A Petition to the God of the Bible, Father of everyone living.

Submitted to my Lord and His court, the Ultimate Court of all law, He being the God and Father of everyone everything living and of the Heavens and the Earth, named by His own choice as Jehovah, as it comes down to us today in an European tradition of at least 500 years. And submitted in the name of His son, known by said European and English traditions of Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek translations of God's Word, the said Bible, as Jesus, the son of God, revealed by that son during his time on earth to be of the Heavenly Father, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, later renamed by God as Israel.

Submitted by myself, H. Scott Irving, of Southern Maine, USA, from birth to present, and servant of my Lord since baptism, July 5, 1980 to the present, for the review and judgment of God, to consider a plea for the release of at least 2 children, Alisa and Gabriel Dearman, though I dispute his (Mr. Dearman) being a true father or owner since he was never married to their mother and did not treat his children as a true father. I submit to the court of my Lord that Ella Draper is in fact, the sole parent of the 2 children, which fact is also recognized by the English court as well, to the best of my knowledge. The said release to be accomplished by my Lord and His appointed Son, if they consent.

The two said children, Alisa and Gabriel, having long been the victims of their so called father Mr. Dearman, in many perverse and unjust ways that my Lord has many times expressed with extreme disapproval. Horrors upon the children such as rape, sodomy, beatings, and various other tortures, prostitution, pornographic films and video, as well as a complete disregard for their feelings and dignity, according to the 2 children, and which no child should ever be subjected to. I am persuaded and convince of the testimony of the 2 children.

It is unknown to me what manner of religion the 2 said children, from hereon in, referred to as "the 2 children," have or were taught. I can not argue for or against their belonging to my Lord, which is normally the requirement of my Lord for any sort of deliverance or salvation. So I do not appeal to my Lord on these grounds. Rather, I submit to my Lord that the matters the 2 children have been involved in are of concern and interest to my Lord for the informing of the whole world of my Lords dispute with Satan et al.

The said interest of my Lord, also being of my interest in serving my Lord, is much in the interest of the salvation, as much as possible, of all mankind. As such, I submit that the interests of mankind are dependent upon proper fully informed information on what is truly going on with the activities of the said adversary, Satan. The 2 children have been instrumental in revealing the horrific abuse of not only themselves but of many other children in the school they attend. I trust here as elsewhere and always, that my Lord is accurately informed of what I do not specify in detail, such as the school attended by the 2 children.

We both know that Satan presents himself as an angel of light and that this is a big lie. It is only right that Satan be fully exposed for being the liar he is. Surely the 2 children would be extremely helpful in further exposing the Satanic cults in existence throughout the world. As well, this would be an ideal opportunity for my Lord to demonstrate His power and ability, as well as His existence and intentions. It is quite evident down here on earth that we are rapidly approaching a climax and confrontation between the forces of good and evil. Having the 2 children freed would further show the evil and the obvious choice of good, in vivid contrast.

I also submit that as Your servant, I have applied myself to your commands and tried to emulate Your conduct. I have always sought justice, truth, compassion, and understanding. Watching helpless innocent kids get lied to and betrayed by completely monsters is nearly impossible for myself and for many others, to continue to bear. This is so wrong on so many levels. I beg that my Lord please consider His servant, that I, too have feelings and feelings of deep concern and compassion for the 2 children. Am I expected to just watch and see them destroyed after trying so hard, just coming out of fear to finally confess to their mother what had been going on all their lives at school and then as soon as they get back, within 2 weeks, they are kidnapped and imprisoned by a wicked nation of vile child-raping Satan worshipers.

You, my Lord of all living, know the pain I suffer for this. You know how their voices and faces affect many of us down here, as we are only flesh. I plead that my Lord show mercy to me, your servant, if I have in any remote way pleased you in what I have done from 1980 onward and in particular from 1999 onward. I ask nothing for myself, but only for the 2 children. Please deliver them from the evil clutches of a nation fully devoted to the devil and his master plan.

According to my deeds and faith, or lack thereof, in Your judgment, let this be a deciding factor in whether You will deliver the 2 children from evil captivity and set them free, with conditions that my Lord would naturally require. It would be assumed that they would be instructed in Your ways, since You would be their deliverer, and that there was no other way they were ever going to be allowed to be free if You did not set them free. You are their only hope. I believe this with all my heart and it is why I make my appeal to You now and You exclusively. Only You can save them. If there is deemed a debt to be owed for this, let it be fully mine to bear. Demand of me and I will comply. Raise it high! I will accept it all. I will not complain.

The suffering has to end, for them and for me and for so many others who care about these 2. Let Your glory show thru the rescue of these 2. Let Your name be honored throughout the earth. Let the enemies of the 2 become Your enemies. Let Your judgment be felt and known. Please deliver Alisa and Gabriel who tried so hard to get free and to help the other children also in their situation. Surely You can see good in their efforts to stop the madness. Let that satisfy my Lord and let Him correct the scales of justice so far out of balance as it stands.

So I leave this matter now in Your hands, the Sovereign Judge of the heavens and the earth, for consideration. You have always been my one and only hope. You can fix this whole thing. So I leave the decision now in Your hands to decide. Pray that it will not be much longer. I know You have concerns and things to fulfill. But I beg that 1 year be enough and at most, the time for the 2 to remain captive, to expire Sep. 11, 2015, if possible. I make this appeal in the name of Your son Jesus, who gave his life for our rescue from our natural debt of Adam's decision, that causes us to die. It is the only hope I have left. This concludes my plea and appeal to You for consideration.

I shall print out this plea, and have it notarized so that it could serve in any court of law as a legally recognized document. And upon notarization, I will make copies in PDF form and put it on my website and anywhere else requested or deemed useful, for publicity's sake, one hard copy for file and one for backup. The rest is up to You, my Lord.

Your servant, H. Scott Irving; Finished May 14, 2015, 4:14 AM, EDST. This document will not be altered, even for punctuation, once it is notarized. Errors will remain in copies, if any.

STATE OF MAINE, COUNTY OF CUMBERLAND, ss.: On this day, personally


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to me known to be the person(s) described in and who executed the within and foregoing instrument, and acknowledged that he/she signed the same as his/her voluntary act and deed, for the uses and purposes therein mentioned.

Witness my hand and official seal hereto affixed

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