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Get Your Priorities Straight!!

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Psychopaths & Con-Artists
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Screwed Up Priorities as Danger Signs
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The Premise    What is Important?
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I was browsing Youtube videos, looking for the latest conspiracy stuff and whatever else might intrigue me. I stop at the channel: 
"A Call For An Uprising." The first two videos are "Your Vote Doesn't Count!!!" & "Transgender Bathroom Agenda." And then it came to me like a bolt of lightning! I wanted to rip into it right away. Opened up Frontpage to begin a new article for this site. I had already had tons of ideas come into my head. Are you ready?

I write this to all the Hampstead gang as you will understand. To the rest, I hope you will give this some thought. Think about the 10 schools in Hampstead forcing kids into sex all the time, with adults, with other children, both giving and receiving. Think about the constant cruelty of the adults toward all the kids. After all, Satan wants broken ruined people who have no will of their own and will do whatever the cult leader says.

Now tell me again why voting is so important! Has it ever made a difference whether it was a Republican president or a Democrat? Whether the Senate majority and control was one or the other party? Not that I ever saw! So why the hell is this supposedly so damned important? What real difference is there whether some sick disturbed mind feels better fooling themselves into thinking they are a women if they can use the women's bathroom, though still having a penis. Or a women feel better cause she can use the men's bathroom and confirm/justify her identity confusion?

In comparison to what kids are going thru in Mind Control Cults and Satanic Cults, these issues don't mean SHIT! I mean it. Not worth a shit! If a kid can not grow up without being forced to kill a baby or even a child or adult as they will likely have to do in Mind Control cults. And eat human flesh, of course. Did I mention frequent rape?

Look at all the nuts who get all upset about Illuminati symbols. Or those who freak out over kids dressed provocatively! While others are raped and have to kill babies and eat them and drink their blood. Did I miss something?

Upset with provocative dress? Why aren't you far more upset about them even having to go to school, where at least 50% of those kids are going to have their lives made miserable day in and day out, because of those with affluence and power because their parents have that, too? 50% of the kids will turn out quite maladjusted due to school conditioning, programming, and harassment as well as poor parenting.

By comparison, porn is far less harmful than schools could ever be, ever! Daily porn from ages 5-20 could never come close to the damage that school will cause. And now pretend its a Hampstead school. Alisa and Gabriel would put up a big fight every Wednesday, cause that was sex day at school. And they got be prostitutes. Tell me again how bad porn is? As bad as school? Note even close, you damn fools.

Gender equality! Really?  Your kidding me, right? For one, its not equality. Its favoring women to benefit the elite, who want to destroy men and patriarchy, which are  both creations of God almighty, Jehovah, who did it thru His son, actually. But of far more concern? How kids are treated and raised, or should I say tortured, brutalized, and psychologically damaged to the degree that years of therapy will be required and it will never be fully healed till Jesus returns for some payback.

For most, getting a house, having a "good" job, a fairly new car; these are the important things to them. What is not important is gaining knowledge, developing understanding of people, improving one's self, improving the world, making a difference, alerting people to dangers. Most do not value God or religion or I would bring those up as they are very important.

For most people, its about cell phones and selfies and expensive coffees, and new clothes and whatever. Its a really shallow world. It really does not justify its own existence.

Psychopaths & Con-Artists
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Concerning pages 64-67 from the book,

"Taking Care of Business" - "A Psychiatrist's Guide For True Career Success"

by author David Viscott, M.D.

My father had copied most of the excerpt below and had given a copy to me but it just sat around among my many notes and copied stuff and got buried and then rediscovered by me in the early years of the 21st century, I believe.

It really struck a nerve when I rediscovered it, since I had been thru nearly 11 years with Jehovah's Witnesses and nearly 11 with LL Bean, a big mail order corporation and then I was working for the 2 biggest psychopath employers of my life from 1998 to (got rid of one in 2003 and then the other in 2006).

 So it was all particularly relevant by that time and I had learned most of it by experience so that I could buy the advice real easy.

My last two employers were so sick and devious, lying little bastards and bitches, that it might be hard to believe such people could exist. Not one word out of their mouths could be trusted. They loved to try to hurt or torment people anytime they could. I realized how incredibly corrupt bosses, managers, and owners could be. Vile evil people. I had the sense that the world had gone very wrong somewhere and now the psychopaths were in charge, everywhere. So this book really resonated with me. I bought a copy of it since my father's was heavily underlined.

I felt this information was very important to many causes and issues that I right about now, more than 10 years later.

The Book:

Pg 64

Psychopaths—Con Men

Understanding psychopaths is important even if you may have very few contacts with them because each time you do, you risk being taken. If you don't recognize them in time, you will be seriously damaged.

Pg 65

The way to deal with psychopaths is to trust your suspicions! If you feel any doubt about what anyone is telling you, express it at once. Psychopaths will almost certainly have a ready explanation. It will sound prepared. It will be! If you pay attention to your feelings something will still not sound right to you. Just ignore their answer and their logic and say, "Something doesn't make sense here." Ask them to repeat. They will speak quickly, glossing over critical details. Take your time. Ask more questions. Listen to their answers from a distance, clinically. See if you can discern the motivation behind their words. At some point they may question how bright you are for not understanding them. This is an old ploy. Don't say, "Skip it," and allow them to continue. If you don't understand what they are saying, it probably doesn't make sense. You need to under­stand everything they tell you. For example, if you put money into a scheme you don't understand, the part you don't under­stand will be how you lose it.

>>I think I have a better solution. Try to think of all the worst ways to interpret what you are being told. Assume they are up to totally evil intent. If you see someone lie to others all the time, then you know what you are dealing with. And listen to your inner voice about your first impressions of the person you now suspect. In the case of the airport employer, a 3rd party management corporation, 2001-2006, the woman was the asst. manager and she was puffing on cigarettes and had a real tough hard demeanor. But she could put on a false fake phony niceness if she wanted. It should have rung bells since my father was a Dr. Jeckle - Mr. Hyde. But the niceness put me at ease. The Manager was gotten rid of, about a year and a month after I started.

He was straight, duty bound, no games. The company wanted someone more corrupt and obedient and who would kiss the airport's ass since they decided who got the contract for the company. So don't ignore first impressions. They worked at LL Bean. and I should have seen things in the 1998-2003 employer as well. A true blue psychopath who really loved to pick on people and make them miserable. Every word out of his mouth was lies. His father was a mean bastard, too. What is more, he was not too bright, but he was evil always. Listen to your gut!

I note that I changed employer to LL Bean in 1987. I moved to various departments during the Christmas season, a very busy season for that company and they liked people who would move around in that season and help out with their experience. I was lucky to have such a wide experience of the whole company.  I dealt with a huge variety of people, bosses, jobs, tasks, etc. So I did have a broad deep experience there.

Managing a huge company is not easy, just from a logistical aspect. One could expect many problems. The biggest one is the sheer numbers of people in peak season. I made it my mission to learn and understand every thing I could the experience. Here is the paradox. Despite being huge, LL Bean was far better managed than the 2 small companies I worked for after. It should have been the opposite. Small is much easier to deal with, keep track of, respond to. You are in touch with everything.

But that is not how it was. The last 2 employers were the worst and most chaotic. Why? Because they were run by psychopaths. There is one more thing to consider. The airport place had accumulated a number of ass kidding employees who were nothing but trouble and most of them were psychopaths, too, since misery loves company. It makes them feel less evil when everyone around them is.

I never got to work for the CEO and part owner of LL Bean, now dead. But I suspect that at the top, all bosses/leaders are quite possibly psychopaths by the mid 1990s. LL Bean took a wrong turn in 1989 and part of it was the Political Correctness sweeping the nation beginning about that time. So if one was not a psychopath before then, you quickly would have to become one, when rubbing shoulders with other CEOs and owners, and stockholders.<<

Remember, you will always have some feeling of doubt in dealing with psychopathic people. Pay attention to your doubt. It may be your only warning. Ignore your doubt and these people will move in and talk you into believing their logic. Psychopaths are liars. They will tell one lie and when you question them they will back it up with another. They will do this with a straight face and thank you for asking the question. They have no moral compunction about this. In fact, they have no moral sense at all. They believe what is right is what is good for them. They lie constantly just to keep their world in order. They are the freeloaders of life.

They do not care one whit about you. Expect them to be lying, you will seldom be wrong.

You sometimes have to discover psychopaths indirectly, by their wake, by the disturbances they leave behind. They are slippery and cover their tracks deviously. They set up others to take responsibility for their mistakes. They trick people into trusting them and keeping silent. If you look closely, you'll discover

Pg 66

that they always seem to have some kind of controversy going on around them. The people working with them seem troubled. Others often feel restricted by some secret agreement they have been coerced into and are afraid of speaking freely, like the people who were afraid to say the emperor was naked.

>>You know, the sad thing here is that what Viscott describes could apply to nearly any significant employer now. Every job place is a living hell and all the more so if you are nice or honest and maybe have some brains, too. Nobody likes anyone with ability. People with ability are threats. You will gather enemies just by existing. I am reminded of a scene in the 1st 1977 Star Wars movie, when Obiwan and Luke come upon a city and Obiwan says about the place they are viewing from a distance, "You'll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy." That would sum up most work places very well.

To be fair to Mr. Viscott, his book was published in 1985. So he was far sighted for the time. But the work place was much more sane at that time, too. Had he published in say, 2003, he would have found the whole world had gone made and psychopaths were to be found everywhere so that you could not get rid of them all or even a large amount of them.<<

Wherever they work, people waste time having to verify information because they always start rumors. They always claim to have some inside information that gives them power. In fact, they often structure their rumors in order to give them this power. They undermine authority, destroy team morale, and create an attitude of suspicion and blame.

If you hire a psychopath, you are in trouble.

If you discover a psychopath and do not fire him or her, you are a loser.

Accept this: They are saboteurs. There is no curing them. They will never confess the truth. They will destroy good­will. They will use you. They will never care. They will never help you.

They flatter. They convince. They talk pretty. They act pretty. And yet they are often well liked by everyone because they prey on people's needs for attention and understanding. They sniff out a person's weak place and play to it.  >>They kiss ass and its disgusting.<<

They befriend the lonely, the downtrodden, the insecure, and the desperate. They seek out those who want something for nothing, who want the bargain of the century, the greedy, the insincere, and those lacking in self-confidence.  >>They seek out the freaks and weirdoes; scum and villany, train wrecks. Theses types are easily manipulated and used. Lenin called them useful idiots.<<

Some good questions to ask suspected psychopaths are:

"Will you please repeat that?"

"Will you put that in writing?"         They hate this, but when they consent, look for a highly manipulative document that is vague on the precise issue you wanted spelled out.

"Are you telling the truth?"         Always good for shock value. "Why are you offering this to me?"

"Who else did you show this to? What did they say? Can I have their telephone number?"

If the contact is offered,

Pg 67

make the call and see if the other person corroborates the information exactly. Remember, psychopaths set up everyone. Ask the contact how long they have known this person. Think about how they could have been set up.

>>I have noticed on the net and in life, that if you ask someone to please answer the question asked, they will either avoid it or beat around the bush, change the subject, run, or just go silent and ignore it. I call it being evasive! They avoid! A great part of dishonesty is just not answering, for the answer would be incriminating. How many times have we all heard this: "No Comment!"<<

Psychopaths love using pressure. When they do, stall. Say, "Let me think this over." Take your time. Ask your accountant. Tell them you want to talk to your lawyer. Watch their reaction. It will be very smooth, but you'll feel their discomfort. See if you can repeat their pitch convincingly to another person. If you can't, it means that the original presentation lacked something that their style conveyed.

That style is your enemy. It blinds you by dazzling you with praise and appreciation. Remember, psychopaths know what you need.

They are the ones who will give you the most sensitive compliments.
   They will be the ones you will feel like befriending. 
      You will feel that they are genuine. That they really do see you as you see yourself.
      Even when they are genuine they are studied.
      Their praise serves their purpose. You'd do best to thank them for their appreciation and let them go. Assume you owe them nothing. You don't owe them a thing.

>>I do not agree that they are always smart and clever manipulators. Some are quite dumb. And if they come across someone who is not, or has morals, they do not know what to do except make trouble for you in any way they can. They got to where they are by being ruthless and being hired by other psychopaths. Evil loves allies.<<

Once you have found a psychopath, get rid of him.

Take time to absorb the material you have just read. It's a good idea to reread it in sections before and after you deal with a particular person. Since everyone possesses all three of the traits described above, it may not be possible to classify some­one exactly. This material will still be useful in explaining dependent, controlling, or competitive behavior even if the person who is exhibiting it doesn't fall precisely into one distinct category. In general, dependent behavior will center around the issue of love, controlling behavior around power, and compet­itive behavior around self-esteem.
<<<< End of Book Quote

Truth1 >>>>I bring this up with regard to working in a corporation, belonging to a demanding religion, circulating among friends and peers. But now most of all, in dealing with people on the net. I address the Hampstead crowd, who know who they are. Shills are all over the net now. They lie, they compliment falsely, they try to charm you. You will love them. I saw it too many times. People can not see thru people because most are desperate to hear good things about themselves and eager to receive compliments. Shills are liars, professional liars. That means they are good at what they do, as long as you are not to bright and maybe a little needy.

Most people are too trusting and not very observant of detail. Detail is the most important aspect. If you had been thru the religious experience that I had, you would be paranoid, suspicious, untrusting and very cautious. The religion I was in, Jehovah's Witnesses, was a dirty rotten religion made up mostly of ass-kissers, people pleasers, suck-ups, false flatterers; in short, very phony and false.

Everyone who was a social climber was also a snitch and never up to any good and always looking for trouble. You could not trust anyone. Its no wonder I left, right? But you know, I think its a shame more of you have not experienced that for a few years. It makes you very observant and smart. Nobody fools you after that. I went to work at a corporation and my former religions experience was a godsend. It could have been a lot worse where I worked. As it was, it was hell, just like my former religion. And it got worse with the next two jobs as well.

Most are not very skilled and are recognized as phonies and what I call snipers. Corporations and hierarchies have all kinds of snipers. These are people who live to hurt as many as possible. They are true psychopaths and sociopaths. Its not the ones you know about. It always the one you had no idea had aimed their crosshairs on you, for practically no reason at all. They were angry with life! That's all! If you looked happy, they hated you. If you got some recognition, they hated you for it.

I had gotten some sort of recognition from my department of the time and we were at the Christmas party of the department. We were auditors who worked in another facility ordinarily. The woman I worked with thought it would be great to tell the others at the facility what happened to me. I asked her to please say nothing and keep it a secret. I knew I had enemies out there. There is no big place you can work for that will not have plenty of those to go around.

But now to get to my point. When you discover a sadist, which most psychopaths are, you need to get rid of them fast if possible. I have seen them disrupt and ruin work places, foment troubles where none had been. They need cleaned out fast. So its not just Viscott that is seeing this and saying this.

I noticed that no one in the Hampstead crowed really even took shills seriously. By the way, Shills are leftists, subversives! That is their job and livelihood. I'm serious. They are paid to lie and disrupt and put on false appearances and plot the silencing of some or or making them look bad. It might not work, but they will try.

Some are of the opinion that one must be polite to all people and get along with everyone. But I agree with the author Viscott. Get rid of trouble makers just as fast as you can, if you are in charge. Don't leave them around because they will make you pay for it. It does matter. If you keep enough bums around, you will regret what they become. They might remain quiet for some time, till a critical time comes along, and then they will perform their sabotage.

Let me put it this way. I have started visiting Hoaxstread research about once a week at this writing, because some interesting info had been coming out, which is unusual for Hoaxstead. Normally their stuff is childish and useless. In the last 2 weeks, not so much. But some of the info they have or mention, does not sound like stuff they personally researched or discovered. For one, it has substance. But 2nd, it sounded like someone who hung around inside of the Hampstead Community had delivered the info. Most interesting.

So you think shills are no harm? Really? You might want to think again and look more closely at your so called friends. Some people are train wrecks and are better avoided. Train wrecks are nearly as bad as a full blown shill. They are not worth the bother or the toleration.

Your Friends Matter!
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Be picky about who your friends are. First, do they upbuild you, or do you simply put up with them because you do not know what else to do or you don't want to be rude. Good friends are good conversation. They have class and care about things. I think too many people tolerate too much in the way of toxic people who only tear down an atmosphere or get attention and hear themselves talk. My father loves to hear himself talk, but no one else did.

I see it this way. Do you like building elaborate sand castles and then watch others spitefully ruin it in your sight?

People will often judge you by your friends. It could reflect on you poorly or make many suspicious about you, even though you have done nothing. For me, I'd rather be alone than to have bums, losers, and worst of all, lying psychopaths around me, waiting to blind side me first chance they get. Some crazy people might mean well, but if they are too unstable or erratic, they will reflect poorly on your cause.

My experience at 57, is that it is important to carefully choose friends. Not FaceBook friends. Those often are not important unless you have a social cause that makes use of FB.

Don't put up with evasive people who are always trying to hide or avoid answering. I swear that the Hampstead case is not done yet for what will be revealed by God. The 2 kids may never get free, but the truth always seems to get free. Much to come out in the wash yet. It will just take some time and all will become apparent. No one can hide forever.

Future Priorities
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I hope those in the Hampstead case, will give some thought to the future, where the world is headed. The direction is not a good one. 2 kids were given back to monsters. I can think of nothing worse. The world utterly failed them. Am I bitter? It shows, doesn't it? I'm not interested in hiding it, either. The world is as good as dead and I am all for it. If the upper half of the people can do what they do to kids, I don't see any good in the world.

Meanwhile, learn more, become smarter, be fooled less, learn from mistakes, and really give your kids all the time and affection you can. That is a priority that no one should find fault in. The saying is true: what you sow in the ground, you will reap in the harvest. Be picky about what you plant. I have been a crusader of sorts since late 1999. I will continue at that. It beats the hell out of trying to keep up in the rat race.

Knowledge is power and protection. Too many still do not know about social services around the world. Scream it from the roof tops. And don't forget credibility. I saw far too many shoot their mouths off too much and get too much wrong. Its important to get facts straight. People can and will judge you by your words and deeds and if you are half wrong too many times, no one will listen in the future. Just ask Jacqui Farmer about that ;-)

Or let my put it another way. If you want to be a help and credit to your cause, you want to avoid getting too many things wrong or acting in outrageous ways that make others wonder about you  .  .  .  and your cause. If you draw bad attention to yourself, someone might mistake you for being a shill, when really, you just have problems galore without meaning to harm yourself or your cause.

Credibility Matters!     Right?

Screwed Up Priorities as Danger Signs
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I had this come up in the last week dealing with the concept of hate crimes. Hates crimes are a vile way of punishing people who speak against a policy in place and in power, or express contempt or irreverence for an idea or concept. With hate crimes, murder is not the issue. It is why you murdered that is more important than the fact you did murder.

What I say is that why you did it does not matter at all. The person is still dead and the punishment for all murder should be the same. It should not be more for one than another or less for one than another. Same crime, same punishment!

But "the state" says that if your reason for murder (if you had one other than spur of the moment anger) was say, cause you hated all Martians or all Moon men, and that is why you killed the Martian, a protected class, then you should have another 15-20 years added to your sentence. I say, any reason for murder is a stupid and bad reason, and reason enough to execute the murderer.

Ultimately, "the state" wants to upgrade hate to a capitol offense which can be punished by execution. And of course, states love to move boundaries around to that at first, murder is hate if you called the Martian a green bastard! Then its hate if you merely call him a green bastard. Then it is hate if you refuse to make him a wedding cake cause he is green. And finally, the death penalty for all 4 circumstances.

Eventually, anyone how says they intend to fight and resist the state will be considered an enemy of the state. The merely not liking the state or expressing you do not like it will be a crime against the state. Finally, merely disagreeing with the policy of the state will make you an enemy. And it may go so far as to mandate the death penalty for feeling some unexpressed dislike by frowning while someone discusses the thing you dislike and off with your head.

The state is notorious throughout its history in the affairs of mankind. Attitudes are often elevated to the level of crimes and ever serious crimes. They sue what is known as progressive encroachment. You get a foot in the door and then move the boundaries one step at a time. let me show you.

That state declared: We must protect children getting severely beaten or starved badly. Then its: We got to stop children from getting bruised or yelled at. Mind you, bruises can happen by accident quite easy and yelling is not defined and might be just a slightly elevated voice in the eyes of the law. Soon, its just raising your voice or lightly spanking your child. Finally, it comes possible (but not certain or sure that it will happen) emotional harm. You don't even need to break the law now. They can simply imply that you might, someday. That's all they need in the UK now. No objective standard and no crime even committed. Just the possibility that such might or might not happen someday. That is no crime at all and may never be a crime. But you are guilty till proven innocent, which is impossible since you can not prove what the future is going to be. You call that law? Not even close!

This is all done they say, to protect children. Its not protecting them, it is traumatizing them, which if these laws also applied to the UK government, it would clearly and conclusively convict them all the time, as children are always crying and screaming when taken from their parents. But the state is above and beyond the law.

Was or is the child the priority of such laws. Clearly not! This is what we would call an inverted priority. Its use is to steal kids from parents and give them over to perverts and prostitution. Oh, don't ever doubt that one. And further, many kids taken from parents and then conveniently lost in the system so that they can be sold on world markets or even sacrificed to Satan. It happens all the time in the UK and "around."

What clearly is not a priority is good sound legal definition where very obvious and severe abuse is stopped and anything outside that, is pretty much ignored as more pressing problems are pursued by law, like putting corrupt politicians into prisons or hanged. Just suggesting!

There are many laws that were created with the intent to move their boundaries and achieve wicked ends. These are all evidence of the Inversion of Justice. Or perversion of Justice if you prefer. Perhaps the violent rape of Justice might be the most accurate way to put it.

The Ultimate Inversion of Priorities
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Many things done today are done in the name of our health and welfare. Chemtrails polluting land, air, and water. Vaccines that maim and kill. Foods that poison or lack any real nutrition. Banning things that are healthy. Teaching us lies rather than truth. Promoting bad rather than good. Destroying our long-term interests and survival rather than protecting those.

A world where up is down, and left is right, and hate if love, and in is out, and black is white and white is black, where nothing is as it seems. That is our world today. And soon, we will not even be able to say what I just typed. Truth will be punished by death or sentenced to a labor camp, in the USA often referred to as FEMA Camps.

So what I ask you all to do is give more thought, priority thought, to where you stand on these things. I recommend the God of the Bible and a consideration of His many predictions thru His prophets, Apostles, and His Son. He said it was going to turn out this way, and it sure looks like that is the case.

I also want you all to note that many things that get lots of attention on the net and youtube were barely mentioned or even not mentioned. They are not important enough. You got to forget about stupid symbols and girls wearing rights, or violence in video games. These are so trivial compared to the really serious problems. Such as? Glad you asked!

Government schooling, kids stolen by social services (get rid of social services says I), avoid serving in war, Everyone getting to know about secret government agencies practicing horrific Mind Control Programming on children along with Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA), the worst problem that creates so many other problems for children such as trafficking, prostitution and vile child porn of the worst types.

But really, you need to become smarter about so much. Learning and growing should be among your top priorities. Most people pursue pleasure and recreation, but in the world of today, that can get you killed. Life is a battle field now and there are "land mines" hidden everywhere to be set off by one wrong step. I ma not happy that life has become war, but it has and we must act accordingly.

I find a problem common to many Christians, even as Jesus found among Jews in his day. Christians love to strain out gnats while gulping down camel meat. That is to say, they got their priorities all screwed up and inverted. Contradictions on the left and right. They worry about boys seeing or worse, enjoying porn, i.e. beautiful naked women, as if that was the biggest problem on earth, while sending them to government schools to be deprived of good learning and their heads screwed over with lies and treachery. Or worrying about the voting process while babies are sacrificed on a grand world wide scale in secret cults in the upper classes of society and some lower classes, too; as well as kids being raped in those cults. And governments, law, and the media covering it all up.

You need to sober up, wake up and clear you head. While it is sad how children have become sexualized at such early ages, these are far from being your worst concerns at this point. its not out of the realm of possibility that your girls could be, one day, kidnapped and sold the market to be trafficked all over the world for sex and porn. So pick your battles wisely. Put lots of effort into the minds of your kids and you will not have to worry about sex anywhere near as much.

Here is my short list of priorities. Know God to the fullest of my abilities. Be as smart and informed as I can possibly be about everything everywhere so that I fall for nothing. Fight and crusade for the causes of the worst injustices. If I do not have a enough time, I take on only the most important ones. And I don't sweat the little problems.

Curiously, I note many Christian Youtube channels seem to be blissfully unaware of Satanic cults, which operate largely in support of government Mind Control Programming operations. Instead, they carry on about trans-gender bathrooms. Talk about inversion! I will say straight up, that LGBT issues have got to be one of the most trivial things to be concerned about right now. Surely you got more pressing issues that these? I hope to hell, anyway!

I got a little something I figured out just the day before, that being May 15, 016. It was inspired by Stephan Molyneux, who I call a Youtube philosopher, but I say that with sincere regard for his fine ability to think and reason deeply. And it was his ideas that set mine off. Here are the 3 links to the 3 related articles of his:

Why I Was Wrong About Atheism

Why I Was Right About Atheism

The Decline of Faith and Western Civilization

Stefan notes the statistics that show an overwhelming number of Atheists are also leftists in politics and favor big socialist government and liberal government and brutal forceful violent government, oppressive regimes. What the hell?

Christians on the other hand, and other religious folk tend to be conservative and right wing and prefer less and weaker, less intrusive government and less social welfare type stuff.

These are like nearly polar opposites in attraction. How do I make sense of the trends? Its quite simple, really. Some favor compassion tempered with responsibility and morals. The other prefers oppression, ruthlessness, and a big daddy government that controls everything and takes from the middle class to give to the poor class so that there is less difference between the two classes while the elite in government are spared their high ground.

I had been considering another form of deception. Atheism purports to be a choice of reason over superstition and religion. But at the core of Atheism is not reason, but a hatred of the good that is more typically found in religion than in other places. And I am not saying that there is not bad religion, either. But when its demonstrated that nearly all Atheists are political leftists and inversionists, they go wild. Their cover has been blown. All spy agents depend upon a cover, an excuse, as to why they are in your country or you in theirs.  A better strategy is to find natives who are willing, for money or whatever, to join your spy cause, because they look like the natives and have every appearance of being a native.

"Reason" is a cover for Atheism, but a false one, a lie if you will. By eliminating religion, they eliminate the last possible holdout against pure hatred and evil of every type.

Here is the paradox. Most Atheists are not Atheists at all. Another cover. They actually believe in and serve Satan, who clearly is a spirit and does have power of some degree. They know this, but being an Atheist is a great cover to hide and deny Satan and the worship of him, and obedience to him, a known source of evil. It should be naturally assumed that all Atheists are leftists and Satan worshipers. What they clearly are not, is those who love reason. When you use solid reason with them as Stephan Molyneux has done on Youtube, they go bezerk. No more reasoning. Just ad-hominem attacks and lots of anger. They hate it when people expose their lack of reason and show them for their true lying colors.

So lets go one further. It is quite evident in the entertainment world how important Satanism is to that field and industry. But though not said as much, it is the same for people in politics and the political "industry." They, too, worship Satan though they will quickly and emphatically deny such. In fact, they are every likely to claim to be  .  .  . yep! you guessed it! Atheists!

When they lose their cover, they get oh so angry and hateful. This is when you see their true colors. They really just want to harm, destroy, and kill, in no particular order. They hate everyone and everything. It really is that simple. I strongly urge all to go to Youtube and type in Stephan Molyneux along with Atheism and watch the most recent stuff. Very impressive. But I am going to add my dimension to it, which I have done here and will do elsewhere. I wonder how they like me now ;-)

So really, the two sides in opposition to each other, are really more of a good vs bad battle. The good and the bad are relative terms but there is a clear difference between the 2 and which way they lean. Satan hides among the bad/leftists who support strong government and high taxes. God is more often found among the conservative and moral with smaller government that has more freedom and slightly less taxes.

To make this more realistic, there is less difference than I would prefer. The elite own and control both sides and too often, its really hard to tell the difference. But in the views of the people, you find more difference one way or the other.

Satan owns and controls the world, even as the Bible says. He wants to get ever greater control of the world and ruin even more, God's creation first put into motion 6020 years ago. He needs ruthless dedicated followers who will do as he wants. Satan worshipers! But in order to promote the human false Jesus, Satan wants to remain out of site and make people believe that the demonic powers shown, come from humans, not the spirit world. So Atheism is a huge part of the platform to fool humanity into thinking they will live on in the spirit world if they die a physical death. But Its a lie. When they die physically, they cease to exist unless God brings them back to life in resurrection. And he only bring back those who do what He says.

So Satan worshipers will not admit they worship Satan or that they love wicked immoral behavior and cruelty and killing. They will say they are Atheists, but like Satan, they are liars. They know full well that Satan exists, as does God, too. So they say they love reason and that Atheism is based on reason, that something can come from nothing at all, without any force acting on it. So Satan's followers are cruel and love cruel abusive government and taking money from others and padding their own pockets.

They are truly inversionists, subversives, thieves, murderers, rapists of children or anyone for that matter. They hate good and love evil. How many Christian preachers make this that clear? Not many! Stefan does it and he is not Christian, per say.

Part of getting priorities straight is know who is in power and who is not and knowing who is lying and who is not. Political parties all all the same, but in the minds of the people, there are differences. That will have to do. I say, support the good and Obey God and live without end.

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