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Alisa Police Interviews


I believe there are remarkable things revealed in this interview that may not have been recognized so far. See what you think. What I found was that the body language was very different in the last session, the so called recantation for Alisa. I added some pictures to reinforce what I am talking about.

The Police Interviews
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Sep 5, 1st interview Part 1
Sep. 5 interview, Part 2
Sep 11 interview Part 1
Sep 11 interview Part 2
Sep 11 interview Part 3
September 17 interview  
Sep 17 part 2
Age Regression
Non-verbal Communication
Mind Control & Torture
Alisa, the 20, and the 200

After the summer trip to Morocco, during which trip most of the testimony of the kids was recorded, Mom and Abe take the kids to report the crimes to the police and child "protective" services (CPS). This was Sep. 5, 2014. If you have read George Orwell's 1984 then you might remember the word double-speak. Double speak is really just a clever form of lying, where you describe something as its exact opposite. The police might be called the "ministry of love." Protective services are really child kidnapping services. This is the outstanding trait of the late 20th and the 21st century nations. They twist, distort, and grossly lie to the extreme opposite. The Environmental Protection Agency only protects industry from having to clean up or install pollution removers and make the people pay for it all.

Schools are meant to hinder and prevent education so that the masses remain dumb and helpless. Police are often enforcers similar to mob strongmen, who carry out the wicked orders of leaders and courts. They also give out lots of tickets for very small infractions as a means to increase tax revenues. The odd thing about this all, is that these changes in words seem to actually work and fool the masses. That is especially scary. As well, we have paid shills and trolls on the internet who are professional liars whose only job is to lie about things and alter the perception of what is believed in common among the people. The various media and entertainment industries have always lied about and misrepresented life.

This was apparently something not understood by Ella and Abe. They thought, despite the kids telling them that CPS supplied babies to kill and eat and that "cops did sex to them." But I will say that since we live in such dangerous and deceitful,. perilous times, we should waste no time in learning all we can about what goes on around us. People not interested in their environment and surroundings take an awful risk and we see the results here in this case.

On the other hand, God may have seen, overall, a good way to wake up the world to the extreme dangers of evil, with the temporary loss and hurt experienced by Ells, Abe, and the kids. I hope it will be temporary. I have some reasons for believing it will be temporary. Life is full of suffering and loss. But it is not in vain if we learn from it. its regrettable that we have to endure it, but it is an essential part of life after the first human pair rejected God in favor of Satan.

The danger is not just in my head. It should be manifest to all. I'll use Mel Ve's beautiful term here: "Cognitive Dissonance" Junkies. Its another way of saying clueless. Actually, super philosopher (says I) & reporter Jon Rappoport   says it used to just be called a contradiction rather than Cognitive Dissonance, and he is right, of course. We don't want to be asleep to what is taking place. Jesus had warned his followers that in those last perilous days, that people would take no note of what was going on around them. I'd say he managed to hit that one on the head. And that was 1900 years ago. But you don't have to agree.

Sep 5, 1st interview    with Alisa
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This was at  about 11:35 PM at the end of the 1st interview. They, the observers and interviewer are conferring. She is looking around at the cameras. There are 3 cameras, one up high, one in front, sort of and you see her eyes looking right at the one of the right in 1 and 2. Who knows what she was thinking at this time, having finished her interview. Stealing a line or 2 from "Night Gallery" of the early 70s TV: I call this one, "A Lamb Led to the Slaughter."

At the start, Alisa appears calm and focused and there is a straight delivery without stumbling or pauses. She does not fidget at all. No weird body contortions and positions. She is low key in her voice, perhaps even despondent or not so sure about it all. Who can blame her. But she gets more lively in her discussions as she goes on. She does a wonderful job, trusting in the sincerity of the interviewer, when in reality, they have no honorable intentions whatsoever. In fact, I would say that as soon as they heard about this, they had preplanned strategies for various possibilities of this nature. Mom and the kids were walking right into the lion's mouth. Just damn cruel and monstrous.

Now if you are new to this subject/scandal and can keep an open mind, I am sure you will see the absurdities and total fraud committed by the investigators, more correctly called liars and conspirators against law, order and decency. If you have read some of the horrendous stuff said about Alisa's Mom and Abe, you are about to find out just how monstrous and deceit the entire legal process was and is and even worse, what a complete bunch of liars the media are. This is solid evidence that the world truly is controlled from top to bottom and that it is all lies and deceit. And it is God' will that you know about this. So He really does care. I only do this stuff here because I care and I care about God as well. What He wants is what I want. I make no money and gain nothing, whether you believe me or not.

But I do not want anyone else have to experience what Alisa's Mom and Abe went thru in trying to do some good and save, not only their own 2 kids, but the other 18 of the special 20 kids that Satan had grand plans for.

But before we move on, I want to make a point about why the interviewer left. The whole 3 person team had only one goal in mind. To find someone else to blame, one of the complaining members. Problem was, Alisa gave them nothing in this interview. So they discussed this, and set up another interview, quite long, about 1 hour, to see if they could turn up something in the next interview. They would ask questions about Mom and Abe, but mysteriously, they never asked anything much about the many that Alisa accused, most especially her dad, so called. Hideous Monster is far more appropriate.

I'd like to make this point, just for the hell of it. Girls in say, Cambodia, are often forced by parents to prostitute. That's a pretty horrid thing to have to face. They adjust because they have no choice. And a part of them dies. On the other hand, all they have to do is have sex with strangers. That is not as bad as what Gabriel and Alisa have to face. They face torture quite frequently. The torture is deliberately designed to take every last bit of decency out of them, every last bit of self-will and all hope will die in time and they will reluctantly accept whatever and will think nothing of cruelty and do the same to their kids. You'll see shortly.

This is the typical result that enables the Satanic cult to continue from one generation to the next and as well, to enable new colonies/nests of Satan worshipers to spring up and slowly overtake the earth. As well, they are always on the lookout for new recruits who like to rape and torture kids to produce more damaged Satanic slaves.

This interview as well as the 2nd one, are very much alike and in the 3rd interview date, the so called retraction, Alisa is a much different person in every way. A changed person indicates a very changed and manipulated circumstance. This is why these interviews are so important. You need to see who is really lying and who is not.

Alisa reports that the staff of the school and others do sex in the staff room where there is a sofa, at 11:12. this is more important than you think. Alisa tells the voice on the Patio video, taken at home after their 1st interview, maybe the next day or so after, that the kids are sold for sex at 50 pounds each. She mentions like 200 kids a day, for a years worth of days, 5 days a week, would be 250 days X 50 pounds X 200 kids. = 2.5 million pounds. Can some one, anyone, confirm or deny these details. Or is it only on Wednesdays? 2.5 million pounds is not small amount of cash. Further, with colonies all over the UK, we are looking at astronomical amounts of money made off institutionalized mass rape in the UK on the most vulnerable and defenseless.

Listen, there have been lots of so called monsters in the past. Pol Pot, Mao, Stalin, Hitler, Mongols, Huns, and on and on. But honestly, they have nothing on the current regime in the UK. This is the biggest atrocity on record, ever. This is what God is determined to show. But I need verifiable fact, not whimsy. If you have info, please see it gets passed along.

There are perhaps one or 2 in our movement who might think this is just prurient perverted interest. That certainly is the accusation of the government and legal system of the UK. But I think it is very obvious that forces child prostitution of the possible proportions suggested is plenty of reason to inquire and settle whether this is true or not. So you are either part of the problem or part of the solution. Which will you choose? I need to know.

Injected here but not part of the interview, was a report I saw briefly and thought I had saved it but found no bookmark and nothing in the browser history. It was posted a couple days ago, but not with the full info I saw the 1st time. Alisa allegedly was brought up to the front of the class by Mr. H@!!i*Gs, made to take off her underwear in front of the whole class, where Mr. H then inserted a plastic willie up her bum, then pushes it back and forth I gather, making noises as he does so. She said she had to face frontwards, but it was not clear what frontwards was in relation to say, the classroom. Front wall of the class? Facing the class? Facing Mr. H or facing away from H. This was also done to Gabriel sometimes, too.

What does it matter? Several reasons. First, it could be fake or not. 2nd, were Gabriel and Alisa the only ones sought out for this? Were special 20 all required to do this once in a while. Were there regular kids who were not involved with sex? That would seem dangerous and risky to me. The direction would indicate just what H was trying to accomplish for humiliation and degradation. but is only Alisa and Gabe had this done, then they were being singled out for more abuse and that is very important to know. I get the sense that they were more persecuted and that they were continually held in suspicion. Why?

My suspicion is that the Cult and Satan may well have been aware that Gabe and Alisa were the ones who were going to determine whether Satan and his cult would be able to defeat and stop the two kids from exposing them or whether they would break thru and break out of the fearful programming. I believe this was the setup, determined before it ever got started. God has long had a plan for exposure of this very nasty Satanic ritual rape and torture, often abbreviated as SRA. So again, this is not kinky crap that the courts would suggest, since they all have that very problem. I am trying to determine how much or how little this whole affair involves God and the Devil battling this out. I would appreciate any additional clarification to look deeper into this cult's goals.

At 12:44, she describes the 2nd floor with room/grade 4 and 5 are and the staff room just beyond. "That is where we do sex."

This would be easy to verify.

The kids get paid sweets for doing sex. The closet with the sweets was in Alisa's classroom 4.

14:35: Social services gets local babies. "they are in on it!" she says! She gives vivid detail of Miss Marden injecting a baby in the neck and Alisa describes carefully what happens to the baby after injection. This could not possibly been made up or coached. This is the real deal. No one would have concocted so much detail with such accuracy.

Now honestly, would Abe be able to concoct all this? Since kids would normally have limited memory if being coached, this degree of detail about the baby slumping off and injected at the neck. Nobody would normally go to this detail and what is more, Alisa offered this without being prompted. The preponderance of evidence and the most likely explanation for this type of testimony is that Alisa was getting this from memories firmly embedded within real experience. "Occam's razor" suggests that the simplest (or most obvious) explanation is usually the correct one. So why was this ignored by police? And not investigated by police?!

This is huge! At 17:05, Alisa says dad is learning them, pauses and says, correcting herself: teaching them to, as follows below.
I'll explain later why this is so big! It is clear that someone corrects her about that usage and I suspect it is her mother.

At 17:10 she explains that her dad is teaching her and Gabriel to cut heads off and that they will have to teach their kids the same thing when they are parents. You see, there really is a method at work in this stuff. Remember this real well, too. This line is remarkable. How do you just write this all off? Lets just pretend that someone did coach her to say this. Whoever coached her understood very well the process of conditioning of multigenerational Satanic Ritual Abuse and Conditioning? Who could qualify for such knowledge? Abe told Alisa on the patio recording that he and her mom had never believed in this stuff before. That video was recorded right after this interview back at home, Sep. 5. Only Dear dad Ricky Demon could have done this in my opinion.

At 24:00, she says that after killing a baby, there is often lots of blood on the floor and they have to clean it off. Note that blood residue can be revealed by ultra violet light and maybe a chemical. Cops uses it all the time. After the interviews, lots of work was going on in many of the places the kids described. No doubt in my mind that a lot of wood was replaced so that blood would not be found. Therefore, doing any search now in March 2015, would be in vain since investigators allowed so much time so that the criminals could cover their tracks. This should be held against the investigators and suspects accused and the worst assumed.

Any serious justice system could never allow this sort of outrage. The only way this could be countered is to pass an automatic sentence upon those accused by the kids. But that possibility is right up there with Easter Bunny and the fairy godmother.

Automatic guilt and sentencing? Absolutely! If you  have a chance to do a proper investigative search and you do not do it, then all charges will be assumed to have been deliberately covered up and guilt would be established. If you don't want guilt automatically assigned, then you best take care to do a thorough, timely investigation with the utmost vigilance. I do not tolerate anyone screwing with my jurisdiction and court. Mock me and I'd have deputies ready to fill heads with lead. Publicly and televised, of course, along with video recordings. That would make the next bastard that comes into my court think twice about playing games with justice and lives. The UK, on the other hand, has no conscience.

At about 24:20, Alisa describes a silver goblet for the blood and the investigator asks where that is kept. Without hesitation, she puts it in the cupboard where another item is. This was beyond what she told and she could come up with the answer without thinking. This is pretty damn solid testimony; rock hard. Impeccable!

The interviewer wants to know if the kitchen is where they make the lunches. But Alisa clarifies that instead of lunches, they eat the cooked babies. He wasn't ready for that one. He had been trying to trip her up. She could not be budged. She was super! He then asks about the bones, thinking he can nail her here. But she has another ready answer. If she had rehearsed things, coming up with unexpected questions would have thrown her off. Not Alisa! No way! She tells of a carving shop that uses the bones to make sculptures and the like and a man named Felix there. She gives all sort of detail on the skulls. Just remarkable.

The interview ran out before the secret room where the skulls were kept, could be related.

Lets make a note or 2 here. Alisa has this stuff just pouring out of her. It comes so fast and hard, that she often makes jumps in the info, skipping some stuff and having to go back and fil in some missing stuff. It is bursting out of her, because it was so built up in her and distressing for her. Neither her not Gabriel liked what they were doing. That could probably be said about all the special 20. But in these two, it seems exceptionally strong and they seem a little more rebellious suspicious to the staff and dad. So dad and staff seemed to pick on these two more and not trust them. Alisa will say that in her 2nd interview. But were the staff and dad pre-alerted to this by Satan? I really think it possible and likely.

Sep. 5 interview, Part 2:
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It picks up where it left off. "They hide it in loads of places." They change the places where its stored. They mostly hide it in the houses where they often have parties. Mr. Hollings lives in Highgate and she describes his house and secret places. She describes a lot of detail. She definitely was there in Hollings house. What I note is her emphatic yes, yes, with certainty, at many points. She does not have any doubt about what she speaks of. It would be impossible to doubt her. She is either an actor better than any I have ever seen on the screen or she is the real deal.

Her dad's house is similar to Mr. H's but long in one direction. She describes descent down into a secret room. She corrects "Steve" and goes into precision detail about the setup downstairs. Listen to her correct Steve again at 18:15. He tries to confuse her but she immediately clears it up. She is fast, it pours out of her with great speed. I would love to see just one politician be even a 10th as honest as she comes off looking. Never any hesitation on her part. This is all very clear and precise in her head. "They got big bunches of keys." "Loads." She gives Steve precise directions on how to catch the school the next day and who and what he will find. She says he will catch them all.  But she does not know they have already been alerted and busy covering over and behaving.

To not follow up on this exactly as she recommended, can only be construed as criminal in intent and action. Intent to commit fraud and to betray duty and diligence, and commit treason against the law and enforcement of the law. He'd be dead as soon as I heard this as judge. I'd then order the complete department rounded up and if they looked at me the wrong way, they'd get bullet to the back of the head. No mercy!

Somewhere in this interview, my first notes record her saying that the teachers and staff do not trust her and Gabriel. I believe this is one of those signs that Gabe and Alisa were not happy ever in this school. They had a contrast with their mother, who did not abuse them. The looks on their faces perhaps gave them away. That they finally broke out of the fear, thanks to Abe, I might point out, is an indication that they were, deep inside, glad to get it out, for the most part. Alisa might have been a little bit more concerned than Gabe. It did seem to me on Abe's/Ella's videos that they were relieved to get it out and have it stop. No surprise there!

Millie changed schools because she did not like the sex. "All the Hampstead schools do it." (Sex). She listed some of them off, a little before 21:00. They take a break at 23:34 and its about 11:28 PM. That is absurdly late. She wants them to go to the school tomorrow but what chance is there of that if they are there so late? They probably did that deliberately.

"It sounds like you got loads and loads to tell us." So they want to schedule a couple more dates. I believe they already knew this was authentic and that they needed to kidnap the kids to derail this whole scandal. This was a cover up all the entire way from the start. I think Alisa knew that they had to strike fast for a search or it would all get covered up. She wanted a search the next day. They were not going to. Alisa was no dummy. So why was mom so clueless. I can't help but ask. and don't you think that is not going on in Alisa's mind, either. She had doubts throughout the videos.  Gabriels was begging her to tell and she did not want to. She was staying silent. Imagine how he feels right now, too.

Kids trust and depend on their parents for protection. When they are let down in a big way, its going to be a hard pill to swallow. You can't avoid that. I'm have problems swallowing it myself.

I want to draw special attention to the fact that there was no squirming or odd positions for Alisa the whole time. Her mind was focuses and her speech was non-stop and steady. What a contrast it will prove to be compared to the last interview known as the recantation, which was a total deception and fraud as I see it.

End of Sep 5 Alisa Interviews<<<

Notes:    Alisa appears calm and focused and there is a straight delivery without lots of stumbling or pauses. She does not fidget at all. No weird body contortions and positions. She is low key in her voice. But she gets more lively in her discussions as she goes on.

This is huge! At 17:05, Alisa says dad is learning them, then quicly says, correcting herself: teaching them to, as follows below.
I'll explain later why this is so big! It is clear that someone corrects her about that usage and I suspect it is her mother.

Sep 11 interviews - 3 parts     (do you think 911 was an accident or coincidence for this date? I don't!) 
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Sep. 11, part 1 of 3
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She seems subdued in expression at first but gets into gear, same as the 1st interview on Sep 5.

Steve says he talks to children most of the time. He’s the cover man and professional dickhead.

There is no substantial movement. She seems calm, composed, relaxed.

I want to set up something here, which is my opinion only, but based on lots of previous cases. The 2 kids delivered great testimony the 1st time. They had plenty to say about the activities of the school, last time, and yet, no search warrant sought and carried out. Quite strange, don't you think?  The kids delivered plenty of evidence. But it was ignored. Instead, they set up a 2nd interview which we begin. Many details here are kind of boring at first. There seems to be no real purpose to any of it. The rooms of themselves had nothing to yield. I had another ally going over this and the amount of info was not impressing him like the 1st set. But he is no where near as informed, having only the 1st interviews. He needs time. Its part of why I have been working on a full presentation. I got lots of promoting to do and I hear almost nothing here in the USA. That has got to change.

After 6:00

They dance with the baby skulls in the big church. Table with 2 big candles, a nursery, little room with the skulls. Wooden seats (pews). She does not know the name. she draws it all out. A kitchen, too. She knows the rooms well and draws them on paper.

After 18:00 Caretaker with big ring of keys. Many parents keep their own skulls. Her dad and teachers keep their skulls at the church. Parents dance in their own house, too. 20 special children, of which our 2 heroes belong. These are to be the next generation of Satan worshipers to take the place of the previous ones, doing to their own as had been done to them as kids.

At 21:00 she confirms with solid emphatic yes’s. She is very certain and even confident, assured. I think she sort of felt safe, since nothing seemed unusual so far.

22:00, the nursery is not allowed to use the fridge since baby meet is kept in there. The nursery has their own fridge. These rules are very important and keys and locks are used to make sure rules are not violated. The “privilege” of receiving and eating baby meat is a sort of sacrament allowed these special children dedicated to Satan, and special adults as well Ricky demon eats baby twice a day. Not just anyone can have it and nothing else allowed in the special fridge.

This was the end of part 1, but I want to point out a few more things. And you might think me crazy and you are welcomed to that but I do not believe in coincidence and  I have seen and experienced far too much to think this is just an isolated thing.

Dicky Demon is the boss and leader of this cult. It is a high ranking position, if you understand these things. His salary? Oh, he gets one but you'll not likely find any records. Paid by the Satanic Pedophile network, you can be assured. All members are guaranteed protection, should anything happen, but especially Dicky Demon. The proof of that is accomplished before we have finished this 2nd interview.

Sep. 11, part 2
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1:00 Alisa lives with mom & Abraham and nanny (Galia) comes over, too. Asks about mom: she’s kind, we ask her for food, mainly. We sometimes nag her for food. With a grin on her face, she says we like sweet stuff. She lists soup, fruit. Abraham introduced them to hemp as a health food. Other foods, too.

My suspicion here when Steve is asking about food, that he is searching for and hoping they can find fault with mom as a meal provider. But it didn't work out.

Myself, Truth1, I eat hemp seeds, sometimes called hemp hearts, that are soft. Great on ice cream. Also hemp protein power and hemp oil. Its actually a very healthy plant, much maligned by governments without just cause.

"Momma’s really kind and looks after us. Takes us on holidays. Sometimes she gives us junk food.  Sometimes a real sugary smoothie."

~30:50 9/11 - Steve: Is there anything about mom you don’t like? Meditation from age 6 to now at 9. Alisa says that mom did not know Alisa was eating babies (meat) which you are not supposed to do before meditating. A did not want to meditate when mom wanted her to at times, because of A eating meat at school previously. Alisa admitted to stealing money and buying sweets with it. “Or sometimes give it to my dad.”

I got several things here. First, why is Steve looking for negative things about mom. What evidence does he have to justify such an inquiry? Answer? ZERO. This is rock solid evidence that he was just looking for straws to pull. The evidence was only against demon dad and the cult. That was the only thing anyone was asking an investigation into. The deceit and treachery could not be more obvious. Instead, Steve is all interested in mom and Abe. Huh? What? Excuse me? In my court, this guy would be missing his head and the other as well. Hey, everybody wants to get a-head, right?

Somewhere near here she did use the “learned us” instead of “teach us.” I think it just slipped her mind because she does correct herself later and continues to use "taught us or me" rather than learned. Good job, Ella! But it is kind of cute, just the same.

Steve: What’s papa hemp like? "He’s kind, but when we were telling him all about this, on the holidays in Morocco, we were scared to tell, of course, so we lied a bit" "we lied a lot, though." Abraham confronted them saying someone is touching you and I now who it is.” “And we got really scared” “and we just gave up and said it was my dad.” But you do notice that now Steve is focusing on papa Hemp. They were trying so hard to find any little thing they could twist and distort. This sure as hell is no way for law enforcement to behave.

Listen, this should concern any decent person. How would you like to have people trying to frame you when you had done nothing. But this situation is worse cause not only did he not do anything seriously wrong, he actually got the kids to reveal who was hurting them. Alisa was grateful for the rescue as we will see a few more lines or paragraphs down. He rescued them from rape and torture. They should have given him a medal and parade as I see it. What do I know, right? This case provides absolute irrefutable evidence of the intent from the beginning to commit fraud and abuse their office and violate the public's trust and commit treason against law and order.

What we have here is a solid pattern of Steve and his 2 assistants upstairs, ignoring the subject of the complaints and looking for anything at all to fault the complainers. You don't investigate those who complain. You investigate their accusations against others. But it is more than a little obvious that they are going to go to any length to protect little Dickie Demon, at any cost, and protect his cult as well. so we now have a well established Satanic network where they control all measures of law and investigation, so as to eliminate any complainers and complaints. Your cops and police are criminals. You're on your own now. Good luck!

You will carefully note that Alisa readily admitted to stealing money, and lying a lot. She was very candid and honest with her own sins. She also later admits after Gabriel beat the hell out of her, that she did start it. This is very good evidence that she would come clean on all matters. She was very honest. You have to marvel about this kind of stuff because these 2 kids absorbed unimaginable amounts of pain and abuse, degradation, and more. Such treatment often causes serious damage and lots of anger and hate. I really got a sense that she had a good heart and was not going to weasel out of anything, like many kids would.

If you will forgive me for wandering off the path for just a moment, it is a natural function of the mind to wall off and isolate traumatic experiences inside the mind/brain that in general, are beyond the ability of a child or adult to cope with at the time of emotional injury. The feelings are isolated and secluded so that the thinking mind can continue to function, if possible, without any distraction or disturbance. The stored pain will often be felt in dreams. Or one might over-react to a small event if that event is similar to the trauma that is stored away. The trauma can cause various feelings such as anxiety to be felt at a low level. But if one's gates in the brain circuits work well, the conscious mind will be relatively calm and focused.

This is part of what makes Gabriel and Alisa interesting case studies in that they have pretty much violated the pattern of being a wreck from torture. They may have had exceptional genetic beginnings. That is something that monstrous government mind control programmers look for in determining who to program for particular uses. But I also suspect that mom might have had some influence on that. It sure was hell as not the bastard from hell, Mr. Demon. And I am very sure that inside these two kids was some remarkable resilience and goodness in them. That is why they have provoked such strong feelings in people. Plus they are young, attractive, even charming and photogenic. It is why I suspect some sort of divine mission in this case to be worked out. I sure hope I am right on that one.

These kids did not like what they were doing. I'll prove it, don't worry. So little faith, huh ;-) Recall that they did not like to go to school on Wednesdays. Well, can you blame them? But as well, Alisa said earlier in this article/section that the school staff did not trust them. Why? What was it? It was the look in their faces. It may be just ahead a ways, or it was already covered, but Demon punished Alisa because she did not want to beat up and hurt Gabriel. So Demon whacked her hard with a spoon and so she gave her word. But there appears to be enough events like that, that show these 2, more than was typical of say that 20 special kids group, although even that is nor fair because the kids have identified some that might be willing to squeal. But we do have one more thing. Ella was not involved with the cult so that the kids could get some tenderness and not get as much abuse and reinforcement as the other kids, who parents were both in on it. I do not have any doubt that Ella was an important element there.

"We gave up the deal with my dad to tell anyone about this, or mom or anyone." “But at that time we were terrified to tell all about this. The babies teeth and the baby killing and all this."

Abraham tried to use a spoon and he didn’t hurt us, they weren’t hard licks, but just gave us the soft licks. Then she says:  “especially so we could tell, because we were used to hurting. She said it quite sincerely and convincing. But Steve was going to make something of it. She says they told Abraham the only way they could tell him was to have him hurting us. Cause we were used to hurting,  she said emphatically.

Steve: Why did he hit you? She said "it was because we kept lying and wouldn’t tell."

Alisa already told Steve (dickhead, his last name) why! He refused to acknowledge it. He found his escape goat excuse. Notice he ignores that daddy dearest was beating his kids senseless with spoons. That was perfectly OK. Can you see now? Total Bullshit! Law? Order? Justice? Ain't no such thing, my friends. Just pure Satanic evil throughout the world. Its over. We, the good, lost. Now only God can recover it for us.

She then clarifies and said that he had figured out from when they said that when they misbehaved with dad, he would give them (spoon) licks so Abraham deduced that a soft lick might get them to talk. I could not discern if they had given him permission or he just decided to try it. Without certainty, I’d say he probably decided to give it a try. She was emphatic that they were just soft licks. Note pic16, relabeled either 4 or 7 (09:46) of her leaning forward and the strong facial assertion. And mom was watching and said nothing, likely, because it was no big deal. It was a problem the needed fixed. Abraham ended up fixing it.

Abraham got warm water and would dump what looked from Alisa’s gestures as a cup to pour the water onto them telling them he was blessing them.

Mom thought it was OK, hoping it might work. Alisa made it very clear that the cut on the chin by the spoon which was very sharp at the end of the handle edge, was an accident and did not bother her. She said she forgave him. She was very convincing to me. But Abe realized that the hits were not working. Alisa said they were too used to getting hit and hurt by dad. I don't doubt a word she said.

It was exactly at this point (10:57) that Steve stopped. He had what he needed.

He had no doubt been signaled from the 2 people upstairs to discuss this. He paid no attention to what daddy demon was guilty of, which Alisa did make quite clear. He only cared that he had something he could blame on Abraham. This was total dirt. I would say that Steve has done this sort of thing many times. He has no integrity or soul as I see it. Even if we assume the worst about Abe’s licks, these pale in comparison to dad’s painful inflictions as well as those of his fellow cult members. This is prima facie evidence of corrupting the investigation process and deliberately trying to frame someone. But Dad was never investigated despite Alisa’s considerable testimony about him. This was at 6:49 PM their time. They come back at 6:59 PM. Steve had 10 minutes to confer with the other 2 observers and make their strategy for more questions that might allow them to accuse Abe.

And let me be clear about this. I find no fault in Abraham at all. Alisa was his biggest defender and she came off totally sincere. The problem here was extreme corruption from a total piece of human scum interviewing, when he really belongs feeding the birds and carrion with his carcass. it'll be here soon enough.

Alisa: Once he saw me and Gabriel touching each other in the privates. She even showed the motions she did with Gabe. She said they were taught “by my father.” Steve wanted to clarify what Abe did! He is still at it. What is his major problem? Aside from having no soul or morals, that is! But not want to know anything about what dad did. Is that how they investigate? Alisa listed: the spoons and water and Abraham explaining to them that killing babies is wrong. Well, Steve didn't think killing babies was wrong. He probably likes raping kids, too. I'm just guessing. Abraham did briefly encounter dad once, says Alisa and Abe had a sense then that  it was like something was wrong with dad.

Steve is so dishonest. He wants to know what this water torture was. She had explained this quite clearly before. He was hoping he could get something out of her testimony to blow out of proportion and make Abe look like a madman. Utterly absurd. They stand on their knees and he pours the water on them, from the bottle or bucket.

Steve asks how it felt when Abe poured the water on her. She said it felt cold but it was warm water. That’s all he could get. Do you see how insane this is? Making mountains out of molehills is the specialty of governments and enforcement. They are not out to get to the truth. They are just out to get what they want, regardless of truth. They would all be missing their heads in my court. I’d never tolerate such disrespect for the laws in my jurisdiction.

There is no room for doubt. This was a setup and total fraud. At 23:27, she is shaking her head back and forth saying, not hard, not hard, when Steve brought up the spoons again, for the 3rd or 4th time. My opinion is Alisa’s account is totally believable. She related far too much info and repeated it often and her body language confirms it. Further, that the licks were not enough to get the kids to budge, given their previous abuse by dad, is also solid.

Alisa explains the spoon cut as Abe was pushing the handle of the spoon into her chin and pushing it upward and telling her to tell.

The following line is not actual conversation. Its my version of sarcasm about this matter. Got it?
Pretended Steve: Where was mom when you were near to death, Alisa? as if she was knocking on death’s door with a spoon against her. How did you manage to even live thru this, Alisa? Oh, the horror. I can't go on interviewing. I think I'm going to faint.  <<end of fake scenario<<

But again, nothing dad did ever mattered. Big willies up the bum were nothing at all I gather. This is truly madness and ultra criminal. Steve Dickhead also ignores prostitution of a 9 year old. Steve could care less about that. He prefers boys, anyway. He was licking his chops in anticipation of Gabriel. What a perv!

Alisa: “Gabriel seems like he hates licks but he likes them.” He screams and says it hurts, but actually, is doesn’t really hurt him. End of Part 2.

Sep. 11, part 3
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Dad was a bastard, kids fight. We had the worst of fights, me and Gabriel. Steve wants to go back to Abraham. I’ll bet he does! But Alisa was the one with the complaints. But Steve does not give a damn about a child being abused. Honestly, torture is not such a bad concept when one thinks of Stevey boy.

On spoon lickings: “Moroco was the only time he ever done it to me. Same for Gabe.
00:25 she again says, my father learned me and Gabriel, well, taught me and Gabriel to fight each other but its worse than a dog fight. Gabe would grab Alisa’s hair and smash her head down on the floor. Dad told Alisa to grab her bother and make his head bleed. Nice guy, huh? He really loves his kids you know, and so does gay Steve, not that there's anything wrong with that ;-) She asks how to do that but she did not want to do it. Demon did not sense she was intent on doing it so he it her real hard with spoon licks and made it bleed. So he got her to promise to beat Gabe and so she did it. Dad asked if she had a picture frame with glass in it. She said she did.

He taught us to fight really badly. She describes a horrific fight where she got Gabe into a small crib that she then pushes under the bed and he is trapped and screaming like crazy. Then she runs and hides in "like a cupboard." When Gabe caught up to her, he grabbed her hair and banged her head on the walls, floor, everywhere. She admits she started it. She used glass from the frame to cut him in the head. Hey, maybe we should just get the kids to gang up on Steve. Then lets see how he likes Demon's teaching tactics.

Alisa relates how dad hit her left top side of head and split it open with a spoon. The she saw him beat her mother bad. Nearly killed her. Her older brother James called the police. Dad got arrested.

She remembers this at 3. Steve questions that. So Steve is already calling  her liar. No pressure, of course. Nice Guy, huh? She made it very clear that she remembered. She was not going to back down on that one. I might point out that this memory back to 3 might indicate an exceptional intelligence or perhaps early maturity a little bit ahead of most kids. Natural genetics or epigenetics or maybe slightly tweaked by God. You never know. Either way, Ella has to get some of the credit. You can't avoid that.

I remember stuff at age 2 before I could talk. My memories were verified by my mother, when I explained the memories and asked for more info.

Alisa relates how the bathroom door opens out and Alisa peeked in and dad saw her and pretended he did not and opened the door fast and clobbered her a good one and left her head injured. A 3 year old. God, he is such a nice man, huh. Father of the year! But as you can see, multi-generational Satanic abuse makes monsters of people.

So Steve has what he and his co-partners need to protect D. Demon, the Satan Coven leader. They got their man/victim. Now they just got to kidnap Alisa and Gabriel after the exam tomorrow. Your tax dollars hard at work, you understand.

It is my opinion that Alisa was perhaps just a little more relaxed and comfortable, but she does not understand what evil this bastard is up to. Now above, and in all 8 frames, Alisa is leaning forward toward Steve. Strong body language that she is comfortable and not trying to back away or hide anything. This is an honest girl. It is the way she would prefer to be. But Steve likes treacherous evil, just like his hero, the devil. She is very expressive throughout. Often even emphatic. Like the 1st session, the stuff just flies out of her so that she ends up leaving stuff out and having to go back and fill in things. There is no deception anywhere in this testimony. This aspect of body language is will known. I got a book from the late 70s or early 80s mentioning this leaning forward. Notice her direct look with her eyes, intent and straight ahead. She's not glancing away or varying at all. Rock solid steady, flawless. She is the real deal.

But in the next interview, you will see a much different Alisa. Its very sad. I would not rule out anything as regards pressure or intimidation. There ain't a hell hot enough for these Satanic a-holes. And I don't even believe in hell, unless you're talking about the UK. I do believe in that hell. I'd rather face fire, to be honest. So does Alisa now.

Sep 17 interviews
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Alisa at 00:30 movements begin. 00:45, 3:25, 3:45 these are body postures not seen in her 1st and 2nd interviews. She is much different this time.  
At 2:33 she is speaking slow, as either depressed or drugged. Even her hair is undone. She is not the same girl at all, in any aspect. She was a fast talking before, very animated in her speech. her speech in this video is often slow, labored, low volume, despondent.

Alisa asks near the beginning: "So what are we going to start off by saying?" She did not say, what are we going to talked about. The agenda had already been determined and what to SAY was the key. She almost seems drugged and giddy. Not like first time at all.

5:25 her arm goes down between her legs. Squeezes intensely at 5:40. She sort of stumbles in recounting Abraham at 6:10 and "they guessed and they guessed and they guessed and Abe said no, its your father." 6:45 hands are moving. 7:18, too.    odd contortion at 9:05.  9:40 hand buried down. At 9:50 watch the hand movements.  11:50 more.

Near to 12:00. Abraham comes in and says whose touching you. Why do you think he asked that, Steve asks. I don’t know, she said. I think he was trying to get me in trouble, I think. After mentioning her and Gabe touching each other, and Abe catching them, he asks: "Who taught you two to do that." She admits to Steve that they were touching each other.

Then Sofie is said to be the teacher. Sofie was 1st mentioned that I know, in the patio video after their first Sep 5 interview. Alisa said that Sofie was the only one who liked doing sex.

She (Sofie) learned me to do that but I don’t know where she got it from but she just done it to me. Sofie was her friend and then she wasn’t. Alisa could not get her story straight this time. Nothing like her wonderful debut. Its so obvious. Gabriel once said Sofie was Alisa’s best friend in his interviews to come. Alisa doing some fidgeting. Sofie got her, Alisa, to touch Gabe for sweets. It was not very convincing. Alisa: Sofie learned me.   Abe: No, someone else. Alisa: It was Sofie. Abe: No, it was dad.

I really do need to point out here that Alisa was very cognizant of "learned us, -, taught us," in the 1st interview. But in the 3rd interview, it was consistently "learned us" how to do that. She was either under great stress or she had age regressed in that session to a time previous to what is likely mom's trying to elevate her language skills. She was quick to correct herself that 1st time. her mind was no where near the previous level. She was a mess inside. It is so obvious.

Age regression needs to be understood and appreciated. I had once seen a PBS documentary of the Hillside Stranger of LA, CA, USA. I think he had taped one of his torturing and killings. The young woman, terrified beyond comprehension cried that she wanted her mommy. In great panic or stress, especially fear of death, people tend to go back to childhood, often a safer time in their lives. Alisa was under huge stress. She had been 5 days in captivity and I would imagine she was a wreck. She might even had resentment toward mom for this happening. Its is a distinct possibility. But her speech was not nearly as slick as it was the first interview. This can not be denied.

So what was Alisa so upset about. She feared going back to being a prostitute for one, because torture was going to be a part of it as it had been before. As well, she likely expected that she was going to be punished severely for squealing. Maybe she was a little upset with Mom. Maybe not deserved, but when you hurt, the mind can do strange things with reasoning. It even did it with me.

The pool stuff was all made up by Abe, supposedly. How did Abe know about the pool since only Ricky took them there that I know?

Total bullshit that Abe made up the skulls story. Abe had no idea. He confessed on video to Alisa in the patio video that he and Ella have never believed in any of that Satanic ritual sex stuff. But now he was a believer. It seemed like a very credible and believable statement. Why else would they go to the police? This statement would directly contradict any accusations of the "retraction."

She admits dad takes her to the pool. So Abe concocts, she says. No way. 16:00 leg twisting. Watch 16:51 where she gets uptight. 

Alisa: He (Abe) called me bad words which hurt my feelings. Steve had said at the beginning of every session that bad words were OK to say. But Steve did not ask what any of the bad words were. Alisa was so good and thorough with numerous details in the1st interview, and yet here, offers so very little info. Its not like her at all. She gave Steve all he thought he would need, but not in my court! I want to know where his quest for details disappeared to. He asked all sorts of stupid questions on detail in the 1st interview. Bad words were OK to say. Non-specific. By the way, my deputies in my court carry lots of ammo. I insist on it! ;-)

17:15 legs over arm in middle.

Alisa said she was hoping that they doctors would find a problem with her (in the anal exam) because she was afraid they would find out she lied about the abuse if there was nothing. I have never heard such bullshit. They must have threatened her real good. So she was relieved when they did find a scars. Oh, you  haven't heard the worst yet.

She could not explain the scars of the exam. No one has ever stuck anything in her bum, she says. We have just solved this case, in case you did not notice. You can't have her kinds of injuries and not remember something. Stick something with a girth of probably near to 1.5 or 2 inches in width, at least, and I guarantee you will remember. Can I get a witness? Anyone?

Anyway, since it is impossible that she could not know, then she is lying. I do not fault her. But someone coached her (threatened actually as I see it) and she had been, in my mind, incarcerated, without anyone like mom to be able to account for Alisa during that 8 days of in-house arrest. True, the police do not say arrest. They say they were taking her away because she was in danger of some sort. Boy, was she ever. They did not mention the danger was them, not mom.

She not only had injuries to her anus, but had PTSD. So don't tell me nothing happened. Abraham supposedly coaching, could not cause PTSD. This is absolute indisputable (prima facie) evidence for the police having tempered with a witness and creating a story that was impossible in explaining the medically verified evidence of both children. You do not need anymore than this. Case closed! Deputies! Secure this man and terminate him NOW!

Plastic willies not true. Alisa says Sofie had sexy toys and pictures of plastic willies. So I gotta ask, how did a 9 year old girl get sex toys. I'd see her parents as really suspicious. Steve should have, too. He should have contacted CPS to investigate Sofie' parents. Look at 20:20 all previous testimony not true.

Sofie blamed for everything. Alisa had to be very threatened. She gave ample denial and excuses, and none of it with the style and delivery of her 1st interview. It was like a totally different person in every way. Gabriel was not able to give much detail or even denial. Alisa had to explain it all and she had a far better skill level to be made use of, so they used her primarily. she might have even had some bitterness to help her. She certainly had to have fear to move her along.

What is more, a totally different manner in the girl indicates great duress. That she was not in the care of the mother should throw out this fraudulent interview since mom had no way to verify what sort of treatment and communication took place. This is a sort of unilateral (one way) communication or observation. Mom could not supervise to make sure Alisa was not being pressured or tampered with or threatened. What a total mockery of justice. There is absolutely no shame in the UK. Depraved beyond imagination.

So now they have a bogus explanation for what the kids knew so much about sex. the Ricky Demon explanation, though a much better fit, was not what they wanted. But Sofie does not begin to account for the nastiness of the kids toward mom and Abraham. The kids were truly scared to tell anything and they fought hard. what could cause that kind of fear and fight? Not Sofie! Not Abe! Only ricky dickie.

I think it should be understood at this point that serious and deep psychology must be employed in our detective work. Alisa's former calm body language and vast details and clear coherent explanations without lots of odd body language stands in huge contrast to the final interview/retraction, where her body language was most unusual and such a great departure from her former posture.

The subconscious human mind is a fascinating thing to understand. I have read on it extensively. Experts may well contest my assertions but I would say they are part of the coverup that extends throughout every part of society. They can not be trusted. Just the fact they are professionals puts them in a suspicious category.

The subconscious acts as a great and vigilant protector of the entire person. Our fight or flight responses come from the deep instinctive regions of the brain. The subconscious stands every ready to shelter us from realizations that are life threatening in its eyes. We can be potentially blinded in our realizations if the subconscious believes we would not be able to function mentally if we had to face certain realities and so the "sub" spares us from confronting that and it walls off that realization, which is traumatic in scope, and keeps it hidden until such time, if that ever arrives, when we have the tools to be able to process it and the willingness to do so.

Hilgard called this sub-conscious the hidden observer. Erickson was also well noted for this dual consciousness theory. Dr. Janov also deals with these understandings. These are all highly respected psychologist, the 1st 2 of whom are now dead and Janov, still in practice near to age 90.

The subconscious will often try to communicate through dreams at night, or it can choose a non-verbal outlet, most often involving non-verbal body language and posture. Alisa's body responses in the recantation were screaming out to us for help. She did not believe a word she was telling. Somebody had threatened her but good and she was scared. Ever been uptight? Do you feel relaxed when you are? I don't. Feel on edge? I do. And you will be stiff in manner and appearance or you will be very fidgety and squirming around just as Alisa was. You can't imagine how she was suffering but she feels like there is no way out and probably no hope. There are many people who ought to be executed for this type of treason against law, land, nation, and citizens.

This whole matter is sound evidence that all has gone wrong in our world. Can you read the handwriting on the wall? I believe we are standing on the threshold of a major confrontation and showdown. I would not be surprised to see WWIII started to distract us from this. Time will tell.

In legal terms, when the lawyer for one side is allowed communication with the judge and the other side is not, this is a serious breach of conduct. They call it unilateral communication. To simplify that term, it is one way communication when it should be all parties involved in any communication. In addition, since police and CPS were accused by Alisa in the 1st interview, those 2 parties should have been relieve of any involvement in investigation, as I see it.

Because both of those parties have more than the usual responsibility as a public office that affects every aspect of justice, they should have been prevented from any involvement and a special prosecutor should have been appointed by someone of a very serious and responsible office far above the levels being bypassed. Some very high raking officials of the municipality of London should have been appointed. In fact, any time law enforcement is accused of indecent conduct in an investigation, there should be special prosecutors intervene at that point.

Of course, those I mention above, all would have lied and covered it over. There is no refuge or escape. That is the absolute truth.

Alisa's personality transformation is not noted or accounted for and same for Steve, who had no questions this time, on details. The changes and no possibility of the mother having recourse to observation and care of her kids makes this entire exercise a serious violation of all manner of proper investigation. If I were a judge in power, I would have immediately returned the kids and ordered an independent investigation of the accused agencies and many would have been put on administrative leave until I had a satisfactory explanation for the huge discrepancies. Further, this should have been a criminal investigation, not a family court.

Had I found inexcusable conduct or serious oversight, there would be some officers facing execution. Investigation and judicial procedure are not small matters. They are of the highest order, and merit the highest responsibility and accountability. Inexcusable conduct must be severely punished in such instances in order to deter others from doing the same. That nothing is done is every indication that the worst of judicial atrocities is perfectly acceptable at all levels.

This means there has been a total corruption and destruction of the judicial system and certain evidence that then entirety of that system is now nothing more than a crime syndicate of the worst of proportions. At this point, I could only conclude that the UK is now in total chaos and ruin. I would then recommend an investigation by the world courts of justice, such as the UN. I would question the UK's continuing to be on the security council of the UN, when she appears to have no semblance of law and order within her boundaries and is not fit to judge any other nation or judicial matters of a world scale. I can see no other conclusion, as a citizen of the USA, who is also concerned with the conduct of her allies and matters affecting the entire world.

There needs to be an immediate response to this outrageous atrocity by the UN or she, too, will lose her credibility. But to be honest, I have no confidence or faith in any political authority to sincerely tend to honoring justice and dignity to peoples of little power or wealth. I believe all power and authority as abandoned the common people and declared war on the people. Satan is in charge and he is not a nice guy. I believe the people have enough evidence to come to this conclusion and decide how to best resolve their matters among themselves.

People need to become wiser so they can avoid as much trouble with authority and power as is possible and know that danger is clear and present everywhere.

I have lots to review yet. I'll be putting it up as I review it.

Sep. 17  Part 2
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"What are you going to do to Abraham and my mom?" She asks this in a depressed or drugged voice.

Steve told off Ella for asking Alisa about what was said and that was putting undue pressure on Alisa says Steve. By the way, Alisa says in the patio video that she and Abe felt that Steve was in on the pedo crap and covering.

Alisa clearly wants to go home in indicating that Abraham is not living at their home anymore. Steve wants to make sure Abe can never come back again. Alisa says she does not mind if Abraham comes back. Steve will not have it. Poor Alisa just wants to go home. It could not be any more clear. Alisa is asking all this in a very low key subdued voice. Her spirit has been crushed.

But Steve again does not want Abe back and Alisa admits that he will be back. Not sure why she says that. Steve mentioned hearing what dad has to say as well. Alisa seemed to ignore that aspect. She probably new what that would lead to. I was looking for the word to sum this 5 minutes up. Despondent was the word that came to me.

Below are pictures from this last 5 minute interview. the 1st below was the last frame or two of the previous part 1. Next pic is the beginning of part 2. First, shrink your screen view or whatever do you can see all 8 frames at the same time. What do you see? She is slumped over in every frame. Alright, now I want you to stick your face as close to the screen as you can on the first frame 29:25. It could be sadness but as best as I can tell, it is a bizarre kind of glassy-eyed smile. I think she has likely gone back to a better time, because the horror and hopelessness of the situation she is in it too much She has begun dissociation and retreated from reality. She is numb at this point. I had that happen to me once in 1983. I was not sad. I was not hurt. I was not angry. I just went totally numb, crawled into bed in the afternoon and went to sleep. It was a certain amount of shock as well.

It the 2nd frame which is in the final 2nd part at the beginning, her hand changes some and the face goes more straight. She is coming back to the present, sort of. Straight faced in the 3rd with the head up. She is just waiting in the 4th. she will continue to wait in 5 & 6 in the 2nd row of pics.

At no. 6, 00:57, she is awake, eyes slightly open, but drifting inside. Susanna was right about this one. Bless her heart for also doing research. We need all the heads we can muster to work on this problem together. I don' know how I missed some of this. My mind must have been somewhere else, what little there is left of it.

But the heart-breaker is the 3rd frame at 2:33. In a low depressed voice, she asks: What's gonna happen to Abraham and my mum? She just wanted to go back home. This is major problem of the governments, which began their social programs, for the most part, in the 1960s. The government knows better than the parents what is best, so they say. But the problem is that the government has a deceitful agenda. They are not really trying to help anyone. They just want to steal kids for their perverted pleasures and sick sacrifices. Oh, but it is us who are the perverts they say, and that we only want to see pictures so we can all get excited. Well, you see, they figure we are all just like they are and they do get very excited over kids. You don't even want to know what they think about. But just imagine the worst and you will at least be in the neighborhood.

Now the so called judge also mentioned those with their poisoned history. Oh, crap, they caught me. Damned. but its not poisoned. It just that we peel back the layers of lies and expose the Satanic bas-tards for what they really are. They do not appreciate that. Am I done yet? No, I guts some more for ya.

Is Alisa drugged? Depression could possibly explain most of this. I am not sure it satisfies all aspects. So lets just try something here. The first 2 pictures are very strange to me. They just don't fit right. She is under a lot of pain, but still. It is 11:00 AM GMT, nor even noon, yet. They have been at this for only 32 minutes. She looks either dead tired, or because of the stress, she is overly tired, taxed. Possibly R. Demon had them out once or twice and "shared" them with the cult for some "disciplinary" measures. Who can tell!

But she does look relaxed in posture. But Alisa was very animated in her voice and she had speed of delivery and clarity. She was a little dynamo. None of this is to be found here. There is something very wrong. Determining what is the hard part. She as been in captivity for 4 or 5 days, I believe. Does not look like the vacation went so well, huh? The truth is there is probably a mixture that presents us with this situation. Depression and loss, for sure. But I think drugs could also be involved.

Lets try this! Why would they drug her. Had she been emotionally upset and distraught. I'd be very surprised if she had not been so. Had they tried an interview previously and had emotional breakdowns? I would not be surprised at that, either. Imagine that you finally break out of fear and can finally tell your what you would have liked to have told her a long time ago, but you were so scared. You finally get free and enjoy a few months of peace and now it all gets taken from you and you are back in the nightmare all over again and there are those impending death threats. Now often when bullies threaten, they don't always mean what they say. They are trying to scare. but the victim does not always know that.

Alisa's heart, her confidence, everything went for this huge roller coaster ride. It has to hurt like hell. Could she be near to tears half the time. I'll bet you that there is a damn good chance, at least, that she was. So they doped her up so high that near the beginning, she was almost sort of giddy. I did catch that the 1st time. Susana had to hit me over the head and put some sense into me for this and I am most grateful to her for it.

But as far as I am concerned, the difference in every aspect of this girl cannot be explained by just 1 or 2o factors. I have to at least give drugs a considerable possibility of being used. To be honest, I can hardly doubt use of drugs. Either that or they replaced her with a very different look alike and I do rule that one out. I know! Crazy, aren't I. Well, you don't have to be crazy to live in this world, but it does help :-)

I am going to add a section next to just go over some stuff that was in before but in another place.

Age Regression
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MIT big wig professor Marvin Minsky explains how layers of the brain are laid down, layer upon layer, as we grow in the mind. So the layers present in childhood remain and can be accessed. In times of great fear, we end up dropping down/back, in time. These regions can also be accessed by hypnosis and mind-control programmers.

Warning: do not ever seek out hypnosis or practice it. It is very dangerous and professionals lie like hell about it. They say you ca not be made to do anything against your will and that is an absolute and utter lie. the can even plant a word or visual symbol in you mind that will activate any programming they might install in you. I believe the Bible condemn this when it forbids charmers. I have written an article on it in my psychology section I think as well as another place on my site.

Age regression can also be triggered by external events where the event triggers previous similar experience and one is brought back to that time and can even bring back the feeling.

These are known in psychology but they don't get talked about that much since they are a big part of mind control programming. Anything that leads to secret Mind Control is usually avoided in order to keep it secret.

Psychology is not an honest profession. I probably won't have to convince anyone here, but the elites will deny all things related to this stuff.

Non-verbal Communication
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This subject got a lot of attention in the 70s. I read my mother's books on it in my 20s. It sort of made it into the mainstream. Body posture, position, arm movements, eye movements, facial expressions, and the like. These can emphasize our speech, but they can also contradict our speech. Body language is more primitive and controlled by the non-verbal intuitive (usually) right hemisphere, more directly connected to the sub-conscious. We often detect and react to non-verbal language without even knowing it. It can reveal a lot and many do not make use of it or even know much about it. But in the spooky world of politics and the military, they know all about it.

we are often controlled by it and be unaware. We can telegraph what we are thinking with it. People can read other people if they know the language or have very sensitive feelings, empathy, sympathy, and the like.

But what I find most unusual from my own experiments, is that this language seems to be share commonly with most of the animal kingdom and humans. It permeates all species, it would appear. I have had experiences with a horse, mouse, bird, 2 cats, dogs, all of which are classified for now :-) I haven't got the time to write, right now. but it is safe to say we probably don't make enough use of it.

Psychopaths/Sociopaths, who can feel no empathy, are often also incapable of reading people. We can become emotionally blind. We can also awaken with work on ourselves, looking deep within. Amongst those who were tortured as kids by Satanic ritual abuse and rape are pretty much dead inside and feel no empathy for their victims. Pain, screams, and the like do not impress them at all. Satan is very much like this. That is what God tries to point out in their ongoing dispute to be settled soon. More to cover on this direction in the next section.

Mind Control & Torture
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There is conditioning and then there is this special type of programming, known by certain names such as Trauma based Mind Control, MK-Ultra mind control. The MK is the German spelling of Mind Kontrol since Germany had made this into a science (and a nightmare, too) and it was brought to the USA under Operation Paperclip where near to 400 train cars full of documentation were brought to the USA, propelling out technology far beyond what we had prior to that.

MK programming involves hypnosis, along with drugs, torture for conditioning, and of more recent times, electronic signals (frequencies, etc), colors and lights, and even spinning chairs and all sort of stuff. Fritz Springmeier has the most material on this. You can find most of it on That is a web address. That is a great site, too. Tell him Scotty at Truth1 sent you ;-)

But for us here, most will never directly experience the extreme MK versions. Hypnosis and torture are the most common means of controlling the human mind and will. Torture is almost a universal form of mind control, conditioning and programming. That brings us to Gabriel and Alisa. One must understand that moste torture is not done randomly. The types of torture are carefully selected for very specific results. In MK type stuff back in the 50s and 60s made frequent use of rape. Rape is very harmful but very effective at destroying ones will, and sense of control, privacy, self-esteem, and the like.

Satanic goals are to break the will and create helpless people who will obey and do anything told. All empathy is destroyed. This is why demon daddy had Alisa and Gabriel beat the hell out of each other. The more violence and harm, the more destruction to empathy and kindness. The 2 kids explained it quite well to us, when talking about killing babies. "At firs it was scary but then after a while it did not bother us anymore." exactly.

Some examples of this was a woman programmed to be a CIA assassin, Kathleen Sullivan. I got her book and it is amazing. The programmers, which included her dad, wanted to create some huge rage in her, so that as an assassin in dangerous situations, that rage and its extra strength and fast reaction times, could be call sup into the mind and activated to get out of the situation. So dear dad took her baby and made her kill it with a knife. she did not want to do it and refused and he kept on persisting and eventually she could not hold up any more and begrudgingly related and cut the baby's throat. All this sound familiar?

But the effect, the intended effect, was realized. She has this huge hatred and rage for her father after this. that was just want they wanted.

Most conditioning can be accomplished with specific tortures. You have all heard of the horrors and abuse that our 2 kids have gone thru. They were tortured in very specific ways to create just the right effect and outcome. The ultimate goal is the next generation of Satan worshiper who will carry on the tradition and grow the religion of Satan.

This section is temporary, but it is important. I am asking for help and info on 2 accounts I have come across briefly. They have a huge potential impact on how bad this whole network and scheme is. Please read it and tell me anything you can about it to clarify or deny. Its 9 paragraphs in all.

Alisa, the 20, and the 200

Alisa reports that the staff of the school and others do sex in the staff room where there is a sofa, at 11:12. this is more important than you think. Alisa tells whoever on the Garden video, taken at home after their 1st interview.

At about 7:00 they talk about charging for sex. Alisa says it looks like a 1000 pounds a week they get. Maybe it’s a million pounds a week. 50 pounds every single day. In a whole year, 365 days. She says it’s a lot of money, like no such thing as a number.

So what was indicated here? Alisa might have gotten various numbers mixed up in order or category. Listen, she is only 9 and when I think back to my nine, I would say that her mind works far better at 9 than mine would have. But at 9, math skills are not that high. Distinguishing between say 10,000 and 1,000,000 at a glance could get confused.

The 50 lbs per customer seems tight. We know for sure there are the special 20. 20 * 50 = 1,000. A thousand pounds. Later beyond 11:00, the voice asks, do you know how many people you saved? Alisa replies with one word, 200! So we know that there were 200 students who "had sex done to them, for 50 lbs, I assume. That's 10 times what the 20 alone brought in. So 1,000 is now 10,000. But this might only be for Wednesdays, the "lots of sex" day, that Gabriel related in a video. But I do not know if all 200 had sex on Wednesdays or if Wednesdays were just for the 20 special ones.

She also mentions a possible million lbs and she says 50 lbs every day. I am guessing maybe she saw accounting books or something like that. Were kids available on call if a customer showed up? Was there some sort of schedule? There is a lot left out but what was briefly said leaves open some very big possibilities. I'd like to know a lot more about this 200. As well, I recall Alisa or Gabe mentioning some kids don't do sex and have to stay behind when the other kids go off to do sex or whatever. So what goes on with the 200? These are pretty scary possibilities. Just Wednesdays, at 200 * 50 = 10,000 lbs or near to $15,000 USD. Assuming summer vacation of 2 months, and 10 months on, average 4 weeks per month, 40 Wednesdays, @ 10,000 lbs is 400,000 lbs per year. If it is far more than Wednesdays, we are looking at staggering numbers and horrendous prostituting of grammar school age children. Unfathomable. And that is just this one school.

If Alisa was not held in house arrest and could tell us more, we might find more shock than we expected. Not give her back to mom would help coverup and prevent any further info being released. There should be a court order demanding that the kids be allowed to further testify about things. But I don't believe in fairy tales.


She also said in an interview the 1st one, that people come in off the street and pay 50 pounds for sex. Maybe it was a regular video. But she did say that people from the public come in and do sex to them. The money possibly indicated is staggering, really. But that money likely finds its way to much higher places if this is so. If other schools are doing it in Hampstead, then just that area alone may be making at least 10 or 12 million pounds a year. That's like 15 to18 million dollars in USA money. And if colonies are all over the UK, we are looking at a billion pounds in the UK, possibly, per year. And they get their conditioned next generation of Satan worshipers, producing another crop of prostitutes so they can grow the business along with the Satanic religion.

My conviction is that we may be missing the biggest part of this whole scandal. Prostitution and evangelism of Satan. Rome had to use armies to take over the world. Satan will take it over with torture of kids and prostitution. Can you see what I am saying. I know the courts say we are all perverts. They are hoping some of you will buy into that so that others can not follow up on this story and nail these bastards. Don't let the government screw with your heads. And they will try. After all, they got a lot to hide and cover up. I want to blow it all open. So I ask politely, whose side are you on?


Injected here but not part of the interview, was a report I saw briefly and thought I had saved it but found no bookmark and nothing in the browser history. It was posted a couple days ago, but not with the full info I saw the 1st time. Alisa allegedly was brought up to the front of the class by Mr. Hollings, made to take off her underwear in front of the whole class, where Mr. H then inserted a plastic willie up her bum, then pushes it back and forth I gather, making noises as he does so. She said she had to face frontwards, but it was not clear what frontwards was in relation to say, the classroom. Front wall of the class? Facing the class? Facing Mr. H or facing away from H. This was also done to Gabriel sometimes, too.

What does it matter? Several reasons. First, it could be fake or not. 2nd, were Gabriel and Alisa the only ones sought out for this? Were the special 20 all required to do this once in a while. Were there regular kids who were not involved with sex? How many kids are involved in sex activities? Are there kids seeing this that are not involved? That would seem dangerous and risky to me. The direction would indicate just what Hollings was trying to accomplish for humiliation and degradation. But if only Alisa and Gabe had this done, then they were being singled out for more abuse and that is very important to know. I get the sense that they were more persecuted and that they were continually held in suspicion. Why? Again, what is the composition of the class? It affects the whole prostitution formula.

My suspicion is that the Cult and Satan may well have been aware that Gabe and Alisa were the ones who were going to determine whether Satan and his cult would be able to defeat and stop the two kids from exposing them or whether they would break thru and break out of the fearful programming. I believe this was the setup, determined before it ever got started. God has long had a plan for exposure of this very nasty Satanic ritual rape and torture, often abbreviated as SRA. So again, this is not kinky crap that the courts would suggest, since they all have that very problem. I am trying to determine how much or how little this whole affair involves God and the Devil battling this out. I would appreciate any additional clarification to look deeper into this cult's goals.

The thing that strikes me as most perplexing is why did Dearman, raised to be a monster and probably Cult leader, since he did become one, marry a woman who was not a Satan worshiper? It was bound to create possible problems. Maybe he was cock sure he could "change" her mind or something. I am sure she had an appeal on many levels, but maybe he had misjudged her, too, perhaps thinking she was weak or would be easy to run over. I think that ought to be dispelled by now. But the move seemed to me to be pretty foolhardy and risky, for a group to take. Surely Satan knew better.

Understand that even though thoroughly malevolent, these spirits are first very powerful and very intelligent, far more so that we. It just does not add up. Another reason why I tend to see this all as part of a test with high stakes for both, Though I know God was never concerned. He knew all along what He was doing. The devil was just too sure of himself and did not know enough when he took on his challenge.

I apologize for those who don't believe in spirits. I don't mean to shove my ideas down your throats. I have had that done to me in the past and it wad no fun, I assure you. But I do think you ought to be a little more astonished by the consistent appearance of Satan worship. Can all this really be an accident? For me, its hard to see it that way. So I am running on an assumption. It cold all turn out to be wrong as far as forces behind this event. But maybe you can understand my suspicions about what is behind this.

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