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The Most Serious Mistakes of the JWs
(and often, x-JWs, too)

The Premise
The Hidden History   Oct. 20, 2014
NKJV) Matthew 7
Step 1: Be an Individual

A Religion of Sycophants

Duane Magnani Book   Oct 28 014
The Road Ahead

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The Premise
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Are you beginning to doubt, or have you left "The Organization" in recent years? A refugee or soon to be one, maybe? This article is for you. I was a JW, began study in September of 79, Baptized in summer 1980, began to doubt in 83, secretly rebelled in 86, and got myself tossed in 90. I have since seen many others come and go. I have learned a lot in that time and think there are some things you should consider before you do the same, or have already done so.

I began to seriously doubt in 1983, wrote a doctrinal challenge to the Governing Body (GB from here on in), anonymously, in 1985, and then discovered Raymond Franz's book "Crisis of Conscience" and Carl Oloff Johnsson's "The Gentile Times Reconsidered" in  1986. These were landmark books at that time, the first real fallout since 1975, which was quite a shake up in its time. And I got myself thrown out intentionally in 1990, my public letter arriving on Halloween day. Ain't that cool? Trick or Treat!

But the internet really proved to be the biggest fallout, I think. H2O (internet site) had become quite popular by 1997 and many sites were around at that time exposing the sins of JW doctrine as well as actions and behavior. But the biggest losses were in the 21st century, as the average JW to the population of the nations they lived in, in industrial 1st world nations, dropped from 1 JW for every 350 to 400 citizens to over, 1 for every 1000 or more. That is substantially more than half of the members in industrial countries like the USA, Europeans, Japan, Australia, and similar, dropping out. There is no question that the internet was their downfall for it allowed JWs to hear the truth without much danger of being caught. Once exposed to real truth, they left in record numbers.

YouTube now has become a very popular format for x-JWs. But I also get the impression that newbies to the x-JW community, which is a very large one, when you consider the vast numbers that dropped out in 1975, have not benefited from previous experience and doctrinal work. Its more about sex crimes and coverup, and little focus on the serious doctrinal errors. The 80s brought a modest fallout & exodus. And then there was the internet that became the huge player in the latter 90s. But many now leaving, seem not to be all that aware of what or who came before them in the latter 90s.

And most who leave, do not pursue trying to fully understand what happened, what went wrong, and what is the truth, if the JWs are not truth. This is a very dangerous state indeed.

So what I want to address now are some of the more outstanding problems in JW doctrine as well as what new refugees might be experiencing as they come out of deep darkness in to some very bright, if not harsh, light.

I saw many different types leave the Org in 97 onward. Some hated God and the Bible after leaving. So they truly were apostates. Some were real trusting of science and education, and often, even the government and the world. I do not understand that at all. I was under the impression that the "world," ruled by Satan, was the enemy. But when JWs leave, they seem to take a whole different attitude toward the world, with its rhetoric becoming their new God and Bible. Most JWs leave the Org quite bitter and not too rational. But I was having a serious fallout with the world at the same time that I was falling out with the JWs. In fact, my experience with the world has always been quite negative.

Some JWs leaving, on the other hand, had not abandoned God or the Bible. I enjoyed these types. But another problem was that while some suddenly loved the world, some also felt that the world should be resisted and campaigned against, even. But I still believe that we should pay unto Caesar what is Caesars and give no legitimate reason for the state to not like me.

Then there were the real wackos who suddenly went back to mainstream denominational Christianity, as if that had anything to offer.  This was perhaps the most baffling direction of all, to me. So we need to have a serious talk about these and other things that people often do when leaving the Org. You know what the Org is if you are an x-JW.

First, JWs have always been told to ignore politics and world events. I agree with not participating in politics, but I absolutely do not agree with ignoring what is going on, politically. Jesus said his followers would be alert, ready, waiting, vigilant, anticipating the arrival of the bridegroom. Jesus also noted that the world would take no note of what was going on, and would get caught off guard and by surprise and  .  .  .  die!

This would happen because they were not taking note of what was going on in the world. I find modern x-JWs to be JW centric, which is understandable, since their whole lives revolved around that. But what they need to understand, and understand fast, is that they got a lot of catching up to do and getting to know and understand just how truly evil and sinister the world has become. The GB kept their people in the dark. You may not be able to accept this yet, but the GB has long been controlled by Masonic controllers who want JWs to be ignorant of what is going on in the world.

But since you are new and young, so to speak, you may only realize a small part of the real corruption that has been a feature of the JWs and the former Bible Students Association of Charles Russell. I have articles exposing it all so you can get updated. But it is far more hideous than you ever could have imagined. So if I sound a bit radical or out there, there is some good reason for that. You have been in darkness for quite some time. You have just begun a path that you do not yet know where it is going to end up. Just don't block it out, out of hand, like many JWs continue to do. Be patient, quick to hear, but slow to speak or act.

So getting to know the world, the real world, is going to be a real shock. I found most new x-JWs to be extremely trusting of the world. You could not possible make a bigger mistake than that. So quick, take a really cold shower and wake up and don't start trusting the world, which, remember, is run by the devil, right? And do not run back to mainstream denominational Christianity, either. JWs were right about much of that gang. You need to put new wine into new wineskins. A fresh new clean start. Think about it! You need to start all over and establish what is truly correct and build from there.

Know this one important thing more than any. Newly rejected JWs are very wounded, and vulnerable in that state. It is very easy to be irrational, very angry, and quick to do all sorts of stupid things. This is the most important time to be slow to act on anything and even a dangerous time to trust yourself too much.  So go slow and go carefully. Talk a lot, read a lot, watch a lot, but be very slow to do anything. You need time to heal.

Let me put it this way. If you were to just break your leg, you would not then go out and run a marathon race. In fact, you would need the bone put back in place, protected with a splint or cast and take it easy for a week or two and not walk on it for at least 3 months, and then only very gently and carefully. So being in a tender wounded condition, you have to be more gentle and careful than normal. I have seen many JWs leave the Org and do incredibly stupid insane irrational crazy things.

You have been viciously hurt and betrayed and there are men who will lose their everlasting lives for their sins as teachers and shepherds for it. None of us who left had it good. I went through numerous pains, beginning in 83 with a stupid article in the June 83 Watchtower I believe it was, about backward masking in music and and a change in the view of the heart near to that time. I lost faith in the good sense of the GB. I knew I was in trouble, but I waited for some time before I took action. I slowly gradually withdrew as I began to learn more and more.

I was disfellowshipped in 1990 for squealing on them all about a rape covered over and reading Ray Franz's book, apostate literature you know. Of course, they never told me why I was disfellowshipped. FACT ! They did not want to go on record as to why I was booted. The rape was a serious problem for them that probably caused the elders of that congregation to all be removed about 5 or 6 years later.

The Hidden History        Oct. 20, 2014
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The biggest problem to confront any JW, is that the real true history of Jehovah's Witnesses, so called, has been rewritten and falsely portrayed. Do not marvel at this for even Satan tries to transform himself into an angel of light. In fact, it was not always called Jehovah's Witnesses. They called themselves Bible Students and some in the world called them the Millennial Dawn. Russell is said to be the faithful and discreet slave, even though he celebrated the pagan Christmas holiday, used pagan images and idols, such as the cross, the tilted cross in a crown which was a Knights Templar symbol. Russell claimed there were 2 paths to God, one for the world, and another for Jews.

Russell was well known and fault by critics for receiving financing from the Banking Rothschilds of Britain. Russell was a blatant Zionist, whose direction seems to indicate he was helping to prepare for a false "return of the messiah." Many today refer to this so called messiah as the antichrist, man of sin, false prophet and other such names. It is no accident that JWs do not believe in the "Antichrist" doctrine. They will very likely be a part of that fraudulent scheme well underway now in  our day.

But in addition to these matters, there were numerous other scandals and outrageous conduct on the part of the "Governing Body," Presidents, and other officers of that legal-religious entity. But none of this is told to JWs by their leadership. For good reason, too, because good trees don't produce bad fruit and bad trees do not produce good fruit. If these guys were fornicators, drunkards, using Organization money for their own luxurious living, and much more; then they could not have been the "faithful and discreet slave" that they claim to be.

But those who bring new ones into the faith of the JWs tell them the scandals are all lies. The printed material says its all lies. In fact, most never even hear the truth or accusations in the first place. Most people do not give a damn about JWs and their religion and history. So the new ones have no idea what they are getting into.

Most new ones are sort of lost souls, as most of us were at one time or another, and JWs shower these with false affection and false flattery and make them feel wanted and worthy. It all feels so good that new ones do not even want to question what they are receiving. The JW religion is, above all other things, a religion of false flatterers who follow men and do not question them, for they are supposed to be appointed by God, no less. To even slightly criticize such men can be a disfellowshipping offense. They take this real seriously. After all, some of them know full well the skeletons that are in the closet or at least some of  the skeletons. So the breath threats of fire and damnation against anyone who dares question or accuse the party line or their fellow comrades.

I have only recently acquired a book by Duane Magnani (with Arthur Barrett), "The Watchtower Files: Dialogue with a Jehovah's Witness." This is an amazing book, just for the 1st section of 8 chapters, dealing with all the early history of Russell and then JWs. Photographic copies of entire pages from Watchtowers and other early publications. What is most remarkable are the very contradictory statements often made, one statement totally the opposite of another statement or policy later.

Yes, the GB is great for flipping and changing, but this really takes the cake. Magnani did some amazing homework in gathering all these materials. So any JW who wants to dispute the past will, with this book, find that impossible. This is a must have book for xJWs who hate or campaign against JWs and their leaders. And there is nothing wrong with hate here. I despise JW leadership AND mindless JW followers. You can check out my new article strongly relating to JWs, "The Sin of Stupidity." Those who insist on remaining mindless and following blindly, are in reality, giving over their worship to the devil. I have never been a big fan of the devil and I am not enamored of his followers, either.

Now I can not speak to the rest of the book, which deals with doctrine since I suspect much of it runs right back to Christendom and Protestantism, which are no better than JWs. These are al organized and controlled. "Get out of them all, my people, if you do not want to share in their sins and plagues for their sins have piled clear up to heaven." But the 1st 8 chapters are remarkable.

This book has plenty of copies on Amazon at just 1 penny, plus the $3.99 shipping fee, for a grand whopping total of $4. Seldom do you find deals any better than that. So if you need to build a case against the JW Org, then this book would be very helpful along with others, of course. I was turned off by this book way back, not knowing what it really held within but since it sounded like a return to mainstream Christianity, I despised it and avoided it. At least JWs have a few sensible doctrines. Lame-stream Christianity has just about zero going for it. I hate to say this, but JWs are actually a step up from the jerks of mainstream. That's very sad but very true in my book.

So new ones or those well established as JWs need to know these many dirty little well kept secrets. These secrets betray men who could not possibly have anything to do with God-Jehovah. Were this history common knowledge, they would never be able to recruit a single soul. but the biggest surprise of all is that they have many friends among worldly powers and of some of those false religions as they call them (and they are), who also have many political alliances and friendships. JWs present themselves as alone and rejected by the world but the truth is that they have many secret alliances with a number of worldly allies. Yes, they are "friends" with the world and have made themselves enemies of God. But JWs as a whole, know nothing about any of this. They are kept completely in the dark.

But since most who are in that organization are those susceptible to false flattery and lies, it is not likely that they are going to want to come out of the dark. They are happy where they are. Ignorance is bliss, they say. But I have never accepted that. Then there is that rare sort of person who takes the Bible serious and thought the rest did, too. Then they begin to notice some small discrepancies at first and it begins to grow eventually they begin to realize something is seriously wrong. Eventually, they feel moved to speak up and take a stand against JWs. But these are rare and exceptions and not the rule.

So I hope more will start to look into these matters more closely. How rotten and corrupt is this religion and its past? How rotten and corrupt is all organized religion? You need to know the answer to all that. What you do not know can definitely hurt you and hurt you bad.

So when you appoint yourself an internal judge in your mind to hear the matter, be sure to conduct a fair open trial where all accusations are heard and considered carefully, before accepting or rejecting them.

NKJV) Matthew 7:

15 "Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves.
16 "You will know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes from thornbushes or figs from thistles?
17 "Even so, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit.
18 "A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit.
19 "Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.
20 "Therefore by their fruits you will know them.

Now I need to ask all JWs and former JWs: What sort of fruit do JWs and the GB produce? Not good, is it? Certainly not! I want you to keep this in mind as you read on. When you know their real true history and skeletons in the closet, then you have a key to greater understanding. When you consider the more recent fruits of the last 30 years or so, like the witch hunts, more recent sexual scandals and court cases, the denial and continually failed prophecies because of a really bad foundation under those prophecies, then you got some completely rotten fruit.

If you conclude the fruits are really bad, then don't look for this Organization to change its colors or repent. These are Mad Men who imagine they really actually have God's great approval and blessing and have really received genuine appointment and power. That alone is a good reason for declaring them insane. They have no power or authority at all. The power and authority comes from God's word, the Bible. If someone can genuinely persuade you of an idea, then that is the only credibility they have. Each new idea has to be able to convince and persuade, without resorting to claims of authority or power. All claims to authority and power are from the devil and are his fruits.

Jehovah's Witnesses are a hopeless lost cause. Perhaps the internet will persuade many to leave, but honestly, as PT Barnum once said, there is one born every minute. Many simply demand a place to belong and have a community acceptance. If they have those, they are happy. Doctrinal truth and accuracy mean nothing to them. The fruit does not fall far from the tree.

I encourage all x-JWs or those thinking of leaving, to fully leave and pursue your own doctrine. You have a long way to go, so do not delay. New wine must have new wineskins. Forget those you have left behind. If they one day come back to you, that's great. Personally, I could care if any of them ever came back. I felt many in my congregation were genuine freaks and tolerated them out of respect for worshipping God. But since that was a lie, I am glad to be rid of them, who I never really cared for. We had nothing in common. I have a new life now and with far more knowledge and freedom and far less of the freaks and weirdoes so common at Kingdom Halls.

Christians have to be willing to say goodbye to everything if they are truly going to be Christians and follow Christ. Most JWs are stuck in the Org because they can not leave everything behind. So the choice is obvious and the choice is yours. Do you care about truth or do you care about having lots of so called friends to pat you on the back?

For the many of us who have left, we had to make those choices and suffer loss. Loss is a necessity of being a Christian because the devil will not let you have what you want. Most who left, also left God and the Bible. If you want to be that stupid, you go right ahead. I still have total faith in God. Its only men I have no faith or trust in. The fruits are clearly visible. Stay away from rotten fruit or you will become rotten, too. A little leaven ferments the whole lump. Don't ever doubt that!

Let me put it another way. Where there is smoke, there is definitely fire, too. The handwriting is on the wall. Can you read it? The JW Org is a monster and has been so from the beginning. Slay the dragon and move on. Too many waste far too much time with throwing rocks at the Org, which admittedly, is a lot of fun and satisfaction. But I found myself being far more productive and getting far more results by focusing on where to go next and what to do next, and improving my knowledge of the Bible. Why waste time where it will not be productive? Don't be the slave that hid his money in the ground. Go and be productive with your time and efforts in God's behalf and to hell with the JWs, because I suspect many of them will be burning in the Lake of Fire (only symbolically speaking). I still do not believe in hell. Hell is in Brooklyn, NYC, though I heard its moving north soon, in case you want to visit there ;-)

"Blind guides are that they are. If a blind man leads a blind man, they will both fall into a pit."

You are wiser now and have been called to peace. Accept your new direction, sort of like the New Covenant, and don't try to go back to the Old Covenant that God saw fit to amend and replace. Don't get left behind. We are free now. Doesn't it feel good? I sure think so! Of course, I am 24 years past my "execution." Its in the past and I am in the future. Try it, you'll like it, after you heal some and recover. It was and is, one hell of a blow we have taken. Those guilty will pay. God will see to that.

How about this >>> Consider the account of Aaron's sons, Nadab and Abihu, who offered illegitimate fire and were destroyed by Jehovah. Jehovah then commanded Aaron and his 2 remaining sons not to mourn for the 2 executed brothers. They completely disrespected the service of the priesthood serving Jehovah. Aaron and sons were to be seen upholding the judgment of God.

Leviticus 10:

1 And Nadab and Abihu, the sons of Aaron, took each of them his censer, and put fire therein, and laid incense thereon, and offered strange fire before Jehovah, which he had not commanded them.

2 And there came forth fire from before Jehovah, and devoured them, and they died before Jehovah.

4 And Moses called Mishael and Elzaphan, the sons of Uzziel the uncle of Aaron, and said unto them, Draw near, carry your brethren from before the sanctuary out of the camp.

5 So they drew near, and carried them in their coats out of the camp, as Moses had said.

6 And Moses said unto Aaron, and unto Eleazar and unto Ithamar, his sons, Let not the hair of your heads go loose, neither rend your clothes; that ye die not, and that he be not wroth with all the congregation: but let your brethren, the whole house of Israel, bewail the burning which Jehovah hath kindled.

7 And ye shall not go out from the door of the tent of meeting, lest ye die; for the anointing oil of Jehovah is upon you. And they did according to the word of Moses.

Now I know how much you have all lost. Since I had given up "worldly relations" and had no contacts and friends except JWs, I lost every human contact, pretty much. I lost an aunt and 3 cousins. It retrospect, it was not a loss, but I was alone from then on in. I made friends along the way, but not meaningful, really. We all lost and we all got treated rotten and left big scars. Actually, my mourning and loss period was before I left, like from 84 to 88. It was a tough time.

But looking back, I feel much like the sentiment God suggested to Aaron. Why cry or mourn the loss of those who do not love or respect God and His commands? It is no loss to lose such unfaithful, fickle, treacherous, so-called friends and brothers.

I was looking for some scriptures I had read back as a JW.  Here is what I got:

NKJV) Ecclesiastes 1:
17 And I set my heart to know wisdom and to know madness and folly. I perceived that this also is grasping for the wind.
18 For in much wisdom is much grief, And he who increases knowledge increases sorrow.

This scripture above is vital to understand. When you are innocent and naive, you are also positive in attitude and outlook. But as you grow in experience and therefore, in wisdom and knowledge, you begin to learn the truth and it is a bitter pill to swallow and you feel sadness rather than hope or optimism. True wisdom will come with pain. You know the pain. Recognize the wisdom! Do you want to be dumb and happy, or wise but sad. We won't have every tear wiped from our eyes until after Judgment Day, or even 1000 years after that.

The following are from the NKJV. The JW Bible uses sorry or sorrow where KJV and many others use pity. Both convey the same meaning, but as JW, I always remembered "your eye feel sorry" or "heart feel regret." Whether God called on His people to carry out executions, punishment, or whatever, the command was not to feel sorry or feel pity on these not deserving and past all decency.

Deuteronomy 7:16 "And you shall destroy all the peoples whom the LORD your God delivers over to you; your eye shall have no pity on them; nor shall you serve their gods, for that will be a snare to you.

Deuteronomy 13:8 "you shall not consent to him or listen to him, nor shall your eye pity him, nor shall you spare him or conceal him;

Deuteronomy 19:13 "Your eye shall not pity him, but you shall put away the guilt of innocent blood from Israel, that it may go well with you.

Deuteronomy 19:21 "Your eye shall not pity: life shall be for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot.

Deuteronomy 25:12 "then you shall cut off her hand; your eye shall not pity her.

Ezekiel 5:11 ‘Therefore, as I live,’ says the Lord GOD, ‘surely, because you have defiled My sanctuary with all your detestable things and with all your abominations, therefore I will also diminish you; My eye will not spare, nor will I have any pity.

JW's 2013 version:  5: 11 “‘Therefore as surely as I am alive,’ declares the Sovereign Lord Jehovah, ‘because it was my sanctuary that you defiled with all your disgusting idols and with all your detestable practices,  I will also reject you; my eye will not feel sorry, and I will show no compassion.

Ezekiel 7:4 My eye will not spare you, Nor will I have pity; But I will repay your ways, And your abominations will be in your midst; Then you shall know that I am the LORD!’

JW 2013 version: My eye will not feel sorry for you; nor will I feel compassion,  for I will bring upon you the results of your own ways, and you will suffer the consequences of your detestable deeds. And you will have to know that I am Jehovah.’

Ezekiel 8:18 "Therefore I also will act in fury. My eye will not spare nor will I have pity; and though they cry in My ears with a loud voice, I will not hear them."

Ezekiel 9:5 To the others He said in my hearing, "Go after him through the city and kill; do not let your eye spare, nor have any pity.

Many times God directs us to not feel pity or spare punishment. The sins of those condemned do not deserve pity or compassion. The GB shows no compassion whatsoever. Trouble is, the lay members go right along with it. This, even when the Bible is directly contradicted. For example, at a fall 1986 circuit convention in Augusta Maine, it was announced from the platform that we should not clap for reinstated (formerly disfellowshipped) people anymore. I turned to the brother and his family who I was sitting with and said out loud, "what about the prodigal son?" He answered back, "they threw a party" and he grinned at me. We were in agreement.

But everyone else in that building (Augusta Civic Center) of about 2000 people, heard it and their faces never moved, nor anything else change. I was shocked and outraged that no one seemed to notice or care that the GB thru that platform, was renouncing the Bible and Jesus, and it further contradicted that "there is more joy in heaven over one repentant sinner than 99 righteous ones." I knew then and there, if I didn't know it before, that these people were way past any understanding. It never even registered that the Bible was being tossed out the window.

In fact, I think this was the same convention where (last name of District overseer at that time) Biegler pulled out either a black or green JW Bible and said that if the GB said that this black Bible was green, he would say, "that's funny, it looks black to me but if you say it is green, then it is green. I can not fathom a bunch of old men declare anything that stupid and senseless. This is how far gone these people are. Good people? Nice people? You have a damned odd definition of Nice people. These people are ripe for the lake of fire, as I see it, unless they repent real fast.

Be happy and leap for joy that you are out of that mess or you might have been destined for the lake of fire.

Jesus said when you are persecuted for his sake, leap for joy for your reward in heaven will be great. Are we happy to suffer for God's sake? We should be if we were serious about our worship. Were you serious about your worship? So no more crying, for you have been called to peace and to a greater calling. Now consider one more account:

Revelation 18:
4 And I heard another voice from heaven saying, "Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues.
5 "For her sins have reached to heaven, and God has remembered her iniquities.
6 "Render to her just as she rendered to you, and repay her double according to her works; in the cup which she has mixed, mix double for her.
7 "In the measure that she glorified herself and lived luxuriously, in the same measure give her torment and sorrow; for she says in her heart, ‘I sit as queen, and am no widow, and will not see sorrow.’
8 "Therefore her plagues will come in one day—death and mourning and famine. And she will be utterly burned with fire, for strong is the Lord God who judges her.

I know the above applies primarily to Babylon the Great, but it will apply in some measure to many false prophets and wolves in sheep's clothing. JWs sins are great, are they not? Piled clear up to heaven, no doubt in my mind. So "Brooklyn's" punishment, when it finally comes due, it going to be very severe. You can take that one to the bank. God will take care of Her so that you do not need to. You need to worry about you and your relationship with God. I would not want to be in the shoes of the GB, nor of any suck-up such as elders usually are and ministerial servants, pioneers and the like.

Yes, they are feeling some wrath even now and the internet aids us all. But we need to focus more on our progress in God's word, and not worry about the JWs, most of whom are lost souls and will likely remain lost souls. Even if they make the right move at the great testing, about 3.5  years into the reign of the antichrist, if not even during the first 3.5 years, they are going to be very scared and very uncertain, because things happened in a way they were not expecting and this will be a time when they might make a wrong move due to fear and uncertainty, due to what they had believed falsely.

JWs will not get away with anything. Sooner or later, the chickens will come home to roost and God will judge His enemies. But you, you should pursue the real truth now, which is not possessed by any mainstream denominational religion. It is only found among individual Christians who dare to go it on their own, relatively speaking. You have lots of friends on the net you can related to, though most like to avoid God and religion afterwards, so you might want to be picky, to some degree.

Anyway, it is time to move on and joyfully embrace your new and better life as freemen under God's yoke, rather than as slaves of men. You never had it so good ;-)

Step 1: Be an Individual
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Upon coming out, I realized that the one thing JWs hated was an individual conscience. You were supposed to let the GB think for you and if something they did bothered your conscience, you were supposed to go along with the "arrangement." I was never able to fully do that. You must think for yourself and stop following what everyone else is doing or saying. You must account to God for yourself, so start doing that right now.

The first article I ever wrote was in the importance of the conscience in worship of God, maybe near to 1995. I shared it on H2O in 1997 and started my own site, with it included, in Dec. 1999. It is the foundation doctrine of what I preach/teach. You have to be the sole judge and jury for everything you hear. You can do it. Its not rocket science. Most people have little confidence in their own ability but if you start, you will get better over time. Its like learning to walk when a toddler.

JWs have long encouraged those at doors to dare to think for themselves, then once they are in the hall, they are taught not to question the leaders. But we know that we should always question leaders and they should never object to being questioned and should welcome it.

Stuck in the Past

Too many x-JWs spend way too much time throwing rocks at the Org and GB. For a while, this is a necessary part of the learning and healing process.  But at some time, you have to eventually realize that it is time to move on to the real truth and see where JWs and yourselves once went wrong and fix it and start on a new path. JW stuff bores the hell out of me now. They are the past and if they do not repent, they will not be around too much longer. We are getting very near to D-day. So let some steam out and complain for a while, but also give some thought to where to go to next. Time to get busy finding the truth you thought you had the 1st time with the JWs. But you and I were wrong and we can recover and we can find the truth. It is out there. God can help you out quite a bit with that.

My impression of the years of 1997 to the present are that most only ever pick at the Org and never pursue the possibility of getting to the bottom of the truth of God and the Bible. Surely you can admit now that JWs did not and do not have it. So now you need to find it yourself. So lets move ahead eventually and the sooner the better. Time is not something you want to waste at this point. You have no idea how close you are at this point, but it is getting right down to the wire, now. New refugees can not afford to take their time anymore. Urgency is essential now. Time is almost up.

I find most x-JWs have been lulled into thinking they got lots of time. They heard the urgency from the GB too often. But the GB misused that warning and have no idea themselves how close to judgment (the adverse type) they are. They will soon find out the hard way. Not many of you should be teachers, my brothers.

Doctrinal Milk

JWs were very good with what I call doctrinal milk; simple basic doctrines. No trinity, no immortal soul, not going to heaven as soon as you die, and no hell, and waiting for a resurrection. JWs got these right, but that is no big deal. Any child could see the sensibleness of these ideas. JWs appeared to have credibility because of these doctrines, but these are only the beginning. But in more serious doctrine, the JWs have taken a very bad turn and walked right off the edge of the world and into blindness and oblivion, along with the rest of Christianity.

Prophecy Essentials

No one can know the day or hour, right? Well, Russell was the first to make that mistake. But what most do not know is that Russell was ultimately pursuing the cause of the devil. This will shock many JWs but it is the truth. Russell was among the ultimate in apostates, a Freemason, and a Zionist, if ever there was one. Modern Bible Students remain ardent Zionists. Zionism is the pathway to the antichrist, a doctrine the JWs do not even know about. How is that for irony?

In fact, JWs got off on the wrong foot from the very beginnings of Russell. Russell was among a handful of new religions that all sprung up as a result of the Great Awakening that took place in the USA, starting in the 1820s and growing. Its principle and foremost proponent was William Miller, who came up with a "day for year" interpretation of Daniel's "7 times" which Miller decided were 7 years, comprised of 2520 day in a lunar prophetic year, therefore, 2520 years, eventually bringing JWs to 1914, which is also wrong, for reasons I cover in another JW article. As well, in Daniel 12, with the 1290, 1335, and 2300 days (for years).

Miller was also a Freemason, as were some others in the movement. In fact, the founders of the Seventh Day Adventists (back to the law and Sabbath group), which also came out of this movement, were also Masons or married to one, in the case of Ellen G White. Russell, and his dad, were also very high ranking Masons. Masons ran the country and much of the world, too. But you'll have to read Fritz's stuff on this site for that or do a search on the net.

So JWs were never in a position to get prophecy right. They were corrupted from the beginning. Though antichrist literature was scant and not good when I was falling out, due to much of it of the past having been ignored and not published, was forgotten in the latter 20th century. But  that changed when I read thru the many so called church fathers of the early post-years of the Apostles. Paul spoke rather plainly about this guy, calling him the man of sin and perdition, which the New World Blunder (JW bible) calls the man of Lawlessness. He has different names by different Apostles and Prophets, like Daniel. Jesus referred to him, too, but many miss that in our day and age.

But the goal of the devil is to test the entire world at the appointed time, to see who will go with God, and who will reject Him, in favor of a false Christ Messiah, who looks like a lamb, but speaks like a dragon. This is the separating of the sheep and the goats. JWs tell you that the sheep and goats were and are continually separated. That is a total lie. Revelation says otherwise. We become sheep or goats, depending on how we act when threatened or intimidated in that critical time.

But since the devil is behind all this, he does not want word of this being spread around. So you will have to search with diligence to get it all. I brought it all together on this site, but I don't expect you to believe me, either. But you should take a careful look. But I want you to clearly understand that everything you learned about JW prophecy was a load of crap. We have Russell to thank for that, as well as some big bankers and the devil. You have a lot of work to do and not much time to do it in. Lucky for you, its all on this site as God willed that such a source should exist at least in one place, if people have the hearts and ears for discernment.

Credibility with the Young

Another great failing of the JWs as the poor way they raised their young, by keeping them in public schools where intense peer pressure and torment fractured them, where extreme and un-necessary religious prohibitions caused undue harm. Being prudish and unrealistic with expectations of the young, particularly teens, they alienate most kids from God. Christianity is nearly as bad in this area. Sex is a powerful drive in the young and most of Christianity deals with it by sticking their  heads in the sand and ignoring completely. They have been the devil's best friends, without even knowing it.

Either deal with sex openly, honestly, candidly, or the devil will be the only one having a say. We have failed miserably with our young over the last 84 or more years. Most shy away from frank, even somewhat graphic discussions about sex. That is why we have failed. the devil is ever willing to get graphic, naughty, vulgar, even. So we have to discuss all sorts of things we will  surely be uncomfortable with. But if you don't, it is guaranteed the devil will. And he will appreciate you staying out of his way.

Home schooling is the ultimate weapon against the devil, but the GB has long discouraged that, as faithful supporters of the Masonic cause. Entertainment has long been made the scape goat of JWs. But it is not really to blame as much as the parents were, and the Org. Further, JW leaders claiming they are appointed by God is no way to gain any credibility with the young, either. The young do not like your authority and they damn well don't like the elders or the GB, either. Who can blame them?

A Religion of Sycophants

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Really, if there were one truly outstanding characteristic of the JWs and their Org, it would be because of their top down claim to authority and power, no different from the claim of the Pope and Catholic Church. Among JWs, it creates a bunch of men pleasers. In the world, we have some crass but well earned names for these. Ass-kissers, suck-ups, brown-nosers, yes-men. Among JWs, maybe men-worshipppers.

JWs have several strata or social hierarchies in their classes. The bosses, the rulers, the GB and their appointees. Then we have Elders and Ministerial Servants. Some elders have far more status than others. There is a pecking order within pecking orders. Pioneers have a fairly big rank. Then there are their buddies, who are just beneath that. Then there are the fringes, of maybe several layers. A few sometimes-attenders on Sundays. Those who attend all 3 meetings but don't hang around too long and always seem pre-occupied. And maybe a layer between them and the buddies of the upper ranks.

I saw a lot ass kissing in my time. It was disgusting, sickening. In fact, the  very worst ass kissers were often the circuit overseers. They would kiss the ass of the householder they were preaching to, and could hold wonderful long conversations while stimulating the householder, but I noticed that the Bible was seldom the object and nothing ever came from a CO schmoozing with someone. But CO's got to where they are by knowing whose hand buttered their bread and whose ass to kiss in order to get ahead.

So I want to warn anyone coming from the Org, that you may very well have some of these tendencies and not be aware of it. Most JWs are sub-consciously conditioned to act this way, without even being aware it is going on. You will go nowhere if you do not grovel and kiss their feet. I was never very good at this, which is why I did not get a whole lot of recognition or acceptance. I am glad that I was never accepted. I might have gotten stuck supporting the party platform and selling my soul.

But this tendency, if not discovered and eliminated, will pretty much keep you out of God's Kingdom. You'll do well in government, or with the corporate scene, but God can't stand that sort of stuff. You have to have your own mind and hate wickedness and love righteousness and absolutely hate bribes. And fake complements and tickling ears in other places has no place with God. Fake complements and ass kissing are bribes. "Promote me because I am your friend and I always tell you how great you are, even though you really are not."

This is what makes the JW Org so filthy rotten disgusting. Men with their own minds, speak those minds and stand up for what is right, even if no one will like it. A man of God must stand for goodness and righteousness. If you live and die by merit, then you have a place with God. Having political friends is not merit. In fact, you are using people and they are using you, when you both kiss each other in order to get the behavior you want out of them. And then there is that lake of fire. I'd avoid that, for sure.

Duane Magnani Book                 Oct. 28, 2014
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I finished reading Section 1 of Magnani's book, "The Watchtower Files: Dialogue with a Jehovah's Witness." A few things came to mind while reading this. First, and well known among x-JWs, is the back and forth constant flip-flopping of ideas and assertions. Evidently, "Jesus" could not make up his mind in heaven. For when it is claimed that he makes a decision and passes it down to the governing body (GB) for publication, then there should be no mistakes or continual revisions. Jesus certain does know what he is doing but the GB clearly does not.

But worse, the GB speaks out of both sides of its mouth, continually contradicting themselves. Not so much of a changing of mind as it is just deceit. They will say in published form that they are not an inspired "prophet," yet publish at another time that they are God's visible representative and that you must go thru them to please God and get God's direction. This obviously necessitates that the GB is infallible, just like the Pope claims or did at one time ;-) But you can not have this both ways. Either you are or are not inspired and spirit-directed.

When they screw up, they are not inspired. When they make some bold declaration or hand down a new policy, then they are directly inspired by God.

This brings up the next point. Bold declarative interpretation of prophecies. What Magnani shows in his copies of various publications of JWs, with underlines supplied for the key parts, is that JWs have made many bold reckless predictions/interpretations and these were not lightly stated but were worded with heavy certainty that it was going to happen, without any doubt or reservation. Yet, every time, these failed. They got an awful lot of stupid errors like this. Do little JWs wake up? Not at all!

What struck me the most about these "prophecies" was the bold arrogant nature of these declarations. Who did these guys think they were? Did they really believe their own crap? I suspect some of them did. Rutherford had to know better, but Russell might have been deluded. Those who came after Rutherford might have been deluded. But no one should follow or listen to a deluded maniac.

This bold arrogant attitude is what is most condemning. These guys have no shame in their glaring mistakes that are just so unbecoming. Who would be dumb enough to make such stupid predictions? Why not soft peddle it, thereby leaving a way out, should it not come true, as any good con-artist or liar might do. No, that might be using their head and being careful. These guys throw caution and care to the wind. They are not in the least worried about really big mistakes.

I have a theory on this. God gives them false prophecies as was done to Ahab in the Bible so that they make complete fools of themselves. Or maybe the devil has a little bit of fun with them, since they are his. But it should be obvious that these guys are idiots.

Now, I have read many who have speculated some about prophecy. Even I have done this. But these are not carved in stone or spelled out in detail sorts of things with specific dates and outrageous predictions with absolute certainty. We are try to understand prophecy as best as we can. Certainly events have become more obvious as of late, but I do not know of hardly a soul or denomination that makes total idiots of themselves like the JW GB does. By their fruits you will know them ;-)

So then I ask at this point, could it be that they just do not respect the people they lead? I got to believe this is the case. This is very scary for this means these guys at the top have no trace of good will in what they do. They are ravenous wolves who use and abuse by intention. No matter how reckless or careless their words and actions, they fear no real consequences. They have gotten away with it every time. The flock are so gullible and stupid, as sycophants often are. They just want a place to belong. What is taught is not important to them. It becomes quite clear.

This brings me to the next point. Those of you who have left for good reasons, you often love or miss those left behind and I understand. but what you left behind is worth leaving behind if what I say and suggest is true. If all they care about is their social network and love their "brothers" more than Jesus, then they are not worthy of Jesus and they are not worthy of you who left and left because you cared about truth and decency, which are intimately bound up in the messiah.

Put another way, the fruits of this religion and its history are rotten to the very core from the very beginning. There have been so many shake ups and upheavals in this religion and most of the flock always remains. Yet, I do have to say, JWs have a revolving door in their religion. Many come in believing there is something genuine there and in time come to realize there is nothing there but a lurking place for demons. Well, many leave simply due to selfish inclinations, and many still look back like Lot's wife, but then a few move on and are glad to do so.

But I urge x-JWs to leave this whole mess behind and never look back. This religion long ago sullied itself and ruined any possible credibility. They are clearly sons of the devil and that is becoming much more obvious now than of times in the past. It is time to move on and be glad that you shed yourself of the phony rotten people you left behind. All of them are ass-kissers and disgusting. Maybe a few will eventually come around, but they will be very few indeed. Most will die in this religion and lose out on any chance of salvation.

Humans are a puzzling lot and no one knows this better than x-JWs. You have been awakened and called out by God. Be grateful and celebrate your liberation. I also notice other religions who also keep their flocks enslaved and lied to. Its the same in all organized religion. No mystery because the devil rules them all. He no longer rules you.

The Road Ahead
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Because you have been in the Org, perhaps even since a child, you have had blinders on, as we all did. And I do not know where you are at, at this time. So I told you about what many have done, in one way or another. But I know the world was still a very scary place for me at first. What was right and what was wrong was not as certain anymore. You might find me a bit frightening if you look around my site.

I will offer this caution. My site is for serious students of the Bible and scripture. But if you are a JW or former JW, it might sound very foreign. In fact, I seem quite foreign to all of Christianity and that actually makes me feel pretty good. But you are in a new unfamiliar place right now. You'll have to give it time and you will still have to care about God and the Bible.

Further, whatever you know about the history of the JWs, Russell, and Rutherford, I doubt you really know anywhere near as much about it as I do. Yes, I am that well read and studied and I have the very best author on this stuff right here on my site, on the Heretics page, Fritz Springmeier. I think you ought to give it all lots of consideration. There is not another site like this one anywhere on the internet. I have the best scoop on the JWs that exists on this planet. If you found a better one, I'd sure like to have a link to it.

My email is at the bottom of the home (front) page of this site. You can ask questions or discuss anything. But whatever you do, you don't have much time left to do it in. I know many others have said that before. But this time, it is the real deal. You are likely no more than 3 years away from meeting the antichrist - false messiah. If its 5 instead of 4, no big deal. You will see it, but will  you be ready?

But whatever the truth is, or ends up being for you, you need to get at it right away. There is no time to delay. The world is about to crumble, as a New World Order approaches. My experience is that few JWs, upon leaving, take the right course or a good course. Most just squander their lives afterward. So now its your turn to decide whether to sink or swim. I am here to help, but you'll have to do your own swimming, just the same.

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