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Divine Intervention II

The Premise
Ahab of Israel as a Lesson
What Choice Will You Make?
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My Petition II

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The Premise

On April 27, 2016, I learn that all the Hampstead Kids’ videos on Vimeo were deleted. There was a lot of them. As well, other videos that I had linked to on youtube were also all eliminated. It was an extensive effort and the report said it was done on the 24th, Alisa’s birthday. Another rotten attack on a young girl who just wanted to stop being hurt. It was due to this that I felt that Jesus, son of God the almighty, needed further supplication, at least from myself. And maybe there were things getting in the way of Jesus stepping in, in view of Alfred Weber’s 5 guest interview, which included Abe and Ella, released March 1, 2016.

For in my opinion, the fight between God and Satan had now become quite unfair. The kids should have a right to have their case known and heard as much as the “state” (the UK) has promoted their view. Jesus had promised: NKJV)   Mark 4:22  "For there is nothing hidden which will not be revealed, nor has anything been kept secret but that it should come to light.  23  "If anyone has ears to hear, let him hear."

Every time Alisa and Gabriel had their side told, the authorities would delete the testimony of the 2 witnesses. Surely if there was a circumstance that required the help of God, this was such a circumstance.

But there are also other reasons as well. I watched a video where 2 women "in the community" talked. One belittled “writing letters to God.” Well, to the best of my knowledge, I am the only one to have written a letter to God that anyone would know about. I have not heard of any others doing such a thing. But it was only 1 letter, a plea/petition to God to act in behalf of the kids as I saw no possibility of anyone overcoming Satan and the UK to free the kids and protect them. As I saw it, only God could offer any hope and help. There was none down here on earth. No legal actions were never going to be successful. No protest was going to bother the UK or any other authority. The EU was a waste of time. The whole world belongs to Satan, even as the Bible declared: RSV 1 John 5:19 – “the whole world is in the power of the evil one.”

Some imagine that numbers or networks can accomplish justice. I laugh! Not a chance in hell. My conviction is that only God can help or save the 2 kids, if it is to be done at all. Absolutely nothing else can overcome Satan. Go ahead! call me insane.

But let it be known that most of the New Testament contains letters to congregations and people. Eye witness testimony to the words and deeds of Jesus. The Old Testament has songs and prayers in it as well as instructions, laws, and prophecies, even pleas for help and rescue, many of which were answered and some that were not. All things were recorded as a matter of record and for teaching and guiding.

So I think it no extraordinary thing that I should do what so many before me have done and been rewarded for it. If some should think me a joke, that is fine by me. I like the company I am in. So I now make another plea to God’s son Jesus, to bring the evil that Satan has brought upon all children, and adults, too, to light and let the voices of Alisa and Gabriel be heard fairly and liberally. I'll plead more before this is over.

I do this as well to show people that God and Satan devised a mutual agreement that set boundaries and conditions for each, many of those conditions unique to each side, so that neither God nor the devil is free to do whatever they want. They must each observe their unique set of rules. One of those rules for God was that except in certain circumstances, such as being challenged directly by leaders or nations or groups of people, God could act and otherwise, He must stay silent as if He did not exist.

There may be more or perhaps other related conditions as well. I was not there and the agreement was not published. So we are all left to sort of guess, given what is in the Bible and what has taken place over the last 6020 years or so.

It is with this loose understanding that I approach God and His son for a revised request. I may be asking for something that is not possible due to the agreement between the two adversaries, God and Satan. I try to keep my request within possible bounds, though it is possible that my emotions might be clouding issues somewhat.

But if some say “he is crazy” or a fantasist, unrealistic, a dreamer, out of his mind. “Doesn’t he know God does not exist!” But I also point out that if enough say things like that, God may acquire the right to intervention, as He has had and enjoyed such rights in the past when challenged by national leaders.

Ahab of Israel as a Lesson
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To set this up, Ahab was a wicked king ruling the 10 tribe kingdom of Israel, known collectively as Samaria, as that was the capitol. As well, this is the New King James version with "the LORD" replaced in all instances by me, with Jehovah, the proper name that was originally in the Bible and taken out by Jews of priestly descent. They had no authority to do that and I corrected the well known crime.

1 Kings 20:

1 Now Ben-Hadad the king of Syria gathered all his forces together; thirty-two kings were with him, with horses and chariots. And he went up and besieged Samaria, and made war against it.

2 Then he sent messengers into the city to Ahab king of Israel, and said to him, "Thus says Ben-Hadad:

3 ‘Your silver and your gold are mine; your loveliest wives and children are mine.’"

4 And the king of Israel answered and said, "My lord, O king, just as you say, I and all that I have are yours."

5 Then the messengers came back and said, "Thus speaks Ben-Hadad, saying, ‘Indeed I have sent to you, saying, "You shall deliver to me your silver and your gold, your wives and your children";

6 ‘but I will send my servants to you tomorrow about this time, and they shall search your house and the houses of your servants. And it shall be, that whatever is pleasant in your eyes, they will put it in their hands and take it.’"

>>This was a little heavy handed even in those days and time. But honestly, war has always been about stealing and enslaving.<<

7 So the king of Israel called all the elders of the land, and said, "Notice, please, and see how this man seeks trouble, for he sent to me for my wives, my children, my silver, and my gold; and I did not deny him."

8 And all the elders and all the people said to him, "Do not listen or consent."

9 Therefore he said to the messengers of Ben-Hadad, "Tell my lord the king, ‘All that you sent for to your servant the first time I will do, but this thing I cannot do.’" And the messengers departed and brought back word to him.

10 Then Ben-Hadad sent to him and said, "The gods do so to me, and more also, if enough dust is left of Samaria for a handful for each of the people who follow me."

>>Ben-Hadad made at least 2 mistakes here. First, he was quite arrogant and ruthless. He even invoked the gods to punish him if he left more than a few people. You see, he did not have God's permission to reduce Samaria to a state like this. And though wicked, Samaria was still Jehovah's, to do as He pleased. Lets just say that Hadad was not a very good statesman or diplomat. He lacked a certain amount of tact, shall we say? I am sure he had at least heard of Jehovah. Syria was just next door.

Now whether he heard or not, God had a lesson He wanted to give to those of the time, and perhaps not well appreciated at the time, this event would be in the Bible for all to know and learn by. And Hadad was going to be used as an example of how not to do things, when it comes to God, or later, His appointed son/ regent king.<<

11 So the king of Israel answered and said, "Tell him, ‘Let not the one who puts on his armor boast like the one who takes it off.’"

12 And it happened when Ben-Hadad heard this message, as he and the kings were drinking at the command post, that he said to his servants, "Get ready." And they got ready to attack the city.

13 Suddenly a prophet approached Ahab king of Israel, saying, "Thus says Jehovah: ‘Have you seen all this great multitude? Behold, I will deliver it into your hand today, and you shall know that I am Jehovah.’"

14 So Ahab said, "By whom?" And he said, "Thus says Jehovah: ‘By the young leaders of the provinces.’" Then he said, "Who will set the battle in order?" And he answered, "You."

15 Then he mustered the young leaders of the provinces, and there were two hundred and thirty-two; and after them he mustered all the people, all the children of Israel—seven thousand.

16 So they went out at noon. Meanwhile Ben-Hadad and the thirty-two kings helping him were getting drunk at the command post.

17 The young leaders of the provinces went out first. And Ben-Hadad sent out a patrol, and they told him, saying, "Men are coming out of Samaria!"

18 So he said, "If they have come out for peace, take them alive; and if they have come out for war, take them alive."

19 Then these young leaders of the provinces went out of the city with the army which followed them.

20 And each one killed his man; so the Syrians fled, and Israel pursued them; and Ben-Hadad the king of Syria escaped on a horse with the cavalry.

21 Then the king of Israel went out and attacked the horses and chariots, and killed the Syrians with a great slaughter.

>>God sends a prophet to instruct Ahab. Their army amounted to 7,000. Hadad had 32 kings representing far more in men than 7,000; and horses and chariots, for which Samaria had none mentioned. This should have been an easy victory for Hadad .  .  .  normally! But do note that Hadad was cocky and arrogant. He let his army get drunk and he sent them that way out to fight. Does this kind of arrogance strike anyone from the Hampstead arena as familiar? It should! God, of course, knew the dumb mistakes of Hadad and planned accordingly. We likely do not have all the details. We only need to know that God was behind the whole thing!<<

22 And the prophet came to the king of Israel and said to him, "Go, strengthen yourself; take note, and see what you should do, for in the spring of the year the king of Syria will come up against you."

23 Then the servants of the king of Syria said to him, "Their gods are gods of the hills. Therefore they were stronger than we; but if we fight against them in the plain, surely we will be stronger than they.

24 "So do this thing: Dismiss the kings, each from his position, and put captains in their places;

25 "and you shall muster an army like the army that you have lost, horse for horse and chariot for chariot. Then we will fight against them in the plain; surely we will be stronger than they." And he listened to their voice and did so.

26 So it was, in the spring of the year, that Ben-Hadad mustered the Syrians and went up to Aphek to fight against Israel.

27 And the children of Israel were mustered and given provisions, and they went against them. Now the children of Israel encamped before them like two little flocks of goats, while the Syrians filled the countryside.

28 Then a man of God came and spoke to the king of Israel, and said, "Thus says Jehovah: ‘Because the Syrians have said, "Jehovah is God of the hills, but He is not God of the valleys," therefore I will deliver all this great multitude into your hand, and you shall know that I am Jehovah.’"

>>Foolish Syrians did not respect Jehovah, the God of Israel. All gods had names back then. So they thought they could overcome Him, due to their perceived weakness of Him and their silly religious beliefs regarding gods and their jurisdictions. Jehovah takes his name and reputation very seriously. He will not let his reputation and ability be belittled and mocked. Take careful note of that! The Syrians were basically saying, we can beat this god if we just use our heads. He is not so big, anyway. But they did perceive that their loss was due to God's strength, at least in the mountains. God was going to expand that and give them a few more lessons.

Again below, Israel was no doubt far outnumbered since it has only been a year or less since the last battle. Again, defeat for Syria, this time on the plains were Jehovah was supposed to be useless. Guess not, huh?<<

29 And they encamped opposite each other for seven days. So it was that on the seventh day the battle was joined; and the children of Israel killed one hundred thousand foot soldiers of the Syrians in one day.

30 But the rest fled to Aphek, into the city; then a wall fell on twenty-seven thousand of the men who were left. And Ben-Hadad fled and went into the city, into an inner chamber.

31 Then his servants said to him, "Look now, we have heard that the kings of the house of Israel are merciful kings. Please, let us put sackcloth around our waists and ropes around our heads, and go out to the king of Israel; perhaps he will spare your life."

32 So they wore sackcloth around their waists and put ropes around their heads, and came to the king of Israel and said, "Your servant Ben-Hadad says, ‘Please let me live.’" And he said, "Is he still alive? He is my brother."

>>Notice who quick and easy Ahab gave it and in essence, said "all is forgiven. Let's be friends and kiss!" Hadad was going to take Ahab's wives, children, and wealth and that of all his nation, too. Won't Hadad betray him eventually, especially since Ahab was pussy anyway. It makes no sense. Besides, Hadad had lots his whole army and had no power. How easy it would have been to kill Hadad, a total nuisance and a real @$$hole.<<

33 Now the men were watching closely to see whether any sign of mercy would come from him; and they quickly grasped at this word and said, "Your brother Ben-Hadad." So he said, "Go, bring him." Then Ben-Hadad came out to him; and he had him come up into the chariot.

34 So Ben-Hadad said to him, "The cities which my father took from your father I will restore; and you may set up marketplaces for yourself in Damascus, as my father did in Samaria." Then Ahab said, "I will send you away with this treaty." So he made a treaty with him and sent him away.

>>The Syrians perceived that this God was far more than they had bargained for. They were humbled and recommended negotiations. They had heard that the kings of Israel were basically pussies and wimps, really soft. They thought maybe Israel would go easy on them with good concessions from Hadad. What did he have left to lose, right?

But God had not given permission to Ahab to do this. God had intended, for the sake of Israel's continued survival, to wipe out Hadad as a threat. Keep this carefully in mind while we finish up this account below.<<

35 Now a certain man of the sons of the prophets said to his neighbor by the word of Jehovah, "Strike me, please." And the man refused to strike him.

36 Then he said to him, "Because you have not obeyed the voice of Jehovah, surely, as soon as you depart from me, a lion shall kill you." And as soon as he left him, a lion found him and killed him.

37 And he found another man, and said, "Strike me, please." So the man struck him, inflicting a wound.

38 Then the prophet departed and waited for the king by the road, and disguised himself with a bandage over his eyes.

39 Now as the king passed by, he cried out to the king and said, "Your servant went out into the midst of the battle; and there, a man came over and brought a man to me, and said, ‘Guard this man; if by any means he is missing, your life shall be for his life, or else you shall pay a talent of silver.’

40 "While your servant was busy here and there, he was gone." Then the king of Israel said to him, "So shall your judgment be; you yourself have decided it."

41 And he hastened to take the bandage away from his eyes; and the king of Israel recognized him as one of the prophets.

42 Then he said to him, "Thus says Jehovah: ‘Because you have let slip out of your hand a man whom I appointed to utter destruction, therefore your life shall go for his life, and your people for his people.’"

43 So the king of Israel went to his house sullen and displeased, and came to Samaria.

What Choice Will You Make?
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>>I am going back to regular black text now since the above account is over.<<

Truth1 >>> Now recall how Ahab was a pussy, a weakling, who could not take directions from God and did not want to enforce the just judgments of God. We have modern day parallels right here in the "Hampstead community." There are those who have long preached forgiveness of the cult in exchange for the 2 kids. I say the laws in place at the time of the crimes should be enforced. So who is acting like Ahab? I think many of you know who "they" are! They want mercy for all kinds of shady characters. Whose side are they on? God's? Nope! God does not compromise with Satan or evil. So we can rule Him out. Whose side is the cult or various shills on? You know perfectly well it is Satan.

And how about those who limp on two opinions, mixing pagan ideas with the Godly ones of Jehovah? Pagan ideas come from Satan. In fact, I have even seen cult members reject some of the pagan teachings that some have mixed with God's teachings and concepts. I have even seen a nasty female shill point out the mixing of doctrines by some, finding fault with it and justly so. She has a good point on that one. In fact, I think I have seen 3 different female shills point out things like that. Cool baby!

So my warning to those who might act as Ahabs, is to stop preaching mercy to cultists and rid yourselves of rotten teachings that come from demons, and instead, give attention to God's teachings and He will reward you generously. Ignore Him only at your own peril.

But now lets focus on why God might intervene with Alisa and Gabriel or not. Some will say He does not exist. For those, I dismiss you entirely. You can go home. This is only for those who accept that God is real and the Bible is a product of His spirit and will. Given that God has constraints such as remaining relatively quiet while Satan deceives, I want to focus on why God might find reason to intervene.

The problem we have here is that God will not share His glory or mercy with any other gods, all of which/witch belong to Satan, the religious sock puppet master, who has literally created thousands of various gods to please every sort of taste and preference. Customized for your pleasure and destruction. To make this more plain, if you promote some teachings of God and some of Satan; by default, God will consider you as belonging to Satan. To be accepted by God and be pleasing, you must eliminate other teachings of any and all gods and only accept God's (Jehovah's) teachings as authentic. To flirt with other religions teachings and practices is to commit "spiritual adultery" in God's eyes. Your cheating on Him and being a spiritual whore.

So if I or anyone else were to be clinging to any false teachings, I or anyone else asking for God's help, would NOT get it! God demands purity and faithfulness to the best of our ability and diligence. Elijah asked Israel in regards to Baal vs. Jehovah, how long will you limp upon two opinions? Below is the March 1, 2016 interview with some great guests. This is like a 4 hour plus video. Ella and Abe were in it. Abe had the best info on hemp that I have ever heard from him. It was toward the end of his turn speaking. The Spanish guy was amazing as was Peter for the most part. They were all good.

Panel: Pedophile network includes 2016 Trump, Clintons, CIA, Popes, Monarchs – Cannabinoids solution
Alfred Lambremont Webre

But I have to bring up a concern with Abe/Ella. Abe was promoting as fact, pagan Hindu ideas dealing with Kundalini Awakenings, chakras, 3rd eyes and other Hindu BS. Even Hoaxstead was mocking him saying "doesn't he realize pineal gland in the in brain, not the spine." No such thing as 3rd eyes or chakras. Kundalini Awakenings are demonic possession. Oddly, Jacqui Farmer was great for promoting this crap, which is one of many reasons why she was not fit to lead the Hampstead cause. She is a Satanic witch by my standards. And she wants you all to join her.

By the way, I was viewing Dearman Does Hampstead when I come across a mention of Hoaxstead. I had been there a couple times in the past. But it was just nonsense as the cult patted each other on the back. So I took a visit and here was the video Angela mentioned, above linked, and yet she could not provide a link of any type. In fact, I have not seen any Hampstead source even mention this video, much less link to it. So why am I getting more info from Hoaxstead that my own community. There is something seriously wrong with that. Anyone got any answers? Angela, you could have at least provided some of the title so that it could be used in a youtube search. But nothing!

But here is the problem. Do Abe and Ella hold out hope for God granting a miracle deliverance? I do not know, but if they do, there is no way they can expect God to help as long as they are promoting teachings that ultimately trace back to Satan thru Hinduism. If they want God's help, they have to disown Jacqui Farmer promotions of the devil's Hindu gods. So if one were to say to me, how come God has not freed the kids yet, my response would be that God is not about to free the kids and hand them back over to Satan thru another channel of Kundalini demons.

So it has become clear to me that if the kids are to be rescued from the cult and the UK, it will  have to be by handing them over to foster parents of God's choosing, unless Abe and Ella want to repent and conform completely to God's ways, with no trace of Satan to be found. The Meditation would be a problem, too.

So I have to readjust the petition to God I made last year (May 14, 2015 on this site), that frees Him up to help in a way that conforms to His standards and not ours, or the UK's either. This article is that adjustment. Now this does not mean that God does not have other entanglements. But as I see it, if He can hand the kids off to good parents and they be free to speak, see their parents and be visible to the world, then that is the worst parts solved. Should Ella turn fully to God, then she could receive her kids directly. But the pagan stuff has to go. And she would need to devote herself to God and the Bible because I know that part if His condition would be that the kids must be brought up to follow and obey God. He will be concerned about their eternal welfare.

Now she is free to worship as she pleases, but God is also free to do as He pleases, too. So no one is forcing her to do anything, but miracles do not come cheap in this business. More on this to follow. And Abraham will have to join her or God might still nix the deal. The choice is theirs.

I had brought up in a previous article that many in this case might have a part in the divine purpose. That still stands! But I want to point out that Pharaoh also had a purpose in Moses leading Israel out of Egypt. But Pharaoh's purpose was to die at God's hand in the bottom of the Red Sea in the gulf of Aqaba. So if you want to be on the good side of God's divine plan, you might want to consider what your current standing with Him might be.

Now were I in the place of Ella or Abe, I would be reading the Bible real hard and contemplating marriage so as not to offend God, and I would even be thinking about baptism and making some vows and promises to God. I would do so with passion, since wanting my kids back would be more important to me that anything else in the world and if I believed God could do that, I would jump thru hoops, leap over mountains, take on lions, and brave a Muslim neighborhood in the Mid East at night, yelling, "I'm a Christian and proud of it."

So I hope that Abe and Ella can appreciate my intent and hope for them, but whether they like this or not, this is what I have to present to them. They need to make a choice in order to secure a good place in the Divine record, rather than a failed one.

As Abraham once asked in an early video, in essence, What will your choice be? What will you stand for? What will be your place in history? How will you be remembered?

We all have a choice to make! What will yours be? I think those were appropriate questions and that they need to decide that themselves as well. We all do! I made mine in 1980 and I have been carrying it out ever since.

I will also make this point. We may yet to have come to know all the circumstances as they really are, or  have been. New things could be revealed at any time. Its a long road that does not have a turn in it. I am more will come to light as time passes.

Has It Arrived Yet?
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Is the UK arrogant like Syria and Ben-Hadad? I sure think so. Does God want to expose this crap of SRA and Mind Control? He said He does! So would this be a good time to act? It would! But there might be an even better time or circumstance that I do not know about. Knowing all God's affairs allows possibilities but not certainties. I hold out hope that this adjustment in my petition will allow God to have a justified reason for rescuing two very precious little people from a living hell.

So this article, a letter to God if you want to frame it that way, but it is an article, dealing with how God works and what He is bound by, by agreement and what might give Him cause to take the kids from a wicked nation and cult. It may also be that God is allowing the arrogance of the UK to get a little bit worse so that He can really blow this whole thing sky high. If Alisa has suffered to the degree I fear, having her forcefully released to reveal this all, would be absolutely devastating to the UK and Satan. Oh, what a shame that would be. I'd be all broken up :-D

From the moment I saw the videos, I could see the many implications and was immediately and was thoroughly convinced that this was no ordinary incident by any measure of that word. Nor am I the only one to come to that conclusion. Then 8 months later, in October, the whole went nuts. This is an amazing point and juncture in human history. That Alisa and Gabriel should come long at this time can not be an ordinary event.

For one, the kinds of things happening now, indicate a vast fulfillment of prophecy. Religious conspiracy theorist are all agreeing on this now. The antichrist can not be too far away at this point. I expect a few phony ones as well. But what is taking place is so unlike anything to ever come before, that really, I see no good reason for anyone to doubt prophecy now. But Regardless, I can't help but believe these 2 kids could be monumental in ripping the Satanic world-wide network wide open. Of course, they and any following God, will need God's help/protection to get past Satan's power. I suspect He is going to provide some of that, in order to get this all exposed as He has assured us, that it will.

So I hold out great hope for the kids. Now it could be that God will choose another way. But to me, this case suggests that it is the one. For one, I have never seen so many shills, cranks, freaks and weirdoes gathered under one umbrella. The extent of world wide cover up and massive changes that have taken place in social media to hamper communication and exposure of evil, says to me that they were not prepared for what this brought and it may not be enough, should God pull the plug on the drain.

As well, my own research in to shills has revealed incredible tricks that Youtube uses and no one knows but me and one friend. I have told a few but I am not sure they believe me. On a site called Biddy Baboon, which I say is another Jacqui Farmer site, was deleting some of my comments. I had a friend visit the site at the same time as me, same video, and we viewed the comments by the same sort choice, and I had him list what he was seeing and I told him what I was seeing. I could see my posts. He could not. I could not see Biddy's posts, but he could. Our sort orders of posts were different. I had him send lots of screen saves and I sent him some of mine.

I will be publishing all of this. Biddy Baboon has the same sort of name as another Hampstead Research youtube channel once had, when it went by the name Eddie the Cat, which site got mentioned by Hoaxstead, too. Eddie the Cat and Biddy Baboon. How bout that!

But for now, you should  know that Youtube can make your posts invisible to any all that it wants to, and if your a shill, youtube will help you cover up. And it can keep you from seeing others, too, if it wants. It can play with like and dislike numbers, views, subscribers and any thing it wants. You could be just wasting your time posting. I know I am. But here is the 2 most interesting things of all. When my friend forgot to log in, he got a much different view the 2nd time and when he logged in the 2nd time, he was not getting the same views as I was. Now he could not see what I could not see. They added his address or sign-in to have the same views as me. Then I went to the video a couple days or so later and guess what? The whole video had been deleted. It was all of Alisa's police interviews. So Youtube and "Biddy" knew I was investigating them and they deleted the whole video to keep anyone from seeing the evidence. Jacqui has some very powerful people helping her out. Who is this women who has the help of all of Google/Youtube programmers at her disposal? You should want to know.

I cannot past into an FB comment anymore. FB deletes posts and videos. Social Media are attacking our communication. They fear us! They are working toward silencing us. That sounds like we are getting dangerously close to a police state. That will be the last step. We are just short of that. So God needs to act soon. I am hoping that might include 2 children.

My Petition II
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My previous petition to God was made on May 14, 2015. The purpose of publishing was so that if it come true, I could say it was foreseen. Same for this one. AS well, the article with the link to that petition to God was to instruct as well. So with this one. As well, it helps me put my thoughts together carefully, since I know that asking anything of God is really not such a small matter in cases like this. Do I understand His viewpoint well and accurate? Well, I have a good knowledge of the Bible and God's actions, perhaps better than most. I understand the situation around all this. I believe I have a better appraisal of it than most of my "brothers." Let's hope I got it right.

I do not know, ultimately, what Abe and Ella will choose, but it will make a difference either way and they need to know and everyone else needs to know. And then God can do as He sees fit. I always wish the best for them and maybe they are able to find other means to get their children back. I would hope that were possible. But if it is to be a miracle of God, it will have to be 100% His way. He does not compromise. We must be the ones to compromise.

It has dawned on me that at this time, things seem to have gone dead everywhere in regards to this Hampstead case. No posts, no activity, no announcements, nothing. I wonder if God might be backing everyone off and letting this look like a lost cause or an abandoned one. Maybe He has some other thing to reveal. Whatever the case, this silence may well have God's approval in His allowing it. If God is planning a victory at some point, He may not want to share it with all, but only those He carefully selects as His. Maybe He wants to leave no doubt about who is His or not. I am just offering a possibility.

Some might retort, maybe it is just that the case has failed. I can not rule that out, but hold out hope that this is no ordinary case and that God will prevail. At some point, I may have to accept defeat. I cross that bridge if I must, but hope does spring eternal. I rest my case with my God, and His Son, Jesus, as always.

Submitted to my Lord and His court, the Ultimate Court of all law, He being the God and Father of everyone everything living and of the Heavens and the Earth, named by His own choice as Jehovah, as it comes down to us today in an European tradition since AD 1209. And submitted in the name of His son, known by said European and English traditions of Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek translations of God's Word, the said Bible, as Jesus, the son of God, revealed by that son during his time on earth to be of the Heavenly Father, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, later renamed by God as Israel.

Submitted by myself, H. Scott Irving, of Southern Maine, USA, from birth to present, and servant of my Lord since baptism, July 5, 1980 to the present, for the review and judgment of God, to consider a plea for the release of at least 2 children, Alisa and Gabriel by name, formerly of Hampstead, London, UK, now taken against their will by the UK government on Sep. 11, 2014 and held to the present, May, 2016, 1 year and 8 months to this point.

In  my previous petition to this court, May 14, 2015, I did not know or consider the religion the kids were taught, but it would appear to include meditation of Hindu origin, unacceptable to my Lord. I want to draw attention to the fact the both kids hated the Satanic cult they were in and wanted to be free of it. I realize my Lord requires all His servants to be His obedient followers. I propose that under care of foster parents of your choosing, they might be very grateful to accept that, providing that they could be visited by their parents as often as circumstances might permit and that the public at large might be able to see and have updates of the freedom and progress of the children, which the UK government and courts have not allowed with their wicked policy of secrecy in the conduct of justice, hiding and denying visitors or allowing the public to see evidence of care as should be the case if the government had nothing hide.

It appears like the parents, at present, are not serving You, my Lord, with exclusive devotion. I know that would be unacceptable for you to rescue to children from Satan, only to give them back into much the same corruption of teaching. But should they decide to become servants of my Lord, with exclusive devotion only to You, and not mix teachings of other sources, then I would be assuming this would change Your judgment and allow the children to be back with their mother.

I assume once a custody decision is made and carried out, that it would not be changeable at that point. All matters, of course, are at the discretion of my Lord, with my full approval, whether in harmony with what I asked or not. I know my Lord has not forgotten the word of His son, who promised all things revealed about all Satan's dirty little secrets. It has been my assumption that this case has the look and feel of one that is not ordinary, but extraordinary, with the appearance of Your hand in it. Several others have had this same opinion. If this were the case, I would be expecting a rescue on your part. But I do realize that it could be accomplished without a rescue, but this would be most bitter to me and many others and I also know that my Lord does not use people in vain. I trust in the good will, good intentions, and good faith of my Lord.

I make this plea with giving proper notice to affected parties of their obligations should they want Your services and salvation. If they do not want these, then I assume foster care of Your choosing, and not that of the UK would be far better than the current situation, unless the parents can talk the UK into something, which I do not believe possible. My offers of personal liability in my first plea, more than ever, remain as my word and pledge.

I add in this plea, that many consider Your servant to be absurd in his expectations of my Lord. I accept this reputation and am quite willing to keep it, not because I want it or like it, but I gladly accept any suffering for my choosing to remain ever confident of Your abilities and intentions. I have every confidence in your concern of this matter, regardless of decision. I realize that I may be grossly lacking in understanding the types of limitations You took upon yourself in allowing Yourself to be unjustly accused by the evil one. I realize there maybe constraints You have upon Yourself that I do not know, that could hamper what Your choices are in this matter. I would never find fault in my Lord for His decisions. I have every confidence and trust in my Lord.

Neither am I unaware of the possibility that my own actions may leave something to be desired on the part of my Lord. I accept any guilt You might place on me and its consequences in this petition. If there is to be a fault, ultimately, it would seem to me to belong to the UK and Satan. Your concerns of settling Your case with Satan does have a certain pre-eminence in all affairs in heaven and on earth. I have never lost sight of that.

So I leave this matter now in Your hands, the Sovereign Judge of the heavens and the earth, for consideration. You are, and have always been, my one and only hope. You can fix this whole thing. So I leave the decision now in Your hands to decide. I pray that it will not be much longer.

I shall print out this plea, and have it notarized so that it could serve in any court of law as a legally recognized document. And upon notarization, I will make copies in PDF form and put it on on my website and anywhere else requested or deemed useful, for publicity's sake, one hard copy for file and one for backup. The rest is up to You.

Your servant, H. Scott Irving; Finished May 2, 2015, 4:14 AM, EDST. This document will not be altered, even for punctuation, once it is notarized. Errors will remain in copies, if any. Notarized document was done at about 3:30 PM EDST.

Notarized scanned document to verify who did this and when si-plea2.pdf    uploaded May 4, 2016

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