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Paul McCartney Dead?

The Premise
The Method
Some Brief Logic
Pre-67 Paul Photos
Post-66 Paul Photos
Height Issues
Other Attempts that Failed
Comparing Voices
Amazing Confrontation   Aug. 1, 2017
The Post That Exploded  Aug. 1, 2017
Destruction of Evidence   Aug. 1, 2017
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The Premise
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Why is this important, you ask? Well, for one, it is a test of how strong your intellect is and I am going to teach you how to be very critical in your thinking so that no one will be able to fool you on anything. And Paul is as good a place to start as any, and maybe its the very best place to start as you'll soon see.

If Paul did die, how did it get covered over so well? If he did not die, why does this rumor persist? Is someone or many someone's trying to screw with our heads and make us look silly? I believe it is just that! They want to see how gullible we are and if they can fool us, we might start to doubt ourselves or if someone tried to convince us, we might not trust their judgment any more. So lets get this right and have some fun, too, as well as grow much smarter.

The Method          

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We are going to establish some rules of evidence for photographic analysis. Is that important? It sure as hell is! Many try to judge this case based on wild criteria or just gut feelings. But those are not very good or sound methods. We can do much better.

Despite what some have published in the past, saying you can match key features and come up with a match or reject a match. I am telling you they are liars and deceivers. I declare that you can find similar individual features and yet have different people. I will have examples as we go along. Some say ears are unique and I say they are not.

In the case of Paul Mac, we have a dividing line between 1966 and 1967. It was in late 66 that Paul was said to have died and been replaced by a look alike, sound alike, talent alike and personality alike. That's a big claim and hard to believe.

So we only have to be able to distinguish between those 2 years and that turns out to be easy. Lucky break there. Then we have to find face shot angles of the same type for both before and after. Front of face shots can be at face level or slightly from a raised position or from a lower position looking up at the face. Or there is the side shot, from the left or right side at varying degrees. We look at features on the face and head as well.

We just happen to be very lucky in that our investigation involves a man who has had hundreds of photos taken of him and his band mates and thru google images and stills from numerous videos of the Beatles, so that we got tons of evidence to use. This means that there should be no problem solving this, one way or the other. We will not be left hanging as we might be with many people who were not famous and therefore, do not have a lot of pictures we could use.

This is important because in other psyops such as Sandy Hook, and other such investigations, we do not have many photos to deal with, so those cases are tougher. We might still be able to reach a verdict on some but maybe not on all. It we have some very good matches, that lends credence to other possible matches, but not necessarily certain. It is important not to overstate your case to be credible. If you got 6 good matches out of 12, that is very good. If  you only have 1 or 2 out of 12, that could be a problem. So being able to eliminate errors by having many different angles, we have a good chance of success, since only one person is involved ,namely Sir Paul.

But as well, we have many psyops now that claim "crisis actors" have appeared in more than one psyop and they show similar looking people. Are these the same? Are they photo-shopped into the photo? Are they different? To be honest, there is not enough evidence to prove it one way or the other. This is because making an ID of someone thru photographs requires lots of photos of similar looks, angles, and expressions and; many different looks and angles and expressions with 3 or 4 of each type. All this if we are going to depend on the naked eye.

CIA type Or NASA type photographic experts use very precise measurements and often enlarge photos or shrink them to equal proportions with other photos so that measurements can be made and compared. But our case will not require that at all. You'll see. The naked human eye is still a pretty good judge of faces. And we have the context of these photos taken to help  us as well. Info about photos is always helpful such as known the date, place, circumstance, etc.

Another thing to avoid, is trying to compare extreme facial expressions with flat neutral expressions. The less expression, the better. There is less distortion that way.

Another challenge is comparing youthful pictures with old age pictures. As people age, they might get fat in the face or whither, thin out and sag, with age. Comparing old to young is tough at best. It is best if you have lots of in between years of pictures so that a slow gradual progression can been seen and accounted for. That makes it a lot easier. It may not be possible, otherwise.

But in the case of Paul, we are so very fortunate. We got plenty of everything. We can not fail to arrive at the truth on this investigation. By the time we are done, you should be able to decide whether Paul is different from 66 to 67 or later. We do this by using sound procedures and I can show you others who have been quite stupid or were trying to deceive and trick. So you will have a contrast between how to do it right and how it is often done wrong.

This will  help you to separate lies from truth in when someone says some crisis actor was in different parts of the country at different times and situations. There may have been some crisis actors acting in different events and places. But then again maybe not or only a few times.

Now we also have to be aware of another limitation it analysis of face photos. The CIA is a renown expert in makeup and disguising agents. If someone wants to fool you, it is easy to do and there will be little you can do about it. But knowing this, we might recognize that certain features can look different from different angles and that makeup, so often used on photo shoots of celebrities like the Beatles could make our job tough, if makeup was used to soften certain features. I don't think that will be an issue, though. With women, it is more possible that this would be an issue.

Photographers and PR people want their clients to look their best. So making features look less prominent or more prominent may be desired. Bigger breasts, less nose, etc. So these are all things to keep in mind. Perspective, such as one standing closer to the camera than another, can make one look smaller or taller to the other than is the case. A camera looking up at a face or down at a face will alter appearance. So we got lots to look out for. It will be fun! And we will solve the mystery once and for all. I guarantee it.

Some Brief Logic
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I have always found it funny that some who claim that Paul did die that that too much money would be lost if they allowed that to be. But if they got a replacement look-a-like, then maybe they could keep the money wagon going. Indeed, this is not so far fetched at all. There was a lot of money being made off the Beatles. But it was not the Beatles that were making it. Their handlers were getting most of the money and ownership of the musical rights and publishing as well.

So the incentive would be there, if Paul had died. But how easy would it be to find a look alike who also sounds alike and has music talent alike? The odds are very much against that. And lots of people knew Paul. Wouldn't more than a few notice changes or gaps in memory or something? Of course they would!

Even look-a-likes are going to be a bit different. This is something that would get noticed and it would be hard to keep quiet. Impossible, really. So I think the whole thing is far fetched. But if one also accepts mind control as a reality, and plastic surgery, too, then there is slight chance it might work, but its still very doubtful.

Now here is the biggest problem. If one was trying to hide this, the Beatles were being very stupid because they were dropping all sorts of hints about Paul being dead. An accident? No Way. Deliberate? Then Why? Are they trying to blow their cover and ruing their money game? That is the way it looks and that makes no sense since the Paul replacement was obtained because they wanted to keep the money coming in.

That they were dropping hints says to me that This whole story was bullshit! That is what I have always thought, anyway. But regardless, the pictures are going to reveal the truth because there are so many pictures to be had. We are so lucky in that respect.

Pre-67 Paul Photos
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Here is the first stumbling block to get our of the way. The fat faces of certain times and photos. They got these puffy looking cheeks in some of the early Beatlemania. But the reason for that is that they got broad wide smiles that push their cheeks outward and make them look puffy. See for yourself. In the later days, you will not see the big smile of the early days.


There are others, too, but these should suffice. I am not going to use these types that much. The cheeks become relevant when Paul gets really old. The USA Capitol Records' Beatles VI cover shows the smiles and chubby cheeks as well but there was only 1 picture of it. My copy is back at the old homestead Or I would scan it. Maybe another time.

Now the straight face looks. The really young ones first. They do help in getting a good look at the ears that get covered when they are Beatles. And the unmistakable eye brows that are quite the standout in Paul, the left (our left) one. The nose is average facing the camera.

Note the ears bend forward. The middle two show the inner ear shape real well. Paul's ears are consistent throughout his career. But they are often covered except for the bottoms or outer back edge.

1b shows Paul from the side some and his nose tip is very pointed rather than blunt round. 1d has the nostril area look round. The lighting is from above, creating that look. 1e is much different as the light is in front of Paul. It should be understood that all the Beatles were on tour a lot from 64 thru most of 66. They were often tired, stressed, on the go, might have ate a lot at times and faces filled out or have the lean look from stress or maybe even recreational drugs. Anything is possible. So we are going to get variations, quite possibly, in photos from different times. 1c looks fleshy but whether this is real or not is hard to determine. If there was ever a face I doubted, it would be this one, 1c. But if you look at the Beatles VI LP shown previously, Paul looks just like this. He just loses the suit coat for the LP shoot. So It is him! He as being fed well at the time, I assume.

Above ^^^ An observation to make here. The nose nostrils area might seem wide. But his nose line from top to bottom is very narrow and straight so that the nostril area look bigger than it is. You'll see this better in coming photos. Note that the photos above are washed out and do not have a lot of shading detail to flesh out some features. Carefully note the ears in both the 2 and 3 series. Consistent and prominent.

Above ^^^ 3a has some color and shading and its slightly different in appearance since it is not the common black and white. You'll note that in all his pictures, the eyelids droop downward to the outsides. 3c the nostrils look flared.

1st one above shows clearly the brows and ears. We don't get to see the ears much once they hit it big. In 2 and 3, we get a great view of his lips, the upper one being distinctive. His expression in both is reserved, expressionless. These are among the least distorted. In 2, we can see the straight line on his nose running down. Same for 3. In these young shots, the chin looks slightly wide. But later pictures reveal a very slight double chin and it is very pointed from a side new.

Above, two things to point out here. The chin in 3rd ( and even the 2nd) shows a very slight double chin. The 2nd also shows the thin upper lip. The 4th shows the chin pointing out and the thin upper lip. You'll notice these are all semi-side views. Its the best I could do for the pre-67 years, without intense searching. In all these, the slope of the nose is very straight. Not sloped out or in, but straight. It leaves the nostrils looking a little more prominent in some photos. Lighting and angle of the face to camera makes a difference, too. 1st shows brows and the ears are consistent in all.

Below left is from the post 67 Martha My Dear video on Youtube. It actually could be from the Blackbird video originally. I put it here to compare. 1st, it is a nearly perfect side profile. We get a great look at the ear which is just like the early photos that reveal the inner ear. The straight nose, a dead ringer. The pointed protruding chin! We have not focused on the lips but the upper lip in both below is subtle and consistent with pictures that clearly reveal the upper lip. We'll get there. But in this, we have the ears, chin, and nose matching. The context is that this is Paul during the White Album. Good enough! 2nd photo is from pre-67 I believe. The left photo does have Paul looking a little thinner in the face but in this pic, it might only be the angle that causes this impression.

Below left is from the early days, Maybe Ed Sullivan or even earlier. Notice the pointed nose and its straight, small upper lip and the ubiquitous ear although its kind of blurred and lack contrast. But just to the right is a 67 Pepper photo with his head not quite fully sideways like the left one.  The ear is all Paul. The chin sticks out though not quite as much as the left due to the sideways angle not being as extreme as the left one. Its the same. The mustache obscures the lips. The nose is a dead ringer. Even the jaw of both matches. And the far right photo? Lips look OK. The brows are vintage Paul, as are the eyes. Ears can't be detected because of hair. The Chin is all Paul.

And remember, the left pic is early Paul and the two to the right are clearly 1967 vintage Sgt. Pepper Paul. And the pre and post are exact matches in too many features to say this is any other, than Sir Paul McCartney, MBE. I want to post more post 66 photos just to rub it in a little.

Post-66 Paul Photos
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1st one has all features in clear view. How bout that (our) left brow, huh? Same for 2nd, which shows the slight double chin better. No change in the 3rd one. the 4th is interesting since Paul generally does not smile enough to allow his teeth to be seen but he has the 2 big upper front teeth. They will be making another appearance. The nose looks straight in its slope though the light washes it out some. Chin matches. The brows fit. Ears are obscured. The eyes are obvious Paul. The teeth are the only thing we had not previously seen. But these are all Paul. and they match pre-67 as well as post-66.

Now below is Paul with those 2 front teeth again. And in the photo below, we can see his typical ears and left brow and common nose as well as the double chin. Paul all the way.

Another one with his teeth: 

Below: More of the same, for your satisfaction. The older Pauls show the sagging that inevitably comes with old age and drastically messes with making identification if one does not have gradual photo changes leading up to it. And despite a beard like around his first solo album, it does not hide the fact it is still Paul.


Below is just to make a point about color matching. In the early 90s, LL Bean was trying to do their own catalogs in house. But getting the products to match actual colors with scanned or photographed colors with desktop computers was a challenge. Calibration equipment would come along to make color coordination more reliable. But below shows the same scarf and jacket but with different color castes. The back ground might be a screen but it never changes color very much. But it is classic Paul all the way. Are the suits different colors to begin with? Are the scarfs different colors or just caste different? Maybe developed different, boosting the red, green, and blue hues. Its interesting to ponder. Can it be solved without asking someone who was involved? If you had the right equipment, it would be possible.

Height Issues
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I want to address the height issues since some have suggested Paul was too tall in Sgt. Pepper pics. Below left appeared earlier near the top of this article.


Paul does not look that small above nor below, either. Above John looks like he might be the tallest since he is furthest back and still near Paul's height. George in front looks the tallest but it is because he is closer to the camera I think.

Below, Paul looks at least as tall as John, who might be standing back slightly further than Paul and George.


Paul seems considerably taller below. Is it an illusion? Is he standing on something because his feet and legs are not visible, it could be possible. Or is he just standing in front of the others to make him look taller? Your call. Its still the real Paul, though, and not some replacement. Below right, Paul is clearly slightly in front of John and George. Could he be standing  on something as well. It is at least possible. It does appear that this LP was trying to promote the silly story of Paul being dead. So they might have boosted Paul to make him look a little taller and make people wonder. You never know. But he does seem far taller than John, which I do not think was the case. But this is an insignificant detail. But it does help explain those that say this is a replacement Paul because he is taller, if he is taller. I wonder too, if the right photo was not a cut and paste operation which would have been done by hand back then with an exacto blade or similar.


Below, all the boys grew mustaches for this concept LP. And they are deliberately looking somber as they are supposed to be in mourning. I do wonder about who the master mind behind this thing was. If this was intended to be resurrected years later as seems to be the case now, then this might have the hand of demonic providence to it. Or it was just a gag by the boys to create some mystery and have a good joke and it simply would not die. Or they would not let it die. Who knows! But its been busted now. And they switched places for this shot. Then went to the light board to see which shots were better to use or not. This photo looks like the boys were pasted against the background of the celebrities.

July 30, 017>> I  came across an interview with Paul on youtube, discussing the cover and concept of the LP Maybe 2 or 3 months ago from this moment of writing.

Paul explained that they were done touring and never wanted to go back. That has been expressed by all of them more than once. So then invented a new band that was taking a new direction (no touring and lots of lots of studio time and tricks. Arguably, Revolver was the beginning of the new direction, but Pepper no less so.
So you will note on the Pepper cover that the young Beatles appears with sad faces looking on a grave that says Beatles on it. The message was that the old Beatles were done and gone and the Pepper band was the new direction, the new Beatles, never to return again.

And really, doesn't that make a lot more sense than "Paul is dead?"

Other Attempts that Failed
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We saw the left one in the pre-67 photos. Not his most typical look which is why I believe it was selected to be the "before" shot. Then the 69 shot above. He says it was 69. It looks far more like it was from  76. It looks like he does in 76 except that the other picture from then have him with a mustache. His wrinkles do obscure his over all look only slightly. The brow is still there. Ears look OK. and I suspect many of Paul's early shots darkened the brows for effect. His brows are not darkened in the "69" pic, at least not as much. Eyes have the same slant but wrinkles obscure it just slightly. Eye color the same in both. The head is just ever so slightly facing center to maybe center slight right. But the left shows his face ever so lightly to the left, so that the nose points just left of center. Its the same nose, however. Chin and lips the same. The right face is a little more worn and maybe thin. But this is still the same Paul in both photos. Paul Dead? Debunked!!!

Why did this guy chose a picture from 69, which I doubt, when he could have one of many from 67 or 68.  There is no good excuse for that. I believe whoever made the comparisons above, tried to find two pictures as different looking as possible. He was trying to fake us out. The proper approach is to find 2 pictures near to each other in time, on opposite sides of the change date alleged. It is only by comparing the most similar shots that you get a proper contrast to evaluate. You would not compare a latter side shot with an earlier front shot. There are better post-66 shots than the one on the right above. So we have exposed a poor method of research, if not deliberate attempt at a fraud.

<< LEFT Despite the years, all features match. And this was a good attempt and method. Different times but the very same sort of expression. Well done!

Below, someone merged the old with the new. As you can see, the contrast in age and sagging is substantial. The editor tried to find a contrast to blend. He did well. But the left side was tilted slightly to our left so that the ear is not as forward poking as the right one. The left eye is more open and the left brow more raised. The right photo was a more straight unemotional expression and the eye lid is more closed. But all the same, this was not a bad job overall. There are nowhere near as many old age photos as there are the younger ones. So the editor had his work cut out for him. Its not bad job. I wish he did not have to age.

Comparing Voices
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I chose songs like Yesterday, or "And I Love Her" for the soft low sound without the background instruments being too loud. Michelle My Bell. "Here, there, and everywhere," for a little higher voice.

Then I sought out Martha My Dear and Blackbird. Then She's Leaving Home. Golden Slumbers, too.

Both sets sounded exactly the same to me. Now, there is a more perfect test, perhaps, but I have not the money nor the training to use voice recognition patterns. It could be done. But the simple human ear is not a bad judge. This, combined with photos, to me, makes it quite clear that Paul never died and he continued to this day. Another psyop destroyed.

I could do the same to the flat earth but others have done that well, So I need not bother. But it all has to do with ocean navigation and map making charts of the world at various time. Charles Hapgood did a great job with his "Ancient Maps of the Sea Kings" book. Gavin Menzies also does a wonderful job with his "1421, The Year China Discovered America." Menzies was a submarine captain for the British and Canadian navy. But He knew of the vast navy of ancient China and followed the course recorded by a Chinese Admiral. You learn a lot about navigation. Navy navigation, regardless of the country, does both electronic navigation and the old sighting by hand held instruments so that they have a back up and constantly reaffirm each other or challenge one another, perhaps indicating a malfunction in electronics. Ships are often hit and damaged so being able to do it the old way is important.

If one understands navigation well, then one can see the earth is clearly spherical. If one understands prisms and other types of glass shapes like half spheres or lenses, then you know how light can bend and refract. Flat earth was started as another psyop to fool people and discredit them. As well, they hope to cause doubt in real psyops like the Hampstead Cover up, or 911, Sandy Hook, or so many others carried out in this new century of lies.

How hard is face recognition? Watch this! The author of this piece on the net, says the comparison is easy. I disagree. For one, she did have plastic surgery. I think she looks damn cute in either photo. But I think these are some of her better photos, too. And she is 30 years older on the right. Jan Asher was Paul's girlfriend for a while. But the cheeks are more pronounced (sagging) on the left. I'd say the two faces look very different because of weight loss or age. But the one on the right must be near to 50, if the left is 20 and for 50, she is looking out of sight. But the one of the right is blurred, too, perhaps intentionally to hide old age lines.

But this is a good example of how plastic surgery or make up or fake body or face features glued on, can do wonders to disguise someone. Spy types use these skills a lot to disguise who they are. So without the extra info supplied, we would never guess these two were the same. So details do matter. But then again, how do we know the two are the same person? Because someone told us? The ears on both are obscured so that I can not see if they match or not. I would need more photos. The noses look similar, but this was changed, it said. My opinion is that the eyes appear to be different. Is the difference in the fleshy face to the later face, just a loss of weight or age? I would need to see more pictures. There just happen to be a lot of photos of her throughout her career. Since women wear makeup far more than men, it complicates analysis. But this is a good thorough challenge. Hard call and that is what makes it fun, but I can't spend any more time on this for now.


Youtube Link:
Paul McCartney Is Dead? Voiceprint Analysis 1969  I got this Aug. 20: 

"Paul McCartney Is Dead? ..." The YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated due to multiple third-party notifications of copyright infringement. Good! One less liar to burn. I am leaving this here as evidence it did exist as attempt to lie.

Amazing Confrontations                July 30 017
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Who ever imagined  that doing facial comparisons of Sir Paul could cause so much trouble a year and 7 months after I published this article. But trouble it was. My article on Alisa and Gabriel Gareeva/Dearman being in the the 2017 Audi Superbowl commerical really took off, published March 1, 2017. So on March 18, 2 supposed supporters of Ella Gareeva and her kids, Alisa and Gabriel, came out and said that the girl in the commercial, according to the Ad agency that made that commercial, was Jessie Giacomazzi, whose parents promote her as child stunt actor in the LA California region.

Alisa Breaks Out    The Audi 2017 Superbowl Commercial   Version 2 is in the making.

Knowing how well it was doing and the publicity generated, I suspected a coverup. In classic shill fashion, neither shill or anyone since has been able to show a photographic comparison to prove that Jessie was in the commercial. I continually mocked them, demanding some supporting evidence to prove the alibi that she was in that video. Shills never provide any legitimate evidence. All their claims are baseless lies.

But the basis of my assertion that Alisa was the girl in that video, was bases on very solid facial comparisons. You can't just throw those out and ignore them. But shills can. And I always urge visitors of that article on Alisa to check out this article on Sir Paul for a good sound understanding of how to proceed with a good sound method and what to look for and what to be careful not to get fooled by.

So I was in this facebook group which was closed but not secret: "All the Worlds a Stage...Exposing truth, lies, and secrets." But they let in over 500 people, of whom at best, 20 to 25 people have ever shown their faces and typed or liked. Why 500 watchers? No one had an answer. But I did. I said that sock puppets were using this group to giver them the appearance of being conspiracy oriented so that conspiracy minded people would trust them. As well, they might be waiting for a really important issue to come up, whereby they try to muddy the waters and cast doubt on the truth as they tried to do to Alisa and Gabriel.

The owner of the group (I'll call him G-man, made a harmless comment on Madonna looking like a tranny and someone took real offense to it, a female. She was making a big issue of it. Really big. I have had lots experience with ultra feminists. I could tell she was out to make trouble. But what, exactly. The group was harmless except for just one thing. I had posted some previews of Jessie on the group page. I knew this would not set well with the shills. I suspected them and said that G-man being harassed indicated to me that he was being made a target, likely because of me, because I am not very nice to shills or Satanists. Same thing pretty much.

I said that they could not get him to ban ban me so they were going to nail him instead and get his group deleted so that I would be silenced and Jessie's photos made to disappear as a result. The pictures were really incriminating in a big way. So I warned that they were attempting to get the group deleted. this was 3 to 4 weeks ago from the date right above. I am sure, not a soul believed me.

It was only 2 or 3 days after that suddenly, 4 names never seen before come along and are out to suggest that Sir Paul Died. One even had a facial comparison, though not at all convincing. One was just supporting the other 3.I know 2 of the others posted videos, one showing a guy who was supposed to be the real Paul McCartney. I asked them where there evidence was to verify their claims and I call them shills and suggested that they were obvious shills out to discredit my Paul Mac article which I had posted as a response to them. They never addressed anything in it. They could not have if they had wanted to.

Let me make it clear that my case for Paul being alive is based on solid photographic evidence and no one has ever even attempted to refute anything in it. In fact, they avoid it, as it is solid. Surely if I were truly in error, it would be so easy to prove. If not, then I must  not be in error. I pointed out to all that this was not a random thing but an organized move to flood the place with "Paul is dead" to discredit my Paul article. But the never addressed this Paul article. They knew better. They knew they could not. More shills showed up including some from the notorious Kristianna Coster shill group. Hoaxstead calls it Team Coster. I could name names but I won't. But I know them all. Liars, everyone of them.

I will state this. If the various pictures of Paul over time all match, then would you undo that and say something else? You would have to explain the consistency and why it is false or inconclusive. If no one can do it, then any "Paul is dead theories are a waste of time. Further, that 3 different people, if not more, have been offered as replacements for Paul, then you conflicting stories, a sure sign on confusion and deception to mess with your heads.

It has also been suggested that 1 man wrote all the Beatles songs. Really? May I point out that The Beatles with 3 song writers, are to this day, legendary for the vast number of songs and hits. And they often wrote or composed right in the studio. There are many takes of their songs showing the experimentation and progression of their songs to the final completed form. And now some want to suggest that Adorno or whatever his name was, wrote all that all by his lonesome self.

Bullshit! If he did it for them, why is there no record of him doing it for anyone else? Surely he must be an accomplished musician to be able to do that. Why did he write for them? A boy band? Just the idea anyone person could write all that is beyond absurd. But I have seen it offered as possible. Where are witnesses to this? Did such an incredible talent not do anything else ever? How come? Balance of probabilities send this one to lake of fire to burn forever.

That another person could look like Paul, play like Paul and recall all the early times and still write great stuff? No way in hell.

How stupid and gullible can everyone be? Honestly, I have never seen the beat of it. Most of those who are into conspiracies are often NOT into research and evidence. And they will except or pass on absolute garbage.

Look at some master pieces like Xendrius on 911 and magicians/mediums. Or how about the exposure of Sandyhook. Revolutionary! Theses are great standards in conspiracy research. The ongoing JFK Assassination has made great progress in the last 3 years. I began research on it back in 2008 and concluded that the Zapruder film was clearly tampered with because people in the background behind the limo were bigger than the people in the limo. More has been sought out since. I never published it, but its on my drive. I did post about it a few times back then.

But with such good examples of solid research and evidence, how could anyone fall for total and nonsense, as well as no evidence? Its seems to be that as governments get more evil and deceptive, people lose trust and begin to think that anything is possible. But not anything is possible. Many things are still impossible? How do we tell the difference? Try this!

When something comes your way, ask yourself and the one presenting that supports their conclusion? If they are shills, they seldom ever have any good reason or supporting evidence. Very typically, they will say something like this.

Paragraph 1: She says its not Alisa because its Jessie. What? She says there is proof of Jessie's entire childhood. But I did not ask for proof of her childhood or existence. I asked for evidence, aside from a lying ad agency, in my opinion and that I wanted the alibi confirmed with a screen grab from the commercial that looks like Jessie. None ever supplied. Do you see who she avoided the real issues and went of in an unrelated direction. A classic liar/shill as I see it.

She says Susan is a stunt driver that was in the commercial and that though old and very tall, we would not recognize her. Bullshit. She would not even look like a teenager. I never did get a frame grab that was supposed to be Susan. No evidence! But Susan's supposed role was clarified by her, for the first time. It's just that it does not hold up without evidence. Shills don' use valid evidence cause it would expose their frauds and lies. See how simple that is?

Here is the other problem. Mere kids have been racing these "soap box cars for decades. Its not hard or dangerous. Why was a stunt driver needed? It makes no sense. Besides, the racing shots are maybe 4 or 5 quick flashes of 1 second, maybe at best. Most of the close ups of the racers were done in a studio or behind a screen set up on site. Nothing came anywhere near offering credible explanation. Typical shill response.

How is it that so many of you are not puking your guts up at the nasty liars and deceivers? What's wrong with you?

Here is the odd thing. Few actually believe that shills exist. On top of that, they really don't see the big picture nor are they observant of details of names, personalities, styles, etc. to be honest, they are not that bright.  And its always been that way. Lenin called them useful idiots. I just call them useless. True, I am confrontational and I hate shills. I am not going to lie to you. The shills will do that for ya! I started to propose that shills ought to be banned and deleted. They want everyone else deleted so why should they be exempt from from being banned?

Lets be clear here. Trolling is not defined by being passionate about an idea or because you hate liars and have ran into a pack of them. Trolling is when you have no evidence and so you attack personalities, not ideas. Shills are terrified of good ideas. They have no answer for them.

Is it possible that accusations of someone being a shill is possible? If so, might a person of truth be indignant and angry, knowing that shills are trying to deny that kids are being tortured, raped, prostituted, made into human sacrifices and much more. Shills are pure evil. I don't know who anyone could not get angry with shills and their activities that support evil.

I believe the biggest problems are that one, people just want to be friends with everyone and have everyone like them. and they are terrified of confrontation or fights, even though its only a screen and text. No guns! No violence! Just calling out evil liars and not letting them get away with lying.

But apathy, indifference, and laziness are the real problems. People really don't mind liars bringing down the world. The MSM blocks us out. We should block shills out and take control of our territory. Give them the boot or you are one of them! he who id not for us is against us.

The Post That Exploded
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I was visiting Hoaxtead to see what they were up to and I found this:    Truth1 >> I will set apart my comments on the following.

Hoaxtead >> However, they lack one of the critical components of a true cult: they have no guru/leader who dictates the group’s beliefs, demands and receives complete obedience, and tells members how they may behave.

We think it’s not inaccurate to refer to Hoaxtead/Pizzagate and other troofer groups as “pseudo-cults”, in that they lack the structure of a true cult, but demonstrate cult-like behaviour.

Truth1 >>  What a bunch of nonsense. Not only are we without leaders or bosses, we are often antagonizing to each other, since most in this group are shills. Those of us who are legit, are few. Very few! <<

Supposedly, their first & foremost goal and ‘value’ is TOTAL DISCLOSURE.

All information, about anything and everything, must be freely available to everyone. If anyone, especially governments, attempts to hide or suppress information, it must be uncovered and disclosed. No more secrets, no more propaganda-esque official narratives which leave out contradictory perspectives. Right?

Truth1 >> This was aimed at me in a response I made on G'mans FB group. I had said that since the MSM does not present our sides and views of things, we should not allow anyone presenting their side to do so on our sites. Further, the Total Disclosure he alludes to is in regard to legal cases in court and the press reporting. The MSM is out of line in their bias. Hence my suggestion to give them a dose of their own medicine. RD left that part out next. <<

So, you’d think that any Truther-run sites/pages/forums would be sanctuaries for the most free and open discussions the world has ever seen. Yes? NO!

Truth1 >> This comment was aimed directly at me and no one else. So they did have informants watching G-man's group and me. And quite frankly, I think they are scared that what I say might catch on and then they will have harder time of keeping track of us. I posted this fact on G-man's FB group along with some more below. I quoted Hoaxtead directly.<<

The hypocritical truth of the matter, is that Truther “truth posses” are more fanatical and vicious about suppressing dissenting opinions and information which contradicts their currently trendy (and therefore ‘official’) narratives, than Soviet Russia or Communist China! There are no closed-minded & filtered information echo chambers like a Truth community echo chamber, and this is especially true of the SRA-MC true believer Truthers.

Truth1 >> See what I mean? They are afraid of being shut out. And I am among the most well read on SRA-MK and making every attempt to expose it. No hypocrisy. I was banned at Hoaxted for a brief time. But after mentioning it to people, they switched it and then denied doing it. Liars. Again aimed at me and I said that on G-man's site.

We’ve all witnessed this: whenever anyone brings up any evidence which might point to the True Believers’ pet theories being utter bilge, they circle the wagons and go into Extreme Defense Mode.

Truth1 >> Hoaxtead has never brought up any evidence that put anything I ever did, to bad light. As for the "Defective Detective" and her team of shills, and the like, they do argue, at times, wrong points. But not always. <<

Almost everyone here has experienced the name calling, insane allegations, death threats, and bizarre non sequiturs that result when we’ve tried to explain why, for example, it’s simply not possible for two children to experience hundreds of anal rapes without experiencing utterly devastating and lifelong physical injuries, not just a couple of possible scars which turned out to be ruggae, or natural skinfolds of the anus.

Truth1 >> Listen to crap they give. Insane allegations? Maybe they would like to point them out . . . as soon as hell freezes over. They refer to the allegation made by me that Alisa might possibly have been raped brutally and traumatized to the point of serious Dissociation. Just a possibility given her extreme uncharacteristic behavior and body language and extreme mood swings in the 3rd Police interview. At the very least, she appears drugged to me. If she was, the entire interview needs to be thrown out as evidence. I have spoken to God on the matter. Its up to Him.

Hoaxtead did mention some of the alleged crimes but they avoid mine.<<

Members of this pseudo-cult are not interested in “the truth.” They’re interested in their truth, and they don’t take kindly to anyone who challenges that.

Truth1 >> Aimed at me again for my going after shills for phony allegations of Sir Paul McCartney. I knew what was behind the sudden appearance of new names and faces going at Sir Paul. I had said it was me they were after. Sure enough. There it was, 4 people with Paul stuff. Just a coincidence, right? I said this too, on the G-man's site. <<

And then there’s the ongoing crime against not only RD’s children, but all the so-called “20 special children”, whose names, images, and complete contact details continue to be broadcast in the thousands by various members of the pseudo-cult. We’ve heard estimates of about 20,000 videos featuring RD’s children on YouTube alone; across the entire internet, numbers are closer to 100,000.

Truth1 >> Contact details? And what great horror has resulted? The coverup of all those kids being abused by schools, government, and Satanic cults. Oh, but they are the persecuted ones! Bullshit! Hoaxtead always tries to make something out of nothing. That's what they do best, according to women who dished on RD. Ah hahahahaha! <<

We’ve also begun to hear from people who’ve tried to speak out against Hoaxtead and/or Pizzagate, who’ve been rewarded by having pictures of their own young children smeared across the internet.

Truth1 >> I posted on G-mans' group on this one, too. I said this was in regard to Jessie's pictures, one of which had every appearance as far as I or a few others could tell, of her, in 2014, on stage with a DJ and fake blow up microphone, seeming to pose as if acting out oral sex with the mic at about age 10 or 11. If this is so, it is shocking. What are they teaching kids? This post of Jessie's stuff really has many Satanists concerned, as it ought to. They are being exposed. I pointed this out, too. <<

In other words, Hoaxtead mobsters and Pizzagators might claim that they’re only interested in the welfare of hypothetical children, but they don’t hesitate to exploit and harm very real children.

Truth1 >> Oh, its we who are exploiting and harming real children. Oh, God, no! Pure lies. Who is teaching Jessie what? What harm has ever been done to Alisa and Gabriel by their videos and pictures being disseminated? None! Some of us have been trying to help them and all victims, past, present and future of SRA and Mind Control. But notice how they take good actions and make it sound like our real goal was harm. Bullshit! And I said this, too, on G-man's group.<<

Their actions will have lifelong impacts for these children and their families, but members of this pseudo-cult seem to feel absolutely no compunction about the children whose lives they damage in the pursuit of their deranged beliefs. <<< End of Hoaxtead post

Truth1 >>  I could only pray to God that I could have a good lifelong impact on all victims of SRA and Mind Control. I have done nothing to harm them, despite claims of otherwise. They are even saying that we do not care about children and that we damaging them? Is that what they call trying to free them from Satanic abuse? I guess it is. I remain the only writer at this point.

Now I had one shill nearly copy Hoaxtead's article, applying it to me, saying that I was just picking on anyone who was disagreeing with me. Not so. But anyone trying to suggest Paul died was going to get my wrath as I knew the goal was to try to cast doubt and discredit what I had done with this Paul article that this has become a part of. I knew they were desperate to stop what I was working on in regards to Alisa, Gabriel, and Jessie, as those required photo comparison as well.

That it was an entire brigade with Team Coster in tow, make it quite clear this was pretty much a gang stalking and protest, all over me. Aw, I'm blushing. All that attention for just me? Anyway, the shills attacking and slandering my motives was a laugh. I knew she was emphasizing what Hoaxtead said. I did not bother to post anything. I went back to other things on the net.

And then it dawned on me. She did recognize that Hoaxtead was indeed, aiming at me and me exclusively. And she echoed their exact sentiment. That is to say, She was agreeing with them 100%, if not more ;-) So I went back and I thanked her. I explained what I have typed here and noted her endorsement of Hoaxtead and that she had, in effect, agreed that the cult was aiming at me. I said I could not thank her enough. This was in the day, I'm thinking at least July 18 as Hoaxtead put this up on July 17. It could have been July 19. Can't remember for sure. I left for Portland and got home that night and decided I needed to make a screen save of this to use as a trophy and proof that I was right about everything I said, to the last detail, telling each part before it even happened.

Went to the link and the whole group page was gone. Checked G-man's FB page and it was gone, too. Either that or I was blocked, but I think it was deletion. I have seen this before. So scared were "they" ( the powers that be) of the stunning proof that they quickly had FB wipe everything out. They were afraid of many things I said and proved and I am sure they did not like my suggestion of banning all suspected shills without notice.

I am going to see if I can get some who were witnesses to verify the essence of what I have written in this section and post their results. But what you all need to understand from this is that shills are real and I am the biggest threat on the net, bar none! Radioactive Truth1 destroys shills on contact!

Also, many of you need to give consideration to standing for something and taking a stand for truth and opposing lies. No violence! No political Campaigning. No candle vigils or public physical protests. Just give shills hell when you see them, if you can discern them. It should be obvious. And if you manage a social forum, delete shills and allow them no voice.

And be aware that coming up is the real reason for this resistance to me. Alisa and Gabriel were in the 2017 Audi Superbowl commercial and had the biggest parts in it. I even think their dad, RD was in it. But the case for that requires a preponderance of evidence as pictures alone as not as solid as they are for the 2 kids. And Jessie never had anything to do with that commercial. She is the means of a serious coverup. And a serious cover up is every indication that there is guilt to hide and that what I promote is true, 100%.

All this from Sir Paul McCartney's photo-analysis. How bout that. A landmark case. Who would have ever thought it. It does not stop there, though.

Completed July 31, 2017 near to 11 PM.

Destruction of Evidence   Aug 1 017
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I posted this Paul article on the last day of 2015, coming off of October, when at times, it looked like WW3 could actually happen. I had gotten lots of pictures of Paul on Google Images and uses frame grabs from videos. I am not sure when it was, whether still in 016 or if it was early 2017, but I had not listened to a Beatles song for a while and I went looking for "We Can Work It out." It was gone. In fact, as I looked around, I found all the Beatles videos were gone, except for outtake versions of various songs or copy bands. But even worse were all the good video footage of the Beatles, too, that I had used to get pictures.

I was bummed but figured it was a business move. Thought nothing more of it.  But then this Paul controversy, which was also involved with the Audi commercial controversy and the big shill attack and now I am thinking they wanted to get rid of as much Beatles footage as possible. Why? So no one could do what I did or go even further. As well, since my initial assertion was that there were ample amounts of pictures of the Beatles to be able to fully and easily resolve this Paul controversy once and for all. So by getting rid of them, this claim is not quite as easily made. But it was when I undertook this project.

Further, since I picked several songs from before and after Paul's supposed death, getting rid of those certainly made easy analysis due to their being on youtube to compare, nearly impossible unless you had the records or CD's yourself. I can't help but feel that some powerful people wanted to get rid of as much as they could. If I could nail down more accurately when the Beatles were taken down and there was absolute zero for a while, it might place us in March of 2017, when my article on the Audi Superbowl commercial came out March 1st, 2017.

Some stuff has come back now. But not a lot. Outtakes and copy cats. But what I see is that some videos were put back like We Can Work It Out, and a lot from Abbey Road under the channel, Legendary Music Of All Times  I just now went to look for the channel name as I had listened to this just a day or two ago, and its been taken down already.

Now I gotta ask, is this for profit that they took it down or maybe hiding evidence? The most recent artists like Taylor Swift or Katy Perry have videos with over a billion views, though I would not rule out youtube boosting those numbers. Almost every artist seems to see some advantage to monetizing videos and making money that way. Columbia records, if not bought out, used info on who watched what of Simon & Garfunkel to create an expanded 2 record/CD Greatest Hits. Many older artists are getting new fans and that can not hurt.

But whatever the case, I do not believe the owners of Beatles songs, and they are not the Beatles, are doing what they are for money. I suspect they wanted to keep the absurd Paul is dead theory alive. So delete the evidence, they did! That it happened after this Paul article, along with the shill attack, seems to be reasonable evidence that this could be part of their motive. The only other artist I know who has nothing on the net allowed is Hendrix. For what its worth!

Another FB page destroyed        Aug 21 017
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Yet another case that has just come about. It was a big facebook group who former Jehovah's Witnesses, of which I was once one for 10 years, 80-90. I can tell you that no other religion seems to stimulate the kind of intense hated that former members have for that phony religion. It was a break off religion from one known as the International Bible Students Association (IBSA). Charles Russel found the 1st group and he as a 32nd degree Freemason. The Group that kept most of the assets of the incorporated religion and had the larger part of the world wide members was the one to become in name, Jehovah's Witnesses, in 1931. The Facebook group of banished or quit refugees from the totalitarian religion, ExJW and the guy who started it goes by "AvoidJW."  The link that made the FB announcement and reports on the taking down of group page is at the end in Related Articles and just to the right here, too..

That Charles was a Freemason and buried in a Masonic Cemetery in the Greater Pittsburg Area; this Charles was financed by Bnai Brith and the ADL, who in turn were funded by the Rothshscilds, formerly Bauer in last name. Now JWs have a bad reputation and are not popular. But if you think they are without protection from very high, you think again. They are well connected and protected and FB took the x-JW FB page down without explanation and the appeal was a joke. Its all in the link I can tell you its a very corrurpt religion that cultivated more hate than Scientology, Mormons, Seventh Day Adventists, or any other significant denomination. I have written a fair amount about them. But I moved on, pursuing the Bible rather than being stuck hating a group not worth bothering  about. As Jesus said, if a blind man leads a blind man, they will both fall into a pit. To hell with them.

But that this should happen on July 26, just after my tangling with shills and G-man getting taken down along with his group, about July 18, 8 days before the JWs, seems a bit interesting to me. It seems like a sort of universal attack on any real threats to power and dark forces as JWs certainly are. I came across a youtube poster by the name of Truthbetold. It strikes me as female but I could be wrong but she was advocating taking on shills and deleting them or at least standing up to them. But she also promotes The Flat earth. But there is talk starting up. Was this what they feared or are they starting up the same rhetoric to get people to go the wrong way? But that it all happens in such a condensed period of time does not feel like an accident. Serveral recent vidoes, 2 by Truthstream Media, talking about shills and psyops of the 1960s. A friend of mine in Australia, and I, had the suspicion that many previous events of the 60 on, were likely false flag psyops.

I do believe things are really speeding up and heating up. The attacks on truthers are getting ever hotter. We are coming to a confrontation sooner or later. I think a war will change things. Its going to be a hell of a ride. But I warn you, that apathy and indifference will not serve you well. This time period is for determining who is and who is not. The contest and completion of this trial is almost over. You really might do well to give more consideration to what is going on in the supernatural world. God is real.

This just in! Aug. 7, 2017        Stanley Kubrick admits to faking the NASA Moon missions,     At at 2:00   Stanley Kubrick confesses to faking the moon missions and he says, "This time, conspiracy people got it right." Then he says, "I don't know about Paul McCarrtney's death, but this they were right about." He was being sarcastic. Kubrick, who was in a good position to know, did not believe Paul was dead.

Amazing New Attacks!        Aug 21 017
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It was just after the above date of August 7, 017, which was also right after my suggesting that shills be called out and their attempting to lie, be made painful so that they would hate their job and feel guilty about it.

Youtube announces all kinds of harsh draconian measures to silence truthers and dissenters from the status quo party platform of the new Leftist NWO, bigger and badder than ever. Facebook also gets more active. Lots of videos coming out about this. I guess they did not like my idea. Then on August 16, 017, I discover on youtube, some new uploads on youtube, all on Paul McCartney. Curisosity peaked, I checked them out. They were two radio hosts who also do live broadcasts, Jim Fetzer and Ed Opperman. These are sources I respect. I checked out her channel and was shocked by what I saw. It had every indication of being a shill channel.

Tina Foster Channel       "About" section:  997 subscribers • 105,068 views     Joined Aug 23, 2008

1st off, a number of shill site show up as started in 2009, in my travels on youtube. This one goes all the way back to 2008. Wanna see the problem?

There are 29 videos of Paul & Beatles as died or replaced, that were uploaded, from 2 weeks ago as of Aug. 16, 2017  to 4 months ago. That is Mid April, 2017 to mid-August 2017. 5 months ago.

Besides that, there were 4 videos from 4 years ago and 4 from 5 years ago, that being 2012. What was this channel doing just sitting idle for 4 years? Any answers? All the Paul-Beatles were no more than 4 months old, April 2017. My Paul Article went up at the very beginning of 2016. I had one year and 4 months on her. Why did she not react till mid April 017?

Because I posted my article on Alisa and Garbriel of the Hampstead coverup, on March 1, 017 and it was doing great till March 18 when shills I knew well, came out and said it was someone else. I had hit the nerve but good. It was at this point that it would get ever hotter. I am sure Tina had lots of help in preparing for this. For one, she was new at this subject of Paul. She is not good. She stumbles and pauses and offers lame arguments and never produces any photographic evidence that she then analyzes or that she offers in defending a statement she makes. When she suggest replacements for Beatles, there is no picture evidence. While the radio interviews go on, we see pictures made by someone else, according to her, and they answer nothing and clearly fail to back her ideas.

But then ya have to ask, why did this all start up in such a hurry? Why did she suddenly take up the cause of Paul, in April 2017, that she says, she has always been interested in. And how did she suddenly also get well known and get all kinds of radio interview invitations? 25 interviews out of nowhere. These interviews account for all her videos. 25 at 1.5 hours to 3 hours long. They drag, too. Its just dribble and non-sense. She also did about 4 videos on politicians and body doubles, for which there is far more evidence for. Even Celebrities have been alleged to use look-a-likes.

None of these interviews or whatever, were uploaded prior to mid-April. She features Playlists on her channel, of Paul is dead that come from many sources including her own and the number 454 in all. Some videos might be in more than one playlist but at 454, even if you cut it in half, you have 227 videos of Paul being dead and some with all the Beatles replaced. Is she crazy? Or is she Paid to do this? Isn’t that a ridiculous number of videos for one small subject that has no real solid evidence and much to call it into question? Why do it? I'll get to it.

Now I should make clear before going further that she did have a blog going.
In July, She shows 3 articles on counterfeit replacements or substitutes in high places, as evidence that the Beatles must have done it, too.

In June she shows 2 articles on Paul and 4 on conspiracies.

May, one article, an interview on Paul and other conspiracies. Then she has nothing till 4 months earlier:

Jan 2017, she has 

"The Splitting Image by Tina Foster"

7 Customer reviews on Amazon        5.0 out of 5 stars

Paperback: 108 pages

Publisher: Auriga Books; First edition (January 18, 2017)

I just found these tonight. The Splitting Image is a book she did.
Do take great note that she only has 7 reviews and everyone of them is 5 stars. 
So then why did she only sell 7 copies, in all likelihood? They are sock puppets or friends.
The book is mostly about politicians using body doubles. Why? Cause that is easy to prove.
She uses that as her best defense that the same follows for Paul and the other 3 Beatles, all replaces

Channel info:    Tina Foster has been researching the history of doubles in intelligence psychological operations since 2008. T1 >> She did nothing for 8 years, starting in 2008. It was not till 2016 that she published anything on Paul. So we have her lying here.

Tina has published many related articles on her popular blog, Plastic Macca. She has also been a guest on numerous radio shows, and is considered to be an expert in the field.  T1 >> who considers her an expert? Prove it! She's an idiot!

Author of "The Splitting Image: Exposing the Secret World of Doubles, Decoys, and Impostor-Replacements" (available on Amazon, Kindle, and Lulu).
<<< End of Amazon promo

Also note that my Paul article came out on the last day of 2015. So my article was out for a year, during which time they scrambled to get things out to attack this because they knew what was coming. The plans for the Audi commercial were well underway by 2016 and they knew who their problems were going to be. The book was ready to go in one year, in Jan. 2017, 1 month from the Superbowl debut of the Audi commercial, "Daughter."

That commercial took a lot of heat and criticism for its absurd message. But oddly enough, the star of that commercial was Alisa Gareeva/Dearman, depending on who you ask. She belonged to her mother but was stolen the UK system and handed back to her dad, who she says was the boss of Satanic cult and that the cult raped her and her brother all the time, prostituted them, filmed them in porn and  All the kids in school were forced into sex, the kids say. She said they also imported babies for sacrifice and consumption. The UK covered it up.

A leak was let out in late February 2017 thru an anonymous email that Alisa was in the Audi commercial. But that allegation was made a shill, one of the worst shills, no less. I was skeptical and quickly went to the video referenced by the informant/shill. I had in mind to destroy the allegation and expose the shill. To my utter shock, it was true. I was stunned. I went right to work and published my first article on it, March 1, 2017. 18 days later, other shills attacked it with phony information and I went to work in them, too. Those shill had supported the claims for 18 day prior. How did they change their minds so easy?

And I am still working on a huge expanded version of the original article. This is what they fear and have been preparing for. I offer my Paul article as a tutorial on how to do facial comparisons and what to look out for. So their goal is to at least cause doubt because most people are too stupid to put any effort into anything and find the truth.

Now back to Tina. All 2016 was involved with Interviews and blog posts regard mostly Paul and the Beatles. They were working hard. Remember that my article started 2016 off. Now you want to be careful in thinking this is only human beings doing all this. The suerpnatural/paranormal world of entities, referred to as demons by Christians, are also well up on things and are guiding things in a specific direction. Though the time table fits with my work and my opposition, it is more to the credit of demons than people, that this is all going on. Tina was on a parallel course with me. It could not be more obvious.

Now on June 22, on the FB group page "All the Worlds a Stage...Exposing truth, lies, and secrets," Graham gets attacked for suggesting Madonna looked like a man on a photo he posted. She attacked him continual. I told him and all that the goal was to get him in trouble and get his groups page taken down and that it has to do with my posting the pictures of Jessie, the supposed girl by some, as the girl in the Audi commercial. And since he was not willing to ban me and throw me out, by request of the shills, that they were making trouble for him now. Then all of a sudden, maybe early July,  4 people show up a few days later, all promoting "Paul is dead" videos. All at the same time. None of  whom had ever posted before. Just like I had said, I was the real intended object.

I ripped into the shills because they made crazy suggestions of Paul Replacements and did not back it up with evidence. I said they were here for me. We all went back and forth. On July 17, Hoaxtead, composed, says I, of Satanic cult members and I am far from the only one saying that; that they launched an attack on no one specific but everything they brought up was aimed against me. If it has been team Coster or Angela, the cult would not have hesitated to attack them specifically, as they routinely do. But they refused to mention my name. They have referred to me a few times among themselves as Justin or one or two other names on Youtube.

But had they referred to me by name, it might be publicity for me and my cause and expose them further so they keep quiet. You read about this earlier above. I bring it up again to fill in the time line. Ether July 18 or 19, the Graham's FB group page is taken down and his personal channel, too. They punished him for not getting rid of me. I am sorry it happened to him, but I only exercised my beliefs and opinions. That the world hates my opinions is not my fault.

One month later, Aug 16, 017, I discover the videos of Tina Foster on Paul McCartney. I listened to the two interviews I saw as the most promising. Ed Opperman and Jim Fetzer. I now present those for you to consider.

Ed Opperman/Tina Interview           Published on Apr 5, 2017 on youtube
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Tina Foster: Paul is Dead interview on Opperman Report    1:38:41 long

8,515 views    66 thumbs up    22 thumbs down.
Given the certainty of sock puppets, the 22 thumbs down is very telling. Its pure garbage. You'll see.

Her theory was Paul was assassinated and replaced. There is only really evidence that he was replaced, she says. 12:28. No evidence. She later does a little better with this with Jim Fetzer. But I point out that the legend has always said it was a car crash that took Paul out. Even in that, I have heard of 3 different people who were said to be the Paul replacement. Tina says he was assassinated but could not prove it. Note the words of a day in the life have been said to some to refer to Paul, but hidden by John's changing it a little.

He blew his mind out in a car.
He didn't notice that the lights has changed
A crowd of people stood and stared
they'd seen his face before
nobody was really sure if he was from the house of Lords

So Tina is the latest wacko to try to suggest something. She sounds like a California Valley girl at times and not too bright. Listen to the interview and you won't be able to miss what I am saying. But my guess is that her bosses felt that they could make t his stick better if they covered political body doubles/decoys, which are a well known practice that I would say is beyond dispute. So in this respect, it might be a slightly better strategy but with so much of another narrative long in place, they discredit each other and make the whole thing look more silly. But they are counting on stupidity to carry the day. Who knows! Maybe it will have some limited success. I don't have much faith in humanity anymore.

What we have in all these are basically urban legends that gain various changes over time. Conflicting stories, like a witness/suspect who keeps changing their story to police. People of good sense should not give this the time of day, but there is one born every minute, says P. T. Barnum. Amen!

Supposed biometrics and careful study of Paul pre 67 and post 66. Allusions and hints and rumors. Oh, hearsay, right? She: If you consider song references Album art and other arts. Why not shoe those and discuss them? Cause she is all bluff and no sbustance. Those are all mere speculation and conjecture that are not allowed in court without some evidence to back it up somewhere. 13:14. Illuminati symbols. How do you interpret them? 16:45 Opperman says, "a million clues." Asks what would be the motivation to getting these clues out and how would they get away with it? Me: That is to say, how would they avoid getting caught covering up, or exposing it? Wouldn't a lot of people get in trouble?

Truth1 >>> Given that Paul was such a huge celebrity, an accident that required a replacement would take at least 2 years if not a lot longer. Further, what about the coroner and autopsy? The Press? The police and emergency personnel? Witnesses? Its ridiculous. Today, a psyop requires actors placed in advance to be "witnesses to lie." They have time to plan to keep it low key and secret while they set it up. But in a real accident, there is no way to control anything.

She: "If ya just change your perception a little bit, its so obvious." She suggests that its done to be funny, that people are not catching on and again, its so obvious. Its not obvious at all. OMG these people are so dumb. But notice what she says next:  "They’re doing it in such a way that its not obvious."

She just contradicted herself, saying its so obvious and then its not obvious. Do you see the problem?

Ed: Combating the replacement designed to fool us. If Paul looks, sounds,  plays, and writes just as well if not better, then why does it matter? Many Singers and actors take up screen names. Any harm there? She avoids a direct answer. But Ed had a good point.

She thinks more people are aware of how prevalent doubles or imposter replacements are, cause they might know there are doubles. There are more of these than most people would like to think. Evidence? Politicians have done it and some stars, too, but not for replacement, but to serve as decoys, or substitutes.    

Truth1 >>>
I agree that some people are getting onto the fact that body doubles (look-a-likes) are natural occurrence and are used by politicians. But that has many reasons for it and both the original and the decoy both remain alive.<<

22:30 Putin look alikes and Ed says there is no way that some of them look like Putin. And he says the last one was clearly different. So he admits politicians do it but that is also obviously not that close. 22:30.

She suggested Putin might only be speculation. What? She got backed into a corner so she withdrew a whole line of evidence. Busted!

46:25 Ed says Yoko is a witch and Mei Pang confirms. Yoko was involved in hypnotizing John, confirmed. 50:10 Ed thinks there were 2 Chapmans just before the murder. James Taylor ran into Chapman that night. Chapman hung out for 3 days with CIA agent Pordomo being the doorman there. The photographer was really a security guard at the time. All kinds of stars like the Beach boys wanted him to come take their pictures, too. He became a long time photographer. The Chapman there that night was a reasonable calm cool guy. Not the like the nervous uneasy frantic agitated one, that many reported.

Truth1 >>> I think Ed was going easy on her. He was being gracious. I can't fault that but then its hard to reconcile when he was tough with Abe and Ella, with Dave Shurter with him. And really, Abe did deserve being called on some of their claims of Trauma based Mind control and sodomy death cult stuff as well we mixing a hemp crusade into the interview and making outrageous fantastic claims about what Hemp can do, such as making the kids talk. Maybe they should have been called out. But then why not call out Tina, too. She was talking nonsense. But Ed, when Tina got stuck, would bring up unrelated things pertaining to the Beatles, to help her out. His info was fascinating. He has been around.<<

Ed: Yoko had an entourage around her that kept Lennon separated the night of his murder.  "Eliot Minse was broke, OK? Living in Laurel Canyon. He is very powerful in Hollywood today. No one wants to talk about him and he was really friends with Yoko, not John."

She: You have to use your own intuition and discernment as regard John being replaced. She thinks he was.

T1 >>>  Do you see the problem? Intuition will not suffice in courts, nor in good research or investigation. All require solid evidence of things that can be confirmed. It you can not confirm, then you have nothing. Its that simple.

She: George and Ringo. They all look different and had different ersonalities. She never shows pictures to back up any of this.

She does suggest that “replacements” try to mimic the personalities but they don’t quite pull it off. Its tough. When you look at the acts that sort of look, sing and play as the Beatles, you can see this.  T1 >> I agree that acts do not come all that close to the Beatles. But then you suggest they could get a Paul replacement to do it, easy? And even if they can perform, they can not write or  compose. Game over!

Another aspect to consider in what she brought up is that Everyone has a certain personality and style about them. That personality actually is responsible for much of the way their face often looks. Another person with same features could look quite different even though careful analysis of features might indicate they are very similar. I have seen people with permanent frowns etched in their faces. And other kinds of looks, too. You can see some who imitate other people try to capture their essence and frame of mind to pull it all off. Its part of the formula.<<

All the Beatles are different on the Pepper cover, she says. They treat it as if it was really a joke or not very real. Exactly, says T1!.

She mentions specialists and analysts of photos and they suggest the facial hair of Paul on Pepper was to hide the changes. I ask, who were these people? And how do you prove the hair conceals? It might be doing that, but it might not be, as well. No way to determine which it is. Who are Names, their qualifications or a description of their methods to judge and weigh? Ed says the teeth get worse. I noticed that, too. But I think they were always that way and were careful about facial expressions during a photo shoot. Brian would have seen to that! He was sensitive to their appearance. "Forensic scientists" is used several times. Who are they? Ed says "it was done in Italy, right?' She says yeah, yeah. The scientist did suggest photo tampering at or just after 1:47:30.

Truth1 >>> Here is the link to the details of that study done in Italy, by the excellent channel and video that expose the lies, says I, of this study. Enjoy!

Paul Is Not Dead - Italian Wired Article     Published on Sep 9, 2016    I did mine Dec. 31, 2015, 8 months previous

I’m sure there is lots of that. Air brushing is one example of hiding flaws. Its done all the time in advertising. Your selling their images as well as their music and personalities. Even plastic surgery is popular with stars as they age.

I stopped at 1:05:30. I’d had enough. There was 48 minutes left. She never had any photos to show what was being described. No names or copies of work from the “scientists” in Italy. These really are the only way to determine the facts. Most everything else is mere guess work or “feelings” and hunches. She had quite a few photos I did not have, shown on screen, while they talked, though, she never commented on them. She never identified any of these as to times taken or circumstances or sources/origins of the photos. She has suddenly gotten lots of attention at this writing, August, 2017. Ed was kind to her and filled in with some of his experience. He could have demolished her as Ed deals in facts and methods and she does not. For her, its all about feelings and intuition.

She had mentioned a TV broadcast called: Condensed Cream of the Beatles 1974. You can rent it on the net.

What I have to ask at this point, knowing radio and the personalities, why would Ed, a smart guy and no ones fool, have a fool on his show? Maybe he is just trying to fill his radio time slots. I could see that, I guess. But for me, I would be concerned about my credibility. But that Jim Fetzer also interviewed her, and many others, I think Tina had big important people behind her, supporting her, and these likely "suggested to radio personalities that they "make room for our girl." She needs help and if ya don't, you might not have a show for long. It might work for me if that was my bread and butter. What I can say is that I think most all youtube channels and radio hosts are controlled and can not get too far out of hand, if they know what is good for them. So she got her time and they were gentle. They are not always gentle. That is significant to me.

Jim Fetzer-Tina Interview            Published on Jul 22, 2017            Time   1:15:04

The Real Deal with Jim Fetzer ~ Tina Foster & Paul is Dead

At 3:40, she says the Italian group did not want to make public statements due to fears of it involving publicity and possible lawsuits.  Jim asks, you mean the replacement for Paul? She replies, Right! And laughs. She got caught. Jims asks how do you refer to him? She does not have any particular way to refer to “replacement Paul.” I think Jim might have been mocking her just slightly, perhaps.

But what good is an alleged study if no public statements can be made? We should not be expected to accept hearsay. We need to know who they are and their qualifications as well.

Spiritual aspect at 10:36 Eastern Pagan religion.  12:35, not an accident cause it takes time to find and train a double. (good point!). Jim thinks a substitute would be a difficult thing to accomplish. He has to be very talented and look like Paul. He say finding the talent would be the hardest thing to overcome. He is clearly a critic and skeptic. And he is right, too. Probably the only one ever to be that way. I like him so far.

13:35 She says the songs could have been written. T1 >>>But who? No studio acting group like the Monkees or Partridge Family could ever match the quantity and quality that the Beatles showed. Brian Epstein knew what he saw and he was sure the Beatles were something special. I agree. And Paul had a typical soft sentimental style, and him and Lennon affected each other and helped each other. No one has accounted for that dynamic.

In fact, when you compare the music writers who wrote music for 40 hours a week, how many great hits did they have as a collective group? Now consider that huge explosion of the British wave and its impact on the USA, who own music also exploded and you see amazing productivity in music writing from groups. Some depend on music companies to provide songs. Many music writers ended up becoming artists as well. But artists/groups seem to flourish and add a whole new source of music inspiration that had not been available prior to the Beatles. So its impossible to say that some music house, or even more absurd, one solitary man (Adorno) did it all. Purely absurd and beyond all possibility. FACT!

Brian Epstein was well aware of the perfect combination that presented itself in the Beatles. But stupid shills are going to argue the ridiculous, anyway.

A Paul Mac look-a-like contest in 65. I’d like to see that. 14:09. She says she does not think the Paul look alike winner was the replacement. Someone else. I say that if they could not come up with a good match in the UK to resemble Paul in a contest , then finding  replacement is not going to be as easy as some might suggest. It would be impossible.

14:40, she says that body doubles (look-a-likes) are not uncommon. That is true! 15:00 She never specified when Paul’s quality of writing/composing supposedly went downhill. It never happened with the Beatles, says T1. Maybe some decrease with the solo careers. I listened to it again and I think she was referring to his solo career and called him Faul. She was not specific, though. 16:00.   T1 >>> But all artists run out of steam, sooner or later. John also struggled afterward. Simon and Garfunkel was really only Simon writing. His accomplishments after 1970 were not as good, though 1973 had some winners.

Very few composers last very long. She has nothing here that is any different from any other artist. What John and Paul accomplished from 62-70 has never had an equal. 14 LPs all of good quality on nearly every track. That should say a lot. The Moody Blues “only” had 7. Stones had more than 7 but I do not think they were of the same quality as the two I mentioned before them. The Beatles were everything that Brian Epstein thought they would end up being.

Sadly, in my opinion, Brian was killed when he refused to sell the Beatles to the music Mob front man rep, Robert Stigwood (in my opinion). The Beatles, especially John, were very upset about Brian’s “departure.” I do not believe that they were unaware of why he was dead. I am sure Brian and the boys has some talks about it all before this happened. Paul said in a Brian documentary that they were not going to go along with being sold. They would play "God Save the Queen on every track and sing out of tune. They clearly talked with Brian about this.

Around 16:20 she says the Dave Clark 5 said the Beatles looked old and ugly after finishing the Pepper LP and its cover and their new “image.” T1>> But Dave Clark 5 was quickly becoming obsolete and feared that the direction of music was getting out of their reach. Jim was really skeptical about this, and me, too. They were still very good looking guys. And I think Pepper and Abbey Road are highly regarded as were the singles from that time period, too. She’s crazy! Its just her opinions and nothing more.

She claims there is a different energy in post Pepper Beatle photos. Less energy, a different look, but nothing to point at and no pictures showing what she is talking about. Indeed, I would grant that the Beatles might have shown  less enthusiasm and concern for appearance. They were not on tour or in need of the press as much. I think the reason you see the teeth of John and Paul is because they were no longer trying to look their very best. Touring took an awful toll on them. They were settling into their lives.

Paul's face, as I have shown in this article was flat and unexpressive often, likely trying to hide those teeth. Elvis even commented on their teeth. But by the time of Pepper, they were all secure in their success and appeal and lost any concern over teeth or appearance. They adopted the long hair and sort of grunge look that good record sales assured would not hurt them. They did not have to care about appearance when success became their friend. But Tina does not see that. An Expert? Ah ha ha ha ha ha!

In fact, since Yoko showed up, and with Paul being more regarded by management and studio personnel and other big wigs, John was becoming ever more disenchanted with the Beatles and they with him, too. John did not handle love well, and inserted Yoko into everything. I don’t blame her. I blame him. So I think there was already trouble in paradise when Hey Jude Material and White LP Material were being done. Its not due to Paul being replaced.  There is a more rational and likely explanation for it.

She says: People lost interest. In the Beatles? Really? Are you kidding me? Jim also spoke up. She believes all the Beatles were replaced before Sgt. Pepper began. But no evidence. She: Hence the new revolutionary sound and the pictures of famous people on the LP cover.

Jim was really praising the music of Pepper. Right on, Jim! I second that! 17:50. Jim: “Its one of my favorite albums.”  19:38 Dr. Henry M. Truby of the University of Miami in 69 did voice analysis she says. Jim asked about it. She says 3 different voices from Yesterday, Penny Lane, and Hey Jude.

I am going to deal with this voice analysis further down. Bear with me.

The following comes from Tina’s blog


The only real version of Sgt. Pepper is the mono version," says former Beatles sound engineer Richard Lush. "There are all sorts of things on the mono, little effects here and there, which the stereo didn't have."
Because stereo wasn't as commonplace in the 60's, the mono mixes were always given top priority. That meant in this case the mono mixing was done with much love and care, with the Beatles in attendance, whereas the stereo mixes were made in just a few hours afterwards by Producer George Martin alone. Of course, stereo was soon to take over and this meant that this original mono mix with all its subtle differences (like, for example, She's Leaving Home played at the right speed rather than slowed down as it is on the stereo) was soon deleted...

The Beatles - Sgt. Pepper's Monomix

Here is an example of studio magic being used on "Strawberry Fields Forever" to change how the voice sounded:

...The open-ended sessions soon took their toll on the recording team. "More time was spent on 'Strawberry Fields Forever' than any other Beatles song," says Emerick. "It was, I believe, the first time a Beatles song had been re-recorded in its entirety."

But even with the revised version in the can, Lennon still wasn't satisfied.... He had been listening to the early acetate again, and now preferred the original opening bars. In his recent memoirs, Here, There & Everywhere, which provide an intimate, first-hand view of the Beatles' recording process, Emerick recalls how Lennon casually told his recording team that he wanted the two versions joined together: "My jaw dropped. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see George Martin blinking slowly. I could almost detect his blood pressure rising."

Martin patiently explained that it simply wasn't possible: they had been played in different keys, at different tempos and the arrangements were radically different. "John appeared nonplussed," writes Emerick. "I'm not sure he even understood why that presented a problem." Today, a computer can easily alter pitch and tempo. In 1966, all Emerick had at his disposal was a pair of editing scissors, two tape machines, and a varispeed control to modify the pace of the recording. Martin glanced at Emerick. They elected to give it a go.

As December drew to a close, the final master of the song was made. They worked late into the evening, as Emerick, Lennon and McCartney skillfully edited the tapes together. Such close collaboration, says Emerick, was unusual. "In general, Paul and John didn't watch over my shoulder; they trusted George Martin and me to translate their ideas into reality. For the most part, they stayed in the studio working on the music and we stayed up in the control room working on the sounds." Emerick discovered that by speeding up the playback of the first take and slowing down that of the second, he could match them in both pitch and tempo. The join was made exactly one minute in. "George [Martin] and I decided to allow the second half to play all the way through at the slower speed," says Emerick. "Doing so gave John's voice a smoky, thick quality that complemented the psychedelic lyric and swirling instrumentation." ...

"'Strawberry Fields Forever': The making of a masterpiece," 29 November 2006, The Independent.  <<<End of Quotes

Voiceprints have been used to detect Faul, the imposter. In 1969, Dr. Henry M. Truby of the University of Miami used samples from three Beatles songs sung by Paul McCartney (Yesterday, Penny Lane, and Hey Jude) and produced three very different sonagrams. [Reeve, Andru J., Turn Me On, Dead Man: The Complete Story of the Paul McCartney Death Hoax, Ann Arbor: Popular Culture, Ink, 1994: 69].

Above is a vocal comparison of Paul (left) & Faul (right):

Truth1 >>> Someone is trying to convince us that speeding up and slowing down a recording of a voice can allow one to make another guy sound like Paul. Sheer insanity. There is a lot more to voice than that. This is a complete fraud.

21:35 She : Its my opinion! Jim: What got you into this? She: I liked Rubber Soul and Revolver. T1 >>> but she did not have much explanation as to why she was drawn to this conspiracy only since 2016.

If Paul were truly dead and the evidence was good, you would only need maybe 2 or 3 videos to show it. But if he was not dead and you wanted to convince people he was, then you might flood the market with Paul videos. And if you were trying desperately to refute Truth1’s analysis, there are no videos you could make to refute me.  22:14.

But that she had no good answer for what got her into this, and really, she only got into this in 2016, after I did my article. "Someone" knew way ahead of time what was going to happen with this. Am I insane? Maybe ;-) But I have been able to predict every move they make before they make it, as of March ,1 2017. How's that for crazy?

Her youtube channel (founded 2008) was dead for 4 years and barely any activity until mid April 2017 (9 years of virtually nothing), after the Audi commercial leak was made and I put my article up on those facial comparisons of Alisa's face, to determine if she was in the video. She was! That March 1, 2017. One month later, she begins a new direction. And she had no explanation for why she suddenly started up. Or as to why she did pretty much nothing for 9 years after that channel was created.

I have another article you might want to consider if you want to see a prime case a real shill's career (she is a shill, perhaps only in my, and few others' opinions. Your opinions may vary. This will show you the very typical traits and tactics of a shill, as I see it.

A Closer Look @ the Former Hampstead Research  (HR) and Jacqui Farmer (not her real name).   I call her Jax.

She operates a number of channels on youtube and I have discovered more since. She is a professional. I can see se no other conclusion. How much power does she have? If you go to the wayback machine to look up her articles, and select a date, there a list of postings/articles for any given date. Click on any of those articles, and you will get one of 3 or 4 message that the server is busy or down, or file not found or things like that. I have tried on multiple occasions and get the same "not found" results. Now how much power and connections do you need to be able to get the organization that runs this back site, to keep at least me, if not everyone, from seeing any of those articles? You have to have some very serious connections. She does! I am sure of it. Try it yourself. or something like that.   And     Also which was the 3rd incarnation.

Why are these all denied or erased? Because Jax did many obvious things that really put her a bad light and exposed who she is. On that site around July 11 and July 19, 2015, she caused the complete melt down of all her following. She ended up with maybe 3 or 4 people staying with her, along with 3 or 4 sock puppets of hers. She does not want any of you to see her total mess. She had no control over her emotions and would do the dumbest things you could imagine. You will likely never see her use that name again. She uses a lot of sock puppets. All shills do this. Ella/Abe told me by email that when Jacqui was courting them, she told them she runs 5 computers at a time on the net. A significant operation. It is alleged that she was placed in Suriname in NE South America, if true, likely to put her out of UK jurisdiction so that she could carry on without violating court gag orders for secrecy and coverup of the 2 Hampstead kids kidnapped by the UK gov.

Jax proved beyond any shadow of doubt, who she was and was up to, on those blogs. That is why you can not see them.

I suspect that governments created a huge number of empty youtube channels early in Youbtube's founding (since 2006) so that they could be handed out at the appropriate times of need and give them the look of being old and well established. But if ya do the work like I do, you can see the activity was zero for a long time but going to Videos on a channel, and look at all the video times for when they were uploaded. You often see big gaps or little no activity until one big burst of videos gets uploaded.

Attention to these channels would be very time consuming. The only way to do that would be to get paid for doing it, rather than work and do it on the side. No where near enough time to do both. Now back to the radio interview.

22:30 Jim: How do you think Paul was killed? They go to her blog site and are discussing many photos. This was published July 22 017. Its August 21 today with a partial solar eclipse, no less. I  could not find any photos on her blog. She either put them up just for that interview or they were both looking at her book at the same time, each having a copy.

The Splitting Image: Exposing the Secret World of Doubles, Decoys, and Impostor-Replacements  Jan 18, 2017 by Tina Foster

There are 7 books left in stock and she sold 7. Were only 14 books published or maybe 20 or 30 at best? It does not appear like they expected many sales and what is more, no one is likely to buy anymore, given her very poor presentations.

There are only pictures of Paul displayed on the video screen during the interview. They don't discuss the Paul pictured like they do when they are  looking at and discussing politicians pictures. Some Paul & Beatles photos, too. As well as the months in which blogs were uploaded. Nothing to evaluate. The book is $20 and only 108 pages. Kindle version for $3. I refuse either. She can show the pictures to us or otherwise she defaults in her case. I gathered lots of picture so that I had every possible angle and situation to offer explanations for whether or why 2 photos looked different or not. Every difference needs to be explained. If not, you have a problem. No stone can be left unturned unless your name is Tina.

Tina's Paul Comps
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These were displayed while Jim and Tina talk, having the pictures in front of them. But on screen were different picture. You supposed to buy the book. I'd advise against it. I'm showing the pictures that show on the current published interview with Jim.

I'd like to know the context of the left pic. It does not look legit. It appears to be composite. Might not be, but its very suspicious. I don't know where it came from and I have many other photos so that I do not need that one, anyway. Uncertain pictures are rejected when they missing context and origin. That is why it is important to supply as much info about a picture, as you can. The lips do not bother me. In the right pic, Paul has his lips buttoned inward. Its puffs his cheeks out. He might even be holding back some air. My prime rule in this article is that you only compare like faces or angles, not very differing ones. How can you possibly try to compare these two? I quickly found more extreme examples of buttoned lips.


See what I mean? Below, where did these come from? When were they taken? The place? No info supplied.

I say the right pic was possibly stretched/elongated, or at the least, a more close up, larger scale photo. Maybe both. But it still looks like Paul. Notice thy are about the same height/level at the eye brows. Yet the right photo has the lips and especially the chin down much further. Now using a balance of probabilities, do human heads/faces vary that much in up/down height? Or was it stretched? I say it is a tempered fake. So get another photo from later that is more similar to the left one. There is no excuse with so many photos and screen grabs around, that you can not get another that can determine this and throw this suspicious one out. See how simple it is? She's a fraud in my book. And she does not use a good method to insure an accurate comparison.

She says they look different. Well of course they look different. They wanted to escape the Beatlemania phase and they were presenting, quite intentionally, a new image and saying good bye to the old one. I don't think they are any more worn or with less "energy." What some people will offer for evidence is sad. Why did Jim go so soft? Does he just do what he does for money? I would say it sort of looks that way.
Same here as above. Where did the photo on the right come from? It looks stretched. Remember that shills lie and one must approach things like this with total objectiveness, questioning everything. They both look like Paul but I have never seen him look quite like that. I would look for another photo. I have never seen his hair so short so that he ears are so easily visible from the front, except for the very early years of youth. Shills are also great for cherry picking.

The following were shown on the Ed Opperman interview.
Oh, it this a goody. The face on the left is of a larger scale. They are even at the chin but the left one's eyebrow is much higher up. That is why they do not match. What we have here, boys and girls, is an attempt at fraud and deception or extreme in competence at what she does. Yet she claims to be a expert on the subject. I can find no evidence for that! The scale should be looked at very carefully when you are trying to blend 2 faces. I say deception and that brings all her work into suspicion. How could it be other wise?

Scale is the problem here, too, as well as angle with the left photo head tilted left but not on the right. More deliberate deception, says I. See how quickly this all falls apart. Her credibility is ruined already or she sucks at research. You decide. I got my mind made up.

Below: They are both Paul. Scale again! He is closer to the camera on the right. 
Everything looks proportional, otherwise.
She uses that right side a lot as it shows a serious droop and sag, usually a result of old age or the left photo could have caught him in a happier mood so that his cheek would be sagging. You'll note the cheek is pulled back more and up more on the left. Different emotional expressions are the most likely cause. 3rd very questionable comparison.

<< left: back in the hey day of this all.

MAD magazine once had a bunch of rhymes writing on people or situations, somewhere near to 72-76. I like this poem:

Ringo, George, Paul, and John

Played a trick and put us on

Dropped hints Paul was dead a nails

And rocketed their record sales.

Pass it on for the humor. Cleary MAD did not see "Paul is dead" as a real thing.

This concludes the photos shown on Tina's 2 interviews. Its your call in the end. I'm calling her out at first base!

You can try this google images search . 

Type this into Google Images, just for fun. Its not bad. "Paul McCartney face comparisons." Some defend Paul as alive.

I also note there are far more Paul pictures on Google images now than when I first did my article, uploaded last day of 2015. Its been 2.5 years.

Back to Fetzer Interview
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It seems to me she is sort of suggesting there is evidence but she knows full well she does not have any serious evidence. Its all a con. In my opinion, she is a paid shill who was given the material and sent to various radio hosts. That she is not that good or fast on the draw does not matter to her bosses. Just by flooding the net with the false propaganda will be enough they figure, to either cause doubt or fool stupid people by sheer publicity volume. Its not very convincing. 

But Fetzer seems to have change his attitude totally at this point. He makes many comments and notes that many political photos do not match well on these. Some Beatles pictures looked strange, possible frauds. Little info to no was given where these pics all come from. He is being very kind and gentle now. There is no link in the "Show More" Just under the description of the video. An accident? An Oversight? I doubt it. Any half decent youtuber leaves links to all pertinent info that would be needed for their video. She and maybe he, do not want us to be able to follow after the video is put up on youtube. 27:55. I have seen too little evidence and too much speculation and to me, I expected more of Fetzer that what I heard on this broadcast recording. He should know better.

To me, this is good evidence that no one should be too trusting or any radio interviewer. This subject, as it was presented, was pathetic. It did not deserve the time of day. I have no doubt that the radio hosts were forced to do these interviews. Jim is way too smart a guy to even dignify this sad attempt at lying and deceiving.

I feel like this was a great big waste of time, except for showing how deception works and the timing of this sudden spontaneous and intenese promotion of "Paul is Dead" out of nowhere. As soon as I posted my Paul article you have been reading here, on Dec. 31, 2015, to kick off the New year of 2016, they began to prepare for a snow job on us all. You gotta see this:

faul con and snow job @   She says snowjob. But what is meant by that? That Paul is actually dead, or that she and her bosses are giving us a snowjob. I suspect the latter.

Now for the sound tests on Paul. Jim had asked about whether she has any training on the voice analysis stuff or if there was any info or explanation of it or anything like that. Of course, there was not. It could mean anything. 

19:38 Dr. Henry M. Truby of the University of Miami in 69 did voice analysis she says. Jim asked about it. She says 3 different voices from Yesterday, Penny Lane, and Hey Jude. No explaining was given. Now the human voice tends to be in the mid range of sound.

Voice Frequency
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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A voice frequency (VF) or voice band is one of the frequencies, within part of the audio range, that is being used for the transmission of speech.

In telephony, the usable voice frequency band ranges from approximately 300 Hz to 3400 Hz. It is for this reason that the ultra low frequency band of the electromagnetic spectrum between 300 and 3000 Hz is also referred to as voice frequency, being the electromagnetic energy that represents acoustic energy at baseband. The bandwidth allocated for a single voice-frequency transmission channel is usually 4 kHz, including guard bands, allowing a sampling rate of 8 kHz to be used as the basis of the pulse code modulation system used for the digital PSTN. Per the Nyquist–Shannon sampling theorem, the sampling frequency (8 kHz) must be at least twice the highest component of the voice frequency via appropriate filtering prior to sampling at discrete times (4 kHz) for effective reconstruction of the voice signal.

Fundamental frequency

The voiced speech of a typical adult male will have a fundamental frequency from 85 to 180 Hz, and that of a typical adult female from 165 to 255 Hz.[1][2] Thus, the fundamental frequency of most speech falls below the bottom of the "voice frequency" band as defined above. However, enough of the harmonic series will be present for the missing fundamental to create the impression of hearing the fundamental tone. <<< end article quote

The numbers above are  like 2 KHz for example, is 2000 Hz. The highest number is listed as 8000 Hz. I do not know if these are sampling frequencies or voice frequencies (not likely as they are too high). It is suggested that Paul's voice was higher in frequency after the supposed death. I gather we are looking at 3 columns for the 3 songs. Before on left and after on right. But if you speed the tape up and record it, the voice would be higher. Slow it down the voice is lower. What about harmonics? They are never mentioned. Voices have distinct harmonics and patterns. I have no idea what the above purports to represent. She explained nothing. I don't believe she could. Just merely showing this saying it shows this or that, will convince any fool, but not anyone who demands an explanation. The goal of disinformation specialists and cointel agents is to dazzle the dumb and disseminate their lies everywhere, drowning out the the voices of those telling the truth. You have been appropriately warned. Do as you will.   <<< End of Fetzer Interview

DNA Evidence?
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DNA showed Paul McCartney is dead! New & original analysis    The Mysterydecoder

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Published on Apr 17, 2016    So this came out while I was working on a new Alisa Audi article to improve on my previous one and month after I attacked a bunch of shills denying Alisa in the Audi commercial, March 18, 2017. April 17, 017 was when Tina began her radio interviews as well. Note the similar timing. How bout dat!

Channel says: "Check out the evidence, photos, and expert analysis. Vocals and narration by Ken Peters. production by Since Paul McCartney supposedly have another illegitimate son Phillip Paul Cochrane, if Bertinna and Phillip can do a DNA test to see if they have the same father, it can possibly prove if the now Paul is the real Paul. If it is not a match, it only proves Paul is not one of their father, but if matched, they stand to inherit all of Paul's fortune. I have no way of contacting them. But if anyone does, try to see if it possible to prove this theory."

She has 30 videos on her channel and all in 2 months or less, starting Mid June, 2017. Yet this channel was started:  Joined Jul 24, 2015, 2 years earlier but sat idle. Get the picture? What has she been doing for 2 years? It was just sitting there waiting for an assignment. Paul and Me!

T1 >> Given that this is a shill video in my opinion, the thumbs down is very high.  Sock puppets were almost certainly used, if not bots, too, to get high numbers for thumbs up. But no comment from any of the thumbs up. But tons of comments from those who hated this video! The comments are the real deal, baby! Everyone was slamming this video. The problem? No real evidence that stand up in this video! Typical!

6 straight posts, all ripping this video. Love it! But in a few weeks, once they see this go up on my site, they will be over here fighting back as shills do, unless they think the cause is lost with this video, but that is rare.

Yet another nail in the coffin. Excellent!

Ah, a shill has arrived as frank facts. No arguments! Just name calling. Shill all the way. That is why I recommend we give facts but also insults and pain to make being a shill a miserable job and make them quit, if possible. They do it to us!

Another shill. See! They can not take their own medicine. They want us to be nice while they cooperate with evil liars and sell our world down the drain with their lies. Only a shill would complain about truthers telling the truth. Yes, some were tough and insulting, but with facts, and not without facts. Give it to them!

Many stars do get plastic surgery. Ed had a good point! But frank has never heard of aging or cosmetic improvement. Its done way too often to discount. frank the shill! Call him out!  Purple Haze burned this video at the stake. Truth1 awards him extra points for valor and caring. Yes, it is all just bulhshit!

  Ain't he awesome? 10 stars!

Do you see? Hunt recognizes that these paid liars with their lies, are dong far worse that swearing their heads off. It is a very nasty evil they perpertrate. Mike Hunt gets 10 stars

So many hugs and stars to give out. You can't imagine how good this feels after listening to radio jocks holding their tongues while someone talks pure bullshit! As well, I have not been Mr. Popular since about July 18. Some do not like me picking on shills. Oh, poor things. I'm telling you, this works.

But a caution. Youtube and Facebook, and WordPress and other social media and blogs will not tolerate us bashing shills' sarcastic facts. Do it if you believe in it. I do. But winning a petty battle might not be the best strategy, either. We'll see who it goes.  But none of this is happening by accident! They will delete us sooner or later saying we violate community standards of civility, when in real truth, they promote lies for no other reason than to corrupt and overthrow society. In most nations, that is called sedition, rebellion, and treason. Why it this not getting recognized? Because we have already been undermined and overthrown. Now the wicked left is in power.

This channel is related to the above one. They cover the same type of topics like reincarnation, psychic stuff and crap like that. They each offer 1 video dealing with DNA. Both are made by the above channel, Mystery Decoder.

Paul McCartney is dead - Proof in blood and Genes
Published on Nov 20, 2016        Incarnated Angels

I think these 2 photos could be related. Older and younger pictures or mom/daughter pictures or just related. As well, I believe the bottom photo was on facebook on the group that I was defending Paul on, that got taken down because of probably near to 10 or 12 shills in all. They were out to get me all were clamoring for me to be banned. They don't like others having free speech but they want it for themselves so they can spread lies. I don't believe censorship is never justified. Shills should be banned. But Despots use this opportunity to ban any dissention, what so ever. That is why it is so dangerous to institute.

Views 30,462           thumbs up 163           thumbs down  87   653 subscribers, likely all sock puppets, since there are few comments that are not negative to our posts calling this a fraud.

Joined Dec 25, 2014   And as for thumbs up/down, they are close. The ups about doubled just like the video. Same percentages, like they were fixed. But on many videos, normally, there is a consensus on the likes. This is a 2 to 1 ratio. Here is what the bimbo has to say for herself:

"It is hard to believe Paul McCartney is dead. After all, he continued to perform, father children sell out concerts and albums after his supposed death in 1966. But there are so many unanswered questions, and so many doubts. Watch my analysis based on my unique approaches. Narrated by Ken Peters."

124 videos /\  10 videos 1 month or less /\ 5 videos 2 months ago /\ 9 videos 4 months ago /\ 5 videos 5 months ago /\ 12 videos tween 6-11 months
51 videos 2 years ago.

Has many of the same videos as the channel above it. This one is older, Dec 2014. The earlier one above was July 2015. 6 months difference. This channel has no Paul videos except the one listed/linked here dated Nov. 20, 2016, just about a year after my article.

This channel was more consistent and spread out in uploads done regularly. That is a typical shill pattern. One or several channels with all collections of videos and then they can create news channels fast, using a sub-set collection and upload them all at once. If new issues come along, they whip up a new channel with videos catering to the new issue and than add others, too, to give an appearance of a more varied set of interests. And with older channels of little to no videos, they can take on the appearance of having been around for a while.

This video was made by the Mystery Decoder listed above this one. The videos are a little different from each other, but much the same. I'm going to go right to comments. Wait till ya get a load of this post! I copied the text because it is so long and soooooo good. Are ya ready?

Amit Kalderon7 months ago (edited) FUCK OFF with the lies! I can't take it anymore. What are you trying to do?? WHY?

Paul is ALIVE. He did not grow in height, ears are the same, eyes are the same, EVERYTHING is the same. You have nothing to base this theory on. I encourage everyone to check out the channel "Macca Lives" before believing this prick. You base your theory off of nothing. The Beatles obviously put the clues as a joke.  (it continues below)

If Paul died and was replaced WHY would they put clues for people to discover? Also, too many people would know about it to not talk. The Beatles families, people close to the beatles, the beatles families, PAUL'S Family!! Musicians from the industry, journalists, officers and witnesses from the crash scene. Would they all keep quite for 50 years? No. Bullshit.

You know Jane Asher? Paul's girlfriend from 1963-1968. According to your theory, she stayed and pretended to love someone she never saw before for 2 years, and they got engaged at some point? And until today she didn't say a word. and what you said about different songwriting style is bullshit. It's clear you don't know anything about his music. The music he wrote the most pre-1966 was love ballads, and quite songs, and also songs like that tell a story like Eleanor Rigby. After 1966 in the love ballads department and the quite songs we have: I will, blackbird, let it be, mother nature's son, martha my dear and honey pie. all really his style. Songs telling a story: Penny Lane, Rocky Raccoon, Maxwell silver hammer.

Solo career: Monkberry moon delight (only the lyrics), Heart of the country (That's really his style), my love and my valentine. That's just from the top of my head. Do you know the beatles? Just a bit? They loved each other like brothers. If Paul would die, would they dare to hide his death and replace him? I know they wouldn't. You don't know them, and yet you blame them in doing this horrible crime Anyway. I don't rely on that. How do you think they found someone 100% identical to him? If you saw "Macca Lives" videos, you know he looks the same with exactly the same features, including moles and freckles. So the guy looks just like him. He also happens to be left handed. He is an amazingly talented musician that has great harmony sense, knows how to play Bass, Piano, Guitar and Drums (according to John he played better than Ringo). He also has a 5 octave vocal range and he is able to mimic countless singing styles.

For some reason, this guy, that has the same talent is Paul McCartney and even more, and clearly has a bright future in the music industry but no one has heard of before, agrees to leave his life, identity, family and friends to the rest of his life. Paul's voice print is the same btw. Check it on your computer. It's easy. Paul did not attend his father's funeral? That's a valid argument? Do you know him? His reasons? Paul did not attend the funeral because death of close people is very hard for him and he knew if he came there would he media noise and he didn't want that. You think Jim's death was easy for him? Idiot. You talk about him not going to the funeral but will you talk about the countless pictures of Paul and Jim, looking so happy and loving each other? OFF COURSE NOT. The Italian article is bullshit. The whole article had TWO photo comparisons. TWO! in the channel "macca lives" you can see what's false in this article.

About the DNA test that didn't match, did you think about the amazing possibility SHE ISN'T HIS DAUGHTER? You sound so formal and professional but you have nothing in your brain. Why not do a DNA test with Mike McCartney? Because he doesn't owe you anything! Do you think he would do a DNA test just to make you satisfied??? Even if he would do a DNA test you'd claim the results are fake. What won't you do to make people believe this shit? You'll lie, twist the truth and blame people of horrible crimes.

Do you think this Bettina is an idiot? that she can't think of it herself? She just won't do a DNA test with another person who claims to be a Paul child because she is a liar! The DNA doesn't match, she looks nothing like him. I don't believe a word you say about bettina and the child support until I check it because we already know you love lying. How do you consider what you did with the singing a proof? Paul's voice is heard without any video and just on the studio, and it is the same. I also told you the voice print is the same. And in tours, Paul sings live. Not with playback. And the song pre 1966 have'nt been more popular. I really don't think so and if so, it's because of Beatle-mania.

The songs post 1966 are far better. Golden Slumbers/Carry that weight/The end, I will, back in the USSR, she's leaving home, The fool on the hill, blackbird, Helter Skelter (first heavy metal song), Let it be, the long and winding road, Oh! darling, Maybe I'm amazed, Junior's farm, Band on the run, Live and let die, Another day, the back sit of my car, here today, 1985, Uncle albert/admiral halsey, monkberry moon delight, my valentine, early days and more. The fact you put a list with tons of songs pre1966 and a few post 1966 doesn't change it. His music post 1966 is more popular and personally, I don't think popularity equals quality.

Look at One Direction or Justin Bieber. Lets get to the real bullshit now. George Harrison "confession" tape is a fake. Anyone with working ears knows that's not his voice nor accent. It was also taken to an audio lab and found fake. It was made by someone like you who would kill to make people believe PID and used George's death. The Ringo starr interview is in a parody site! Learn to read. and Ringo himself said he never said this.

The site "worldnewsdaily" or whatever it's called is a parody site. Amazing how many of you PID believers use it anyway. Do you seriously talk about heather mills and their marriage? Do you know how Paul was after Linda's death? A broken person. Confused. He saw physiologists. Do you blame him, or a man in his situation in doing mistakes such as this? You are a horrible human being.

T1 >> I added a  small portion as screen save so you could see the 35 thumbs up of Amit! Best defense of Paul I have even seen.

Next are the posts that follow the above masterpiece. Regarding the above, the writer, a fan from the Netherlands, we are told, really hammers this home good. He is full of passion and cares about truth. He almost seems invested in all this. But so am I. If it turned out it was Paul or someone very well acquainted with him, I would not be surprised. But that he is a huge fan and nothing more. It is possible. I have been going after this, too. Am I Paul? No. Truth1 is like no other 1.

But regardless, this was so full of passion and dedication. I can't help but be swept up off my feet. The message is almost like gift from Heaven. I'll take it!.

T1 >> Note "truth hurts Ballard." Don't be upset. The shills are getting nervous since I started recommending passion and making shills miserable. That was about July 15 or 16. And Ballard says "Its OK if you can not see it because you don't want to." That is their only chance to try to cause a little doubt. But it won't work for shills never produce evidence. And actually, these are the most self-controlled shills I have seen. I find that quite odd. Normally, they are really nasty. And I am blunt with them, too. Notice that Amit asks for proof of the change. Excellent! And notice that none was given. Standard practice for shills.

Amit makes the noble point! A defense is needed to help those who might be within reach of good sense. But more telling is Ballard's statement:
"The whole point of a conspiracy is not to have evidence."   What? Are you kidding me? Conspiracies have lots of evidence exposing them. The reason they are called conspiracies is that one can not prove or trace the entirety of the conspiratorial group or get anywhere near the top of the pyramid. But where there is smoke, there is fire. An example would be 911 where the given explanation is clearly a lie. But who authorized it or planned it, who can say for sure. Clearly, the jets did not do it. It was clearly a controlled demolition. For this, there can be no dispute.

As regards Clithtina, note the Illuminati eye symbol. Its a shill. They love those symbols, a bit of "in your face" kind of thing.

Daniel is a shill, says I. He is scared of the rising tension. Indeed, imagine many  angry Beatles fans rising up against shills. For shills, that would be a nightmare. So they are urged caution and restraint. You can take that to the bank! And dig that stupid "keep an open mind" BS! An open mind when you have proof to the contrary, would be stupid. Shills are stupid. So are their bosses.

Exactly, Alex! Liars try to subvert truth and overthrow it. Don't tolerate it, anyone! Call shills out and make them miserable. Do it today!

It is indeed, like Flat earth. But note the icon for mr777. The Illuminati eye. 777 is trying to carefully move the line. He believes a few conspiracies but not many. People are going crazy. They have boring lives. These are said about truthers, too. Beware of subtle fence straddlers.

Daniel complains of too much to read. Then don't read, genius! frank calls Amit a liar. frank is the liar and shill.

One last stupid comment: Doug Yurchey8 months ago  valid points. You forgot Len. & McC. loved ea. other. New Paul hated John, just as Ringo admitted. Paul's handlers took control. Also! Beatles didn't write their music!! Look up Theo Adorno & Tavistock Inst. created most/greatest of 60s music & counter-culture - for propaganda; hard pill to swallow for me, an old hippie who loved the Beatles - I love the Truth more. 'Memoirs of Billy...' movement is lies! don't have DOD right or the name - it's "SHEARS" as sang on Sgt. Peppers. 'Day in the Life' is about Paul's death - I think was Murdered / wanted out, to end everything in '66. They've told u over & over. u still won't believe. Blood tests would sure prove it - if anything: they'll be fake - like Obama's Hawaiian BC.

T1 >> It has been claimed that Adorno wrote all the Beatles songs. The absurdity of that is not worth addressing. One man with so much talent? Not possible. Tavistock created the music and culture? And I thought it was the music industry. Man, did I miss that! I am being sarcastic! Now think of this! Why would a talented and successful muscician and composer, the best to come along to that time and to date, who was doing what he loved; why would he suddenly want to quit? He wouldn't. He and the other three did quit touring since that was insane. Once that was done, everything was sane and normal.

Below is the Youbtube channel Amit promotes. Its a winner. It recommends Beatles Stories channel as well. I have been watching tons of those, too.

Macca Lives    296 subscribers 106,558 views    Joined Jun 29, 2015

This concludes the covering of videos, but I got some things to say. Fighting lies and shills is an uphill battle. Finding these "Paul did NOT die," channels and defenders was just so uplifting. They get it. They have passion, good sense and integrity. I can not find anyone in the conspiracy world up to this challenge. How ironic it should come from music fans. Most Alt Right media have dubious connections and agendas. This included radio show interviewers. How is it that Ed Opperman, a very intelligent guy with  lots of networked info, could be so soft on such pathetic crap. Same for Jim Fetzer, who railed against Sandyhook and exposes more about JFK being killed and being so critical of BS so often, and yet let this pass and not call it for what it really is?

What they do not know, or maybe they do, is that this subject of Paul being dead or not, is ground zero for something coming that is going to be really big. HUGE. A tsunami in the conspiracy world. That is why "Paul is Dead" (PID) is being given so much publicity. Its almost as if God was saving it all for just one fella. And I ain't naming names! This whole PID is so utterly ridiculous that I don't know why anyone would give it the time of day.

But with the combined US and UK branches of military disinformation agents, it is being pushed hard. On it, rests the method I laid out in this article to prove Paul is NOT dead. Why is that important? Because the same method I use for this, I use for two children being kept captive in either social services foster care or in the hand of their alleged cult father. They were in the Audi superbowl commercial of 2017 and if it ever gets exposed, the lid is going to come off every thing and blow the Hampstead case wide open. So for that, powerful government lying agencies fight hard to deny Paul is still alive and quite possibly the most talented individual to come along, to date.

Further, that I am the one responsible for stimulating new recent PID BS. I am their target and the times match perfectly with many actions and I have predicted their moves before they happen. Most, if not all, will not be able to believe. So I am putting this out now so that when the whole thing blows, you will know then if you want to know. Or you can live in denial. The spirit world is deeply involved in this. Who knows how far this will go. But the end of it is going to be in God's favor. That is why the shills have zeroed in on me.

A Parody for Fun        This is not real. It is parody. Get a sense of humor before reading.
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Aug. 21, 2017

World Weekly News breaking report!

Former Monkee, Mike Nesmith reveals to World Weekly News that Davy never really existed and that NBC Execs had secretly negotiated with Paul McCartney to be in the Monkees Series, wearing some make up and a voice changer developed by the CIA at that time for spy operations. They modified the lighting, too, so you could not tell it was him. Mike: Paul told me that he was hardly getting paid anything at all and needed to moonlight. Tell me about it. Micky, Peter and I weren't getting anything either.

Maintaining secrecy on the set was a nightmare. A former camera man said the had to get a new type of film to TV broadcast technique to alter Paul's general form. He ended up looking really short. We were never able to fix that. Interviews were tough. We paid everyone off to be quiet. NBC almost went bankrupt.

Then that fateful day came. Mike said he showed up on set a little late and it was like a morgue in the place. Mike asked what was up. Paul died on  plane crash, they said. (Hey, you don't want me to to repeat the other lame stories, do ya?) Their phones were ringing off the hook between Colgems music and EMI in England. With Paul dead, the British need to replace Paul other there, and we had to find a new Davy. It was insane for several months. We were going to call up Pete Best and see if he would be interested in the Job, but Mickey did not take to kind to that idea and Pete couldn't play bass or sing.

Mike said it was the best kept secret in the entertainment industry. To this day, no one has detected the voice changes and layers of make up. World Weekly News got right to work on this. Turns out, that despite the attempts to fool acid tripping hippies into thinking the Monkees were not a real group or real music, which the musicians guild sued the Rock n Roll Hall of Shame for insinuating that they were not real musicians. It was quietly settled out of court with total secrecy. We came upon these photos that can hardly be ignored for the obvious similarity and if ya can't see it, its cause ya don't want to. Its all your fault. We never kid or exaggerate here at World Weekly News where serious journalism is taken seriously.

Fortunately, John Lennon was not getting paid much, either, and Adorno refused to write any more songs so John figured, what the hey. I'll take Paul' place. That was even tougher to fix and we lost all the photos of John and footage too, Just like NASA did with the Moon stuff. Anyway, photos of Paul/Davy below. And by the way, I, the reporter, also filling in for Clark Kent, am an expert and never make errors. You can trust me ;-) And I am not a shill, dam it!

They looked so much alike that I'll never figure out how public did not catch on. Left, "Davy" was having bad hair day. He had forgotten to shave. He also was a body double for Jimmy Seals of Seals and Croft for a few years. The brows are the same and chin, too. Oh, don't tell me you don't see it. You need glasses!

Same noses, fer sher, dewd! Its obvious. But the reason you can't it is is cause its not obvious. Ya just gotta change you perspective a little.

Paul had different wigs when he played Davy, witnesses said. And don't you dare ask me for the names, doubting Thomas'. I'm practically the Pope, you know!

The Davy replacement was once heard to say, Here I was, playing Davy,  and sometimes covering for the paul replacement who couldn't stay sober half the time, and even writing his songs for him after Adorno quit. And learning to play bass left handed. Are you kidding me? We had a voice double sing my lines. All this and I was still poor. The industry didn't pay crap in those days. Come to think of it, they still don't. Some things never change, huh? I get no respect!

You will note that noses, ears and chin are identical. Me lie? Oh, as if! He wears a wig when he is Paul/Faul. Most convincing of all is they both have the same skin color. And they both like the open shirt style. Ya can't hide the truth forever. Davy/Paul collects pensions for both names. So he is finally making a little bit of money. But still no respect, he reports.

He laughs that he is in the hall of fame as Paul, while also being rejected by it as Davy, because he only sang and did not play as Davy the Monkee. Most times he had a studio bass player fill in as he never quite got the hang of playing left handed as a Beatle.

I got a book coming out on it all. Send in your pre-orders to day. NOT!

And a big thank you to the crusaders fighting the lies about Paul and the Beatles. Music owes and great debt to them and Brian Epstein who had the genius to recognize what the Beatles had to offer and stand by them. I have a high regard and for Brian and one day, maybe I will have the time for an article that I intend to suggest that Brian was killed. It was no suicide.

One last note. Just last night, I found very recent uploads of volumes of Beatles LPs and videos being uploaded. People can again find photos and videos that should convince anyone that Nobody has been able to do what they did, accomplishing what Brian suspected they would, and far more, too.

Fusion Swing    Ceroee _  Left are two channels you can find lots of Beatles material and videos. This is wonderful after the drought of Beatles music. Seeing the young discover them is wonderful. I have the entire LP collection, including British imports. They are at the old house. No room in my apartment. I spent over 2 hours listening to their music. Still the best that ever was. Felt so good.

And I never reserve any copyrights for my work. All material by others remain with their rights which I make fair use of. And I refuse any donations. And I have never even had any offers. I get no respect.!!!!

Alisa Breaks Out    The Audi 2017 Superbowl Commercial   Version 2 is in the making.

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