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The Last Days, Part 11:
(et al) vs God (et al)

The Premise
Balance of Power
The Benefits Package
World Manipulation    updated  Dec. 22, 013
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What Are Satan's Limits?
Satan Seeks Control of All Knowledge
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Implications of Prophecy
Individuals Tested
A Repeating Pattern
The Biggest Lies to Come
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The Premise
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In considering the affairs of mankind, one can not afford to ignore the conflict in the unseen spirit realm where the devil, a.k.a. Satan, Lucifer, Beelzebub, etc., has challenged God, a.k.a. Jehovah, the Father, Lord, etc. The devil believes he should be entitled to a certain amount of worship, perhaps his own planet full of people or something like that. He also questions God's motives and whether God is as smart and all knowing as He says He is. But as well, the devil questions who and what we are and demands that we prove ourselves as well. He suggests we are useless and ineffective and that God had created a stupid creature.

Of course, the devil makes these accusations, not so much because he really thinks God is not that bright, but because the devil wanted control and worship over a portion of humanity so much that he makes his accusations to perhaps weaken God's seeming credibility. As well, the devil wanted his chance to prove his point. Problem was and is, that the devil did not think things through too well and acted hastily and presumptuously rather than ask God to explain the weakness in humans that the devil thought he saw, as to why it was not as weak as the devil seemed to think. The devil was not wiling to be patient to get a demonstrated answer. The devil wanted his way so much that his vision and understanding got clouded and blinded.

It might surprise us that a spirit could seem to have such an appetite or desire without inclinations of the flesh driving him, but we likely do not fully understand what drives or motivates spirits, or even us. But it would appear that this reverence humans can give along with some real intelligence potential in us, make us very desirable in the eyes of some spirits. Perhaps we can better understand it when we consider that each of us has a desire to be looked up to and respected, though this does not seem so much driven by the flesh as driven by a need to recognized, whether we truly deserve it or not. Many often do not deserve it when they imagine they do.

So a challenge we all face in ourselves is whether we want to be fair in demanding explanations and allow ample opportunity to let something play out or whether we will demand immediate change for what we see as injustice to us. And we might want to evaluate our estimation of ourselves, often referred to as our ego. Our emotions and desires can clog and block good thinking and reasoning. So this challenge invites us to take a hard critical look deep within ourselves as well.

So we now sit as judges in the case of Satan et al vs God et al, the "et al" standing for "and all" the others in the named parties as plaintiffs and defendants." These are legal terms so I thought they might be well adapted to the situation at hand. The devil has his followers, a.k.a. the sons of darkness, devil worshippers. The other defendants along with God are His Son, Jesus, who was tried and won his "battle" and decision when he resisted temptation to the point of death; and us, a.k.a. the sons of light, worshippers of God, God's chosen and elect, His sheep, also accused and defendants in this civil and criminal action launched by the devil. So the whole world is involved in this trial whether they want to be or not. You must choose one side or the other. There is no 3rd option.

While it might seem as if the events of mankind take place unhindered, and un-interfered with, this is not the case. To some degree, both God and the devil are allowed a certain amount of influence, control, and even communication. After all, the devil wants to test each and every soul, individually and as a whole, and must be allowed that opportunity. But as well, God is allowed a limited (but not too limited) amount of influence, control, and communication. The devil is allowed a lot of room to move to make it very hard for people to make sense of things and do the right thing, even though the "right thing" is promoted to some limited degree. The earth is not left totally void of the truth and publicity/propaganda. But it is limited in its availability and certainly slandered.

So I want to consider more aspects of this trial that has been going on since man was first created in Genesis 1, about 4006 BC, which is about 6,018 years as of 2012.

Here is a scripture with a lot more conveyed, than many recognize.

RSV) Luke 22:
31  "Simon, Simon, behold, Satan demanded to have you, that he might sift you like wheat,
32  but I have prayed for you that your faith may not fail; and when you have turned again, strengthen your brethren."

Satan demands to have us all to be tested as to whether we are truly worthy, or not, of life. Satan cynically dismisses us all, in order to make himself look better. But God set limits to our testing as well. Satan has demanded to test the entire human race/species, down to each and every individual. Peter was tested but did not completely abandon God, so God restored him and with a better education, so to speak, then he previously had, so that he would be better equipped to help others.

I also like the way Weymouth translates this. Perhaps not quite as accurate but he does convey truths in his choices of translation.

Weymouth) Luke 22:
31  "Simon, Simon, I tell you that Satan has obtained permission to have all of you to sift as wheat is sifted.
32  but *I* have prayed for *you* that your faith may not fail, and you, when at last
      you have come back to your true self, must strengthen your brethren."

 Satan has obtained permission, from the very beginning of his dispute with God, to test everyone living. He will sift us to see who is wheat and who is chafe. The BBE also has an interesting choice of translation.

BBE) Luke 22:
31  Simon, Simon, Satan has made a request to have you, so that he may put you to the test as grain is tested:

These all sum up what took place before Satan was allowed to tempt Adam and Eve. Many terms had to be discussed and agreed upon, with all sons of God (angels) in attendance as witnesses. This sets up the stage for this article.

Balance of Power
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The devil is allowed broad opportunities to thoroughly test mankind to see what we are made of. As a result, you should understand that he is allowed to communicate with humans under certain terms and conditions. God prohibits various forms of spiritism, magic, occult, pagan worship, idolatry, and the like since anyone invoking these pathways entitles the devil, if he should choose, to answer to any of those pathways and assume whatever identities he wants or speak whatever he might like, including as many lies as he likes. He is allowed to deceive.

He began his deception with Eve. She said that God said that they would die if they ate from the tree in the middle of the garden that belonged to God, a.k.a. the tree of knowledge of good and bad. Also in the garden was the tree of life, also symbolic, of course. The devil, a Hebrew word meaning liar, and/or slanderer, has been lying ever since. There are allegations going around here and there that the devil is lying but not many listen. Quite a few do not even believe the devil exists.

But how much power and influence does God have? We need to have a firm understanding of these boundaries and limits that exist between God and Satan. for our own comfort, if nothing else.

Now just as the devil has conditions which allow him to answer people or deal with them, God also has some. If one calls out to God, or offers a deal with God, God has the right to answer or intervene if He so chooses. If one calls on Him insincerely, God also has the right to ignore that one.

Now the devil is allowed to gather as many to his cause as will follow, knowing or unknowingly. The devil may manipulate human nature without their really knowing it is going on, or the devil may personally instruct any who he chooses, who have opened the door to him. The devil uses mankind to persecute those who seem to be following God, to try to discourage them from continuing to follow God. The devil believes humans are naturally selfish and will take the easy way out, always. It may work often, but not always.

But knowing that a dispute arose in heaven between Satan and God, you can be well assured that careful boundaries and limits had to be established between them with all the other angels witnessing, and that agreements were reached as to terms. We have not had the benefit of seeing or being told about this event but we know it had to exist. That we are not allowed to hear of it, is no doubt, one of the terms of that agreement whereby the devil insisted upon the very limited and restricted, as much as possible, information and detail so as to test our trust. But not completely lacking, either. We would be given just enough, an adequate and reasonable amount, to convince and justify trust and faith in God, while not often allowing for huge displays of miracles. We would be allowed a few, but not many.

So be assured that this will be a fair trial, but not an easy one for any of us. We will be tested to our reasonable limits. We will not be tested beyond what we can not endure. God know the limits of each of us and they do vary according to each individual. We each have our own unique vulnerabilities and the devil will seek those out in each of us. If we make excuses for ourselves, we might fail. But if we leave little room for the devil to try our hearts, then we should pass the trial, though not without some strain and struggle. No one is going to be let off easy. The devil is very angry with people. Some of God's servants have remained faithful unto their deaths, thereby destroying the claims and accusation of Satan against us. So he knows he will die eventually and he is very angry and wants, out of spite and nastiness, to kill as many as possible and deny them everlasting eternal life. I never said he was a nice guy.

So what do we have for "benefits" and what do we have against us as well? That is the next topic.

The Benefits Package
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I have sometimes said, the pay in working for God is lousy, but the benefits package is incredible. The pay is actually adequate, though low by the standards of worldly opinions. But the benefits of the future restoration as well as those things that enable us to believe in God, trust Him, and have faith in Him, are quite substantial, though again, considered small by very demanding and unfair people of the world. So I am going to skip the future benefits of eternal life and a wonderful life at that. Those I cover in other articles. This article focuses on what we have now to get by. That is, to say, is it a fair trial and fight? I, as defending attorney, will argue that it is very fair and reasonable. To do that, I have to show you why that is.

1st, God saw fit to arrange events so that a substantial book of His accounting, rules, instructions, history, and most importantly, hidden predictions and future instruction, and the like, would be kept in copy and print throughout all time after its initial introduction, piece by piece till the book was completed. It would then remain in print. So he chose a very loyal and obedient man who He loved and gifted this man with the promise of using his descendants, both fleshly and "spiritual" ones as well, to form a nation and priesthood, whose main job was to officiate at the worship of God at a temple, according to God's rules, and keep and maintain a copy of all the scrolls submitted by anyone claiming to be a  prophet, even if it was not known at the time of submission, whether they really were prophets or not. Scrolls would be kept until time should show whether the predictions came true or not or whether miracles took place through such "prophets."

Today, we have this entire book available in print in almost every language of the world. It is everywhere and publicized and promoted by followers of God, both good and bad ones. So the book is available for study and not hard to get. It is talked about nearly everywhere in the world. Not likely that no one has heard of this Bible and God, the Father, Jehovah, and his son, Jesus, the Messiah/Christ/Anointed of God. So we could wish that God would get a fair deal but while His side of the story is available and wide spread, even easily obtainable, not many seek it out.

The devil has made sure that God has been lied about and slandered in every way possible. Satan has promoted lots of liars and hypocrites who represent God in a very negative and bad light. Satan has said through lying "scientists" and academics that belief in God is silly and absurd and that we came from nothing and were an accident. It is not that these are all that credible to believe, but when one's libido and drive to seek out sex for pleasure are in full force, one tends to favor the poor explanation of the devil since it frees them from God's seemingly "restrictive" control of how sex can be allowed or obtained.

In fact, the devil's best weapon is using our own desires to corrupt us and cause us to ignore God, His rules, His book, His prophecies and warnings, as well as His wonderful promises of hope and rescue from dying and from living a lousy life after God takes back control. So the devil does not need good arguments. He just needs good temptations. He needs to know what we want most and offer it to us, as long as we are willing to compromise and not bother with God and His pesky rules and restrictions, however beneficial they may be for us, if we stopped and thought about it. So we have God's side of the story, but we have the devil encouraging us to ignore that story and not listen to God. What is our price or can we be bought at all? God is looking for those who will stand for principle at any cost, and who love truth, not lies.

God has done some incredible things in the past. With Noah, an ark was built and animals gathered and preserved while the world perished in a flood, for which evidence exists all around us that prove and verify this event. But the devil and his earthly idiots tell us it was an ice age that left all this evidence. Ice could not begin to explain it all. And there are academics who defend ideas of a flood, who are not big fans of the Bible but are big fans of Immanuel Velikovsky, who scientifically does defend the biblical flood, and does so admirably.

On my Books and Links pages are books, DVD's, videos, and website links that show the real science being suppressed or lied about. The evidence is solid! It is those silly lies distributed by the devil and his minions that we have to get around. But the effort is worth it. So we have lots of real true scientific evidence, which can not be refuted or ignored, if we are willing to go after it. Satan does not give it any publicity at all. He fights it all the way. But it is a huge benefit, which gives us solid reason, not whim or superstition, for believing, trusting, obeying God; and suffering for the sake of justice, righteousness, and principle, if not dying for those. So earthly "scientific" evidence is another benefit on our side.

The next big thing would be prophecy, another solid benefit, and in fact, the biggest one of all. From long ago, God had His servants, the prophets, record many visions and predictions of the future. The main goal of these prophecies was to show those who would be living at that time, what exactly was going to happen. But God carefully concealed these predictions in symbols, figures, illustrations, parables, riddles and other such literary techniques so that God's enemies would not recognize what was actually being pointed out. Of course, it takes work and effort to carefully study these veiled prophecies to understand them correctly. But God is looking for people who are not afraid of effort and really want to be a part of God's Kingdom.

But as well, I am sure the devil insisted on God making the revelations a bit challenging, knowing how we humans hate to put effort into anything and are typically lazy. So we have some mild obstacles in the form of effort to encourage us to not bother. This will weed out the lazy from the diligent. But I suspect God has demanded that the Bible be left alone, at least till near the very end, so we can be warned and get prepared for what we must face. God will be sure we have a fair chance, if we are willing to take advantage of that chance.

Prophecy is the primary reason we can we have faith and trust in God and what He says and can do. If He could tell the future some 2000 years in advance, if not a good deal more from Genesis 1 onward, then He must be in charge and control of things, and is, who He says He is. It is now happening just as He said it would. So will you believe the devil's lies or realize what is truly going on? The devil would have you believe lots of nonsense and cover-up. God tells you the very scary horrible truth of where this is all headed. Knowing all this in advance can prepare us for the worst without too much fear.

This was the main reason God had all these prophecies made and recorded, so that we could be prepared for the worst events in history. God truly does love us and care about us and what we are going to have to face in this big nasty legal affair going on in heaven, in the spirit realm. We need to know about it and our part in it, too. So we are never left in the dark or ignorance. We can be in the light and have light in us. The future is very bright when you know the outcome afterward.

So this is a huge benefit for us living at this critical time in history when the trial is about to reach a conclusion and settlement. We have lots of information. We also have lots of lies meant to fool as many as possible, who are seduced by their own corruption, rather than those ineffective lies. The lies are not effective or even convincing, if you strain yourself a little to get informed. The trial has been a fair one where we, the defendants and prosecuted, have had the opportunity to be fully informed of our trial by fire, so to speak. Now we are nearing the time to make a decision. Satan or God?

World Manipulation        updated   Dec. 22, 2013
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We also need to be aware that the devil has long been at work manipulating mankind and world events. However, God has also been at work doing the same things, only to ensure that His message and side of the story is being told or is available to be seen and heard. Just because it is available, does not mean people will seek it out. We have to see the need. Those who love God spread His side of the story and the message of hope all can have in God. These people help God's side and cause and give all reason to look into these matters. But if they do not, then they lose all. They have good reason to look into it for the devil's lies are not very convincing, if one has half a brain and some honesty in them. There is a lot to be dissatisfied with in our world.

I offer this, perhaps in scripture, at least in spirit, though I can not recall for sure. It was quoted and might just have been a statement by someone. It was good and in harmony with the Bible. "We do not find God. Rather, He calls us to Him and reveals Himself to who He chooses and calls."

God calls people to serve Him. But what should be understood is that Satan also picks and calls who he wants. He sizes people up and decides who would best help his cause with their abilities or willingness to sell out. It is alleged by conspiracy videos on YouTube regarding the Illuminati and stars in the entertainment industry that they are chosen and made an offer to serve, with the understanding that they will have to obey in any way the devil and his earthly leaders require. And it often amounts to very humiliating and degrading things asked of these people.

Satan does not like, love, or respect any human and especially despises those who sell out to him. You would think maybe there would be a small modest amount of appreciation, but no, this is not the case at all. Satan likes too humiliate these "servants" all the more. I liken it to this: while working at LL Bean for 11 years, a well known and respected world wide Mail Order company, I became very familiar and knowledgeable with corporate culture of all types.

Corporate suck-ups, kiss asses, brown-nosers, sychophants (I prefer sickophants or psychophants to describe them), these are the ones who have no real value, merits, or skills to offer so they flatter and falsely praise anyone greater in rank than they are. Some above them are so desperate and insecure that they welcome this. But a number of those in the higher ranks actually despise these suck-ups, even though they still sort of like the groveling and kow-towing, for most at the top are insecure and lacking in real ability. They get their power and rank because of their family names and the various clubs and causes they belong to. They are member of the elite club, the beautiful people, so called. They have their high making jobs, not because they have ability but because they do as they are told by anyone and everyone above them. they know who butters their bread.

The entire world is organized in this manner and respect. Ultimately, the devil sits in charge of it all. Normally, nations would seek their own selfish interests. But the devil, having seduced all the world leaders or trapped them in blackmail compromise, makes them all cooperate together to pull off the devil's scheme of a false messiah to mislead all mankind into seriously violating every last law of God and decency. As well, ultimately, the devil wants to deprive as many humans as he can, of everlasting life. To do this, he must get people to disobey God. So the world is united, which would not normally be the case were the devil not involved.

So it is not merely selfishness that motivates us all. Very powerful supernatural forces are at work in this judicial showdown. This will become more obvious with each passing day now, in 2014 onward. The ultimate goal is to divide people into just 2 groups: those who forsake every rule of goodness and decency, casting off all restraint and discipline, in favor of complete and utter abandonment of good judgment; and those who remain faithful (relatively speaking) to God's laws, while not under force or compulsion to do so.

The devil will force the entire world to go either one way or the other. No 3rd choice will be allowed. Get on board or get out and be imprisoned or executed. Imprisonment will be limited by God to just 3.5 years. So we are well on our way to this big showdown. There are implications in this.

The devil has been actively recruiting and guiding the most powerful men on earth for some time now, perhaps just the last 300 years, or perhaps far longer than that. I dare say its been going on steady since man began. But the devil certainly has been more active in the last 300 years and especially so now in the 21st century. Revelation says Woe to the earth and the sea and people in it for the devil has come down to you in great anger, knowing he has but a short time left.

Great anger!!! He hates and despises all humans. He is jealous of them because they all have opportunity for eternal life if  they want to pursue that. The devil blew his chance to live forever because of the choice he made to kill 2 innocent humans and not wait to give God time to prove what humans really were, without all the misery. The devil wants to kill every last man, woman, and child. He does not respect those that serve him. He hates them, too, but he tells them he loves them and cares about them, because he is the ultimate liar and deceiver.

So those who serve the devil do not believe and do not want to believe that they are not loved and cherished by their wonderful supernatural leader. They like being told they are special and superior to all others. So they embrace the lies and do the dirty deeds to the rest of humanity. Knowing the mentality of the devil is important to understand how this is all going.

But we should always be aware that events are being carefully crafted by both the devil and God. The world is stage and courtroom, too. A lot is being disputed and settled in this trial for all time. We are all a part of this trial. As the world unfolds in its course, we see how it matches what the Bible said would happen. The nations and peoples are being led and guided by the devil as best as he can. His motivation is hate and to kill as many of us as he can, and ruin our chance of living forever, if possible. We need to know that. Those in power and in charge here on earth as humans, are now being directly led and guided by the devil. Its a fact! They are personally acquainted with Satan and speak to him and he directs them.

In fact, the greatest weapon or advantage the devil has always had and enjoyed is his supernatural powers and abilities and control of all the earth (humanity). He offers gifts and deals to seduce the most important people, but it comes with a cost.

These who follow the devil believe great things await them. Listen, if I were in the devil's shoes, I would do the same. Promise these stupid petty little humans the sun, moon, and stars. They are so easily fooled and manipulated. Its hard to even respect them. Little wonder it is so easy to kill them all.

But not all are so easy. That has been the frustration for the devil. He could not get them all. Damn, he says! He knows it means his eventual death. So Revelation 12 says he comes down to us in great anger, knowing his time is nearly up. He already lost the battle and trial by Jesus dying faithfully to God in sacrifice. Other humans have also died rather than compromise their integrity toward God and also proved the devil wrong. So his fate is sealed. So now he just wants to ruin it for as many as he can. Just pure nasty spite and jealousy. His ego took one hell of a blow and soon, also his life. But there are some interesting developments I want to cover next.

An Interesting Quote
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Benjamin Franklin on the Choice Between Liberty and Small Safety

  "Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."

I am going to contend that what Ben Franklin spoke here could serve as Satan's words as well, and maybe have even been spoken with that in mind. The devil does not respect those who compromise and give in to him. Anyone who would give up or sell out everlasting life eternal for a few very temporary pleasures in their very short lifetime and even shorter as regards youth, looks, and vitality; these are viewed by the devil as suckers, chumps and just damned stupid. I know the devil sure wishes he had a 2nd chance but he knows that is not possible or deserving.

So in the opinion of the devil, says I, he believes sell-outs deserve neither eternal life or safety, that is, a slightly prolonged but limited life. It pleases the devil to know that when they are dead, they can never come back. I offer this last consideration for the elite in power now. It is too late to back out without having to die for betraying the devil. but though you should die, betraying him, in order to serve God, God can and will bring you back to life at the appointed time. It does not matter how hideous your part in the mess before switching sides. God will forgive it all. But you will likely have to prove your merit by giving up your life now and trust in God to bring you back. God insists on trust and faith. Its a very good deal, really.

And its also a way to laugh at the devil and his contempt for you, as being a dumb sell-out. It is you who will have the last laugh when your are brought back from the dead. You were not so dumb, after all. I hope you will consider this.

Knowing this and maybe anticipating someone like me bring this up, the following tried to hinder the true meaning of the Ben Franklin account. I put it here so I can refute this and put it to rest.

Quote >> What Ben Franklin Really Said
By Benjamin Wittes        Friday, July 15, 2011 at 6:53 AM

The words appear originally in a 1755 letter that Franklin is presumed to have written on behalf of the Pennsylvania Assembly to the colonial governor during the French and Indian War. The letter was a salvo in a power struggle between the governor and the Assembly over funding for security on the frontier, one in which the Assembly wished to tax the lands of the Penn family, which ruled Pennsylvania from afar, to raise money for defense against French and Indian attacks. The governor kept vetoing the Assembly’s efforts at the behest of the family, which had appointed him. So to start matters, Franklin was writing not as a subject being asked to cede his liberty to government, but in his capacity as a legislator being asked to renounce his power to tax lands notionally under his jurisdiction. In other words, the “essential liberty” to which Franklin referred was thus not what we would think of today as civil liberties but, rather, the right of self-governance of a legislature in the interests of collective security. << End of Quote

Now I ask you, was Ben upset about the war not getting funded and the colonies saved, thereby preserving the Masonic Kingdom already in the works? Or was he just upset about renouncing his power to tax lands? I assure you that Ben was much more concerned about the bigger picture, the colonies being protected by funding a militia to defend those colonies from French and Indian attacks. The governor was continually denying taxes, which the Penn family did not want to pay. So Ben, as I see it, attacked the governor for not making the Penns help fund this important operation.

In essence, the governor and the Penns were insulted by Ben, saying that "some" were giving up essential liberty in exchange for some temporary (if not fleeting) security from the French and Indians, who possibly had promised the Penns they would not be attacked if they refused to fund this defense force of the colonies. Ben was saying that the governor and the Penns were not deserving of either, if they would not pay the sacrificial funding for the reasonable defense against the possible French and Indian attacks. In essence, Ben was calling them all pussies and cowards and trying to shame them into coughing up some money.

Ben and those who controlled him, did not want the colonies falling into either French or English hands in the long run. The Masonic masters, no doubt, already had grand ambitions for a Masonic nation, which the USA did become. There may have been some veiled threats in what Ben wrote, as well. We can not tell from this alone. But what this clearly was not, was Ben being upset about his petty right of legislature.

But regardless, what Ben wrote has meaning far beyond the events of the day. Ben and his political buddies had every intention of rebelling against England in time. And they really promoted the rhetoric and propaganda of rebellion as justified and vital and that any who would not join them in the coming years up to and past 1776, were cowards who deserved neither liberty or temporary safety. Wittes does not want to admit that there was a plan at work to rebel against England 21 years before 1776 and that already, the fires of rebellion were being stoked.

Now that the USA firmly belongs to secret societies and wealthy bankers, rebellion is now out of fashion and not good at all. In fact, it is to be condemned in the strongest terms. But in truth, today's situation is the same as the one back then and if rebellions were justified then, then it would be now. But I argue from the Biblical standpoint, that neither rebellion was ever justified by God. We are to obey the superior authorities, relatively, reserving certain rights to God.

But the sentiment expressed by Franklin is very much like that of the devil as far as I am concerned.

What Are Satan's Limits?            Oct. 30, 2012
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I hope I do not scare you if I say, practically no limits. That goes a little too far but not too much farther. Satan has sought to hinder our search for God, and to make it hard to find God, and even if we do find Him, Satan wants to make it hard to follow and obey God. So I am going to suggest some of the things the devil has done to make it very unlikely that we will find God or follow and obey Him.

In our fallen state, we tend to easily get distracted, discouraged, corrupted, etc. Satan tries to harm our minds as much as possible, so we can not use them effectively. He designs society to carry out much of the harm. Everyone is pressured to join the majority, all aligned against God. But the devil did much more than that. Recall that before the flood, man typically lived 900 years. That's a long time to get wise. Too long as far as the devil was concerned. I believe that Satan wanted to severely reduce the lifespan of humans so that they would have far less time to figure life out.

So when the time came to wipe out humanity, save Noah and his family, Satan dictated how humanity should be wiped out. He devised the plan that God would use to preserve Noah, his family, and earth's animal population. Satan saw another advantage to this particular plan. He believed the story would sound so far fetched to many, that they would not believe it was true, if disputed, which Satan did dispute through his early followers.

And it is not that God liked the idea of reducing our life spans, but the devil likely argued that 70 or 80 years ought to be plenty, for humans to seek out God, if there was anything to them. God had to allow as much as He could without being unreasonable. Evidently, God thought it was possible to accomplish and still be reasonable, so He allowed Satan to dictate to God how to wipe out most of mankind by flood, rather than some other means. God could have hidden Noah and his family in a cave and wiped everyone out in a flash. But a flood it would be. God handled it from there.

I have a list of the ages of the first human lineage from Adam, down through Abraham, Moses, and finally, to Jesus. I only list Noah thru Moses as one can see the dramatic decline after the flood in that lineage.

Noah             950
Shem            600
Arpachshad 438
Shelah          433
Eber              464
Peleg            239
Reu               239
Serug           230
Nahor           148
Terah         205
Nahor        205
Abraham  175
Isaac         180
Jacob        147
Levi           137
Amram*    137
Moses       120
Joshua      110

Ages continued to drop. Psalm 90 speak of a man living to only 70 or 80, if he is lucky.
RSV) Psalm 90:
  9 for all our days pass away under thy wrath, our years come to an end like a sigh.
10 the years of our life are threescore and ten, or even by reason of strength fourscore;
     yet their span is but toil and trouble; they are soon gone, and we fly away.
11 who considers the power of thy anger, and thy wrath according to the fear of thee?
12 so teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom.

Today, people not uncommonly, still reach 70 or 80. However, many lives are lost much earlier, due to war, crime, disease, etc. So one can not chance waiting till their later years to come around to God. They might not live that long. Accidents happen. Crime happens. Life does not come with any guarantees. But the devil's goal was not just shortening life spans. He also wanted to limit how much could be passed on to succeeding generation of children. Let me show you what I mean.

Noah was born 600 years before the flood. Shem, his son, was born 98 years before the flood. Noah lived for another 350 years after the flood, so that he reached age 950. But because Shem only lived a short time before the flood, He only managed to live about 500 more years, not too many more than his father Noah did. Lets look at it this way. Noah lived 600 years before the flood and Shem 500 years after the flood. But Noah lived 350 after, and Shem only 98 before. Something happened that cause Noah to outlive Shem by 350 years in all.

We start the chart with the flood waters receded. Shem had his first son, Arpachshad, at age 100, 2 years after the start of the flood.
The left , as well.
The Right Column lists the deaths and the years after the flood when it happened as well as BC dates.

Left Column lists the lifespan of each person and the years after the flood (AF) when they were born and the BC date for that. The Right Column lists the deaths and the years after the flood (AF) when it happened as well as BC dates.

Carefully note that most of the early patriarchs dies by the time Jacob/Israel was born. Isaac had 50 years to meet Shem, if that ever happened. Jacob was 15 when Abraham died. He was living with Isaac and likely met Abraham or might have been present when Abraham dies, though Abraham did marry after Sarah and had more sons, who could have cared for his burial, which would have been at the trees of Mamre, where Sarah was also born.

9 generations died within 162 years. Whatever survived for knowledge, skill, or wisdom, might have lived on some, but much knowledge also likely died, not being written down, in all likelihood. With paper and parchment being rare and easily lost to time by burning, aging-rotting, crime, war, and the like, would not allow survival of much. Later generations would quickly forget or not care. There was a tremendous power vacuum and certainly there must have been a knowledge vacuum as well.

Also note that Eber, also known as Heber, is the forefather for who all are later call Heber-u's - Heber-oo's - Heber-ew's, which is shortened to Hebrews. Eber lived longer than Abraham, by only 4 years, but it is still amazing that Abraham was one of many who were known as descendants of Heber. So Hebrews were a large number of related peoples, no doubt. God distinguished a particular group of Hebrews and they became known as sons of Jacob, renamed by God, Israel. Though not known by this name when in Egypt, they took on that name in the eyes of others when they came into Canaan.

Jacob started a new legacy which God gave blessings to. but what we want to take from this is that the devil was careful to wipe out the memory banks of older ones, so that he could destroy as much knowledge and maturity as possible. Ignorant people are easy to control and manipulate. Satan continued to attack knowledge. Archaeologists have noted a dark period/age dating from about 1200-800 BC. In fact, 800 BC seems to pick up right where 1200 BC left off, as if the 400 years in between did not even happen. But the time can be accounted for in some places, thereby assuring that life still went on during that time.

There was a major climatic disturbance that happened in 1159 BC, according to dedro-chronologists, who use the study of tree rings to date and to find climatic disturbances. That 1159 BC happens only 41 years after the approximate 1200 BC dark age, lends possibilities to the event being at least part of the cause. One wonders if the devil himself might have requested and got permission to cause that disturbance to further wipe out knowledge and order.


Born         Age     AF       BC Died                    AF        BC
Arpachshad  438      2         -2348 BC
Shelah           433      37       -2313 BC
Eber              464      67       -2283 BC
Peleg            239      101     -2249 BC
Reu               239      131     -2219 BC
Serug            230     163      -2187 BC
Nahor           148      193      -2157 BC
Terah            205      222     -2128 BC
Peleg dies                340     -2008 BC
Nahor dies                341     -2009 BC
Noah dies                 350     -2000 BC
Abraham     175       352     -1998 BC
Reu dies                   370       -1980 BC
Serug dies                393      -1957 BC
Terah dies                427        -1923 BC
Abraham begins Wandering -1923 BC
Arpachshad dies     440        -1910 BC
Shelah dies              470       -1906 BC
Isaac   180     452     -1898 BC
Shem dies                502     -1848 BC
Jacob 147     512     -1838 BC
Abraham dies          527     -1823 BC
Eber dies                  531     -1819 BC
Levi     137     599     -1747
Isaac dies                 632     -1718 BC
Joseph appointed by Pharaoh   633    -1717 BC
Jacob comes to Egypt                642    -1708 BC
2nd half of wandering, being in Egypt, begins
Amram*          137     657   -1693 BC
Joseph dies             713     -1637 BC
Mt. Thera Major Eruption >>
>>Tree Ring Dating to -1628 BC

Levi dies                  736     -1614 BC
Moses            120     777     -1573 BC
Exodus takes place 857     -1493 BC
Joshua begins rule          -1453 BC
Judges Period begins   
-1453 BC
Moses dies              897     -1453 BC

What can be said is that with the Exception of Egypt, which also has several dark ages in her history, we do not know that much about the times before 1200 BC, even more so for 1500 BC, and especially for 1700 or so BC. These times, say 1700 BC to 2350 BC (the flood date), are remote and lacking much knowledge and detail. We only have hints and glimpses of these early times.

But dark ages serve the devil well. Wiping out knowledge is very useful to the devil. The devil has sought to shorten our lifespans as much as possible so as to limit how much we can learn and how long we preserve it for others in our head. That is why writing was important and God made a religion, temple, and priesthood out of record keeping history of Godly things, to combat the devil's attempt at forced ignorance upon mankind.

A number of things have been devised by the devil to help shorten our lifespans and attack our health so that we die prematurely and do not function as well, mentally, emotionally, and intellectually. So it is my contention that the flood was an odd way to rescue man and the devil may have dreamed up the flood as the way for God to preserve a few humans. Why? The flood seems to hard to believe for many. It leaves so many puzzles in the minds of many. It is not that the flood is hard to see for evidence. It is everywhere. But it seems so far out as a method of preservation.

By the devil choosing such a method, he creates a true story that seems like fairy tales. But more importantly, by flooding the lands and the soil, a vast amount of minerals and carbon are leached from the soil, making it far less capable of growing good food plants to support both animals and humans. This shortens their lifespans and makes life more uncertain and unreliable and gives the devil a greater advantage over the human mind.

What I believe is extremely important for those who believe in God and His son, is to know about this legal battle going on and how much it has affected everything that goes on between the devil and God and between them and us.

But since Jesus remained faithful to his death, his righteous blood buys back all Adam's descendants, if they so choose. Since that is out of the way, the only thing to determine now is who accepts God's terms for everlasting life and who does not. So Satan challenges and tries each person, especially those who try to serve Christ and obey him. They will suffer more than those who do not. But the more we serve our god with dedication and zeal, we can gain certain protections from God that we might not otherwise get. Those who try to d just enough or as little as possible, will be tested more, since the devil imagines he is closer to getting them to break, than those who are strong and dedicated.

Satan Seeks Control of All Knowledge
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After the fall of Rome, Almost every library throughout the Roman Empire and its many vassal countries, all disappeared. Alexandria, Pergamum, and all around the Mediterranean, such houses of knowledge were destroyed. Oddly enough, though it is obvious enough, it appears to be systematic and deliberate, happening within a short period of time, no historian has ever really made any mention of it as being a deliberate movement. If they did, they might have to determine who would and could have done such a thing and why. It clearly had to be either an international business interest, or a political interest, or a combination of both.

International traders have been around since nearly the beginning of cities. Extensive and organized trade networks are clearly manifest in the archaeological records and historical monuments and clay cuneiform tablets so that no one need be unaware of them. Banking, trade, and slave labor networks were everywhere to be found. Nations and groups of nations sought to control and gain ultimate power, if possible.

But libraries did not disappear only at Rome's fall. They also started a new wave of attacks in about 700 AD. Irish people had embraced a unique form of Christianity. It was not Catholic controlled till some time after 700 AD. The Irish became quite noble and even broad minded. They developed their own alphabet to accommodate their own language and they copied all ancient materials barely surviving anymore, being largely Greek and Roman works, and Christian literature. They copied all ancient literature, even pagan material. They feared nothing and saw valued in all that came before. these were not narrow-minded, or intolerant men of faith. They were a bright shining beacon in a day and age where such was not appreciated by power hungry nations who sought to control everything.

Irish monks dedicated themselves to copying all materials and taking them along to start new libraries and make more copies and spread libraries everywhere. So Vikings began raids, not on all Ireland, by any means, but only on Irish Monks keeping their libraries. The Vikings destroyed every library they could find. After they left, the Irish would rebuild and recopy. So the Vikings returned again and again to kill monks and destroy libraries, including many in Europe as well, where the Irish had set up new Monasteries (libraries, really) to spread all knowledge, though particularly Christian knowledge. Someone was evidently not happy with that.

Now it should be known that Vikings lived quite peaceably, for the most part, in other parts of Ireland. Dublin was well mixed with both Irish and Vikings. Vikings settled throughout Ireland and Scotland, and had earlier taken what came to be England after Rome fell. The 2 races had mixed considerably. But only Irish monks seem to suffer the wrath of hell time and again. Eventually, the original monasteries ceased to be rebuilt.

But monasteries and libraries did continue and did not get completely wiped out. We have the Christian literature we do today, because those Irish (in origin, anyway) monasteries in France and elsewhere survived. And much of the literature of Rome and Greece also comes to us by way of the early Irish Christians.

Today, Satan uses a much more clever means to hide and suppress knowledge and learning. Throughout European nations and then in the USA, from the 1700s and more prominently in the 1800s, schools were formed and mandatory attendance by the young was required. In this means, governments could control knowledge was given to students and what knowledge would be withheld and hidden from them. So deception is often the rule as well as deprivation of real knowledge that might excite minds and make them hunger for more knowledge.

But it has ever been the goal of the devil to control all information in one way or another. I'll get to this more later. So one must realize that they live in information starved society. When I say information, I am speaking of honest truthful valuable knowledge that leads to God and wisdom. If one is to overcome the devil and find God and life, one must wake u to this fact and not pay too much attention to popular mainstream knowledge which permeates and pervades in all media, including schools.

I do find an anomaly among the present time (2013). The internet has proven a great tool for government surveillance of the people but it has also helped knowledge of God and prophecy to flourish, without the help of mainstream churches, which are actually a hindrance to God. The videos on YouTube discussing conspiracies and religious doctrine are a marvel and testament to God giving us a fighting chance.

While the various media have flooded and polluted our surroundings and blinded most, some of that media has also been harnessed to inoculate us and enlighten us and free us from the many lies of the devil's many media sources.

More Lies
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I came across some interviews with a Roger Morneau on the internet, on YouTube. I find them rather convincing. Even if he made it all up, I am sure that something similar is really going on in other "realms" that we are not allowed to see or hear directly. Here are the links which I will discuss after. He was allegedly introduced to the spirit world and had some very interesting experiences. His interviews have been broken up into small pieces and some have posted them in larger chunks. You can pick which you prefer. Those who posted are also linked here as well.
Roger Morneau Interview 01 of 16
Roger Morneau Part 1 of 4
Roger Morneau Part 1 of 4

Proof Roger Morneau was right

The allegations are that the devil is talking to and revealing himself to powerful people on earth. No doubt, for this was the intent from the beginning, and it was what the devil had done in the Garden of Eden. We should expect as much. The devil has far more brains and understanding, of not only physics, biology, and psychology, but he is better at employing them in a strategy and supplying power where needed in manipulating things. So what we are seeing now, is not exclusively the manifestation of human intelligence alone. Things have gotten much too deep and intricate for humans alone to pull this off any longer. Satan is lending his full support and they gladly receive it since they are thrilled that such a brilliant and powerful entity would grant them such great honor, gifts, and promises. And Satan does grant gifts. Don't you doubt it for a moment! So the game is getting very sophisticated but God was up to the challenge. We can be, too, if we want to be. But now here is my concern.

Some powerful claims have been made in these "revelations" of Roger Morneau. First, why was he chosen to hear these things and be allowed to reveal them, too? Is he in on it or just being used. For his sake, let's hope he is just being used. But maybe the devil wanted him to get away, knowing he would reveal what he saw and heard. Perhaps the devil was required by God to have to allow some of his info to be given up to us. For what ever the reason, what is revealed seems absolutely true. But it is the lies let loose by the devil I want to shred.

Satan says, allegedly, that the earth has been deeded over to him, he having long ago shown his mastery of people and having ruined the world and controlled it. And now he is going to fix it and bring wonderful things for us all. Yeah, and I got a couple of sky scrapers in NYC I'd like to sell you, too! What a nice guy Satan is. Why, he loves us and wants what is best for us. Ain't that just wonderful? I am being sarcastic.

He is merely plotting to get us to fall for him so he can ruin our chance with God and eternal life and happiness, too. Satan says Jesus is not coming back since the devil has been handed the deed to earth. So you and I would be silly to wait for Jesus, so the devil says. Listen, I don't believe a word of it. But he speaks to get the gullible, not the intelligent. Satan presents himself as an angel of light and benevolence. Why butter would not melt in his mouth. But remember, this spirit killed 2 people in the Garden of Eden with his lies. As a result, he condemned the entire race that was to follow, which is each of us. He cares not, about people or life. There is no love in him. Only selfishness, ego, hate, spite, and vengeance.

So he now seeks to kill even more with his lies. Do not trust Jesus to come back, he says. Trust me for I am going to deliver you all, he says. He is the ultimate liar and he will tell you whatever you want to hear in order to get you to go along with him and to disobey God. This will insure your death, which is really what the devil ultimately wants. He loves to kill. The more the better. Never doubt it, my friends.

To Those in Power and their followers:

But what I want to most emphasize to those in power or those who obey those in power, or think they will gain by cooperating and will be looked after for it, is that you will not get what you think your are going to get, and are being offered. You are promised great and wonderful things but you will not get any of those, ultimately. The devil wants you all dead. He is very treacherous, and he lies so as to kill all, not just those against him, but also those for him. He hates all humans because he could not get what he wanted. He takes it very personally, too.

You are promised that you will be spared in a coming mass killing of the world's population, to be reduced to less than 1 billion. Perhaps as small as half a billion. You will live in a wonderful world with all the perks and privileges of his chosen loved ones. You are being set up, big time. The truth is, that this wonderful spirit who guides you and promises many things to you all, is seeking to kill you and yours. He is guiding you to kill off most of the human race and in the process, will kill you off as well.

Your labs might be producing killer biological agents like viruses, with antidotes as well, but the devil better understands those things and has likely left out some info which will cause things to get out or hand and out of control and cause the death of the entire human race. Just one problem. God!

God plans to step in at the last moment, on account of His people and stop the whole mess before every last soul is killed off. Jesus had/has clearly stated that unless those days had been cut short, no flesh would be saved. The entire human race would be killed off. That is the goal of the devil. But Jesus, as God's agent, will not let this happen.

But . . .  it will get close. Jesus will let it take most out, with the exception of his own. You can still be one of his, rather than one of the devil's. It is not too late and no matter how far you have gone, it is not far enough. God will forgive if you are truly willing to change and make the changes before the critical time when the antichrist makes his deal with all mankind and we all have to take a stand one way of the other, with our lives at stake for it.

Why does God let this go this far?

A damn good question! I was hoping you would ask. Once upon a time in the Garden of Eden, a rebellion took place. Adam and Eve ignored God's command and ate fruit from a tree God had forbidden to them. From our standpoint, it seems like such a small matter, a piece of fruit from a tree. How could this possibly hurt God? Understand that it is not the fruit that is the issue. It is what God's command not to eat from it symbolizes. It is the right of God to determine what we can and can not do. He has the right to make rules and insist on them being obeyed. It is a huge point to accept and learn. The most important point we can ever learn. All other commands and laws rest on top of this one principle.

Now unreasonable people who only seek to find fault without sincerity, say, that "the" tree in Eden was no different from any other tree in that garden and that God was being extreme and intolerant, what we today call zero-tolerance. It was a rule and one with huge principle behind it. But I can use the same argument to say, why did Adam and Eve bother with God's tree and fruit when they had so many others just like it around them? Why was that one essential or necessary? It was not necessary or even tempting.

But here is problem no. 2. If God is to be taken seriously on the principle of obedience, He must enforce His rights at all times or those rights and rules are, and will be, meaningless. If a parent says to a child, do not do this or I will spank you or send you to bed for 8 hours, and the child does it, what will the child conclude if you do not follow through? He will perceive that he has gained a victory over the parent and maybe has some leverage. He might reason, "you won't do it because you do not want to hurt me or you are weak, or whatever." A child will often be emboldened by this victory and go for worse. You can not afford to give ground on this and God knows this about us, too.

He knows He has to stand firm and act reliable and predictable always, being ever consistent. To waver at any point could cause us to lose confidence and trust in Him as one who is weak or might change His mind about what He said. It really is not any small principle. God will be affected if He does not live up to what He says. He knows how closely He will be watched and judged. He can not be weak or indecisive. Even crime syndicates know that in order to be respected and taken seriously, they must act decisively with swiftness, certainty, and severity. God is not severe, but if He says He will do something, He must live up to it. And if He says you will die if you eat from that tree, it has to be the truth. He can not threaten idly. He must always speak the truth.

For while we may not at all times understand the reason for some rule, for a while, while we grow in knowledge, we need to still obey until such time as we better understand why God made the rules that He did. In time, it will become clear. The devil thought he understood it all well. But he did not and he was not willing to wait and see. So he acted and will die for it in time. Adam and Eve, fully commanded and created with a conscience to warn of harm and bad, ignored the command and their conscience as well, and did begin the process of psychological trauma and disturbance, slow physical breakdown (aging), and eventual death.

But more important to show and learn, is what disobeying even such a small little command, of seemingly so little value (a piece of fruit), but of immense principle (God's rights) will do to our bodies and minds. It causes aging and death and makes us crazy in our behavior. How crazy? To the point where our race and species will completely kill itself off in time. We are about to see that happen now. Who could have ever believed that a group of humans could contemplate and carry out a killing so massive and evil, to the tune of 6 billion or more? It is inconceivable to many, if not most. But not to God. He knows how insane we can get as a species. This is what happens (in time) when even the slightest command is broken. All hell breaks loose.

This is what the trial we are in, is here to prove. We must obey God, not because God is restrictive, and without reason, but because He has very good reason for it. He has allowed Himself to be put on trial and questioned, and made to answer. Satan is also on trial, too, as counter-defense, in charges from the Defense as Plaintiff in a counter-claim. God and His people, us, put Satan, et al (his followers), on trial as well. We have our points to make. We with God, stand in opposition to the charges of the devil and his followers.

We have seen the "wonderful" world and works of Satan. We have seen the horror and misery he and his have had and have brought about. So I address the powerful and their supporters who think they are going to have it made soon. You will die soon. The devil wants you dead forever. God will let you die, forever, unless you want to change right now. Yes, despite your present and former course, God, and myself included, would gladly welcome you if you would cease serving the devil and those above you on earth, and join us in accepting God's offer of reconciliation, obedience, and eternal life in happiness and a contentment that we have never know before, since were were born into a life of hell, and knowing nothing else.

Don't let the devil kill you off. Tell those above you, that you are through with them and would prefer death rather than continue to serve them. If you serve them, you will die. Make no mistake about that. We will see soon, who is lying and who is not. Things are not going to happen as you have been told. The devil has always lied and always killed. He has always been willing to hurt people without reason. He will hurt you, too, and kill you. He can not be trusted. He lies! Its obvious by now, isn't it?

It might look like things are going according to the plan the devil has revealed to you. It will look that way and it will be convincing, as the devil has been allowed to make it look convincing. But the final events will bring that to an end. The antichrist, posing as Jesus and the Father, will die mysteriously, at the hand of God, in a way most obvious that is it the hand of God, and "Babylon' will be punished and destroyed, and one final showdown between nations and God will take place as the nations surround God's people in order to steal them blind and even kill them. God will wipe the nations out and save all those who are His. You can be one of those.

But up to that last point, just before antichrist dies, it will look wonderful and all the wicked followers of the devil will be having a ball and and jumping for joy. Everything is going just as planned, they will say. We made the right choice. This is incredible. And then it all comes to an end. You will see it, one way or another.

But now that sense of meaning and purpose we seem to need to live, will be realized when we survive this climatic battle or if we are brought back to life for having lost our lives obeying God and decency. We were meant to live forever, so that whatever we did, it would not be in vain that we did it. It would last, and we would last to see it continue and enjoy the satisfaction of having accomplished something that can not be taken from us. To do something for nothing is almost a fate worse than death.

We are not complete as humans unless we can live forever and in beauty and perfection. We are born with a innate drive and desire to live, even what seems to be against all hope. The prospect of guaranteed death, without hope of coming back to life, is dis-incentive to continue living. But God placed in us a strong urge to live and get past this temporary gloomy prospect of certain death and pointlessness of life, without meaning or purpose. Living forever is the missing link in our psychology and outlook. You and I need it and God can deliver it, if you let Him! It is up to you, in the end. Choose wisely.

Implications of Prophecy
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I was thinking about the wonder of how prophecies in Daniel, particularly those of the Kings of the North and South, fit so perfectly to events of the Seleucid kingdom of Syria and the Ptolemaic kingdom of Egypt; and yet at the same time, so perfectly described events of the last days, too, with the more important fulfillment being the latter one in our day, soon to happen. How could they be so exactly identical? And continuing those 2 Kings, much of Rome as King of the North fits descriptions of a few Roman Emperors in detail, and yet also our times, too. How can this be?

It is easy, really. God was obviously in control of those rulers and empire of those earlier days and caused things to come about, according to how He was going to make things turn out in the latter/last days as well. Daniel 4 teaches us that God sets up kings and removed kings at His good pleasure and as He prefers or chooses. Nebuchadnezzar had to admit this before God and did so in writing as well. But it is also in Daniel that it is told by Gabriel to Daniel that there are "princes" who resist God and angels and rule over nations. This obviously refers to allies of the devil who rule along with the devil over a sort of hierarchy of rulers and status.

These too, have prerogatives and powers allowed by God in their effort to prove God wrong and influence mankind as they please with little hindrance, as long as God is left a few important prerogatives of His own. That is to say, there is a set of rules, boundaries, and agreements that exist between these 2 opposing parties. Each side has certain limits and rules they must observe. God has willingly limited Himself and His prerogatives, while keeping a few important ones to make the challenge fair, though not easy. As well, the devil has been given, pretty much, a free hand and reign in what he may do, and yet, there are still limits as to how bold and daring he is allowed to be.

There are huge implications in all this. Some limits are clear to us. Others not perhaps so clear. While the devil is allowed to guide and influence nations as he chooses, often under the disguise of being one of many pagan gods; God, too, controls nations enough to set up prophetic symbols that show what must happen at the end. Why symbols? 2 reasons for that. 1st, that the message be hidden from God's enemies on earth, so that God's people can be warned and that the recordings of those prophecies may not get destroyed.

But as well, it may be that the devil insisted those messages be encrypted so that people might doubt or not believe at all. So God will have a voice to be heard, it will be written down for all to read or hear if they want to and are willing to, without it being destroyed by the devil. So the devil allows the Bible to be, but with limitations, including God limiting what had taken place or will take place. We are told about a flood but with so little info that many laugh and doubt; and yet, enough, so that if people were to carefully search the physical evidence left by the flood, what we often call "scientific" evidence, we would find corroborating evidence in harmony with that flood account, but that evidence might have more to reveal than was ever disclosed by the Bible, also causing some to doubt.

How come God did not tell us about that, some ask? God would have liked to have told us but the devil said, they have enough with the short limited version so let this be all they get. God agreed that it was enough and so let Himself be restrained but not unfairly so, for Him or us. God promises that some day He will speak plainly, openly, and that the earth will be filled with the knowledge of Jehovah. So it will not always be this way. But while the trial is on, it is this way.

In many places and times, God has allowed Himself to be restrained. The devil claims that we do not have enough faith in God and will not follow God with restrained evidence and accounts. God says good people will understand His necessarily restrained position and still trust Him. The devil says they will not. So its your choice, now. It would have been far easier to have God give us much more detail so that His side would be beyond any possible doubt. But that really is what a big part of this whole greater trial is about. How much evidence do we need or require? How much is  enough? How much is too much? Are we smart enough to be able to see the truth through limited revelation, though not too limited or unreasonable?

Again, it is up to us. I say we have had plenty, more than enough. If we discern the true implications of what we have, we have enough to trust God and reject the devil's side. But some do not like the idea of being left to decode encrypted prophetic symbols in order to discern the future. I say this, though. While many symbols are encrypted, many things are related in rather simple straight forward declarations. Not everything is symbolized and encrypted in figurative language.

I propose that God has given us plenty. Prophecies and predictions are miracles in themselves, just as curing people and raising them from the dead was in Jesus' day. Predicting the future 2000 years in advance is no small feat. Those who claim otherwise are being absurd. Show me any other source that has done this! God and the Bible stand alone and unique in this aspect. Buddhists do not have prophecy like the Bible's. Nor do Hindus, Mohammed, Wiccans, New Age'ers, Taoists, or any other religion on earth. Only the Bible can make such extraordinary claims and deliver. We are seeing it now. Beat that!

But I wanted to point out how God and the devil have engaged in negotiations and determined limits for each other by mutual agreement. We do not know many of the specific terms made. We can only speculate or guess at many, based on what few we have given in the Bible. But based on these, we can assume quite a few boundaries. I believe Roger Morneau reveals things that God might have wanted us to know about. In having to reveal those, the devil made or revealed a few things, too, namely, more lies and deceit as usual. Regardless, I suspect what Morneau reveals is true. I do not take it lightly and do not believe you should, either.

A lot went on in that invisible realm, prior to Adam and Eve being allowed to be tempted. The more we perceive and understand, the better for us. Just knowing there are invisible beings and issues involved is important. Knowing there is a trial in progress is important. It explains what is really going on down here.

Morneau says the Devil and his buddies are in contact with high ranking people here on earth right now. I do not doubt a word of this.

I will suggest some possibilities as well. Some battles have often seemed mysterious or unexplainable. Japanese scouts at Midway, took off with working radios. But in the air, the radios did not work. But after landing, the radios were fine. At the Battle of Hastings in 1066, King Harold II and his army could not be driven off the hill and ridge they were on. William was sure to suffer defeat. But for some reason, some stupid hot heads in the ranks of Harold came down off the hill to attack and let the hill open. It was a stroke of luck. Or was it something else?

China was the greatest naval and business empire, dominating the Asian Pacific and Indian Oceans in 1400 AD. Its technology was far superior to the primitive West. But a series of very strange events took place to cause the Mandarins to withdraw from ambitions for an empire and to isolate herself over time. She was far superior to the West but not nearly as ambitious. Was it just luck or was someone guiding the West and aiding it to ascend to total World domination?

It may very well have been chance, but knowing that the devil has firm plans, I doubt anything was an accident. We know God controlled certain politics and since Satan, called the wicked one by Paul, was said to have the whole world in his power. So he must be doing something with it all. Many events on earth are not just accident. They are influenced by spirits and their guidance. You can take that to the bank.

So events in the world are not just going along randomly. They are being carefully guided by the 2 opposing parties warring in heaven. I think it very likely that had not Satan interfered and man had gone wrong on his own, the unfolding of events might not have been quite so disastrous or maybe it just would have taken much longer. Satan has made it a lot nastier and a lot quicker. The Bible promises that no more will we be misled by the devil as has been the case till all things have been settled by God, due to happen in not too much more time.


We know from the book of Job that individuals can be singled out to prove a point, one way of the other. Job was one of those picked. But though he suffered, there were also limits placed on how much or what sort of things could take place. Jesus was another obvious example. His testing was extraordinary since he was perfect. Satan would throw everything he had at Jesus, but Satan still could not break him.

I bring up these things because if you look at what is going on in the world, you will notice that things are following the Bible in very exact detail. No accidents or randomness possible.

Individuals Tested
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The entire book of Job is about God pointing out to Satan how Job is a good obedient follower of God. Satan then demands that he be able to test Job to see if Job will remain loyal to God when he has lost all. Job loses all and yet stays faithful. Job is then restored. There is much to understand in this book as regards to how we all might be tested. For one, in testing Job, Satan was not allowed to kill him. Satan had limits placed on him as to what he could or could not do. His wife was not killed or apparently harmed. He did lose all his children, wealth, and health. And he was accused of doing wrong that he had not done by his 3 so called friends and their stupid rhetoric. They were delighted to see Job completely humbled.

Now we all have different weaknesses or vulnerabilities. Each one will be tested according to what those vulnerabilities are. There are limits in any of these tests. We will not be tested by more than we can bare. We are expected to successfully resist reasonable temptation to prove we are sincere in our devotion and worthy of life in God's kingdom. Our "Armageddon" could come much sooner than the end of the world. Our testing does not guarantee we will pass. That is up to us. If we fail, we lose God's kingdom and everlasting life, unless we later repent. But we will then be tested again. If we fail and do not repent, then our failure was our judgment. The end of the world will just be a formality. We already lost the battle when we compromised and failed our testing. Many fail, without ever realizing they have failed God. They just like lying to themselves and kidding themselves. For them, Judgment Day might end up being quite the surprise, but not a good one.

But what we really should be aware of, is the disposition of Satan. He lost the battle when Jesus remained faithful, even though severely beaten and very painfully killed. Earlier, Jesus had been offered all the kingdoms of the earth. The devil correctly pointed out that those had all been given to him to do as he pleased with. They were his to give. Jesus never disputed that, but was not moved or enticed by it. And you can be very sure that Jesus, better than most, knew the deal was real, if he wanted it. His rejection of the deal was proof of his motives. There was no ego or desire for recognition, wealth, power, or control over others, or for a nice harem of women, which was quite attainable with the power offered. So Jesus was free of all impurities, so to speak. I dare say, Satan was obligated by God to offer all those things to prove the worthiness of Jesus as truly void of bad things.

But with Satan unable to tempt or break Jesus, he had lost his greatest challenge, and Jesus' death thereby reserved the right of any person to avail themselves of salvation and resurrection if they wanted it and were willing to be tested for worthiness. This failure must have been a bitter blow to the devil. This was the loss that costs Satan his judgment in court, really. This was his Armageddon. His sentence was now passed/pronounced (again) and awaited him.

This made him very angry for he knew that one day he would lose his life. He does not want to die anymore than we do. So now he is full of wrath and anger toward anyone who wants to live and might get that chance. His huge ego was bruised as well. In fact, he hates all humans. He thinks nothing of killing them. But he especially hates those who serve God or even pretend to. He will do whatever he can, within limits, of course, to stop us from getting life eternal and get us killed by judgment. He would love nothing more than to cause us all to die. He wants to kill as many as he can. He knows some will get away but it will be as few as he can make it. So he is out to stop us all, if possible. He'll get as many as he can.

He is a jealous, spiteful, cruel killer. Killing kids and babies means nothing to him. Causing great suffering and pain does not move him in the least. There is no remorse or compassion in his heart. This is the one we are supposed to admire by his accounting. Why? In order to get many humans to go along with his diabolical plans, he offers temptations or threats, which ever will work better, depending on the individual being pursued and tested. But as well, the "devil," a Hebrew name/word meaning slanderer or liar, will lie about God and deceive people with many lies such as evolution, pagan gods, aliens, etc.

So we need to be aware that many lies have been sent forth into the world to deceive us. History is lied about. Science is lied about. Philosophy is corrupted. Psychology is twisted and misused. We are tempted or threatened in many ways. We might face rejection of family, friends, co-workers. We might lose jobs, status, opportunities, a chance to succeed and be recognized. We might face alienation in general or people might find us hard to relate to or we might find them hard to relate to. A certain amount of loneliness and isolation could result. We might be offered great jobs and status, a gorgeous wife or a prestigious wealthy handsome husband.

We might have opportunity for great power and status. Who knows what potential will be offered. If Morneau's allegations are true, we might even be personally offered something substantial from the devil in return for our service and obedience. Or it might be we have those and are threatened with losing them if we get out of line. We might even lose our lives, at least till God resurrects us.

Those who face great natural adversity such as lousy parents, early traumas or whatever, may not be subjected to as much trial and testing. Those born of good circumstances may have to face substantial adversity, since they are able to handle more. As well, if we obey God with great effort and zeal, this could potentially relieve us of some of our testing as a reward. Israel was promised that if it obeyed God fully in what He asked, that it would remain forever and be protected by God. But Israel was unfaithful and lost protection. It might be that if one is only half hearted, they will leave themselves open to greater trials and testing. Many factors determine how much we can be tested or what sorts of tests we might face.

My impression is that God reserved a protection clause for outstanding obedience. If you obey fully and do so enthusiastically, your trials will likely be few. Enoch was spared much. Jeremiah was promised his life. Job was restored in wealth, children, and health. God does not ignore exceptional devotion. The devil has great limits put on him if one is very loyal to God. So, your best protection always, is great devotion and obedience, which included lots of mercy and decency, also called love.

So there is a big war going on in the world, but there is also a war going on for individuals being tested and tried for worthiness. God sees it this way! If we are to be of any use to God so that what happened the 1st time in Eden never happens again, we must be able to withstand some temptation and threats. Further, the devil will not be satisfied unless we pass an adequate test, for he is of the spiteful nature that will not let us get past a full testing of our wills. So we must prove ourselves worthy and deserving of permanent never-ending life and all the good that goes with that.

The goal is to show a measure of strength and determination and demonstrate that we have some resolve to keep our promises and live up to expectations. We must show that we will not be easily deterred or discouraged so that if some idiot in future times decides to get us all to rebel against God, we will stand up against him without having to rely on God to stamp him or her out. God wants us to be self-reliant and self-maintaining, independently motivated, to be like God, Himself.

So this is why we are being tested. Our greatest weaknesses and faults may be put off limits by God. Perhaps we were not loved as children. This could make us more easily disposed to fears of rejection or longing to be accepted. So God might not allow major tests in this area. He might allow testing in other areas not so exposed or susceptible. The ground rules for what is acceptable for what circumstances one is in, were no doubt, worked out in the beginning of this trial. What we can be tested for was established long ago.

If you want some good coverage of various possibilities, read Revelation chapters 1-3. In these chapters are mentioned various deeds and various levels of punishment or reward, according to our behavior. Very much worth considering.

Now it is up to us to obey all rules and show where we stand and if we are worthy. We are part of this trial and are participants in it and make our own testimony in it as well. We can also act as defendants for God, ourselves and our species, and accusers of the other side, too, the sons of darkness and the devil. Its up to us now as individuals, to do our part. Knowing about this trial should make it easier to pass it. Not knowing would make it much more difficult. So we have been informed enough in the Bible so that we need not be ignorant of it.

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Most people have been sort of under the impression that the world has just been running sort of naturally, sort of under the regular forces of human nature. But spirits, both good and bad, have been at work and influencing things. The mother of all trials is very much a trial between God and Satan. We are involved, too, but not exclusively or even primarily. The primary parties are God and Satan. We are more like the casualties coincidently involved, in some ways. Satan made the mess we are in, and Adam and Eve were the direct casualties of temptation from Satan. We have all suffered as a result. But God has allowed us redemption though the sacrifice of His son, whose innocent blood was spilled and demands restitution in some way or other. We are the restitution of the offspring of Jesus.

To add to this interesting trial, Satan has kept well out of sight and belief of many people. Morneau says this was Satan's intention. Belief in the devil is irrational in most people's eyes today. Religion has been discredited. Science makes any talk of spirits irrational and "superstitious." The great advantage in all this is that one is lead to believe that earth is just a result of accident and evolution. Consider the other problem Satan has.

If he wants to discredit God or make belief in God seem absurd, irrational, and superstitious, he really can not afford to let anyone believe that spirits even exist or that God even exists. So therefore, it is in Satan's best interests that you do not believe he exists, either. No existence or proof of spirits discredits the whole premise of the Bible. God looks like a liar and the Bible does.

As well, the most dangerous and effective enemy is the one who operates without anyone knowing he exists. For instance, if a person operates as a spy in an enemy country and that country does not know he is operating or is a spy, then that agent is truly dangerous to that country he operates in. For the nation does not even know it is being attacked or subverted and exposed.

Many secret societies who carry on subversive activities to overthrow current governments and cultures, allegedly; they operate effectively when no one believes they are doing such things. You do not defend yourself against an attack you do not believe exists. You remain relaxed and feeling secure, at ease, unguarded. Nations do not build up defenses if they do not believe there is a threat against them. So to not believe in spirits eliminates people preparing against the lies of spirits. And it discourages belief in God as well.

This is why the suggestion of aliens is much more to the devil's liking since it keeps things in the physical realm and keeps God out of the picture. If aliens were instead presented as spirits, then it quickly opens up the possibility of more than 1 groups of spirits and allows for God as well.

Surely we can also see at this point why the devil only allows for limited manifestations of ghosts and hauntings. If beyond the ability of science to prove, then doubt can be easily cast upon the subject. Yet at the same time, allowing at least some spirit manifestations attracts some to that realm to communicate and supplicate the spirits, misleading some away from God. The Devil (Liar) is very good at deception.

If There Are Spirits

If there are, then everything said in the Bible is possible and even likely. Satan does not want you to hear both sides. His lies will be easy to spot if you have the truth told. But if there are spirits, then there is likely a trial and great manipulation of earthlings by spirits. And if we are being manipulated, then it will become much more apparent to us. Suddenly, all that we see around us makes a good deal more sense. This is why I like Morneau. Whether he makes it up because it makes sense, or whether it is truly what happened, the results would likely be the same. What he says has the absolute ring of truth to it.

The psychological profile Morneau offers, of Satan and his accomplices in the spirit realm, has an air of authenticity to it. The way the world works makes far more sense, too. All the pieces of the puzzle go together perfectly.

That being the case, one should be very careful not to invite spirits into their lives or open up channels of communication with them, knowingly or accidentally. The Bible warns of practices to avoid, precisely because they invite spirits to intervene when they would be otherwise required to stay away. They are real and they are powerful and they are treacherous. Avoid them at all cost.

But as well, if spirits are real, you can be quite certain that world events are not taking place randomly. They are moving in a specific guided direction that will force a confrontation and choice to make, upon every living human being. Now prophecy is totally credible and believable. Now people would have their eyes open and see why the world is unfolding as it is. Life is no longer a mystery. We know the outcome. It is as God said it would be, 2,000 years before it happened. Some parts said it 3,000 years before it happened. Genesis 3 said it about 6,000 years ago, before it happened. Not bad for supposed nonsense.

A Repeating Pattern
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It is always the will of the devil to take over a thing established primarily for good, and corrupt it and ruin it in the sight of God, named Jehovah, the Father. Satan did seduce the key leading Jews of Judah into killing the son of God and later adopting the Talmud, a book authored by men, void of the authorization of Spirit, that pretty much rejects the books of Moses and the Prophets, which were full of the Spirit. The Talmud, while pretending to have such good intentions, replaces Moses and the prophets, which can not possibly be any good. Satan has continually been attacking Israel since the Exodus. And Israel continually fell for it, too.

Christianity was also set upon to be corrupted and ruined soon after her creation. By 325 AD, it was pretty much done for. This is why God determined that it was best not to try to keep an organization or hierarchy in His behalf. People were far too inclined toward sin. Each group in their turn would be corrupted. Independent actions of independent agents (individual Christians loyal only to God and themselves) would be the best way to serve God, leaving their works to remain. Even in some of these instances, some works were corrupted but many others survived.

 For in those 1st 200 years or slightly more, of Christianity, most Christian leaders were independent. But by 325 AD under Constantine, many churches were gathered together as one collective whole, ultimately ruled and controlled by the emperor and later by other kings. And the churches and their leaders were happy to go along with it. So God decreed through His son that the wheat and the weeds, the sheep and the goats, should remain together and largely indistinguishable until the separation near the very end. This shall be accomplished with the commencement of the 7 year reign of the Antichrist.

But how is this great deception at this end time accomplished? By yet another demonic deception! You might call it a new religion masquerading as an old one. UFO space aliens, who will happen to look just like us (imagine that!), but will claim to be from other distant planets and be the ones who deposited the 1st humans here. The antichrist will claim to be Jesus and God and possibly be the former incarnations of other notable religions of past such as Buddha, Krishna, Zoroaster, etc. Or he might use others to claim to be these other incarnations. Either way, this UFO technology will be so far advanced compared to present technology, that it will have every appearance of being "magic."

But it is not magic or super power. It is technology that has been understood by a rare few such as Nikola Tesla, for over 100 years now. But it was kept secret with plans to be used for a future date as a deception. In fact, it is likely that the devil himself instructed leading people of the earth to conceal this and warned them of it in advance. Poor Nikola was the victim of this suppression, as we all were and are.

So educational systems were instituted as early as the 1700s, but in a much stronger prominent way in the mid 1800s, so that education and knowledge could be limited and controlled so as to keep people ignorant and dull so that when this ultimate demonic alien deception was revealed, nearly everyone would be fooled by it, even as ancient man would have been very impressed by helicopters and jets and amazing bombs and other weapons.

So education was taken away from parents who had previously performed those duties, and given to governments to do. Education was institutionalized and corrupted for sinister purposes. This is the devil's consistent way of going things. Organize it, establish it, get control it, and corrupt it, use it. As well, a system of publicity was set up where none had been, formerly. Town criers and prophets formerly used to announce and "advertise." But with the printing press and paper, newspapers were pushed everywhere.

As technology developed, radio as added. Movie film and theaters were introduced. Then TV was added in the 50s. Programming was created to get us to listen and view these, while subtle, and later not so subtle, messages were introduced into programming so that we were often not even aware that we were being "programmed" to see things a certain way and think a certain way. News reels and later news broadcasts were "informing" us of events, with a careful spin applied to them so that we would think a certain way.

Schools and Universities were extensions of propaganda and programming. Kids had to attend and were/are captive for 5 or more hours a day, to be preached to and made sure that you answered as told or be humiliated in class, otherwise. So messages have been continually pumped into our ears, eyes, and minds. They blend in with the background and become a subtle hypnotic influence on us without us realizing it is even happening. From school on, we are taught to listen to whatever is told and not question it or worse, dispute it.

It is reinforced at work, in churches, which are all controlled by the devil since 325 AD. and every time a new church or religion is created, they buy off the leaders or infiltrate them to lead them off and finally get control of them and their membership. Want to get ahead on the job? Do as you are told and don't rock the boat. You might be ostracized at church if you speak up and disagree. Soon, most will avoid you.

Our entire world and society has been weaved, tied, and otherwise connected together so that it all  works as one whole organism to control us at all times everywhere. The cult that never sleeps. That is our world. We always have someone or something with us to make sure we obey and be good and not make trouble. We are never alone. Even our families will often pressure us into conformity so that they do not get into trouble, too.

Perhaps now you can see why God has His people stay independent, for the most part. They can connect and talk and share. But they need to remain in small groups unconnected or at least without hierarchies and bureaucracies overseeing anything. Do not follow someone. Do your own thinking. When the time is right, God will bring us together under His care.

But right now, the devil would like to have you under his care. Tell him to go to hell. I know, that is sort of redundant, isn't it ;-) Not that I believe in a literal hell but it is still funny  .  .  . or maybe not.

The Biggest Lies to Come
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We might call this section "The Counterfeit Kingdom." the devil knew most of God's plans from the very beginning. The devil knew that prophecies would be a very effective tool of persuasion. It was the devil's good plan and pleasure to take all of God's plans and prophecies and create false counterfeit substitutes which would fool, even many Christians, so called. How better to fool, than to not deny prophecy, but admit it and supply a false one that fools those not well taught in prophecy, as is the case with most Christians today.

So the 1st thing the devil does is corrupt Israel and the Priesthood. The devil can then use them at a later time, as we shall see. Then, God takes a small remnant out of Judah, the only remaining of "Israel," and starts over again with them to promote God's Kingdom. So the devil now goes and corrupts Christians and Christianity and uses them to mislead as well. And any good reform movement that springs up is either wiped or more often now, infiltrated and taken over, for alter use against God and His faithful few followers.

Paul says the antichrist, who he called the man of sin and son of perdition, is going to sit down in the temple of God. Now God did away with the temple. But those not well trained, have been told that there must be another temple to be built again and Israel brought back again. But old fleshly Israel is not the new spiritual "Israel" and old Jerusalem is not the New heavenly Jerusalem above.

Big Lie 1.    The nation of Israel must be restored!
False! "Israel" is symbolic now. It is God's modern day faithful Christians, not to be confused with so called Christians who do not produce good fruit.
Israel fulfilled its purpose in introducing the Messiah (and then killing him in "sacrifice"). Israel (Judah specifically and Jerusalem) was then cast off by God and His spirit transferred to Christianity. Israel now stands by the power of the devil, who plans to mislead the earth with this false sign.

Big Lie 2.    We must observe the Law (of Moses)!
A lie, of course! The Law, the ceremonial aspects of it, were fulfilled and therefore, no longer needed or kept. Jesus became the real and intended sacrifice and he is the High Priest and the 144,000 will reign with him as kings and priests, in heaven, over earth and mankind. Observing the law is a deception to give excuse to restore the Temple and Priesthood in Jerusalem/Judah/Israel.

Big Lie 3.    The Temple must be rebuilt and the priesthood revived and sacrifices, too!
Lies! We of God are the temple, now! A symbolic temple now! God's temple is now in heaven where it has always been. Jesus is the only real sacrifice, offered just once for all time. No more animal sacrifices needed. We who go to heaven, will be kings and priests, but not here on earth. We will serve in heaven, and reside with mankind on earth, figuratively, and from heaven in reality.

Big Lie 4.    Jesus will return to earth in physical form to "restore" God's Kingdom!
Like Hell! Jesus will come hidden in the clouds. He will not be making any physical appearances this time. The person or even persons near the end, who come, will say they are Jesus. But virtue of appearing bodily, they prove to be liars. What do you expect from the devil and his followers?

Big Lie 5.    Jesus will perform impressive signs and wonders!
Wanna Bet? Someone will perform impressive Lying Signs and Wonders and will say he is Jesus. He is not and his impressive signs and wonders will be supposed fulfillment of prophecy and deceptive interpretation of prophecy using very impressive UFO technology which will be very impressive and the world has been programmed to believe in UFOs.

Big Lie 6.    Jesus returns in the clouds and descends to earth . . . via a UFO, of course.
You believe him, don 't you? Yeah, I am being sarcastic! He is not Jesus and the UFOs are not heavenly, but are normal man-made technology, which has been known and understood for over 100 years now. But its being kept secret and promoted as "alien" and will fool many.

Big Lie 7.    "Jesus" will make a deal with the nations to live in peace.
Prophecy says that God will destroy all the nations and that the nations all hate God and His people. So making a deal with the nations is not part of God's plan and never was. Anyone not accepting this fraudulent SOB will be persecuted or killed. Many Christians will be imprisoned or moved to concentration camps for the remaining 3.5 years of the final 7 year countdown, after which they are let out and the end then follows very soon after.

Big Lie 8.    Those "aliens" in UFOs will look like us and might claim to be former leaders like Buddha, Krishna, etc.
Have I got some real estate for you! Those aliens who look like us are us. They are not aliens, they are humans who descended from mankind like we all did. Some of Islam say aliens are Jinn, our word for demons, but they are not. They are humans and the Antichrist is from the tribe of Dan, either genetically descended or in symbol, anyway. Any supposed angels will also be humans. But they will likely claim to be ascended masters. And by the way, I have a great sale on the Brooklyn Bridge, if you are interested. Call me!

Big Lie 9.    The Holy Spirit of Antichrist will be the supposed Holy Spirit of the Bible.
You're not buying this, are you? As impressive as UFO tech and related new laws of physics are, they are not the Holy Spirit of old. They are simple laws of physics which have long been hidden from us and known for over 100 years. Don't fall for this crap. Demons may perform some signs, but these do not glorify God and are given to mislead people from the right course of action.

Big Lie 10.    The ancient pagan symbols will be offered as consistent symbols of "God."
Satan has used the same pagan ideas and symbols throughout time and history, giving them an ancient establishment and continuity from the beginning to end. This gives them the appearance of some sort of authenticity. But they are lies. That this ancient religion has long remained and been, and is evidence of Satan's control of it through the ages. He corrupted Judaism and Christianity with these symbols so that they, too, might get fooled by them. But Real Christians do not have anything to do with any religious symbols or icons. This is how we distinguish the lies from the truth. Those long using idols and icons will get fooled. Flee from idols and images, my people, if you do not want to be destroyed along with Babylon the Great.

Big Lie 11.    Some Falsely accused antichrists will come or be accused as being antichrists and be destroyed.
They may or may not claim to be Jesus, but knowing there is to be a false Christ according to prophecy, the devil will surely provide at least one false antichrist, so that then we may believe that the final antichrist is actually Jesus, and not just another antichrist.

Big Lie 12.    World War III !
Another world war will likely be engaged in. It will not be a genuine war but one in which the warring countries are not really enemies as they appear, but they put on a show and will be happy to kill off many, as that would still serve a purpose for them. But its real purpose is to scare everyone as they come to believe it might end in a nuclear holocaust. And along comes a "Jesus" in a UFO to stop the world powers from fighting and save mankind from annihilation. He becomes the Prince of Peace, right? "Aliens" will have saved us, right? So they must be good, right? Beware of strangers bearing gifts! And if it sounds too good to be true, it probably IS too good to be true. Let the buyer beware.

If the antichrist is to be convincing and impressive, certainly rescuing us from certain oblivion would make him look real good to many. These are all games played by nations that appear to be fighting each other when, in truth, they are working together in secret. Very deceptive and outrageous lies, designed to mislead the entire inhabited earth. And most will be fooled but not one of them is found written in the book of life.

Big Lie 13.    Spirits Communicating with Humans as "Angels."
This one is tentative. It may or may not happen. Angels did appear in Noah's day but they were cast off and forbidden to come to earth again in the flesh, as best as I understand it. But that does not mean they will not manifest themselves in any way. They may speak or present some manifestations. I can not say for sure. But I can say this. To Quote Paul, "even if an angel out of heaven should declare something other than what we have declared to you, let him be accursed!"-Galatians 1:8-9. Was Paul being facetious or was he expecting an angel out of "heaven" (or so it would appear) to manifest itself in the final days? Be on the lookout just in case. Such spirits are not angels of God, but of the devil. They do not preach as they should. We have the Bible so that we may not get fooled by lies. Read it today and always.


These are among the biggest lies to expect and look for. They are not good or convincing lies to those who know the devil and what he is up to. They know he is a liar and the father of the lie. They do not get fooled. But the world of people as a whole, have been conditioned to not think much and they have not studied the bible carefully and often, so as to get a good understanding, and be prepared for these lies.

Among these 13 big lies, you will find nearly every significant denomination indicted and implicated. Most like images and icons in their worship. Most are politically active and connected. Many encourage us to go back to the law and are supporters of Israel and rebuilding the temple, which are preludes to the antichrist. Most will embrace the wonders of the new physics, and UFO tech as being manifestations of God, rather than men.

They believe the antichrist will be some rogue national leader of an enemy of Israel, I suspect, when in fact, the antichrist will claim to be Jesus and will not be a national leader. The churches will encourage war and fighting in wars as they always have. This is how you know they are not from God. Beware of religious Zionists who say Jews have a different path from Christians. Its a lie. Jews must embrace the real Jesus, even as Christians must, who have not really done so yet.

The devil has been spending the last 6000 years working on this final showdown. He knows he has lost the big battle already. He knows he will die in time. But he wants to take as many with him as he can, when he does so. Don't you be one of those who go with him. Why not live and live like life has never been before, where we will all be appealing and have no lack or want for anything. Life will be easy and pleasant as it was intended to be. No more deceivers and liars. Peace and contentment without end.

I have put this all out here and put myself and my reputation on the line. I will either come out looking crazy if it does not go as I said it would, or I am going to be looking pretty good in not too much more time. But I will say this. Not many will be standing with me on all counts. They will embrace some errors. There will sadly, probably only be one voice saying it as it should be, unless more join in when the "2 Witnesses" - who are the plague of locusts of the Angel of the Abyss, give their witness in the wilderness to the nations. We are soon to find out. Meanwhile, be sure, that if it goes as I say and have warned, I can honestly say, I did tell you so. I am free from the blood of all men!

New Developing Lies           Nov. 7, 013
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Since first writing this article, I have added some important articles and updated others with new scriptural passages considered. The Last Days Series, Part 8, Babylon the Great, had major additions of Ezekiel 26-28, Isaiah 23-24, and all of Habakkuk. I wrote/published Part 12, The Tribe of Dan, where the antichrist was to come from. There is a lot to that. And I added Part 13, Bullying & Harassment = PTSD, where I show just how bad it is going to get in ways you would never imagine. And further in this new article, I show things that not one other person is showing, so that you may know that God seems to be only speaking through me, or at least, me first. The rest do not go as far and often take things in a wrong direction.

In the Babylon article, I introduce you to chapters in Ezekiel and Isaiah that refer to "Tyre" as a great trader and merchant, if not an empire. But this is not really Tyre. Tyre was a clever way to hide a more obvious candidate, Babylon the Great. But the similarities Between Tyre and Babylon are ominous and match the very same description. Now I looked up search engines (prior to Aug. 9, 013) to see if anyone was aware or writing anything about Tyre and Babylon being one in the same. Not anything anywhere. I tried with Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Just 2 nights ago (Nov. 5, 013) I looked again. There were floods of sites covering this subject. I stopped looking 7 pages in on Bing and the other 2. In just 3 months, the net has gone wild on the subject. That can not be an accident. Someone has been paying close attention to what I write. Imagine that!

But it is not for good reasons that they do so. Almost all try to take what I suggest in another direction. However, a number of those sites admit that Tyre is Babylon the Great, without question. As well, I wrote about Habakkuk in 2010 and that has got a lot of attention on the net now. And it, too, is now recognized and admitted that Habakkuk is a Last Days prophecy concerning Babylon the Great. Again, I looked up that connection on search engines before publishing it. There was nothing in 2010. First article admitting it as being essentially correct in that association was published 1 year after my article. So it took a full year for the first to arrive.

But what happens is that someone who fears what I point out, sees my article and quickly warns his "friends & partners" in crime and they alert all their obedient subjects to write something on the matter, perhaps even suggesting what to write. Usually taking the interpretation down the wrong alley, so to speak. As well, by having many sites discussing the same subject and making sure that many visit those sites so that they get a higher rank in search engines than my site. My site, fully ahead of all the others, which then copied parts of mine, these all show up and mine does not. What are they so afraid of? You should be concerned. Clearly, I have the truth. But they have the power to keep me from being heard. Only God can get people past that.

I published my article on the Tribe of Dan on April 6, 2013, but I had long ago mentioned in my article on the Antichrist that he would come from Dan so there have been articles about that, ever since. but my new additions to "Dan" in May 2013 got some response. Since these are related to Babylon the Great and the Ezekiel and Isaiah chapters, many new articles on Dan have arrived since my publishing. Imitations come out fast now ;-)

But what I want to address most is what some are trying to say now, particularly in regards to lies. Most do not dispute Tyre being Babylon, which rather surprises me. But instead, they try to change who Babylon is. Some pro-Israel sites (so it appeared) seem to suggest that Babylon was a literal geographic prophetic reference, indicting Islam and Muslims. but then why Dan, if it is Islam? Why Tyre? I say the religious Zionists, who are working to bring about the antichrist, want to pin it on Islam. But the problem is that Babylon works with the antichrist, who is to pretend to be Jesus returned. Babylon controls all the nations of the earth. This can not be Islam.

Now some say the USA is Babylon. But the USA is a nation, among many, who is controlled by "Babylon." Babylon rides on top of the 7-headed 10-horned composite beast, who represents the whole and sum of all the previous empires, that compose this world servitude to Babylon. The USA could be a major agent and enforcer for Babylon, but it can not be Babylon itself.

Now any who suggest that religion is Babylon, like the idiots who run Jehovah's Witnesses, or the7th day dummies who say it is the Pope, Religion or the Catholic Church can not be Babylon because they do not control the nations. The nations control them. They are weak and laughable. Remember that Babylon hides what she is and what she is doing.

There are plenty of absurd suggestions about who Babylon is. But keep this carefully in mind. Babylon is going to promote the return of Christ, though an imposter. Babylon will be promoting the Christians religion as well a a return to the Jewish temple and priesthood. And ultimately, Babylon seeks to wipe out most of humanity.

What the many Merchant chapters of Ezekiel, Isaiah, Habakkuk, and of course, Revelation chapters 17-18, make clear is that Babylon operates much like Tyre did, using business, trading, and commerce to expand and maintain her empire. Like Dan, she is a serpent who acts with stealth and cunning, even trickery and deceit. She does not operate out in the open. She stays out of site. In one hour she shall fall. but she rules the world secretly, until then. The Pope does not do this, nor does Islam or religion in general. The USA will no doubt be part of Babylon's operations, but can not be the entirety of Babylon.

The devil and Babylon want to get rid of Islam, who stands in the way of their temple and total take over of Jerusalem. Let me put it this way. How do you kill a popular president in the wide open, in front of cameras home movie cameras, the press and TV, and cover it all up, every last bit of it? I refer to JFK, of course. You have to have control of everything everywhere. The Bible suggests that Babylon has this kind of control as she sits atop this large cumbersome beast of 7 heads and 10 horns.

For all Christians, stay out of war because the devil uses war to help finish his global conquest. But to look for Babylon, look for the heart of big multinational corporate business. For this is where "Tyre" dwells and where secrecy resides. Here you will find the tribe of Dan, too.

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