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Understanding the Law Is Vital!
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(and putting it in its proper place is important, too!)


Intro to My Commentaries on the Law to Consider

Law Highlights to Consider
Uriel's Commentary on the Law   New Mar 1, 014

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Intro to My Commentaries on the Law to Consider

While I firmly-emphatically-boldly-decisively-vigorously assert that we do not need to observe the old Ritual Law instituted by Moses, it is not to say the "Law" is not vital to us. The laws governing God's people teaches us how to behave and helps us much better understand real justice, God's justice as He intended it. We need to know God's laws of behavior, not to be confused with the rituals and priesthood of Moses. Do not confuse laws of regulation with ritual/ceremonial law. Regulatory law, what we might call civil or criminal law in our modern legal terms, is forever and is quite different form ceremonial law, which was to exist till the real thing, the sacrifice of Christ would be offered so that ritual law would no longer be needed./P>

The Law of Moses is vitally important to us in our time in the 21st century. Even though the temple and priesthood are done away with and the Nation of Israel under God is no more, having been done away with by God through the Romans, the judicial precepts of the law are still binding in spirit if not letter of the law and the way the nation of Israel was set up and regulated can teach us much about how God sees things and how He thinks things should be run in our lives. And we would use His precepts to govern our own congregations "in the Lord."

But perhaps the greatest significance and importance as I see it, is the way God's law as given to Moses shows us an interesting contrast between God's ways and those of man, government, and his judicial precepts and procedures. God show us the right way and the better way. I believe you will say better, too, if you understand what God prescribed for us. Man's law is atrocious by comparison.

For me, I became progressively more enlightened as to the world's corruption and how they do things so differently from how God did it and wanted it done. It was the contrast that enabled me to grow and become wiser. I needed the law and you do, too!

So I invite you to consider a few facts and check out certain books and chapters of the Law to see what you might think. While many chapters have many good things to reveal about God, I am going to focus on those chapters which highlight and contrast with how things are run today in most modern industrial countries.

When you see how different God's laws are from man's, you may then begin to try to figure out why that may be. When I recognized the contrast between God's law and that of today with man, I began to see how far off the track we are in comparison to God's ways. I began to regard man's laws with a lot of suspicion and doubt and began to thin more about why they were so different.

The Proverbs tell us that wisdom begins with God and His words and laws. He is the source of all knowledge, wisdom and understanding. If you are to be wise, you must know God and His ways well. It helps to know His name as well. By way of the Greek language into European languages and ultimately into English, it comes down as Jehovah. By a more direct route, such as Hebrew to English, it might well be Yahuwah. Regardless of by what route we received the message of God, we search His word, the Bible to receive wisdom.

I believe you will profit as I did by considering the law of God and noting the differences with other bodies of law as set forth by various groups of men and nations. Real wisdom is bound to follow and your eyes be opened. Don't pass up such a great opportunity.

Also consider that I have summarized the law so as to make it easier to digest and understand from the big picture. Yet, I have not left out the scriptures but have given you my ideas on the verses which I have included which you can either accept or reject. In addition, why not discuss these passages with others who show an interest to see what they might think. The Proverbs say that iron sharpens iron and that in the multitude of counselors there is wisdom and salvation. Even today, it is recommended when seeking treatment for a serious health problem, that getting a 2nd opinion is wise and if they differ, maybe even a 3rd, perhaps a specialist in the field of treatment you seek. What could be more important than getting the proper understanding of God and His ways. It could mean your life, right? I would say that is pretty important!

Consider a few possibilities I will suggest here. Suppose I said the USA Constitution and Bill of Rights were flawed documents and that the government built upon them was doomed to fail miserably and become completely distorted and changed? Does that sound rather shocking to you? I only ask you consider what God wrote and what I have written about God's laws in this matter before you reject such a notion.

What if I were to suggest that kids should work as kids and marry quite young? Would you faint with horror? Yet it was how it was done for the previous history of mankind up to about 1870. Dare to consider the evidence first?

If I were to suggest that a Parent's rights were supreme and should, under most circumstances, be the deciding factor on what is right or wrong for kids without the Government interfering or passing regulative legislation to the contrary?

What if I were to suggest that debt forgiveness be a national policy and that land be an inherited right of each citizen, without cost? That is how it was in the Law of Moses/God!

Perhaps today, with so much of the population working in industry, maybe we should have protections that give us some leverage and independence such as we had when we lived independently on our own land with self sufficiency.

I am sure there is much more I could shock you with and that is because religious leaders, most especially those of Christian persuasions, have not been doing their job in the least! It is evidence that you, the reader, are also not well acquainted with the Scriptures or you would not be near to fainting at the moment.

I only ask, and for your sake, not mine, that you consider the Law of God in careful detail and see if what I say is not true and if it is verifiable from the Bible. I have nothing to fear from such a challenge. I welcome it with open arms. Bring it!

Consider also this! If you accept that it is true the world is alienated from God and shall be judged by God, perhaps very soon, then how did the world get away from God and where did it go wrong and what wrong steps were they that got us into so much trouble that God would need to judge the world, and destroy the wicked who would be a majority at the Time/Day of Judgement? How is it that the world would be said to be in the power of the wicked one?

If things were so bad that God has to step in, then where are we in error? Do you want to know what you may be doing wrong? Do you think God will accept you and spare you if you do not correct yourself and make yourself right with God? I believe you have been seriously misled and need to get things straightened out. I believe considering the law of God will get your head in good shape to be received by God and be spared His upcoming wrath.

Consider reading all the commentaries all the way through but you might want to look at these following places first to wet your appetite and get an idea of what I am talking about. These are some of the more relevant and bold ideas that will paint the contrast I speak of.

But to understand the purpose of the Mosaic Law and what Jesus tried to teach about the law, and what and why the ceremonial and ritual law is much different from the laws governing our behavior. For these and more, you need to consider my most important article on the law:

Why We Don't Observe the Law!  This is also linked at the end of this article as well.

Law Highlights to Consider
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You might want to open another window or tab in your browser to view one of the commentaries and hunt up the highlights I point out.

This is a link to this article:
Commentary on Exodus

Exodus 20: 20-27 deals with some issues as regards treatment of slaves.

Exodus 21: 16 The Bible strictly forbids capturing a man and making him a slave to sell. This is a type of slavery was commonly practiced by the USA up to about 1863.

Exodus 21: 18-21, 26-27 deals with slave treatment.

Exodus 21-23 is full of judicial precedents and proper conduct to consider which are different from typical laws of today, at times.

This is a link to this article:
Commentary on Leviticus

Leviticus 19 & 20 has laws of conduct most worthy of being considered.

Leviticus 25 deals with the Jubilees, debt, debt forgiveness, and slavery.

Leviticus 26 highlights the rewards of obedience and the many agonizing pains of disobedience if they did not obey God's law. Then ask yourself as we enter into an economic depression and many terrible things to follow, which one are we experiencing? The rewards of obedience or the punishments of defiance?

Commentary on Numbers

Numbers 5:11-31 deals with jealousy and God's miraculous involvement in that (for a while early on), a sign of His approval. And when He no longer made the ritual work, it was a very obvious sign that He was no longer pleased with the conduct of the nation so that He withdrew special cultivation and protection of His chosen nation.

Numbers 33:53-56 deals with land inheritance rights and how they were dealt out.

Numbers 36:1-13 shows how God righteously administers the law and allows for appeal without undue difficulty or expense and without fear of examination.

Commentary on Deuteronomy

Deuteronomy 1:13-18 shows the administration of justice and how it was organized.

Deuteronomy 6:6-9 shows us that we need to be constantly instructing our kids throughout the day, without let up.

Deuteronomy 7:1-12, Jehovah commands as to how Israel is to administer to the land and inhabitants that have been given to Israel by Jehovah.

Deuteronomy 13:6-15 To speak against their God, Jehovah, and threaten His worship, and obedience of His people, was the ultimate sin to be punished by death in a hurry. God's ways were to be preserved and protected at all expense.

Deuteronomy 15 deals with debt forgiveness, where land reverted to the original owner every 7 years. Debt forgiveness every 7 years??? Who ever heard of such a thing? Certainly not in our slave driving nation. But God is far more decent than men, wouldn't you say?

Deuteronomy 21:18-21 Child disobedience? Not under God's law!!! If a son absolutely refused obedience, he was executed. No boot camps or discipline treatment centers for kids! It doesn't do the job. That takes care of delinquency problems, no?

Deuteronomy 22:6 An environmental law with sustainable environmental policy.

Deuteronomy 23:19 & 23:24 speak of lending without interest to a fellow Israelite citizen and the sorts of rights we could assume with our neighbors and their land in an agrarian society.

Uriel da Costa's Commentary on the Law       New Mar 1, 014

Uriel covers 14 subjects (maybe a little more) in 14 chapters of a book he published in the early 1600s AD. It was making a case for the Law of Moses and against the Talmud for violating the Law of Moses and rejecting God, as Uriel saw it, and I, too. A priceless work that would benefit anyone reading it, I hope. He seems to agree with nearly every thing I have ever said in regards to the law. So its not just me ;-)

The Law of Jehovah is an amazing contrast to what we have today in the USA. The ruthless spirit of slave-driving, stingy, penny-pinching corrupt big business could not be further from how God set things up in His law. See what you think and tell me which one is better. Think about what you might gain under each one and what you might lose under each one. I believe God wins by a mile. Not even a contest!

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Understanding the Law is Vital!
Commentary on Exodus

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Uriel's Commentary on the Law   New Mar 1, 014
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Why We Do Not Keep the Law! This one is super vital to this whole subject and sadly not very well understood. I make it simple for you.

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