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   Truth is my business!            To Christian Prepers

  I see many who promote owning guns and stockpiling ammo. Many urge food storage and dried meals that only require water and cooking. Many suggest moving out into the country rurals or at least setting up a camp or even an underground shelter or related.

But anyone suggesting these things does not know what the Bible lays out as the solution and why you will not need to act on any of those suggestions.

Lets start with some basics about the last days.

We know that the 4 horsemen ride over the earth, bringing lots of misery upon the earth, culminating in the great kill-off of population known and named by Jesus as "The Great Tribulation" that would break all records and would never be repeated again. This event comes as the next to last event. During the Great Tribulation, Christians will be spending 3.5 years in prisons or concentration camps, largely for safe keeping. So we are safe then, with little to worry about. The tribulation takes place just after we have been locked up. Again, we have nothing to fear. We are to remain there for 3.5 years. The tribulation will last for that 3.5 years. After that, the false fake "Jesus returned" will die mysteriously. Christians will be set free and even given reparations for having their rights violated for 3.5 years.

What I am trying to show here that some might be trying to conceal from you is that God will be protecting you from the very worst time. You won't need to worry about it. What you do need to worry about is when the claimed Jesus, the fake liar, the antichrist, 1st shows up. That starts the 1st 3.5 years of 7 years. During that time will be a big deception almost certainly involving supposed Aliens And they will likely say that were seeded by them at least 6000 years ago, if not a lot longer. There will be a world war just before all this, in all likelihood. There may well be a great economic collapse. But for that 1st 3.5 years, the lying "Jesus" will be campaigning  for all to accept his treaty/deal/offer.

It is during this time that all the earth will be urged to join and it will likely be said that those that will not join, will be a hindrance, like a disease, and that if these do not conform. they must either be killed or put in prison. I am sure they will be promoting the worst of things. Free, unrestrained sex, that will include very young children, orgies, animals and who knows what else.

Part of the goal of this period is to show two great extremes, from God's strict requirements that seem to the world of right now as extremely prohibitive and restraining, prudish and out of date. And this compared to the worst of savage extremes, with no attempts at any moderation, limits, or civility. Many Pagan nations of old were put to death and destroyed, by God, because they had gone past all extremes, particularly babies and children.

The contrast will be blatantly obvious, even to a blind man. This is the intention. God wants an extreme contrast so that Human can see plainly the big difference between the 2 choices and there will only be just 2 choices. Many who had been reluctant to believe in God or accept His ways, will find the way everything has gone, to be far beyond coincidence. They will know then that the bible was right all along and many will then accept God and choose him over the antichrist, even at the peril of death, torture or imprisonment.

Of course, all will be told that prison will be forever. But the Bible lets us know that it will only be 3.5 years. This will make that choice a lot easier.

So we are left with getting thru that 3.5 year period of phony lying "Jesus." There will be lots of problems, but not nearly like the Tribulation that most anticipate, as that only comes after everyone has chosen either the Antichrist or the Bible and Jehovah and His son, the real Jesus.

This is known as the separation of the Sheep and the Goats, the Wheat and the Tares (fake wheat).

It is during this time, that we will be persecuted by intolerant hateful people. The preaching and propaganda of the Antichrist will be promoted everywhere. You must understand that many today, are already won over by Satan and are just waiting to come out of their barely hidden loyalty to Satan and act far more bold and outrageous and I am sure that they will be encouraged to intimidate us and torment us and try to scare us into joining them.

It will be a trying time for sure. It might get very nasty in some places. But this will also make for a better contrast between the evil ones and Christians.

I bring all this up because many confuse this period with the Tribulation period. We Christians do not have to worry about the Tribulation period as we are kept safe in prison, Just as Jeremiah was, and he was receiving food while the rest of Jerusalem was starving.

So we do not have to store food or weapons and ammunition, nor train in marksmanship. You don't need to buy silver and gold coins. They will not do you any good when you are persecuted. Governments will confiscate those, anyway, just like they did in the 1930s. I have no doubt that a world currency will be established. We will probably be forced into some kind of electronic currency to track everything we do. Grin and bear it. Its part of our testing, unless they say, "you can not buy or sell or trade unless you agree to accept the terms of "Jesus." That is the fake Jesus. You must not accept the Antichrist. We will get thru it somehow. To get thru all this, it will be essential to Trust God and rely on Him. If you have no faith (trust) in God, then you have no salvation. Its that simple.

The ultimate goal of intimidation is to make us give up and give in to Satan thru the Antichrist, who will not admit the existence of Satan, but promote himself instead, according to the will of Satan.

So avoid the hawkers of silver and gold, and of food rations and dried foods for storage. I am not going to say it is wrong to have a gun for protection, But neither let it become an essential possession as God is your protection. You can get by without it if you have to.

Folk, I want to make it clear here that many who sell silver and gold will be outraged at this. Those who sell dehydrated food will also be outraged as well as sellers of guns. In fact, this is going to be a good way to flush out some liars and con-artists who try to profit from fear and allow it to influence their interpretation of scriptures and prophecy.

 All Christians will be thoroughly tested by Satan to prove they are worthy of life eternal. Satan knows he must die and he wants to prevent as many as he can from living forever, just for spite. While persecution is not fun, we must all bear some sort of testing and intimidation, if not death, trusting that you will be brought back to life.

But on the other hand, you do not need to prepare excessively. You faith is what will save you, not your own clever preparation. Our obedience and our trust in God who has made it clear what He is doing and why is the the only solution and test we need to pass.

 Truth1 Out!                                 

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