that Reich wanting to cure people of physical ailments and wanting to cure them of psychological ailments was not what governments wanted. They prefer people being psychologically disturbed or upset so that they are easier to manipulate and abuse. Further, as we saw above earlier, Reich would have uncovered massive abuse of children by well-off professional people, which could have also exposed Satan's little program/movement to secretly convert the world to Satanism, not thru offering good, but thru torture, rape and other abuse.

What I have to say is that Reich was a monument of integrity, pursuing what he did till he was imprisoned and his death likely hastened.<<

The end of Reich's life was truly a national disgrace. In the sulfurous cloud of the McCarthy era, his books were burned by the FBI. Because of his radical ideas about sexuality, Reich was imprisoned for the trumped-up charge of violating interstate commerce laws. He died, in 1957, in the Pennsylvania federal penitentiary, an embittered visionary. With his death and Freud's abandonment of both "real" trauma and emotional catharsis, the therapeutic interest in emotionality waned. Meanwhile, the movement toward behaviorism and rationality came into its ascendance. By the 1950s, such therapies as Skinnerian conditioning and Albert Ellis's rational emotive therapy (RET) were dominating psychotherapy. (Incidentally, this therapy had very little to do with emotions.) The synergism of these approaches is now generally known as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). However, by the 1960s, the pendulum had begun to swing in the opposite direction. Emotions were finding their way back into the therapeutic community.

>>There is a lot to cover in that paragraph just above. One, books were burned! They feared knowledge that Reich promoted. Two, the FBI, long a sex police unit, who sticks their noses in to people's bedrooms when government really has no business telling people what they can or can't do, but the Comstock laws, morality laws, really, were created in ten USA to give government authority to use sex against citizens, men in particular. Is is the abuse of these sex laws that makes crimes where there should not be any and allows government to abuse us by virtue of natural sexual inclinations. Many blackmails are perpetrated because of claiming that those who reach puberty under say, 18, should not be treated as the rest of those past puberty. Under 18 is forbidden, but only by governments and not by nature, natural inclination, or God. so what was normal and pure is now obscene and no one had better say otherwise, says our governments.

Reich was arrested in 1953, I believe, for making it rain with his "Cloud Buster" which can be looked up on youtube. Being able to make it rain and control weather on a mass scale? The government wants this technology all to themselves without anyone knowing about it. Cloudbusters used orgone and it is being used right now to destroy fallout from chemtrails by clever students of Reich who spread their knowledge on the net. FBI were watching Reich the day he made it rain, and arrested him on the sport. His orgone boxes made for healing people were destroyed. Knowledge of how to build these is on the net now. His lab destroyed! That happens a lot thru USA history. Tesla had his labs ruined twice, I believe.

Reich was all about helping people. Governments (and Satan) are all about screwing people, abusing them and killing them. Reich was in interesting contrast to Freud, who was willing to sell out and lie. But Freud did not have cloudbusters or orgone, yet those in psychology, governments, in the elites, these all were very afraid of what Freud was unveiling. Had they not interfered, I am sure Freud would have continued in this direction. I am sure he was placed under severe threat but also offered a reward if he would compromise. So I don't want to be harsh with Freud, but I want to lavish praise on Wilhelm Reich for being a complete man of only the best actions and intentions. But we should not miss the evil that was perpetrated in the days of Freud's practice in Vienna Austria.

Freud practiced for 10 years when he sold out in 1886, likely due to no small amount of pressure put on him.<<

Two of Reich's patients (who later became his students) were Alexander Lowen and Fritz Perls. The first he referred to as the "uppity uptown tailor," while the other he contrasted as "the dirty old man from the Bowery."141 Both developed parallel extensions of Reich's work, incorporating various aspects of his ideas and methods. While Lowen continued to emphasize emotional expression, and added the function of the legs in "grounding" emotions, Perls held to a more complex view of the organism. His therapeutic approach incorporated many ideas taken from the gestalt psychologies of the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s, including those of Wolfgang Kohler and Kurt Goldstein. However, in

312      IN AN UNSPOKEN VOICE            

the anarchy of the 1960s, with its revolutionary disregard for rationality and the status quo, emotional catharsis was resurrected as a sure path to "liberation" and "freedom."

However, this process of emotional abreaction can become a self-perpetuating mechanism by which patients crave further "emotional release." Unfortunately, this process moves into an ever-tightening spiral that frequently culminates in a therapeutic dead end. Such was the case, for example, in the 1970s, when Arthur Janov promoted his primal therapy. (Reich had warned his contemporaries about mindlessly using emotional catharsis, pejoratively calling its promoters "freedom peddlers.") "Neo-Reichian release," "encounter groups," "primal therapy," "rebirthing" and other dramatic therapies co-opted the staid preeminence of the "talking cure" with an exuberant expressive zeal. Presently, at the beginning of the third millennium, we are seeing an emerging synthesis, a movement toward a more balanced emphasis on emotion and reason. In particular, experiential therapies are emerging, such as those described by Diana Fosha and others."' These include dialectical behavior therapy and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT).

>>Let me explain a few things here. Emotional catharsis (called abreaction by psychology) is when a buried trauma and its full emotional content are relived and relieved. Great relief, relaxation, and understanding follow, in many cases. But not all. As well, not all emotional catharsis is authentic. Some is other emotions coming out that are not related directly to trauma and release off trauma's pain. Arthur Janov has elected to give this false emotional catharsis the label, abreaction, which is not the standard industry definition and I don't know why he did that.

But Levine also detects this false relief but he does not call it as Janov does. Levine calls the authentic kind, abreaction, which is the normal connotation. But detecting and avoiding false abreaction is critically important if progress is to be made and healing happen. I discovered Janov's book, "The Primal Scream," and became a big fan in 1987. But I became disillusioned with him to some degree in the 90s, about 94. But much of his theory has remained valid to some degree and is closely related to Levine's therapy, though the intense catharsis is avoided by Levine in favor of a better understanding and method - maybe. It has that appearance to me at this time. But Levine has missed the traumas that can happen in the womb or even during birth, when it does not go so well.

So both seem to lack a bit of each other. Janov has quite a few flaws as I see them. I don't see any room in his philosophy for the intellect. In actual therapy, I agree the intellect is not much use. Instinct and emotion need to be corrected/healed, as they tend to complicate and distort intellectual function. However, I will argue passionately that achieving sensible rational intelligent thought is possible, even with a fair amount of trauma stored within someone. I believe that Levine has unknowingly provided the explanations for how that can happen.

But standard industry abreaction, which is what Janov's method is, though not called that by him, is and has been recognized by therapists of Satanic Ritual Abuse treatment as well as Mind Control treatment, as the means to heal. Janov calls them "primals," and I suspect this may have something to do with branding and sort of trade marking and that sort of thing. Janov has always jealously guarded his "discovery" as exclusively his, which is a false pretense. For one, as Levine shows us, Janov was not its original or first discoverer. Nor had he perfected it. Nor does he cooperate as much as he could with the rest of the field of psychology.

but we do have another problem here in that the standard practice wants to avoid genuine healing and treatment, for the same reason that Freud was "coaxed" into avoiding it. too many people were getting exposed by this treatment, which was very effective at uncovering and releasing buried hidden memories of horrific abuse. Janov will  not admit this, but I am not sure if even Levine would. As long as they avoid mentioning Satan or Mind Control, or conspiracy and secrecy, then they are left alone.

As for the therapists who treat SRA and Mind Control, they are among the most honest and helpful and they have added their own insights to this peculiar psychological damage and its treatment/healing. But Levine possibly has discovered a superior way. I need more time to evaluate. But I am fairly well convinced he is on to something.

But really, I believe that Janov, SRA therapists, and Levine, and Van Der Kolk, all have important things to contribute to a deeper, more detailed understanding of human psychological healing. But you can be assured that there are forces that would not like to see this happen, either. They would be opposed to the SRA therapists participating.

And why? Because their ultimate boss, Satan, would not like it. In fact, he would be very angry. So it is avoided. Just so we get things straight here. Satan does not want you to know what a bastard he is, for he intends to present himself as an angel of light. And it is my conviction that before this is all worked out, Satan will be further exposed by the will of God, as the SOB he truly is. Anyone joining him and his Antichrist will have no excuse for going along with the two monsters. Either fear will make them join Satan or evil desires will do so. Neither is very good.

Now we are done with therapy issues, at least for now. And we are done with Levine's brief history of psychotherapy.<<

The Hampstead Cover-up
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Now we left off in "More Strategies," regarding what Satan and the governments had in mind for us, with Alisa and Gabriel and their plight of misfortune. Then we exposed the hidden agenda of psychology, which protects Satan/SRA and governments who used Mind Control, always in conjunction with SRA. Yes, governments are directly controlled by Satan. Its a fact. They worship Satan. He owns them and he controls the world at present but not for much longer.

So Listen, how do you present a fake messiah to the world and tell everyone how wonderful he is, when you are raping kids, sacrificing some, even babies, and you gather babies from all over the world to sacrifice, and to kidnap kids and teens and force them into prostitution, trafficked all over the world, and horrific extreme porn, including killing kids during sex? Yeah, it would not go over well, would it? Let me put it this way. If I were Satan, I sure would not want this out. Satan wants you to think he is Mr. Wonderful, coming to liberate you and give you "freedom" and choice. But its all lies. He does not want you to discern his lies. Part of being a liar is hiding what you really are. DECEPTION is the name of the game.

But remember, God would like to see a fair trial. I suspect He may want enough exposure to really force Satan to force people to join him, rather than enticing them with nice lies about love and all that crap. Would you willingly go along with raping children and causing them pain in other ways, too? Everyone is going to have enough to see an obvious choice between just two parties. Satan and God. The choice should be obvious. God will make sure it is obvious. But His obvious may not be quite as dramatic as our obviousness would be, for our satisfaction. But the world will get warned.

It is my conviction that the Hampstead Cover up of Alisa and Gabriel, who were kidnapped by the courts and kept away from any public contact, including no other kids, in essence, solitary confinement, and held "in-communicado;" will be yet exposed to far greater publicity. God has His appointed time for all things. Hey, even violent rapists and murders have more rights than these 2 kids have. I got articles on them so you can read all about it.

As soon as I found out about this, it struck me that this was like no other case I had ever heard of. And by this time, I had read many books on MK-ULTRA trauma based mind control, sinister hypnosis, It being of special importance to me. But what these kids reveal opened up a whole new path and revelation. Right away I saw it as extraordinary, exceptional, and standing out far above anything before it, without precedent. This had the making of being a huge stand out event of the 21st century. But it was all covered over. Unbelievable! Will it yet end up living up to its potential? I sure hope so!

How far will Satan and his earthly hordes go to silence this? Any Answers? How bout WW3? No you say? Are you sure? The kids' fate is to be decided in February 2016. I happen to believe in the power of God and in His desire to fully expose Satan and his works before God allows everyone to be fully tempted by Satan's lies. Are the kids going to be freed by miraculous powers of God? I have not written on this like I could. But it might be time that I give it some thought. Till then, we got this article. Could WW3 be a way to keep this story off the media map through extreme censorship and martial law control employed during war? I think it is at least possible. I won't say more at this time.

But what struck me was that this case came just before this whole madness erupted near the end of September and into October 2015. Could the timing be any more interesting? Well, for me, no, it could not be. My heart aches for those two kids and my prayers continually go out.

But we have other possibilities as well. We will consider them all. I got 17 things in my list to address, so we got a few things to talk about. So let me address a UFO/alien invasion to save us. If they stopped WW3 and told us to get rid of our corrupt governments, that would possibly take care of any allegations of Satanic cults and their horrible abuses, maybe. And it would motivate a One World Government, right? Maybe UFOs would be scary due to their powers (technology) which Nikola Tesla had lots to say about and offered to develop related technologies. Why were they not developed? Maybe Satan did not like the idea because he had other things in mind for those powers at this time coming up. UFO knowledge has certainly been severely suppressed over the years.

But do remember that "aliens" are going to lie, and nations will put on a phony show. But for 3.5 years, Christians are going to be able to dispute those lies, though doing so, symbolically, in sackcloth and ashes, likely indicating ridicule and persecution. I have no doubt that many extreme laws banning all sorts of speech, ideas, disagreements and more, will be introduced. At the very least, we will be mocked and call stupid, blind, prudish, and in the way. After 3.5 years, we are locked away in camps while a good deal of the outside population will die at the hands of the antichrist, the phony Jesus. Its pretty much over after that, for 1000 years of peace and with the possibility of staying young and not dying, if we follow it thru to the end of the thousand years' brief test by the devil once again, to see if we got it, during the 1000 years or not.

Recent Events Integrated
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OK, vaccines, chemtrails, and GMOs! What is behind them? A weakening of immune systems that makes us weak and vulnerable to nearly any disease. Shortened lifespans, too! The shorter the lifespan, the less time to learn and wise up. Get it? During the 2nd 3.5 years of 7 years total, many are going to die, this time in the billions, not millions. Thru disease, famine, natural disasters. It will be made to look natural but these pollutions of vaccines, chemtrails, and GMOs will prep the world for easy death. Even so called natural disasters can now be made to happen by technology in the hands of men. There has never been a time quite like this now. I offer the observation made by God early on in Genesis.

From the American Standard Version of 1911)
Genesis 11:

1 And the whole earth was of one language and of one speech.

2 And it came to pass, as they journeyed east, that they found a plain in the land of Shinar; and they dwelt there.

3 And they said one to another, Come, let us make brick, and burn them thoroughly.
   And they had brick for stone, and slime had they for mortar.

4 And they said, Come, let us build us a city, and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven,
   and let us make us a name; lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth.

5 And Jehovah came down to see the city and the tower, which the children of men builded.

6 And Jehovah said, Behold, they are one people, and they have all one language; and this is what they begin to do: and now nothing will be withholden from them, which they purpose to do.

7 Come, let us go down, and there confound their language, that they may not understand one another’s speech.

8 So Jehovah scattered them abroad from thence upon the face of all the earth: and they left off building the city.

9 Therefore was the name of it called Babel; because Jehovah did there confound the language of all the earth: and from thence did Jehovah scatter them abroad upon the face of all the earth.

In essence, what God said in verse 6 was that men would have the ability to accomplish whatever they wanted, without limit, whether it was good or bad. Nothing would be able to stop them. So God interrupted them temporarily, by changing the languages of the races of men there. But it was only a temporary interruption. Over time, language barriers would be overcome and technology would reach a climax, which event is now nearly completed in our day of 2015. Computers alone have enabled man to advance much further, handling tedious massive data processing in very rapid fashion due to electrical current running in computers. In fact, electricity, all by itself, is among our greatest accomplishment to advance other technologies. Yes, harnessing energy of all types.

So all this ability and what does man do with it?

The devil's plan is to kill everyone, if it were possible, including his own worshipers. Such a loyal guy, huh? But Jesus says in Matthew 24 that because of God's people, those days intended to end all life will be cut short so that we might have a few billion left, but not 6 or 7 billion. Not even 4, I suspect. We'll see. That is why our health is being sabotaged. So we answered that one.

But man's engineering allows him to control weather, cause earth quakes and make UFOs. There is little man can not do now. Which means he has the power to destroy the world or at least everyone in it, if he so desires. He does not, but Satan does. Satan would succeed, were it not for God. That is our lesson to learn.

How the elites make murder acceptable
Posted on October 12, 2015 by Bob Livingston

Euthanasia begins in California as Gov. Brown unleashes population control 'right to die'
Friday, October 16, 2015 by: J. D. Heyes


OK, how about all the fake shootings like Sandyhook, Aurora, Boston Marathon, and so many others I could be here all day. Was anyone even really killed in any of these? Maybe Aurora, but I am not sure of that, either. And the Mid East crap with Johnny Jihad, Al-Qaeda, ISIS, ISIL. Oh please! It boggles the mind how many fake shootings we have in the USA and always after, its all about banning guns, the 2nd amendment, right? Its clear they want to disarm us. But you can be absolutely certain, based on consistent history over many centuries, that governments always works hand in hand with criminals so as to create a plausible denial of any participation on the part of government.

So many of these events shows the determination on the part of the USA government to take all weapons from people who will almost certainly be against giving up their rights and their wealth, what little is left of it. We know we will soon be a 3rd world nation here in the USA. Its not if, just when! But the Oregon shooting happening while WW3 is taking shape, is impossible to ignore. And was there not another in Texas or somewhere just after that? If they don't get the guns by these psyops, then Jade Helm should take care of it or perhaps our defeat in WW3 will be the final blow. But something will give in not too much more time.

By the way, in case I have a few readers new to conspiracy, a psyop is short for a psychological operation. They try to screw with our heads. It will work on most Americans. I offer a paradox, too. While the USA had the most independent thinking sort of citizens, in numbers compared to the world, It may also have the dumbest bunch, as well, save a few very large trusting countries, though I suspect ordinary Chinese and Indians (of the East) are waking up.

So taking over the USA or subduing it, might actually be rather easy. Welfare is big, and we got loads of immigrants who have not enough brains to see that if American falls, so do they. Running from Mexico will have been for nothing. The USA and Mexico will become one big Mexico with no where to run or escape. Welcome to the brave new world.

The Unholy Trinity

Now I want to address the forecast about a huge world wide economic collapse. This could potentially cause a huge uproar and riots everywhere. So dangerous it is that this could stop or prevent WW3. You can't fight a 2 front war say experts. So I am not sure if this will happen or how big it will be or anything certain for that matter. the elite are far too clever and have planned things out so far that to know or have a good guess, even, about what will happen for sure is up in the air as the elite intended. The best shock is the one you can't see coming.

An economic collapse, and WW3, and a UFO invasion, are 3 things that could play out in any number of ways. The fact they are now all on the table, hands showing, these 3 are rather interdependent upon each other. They all affect each other. They will individually and together, totally disrupt our lives all around the world. So I'd love to try and be a prophet here I am in way over my head for that. I know what the ultimate goals are. Destroy world morale and give them a false hop out of it all, by joining the NWO, you lucky devils. So I think the UFOs landing is the most certain, because of the impressive technology it represents, because most do not know of its secret  history.

Satan also plans to create fake fulfillment of an number of Bible prophecies. He has to do this since the real fulfillments are going to happen and he needs to be able to refute those as being the real thing. So he needs a substitute. This I am sure of and you can stone me if I am wrong. Styrofoam rocks only, of course. Hey, if politicians can be gutless, why can't I? ;-)

Jade Helm! How Nice!

Now this all brings up Jade Helm. North America (NAm) has tunnels spanning the entire length and breadth of NAm. many trains have been spotted with vast numbers of military vehicles. Are we expecting company guys? Obviously! And they are all tan UN vehicles, which could be used by any UN member nation. How convenient. They did not build this all to no purpose. Yes, you can use real rocks on me on this one, if I am wrong, as many as you like.

But to show how flexible the NWO plan is, suppose that we all gave up our guns easy and so there was nothing to put down? No, I do not do drugs  . . . yet! I reserve that right, though. But if that happened, well, then all these super highways they have been wanting to build from Mexico thru Texas and up thru the USA to the north and east and west will not be needed. The USA can lease or sell for next to nothing to the corporations of the NWO so they can ship to wherever for the greatest, most economical and rapid transport anywhere in NAm. Of course, with a collapsed economy, no one will be able to buy anything.

But this is OK, because when many start dying after 3.5 years of the phony Jesus telling us we have to have sex with everyone and share our kids in that, too (don't you doubt me on that!), they will need to get rid of many bodies. Just how that is planned, I do not know but there are huge multi-person cargo containers that look like giant coffins. These would fit nicely on train cars.

But there are plenty of uses for a high speed vast network of railways and maybe truck ways, too. These certainly would be handy in huge military operations within NAm.

The Pope and Aliens

The Pope is no longer traditional Catholicism. He preaches the NWO, even as clergy did the League of Nations in 1914 or near to that. I am sure the Pope would be delighted to entertain aliens, too. Its obvious that all aspects of our world have been compromised and taken over. All organized religion is now a scam. Part of the goal of the NWO is to offer a hope to people. It dose not have to be that impressive or smart since it is mostly dummies they have to win over. Aliens that look just like humans? No way! Oh, I'm afraid your wrong. People will be happy to buy it because they do not want a fight with the NWO. After those bearing weapons have all been killed, people will be quick to comply 

The message of these two? Why the fake "Jesus" will say we need to ascend to the next level, where we all love each other unconditionally, regardless of race, sex, or age for that matter. After all, babies should have a right to sex, too, you know, they will say. But as far as Satan is concerned, the real goal is just to get people to violate every single command God ever made. I suspect everyone will have to try have sex with both sexes, sharing your wives and kids, and don't leave out the animals as they have rights, too, you know. You think I am being sarcastic? Just wait and see if you doubt.

The Pope and Aliens will be key in delivering a new religion and moral code, ideals, really. Many people may not like it but they will do it or die. Consider Jim Jones in Guyana. The night they were to kill themselves, which actually they had to be forced at gun point to come forward and drink the poisoned koolaid, they all pledged their support to Jim, even though he has abused many of them previously. They were not in a position to argue, anyway.

It will be the same this time. Ascend or die. You are no use to the next level if you refuse to ascend and become "enlightened." It will be with force of a gun. Christians will have been locked up by this point I think. Maybe not, but its my best estimate.

Now an announcement has come out that water has been found on Mars. More discoveries are likely to follow. Aliens are not far away, I suspect. Here are some samples of what is coming out:

Kepler's 'Bizarre' Signal Sparks Alien Intelligence Speculation

Oct 15, 2015 07:47 PM ET // by Ian O'Neill

WOW! Parallel Universe Appears Over China Showing City/Skyscrpaer

Scientists-Theologians Prepare Public For "Alien Visitors" (2015)

You might want to keep a barf bag handy. And don't hold the snake oil!

Putin as the Political Savior?

Listen to Putin's eye-opening speech about US Foreign Policy and McCain, he made four years ago

Donald Trump supports Putin ‘bombing the hell out of ISIS’

The War on Men!
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You have not heard about this one? What? Have you been living on Mars or something? Well, let me show you a few things.

Cyber violence   (against women and girls)      "Online harassment"

Anita Sarkeesian & Zoe Quinn go to the UN to promote Internet Censorship

Don't Cyber-Touch! You Harassing Pig!

The above video displays the text graphic below:

This is really an attack of the NWO on anyone who disagrees with the agenda of the NWO. to simply voice disagreement will become a serious crime. We are just about there. Thought crimes will come with it, too. Anita Sarkeesian and Zoe Quinn are the faces/voices of this, but I suspect someone else wrote this up for them to promote. It really speaks for the NWO status quo. If you disagree with NWO policy, then you are an enemy of the state, which men have been for some time, anyway. I first got a smell of this in junior high school, 7th-9th grades, 1971-74. Girls were starting to be favored at that time and its gotten much worse. The 90s always had high school girls behind the steering wheels of cars and the teen boy in the passenger seat with a baseball cap on backwards and likely sporting hip hop clothing, which lasted only 5 years or so.

Everywhere, girls are now on top and women run the work place more often than not. Women will do what men would hesitate to do. Let me give you a very good example. Due to my vast knowledge of nutrients and their power, I was able to keep my father in fairly good health. This was not pleasing to the VA, who wanted him dead, in my opinion, because as his caretaker, I was getting a free ride. It was not free. It was miserable, but it still beat working for psychopaths as my last two employers had been.

But the VA began cutting back Diabetes medication. I protested with many letters and referenced studies. But they would ignore it. It was politics, not science. But two male doctors did seem to tire of working for the VA as Eugenics promoters, in my opinion, and left for other practices. But who was more than willing to deny everything, cut off all medications and try to claim I was not caring for my father adequately and that my father should be taken away from me? A female nurse practitioner. A ruthless bitch.

But I was smart enough, knowing what was coming, to have my father see a private doctor as well as the VA ones so that Human services, who I had talked to, were not willing to act on VA information, since my private doctor said he was treating my father and said that if she wanted more info than that, that she would need a warrant. So she told the VA she could not help them.

It was women who will do anything asked of them, no matter how ruthless. Men sometimes buck. Did you know that 75% of mind control agents are women since they handle the abuse better and are easier to program? AS well, they are a lot more fun to have sex with, controller agents report.

Feminists are not concerned that they are cutting their own throats or wiping out free speech and right to dissent. Nor are they concerned that soon, thought crimes will also become a crime with serious punishment. They do not care, as long as they get ahead and are on top.

So now the NWO and its whores want to make criticism of a woman's ideas a serious crime of harassment, calling it cyber violence, and the equivalent of physical violence. Wow, is that ever a huge and absurd step. This is no longer a laughing matter. No one versed in serious law could take all this seriously. First of all, violence can only be physical acts. Verbal, or psychological injuries such as hurt feelings, are another realm entirely, well, that is till now.

If you criticize feminism, you are perpetrating physical violence if the UN NWO gets their way. Complain about women being favored and you might end up in prison for physical violence. Its serious stuff and its happening at the same time as everything else listed. Women are in power and you had better get used to it! got it?

Isaiah 3: 12 My people—children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, your leaders mislead you, and confuse the course of your paths.

So not only are guns bad, but our big mouths and our pens and keyboards are evil. We men should be genocided. We are the plague of mankind, Oh, sorry, woman kind. Can you ever forgive me, ladies? But as Dr. Zaius said to Taylor (sort of), Be careful what you go asking for Taylor! You might get it! Ladies, you might want to give that some thought.

But there is an irony to this. After full power over everyone has been accomplished, the evil task master Satan, who only likes to make humans miserable and betray those who go along with him, will force women into total complete sexual subservience in gratitude for their service. Any man of the elite who wants them will take them and they will have nothing to say about it.

Now the nurse practitioner making trouble for my father and me, she was ugly and hateful. But they will not keep her kind around because they hate miserable women, too. They only want beautiful young playthings. So the old bats who served thinking they would be respected and appreciated will be in for a shock as they are exterminated. I can not stress what a treacherous miserable bastard Satan is. No one should ever trust or help him in anything. But most will not believe the truth, even though it is told to them, says Habbakuk.

Oh, but I'm not done yet! You have not heard it all. Out on the market now very real looking and performing sex dolls who really are attractive and it is claimed the feeling/sensation is the same in the right places, as the real thing. And some of them are amazing to look at. And as well, there are now female sex robots whose eyes blink and some can thrust in limited ways to accommodate a male, I gather. But they are a little more filled out to accommodate the machinery, so that they are not as appealing to look at as the lifeless silicone or TPE foam ones are, who do have metal skeletons so that they can be posed.

So now the call is going out to make these all illegal. Especially the robots who might have human rights. NO, I swear to God I am not lying about this but you'll have to do a search for this till I have more time. Again, law is being shredded to hell with this. As for the sex dolls, there is no mind. Ultimately, males are enjoying sensation and maybe visual appeal from mere TPE foam or silicone bodies with an internal frame. A crime? Maybe a thought crime. You might be thinking about bad things with the silicone. Of if you treat the silicone rough, you might constitute a thought crime, you monstrous men.

So called robots are very primitive at this point and I don't see the money being there to take it a lot further. There are vocals in some but they don't sound very real to me. But already, they are starting to suggest that someday (which may never come) there might be enough artificial intelligence to constitute being a real person. You have got to be kidding me! This is truly insane. First, only address what is really in existence and not what might or might not be someday. Law is only supposed to deal with what actually exists.

But what is the real fear with all this? I have the answer for you. If men can satisfy their desires without real women, there is a concern about breeding. But that is not the concern. Men's sexual fantasies have always been placed beyond legal limits by the FBI and other criminal elements in law and government. If men could satisfy all their urges with dolls, then the FBI and Satanic blackmailers would not be able to put men in prison or blackmail men into obedience. Oh, God, no! Not that!

Yes, that! What could men do with life like looking pleasure dolls? Well, if you ever fantasized about variety, wanting blonds, red heads, brown hairs, White skin, tan skin, brown skin, yellow skin, black skin, tall, short, thin, fleshy, with all sort of different pretty faces. Why, there would be little need for whores. Where would the NWO traffic all its enslaved women? And the dolls could be without blemish, unlike the real women. You could get whatever specific feature you want. Big breasts, long legs, nice ass, whatever. There is not limit to the possibilities.

Orient Industries (Japanese company) produces dolls that are remarkable for attractiveness and realism. It will only get better and more affordable. Women are scared. Whores are scared. The NWO is petrified and hysterical. But kids are breathing a sigh of relief as are women being trafficked. Prostitution would go down, rapes would go down, crime would go down. What would we do with all that peace and safety?

Now the next thing to follow will be child dolls. OH, and that will start a big forest fire of protest. But I say, rape silicone and I don't care. And if they leave kids alone, all the better. In fact, if child dolls substantially reduce all forms of child rape and abuse, then quick, get them to market.

Another interesting possibility is that the dolls with skeletons look so much like real naked bodies, that I marvel at how the presenter in a video, just moving the dead limbs into various positions looks so life like. It revolutionizes porn entirely. Who will bother with porn when a doll looks like the same thing, only more perfected.

But now comes the moralists, so called. They will swear its a thought crime, specifically lust, a word in the Bible that is poorly understood and really, misunderstood and misinterpreted. Just remember we are talking about silicon or foam, not human beings. Yes, they look like the real thing (the good ones), but they are not.

These dolls actually represent a way to bypass all evils that God seeks to prevent with His moral laws. You hurt no ones' feelings. You do not lie to anyone. You can have as much variety as you want. The dolls cant get pregnant. If you don't share your doll, you can't get disease. You can try crazy things if that is your thing. She never says no, unless you want her to. This is almost heaven ;-)

Satan will have most of his ability to ensnare men, taken away. He will be powerless against the silicon or TPE foam. Sex is the devil's primary snare. With these dolls, it may all disappear. You can bet, Satan is terrified. Losing his best weapon. Thought crimes are his only hope. Many women also manipulate and use their sexuality and sometimes misuse it, too. Now it won't matter. Does the woman want or expect too much? Then settle for a doll and let the woman be the labor slave in the work place. She may still end up doing sexual service, but without any choice in the matter.

I find in general that women resent a man's love for beauty. It feels fickle to them. They expect that men will suddenly stop liking beauty, just because they are getting sexually served now. But that is not the case. The love of beauty never ceases. Even in the animal kingdom, many animals recognize human beauty. It pervades all creation.

What a man who fears God does, or should, is to build artificial walls in his mind that will not allow him to get too close to other females once he is married. He puts up barrier to protect his wife and please God. But that will not stop him from noticing other women. He has to be dead for that to happen. Women will still affect his notice and pleasure.

Women object to soft porn and consider it cheating. Its not. Men just love looking. It makes them want sex and that should please the wife. Or she can punish him and possibly make him vulnerable to temptation since she no longer wants to be his satisfaction. Suit yourself, ladies. You can't have your cake and eat it, too.

I deal with these subject in my Sex section of my site. Serious deep discussion, which has been sadly absent in Christianity as well as in science and psychology. That is why sex is now out of control. Because we refused to allow young adults who have completed puberty, the right to enter life, work, and marry. The governments have prevented that so that they can program these young adults till they are 18 or 22 or 28, depending on how long they go to college or not.

But make no mistake about this! There is a war against men and everything that a man is. Its Satan's number 1 way to take over the world because men will sometimes say no to evil. Women, not quite as much.

So we now are approaching the age of thought crimes where merely concealing a rebellious or dissenting thought could condemn you. And women will lead that charge at the urging of the NWO. I guarantee it. They already are. But it is said, what a man or woman sows, they will also reap. Beware, ladies!

Attacks on Press & Free Speech                    NEW    Oct. 22, 015
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The following source is copied to here to alert all to this broadcast invitation. Its message speaks for itself whether you listen to the broadcast or not.

----------------------------------------------------------- Article begins

Imminent false flag attack on American soil to invoke government suspension of Bill of Rights, total censorship of internet free speech... Health Ranger Report this Friday on

Wednesday, October 21, 2015
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

(NaturalNews) It's now abundantly obvious that another massive false flag attack is being planned for America, to be followed by a government ban on the First Amendment and the censorship of websites that disagree with the official government narrative of what really happened.

Tune in to the Health Ranger Report on this Friday, 11am Pacific / 2pm Eastern to hear the full details.

The corrupt, criminal regime currently occupying Washington D.C. is losing its grip over America. The wild popularity of Donald Trump reflects America's loss of false faith in the institutions of government and mainstream media. The American people are tired of being lied to and are waking up to the reality of how they have been propagandized, controlled and imprisoned by a totalitarian regime that respects no law or individual liberty.

>>Mike brings up Trump. Will Trump be president? Will Obama stay in power due to an emergency? There are still too many uncertainties to say for sure. But we know the range of possibilities so that nothing that happens will be all that much of a surprise. We know one thing for sure. Everything we hear from our governments and media will be lies.<<

This Friday on, I unveil shocking details about the massive false flag attack that's coming to America... and how it will be immediately followed by a government push for total control of all online information coupled with a suspension of the First Amendment.

As I will detail in my Health Ranger Report broadcast, all websites that contradict the criminal government's official narrative will be censored, disrupted or confiscated by the government. Just like in China today, American journalists who conduct actual investigations and post truthful reporting may be arrested and thrown in jail.

The rise of the new media is bypassing the government's monopoly on information

Why will this happen? Because the new media is rising rapidly, taking viewers, listeners and readership away from the corrupt controllers. Belief in the mainstream media is plummeting, and no one trusts official government narratives anymore.

The strategy for the criminal regime in Washington D.C. is to take the indy media offline, but they can't carry it out without an outpouring of public support for crushing the First Amendment. This can only be accomplished by staging a huge false flag attack (with massive casualties above 10,000) and blaming it on "domestic extremists" who have ties to independent media journalism websites.

In the aftermath of this massive false flag, bloggers and journalists who disagree with the official government narrative will be labeled "anti-government extremists" and blamed for the staged attack. Mainstream media will roll out crisis actors to push an emotionally charged, scripted news narrative that blames liberty-loving Americans for the mass casualties.

Gullible leftist Americans, driven into a state of extreme emotional fear by CNN and state-run media, will then gladly surrender their remaining Constitutional rights for the hope of greater "security." As part of this surrender, they will be programmed to believe that "America has too much freedom" and that the Bill of Rights must be rescinded to protect their safety from "crazy extremists" who read the independent media and understand history.

When they can no longer control the narrative, they will try to disarm the people

This is how it's likely to unfold, with the staged false flag using nuclear, biological or chemical weapons to inflict sufficiently large casualties that justify the government's suspension of the Bill of Rights.

Where does it go from there? That depends on whether the people respond with zombified obedience or courageous defense of liberty. If the government attempts to run a nationwide gun confiscation effort -- Hillary Clinton's admitted plan -- it may lead to the outbreak of armed resistance across America which will plunge the nation into total disarray.

Tune in to the Health Ranger Report on this Friday, 11am Pacific / 2pm Eastern to hear the full details about the coming false flag attack and government attempt to suspend the First Amendment. Learn what you need to know to prepare yourself for this likelihood before it happens. Above all, remember that there is nothing a criminal government regime won't do to stay in power. If you think America is a "democracy" controlled by the People, you're living in fantasy land...
-------------------------------------  Article Ends

Next I offer new from the State of Maine, USA, my home. Saw it on the local WCSH 6 news report on the web. It also appeared on their TV news as well and was obtained from the main local Portland Maine newspaper, the Portland Press Herald.

-------------------------------------------- Article quotes and commentary begin

Posted Oct. 20, 015    Updated Oct. 21, 015

Proposed rules for Maine prison inmates may restrict outside communication

The new rules are vaguely written, and the Department of Corrections has explained little about the draft discipline policy that it intends to air at a public hearing Monday.    By Scott Dolan Staff Writer | @scottddolan | 207-791-6304

Inmates in the custody of the Maine Department of Corrections soon may soon be blocked from communicating with the outside world. Or possibly be limited in communication with journalists. Or maybe just not be able to correspond with pen pals.

The department has proposed what could be sweeping changes to its inmate discipline policy, but the draft rules are so vague they have sown confusion and raised alarms about prisoners’ constitutional rights.

The department is scheduled to hold a public hearing Monday on the proposed changes, but it has so far offered little explanation of them.

Jody Breton, deputy commissioner of the Department of Corrections, issued a statement to several news outlets Tuesday afternoon concerning specific proposals pertaining to inmates’ correspondence with pen pals and news media. But Breton said the department will not say more until after the public comment period ends on Nov. 6. She did not specify why the department would not comment.

>>I found this whole thing deeply disturbing. This came out before the article just prior. That they come on top of each other at this time, makes it all the more suspicious. An announcement is made but no details given. They don't want to have to give any. They are waiting to see how everyone reacts, I imagine.<<

“The department reviews all policies routinely and makes changes as needed. Potential changes in policy come from staff, prisoners/residents, advocate groups and other concerned citizens,” Breton wrote.

In saying even that much, Breton went against the advice of the Attorney General’s Office, which told her to ignore questions from the Portland Press Herald or to decline comment.

“I suggest you either do not respond or just tell him you cannot comment as this is still in the rule-making process,” Assistant Attorney General Diane Sleek said Tuesday morning in an email to Breton, which Sleek accidentally sent to the Press Herald as well.

>>Ah, open honest transparent government! Don't ya just love it?  Nothing to hide! Tell it like it is, right? Well, lets wake up from this dream now to reality.<<

Sleek assisted the Department of Corrections in drafting rule changes related to inmates’ mail and contact with media, according to Timothy Feeley, spokesman for the Attorney General’s Office.

The proposed rule changes address a broad array of topics relating to inmates, including everything from alcohol, animals and assault to tattoos, telephones and written communication.

The draft proposal states that one change would prohibit inmates from “soliciting a pen pal or communicating with a pen pal.”

Breton said in her written statement that inmates already are prohibited from soliciting pen pals and that the rule would not prohibit letter writing.

“Please note that under this policy, Procedure A, number 1, prisoners are generally allowed to send mail to whomever they wish with certain exceptions, such as victims of domestic violence except as approved by the department (Procedure A, number 5) and when prohibited by court order (Procedure A, number 6),” she wrote.

Breton said the policy against soliciting pen pals was originally introduced so unsuspecting people would not be contacted and manipulated.

In another proposed change, inmates would be subject to punishment for “violating mail rules.” What exactly those mail rules are is not addressed in the proposal.

Another change related to inmate contact with news media would prohibit inmates from “acting as a reporter, publishing under a byline, or blogging, directly or indirectly, hosting or being a guest on a broadcast, or acting as an agent of the news media.”

“Please note that Procedure D, number 2 generally allows correspondence with the news media, unless exceptions such as being prohibited by court order apply,” Breton wrote.

Breton said the phrase “agent of the news media,” would apply to inmates seeking to act as contracted or freelance reporters that a media outlet could reward for stories or sources.

“As you can read in the media policy, prisoners still have access to reporters and reporters still have access to prisoners,” Breton said.

>>There is a lot said in the above 11 short paragraphs, and a lot not said that is potentially very dangerous. 1st up, the rule changes are going to be a very broad array of rules being implemented or considered. Why such radical revisions? At this time? In short, every manner of free speech among inmates could be severely restricted and that should be of a lot of concern to people.

When a government seeks to reduce or eliminate rights, they often do not go after everything at once. They start small, get a foot in the door, and then slowly move the boundary lines further and further till no rights are left. So they start with criminals. That they start at all concerns me. Even criminals need and deserve rights. Allow me to explain.

It should be no secret by this time that many innocent people are in prison in this country to serve as scape goats for the real criminals who were protected from having to serve guilt and terms. And there are political prisoners as well, who do not deserve to be there and need their rights to free speech to remain so that they can try to exonerate themselves and get freed or at least warn others of the dangers in existence.

I say they are plotting to drastically reduce or eliminate many speech rights for criminals in prison. Then the whole nation will have its rights reduced to nothing and all free speech disagreeing with government policy or claims and assertions and reports will be prosecuted and imprisoned for questioning the reports of the government. That was immediately obvious to me, writing this whole article when I came across this. More events continue to happen almost every day.<<

Feeley said it is not unusual for Sleek, who is assigned to represent the Department of Corrections in legal matters, to draft language for the department’s policies.

“Per the terms of the Administrative Procedures Act, that rule is currently open for public comment and a public hearing has been scheduled. The department will then review and respond to each comment. The Department can choose to amend the rule in response to those comments at this point. When the Department determines the rule is finalized, the commissioner will forward the rule to the Office of Attorney General for approval as to ‘form and legality,’ ” Feeley said in a written statement.

>>The above statement is supposed to make us feel better. But our public comments may be disregarded. "The Department can choose to amend . . ." It does not say they have to choose to amend. Its their choice. The Attorney General makes the decision. Oh, I feel so much better now. A government official is going to mediate between us and his "employer," his comrades in arms. Can you say conflict of interest? Remember the TSA after 911? More of that, no doubt!<<


Zachary Heiden, legal director American Civil Liberties Union of Maine, has reviewed the proposed rule changes and is particularly concerned about the possibility of limiting the constitutional rights of inmates to communicate with people outside prison.

“It’s important for prisoners to be able to communicate with the outside world. It’s important for the prisoners themselves, because maintaining strong ties with the community prevents recidivism,” Heiden said.

Heiden also said it is important for people on the outside to be able to hear from prisoners.

“Prisoners are often the best sources of information about how prisons are being run. Centuries of prison reform have been based on prisoners’ accounts of their own imprisonment,” Heiden said. “We as a society need to know from prisoners how they are being treated. These policies interfere with our ability to know what’s going on with prisoners.”

>>Prisoners often will be released back into the world. They need to have some familiarity with what is going on and maybe even have some support or connections to help them get on their feet or otherwise, they will be right be in, with repeat offenses. Prison does not terminate all rights. Rights of appeal, and rights to pursue reform of justice and law are among those prisoners would have vested interests in. Just remember, many more innocents will end up in prison, no doubt. So keep your options open by keeping all prisoners' options open!

A right only briefly touched by Heiden was that the public still has rights to see and hear from prisoner without harsh undue restrictions. This is to protect the innocent convicted, and we don't know who it or is not so all must have their options open under law. Further, wives and children should still have access to imprisoned fathers. That access should not be narrowed in any substantial way as to infringe of the rights of those related to inmates.<<

The ACLU of Maine will speak against many of the proposals at Monday’s hearing and also will submit comments in writing, he said.

Heiden expects an assistant attorney general other than Sleek will review the proposed policy changes before they are finalized and strike down most, if not all of them.

He said federal court rulings have established that prisoners have a constitutional right to communicate with people outside. A federal court of appeals ruling in 1982 affirmed that prisoners have a constitutional right to correspond with news reporters, another federal appellate court ruling in 1998 cleared an inmate on death row to write about his experiences for publication, and yet another federal ruling in 2007 struck down a federal ban on prisoners writing for news outlets under their own byline.

Joseph Fitzpatrick, the commissioner of the Department of Corrections, did not respond to a phone message seeking comment.

Attorney General Janet Mills could not be reached for comment Tuesday.

State Sen. Kim Rosen, co-chairwoman of the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee, which has oversight of the Department of Corrections, said Tuesday that she is confident that the proposed rule changes will be fully vetted.

“These proposed rule changes are still in the public comment period, and are not yet set. People with concerns about the proposed changes still have the opportunity to register them with the Department,” Rosen, a Bucksport Republican, said in a written statement.

State Rep. Lori Fowle, a Democrat from Vassalboro who is the other co-chairwoman of the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee, said Monday night that she had not yet reviewed the proposed changes and would look into them.

>>None of the assurances are comforting to me. I have seen government at work many times. IN the State of Maine in the early 80s, wanted to make seat belts mandatory. No one liked it. So the government listened to the citizens and dropped it, right? You can't be serious. You must have way better drugs than I do. How do I get some of those? No, the state changed their approach. "We just want to protect children. So we just want baby seats and seatbelts for kids 4 and under." People were reluctant but relented. Worst mistake ever. We were assured that this was not a foot in the door. They were just concerned about small children. When has our government ever truly been concerned about anyone? Well, a couple or 3 years went by and it was jumped to 8 and under. 2 or 3 more jumps and then it was mandatory for everyone and no excuses. Zero Tolerance! Never trust governments!

I do not know what other states are doing, but I am sure they are all working on similar stuff or will be soon. As well, I am sure the Feds will also be looking at their laws and jurisdiction to tighten up and prepare for locking up and silencing political dissidents.

But given the women who are asking for hurt feelings and disagreement with them on the net to be treated as if they were actual physical injuries, speaks volumes about how they want to reduce and eliminate free speech, disagreement and dissent. That Sex dolls and robots might constitute thought crimes is even more concerning. In view of all these, I fear what is being suggested for "criminals" since I anticipate the definition of criminal to be broadly expanded so that nearly anyone could potentially become a criminal subject to serious prosecution.<<

Oct. 22, 015    New or finally admitted UK policy regarding what children are taught and urging people to report on parents teaching things not approved by the UK government! As reported by the UK Column below linked:

From The UK Column News: Britain - A Stasi State

I copied these screen shots from this presentation just above:


Top left above  --  The UK is now asking all people, whether other parents, teachers and other school staff, professionals such as doctors and therapists, as well as other students, to report any child "who might be vulnerable to being drawn into and exploited by violent and extreme ideologies. Some think this sounds OK. But why is this asked of young school children? I cold see it maybe involving a teen in high school. But the paper on the above right goes further, asking all to "report any concerns of radicalism or extremism of children and/or adults." Staff  "have an obligation to report any concerns!"

Radicalism and extremism are much broader and more vague words that could be expanded to mean many things that should not bother a well-intentioned government. But they do concern the UK government. Many agencies are listed to help. Local authority Prevent Coordinator, Channel Police, Practitioners, Local Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB), School Staff. Big Brother is now in full charge in the UK and no doubt that kids will be taken from parents if anything the government does not like is found being taught to kids. And the list of offenses will grow by the day, week, month and years. so now everyone will be a potential spy and snitch.
Below is the front page screen save the UK Column made from the government site:

Here is the link to this site and on that page you can download or open their PDF file:

This now puts the UK at the very forefront of a Totalitarian state foretold by George Orwell in his book "1984" Even the USA can not match this at this time. The USA has documents and a tradition that will makes its overthrow much more difficult and violent. Readers should also know that the UK is notorious for laws allowing them to take children form parents permanently for no other reason than "potential emotional harm." Physical injuries are not needed. What is more, the child protective services agent can make the decision on her own with courts automatically approving, without due process of law.

The children are not uncommonly given to perverts, and Satanic cult members for "care," another word for rape in the UK, you understand, in my opinion, but which opinion is shared by a number of people who live in the UK that I have conversed with on the net. The courts there are also well known for taking kids whose mothers complained of abuse that is verified by medical examination and giving the child to the abuser, rather than the mother protecting the child. All these really amount to a government and judicial system designed to supply children to perverts and rapists for pleasure and profit from prostitution. This is that wonderful brave new world we were and are promised.

I'll be expanding the evidence with Youtube videos covering UK atrocities. Keep in mind that the UK is considered the closest ally of the USA. Nor very comforting, is it! But what is going on now in the UK will soon be here in the USA and all over the world.


Now I want to recount another event of the 20th century in China regarding: Mao Zedong - Mao Tse-tung - Chairman Mao:

In 1957 he launched a campaign known as the Great Leap Forward that aimed to rapidly transform China's economy from an agrarian economy to an industrial one, which led to a widespread famine whose death toll is estimated at between 18 and 45 million. In 1966, he initiated the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, a program to remove "counter-revolutionary" elements of Chinese society that lasted 10 years and which was marked by violent class struggle, widespread destruction of cultural artifacts and unprecedented elevation of Mao's personality cult.[1]

In contrast, critics consider him a dictator who severely damaged traditional Chinese culture, as well as a perpetrator of systematic human rights abuses who was responsible for an estimated 40 to 70 million deaths through starvation, forced labour and executions, ranking his tenure as the top incidence of democide in human history.[7][8][9]

Rummel, R. J. China's Bloody Century: Genocide and Mass Murder Since 1900 Transaction Publishers, 1991. ISBN 0-88738-417-X p. 205: In light of recent evidence, Rummel has increased Mao's democide toll to 77 million; Daniel Jonah Goldhagen. Worse Than War: Genocide, Eliminationism, and the Ongoing Assault on Humanity. PublicAffairs, 2009. ISBN 1-58648-769-8 p. 53: "... the Chinese communists' murdering of a mind-boggling number of people, perhaps between 50 million and 70 million Chinese, and an additional 1.2 million Tibetans."

-----------------------------------------------    End Mao - Wikipedia account

Mao appears to own title to most killed, but I had read a personal account that had described how everyone became a snitch and that professionals such as doctors, professors and the like had most of their kind killed off as being part of the old regime. And if someone did not like you, they might make false accusations against you and some died for it and others simply receive a beating and a warning and sent home. It was a dangerous time. If Mao could do it, it could be done again. As well the false returned messiah/christ plans to kill off a few billion or more before he is done, making Mao look like child's play and an amateur.

So when I suggest that there will be a crackdown on free speech, by which I mean more specifically, speech that critically examines the declarations and actions of government and finds fault in those, with good intentions and reasons. Good or not, such speech and words will not be allowed against nations that plan on cooperating with this new phony messiah and his New World Order - Brave New World. And God and Bible will come four letter words that get us thrown into prisons and concentration camps.

Warning! Those who advocate resistance to government in the form of rebellion and weapons are acting against God's instructions and will be killed or executed by the governments. See my article on Neutrality and War. You might be resurrected after or you might not. Some think it justified by the Bill of Rights to resist, but God's rules supersede those of the USA or whoever. But if one makes a sincere and ignorant choice, it may be that God will forgive and bring you back. But if you hear and refuse, then you might not be back. God hates disobedience.

But if you obey, then you will likely simply have to spend 3.5 years in a camp. They will likely tell you it will be forever, but God lets you know it will only be 3.5 years. And all your fellow prisoners will be believers and you will be fed when outside they are starving dying. So it won't be so bad.

My Brief summary:

The sum total of events all being squeezed into such small span of time should leave no one in doubt any longer as to the direction and intent of the nations. The world is going to be taken over and subdued, then handed over to a false messiah who will rape the whole world and yet swear he is a lamb and an Angel of light. Its no longer something that is going to happen in the future. The future is now and has arrived. No more waiting! We are just waiting to see which things happen first.

Am I Sure?
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I have never been more certain! All the pieces are now in place. What is there left to introduce later? Nothing! Everything ever anticipated is now on the boards to be enacted when they are ready to do so. we have never been in this position before in the history of the world. Even thought crimes are soon to be a reality. it will begin with people who have guns and will not hand them over. They will be executed, I suspect and its been well suggested in conspiracy circles.

Lets summarize a few things again.

The devil/Satan does not want you to know what he is really like and what he is really up to. But if God reveals more, which would seem necessary to me, in order to make it more inexcusable that people would go along with the phony Jesus, so that no one need doubt just how bad the world has become, then we are going to see and hear more about Satanic Ritual abuse and Mind Control. It has to be! This will anger the devil, though. So be it!

Thought crimes will be among the most important parts of the Satanic platform, disguised as a "Messiah" returned. Everything will be turned upside down and inside out. No one would have ever imagined this in the 80s. Not even sure they could have imagined it in the 90s. But they will see it now. Its already starting.

The greatest challenge before all humanity will be to try to see thru all the vast amount of lies and deception. Everything we ever trusted is likely betraying us. Can we wake up fast enough and far enough?

On top of that, most humans want to fit in and be part of the crowd and be accepted. They do not want to be ostracized and rejected or isolated. That desire to fit in and belong is how Satan will get the majority to come along with him. That is why God wants to make what Satan is doing more obvious, as I see it. To make fitting in all the more objectionable and hideous since it might involve raping kids or eating human baby flesh.

Satan also loves deriding humans as nothing but scum who will stoop to any length to gain just a little something. So he loves to get them to do their worst. He is a very sick spirit being.

We truly have arrived at the time long ago foretold and we no longer have to doubt. In fact, in view of all the evidence, it should be impossible to doubt now. Too much at the same time, leaving no more stones unturned. We can expect the worst from humanity. It will be an amazing lesson for those who witness it while remaining loyal to God. We will be able to tell others who are brought back to life, all about it. We can tell it to our kids of the future. We will be responsible for the future.

Now before I sign off, I got one more section below to share. These are some important events of history, not given much attention but should have been. Early colonial English history is important. The 1066 AD takeover of Britain is also important. The history of China is very important, too, in filling in key gaps. so those will all be dealt with in the next section or maybe it will turn into 2 or 3 sections. These things often write themselves in ways you can not anticipate.

Events have been happening so fast at this time, that it has been a challenge to keep up with it all. I am sure it will continue to move at a very fast pace now. Not time to catch our breath anymore. The battle intensifies.

History Anyone?                    Unfinished & awaiting updates and fill-ins
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I feel there are very important things to know about the more recent past such as the 1066 AD take-over of England. Then the early settlement of the Americas. Then early English colonial settlement has many surprises for us. The impressive Chinese empire has much to yield as does the Venetian empire and its origins. Lastly, the modern empire as a continuation of its previous incarnations. Has there been continuity? I assure you there has been. But I have a few rules of evidence to offer in settling this task. This may even end up as a separate article. My intention is to be brief as I feel that will yield the best results. But I have started out that way before and ended up big so I am just warning you all.

Learning from Crete          my sister site for history.
There are important things to learn from Crete, but its as much about the 1066 AD conquering of England, another island just like Crete and for the same purposes as Crete had been. If you want to understand empires, this is a good place to start!

Two excellent books on early English Colonial History. I will write up accounts of these as I get time.


The Story of the United States

by Henrietta Elizabeth MARSHALL - 1917

This links to my sister site on history. Just open another window and keep both ends open. Parts 2 and 3 are the ones you want to read.

Below: two excellent books on the amazing ancient Chinese navy and empire. 1434 introduces Venice and China relations and the technology delivered from China to Venice.

Jews in Old China is quite the read. Chinese handled Jews differently than most, so that Jews were more loyal to China than they were in other nations. There is the account in this book of a very wealthy successful city that totally collapsed and died that is most fascinating. Could it happen today? It could!

Edward Kritzler is an excellent researcher and writer, too. He shows the total history of the New World and the forces that shaped its development. I can't help but be left the impression that New World development might not have gone so fast had not Jews been persecuted by the infamous Spanish Inquisitors and their Inquisitions. Jews came in drives to the New World to escape, not only persecution, but even execution and all in God's name, supposedly, but God does not sanction such abuse of His law.

But if any of you remember history lessons in school, all I can tell you is that they left out the most important parts and aspects, which Kritzler puts back in, to give a real history lesson. Maybe he should be running the Schools of America, rather than Washington DC. There are lessons in piracy, business, sugar and the slave trade, and much more. But Jews had a major part in developing Florida, the Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South America. Jews later became major settlers of the American colonies as well.

The sad thing is that both Christians and Jews were always trying to court the kings and nations, each trying to control the nations to their own liking. This was always forbidden by God. God required fidelity and faithfulness from His followers, by staying away from national influences, and trust and depend on God, not clever political manipulations. but both have left God long ago.

But apart from that, much credit goes to Jews for settling the colonies, if one sees that as good. Myself, I have misgiving about it, given that the USA is used as the world policeman to bend all knees to the New World Order.

But Jews have been industrious, intelligent, resourceful, and a big part of how we came to be where we are, and that deserves some respect and credit. Kritzler has done an outstanding job showing us the many factors that led to where we are now. I wish more taught real and total history like he has done. In fact, I never knew that much about the Inquisition until reading this book. I was not aware it was primarily directed at Jews. Why was this not in school?

Kritzler also introduced me to Uriel da Costa, a well-to-do merchant formerly from Portugal who settled in Amsterdam, Holland for religious freedom and instead, found the Rabbis there nearly as bad as the Inquisitors. Rabbis wanted religious freedom, but evidently, only for them, and not any competing ideas. Most religions are like that; good for me but not for the gander. Uriel challenged what the Rabbis taught and published against them. He was rejected by his own family and shunned. When he tried to reconcile, they punished him severely to pay for his insubordination and make an example of him. He eventually took his own life. Kritzler found the Rabbis to be worse than the Inquisitors, but I still think the Inquisitors were far worse. But you should read this book if you like history or American history. You don't know history until you know at least as much as this author shows us in his book.

What also stands out to me is how enterprising and resourceful the Jewish race has been. Consider all the persecution, too often unjust and unbiblical, that they often endured and it becomes even more impressive. I am not saying they are without blemishes or faults, but all the same, a remarkable legacy as you will find in this book.

Norman Finkelstein suggests that Columbus may have been Jewish and some of his key men certainly were. This book sort of ties in with the one just below by Kritzler, who also discusses Columbus in his offering. Both recognize how unjust religious persecution and obvious intolerance caused Jews to flee to the New World, once it was discovered. My opinion of that both of these books are valuable and should be read. Each has their won sphere that is unique to each author.

The irony of this persecution that took place among Muslims and Christians against Jews, ended up costing Muslims and Christians, and Spain and Portugal, too. The Spanish Empire basically collapsed because of a joint venture largely between Great Britain and Holland, along with the Jewish fleets turned Pirates, plundering vast Spanish fortunes being hauled off from the New World. Business enterprise was also launched in the New World. So religious intolerance ended up costing Spain everything. If only it worked that way every time. Of the two books, I tend to favor Edward Kritzler's book a little more.



So since we are on the topic of empires and fleets of ships, this one was fascinating to me. David Childress publishes his own books and others, too. He is a good narrator. He has appeared on the History channel programming once in a while. He has a delightful cartoon character names Prof. Wexler, a blind and oblivious academic who explores history and paleontology. Childress had a real sense of humor. I need to use a quote from this book: from the Greek geographer Strabo: "We are in a certain sense amphibious, not exclusively connected with the land, but with the sea as well."

Childress gives a marvelous history of Piracy that you should not be without. We are introduced to the gateway between the Eastern Oceans and Western Oceans by means of the Red Sea, Gulf of Aqaba, and the Arabian Sea, which enters the Indian Ocean. Childress also points out that Menzies was not even the first to propose substantial Chinese advances in navigation and voyages. Childress sees the ancient world  as being much smaller (more connected) than modern Western academics would ever admit.

Most fascinating to me is his origins of the Knights Templar fleet and the connection of their "Jolly Roger" symbol to later pirates in Western waters. It leaves much to think about. And that symbols enable this connection, has been part of my theory on establishing connections through the centuries and millennia. The Templar fleet was the largest the

Western World has ever seen. Templars also had substantial land holdings, and represented the first banking empire of the European theater since the fall of Rome nearly 700 years before their founding near to 1100 AD. They may even have had plans to rebuild Jerusalem and introduce a false messiah, but their plans got thwarted by France around 1307 or so. So Childress gives us a winner to consider.

Some brief information about Webster Tarpley's excellent work. When one is trying to trace the steps and track of "suspects" in world history and conspiracy, one can either take a micro approach or the macro approach or a little of both. Tarpley was clever in that he went for a substantial portion of the micro approach, looking at the key leaders of Venice or some of its most outstanding operational agents. It is thru this channel that much is revealed along the way. I will try to point to key names and articles to shorten your investigation, should you choose to accept it ;-)

Against Oligarchy

Against Oligarchy Essays and Speeches, 1970-1996

Table of Contents


The Venetian Conspiracy
Address delivered to the ICLC Conference near Wiesbaden, Germany, Easter Sunday, 1981; (appeared in Campaigner, September, 1981)
The Role of the Venetian Oligarchy in Reformation, Counter-reformation, Enlightenment, and the Thirty Years’ War
ICLC Conference, 6 September 1992; (appeared in New Federalist, April, 1993)
Giammaria Ortes: The Decadent Venetian Kook Who Originated The Myth of “Carrying Capacity”
Printed in The American Almanac, June 20, 1994
How the Dead Souls of Venice Corrupted Science
Speech to Schiller Institute Conference, September 4, 1995. Printed in The American Almanac, January, 1996.
Venice’s War Against Western Civilization
Appeared in Fidelio, Summer 1995
The War of the League of Cambrai, Paolo Sarpi and John Locke
From ICLC Conference panel titled: “The Axioms of the American System,” Feb. 18, 1996; (appeared in New Federalist, March 18, 1996)

The British

How the Venetian System Was Transplanted Into England
New Federalist, June 3, 1996
The British Empire Bid for Undisputed World Domination, 1850-1870
Schiller Institute Food For Peace Conference, Chicago, February 22-23, 1992
Lord Palmerston’s Multicultural Human Zoo
ICLC Conference, February 20, 1994
King Edward VII of Great Britain: Evil Demiurge of the Triple Entente and World War 1
ICLC Conference, February, 1995
Sir Edward Grey Turned Sarajevo Crisis Into War
Printed in The American Almanac, March, 1995
The Versailles Treaty: The War Guilt Clause
Printed in the American Almanac, March, 1995
British Financial Warfare: 1929; 1931-33; How The City Of London Created The Great Depression
December 1996
Britain’s Pacific War Against the United States in the Age of the Anglo-American ‘Special Relationship’
April, 1995
British Coup d’Etat In Washington, April 12, 1945: How The Harriman Gang Started The Cold War
October 1995


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