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The Premise
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This article from Henry Makow   can also be found on a number of site. It gets good distribution. This ought to make one wonder. Why? Because the article features a man who makes broad claims, including being a Christians. I disagreed with that. So I am presenting the article as it is written, allowing it to speak rather then me using my own words. I'll use mine in >>brown red letters.<< I propose that Marion Knox is mixing pagan Hindu teaching and con-cepts with Christian teachings and concepts and that the two are not compatible.

The interview was done by Elana Freeland, regardless of where it is published, she is always given the credit for this article.If you are a Christian, you should aware of this con. so who is this Marion Knox? We are going to find out. I first came across this last year. Its now getting spread around more, as the date of the article below, shows.

Sodomy Key to Mind Control, says Deprogrammer    June 16, 2016
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Marion Knox, 78,  is a grass seed farmer, pilot and businessman from Lebanon, Oregon  who has deprogrammed some 500 MK-Ultra victims. He says sodomizing children is the Illuminati's "key" to satanic possession and mind control. (Puts "Sex Ed" in new perspective doesn't it?) He raises the specter that most of our political leaders are in fact mind controlled sodomizers and/or victims of sodomy. 

>>The claims are substantial. They need to be examined and proven. We do know that sodomy is used by Satanists and Mind Control Programmers. I don't doubt what he says about our politicians.<<

"The Illuminati is Lucifer's Church, the mystical body of Satan..Sodomy is like being born again." 

Interview with Marion Knox by Elana Freeland: In the House of the Strong Man, Sodomy is the Key

>>It needs to be stressed that what is said about the Illuminati is commonly said and I believe it is true. And MK programmers do it, too. Thjat is not my dispute. My dispute will be made clear when the contested info is presented.<<

M: Based on ... what I have discovered in maybe 500 people over a period of ten years ... the most vulnerable age for preparing a person for mind control is between two and four years of age because of the development of the child's mind at that age. Traumatic things can damage them worse than if they were younger or older. Also, in order to be programmable there needs to be a change in the way their mind works between two and four. That change can only be achieved by sodomy.

>>This is a fairly reasonable assertion. Programming takes place in earnest at this time, about 2 at least. Some stuff id done in the womb and infancy but the serious programming begins at 2.<<

E: What is it about sodomy that does that?  >>She asks the question! Watch the answer!<<

blair-saville.jpg This pictures was in this article with the caption: (left, Jimmy Savile and his protege, Tony Blair) 

M: It >>Sodomy<< attacks the nerves at the base of the spine and causes something neurological to happen within the brain. It also has a spiritual, demonic component to it that affects the person's mind in a way that nothing else will ... for a person to be able to develop multiple personalities, they would have to be sodomized between two and four.

>>There is no established medical research that declares this or suggests it. The spinal cord is in the base of the spine. But sodomy does not "attack" the nerves, which result in neurological events in the brain. Pure absolute lies. Can I say it any more clear? Jackie Farmer, formerly of Hampstead and its previous incarnation on Wordpress, suggested this was all true. She, too, was one to spread this crap.

A person does not need to be sodomized to tween 2 and 4 in order to develop MPD (multiple personalities). Again, a falsehood declared. If we are getting lies, what might we suspect about Knox's credentials? They merit a deeper investigation, which we will get to.<<

E: For all multiple personality disorders?

M: As far as I know. It's not commonly told this way because sodomy puts in a deaf and dumb spirit and causes memory loss so that some people may remember occult rituals but won't remember the sodomy. But sodomy is the foundation of the whole thing. It is called "the key of David" by the Rothschild Illuminati.

>>Oh, did you just catch that? Essentially, he says there is a memory loss because of the sodomy. But they can still remember the occult rituals. Bullshit!<<

E: When you say Rothschild Illuminati, you're not talking about just the Rothschild family?

M: No, I'm talking about all of the occult people all over the world. This goes back to Nimrod. This is the Egyptian initiation of the child to open the third eye.   >>Note that there is no reference to show where it can be found to be an ancient (I assume) Egyptian initiation of a child to open the 3rd eye.<<

E: Are you saying that back in Egypt in 3000 B.C.E., when the priesthood was at its peak, they were using sodomy for their initiations?

>>He did not say Egypt in 3000 BCE. She did. I say she is in on the con, but that's just my opinion.<<

M: As far as I know, sodomy is always used in the occult going clear back before the Flood. >>"As far as I know, is not a reference that is verifiable. See what I mean?<<

M: Sodomy is Satan's sex or Satan's new birth of the child. I don't believe anybody can become fully illuminated unless they have been sodomized at around three years of age. If they wait to touch that person until they're ten, twelve, fifteen years old, they will never be fully illuminated because you can't open the third eye after about five or six years of age.

>>Notice he say: "I don't believe . . ." Whether he believes what he says or not, he has not offered any proof of this stuff having any scientific basis. Now if he only claimed it was what cultists believed or Satanists believed, he would be fine. But this stuff is presented as "as far as I know" without saying how he knows, apart from Satanists or Cultists. He leaves you to jump to conclusions. The interviewer should be asking hard questions such as what scientific evidence there is, but as I said, I think she is "in on it."<<

E: The third eye meaning the pineal gland between the eyes?  >>Again, she is leading him in her questions.<<

M: Yes. I have traced migraine headaches from anal sex. It comes up the spine, over the back of the head right into the forehead.

E: All migraines, or --

M: No, I'm not saying all migraine headaches are from sodomy because I had one once that was put on me by a retired chiropractor and he did not sodomize me. 

>>Let me make this quite clear. What I highlighted in bold face type is the description of a kundalini rising. Jackie Farmer called it that, "witch" she was correct in saying. These sensations are often a part of the demonic pagan Hindu religion experience, often refereed to as part of a Kundalini Awakening. It is a purely pagan concept, and all pagan concepts ultimately derive from Satan.<<

But I think he was a sodomite. Basically, Satan cannot sodomize someone on his own, but he can influence somebody to sodomize someone else and then it's like having Satan sodomize them and put the sodomy power within them. Sodomy is spiritual. I get intense about this because it is so clear, and the Bible is the best source for discovering this.

>>Knox is equating a Satanic sodomy with demonic influence or possession. "Sodomy power" as he puts it, is simply demonic influence. He says "Sodomoy is spiritual. To break any of God's laws is a spirit defiling action. It is a sin, in plain language. But demonic possession or attacks are just that. No mention is make here of the pagan Hindu associations. But that is where this all comes from.

Christians are to avoid all pagan influences and practices. We know Satan is a liar and lies all the time. But as well, if Satan says something does some particular thing, He will make it appear as it if does. For instance, if you were to try to read ones's mind, telepathically, a known demonic teaching, then Satan or his "pals" might decide to convey what is being thought in the mind you are trying to read. You end up thinking it was you. It was not! It was a demon.

This is why we avoid all things pagan, demonic, and forbidden in Deuteronomy 18. Remember that Know says he is Christian! Yet what is her promoting? Satan! Knox is, in my opinion, a promoter of the devil.<<

7329705.jpg (Justin Trudeau with his dad, Pierre Eliot Trudeau, whom Kathy O'Brien said was a pedophile.) 
>>This was from the article near to the above text discussion/<<

ILLUMINATI                     Article continuing:
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blairqueenthatcherheathmajor.jpg (left, Blair, Thatcher, Heath, James Callaghan and John Major - are all PM's pedophiles?) 

E: Regarding Illuminati and Rothschild --

M: Let's leave Rothschild out of this. Not everybody is Rothschild unless you are using Rothschild as a loose term like Illuminati. With Illuminati referring to the wider spectrum, there is a Rothschild element and a Masonic element, but probably as sinister as any is the Jesuit element. I cannot prove this, I wish I could, but I believe that to become a full-fledged Jesuit you would have had to have been sodomized by the time you were three years of age. I believe they're all sodomites.

E: The entire Society of Jesus?

M: I don't think you can become powerful in the Society of Jesus without being involved in sodomy at some point in time.

>>Anything is possible with the Jesuits. They certainly are sex abusers of children in the past and I assume the present, too. And I believe they are evil and doing the work of Satan.<<

E: Marion, when you say the third eye, I think of the ability to see visions, to see things we normally can't. Is that what you're talking about?

M: To make a mystic with those capabilities requires sodomy because sodomy changes the way the mind works; it opens the mind up to the spirit world.

E: So it's the same effect on male or female children?

>>What perhaps should be emphasized here is that any occult or paranormal practices can open you up to demonic influence, in any way the demons choose. It does not have to be sodomy, though the practice is common with children.<<

M: Absolutely, and you never know what the effect is going to be. One might be one way and one another, but to be able to become a mystic, whether it's a Catholic mystic or any other kind of mystic, that is the route to go. I call that the Legion mindset....

E: I'm trying to establish a relationship between the Illuminati and Freemasons.

M: Okay. In the true sense of the word, Illuminati is a class of people that have illumination in common. In the political sense, you might have people who have joined an organization called the Illuminati -- like being a Democrat or a Republican. But in the true sense of the word, the Illuminati refers to enlightened or illuminated ones.

saville-charles.jpgE: And they can be from any brotherhood or organization?

M: Yes.

E: And they have gone through some sort of initiation for that?

M: In a spiritual sense, they have been illuminated or initiated into the illumination of Lucifer. The initiation into the light of Lucifer is achieved by sodomy of the three year old. However, if that person does not follow through, he can become a dud -- he doesn't go anywhere, so he hasn't really risen to any rank within the movement of the body of the Illuminati. They have certain degrees associated with being a high-level Illuminati -- you wouldn't get there simply by being initiated as a three year old. The initiation of the three year old is the beginning requirement of someday rising up into the ranks of a group that is considered to be the Illuminati. A lot of people think of the Illuminati as being a political group of people, but in another sense it's a brotherhood of sodomites that's like family.

E: When you say 'like family,' are some blood related and most not?

M: I'm saying sodomites feel a family bond, whether related or not.

E: Sodomites -- Illuminati or otherwise. Is sodomy ritually continued after three years old?

M: Let me try to explain it this way. Who is the Bride of Christ or who is the Church? Everybody who is truly born again is in the kingdom or family of God, right?

E: Uh-huh.

M: That is THE Church, right? But then you've got Methodists, Baptists, Nazarenes and all these different groups. The Illuminati is Lucifer's church, the mystical body of Satan.

E: Is sodomy like communion for them?

M: No, sodomy is like being born again.

E: Do they do it over and over?

M: Yes, but especially in intense programming, like Monarch or mind control programming, sodomy is used over and over and over. Those who have programmers or keepers, they're using sodomy all the time to keep the person in line.

>>So sodomy is a must to be controlled by demons, and yet, he says that just because you are sodomized, does not mean you will progress. You still need to apply yourself. So could I also say that just because you are not sodomized, does it mean  you are free of demons harassment? I say No! Demons can harrass anyone, especially anyone who is in their way,  like Christians.<<

<<<Apparent End of Interview Here. The following was from the site after the interview:

Related  - Profile of Knox 

Marion Knox is a farmer in Lebanon, Oregon who more and more is called upon to do the work of deliverance, not deprogramming. For more information about how he works, feel free to contact him at 36185 Bohlken Drive, Lebanon OR 97355, (541)259-1839. Therapists of all persuasions may be interested in sending $5 to mkzine for xeroxing and mailing to read Marion's 19-page "Biblical Perspective of Ritual Abuse" that lays out how Illuminati programming is structured and how Marion delivers -- and reintegrates -- DIDs through Jesus Christ.

>>No where is it indicated that M. Knox has a degree from a University. He does not appear to use conventional therapy and what he does, it is said he does thru Jesus Christ. But I say he mixes demonic ideas and doctrine with Bible doctrine. Unacceptable! He is not recognized by real therapists who really treat mind control victims.

Now I will say here that I am against using hypnosis for anything, even healing Mind Control victims. But I believe MK victims can be helped to being and continue healing and recovering from mind control programming. For one, in their middle ages, MK victims begin to break down anyway, and memories begin to surface there were hidden. As well, if torture is not continued, the programming does not get reinforced and it will break down and memories will surface.

It is also my impression that the better part of helping MPD (multiple personality disorder) victims is just getting to know all the alters (other personalities within the one person) and forming a relationship with them and eventually convincing them to help the front alter to accept them and have them all integrate together. It a breakdown in the separation of personalities takes place naturally, then surely it can take place with help. The biggest ingredient is love as in support and an ear to hear, as I see it.

And I am not saying there are not dangers in doing so, but that it is possible. Re-parenting is one aspect that I think it not recognized enough. Further, that there are many boundaries that professionals want to maintain, is not possible with the extreme damage done to MK victims. More is needed and less boundaries and separations as you become a surrogate parent for a time, to help them go back and get it right the 2nd time, as the first one was sabotaged by MK parents and their cults.

There is a lot more that could be said on all this. I learned many fascinting things while I was one of Jehovah's Witnesses. I watched many tutor-parental relationships form and also dissolve with people who studied with member os that religion. Watched many failed parents screw up their kids as well. I learned a lot there in that sort of almost clinical setting. I do not believe that transference can or should avoided. Yes, things can go wrong, but they can go wrong with natural parents, too.

What I can say is that Daniel Ryder did a super job of addressing therapy techniques in his book, "Breaking the Circle of Satanic Ritual Abuse." He writes of the importance of support and support groups and other techniques that reinforce and bolster a patient's ability to cope with rising traumatic memories and processing and integrating them.

But because Marion Knox can not separate demonology from the Holy doctrine of God, I can not reccomend him either as a spiritual guide or a therapist. To speak of Satanic explanations of things as if they were science or God, is a serious breach of competence if not motives.<<

Links from the Makow web article
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Related  - Profile of Knox

Marion Knox - A profile: Part 3 in a series

A family torn apart: Part 3 in a series

A slightly-built man with thinning gray hair and glasses, Marion Knox takes the stage with his five brothers with quiet authority.

He is the sound technician, a baritone and the master of ceremonies, the one who introduces the rest of the band. The oldest of the six boys born to Vernon and Elsie Knox, Marion Knox grew up on a grass seed farm near Harrisburg. He and his wife, Doris, have been married for 53 years.

The Knox Brothers began singing gospel together 43 years ago, he tells the audience at an assisted living facility in Eugene. A couple of decades later, they began performing at recreational vehicle parks for “snowbird” travelers.

“We thought we were singing to the old folks,” he says with a slight smile. “Well, guess what. We are the old folks.”

A grass seed farmer, licensed pilot and the founder of Knox Construction, now run by his sons, Marion Knox is still perhaps best known for the music. The Knox Brothers perform some 50 shows per year.

Knox doesn’t talk about memory therapy behind the microphone, or about Stephan Skotko’s lawsuit, which accuses him of instilling false memories in Skotko’s family that led police to charge Skotko with abuse. On the advice of his lawyer, he doesn’t talk much at all.

“Am I still counseling people?” he says following the Eugene show. “I’m not a counselor. But look — ” pressing his hand on the reporter’s shoulder for emphasis — “no comment.”

By all accounts, Knox has never held himself out to be a professional therapist, missionary or minister. But his status as an informal family counselor, spiritual adviser and someone with the ability to help “deliver” people from satanic ritual abuse is well documented.

>>Well documented? Then lets see some of it! What we have here is admission that he has no formal training and is not a professional. He is not even recognized by any denomination as a certified minister or the like. Now I am not saying you need such a qualification, but if you do not have it, you had better stick real close to the Bible, the only real authority, anyway. But he does not even do that.<<

He gave interviews in the 1990s with conspiracy researchers in which he told them he had begun regularly counseling “those who were ritually abused” in 1993, and that prior to that he had counseled  people who had “common sex abuse.”

In the interviews, Knox outlined in detail his beliefs that Catholics, Freemasons and others were practicing mind control by sodomizing young children, which caused them to become possessed by demons. He spoke locally on radio broadcasts on connections between such abuse and the development of multiple personalities.

>>To me, he emphasizes way too much on the sodomy aspect. Given that it is so common, I suppose its not that unreasonable. But if one know the whole scope of governmental intelligence trauma based mind control programming, you will know that rape in general is one of the most common aspects, along with electroshock and hypnosis, accompanied with drugs. Denying a person control of their own body is a good way to make them give up their will over their body and their will. They essentially lose hope and give up wanting anything.<<

In 2001, Knox’s counseling was called into question over a court case involving a Brownsville man who was charged with abuse by a girl whom Knox had counseled. Charges against the man eventually were dropped.

Knox spoke on “Deliverance” with members of Northwest Ministries at a Spiritual Warfare Advanced Training workshop in Portland about a decade ago. He outlined in detail for his audience his methods for uncovering subconscious memories, including the use of “triggers” such as pictures of pagan rituals.
>>It should be understood that the brain retains the methods in its circuits, to enable its own healing. It knows the order of memories that need to come up and out. It does not need triggering, though triggers can often set stuff off. Sometimes triggers are unavoidable. But the mind holds the real key to its own healing.

Evil spirits enter children who have been abused, he wrote in handouts to the SWAT audience. Healing, he said, comes from removing the “Legion” program, which is installed in a victim by sodomy at age 3.  >>I disagree with his assertion. He thinks its all demons when men/humans often have a lot to do with the programming. I have no doubt that demons are often involve and many most of the time, too, but curing will require the "patient" to want to heal and be willing to heal, to "follow the evidence to wherever it may lead. Jesus referred to following him wherever he went. Revelation speaks of following the Lamb where ever he goes. We have to follow our inner guidance system placed there by God. If we buck or resist, we will not progress and might even run from healing. It has happened.<<

“The Illuminati handshake or Masonic aprons may cause reactions in those who have been abused in Masonic or Illuminati rituals,” he wrote. “Reaction to your hand on their throat will indicate that they have been choked.”

Families who received counseling from Knox told the Democrat-Herald he saw himself only as a devout Christian who happened to have a gift for working with families as part of home Bible studies.  >>OK, but then how did her get his reputation and knowledge that says sodomy and demons do it all? There should be an answer or we would have to assume sodomy/demons/kundalini theory is a fraud as promoted in this interview at the start. And again, sodomy often does happen as do demonic participation in many of the rituals performed by programmers. But the Kundlini theory is BS. The mind does not get a signal from spine endings due to the sodomy that opens a non-existent 3rd eye, The 3rd eye is a lie. A Satanic lie!

Where did Know get all this stuff? It has the sound to me, of being from Satan. He has no business promoting Satan.<<

“He’s passionate,” said Dana Klinkner of Vancouver, Wash., who underwent an RMT counseling session at the Knox farm in Lebanon in 1999 as part of ongoing treatment with a counselor in the Portland area. “He feels like he didn’t ask for this, (but) that he has the discernment.”

Knox has not publicly discussed how he came by his beliefs in satanic ritual abuse.  >>Well, well, well! Isn't that interesting. We do not know and he won't say, where he got his kundalini beliefs (which are among the many different pagan beliefs authored by Satan). I think you know what I would say. The fruit don't fall far from the tree it grew on.<<

The family was active in church and all the brothers hold “conservative, evangelical, Bible-based beliefs,” according to a comment Ed Knox wrote on the Knox Brothers website.

Choral director Louis Lehman of Albany, who first met Knox when he hired him for construction work in 1984 and later directed him and his brothers as part of church Christmas concerts, said he’d always been impressed by Knox’s faith.

Knox, Lehman said, is a softspoken man with a deep sense of commitment to God and to doing the right thing, whether it was for work or his family.

“Marion is not a man who would accuse someone of (having) that nature,” Lehman said of Skotko’s claims that Knox prompted his family to accuse him of abuse. “I’m sure if he did, it was based strongly on his belief of the Scriptures.”

Longtime friend Emerson Smoker of RiteWay Electric in Albany said he knew Knox through both work and the Mennonite religious community, to which both men used to belong.

About 30 years ago, he said, Knox attended Fairview Mennonite Church and Smoker attended Plainview Mennonite Church. The men frequently were on construction jobs together.

Smoker said Knox’s honesty, integrity and dedication made him highly respected in the contracting business. “I was always proud to be on his jobs because he wasn’t a shoddy worker,” he said.

Smoker never received counseling with Knox, nor, he said, did Knox offer any. Smoker remembers no discussions of sexual abuse and only one time when satanism cropped up in the discussion: something about a family Knox once knew who was experiencing problems related to satanic books stored in an attic.

At the time, Smoker said, he believed he and Knox felt the same way about the situation: that the books needed to be removed because they were allowing evil a toehold that would draw even greater evil to the family.

“We never got that involved in the spiritual side of things because we were busy working, but I always thought, spiritually, we were on the same level,” Smoker said. “I held him in high esteem as far as his belief.”

>>Knox has some people who speak highly of him. None suggest he has performed 500 deprogrammings or even just 2 or 3. We do not know where he got his ideas or teachings. Without any supplied important information, we have to assume that we have heard a lot of BD and possible lies or deceptions on someone's part, somewhere. And why does this interview continue to get spread around, at least since 2010 or 2011, now at least 5 years as of this article of mine? What is going on?

What I will say is, be careful of what you believe and who you believe, and why. The devil spreads lies disguised as Bible doctrine, but association; Knox being a Christian preacher and yet suggesting pagan Hindu explanations for possible demonic possessions or associations based on sodomy alone. If you believe that sodomy can do all that he says it can and always does, they you are being misled. We know rape can be very traumatic at any age and especially at very young ages. No doubt there. But that kundalini reactions result, gives credence to a partially "scientific" or physical cause, which then invokes demons automatically. And all this without explanation of who he come about this knowledge.

To me, this whole story really stinks. Paganism sucks! Pure and simple. this is just another of many attempts by Satan and his earthly servants to mix pagan stuff with Bible stuff so that Christians get corrupted. We see this in the early centuries of Christianity, where souls surviving as spirits after death came about. Where Greek knowledged accepted as fact by the nations, was blended into Christianity.

It certainly should not be a surprise that such a thing is still going on. Paranormal stuff is sold to us as "scientific" fact, through supposed physics theories such as quantum theories or theories of entanglement which we do not fully understand or explain, exiting in plenty of uncertainty. Further, it is no secret that scientists can be bought and sold and will say anything for the right price, which is why we got global warming theory, fraudulent vaccine theories, supposedly safe GMO engineering of food and many other false harmful promotions in the age of deceit we live in. Let the buyer beware of trusting things that can not be thoroughly explained and understood.<<

>>Truth1>>>  I am going to quote few comments from the Makow article. And by the way, Makow does a far better job of presenting full information. Many appearance of the Knox interview do not have all  that Makow has.

Marcos said (June 16, 2016):     Sodomy is a quick way to awaken the Kundalini demonic spirit in the base of the spine, as taught by many occultists and satanists. It is not the only way, since the same goal of demonic possession can be achieved through many other rituals, drugs and occult practices, but it is a hell of a shortcut.

>>Marcos recognizes that what is taught in this article is a "kundalini" spirit, not some scientific or physical thing and that it is taught by occultists and Satanists. So that's why Jackie Farmer likes it and promotes it!

Below are links in the Makow article. I make no claims for or against any of these. But sine they were on Makow's article, I thought you should be aware of their existence<<

------------ Satanist Explains the Rite of Sodomy 

------------ Jewish Pedophilia 

------------  Freemasonry's Secret Homosexual Agenda 

----------- Homosexuality and Demonic Possession

------------Freemasonry and the Butthole Chakra

>>Truth1>>> This ends the entirety of the Makow article. I now have others to cover next.

An Attack on Repressed Memory Therapy?
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Based on the article linked below:

My concern in all this, is that some are using the questionable theories of Marion Knox as an opportunity to attack Repressed Memory Therapy. This type of hidden memory due to trauma is exactly what mind control programmers use to program MK Victims. But they don't want you to know that. They want you to believe its all non-sense. This is also what is behind the very deceitful promotion of the so called False Memory Syndrome. Created by CIA assets and agents, to discredit the work of mind control deprogrammers, who are a considerable number of out there and have done this many times. As well, Dr. Arthur Janov practices and writes on Repressed Memory Therapy (RMT), which he calls Primal Therapy.

Of recent times, licensed psychologists who have been practicing for decades have also offered lots of evidence for Repressed Memories and their retrieval and release. Bessel Van Der Kolk M.D.  and Peter Levine Ph.D.

There is no excuse for not accepting RMT and helping people heal through the recovery of repressed memories. It is the only real way to make great progress in healing and recovery from the worst of abuse. Knox appears to, though he denies it, use RMT and he is not out of line for that. Professional do not like uncertified competition.

So this really clouds the issues brought up, but it is also why I bring it all up. It must be resolved. RMT is the real deal and basically makes normal therapy almost totally obsolete. Another reason for professionals to resist. Daniel Ryder writes one of the finest books on this type of therapy. It is a robust formula, unlike Janov's, in my opinion. Most therapists who treat MPD and mind control victims all use this RMT along with support and help.

The truth is that this type of therapy would be the best type for nearly anyone. But especially extreme abuse victims and people with PTSD and MPD. MPD is now called DID, Dissociative Indentity Disorder which few people can understand what it even means. Everybody know MPD, Multiple Personality Disorder, which is not really a disorder but something done intentionally to make use of a person against what would have been their normal will, had evil people not stolen their lived from them when very young.

I don't know as much about Knox as I would like to. But based only on what I know primarily in the research I did for this article, I find fault with Know promoting satanic crap. But if he is doing RMT, and helping people and pointing them to the Bible, then there is something to be said for that. He has none except the one lawsuit, speaking poorly of him. They all seem to have appreciated him. That is better than I can say about a lot of people.

It may be that I do not have the full truth. I would, were it possible. But I suspect there are forces twisting this whole affair, which bring me to the next point.

Critical analysis and questioning should be routine for all Christians or anyone for that matter. I have seen people fall for Kundalini crap as if it was the gospel or something. It is Satanic lies. Satan can make you feel sensations along your spine or make you feel anything he wants. He is not limited in most respects, by the physical laws of science. That is his biggest weapon to fool us with.

As well, there is major effort by those who unknowingly, and others knowingly, are trying to mix pagan ideas into Christianity, to cause Christians to sin against God. So you need to learn about God's laws and why they are important to keep. they can protect you from doing stupid things. There is a war of deceit out there. Lies spread as weapons of mass deception and destruction.

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