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The Last Days, Part 12:
The Tribe of Dan

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The Premise
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The Antichrist is indicated to descend from the tribe of Dan, according to 2nd century writer ("bishop") Irenaeus of Lyons, France, among others of those early times. We know the tribe of Dan is left out of Revelation, which is no small thing, as an indication of something from God. But what does it indicate? We do not know which tribes are which, today. All former Israelites and their individual tribes are now known collectively as Jews, from Judah, Judea in Roman times. So after the Roman dispersion, all Israelites came to be known as Jews.

This was not the first time that their identification had changed. Originally, they were Hebrews in the days of Abraham. Even in Egypt, they were known as Hebrews. But after returning to Canaan, they were referred to as Israel. Rameses III referred to "Israel" in Canaan, saying that his seed was no longer. Though a lie, we see the identity has changed to specifically Israel, rather then Hebrews or Heber. When the tribes of Israel split from Judah and Solomon's son, Rehoboam, they were known as Israel and sometimes as Ephraim, a dominant tribe, and later as Samaria.

We will look into tribal identities more in a moment. But it should be understood that there were those in Israel, though small in number, who continued to go to Jerusalem to worship, as commanded by Jehovah, their God, also the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. And when the ten tribe kingdom of Israel was wiped out by Assyria, many fled to Judah to live after, and some who had run away or were deported, came back to live in Judah, so that Judah came to have people from pretty much every tribe of Israel. So Judah ends up being the name to represent the descendants of all Israel. And those of Judah were called by some, Jahudi's (Jehudi's), and Judi's, and finally, Jews, which may be a shortened form of Jehu's-Jahu's: pronounced as Ja-oo's or Joo's, which we spell Jews.

So we can not hope to find any distinction other then Jew and Jewish for any Israelite. Which tribes they came from, most do not know. Priests-Cohens can be identified as Levites. But beyond that, the many countries and regions the Jews migrated to or through, have long since blurred any tribal origins. So in searching for Dan, I believe it should be likely that we are looking for something symbolic in certain Jews, who likely originated from Dan. But only God knows that. But early Christianity does indicate by Bible verses that the Antichrist will be from Dan, not only in genetics, but maybe in other symbolic ways as well.

We know for sure, this is the case with Babylon the Great, which name is given as symbolic of a number of things. We know many things about Babylon and Israel/Judah's relationship to Babylon. So we need to go in search of Dan, to better understand the symbolism intended there, for us to understand, and ultimately figure out why the Antichrist is to come through him. Dan and Babylon have much in common. So let's begin our search.

2nd Century Witnesses on Dan

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Irenaeus and Hippolytus were two well known sources who spoke substantially about the tribe of Dan adn how it was related to the Last Days Antichrist, also known as the false Christ and false Prophet, Man of Sin & Son of Perdition in the KJV. I address these writers and Dan links in Revelation Part 7: The AntiChrist. But I mention them here for quick review.

Jeremiah 8:16 The snorting of his horses was heard from Dan; all the land trembles at the sound of the neighing of his stallions. For they come and devour the land and its fullness, the city and those who live in it.

Clarke's Commentary: Verse 16. The snorting of his horses was heard from Dan:] Dan  ……  { missing line-Ed. SDK}  ……  from 
Babylon to Jerusalem; and it was by this city, after the battle of Carchemish, that Nebuchadnezzar, in pursuing the Egyptians, entered Palestine.

The whole land trembled at the sound of the neighing of his strong ones] Of his war horses. This is a fine image; so terrible was the united neighing of the cavalry of the Babylonians that the reverberation of the air caused the ground to tremble. End of commentary<<<

Babylon was to be God's agent of punishment against Jerusalem and Judah as Jeremiah made clear many times. Dan was the northern most tribe by which Babylon would first enter to come down to Judah. Irenaeus, Bishop of Lyons, in Gaul (later called France), tells us in Book 5, chapter 30, that Jeremiah 8:16 has a double meaning. For we note that these horses of God from Babylon devour all the earth and its fullness, and as well, the city of Jerusalem and its people, too. So "Babylon" takes on a different meaning in the 2nd fulfillment, where all the earth and its fullness is devoured by this latter day "Babylon," the great. Dan is evidently suggested as being a part of that Babylon, maybe even the most prominent part. "The Last Days Series, Part 7," deals with the antichrist and you will find the works of Irenaeus and Hippolytus on the antichrist there. I provide the link in Related Articles at the end of this article and just below as well.

A review of some commentaries points out that God sends poisonous serpents to afflict Jerusalem and Judah.

Jeremiah 8:    (right after verse 16)
17 For, behold, I will send serpents, adders, among you, which will not be charmed; and they shall bite you, saith Jehovah.
18 Oh that I could comfort myself against sorrow! My heart is faint within me.
19 Behold, the voice of the cry of the daughter of my people from a land that is very far off: Is not Jehovah in Zion?
     is not her King in her? Why have they provoked me to anger with their graven images, and with foreign vanities?

I wonder if Irenaeus might have missed some of the connections that had been possibly handed down earlier in the time of the Apostles. I say this because Dan was to be a serpent that bites the heel of the horse. And Dan "judges" (adversely) Israel, in a negative sense. Could it be that Dan ends up getting all Israel killed in the 2nd fulfillment? I think it possible. We will examine Genesis 49:16-18 more carefully.

Jeremiah's prophecy spoke of someone coming to punish Judah and Jerusalem for her unfaithfulness and sin. Most times, this was Babylon. But it is a little different here. This also sounds like a description of the 3 chapter book of Habakkuk and his "Chaldeans."

Ireneus quotes the verse above which work and place I link to on my site:

Jeremiah's prophecies begin 4 chapters previous to chapter 8, in chapter 4, below:

Jeremiah 4:
5 Declare ye in Judah, and publish in Jerusalem; and say, Blow ye the trumpet in the land: cry aloud and say, Assemble yourselves, and let us go into the fortified cities.
6 Set up a standard toward Zion: flee for safety, stay not; for I will bring evil from the north, and a great destruction.
7 A lion is gone up from his thicket, and a destroyer of nations; he is on his way, he is gone forth from his place, to make thy land desolate, that thy cities be laid waste, without inhabitant.
8 For this, gird you with sackcloth, lament and wail; for the fierce anger of Jehovah is not turned back from us.
9 And it shall come to pass at that day, saith Jehovah, that the heart of the king shall perish, and the heart of the princes; and the priests shall be astonished, and the prophets shall wonder.
10 Then said I, Ah, Lord Jehovah! surely you have greatly deceived this people and Jerusalem, saying, You shall have peace; whereas the sword reaches unto the life.
11 At that time shall it be said to this people and to Jerusalem, A hot wind from the bare heights in the wilderness toward the daughter of my people, not to winnow, nor to cleanse;
12 a full wind from these shall come for me: now will I also utter judgments against them.
13 Behold, he shall come up as clouds, and his chariots shall be as the whirlwind: his horses are swifter than eagles. Woe unto us! for we are ruined.
14 O Jerusalem, wash your heart from wickedness, that you may be saved. How long shall your evil thoughts lodge within you?

If Irenaeus is right, and I suspect he is, and then my further interpretation, left out by Irenaeus, if it is right; then I now wonder about these verses above, 4 chapters earlier. Again, retribution from the north, where Dan resides. Babylon being the invader of the 1st fulfillment. The next verse is very interesting. A lion has gone up from his thicket! A lion, a whelp maybe? A destroyer of nations? Possible 2nd fulfillment? This lion is going to ruin Jerusalem and its people. But is the ruin different from what we might be thinking? Will the lion be the cause of their ruin because of attack, or because it has fooled them and lied to them, saying "Oh, this plan will work great. You all stick behind me and we will rule the world and everything in it! It can't and won't fail!"

I ask this because of verse 10. Jeremiah says to Jehovah, "surely you have greatly fooled/deceived this people and Jerusalem, in telling them they shall have peace. It will not be peace, but a sword and ruin." Now God is not the one telling them this, but He lets someone else tell them this. Now in the 1st fulfillment, false prophets tell Jerusalem and Judah that everything will be fine and peace will be theirs and Babylon will be defeated. But those false prophets lied! The Jews went along with it and they all were conquered and taken to Babylon. But 10 suggests a far greater destruction than what Babylon did. Do the Jews get fooled by a false prophet? I can see no other interpretation. Lets look at verse 15 now!

ASV) Jeremiah 4:
15 For a voice declares from Dan, and publishes evil from the hills of Ephraim:
16 make ye mention to the nations; behold, publish against Jerusalem, that watchers come from a far country, and give out their voice against the cities of Judah.
17 As keepers of a field are they against her round about, because she has been rebellious against me, saith Jehovah.

Revised Standard version:
15 for a voice declares from Dan and proclaims evil from mount Ephraim.
16 warn the nations that he is coming; announce to Jerusalem, "Besiegers come from a distant land; they shout against the cities of Judah.
17 like keepers of a field are they against her round about, because she has rebelled against me, says the LORD.

Now in the 1st instance, Dan would be the 1st to know of Babylon approaching. He announces from the hills of Ephraim, where Dan migrated to, with a priest in hand, in the days of the judges, offending God with their idolatry and rebellion. But in the 2nd instance in our day, could Babylon be Dan and the voice of Dan? Why not? And "he" announces evil. The antichrist, perhaps? To offend again, as they did in the hills of Ephraim? Why not?

And as Dan fails when the antichrists suddenly dies in a very strange way at the hand of God and all of those in Babylon fall by the sword and fire due to the rage of the nations, could it be that Dan brings ruin to all his people, the rest of the Jews? The rest that went along with Dan, anyway! So Dan, in essence, becomes the ruin of Israel. He is that poisonous serpent of lies and deceit, acting in behalf of none other than the devil. So now is the time to consider the next passages.

I believe that Irenaeus' recalling that Jeremiah 8:16 was included among the reasons why Dan was not listed in the tribes of Israel in Revelation 7 and 14, was vital to solving this mystery or riddle. He did not remember why, but he let us know that it was associated with this puzzle. By gathering all these scriptures above and below, we can arrive at a solution.

I also want to clarify that Dan is simply the location from which invading armies come from. But "from Dan" could be taken another way. Though from refers to location, could it also indicate the source of the horses being from Dan, who motivates these armies of horses in the last days to come upon the "Israel of God?" Dan is the ring leader in the last days, of Israel in the flesh, coming in upon the Israel of the spirit. Dan controls the nations, even as Babylon the Great does. Just a possibility I offer. If Dan controls "Israel" as the leader/judge of Israel, then he is the leader of Babylon the Great as well.

Hippolytus brings up the one below:

Genesis 49:
1 And Jacob called his sons and said, Gather yourselves and I will tell you what will happen to you in the days to come.
2 Gather yourselves and hear, sons of Jacob; yea, listen to your father Israel:

16 Dan shall judge his people, as one of the tribes of Israel.
17 Let Dan be a serpent on the way, a horned snake on the path that bites the horses' heels, and its rider falls backward.
18 I have waited for your salvation, O Jehovah.

Dan turns out to be a serpent and treacherous from which Jacob awaits for salvation from Jehovah away from Dan. It is a pretty harsh pronouncement. The serpent has always appeared on ensigns of the tribe of Dan as well as lions, a Horse and rider, and ships, too.

But I am concerned about the way that "judge" and the phrase "as one of the tribes" are translated. There are many ways to translate both of those and understanding the prophecy and its negative consequences can or does make a difference in that, that most translators would not have discerned, being too far from the time when understanding would finally be possible. I read the work of Chris White, who suggested this before it dawned on me.

Dan's name is numbered in Strong's Hebrew Dictionary as 1835, pronounced Dawn or Dahn

1835 דן Dan dawn        from 1777; ; n pr m        AV-Dan 70, variant 1; 71

The word "judge" is 1777 below, pronounced deen or doon.

1777 דין diyn deen or (#Ge 6:3) דון duwn doon
a primitive root [comp. 0113]; v; {See TWOT on 426}
AV-judge 18, plead the cause 2, contend 1, execute 1, plead 1, strife 1; 24

1) to judge, contend, plead
1a) (Qal)
        1a1) to act as judge, minister judgment
        1a2) to plead a cause
        1a3) to execute judgment, requite, vindicate
        1a4) to govern
        1a5) to contend, strive
1b) (Niphal) to be at strife, quarrel 

Above are 2 forms of the word judge. The Qal version and the Niphal version. The Niphal version is clearly adversarial. The Qal imperfect is the one used as judge here in verse 16. This one still allows 1a5: to contend, strive, or quarrel with, or you might say, to cause someone to be judged by another. As well, 1a4 suggests to govern. Does Dan govern the rest of Israel in our day?

Note what Clarke's commentary says:     Some Jewish and some Christian writers understand this prophecy of Samson, who sprang from this tribe, and judged, or as the word might be translated avenged, the people of Israel twenty years. See #Jud 13:2; 15:20.  End of Clarke's<<<

Calvin's Commentary is fascinating:     For the Jews foolishly restrict it to Samson, because he alone presided over the whole people, whereas the language rather applies to the perpetual condition of the tribe. (I agree!) 
In the second place, his subtle disposition is described. For Jacob compares this people to serpents, who rise out of their lurking-places, by stealth, against the unwary whom they wish to injure. The sense then is, that he shall not be so courageous as earnestly and boldly to engage in open conflict; but that he will fight with cunning, and will make use of snares. Yet, in the meantime, he shows that he will be superior to his enemies, whom he does not dare to approach with collected forces, just as serpents who, by their secret bite, cast down the horse and his rider. In this place also no judgment is expressly passed, whether this subtlety of Dan is to be deemed worthy of praise or of censure: but conjecture rather inclines us to place it among his faults, or at least his disadvantages, that instead of opposing himself in open conflict with his enemies, he will fight them only with secret frauds. {2} 

I think Calvin tended to nail it dead center. Serpents were cautious, cunning, contemplating, calculating, but also very poisonous in Jacob's pronouncement. Yes, deadly! Snakes hide in wait for prey to come along. They are not openly visible. They surprise you in their attack out from their hiding place. Does Dan hide like a serpent? Jacob is not describing anything good, for sure. So Dan is both like a serpent and like a lion. He has aspects of both in him. So lets keep these in mind as we look at 16 again.

As one of the tribes of Israel.    "One" is numbered in Strong's as 259. Most typically translated as one, meaning numerically 1. But also, it can mean being 1st as in prominent or as a head of something. The Apostles would argue about who was "first" among them. This is the 2nd most commonly used way this word is translated.

259 אחד ‘echad    ekh-awd’
a numeral from 258; adj; {See TWOT on 61}
AV-one 687, first 36, another 35, other 30, any 18, once 13,eleven + 06240 13, every 10, certain 9, an 7, some 7, misc. 87; 952

1) one (number)
1a) one (number)    1b) each, every    1c) a certain    1d) an (indefinite article)    1e) only, once, once for all
1f) one … another, the one … the other, one after another, one by one    1g) first    1h) eleven (in combination), eleventh (ordinal) 

So I will ask, could Jacob be predicting that Dan would be 1st or the head of Israel in the last days? Maybe solving the next word will help. It is tribe or tribes. Pronounced as shay-bet. It comes from an unused root, likely meaning to branch off. Did Dan branch off at some point? After Assyria took them away? In the days of the judges, did a group of Danites move abroad among the nations?  Did some break off after being taken away by Assyria?

But this word can also be translated as rod, for use as punishment; or sceptre, indicating rule or governance.

7626 שׁבט shebet shay’ bet
from an unused root probably meaning to branch off; n m;{See TWOT on 2314 @@ "2314a"}
AV-tribe 140, rod 34, sceptre 10, staff 2, misc 4; 190

1) rod, staff, branch, offshoot, club, sceptre, tribe
1a) rod, staff        1b) shaft (of spear, dart)        1c) club (of shepherd’s implement)
1d) truncheon, sceptre (mark of authority)        1e) clan, tribe 

But if it is to be rod, or staff, or sceptre, then it likely indicates position and that could imply that Dan is first among his brothers in judging (leading) them, or getting them judged or oppressing them, as if judging them adversely. Given that Dan is a poisonous serpent, it is not a good thing, for sure. He may be a snare for his brothers, the other tribes of Israel. Judges were leaders in their day (of the Judges). They often even lead military expeditions and engagements.

But Jacob awaits for the salvation of God from Dan. So Dan sounds like a curse, to me. If that is the case, and Dan is an oppressor as a serpent and lion, with a rod and staff, then he is likely first and foremost among his brothers, his Jewish brethren. This is something that Jews need to give good and serious consideration to. Who is 1st and foremost among them? Is he leading them? Is he drawing them into a trap. Will he prove to be an serpent in the road, biting the heel of the horse and making the rider fall off? I can see no other conclusion.

So let me re-word 16. 16 Dan shall harshly judge his people, as first among the tribes (or staffs/scepters) of Israel.
Or: Dan shall bring judgment upon his people, as first among the tribes of Israel.

What this means is that Chris White did get this one right, though, if you'll forgive a brag, I have done a much more elaborate job of the matter, covering more material, too. And I am so modest about it! Can't you tell?

I note more about the serpent in Genesis 3:
1 Now the serpent was more subtil than any beast of the field which the LORD God had made. And he said unto the woman, Yea, has God said, You shall not eat of every tree of the garden?

Subtil (that's how they spelled Subtle back then) was a poor choice of words for English conversion. So I want to carefully examine the original Hebrew for clarification.

6175 ערום ‘aruwm aw-room’
pass. part. of 6191; adj; {See TWOT on 1698 @@ "1698c"}
AV-prudent 8, crafty 2, subtil 1; 11

1) subtle, shrewd, crafty, sly, sensible
1a) crafty
1b) shrewd, sensible, prudent

This word was mot commonly translated as "prudent," 8 times. Only 2 as "crafty," and just once as "subtil." Only 11 appearances in all the Old Testament. but this is not enough to demonstrate its meaning. We are going to look at those 11/12 occurrences to see if more can be gleaned.

Proverbs 12:16 A fool’s wrath is presently known: but a prudent man covers shame.
Proverbs 12:23 A prudent man conceals knowledge: but the heart of fools proclaims foolishness.
Proverbs 13:16 Every prudent man deals with knowledge: but a fool lays open his folly.
Proverbs 14:8 The wisdom of the prudent is to understand his way: but the folly of fools is deceit.
Proverbs 14:15 The simple believeth every word: but the prudent man looks well to his going.
Proverbs 14:18 The simple inherit folly: but the prudent are crowned with knowledge.

All these do not indicate anything unusual. 12:23, a prudent man might conceal knowledge, whereas the fool spreads it around. But not a lot of help here! I might point out that there is another Hebrew word translated as prudent and it has more to do with intelligence and understanding. and it is far more commonly used in the Bible, as well. So why this word we have, Strong's 6175? In 2 places, the word crafty is used below, both from Job:

Job 5:12 He disappoints the devices of the crafty, so that their hands cannot perform their enterprise.
Job 15:5 For your mouth utters your iniquity, and you choose the tongue of the crafty.
              6 Your own mouth condemns you, and not I: yea, your own lips testify against you.

Now here it is quite clear that "crafty" has that negative "up to no good" sense, as if scheming or plotting, conniving, or the like.

There is a modified version of 6175 in the next 2 verses using the Hiphil imperfect form of the former 6175:

6191 ערם ‘aram aw-ram’            with   (8686)
a primitive root; v; {See TWOT on 1698}
AV-subtilty 1, crafty 1, prudent 1, beware 1, very 1; 5

1) to be subtle, be shrewd, be crafty, beware, take crafty counsel, be prudent
1a) (Qal) to be crafty, be subtle
1b) (Hiphil) to be crafty, be or become shrewd
Hiphil 08818, Imperfect 08811, Count: 4043

Psalm 83:3 They have taken crafty counsel against your people, and consulted against your hidden ones.
Proverbs 15:5 A fool despises his father’s instruction: but he that regards reproof is prudent.

Psalm 83:3 uses "crafty" here. The counsel is not good or well meaning, against God's people. It is "crafty." There is a negative sense there.

So when we look again at Genesis 3:1, the serpent is being called crafty, plotting, conniving, keeping out of direct view and striking by surprise. Subtle is a poor choice in my view. This "crafty" fits much better and sounds quite a bit more like Calvin's explanation of the serpent of Jacob's prophecy. And since the serpent of Genesis 3 is the devil, in reality, surely we can appreciate the negative context. And by calling Dan a serpent and adder, he is being call the devil in some ways. Dan's attacks will be crafty, plotting, perhaps deceptive even as the devil was by leading off with - Didn't God say you must not eat from any tree in the Garden? He knew full well that was not what God said. Eve corrected him. But the devil was using it to lead into saying God was holding something back from Eve and fooling her. So in this case, it was really deceptive even. Crafty, for sure!

Moses speaks of Dan, as well, below:

Deuteronomy 33:22 And of Dan he said, Dan is a lion's whelp; he shall leap from Bashan.

Clark's Commentary had this to say about this scripture: Verse 22. Dan is a lion’s whelp: he shall leap from Bashan.] The Jewish interpreters observe that Bashan was a place much frequented by lions, who issued thence into all parts to look for prey. By this probably Moses intended to point out the strength and prowess of this tribe, that it should extend its territories, and live a sort of predatory life. It appears from #Jos 19:47, that the portion originally assigned to this tribe was not sufficient for them; hence we find them going out to war against Leshem and taking it, adding it to their territories, and calling it by the name of the tribe. Jacob, in his prophetic blessing of this tribe, represents it under the notion of a serpent in the path, #Ge 49:17. The character there, and that given here, constitute the complete warrior-stratagem and courage. See Clarke’s note on "Ge 49:17".  End of commentary<<<

Calvin's Commentary had this to say: 22. And of Dan he said. He foretells that the tribe of Dan, like that of Gad, should be warlike, not so much from voluntary disposition, as from necessity; for their love of war was not to be deemed praiseworthy, inasmuch as it is altogether contrary to humanity; but because the unscrupulousness of the enemies, by which that tribe was infested, compelled them to take up arms. He compares it to a lion impetuously leaping from Mount Bashan; and the particle of comparison must be understood here, for Mount Bashan was not situated in the territory of this tribe. But Moses means to say that they should be as ready for the combat as a lion, which, after it has issued from its den into the open plains, makes an attack upon every one that it meets.
End of commentary<<<

Several sources admit Bashan is not in the territory of Dan, so that we might reasonably conclude that Bashan was known for having lions nesting and breeding there, from whence the lion cubs or whelps would venture forth. Dan would leap after prey like a lion does, devouring all he finds. I believe there is further history that may help more, which I will get to. Knowing that the Antichrist is to come from Dan, we must assume that Dan covered a lot of territory over the centuries so that he may be a significant number in the overall population of Jews, which include all tribes of Israel, some more than others. Dan maybe have substantial influences among Jews, though most being unaware of the origins of particular Jews, as to whether they are from Dan or another tribe.

We also know that the list of the 12 tribes of Israel listed in Revelation chap. 7 and chap. 14, that Dan does not appear in those lists. This is a key we are to look for. It contains some answers to a mystery as to why Dan is not there. Sometimes, what is Not said is as important as what Is said. God is trying to make it obvious and yet force us to search further in why its left out and what that might indicate. That along with the scriptures above should give us some direction, but more is needed.

Since Dan is a serpent, and treacherous to a horse and rider, and likely not just any horse and rider, Perhaps it is Jesus, riding on a white horse and going forth to conquer. The serpent bites the horse's heels. Sound familiar? Was not the serpent of Genesis going to injure Jesus in the heal, after which Jesus would wound him in the head? Jacob awaits deliverance from Dan, doesn't he? So he awaits Jehovah's salvation from Dan.

So Dan seems to play some part in this final salvation as it were, related to the serpent finally getting his wound in the head, a death stroke, after the thousand year reign and final rebellion. But what I would be most concerned with, is how Dan, first among his brothers or strongest among them in the last days, or for sure, perhaps their leader and shepherd, could be advising or doing something that is going to get all his brothers in very serious trouble.

I believe this is a warning to good Jews, sons of Abraham in spirit and flesh, to be very cautious about anyone taking lead among them, for just as Christianity has become a cesspool of corruption and a lurking place of demons, whose sins have piled clear up to heaven, so too, it is likely happening to Jews, as well. Satan pursued the Jews just as much as he does Christians. So I beg good Jews to carefully examine their paths according to Moses, not the Talmud or "Dan," whoever "Dan" might be. Look at those taking the lead among you, for it is among them that you will find Dan.

I should point out that Judges in the book of Judges, were often just leaders of their people, leading fights and delivering. The name Dan means judge. Dan received his name by Divine providence and Jacob was delivered those prophecies to utter to his sons. God Himself names Dan, knowing what he was to become. Look for Dan to be the judge, that is, the leader, of modern day Jews and "Israel" in the flesh. I do believe this is the interpretation we are to understand.

God has desired to spare Good Jews and separate them from the bad, even separating His sheep from the devil's goats. There is a serpent among the sons of Abraham. Let them flee from Babylon, now a lurking place of demons. Surely you do not want to follow corrupt Christianity's stupidity, do you? Get to know Moses and you will see the light. The law requires good will toward all, not racial superiority or supremacy, that slight others for no other reason than that they are in the way of those who want what the others have. Greed, that is! All rules and all rulers of the world will answer to God and it won't be pretty.

So I say to Jews and to all Christians who embrace traditional mainstream denominational Christianity, to get out of her and her false shepherds and away from her phony spirit, and come to God as individuals trying to study His word for yourselves, and do not let others interpret for you. You can do it yourself. Oh, yeah, and I almost forgot, you also got the best help on earth right here at,

where the Bible is king              and truth is all that matters     

and the individual conscience is supreme in the worship of God Almighty in heaven.

Lion's Whelp?
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We note that Dan is also called a lion's whelp, meaning a lion's cub. There are some interesting things around this.

According to Wikipedia ( ):

In 1628, the very wealthy Duke of Buckingham built a private fleet of 10 three-masted, armed full rigged pinnaces, each of which carried the name Lion's Whelp. At least one Lion's Whelp participated in the English attempt to relieve the Huguenot citadel of La Rochelle during the Anglo-French War. Little information has survived about the careers of the other Lion's Whelps and they disappear from the historical record in 1654. Important documents about their finance and construction have survived and made a lasting contribution to our understanding of the Navy Royal during the early 17th century.

>> This was not the only instance of this, either, as follows in the same article. I urge you to follow this link and read this short article. <<

Lyon's Whelp was the name given to several British naval ships dating back to the 16th century, including at least two that were not financed or built by the Duke of Buckingham. The immediate predecessor to Buckingham's fleet of 10 Lion's Whelps was a war ship named Lion's Whelp that was owned by Charles Howard, 1st Earl of Nottingham, who was the Lord High Admiral of England (1585–1619) and who was succeeded by the Duke of Buckingham.

Why did so many British vessels want to identify or be identified as being a Lion's Whelp? Give the phrase in Deuteronomy, did they want to be associated with Dan? Did they believe they descended from Dan? I note that I have only known Howards who were Jewish in heritage. Ron Howard of Hollywood fame, Local businessmen in my area. Was Charles Howard of Jewish Danite descent? Maybe the Duke of Buckingham, too? I do not know. But they are clearly fond of that identification, for whatever the reason. It surely was not for no reason at all. What reason was it? That Britain's navy should ascend to such great power seems to place them largely in control of the world, even today, as the banking capital of the world and the last great empire prior to WWII, is hard ( I say impossible) to imagine as being just coincidental.

Anyone who knows the history or Rome, knows that Rome's ascendance to top of the heap was no accident. It was their plan and desire from the very beginnings of that city. You can read that history if you like, at my sister site: and then run back here, where all the action is.

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Description:  English:  Emblem of Jerusalem designed by graphic designer/typographer Eliyahu Koren.
Date:  Adopted in 1949, approved in November 1958. Uploaded on 2007-03-25

This image shows a flag, an emblem, a coat of arms or some other official symbol which was declared a protected symbol in Israel. Regardless of copyright restrictions which may or may not exist on this design, it should be used according to the Israeli Flag, Emblem and Anthem Law (1949), or the Israeli Protection of Symbols Law (1974), and according to the ordinances promulgated pursuant to these two laws.

Genesis 49: 9 "Judah is a lion’s whelp: from the prey, my son, thou art gone up: he stooped down, he couched as a lion, and as an old lion; who shall rouse him up?"

Interesting that both Judah and Dan share the label, "Lion's Whelp," though Judah's is in Genesis 49 while Dan's is in Deuteronomy 33.

Nahum 2: 11-12 is the only other place that mentions a lion's whelp, applying it to Nineveh of Assyria. What is fascinating about this account is that its vindictions (my word) & pronouncements from God sound exactly like those of Babylon the Great in Revelation. Could mentioning the lion's whelp be an indication that these pronouncements against Nineveh/Assyria also have an application to Dan and Judah? I think it likely, myself.


Lions are a common motif going into the middle ages. I looked up "Scottish Lion," "Scottish flags," "lion motifs," and "lion coat of arms" in Google images. Here are a few that I got.

Many nations identify with lions! Coincidence? Intention? What might be indicated in that, if anything at all? I would suggest that since flags and coats of arms as we know them today, became very prominent and common everywhere in Europe in the Middle Ages. Why is that significant? Because the Middle Ages formed the world that still exists in succession from then to know. For example, William the Conqueror overtook England in 1066 at the Battle of Hastings. Oddly, England would not have been defeated by William, had not a group of fighting men come down off the hill/ridge defended by the English, and left the line undefended where they had been. Either they were spies planted to do this or the devil may have induced stupidity to help his own plan along. But I question whether it was by accident or providence of some sort.

But what remains is that the heritage of William of Normandy remains a part of England to this day. As well, those who were his allies also remain prominent families in the world today. The powers of today all descend from those of this period. Many prominent families and powers all go back to this time and often further back. And the lion became a dominant symbol! Could this be just accident or coincidence? Or is there something more behind it? I think it possible that more is behind it. Those who chose this symbol, had good reason for doing so. Perhaps they wanted to be seen as connected to and descended from Dan or Judah.

Those who search out birth, death, and marriage records, are usually able to go back to the 1100s and 1200s in the UK. Guilds were common by 1200 AD. Most long standing and highly respected universities came into existence after 1000 AD, many springing up from 1100-1300 AD. Many more followed after. Our symbols were all inexistence by this time of the Middle Ages.

While Judah at one time was a distinct tribe of Israel, it became representative of all Israel after Assyria destroyed Israel and deported Israelites to other parts of the empire, most notably among the Medes, where the sons of Gomer were also mixed in. So those of Judah became known as Jews and then all Israel were later identified as Jews. Those of early Israel in Egypt were known as Hebrews. Later they became known as Israel. Names and identities frequently undergo changes as time goes on, migrations take place, and populations grow and mix.

Did God foresee symbols as a means of identification? I believe He did. This is also a reason why God forbid idolatry, idols, images, icons and the like. But nations loved such things. The devil also loves symbols and icons. Christians can best separate themselves from those of the Devil by avoiding such such images and iconography.

As for Dan, he may well be partially identified by the symbols that manifest themselves on these flags and coats of arms so common and prevalent. It may be that many of those in power among these nations share some Jewish heritage and that of Dan, too; who may also exist within the ranks of Jews, though being of Dan in much earlier times.

Though we may not understand these many connections described in prophecy, you can be assured those prophetic symbols and connections do have some sort of meaning and purpose. But images are not the only means by which Dan comes to have some possible connections with Jews and maybe even with some of the most powerful Jews, by which the Antichrist, who is said to be of Dan, comes into power.

The whole symbolism of Dan begs an answer. It can not possibly be considered small or insignificant that Dan is left out of the 12 tribes of Israel listed both in Revelation chapters 7 and 14. It remains for us to solve the mystery/riddle as to why or what it means. But we are fortunate in that early 2nd and 3rd century Christians Overseers, typically referred to as Bishops by some translations of their works or by those of others referring to them, told us of the meaning of Dan being left out and of the scriptures referring to him. But beyond that, we still need to do some digging.


Dan in the Bible
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Genesis 30:
1  And when Rachel saw that she bare Jacob no children, Rachel envied her sister; and said unto Jacob, Give me children, or else I die.
2  And Jacob’s anger was kindled against Rachel: and he said, Am I in God’s stead, who hath withheld from thee the fruit of the womb?
3  And she said, Behold my maid Bilhah, go in unto her; and she shall bear upon my knees, that I may also have children by her.
4  And she gave him Bilhah her handmaid to wife: and Jacob went in unto her.
5  And Bilhah conceived, and bare Jacob a son.
6  And Rachel said, God hath judged me, and hath also heard my voice, and hath given me a son: therefore called she his name Dan.
7  And Bilhah Rachel’s maid conceived again, and bare Jacob a second son.
8  And Rachel said, With great wrestlings have I wrestled with my sister, and I have prevailed: and she called his name Naphtali.

God in His great fore-wisdom and foresight, used situations in a present tense, to foreshadow something far greater. This was done to disguise the latter fulfillment, so that enemies would not see they were being squealed on, in advance. As well, Satan might have insisted that God could only speak symbolically, to test His people to see it they would truly search Him out diligently, and with faith, or not.

Rachel and Leah were sisters, both daughters of Laban. They had an intense rivalry going on with each other. Jacob had bargained for Rachel, not Leah. But Laban likely got Jacob filled with wine and since back then, when it got dark, it got really dark, and oil lamps may not always have been used. But Laban sneaked Leah into the "Tent of waiting" for Jacob to come into to complete the nuptials. The next morning, he found Leah beside him, not Rachel. Jacob was not happy.

Laban assured Jacob that he could marry Rachel, too, for another 7 years, and asked that Jacob give Leah her full week of celebration before taking Rachel. Jacob did get screwed some on this deal, or not, depending on how you might see it. But the Bible does not say if Rachel was aware of the plot and went along with it or not. But she had to know. But Laban obviously thought both girls would be better off with Jacob, since he worshipped the same God as Laban, in theory.

But regardless, Jacob got both and a bitter rivalry ensued. God evidently saw that even though Jacob had wanted just Rachel, he agreed to take on both, as Laban wanted it to be, and as such, God expected Jacob to deal somewhat fairly with both. But Jacob, known to have favorites, in retrospect, favored Rachel over Leah in an obvious and probably slighting way. Notice in verse 8 above, that Rachel saw herself as now prevailing over her sister and wrestling/struggling with her sister. She had been prevailing all along, except for the births.

So Rachel calls her first by her maid, Bilhah, Dan, which name/word meant "Judge." Judge can mean a leader and a judge of law and courts, too. Judge can mean a verdict and judge can mean judgment and punishment. Rachel saw herself being compensated in judgment against Leah. But in truth, God saw Leah as the one neglected unfairly and He blessed her womb while denying Rachel the same, so as to let Jacob know that God was not pleased with Jacob's partiality. It may have been God's intent to break Jacob of his habit of playing favorites to avoid causing the other brothers to later hate Joseph. But Jacob did not learn enough and God knew ahead of time this would be. At least God tried to help.

Dan was seen by Rachel as vindication and exoneration, but this was not really the case. But it was the foresight and providence of God that saw what this child was to become, for whatever the reason. So He manipulated circumstances to insure that this newborn of Bilhah/Rachel would be named Dan/Judge. Jacob utters the prophecy that we read earlier above, about what Dan and the other 11 as well, would become in the later days. A great mystery was pronounced.

When Moses led Israel, Dan was organized with his full brother Naphtali and half brother Asher, all camping on the north side, even as their tribe land allotments would be given out in Canaan, in the north.

ASV) Numbers 2:
1  And Jehovah spoke unto Moses and unto Aaron, saying,
2  The children of Israel shall encamp every man by his own standard, with the ensigns of their fathers’ houses:
    over against the tent of meeting shall they encamp round about.

25  On the north side shall be the standard of the camp of Dan according to their hosts:
      and the prince of the children of Dan shall be Ahiezer the son of Ammishaddai.

26  And his host, and those that were numbered of them, were threescore and two thousand and seven hundred. (62,700)

27  And those that encamp next unto him shall be the tribe of Asher: and the prince of the children of Asher
      shall be Pagiel the son of Ochran.

28  And his host, and those that were numbered of them, were forty and one thousand and five hundred. (41,500)

29  And the tribe of Naphtali: and the prince of the children of Naphtali shall be Ahira the son of Enan.

30  And his host, and those that were numbered of them, were fifty and three thousand and four hundred. (53,400)

31  All that were numbered of the camp of Dan were a hundred thousand and fifty and seven thousand and six hundred. (157,600)
      They shall set forth hindmost by their standards.

32  These are they that were numbered of the children of Israel by their fathers’ houses: all that were numbered
      of the camps according to their hosts were six hundred thousand and three thousand and five hundred and fifty. (603,550)

God organized Israel into 4 camps, one in each direction of north, south, east, and west. Dan was in the north camp and head of the other 2 tribes in that north camp.

Below is very interesting to me. Dan was in ships and busy elsewhere, fishing or trading or both. Ezekiel 27 suggests Dan was a merchant and trader along with Javan, of whom produced Greeks, among others. We might have been intended to know about adventurous and somewhat rebellious already, Dan. He should have been helping out his brothers in battling Canaanites and taking possession of the land given them by God. All tribes were assigned land to live in and stay in, so as to support the priesthood and worship of Jehovah. Forsaking their assigned place in Israel was, in essence, forsaking God and His commands.

We do not know if Dan forsook living there at all, who were in ships, or whether they were simply absent when perhaps, they should not have been. It may have been the will of God that they not engage in long extended merchant voyages, in order to support God's chosen nation/territory and priesthood/worship. As well, being glued to the land may have been intended to keep the tribes of Israel from becoming merchants.

Judges 5:
15  And the princes of Issachar were with Deborah; As was Issachar, so was Barak; Into the valley they rushed forth at his feet.
      By the watercourses of Reuben There were great resolves of heart.
16  Why sattest thou among the sheepfolds, To hear the pipings for the flocks? At the watercourses of Reuben there were great searchings of heart.
17  Gilead abode beyond the Jordan: And Dan, why did he remain in ships? Asher sat still at the haven of the sea, And abode by his creeks.

Deborah, in questioning certain tribes, wondered why Dan did not fight and remained in ships, not supporting his brothers, the other tribes. Dan evidently had plenty of sailors and maybe ships, too, it would seem. They had taken up shipping and probably merchandizing and trade. If some of Dan ventured forth into the world, at least in the Mediterranean, then branches of Dan might have become quite influential, if not dominant, in some of these other cultures. He may have been quite predatory, either militarily, or in mercantilism and shipping, or both. We will explore these shortly. I suspect Javan was involved in settling the SE Asian Pacific so that Dan may even have been among them as well, establishing networks and alliances. I speak more of this later.

Judges 18 is an account of Dan extending his territory eastward and taking a very bad turn, religiously/spiritually. They take a man who is descended from Moses, whose sons handled certain duties for the temple and priesthood, but did not serve as priests. Only Aaron's sons were appointed to serve as priests. But Dan takes Jonathan, grandson of Moses, to be their priest and not at the temple in Shiloh (at that time), either. Jonathan is not entitled to be a priest. But as Dan saw it, he was close. Jonathan was serving a man of some wealth, I gather, named Micah, as a priest, with pagan rituals and idols, and Dan takes the "priest" along to serve them in their unholy worship, outside the boundaries of what God established thru Moses.

ASV) Judges 18:
29 And they called the name of the city Dan, after the name of Dan their father, who was born unto Israel:
     howbeit the name of the city was Laish at the first.
30 And the children of Dan set up for themselves the graven image: and Jonathan, the son of Gershom, the son of Moses,
     he and his sons were priests to the tribe of the Danites until the day of the captivity of the land.
31 So they set them up Micah’s graven image which he made, all the time that the house of God was in Shiloh.

It is evident above in 30, that there were Danites remaining in Samaria (north Israel) right up to Assyrian conquest and deportation of Israel. Notice how the Danites carried on this polluted worship from this time, noting that there was the correct worship at Shiloh, that they were ignoring and continued to ignore until Assyria would come and take them all away. Jeroboam would cause all Israel to sin by setting up false places of worship in the days of Rehoboam, son of Solomon. But Dan was far ahead of them on that count, having been doing it since the days of the judges while the temple tent was at Shiloh.

ASV) 1 Kings 12:
25 Then Jeroboam built Shechem in the hill-country of Ephraim, and dwelt therein; and he went out from thence, and built Penuel.
26 And Jeroboam said in his heart, Now will the kingdom return to the house of David:
27 if this people go up to offer sacrifices in the house of Jehovah at Jerusalem, then will the heart of this people turn again unto their lord,
     even unto Rehoboam king of Judah; and they will kill me, and return to Rehoboam king of Judah.
28 Whereupon the king took counsel, and made two calves of gold; and he said unto them, It is too much for you
     to go up to Jerusalem: behold thy gods, O Israel, which brought thee up out of the land of Egypt.
29 And he set the one in Beth-el, and the other put he in Dan.
30 And this thing became a sin; for the people went to worship before the one, even unto Dan.
31 And he made houses of high places, and made priests from among all the people, that were not of the sons of Levi.

They did not do what God wanted, but followed their own hearts and did as they pleased, offending God and rebelling against Him. As well, Dan introduced a false temple, priesthood, and idolatry. The Antichrist will do the very same. Fascinating!

So Dan may also be a sort of prototype for false worship and rebellion from God. Not only a proto-type, but part of the 2nd fulfillment as well. As well, if some of Dan ventured forth to live in other nations, this was not the will of God, either. He provided land that He selected for Dan, for them to live in and give to their offspring as an inheritance. Land was an inherited right under God's law. By going to other lands and nations, Dan denied their kids that right of inherited land, one of the many rights God intended for His people till the messiah should come and as long as they remained faithful to God, beyond that.

But as well, God wanted all of Israel to be reasonably satisfied with the produce of the land, a land of milk and honey, God says, so that they would not need greed or ambition to survive. They could be content with good, but not become rich and ruing their hearts and minds, which were to remain focused on God and faithful/loyal to Him. So Dan was quite the rebel, when we get down to it.

The Mosaic law warned future kings not to accumulate many wives, horses, or wealth, for these would attract other nations' attention and desire. Additionally, Israel, if they lived under God's law properly, would be unusually protected, without national alliances with other nations, and would be a shining beacon of light and hope to the other nations since it had been God's intention from the beginning of time to reconcile and redeem all mankind to Himself as He is the true Father of all mankind and He loved and loves all His children. Israel could have been that means to draw good ones from all the nations to God. but Israel, and even more so, Dan, rejected this and Dan ventured out in the big world of business and commerce, to get filthy rich and greedy as is the natural progression of such a pursuit, ever as we see with "Tyre" in Ezekiel chapters 26-28, which are in my Babylon the Great article I link to at the end of this article.

Business and wealth are too tempting for any of us. God wanted Israel simple, yet satisfied, pursuing Godly things, as opposed to profits and power. God want a humble meek mild compassionate people who dearly loved their god and were devoted to Him. It never happened. Human nature is the same everywhere. God's success with people has always been somewhat limited. Jesus once asked rhetorically, When I return again, will I really find the faith on the earth? God question!

But ultimately, Dan's biggest role would be introducing the antichrist to the world in the last days. The antichrist would be the ultimate abomination to God, since that imposter would pretend to be no other than God, as well as the messiah, the returning Christ. But if Dan is to be the first among his brothers in the time of the end, and bring them into harsh judgment, then perhaps it was him venturing out into merchant fleets and trade that gave him great wealth in time, which would place him in a circumstance to once again, lead Israel into apostasy and heresy against God. It happened the 1st time this way and was due to happen that way again, the latter 2nd time, the end time. I believe this is part of the mystery we are to perceive with Dan.

By the time of Ezekiel, sometime after 587 BC, while Ezekiel was in the lands of the 10 tribes moved by Assyria, by the river Chebar, we are told by God through Ezekiel, that Dan was out in the water trading along side of Javan, who the Greeks were among those descended from Javan, and it sounds like they would buy from Tyre and then resell elsewhere, going back and forth. Dan was now a big trader, or it that traitor? He was now pursuing wealth and learning the "skills" of being an effective business merchant, no doubt. Not all of Dan was doing this, but some who had been of Dan, were. I believe this, too, is another piece of the mystery solved.

I want to point out that Javan had 4 sons, likely only one of which produced the Hellens, identified by Paul Pezron as coming into Greece after some invasions by sons of Gomer and founded by Deucalion and his Son Hellenus. Most scholars do not even know about these things. But Old Truth1 is up on it all. Javan was a major contact for Dan but as well, there is the Greek connection for Dan was noted as being among the Spartans as you will later learn, and there is stunning evidence from Simcha Jacobovici that Greeks had a good knowledge of the Exodus and temple (while it was in tent form) fixtures among its artifacts in the Athens Museum. I'll be writing on that in time.  Dan got around, for sure ;-)

NKJV) Ezekiel 27:
19 "Dan and Javan paid for your wares, traversing back and forth. Wrought iron, cassia, and cane were among your merchandise.

The tribe of Dan was out in ships along with Javan, identified as including Greek and Greece. They traded Tyre's products of iron, cassia and cane with those around the Mediterranean. This is an amazing scripture and one that varies a lot in various translations because the letter in front of Dan is a "V" which is used as "and" or "also." So some assume VeDan instead of "And Dan" or "Also Dan" or "Dan also." Old translations such as the King James and Geneva Bible, say Dan. But many use Vedan with Javan. They are wrong. Vedan does not appear anywhere in the Bible, as a descendant, or race, or nations, or anything.

I am willing to bet big money that some forces in the world did not want that name being openly displayed, so they had some throw the extra letters in, to hide that it was Dan. If so, then Dan is well aware that he is being fingered. If this is true, then someone knows quite a bit more than they are telling and we got an interesting game going, too.

Otherwise, I am not sure why this escapes them, but maybe they do not like the conclusion that some of Dan was out and about rather than being in the land God gave to him, so as to be able to support the temple and preserve offspring to worship Jehovah, as was their obligation to God through Moses. God setup the nation of Israel and its priesthood, to keep Israel educated and waiting faithfully for the messiah to arrive. It was their solemn sworn duty to remain obedient to God's law and His temple worship. But Dan decided he likes ships and the wheeling and dealing of big business and did not care about contributing to the temple, priesthood, and God, and following God's laws, any or all of them!

E. Raymond Capt is an author who believes in the Bible and writes a lot about archaeology that supports the Bible. He has written quite a bit on the migrations of Israel, that they were not lost so much as just dispersed. But in particular, he suggests some of Dan left Israel, some before leaving Egypt, possibly, and some while in Dan of Israel, who joined Phoenicians and Greeks in sailing and trade. Indeed, Ezekiel identifies Dan in ships with Javan, which some translations call Greece.

Javan might have some relation to Ivan. "I" was often used as a "J." Greeks often used "I" and Slavic languages are related to the Greek language. Ivan would be a shortened form of Iavan/Javan. Greeks eliminated the i of Japheth's son, Tiras, becoming Tras, and they added the "h" after the T, as some do, so that it became Thras and the "as" became "ace," so we end up with Thrace instead of Tiras. And we possibly got Slavic or Greek Ivan from Hebrew Javan. But Javan is likely the one whose sons were some of those who gave the Greek language to the Ionians, Dorians, and Aeolians of Gomeric descent. (See Paul Pezron's History on my sister site for the most valuable history to be found anywhere. I'll link to it at the end of this article as well). But we know for sure that Dan and Javan shared a relationship as traders and business partners with Tyre and Sidon, who are identified secularly as Phoenicians. All of these likely shared an identification by Egypt as Sea Peoples.

Let me say this about identities. The Mediterranean was a big mixing and melting pot of nations and races. 

Genesis 10:
13 And Mizraim begat Ludim, and Anamim, and Lehabim, and Naphtuhim,
14 And Pathrusim, and Casluhim, (out of whom came Philistim,) and Caphtorim.

Caphtor (now called Minos and Crete) was first settled by proto-Celts, according to Pezron and was home to Jupiter for a while, while he was growing up and hiding from his father. It was called then Crete, which is shortened from Curete, which forms the Curetes, known even to Romans. Curetes descended from Cres/Cris, also a son of the Titans who produced most of the so called gods of legend. It later became settled by Caphtorim, sons of Mizraim, the son of Ham, son of Noah. Phillistines are said to come from Casluhim and settled on the coasts of Greece. Their material culture has been identified as Mycenaean with a particular style of pottery identified as either 3A or 3B level slip ware, if memory is serving me right. I'll get the facts eventually. This same pottery is found among the Phillistine excavations. So they could be said to be Greek by some. But not all Greeks hail from the same stock. Paul Pezron says the Ionains, Dorians, and Aeolians were of Celtic stock (the Titans) and a particular conqueror (Hellenus) later gave them all the Greek language.

So Greece ended up being a mixing pot as well. Celts had also invaded Crete, Italy, and Spain. They were the Titans of the early days (2000-1500 BC) and the "gods" (just men) Acmon, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, and Mercury, for starters. So what is called Greek, is quite a mixture of races. Greek culture has been identified in the area that was once the tribe of Reuben on the east side of the Jordan. But Phillistines could be that Greek "evidence." But Reuben was apparently in contact with Greeks of some sort. They could even be Danites, for all we know, since materially, they might have resembled Greeks more and made contact and trade, along with a small colony to assist in trade. You never know.

The Mixing Pot

Above left, is an Egyptian carving of Sea Peoples. Middle and right above are painted reliefs, in a tomb, I think, showing the Egyptian victory over invading
Sea Peoples. This was in the time of Rameses III (1187-1156 BC), from memory. Sea Peoples was a vague term, in some respects, since they often composed
very mixed crowds, racially/genetically. These had what appears to be feathered caps. Whether they concealed helmets or not, is not known. Hamitic Casluhim and Caphtorim, with Celtic/Gothic sons of Gomer, grandson of Noah, and Hellenic peoples who gave their language to what came to be known as Greek. It is often very hard to separate these peoples. These ancient times were far more inclined to mix racially.

When one ventures outside of ones' home and racial stock in those times, you had no quick resort to them, once journeying afar. So you had to fit in with whoever
you were with and stand or fall with them together to survive. It was in your best interests to do so. You had no alternative, anyway.

Below left is an Egyptian relief of Sea Peoples. Their feather like caps seem symmetrical. We will compare them with a couple Greek Statues with head gear. Below right shows to Egyptian oarsmen with helmets on, different from what the Sea Peoples used. Two archers had possible head coverings that look colored.


As well, conquering peoples, and those conquered, found it easier to make peace by compromise agreeing to live as one united people. Rome often met with peace agreement in their early years of conquering Italy. In "Atlas of the Greek World," by Peter Levi, Peter says in page 67, "It could almost be said that the Phoenicians and the Greeks alike were no more than tentacles of the Levantine octopus who was feeling his way toward the Atlantic." Egyptians, Phoenicians, Phillistines and Caphtorim (post Cretans/Minoans), were all sons of Ham and Phoenicia was home to Tyre and Sidon. As we know from the Bible as well as Peter Levi, these Sea Peoples had vast organized networks of traders and trading. Greeks were also plying the waters and had networks.

Distinguishing these, at times, is not very easy. The Black Sea was surrounded by sons of Gomer and Tiras, who Greeks called Thrace (Thir-as or Thir-ace). In fact, Tiras might have been the original Thir or Thor, of Viking legend. Scythians, Thracians, Phrygians, were settled all around the Black Sea and Asia Minor. Some Celtic tribes were in northern Italy. Etruscans were a mixed breed. So the Mediterranean was hard to put a label on and any label was often loosely applied.

The head gear of the Sea Peoples above, which are likely dated some somewhat early in the reign of Rameses III, near to 1180 BC. Now, I am going to shove this back another 140 years, because I do accept dendro-chronological dating as accurate and best of all dating techniques and because Egypt had a dark period that Egyptologists do not want to admit. And because I select Akhenaten as the pharaoh who clashed with Moses. So 1180 BC now becomes 1320 BC. This was a very early time period for many cultures and the material evidence they left behind. 1200 BC, by current dating methods, based on faulty links with Egyptian chronology, would now become 1340. This likely suggests that while Rameses III, called the last great pharaoh, defended Egypt from invasion, that it was not long after, that Egypt would fall, along with all the other nations around it, into a dark age. It all makes sense. If Egypt were to have a dark age, and I assert that She did, then we would expect to find it at this time. But Egypt did recover somewhat, and somewhat sooner, than many civilizations did.

But to get back to the story, Could Dan be among the Sea Peoples? Was Dan a merchant and trader of the high seas? If he was, what relationships did he develop along the way? Did he ever make contact with Israel again? I am baiting you, you know. He may very well have done so. But I want to show a little more on racial similarities of those all around the Mediterranean, based on material culture excavated.

Material Similarities
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War was carried on all around the Mediterranean. We know about the Trojan War, involving Mycenaeans (technically, Mykenaeans, pre-Greeks) and the Trojans and their allies, all of which derive primarily from sons of Gomer and Tiras. Tiras was always closely aligned with the sons of Gomer. Very ancient philosopher Thales said Thracians had red hair and blue eyes. This may be why both Celts and Goths/Teutones have significant amounts of red heads among their people. Do you speak Deutsch? That is pronounced Die-tsch.

So how do you pronounce Teutones? If you were German, you might pronounce it as Tie-tones at one time, or Ti-tones. Titons or Titans! Both the Goths and Celts were the Titans of old, according to Paul Pezron, who I believe proves his case well.

The Mycenaeans were very early Greeks. How early is more vague. Were they the Ionians, Aeolians, and Dorians, or were they possibly the latter Hamitic Casluhim and Caphtorim, and maybe some sons of Javan, too, for all we know? He was all around the seas and isles. But both sides of the Trojan war, said to be, from a secular standpoint, perhaps 800 BC, or 1200 BC. Anyway, lets look at the helmets they all wore.

Early helmets were very primitive and simple in form. The simplest forms I do not have present here. 1st picture on the far left is the earliest simplified form I have. It progresses to a ridge from front to back in the 2nd photo. In the 3rd, this helmet, in full metal form, represents the horse hair secured in the ridge of the helmet. In the 4th, the horse hair or plumes is more elaborate. These helmets are all metal, probably for show or ceremony and not battle. Note the scenes on the right side of the last 2.

Below are the real horse hair type helmets, some having long tails, like a pony tail, right? The 1st is much more simple in lines, said to be a Trojan style helmet. But the ridge is present and decked out. They get ever more fancy and sophisticated as the art and craft skills get better. They not only serve better in having reinforcing ridges in many areas, but they get more elaborate for show and for making an impression on the enemies. These are recreations and they tend to be more elaborate and fanciful than they likely were in earlier times. Bronze never shined like the 3rd one below right. 4th right comes from "Atlas of the Greek World."


The photo on the left has amazing color mix of hair and a fancy checked ridge, too. I wonder if that is authentic. I tend to doubt it. Guys today like to dress up and I suspect some Scottish influence in that helmet. The helmet design looks somewhat Roman to me, due to the many curves and ridges in the head form.
The helmet on the right is of a more simple line, from what period I do not know, but the ridge and main are elaborate.

The isle of Corinth was the southern part of Greece. The Spartans were among those that lived in the Corinthian Island/peninsula.

Notice the more simple lines of these helmets just above. 3 are Trojan.

These above are Roman adaptations of the Corinthian style. They used hair dresses to distinguish rank among officers. They use both front to back ridges and left to right transverse direction on the last one on the right. 


Above are some transverse head ridges. The 1st is a very simple primitive form, where the ridge is just part of the metal helmet. The latter 2 are much fancier in the hair plumes. Note the one on the right. That black and white check pattern is there again. I suspect the Scots. I'll show you why, soon.

Left comes from "Atlas of the Greek World." Another transverse direction ridge with hair or feathers in it. This was from the 8th century BC, fairly early for most styles of helmets.

Below there are 2 styles of hair plumes now. And the middle one has that checked pattern again. I am sure these were pretty effective on the battle field. They make a soldier look bigger and more intimidating. Again, these are show pieces. Bronze did not shine like these do. Now lets look at some other styles.


The 1st below has a very big elaborate hair/feather plume, while the helmet is more modest. The next 2 are said to be Phrygian or Thracian. They do not have a hair plume but have that odd knob or handle on top. Almost Parthian like. Accompanying Spear points as well. The 4th right has a hair plume but said to be Thracian. Below are from the Wikipedia.


There are many more similarities than there are differences from Greek Corinthian design. Trojans were more similar to Greek. Below are Greek Mycenaeans taking on Amazon women. Amazon women fought as allies of the Trojans during this war. So did Scythia, Thrace, and others. Amazon women, I believe, if memory serves me right, were closely related to Scythians and Sarmatians. But note that the Amazon woman on horse back has pretty much the same style helmet as the Greeks. Other helmet styles are in view as well.

I Link here to my article The Last Days Series Part 8, Babylon the Great, sub-heading: Ezekiel chapter 27, (press control-click for PC or command-click for Mac, to open a new tab or window so you can come right back to here, of course) to demonstrate how extensive the network trade was in the Mediterranean. Its a whose who list and what's what list, and where list, of business and trade. Nearly every nation and race from the Mediterranean and beyond, possibly even the Red Sea, Gulf of Arabia, Southern Africa, the British Isles, And SE Asia and its Pacific isles, and who knows where else.

God blows the whistle in Ezekiel 27. It is a marvel to read. This chapter shows us how a group could/would rule by means of a secret kingdom over all the kings of the earth. They could, just as "Tyre" could and did and will "do again," for us all to see. What you should come away with is a solid understanding of how the world can be ruled and controlled by trade and commerce alone. Satisfaction guaranteed!

What is also shown is that the Mediterranean was a vast mixing pot of every nationality. Distinguishing one culture from another would not be easy in times past and even has its present challenges. You can see this some in the war gear around the "sea," but God sort of seals the deal with His accounting in Ezekiel 27.

I offer one more bit of culture to show a possible corruption in war gear supposedly representing the past cultures. You noticed the black and white checks on some of the hair pieces of the helmets. Scots use this pattern and so do Freemasons for that matter. I'll show you the Scots' patterns in their regalia.

Above are the checks. I had to search hard for the black and white ones, though those were the ones I recalled the best. The red/white and the black/red/white are actually the most common ones worn by pipers as I show below left.   Below right is the black/white, of unknown time period.
Below left is a modern Scottish Piper with his feather bonnet, and the "wallet" hanging from his waist, I believe is called a sporran or something like that. Its made of horse hair, an animal they once had a great relationship with. Covered by his feathers is a red/white check headband pattern. The right photo makes that more clear. You'll notice the "pony" tail on it, as well, which some of the helmets we saw earlier have tails as well.
Below left is a piper in stride, with his tail evident. Below right is a feather bonnet of about 1800. It is not as high and does not have a distinct pony tail. Its more like a full head of hair sloping backward.


The Scots, once called Scotus, were once found around the Mediterranean, and around the Black Sea in the north shores. Their style of clothing is not that different than the military gear we considered earlier. I am not sure about the check patterns and when they came about. But the hair bonnets one can see in both styles of military helmets, both straight and transverse styles, with elaborate horse hair. Kilts were common for Romans and Celts, which the Scots are definitely related to.

So as for the imagination of helmet designers, I have never encountered any check patterns in ancient art or reliefs. If you find any, let me know. But the horse hair has been around a very long time, as have kilts. Scots also had the lion, dragon, and griffins in their insignia, 2 of which the Tribe of Dan also used. Who is to know how much cultures have shared or not. We are apt to find Dan anywhere and nowhere. He could have gotten mixed into a number of cultures. More a little further on.

Endless Genealogies
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KJV) 1 Timothy 1:
3 that you might charge some that they teach no other doctrine,
4 Neither give heed to fables and endless genealogies, which minister questions (create disputes), rather than godly edifying which is in faith: so do.

KJV) Titus 3:
9 But avoid foolish questions, and genealogies, and contentions, and strivings about the law; for they are unprofitable and vain.

One thing you run into in conspiracy circles, is claimed lines of family descent. And I am not saying that all are false or questionable. But to be fair, unless a family line kept good records throughout their existence, the odds of tracing lineages back further than say 1000 AD, are very low/poor at best. Records began to be kept well in Britain after William the Conqueror took over Britain in 1066 AD. Most records only go back as far as the 1100s. Some family lines of certain elite families often claim lineage way back to famous leaders such as Alexander the Great {Alexander III of Macedon (20/21 July 356 – 10/11 June 323 BC)} and further back. One goes all the way back to Nimrod.

First, there are no records of verification outside the "family" line, and then, only 1 source. Even the Bible required 2 witnesses for anything to be established. So to take such genealogies seriously, could be a serious mistake, or at least a waste of time. And yes, some trace back to the tribe of Dan. This may not be as far fetched as some other claims. For one, if one claims to be of a certain race or tribe, that is knowledge that could have been passed on fairly easy. And since the ID is a broad general one, it does not take precise verification as it would for claiming an individual.

In the case of Dan, it can be fairly said about Jews-Judahites-Jahudahites-Israelites, Hebrews, that depending on the time period and place, especially since the gathering of Israel in Egypt; that what have come to be identified primarily as Jews, which include all Israel in varying numbers; these keep and retain their identity. They are intensely loyal to their race and identity. But individual tribes are not necessarily reckoned and usually are not. They are broadly and generally known and defined as just Jews. So whether they are from the tribe of Dan, Ephraim, or whoever, could be very difficult to say. However, is their last name happens to be the name of a tribe, then the probability does rise that they may be descended from that tribe, which caused them to take up that name for a last name.

But this is no guarantee that a last name is verification. All Hebrew names have become cultural names for many different nations and races who adopted Christianity, which is of Jewish/Hebrew origins. Further, I find many who take any name that has dan in it like Danish, or even Denmark, since the vowel for Dan can be changed by a particular language or translating and pronunciation. Dan is just 3 letters and 1 simple syllable. To assume any name or word that has dan or den (or even don or din or dun) is absolute madness. Seriously! Such a simple syllable could and likely does appear in nearly every language. So we have to be more discerning than that.

My recommendation is that to associate a name that had dan as a syllable in it, with the tribe of Dan, or Danites, required more than the 3 letters d-a-n. There needs to be some reputation, or other connections that can offer us more reason to give it consideration as a possible legacy of the tribe of Dan. Further, it would be very stupid, even if we can show someone to be from Dan, that they are bad or trouble, or whatever. Because some powerful people may be from Dan, and be up to no good, does not vilify the whole tribe. I might point out that many races can be detected in and amongst powerful people. Enough that we could probably condemn the whole world. Surely we are not that stupid, right?

I do know of research that identifies any name at all with "dan" or "den" is routinely assumed as being at least partially composed of Danites. I hotly dispute this! There is a significant movement that promotes and believes that Celtic and Germanic races are the descendants of Israel's lost ten tribes, which were never really lost in the 1st place and though they may be mixed in among the Celtic and Germanic peoples, they are often distinct. Celtic and Germanic peoples are easily traced back to Gomer, son of Japheth, not Shem. Further, even if Jewish blood is mixed in among Celts and Germans, if we can not verify or trace such, then their partial Jewish ancestry means little to nothing as far as prophecy goes.

I do believe that what Paul warned of in the 2 scriptures I cited, is exactly what we are often dealing with today. Fables, foolish questions, impossible to trace Genealogies that do not build up in the faith and do not answer prophecy, either. They are best to be left alone. But we do want to be able to weed them out.

But the bottom line is that if we are looking for Dan by name, we may never find it or know it, even if there was some Dan in the family line in the past. And if those in particular command and control of many of their "brothers" happen to be from Dan, even they might not know it. God revealing that Dan would produce the position of leadership among his brothers in the time of the end, does not mean that we will be able to prove that. But God would know. But obviously, in some way or another, God revealed this to us for a reason and purpose, or otherwise He would be a bit foolish to have even mentioned it. So there must be something to look for.

Is it to be found in national symbols or icons? Is it something passed on, with references to Dan? Dan does pop up a few times in interesting places. We have already explored some of those. We will explore some of those a bit more and look for others, too, so that we can answer what it is we might be looking for. So I do want to finish this idea of Endless Genealogies before we move on to other things.

Fritz Says:
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Fritz Springmeier is a major and hard-hitting, Christian conspiracy theorist and publisher, addressing in his books, Secret Societies and infiltrated religions, classified secret Mind Control techniques and operations, exposing religions and related type things. Fritz is my favorite Christian writer. Here are offerings he has made as concerns the tribe of Dan.

The following come from Fritz Springmeier's "BLOODLINES OF THE ILLUMINATI,"

Chapter 13:     13. The Van Duyn Bloodline

under sub-heading: CONCLUSIONS & SUMMARY

It has been theorized by others that at the top of the Illuminati are unknown superiors, so this should not scare anyone that I don’t have all the details, and that the family is unknown. On the other hand it is very hard to hide people who wield immense power. So far, I have dealt with families that were definitely within the top 13 Illuminati families. If the Van Duyn family is part of the top 13, it may represent the ‘Dutch-Flemish-Belgium segment of the Illuminati, just as the Astors & Rothschild's came from Germany, the Dupont's from France, the Li’s from China, and the Kennedy’s from Ireland. Actually, the entire 13 top families are related in various ways and their heritages go back to the ancient nobility of Europe, to the tribe of Dan, and to the Khazars. Many of these top families feel they are descendents of the House of David. One researcher has even told me that the royal house of Japan is blood relation to the thirteenth top Illuminati family. (Truth is often stranger than fiction, but this sounds truly incredible.) That would be interesting if the genealogy (which he claims does exist) does actually show that. It would help explain why Japan is being brought into the picture. I was able only to identify that the Van Duyn family was a very early colonial American family of status, and that the few modern members of this family which I could identify are suspiciously tied to the establishment and fit the type of persons we would expect from a top 13 family. If anyone has any information concerning this subject, that information would be appreciated.

Chapter 14:    14. The Merovingian Bloodline

under sub-heading:    2nd Feature Article--THE 13TH ILLUMINATI BLOODLINE.

The 13th Illuminati Bloodline is where the Anti-Christ will come from. This bloodline believes that it has both the Holy Blood of Jesus and the blood (or seed) of Satan in its bloodline. In my "Be Wise As Serpents" book, I make reference to this bloodline but I never really took the time to explain it completely. In fact, I don’t fully understand this bloodline myself. I encourage those who want to learn more about this bloodline to study the following books:

Holy Blood, Holy Grail; by Lincoln, Leigh & Balgent

The Messianic Legacy

The Temple & the Lodge

Crusaders of the Grail; by J.R. Church

The Anti-Christ King--Juan Carlos; by Dr. Charles R. Taylor

This bloodline is so extensive in its many branches that its membership takes in many of the Presidents of the United States, including George Bush and George Washington. The reason that I gave the genealogies of the some of the Mormon Presidents to people back in 1991 in my " Be Wise As Serpents" book is that all of the Mormon Presidents in history, whether RLDS or LDS, trace their blood back to this 13th bloodline. Within the Illuminati rituals, the emphasis of the 13th bloodline is that they are the seed of Satan. As their secret story goes, they are the direct descendents of Jesus’s spiritual brother Lucifer. Since the Freeman family and the Rothschild family have members who are also in the 13th bloodline, it is unclear to me how interwoven the "seed of Satan" is.

Some of the earliest attempts to trace the seed of Satan were some books which did extensive research on the Tribe of Dan and the decedents of Cain.

{ skipping a few paragraphs }

The Illuminati is the continuation of the Mystery Religions of Babylon and Egypt. And the bloodlines of the Illuminati go back to people who at one time lived in Babylon and Egypt. Just how the House of David (the Satanic one) and the Holy Blood of the 13th family fit in with everything else in history I can’t say. I’m sure It would be a big story to tell If I knew. But I do feel that somehow the 13th Illuminati family does goes back to ancient times. Is this via the Tribe of Dan or via some Druidic bloodline or is it via the Merovingian's or is it via all three? And where do the Guelphs and Black Nobility fit Into this?

>> I had little doubt myself that many powerful wealth Jews might very well have lived and stayed in Babylon after the faithful returned to Jerusalem. and Egypt, too, since many Jews fled from Babylon to Egypt and resided there, and most probably never came back to Judah after Babylon's fall and "Israel's" return to Judah. As for how far back these lines go, I say that Babylon is the key time and place where it begins in earnest, which is why God used a symbolic Babylon to indicate things going back to that key time. The Israelites carted off by Assyria would be another origin. The other likelihood is that Dan operating along with Javan is also a key origin. These are as far back as I would venture to say. But Israel, like Christianity, has always been rebellious. In a spiritual sense, they go back to the devil. Jesus said: You father is the devil and you seek to do the works of that one.<<

Whatever the case, the 13th bloodline has amassed a great deal of power and wealth on this planet. The 13th bloodline lacks nothing to bring forth their Anti-Christ who will appear to have all the correct credentials. I would not even be surprised if their Anti-Christ, in order to appear real, will expose another Anti-Christ. The 13th bloodline has kept its genealogies very secret. I would welcome more Input from informed persons about this bloodline. The tribe of Dan was prophesied to be the black sheep of the nation of Israel which would bite the other tribes of Israel. The tribe of Dan had the snake and the eagle as its two logos. The tribe of Dan left its calling card all over Europe as it migrated west in the names of many places. The tribe of Dan ruled the Greeks, the Roman Empire, the Austro-Hungarian empire and many others which used the eagle as its logo.

Great Britain is the mother country of Satanism.1 Scotland has long been an occult center. The national symbol of Scotland is the dragon (the snake), and for years the chief of Scotland was called the dragon. The Gaelic language is an important language for Satanism, although English and French are also use extensively by the Illuminati. The planning sessions for world takeover that some ex-Satanists experienced were held in French. {1. Interviews with numerous ex-witches and ex-Satanists.}

>>I'm going back to black regular text for myself<<

I absolutely believe that the family lines that control the world are extensive and related, even exclusive. But where their origins of power 1st start, I would not even venture to say. It is enough that God let us know that ultimately, the antichrist derives from Dan. He ought to know if anyone would. I am skeptical about the Dan calling card all over Europe, unless we consider ensigns, coats of arms, flags and that sort of thing. Then there might be possibilities.

I believe the Merovingian Line is an invented one. The claim that Jesus married Mary Magdalene and had a child by her which fathered the Merovingian line, who came to rule, is of course, absurd. If you believe that, I have a used UFO with low mileage I will sell you cheap. 1st come, 1st served. Only 3 left, limit 1 per person! Clovis Meroving was one of the most treacherous leaders to ever rule France. So any mention of Dan or anything else must be held in deep suspicion and not given any serious credibility. That is not to say there is nothing to it, but neither can it be confirmed nor does it make a difference. But this is why I brought up Paul's discussion with both Timothy and Titus regarding Endless Genealogies. We should be wary of these. If any are to be taken seriously, we need reasonable credible evidence, or otherwise look for another meaning in Dan being revealed as the head scepter of Israel in the last days, and source of the antichrist.

I will address Dan being in Greece as well as elsewhere, after covering what some others have suggested. Even Fritz admits he does not know for sure how or if Dan can be identified. There are some valid lineages covering the last maybe 1000 years. That is about as good as it can get. But again, I want to emphasize what Paul said about genealogies; namely, that they were not profitable. In fact, he lists fables just before them. These are a waste of time as I will further show. Fritz does not make any big claims for having answers.

But no doubt, Fritz and I can both agree that powerful families have been in power for a very long time. Once a family gets in power, it is very difficult to dislodge them or eliminate them because they have other powerful families that look out for them. They all look out for each other. I can say this. If you look at some names that you  commonly come across in show biz circles, owners of big companies, rich people, etc, you will find the same names come up again and again, not just in the 20th century onward, but going far back into the past.

One brief example. The name Cox. My father owns his father's property by inheritance. It had once been owned by a Cox. In fact, it was a Capt. John Cox III who was first given a land grant in Nova Scotia by the King of England. The Cox's were among the supporters of William the Conqueror in the 1066 battle of Hastings and takeover. So they were close allies of a prince/king and have remained high up on the ladder for 1000 years. We don't know how much further that might extend back. Power reinforces power. It is self-perpetuating. We can be sure this is the case with Dan, but we are not likely to have this verifiable by a precise genealogical line.

Dan would likely be identified as simply being Jewish and this by no means condemns Jews as a group. Even those who did come from Dan, even if they do not know it, are likely innocent. But whoever is in power of fleshly Israel is likely from Dan, and is going to get a lot of his brothers in serious trouble/judgment.

And just as important, it must be said and understood that every single person on earth is, and will be, accountable to God for themselves, so that none can dismiss or relieve themselves of responsibility to obey God. In this respect, the whole world is in trouble, as it grows further from God by the day. We must flee from evil and pursue goodness and decency, following all God's instructions and not just pick and choose. That is what Dan did.

Typical Propaganda
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E. Raymond Capt is a major proponent of, and one of the foremost advocates and promoters of the idea that Britain and the USA are the literal seed of Israel, the supposed lost Tribes of Israel, though he tries to show they are not lost. He is a Bible advocate, and has the following credentials listed: M.A., A.I.A., F.S.A. Scot. He has written much on Bible Archaeology. He is often very good in his research and ideas, but I find some fault in his "Israel" ideas. To me, these are used to support a back to the law movement and religious Zionism support, which I might point out, leads to the Antichrist being welcomed, which to clarify, is not a good thing.

Capt alleges that some of Dan left Egypt for Greece, before Moses led Israel out of Egypt or that some of Dan left for Greece during the Exodus, which I rule out, for surely we would have heard of such a thing in the Bible. Then there is the possible colony of Dan settling in Greece or elsewhere in the Mediterranean during the days of the judges. There is little to no evidence of most of this, except for one account. I do have 10 of Capt's small books. Some ideas in them are very good and other ideas are useless.

His book and video on the ancient church of Glastonbury is interesting. Some info of deportations of Israel by Assyria is worthy info to learn. He supports a particular tomb as being that of Jesus and it is the same as Ron Wyatt also selects and I agree with.     On the other hand, he thinks the Great Pyramid is built by the spirit of God and has a prophetic timeline built into it. Shear madness. On this one, he shares a close belief with the king of modern heretics, Charles Taze Russell, and his blown attempt at religious Zionism. I will further dismantle ideas relating to prophetic Israel being the USA and the UK.

-----------------------------          And Author Yair Davidiy, director of the website to the left, author of books, too. I'll let his brief words speak for themselves.

"Articles include discussions concerning the Lost Ten Tribes, the Khazars, Hebrew Physical Types, Pictures of Ancient Israelites, Israelite Migrations, DNA, Dan, Joseph, USA - Manasseh, Cimmerians, Scythians, Bible Commentaries, Megaliths, Dolmens, Jerusalem News, Conspiracy, Transfer of Arabs, Brit-Am/Hebrew Nations, Yair Davidiy, British-Israel, Ephraimites, Two Houses, Bible Codes, and much more."

"Ten out of the Twelve Tribes of Israel were exiled and lost their identity. Their descendants are now to be found amongst Western Peoples. The physical types of Ancient Hebrews included those similar to both West European and Mediterranean peoples. Different Israelite Tribes had a dominating influence in specific areas. The Israelite origins of these peoples was to affect their destiny and characteristics. The Prophets spoke of this.
The articles and sources below explain, prove, and discuss these issues in detail. The evidence exists and, taken as a whole, is irrefutable!

"The Tribes
        The most important book in world history is the Bible, i.e. the Book. The People of the Book are the Jews.
        The Jews have proven their ability and potential in numerous fields. They have done this through through their learning, scholarship, scientific and other achievements. The State of Israel has also done much in many fields.
        Parallel to the Jews are Western Nations. These encompass countries of Western Europe with the British Isles and their offshoots: The USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa who all together have made their mark in world history. More than any other group, they are those primarily responsible for Western Civilization and its values.
        Today both the Jews and the West are faced with common enemies. They are faced with threats to their existence from the same directions.
        A mutual bond exists between the Jews and the West. This may be partially explained by the influence the Bible has had (and still has) on both parties.
The Tribes shows that there is an additional factor. This is Ancestry. The Western Nations were founded by peoples who came from Israel but had lost their identity.
        They are the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel. This is proven by Scripture, Rabbinical Sources, Archaeology, History, and every other field that is pertinent to the subject.
        Do not dismiss this information. It may be vital to our national existence. It is also of importance and interest at the individual level."


First, this site above is full of material and is by all means, a site you should visit. It is fascinating, if nothing else. Others have contributed material as well. Now, if Yair declares only that Jews had/have dominating influences on the West, or are mixed in among the West in sizable numbers, I would not disagree. Jews have had remarkable contributions, greater in proportion than their numbers as a percentage of the population. Indeed, Jews helped define the USA and the "West." They are as American as apple pie and baseball. And indeed, the "Western Empire" he describes has left a big mark on world history. No argument there, either.

But when he suggests that various founders came from Israel but lost their identity, this could have some truth in it, but nothing being certain, by any degree. But what I would say is, so what if it is all true! We still all have to answer to God. As for any national existence, it is of no concern to me as I am a real authentic Christian who is an alien and temporary resident, whose real nationality is in God's Kingdom and I await that. I will not fight or defend any supposed national interests. The nations all belong to the devil until the antichrist dies at the end of his 7 years.

My impression is that we are not so subtly urged to serve in wars to defend Israel and the "Western Empire" against supposed yet unidentified enemies. No doubt in  my mind that they are likely thinking Muslims/Islam, which stand opposed to the state of Israel and might be an obstacle to rebuilding the temple in Jerusalem. But the state of Israel seems to be very Zionist, which means to me that they will welcome the antichrist and the accompanying political machinations, ultimately deriving from the devil. They may do as they please, but I warn real authentic Christians to have no part in any war, for any reason. These wars will bring about the antichrist. If you join in the war or praise it, you are joining the devil and singing his praises. I don't think God will be letting anyone into His Kingdom that does that.

On the other hand, I like Yair's expressed goal of his site to explore genetics, linguistics, and other info to trace all nationalities back to various children of Noah in Genesis chapters 10 & 11. I am going to do some of that here and around on my sites.

So now I want to address the ideas presented by Raymond Capt and Yair Davidiy, as well as many others, that any syllable that is "dan" or "den" in a name indicates the tribe of Dan, without question. I will show the requirements to verify these, if any are true. Won't you join me?

Maccabees Account
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This account was brought to my attention by E. Raymond Capt and Josephus. It is from 1 Maccabees, which is not recognized as being part of the holy and spirit inspired word of God collection. But some in history kept it as one of the those books belonging to a 2nd class tier of books that might be useful and a chance they could be inspire so that they take no chance and keep it in a 2nd collection called a Deutero-canon. We typically call it a book of the Apocrypha. I do say it has, in this case, some useful information that is at least historical and relevant. 

The Jews who came back from Babylon, as God had required, at near to 180 BC, when 2 kingdoms sort of struggled for control of the area called Palestine, which included Judah/Judea; these Jews had had enough of the foreigners and sought freedom from them. This is where that begins. Judah, represented by Jonathan Maccabee, sought out allies in other nations around the Mediterranean and Mid-east.

I'll comment in >>color & brackets<<.

Douay Rheims Version: Apocrypha: 1 Maccabees:

1  and Jonathan saw that the time served him, and he chose certain men, and sent them to Rome, to confirm and to renew the amity with them:
2  and he sent letters to the Spartans, and to other places, according to the same form.
3  and they went to Rome, and entered into the senate house, and said: Jonathan, the high priest, and the nation of the Jews, have sent us to renew the amity, and alliance, as it was before.
4  and they gave them letters to their governors in every place, to conduct them into the land of Juda with peace.

>>What we have here is political hob-nobbing. Jonathan sought out nations who might have an interest in beating up on the Seleucid Empire. Relations had been evidently established before. But in previous times in the Bible, God forbid Judah and Israel to have any ties or obligations to other nations, in particular, not buying or hiring nations to protect. That was God's job and if Judah or Israel was obedient, they would get protection from God and had received such in the past. But if they left God, God would let them suffer at the hands of the nations. Hint hint!

Rome had not yet finished off Carthage entirely, but Carthage was very weakened. By 146 BC, she would be dead. Rome was an up and coming Empire that would soon enough have to be reckoned with. Spartans were an interesting choice as well, as we shall see.<<

5  and this is a copy of the letters which Jonathan wrote to the Spartans:
6  Jonathan, the high priest, and the ancients of the nation, and the priests, and the rest of the people of the Jews, to the Spartans, their brethren, greeting.
7  there were letters sent long ago to Onias the high priest, from Arius, who reigned then among you to signify that you are our brethren, as the copy here underwritten doth specify.
8  and Onias received the ambassador with honour and received the letters, wherein there was mention made of the alliance, and amity.
9  we, though we needed none of these things having for our comfort the holy books that are in our hands,

>>It was agreed by both Judeans and Spartans that they had between them, brethren. Judah even had records of it in the holy books in the temple. I accept this as reasonable evidence, that does not appear to have any evidence to the contrary.<<

10  chose rather to send to you to renew the brotherhood and friendship, lest we should become stranger to you altogether: for there is a long time passed since you sent to us.
11  we, therefore, at all times without ceasing, both in our festivals, and other days wherein it is convenient, remember you in the sacrifices that we offer, and in our observances, as it is meet and becoming to remember brethren.
12  and we rejoice at your glory.

>> What I do note here is that if these of Sparta are indeed, of Israel at one time, they are not this any longer, since they should have moved back home and lived under God's law and supported God's religion and temple. But as they say, blood is thicker than water, and Jews needed the help of Sparta, quite possibly. Sparta had by this time, made quite a reputation for itself over the years long ago. Jonathan seems to recognize some of Israel among these Spartans.<<

13  but we have had many troubles and wars on every side; and the kings that are round about us have fought against us.
14  but we would not be troublesome to you, nor to the rest of our allies and friends, in these wars.
15  for we have had help from heaven, and we have been delivered, and our enemies are humbled.

>> They say they had help from Heaven, but I do not see it. They helped themselves. Perhaps God blessed it, since He still had the Messiah to deliver.<<

16  we have chosen, therefore, Numenius the son of Antiochus, and Antipater, the son of Jason, and have sent them to the Romans, to renew with them the former amity and alliance.
17  and we have commanded them to go also to you, and salute you, and to deliver you our letters, concerning the renewing of our brotherhood.
18  and now you shall do well to give us an answer hereto.

>>Keep in mind that Arius and Onias were the 2 that had conversations long ago, before Jonathan had written.<<

19  and this is the copy of the letter which he had sent to Onias:
20  Arius, king of the Spartans, to Onias, the high priest, greeting.
21  it is found in writing concerning the Spartans, and the Jews, that they are brethren, and that they are of the stock of Abraham.
22  and now since this is come to our knowledge, you do well to write to us of your prosperity.
23  and we also have written back to you, that our cattle, and our possessions, are yours: and yours, ours. We, therefore, have commanded that these things should be told you.

End of account and I return to black regular text <<<<

It seems clear enough that Spartans had Jewish Brethren among them. They recognized them as Jews, not Israel, though I am sure that included any that had been of the other 10 tribes as well, as being of Judah now. Sparta evidently wanted to retain the close relationship that Jewish kin held for each other. The Jews of Sparta still retained that memory and had records as well. They still wanted to keep that identity alive and healthy. Arius does not speak as if he were Jewish, but only that there are Jews who have long been among the Spartans. It was found in writing in Sparta. Upon this coming to knowledge, seems to indicate that it had been forgotten for a time. So Sparta reached out to Judah, to renew their relationship. Seem reasonable?

But then again, Sparta could just be carrying on good diplomatic relations, wanting to stay on Judah's good side, as they would with all nations that might turn out to be useful someday. No one wants to burn bridges. So they play up their relations and leave things open. But there does seem to be some Jews or Hebrews among Spartans. It could explain some things found by Simcha Jacobovici in Greece, concerning the Exodus. But since various Greeks got around in ships and these ships were like newspapers, delivering interesting news to allies and others as they sailed the waters all over. So we don't need Jews in Sparta to accomplish this, but it helps.

I also want to point out that by180 BC, Sparta was not much of a big deal anymore. Their greatness and reputation peaked with the war with the Medes and Xerxes, around 480 BC, and then they were finally overcome by Thebans and declined more from there. Greece declined and Alexandria and Egypt became more dominant until its fall to Rome in 30 BC.

But what is not so certain is who the Jews in Sparta were. Some say Dan and there is some possibility of that. If you check out Ezekiel 27, written in exile, post 587 BC, I assume, we see Dan with Javan, who is Greek, trading with Tyre back and forth. This was likely pre-587 BC and still being done in Ezekiel's time. We do not know when these Jews settled in Sparta. Sparta is located on the island peninsula of Corinth. The channel between Corinth and the mainland of Greece made this channel, controlled by Corinth, including Sparta, very profitable for shipping, since it saved ships from having to sail all the way around Corinth, instead of directly across the Grecian Channel.

This does make Dan a good candidate for being involved with "Javan." None better, perhaps. But we have no verification for this. But it does remain the most likely possibility. Assuming the rest of the evidence is sound, it might be assumed that Dan was the Jews in Sparta. There is another reason for concluding this.

Conflicting Accounts
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Upon reading the very famous Greek tragedy, The Illiad, back around 2004, I noticed the name the "Greeks" of the time used to address each other. It was Danaans. To show you the significance of that, maybe you recognize this: Canaans. Most pronounce that as 2 syllables. But it is actually 3. The double aa's should be the division of 2 syllables. To show this further, recall a city around the Sea of Gallilee, called Cana in the Gospels. Cana with "an" added, becomes Cana-an or Canaan. And Danaan? Dana-an! Looks like Dan, doesn't it? Now many seem to date the Trojan war to about 800 BC. I am not so sure about this but have no suggestion at present. If this is true, and Dan was there before hand, we might wonder how long Dan had been among them, if he was. 800 BC would be in the time of the kings, after Northern Israel split from Judah. If the Trojan war was 1200 BC, this would be in the period of the Judges of Israel. Dan was present in Israel at this time. That does not preclude break away groups of Dan leaving the tribe, but we do not have anything to verify it.

But now we need to consider if there is another existing and contrary accounting for this name, Danaan. There is!
Achaeans (Homer)
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This article is about the Homeric use of the term 'Achaeans'. For other uses in antiquity, see Achaea (disambiguation). "Danaan" redirects here. For other uses, see Danaan (disambiguation).

The Achaeans (Greek: Ἀχαιοί, Akhaioí) constitute one of the collective names for the Greeks in Homer's Iliad (used 598 times) and Odyssey. The other names are the Danaans (Δαναοί, Danaoi used 138 times in the Iliad), Argives (Ἀργεῖοι, Argeioi used 182 times in the Iliad) while Hellenes (Ἕλληνες, Hellenes) was used only once.[1] In the historical period, the Achaeans were the inhabitants of the region of Achaea, a region in the north central part of the Peloponnese. The city states of this region later formed a confederation known as the Achaean League which was influential during the 3rd and 2nd centuries BC.

>> I want to point out that though several names had ample use in the Illiad,
Achaeans, 598 times,         Danaans, 138 times,
Argives, 182 times,            and yet, Hellenes just once.
What? Paul Pezron could explain that and much more. I'll just say that Ionians, Dorians, and Aeolians were all Celtic/Gomerian tribes that migrated into Greece at an early time and the Greek language was not introduced till after the proto-Celts had invaded. These Celts also supplied some of those who became Spartans as well. These proto-Celts were the Titans, the gods, very tall, and fearsome. Stay tuned!<<

Homeric versus later use

The Homeric "long-haired Achaeans" would have been a part of the Mycenaean civilization that dominated Greece from ca. 1600 BC, with a history as a tribe that may have gone back to the prehistoric Hellenic immigration in the late 3rd millennium BC.

>> I think it might be possible that early Mycenaeans/Mykenaeans may have been of Mizraim tribes such as the Philistines and Caphtorim/Cretans. They are shown with long black wavy hair in pottery portrayals and statuettes. It was a very early time in the history of the land called Greece.<<

However, by the Archaic and Classical periods, the term 'Achaeans' referred to inhabitants of the much smaller region of Achaea. Herodotus identified the Achaeans of the northern Peloponnese as descendants of the earlier, Homeric Achaeans. According to Pausanias, writing in the 2nd century AD, the term 'Achaean' was originally given to those Greeks inhabiting the Argolis and Laconia.[2] However, this clearly is not the manner in which Homer uses the term.

Pausanias and Herodotus both recount the legend that the Achaeans were forced from these homelands by the Dorians, during the legendary Dorian invasion of the Peloponnese. They then moved into the region that later bore the name of Achaea.

A scholarly consensus has not yet been reached on the origin of the historic Achaeans relative to the Homeric Achaeans and is still hotly debated. Former emphasis on presumed race, such as John A. Scott's article about the blond locks of the Achaeans as compared to the dark locks of "Mediterranean" Poseidon,[3] on the basis of hints in Homer, has been laid aside.

The contrasting view that "Achaeans", as understood through Homer, is "a name without a country", an ethnos created in the Epic tradition,[4] has modern supporters among those who conclude that "Achaeans" were redefined in the fifth century, as contemporary speakers of Aeolic Greek.

Hittite documents

Map showing the Hittite Empire, Ahhiyawa (Achaeans) and Wilusa (Troy), at its greatest extent under Suppiluliuma I (c.1350–1322) and Mursili II (c.1321–1295).

Some Hittite texts mention a nation lying to the west called Ahhiyawa.[9] In the earliest reference to this land, a letter outlining the treaty violations of the Hittite vassal Madduwatta,[10] it is called Ahhiya. Another important example is the Tawagalawa Letter[11] written by an unnamed Hittite king (most probably Hattusili III) of the empire period (14th-13th century BC) to the king of Ahhiyawa, treating him as an equal and suggesting that Miletus (Millawanda) was under his control. It also refers to an earlier "Wilusa episode" involving hostility on the part of Ahhiyawa. Ahhiya(wa) has been identified with the Achaeans of the Trojan War and the city of Wilusa with the legendary city of Troy (note the similarity with early Greek Ϝιλιον Wilion, later Ίλιον Ilion, the name of the acropolis of Troy). However the exact relationship of the term Ahhiyawa to the Achaeans beyond a similarity in pronunciation is hotly debated by scholars, even following the discovery that Mycenaean Linear B is an early form of Greek; the earlier debate was summed up in 1984 by Hans G. Güterbock of the Oriental Institute.[12]


If you have read my Ezekiel 27 analysis in my Babylon the Great article, Then you know about Javan in SE Asia and Java, and Jawa, which the j can be replaced by a y or i. So Ahhi-yawa looks like a name with Yawa/Java/Javan in it. Further, I do not believe the Hattusa are the Hitittes. Everyone, as you can see from the Wiki article, calls it the Hittite Empire, but linguistics detects many German words in the language. But that is another story for another time. But if Yawa indicates Javan, and Achaeans indicate Greeks/Javan, then we have a match. Greece was also a mixing pot and experienced numerous invasions and often grafted new blood into their collective genetic pool.

Now some could say, and maybe some will, that Yawa looks very similar to God's name in Hebrew, Yahuwah. Take out the 'h'-es and you have Yauwa. But since Javan or Yavan, or Iavan is also so close to that name, really, there is too much similarity and no way to rule out many vain directions. But Yawa looks like Java to me. But what we do have is a number of explanations that indicate an explanation for Danaan, that does not require or even allow the tribe of Dan. So if Dan is going to be Jewish and Spartan, that could still be long after Danaan meant another thing altogether.

So this does not nullify Sparta and Jews being related. But it does not verify and does contradict that it is Dan, that is referred to. Dan did have involvement with "Javan" in the 6th century BC., but how far and how long? We do not know. I got one more category from the above link to cover.

Greek mythology        Wikipedia

In Greek mythology, the perceived cultural divisions among the Hellenes were represented as legendary lines of descent that identified kinship groups, with each line being derived from an eponymous ancestor. Each of the Greek ethne were said to be named in honor of their respective ancestors: Achaeus of the Achaeans, Danaus of the Danaans, Cadmus of the Cadmeans (the Thebans), Hellen of the Hellenes (not to be confused with Helen of Troy), Aeolus of the Aeolians, Ion of the Ionians, and Dorus of the Dorians.

Kadmos from Phoenicia, Danaus from Egypt, and Pelops from Anatolia each gained a foothold in mainland Greece and were assimilated and Hellenized. Hellen, Graikos, Magnis, and Macedon were sons of Deucalion and Pyrrha, the only people who survived the Great Flood; the ethne were said to have originally been named after the elder son Graikoi but renamed later after Hellen who was proved to be the strongest. Sons of Hellen and the nymph Orsiis were Dorus, Xuthos, and Aeolus. Sons of Xuthos and Kreousa, daughter of Erechthea, were Ion and Achaeus.[13]

According to Hyginus, 22 Achaeans[14] killed 362 Trojans during their ten years at Troy.[15]


What I can say with a lot of certainty is that whatever we know, it is probably nowhere near enough to give us enough light on the period full of turmoil and struggle from any different groups. But to try to find Dan in all this is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Good luck!
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Achaeans, Danaans, Argives...they were all collective names for the Greek people in the Iliad. If you've read through the Catalogue of Ships, found in Book II of the Iliad, you would know that there were men from MANY different areas of Greece, and rather than listing each group by their individual city-states, Homer probably found it easier to refer to each by one collective name.

Take the Boeotians, the first group listed in the Catalogue of Ships at Line 494, for example. They were collectively known as the Boeotians, but they were people from Hyria, Aulis, Schoenus, Scolus, Eteonus, Thespeia, Graea, Mycalessus, Harma, Eilesium, Erythrae, Eleon, Hyle, Peteon, Ocalea, Medeon, Copae, Eutresis, Thisbe, Coroneia, Haliartus, Plataea, Glisas, Thebes, Onchestus, Arne, Mideia, Nisa and Anthedon. Can you imagine how long the Iliad would be, or how confusing it would have made it, if Homer had listed each man by their homeland? Where they came from wasn't so integral to the storyline, just that there were THOUSANDS of Achaeans (or Greeks, or Dananns, or Argives, or whatever you want to call them) going to fight a war against the people of Troy, the Trojans.

Trojans was also a collective name, by the way.

Source(s):… (scroll down to where it says "Achaeans and Danaans" and it talks a little about their place of origin).

Tuatha De Danann
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Tuatha Dé Danann; also spelled as Tuatha De Danaan

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The Tuatha Dé Danann ("peoples of the goddess Danu", Modern Irish pronunciation: [t̪ˠuːəhə dʲeː d̪ˠan̪ˠən̪ˠ], Old Irish: [t̪uːaθa d̪ʲeː d̪an̪an̪]) are a race of people in Irish mythology. In the invasions tradition which begins with the Lebor Gabála Érenn, they are the fifth group to settle Ireland, conquering the island from the Fir Bolg.

The Tuatha Dé Danann are thought to derive from the pre-Christian deities of Ireland. When the surviving stories were written, Ireland had been Christian for centuries, and the Tuatha Dé were represented as mortal kings, queens and heroes of the distant past; however there are many clues to their former divine status. A poem in the Book of Leinster lists many of them, but ends "Although [the author] enumerates them, he does not worship them." Goibniu, Creidhne and Luchta are referred to as Trí Dé Dána ("three gods of craftsmanship"), and the Dagda's name is interpreted in medieval texts as "the good god." Even after they are displaced as the rulers of Ireland, characters such as Lugh, the Morrígan, Aengus and Manannán mac Lir appear in stories set centuries later, showing all the signs of immortality. They also have many parallels across the Celtic world: Nuada is cognate with the British god Nodens; Lugh is a reflex of the pan-Celtic deity Lugus; Tuireann is related to the Gaulish Taranis; Ogma to Ogmios; the Badb to Catubodua.


The translation of Tuatha Dé Danann as "peoples of the goddess Danu" is necessarily imprecise. Old Irish tuath (plural tuatha) means "people, tribe, nation"; and is the genitive case of día, "god, goddess, supernatural being, object of worship"[1] (they are often referred to simply as the Tuatha Dé, a phrase also used to refer to the Israelites in early Irish Christian texts).[2]

Danann is also a genitive, for which the nominative case is not attested. It has been reconstructed as Danu, which by analogy with Anu is taken to be a female name. The name of the river Danube is believed to be Celtic in origin, and Celtic river deities are usually female; Hindu mythology has a goddess called Danu, who may be an Indo-European parallel. However, this reconstruction is not universally accepted.[3] It is also written Donann and Domnann,[4] which may link them with the Fir Domnann ("men of the Domnainn"), a people associated with the Fir Bolg in myth,[5] who are historically attested in Connacht and may be related to the British Dumnonii.[6]

Legendary history

The Tuatha Dé Danann were descended from Nemed, leader of a previous wave of inhabitants of Ireland. They came from four cities to the north of Ireland–Falias, Gorias, Murias and Finias–where they acquired their occult skills and attributes. According to Lebor Gabála Érenn, they came to Ireland "in dark clouds" and "landed on the mountains of [the] Conmaicne Rein in Connachta; and they brought a darkness over the sun for three days and three nights". According to a later version of the story, they arrived in ships on the coast of the Conmaicne Mara's territory (modern Connemara). They immediately burnt the ships "so that they should not think of retreating to them; and the smoke and the mist that came from the vessels filled the neighboring land and air. Therefore it was conceived that they had arrived in clouds of mist".

Again, a perfectly good explanation that has nothing to do with the Tribe of Dan. So if you want to claim Dan, then you need far more than a 3 letter syllable to do so. Now how about Denmark?
Etymology of Denmark
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The etymology of the name Denmark (Danish: Danmark), and especially the relationship between Danes and Denmark and the unifying of Denmark as a single kingdom, is a subject which attracts some debate.[1][2] The debate is centred primarily around the prefix "Dan" and whether it refers to the Dani or a historical person Dan and the exact meaning of the -"mark" ending. The issue is further complicated by a number of references to various Dani people in Scandinavia or other places in Europe in Greek and Roman accounts (like Ptolemy, Jordanes, and Gregory of Tours), as well as some mediaeval literature (like Adam of Bremen, Beowulf, Widsith and Poetic Edda).

Most handbooks derive[3] the first part of the word, and the name of the people, from a word meaning "flat land", related to German Tenne "threshing floor", English den "cave", Sanskrit dhánuṣ- (धनुस्; "desert"). The -mark is believed to mean woodland or borderland (see marches), with probable references to the border forests in south Schleswig,[4] maybe similar to Finnmark, Telemark, or Dithmarschen.[5]

In Old Norse, the land was called Danmǫrk. In Latin, Denmark was called Dania.

Mythological explanations

Some of the earliest descriptions of the origin of the word 'Denmark', describing a territory, are found in the Chronicon Lethrense (12th century), Svend Aagesen (late 12th century), Saxo Grammaticus (early 13th century) and the Ballad of Eric (mid 15th century). There are, however, many more Danish annuals and yearbooks containing various other details, similar tales in other variations, other names or spelling variations.

The Chronicon Lethrense explains that when the Roman Emperor Augustus went against Denmark in the time of David,[6] Denmark consisted of seven territories Jutland, Funen, Zealand, Møn, Falster, Lolland and Skåne which were governed by King Ypper of Uppsala. He had three sons, Nori, Østen and Dan. Dan was sent to govern Zealand, Møn, Falster, and Lolland, which became known jointly as Videslev. When the Jutes were fighting Emperor Augustus they called upon Dan to help them. Upon victory, they made him king of Jutland, Funen, Videslev and Skåne. A council decided to call this new united land Danmark (Dania) after their new king, Dan. Saxo relates that it is the legendary Danish King Dan, son of Humbli, who gave the name to the Danish people, though he does not expressly state that he is also the origin of the word "Denmark". Rather he tells that England ultimately derives its name from Dan’s brother Angel.

Earliest occurrences

The earliest mention of a territory called "Denmark" is found in King Alfred the Great's modified translation into Old English of Paulus Orosius' Seven Books of History Against The Pagans ("Historiarum adversum Paganos Libri Septem"), written by Alfred when king of Wessex in the years 871–899. In a passage introduced to the text by Alfred, we read about Ohthere of Hålogaland’s travels in the Nordic region, during which 'Denmark [Denamearc] was on his port side... And then for two days he had on his (port side) the islands which belong to Denmark'.[7]

In the Treaty of Heiligen, which was signed at Heiligen in 811 between Denmark and the Frankish empire, it mentions King Hemming and Charlemagne. Based on the terms of the accord, the southern boundary of Denmark was established at the Eider River. Moreover, the treaty confirmed the peace established by both signatories in 810.[8][better source needed]

The first recorded use of the word "Denmark" within Denmark itself is found on the two Jelling stones, which are rune stones believed to have been erected by Gorm the Old (c. 955) and Harald Bluetooth (c. 965). The larger stone of the two is popularly cited as Denmark's baptismal certificate (dåbsattest), though both use the word "Denmark", in the form of accusative ᛏᛅᚾᛘᛅᚢᚱᚴ "tanmaurk" ([danmɒrk]) on the large stone, and genitive "tanmarkar" (pronounced [danmarkaɽ]) on the small stone.[9] The inhabitants of Denmark are there called "tani" ([danɪ]), or "Danes", in the accusative.

In the Song of Roland, estimated to have been written between 1040 and 1115, the first mention of the legendary Danish hero Holger Danske appears; he is mentioned several times as "Holger of Denmark" (Ogier de Denemarche).


Lots of info relating how Dan likely came about. No one can be completely sure, so solid footing is not guaranteed, but with so much supporting a Gothic/Teutonic/Germanic type origin, The Tribe of Dan needs a good deal more than just 3 letters. This does not negate Jewish influence. But let me show you how that goes.

Christianity came from where? That's right, from Jews. Granted that the larger part of that nation hated this "sect,", but nevertheless, no serious Academic could call Christianity anything but Jewish, it is a new and separate branch of that race. Christianity spread throughout much of the known world. Soon, many different races, nations, and languages were adopting Christian names and culture. That also just happens to be Jewish culture and names, too. Names like Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Andrew, Peter, and many others, are all of Jewish origin, perhaps in a Grecian form at times. Also Joseph, Ephraim, Ebenezer, Elijah, and so many others, have all been used by many nations and cultures, so that here in America, we see those as Anglo-Saxon names. But they are Jewish, really. So if Dan spread after 33AD, how do we tell if that is Christian Dan or much older Jewish or Hebrew Dan? You can't tell.

There are many suggestions from Mr. Capt, Yair Davidiy, and many others. Their claims often resort to claiming that sons of Gomer and his offspring, of Celtic and Germanic extraction, are actually Dan. Paul Pezron's work I am adding to every so often, demolishes those absurd ideas. Dan is not to be found there. So how did this insanity get so out of control?

I have a good idea of how and why. If you want to drag all the peoples of the "Western Empire" into a war to fight off so called religious "infidels," who are going to allegedly beat up on poor Israel, when in reality, someone baits the infidels to attack so that the other side may have a good excuse to wipe the infidels off the planet and rebuild the temple and introduce the false Messiah, the antichrist, as the real messiah, or the return of Jesus if you prefer, then you need to convince the West that they are one with you and that you need to help protect and defend them. Are you going to fall for it? Your all Jews so you better, they say! Beware of silly genealogies. Paul warned you!

Now do you see why Paul says not to waste time with fables and endless genealogies? They don't get you very far.
I need to cover symbols just a little more before I can get close to a conclusion.

A Problem With Heraldry
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RSV) Mark 12:

14  And they came and said to him, "Teacher, we know that you are true, and care for no man; for you do not regard the position of men,
      but truly teach the way of God. Is it lawful to pay taxes to Caesar, or not?

15  Should we pay them, or should we not?" But knowing their hypocrisy, he said to them,
      "Why put me to the test? Bring me a coin, and let me look at it."

16  And they brought one. And he said to them, "Whose likeness and inscription is this?"
      They said to him, "Caesar’s."

17  Jesus said to them, "Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s."
      And they were amazed at him.

The point above is that the  inscription and image on the coin identified the "owner" (maker) of that coin. There are many images around us today. They all had origins somewhere. They all have owners and makers. We can trace images back to their sources.

We did cover heraldry some with the lions' whelps and some national symbols. All European nations and noble families were organized and had coats of arms, making up armies when called for. Each had their unique coat of arms. This was in many ways, an attempt to gather all families and clans and unite them, organize them, identify them, and make sure they are ready for battle, when called to battle. There was lots of control being exercised over all the lands and peoples of Europe.

Coat of arms

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A coat of arms is a unique heraldic design on a shield, escutcheon. surcoat, or tabard. A coat of arms is used to cover, protect, and identify the wearer. Thus the term is often stated as "coat-armour", because it was anciently displayed on the front of a coat of cloth in European societies. The coat of arms on an escutcheon forms the central element of the full heraldic achievement which consists of shield, supporters, crest, and motto. The design is a symbol unique to an individual person, and to his family, corporation, or state. Such displays are commonly called armorial bearings, armorial devices, heraldic devices, or simply armorials, or arms.

The ancient Romans used insignias similar to coats of arms on their shields, but these were identifiers of military units and not of individuals. The first evidence of medieval coats of arms is found in the Bayeux Tapestry from the 11th Century, where some of the combatants carry shields painted with crosses. Coats of arms came into general use by feudal lords and knights in battle in the 12th Century. By the 13th Century arms had spread beyond their initial battlefield use to become a kind of flag or logo for families in the higher social classes of Europe, inherited from one generation to the next. Exactly who had a right to use arms, by law or social convention, varied to some degree between countries. In the German-speaking region both the aristocracy and burghers used arms, while in most of the rest of Europe they were limited to the aristocracy. The use of arms spread to Church clergy, and to towns as civic identifiers, and to royally-chartered organizations such as universities and trading companies. Flags developed from coats of arms, and the arts of vexillology and heraldry are closely related. The coats of arms granted to commercial companies are a major source of the modern logo.

>> As I see it, these arms were identifiers, much like  the marks slaves used to carry. Every group belonged to someone in power. You arms showed who you belonged to and that you or had better belong to someone, or else! Christians also have the mark of their owner, God, symbolically on their foreheads and wrists. You either belong to the devil or God.<<

Despite no widespread regulation, and even with a lack in many cases of national-level regulation, heraldry has remained rather consistent across Europe, where traditions alone have governed the design and use of arms.[citation needed] Unlike seals and other general emblems, heraldic achievements have a formal description called a blazon, expressed in a jargon that allows for consistency in heraldic depictions.

>> Pay close attention to the paragraph just above. There is a noted consistency all across Europe in depictions and design. Someone is controlling it all. It does not happen by accident.<<

In the 21st century, coats of arms are still in use by a variety of institutions and individuals; for example, universities have guidelines on how their coats of arms may be used, and protect their use as trademarks.[1][2][3] Many societies exist that also aid in the design and registration of personal arms. Some nations, like England and Scotland, still maintain to this day the medieval authorities that grant and regulate arms.

These, as noted above, these became widely used in the middle ages, 1000s AD (11th century). I maintain that this is where society became organized and controlled everywhere in Europe by this time. In this very same time period, the oldest Universities all came into existence not many years apart from each other. Trade and business guilds formed throughout European society and nations. Organization and control were effected throughout. Just how coats of arms developed and who 1st started it would be interesting to know.

But what can be said is that these coats of arms do have meaning in all their symbols displayed. Interesting to note that even banking families had coats of arms. You can go to Google Images and do a search on coats of arms, and the like. Here are some samples of the Rothschild (German for red shield) coats of arms:



I can not vouch for the accuracy of the one on the right above, as regards interpretation. It is noteworthy, perhaps. Welsh and German are mentioned. Both descend from Gomer.


All those above are very elaborate. Many others are much simpler. All major families had them by the middle ages. You were either on one side or the other, so to speak. No middle of the road or neutrality allowed. Let me ask this about these and many others, not shown here. They are often cryptic, coded, secret, or at least not obvious. Let's examine Concordia-Integritas-Industria.
[kon-kawr-dee-uh] Show IPA
the ancient Roman goddess of harmony or peace.

in Roman religion, goddess who was the personification of "concord," or "agreement," especially among members or classes of the Roman state. She had several temples at Rome; the oldest and most important one was located in the Forum at the end of the Via Sacra ("Sacred Way"). After 121 BC, when the construction of the largest temple was ordered, the Senate frequently met at the temple in times of public uproar. The temple was restored under the emperor Augustus by his eventual successor, Tiberius, in 7 BC.
Encyclopedia Britannica, 2008. Encyclopedia Britannica Online.

Integritas is Latin for Integrity. Being united, integrated, whole, complete, etc.
Industria is Industry.

Now do not get excited about the pagan goddess origins of this word. Many of our words have such pagan origins. It does not mean we are worshipping those gods, or anything like that. Fanatics will tell you differently, but they are fanatics, right? They are also often insane. The saying, as I see it, which does also have support on the net, is that there is and should be concord or harmony, between integrity and industry or what we might call business.

Its a great idea, but . . . business always, today and yesterday, places a halo over its head. Such a nice bunch. But have you ever really known businesses to be nice? Employers to be nice? I haven't! But if you don't buy that, consider how God sees business in the chapters of Ezekiel, Isaiah, and Habakkuk, as I have them in my "Babylon the Great" article, also linked at the end of this one. God's prediction was that Dan and Babylon were going to be real "bastards," if you will, and that for this, God was going to punish them severely. But that this very wealthy and powerful banking family (Rothschilds) should promote themselves as "angels of light," should be no surprise to anyone. All business and money does this.

Take a look at your own government, regardless of which one it is. Don't they always claim to be working for your best interests? Surely you do not believe them anymore, do you? Paul says that even Satan presents himself as an angel of light. This is how everyone does it. We are all saints and totally innocent of any guilt, right? Why, we are all perfect. Oh, but there is that Adam born of sin stuff. I didn't get any of that, though ;-) You too?

Living in our day and age should have produced sufficient skepticism by now, I hope. But the Rothschilds are definitely pro-business and they say, angelic integrity as well. But I would be weary of such claims. Money produces power and unchecked power always lead to corruption. And I do not exclude myself from that, nor any of you. Any of us, having achieved great power, might find it rather difficult not to use it at the expense of others. Put another way, there before the grace of God go I, and you, too.

But I do believe this business link will be another piece added to the puzzle. Key prophecies as those I just mentioned 2 paragraphs back, indicate that control of a great business empire will be the key to Babylon and Dan. In some way, perhaps not apparent to us, but to God, Dan will be at the head. What is so amazing about this?

Important Paragraph

We have covered enough at this point to realize, that even without some certainties as to times and places, Dan was involved in commerical enterprise with Javan by say 580 BC, and probably before that, and after, too. So while other tribes of Israel became merchants in Babylon, Dan was way ahead of them in learning business, sailing, navigation and so much more. Dan forged many good connections, in all likelihood, if prophecy is right, so that he could gather his brethren into his enterprise, trusting them above others and they trusting him. We see that in the letter between Jonathan Maccabee and earlier Onias and the Spartan Arius, claiming brotherhood, despite that fact that whoever made up these relations in Sparta was there, instead of residing in Israel, where God has assigned them to be. More to come!

Double-headed eagle

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Redirected from Two-headed eagle) Jump to: navigation, search This article is about the device in heraldry . For the American coin, see Double Eagle.

The double-headed eagle is a common symbol in heraldry and vexillology. It is most commonly associated with the Byzantine Empire, the Holy Roman Empire, the Russian Empire and their successor states. In Byzantine heraldry, the heads represent the dual sovereignty of the Emperor without Empress for total control and power both (secular and religious) and/or dominance of the Byzantine Emperors over both East and West. In the Holy Roman Empire's heraldry, it represented the church and the state. Several Eastern European nations adopted it from the Byzantines and continue to use it as their national symbol to this day.

The Byzantine Empire was the empire that fully gained control over most of the churches of Christianity, having corrupted them and made them subservient and cooperative with the Emperor and His Empire, serving his needs, ultimately, instead of their own, to God only. While the Roman Empire did have Eastern and Western hemispheres of power, one in Byzantium, formerly Constantinople and at first, Antioch was the dominant center of Christianity in that area, shared with 2 other spheres of influence, Alexandria and Rome. None of it was from God, though. But I strongly believe the real symbolism of the double-eagle emblem is their control of both church and state under one authority. That was the dream that Constantine began. And it seems to be the goal of the modern present to bring all government and all religion together under one big united umbrella.

Control of all manpower has always been the goal of Collectivism and Assimilation (Devouring, really).

So when we see Concord between Integrity and Government, ruled and controlled secretly by big business, we should be very concerned. Ultimately, the devil wants all tings under his complete and exclusive control. He wants the whole world, not 90%. And he wants all worship directed toward him. A one world government and a one world religion, all ran by an angel of light, we are told by the media in time. Lets look at some of these double eagle coats of arms.

Notice that most of these nations do not have an eastern and western sphere of power, 2 capitols, so to speak. But they do have other ambitions. But ultimately, how is it that these nations, of often divergent, even conflicting interests, manage to all support the same goal or dream? Is there something they all have in common? I suggest in strong terms, that there was a single controlling force behind most of these nations, so that they all share the same goals and dreams of their ultimate master, controlling them all. The "master" hides from view, a secret kingdom over all the kings of the earth. Not a political kingdom, but a financial business empire, one that does not seem like a government or political entity but its power is of such greatness that it exceeds the power and dominion of any single kingdom, or even a block of kingdoms.


A red shield with a white horse and rider stabbing a serpent beneath them and a crown and scepter in the eagle claws. This is a common theme as you will see. The next 2 above are Byzantine  Heralds, harkening back to near the middle ages, as all these do, really.
                          Below left Austria Hapsburg,                  middle is another Habsburg,                                  3rd is a Serbian Herald.


Above is the Blackwater Knights of Malta from Iraq.      2nd is called Araldica, i.e. Heraldica or Herald.      3rd above is Russian Imperial and the horse and rider stabbing the snake.

Below is a Masonic Herald with the 32o triangle and compass with G in it, for God. Which god is the question, right? Below right is French and Masonic 33o and suggesting, I believe, Order out of Chaos.


Above another Masonic theme herald.           Middle yet another Masonic Herald 32o.                                         3rd above right Masonic National Supreme Council Herald.


Another Russian herald above.                                to the right above (you gotta love this) Masonic of course, but it says "let there be light. After all, Satan does portray himself as an angel of light but believe me, you do not want any of this light. Its really darkness in disguise.


Let me ask you, looking at all these common double eagles, whose image to they all bear? Is it not that of the devil, ultimately? But beyond that, these are all full of mystical symbols and meanings that only the initiated of their groups can know the meaning of. These are steeped in paganism and mysticism, even magic. Christians want to avoid such things as regards to belonging to such groups.

But on top of this, the symbols are all common in theme, specifically the double eagles showing ownership, control, and a common shared purpose and membership. These all belong to the devil in one way or another. By their fruits you will know them! They do leave their calling card everywhere, don't they? It's like handwriting on the wall, no? Oddly, many of these national emblems represented nations that fought and resisted each other, so it seemed, during WWI and WWII. But it was all just an act. An Act that got many killed for nothing except to change the order and culture and put in place rules and the like that would not have been accepted in peacetime. Wait till you see the next great war. The biggest changes yet! I can tell your excited.

But the secret controlling empire is quite visible, isn't it? Well, to those informed, it is. Most are unaware of it at all. They will never see it coming. Sheep being lead to the slaughter.

We see this dramatically demonstrated in Ezekiel 27, covered in my Babylon the Great article. We see it in the other prophets I mention of the same subject. This secret empire was not secret. God exposed it through Ezekiel, Isaiah, and Habakkuk, among others. Revelation also speaks of this kingdom over all the kings of the earth. It is said, birds of a feather flock together. By these visual symbols, more than by any other way, we see the connection loud and clear. They are the common thread that binds and ties.

So while we will not find Dan in these heralds of symbolism, we will find a symbol of control and authority over all these kings, by a great financial business empire of vast world-wide magnitude. God has spoken it so it must be. Dan will be at the head of this empire, I suspect. I should also point out that the devil is very fond of visual symbols, such as these above, to communicate his power and dominion. Secret Societies, so called, also like to use these ambiguous symbols to notify all of their power and authority.

To sum it up, we won't find Dan in heralds, just as we do not find him in genealogies, for the most part. We find it in the business connections and networks spread throughout the world. Dan almost certainly was the first among his brothers to begin and establish this vast network, and bring his brothers along in it. We find him as the spirit of this great business and banking network that treat humans like mere cattle. Dan acts like a wolf instead of a shepherd. He uses the love and devotion of  his brothers to maintain this network that controls and rules the world with an iron fist that none can break loose from. Its like a trap or a snare. Once caught, you can not escape.

God did not want a nation of merchants and businessmen. And He could have made Israel a nation of businessmen if that was what He had wanted. But what He wanted was a nation of dedicated religious followers of God, dedicated to preserving God's words and worship, being a light and beacon to all the nations. He did not want businessmen because He knew how business and wealth always lead to a downfall. In order to prevent or try to prevent such a downfall, God wanted Israel to stay put where God placed them, living good but not overly wealthy, so that their hearts would be ready to receive God and His Son, the Prophet that Moses foretold, not to mention, many other prophets.

That Jews are all over the world, is a violation of that will of God. But God foresaw this and created a new covenant and way of life so that those who descended from rebellious apostate Israel, might come back and return to God, not by moving back to Israel, though I would not be surprised if Jews were not invited and begged back, to sort of reinforce the law of Moses again. But God has chosen another path for Israel in the flesh. He wants them to now worship in spirit and truth, wherever they live. And He wants them to get out of Babylon the Great and tell Dan to go to hell, so to speak. He wants them to finally accept His son, so long ago foretold by the prophets of Israel and the temple of Jerusalem.

God knew that no matter what He started, the devil was going to corrupt it and that people would be prone to corruption. He knew He would have to start over, not once, but twice. He knew Christianity would let Him down as well, and join Jews in the devil's plot and scheme for world domination and false worship through a false messiah. He knew He would have to sift the peoples of the earth in the last days to get what he wanted. He knew the religions long in existence would all be under the control of the devil. So I ask Jews and Christians, have you figured this out yet? You can not please God within an established form of worship. You must dare to leave and go out into the lonely cold where just a few will be waiting to join you.

We all want to belong to a larger body or group. Belonging is a natural inclination and normal. But the devil knows that, too, and he wants to use it against you. You have to be willing to suffer for goodness, decency, righteousness, and God. The reward will be sure to follow. But this prospect will not be the least bit appealing to Christians or Jews. Both have relied on networks and belonging. Isolation will be new and unpleasant, for sure. But you can do it with the help of God.

To spell it out, God no longer has a nation on earth to represent Him. He chose a new way through His son, the Messiah. And He warned all people, including all Jews, to beware of their brethren who seek to corrupt them and bring about their ruin in time. The plots and plans of the Devil, and his earthly minions, especially Dan, Babylon the Great, The false prophet/antichrist, the 7 headed 10 horned beast, of both Daniel and Revelation; these plots are destined to fail. And when they do, there is going to be a horrific backlash on those involved in this nasty scheme forced upon the world. And those responsible will be wiped out entirely in a huge burst of great anger. Dan will cause the judgment that comes upon his brothers and himself. Babylon the Great will go down in flames.

So God pleads and beckons for fleshly Israel to come back to Him and become His once more, as true sons of Abraham. You don't need to go back to literal Israel. You don't need to keep the law any longer. You just have to read the Bible and obey it, rather than the Talmud. The Bible is God's word. The Talmud conflicts with God's word and is from men.

You don't have to stop making a living, but you may need to tell Dan that you can not go along with some stuff now. I promise, Dan will not be happy. But God will either preserve your life or bring you back to life if you serve Him. Dan can do nothing but get you killed, along with himself.

The Supreme Beguiler                     New Section  Aug 9  2013
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Dan is called a serpent in the path. He hides and waits for his unsuspecting prey. Satan is also called a serpent. Dragon is another word used for serpent or snake. Both have this name, too. We have heard what other Commentary writers have said about this symbol. A serpent is crafty, subtle, a sneak. He does not openly confront. That would not be so bright as he is not fast or particularly strong or large in most cases. He is cunning, calculating, careful.

Now lets consider modern warfare and politics. Wars used to be direct confrontational bold overt actions, with declarations and provocations openly made. Today, war is usually clandestine, secret, covert, hidden, deceptive, cloaked. In fact, many might be enemies or allies and not even know it. Spying and espionage are the preferred method and tactic now.

Most would prefer you do not know of their existence, or their activities, or their methods. Darkness and secrecy are stand operating procedure. This is also true for the devil, who convinces most he does not even exist or that he is an angel of light. He even masquerades as a righteous leader in many church denominations. He operates in secrecy and darkness, where no one can see. He operates in disguise, and does not reveal his real true motives. He speaks nothing but lies.

Revelation tells us that Babylon the Great has a secret kingdom over all the kings of the earth. Dan is a particular part of that Babylon the Great, the mother of harlots. She likes to fool around with the kings of nations, prostituting herself to them, in order to control them. Now, the public world does not know of this outrageous behavior. Like all scandals, it is done in secrecy. Secrecy is the key word here.

Many religions make claim to some sort of morality and decency but the conduct of hard core politicians and businessmen play a different game behind closed doors. They often even pretend to be "religious" and pious (until recently). But they are greedy ravenous wolves, sharks, and serpents. These political types do not want the masses to know what they really are and what they really do. Many religious leaders also live double lives, serving the devil and politics, rather than serving God, though they pretend to serve God.

The masses might object or not fight wars if they thought they were serving the devil's interests, which they are. They simply do not know that, which is what the devil wants. So the nations have a king and his name is Satan. But the nations are also ruled on earth by a group God calls Babylon the Great. But it is all done in secret. It takes place outside of public view and scrutiny. It does not appear in the press or any other media. No schools teach about it. No one will even admit to being a part of it, but God clearly states that it is so.

I assert that though it is done in secrecy and darkness, keeping a low profile and remaining out of sight, it actually is still quite visible, if one pays attention to seemingly small details. Let me put it this way:

NKJV)   Mark 4:
22  "For there is nothing hidden which will not be revealed, nor has anything been kept secret but that it should come to light. 
23  "If anyone has ears to hear, let him hear."

Jesus also pointed out how our days would be like the days of Noah, when everyone was busy with everyday life and routines and paying no attention to Noah. Jesus said most would be "asleep" and unaware of what was going on. Not because it was not obvious, but because they were dull in their senses and discernment and were not paying attention or caring. Most have better things to do with their time, so they figure. They will figure that way till judgment day arrives and then they will be no more.

The devil knows that most will have no interest in him and his activities, nor in God or His activities. They have their own petty concerns to be preoccupied with. The devil despises these people and has great contempt for them, but not because they are so much dumb as he considers them worthy of nothing. On that account, he might be right. But he thinks himself greater than any. On that account, he is wrong.

But this secret kingdom is alive and well, and thriving right under our noses. The better informed ones of mankind, not necessarily religious in a number of instances, know about this secret kingdom and conspiracy. But they are small in percentages of the population, maybe 5% or so. Maybe 10%, but I doubt that. They may only be 1 or 2%. But 1% of 7 billion, is still 70 million. If 5%, then 350 million. But 350 million to 7 billion? That is still only 5 out of every 100. And not all of that 5% will necessarily be vocal or object. They might not even admit anything publicly. But they do know and do not like what is going on.

The devil and all who follow him, do so as cautiously and  cunningly as they can, trying to keep out of sight and make light of any suggestions that something is going on with them. Now come 2 more notable quotes. Notice these and the one above are on my front home page of this site.

"To understand the forces that shaped the events of the 20th century {onward}, is predicated not on facts to be learned, but on secrets to be discovered."  Author, Dr. Stanley Monteith, "Secrets of the Illuminati Revealed "

In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act  .  .  .   George Orwell

These 2 writers may or may not have religious convictions, but they know a rat when the see and smell one. George Orwell saw clearly, in the late 1903s and into the 40s, where things were headed. Stanley Monteith also saw and recognized the clandestine nature of this activity and that one would have to look beyond the shallow surface and search out the secrets modestly concealed. God has promised that nothing will remain hidden. God, in one way or another, is going to reveal all hidden things. In order for this trial and testing of Christians and of all, to be fair, both sides must receive and chance to testify. God is continually exposing these monsters and all their games and deceit.

Lets take some examples:

Secret banking and manipulating of money, stock markets, bonds, you name it. Its corruption has been thoroughly shown and exposed. The problem? No one except the 1-5% believe these things.

Mind control makes total slaves of human beings, whereupon they have no will or control over their own will. A rare few break out and away, but they are so few compared to many who may not even live to tell or remain slaves for life, if that is ever possible. There are those who have written books or been written about. Its not a secret out of reach. But most will not believe or care.

These secret mind control networks routinely rape adults and children, make all kinds of child porn and unusual stuff, and are often the sources of child porn promoted by law enforcement or secret government agencies to entrap many who might not have otherwise committed acts which those on the inside of these horrible scams enjoy without shame or observation. But no one believes this, save 1% at best here.

Huge numbers of teens, and even small children, all over the world are kidnapped and forced in to prostitution. It happens right on the streets of the USA and law enforcement rarely does anything. That's right! No one believes, save maybe 1-3%.

Most politicians are either bribed or blackmailed into cooperation with those who secretly rule the world. This might be from 5-10% that accept this. The rest are clueless.

Big business and finance run the world and governments. Bankers control the economies and currencies of nearly every nation on earth. Only a few believe.

Torture and cruelty are practiced by most all nations. Vast numbers of people are allowed to die or deliberately killed off, in pursuit of power and control. Few believe.

Entire nations are betrayed and sold out by their own political representatives. Economies deliberately destroyed, and jobs deliberately taken away to give to other nations. Hardly any suspect a thing.

Justice is non-existent and thoroughly corrupt. Not an ounce of sincerity in any of it. It is a total lie. I put this one at 1-2 % who believe. That's all.

I could go on and on. People and life mean nothing to the elites of the world. But this is all out there to be found and with good supporting evidence. But the deceivers place such a tremendous burden of proof on any who accuse such things, that most disregard such accusations. But the burden of proof is not the strenuous and legalistic technicalities that they would have you believe. When some explanation is offered and it is not believable and credible, then you have the right to disregard it. Some excuses are not very good excuses at all. Those of good judgment will not accept ridiculous excuses and explanations.

Dan and Babylon the Great operate in secrecy. They rule, hidden by decoy politicians. Now I have heard many stupid explanations for who Babylon and Dan are or are not. One stupid religion says the Catholic church is the antichrist and/or Babylon the Great (7th day Dummies). Another fool in Brooklyn says its false religion, as if religion had any power left. They (JWs) say it can not be a mercantile power that is Babylon. I say it can not be anything else.

Take a look at our world today and one thing is more clear than all else. Money rules the world and it is money that controls politicians and all laws are made to protect big business and money interests. It could not be more obvious. But JWs have sinister origins and live through myths and fairy tales about being appointed by God in 1914 or 1918. They can't make up their minds.

But most who actually dwell somewhat in reality have had to come around and embrace the antichrist theory and many have also come around to recognizing something or other about Babylon the Great. They know that all these revelations have only taken place after 2000 AD for the most part. Political conspiracies were known before that, of course. All the Great Awakening movements of the mid to latter 1800s, were all likely inspired by Masonic influence.

The biggest revelations to every come out, to this point, regrettably have only come from me. I have been alone in suggesting the importance of Isaiah chapters 23 & 24; Ezekiel chapters 26, 27, 28; and all 3 chapters of Habakkuk. Hopefully, this will change in not more time, otherwise, I shall be forced to have all this credit be heaped only upon me. That would not be right. Now, most notable are Habakkuk and Ezekiel 27. Why so?

Ezekiel 27 describes this vast incredible network of nations and allies that belonged to "Tyre." Its not really literal Tyre but Tyre as the prophetic symbol of the last days. Tyre was the largest empire to exist prior to Rome. Yet, Tyre is not even admitted among many historians, so called. It is because she did not brandish weapons and armies herself. She had mercenaries do that for her. Her trade and manufacturing network was the greatest of her time and made her more dangerous than most empires. She is the perfect example of how an empire can be built up of trade and commerce and mercenaries. She sneaks in under the radar of historians. Only Rome could overcome her. She is the prototype for Babylon the Great.

Habakkuk is great for pointing out how ruthless and greedy this empire of the "Chaldeans" is. She devours and destroys everything in sight. This is how the modern day financial world empire behaves in our day. Enough is never enough. She harvests everything, and leaves nothing behind. She is the perfect symbol of the insatiable greed of business.

There is no doubt whatsoever that the secret kingdom over all the kings of the earth is accomplished through money, business, trade, commerce, and financing, as well as a very sophisticated network of agents and informers who carry on business but also feed back any important information turned up. Taken as a whole, it is unbeatable, unstoppable, except by God.

Most of all, it remains secret and out of sight. No one talks about it, except for conspiracy theorists and Bible prophecy fans like me. Dan is important since he operates in this mode of secrecy and cunning. He does not have a need for a great army. He has other nations for that. Corporations often serve military interests in secret for Dan. Part of why Dan is powerful and influential is that he is part of Babylon the Great and from him in particular, one comes who is the antichrist.

But as well, Dan seems to be the biggest part of who Babylon is, since he is the head of his brothers and ends up judging them all. He gets the rest of his brothers into deep trouble and judgment even as Moses warned in Deuteronomy.

Dan operates in clever secrecy. So does Babylon. So do the Freemasons and Illuminati and many other occult and secret societies, philanthropic and charitable organizations, etc. All massed together, they are the force behind this "mystery" spoken of in Revelation. This Mystery rules all the earth in behalf of the devil and it intends only wicked and evil for humankind.

The mystery symbols show unity in their similarities. Dan likely has origins as the first and foremost rebel of Israel, and first real apostate tribe who adopts a pagan-ized religion. Dan became a trader along with Greece/Javan. Dan sowed colonies in many places, I suspect. Then Babylon, born in Babylon, you might say, seeks out a life of business and commerce, for the sake of wealth and power. Israel and Judah of God were no longer satisfactory to her. The whore preferred the nations to God. From Babylon, she spread her whoredom to cover the whole world, gathering more and more of it into her bosom.

So it must be that Babylon must be brought to justice by her owner and former husband, Jehovah, God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. She and the devil have only a short time more. Soon, her secrets and indiscretions will become known and one day, the 7 headed 10 horned beast will get sick of her and turn on her with unusually intense anger, even as Moses forecast in Deuteronomy 28: 15-68, a fierce pronouncement against Israel, if she left her God Jehovah and turned to doing wrong and leaving his commandments.
Deuteronomy 30: 15-17
Deuteronomy 31: 15-21
Deuteronomy 32: 9-45

To sum up this whole matter, Dan left God before anyone else, I suspect. Then much of Judah and Israel left after settling in Babylon and not wanting to return to Judah/Israel when God enabled it and appointed Ezra and Nehemiah to lead them back to Jerusalem and the surrounding area. Then as a last insult to God, the elite of Jerusalem and Judah had God's appointed and sent son crucified as a criminal, for which God sent the Roman armies to finish off the rebellious seed once and for all.

But low and behold, they have come back to Israel, though not by the instruction or will of God. And nothing they do at this point is from God. The devil promotes a false religion to mislead the world and it is to be done in Jerusalem, with the rebellious ones of Dan and Babylon leading the way. So now would be a good time for level headed Jews to see this is not going good and that this would be a good time to come back to Jehohvah (Yahuweh) and accept His son, who wants good things for Jews willing to listen to him.

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Now I can hear Dan now. He'll say that I got a grudge against Jews  or some nonsense like that. Let God be my witness that I have avoided this subject since 2004, when I first understood it, for fear of hurting Jews or offending them. Why? Because I truly admired them, cared about them, and ultimately wanted as many as possible to be reconciled to God, who I say is properly translated as Yahuweh, not Yahweh. You're missing that middle word/syllable, the "oo" sound of "u." I wanted a message that was dignified and clear so that all could see the danger that is foretold to them and their offspring, even as it was in Deuteronomy.

Note that Isaiah and Ezekiel speak of the wisdom and beauty of "Tyre," which is really Israel/Judah as one. And they are wise and educated, gifted, energetic, dynamic, never lazy in their pursuits. They are remarkable and have a remarkable legacy to preserve, if they want to. I want them to. God wants them to. But only they/you, can make the decision to do so. And it will not be easy. The Devil will be very angry at this and me.

Listen, there are plenty who have bad mouthed Jews, lumping them all together, in one mass judgment. We both know this is not fair or right, ever. But also do not be misled. There is a group of Jews plotting some very bad things for mankind. This is now the big time for good Jews, of which there are plenty, to take their stand and separate from the war mongers, ruthless business people, and pagan worshippers of magic.

God wants purity and goodness. He can not tolerate much longer what many of all nationalities are planning and plotting. It is entirely wicked. The prophecies spell that out clearly, without even having to resort to New Testament material.

Normally, my arrows are shot at Christians, since most of them, so called, are corrupt and phony to the core. But here, no arrows, just a plea so save yourselves from being identified as allies of Dan and Babylon. Your lives are at stake. Don't let Dan lie to you. It is about life and death.

To elaborate a little more! Any Zionism that leads to Messiahs and rebuilding temples and re-establishing the priesthood and sacrifices is not from God. This is the plot to deliver the antichrist, to lead people away from God, and toward the devil. You will need to reject any Zionism that has these as their goals. As well, to forcibly take land from people who have been in Israel for hundreds of year prior, without just compensation and compassion, can not be approved of by God. Statues of Limitations have long expired for Israel so that she can not ask back what she lost say, 1800 years ago. If you want it back, buy it back. You have plenty of money to do that and not miss a cent of it or hurt for it in any way.

God wants mercy, kindness, decency, sincerity, gentleness, compassion, and the like. These are qualities that we all need more of. God wants them in a substantial measure, in each of us. I also caution that the road or path to life and real Godly liberty, is a small, narrow, cramped, difficult and lonely road. Many of your brethren will not join you and will reject you. But on the other hand, you will  have others to replace them with. Others who also had to give up everything they had to serve God in the proper way. Christians religions will not tolerate dissenters among their own. These denominations will also support the antichrist and Dan. So those who leave Christendom will also be isolated and alone. You can join hands. For Friendship with God is far preferable to friendship with the devil.

On the other hand, this rejection and isolation is exactly what will save you from being attacked for helping Dan and Babylon. You will be spared this most vicious reprisal against the conspirators of the devil.

Anyone coming to God can look forward to great things. The prophets of old told of many of these. Life was meant to be wonderful. We just have to get past this test, that everyone has to go through to prove themselves worthy of it or not. Please, come join God and myself and rejoice that you now recognize the truth of the prophets and their prophecies written so very long ago, to let us know what is going on. Now we know.


So, the connection to Dan is the merchant aspect, that he likely led in, being one of the more rebellious sons of Jacob and tribes of Israel. God foresaw Dan's restless wanderings and attraction to profit. Its been in his blood from the beginning. The merchant aspect is the key to connecting all the dots. It shows us how Babylon exerts her influence over the world and rules and controls that world. There are no other interpreters of prophecy that have come anywhere near to what I have. I brag like a conceited wrestler, its just me and no one else. I hope this is not for long.

But you got the best right here! And I am so modest, too ;-) But I say this mainly to warn you that most sources on the net and YouTube are careful not to go where I have, for the most part. They work for the devil in all likelihood, or they are just walking a bit blind and maybe they will come around just in a nick of time. But I am not holding my breath.

But I am saying that the words of God's prophets are deep and understanding all things well, is a challenge, since the devil has filled the world with liars and deceivers. But what I hope to do to further distance myself from any competition (as if I had any, right?), I also claim to be the best Bible Archaeologist researcher and writer around. I have also insisted that God's word, the Bible and real science, not politicized junk science, must harmonize, since God is the author of both. And God comes first in that equation. So I hope to add much to history and archaeology, that verify Moses, Joseph, and their respective pharaohs and many other events, including the great Jewish legacy, that shall continue forever. Boy, I'd sure love to have some help; hint, hint!

With all that talent out there, there ought to be much to be said and done. E. Raymond Capt and Yair Davidiy trace great migrations of Jews throughout the world and no doubt, Jews are well represented in the "Western" world and empire, and among the sons of Gomer. I'll be writing an article on that eventually. But I got many things on the stove cooking. I don't always know which will come next.

Meanwhile, be sure to check out my sister site, Truth1's Related Info site, linked below in Related Articles' Paul Pezron's History. And be sure to read my vastly updated article on Babylon the Great linked at the end.

A Summary to Consider
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We have considered many things. There are possibilities considered but not a lot of certainties. But lets keep this in mind. The fact that Dan was left out of the tribes of Israel in the prophetic symbols of Revelation, chapters 7 & 14, is not a small symbol. Jacob's prophecy gives good reason to fear what will come from the tribe of Dan. But Jacob, as well as 2 early Christians "Bishops" Irenaeus and Hippolytus make it quite clear that the antichrist is to come from Dan. This is the only thing we can say for sure.

But we can not forget that the antichrist is but a puppet and figurehead placed into power by others of even greater power. Who are they and where to they come from? We can safely say, they are Babylon the Great. Babylon was chosen as a symbol and we have some clues in prophecy about that. God chose that symbol for a variety of reasons, often profound, not not easy that merely anyone could discern them. God opens eyes and hearts and He can shut them up, too.

God chose the prophecy of Jacob concerning Dan and God left Dan out of a list, which even  included Simeon, excluded by Jacob himself. While we know that the antichrist will come from Dan, there are probably many more reasons or things symbolized by "Dan." God's symbolic choices usually are loaded with meanings and revelations. It is up to us to search out what those might be. God will open the eyes of whoever He so chooses.

Dan was the biggest rebel of all tribes and likely struck out on his own, beyond the borders of Israel properly granted by God and did so in ships, sailing, navies, and merchant vessels. Dan may have significant influence on the modern day Babylon the great. How so? If Dan established himself with "Javan" as is made clear in prophecy, then Dan got around and was part of the Phoenician/Tyrian/Sidonian/Carthaginian empire, along with many others.

Dan likely forged many contacts, trade routes, allies, knowledge, and who knows what else. But it is also very likely that Dan never lost contact with his roots, his relationship to his brothers, his fellow tribes of Israel. In fact, it is at least within possibility that Dan has risen in our day to premier status among his brothers, though that fact would likely escape us, since all those descended from all tribes are now called Jews by a broad identification. But God would know.

Recall that when Jesus was alive with his disciples, he told them many disturbing things which they did not want to believe. After his death, he re-appeared and reminded them of what was said and then it dawned on them that they had been told before it happened but did not grasp it till after the events were fulfilled and completed and explained. This is a common thing in the Bible.

So likewise, we may only understand some of the meanings of the symbol Dan, after their completion, or after God further explains it to us. But given that Dan judges his brothers or causes them to be judged or that Dan becomes their leader, is almost certain. Which one or all 3, who can say. But for all Jews who still love the Torah and the Prophets, it should be of concern who is taking the lead among them and where they are being taken.

Dan is likely another aspect of what is going on with Babylon the Great. Dan is just another symbol of many in Revelation. But with the antichrist coming from him, Dan would appear to be alive and well, despite being named as Jewish. But there are so many players in this end time scenario. What I can say for sure is that this end-time scheme has bee in the works and progressing from a very long time ago. Perhaps going all the way back to Moses and the Exodus from Egypt, where some Danites might have broken off and ventured off to Greece.

Dan's relationship with "Javan" may have begun during the Exodus and maintained on and off to be later identified by Ezekiel 27. We do not have any certainties here; just possibilities. But we do know Dan was heavily involved with Javan and Tyre/Tire (the Phoenicians). But since trade and commerce are clearly identified with Babylon the Great as a means to control all the nations, Dan may have been instrumental in that, and ended up taking the lead among his brothers.

But it is the common boast of many conspiracy theorists that that wealthy powerful "Jewish" bankers control the world. This is likely near to the truth. I say likely, since they are so good at keeping this out of mainstream public knowledge, that most would not believe it, even if it were true and preached from the roof tops. We will know when it is all over. Certainly, money controls the world and everything in it.

We can not prove Dan is at the top of all this, but we can prove through visual heraldry and symbolism that all nations do seem to be controlled, given the common symbols shared among them all in regards to flags, heraldry, and other such symbolisms. In fact, all pagan symbols are found in these as well. That "control" and paganism, and nationalism, as well as control of the "church" and all religion by the "state," where the state takes the place reserved for God, and people give their allegiance and obedience to the state, instead of God; in all these united ties to each other, we can see this invisible web that unites all in one common purpose/goal that is ultimately lead by the devil, since the Bible says that the whole world lies in the power of the wicked one, the devil. the symbols of heraldry would bear this out.

We know the world is ruled as one and that money and paganism are at its roots and who is behind those roots. Dan and Babylon are found in this mix. It could not be otherwise. You can dispute small details, but not the overall picture. Dan was a rebel against God, the first among his brothers to strike out on this course. Dan embraced gods of his own choosing, rejecting God as boss and owner.

The devil and his earthly minions will soon present a Christ, a Jesus, to us, a messiah, insisting that Jesus was to return in physical form to lead us to the truth. We are not to believe or follow this man and lie/deception. Dan is among those who follow the devil and promote this lie. While the sacrifice of Jesus was huge, in Divine impact, the final judgment will be the ultimate climax and judgment. This fraud and deception of a messiah, from Dan, will mislead and fool nearly everyone. We must not fall for this trap.

The Heavenly Father of us all has warned us long ago that this would all happen. We must now prepare for that reality to soon appear before the entire world.

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