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My 3rd petition to my God, Jehovah, by European translation/tradition since 1209 BC, beginning this on Sep. 14, 2016.

Submitted by myself, H. Scott Irving, of Southern Maine, USA, from birth to present, having been serving my Lord since my baptism of July 5, 1980.

My 1st Petition made May 15, 2015, about 3 months after the videos of the 2 children, Alisa and Gabriel, appeared on the net on Youtube. My 2nd petition made on May 2, 2016, following the April 27 discovery of all the kids’ videos having been deleted everywhere on Youtube and Vimeo, the work of Satan.

I first asked that the children be rescued by Your power and might, as well as justice, seeing their capture and their very public testimony of 2 witnesses recorded for all to see, hear and verify as being authentic testimony give publicly. I saw this even as being something extraordinary and having Your Hand all over it. I still take this to be true.

In that same year of 2015, the world did erupt in October to the amazement of many, particularly among conspiracy theorists as some call them and we even call ourselves by that. Clearly, this seemed to me to verify that Satan was hurled down to earth to begin the great miseries foretold by You thru Your son, my redeemer. And now the USA election also proves to be a time like no other before it.

But it is also at this time, after having pleaded for others to receive the children at my pleading, that it occurs to me that perhaps You were not satisfied with any of the prospects I suggested. And that I had not offered my own services to You and the children, that these might be spared by You and cared for by me, that they might have their salvation fully secured in You;

And that they might also being able to have some real joy in the short time left, which I would give all my efforts toward. And as well, to see the devil and his servants thwarted by allowing the children to see and have dealings with their mother, so important to them. And to me, who would delight in seeing My Lord reverse the evil carried out by Satan against the 2 children.

Of concern to me as well, is the fact that the Hampstead Arena has been over-run by shills and imposters and other trouble makes who seek the misery of the children to continue, and try to destroy the credibility of the Childrens’ case that I volunteered to represent.

It also strikes me that as far into the fulfillment of your words we are in, down here, that Satan has squashed free speech in all manner, censoring the net and social sites, and threatening greater censorship and making it quite clear that we, collectively the “two witnesses” here on earth, shall soon be preaching in sack cloth and ashes for 3.5 years.  

Another world war seems imminent, in order to prepare for the antichrist. And in the UK especially, children are being ruthlessly stolen by UK Authorities without cause, so that evil ones might enjoy the children for outrageous sexual abuse of every sort. There is no helper for them except you. My efforts do nothing. I have sought for more workers into the harvest, but only You can make that work.

Really, all that I and any servant of Yours can do, is dependent upon you. It is your power, and Your spirit that animates all things. Salvation is not thru our own doing but is dependent only upon You. I have never seen it any other way.

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But as well, It is you who make it known throughout the scriptures, that You hate the haughty, the proud, the vain, the bullies, the arrogant. How many times have you brought these types to justice, simply for the extremity of their evil. I am currently working on an article to highlight those very things, for the world to consider.

The UK is unlike any other nation for stealing children from parents for no real substantial reason or justification other than that the elite of British society may prey on other peoples’ children for obscene purposes. Satan’s worshipers as cannibals, sacrificing children and adults to Satan, and eating their flesh. Let this not be covered over any longer. They make the Canaanites look saintly by comparison.

Bring the 2 children to me and I will see they have access to their mom and that they be taught to be yours and to know more joy in the short time left, than all their previous years. I know how to do all this. You enabled my learning.

Let Your enemies be in fear of you. Let the world get a taste of Your power. They might deny it or ignore it, but they will have no excuse for ignoring it. Let them be exposed. Let them be humiliated and humbled. Let them be accountable ahead of all the rest.

I continue to serve you with a whole heart and all my time that I can muster. I can not offer much more in pleas that You do not already know. I know that You have many considerations in regards to your dispute with Satan and that You accepted harsh measures of limits to prove your point beyond all reason and excuse; and to test and demonstrate Your Handiwork, Your creation, us, Your image and likeness.

I do not doubt You, and Your will, and your obvious unlimited power, though willingly held back except where necessary. I know You will act when it is appropriate and that might not be quite yet. But whenever it is, I trust that You are the one who knows the situation far better than I.

I wanted to make my feelings known to You, and relate them to You, that it may be clear to all that I do love and trust you and give all my devotion to you; and that You care about the situation regarding the horrors committed upon the small ones of Your image who have no way to defend themselves and surely a time will come when You will expose what is being done. And if it were possible, that You might spare the two children who tried so hard and were totally betrayed by law and justice. To that end, I offer my services to You to care for them both if You are willing to free them.

You have the power to make such a miracle happen. You have done it before and we are seeing Satan open the portal. Let Your son do the same.

Were is possible, I would ask that what was done to them and that what was, and continues, to be done to so many young ones, can be exposed fully. And if no one takes note, then at least we both know the world is not worthy or deserving of life, as a result. In Your hands I entrust myself that Your will be done and not my own. I will accept whatever you can do or what you prefer to do or not do. It should be as You see fit. I would have it no other way.

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The 2 children, Alisa and Gabriel, at near this time, September 5-17, 2014, gave testimony, before being forced to change their story by the evil ones in the 17th. Worse, that authorities likely allowed the rape of the girl as a means to intimidate her. This at the age of 9! If I am wrong, ignore everything I say. If I am right, please make it right and expose this evil. Today, starting this, is Sep. 14, 2016 By this time 2 years ago the kids were stolen by UK police and CPS on Sep. 11, an event of far more, and far greater in implication than the 911 of 2001 in NYC. You know that to be so. 3 days from today will be the 2 year marker of their last police interview on Sep. 17 and its extreme injustice, with all manner of legal procedure violated and abused.

Have I not toiled and labored, without let up, from either Feb 8 or Feb 11 of 2015, to spread the word of the injustice and evil that is the UK. In fact, I had been working on Trauma Based Mind Control programming since at least 2011.

You know how bad I want this corrected. I know You must feel the same. This my final plea, in all likelihood on this matter, allowing that You may have considerations that I am not aware of. With the world soon to be plunged into WW3 with lots of death, no doubt, and much more to follow at the mid-term of the antichrist, surely letting people know what is really going on with world wide Secret Satanic rituals and horrific abuse of all human beings that fall prey to these monsters,  and what wicked governments do in programming children and adults;   and the world wide trafficking of sex slaves of all desirable ages, throughout the world,  that all the nations share in and participate in, should be known so that some might gain enough brains to avoid being in WW3, and falling for the crap of the Fake Jesus coming.

Father, in the name of Your son, Jesus, let Your will be done and done well, that Satan should have to operate alongside your truth, rather than him being allowed to only have his views on things made known. I rest my case and plead with You, hungering and thirsting for some sort of justice and relief.

While others are assured that their efforts can overcome evil, I do not believe such a thing. I know that only You can rescue the kids or any of us, for Satan does have total control of the world now. That is why kids suffer as they do and parents as well. Do not make us all suffer because some believe that they can or will overcome. Only You can overcome the monster in power now, the great dragon and serpent himself, Satan the devil. Let the world see Your glory, even if they do not accept it as such. At least they had the chance. Its in Your hands now, as it always was.

In Jesus name, Your servant, H. Scott Irving

September 14, 2016, 8:11 PM. To be notarized Sep. 15, 2016,

so that it would be documented and permissible in any court of law, but most especially that belonging to God, who hears His own always.

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H. Scott Irving 3rd petition to God, September 2016 of 3 pages previous.

STATE OF MAINE, COUNTY OF CUMBERLAND, ss.: On this day, September 15, 2016,

personally appeared before me    H. Scott Irving, of Southern Maine.


to me known to be the person(s) described in and who executed the within and foregoing instrument, and acknowledged that he/she signed the same as his/her voluntary act and deed, for the uses and purposes therein mentioned.

Witness my hand and official seal hereto affixed

this_______ day of_____________

Notary Sig:                                                                                         

Notary Public in and for the State of                                                                     

My commission expires_______________________


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I had planned on getting this notarized in the 15th and forgot to take with with my to Portland. So It was today, the 16th, that I got it done.

Some might ask, why make your petition/prayer public? A good question.

God and his servants stress prayer. His son Jesus urged prayer. Why so? It is important to established a real relationship and dependence upon the living God, Jehovah and His son, too, placed in charge since accomplishing a feat unlike any other in heaven. A sign of the Father's confidence in His son.,

Many believe that they are in control or that maybe God depends upon them. He does not and never has. Instead, we need Him and need to learn to depend on Him. But as well, our prayers are a sign or trust and confidence in Him and that he can reward His servants or help them, and guide them. A test of our trust is praying to Him, believing that He is there and hears, and cares.

Too many today do not believe in God or think that He can do anything. They have little to no faith in him. I declare my faith in Him and my belief that He is involved in our affair, thought it may not seem like it. God has willingly constrained Himself in His dispute with Satan, that we may all show what we are or what we are not, for Satan has said, in essence, that we are laughable pathetic creation and that God essentially blew it in making us.  God is confident that He did not blow it and that some will rise to the occasion and make God proud. And had not Satan interfered at the very beginning and allowed God's plan to be carried out according to that plan, Satan would have seen the wisdom of what God made.

My faith is always being tested as is the case with all people. To put my faith out there in public, asking the most outrageous, in hopes that it might be fulfilled, because I know that sooner or later, God will make His presence felt. His son will see to that. Those who put faith in God will not be disappointed.

Now I could have remained silent and prayed to God in secret, so as not to look silly if my prayers did not appear to be getting God's attention. I do not fear that. I know He does, but that He also has many constraints He accepted and so may not be able to act as I have begged. I do not fear ridicule and I do fear not showing interests in 2 children's feelings, lives, and future. I would rather risk ridicule than not to try and help not only the two children, Alisa and Gabriel, but all those who are victims of Satanic cults/worship and Government trauma based Mind control programming, that also makes great use of the worship of Satan in their evil programming of human minds. It is the worst thing and the most hidden and covered over thing in all the earth.

So let everyone mock me and laugh at me. Please, the more the better. Because with enough ridicule, God's son will be so enraged, he will feel compelled to grant my requests, just to silence his enemies, who say he is not real and does not exist. Some might say, Jesus does not fear anything not does the Father. But you would be wrong. They fear letting an outrageous challenged not being answered and their reputation put to shame. They will not have it.

God had at one time been willing to give over Israel to their enemies, that is, until the enemies started mocking God and saying He was no god at all that could stand up against them. For this reason, God decided that He would Israel after all, and and assert Himself over those mocking Him.

What I know for sure is that God will not remain forever silent in this time of great testing and approaching judgment. He has promised prophets, according to Jesus, in the last days, and anyone recognizing one of  these of God, will also receive a prophet's reward. Don't know how many and what sort of signs or wonders they might perform that would show Jesus' appointment/approval of them.

I might know the Bible real well, but I have no signs or wonders to offer, other than that even a fool can grasp the Bible.

But let this be a warning. Should by some miracle, these kids be released from captivity and placed into my hands, you will have a lot to think about. Because in my opinion, them escaping their captors and being freed and naturally, protected too, as a result, then you will have seen quite the miracle. But some will not believe, even if a voice from heaven should speak or if someone should perform loads of signs and miracles.

So many of you had best hope this prayer never gets answered because, otherwise, I may end up being unbearable with joy and mocking doubters. So let the ridicule begin if you would. I need all the help I can get. There is no help here on Earth, apart from God acting.

May God Sanctify His name and cause for the benefit of those who believe and shame the world as well. And let it be said, prayer is important and a necessity.