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The Premise
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Hampstead Research (HR from here on in) was first introduced in Feb. 2015 to defend the cause of two children taken prisoner by the UK, says I, although claimed by the UK to be "protective custody" from supposed harmful parties, the mother and her partner. HR took up the cause of the mother Ella/partner (Abraham) as well. HR was served by Wordpress who offers free blogs to whoever wants them, with terms to any who create an account. Wordpress is based in Virginia USA, right next to Washington DC. An accident? Not as I see it. Spook Central ;-)

In presenting the facts of HR and its history, I have a handicap in that HR, possibly with help, erased or "lost" most of their files or they have them saved to a disk. But they are not up on the net anymore and perhaps for good reason. So I have to relate much from memory but still have lots of screen saves and saved pages on my drive to put up.  HR kind of imploded in July 2015 and splintered into warring factions. There are likely a number of reasons for this, and I am not sure if anyone is completely innocent in the matter. But my time following the blog has left many concerns and unanswered questions. I believe the sum of the circumstances merit a closer consideration of the many facts involved with as much solid tangible evidence as I can come up with.

So I invite refugees from this collapse of the movement to help the kids' cause, to hear facts they did not get to see before, but should, to realize possibilities not previously considered on their part. To be quite clear, since this case is of great concern to myself and many others, it is justified as a subject for public consideration. AS well, since Jacqui Farmer, not a real name I am told, ran Hampstead Research in an open public forum, which is bound to invite public viewing and public discussion. If she did not welcome and did not want publicity and notoriety, then she should not have engaged in a public activity.

As well, it may not be possible to avoid some negative appearances or outcomes, foreseen or not foreseen, in such public discussions and revelations. I am here to discuss facts and ponder why things have turned out as they did. We have all perhaps done things we regret, but doing them in a public venue will possibly cause many different reactions, both positive and negative to various involved parties. Perhaps it is hindsight to suggest that anyone not wanting publicity ought to stay out of the public eye and public venues.

I intend no one any harm. But I believe it my right to discuss the events and circumstances that have happened in the "Hampstead" Arena/Forum regarding A & G, and reflect on these and offer my opinions on them. My opinions are no expression of legal guilt. They are only my opinions and I am not aware of any improprieties and do not intend any. That said, that actions of some might not look good to others or even myself, upon consideration. That can not be avoided, if it happens. Its the consequences of carrying on in public activities. Put another way, If you can't take the heat of truth, stay out of the kitchen.

The evidence of thorough systematic control of courts, media, internet services, the UK government, police, social services, all seem to indicate massive corruption and cover up of the crimes reported by the children, which still have never been investigated in any responsible, thorough, lawful, and diligent way, according to the laws on the book. What is worse, is that this was a criminal report involving criminal activity, not family problems and yet this was deemed a family problem, without any evidence to that effect, and family courts and trials are conducted in completely secrecy, which the UK prefers to call privacy, as if it was somehow protecting children, when the apparent reality demonstrated many times is that the opposite takes place where kids are in no real danger but taken anyway, forever, or where the kids might suffer from minor neglect or poverty.

In fact, I declare that no responsible and lawful court can be taken seriously to conduct any legal or judicial affair in secret or private. Secrecy has no business in law, courts, government, or law enforcement. Secret family courts are violation of all decent judicial conduct. There is no good excuse for such courts even being in existence, period!

Often the excuse is that there is danger of possible emotional harm to the children in question. Judges simply rubber stamp whatever social worker investigators say. There is no check or balance system in actual practice. The children taken are often given over to possible perverts or foster care homes for multiple children, who the suffer sexual abuse in these institutions and circumstances, as it has been alleged. I believe many of those allegations.

It was in February of 2015 when the family court trial was to take place. But the court accused volunteer advocate Sabine McNeil and the mother, Ella Draper, of breaking confidentiality of evidence since the videos of the kids' testimony had made it onto the internet unintentionally, possibly as of a result of foul play on the part of Google, with whom Sabine had a private google drive she used for her work and services in her business and volunteer services.

The court knows perfectly well that Ella was not involved in this and yet they pursued her as a criminal and so she fled, as did Sabine, in February, 2015, knowing that many others in the same circumstances have been imprisoned for similar things. I'll deal more with this stuff in another article.

It was at this time and circumstance that Hampstead Research came into being. The operator went by the fictitious name of Jacqui Farmer, who I will call Jax from here on in. Her hubby was called Videoman to the public. As she related in the first incarnation of this blog, her and Videoman (VM from this point on) wanted to do something for the kids so VM volunteered to do the housework as well as his job which involved video and camera work, I believe. Video work for sure. In this way, Jax could devote full time and then some to HR.

That was the story. I do not believe it, however. But we will get to that.

So this is where I will begin the accounting.

Youtube says 2009. The only question is why it has been suggested that Bridget York of this FB page and Biddy Baboon is linked with the Bridget Yorke of Wordpress fame who shows absolutely no connection with Hampstead or SRA. Did the real Bridget agree to stay silent and let her image/ID be used by another? Or is it done without her knowing? It is clear that the blurred colored face shown here above is clearly not the face of the real Bridget Yorke. And this FB site is clearly not used for social purposes. It is used for social crusading and yet, barely ever used at all. Very suspicious.

Now to prove my case in a big way, you can visit this page of mine   Photo-Exam.htm   for a total detailed examination of frauds suggested to me. See and judge for yourself if someone is faking something big time.

One more last big point here. I can account for activity by Jax in all years except 2014. This addition of FB Bridget Yorke now gives me an accounting of 2014, and one that indicates her involvement in some way, with the McKenzie friends in being informed about what was going on with the kids being taken by the UK. Jax had to have a source for knowledge about it all and no videos released till Feb 2015. Jax was given promotion and connections to help her blog along. She was connected. She was not alone or on her own.

So now we will investigate Hampstead Research (so called), also a Jax creation, monstrosity, and abomination, says I, anyway.

HR as the Story Goes            On Hampstead Research (HR)

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Now the idea that VM was going to be doing this for his wife indefinitely, and she was not getting paid, as the story goes; All volunteer! Well, as I have learned, most infiltration of social causes by those seeking to sabotage those causes, like big international corporations, non-profits up to no good, governments, and other elite concerns, who try to control and manage grass roots activities, they create services thru supposed volunteers or volunteers who supposedly are able to make barely enough to survive as activists for noble causes. I have dealt with this in my article addressing funding of SJWs (Social Justice Warriors, so called).

But it bears repeating here. Most are funded by unidentified concerns. In fact, the military of the USA and other nations employ vast numbers of people now to surf/patrol the net to subvert good social concerns that threaten various interests of big business and government. As well, Face Book (FB form here on in), Youtube, Twitter, Google, Wordpress and others have resorted to not allowing pastes into posts when such has been allowed previous, have begun monitoring, censoring and banning posts. I tried to send 20 conspiracy channels a link to Hampstead subjects thru Youtube channel communications and not one went thru. Twitter now censors, too.

What can be said is that those in power could not possibly be up to any good by these tactics. These are restrictive harsh paranoid moves that indicate a global leadership that fears the analyzing and  criticizing of its actions and intentions. In short, these harsh measures are, in themselves, an admission of guilt by our leaders.

Now for one, I do not believe there is any money to be made by "activists" without a cause, waiting to help any and all causes needing help. Its a myth. The "activists in waiting" are paid for what they do, says I, which is why they can be ready at a moments notice to jump into action and help a cause out. And they can devote as much time to it, as is needed. The more involved and helpful they are to a cause, the more they will be trusted and valued, and never suspected.

So it is here I now voice some concern about the story that Jax tells us. I do not have any doubt that she put lots of time into HR. I saw activity at nearly all times in a day from that blog when I was heavily involved with it. Done for free? VM working double duty? I find it hard to believe. But you can judge on that one. But my opinion is that someone was funding the operator of the blog and opening doors and making connection for Jax. I am the only idiot I know who works for free but I have never worked at my website full time till recently. You can look at my updates page on the home page to see how many articles I put out per month or year. I have records going back to 2007 on this site and others going back to 2000, when I first started as "Bitter Truth" in Dec. of 99. I became Truth1 in 2003.

Is it impossible what Jax claims? No, its not impossible, but I would say its very unlikely, highly doubtable! Were this the only concern I had, I would not have much at all. But there is so much more to follow, that I believe the preponderance of evidence is too much to ignore about this whole situation. But your conclusions may vary with mine. And in the end, each should have that right to decide from themselves, using the evidence to make the call.

Now some might ask, what is the harm in getting paid? Well, it depends on who is paying and why they are paying. But to pay someone simply for promoting or defending a cause is something I think anyone should be concerned about, given that the military now considers the internet a "battle field" and an "enemy." I have evidence to show that probably the net is totally corrupted at this point. Whether I get it all in this article or not, remains to be seen.

I also want to make this clear. This article is as much, if not more, written against the many regular posters that visited HR often, who saw and heard things that should have upset them or made them ask questions and they did nothing for too long a time. They were silent when they should have been speaking up and asking questions. I'll get to them in this article, as well.

HR Activities
& Accomplishments
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If a critique is to be fair and honest, then any good must be acknowledged. Jax did do some things right. Not much, but some. Specifically, her work searching social sites like facebook, while not hard to do, had never occurred to me or many others and it was most revealing about the cult. I think a lot of people liked it. In fact, I think a lay "investigator" in the Cleveland Ohio, USA area used the same tactic herself after. It involved a Presbyterian church, in Ohio, I believe. She alleges SRA in great quantities. Connections were certainly showing up among the cult members of Hampstead, as well. And this was 2 years before PizzaGate.

But I also stand up for this because I am concerned that governments are plotting to stop this sort of thing, calling it nasty names like stalking, harassing, terrorizing, and other such ridiculous claims. HR was acting as investigation for the people and public of the UK and the world, comparing the testimony of the 2 kids and their mom and her partner against claimed cult members who do all seem to share facebook alliances. Many took down their facebook pages after they appeared on HR.

As well, since facebook is a public forum, I do not believe the cult members had any rights or expectations to privacy as regards what they publish publicly on their FB pages.

As far as I know, this was the idea and work of Jax. It is to her credit. Some of the videos made by VM, were also good. and isn't it handy that VM had these abilities,  or so we are told. Is it really her hubby doing this? Or is it another party helping out? I would have no way of knowing nor would most other people. Only someone directly associated with them would know so, maybe.

Jax once worked with McKenzie Friend, Belinda McKenzie and thru Belinda, Jax would know Sabine McNeil, the woman who helped guide many in attempting to campaign for the kids and the mother/partner. Sabine would often do interviews with net and radio hosts. So Jax had lots of connections to feed her info. She was politically connected. It always helps. Was it an accident that she, being well connected, became a volunteer to head a blog for the cause? I do not think so. There have been rumors of various things, some of which seem possible and some I was not persuaded by.

But on the other hand now, Jax wrote lots of meaningless letters to authorities and cult members. Did it help? Not in my opinion. It was just for show to make Jax look good; to make her look like a hero and crusader. In fact, though she says she wrote letters, can we be sure that is true. Not as far as I know! I think Jax a habitual liar. Most blow-hards that have some fame in conspiracy circles do a lot of things for show (like Alex Jones who Jax spoke well of. It means nothing. But some people get fooled by it all.

Jax got some help from an IT person to track down cult activities and the accused father in particular, whose kids said videotaped them doing porn and sold it on the net. This IT stuff was also a good find. She says that we will call him "John Smith," not his real name. This would be credited with later work for Jax as well. But John did do us all a big favor. He had contacted her and told her that Dearman was ditching many of his sites but that they could go to the WayBack site to see the back ups prior to deletion.

Here it was revealed that Dearman had "appeared" to be a pornographer of some type. This was in HR's Video 17, Dearman As Pornographer or something like that. It would be interesting to know more about John Smith. But for now, we can tip our hats to him. I believe I know who he is. But that he remained close to Jax, does leave one like me a bit cautious, at the least. She had mentioned thanks to him on her final goodbyes as she was no longer going to be publishing for HR in its 3rd incarnation, based in Iceland. But when I went back to get that, which also had a thanks to a therapist, I think, it had been deleted. How come?

Now why delete a thank you message? Odd, isn't it? Well, I can say it had something to do with me trying to find info on John Smith. That she deleted that, along with a plea for me to come back to HR, with an accompanying song by Chumbawamba - Tubthumping   It also had like 8 likes, as she probably went to the others and asked them to like it or she used 8 of her legions of sock puppets to do it. But its gone.

Why did she want me back? She had been quite nasty to me and not me alone. I think she was hopeful to get me back, kiss my ass, and get me to cease and desist my investigation she knew was going on. Was she that scared about it? To be honest, no, I think it was someone more powerful and intelligent that suggested it and so she tried it. But it failed. I had to job to do and do right. But there are at least a few people who saw that post on a Sunday, I think it was. But none will admit it, I am sure.

So why did she not want to leave John's name up? Did she know I was hunting? I say she did know. I say that possibly even John Smith might have detected it. Or other big wigs in the espionage business. Anything is possible but they knew I was on the hunt. Jax puts up lots of stupid things and then regrets them and deletes them. It is a most common pattern for her.

Some video presentations were good for posing questions. I think that some of them would have been better as html docs or blog docs, since they were mostly text. There were some good videos using Google maps as well. I suspect VM or others actually doing this. Also, HR took video footage of the kids' testimony and put relevant pieces together to focus on certain subjects. These too, were very good for the cause.

But any good counter agent always has to have some good credible information and presentations in order to gain the confidence of viewers. Then its a matter of slowly leading people in an errant direction, or waiting for a key time to cause dissention, or maybe exists to discredit someone who is really effective and maybe silence them. I am thinking that since John Smith wanted to remain anonymous and that Jax only called him a fellow researcher, without any more info than that, that maybe he had something to hide or was a double agent as I suspect Jax might have been.

Mind you that remaining anonymous is not a crime or even admission of guilt by legal standards. But in our arena, secrecy is bad and so is lying, deceit, cover-up, misleading and disseminating knowingly false information/propaganda. Really, these are not becoming to anyone who does them, but again no laws are broken  . . . or are there?

Any good counter agent knows that 99.9% of the people are blind sheep and stupid followers who never question anything. So it is easy to discredit good people, because of that lazy stupid nature and because intelligent people (Nikola Tesla, for example)  are often just too smart to really be grasped by the majority. So if they are not well understood, then discrediting them is rather easy. I have seen it done time and again, starting about about age 7 or 8. Yes, that young, watching my father struggle while boys were being regularly beaten in a boy's reform school he worked at.

So HR did some good. That can not be denied. But they or she, did a lot of bad, too, in my opinion, and I believe you need to know about it and then decide for yourself.

Arendale Appears on HR
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The London protests of Child Sex Abuse coverups began on Friday,  March 13 or/and Sat/Sun March 14/15. During this time a war broke out on a facebook page in support of the kids, A & G.  A person was accused (by me) of being a shill and at least 3 or 4 came to the rescue of the accuser (me) and got banned from the site as a result. There were onlookers who were upset by the ADMINS and got thrown out. Some were silently upset and left the site for good, voluntarily. Christine May Goodsall was one of those. She had been regular there. It left the place a bit quiet and uncertainty was everywhere. I got names, screen saves, lots of stuff. It was on Sunday or Monday and news was out that Miss Forsdyke was seeking therapy/treatment for her involvement in the cult. She had tattoos in her pubic area, according to the 2 kids. It was at this time that Arendale appeared on HR and mentioned some of her history in the USA. It was not so significant at the time, but it is now, in hindsight.

First of all, being in the USA means she was not at the protest. Neither was Sinsia Marlee. And she had an attitude, too. A slight hostility, really.

Arendale gave a detailed account of her family, that it was a tough one to live in she was somewhat alienated from some of them. Brothers and dad were all mentioned. In a later post about cults, she gave some of their history living in various parts of the USA, including Baltimore. This would all come to be very useful information but Jax erased it all and that raises a lot of suspicion. Jax was covering for Arendale, who had a picture of a lion that was in all her posts. Oh, good grief. She did not want any of us to know where Arendale was from. Arendale was very knowledgeable of all things Hampstead. she fit right in like she had been there all along. She had, thru Her and Araya's facebook page for the Hampstead cause.

I began following HR regularly by this time, after my disappointing experience with Sinsia's FB site, and the dubious motives of her and DD. As Arendale continued to visit as well, she often seemed to be trying to discredit whatever I posted. For instance, I asked and wondered why Mr. Demon, the kids' genetic dad, had fathered 2 kids by means of a woman who was not in the cult. Generally, this sort of thing would be frowned upon by cults and that they were often incestuous and multi-generational - intergenerational. Arendale said there were no consistent rules and that cults varied a lot in their rules. I later provided a scan of a book page (4 pages, actually)  showing that there were predominant types of cults, 2-3 types (Breaking the Circle of Satanic Ritual Abuse, Daniel Ryder). I voiced disagreement. I pointed this out to Jax when I sent the scan.

In the mean time, I wrote an article on my site, saying why I thought it was possible that Mr. Demon sought to have kids with their mom, Ella. He wanted to corrupt something nice and decent. But he could not change her. I suggested he might have taken her for being soft or weak, but clearly that did not turn out to be the case. Arendale had been to my site, saw that ran to HR to post my idea. Neither her nor DD had original thoughts but they knew were to get good material. Need I say more than that?

At this point, I will introduce "Angelada," who was good friends with Arendale/Other FB IDs. Angelada was very close to an ADMIN of the Sinsia FB site and this Admin is also Arendale says I. Angelada knew I had posted an article on the situation of mom and the kids and the cult. She could have revealed it to "Sinsia Marlee," the Admin and Arendale, says I. But as I have seen from recent times, "they" have been able to watch and follow me everywhere and still track my every move. They all knew about my site. They used a lot from it.

Arendale then comes along and posts to Jax nearly the same identical statements I had made on my site. But just tonight, early Nov. 22, 2015, I discover how closely I have been watched on the net and on phone. Now I know how Arendale found out and tried to take credit for brilliance. Yes, I am very modest, I know ;-) But in doing so, she made it clear her first statement had been wrong and that Demon should not have gambled with abusing the kids that belonged to a non-cult woman and that his trying to abuse the kids behind her back by operating from the school was stupid and reckless. I pointed this out to Jax at a later time from a book. But I suspect Jax knew all along now.

Satanists, due to their remarkable control and success, get cocky and even "drunk" with their power and success so that they begin to imagine that there is nothing they can not do. But in this case, they so badly miscalculated that it has cost the whole Satanic network a huge PR loss and threat. Arrogance caught up with them.

Arendale came up with a theory of Secret sign language for DC Steve Martin interviewing Alisa in her 3rd interview. I said it was nonverbal expression being demonstrated by him and that he was bothered by what he was doing on some level. I had known well about nonverbal since the mid 80s, possibly 83. But Jax stuck by the secret language. An accident? I think not. But then I came up with my recent article on nonverbal expression from 2 recent psychologists who published books dealing with nonverbal, among many other things, proving my point. But I was against Jax by then. So she might not even know about it. But Jax never was all that bright. And she liked to create sensationalism and try to make the defense of the kids look bad.

Some idiot (VM maybe?) made a video from SandyHook where a young girl was interviewed maybe 4 times. On the last interview, she refused to talk and tried to push the arms and hands of her parents away. It was obvious. The girl was tired of lying. The video suggested it was a secret sign language. And Jax posted it, to try and make me look wrong. Well, there are only 2 possibilities for that. Either Jax, Arendale, or both. But they were both wrong.

I took this to another facebook forum and asked their opinions. All agreed the girl was trying to stop them from bothering her. I have the screen saves to prove it. More videos have come out on Youtube showing outrage at the girl being uncooperative and being bullied for it. Many comments called it very abusive. No one on those comment screens ever called it a secret sign language.

Jax either just loves sensationalism over sound conclusions or she and Arendale work together to spread disinfo and try to discredit my ideas. But that does not work very well. So is she dumb or just devious? That's a tough one. You decide!

Arendale Coverup
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Maintaining strict chronological order is not practical for this detailed a subject.

I had discussed Arendale with Jax. I had told Jax I was going to go back to March (on HR) during the London protest as Arendale had left lots of info on her first couple of posts as regards her family difficulties and history. But then I had delayed following that intent up. When I finally got around to it, Jax had deleted all Arendale posts except one stupid little post. All the embarrassing stuff was gone and the personal info gone. Arendale had mentioned her family had once been in Baltimore. So Jax knew that I knew Arendale accurately. Arendale also knew that I was on to her. The big fight on facebook during the London protest certainly might have helped that.

So in late April an Asher Arendale shows up on facebook as a friend on 4 or 5 people on Angelada's Mind Control forum. It had the exact same lion/lying pic that wordpress HR Arendale used. But this guy was male and knew nothing about Hampstead and had nothing on his facebook page that had anything to do with Hampstead or child abuse. He also had 66 friends and not one of them was black like he was, despite his living in Maryland and Georgia for years, where lots of blacks can be found. And he wears sunglasses to hide his face. And no other pictures of him, either. So I am going to paste pictures here for you to see the details for yourself. Below was the last remaining post of Arendale on HR. Jax got rid of everything else! How come? Coverup = Guilt! FACT! Did Arendale have something to be ashamed of? Or hide? I suggest and intend to show that Arendale has very important role in the USA as a Face Book administrator for many causes and she seems to me to be somewhat  of an activist herself, even by her own admission. But for sure, Jax was covering up for Arenedale, to protect her real ID.


Above was copied from HR. A typical post. This was the only surviving post of Arendale left when I finally went back to look up Arendale posts. Note the lion photo in the HR post and below in Asher Arendale's facebook stuff. BUSTED! Jax for covering up and deleting to help Arendale escape guilt and getting tracked down tracking down. Note that both used Fake FB IDs, though Arendale also had an FB ID as Sinsia on the Hampstead kids' cause that Araya had sought out.

However, Arendale was correct in this post, unlike most of her posts. The Hampstead case was full of potential in revealing the Satanic World-wide Criminal Empire. A very good post by any measure. See! Drugs are not so bad after all :-) But you will note she is well invested in this case and yet Asher Arendale never mentions a thing about it on his page. And if he were Arendale, why did he stop participating? Take a look at my page and you will find Hampstead stuff and friends. As busy posting on HR as Arendale was, we should have seen him continue at least a bit of interest. He was a fake sock puppet. He had only 2 friends from the Hampstead Coverup community. Little surprise below, though. Angelada is one of the two friends. I asked Graham and he said he got invitation and accepted but never has any communication with him. Both Graham and Angelada were ADMINS of her mind control forum.


Now wait till ya see this. First the above were gathered around May 31, 015. Now this 2nd set below were gathered Nov. 27, 015, 6 months later.
"His" University changes from Morgan State to Henderson State. His major changes from Computer Science to Journalism Mass Media, and year started from 1997 to 2000. How bout dat? Fraud in every way. Even the friends are new/changes/or additional. If there is what appears to be fraud or coverup, these indeed, are strong evidence to suggest that there is felt a need to coverup and hide the truth about Arendale. Who is Arendale? But she and Jax do not want you to know that. And we have Angelada being involved with both these characters both then and now. Imagine that! I questioned Angelada on it right there on HR for everyone there to see. She never answered me. Busted !!

As well, below, Mary Mac is now a friend of Arendale. This circle of friends gives you an idea of who Arendale really is. Mary Mac was also dearly devoted to Jax as well. Mary is all washed up now. I might point out that as Sinsia and Angelada hung out together on FB and make trouble for me. I have an article on porn and I qualified it by including "natural nudity" and excluding hard core porn. But they did not not that and tried to imply that I was OK-ing hard porn and snuff. There were 6 or 7 idiots there and not one of them ever took a look at the article to know what the hell it said. They were giving me shit and opened fire. The carnage was horrific. I made them look so damned stupid, the never dared to speak. Stupid people should have no right to speak! Lying SOBs like Angelada? Pure evil.

Either Sinsia and Angelada also make up a fake email account pretending to be a teen boy asking about masturbation as I written an article in it finding no fault with it. Fuzzle was the name, and I think a Mc-name as a last name. I saved some of those replies. He said at come point that he could not decide who was right, mom and dad or me. I told him that He needed to wait until he as smart enough to think for himself and trust his won judgment but her persisted. As far as Angelada is concerned, imagination and desire are lust, not an appetite given by God. So many stupid Christians out there. But in some of the emails, Fuzzle suddenly started to sound like an adult, so I told Fuzzle he sounded like his mother or father and maybe he should get them to address me. It was denied. It was all so pathetic. I hate ignorant minds. Christians should not hate stupidity? Not as far as I am concerned. Let me put it this way. God will not allow ignorance as a plea, come testing time. Blow it and you'll die! So yes, God hates un-necessary ignorance.

But it was clear to me that Sinsia had it out for me as did Arendale. Angelada also hung out with Jax. Angelada was sought out and used by the shills all the time. It was becoming clear to me that Arendale was Sinsia and Sinsia was Arendale. As well, during big blow out in March 14 2015 London protest, Sinsia explained who she was an activist in the USA and she named 6 or 7 of the causes she helped. I saved that message. So they both live in the USA and Connect with Baltimore, later changed to Henderson State U in Arkansas. As well below, we have Mary Mac and Anna Mooler as friends of Arendale, and also Sinsia, too.


Based on the 2 friends appearing just above, I could speculate about who actually put this page together.

Understand this and carve it in stone. Any evidence of a coverup fully establishes guilt and a conspiracy. That is a fair standard. No one is going to cover up when there is nothing to cover up. And when they continually run around deleting things all the time or changing them, it can only mean they they have something to hide. What are they hiding that requires this much coverup? It has to be something big!

The two Arendales do not match up on any level. This guy is a fake ID, a sock puppet! He is part of a coverup for Arendale's attempts to make me look bad  and spread Disinformation wherever possible and Jax to cover up behind her. Why did Arendale stop posting? Anyone? Let me answer it for you. She knew I was on to her and she also knew, which Jax does not get, that the more you speak or post, the more you will give yourself away. So she stopped or her bosses had her stop. You pick! Jax kept posting and to my delight. As well, Jax knew my many suspicions about Arendale and no doubt, passed them on to Arendale to be forewarned. I had sent Jax lots of documentation and I sent it to Abraham, too, at Jax' request in his behalf.

The only reason Jax wanted that info was to see what I had on Arendale. Arendale wanted to know, too.

Below with red dots are 7 people from the FB Mind Control forum to try to help legitimize Arendale. But why did he not join up on facebook far earlier, since the HR Arendale was heavily involved with the Hampstead affair in March and why did he not seek out friends from the FB Hampstead forum? Total BS! It reminds me of a mind control victim, where some alternate personalities are not aware of other alternate personalities in the same mind. HR Arendale does not seem to be FB Arendale at all. They have nothing in common. Can you hear the Twightlight Zone music, by chance?

As of Feb, 4, 017 Arthur Kaoutal has turned out looking like a another crazy disruptive troll. A shame! But not surprising that he is connected with Angelada. I had caught Nina pretending to know more about mind control that she did. I asked Nina for a reference to her claim. She never answered. I told the person she had told things to, that Nina never answered and that this spoke volumes and she agreed. She had an autistic son.

Below are friends of Arendale showing on Nov. 27, 015. The 2 on the left from Hampstead activities and the 2 on the right from Angelada's Mind Control forum.
None of these are necessarily involved in the Hampstead conspiracy. They got a friend request, saw other people they knew and probably approved without question. Their being shown is only to show the forums they were obtained from, which forums do seem to have involvement in direct or indirect ways, to questionable activities. But the same two below, left, also appear on another DD personality creation. Yes, DD was great for making sock puppets and being more than one person. Several people have noted that. So an alternate DD name (and friends) matches with FB Arendale friends. Interesting. Both were likely started at the same time and sent invitations to the same two people at the same time is my guess.


Mary Mac above has since proved to be a Jax and Arendale ally. She pretended to leave the Sinsia FB forum over the 3 people banned, but as you can see and as has been  shown since, as well, she was friends with Arendale/Sinsia. So her leaving the FB, to which she later came back, was fake move. Alan Alanson did the same thing. He got banned but that was another fake act. He was "one of them." He turned his back on Katie, my ally, and would not let her back in to the secret support group after Mary Mac was booted along with Jacqui Farmer as Jacob Farmer. Jax thru Dave Stickland and Katie out when they took over that forum for Kris for a while. I'll speak more of this later.

Below is how I found/discovered the FB Arendale, from a Grayham Watkeys post as pictured.

Morgan State University is in Baltimore, Maryland. the very same place that Arendale first mentioned on HR back in March 2015, which Jax was eager to delete for Arendale. These two worked very closely together. I did not know it at the time, but I sure found out quick enough. I'll get to it.

Look at what I got at about 3 AM 11/27/015:  The friends are new and were not on the page 6 months ago. Arendale was a regular on HR and yet not interested at all in the Hampstead Conspiracy at all now nor does any interest show on the FB page ever. Another contradiction. And the original 1st post of Arendale in the past had been in Baltimore, among other places.


Henderson State University in is Arkansas.

So we got two schemers working together to pull off a con, as I see it. And  a 3rd in "Angelada." And Mary Mac was part of it as well. I think this is half decent evidence of shill-hood. But I got a lot more to go. Sinsia and Angelada were really close. This is known in conspiracy theory as guilt by association. It is not always certain, but it is always a good lead to pursue for more possible info.

I did confront Angelada on an HR post about her involvement with Sinsia and Arendale. She never answered. Another conspiracy principle is guilt by refusing to answer, such as politicians often due when they say, "no comment." Angelada was hiding. Hiding is another sign of possible guilt. Can you see why I was suspicious? Everyone seemed to have lots to hide and nothing to say in their defense/offense ;-) Guilty as charged !!!

Wanna have some fun? Look up "Angelada" on facebook and ask her what she knows about Arendale and see if she will answer. I doubt she will. But let me know if you do and she does not. The more they run and hide, the more likely the guilt. But at the first appearance as my screen shots show, only Angelada's forum was supplying "friends" for Arendale. That they have attempted a coverup and deceit, indicates to me a shill operation by liars who got something to hide. This does not mean they have broken any laws. But from the standpoint of those who care about Alisa and Gabriel, it might not sit well with them that some might have been deceiving or misleading others and that is generally not for a good reason.

Jax and Sinsia/Arendale were the 2 leaders of the 2 most prominent gathering holes for people concerned for the 2 heroic children. An accident? Not for minute! Not for a second! I am sure this was planned all along. And yes, I have evidence that suggests that possibility, coming up.

Added Jan. 5, 2016, in doing some research into IDs and info on the net, I found that Asher Arendale as a person does not seem to exist in reality. Though he is listed as from Ohio, likely from Facebook info, he does not show as having any family whatsoever or any relatives. He does not exist. So who made him and why? Someone wanted to coverup for the Arendale that posted in HR all the time, working closely with Jax. Why would they want to hide this?

Arendale at HR also mentioned Baltimore Maryland in speaking of cults and their supposed lack of any rules as if they were all separate and unconnected, when in truth, they are all very connected in one way or another. They are all very protected by law and government. And they all have one leader in Satan. I might also point out that the only existing post of Arendale I showed earlier admitted the potential of the testimony of two kids, Alisa & Gabriel in showing a world wide Satanic network. But she said in a thread I had posted in, that cults varied widely and were all different. She did this to discredit me but later used for herself, knowing I was right. She had two goals while on HR. To make me look bad and to put out lies, but also to make herself look good. Neither worked!

HR Youtube Channels
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As best as I can tell, HR has two official Youtube channels and the one disguised channel called Biddy Baboon.

HRtube     Dated info was copied, Dec. 1, 2015

"About: 867 subscribers 357,757 views        Joined Oct 14, 2012"
Eddy the Cat is from today, 27-6-2015, dedicated to the Hampstead Cover-up."
(Truth1: and so is Biddy Baboon, unofficially, but it did not get changed over like Eddy the Cat did to HRtube.)
"Please visit our website:"

>>This YT channel info is handy to show that Jax did have other YT accounts sitting around for a period of time. This one since 2012. Biddy Baboon, coming up in the next section, since 2009.<<

Published on Jan 27, 2013
Using web analytics and other research methods, we examine the popularity of Infowars ranks amongst the most popular websites; like or loathe AJ, he's massive internationally.

>>Please note the bold faced larger text above by Jax. She, referring to "we" used web analytics and other research methods not revealed and they might have been a bluff. This was published early in 2013. It would be 2 more years before HR and with HR, she would make use of web analytics and an IT man (we'll call  him John Smith, Jax says) to help track the cult and find its porn server and sites. So she was "in the business" for at least 2 years before HR. What is more, the Biddy Baboon channel was in existence, probably idle and empty, since 2009, another 4 years prior. She had technical help at every step of the way. Where did that help come from? That would be interesting to know.

My suspicion at this point was that her and DD/John Smith, likely work for the very same employer. If so, this is a closer link the Hampstead Cult. They might have been together prior to the Hampstead case, in case Jax needed IT support for something. DD had said he had been following the Hampstead case, even before the videos were released. So he was in on the ground floor.

You should understand that shills like to have accounts that appear to have been around for a while. Most simple people do not look hard at particulars on channels, site, or personal accounts. So no one asks what the account has been doing since its founding date. But it begs an answer. Why was it just sitting around for 6 years? I say, to acquire the appearance of being around a while and established. Keep this in mind for it will be more important when we got to the Biddy Baboon channel further down.

If for no other reason on earth, the fact that Alex Jones is so successful, is an indication that he is not legit and that he is opposition controlled. True threats and dangers to the status quo are never allowed the time of day and will not be that big. I am not saying that Alex does not put out a lot of good stuff. He does put out a lot of good material. But on the very important matters, like the Hampstead case, Paul Joseph Watson, reporter for Infowars/Alex Jones, said the Hampstead case was likely a hoax. He said this while there was no evidence. And DD was the one who fed me the Watson video. Without sarcasm, I was grateful to him for that link. He can be a nice guy. But he does tend to play for two sides.

But that Jax was possibly promoting Alex Jones is interesting, no?<<

Truth1 >>> Note the above video put out by Jax/Videoman (VM), I assume, in early 2013. Was this video on Alex Jones a personal activist attempt, or were they trying to  boost/support Jones since he had been taking a lot of heat during this time and earlier? But what it does show is involvement in Activism if not covering for others. Who supplied the web analytics? Was this the same guy to later help HR? I'll bet it is. This was used with the Hampstead cult as well and speaks of having good tech people support them. An accident? Not as far as I am concerned. Notice the name of their production company. They were promoting some kind of agenda and it was before 2015, 2 years before. Jax seems like a professional to me. Was she/they (The bosses if any) waiting for something bigger? Truth1 says they were.

This was another of the 3 Eddy the Cat7 productions:  How Many People Believe 911 Was an Inside Job Now (Feb 2013)?

Here is the playlist as of Dec. 1, 2015

Here were a couple comments on the related Google plus page: I also note the channel, "PinkyShow" Is that a code name? For what? Is he going to show some pink. The Singer Pink refers to her pussy. Get it? Is he a cult member, maybe?

Above, "delete this message" Huh? Why? Mel V is mentioned. There are connections beginning to show.

Eddy the Cat is much the same theme as Biddy Baboon. Both animals used as channel names so that they can be used for any purpose without getting tied to any specific cause. That can be left for later. And as animals, one can remain anonymous and Jax loves to hide and change names every time she posts ;-)


Next YT site now: Hampstead Research    Dec. 1 2015  
225 subscribers 31,581 views        Joined Apr 24, 2015

Notice that at the right on the YT channel is Related channels and at number 1 is Biddy Baboon. Accident? Not Hardly! The Hampstead Research video channel is forthright. Started in 2015 to support the HR blog on Wordpress. Biddy Baboon was never identified as belonging to HR and I would have never suspect it had I not clicked a go to Youtube link on a video on HR blog and saw Biddy Baboon as the channel holding it. But even then, I would have figured they linked to another channel who also supported the kids. But when I got attacked on Biddy Baboon by a nasty character named Biddy Baboon, I at once recognized Jax and that this was her channel as well. I never would have suspected it had she not given herself away with her nasty attack, trying to make something bad out of what I had said as you will soon find out on the Biddy Baboon channel.

The channels on the right above, are all related. Guidance 2222 is Hampstead related.  GeorgeGreekTrucker has some Hampstread videos. truthtube451 is the Kev Baker Channel. He does radio and has covered Hampstead at times. He also claimed that James Holmes, The Aurora Batman shooter, was visited by Dr. Cameron, who died in the late 60s. Be careful where you get your info from.

It never fails that these various clowns/shills do dumb things that give them away. Maybe God also lent a hand as I suspect He might have. I am not that bright a guy. I stumbled over most of this. It was dropped in my lap. My only saving grace is that I am tenacious like a pitbull. Once I have been alerted, I lock on and never let go. Jax played into my hand again and again. I must thank her sometime ;-)

But you will note that many conspiracies have so many holes and screw-ups that cover up is impossible and all sorts of stuff gets revealed. This is the case with 911, Sandy Hook, Aurora, and many others. The bible says, NKJV)   Mark 4:22  "For there is nothing hidden which will not be revealed, nor has anything been kept secret but that it should come to light.  23  "If anyone has ears to hear, let him hear."

I happen to believe this is a promise by God that He is going to be subtlety exposing each and every conspiracy so that if people look hard enough, they will find and see the flaws and holes in the lies of the liars and Satanic worshippers. As Jesus put it: "I am with you to the end!" That's a pretty good promise and I'll take it. It has always worked for me as you can see. 

If I tell you this was all due to my brilliance, don't believe me and I know you wouldn't, anyway. But while I love to joke, kid, and play, and mouth off, too; when I put my head on the pillow at night, I know its not my brains. Those went missing a long time ago. God has a big heart and lots of mercy and just to show off, He takes an idiot and performs miracles with him, Just so God can show off how good He is, that He can even do with with a idiot/retard. He is that damn good, I assure you.

So if you end up liking this article or any on my site, the thanks goes to God, not me. It is part of the reason I never reserve any copyright for anything I do. I am not in this for money and there no provision to donate as there always is on anything related to Hampstead Research. And if the article was by the grace of God, I will be damned if I am going to be caught reserving a copyright on it.

Only 1 playlist on this channel and 22 videos in all. Modest in amounts of material compared to Biddy Baboon to follow.

My friend and I examined 2 videos on this channel for sock puppet accounts. Nov. 19 2015 “Most recent” sorting, 11:02 pm.
1st was The Defenders of the Cult - Part 2

The following posters were examined:

Ivoy Luo made a simplistic statement so we carded him/her. No supporting activity. Started in 2014. Certified sock puppet was our judgment.

James McMenamin same as above, started 2014. Clearly James did not like Drifloud, Bronwyn or Abe. Don’t know who is behind it but he is familiar with the gang and hiding his ID. I think it is a woman. He is real otherwise but his profile is like Ivoy Luo above. Generic icon/photo.

cgi plains:  imposter suspect, started 2012. I think it could be Alan Wrightson in disguise.

nevile bartos:  most activity came in 2 days, started 2013, generic icon. Was recognized by Hampstead Info. So it was an ID hiding.

None of these wanted to be ID'd. This is a strong feature of any HR video with comments. No cult detected on this. It was what we might call infighting, which has been going on lot since Jax blew the place up.

Update! April 18, 2016, went to the above page/video and guess what? Some of the posts were eliminated, including the above, James McMenamin and cgi plains. Another cover-up and proof that they can even tell what I am doing on my computer because I never published this stuff. I was talking about it on the phone and we sometimes get echoes on the phone. Lets see if they don't delete this video entirely, as they did Alisa's on another channel.

We viewed this video as well for comments:    The Hampstead Cover-up - Papa Kills Babies

Update! April 18, 2016david curry below has been deleted. He was an empty sock puppet. Again a cover up indicating guilt and that they are watching me like a hawk. Who is watching me is the question. My guess is that it is someone of much higher rank than Jax.


Dicky Rearman,  started 2015, had good links and info. Maybe Abraham Christie publishing good material and wanting to avoid ID. We'll let him pass ;-)

Welshbo1, not enough activity showing, started 2006, clearly a cult defender and sock puppet.

Piggsy Lamb contradictory videos. started 2013, no interest shown in the case in general or SRA as a subject. I have my doubts but he was supportive.

david curry,  started 2015, empty, sock puppet!

bo ptah, started 2013, 1 video, 1 channel, picture of a lama, certified sock puppet in our minds.

Again, sock puppets not uncommon in only examining a few comments/posters. Just standard business at HR.

Biddy Baboon has the best evidence of all types.

Biddy Baboon Channel      (on Youtube)
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My friend "A" and I got on our phones together, with our computers, both windows 7/same-browsers (firefox), on the internet at the same time on the Youtube Biddy Baboon Channel.

The video on the left was the one we investigated due to the comments I and Biddy had with each other. We both sorted by Top Comments as opposed to Most Recent.


Truth1's browser display My friend's (A's) browser display Comments on Comparisons
We sorted by Top Comments. First off, we did not get the same order, though surfing at the same time. So Youtube has some sort of sorting agenda that they are not sharing with us. Pure evil. We should have a right to know what they are doing.

By the way, the spaces between commenters were squeezed together to make more concise scrolling/viewing and memory use.


In the 1st left column you'll note my post as Truth1. It does not even appear anywhere on A's browser. How is this done and by who and why? I say Youtube has to be in on it and clearly, someone does not want you to see anything Truth1 has to say. How bout that! It might be Jax/Biddy, too. Does this happen to me on other sites, where I see my own posts, but no one else does?

I will show in another set of posts that Biddy's comments do not show on my browser but do show on A's. So clearly Biddy has something to do with this. Who is Biddy Baboon? And what does she fear?

Note along here how different these two browsers are (and we both use Firefox) in their display of  "Top Comments" A's top comments are not my top comments in the same order. What is the sorting algorithm objective? Why different for each of us? We both went to this site at the same time. We should have gotten the same results.

Youtube was great for banning the videos of Alisa and Gabriel, the two stolen from their mom by the evil UK courts and government. Youtube is an accomplice as far as I am concerned and Biddy Baboon, too, at the least, as a beneficiary. Why does "she" not want me to see her comments? You'll find out in another series of posts from this video comment screen.















Just to the left, Alter Ego, will be addressed in whole, in another series of posts further down. It was aimed at me. Its a clue to come.














I want you all to know that after our last visit to this video and comments, about 2 days after, I went back to look some more by myself and the video had been deleted and the comments with it. Someone knew we were looking at that video and comments and decided it was best to get rid of this video/comments.

What did they fear? What are they trying to hide? That they deleted it says that they were covering up and in doing so, they are admitting guilt in a most convincing way. Shame shame! We clearly had been watched. Do they watch me all the time? I have always felt that they did.

Below are the missing 3 comments that were deleted. So I will type in the approximate messages that Biddy deleted because she looked so stupid. She does that a lot. She was just being mean-spirited, that's all.

Truth1:    The kids were arrested and put in solitary.   (there might have been a slight bit more that I do not remember. I do remember that phrase to the left.)

Biddy Baboon: Just where did you get your information? I do not recall any such thing.

Truth1:  I was being sarcastic, Genius!

>>Above, Biddy knew exactly who I was by my name, Truth1. She knew my site and my wordpress ID, truth1now. Below is the proof that Biddy knew who I was and my background as an outspoken Christian.  Now she knew that the kids were taken into "protective custody" unjustly. But she was going to make an issue of it, any way, just because she hated me because I was pointing out her phoniness and contradictions. I'm like that, ya know ;-) 

Below was snapped by me July 12, 2015, day after the blowout from release of the Jean-Clemont tapes by HR against the wishes of Ella/Abe. It picks up where the 3 lines above left off: <<

Now to point out as well, that Biddy and others began saying the same thing I did just after this, that the kids were arrested and placed in solitary confinement or another phrase I had used elsewhere was "held in Communicado," a Latin legal term, meaning much the same as solitary confinement. The above interactions were recorded July 12, just after the July 11 explosion on HR. It might have been a little earlier that the posts were actually made, maybe even late June.

A second post, likely a fake ID sock puppet which Jax is famous for, said the same thing, but in a different ID:

This was posted a month after my last post from back then, so that I would not see it. Its only doing this article that I caught that. So you can see the personality of Jax. Just wanted to find fault even if it was not justified. The problem was, there was nothing you could fault me on. I don't lie and deceive, nor make many errors, nor play games. And I get to the heart of matters. The kids were arrested for squealing and were silenced forever, a life sentence. You can be damn sure of that one, except for just one small detail. God is going to bust them out of prison and restore their freedom and embarrass the cult, the UK and the world, all under the rule of Satan. That has been my prayer, anyway. Its not over yet.

And Mr. Demon is also going to be in serious trouble. But I told him in this in the very same video posting, I believe, to remember the name, Truth1, because if things went bad for him, I would be the only one that could really help him. You know, he did visit my site once. How bout dat, huh? But he'd have to give up all info on the cult and everyone in it, if I were to ask God for mercy on his behalf. Otherwise? No mercy whatsoever. That's always been my stance. Jax and her friends all wanted to forgive but without asking anything in return. Liberals are so stupid. No coming clean and blowing the whistle on everyone? Then fry! That Jax wanted to forgive the cult is also indication of who she works for. Trouble is, some very dumb Christians like Angelada were also advocating forgiveness of the Cult. I argued against it, Using an approx. 20 lines or so, account from Ezekiel.

Think about it! Jax & Angelada wanted the cult forgiven! Guess who they really work for? The UK intelligence shill division.

It is my opinion that some who claim to be Christian are really working for the devil. For one, we can forgive those who sin against us. We can not forgive those who sin against others. Only those others can do that. Apparently, this escapes Christians and other liberal sorts. Further, they do not require anything to show that cult members merit forgiveness such as squealing. Further yet, the only 2 people who have any right to forgive and only for what was done to them, would be Alisa and Gabriel, the ones harmed in the first place. But since the cult has harmed many others, including a vast number of babies, we, as citizens, have no lawful right or privilege to offer clemency or forgiveness to anyone in this cult. The cult broke many serious law and those laws should be upheld, or we are otherwise, no better than the UK courts and UK government.

Here is one of my taunts to Biddy: Note she refers to the alleged secret sign language. Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! What an absolute fool!

My article with recent psychologists discussing nonverbal:    non-verbal.htm

Jax knows nothing about psychology. But I began my research into it way back in 1983. Body language was one of the early things I learned, along with brain hemisphere research big at that time, and hand writing analysis as well.

Biddy B. Video Offerings
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Evidence beyond the above section to show that this is Jax and HR and not someone else. Below was saved July 4, 7 days before the 1st shake up at HR. 

The first time I looked at the video offering, there were not that many and they were either Hampstead or SRA videos for the most part, and a little collection of Christian music videos, traditional and modern. These had all appeared on Hampstead Research. Now the above was snapped July 4 015 and a little more varied, with Intelligent design, Health Favorites and CERN looking new to me. I would say there are a lot more videos featured above than the first time I looked, in maybe early June 015. So an attempt to cover up the nature of this site being connected to Hampstead Research was begun, by adding many more videos and of a broader spectrum of video subjects. Nice try, Jax!

Below are the 26 Videos of the Play list called "Sharing the Truth." These were the bulk of the videos I first saw in maybe early June 015. Sometime between then and July 4, a lot more was added, with someone being aware that I was looking in and watching. I don't know when Biddy and I got into a fight over my comments about the kids being "arrested," but it was at that time that I first got interested in investigating this channel as it was clearly a Jax HR channel. My split with her was the Beginning of June. It was right after that. Also note directly below is Whistlelblower Child A witness statement to prove it had been up when I took these screen saves and its gone now. It was deleted so that there would be no evidence to refer to. 


All the above were primarily Hampstead stuff that had been linked to HR blog posts, along with other SRA stuff and some Christian Music she would link to on Sundays, to pretend she liked Christians, but I say she was just pretending as far as I am concerned and she was a New Age adherent, by her own admission and she had a harrowing Kundalini awakening by her accounting, which means demons were all over her. Yuck! But I know some who had to have read about her "Awakening" and paid no attention to it, even though they were Christians (Angelada). I think that says a lot. Note carefully above the Alisa Police Interviews labeled as "Whistleblower Child A witness statement." Proof that she had that video up and for some time, till I started to document everything along with a friend. Then it was taken down.

But now, brace yourselves for a big piece of Evidence. Pour a good stiff drink while you're at it.

I wonder how many of those 632 subscribers are legitimate people and not sock puppets. HR only had maybe 20 visitors at best on a regular day. Most blogs rarely get that many visitors unless they are celebrity types. HR had a handful of regular posters. I will be exploring this more in this article later. Lies abound on the net. Nothing is really as it seems. Keep that in mind. Don't trust your eyes. Look up generic face icons and names that seem bogus. You'll be surprised at what you'll often turn up.

According to Jax, her and hubby decided to do something for the kids, Alisa and Gabriel, and so started up HR. That was in Feb. 2015. But the Biddy Baboon channel started in 2009, not 2015. What was the existence of the channel doing for 6 years prior to 2015? Was Jax in the "business" for 6 years prior? She said she worked with Belinda McKenzie in 2010/2011. But this was formed in 2009, just before working with Belinda. And why with Belinda, who works on secret family court cases most often involving custody battles, sex abuse, and SRA? Was someone expecting something or maybe just preparing for something, just in case? After all, the kids say that in Hampstead alone, there are 8 or 9 other schools doing what Christ Church school was doing. And that was just in Hampstead. There are other wealthy areas as well.

Given my belief in divine providence and court battle of sorts between Satan and God, I see this event as being foreseen, if not set up, by these two opposing forces. Then it was up to the human players to fulfill their roles however they may. Could Satan have been hedging his bets and guiding the right people into place, before it was to happen, knowing it would happen? I think it was possible if not likely. But those maneuvered would not necessarily have been in on it, though they could have been.

But if not, certainly, authorities and powers in government were taking precautionary measures, just in case anything did happen. Family courts and child stealing are routine matters in the UK. They have built in industry for organized systematic child stealing on bogus charges of no credible pretense.

To me, this event was likely prepared by and negotiated by two opposing spirit forces, specifically God and Satan. God knew of Satan's plan for world-wide takeover, which God was going to allow, but with the condition that to some degree, God was going to expose, at the proper time, a time of His choosing, the workings Satan throughout the earth, to show what a bastard Satan really was. Satan tells humans he is a wonderful guy, an angel of light and wisdom. God will show enough to show the world that Satan is no such thing. He is a sadistic monster.

I believe the Hampstead case presents that opportunity (with 2 credible legitimate witnesses as the Bible requires), except that the UK took the kids in order to make sure the kids never spoke another word, ever. In fact, they had no doubt planned to have a banquet sacrifice with the 2 kids being the sacrificial meal. But my job is to tell you that is never going to happen. For just as the kids had no tattoos on them that were indicating that they belonged to Satan, God never intended that those kids would be overcome by Satan, and his kingdom. The whole situation was set up with mutual agreements on both sides, with the kids being the main focus.

Even David Shurter, a USA SRA victim who has crusaded long and hard with lots of persecution as a result, has also as of recent, in a radio interview with Ella-Abe and the radio show host I heard it Dec. 7 or 8, 2015, David felt this case was unusual and a "God-send." He was strong about it. I was delighted myself that he felt that way. The two of us together make 2 witnesses. Awesome! Ella-Abe make two more. The band wagon always has room for more!

(Shurter has shown other colors since. He appears to be a shill. And Angelada swears by him and Sinsia still posts things from him.)

God wanted to show the world a few things. But I do not think God has shown everything that He wants to. This case is not done or finished. Could it be that some in high places and power have been anticipating round 2 and are concerned about the outcome and results that ultimately are to happen? Is the sudden mass of events that have taken place in October 2015, all been to cover over a coming exposure, and maybe even the return of a very impressive miracle, the first of its kind since the martyrdom of Polycarp in the early 100s AD, 1900 years ago?

(I started this web page in late 2015. PizzaGate would explode in late October 2016. It certainly does offer new hope.)

I say that is what is happening. I believe the kids will be freed in some remarkable manner and who knows what else. The scriptures only say that a door will be opened that no one will be able to shut it. I believe this case will be part of that.

Is it possible that Jax was set up to get in on the ground floor and become the diversionary source to derail this case? And maybe she was selected to continue to do more after? Was Sinsia also part of that plan? I am here to see that these are revealed, then others can decide whether to continue with these two or try someone or something different. I am not impressed with the results I have seen from Feb. 11 to the present, Dec. 10, 2015 as of writing this line.

I can not say for sure what the Biddy Baboon channel was for, when it was started in 2009. But that it was and was not used till 2015 is suspicious to me on many levels. Added with all other things building up, I find it hard to ignore. The many added videos to hide the obvious Hampstead focus is a sign of a cover up. If there is a cover up, then there is a crime to be covered up or a conspiracy to cover up. And if Youtube is helping Jax, then this goes far higher than we ever could have imagined. Or if she has a sophisticated IT man who knows his way around net programming, then that would also indicate an impressive force supplying the expert tech help to aid Jax in coverups. She did have an IT man helping her track the cult and she also mentioned the IT services of a John Smith in HR version 3. John Smith had said he is a hacker on his facebook page and he has some interesting friends, too.

Biddy Pieces & Parts
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Below left is my browser's view while my friend and I locked in on the same video/comments at the same time. A's view is on the right.



By the way, Cynthia Mason is Jax as far as I am concerned. Note the last line: "Crying now gotta go." Oh please, I'm ill! That is sickeningly phony. That is what we are dealing with. As Charlie Brown would say, "Oh good grief!"

You will note that my post does not show up on A's browser on the right.  How about that, eh?
Below left
is A's view with Biddy's 2 posts in that view. To its right is mine and Biddy is nowhere to be found. Now how amazing it that?? !!

Clearly Biddy has much to hide, wouldn't you say? And Youtube is helping her to hide, it would appear. How important and big is this woman? Clearly, she is important to someone somewhere and Youtube is there to help. In ways no one was aware were being employed. Am I not right??? My posts only show on my browser and not on A's. And Biddy only shows on A's and not on mine!

My friends view below left.                                    My view below right.

In a view of this from previously saved further back/up on this
page, you can see the whole of what took place tween Biddy
and me.

Now I ask you all, the big questions: Who has the ability to have Youtube filter out any poster and yet allow them to see their own post, unless it has been totally deleted as it has been on this thread, where Truth1 does not show anywhere? But you can see Biddy in her 2nd post, addressing me, Truth1. And Youtube can stop me from seeing anyone they choose, which in this case is Biddy, herself. Now why does she not want me to see her posts? Any answers? No? Let me try.

She knows I am investigating her. How does she know that and know it so early since I had not talked about this for a time. Its only recently in October 2015 that I have mentioned it publicly. But she knew it before then. And she and Youtube have been covering her tracks, changing video content to hide the focus, get rid of incriminating posts, and give sock puppets more info to try to make them look more legitimate.

Now be aware that Giants like Google, who owns Youtube, are fronts for CIA/NSA info gathering and spying even as facebook does for the government, no doubt.

Youtube either has had these filtering abilities available for sometime, I suspect, or they made them up just for little ole me. But how many know of this ability? I have never seen it mentioned. Surprise! Its out now! Now I'd like to have more witnesses. But this video and its comments were deleted while my friend and I were going over it with a fine tooth comb. I gather that no one has done this before, outside of government circles, that is. But now someone with 32 years of reading all sorts of psychology books and trying to apply it to everyday life, has come along and upset the apple cart. It was bound to happen sooner or later.

But surely you can agree that so much cover up going on is not just for some harmless innocent thing. To go to such lengths to get  rid of all evidence and rig screen displays in browsers, is no small effort to go to. Someone was very afraid of what I was doing. WHY !!! If Jax were reasonably innocent, none of this would be necessary. None of it! That it has all happened, to me, is all the proof in the world. They condemned themselves by their own cover-up.

Of course, in their arrogance, they figured that I would not get far or that few, if any, would pay attention. They could be right, too. Listen, it is my opinion that most in this Hampstead conspiracy community are not that bright or well adjusted, either. Let me give some examples. Some one comes along about the end of February or beginning or March, speaking disparagingly of tin foil hatters being a joke and wanting to get serious about Hampstead. I was suspicious right away. Then he made a link to the "Golden Age" video, which is very much an Illuminati concept written about by Fritz Springmeier and I having been formerly one of Jehovah's Witnesses was also acquainted with this concept started by the first founder of what later became Jehovah's Witnesses, Charles Russell. In fact, they once published the Golden Age magazine.

But though I was aware of these things, not one other soul on that FB forum detected anything. But a few days or so on, CAS, Christine Ann Sands showed up and this guy was linking to her stuff. There were two people posting there that thought he was very creepy, and were posting so and saying "OK, here comes the excuse about the CAS links." And he said he was deleting them all. One of them was Adriana Griffith, I think it was. So it was not just I. And then he took a subtle stab at Sabine. I now considered him a person of interest. But with so many clueless dummies, I never had a chance. No one knew enough to be worried about anything. That is how this community is. Clueless!

Had the "Hampsters" been informed enough, they would have benefited from my knowledge, much of it acquired in the USA conspiracy circles. But they knew nothing and so could not appreciate what I warned of. They were too damned dumb for their own good.

Life presents far greater challenges now, than what most people are prepared for. I was "lucky" that I saw what I did as a kid of 7 and on from there. But too many have been too asleep, for too long. So they were not of much use when they could have been, had things been different. Maybe they can learn from all this or maybe not. At least I tried my best.

Now if you think some of this is impressive, you have not seen anything yet. I got lots more to get up. It will take a few weeks or a couple months. Jax left a lot behind to fuel the fire with. And you all never recognized any of it. It will be embarrassing for you all. And big things might happen in February or we might get 6 months more delay to allow more corrective/healing treatment for the kids at no cost to anyone but the UK government and Tavistock, which is Rockefeller funded, by the way. But I am hoping for a February date ;-)

I got so much I want to accomplish but I got the cares of life to look after as well, since the government does not pay my salary as it appears to do for some.

There is a lot going on, on Youtube, that no one seems to know, except me. And in the arena of Feminism, Professional Victims, MGTOW, MRAs, and other political maneuvering, there is some huge stuff. That whole field of two forces opposing each other, are actually cooperating together with the NWO Elite in concealing what the true agenda is. There is a much more sinister goal behind all this jockeying. The plan is to reduce men to 10% of the world's population. That does not mean they will achieve it, but they will try. Women are deemed by Satan as much easier to bully or cajole into selling out. And the men in power would like to have lots of good looking women extracted from the greater population to have as playthings, whether by force or otherwise.

Back on Dec. 3, 015, my friend A and I visited a MGTOW site:   MGTOW Art of War: Trench Warfare

On this video on the comments page, we got 3 different results. Now I want to point out that "A" and I got different results at Biddy Baboon channel, with A signed in to Youtube. That was Dec. 1, 015 or a couple days previous to it. Visiting this MGTOW channel, 2-4 days later, Youtube now recognizes my friend's IP address as well as mine and makes them both somewhat similar whereas they had not been so when at Biddy Baboon. They quickly got on to what we were doing. But My friend A had forgotten to sign in on this night and so got a very different results when unsigned. When he signed in, then it looked much more like mine. We did plenty of screen saves.

So we were being watched intensely by Youtube, I think. If anyone knows a hacker that can do this, he must be quite the hacker. I say its Youtube. If you got other ideas, I'd like to hear them. So why was Youtube so interested in us? Were we that dangerous? Evidently!.

The end result was that when unsigned in, my friend was not able to find my big 5 paragraph post anywhere on this comments page/video. In fact, the main post in which I replied to, was also missing, so that you would not detect that anything had been deleted. My post still showed on my browser and when A was signed in, it showed on his, too. So the posts were still there, but would not be visible to anyone other than me or my friend. So Youtube was anticipating more trouble to follow. But they did not anticipate A forgetting to sign in. So they got caught again. Call it Divine Providence.

Here is the link for the page I created with all the details.   youtube-test.htm

We picked a MGTOW site as MGTOW likes to avoid pointing fingers at NWO elites as the financial and ideological force behind both MGTOW and Feminism, the extreme kind in particular with its professional victims and SJWs who make lots of money, supposedly from ordinary people. Its all lies. The NWO funds the whole damn thing says I and that is what they wanted to silence. More on that to come.

But how does this relate to HR. Easy! HR is funded by Elites who can place Youtube at the disposal and aid of HR. They can send IT people or anyone else needed. Need help with twitter? They will get it and they did. Same for MGTOW and Feminists. Need money? No problem! Need publicity? They will have every media outlet in the nation or the world seek out these paid liars of sick twisted ideology designed to destroy society. Make no mistake about that. And that just happens to be my area of expertise. It takes a real cynical bastard to get onto these guys and their tricks. I happen to qualify for that in a big way. I trust no one and nothing. I suspect everyone and everything. I leave no stone unturned.

But what you need to know is that some really big players have been helping HR. I even tried to send out messages thru a channel's About section, where you have the option to send a message to the channel operator. I sent out at least 20 channels/messages and I don't think a one went thru. Xendrius did not get his. Again, what is Youtube so frightened about? It would have to be the truth. Imagine the likes of Google/Youtube being terrified of me. Its laughable isn't it? Or is it? I will ask you to consider only this. If what I am doing is this scary, then I must really have something here. You might do very well to look into this all, very deep and very carefully. If I were just a basket case, they would have nothing to fear. That they fear and fear big, indicates I am not out of my mind and I am a serious threat.

That is why few in the Hampstead community like me, because I ruffle feathers, expose shills and preach God. God forbid! And I fight well for the kids. Just you wait and see ;-) 

Most people are too busy liking people and having friends, rather than seeking truth and trying to help the kids. I know, they say they care about the kids, but they really don't know what that means. But I have never been concerned about winning any popularity contests. I have been concerned for the kids, 4 of them, actually. You know two of them. There are two more.

I'm crazy? Didn't you all say that about me regarding HR and Jax? What do you say now? Regardless, I will prove what I say and I will prevail. Numbers are no obstacle to God.

A Brief Recap
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A review of what we have so far.

Jax starts the Biddy Baboon channel in Oct 2009, leaving it empty we assume.

She works with Belinda McKenzie for a year or two, 2010-2011, becoming familiar with family courts of secrecy.

She starts the channel, Eddy the Cat, in Oct. 2012 and first video on Alex Jones, Jan. 2013.

Feb 2015, she starts Hampstead Research and Apr 2015 starts Youtube channel, Hampstead Research. June 2015, Eddy the Cat channel changed to HRtube, and Biddy Baboon starts to be used for HR as well. Her channels have now all found a purpose, being adapted to her "assigned" field of "assignment/territory/subject."

From the start in 2009 to Hampstead, 2015, there is a fairly continuous progress, with 2014 being the only year without an accounting of some sort.

Jax and Arendale become good buddies less than one month after HR starts, as Arendale makes her posting debut during or just after the March 14/15 London protests. She reveals a lot of her family matters. A short time later, Arendale reveals some of her families living and moving around the country and she says cults have no particular rules and each is very different. I got a number of books written on Trauma Based Mind Control (TBMC and SRA. All find only 2 to 3 main types. The government TBMC, SRA for porn and prostitution and intergenerational isolated groups; and a few renegade teen groups. Organized crime is now said to be another group, but I think all the cults tend to work together and support each other and follow similar rules and techniques. Arendale proved to be 100% wrong, but I believe that was her intention. But Jax worked with her, not against her and was protective of her and erased all her bio info and posts, except for one, on HR.

Books cited for the above paragraph, "Ritual Abuse in the 21st Century," "Breaking the Circle of Satanic Ritual Abuse," Two Fritz Springmeier books on Illuminati Mind Control Slaves, "Healing the Unimaginable," "Thanks for the Memories (Brice Taylor)," "Unshackled (Kathleen Sullivan)." I have seen a number of videos as well. And articles, too. I am not the absolute authority by any means, but I have read more than enough to have a pretty good idea of what I am talking about. Add 32 years of psychology reading and it is on the formidable side.

A coverup is proof of guilt and conspiracy. Both are guilty of being up to no good. Then we have the obvious false info and profile of a supposed Asher Arendale, who seems to say nothing about Hampstead or have any involvement with it, yet Arendale knows all about Hampstead, supposedly about TBMC, SRA, Cults, etc. Asher Arendale has conflicting data between what I gather the 1st time to the 2nd time. Asher Arendale is a fraud as I see it and so was wordpress HR poster Arendale.

There is nothing good about any of this data. It wreaks of dishonesty. Arendale stops posting near mid May 2015. Just suddenly disappears. Imagine that. Jax no doubt warned her of my suspicion and plans to track her down. That is what bought on the Asher Arendale FB hoax in the 1st place. I was an enemy of Jax by June.

As I see it, already, Jax was acting to protect disinfo agent Arendale and that they both knew each other well. I had no idea at that time. I just knew that Arendale knew nothing about what she was talking about.

But most impressive of all, to me, is the serious involvement of Youtube in this affair and my investigation of it, and their apparent aiding of Jax.

It would be helpful to know the family background of Jax, given her personality displayed on HR.

A Former Jax Employer
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Oh, wait till you see this! Ah, but some of you already saw this, but you did not get it! It went right over your heads. This was from the 3rd incarnation of HR, specifically    Jax blog:

There is no WAY a survivor of ritual abuse and/or mind control would find their book plastered all over like that. Most survivors have to self-publish. Can you imagine Ella and Abraham being invited to chat to Philip Schofield or the Independent running a full length feature on Hollie Greig?!

I remember when I was temping (as usual) at the LSE (London School of Economics). I was helping out in admin at INFORM, the “information centre” for “religious movements” aka cults. They had never wanted me to work for them but the three candidates they chose over me all had to pull out of the offer at the last minute so they were left with yours truly. I was probably their nightmare temp. (I think she'd be anyone's nightmare)

>>So there was a job offer and the 3 in line for it, all pulled out. 3 of them? Really? Maybe it was suggested to them to pull out by someone they respected or feared, so that Jax was left without competition. Or maybe Jax was making up that situation so that we did not learn that she was recommended for that position. My own opinion of jobs is that all important jobs usually have people's names on them. Recommendations are pretty much marching orders as I see it. But anyway, she ends up, I assume, in ADMIN at INFORM. She says she was temping. Well, training does not last forever ;-)

Imagine that. MY suspicions have always been that Jax was a connected sort of person who must have had some significant familial relations that landed her in important connections and positions or in groomed positions. She seems to be guided, to me, and she seems to be someone who likes being in power and expects it and gets very angry when someone does not give her the respect she demands and believes she is entitled to. And she has no regard for anyone. We are all dirt in her eyes, is my impression.<<

They were always on about the Children of God and “flirty fishing” (basically: cult members pulling hippy chicks for a quickie in order to recruit them) and I would sit there in the office listening to this and thinking, “Why aren’t we talking about more important things like ritual abuse?!”

>>I find this rather doubtful info. One, Jax does not seem to know the Children of God very well. This will be shown more in the comments to follow from that blog. I also am a bit skeptical about her having an interest in ritual abuse since I did not find Jax very knowledgeable of Ritual Abuse or anything for that matter. It seemed like it was all new to her.

Below, she calls the Children of God a safe cult of consensual adult sex. What? They are famous for getting kids into sex by like 4 or 5. They teach it as something good. Its not safe. Just watch the documentary, "Cult Killer," and then tell me its safe. Bullshit!<<

If, then, you are in a “safe” cult where all they do is some consensual adult sex and hippy child neglect then it is OK to talk about it. If you do, you will be promoted because the over-use of a word “cult” like that titillates and takes the heat out of the word when it is used in relation to cases like Hampstead.

>>First you should know that the Children of God was the first cult to draw lots of complaints in the US in California in the late 60s. Where else, right? Cali was hot bed of MK CIA crap and Hollywood sin. So the USA at that time formed an agency that does what INFORM does in the UK. So one intelligent black guy by the name of Ted Patrick eventually got deprogramming going to rescue "victims." They were victims of many things, cult included. The deprogramming brought up more than just cult business. People undergoing it experienced abreactions that release powerful buried (dissociated) memories which was a big threat to Trauma based Mind Control programming. More to come.

Now Jax has no idea what she is saying or she is lying to us. Further, as bad as the Hampstead cults were, they, too, are nothing compared to Mind Control SRA cults run by governments. Jax either does not grasp any of this or she is really trying to skew things. If she is telling the situation correctly, then maybe INFORM likes to use the Children of God (COG) to divert attention from Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons, among others. And also to ignore Satanic cults should they ever be mentioned or suddenly accused. Everyone needs an escape goat. COG was that escape goat.

The toughest thing about COG is that its "branches" are lead by branch leaders who can do as they please and who know if government agents got involved eventually or not. It is a very secretive cult so that knowledge is not east to come by. But of those that have left, it would not appear that anyone deviated too much from the common methods.<<

It waters things down, perpetuating the “not too dangerous nutter as long as my children stay away” stereotype. It creates the illusion that the mainstream media take cults seriously when they do not. This is information management and social engineering in action. This is meta level mind control. But then, Jean Lafontaine was a regular in that office….in retrospect, I was surrounded by spooks.

>Jean Lafontaine denied that Satanic Ritual Abuse was real :

>>Jax does not tell us what Lafontaine's title or position was. How come? Maybe Jax knows better, if you get my drift. She tells us that the mainstream media do not take cults seriously. Jax actually reveals good info here. I totally agree with her on this one. It is info management and social engineering! And she is working there in that? In retrospect, she recognizes she was surrounded by spooks. No kidding! And she did not see that then? Bullshit!! She was part of it. Can't you see it? I think she is lying. But to even mention it at all was stupid and reckless on her part if she cares about who she works for. She may end up yet answering to her bosses, just like R. A. Demon is going to, for blowing it for the cult with his kids.<<

Comments from blog:
·  Angie 
October 7, 2015 at 8:59 pm | Reply 

oh be quiet N……or am I being rude? Re THE CHILDREN OF GOD cult Jacqui it certainly wasn’t simply consensual adult sex and hippy child neglect…. RIVER PHOENIX was raised in that cult and was asked in a recorded interview not long before he died tragically and possibly suspiciously what he regretted if anything about his apparently ‘idyllic’ childhood….he responded he regretted becoming sexually active from the age of 4


Hampstead Research
October 7, 2015 at 9:04 pm | Reply

All the same. C of God gets media coverage. SRA does not. x

<<<  End of Comments and Blog

Children of God (COG) gets coverage because it appears to lead to nowhere. But I would dispute that it gets lots of coverage. Try finding stuff on the net. Only one real source I know of, linked at the end of this article. Most have never even met any members of it. Yet I note that several of Hollywood people were from that cult. River Phoenix, Joaquin Phoenix, Rain phoenix, Summer Phoenix, Rose McGowan. It is a secretive cult in many ways. Just try to find the leaders! But Jax is correct in that SRA does not get much media. Only books published by therapists who have treated victims of SRA and Mind Control.

But COG does not appear to involve anyone important so they are fair game.

"Ritual Abuse in the 21st Century" says that SRA is harder to prosecute today then it was in the 80s. And it was impossible in the 80s. Its not good!

Below is more INFO on INFORM, whom Jax worked for. Thought I will show you a few things. Have fun!

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia        (Redirected from INFORM (Information Network Focus on Religious Movements))    <<< website of INFORM

INFORM (Information Network Focus on Religious Movements) is an independent registered charity[1] located at the London School of Economics. It was founded in 1988 by the sociologist of religion, Eileen Barker, with funding from the British Home Office, Britain’s mainstream churches, foundations and enquirers.[2][3] Its stated aim is to provide neutral, objective and up-to-date information on new religious movements (NRMs) to government officials, scholars, the media, and members of the general public, in particular to relatives of people who have joined a new religious movement.,[4][5][6] as well as religious or spiritual seekers[7]

>>Note the bold underline in the paragraph above left. "Its stated claim . . ."  That is a warning. Anyone can claim anything. But often, the supposed purpose is not the real purpose. INFORM is a registered charity. We call them non-profits in the USA. They are tax free institutions and a lot of corporations' money can be liquidated in such organizations. Governments often contribute to these. The British Home Office is the alleged source of funding.

INFORM provides "information" (intelligence, really) to, among others, government officials and the media. How about that, huh? And they watch religions. And they might watch more than that. Many religions have intimate government relations and even Satanic connections. They are all in bed together. All organized controlled religion is part of the problem, not the solution. All of these would have an interest in covering over any exposed Satanic cult, for sure. Why? Because the government is behind most SRA, which it uses in trauma based mind control. And religions cover for government and each other. Get it?<<

Wikipedia: The Home Office (HO) is a ministerial department of the Government of the United Kingdom, responsible for immigration, security, and law and order. As such it is responsible for the police, UK Visas and Immigration, and the Security Service (MI5). It is also in charge of government policy on security-related issues such as drugs, counter-terrorism, and ID cards. It was formerly responsible for the Prison Service and Probation Service, but these have transferred to the Ministry of Justice.

It continues to be known, especially in official papers and when referred to in Parliament, as the Home Department.[2]

>>So INFORM is government funded as well as receiving support from "mainstream churches, foundations and enquirers" So, boys and girls, Jax was working for the government. No disputing that now, is there? Busted!!! But did you note that Home Office is responsible for Security Service MI5. Can you believe it? Think MI5 talks much to INFORM in one way or another? Well, Jax said it best. She was surrounded by spooks. I do not doubt that at all. So Jax did have at least some dealings with MI5. She could not have avoided it in ADMIN. I'll prove more on that soon here.<<

Formation 1988
Founder Eileen Barker
Type Non-profit charity
Headquarters London School of Economics, United Kingdom
religious, secular
Board of Governors Chair
Eileen Barker
Board of Governors Chair
James A. Beckford
Board of Governors Chair
Rev. Andrew Maguire
Nick Parke


Key people
James A. Beckford, Rev. Andrew Maguire, Sarah Jane Harvey, Sibyl Macfarlane, Suzanne Newcombe, Silke Steidinger, Adviya Khan
Affiliations London School of Economics, Methodist Church, Church of England, Greek Orthodox Church, Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Southwark, St Clement Danes, Lord Ahmed of Rotherham, Baroness Sally Greengross of Notting Hill



The founding of INFORM was motivated by a shared impression among clergy and academics that groups hostile to cults often aimed to feed rather than alleviate enquirers' fears.[8] The British Home Office had received many complaints related to NRMs from concerned parents, but did not feel that any of the existing counter-cult and anti-cult groups deserved state funding.[8] Answering the need for a body that would disseminate well-researched, impartial, and easily understood[7] information, Eileen Barker, a leading sociologist of religion based at the London School of Economics and Political Science, established INFORM in 1988 with the support of the Home Office, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Cardinal Hume and other mainstream churches.[2][6][8][9]

>>Note my bold faced underlined above! Clergy and academics were concerned that anti-cult groups were picking on so called cults and these did not deserve the harsh reps they were getting. Poor things. Now many groups are called cults that are really not that. I can agree with that. But how odd that mainstream religions should be the ones concerned about people picking on so called cults, who are competition to these mainstream religions. Isn't that a bit odd?

I guess to hell! It would appear that the government and big religion want to protect cults. Holy Crap! And who was working toward that end? Jax! You'll note that Methodists, Anglican, Greek Orthodox and Catholic all support INFORM. Now if they are protecting cults from harsh exposure by former "cult members" then might these be among the foremost defenders of Satanic cults? You bet your ass they are! I'll speak more of this in a minute.

But this is what Jax was doing for an unspecified amount of time at some point in her employment. I think this is disgraceful that what appears to me to be a cult protector, is heading a charge against a Satanic cult. Could this be why Jax, among others, advocated for cult forgiveness? I would damned surprised if it was not! Below is a picture of staff at work at INFORM. This is where Jax worked for awhile, "as a temp:" she says. She was being trained, no doubt. 3 people left (or were told to beat it) for her to get the job! It had her name on it as far as someone was concerned.<<


INFORM, based at the London School of Economics and Political Science, collects information on new religious movements and makes this data available to all interested parties – government officials, researchers and the media as well as relatives of people who have joined a new religious movement.[4][8] Seeking to dispel the often inaccurate and distorted information disseminated about new religious movements in the media, INFORM aims to provide reliable information, based on in-depth research, about the character, policy and origins of new religious movements, as well as information about what motivates converts, and how movement membership tends to affect members' subsequent lives and careers.[4]

>>All the proof you need right there! They want to protect the poor picked on cults. Now I was one of Jehovah's Witnesses (JWs) for 10 years, 1980-1990. I can tell you that I know of no other religion on earth so hated and despised by many of its former members, who often dedicate themselves, for years, toward warning people of the rotten lies and dishonestly so prevalent in that group. And no one has to exaggerate or lie about JWs to expose them. They earn the hate they get. Same for Mormons. I own and have read 5 books on the Mormons. But these two groups are dearly beloved of the governments and might I add, in secret, the big religions love and cover for them too, only expressing a mild displeasure of them publicly to humor their own memberships. Behind closed doors, they all kiss and cuddle.

Now JWs claim that they are politically neutral. That is the policy. But members do not know that the leaders go behind their backs and make deals with politicians and even help out the CIA with some of their missionaries, according to Fritz Springmeier. So while membership has no clue, the leaders are Masonic controlled.

And by the way, Jax really played up JWs being a cult, to get at me on HR. Honestly, I have no problem with anyone picking on JWs. But it is a great lie to compare JWs or Mormons to cults like the Children of God or assorted other cults that exist in places all over the USA. The USA has been a breeding ground for new religions ever since colonization began for the English. And Certainly, JWs can not compare to the USA military, whose branches are the biggest cults and indoctrinators-programmers in the world. And then there are the absolute worst, Mind Control/Satanic SRA cults all over the world, in most nations on earth, who are  monstrous and without peer for horror.

For Jax to make a big thing about JWs while ignoring the Children of God or Satanic cults is beyond all absurdity and credibility. Jax just had an axe to grind with me. I am delighted that I anger her so. And I don't even have to try to do it. As well, as a former employee of INFORM, she knows that they would not support her severe stand against JWs. But all the same, if bad things happened to JWs for all this, you won't see me shed any tears.<< 

Eileen Barker advises that the media is the most influential source of information about New Religious Movements and that the majority of that information is of a negative nature. The media have an interest in attracting and keeping readers, most of whom are likely to be attracted by sensational stories. Suppliers of information may well have an agenda that leads them to adjust their product to meet a perceived demand.[10]

<<< end of Wikipedia info.

Truth1 >>> It is the smaller media and former members of cults that often pick on cults and bad religion. The big media are careful to support government policy in most cases. And of course, the internet is the biggest place for religions to get roasted. JWs have suffered crushing blows to their empire due to the net. I was once part of that, too, and I got plenty of articles on them on my site. But JWs are no longer a concern to me, any more than any other idiots. I have bigger fish to fry now, larger priorities.

I find it most discomforting that Jax was a part of INFORM. She worked for a disinfo government organization that covers for cults. Added to all her other stuff, this is more than I could ever look away from. I would now be very concerned about anyone who continues to be her supporter in view of all this.

I can't answer when Jax did her time with INFORM, but it was an important part of her training, I have no doubt. It was her start, maybe, in learning how to fade and cover for groups and to learn and meet contacts who could be of use to her later on, should an important case suddenly develop. And what do you know, one did develop. They had to know it was going to happen sooner or later. You can't keep this stuff secret forever when you got like 6 or 7 schools in one small area having one big constant sex party and child prostitution ring.

And the UK has had lots of previous experience in covering up the very worst. I say Jax was groomed for this stuff. But like all in her position, they get their positions because of their families' named and status, and not because they are smart or capable.

Given that Jax has involvement from 2009-2015 on record, it we knew more precisely the time she was at INFORM or if we knew any friends of hers, we might know more about this temp assignment. Don't ask Hoaxtead for help. They cover for her in big ways.

Eileen Barker in 1988
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I came across this info while reading a book on cults by Margaret Thaler Singer, Cults In Our Midst, pg. 221, "Academics." Singer introduces none other than dear Eileen Barker who founded INFORM in 1988. Described as an academic and London sociologist, wrote a book called "The Making of a Moonie. 1984." Amazon sells it for under $2 and it only has a 3 star rating. The book was really an attempt to downplay anything bad the Moonies did. The presentation was dishonest and lacking. I'll let Singer take it from here.



Some people committed to cultic groups become downright illogical in their support. For example, there is a small clique of social scientists who have become procult apologists. Some have been given trips to exotic places by large, wealthy cults; some fear revealing critical findings because certain cults have paid for research and underwritten trips to professional meetings.

>>Let me briefly state here that Singer had just got thru showing how a number of cults would hire their own doctors, lawyers, and psychologists as well. None of these professions are particularly moral, even as Singer's writings seem to reveal. But with such pros on board, physical and psychological abuse can be easily covered up and defended, and legal troubles come along, they have defense as well. And if they like and they do, they can order their lawyers to make trouble galore for their enemies, like family members belonging to cult members or maybe a deprogrammer or another psychologist. See how it works? In fact, truth be told, governments also hire "professionals" to back or justify nearly anything the government wants to do. See the problem? Governments, Criminals, and Cults have a lot in common!

But now Singer shows how academics play a role in Cult Cover-ups as well. And academics are not always moral, either. In fact, in my considerable readings of academics in archaeology, I find most of them a bit dishonest and some very corrupt. Most archaeological artifact frauds are made by academics to prove it can be done. That would be like me going out and hiring a prostitute and using her to prove it could be done. How moral is that?

They would often make an artifact and then ask other academics to determine if it was authentic or not. Many were great for not following the scientific method. Without any investigation at all, they would claim fraud or something similar. No investigation means you can not make an honesty and fair determination. Much of this fight/debate revolved around artifacts discovered by looters and put on the market.<<

For example, Eileen Barker, a London sociologist, wrote a book called The Making of a Moonie, in which she presented an idiosyncratic version of thought reform or brainwashing, apparently attempting to get readers to discredit the idea that thought reform could occur and to absolve the Moon organization of criticisms alleging deceptions in recruitment. This apologist stance left Barker hard pressed to handle the issues she was left with.

Initially, Barker alleges that Moonie (as she calls them) recruits join freely, but this leaves unaddressed the fact, which she also reports, that recruits are deceived by members not revealing that they are Moonies. Barker claims that this deception has no bearing on recruits' decisions to join. Most people, however, believe that true free choice has to be based on full information. Later, Barker remarks on "another form of deception . . . a failure to disclose the true nature of the movement to potential members," saying that "some information is for members only. . . . Moonies are


unlikely to present their guests with statements such as, 'Moon .. . lives in the lap of luxury, and has control over an enormous amount of money,' or The movement has been the subject of close scrutiny by several government agencies.'. . . [The recruit] is unlikely to understand the amount of time that he will be expected to spend on fund-raising," and so on. Barker rationalizes this deception by saying that most religions work in this way, and she concludes that "it is probably true to say that the factual information Moonies give their guests is usually a fairly accurate account of what the overwhelming majority of members do themselves believe to be the truth."

>>There is so much in that split paragraph. Barker makes claims that are at best half true and often more false and misleading than true. So much of it is based on concealment of facts. had the facts been fully disclosed to recruits, then it would have been a different case and choice. That Moon was very rich and invited over to the USA by its government, should concern most of its citizens but it never has, and that is because it has been kept secret from the citizens, of course.<<

In 1989, the Religious News Service carried a story that Dr. Barker's book was funded by the Unification Church, saying that Barker "freely admits that the Unification Church paid all her expenses to attend 18 conferences in Europe, New York, the Caribbean, Korea, and South America. 'My university and the SSRC (a U.K. government grants council) regarded this attendance necessary for my research,' she said. 'They thought if the Moonies paid the bills it would be a big savings for the taxpayer." Not everyone felt that way. One member of Parliament said, "Any academic who allows themselves to be manipulated to lend credence to a cult does harm to families all over the world."

>>So Barker was totally funded by Moon and his Church. Everything! Just like a lobbyist paying for a politician's fun and "gratuities" and "support." I want to carefully point out that the University was in the USA and the SSRC was in the UK. Both sides of the "Ocean" were in on this at the very same time. Incestuous as hell.

But pay careful attention to the excuse Barker offered in regards to the UK SSRC. They wanted to save the tax payers money so they had the Unification Church fund its own investigation of itself. Actually, isn't that the way the UK always does things? But as noted, one member of Parliament thought it was a sellout and compromise of integrity and did harm to families all over the world. Excellent sentiment.

The only problem was that in the end, no one did anything about it. What good is a voice of dissent if no one rallies around that dissent and demands accountability of the scoundrels. The Scoundrels far outnumber adn dissent and politics is based on majority rule and not rule of principle. But a voice of dissent makes people feel better though I have no explanation for why that is so. If dissent is not heeded, then it is all for nothing.<<

According to a press release from a member of the House of Commons, Barker's organization, INFORM, lost its U.K. government funding in 1993 after much criticism from churches, parents, and former cult members, and Barker resigned as the organization's director and chairperson.

On the one hand, a number of academics are unwilling to inspect the deceptive recruiting practices and membership policies of many cultic groups. On the other hand, they try to discredit researchers who do. They also shelter the cults by trying to discredit the reports of ex-members who try to tell the world what it was like to be in a cult. The apologists disparage these former members, calling them bitter apostates, disgruntled, defectors, disloyal, and turncoats.

>>So much criticism from many people affected by cults cause the UK gov to cut off funding to Barker's INFORM, whose purpose is now obvious; to protect cults and eliminate criticism of cults! Got It? But notice that it is academics who carefully offer some mild criticisms of cults to put on a false appearance of concern and legitimacy while at the very same time, try their best to discredit any and all serious "critics," such as former cult members, who would know better than anyone else what cults are like, and their supporters, and suggest that the cult refugees are just bitter, disgruntled, and disloyal.

Now lets get this straight. Former cult members are bitter and disgruntled. But NOT without reason! So why the severe criticism of those who are best in a position to know that really went on in cults? Who is really behind cults? Ah, that is what Truth1 is going to get down to. If I can't answer that, than I am a total failure. But in many respects, that answer is half made already. We know by their actions, that cults and governments work together and that many professionals also support these two bed fellows for one massive networked orgy of evil.

And I will also suggest that these cults being defended are the front line defense in preparing for protecting Satanic Cults who operate throughout the world under the protection of all government secret service agencies, all of whom serve Satan as king of this network of evil. SRA and secret Mind Control programming activities go hand in hand, so that neither exist apart from each other. Many demons participate as "superspies" for their earthly appointees, being able to read minds and foresee very sophisticated developments. Nothing is hidden from their eyes and they can inform any and all earthly agents of things they might not be aware of.

This is why resistance to these supernatural authorities requires the protect of none other than God the almighty, known in ancient times as Jehovah, God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Moses, whose son Jesus has now been appointed to take care of God's affairs down here. Without His or His son's protection, you will be no match for any demons. This is, absolutely, a supernatural fight. With God's protection, the demons have no real power at all. Without God's protection, you are all sitting ducks.

All pagan gods are nothing but sock-puppets of Satan, and that includes the female "goddesses." They all are deceptions created by Satan to fool stupid humanity. don't fall for it!<<


For example, sociologists David Bromley and Anson Shupe published the book Strange Gods: The Great American Cult Scare, in which they blamed former cult members and their families for generating "hysteria" about cults, implying that these citizens were more dangerous than the cults themselves. Treating former cult members with utmost disdain, Bromley and Shupe throw demeaning labels at ex-members' first-person accounts, calling them "tales of atrocity that include lurid themes of exploitation, manipulation, and deception." They write that former members are merely publicity seekers wishing to stand in the limelight and profiteers looking to make money by writing books about their cult experiences. "In sum," write Bromley and Shupe, "apostates and the horrific stories they tell are necessary, to provide fuel to attack unpopular movements, but, more important, to absolve families (and them­selves) of any responsibility for their actions."

Cult apologists blame the victims and protect the villains. Like the mad kings of old, they shoot the messenger bearing bad news.

One of the most illogical positions taken by the apologists is their claim that only current cult members tell the truth. However, the findings of many researchers, as well as my own numerous interviews with former members, show that cult members are so dependent on the group while they are in it that they dare not tell the truth, dare not complain.

Co-opted academics not only defend the cults but may also serve as recruiters. Like their medical counterparts, some cult members and sympathizers who teach in high schools and universities have been known to funnel potential recruits to cults. Students are sent by professors on field studies to cult groups or referred as interns in cult businesses. Being referred in this way tends to make students all the more vulnerable to cult recruitment as they believe that the group has the teacher's approval. In some cases, professors start their own cults, as the teachers in the following example did.

Two male teachers in an art department of a small college started a cultic group of twenty students. >>I am ending the book quotes here. I recommend getting this book or borrowing it from a library.

Now for you Hampstead-ers, what was the problem that the 2 kids encountered in their school and in other schools? It was the Satanic Cult that was running 10 schools, 7 or 8 of which the kids could name. The schools were used to promote and secure practice and membership by forcing all the kids to participate in sex torture, prostitution, and porn. School Admins were the heads of all this activity. And who funds and operates the schools, ultimately? The UK Government! Case closed. Mystery solved.

And just above my words in red, academics serve as recruiters. Need I say more? In fact, academics seem to be one of the biggest problems behind these cults and "education." Now nowhere has it been suggested by M. Singer that Satanic cults are operating, but I would be damned surprised if she did not encounter some and not realize it.<

But for sure, if this is how other cults recruited, from the schools, among other places, why wouldn't Satanic cults be doing the same thing? Especially if those high school students were products of elementary schools like Christ Church Primary in Hampstead. The picture is nearly complete now!

In any case of conspiracy, I should not have to prove nearly every detail. If I can show good reasonable explanation for how it works or could work, based on other similar models, then I have demonstrated the means and likelihood. Add a motive and evidence reinforcing my model and we have a winner. If y ou have an extensive model with many parts and pieces fitting in nicely and missing only 2 or 3 small connecting points, then you have too much to ignore. The nearly complete picture solves the whole mystery

Law tries to make conviction nearly impossible by raising the level/amount of evidence to ridiculous impossible extremes. Citizens have not come to realize this yet. But it should be well and easily understood that complicated and subversive conspiracies are not going to be openly done without serious cover and cover-up so that few detail can be discovered and connected. But we actually do have a great connection trail, by involving both sides of the "Ocean" tween the USA and the UK.<<

Truth1 now in black plain text  >>>>  I am adding a recent description of Barker's new book for your consideration.

Revisionism and Diversification in New Religious Movements. Eileen Barker (Ashgate Inform Series on Minority Religions and Spiritual Mo) Paperback – February 12, 2014

by Eileen Barker (Author)

New Religious Movements tend to start their lives with a number of unequivocal statements, not only of a theological nature but also about the world and appropriate behaviours for the believer. Yet these apparently inalienable Truths and their interpretations frequently become revised, 'adjusted' or selectively adapted by different believers. This book explores different ways in which, as NRMs develop, stagnate, fade away, or abruptly cease to exist, certain orthodoxies and practices have, for one reason or another, been dropped or radically altered. Sometimes such changes are adapted by only a section of the movement, resulting in schism. Of particular concern are processes that might lead to violent and/or anti-social behaviour. As part of the Ashgate/Inform series, and in the spirit of the Inform Seminars, this book approaches its topic from a wide range of perspectives. Contributors include academics, current and former members of NRMs, and members of 'cult-watching' movements. All the contributions are of a scholarly rather than a polemic nature, and brought together by Eileen Barker, the founder of Inform.

Bullshit! See the diversion? Got a renegade cult? Oh, they were just a breakaway anomaly and not typical. The founders are nothing like that. BS! Its the same old Barker still barking and annoying us, I suspect.

About the Author

Eileen Barker, PhD, OBE, FBA, is Professor Emeritus of Sociology with Special Reference to the Study of Religion at the London School of Economics, University of London. Her main research interests are 'cults', 'sects' and new religious movements, and the social reactions to which they give rise. She has over 300 publications (translated into 27 different languages), which include the award-winning The Making of a Moonie: Brainwashing or Choice? and New Religious Movements: A Practical Introduction. In 1988, with the support of the British Government and mainstream Churches, she founded INFORM, a charity that provides information about minority religions that is as reliable as possible. She is a frequent advisor to governments, other official bodies and law-enforcement agencies throughout the world, has made numerous appearances on television and radio, and has been invited to give guest lectures in over 50 countries.

No Reviews yet, in Jan 2016. Been almost 2 years.

<<<  End of book/author quotes

Now it should be clear what INFORM does and that the USA had been doing this far earlier and far longer. I will cover more on this subject on other articles. This is the organization who is funded by the Home Office of the UK government, who also funds MI5 thru the Home Office Channel. Did Jax know about Barker? How could she not know! But the purpose of the "charity" funded by the UK tax payer money, is to protect cults. That is what Jax was receiving training for, says I! INFORM's activities were all fraudulent as regarding Cult monitoring and reporting. Jax never once mentioned any of this. She was either totally blind or she was in on it and covering for it. I'll let you make your own decision but I know that mine is ;-)

My Helping HR Briefly
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Now I want to cover my brief service to HR.

I was helping Jax out in May of 2015. I pointed out some shills operating not only elsewhere, but on HR as well. She read some of their posts and agreed. She told me to mark them and she would delete them. But she did not. I sensed BS and so I just went silent. At this time, she requested all the info I had on the gang and that Abraham wanted it, too. So I get an email from her, I think wondering where I had been or if the documents were forthcoming. Or it may have been that I confronted her, wondering why the posts I marked were still there. I wish my memory had been better on this one. It was before I suspected her and it was my 1st tingling of suspicion. I think I did ask and she gave some excuse, and I said, well, alright, I'm done. Thanks. She asked about the documents I was going to send in another email, I believe. I said, no documents, no help, I'm done. The posts got deleted very fast. She begged for the docs and I sent them. I think she wanted to see what I had on Sinsia and Daniel Daniels (DD). She did not seem to want to delete DD's wordpress IDs. He was using two of them. How about that? The wordpress ID's were Dave and "the watcher." I felt like she was playing games with me. I did what she asked and then she bucked. I had enough games in my lifetime.

It now occurs to me that she wanted to know how much I had on everyone, not because she wanted to stop them, but to help protect them.

I believe this was the incident that got her mad though she said nothing. She did not like what she felt was me getting one up on her. I think she decided she was going to pull some rank on me and put me in my place when she got opportunity. It did not take long to happen. But as I reflect now on Dec. 10, 015, I think by this time, she and her bosses had wanted to get rid of me. Silence me. That's usually what they want when I come around. I had one woman say I was an excellent writer and asked if I had ever considered writing fiction, in a post she made. I said no, it has no appeal to me and I would be no good at it. I needed something to excite and motivate me. I never heard from her again. I believe it was an attempt to distract me on something else, if possible. It was not possible.

I had mentioned Arendale to Jax a few times. I told her I was going to go back and find the original first post Arendale made since it has lots of info about her. But I did not do it right off. Arendale has seemed to leave off posting by this time, too. I might add that Arendale was one of the few that used a sizable picture of a lion as part of her ID when she posted. She went all out. And she knew the whole Hampstead situation real well. She was very involved. Keep this in mind.

At this time I was also keeping Jax informed about the questionable facebook forum and some of its characters. She had concerns about them herself. So it was not all just me. But she may have been acting. Next is from an email (May 29 015 - 11:28 PM EDT) I sent and retain to show what I was up against:

To Jax: "As well, Sinsia led a charge against me on Angelada's Mind Control site. She found an article I wrote on porn from a practical Christian perspective. I defined Porn as any nudity, natural or otherwise and ruled out any sick extreme stuff. But Sinsia did not tell Angelada that. She led the whole group to believe I was advocating everything known to man. A total lie had anyone bothered to read a few paragraphs. So 5-7 ganged up on me, and when I saw how Sinsia lied and set this up, I went off. I tore every argument and ripped the idiots, and they were, to shreds. They were speechless. Too much logic overload. Their brains collapsed. Major trauma set in. They realized they did not have brain in their heads."

"Angie either blocked me from seeing that post group after that or deleted it. I'd love to have screen saves of it, to show how Sinsia tried to rig that. That would also show her character and motives. You could pretend to be checking into me and ask to see the posts on that. I would like it to be seen and entered as evidence. I was not impressed that my group did not read the article and had no brains to address the subject adequately. They have been far more careful since. They did not realize how little they really knew. Or they were just kidding themselves. But since everyone is into hiding and covering over, I'd love to see it all exposed. Truth hurts when someone is trying to avoid it. I would love a trial." <<<end of email to Jax.

Angelada and Sinsia were very good close friends at that time. In fact, Ang seemed attracted to New Age types and always seemed to be in need of attention and wanting to be a part of every social clique there was. Principle was not important. When  the Hampstead movement splintered to pieces, she struck me as the one most upset by it since now she had to chose a side and be left out of the rest when she would have preferred one big family so she had lots of options. She is an attention junkie.

But I never really thought her dedication to God, (she claimed to be Christian) was all that impressive. She usually chose acceptance and attention over God and truth. It takes a lot of guts to defend mild porn as being allowable. There is a war on men and our God given instinctive desires for erotic female beauty. It also takes honesty and intelligence to make a clear proper distinction between mild porn and that severe very sick disturbed stuff.

Mild porn disturbs the very core of women and terrifies them. They get irrational and crazy. They are very insecure. The problem is that men do not know how to defend themselves. I have volunteered to defend my brothers against unjust female accusers, daughters of Satan. The boys coming up behind me will be able to hold their heads up high for being men. One dimensional females who hate men, and therefore God, will have no place in God's kingdom. Part of this battle against shills, is against feminism, which is a disguised war on all things male. I am just serving warning. Hence this article, which will be followed by another Shill article dealing with this unGodly attack on men, which is also an attack on God's prescribed social order and on God Himself, who also identifies Himself as a male.

"Anyway, The CCPS story? Dave is posting. down toward the bottom. So he may have left when it got hot for him, but he is haunting us now. And guess what? Scarlett Scoop liked his post. How about that ? Need I say more?"

Did you catch that last bit? Jax's mortal enemy (supposedly), Scarlett Scoop, was in league with Dave, an accused shill posting at HR.

I sent along at 11:40 EDT, two screen saves from the FB forum in question to Jax to see how they were behaving.

May 30, 4:41 AM from Jax:   WOW. Scarlet Scoop and David are in bed together! Proves u right. I haven't time to get involved with this but I wonder how Sinsia's true colours are going to emerge. Because they will if she is dodgy. But I notice that she posts our Zeekly vids. Why not just direct people to our website, where the real action is? And Zeekly does not work half the time. So please keep me posted as the revelations unfold :) Jx

I now believe that Jax and her bosses were concerned that I had indeed, uncovered the shills at the FB Hampstead forum. I think they all wanted me out. I was going to catch on to everything or ruin everything. So they hatched a plan to offend me so that I would leave.

Thing is, Sinsia's true colors were quite in evidence on March 14/15 when a number of people got banned for agreeing with my accusations against a certain character so dearly beloved and covered for, "Daniel Daigle." And the 2 screen saves I have showed quite a bit, too. Next is another post in my defense at this time, regarding the screen saves I made for Jax regarding Sinsia and company: This was near the end of May right near May 30.

Maria MacMahon    Pleases stop, without getting into the situation between David and Scott, I just keep seeing comment after comment by several people directed to or about one person, I don't like it, it doesn't sit comfortably with me, I am sure others feel the same.

She was referring to them all ganging up on me for being a monster when I had said and done nothing other than letting them know I was doing screen saves. But you notice I highlight Maria's words: "without getting into the situation." Therein is the problem with the whole Hampstead community. No one wants to get into the situation. Gutless spineless, useless cowards nor worthy of life. Go ahead, run, hide, tremble, you poor pathetic things. You notice I am not trying to win anyone over. You all need to know what it is going to take, if you are really and truly sincere about helping the kids. First you have to dig your head out of your asses and see the daylight. Can I be anymore clear?

So the fateful time came. Quotes from my email to Jax, May 30, 015, 5:55 AM:   I believe I am going to be booted out of there.

They must have lots to hide. Sofie Rohman wanted to know how much I had? I told her everything from the start to now.  It will unravel soon, I suspect. Hey, I wasn't born yesterday ;-)

Sinsia is a bitch, or was that witch. Maybe both. I forget. I expect to get an official notice today. I got all the screen saves. She escaped the last war by ditching-deleting the posts. I'd like to do the interviews thru posting in a tag, to witnesses. I want to bury this bitch and expose a broadening network.

Now notice the time frame. I observed Scarlet liking David and Jax admits Scarlett being "in bed" with David. Its 4:41 AM. At 5:55 AM I reveal my plans.

Jax reply follows at 6:43 AM:    That's not very nice! I know you are frustrated but please keep to HR's niceness standards. Thanks, J

I was not aware that HR had any niceness standards, especially when the person insulted was not there.

My reply to that, same day, 2:54 PM, was short and to the point:    "Take your standards and shove 'em"

Now I might seem a bit over sensitive, eh? Well, possibly a little. I had a nightmarish experience with Jehovah's Witnesses, who I spent 10 years with. They left me feeling betrayed and bitter and what I learned about them afterwards made me far more angry and cynical, even bitter. But giving me hell for saying bitch twice? Really?? Are you kidding me?? What a stuck up arrogant bitch. I think she was just paying me back for nearly dumping her before. But I was all done now. Or so I thought. But I think now that it was her intention to piss me off. Just watch!

From Jax, May 31, 8:59 PM the header as follows: HR standards - we need u!

Scott, we are concerned that you have not got back!

Our regulars at HR - which include you - are regularly swearing at each other and mistrusting....   ( I never swore at anyone on HR. Mistrusting? Really? Was she feeling sorry for Dan D. now? Sinsia too? That she chose the word mistrusting is key here. I was too mistrusting. Thank God for that! She and her allies were fearing that I would eventually get them all. And she was right! )

It is good fun but it is a battle ground.

A very real battle ground.

Everybody is having a row.

Because it's important that no f--kers are infiltrating.

Like David David!

The Donner was swearing at me today on Facetime!

We don't know what to do about the effing scandal and all that...

blah blah blah

So we hope that now you have calmed down you will rejoin the troll slaying team.

We need you Facebook scouts

When I say we I mean the children and E and A

The cult don't need you!

Let me know


If her words sound somewhat conciliatory, that was just an act. She was protecting shills and a network and she was not apologizing for anything.

So if everyone is swearing at each other, why am I the first to get scolded for it? Why was I not made aware of the rules before hand? Were there any real standards published somewhere? Or was she just looking for trouble? What do you think?

And she can imply swearing with f--kers and effing. Its all the same in my book and my rules. Me calm down? ah ha ha ha ha. Not a chance. I knew the score now. She was used to having her way and ruling the roost. When she feels like taking a dump on someone, she will. But it was not going to be me. Notice there was no "sorry" in that message. She was not about to do that. And neither was I.

I think she might have been concerned or her bosses concerned, that getting me mad might not be such a good idea. But it was too late and Jax has no sense of diplomacy, either. She is a bitch in my mind. But as well, there was no way to win here. They really did need to get rid of me if they were going to keep hiding. But to get rid of me by squatting on me? That was not going to get rid of me. It might stop me from posting due to getting deleted, but it was not going to stop me from hunting them down like the dogs they are. There was no way for them to win. They were lying, pure and simple.

Would they end up regretting this? Did God maybe even plan for this? I think it possible. Anger is a great motivator for me. Perhaps the best there is. I thrive on it.

Just remember, you gutless wonders, that they were trying to ruin the lives of two innocent sweet children. I am more than pleased to hunt down every last one of the shills and expose their games of hate.

My fierce reply Jun 2, 12:10 AM:     Let me see if I get this straight, Jax. You censor me for calling Sinsia a bitch in a private email and that HR has standards and now you say swearing is fine. Are you psychotic or MPD? I'm all for swearing and duking it out. You said no to all that.
And all I did was say bitch. Baby, you so fucked up.

Jax reply, Jun 2 at 5:46 AM :   Are you with us or not? It's just that at HR HQ we kill with kindness. We appreciate that sometimes people have to do it the fast way...... Jx

Its that arrogant way she was determined to justify herself. I was done with her. A real bitch if you don't mind me saying. My reply next at 7:33 AM:


Her reply, Jun 2 at 9:24 AM:    OK. Thanks anyway. You're welcome back any time Jx

She/they got what they wanted or so they thought. I left. But she may have been trying to diffuse my temper. No such luck for bitches and bastards.

Her reply was gentle but insincere as far as I was concerned. I sensed an attitude that just left me feeling a dread, really. My last two employers were the most psychotic I had ever encountered. From 1980 to then, its been lousy often. I had quite the chip on my shoulders, I admit. But my instinct was going off and I was determined I was not going to ignore it as I had done in the past to my regret. This time I was going to do it right, regardless. And to be perfectly honest with you, I got this feeling inside like it was meant to be and do not fight it. Accept it and move on .  .  . sort of ;-)

But as it turned out, Jax did not mean what she said. We were enemies from that time onward. I believe it was Divine Providence that was involved. Today as I write, I am sure of it now.

The Aftermath
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I continued to post on HR and Jax began to change. I think she saw it as me looking good in my posts and getting attention and she was both resentful and jealous. She did not like the fact that I was now going after her, seeing her for what she truly was. She wanted me out but she also wanted me to just go away. She wanted her cake and eat it, too. She is spoiled brat. I also pointed out her hypocrisies and contradictions, which she did not appreciate so she started deleting some of my posts. Now she was a hunted shill. And she was now going to be the main focus. Dan and Sinsia were small time by comparison. Jax had some strong ambitions. She did want to make a name for herself, but she did not have what it takes to do that. I'll get to it eventually.

She makes an announcement that she might start deleting some long posts, as if that were a problem. And she announces that she might start deleting some religious posts. Do you detect prejudice? You should. There was only one primary type of religion that showed up in posts. Christian, mine in particular. Jax says she loves Christians. Truth1 says she hates them and so do her bosses. But none of the Christians there objected or had anything to say. Banning or deleting are never good things for a leader to start saying. Its like saying, I got something to hide and so I got to silence my critics, especially that effen SOB, Truth1, which was Truth1now on Wordpress in her blog and all wordpress blogs.

But no one saw any problems with any of it.  That is why the Hampstead Community exploded and dissolved. No one saw, no one noticed, no one cared. Most were your typical sheeple, which Vladimir Lenin called useful idiots. They just clog up everything and do nothing.

Further, as I reflect, I think some of those that just liked comments of others and posted little to nothing themselves, might have been sock puppets of Jax. Mrs. Green, susanjohnson12015, for starters. They are both just sock puppets of Jax.

I did begin to point out her "problems." I got deleted often. She started to require comments be moderated when they had not been. And some of her comments got real interesting. But what amazed me most, was how I had posted so much, that should have shown who I was and what I stood for, before the split, but suddenly, no one had any regard for me because I was picking on poor Jax. Oh. poor thing. See, its all about friendship, not facts. And the more outrageous the words and actions of Jax, the more they supported her. They were way past questioning her.

The reason this hits so deep with me is that it was the problem with Jehovah's Witnesses (JWs), so called. They were really witnesses for the devil, truth be told. JWs were told never to question their leaders and that God was personally guiding "His" organization. But no one among them ever looked at the facts or thought about what they were told. They saw corruption all around them and were in complete denial. This is what I saw in "Hampstead Research" and the whole Hampstead movement. It was like a nightmare revisited. A ten year nightmare at that! It was the ugly dragon that kept rearing its head up and haunting me. It was everywhere I turned. Mindless zombies and idiots. I really just wanted to walk away and be done with humanity. I was so sick of everything. Nothing but useless trash. So now I vent.

But I hung in there for only 2 reasons! Their names were Alisa and Gabriel. And there was some thought for their mom, and her partner, too, but it was mainly the kids. I did not want to see them on someone's supper plate. And that was what was promised if they squealed.

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June 5, 2015    jacquifarmer1984        When awakenings go wrong

If you are reading this blog, you are more likely than most to have experienced some kind of an “awakening”.

In my experience there are two main types of awakening.

Type 1

In general, what happens is that people start realising that the world is not how they were taught it was.

So they have to UNLEARN a few things.

So I call this Type 1 “Transformational Unlearning”.

>>Jax calls this an awakening. I call it a disillusionment. A falling out! We do wake up some. But its growth and learning.<<

This is the type of awakening that involves a person burning the midnight oil surfing all the conspiracy websites and so on. It can go on for months. Years, even. Zen Gardner says his lasted two years!

>>For me, it was a way of life that began at about age 7 as my father spoke out about boys being beaten at the Reform Center for Boys. RFK was shot and killed in June 68, at age 9. That hurt for me. War protests thru out the 60s. It never stopped. One piece of bullshit after another. Watergate in 72. The oil crisis of 73. Nationwide layoffs in 74.  ON and on and on. It never ends once it starts or  so you would think.

Jax says as much as 2 years. Only 2 years?? Are you kidding me? That's all she figures it is. Because she is sheltered from most of life, I'd say.<<

Type 2

In general, what happens is that for a variety of reasons a person’s kundalini force is activated. I knew a lady who had been to hospital with a broken leg, had the needle for her medication inserted incorrectly and experienced a kundalini awakening as a result of the agony. I knew another person whose kundalini had been activated by great sex. Then there’s yoga. Particularly kundalini yoga. All sorts. It does not matter what religion you are or not.

>>Right off the bat, we are supposed to believe and accept the Pagan Satanic concept of kundalini force. Get the picture? It does matter very much which religion you are. If you are Christian and you fall for this crap, then you are a devil worshiper, without a doubt. The demons are behind kundalini awakenings. They often result in temporary insanity. FACT!

Jax wants to take you down the wrong road. None of the Christians objected to it. I got deleted so I could not post. See? First get rid of opposition, then you can say what you want, unopposed. Great, isn't it?<<

There is nothing particularly unusual about this. There is a vast body of literature out there about it.

>>Yes, a vast body of pagan literature and some psychological studies of it.<<

Kundalini energy is extremely beautiful and magical. There’s not much I can write about it. But there is a reason that these cult people are obsessed with it. I don’t know what they use it for – but I’m starting to work it out. Maybe Ella and Abraham’s audio will give us some clues!

>>Did you see that? Its beautiful and magical? Do you know who is behind magic? Jax is leading everyone to Satan. And no opposition from any so called Christians. Is it any wonder the HR collapsed as did the entire movement behind the kids? Anyway, the real clincher is that the Satanic cult uses it. Jax says she does not know what they used it for. Really??? You expect me to believe that? Jax at a later time, revealed that she had a harrowing kundialini awakening. Really!? Very interesting!<<

Back to the point, if you are a mystic, a Buddhist monk, a Hildegaard von Bingen or a Rumi, you may taste the nectars of cosmic consciousness and real unconditional love and invincible truth.

And these are rather nice.

Within the framework of these belief systems, you are meeting your God. Or as Rumi called it, your “Beloved”.

(Rumi was a Sufi.)

But when this happens suddenly to people who are NOT mystics or monks it can knock them off balance.

For a start, it is all so beautiful that you become attached to it. And that’s the way to lose it.

And this energy is so fine it is not able to hang around for long in this coarse world.

>>Above in bold face 2 lines up, people who experience an awakening, which of course, is always a kundalini one, and were not monks or mystics, will get knocked off balance. So she makes it clear that any awakening is not actually likely or even possible with Christians. Its right there in black and white. She has her target acquired, and all systems ready for fire on June 5, the day of this BS piece. My final reply to Jax? Just 3 days previous, June 2. Get it? Now just watch below!<<

It is so beautiful that it can give you delusions. Like imagining that you are Jesus and so on. This is what happened to David Shayler, I believe. In public (poor David). And Chris Bourne writes about how he went through an “I am the Christ” phase.

This is not at all uncommon.

So frequently, when Type 2 awakenings go wrong, they throw people off track.

They start believing that they are spiritual teachers.

When they are not.

They might be inspired but they are not grounded in reality.

>>It is not possible to be a Christian teacher if you were not monk or mystic! There, that took care of Truth1, the little bastard ;-) I was not grounded in reality. So says she. But she was subtly saying that about all Christians but they were too stupid to see it. You were all overcome by being improperly prepared for a kundalini awakening. So Abraham was sort of right when he accuses Jax of being a New Age Witch or something like that. He nailed it!

So you don't have to listen to Truth1 spouting any scriptures. He is crazy, you know! And everyone went along with it. Stupid to the core. They let a dumb bitch lead them to the devil. Way to go! How could any of you have possibly helped the children when you could not even help yourselves? You got to be kidding!<<

Which is where we need to be. This is where we are supposed to be.

Because this is the material world.

Lots of people are able to repair themselves and move onwards and upwards with the help of a decent therapist or teacher…..if they can find one.

This stage is called “integration”.

Some people have never integrated, though.

It is not called “Divine madness” for nothing.

Again, this is only my take on things but I hope you will get what I’m saying.


>>So,  you are all crazier than hell, says Jax. Divine madness! Really? Of course, Jax is a Grand Master who has ascened to the highest levels so she is qualified (if not heavily drugged and intoxicated) to speak on these matters. So just throw rocks at Truth1 and don't you dare question the great leader of HR, for she is surely infallible due to her mastering her craft ;-) I hope you will get what I'm saying (Aren't I a wise bastard? Sarcastic, too!) 

And by the way, I have the original pages saved if you should want to see them or a piece of one of them. There were 3 posts other than Jax on this.<<

A little bird    June 5, 2015 at 11:30 am

anonnonononnnnn    June 5, 2015 at 2:14 pm

susanjohnson12015    June 5, 2015 at 3:04 pm

Truth1  back to black text   >>>>     the above 3 were likely all sock puppets. Jax was great for making up silly names and fake accounts. Its her most outstanding trait and I will be gathering witnesses who will support this declaration.

Conveniently, HR got deleted so that there was no evidence left behind to incriminate Jax  .  .  .  Except that I saved a lot from this point onward to use against her. They had not planned on that. Having me as an enemy is far worse than having my as an ally. But Jax and her bosses make their choice and God made His as well.

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I’m deleting the Danielle thread    June 10, 2015    jacquifarmer1984

Thanks to all of you who have put your efforts into a debate about Mademoiselle La Verite.

But I have decided to trash it.

She may be good, She may be bad. But she is irrelevant to the Hampstead case.

I thought I would post it for interest.

But it just caused division.

>>Jax hates any disagreement, which she likes to call a "division." But really, we are talking about disagreement, not division. Disagreement is an important part of freedom and open transparent operation of justice being settled. Jax never understood that concept. It was the UK preventing division and disagreement such as conflicting evidence, that led to 2 children being taken from their mom, their only real security from dad and the cult.

Jax hates all things decent says I. Division scares her since she knows that regardless of which side she takes, she is apt to offend the other side. To avoid this, she simply throws out the whole post so that no decision can be made. The UK courts would love her.

But I suspect she was also covering for La Verite, as after all, I suggest that Jax works for the government, ultimately, and I will supply solid evidence for that. All in all, she's Just an other brick in the wall. Ain't she?<<

If she is a shill – which she may well not be – then she passed the test.

>>Oh, have I got a lot to say! First, Danielle La Verite is a shill, beyond any doubt. Jax is covering for her. What did you expect?<<

If she is not a shill then she is irrelevant to this case. As irrelevant as all the other people who say nothing.

>> Are the possibilities of shills irrelevant? I think not! But Jax covers for all shills as I see it. My opinion, as a result is that Jax is a shill, and sometimes, even a troll.<<

I deleted it, along with accusations that I was a “gate-keeper”.

>>I was the one who called her a gatekeeper and she was and is. She decides what will get heard and decided or not, or said or not. Now she is great for saying that "Hampstead Research is all of us." It is not! Jax makes all decisions like a good dictator. Look what she says next!<<

Well, I am the owner of this blog. And I made it quite clear right from the start that this was going to be a safe space.

>>She is the owner!!!!!!!!!!! HR is none you, you little peasants. How dare you talk back to her highness! Now a safe place? Safe from what? Safe for who? Who made this decision? Did everyone ask for her protection or did she force it on you all? I say, she is the owner and dictator and gatekeeper and she forced it on her followers and they were happy to accept, too.

Did any of you ever have a say on the rules and "standards?" Did any of you have a choice in the Danielle thread being deleted? No, you did not! So she is proven to be a gate keeper. Most disturbing is this "safe space" talk.

It has come to my attention in October to December 2015 that there is a super subversive strain of Feminism which seeks to destroy free speech and corrupt language and law so that nearly anything can be accused and prosecuted, particularly toward men as the target. A war on men and free speech. In the last few weeks, college kids in the USA were talking a lot about "safe spaces."

I was not aware of this phrase in June 2015, but its getting lots of press now. Students seek a "safe place" where they can avoid being triggered or traumatized. Its seems the little babies are easily traumatized by anything that disagrees with anything they believe. So they want to create safe places, like an entire University where only one set of ideas and beliefs are allowed. Tolerance is out the window and out of fashion. Free speech and dissent are evil. Of course, the UK very much likes this idea, but the 2 kids (A & G in case you forgot) do not like that idea at all. But they are not allowed to have their say. Their videos are banned and they are held in captivity and enforced silence. Just the way Jax likes things like that.

The UK hates free speech and wants the kids and Ella/Abe silenced and gagged, even imprisoned. So Jax is clearly promoting evil feminist doctrine that is very pleasing to the UK courts and government. And you want to tell me Jax is not a shill? Are you out of your minds?<<

Jax: It was thanks to that safety that people felt confident to have the David Icke Hampstead thread shut down.

I made it clear right from the start that this was a space for getting to the truth.

>>Jax getting to truth? That is funny. Her and Arendale would not know truth if it slapped them in the ass. They specialize in disinformation and lies.<<

And again, later, that this is a space for people who believe the children.

>>And also work against the children by eliminating those who defend the children well, by urging free speech and open transparency and public conduct, not censorship and lies.<<

Jacqui and VM also support Abraham unconditionally. But that’s our choice – you don’t have to.

>>Now she hates Abe and Ella and will  not promote their videos. So she clearly has turned on the kids as well. Welcome to the club, Abe. Jax loves shills, though!<<

We have left plenty of questions about Abe in the Comments.

And we have more to ask him for you.

Now pay very close attention to the long diatribe here, where Jax talks about all she does and sacrifices, for the kids, of course.<<

So if you mean that I get up early every morning and the first move I make is to turn the computer on

Even before I have put on VM’s coffee,

And post posts. Then check my email. Then trawl the comments. Then do some admin.

Then feed the dogs.

Make some calls. About Hampstead.

The spend the rest of the day posting, writing, researching, scripting, passing on messages, uploading files, keeping the hard drives clean, virus sweeping…….while VM is keeping things going in the house.

If you mean that we are both working all day every day to help this collective mind do everything it can to get the children back to Ella or their grandparents

>>To help the collective mind? Bullshit! Its to make Jax look good and earn her pay, says I. HR is owned by her. Those are her words and anyone who disagrees? Its coming right up soon ;-)<<

Right up until it is time to go to bed.

For no pay. Bar the very occasional very kind donation…..

>>For no pay?? Oh sure! And if you believe that, I guts some gen-u-ine virgin snake oil hee-yah, that I is willin to sell ya! Any takers?

Now I got to ask. That schedule sounds pretty loaded. Pretty busy. And I think she was exaggerating some, too. But she was putting in a lot of time. She always seemed to be online or never away that long. And she and VM were doing that all for nothing? I don't believe that for 1 second. Jax was being paid. She had been in the "business" or in training since 2009. She is a professional.

I have been very dedicated to my religious, historical and scientific endeavors in a big way in the 90s and onward. I had a job during that time up to 2006 as well. I could never have given my stuff the time that Jax was giving to HR. I did not have the frivolous free time. It was work, or my ad-vocational subjects. I say Jax was and is getting paid and what is more, I note that Youtube is covering for her at all turns. That can not be an accident, either.<<

Then yes, I AM a gatekeeper.

I am the gatekeeper of Hampstead Research.

And if you don’t like my style and my blog then you are free to go elsewhere.


>>She just said it very plainly and honestly. But you will all hang around, anyway, won't you? But if she thinks that I am just going to walk away and let her destroy any chances for the kids, that bitch has another thing coming! Their only hope is God, and Jax hates God as do many in the Hampstead communities supporting the kids. So I continued to follow her deeds, knowing she would make many more screw-ups in my favor.<<

Comments on this blog dated June 10:

M.   (That's "Mariah McMann" aka Mary Mac)    June 10, 2015 at 8:57 pm

I am glad you deleted it and I love your style and I think your partner is lovely too for all he does in the background. I just want to do anything I can to get the children back with their families, the other children rescued and the abusers removed from society.

Yes, M. loves to prevent open discussion and wants to squash any dissent, just like Jax. Birds of a feather, you know. Jax is a bossy bitch and M. likes that. Need I say more?<<

jacquifarmer1984    June 10, 2015 at 8:58 pm    Thanks, M – you are lovely too. As is sickened! Jx

M.    June 10, 2015 at 9:06 pm    I’m sure you are right, I love his/her passion for the children. X

>>Is it just me, or is this all nauseating? As you can see, all 3 are in love. Ain't that sweet! I will be trying to find out who sickened was/is. Could be VM. Some have said it might be Jax, too.

They are now going to talk about me, "truthwhatever" and "that person." I'm the elephant in the room no one wants to admit or deal with.<<

sickened    June 10, 2015 at 9:16 pm    Thank for that, I appreciate your kindness there. Yes, I am passionate about the kids, and I could cheerfully rip Dearman’s head off, but alas, I am not allowed to do that. Grrrrrr!
I saw the gatekeeper comment by truthwhatever, and I thought, where the hell did that come from?

M.     June 10, 2015 at 9:34 pm    I thought that comment stood out as weird. Glad we got past that matter sickened, hope it never crops up again.

>>See how scared they get when something threatens their safe little world? Jax wrong? But she seemed so nice and sincere and caring about the kids. Surely one could not be a fake and come off like that, could they? I want bad guys to be obvious, with mustaches and sinister looks and crazy maniacal laughter. If seemingly nice people can act horribly against children, then how will I know who to trust or not? I'm sacred!!! I'm down right terrified!!!<<

Do you idiots see the problem? You can't handle the truth about evil people. They look and sound just like anyone else, most of the time. How can you discern who they are? You have to look and pay careful attention to details. You have to strain your brain. You have to look beyond appearances. Try examining their reasoning, their logic, their rhetoric. Oh, I'm sorry! Did I use too big a word for ya all?

jacquifarmer1984    June 10, 2015 at 9:34 pm    Guys – both – I had an email complaining about that person. I’d let it through. So I later deleted Jx

4 bloggers liked this blog as follows: royhull,    kristen e patterson    Angel71    susanjohnson12015

Truth1 back to black text  >>>> an email complaining about me? That was Jax alerting Sinsia and Sinsia lending a hand. So I got all Sinsia's communication on this as well. Everyone gets to join in the fun. I like to be inclusive and I hate secrecy, and banning and deleting and going behind people's backs. I like openness and transparency. I have nothing to hide, unlike Jax, the UK, and other such shills. Sinsia was kind enough to publish this on my facebook page, so that it would not get erased or disappear. Ain't that nice of her? Y'all be sure and thank her now, OK?

Now something we have to get clear here. Disruption, and division are words these phonies use against anyone who questions, challenges, disputes, disagrees with, dissents from, argues, or debates. But cult rulers, like Jax aspires to be, says I, do not like anyone questioning or disputing them. They are gods and expect to be treated as infallible gods. God forbid if you do not give them their imagined due right of worship.

So it is always accused of those who disagree with something, that they are causing disruption and division. Therefore, they must be bad and must be shills. On the other hand, I say that in order to cleanse a group of evil or infiltrators who intend nothing good, you must separate the good from the bad and in doing so, you will, at least temporarily, reduce your numbers. God does not need numbers, anyway. He can win with no one at all to help Him. He does not need help. The kids need help and they need God. I am here to secure that very thing  .  .  . with God's help, an essential factor!

So when Jax or Sinsia says someone is disrupting, causing divisions, or defaming them, they are simply trying to avoid being examined or disputed.

Now one of the most interesting cases involving accusations of causing divisions is Jehovah's Witnesses, who I know only too well, having once been one for 10 years, 1980-90. The leaders did not like being questioned or disputed. They spoke for God, you know. So anyone who dares challenge their doctrines or ideas will be accused of causing divisions and sects, and promoting heresy and apostasy. Its a way to avoid having to answer or defend their doctrines against good sound reasons and arguments. They say that if you are promoting divisions or sects, then you are automatically in the wrong. But what they call divisions and sects are not those at all. Its just disputing doctrines. Describing something as other than what it really and truly is, is the favorite technique of those in power, whether that is a government, a court, a religious body, or the bitches in the Hampstead forums. Its all the same.

People are too busy being polite and do not care about truth, or fairness, justice, decency, accuracy. They want simple easy answers that don't strain the brain. They don't want to have to fight or struggle at all. But then, if that is so, then what good are they to the kids? The kids need fighters. The pussies at HR? They are less than useless. Some help they are.

Look at the HR regulars. There were at least 10, or even 15 maybe. How many objected to this blog? I was the only one to actually open my mouth and say something in print. Maybe some were not crazy about it, but if so, they did not bother to care enough to object to it in any way. They remained silent and useless to the kids. Or worse, they were glad to see my post banned. And Relieved, too!

So now I have to ask some very tough questions. Are all of you former HR followers babies or adults? Well, here is how to tell. Adults are mature and can think for themselves and act in their own long term interests. They can defend themselves and do not need others to think for them or defend them, or look out for them. They can stand on their own two feet and wipe their own asses when they need to. Babies on the other hand, need someone to do everything for them because they can do nothing for themselves. Based on that, you all look like babies to me. Laughable and pathetic. Grown people acting like defenseless children. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves.

Jax says she wants to protect you and make you safe. Did you say she could? Did you want her to? You let her be your brains. You let her make your decisions for you cause you did not dare make your own decisions and that Truth1 is scary, isn't he?. Oh, My God, he is terrifying and overpowering! Really?? I'd love to accept your complement, but it would not be fair. Compliments from babies are no compliments at all. So were you traumatized by me? Triggered? Then you are babies. You can not handle the real world. You need Jax to do it all for you.

Now keep in mind, that my assertion is that Jax is a professional and that she serves the cause of those much higher up. I am talking the leaders of your nation who rape kids in Satanic and pedophile cults and use kids as prostitutes as well as for porn. Also world leaders do the same. So Jax has good training. You best believe that and she is much smarter than any of you. You can take that to the bank. And she knows, as her leaders do, that you sheep will do anything your leaders tell you. They can rape you kid in mass in schools and you say nothing. They steal your kids and you say nothing. They demand that you do whatever they say and let them make your decisions and tell you what is right and wrong. So Jax tried it. And it worked like a fucking lucky charm. None of you questioned her or your leaders.

You are all so pathetic. Just useless babies in adult suits. Go look in a mirror if you doubt me. You got a lot to think about but if past experience is any indication, you will  not bother. Its too scary. Your triggered & traumatized!

So I berate the entire bunch of HR regulars. All their brains together were not enough to weigh a pound. Integrity? Not that I can see. Courage to stand up to error and deceit? I know, I'm still laughing. I'd believe in the Easter bunny before I would believe in any of them.

Now M. once saw a video on people following the crowd, such as the elevator scene where everyone in the elevator faced the back who was in on the test. The unknowing test subject walks in and sees everyone facing the back. So he turns around and faces the back as well. Monkey see, Monkey do. Ain't that right M.? What happened, M.? You went right along with the crowd. No brains functioning. But at least you are not alone. Everyone else was right there with you.

So lets take a look at the very close relationship of the two forums, headed by Jax and Sinsia. Keep in mind that the blog above was June 10. Below says June 7, but she kept this for several days before using it. Her and Jax worked together on this the whole time, synchronizing ever so carefully. I will repeat Jax's comment:

Guys – both – I had an email complaining about that person. I’d let it through. So I later deleted Jx      June 10.  (that person was Sinsia, otherwise known just below. She had posted this on my FB page so that I would always have it available. Such a nice girl, huh?

I was not on a mission to wreck Hampstead FB. Sinsia did that herself in March 2015. Above was grabbed by her or Jax, or maybe even Angelada, on HR, June 7. Note that I said nothing about Sinsia really, other than she was gone and griping. Oh, but I'm on a mission to wreck. See them lie and distort? And there were no minions trying to ruin her precious FB page. She had banned about 4 people around March 14/15 2015, because they did not like her covering for David. And at least 2 or 3, if not more, left voluntarily after. I remember Maria quiting and Christine May Goodsall leaving. Sinsia made her own bed. You will note that Sinsia and Jax work together all the time, just like I said they did. Only when Sinsia came over to HR to post, she did so as Arendale, in my opinion. IN any case, Jax and Sisia were working real close now. Just read below and see.

Notice It starts on June 10. I got back to her on the 13th. She had my evidence 3 months before and many others saw it, too and they all got banned. Sinsia does not like disagreement. But her reputation is well known and many do not trust her sincerity to the cause. She just wants to blame it on me. I did not throw those people out. Sinsia did. She does not want to own up the blame. In essence, she is lying little bitch.

To the left, Sinsi asks for evidence. This article grants her request. So she best not have anything go say. She got what she wanted.

And what is more, Jax wants to deny it, too, and say Sinsia is a saint. See how that works? Jax would not like those people who got banned, either. And they don't like her.




Notice how she is trying to entrap me, by lying and distorting, as if I did something. Typical feminist tricks of the NWO.



So having put her in her place, she drops it and goes to David.



I had thought her former ID picture was her daughter. I think it was Sinsia from her school years now.





Leader with things to hide, don't like it when you get personal ;-) But she does it throughout. And she likes her own posts. Now how childish is that?

David posted as Dave and if anyone remembers from that time, He was saying there was no evidence for sex abuse of the 2 kids. He as out to get the kids FACT!



Notice how Sinsia lies here, saying I was blocked from Angelada's FB page, when it was only a post that was either deleted or blocked to me. Win if you can. Lose if you have to. But always lie, is the motto of leaders like Sinsia who do not like being made to account for their actions.

Jax says I am mad. Well, if I am, I got lots of company in this Hampstead community of wackos. I am called a disinfo agent by another disinfo agent. Why, how novel! Bet that's never happned before, huh? ;-)

Someone else is pulling my strings, she says? Like who would that be, and why not address my objections rather than just suggest I am working for someone. She wants to avoid my objections, of course. She knows she can not answer them.

Oh, and my religion is all wrong. But New Age religion is the servant of the devil, so look who is calling the kettle black!

Defamation of Character. She is denying that he covering for David and banning people sullied her reputation, not me. But the evidence is forthcoming here now.





The only reason for people leaving is me she says. I did not ban all those people. She did. The girl sure can lie. Its in black and white for you to plainly see.

David was the one that many objected to. For me, his comments on tin foil hats and the Golden Age which comes from Illuminiati and Masonic references. And picking on Sabine, too. I had like 7 or 8 counts listed against him when he demanded evidence and then he runs and tells me to go away and leave him alone, but he is the one who asked for the accusations. But I let them drop and stopped posting. Others came along and went at him and Sinsia. So she owns the blame for defending David when too many objected to him. How am I to blame for that?

Note she does admit just above left that Jacqui wrote her and said I was a troll and insane. The insanity, maybe. Troll? No way! As for the stuff I sent to Jax, it is coming up soon. Jax, like Sinsia, loves to lie about everything. Here in 2017, that is well established.


I was thrown out of some Christians forums back in 2001-2003 because I had the nerve to disagree with them. Sinsia did not even know that that info came from me and any details about it. It was nearly 15 years ago. Desperate people grab for anything.

Sinsia herself said she was banned from somewhere. I assumed it was HR. But may be not, but she did say she could longer post or get in or something like that.

But what should be very obvious is how closely these two birds of the same feather flock together and look out for each other, back in HR and on Facebook.

That they do work so close and both forums had nothing but problems and these two are the heads of the two forums. How much more obvious could it get? Do you need the hand writing on the wall? I have enabled you to see the connections and timing. Do you have the guts and courage to face the truth?

I will be putting up a lot more on All this further down.

March 2015 Fight
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This fight took place on the weekend of the London protest of Pedophilia on March 14/15, 2015. With the movement having started up with the FB Hampstead forum in February and Hampstead Research in March; we have in just about 5 to 6 weeks had a big fall out on the facebook forum. An accident? You be the judge.

This might have started March 13, but I do not recall for sure. It went over into the weekend protest in London.

David had been following this case from day 1 and I believe him. Most infiltrators in more recent times usually start out on the ground floor in the top positions, having been placed where they will be needed if "things" arise as they did with Hampstead.

I never talked behind his back. I spoke on the forum for all to hear. He simply was not around at the time.

He says people who do this are questionable. Why? He says I am turning one against another. False. I am finding fault with his expressions, links, and fault finding of Sabine.

First step that phonies make is falsely stating what was done. A typical tactic of the left.








Notice that I was just starting trouble. I gave many reasons, but he did not want to answer them. I understand ;-)






Alan Alanson later began to find fault, too, and was kick out of the group as well.


David has always been very concerned about privacy and keeping secret. I understand this to some degree. I don't like to give out too much in personal info. But on the same hand, when you take up a cause or promotion, you are going to have to be willing to reveal something of yourself. To hide too much would naturally make people suspicious.


David was, in my opinion, trying to incite Ella/Abe to kidnap and others started supported it, too. I recall Sophie Rohman thinking it was a great idea. That ID has disappeared as beast I as I can tell.

Kidnapping talk started again more recently with Mary Mac and Steph Mansell, with Mansell saying she was going to buy a piece after talking about not getting anywhere with the cult. I'm sure they got in no trouble for it as shills can't get in trouble. They were trying to make supporters of the kids look bad. I have no seen Mansell around since, either.





Did I make no sense? Or is David making pure excuses? What did I make up? Now he wants to avoid me rather than confront me. Most people react that way to me. Cause I am not afraid to pursue information and demand answers when answers are merited.

Cynthia had been covering for David in personal messages I had been sending to her.


This to the left is what concerned me the most in many ways.

He admits kidnapping is illegal but then he says its lawful if the kids were held unlawfully.

So in many respects, it does appear he was suggesting that someone take the kids back to correct injustice. but unjust or not, what the UK says will be law and anyone defying that will pay dearly. Clearly, God is needed in this matter.

It is part of my code of ethics/religion that I stand for non-violence and obedience to any laws that do not conflict with God's direct orders. I give authority no reason to take legal action against me. I will not support any group who advocates breaking the law. Sinsia has avoided any discussion of David during this time or ever.

To keep in mind as well, I stopped helping Jax on May 30 and most of the above took place tween then to may be June7 or 8. During this time, it clearly shows Jax and Sinsia communicating and having a relationship. Of course, Sisia was Arendale all along. I could tell all along. What I did not know was that Jax had a very close relationship in secret with her and with David as John Smith.

As well, regarding the weekend fight and casualties, I had not been an investigator, per say, and gathering info at March 13, 2015. The events of March 13 were quite the surprise after getting over the shock and disappointment, I, a few days after did grab some screens and I had a bunch of PMs with sinsia that I saved as well and a few other things. This began my journey, but at this very same time, Sinsia appears as Arendale in HR and her and Jax were clearly a team.

My belief now, from hindsight, is that Jax, David and Sinsia, if they did not know or meet other prior to the release of the videos of the kids' testimony, they were certainly introduced when Sinsia made a facebook account for Araya. Araya did not know that much about Facebook and sought help and found Sinsia. And Sinsia also became an admin in the group as well. I will declare here that Sinsia has done this for other grass root movements throughout the USA. Proof forthcoming. It was not an accident that people came to her, I suspect. She is place and promoted so that she is very visible and then she keep tabs on all these and report anything of concern to those over her, I figure.

David has some IT and other programming skills, it would appear. More on him after I deal with Sinsia. There is a lot to show.

Who is Sinsia?
Back to Top

Just after the March 14 fight, I showed up and this was up. So I copied it. My first saving of evidence by copy paste. I had not intention of doing anything with it except keeping it as info to refer if I ever needed to.

Cynthia Marie

1 hr · Edited

* Troll Free Zone / Why We Are Here *
Today we deleted several group members who were causing division, suspicion, enflaming this Group; "Justice for the Abused Hampstead Children".
My background: I started this Group page for Araya when I saw her ask for one on an original EVENT group page.
I am a long time activist - specializing in outreach. I have worked as an organizer (& outreach) with March Against Monsanto, Peace Action, Move to Amend (corporate personhood), Occupy, Latin America Solidarity, Coalition to Normalize Relations with Cuba, etc.

>>A long time activist and outreach. They seek to help. It gets them on the ground floor. An organizer, too. Perfect. Listed are 8 other causes she is involved in. I got them all to show you coming up.<<

I also created many of the Reference FILES (see group Tab) for this group - Along with Sara Smallax (another Admin on here), and flyer for the "DailyFail" rally and info. outreach.
From being Admin on an OCCUPY page, esp, I have seen internet Trolls in action - the most insidious are the Activist group "WRECKERS" - Like Christine Ann Sands (CAS) - here to cause Division & Dissolution of the group. Today I saw such "wrecking" behavior in-the-works.

>>Her reason for banning some. We were wreckers. Of course, she was the sole judge of that affair. Silence us all do that we could not be allowed a voice to defend ourselves among what had been our peers. Clever. But not a word of it was true. What she should have done if she was sincere, was to list the specific crimes we had engaged in. Had she done this, she would have been rejected, maybe. People are pretty stupid and trusting.

As well, I say there is no money in being an activist. If you are surviving and doing OK, then you are getting paid from someone, somewhere. That is a rule I go by. Sinsia is a major asset to someone somewhere and Jax deleted all Arendale's posts on HR in order to protect Arendale. How nice of her. I gather that Arendale/Sinsia did not want to get too exposed and she did give a lot of personal info on her first post or two on HR. I told Jax I as going to go back and get it. Jax wiped out every Arendale post but one. Was it that big a concern? What other conclusion is there? They sure were good friends. Arendale's secret sign language was a huge embarrassment, as were a number of posts. Jax took care of them all

Had she left them, you all cold have seen that she was disinfo specialist. Were this to get out the movments she supports, It could be very embarrassing and blow her cover as a wondeful crusader and activist. By the way, most activists are left leaning, in my opinion.<<

Re: David Strickland ~ I added him as Admin when Araya was blocked just because it would be good to have more Admins in case of attack on other Admins.
Immediately David added a slew of new members w/o verification.
Sadly, he later teamed up w. Katie West in stirring up divisions within this group. IMO - David may have been influenced in his mistrust by Katie. (Not sure, he seemed ok in general until all of the insinuations started here.)
David has insinuated that Myself, Other Admins,
Sonya Vangelder, Joni Job were questionable characters, shills, disinfo trolls!

Today - this turned into a Big FLAMING of our Group - as far as stating that "We are All Satanists"!!
Sorry - THAT is where this story ENDS. - No Trolls, No Drama, No Haters.

~ Thanks. I hope we can carry on in our mission for Justice for these and other Children who are Victims of this atrocious abuse.
PEACE, Cindy  <<< End quote

Truth1>>> Katie, David and Alan were not haters. They did not believe David David was legitimate and that he was a shill, by what he had been saying. Notice Sinsia does not mention David David at all. Sinsia was covering for D. D.   Katie, David Stickland, and Alan, had all been standing up for what I had earlier accused D.D. of. Sinsia claimed I just had something personal against D.D. But she never suggested what it was. But I brought up the charges to D. D. He refused to answer. Sinsia was lying about every detail. Maria McMahon later left as well and so did Christine May Goodsall. I am sure there were other defectors but I forget some stuff now. Sinsia does not want to talk about that! So she resorts to false accusations and lies, rather than specific charges.

Mary Mac (MM) had been strongly supporting Sinsia and then suddenly turned on them and quit. What baffled me was how she  could go from one extreme to the other. I was suspicious about it but it seemed OK. But I had wanted to start a group with the "refugees/casualties a little later and did not want to seek out MM. But Katie was sure she was legit. Katy later changed her mind and told me I was right. Other got to see MM's true colors. I know very few that have respect for her any longer. She is done in this movement.

So Sinsia says they are trolls, which they never were nor ever had been. Sinsia appointed Stickland as an ADMIN. Alan was not a troll or hater and never had been. Sinsia was more than a little dishonest about all this.

I thought I would go around and see how many of these sites I could verify, that Sinsia mentions above.

"DailyFail" rally

 Upon discovering this, I found Asher Arendale had been created by April 3, 2015, just after the March 14/15 London protest, when Arendale 1st made her appearance on Hampstead Research.

Recent research has revealed that Asher Arendale is not a real person. No parents, no relatives, no info at all on him, except a location given from the facebook ID. Clearly a fake ID sock puppet. Imagine that.

I was not aware that this page existed till doing this search on search engines. She create an FB site and might have helped with the organizing of it.

March Against Monsanto

I kept Sinsia on my friends list. It came in handy on looking up and visiting the sites. Below left, Sinsia was shown as the only friend on this facebook site. So the above site and this one are confirmed as having Sinsia'a involvment. She is very much in the public eye.



Above left members: Tami Canal was the founder of this movement and it was very popular in the USA and if I am recalling right, around the world in places. Tami is open and not afraid have herself and her kids seen and photographed. Total open honesty. Sinsia likes to hide. Sinsia does not appear to be an ADMIN but is a member and she likely created the facebook page for this group. At the very least, she believed in the cause. She said she was involved in it. Nuff said!







Below left is a Mandi Marie. Coincidence? I doubt it. And Sinsia liked Mandi's photo as you can see.


Quite a few Hampsteaders or related showed up in this cause. Steph Mansell and Peter Alexander are both buddy buddy with Sinsia.

Move to Amend (corporate personhood)  This is number 3 that Sinsia belongs to.

Just below, on the right, near the bottom of the list with a red spot is Sinsia's name with Bramblett added. Interesting, no?

Sinsia gives her name to this cause and I noticed the last name Bramblett added. So is she married, divorced, what? I am guessing married or was. I checked this ID out and will paste it all below. Tennessee is one of her listed places of residence at one time.

But Sinsia did list this as one of the movements she was a part of so it all fits nicely.

I say Robert A, age 36 might be her husband or brother. I say husband because he shares all the same places that she lived in, which include Tennessee and Georgia, which Asher Arendale just happens to claim as a home, too. She is 39 and he is 36. so it all sounds about right.

Robert A. is said to live currently in Franklin, TN and was in GA previous to that. Robert A Bramblett has no visible info to know what he does. It might be interesting.



Occupy (the hood)           number 4 checks out as well.

This was the site that Sinsia said had trolls and wreckers had come in. I could see that happening. But what went on with the Hampstead site was not trolls or wreckers. It was someone covering for someone else who stood out to too many people. As you can also see, Sinsia was heavily involved with this cause as well as Monsanto. Now these are all good causes and she may very well be innocent of any improper actions. But the sum total of all her involvement in so many varied causes raises flags for me.

For one, it takes a lot of time to serve so many causes and none seem to get the level of attention from her that the Hampstead Case gets. By far, it seems to me that Hampstead is the focus of both USA activists and UK activists, and all of them working together. And Jax, seems to me, to be sitting at the top of this network of activists concerning the Hampstead kids. It is a very important case to some people very high up in life. That should be of concern to all. Why the fear and urgency? The USA and UK sure seem to care about this!


Coalition to Normalize Relations with Cuba         number 5 of Sinsia's references

This was an interesting cause for its results. Let me show you why.

Above listed Richard Axthelm as a former employee of a Cynthia Marie Lummis, a politician for the state of Wyoming, USA. That Cynthia Marie should list this cause in her portfolio and have a politician of a very similar name, except for the last name, could the two be related? The Lummis formerly being Cynthia Marie and marrying, and the latter also marrying and adding the second last name, possibly? But that the Lummis name, her being older than our Cynthia, and being a politician? Wow. It is getting interesting. Maybe its a dead end but that it gets so close  .  .  . well, where there is smoke there is often fire. It would need more that I can give it or want to bother with. But it is noteworthy as I see it. Who is Cynthia Marie Bramlett? Who is Robert A. Bramlett? Who is Cynthia Marie Lummis? Inquiring minds would like to know. But that a USA citizen involved deeply in USA causes ends up in the Hampstead Case in the UK is a bit interesting, all by itself.

It is at least within possibility that normalizing relations with Cuba could possibly be a sort of left leaning cause. I don't know anything for sure. I don't care either way.

So, if you  feel up to it, you might want to poke around some more. I am sure something would turn up. 2 Cynthia Marie's involved in the very same cause? Coincidence? I think not!

Latin America Solidarity             This makes number 6 of Sinsia's list

This group has chapters all over the USA, that Cynthia has some involvement in. I like the movement. I think the USA should stay out of most nations' business, particularly small nations like Cuba and Venezuela. Dr. Castillo also has a very interesting concept of cheap hospitalization, so that all poor people can get adequate treatment. In the USA, is all about making money and holding our health at ransom. And by making treatment ridiculously high, artificially high, insurance can come along and offer you a "cheaper deal." So you come to them or pay far more otherwise. And then the insurance and doctors divide the pie for  the benefit ob both parties. And we get screwed, always! This cause could have left leaning tendencies, too.

As you can see, Cynthia helps out and likes this as well. This chapter is in California. Wisconsin below. Cynthia attended this one.

Cynthia was kind enough to take some photos of the event and we get to see more of her than just a tiny little box on facebook. I think that might be a relative of hers with her. I'm just guessing based on looks.  And the good doctor Luther Castillo who is very generous in courting the guests for help.

I would like to see a movement in the USA with more humble accommodations to bring medical costs down, but I know, hell will freeze over before that happens. We are slaves to the overlords of our nation.

Peace Action                    Number 7 on the list.

Again, it has chapters in various states I gather. We see Cynthia pop up often in Wisconsin. It may be that she lives there now. Spokeo and other info suppliers will show the many places people have lived over time, as well as various names and relatives connected to them and these change over the years, too. I used these search sites back in 2008 looking for people in my school photos from grammar school days in Maine. Also used them to check out where x-JWs are in the world today that I once knew. So I have some experience with them.

I posted two facebook addresses, one from the University of Wisconsin Women's Resource Center and Peace Action Wisconsin. Cynthia is involved with both. She is busy woman.

Below is a CM post that I thought worthy of being up here as it is one that does have importance to me. Whether drugs, weapons or sex, trafficking is run primarily by the CIA and its criminal allies and corrupt law enforcement. And another big part of the CIA is trauma based Mind Control, which is far worse than any trafficking. So all the problems have a common origin: Government!

Truth1 >>> Now she is crusading against sex trafficking and I'm all for that. But if she is really acting against the Hampstead kids, then would it be possible she could be double dealing this cause, too? Just wondering and asking.





Well, as I  think you can see, Sinsia's claims of activities are valid and supported by evidence from the internet. She is a very involved activist and maybe more active than is readily apparent. Or maybe not. But with so much activity, I would find it doubtful that it is all done out of goodwill. We all have to make a living somehow. How does she find time for it all and with more for Hampstead than the rest, as far as I can see. And with Hampstead, we see many questionable things going on with fake IDs, sock puppets, lies, coverups, changes in info. Coverups alone are legitimate grounds for assessing guilt to actions. If there is a coverup, then there is a fraud being perpetrated.

(Feb 6, 017  Hampstead, in February and the first two weeks of March had a quite a few members and visitors. after that, it was mostly sock puppets. I went to HR after the big brawl of March 14, 015).

None of these activities are enough by themselves to pin anything on anyone. But so many of them does leave unanswered questions. It is my own personal opinion that based on all activities, especially with Jax and HR and Facebook for the Hampstead Kids, that we have a serious problem with credibility. Those claiming to act in behalf of the children are not convincing to me. Some leave me not trusting or believing in them.

I personally see a lot of cooperation between a number of members of the greater Hampstead Community supporting the kids that look sinister to me. I hope I am wrong but everything I have ever learned about conspiracy says otherwise. I am most concerned about those who head various forums and blogs. They all seem to have the same religious views (New Age) and all have been involved in serious conflicts with regular visitors and lost many members to conficts. Jax lost nearly all her following and the facebook forum experienced big losses. Some were due to people having other interests and commitments, but for many, it was dissatisfaction with ADMINs and leadship and their trustworthiness or lack, thereof.

If you are one of those that has suspicions about motives in some, you may suspect that they are opposition wolves hiding in sheeps' clothing. I have delivered plenty of evidence that I think should enable you to resolve this matter once and for all. I have observed or sought out various things that most have not seen or noticed. So with this added info, you can determine for yourself what is the truth and not depend on others to decide for you.

In harmony with my convictions on how law should be conducted, I have chosen a public forum, for justice should only ever be conducted in public where all can decide for themselves what the verdict should be.

I will be supplying a part 2 of this trial, reviewing some of the many things posted as well as a review of a published book by the head of Hampstead Research, examining some of the details of that book.