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Bullying! How Evil Is It?


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What is Bullying?
Laws Don't Work
Who Are the Bullies?   Feb 3, 014
Master of All Bullies   
To "Protect and Serve"    Mar 13, 2013
A PTSD A-bomb
What Is Slavery?    Feb 16, 2015

Cyber Bullying    Jul 16 016
How do we Help . . .    Jul 16 016
Sexting Laws    Jul 16 016
False Cyberbullying   Jul 16 016
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Teacher describes an
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The Premise            Started writing on Sunday, Feb. 3, 2013, SuperBowl Sunday
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I was inspired just yesterday (Feb 2, 2013) on this matter. Its been simmering in me for some time. Among kids, we call it bullying. In the adult world, we often call it harassment. They are essentially the same thing. We could also call them intimidation and threats, considering the usual deep underlying motives. They hold the keys to understanding the new "phenomena" of our modern day and age from the 90s onward. Going Postal, school shootings, suicides, online harassment and bullying, lawsuits for harassment, "discrimination," breakdowns, PTSD, prescription drugs for depression, and so much more. Its time to blow this one wide open and tell it like it is.

Guns have been blamed for violence but that is sheer nonsense. The violence is obviously real, but the cause is grossly in error. We are going to get to the bottom of it here. Further, much more attention should be given to workplace atmosphere, which reveals far more than you might have realized. Are you up for it? Then lets take a look at this monster.

Addition Feb 16 015    Been reworking this article substantially since its 1st creation. Focusing some added attention to slavery and the control over us. The devil has convinced the world that slavery is a thing of the past. Here in the USA, slaves are supposedly emancipated. But I am here to tell you all that probably 95-99% of the world has been enslaved. But I lie. Its probably 100%, but I'll get to that later. I will also address the worst forms of enslavement and slavery, forms not readily admitted by most, even in 2015.

When I first began this, within a day or so much more relevant info was coming out in the news around the world. In particular, rapes and killings of young girls and women in India, Bullies in the USA, and the USA military rape scandals. I saw these as very relevant and important examples of what I was talking about. These sex crimes have been placed in other document which I will link to at the end of this article.

So we got some work to do. Ready?

What is Bullying?

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I'll define this one as it truly is. Bullying can range from mere words used to hurt or assault, demean, humiliate, punish, intimidate, threaten, provoke; in essence, to modify and control the behavior of the one bullied. To let them know who is in power and in charge, and let you know what your place is. It is forceful subjugation, if not brutally so. It can be mere words and language alone. Words, when coming from authority, take on a whole new dimension and power. Those are not mere words, but words backed by power and perhaps delivered as threats.

Really, we are talking violence, even if just words. Violence to our psyches and our self-esteem. Violence to our egos. Violence to our mental health and well-being. A Violent put down! Yes, words can be weapons and can be very effective and even deadly. After all, teasing and harassing were what led to Columbine High's killing of 13, plus 2 suicides. And lets be clear, that Kleybold and Harris were both minors and not accountable to the same law as adults, under past and current USA law.

I am going to expand this even more. When violence and intimidation are employed to control or change peoples' behavior, then we have a classic example of terrorism. Home made domestic terrorism. Maybe systemic business sponsored terrorism. Some have even suggested state sponsored terrorism. But when peers, neighbors, or co-workers are allowed to bully and threaten, we have terrorism. We have what has been called in employment law in Maine, a "hostile work environment," which we could use to describe a hostile school/learning environment, or our neighborhood, a hostile neighborhood environment. None of it is fit for decent human beings.

Many do not equate bullying as being severe crimes. That is the problem. But if the tactic results in physical violence and even death, then that tactic is use of deadly force with usually deadly results. Lets stop lying to ourselves. Words used in harmful ways are or can be, a major assault that many of us get away with on a daily basis.

Now some will immediately react and say I am advocating speech laws or speech crimes. Not so fast. Bear with me. This is a complicated subject that is not rapidly or easily addressed, or I would not have brought it up to begin with. But I do want to point out that when someone speaks in order to hurt, they could be hurting more than they intend, or it maybe they are hurting as much as they intend or not even enough.

Sex can easily be used to brutally subjugate, humiliate, and control people. It is a very effective form of torture. For loss of the control of one's body, the one thing they should always have control of, is among the worse things that can happen to a human being. We can call it "sex as a deadly weapon." Rape is commonly used in Trauma based Mind Control.

God prescribed the death penalty for rape. So God takes this matter very seriously, indeed. We should to. Rape will usually leave a person psychologically and emotionally hurt and impaired for life. if it happens early in life and often or severe, it may make healthy relationships with the opposite sex impossible later on.

But our society to day is not giving enough attention to bullying and not recognizing how pervasive and prevalent this problem is. Part of that problem is that we have different names for it in different contexts. So We are going to join all the contexts together and give them all one big name so that we can see they are all one in the same and all with the same goal. I will not advocate speech laws, but I will have suggestions for a remedy.

All the world has been bullied into slavery as you will soon see. Al attempts are made to control every last one of us, as if we did not belong to ourselves and belonged to masters and slave holders/owners. This is the true history of the world. Being forced to do what you do not want to do. Part of this is accomplished by conditioning. Conditioning is subtle, so subtle that most of us are not even aware we have been conditioned. Some call it programming. But there are many levels of conditioning and programming so I need to make some distinctions so that things do not get too blurred. Some use to broad a language for what is done to all or some of us.

Master of All Bullies        (Ruler of this World)  (for now, but not much longer)
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If you are a Jew or Christian, then you should know that Satan (resistor or rebel), the devil (liar or deceiver), is the master of all bullies and tyrants. Satan had the world turned over to him from God, for a prescribed period of time to prove his (Satan's) point and mislead as many as he can, since he does not believe that humans are worthy of life. God places limits on the harsh judgments of Satan, but has allowed a measure of sin and anything beyond that will disqualify a person who wants to live under God's rule and receive a resurrection back to life after all things have been settled between God and Satan.

So at the present moment, Satan rules the entire world and can promote and appoint who he likes, on earth, to lead in various capacities. There are some serious implications in all that. Recall that Satan offered Jesus the throne to all the kingdoms of the earth in exchanged for an act of worship. Jesus declined. Mind you, many a man would have sold his soul in a heartbeat for such an offer. For such power can get you anything you want, including sex of any kind as often as you like, as wealth, glory, etc. But it also comes with lots of headaches. And you die, never to live again.

So we should readily grasp that if Satan controls all the world and all in it, that he is not going to let good nice people get into power. He'd have to be an idiot to do that. Instead, he places all the worst of people into power. People who will not hesitate to obey him and commit horrible evils on a massive global scale. People who would not hesitate to kill every last good person on earth. There is no low too low for them. It does not bother theme to hurt or kill children, or even infants. There is absolutely nothing beyond their limits. Nothing outside of their range. Absolutely anything goes!

Now this doesn't just apply to the leaders of nations. Remember that those leaders appoint many other people to help them run their nations and affairs. All those appointed will be just as bad as the leader and the devil, too. And like the devil, they all lie like hell to us all. So all levels of government will be filled with monsters, liars, and villains. No good guys at all.

Now the world used to have a measure of decency in it. But over the years, the devil has been recruiting more and more evil people to his side. Now in the 21st century, he has most of the world on his side. Most of the world is saturated in evil. How much? How so? I intend on showing you. In the last days, which we are well into now in the 21st century, 2015 at this writing, evil has now prevailed over most of the world. We are soon to reach the climax where a false messiah will attempt to trick all into following him as the solution to the future and our happiness. But he will be a deceiver and liar whose real intention is to kill us all off in a state of alienation from God, the Father, Jehovah, represented by His son, Jesus, the Messiah/Christ of God.

But some smart ones will not fall for this big lie and will make the right choice, choosing Jesus, who actually remains invisible in the spirit realm whereas the false Messiah will be here on earth. Jesus tried that, already sacrificed his physical body forever on Pentecost after his resurrection.

So things have just about reached their worst and this is what I write about here. How bad is it?

Laws Don't Work

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If violence in both word and deed exist, and I do not think we can deny that at this point, then we have a most serious problem, that is, if you consider Sandy Hook a problem, or Columbine High a problem, or students killing themselves due to shame or embarrassment. But we have another disease plaguing our nation and society today. Over-legislating! We think we can solve everything with a law. There are some problems with that concept.

1st, are the laws enforceable? We have tried to stop drugs but it has not been successful. In fact, its made a bigger problem due to the violence used to secure huge profits. The profits motivate people to risk breaking laws.

2nd, will enforcement actually enforce the laws they are supposed to? We have many immigration laws on the books. They have never been enforced. when law enforcement can look the other way, no law can be effective. How do we make the enforcers enforce themselves, especially when they are holding all the power.

By neglecting enforcement, authorities can, in effect, make those laws appear to be non-existent, and call for new ones, forgetting or ignoring the ones already on the books that would work just fine, if only they were actually used.

The biggest problem that I see is that if those over us and above us, whether employers, businesses, police, city, state, and federal clerks and representatives, if they decide not to pass good laws and enforce them, too, and even decide to subvert the laws already passed and authorities, then no amount of law can save you. You would have lost all honesty and would be near to a collapse, followed by martial law.

Law is only useful when those in power are sincere in administering law. Its really that simple. If they are not, I fear for you and myself. The opposite of law, or in the absence of law, you will certainly have authoritarian bullies take over and they will make no pretenses of law, justice, or decency. They will let you know who the boss is, and you have no rights and better do as your told, or else. This is also known by the name, Slavery. Some cal it Totalitarianism, some Despotism, some a dictatorship; Greeks called such rulers Tyrants, as often did the founding fathers of the USA. Regardless of the name, it is a living nightmare to live under. No rights, no dignity, no respect, no decency or humanity comes from such governing.

Is it possible that we now live under abusive slavery? I have always thought that. You can decide for yourself. But for sure, you and your love ones will have no rights, protection or respect while in slavery.

So laws are useless if, by chance, you live in a despotic state or are in an enslaved state of being. Supposing we are not yet in slavery ( be in denial if you want ), laws can still be pointless.

3rd, related to the 1st point, Logistics often make laws of regulation impossible. Its pretty hard to ban or prohibit being mean, nasty, cruel or other such things in regards to words and affecting others' feelings. To try to reduce hurt feelings with law? Nearly impossible. Yes, after a death occurs, then possibly you could do something, but if those ruling over you like the chaos of hate, then you'll get no enforcement from law or government.

So what do we do about hate and bullying, which we could call being mean and nasty? Such behavior has become epidemic and more and more are dying because of it, and yet we still seem to be unaware that we are being substantially harmed. Could it be we do not understand where it is coming from? Or that it is the desired way that some want this? Or are we not making the connection between being mean , hurtful, nasty, or very rude, and the real physical violence that erupts.

Could it be we don't think that being verbally hurtful is all that bad? I want to show you that it is very bad,  very serious, deadly serious, and putting a stop to it is critical to saving your lives and the world. Yes, it is that serious. The survival of the human race depends upon it. Your future is absolutely at stake and on the line.

You can not make people be nice. Further, what happens if the majority of people have become mean and nasty, rude and crude? In a democracy, the majority rule. If the majority is corrupted and hateful, then you are doomed. Sorry to present the bad news to you, but its a fact. Will  the majority be willing to accept they are wrong and change. Not if history is any indication at all and it should be, if you are honest and sincere.

So what I want to show in this article is that the majority is hateful, spiteful, and mean, and worse, that those in various positions of power are all the more so. But banning guns will not save a soul. Criminals, including state sanctioned ones, if there are any (let those who have ears, hear), will still have guns. Such excuses for gun control are just that, excuses. Those calling for gun confiscation of any degree know there is only one reason for wanting guns away from people. It makes it easier for authoritarians to "pacify" the people or enslave them.

The people need to wake up and recognize that only they can stop violence and nastiness. They have to want to be nice and decent, and fair. It can only be enforced by the people. If those being nasty are few, it will get much tougher for them to continue being such without losing nearly everything they have. That said, I see no chance of that. Hell would surely freeze over long before that ever happened. And I don't even believe in a literal hell.

Insincere laws of dubious motives are the favored tactic of cult leaders, enslavers, and despots. A bad law, and there is such a thing, is the most obvious sign that those over you are also  bad and intend only ill will.

"The best way to get a bad law repealed is to enforce it strictly."
Abraham Lincoln

All our world is now filled with diabolical evil people. The courts are all phony and corrupt. Police are like mob enforcement, hit men, not those who protect the innocent. They attack the innocent per orders of their superiors. Corporations are all ruled by evil. All your non-profit organizations are filled with liars and deceivers who support the evil above them and around them. Employees are often evil since they want to get raised from the bosses, who are all evil or they would not be bosses. There is almost no one left who is not evil, save the small amount who might typically be called conspiracy theorists, who prefer law, order, honesty, and integrity, not rampant out-of-control evil. They often serve in watchdog capacities warning us on the internet of the dangers we are in.

Who Are the Bullies?
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I have many stories to tell on this one. Bullies is a term often found in connection with kids and schools. But there are work place bullies, as well. Bosses are often, almost always, bullies. Co-workers can be bullies. Team leaders can be bullies. The work place is epidemic with work place bullying. Bosses often enjoy just making people miserable, just for sport and pleasure. I have witnessed it and even been victim to it. Just as in school, cliques form in the work place. Once a click has control of a department, it can be a hell to try to get accepted, or if you don't bother, then you will almost certainly become one of their targets. And they have many and ever changing targets.

Laws do not recognize day-to-day bullying in the workplace. They believe it is not serious enough or substantial enough. But I do believe they know better. They are establishing a territory, just as organized crime and syndicates do, and letting you know who the boss of this turf is. They establish their power and you had better accept it if you do not want trouble. There is no recourse of law. Bullying in the workplace is state sanctioned and protected, by virtue of ignoring it. No laws passed and no court action supported unless maybe someone is killed or it is deemed sexual harassment. But a lot, most, bullying is not sexual. Its office and workplace politics as the ruling party seeks to maintain its dominance and power within.

Work environments all across the country have become insane asylums. Their atmosphere is demoralizing, dehumanizing, spirit crushing, depression promoting, fiercely antagonistic and completely arbitrary and unfair. And they have you over a barrel, since you have to work somewhere or otherwise go bankrupt and become homeless. You could get another job but most other places do the same thing.

Work demands such as quotas, are often way beyond reasonable, setting the standard according to the very best performers so that any less than the very best will merit a poor rating and justify minimal to no raise each year or half year. In Maine, we have no real workers comp protection. Employers can ruin you and have no obligation or responsibility. I witnessed it many times. One example: a guy operating a trans-stacker, a very large sort of turret machine to take pallets out of storage rack shelves and bring them to an off-loading roller system, had his machine suddenly give out and drop, I believe, either 3 stories or 30 feet down, fast and hard. It damaged  his back permanently, as you might imagine. Too bad, not the company's problem. He had to find other work. Damage is legal in Maine. Worst labor laws in the nation, in my opinion.

What is worse is that we have sent most jobs overseas, so that we have few jobs, anyway. So no company is committed to workers, who made the companies great once upon a time. No laws protecting workers by forbidding companies from abandoning their obligations and commitments to the people who made them 100 years earlier. Imagine saying to a wife and kids, "I do not owe you anything and now I found a younger prettier wife and am going to have kids with her, and I am taking your house and leaving you no income for help. Have a nice day!"

Laws, justly, do not allow that! But if a company does it, which certainly is the same as the family scenario I offered, then its OK. Laws do not admit companies have on-going obligations, now that those workers need the jobs they came to fulfill from Quebec and around, when Maine was growing. Irish moved in and many others as well.

We are so dependent upon employers, and yet, no protection from employers abusing their advantage, which is a substantial one. Once a company and a town built around them forms, it is like a marriage. Both have obligations to each other.

So the work place and lack of laws protecting it, allow for runaway abuse of workers. A classic cases of extreme bullying. How bad had it gotten?

Remember that phrase, "Going Postal?" It cam about because in at least 3 or 4 instances, disgruntled employees, fed up with being teased, tormented, or otherwise abused, decided their lives were not worth living anymore and also decided they were going to fix the problem and send a message, too. It happened too often to not have some merit to it. The Post Office and likely many government jobs, are a living hell, I suspect. Other similar situations also took place in other places of work as well.

Did anyone admit bullying or harassment? Not that I ever heard. It was all the fault of the disgruntled workers. Now don't get me wrong. I do not advocate workplace violence or any other sort of violence. But neither do I approve of demeaning and belittling people and making them so miserable as to be willing to take their own lives while killing others. Two wrongs do not make a right.

But the workplace has become a serious breeding ground for general hate and violence, in word and in deed. Those working, then go home and take it out on their families. I know all about that, too. The kids, in turn, take it out on other kids. It causes hate and violence to grow and permeate the entire fabric of society, until we are filled with nothing but hate and violence.

In regards to kids at school, since school has been engineered, in my opinion, and that of many others, to be chaotic, so that learning is restricted and minimized, leaving people without good intelligence and thereby making them easy to lie to and mislead; we need to get them out of school and teach them ourselves or find a private school that will do as we wish, or find like minded people near you to find the most capable teacher among you and employ them as the teacher for the rest of the kids, keeping the school small so that the one with the biggest house and amount of room for allowing perhaps 10 or 20 kids to all gather at the same place to learn. This will keep school costs far lower than public school costs.

But whatever you do, you need to get them out of the psychological torture camps they call school, whose only job seems to be to inflict misery, pain, and trauma, in order, perhaps, to disable them mentally, which I will next discuss. I'll link to my articles on education for more on this, at the end of this article.

Bullying in the work place, which is epidemic and out of control, and not at all recognized and protected anywhere near enough by law, and with laws that should reasonably allow prosecution and conviction of work place bullying, a hostile work environment, and harassment. When I say harassment, I mean that all employees, bosses and subordinates (slaves, really, right?), have to treat each other with dignity and respect. Humiliating and demeaning people in front of others can not be tolerated. Threatening people with illegal actions, which I have seen done, and the law excused it as, "well, if they only threatened and did not follow through, then it does not violate the law."

How are many employees even supposed to know the law and whether it is illegal or not? Isn't that why we go to lawyers, because we do not know the law? Employers should not be able to lie or threaten with illegal actions. If someone were to even make a joke about hi-jacking a plane, they can go to prison. Threatening a President is a felony offense. Use a derogatory name against "protected" classes, and you can be charged with a hate crime and do prison time.

So why do we take some speech so serious, and not others, like workplace intimidation, threatening illegal actions? The law is a joke and farce.

If you are judged by a different standard than others,  that should be illegal. All should be treated fairly and objectively. Games should not be allowed. Order in the work place is as essential as order in public is. The work place is a public place. Disorder and misery in the work place is a huge threat to the psychological, spiritual, and mental health of the entire nation and body of public citizens.

Standards could be set to help define what they may be. But outrageous conduct that shows no compassion or decency can not and should not be tolerated. These type of things in school or work, cause people to go Postal, or kids to shoot other kids. It really is that simple. But we also have to be reasonable, which is something we are not very good at. We suspend 6 year old boys for kissing a girl. We get all upset over a name and yet let employees be brutalized and demoralized. We suspend students for bringing aspirin to school, calling it a serious drug violation. Our laws make no sense and there is no proportion or balance to them. We make school buses stop for high school students. You mean a 14 year old cannot cross the street by him or her self? Are our teens truly that pathetic and helpless?

We need some sanity and common sense put back into law. But that we do not have any is a strong, proof-positive indication that those who rule over us are up to no good. Where there is smoke, there is fire. The fruit does not fall far from the tree. By their fruits you will know them.


Bullying Attack Leaves Boy in Coma            Feb. 8, 2013, 8 PM entry: 

By | ABC News Blogs – Thu, Feb 7, 2013 4:32 PM EST

A Pennsylvania boy is currently in a medically induced coma after a schoolyard fight with classmates who he and his family claims were bullying him.

Sixth-grader Baily O'Neil, an honors student, of Darby Township, Pa., was involved in a fight four weeks ago at the Darby Township School. He was struck several times in the face by another student; the blow fractured his nose and he fell to the ground. His parents brought their son, who had a concussion, to the A.I. DuPont hospital in Wilmington, Del., where he was treated and released. But his father saw that something wasn't quite right with their son when they returned home.

"He was sleeping. He was moody. He wasn't himself. He was angry a little bit. He wasn't really eating," Bailey's father Rob told ABC Affiliate WPVI-TV.

Just a few days later, Bailey started having violent seizures and needed to be hospitalized again. The seizures were so bad that doctors at A.I. DuPont were forced to put Bailey in a medically induced coma nearly two weeks ago. When contacted, A.I. DuPont Hospital was unable to provide an update to ABC News on Bailey's current condition because of privacy laws. His father is trying his best to cope.

"Every day I'm trying to stay strong for him," he told WPVI-TV. "When you get into that hospital room and you're looking at him, I would trade places in a heartbeat. It's my buddy, you know."

Southeast Delco School District Superintendent Stephen Butz told ABCNews.com the school has turned the investigation over to local police and is cooperating fully with their efforts.

"We take bullying seriously," he said. "We are very concerned about the medical condition of the student and our thoughts and prayers are with the family and students."

According to Bailey's father, the boy who struck his son was suspended for two days following the incident, but police have not filed any criminal charges in the case.

What follows are some comments posted at the end of this article in the site:


March 4, 2013      

Bullied boy dies: Bailey O'Neill's family gets support from NFL star

bullied boy dies        March 4, 2013        By:


Bailey O'Neill, the boy who was assaulted and bullied by schoolmates, has died, the Daily Mail reports Monday. O'Neil just turned 12 on Saturday. He was taken off life support on Sunday. The Daily Mail headline read, "Parents' agony as bullied 12-year-old boy dies weeks after vicious attack by two classmates left him in a coma

"Police investigate death as relatives demand 'bullies' are punished. "Ravens star calls for bullying to be criminalised and vows: 'I will not let you become just another bully statistic.'"

Disciplinary action against the bullies?

School officials are being tight-lipped about any disciplinary action being taken against any student responsible for the bulling.

But ABC News reports that dad Rob Bailey said that the boy who hit his son was suspended for two days following the attack. Police say no criminal charges have been filed.

Bailey O'Neill's death after being bullied has touched the heartstrings of people both in the US and around the world.

What do you think about how this case is being handled? Do you think that charges should be filed against the boy who bullied Bailey? Leave you comments below.


Nadja Adolf · Top Commenter  
Sorry. This is murder, possibly felony murder. I don't think a two day suspension does anything other than encourage more of this behavior. Please don't give us the garbage that the assailant couldn't realize that this could kill his victim. The intent was to permanently disfigure, cripple, or kill. Enough is enough.
Reply ·
475 · Like · Follow Post · Yesterday at 2:43pm

June Audrey Carryl Lomena · Actor/Writer at Me myself and i  
I totally agree. Manslaughter at least. They should be prosecuted.
Reply · 146 · Like · 23 hours ago

  Michele Braun · Top Commenter · Alverno College
This is murder period. This student must be brought up on charges. Parents need to get a lawyer. Can't imagine what that bullie will do to his next victim if he's not stopped and I agree, what happened to this poor child is only the tip of the iceburg forf future victims. My heart is with this child and his family. Our society needs to wake up and take action against bullies. This is hapening daily to tons of children.
Reply · 133 · Like · 22 hours ago

Dustin Schlesner · · Top Commenter · UW Oshkosh
Murder, possibly felony murder? Since when is murder not a felony?
Reply · 58 · Like · 22 hours ago

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Taura Jackson · Waukegan High School          >>This one is super good!<<

Oh yes these bullying antics have turned far worst than what bullying use to be considered. I don't even think it should be called bullying anymore.... What these kids do to other kids now days is not just the typical name calling or silly pranks, It is simply put.... A CRIME, and its certainly time to make these children responsible for their actions..... NO more blaming parents and using excuses like adolescents and their lack of proper decision making for an easy escape. There was a crime committed and I think its time to punish these mean children with the fullest extent of the law.. Kids learn by example and now its time to show them the example : when u commit such a crime u have to suffer the consequences... LOCK THEM UP...THEN maybe the next bully will stop and think ("I Could BE Sitting IN A JAIL CELL, 12 OR NOT") Please don't let this be just another tragedy! TO Make an example U got to start somewhere!
Reply · 151 · Like · Follow Post · 23 hours ago

Michael Langley · Top Commenter · Robinson, Illinois               >>This one is super good!<<
 If I lived in that town, I would be looking into what connections the murderer's family had! There is too much crime not being dealt with, because somebody knows the chief of police, has money, related to a politician, or police chief, etc, etc.!
Reply · 35 · Like · 22 hours ago

Michael Thirion no charges filed....that's at least manslaughter....period.... I say the Parents get a Lawyer and sue the city and state for not pressing charges. Prosecuting minors is an every day occurrence, so why not here?
Reply · 151 · Like · Follow Post · Yesterday at 2:42pm   

Jayne Isaacs ·  
Parents should be charged also for failure to discipline their children
and failure address this situation when it is as serious to teach your child not to talk to strangers!
Reply · 91 · Like · 23 hours ago  

Danny Deshler · Gallatin, Tennessee  
12 year old boys know the difference in right and wrong. Its not the parents fault at this point, they know they should not be hitting on another student...but the damn blame where it belongs!
Reply · 61 · Like · 22 hours ago  

Cheryl Arbon · Top Commenter · Terrytown, Louisiana  
@ Danny Deshler "Put the damn blame where it belongs" I agree. Children learn what they live and what their parents teach them. So, the parents and their little sociopath should be held accountable, rearing decent human beings is THEIR RESPONSIBILITY! MY prayers are for their victim and his family.
Reply · 69 · Like · Edited · 21 hours ago

Carla Downer · Top Commenter
PRESS CHARGES AGAINST THAT KID. DOn't LET HIM GET AWAY WITH WHAT HE DID. gee I wonder what hes' going to be like when he grows up. hes already a murder. Reply · 130 · Like · Follow Post · Yesterday at 2:44pm  

Stacey J Diehl                 >>This one is super good!<<
Adults who work for schools (teachers, principals, administrators) are terrified of retribution, and rightfully so. Kids like this often come from families that are big on getting even. Then there's all their little bully friends and their families. Take a stand, and you may find yourself standing alone. All this started when parents had to work all the time and kids wound up raising themselves. Now, THEY run everything. 
· 6 · Like · 17 hours ago

End of Comments<<<

You notice there was not 1 voice of dissent from this crowd. All want the "murderer" hung, so to speak. They recognize that kids need to be made accountable for their behavior and that they do know better and examples must be set. That said, we all know nothing substantial or meaningful will be done. Why? The last 2 comments I flagged as super good, summed it up, even the same as I did, when I first wrote this article a few weeks back.

The little brats got powerful parents and those parents also have lots of connections and power. It is the elite of the neighborhood, asserting their "right" to kick our @$$es as they please and they will defend junior and all he does, for it is his birth right and mandate to rule and subdue. Get the picture, you little pee-ons? These power connections go almost straight through to Washington DC. They control the police, superintendents, courts, everything. They are one and all, Bullies by nature, by nurture over many generations, and reinforced at all levels of power.

I am afraid that poor, defenseless, and far out muscled Bailey O'Neill never had a chance. In fact, few of us have any chance against all these networked bullies, who not only run the schools, where bullying is the only rule of law, (as it is in government and law, right?), but everything else, too. But America does see what is going on. The smart ones know what we are up against.

When these kids, many of whom have already become adults and many more to follow; can you imagine what they are going to do and be like? And you say the world is not going to end? Now who's doing drugs, alcohol and escapist movies! Huh? We can not continue all this much longer. Something has to give somewhere and somehow. I say the bullies will soon take over the world. But fear not, God is ultimately going to put all these various bullies in their proper place, feeding the worms and maggots. God has guaranteed it!

>>> End of 2 Articles and Comments <<<

The consensus of posters on the fist announcement of Bailey being in a coma, was overwhelming. Even the smallest ratio is 58 to 1 in believing, in general that bullying was not being fixed or addressed or punished. And as well, that there were glaring contradictions in this compared to other absurd zero tolerance actions around the country. Society is not interested in stopping bullies or even identifying them. Why? Could it be that the bullies have influential parents, who also have upper reaching connections? Why is it we do not want to stop this? It would be so easy to do.

I worked with a guy from Gorham Maine who was considered "different," some might have considered him a nerd, or whatever. He once got beat up in a high school hallway by 4 or 5 boys, with the teachers just standing there watching in full view. They were not upset with bullying at all. Boys will be boys, huh?


"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly. He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it."
- Martin Luther King Jr.

"Real compassion kicks butt and takes names and is not pleasant on certain days. If you are not ready for this FIRE, then find a new-age, sweetness and light, perpetually smiling teacher and learn to re-label your ego with spiritual sounding terms. But, stay away from those who practice REAL COMPASSION, because they will fry your ass, my friend."

"Cowardice asks the question: “Is it safe”?
Expediency asks the question: “Is it politic”?
Vanity asks the question: “Is it popular?”
But conscience asks the question: “Is it right?”"

  And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but one must take it because one’s conscience tells one what is right.”

- Martin Luther King Jr.


Feb. 3, 014    Parents Slap Daughter's Cyberbullies With Rare Lawsuit

By Beth Greenfield, Shine Staff | Parenting – Fri, Jan 24, 2014 3:03 PM EST


In response to cruel cyberbullying that has left their 16-year-old daughter feeling humiliated and unable to sleep, a pair of fed-up parents are striking back at the offending classmates in a unique and public way: They're suing all seven of the teens for libel and all of their parents for negligence.

More on Shine: Mom Cybershames Daughter for Online Bullying. Who's the Bully Now?

“We’re being super-aggressive about it, because this behavior really needs to stop,” Tej Paranjpe, the Houston-based attorney for parents Reymundo Esquivel and Shellie Tingle-Esquivel, tells Yahoo Shine. “It’s really an issue of principle.”

Although the Esquivels’ daughter (who is not being named to protect her privacy) has been getting bullied in person by several fellow students at Klein High School in Klein, Texas, for about a year now, the situation came to a head in recent weeks, according to her mother. That’s when the girl’s photo appeared, along with those of many others (some of whom were topless), on a student-made Instagram page called “2014 Klein Hoes,” which had picked up almost 900 followers during the several weeks it was live.

On Instagram, her daughter's photo in particular, Tingle-Esquivel tells Yahoo Shine, became the target of many “vulgarities” and “explicit sexual comments,” which left the teen “crying and really upset — almost hysterical.” She adds that the whole experience “has affected [her daughter] tremendously,” but she also notes that she's “really impressed and proud” that the girl had the gumption to tell her parents in the first place.

>> What really fascinates me at this point in time is how insensitive and outright vicious kids have become. I wonder who the boys were. Now that a lawsuit is launched, evidently with the girl's parents having enough money to do this and perhaps, the other parents having enough money to make it worthwhile to sue them, this becomes a battle of rich vs rich, which could get real interesting. But this cyber-bullying is definitely very harmful. It has led to suicides more than once. Character defamation has long been against the law, but everyone has been slow to put a stop to it among those under 18 and in school.<<

More on Yahoo Shine: Colorado Legislation Deals With Cyber-Harassment

The situation has inspired Tingle-Esquivel to act on behalf of her daughter, as well as the other girls on the Instagram page, which was “really defaming the character of these kids.” She retained Paranjpe, who quickly got the page taken down with restraining orders against each of the seven students involved in its making. And now they're preparing to file the lawsuits, for the sole purpose of stopping all cyberbullying activity and “raising public awareness,” Tingle-Esquivel says. “It’s to let kids know that this is not acceptable.” If they do pursue monetary damages, she adds, any funds will be donated to an anti-bullying organization.

The approach is certainly an unusual one, according to Dr. Justin Patchin, criminal justice professor at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire and co-director of the national Cyberbullying Research Center. “What’s more common is parents suing the school for failing to respond appropriately,” he tells Yahoo Shine. That happened last year in Tennessee, when a family sued its school district for $1.1 million for not doing enough to protect its eighth-grade son from cyberbullying, which included a death threat.

Though Klein High School administrators have been “very supportive” about their complaints, Tingle-Esquivel says, the school has not gone far enough. School officials moved several of the offending students out of her daughter’s classes and into others, for example, but, she says they didn't bother to get the Instagram page taken down despite having known about it.

Klein High School principal Larry Whitehead did not respond to requests for comment from Yahoo Shine.

Lawsuits that go after cyberbullies, Patchin notes, are rare because it can be challenging to prove and put a price tag on the harm that ensues from the harassment. They can also be expensive. So instead, he suggests, “parents should work with schools to minimize the damage. The targets usually know who’s behind it, and the teens often think it’s just a joke — they don’t realize the harm that they’re causing.” Patchin also stresses the importance of schools' creating environments that value compassion and respect in an effort to prevent the cyberbullying in the first place.

>>Patchin, a criminal justice professor, seems to be getting scared about this action. "Parents should work with schools," says he. Ah, that has not worked very well in the past. But schools, an arm of the government, could get sued and that likely has government scared. I also think the bullies know full well how harmful they are being. That is what they want. They love being cruel.  They are being trained to be cruel, harsh, and without remorse or regret. I dare say, governments have designed schools to produce such products and results. Schools have been the primary place where bullying takes place. Do you notice how useless the Press is? They ought to be chastising these idiots making these stupid statements. That the press does nothing indicates they are part of a serious coverup.

As well, Patchin questions how easy it is to prove bullying. What? Like its hard to find the website? Bullshit! A price tag on harm? Can you say suicide? Lives ruined and egos crushed and devastated, quite possible for life? Why has it always worked in court for Libel, slander, and defamation? Can you believe this idiot is a professor? See the problem? <<

As for the expense involved in the Texas lawsuit, Tingle-Esquivel says, she’s more concerned about potentially saving the life of a student who may feel suicidal over cyberbullying. “Can you put a price tag on someone’s life?” she asks. “No, you cannot.”

What Are Schools Responsible For When It Comes to Bullying?
Kids Told to Shun Classmates to Show How Bullying Feels

 Now for Comments posted at the site: 5,212 Comments as of Feb. 4, 014

Craig  •  10 days ago Report Abuse
Glad to see this happen. It is about time that someone holds these kids responsible. In the "old days" (I am 51) when kids acted up, they were taken out into the hall and the teacher got to the "seat" of the matter. Then when the kids got home, Dad reinforced what the teacher had done. But heaven forbid we hold kids or anyone for that matter responsible.        4091 likes     147 dislikes        27.8 to 1     in favor of this comment.
interested  •  8 days ago Report Abuse
Why is it always up to the schools to do something. The schools have no authority over kids because parents are forever suing school districts when they do try and punish some brat. This is a mess parents have made for the constant indulgence of their precious brats and it is about time parents start cleaning up their messes they have created. I would also like to know where are these cyberbullies getting these naked and half naked pictures of these kids they are posting.

55 like        2 dislike     26 to 1 ratio in favor   

>> My concern with this post is that he/she is unaware of how schools often ignore bullying within those very schools. But indeed, there may be a need to make laws and create criminal prosecutions, given how bad it has gotten. What they have done, (or not done) over the last 20 years, has not been very impressive, so say the least. But the write is correct in that parents often sue when their bully brats are punished. So counter-sue! The problem is that those who have a lot of say in society, also happen to have the kids who like to bully and assert their future power and authority that they are told will be theirs for the taking. Nice world, no? Kindness and decency are long gone now. The chickens have come home to roost.<<

Loopy  •  8 days ago Report Abuse
Good for her for doing this. More parents should charge these little turds for hurting their kids.
I don't get why these news articles say they aren't putting the daughter's name in there article to protect her, however, they put in the parents name so anybody that knows the family will know who the daughter is. Strange.       47 likes        1 dislike        47 to 1 ratio in favor of comment.
ccwagner662  •  9 days ago Report Abuse
Now , it would be nice if the legal system shows some support also. I would think that if the parents of these bullies had to donate half their income to the charity of the victims choice for 5 years it would be an incentive for them to have a very serious talk with their child.    641 likes        55 dislikes        11.6 to 1 ratio
xx  •  9 days ago Report Abuse
about time parents have taken the steps to attack these bullies/ this type of behaviour MUST be stopped/ now if only the LEGAL SYSTEM show some guts/

103 likes        5 dislikes        20.6 to 1   ratio        >> How is it that 2 consecutive posts complain about or doubt whether the legal system will do anything or not? They seem to think we have never taken this kind of problem seriously and maybe they even sense that the legal system is covering for the bullies. Imagine that! ;-) <<

murdermyster...  •  9 days ago Report Abuse
I agree with this completely. Good luck to the family suing these kids.
BUT if my kid appeared on the web site naked.......I would have some serious questions as to their mentality. I'm guessing these kids will be going off to University or College soon? I would be second guessing that one.       389 likes        49 dislikes        7.9 to 1 ratio

>>This one above, was much closer in the vote. The poster made a good point that girls are not being very sensible about their conduct. They do share some of the blame and significantly more felt uncomfortable with this aspect, since many of them have foolish daughters who bring on many of their own problems. But regardless, the sympathies are against the bullies.The next one got a little bit better response, saying much the same.<<

kellys  •  9 days ago Report Abuse
Good for them. The parents of these children need to be 'forced' to start parenting their children properly. This is disgusting behavior and can (as we have seen) cause irreparable damage.
Nobody should have a photo of your child naked. Talk to your kids about self respect and respecting others.    52 like    2 dislike    26 to 1 ratio in favor
Ruth  •  9 days ago Report Abuse
“parents should work with schools to minimize the damage. The targets usually know who’s behind it, and the teens often think it’s just a joke — they don’t realize the harm that they’re causing.” ....seriously you want us to believe the teens don't realize the harm they are cause...that is a load of BS. They know exactly what they are doing and hopefully these ones and others get the message.      46 likes        2 dislikes        23 to 1 ratio

>> Oh, so its not just me. Above agrees! So does below! <<

stephen  •  8 days ago Report Abuse
Great to hear that these parents are standing up to the bullies before another young life is wasted. I think it is about time cyber bullying was treated more seriously and those who commit the crime should do the time, yes time, it may teach them right from wrong. Good luck to the parents, keep your family safe.

24 likes        1 dislike        24 to 1 ratio        End of News Item Comments<<<

I could post many more here with similar ratios and sentiments. What is the consistent trend we se in these posts? People and fed up with the bullying going on in schools or amongst peers in under 18 kids. Most voted this way by over a 20 to 1 ratio. Now honestly, and I see this a lot on these types of news stories and voting. The voting is very lop-sided one way, meaning most are on the same page and thinking the same way. How many topics do you know that would have 20 supporters to every 1 who does not support or agree? In many news items on the net? Quite a bit and quite often actually. So how is it that our politicians have not taken notice and represented their voters properly? How is it that poll takes never seem to get such lop-sided or one sided results? Could it be they dilute the questions and issues so that people are not even sure of what is being polled/asked?

Or maybe they have people they can count on polling to vote the way they want it to be. Or maybe they are just making the polls up. But there is a consensus on the internet and it is out there in real like, too. I hear it all the time. So how is it we get so much crammed down our throats that we do not like and do not agree with? We get it because we have bullies in office and bullies at work, and bullies everywhere, but always in the minority. But what they do have for support is police, courts, politicians, and government policy. so we get the shaft every time, despite a better than 20 to 1 consensus. That means that at least 99.95% of the people feel the same way. It also means that just 0.05% run our world, using perhaps another 5% as military and police, as well as courts and laws that are rigged. Oh, the lawyers are in on it, too. They don't vote that much since they got the power instead, so they are not upset like we who post, are.

Its all about bullies and abuse. You have seen the statistical facts for yourselves. We are all victims of these bullies. They start young and progress as they climb or are lifted up the ladder. Ain't it grand?


The Columbine Shooting        Who are the School Bullies, Really?

Who got the blame for the Columbine massacre? I believe it was two boys who had been mercilessly picked on throughout their school years, till they could take no more and decided life as not worth living and that maybe they should take a few with them. Now, I do believe that jocks and those in cliques were frequently mentioned by the 2 boys in their years. They may not have been as constructive in their vengeance as they could have been. I heard they killed some who called themselves Christians. The boys hated them, too, evidently. But when it was all done, no one even tried to place any blame with anyone except the 2 boys who did the shooting.

That's too bad, because there was an important lesson to be learned there, but no one wanted to learn or accept it. Remember what I said about history's lessons? We do not like to learn or accept our errors. Columbine was no exception. Who would ever imagined that all that teasing and tormenting would one day cost 13 students and teachers their lives. But now we could see if we wanted to see. Many other school shootings took place over the last 20 years, usually with lower casualties.

I saw some minor tormenting in Jr. High, if you can call any teasing or tormenting minor. Its minor compared to what took place 10 years or more later. I would call it kind of random tormenting, since it was not the general and pervasive thing that it is now. But what I see in the many accounts and even movie portrayal of, is cliquish types of brutal tormenting. "Mean Girls" was a good example of the nastiness, as was "Heathers." "Jawbreaker" was another. The more far fetched 1976 "Massacre at Central High" still hit some realities in the tongue in cheek horror movie.

What was the common ground of all these and many more movies and TV shows, as well as more factual reports and documentaries? It was simply this: The most popular and prominent students, either cheerleaders or jocks, often with parents with money and support, were the ones bossing, tormenting, belittling, and destroying teenagers at the most vulnerable time in their lives. It was just sport for the tormentors. It was their school and they were going to run it! This is the attitude and spirit. I got more. I think Mitt Romney was said to be a teaser in college. Even our politicians did and continue to do it.

While working out at a popular and affordable fitness center, I and another guy were talking about the arrogance around, and a high school principle, whose ID I will carefully conceal to protect him, was a principal in a town outside of Portland that had become very popular and trendy, loaded with out of state, affluent "immigrants" from Massachusetts who came in to Maine. He told us of the arrogance and boldness of these parents who thought they owned the world and ran the town. Many other small towns in Maine experienced out of "state'ers, big city people, coming in and taking over the place. They had money, unlike Mainers, and connections and influence, which is how they get all the good jobs in Maine. Mainers are not allowed to have good high paying jobs, as a rule. Those jobs are reserved for those who get special favors for service and are allowed to move and work in Maine as a payoff, says I!

These people also live vicariously through their kids and if you interfere, they will set their cross hairs on you, fast. The principal had lots of problems with these types. If you try to discipline these spoiled brats who run the school, you, even as a principal, will soon find yourself facing parents, lawyers, money, and school boards, if you are not careful. Being a principal is a lousy job, since your hands are pretty much tied and order is not even worth trying to maintain.

It is the elite kids of the school, that have the power, not just over students, but even faculty. Their parents are firmly behind them, to help them start controlling the world, right away, starting right there in school. These kids stand out when in groups such as field trips, airports or ferry groups traveling, buses with campers visiting our state parks. You can not  miss their arrogance and disrespect. I am sure the parents have taught them and encouraged them to take control and own the place. Its their manifest "destiny."

Many native Mainers, particularly farmers and fishermen, who were once the backbone of Maine, were, through change of zoning laws, outlawed or prohibited from operation, since cows made too much smell, as did fish ruin the "ambience" of their sea view, sea shore homes.

I came across a survey about bullying tendencies and misconceptions. What I can tell you is that they knew nothing about what they talked about. In fact, it may have been their intent to obscure the truth about typical traits of bullies. I said to my father, there is no mention of the superiority complex these young brats have, that bully and run the schools.

Again, schools have become so nasty, that they easily produce (or reduce people to becoming) killers. And all because we do not require decent proper behavior among human beings. We think it is our right to be indifferent or callous, or even mean and hurtful. No such rights exist among proper decent people; and further, it is obviously not in the long tem interests of society or the world. Wars begin because we do not care, because at least one, if not both sides, do not care enough to prevent killing each other or being so unreasonable, in theory, so that the worst actions human beings could possibly commit against each other are carried out.


So I have introduced you to school bullies and work place bullies. How about law enforcement bullies? Yes, policemen are forced to be picky little "zero tolerance" officers who have to fine you for seat belt infractions, snow on cars, and any little infringement. Kids not in car seats are taken away from parents and I don't know what happens to them after. They act as if the kids are almost certain to die if they remain even 5 more minutes out of a child seat. Those who manufacture child seats must love it. But police are now more like tax collectors, per government orders, of course. Crime? No one cares about crime. Its about bring in money for the city or state.

How about the Feds like the airport TSA, searching the groins of little girls for terrorists. How credible is that? Borders used to be relaxed between northern states and Canada, but not now. Canada is so dangerous, isn't she? I am being sarcastic, of course. How come they are so loose on the southern side with Mexico? The result of non-enforcement of immigration is that most of our jobs are now done by immigrants, not natives. Any wonder why we are unemployed and underpaid?

Media bullies? They are everywhere. Telling you about stupid senseless things and not telling you about important things. And always at the ready to lie and distort info about those who in not in lock step with the rest of the prevailing political direction forced upon us all.

How about Political Bullies who tax you to death, make unjust harsh laws, ban raw milk for its supposed dangers, while allowing mercury into vaccines, fluoride into our water, cigarettes to smoke, and pharmaceutical drugs to poison us?

Business bullies who cheat us on nearly transaction, so that you can not trust anyone or turn your back on them for a second. They play games with prices at the grocery stores, seeing if you are paying attention or not. They push your stuff through fast, while you are running your credit card or whatever, so that you do not see what they are ringing up. If they make mistakes or engineer them to get a gain. More bank fees by the year.

Oh, how about Legal and Judicial bullies? That is a topic I know much about. Liars, cheats, swindlers, and those are the good ones. The Maine Bar? Oh, what I could tell you. Lets just say I am of the opinion, having dealt with them, that they are liars and cheats and not a word they say can be trusted. Just my opinion. I offer no facts, but I could! I have had lots of experience in law. The whole system, as I see it, is designed to screw you ought of any sincere meaningful "due process of law." Lawyers predetermine outcomes, as I see it. I believe, since I have done legal research, that I have been lied to by lawyers consistently, or never told anything by them.

For instance, a lawyer is supposed to tell you whether you have a case or not. I had a workplace retaliation suit pending and no lawyer would talk to me at all. Maine Bar says that they do not have to and that it is only a recommendation. But it does not say recommendation. It is written as "they will tell you." So if what the Maine BAR says to me is true, then nothing in writing means anything and that you have no legal rights or right to advisement and that you are all on your own. If what they say is not true, then they are liars. Its only my word, right, so it has no real power. But I warn you if you are smart enough to believe the right party. When they call themselves a BAR, they are right! They are a Bar and barrier to justice.

Now, even if  you were to get close to wining a judgment against a company, they simply settle out of court and no records are ever recorded. In other words, there is no public trial, no record anything even took place. No lessons to be learned, no deterrence effected, no legal precedents to be established, nothing at all.

I would recommend that once a case is filed, it can not be settled out of court. Any settlement will have to be public and binding. This prevents companies from forcing people to legal expense and time, to wear them out or use up their money, and if they can get past that and still have money left or a lawyer who will continue the case for free, otherwise known a pro-bono, then the corporation can just settle out of court, except by my way. What my way does is eliminate them taking chances of proceeding with court, when there is a good chance that they may end up losing, then they offer an out of court settlement. No one ever finds out a thing or know anything even happened. It would also keep corporations from unnecessary clogging of court time, when they might be encouraged to settle before anyone gets started or spends anything. As it is right now, corporations can gamble. With my way, they can not afford to gamble because there is no exit, once filed.

Fees? Let me tell you about fees. You are told by accident lawyers that they can not charge you anymore than one third of the settlement winnings, of the gross settlement, not the net settlement after expenses. Very misrepresented as far as I am concerned. First, if you have to pay any expenses out of your gross settlement, and the lawyer takes his third out of the gross, you could, depending on expenses, pay out 5, 10, or even 20 thousand dollars in expenses. Now if you got a settlement of $100,000, and the lawyer gets $33,333 and collects another $10,000 in lawyer expenses, and you pay the other $20,000 for court fees, expert witnesses, & discoveries, you have paid out of your gross, $63,000. That leaves you with nearly $37,000. You get only 37% of your own settlement. You lawyer gets, in my scenario, about 43% of the gross. And his $43,000 is more than you get, at $37,000. He has 53% of the net.

You see, in addition to a third, lawyers can charge you for typical fees for the courts and lawyer expenses, too. Now you might ask as I did, if I have to pay his fees, then why do I also have to give him a third of my settlement. I thought the third was in place of any fees but it is not!!!!!! And in my scenario, he gets 16% more than you do at $43,000 compared to your $37,000.

It is even possible that he could do even better or could do not as well. But he'll certainly get more than a third of the gross, if it goes to court. You only get the net. Your the only one who pays anything out of your settlement.

Oh, so much I'd like to tell you. I haven't even mentioned Nova Scotia and Real Property law or Conspiracy in our society. But at least not for now. But as far as I am concerned, there is no justice for little people. It is the worst of all bully systems. As I see it, you have no justice or recourse at all.


Feb. 8, 2013:    Hunt for ex-cop goes on amid Calif. snowstorm

By GREG RISLING and TAMI ABDOLLAH | Associated Press

BIG BEAR LAKE, Calif. (AP) — Authorities hunting for a former Los Angeles police officer suspected of going on a deadly rampage expect to wrap up their search of cabins in a Southern California mountain resort town by nightfall. San Bernardino County sheriff's spokeswoman Cindy Bachman says increased patrols of Big Bear Lake will continue but there won't be a nighttime search in the forest Friday night due to heavy snowfall. It will resume at daybreak when search planes can take off again.

Authorities believe Christopher Dorner fled to the rugged area after killing three people to get back at those he blamed for ending his police career. They found his burned-out truck there this week. Bachman says searchers will keep looking because it's possible that Dorner is somewhere in the forest.
>>End of Account<<

What is interesting is that Dorner felt he got seriously screwed by the justice system of the police force and maybe beyond. And I have the suspicion that he may be right. All I know is that law enforcement is seriously scared right now and they have an entire army out looking for this guy, since they know he is a man on a mission and has a lot of skill in this area. Is this another case of bullies picking on one too many defenseless employees, and using corrupted justice to put the screws to him? I suspect it is. Is bullying out of control? Of this, I have no doubt that it is. And we are all in trouble because of it.

----------------- Feb. 11, 2013:         http://www.csmonitor.com/USA/Justice/2013/0210/Hunt-for-Christopher-Dorner-becomes-major-PR-problem-for-L.A.-police-video

{{Given Dorner’s claims about why he was fired, which detail specific episodes with specific senior officers named, LAPD Chief Charlie Beck has ordered an official review of the case, which occurred before he took over the department.

"I am aware of the ghosts of the LAPD's past, and one of my biggest concerns is that they will be resurrected by Dorner's allegations of racism within the department," Chief Beck said in a statement Saturday. "Therefore, I feel we need to also publicly address Dorner's allegations regarding his termination of employment."}}

>> Truth 1 speaking now: Dorner was killed maybe 2 days ago. Promised rewards were denied on technicalities. Dorner had to be arrested and convicted to get the reward and since he was killed/suicide combined, he is deemed not convicted and sentenced. How dirty is that? Makes me think there might be something to Dorner's allegations. Is not firing tear gas that will burn into a building with a wood stove burning, an intent to burn the place? Is that not an attempt to either kill or force out Dorner? Did Dorner not receive a death sentence when they fired upon the cabin to burn it? Most authorities tend to lie to us all constantly. No surprise, but it is not fun, either.<<


I'll call this one, Health and Medicine Bullies. Sponsored by the FDA, Massive Food Conglomerates, and the Pharmaceutical "Cartel." Just as the Education system is designed to prevent learning, the medical industry, as I see it, is designed to prevent healing and well being and attempt euthanasia and population reduction while getting filthy rich. I strongly urge you to watch this 1 hour video put together by many Health advocate concerns:     http://www.lef.org/lpages/WarOnHealth/index.htm
It speaks on the matter better than I can in a short space of time.

Feb. 14, 015    As of recent, there have been cries for forced vaccinations, even though vaccines have been shown to be a fraud by real solid science, not political science, which is just pure politics with no science at all behind it. As well, the state thru doctors, can take your child from you and force their preferred method of medical treatment rather than that of the parents. Parents no longer seem to have any rights or ownership of their kids. Who do you suppose is behind that and why? Its not good.


Now, where would we be without addressing the religious bullies?

Religious bullies are among the worst because they have the reputation of being pure and holy. That is to say, they have our trust far more than perhaps politicians might. True, sex scandals have reduced that confidence but there is still some there. Religions take the odd stance that governments seem to. What is that? They like their people (some say sheeple) ignorant so that they can be lied to and manipulated easier. They belittle you if you dare think for yourself or worse, question religious ideas or doctrines of the particular religion or denomination.

Religious leaders are obedient to their hierarchies, rather than God, or the original founders' precepts, if addressing other religions, and they avoid any meaningful discussion of ideas and principles. They, too, suppress freedom of thought, speech, and expression. They often punish members by expelling them for questioning or disputing anything. They mislead and draw attention to meaningless topics and "feel good" theologies, telling you how wonderful you are instead of telling you the danger you are in. This is not the law of love found in the Bible. Its the law of deceit and death.

Many expect bad things from government  or big business, but often not from the religion they belong to. Why are these members so easily fooled? Because they do not read the Bible, which is the founding document of the worship of God, named Jehovah, Yahuwah, or Yahweh, if you prefer. Or the life and teachings of Buddha, which seem to me to be quite different from what Buddhism teaches and does to day. Hindu, to me, seems like an ancient White religion of enslavement. I do not understand its appeal at all. Islam often contradicts the Bible and yet claims descent from it.

In short, people never seem to go back to the source and consider it for themselves. So we become easy prey for bullies and predators.

You/We live in a world of bullies who have no regard for decency, fairness, respect, or anything good. Where does that leave you/us?

To Protect And Serve Their Own Prurient Interests        March 13, 2013
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>>This was the latest from Bob Livingston's Personal Liberty site. Bob is a very tough hitter. I like that! He pulls no punches. His latest is yet another bombshell. New set of bullies this time, or at least a new level of an old bully. You need to be aware. Your missing a serious treat if you do not subscribe to the site above. These are not article you would get in any mainstream publication. Its Bob's turn now!<<

Police officers — whom I call LEOs (legally entitled to oppress) — hate having their authority questioned and can invent all manner of “crimes” with which to charge their victims. Take the case of Kristen Walker as just one example. Her experience was posted on Copblock.org.

Walker was a passenger in a car stopped by two Rochester, N.Y., police cruisers on March 6 at about 1 a.m. She and her boyfriend, James, had just left a 7-Eleven store and had noticed that a security guard/police officer had subjected them to extra scrutiny while they shopped. One officer approached the driver’s side and ordered James to step out of the car and produce his driver’s license. Two officers approached the passenger side, and Kristen rolled down her window and handed her ID to the nearest officer. As she did, she asked why they’d been stopped.

The officer responded, “None of your f—ing business. We don’t have to have a f—ing reason to stop you,” indicating the LEO understands his place in society is to lord over the proletariat class unrestricted by petty laws.

“Well, to make a traffic stop you have to have a reason,” Kristen replied.

She said the officer then responded, “Yeah? You smart-ass little bitch, get the f— out of the car.” She said she complied and was promptly grabbed by the arm, which was twisted behind her back. She told the officer she had been raped in 2007 and suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder as a result, and she was uncomfortable being so handled. She said the officer responded with a chuckle and then slammed her head onto the trunk of a police cruiser.

Kristen admits that after her head was slammed down she yelled something along the lines of “What are you doing?” The response, she said, was for her to shut the f— up. “I have freedom of speech,” was her reply, to which the LEO responded, “Well, your freedom of speech is about to have your freedom taken from you.”

While all this was occurring she was holding her cellphone and trying to record the encounter, and the officer took it away from her and put her in handcuffs. Then, instead of calling for a female officer to conduct a body search, both male officers did a pat-down search, even sticking their hands in her pockets.

An officer then put her in the back of the cruiser with the words, “I should beat the f— out of you.” She responded with, “Go ahead, because if you do, I’ll have your badge.” The officer then pointed his pepper spray canister as if to spray her in the face, but didn’t push the button. He then closed the door, Kristen said.

She watched while one officer went through her phone. When they noticed she was watching, the second officer flipped her the bird. One of the police officers then opened the front passenger door of the cruiser and Kristen asked for his name and badge number. The officer responded with, “Blow me.”

Kristen said she replied with, “Blow you, huh?” To which the officer responded, “Yep, blow me you little whore,” and then closed the door.

As she sat in the car, a female officer approached, looked inside and taunted Kristen for crying.

After a few minutes, a different male police officer approached the car and tried to calm her down. Kristen said she asked him what was going on. He didn’t answer, but asked why she was upset. She says she explained to him about her rape and PTSD and the treatment she’d received.

“I even told him that I thought that police officers are supposed to be held to a higher standard, and he said ‘yes we are but I can’t say anything, because I wasn’t there.’ The officer told me to take deep breaths, and he said he would be back in a few minutes, then he stepped out of the car,” Kristen said.

“He returned and I asked him once again what was going on and the officer says to me that I had reached under my seat which I told him was not true, then he says to me ‘Here’s the deal, we’re going to let you go’ I then told him that I wanted their names and badge numbers, and he says ‘If you get their names and badge numbers you’re either going to jail for disorderly conduct or they’ll take you to the hospital for a mental health arrest.’

“The officer told me that I wouldn’t have to deal with the officers anymore, he said to me ‘I will take you out of the car and I will take the handcuffs off of you and once I do you are to walk around the police car and not say anything and get in your car and leave’, so I did exactly what he told me.”

Notice that the LEO, though appearing to be siding with Kristen, acknowledges that his brothers in blue will fabricate charges if they deem her uncooperative. In other words, she was offered the chance to purchase her freedom from further persecution with her silence.

Neither Kristen nor James was charged with anything, and both were allowed to leave. When they got home, they called 911 and asked for a supervisor. A sergeant called them back and told them they had been stopped because the security guard, who happened to be a Rochester police officer, thought they were suspicious because they seemed to be carrying a lot of cash.

The money they carried was their own, Kristen told the sergeant, the result of cashing their income tax return check earlier in the day. She asked the sergeant for the names and badge numbers of the officers involved, and he refused to give them. He then began asking all manner of personal and irrelevant questions about their activities.

Kristen should thank her lucky stars — and perhaps be grateful for the fact that her boyfriend was present. ---------------------------

Many women aren’t so lucky, as Monica Contreras found out.

While in Las Vegas family court in August 2011 for a routine hearing in a divorce case, Contreras claimed she was sexually assaulted by court marshal Ron Fox after he ordered her into a room for a drug search. When she went back into the courtroom to tell the hearing master (judge) what had happened, Fox told a deputy to arrest her on a contrived charge of “false allegations against a police officer.”

As Contreras pleaded with the deputy and hearing master not to arrest her, the hearing master turned her back. (Watch the video here.) Fox told her the arrest would go away if she recanted, so she agreed to recant. But when she got to the microphone, she stuck to her guns. She was cuffed and led away to jail, and her daughter was put into protective custody.

According to news reports, Contreras filed a complaint with Court Marshal Internal Affairs two months after the incident. Fox was later fired, and a widespread investigation has begun that has uncovered numerous assault allegations and other malfeasance in the court system. ----------------------------

And then there is Magdelena Mol. The young wife and mother had been visiting a friend and called a cab to take her home. As she waited on the street for the taxi to arrive, Justice, Ill., police officer Carmen Scardine stopped in front of her and ordered her into his car.

Scardine demanded identification from Mol and called the dispatcher to run her name but didn’t explain why he had ordered her into his car. When the taxi arrived, he sent it away. Then Scardine drove Mol to a secluded area and sexually assaulted her.

Despite a complaint filed by Mol the next day (which was upheld by the Justice Police Department), Scardine has not been charged with a crime or even terminated. He’s free to terrorize other women in Illinois. -------------------------------

Sara Smith had a similar experience after being involved in a minor traffic accident. Her liability insurance had lapsed, and she was driving with an expired license. But Pittsburgh Police Officer Adam Skweres had a deal for her. The traffic citations could be made to go away in exchange for sexual favors.

Skweres told Smith that “he could make it look like [the accident] was my fault or he could give the driver a ticket for failure to obey signs,” she recalled in an interview with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Skweres quite generously promised that what he would demand of Smith would not be “as bad as what would happen to me in jail.”

Smith, 24, told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: “He said, ‘You don’t know what a young girl like yourself could do for a guy like me.’ He told me if I ever said anything, ‘I’ll make sure you never walk, talk or speak again,’ and looked right at his gun. I didn’t know what to do.”

Despite her complaint, the city of Pittsburgh didn’t take Skweres off the streets until four years later, after he had offered the same deal to at least three other women and attempted to rape a fourth. -----------------------------

William N. Grigg blogs regularly about police abuses. As Grigg notes, on-duty sexual predation happens far more often than most people realize.

As of 2008, there were roughly 600,000 state and local police officers in the United States. If former Seattle Police Chief Norm Stamper is correct, at least 30,000 of them are active sexual predators.

On-duty sexual predation by police officers “happens far more often than people in the business are willing to admit,” Stamper warns in his memoir Breaking Rank: A Top Cop’s Expose of the Dark Side of American Policing. “My cautious guess is that about 5 percent of America’s cops are on the prowl for women. In a department the size of Seattle’s that’s sixty-three police officers. In San Diego [where Stamper began his police career], 145. In New York City, 2,000. The average patrol cop makes anywhere from ten to twenty unsupervised contacts a shift. If he’s on the make, chances are a predatory cop will find you. Or your wife, your partner, your daughter, your sister, your mother, your friend.”

And pity the poor soul who deigns to object to the abuse and tries to resist. Fabricated charges of resisting arrest or disorderly conduct are the usual fallback position of the abusers. That is, if the abused gets out of the encounter alive.     >> This article got a 5 star rating from 124 people and not a point less. These type of articles usually get similar results.<<
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Its Truth 1 again now. Now it is time to ask, what happen to our law enforcement? When did they become the criminals? I ask since I note that officers in higher positions cover for those who commit the acts. As well, courts have the same problem and the City of Pittsburgh seems to be reluctant to reign in officers as well. States and the Feds also keep close communications with law enforcement of all levels. So as I would see it, this is a systemic problem that goes all the way to the very top. I can not see any other way to view this. Your opinions may vary.

These are ultimate bullies who follow no rule of law, but adhere to the law of "might makes right." They want you to know who is boss and that you had better do exactly as they say, or else. Not very comforting, is it? Our rights are gone! The Bill of Rights? Up in smoke, it would appear! The devil is now showing his true colors. He, who rules all the nations, as they are his to rule, till God steps in, is showing you how much love he has for humans. He does not give a damn about their feelings or rights. You will do as you are told, or else!!! Get the picture?

So rape is not off the table nor out of the question. All is fair to bullies. As you will see later in this article, forced sex will be a common thing, though in fact, it may already be a common thing. But this is that brave new world we have been told is so great. The enlightened nations want to brutally subject you to obedience. You are now slaves. You belong to the state, who can do with you as it pleases. The many lies told to us for 200 years and more are now exposed openly as lies.

We have been hallucinating for over 200 years. We lived in a world of illusions. Now harsh reality is upon us. Lincoln did not free any slaves. They remained slaves after so called emancipation and now our shackles are clearly visible to us. But I have yet another, even greater concern.

The nations are looking pretty bad right now, wouldn't you say? But what if this was the intended result? That is, to have the nations look and act horrible so that we beg for relief from these nasty bullies! And then, a great figure comes along with great power and stops the mean nations from bullying anymore. And he scolds them for their outrageous conduct. He dissolves the nations and creates a new World Government run by him, as both God and Christ and maybe other gods, too.

Well, that is what the Bible foretells. Known most commonly as the antichrist, but also man of sin, among others. He will have the temple in Jerusalem rebuilt and he will sit down in it, declaring himself to be God and Christ, too. He will fool many, most, almost all!

But here is the real irony. He is not God, nor is he alien, or from another planet or the spiritual realm. He is a human being from the human race. He "magic" will be impressive, but still deceptive and just advanced technology kept from us for now over 100 years.

But as well, he was trained and supported by the earthly powers belonging to men. Big Business and Finance, who own and run all the nations are behind him. That's right! The ones he will scold and tell you were so terrible are actually the same ones who brought him about in the 1st place. They will play along and pretend they are getting a spanking, but its all just an act and game.

The Bible in both Daniel and Revelation describe nations and empires as wild vicious treacherous beasts. One beast in particular, the 7-headed 10-horned one of Revelation 13, is behind the antichrist. "Babylon the Great" is the ultimate force behind the 7-headed 10-horned beast, riding it and ruling it, steering it as she pleases. But the real spirit behind it all is the devil, Satan. He has been mean and nasty from the beginning.

He and his Antichrist will promise wonderful things for you all. But remember his track record over the last 6,019 years. Its a real miserable rotten life for all here on earth. Wonderful will turn into disastrous. Satan lies in order to trick and deceive us into doing as he wants us to do. And that is to die and, if possible, miss out on everlasting eternal life. He really just wants us all dead. But if he said that, no one would go along with him. So he lies, just as he did in the garden of Eden.

So I am telling you now, how this will all go. You will be bullied until Antichrist shows up. And then you will be told lies and promises. Do not believe them. And I stand by my declaration th at comes later in this article, that participation in "free" sex will be mandatory, and neither woman or child will be spared in this. All must participate, in order to "spread the love," no doubt, and draw us all closer together. Don't go along with it. Go along with God. He has not lied to you and has told you things were going to happen this way. This will be the most important choice you will ever make.

RSV) Isaiah 46:
  8 "remember this and consider, recall it to mind, you transgressors,
  9 remember the former things of old; for I am god, and there is no other; I am god, and there is none like me,
10 declaring the end from the beginning and from ancient times things not yet done, saying,
     ‘my counsel shall stand, and I will accomplish all my purpose,’"

RSV) Isaiah 48:
  3 "the former things I declared of old, they went forth from my mouth and I made them known;
      then suddenly I did them and they came to pass.

  5 I declared them to you from of old, before they came to pass I announced them to you, lest you should say,
     ‘my idol did them, my graven image and my molten image commanded them.’
12 "hearken to me, O Jacob, and Israel, whom I called! I am he, I am the first, and I am the last.
13 my hand laid the foundation of the earth, and my right hand spread out the heavens;
     when I call to them, they stand forth together.

A PTSD A-bomb  .  .  .  set to go off any time now
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PTSD = Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, the current term for what at one time, used to be called shell shock or battle fatigue. PTSD is interesting because what it really is, is an overload.  The mind can only take and absorb so much stress, distress, and trauma, and then it starts to break down and functions of the mind begin to fail. Dr. Janov claims, and I believe, that if one experiences trauma or toxins while in the womb, such as smoking, alcohol, drugs, a mother's stress; things like this can render a new born baby pre-traumatized and very unprepared for the normal stresses of life. And if too much stress is absorbed, then they exhibit extremes in behavior classified as PTSD.

I was graciously allowed to use this interesting picture by the artist who did it, Marcel Flisiuk, also a Mainer, but who once lived in New Orleans for a time. It has often influenced his work. He calls this work "PTSD #4." I was taken by it due to its interesting way of expressing symbolism.

There is this contrast between a bleak room with no color and a person who looks terrible and distorted. Indeed, PTSD and depression can be like this. Those who suffer from it so no light (or color?) at the end of the tunnel. Marcel is most outstanding for his love of color and gradients and his unusual imagery. There is just that one small window in back offering color and maybe hope. All we need to do is look out the window, and take a new direction.

PTSD is no small matter. It threatens the survival of the human race, says I. If you had PTSD, you might feel like this guy looks. To heal and prevent PTSD, we must be willing to take a hard honest look at ourselves, no matter how uncomfortable it makes us feel. We must stop the real causes of PTSD. Do we have the courage to do that?

I might point out that this picture arrived by an email link from Marcel, the day after I began this article. And in the next few days that followed, all sorts of news times fell into place in the media. Right, wrong, or conceited, I took it as a sign from God that I was on the right track. W

e are in serious trouble and I wanted the world to know it.

The military also has another classification, MST, Military Sexual Trauma, another of saying rape or very reluctant and intimidated surrender of their bodies. Really, this might be better called Mass Systemic Rape Assault (MSRA). It would be more honest in my opinion.

It is possible to have PTSD while never having been in the military. Extreme abuse or torment, over a long continual period, can render the same PTSD results.

Ask any old person or read accounts of how it was in the 30s and 40s, and you will discover a world that had far more care and decency in it, far more compassion and understanding. Over the last 60 years ( about 1950 onward ), that has all disappeared. The 70s, to me, was the real start in earnest, of the many changes that were desired to be being about. But since things were mild and relatively OK, then it took some time before we really began to notice a difference. I do believe it was the 90s when this became tragically clear.

Lying, deceiving, cheating, all became more common by the year. Serial killers began in the 70s and never looked back or abated since. Wild strange dress among the young, such as Mohawk hair styles, weird piercings, crazy clothing styles, mutilation, more tattoos being had, all came in, in the late 70s and into the 80s. They were signs of youth feeling a certain way on the inside and expressing it outside.

When I first went to school in 64, I caught hell from my teacher twice because my mother was walking me to school. No other kid was walked to school. Of course, it was my mother's decision to do so, but I liked having her along as well. First, take note that such things were being watched for and "corrected." It was no business of the school as to what my mother did. Further, they dared not confront her, so they bullied me, so that I would ask her to stop. I did, cause I hated being singled out and chewed out, in essence, implying I was a baby. I did let my mother know what they did. My mother resented their intrusion. And this was way back in 64!

Contrast that with today. Hardly a parent anywhere lets their kid in at least grades k-3, is my estimate, go to school unaccompanied by mom or dad. People wait for the buses to arrive as well. And it is justified. Predators are now looking for any chance and have gotten more bold. But no kid was accompanied when I was young. Now it is just the opposite. It has gotten much worse. Bullies and predators are everywhere. How did this happen? It did not just happen. There has to be a reason, a cause. Are we brave enough to admit what it is or to ever dare to search for what it is? For the sake of our kids, who we claim to love, we ought to.

Business was very busy developing industry overseas, beginning in the 70s and becoming much more obvious in the 90s. Jobs slowly migrated overseas but gained great speed with time. We already discussed going Postal and school shootings in the 90s on. I could go on all day about these things. But what I see now, day to day around me, is people who are much more selfish and do not care about anyone but themselves and they are far more treacherous and far less trustworthy. Almost everyone is now giving up and joining in the "me first" attitude. People even drive indifferently, if not recklessly and angrily. People anger easily. Tension is everywhere. Depression is up and so are prescription drugs for depression. Psychiatry and psychology have never had it so good.

Almost every move we make now becomes a war. Every bill or transaction becomes a necessary dispute. Almost nothing goes right. The work place is a nightmare as I have discussed already. In entertainment, the behavior of performers has become very sexualized and provocative. This was all hidden from kids in the 60s. So what are our children supposed to think about such behavior? Given how mothers dress their very young daughters, like at 6 or 7, I would say that the racy and provocative is being adopted by these girls. I doubt this is an accident. Further, what can you say about mothers who are supposed to teach their girls some sense and limits, for their own good? The mothers, instead, enjoy the attention their daughters are getting, almost as if it were the mothers that were getting it. What chance does a young girl have, when the most important person to protect her, uses her to make themselves feel better, because they produced a beautiful, sexy, provocative girl? Is there any sanity left? I'm not seeing it!

For that matter, we now encourage women to join the military because producing young is such a meaningless activity, so they think. Or worse, they join the military and have to leave their kids with grandma or other relatives. Now women have been granted the "right" to enter the combat force, which they had been kept from to this point. This opens up the draft, should we enact one and we will, to take all eligible women, as well as men, and send them to combat to die or be raped by both their comrades and the enemy. Oh my, what amazing progress we have made, huh? You've come a long way, baby!

Now many suggested that we were not treating women fairly by denying them the right to die and/or be raped first . . . or vice-versa. We sure do love our women folk, huh? If that is love, I'd sure hate to see hate. In all civilizations and times prior to the late 20th century, women were protected and sheltered and valued. Not anymore. Or is there another goal in mind as well. I'll get to that but not quite yet.

The military is producing many more psychological casualties than ever before. PTSD is very high. Suicides are at an all time high in the military as well. Where is it all going to end? I was afraid you'd ask that. Are you sure you want to know? OK, here we go.

PTSD is now being found in the general non-military world now. That is, the civilian world. Youth are enduring far more grief and abuse than ever before. Life shows far less hope and far more frustration, especially for men. I noticed in the 90s, that anytime I saw teenagers in a car, it would be a girl driving and the boy on the passenger side. It used to be the opposite when I went to high school in the 70s. Boys see no hope and are not progressing and maturing as they once had.

Torment, frustration, hopelessness, abuse, these all accumulate in a human being and when the accumulation becomes enough, you get depression first, and then you could progress to PTSD. PTSD can result from major traumas inflicted multiple times as in a war, or not quite as powerful traumas and even less than total trauma, but repeated many many times over, can produce the same PTSD effect. PTSD starts to seriously impair normal useful functioning. I have seen people with it, too. They can not really do anything adequately. It was as if they were in a glazed trance and looking off into space with a blank look and no ability to focus or concentrate, with multiple disorders and hang-ups. It was as if they had become retarded. Drugs do not really help, either. One guy used alcohol all the time. He was in total denial of what he had become, which was next to useless. I'm just being honest.

Some can be really angry or have a lot of anger inside. You don't want to set that off. But what if almost everyone had PTSD? Would the world come to a stop? It could. Or maybe worse! Worse? Yes, worse! What if they just broke down and all threw decency to the wind and just went nuts, total abandonment of law, goodness, decency, morality, integrity, and the like. I say it has already happened. What if everyone became like a street gang, where rule by the strongest and most ruthless, became the rule of  law? What if compassion were totally abandoned and rights and protections were zero? What if kids became accepted sexual prospects that adults all took part in?

"Oh, Truth1, you have gone nuts!" Oh, you think so, huh? Consider this, my friends. The Children of God "Cult," first started by David Berg in California in 1968. It later also become known as " the Family of Love" and then just " the Family." It began as wife swapping among members, who loved each other, of course. The problem was and is, that the Bible does not allow wife swapping, whether due to love or not. But it did not stop there. Once the door was open for sex with others, "because they loved each other," well, then, if they love their kids, then it must be good to really love them all the way, as well, right?. So parents began "loving" their children, and by that, I mean sex with the children, then some began sharing their kids with other members who they loved, of course, so they shared. Who knows what might still be going on or not. Supposedly, it was stopped. But I suspect it continues. With cults, there is no way of knowing for sure unless someone defects adn squeals.

Nor is this the only time that such open community sex has taken place in the name of God or some other religion. The Fundamental Latter Day Saints, FLDS, were found to be trading their daughters off to each other in polygamist marriages. Early Mormonism also practiced polygamy and the elite all had numerous wives, including founders Joseph Smith and Brigham Young. Free sex groups have long been in operation in the USA. The only thing they have not done is invite kids. I say it will come. I'll get to an explanation soon.

But what remains is that we are getting worse, from a mental health standpoint and this is putting us in grave danger, as is evidenced by escalating violence in our society and a looming WWIII in our future. The last world war was a disaster for the USA and Europe, too. You can check this article for more on that. I'll link it at the end, too. WWII helped change and transform our society for the worse, much worse. What will the next one do?

Now don't get me wrong. I am not saying there is any hope of stopping the insanity. We are going to do the stupid thing and as Jesus once put it, "unless those days had been cut short (stopped), no flesh would be saved." That does not sound very promising to me. But I point these things out in hopes that intelligent rational people can see the stupid course we are on, and maybe decide to give God a try, after all.


Feb. 7, 2013: Just tonight, NBC 6:30 PM Evening News has a brief story called "Stressed Out." Research conducted among the workplace population, found that 19-33 year olds were the most stressed.
The next group, Gen-X'ers, 34-47 years old, was the next highest stressed out group.
Baby Boomers, aged 48-64, were less stressed than the younger 2,
and the 65 and over were the least stressed of all.
            Now stress was rated according to how those taking the survey described their anxiety levels and stress. So it was a subjective survey from those who took the test. but it was objective in the collective results, which were universal and consistent. The younger they were, the more they were stressed. the older they were , the less they felt stressed. Do you get the picture?

The world that retirees lived in, those born in 1949 or earlier, was far less stressful, far kinder, innocent, trusting, reasonable, honest, caring, etc. I might add that Boomers began being tracked, according most sources, as 1947 onward. Some might say 1946. Had they done this survey, separating people born before 1940, rather than 49, they would have had even more drastic results, I believe, with those before 1940 feeling even much less stress.

My theory throughout this article, combined with another 2 that I will link at Related Articles at the end of this, has been that since damage and psychological harm have been mounting and accumulating and getting worse, from conception to death, that each successive generation has carried a great stress load as our society progressively degrades and becomes more psychologically toxic. This survey appears to be living proof of that fact! That it happens to be reported only 4 days after I begin writing, was too good to be true. Bless their little hearts.

So in many respects, the biggest danger our society may be heading toward, is the breaking point where large numbers of USA citizens and the entire world population, may become largely PTSD or very close to it. They certainly may hit a breaking point. There is such a thing as a nervous breakdown. It may be just a form of PTSD, really. It is in many ways, almost like receiving a lobotomy. Only this time, it may affect the pre-frontal cortex more, rather than the frontal lobes.

What most do not want to admit, is that it is the way our society functions, rotten attitudes are finally reaching toxic proportions that are debilitating the world. We have to change what we are doing. The world of even the 1940s, described in one of those other 2 articles (On Credibility Gap) I mentioned of mine, was far nicer than now. We actually have to go back in time and start doing many things the way we used to do them. Constant never-ending change has go to stop. Changes need to be made on a much slower basis and probably not as many changes, either. Why the hurry for change? Because those controlling the world want something and they want it now and fast, as of yesterday. They have been pushing vast changes in a very short time, to get to where they want more quickly. We are all suffering and they do not give a damn.

Greater stress has many implications. At the top of the list is a very much weakened immune system. that means if a disease of sufficient strength, hits the world, It may be the young that suffer most, not only because of a stress-weakened immune system, but by a nutritionally-weakened, and genetically & epigenetically-weakened immune system. Vast numbers will not be able to resist the onslaught. Maybe that is the intent, huh? Anyway, make no mistake about this. You are under attack and are in great danger because of the hatred we are breeding among ourselves. Indifference to others is really out and out hate, for what it leads to is lots of mental anguish and a substantially reduced lifespan.

"There is another old poet whose name I do not now remember who said, 'Truth is the daughter of Time.' "
        Abraham Lincoln

But let me say, things will not change. They will get worse. They have just about reached their climax of evil. I write only to warn those who do not like what is going on, and ask them to consider what God has to offer. I believe God is your only option, other than the devil.

What Is Slavery?
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So far, I have discussed stress that leads to a breakdown. But now we must discuss the condition of slavery we all exist in.

Does more than 50% of your earned income go to taxes? Remember to count Social Security, Medicare, hidden taxes on certain foods you buy, both state and federal income taxes, sales taxes, property taxes, a form of rent. Building and renovation fees, registration fees, excise taxes, and the like. You pay near to 50%. And the principle price you pay for things you buy, have the seller's taxes added in as well, and the manufacturer's, if it is someone else.

Half your labor is for others, not yourself. It might be more, really. Most of your choices have been taken from you as well. You can not choose as to whether you wear seat belts or not. Most states force you to. You can not modify your house at all without permission, plans, and fees. Employers dictate your every move. You have no real rights. An employer can easily make up excuses to escape laws forbidding employers from retaliation or discrimination. and employers can be as nasty to you and abusive in words and deeds. He owes nothing to you and can pretty much hire and fire at will, regardless of what laws say.

We have few prerogatives left to us. But lets consider how slavery started in the Human family. I have written about this in other articles, but will say a few things here. When the 1st tribes developed among Man, it soon became evident that some things could be done with minimal labor while others could be quite work intensive. So farming was left to a few to feed much greater numbers of people. That enabled others to be drawn off into specialized labor such as crafts, carpentry, clothing, war implements, military training, traveling merchants, animal trainers, ore miners, metal smelters and more.

But with divisions of labor, each sort of job servant depended on the others for their full sustenance. They had no independence but were totally dependant, that is so say, enslaved, by the system created by division of labor and being taken from having their own land. Ownership of land has always been the only means of any sort of freedom. Even then, you might get "taxed" for protection and rights to enter a walled city for protection if an attacker should show up.

We, too, today, live in a division of labor system whereby we have no choice or independence. We either work or die or suffer pretty severe poverty and deprivation. We can not opt out of the system very easy, if at all. Most of us are quite "hooked" on the very common luxuries most of us have grown quite used to, if not addicted to. Many of these things are now necessities to live in our world.

We are wage and tax slaves at best. And it we buy land in the middle of nowhere, we will soon be visited by tax assessors and building code enforcement. Your house made of piled dirt, while capable of sustaining life, will not be allowed under most codes. So you are not allowed to pursue unusual lifestyles that they cannot easily tax, regulate, and otherwise control.

Further, if you have savings, business interests and dealings, the USA makes it law to reveal any and all of these formerly private matters. Not only is this for tax purposes, but also to discern what you do with your time and business affairs, such as maybe a illicit drug importing and distribution, or selling your self for some additional income, or anything else you might do. Selling anything on your property for very long? Might be illegal due to zoning and they want to make sure you are declaring all income. Maybe you are growing something you should not be, even if only for personal use.

If you were to visit a foreign country as a USA citizen, the USA claims continued jurisdiction over you and makes you accountable to USA laws, even if what is forbidden in the USA, is perfectly legal or accepted in the country you are visiting.

I could go on and on about how little you can really do in the USA or most industrial/consumer nations.

Slavery is not being able to live independently, with no accountability required in doing so. Trust is gone for many reasons, but mostly for money reasons. Slavery is not having options. If you have offended previous employers for say, insisting on employee rights and reasonable treatment that anyone should be entitled to, you may get black-balled and not be able to find work anywhere. You'll find out how free you are then.

Our rights of speech are now about zero. You can say what you want at work but you might get fired for it. You can publish anything, but you might get sued or imprisoned for it, or at least a fine. Your freedoms are just about zero. If you work hard, keep you  mouth shut and your ideas to yourself, you might get along OK, as long as no one wants whatever it is you got; your job/position, your wife, your status, reputation, your land (I know something about that one) or anything else you might have.

But here is the paradox. We are told that we are free, live in a democracy of voting and choice and we make the laws. Oh, I was hoping you would bring this up. We have choices and options, they say. Well, some more than others.

I say these are all lies and illusions. We are controlled by economics, money, and especially debt from loans and bills. We can not control our representatives in DC. They do whatever they want, without any accountability to us. Go ahead! Try and make them accountable and tell me how that works out for ya. I'll be all ears. We can not get laws abolished or changed. Supposedly it would be easy to tell legislators and they would listen. It has never worked at all. All lies all the time. Corporations tell legislators what to legislate and vote for. We lose every time. We, the little people, that is.

But honestly, when you start out in life, how are you supposed to afford a house now? You start with a huge price and a far more bigger price for the accumulated interest paid over the years, to the tune of 3 to 5 times the price of the house. Is that really fair? Will your job and income even last that long? Not likely! We have no control over the many things we depend on to survive such as home heating, gas for transportation, repairs, clothing, food, and so much more. If it goes up, too bed. Pay it anyway. Can't do it? Live in a cardboard box or a tent, or in a shelter where nothing is safe from being stolen, if you have anything left, that is.

Or you could join the military, and get limbs blown off, or your head screwed over, and even die, not to mention rape. It is almost certain that you will suffer some serious emotional damage by having all your rights taken from you, even more so than when you were a civilian. You answer to your superiors 24 hours a day. They control every little aspect of your life. How's that for slavery ???

You are not free if you do not have a guarantee to work, fair pay-income. Most of us are not paid anywhere near fair enough wages if we live in the bottom 50% or maybe even the bottom 75%.

So I hate to break the news to you, but you are a slave, more than ever before in history. Now every person on earth is enslaved so that ultimate power and control can be exercised over the entire world and everyone in it. This is what the devil has been working on for the last 6,021 (approximately) years.

As I see it, slavery is more severe now than ever before. Some will say that we were more sexually exploited in the past, compared to now. That is a good topic to bring up. I have siphoned off my other parts of this former article, dealing with rape and sexual slavery, forced prostitution and that sort of thing. but how different is it really from today. If you have ever read much by me, you know I am setting this up to turn it on its proverbial head.

Let me say this. The more things change, the more they stay the same. We live in an age of deceit, where evil is carried on all around us, without us even realizing it is going on and yet, the evidence is all around us for us all to see if we want to see it. We are told nonsense to our faces thru TV, media, schools, enforcement, everything everywhere. The difference is that most evil is done in secret now, behind closed doors, or underground, kept away from public knowledge and visibility. Our world also uses deceptive language to obscure the truth of matters.

Slavery can make us angry, irritated, frustrated. Taxes and fees keep going up up up. Where does it end? It doesn't! Then married couples fight with each other out of frustration and taking our their moods on whoever is near them. Marriage break up. Kids lose a parent. They get mad at their brothers, sisters, friends. They grow up angry. So now we have a world filled with PTSD.  We have literally been raised in a war zone called life.

Cyber Bullying
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I got an email dated July 8, 2016 concerning Cyber Bullying. I got it July 9. A woman, Ruth had seen my (this) article and offered another link to consider for my article. I checked out the link thought it looked promising and certainly had important things to consider. So here we go with another interesting aspect of bullying that has come about due to the internet and social sites as well as texting. I have no cell phone (yes, I live in a cave) and do not text. I use some social sites for causes and movements.

But the young, teens and even getting down into the 9-12 age range, girls in particular, they often live and die by these types of social interactions. I noted Ruth was from Vancouver. So what, you say! Canada is very liberal and also is a strong bastion of Feminism. And Cyber-bullying has been a topic of concern to them. But often, they seem to go off track. But there is lots of reason to be very concerned about Cyber-bullying.

Below was the link sent. Lots of good things in it. If there are what I see as errors, I will address them but what I had seen prior, it was good material to consider.

Cyberbullying: What Is Cyberbullying and How to Stop It

"Cyberbullying affects countless teens and adolescents. A 2015 random sample study of 11-15 year olds in the Midwest found that over 34% reported being the victim of cyberbullying in their lifetime. Other studies have found that 1 in 4 teens have been cyberbullied. Victims of cyberbullying are much more likely to use alcohol and drugs, avoid school and have poor grades, experience depression and low self-esteem, and may even contemplate suicide."

I will get into the details, but there is no doubt that the young, in general, have become very mean, thoughtless, hateful, and cruel, extremely so. A grievous sign of the times. And the teen years are full of problems as it is. When peers turn on you, often for no legitimate reason, it can damage kids for life or even contribute to suicide. So I ask, How did it get this way, why, and how do we fix it or avoid it? First, lets define it. I am going to use the definition given at the site link sent to me.

https://www.callersmart.com/guides/49/What-Is-Cyberbullying-and-How-to-Stop-It#/what-is-cyberbullying :

The link just below might be the same article as above, or maybe its update.


What Is Cyberbullying?

"Cyberbullying is a broad term and is any form of abuse repeatedly directed at a child through technology by another child. This could be online through social media, like Facebook, or via text messages on their mobile phones. Some of the forms that cyberbullying can take include:

>>Truth 1>> This is super nasty stuff. Tormenters are extreme in their meanness and nastiness. They go all out as if they were after some super hideous criminal. They clearly intend to be just as hurtful and humiliating as is humanly possible. What is behind a madness like this? I know that some will say, just stay off the net. But honestly, the net has become part of the lives of most people, myself included, even in a "cave." Besides, this sounds to me like blaming the victim or copping out on the real issues at stake.

"With 92% of teens reporting going online at least once daily and 24% stating that they are "online constantly," the amount of potential exposure to cyberbullying is high. Unlike bullying, cyberbullying can be unrelenting and seem inescapable since it is online and on phones. It can happen at anytime of day, follows pre-teens and teens home after school, and is often completely anonymous.

Cyberbullies can create fake social media profiles and download apps that provide temporary disposable numbers that allow them to send threatening text messages without the victim knowing the identity of their attacker.

In addition to the anonymity, messages, images, and videos can also be spread very quickly via social media and group text messages. Once the information has been shared it's impossible to delete all of the occurrences of it since it can be downloaded by individuals and repeatedly uploaded."

>>Truth 1>> The solution is not to avoid the net. Next you will say, if I have employment problems, I should avoid employers. But our laws say no, employers have to be reasonable and responsible as employers for proper conduct (specified in laws). I say its the same for the net. We all have a right to be there and there is a lot to gain and make use of on the net and there have to be some limits on behavior.

That said, I fear asking law and government to intervene where free speech is at stake and where censorship looms, looking for an excuse. My thoughts would first be, what can we do to make the net safer from bullies without going to extremes or involving the law. But it has to be said that the law is already involved in free speech, bullying, stalking, harassment, and more. So I don't see why the net should not end up with some sort of legal protection.

If someone libel or slander against us, there are laws to enable a lawsuit for such conduct.

>>Truth 1>> Sexting via cellphone and the net are different in that the victim causes some of their own suffering. They send a naked picture out and it is not treated with the respect and privacy assumed. Many authorities say, do not send naked picture and that is good advice. But many continue to ignore it. More to come.

Facts About Cyberbullying


>>Truth 1>>  Though there is a difference in percentages of girls vs boys, but at a roughly 40 to 30 ratio, which is 4 to 3 ratio, I don't consider that to be an important factor. Its not about gender, its about civility and  and some basic respect for all other peoples. No one deserves to be continually humiliated and targeted for cruelty and real cruel verbal or public-publicity dissemination. Race, Gender, Age, none of these are any different from each other. Its about bullying and nothing else. It is a vicious assault on a person's feelings and sense of self worth. That girls are more involved in Cyber or Social bullying is worth noting.

The danger is when you start to define these by law. Calling someone a name such as "dumb ass," while far from nice, is it enough to merit legal intervention? I say no. But then where is that line in the sand? well, if it is continual and extreme and really nasty by anyone's standard, then we have a case for laws to be made of some sort.

You will  note in my quotes of Yahoo like/dislikes further back in this article, that there is most often a very strong consensus against bullying so it should not be hard to establish a standard that is objective to a strong majority. Landslide elections are said to be at least 60 to 40. That is a 3 to 2 margin. Many of the Yahoo figures are like 7 to 1 or even 20 to 1 or 30 to 1, far in excess of 3 to 2.

The problem is that often, governments are not careful, often because they are exploiting a situation with a hidden agenda that ruins the intent of fixing something. An example would be testing while driving. It has become a very big problem. The solution in most places if given the far more ambiguous name of "distracted driving" which makes many things that were never a problem or a danger before, suddenly become a major big deal and fine, even if just idling at a light, waiting for it to turn green. The law saw it as an opportunity to pick our pockets rather than to fix a real problem, without going insane. This is what is so dangerous when dealing with governments and law. They do not care about problems and people. They care about money and greed. We don't want to encourage that.

Cyberbullying Laws

"Each state has different laws and policies regarding bullying, however, there is no federal anti-bullying law at the moment. Of the 50 states that have anti-bullying laws, 23 states include the term "cyberbullying" and 48 states include a definition of electronic harassment in their anti-bullying laws.

The only state that does not require schools to have an anti-bullying policy is Montana. Of the 49 states that have mandatory school anti-bullying policies, 14 states have mandatory off-campus anti-bullying policies as well."

>>Truth 1>>  Now is the important time to bring up real facts. Just a little earlier, cyberbullying was restricted to teens and girls, primarily. But is that where we still are when discussing cyberbully laws in states in the USA? Its not said. But now we are going to take a trip to Canada and the UN and around.

In Toronto, Ontario, CA, what I call "professional" adult (so called) female cyberbullies rule the courts and society. They haunt Twitter and youtube and if someone disagrees with them or their cause, then they resort to doing any thing possible to make trouble for their critics, no matter how false immoral the tactic. SJWs seem to have a strong presence in Toronto. My opinion is that Toronto, in many ways, is the real capitol of Canada, rather than Ottawa. Its on the Great Lakes and is near the center of CA and is either the 1st or 2nd largest city in CA, with Edmonton and Vancouver being the other 2 prominent cities, as far as I know.

These feminists and SJWs are, as I see it, abusers of the system and are subversives and leftists. They made trouble for Thunderfoot on youtube and Jian Gomeshi as well. They look for trouble wherever they can find it. These are real genuine cyberbullies. Make no mistake about that. They graduated high school but retained that hostile bullying tendency they likely carried on high school and continued in adulthood  in the real world. Yet, they claim they are the victims and they are being cyberbullied, because some one disagreed with them or called them a name. Its a very clever ploy but not honest or moral as far as I can see.

The problem is that these SJWs, and their sponsors that I suspect they have, on Patreon or whatever, have the backing and support of all the media and governments, most major employers and many civic organizations as well. Courts do not require evidence for SJWs. We are supposed to take their word for what they say, because they are women. That is not a reason and no court is legitimate that does not require evidence. There have even been repeated calls from these bullying activists to reduce men to a mere 10% of their current numbers in the world. This is hate speech if I have ever heard it. If the world is at 7 billion, then men are about 3.5 billion. To reduce us to 10% means that 3.1 billion of us have to go. Now that makes 6 million Jews look insignificant by comparison.

Pure unadulterated genocide of most men. Want to talk about bullies? And where are the protests regarding all this hate and genocide? Not one single voice expressing any displeasure, except yours truly, Truth1.

Now perhaps you can all see the position I am in, in trying to help teens, while not aiding SJWs at all and wanting to make them liable to the same standards we all have to meet, in theory. They say they want equality. I do too! I want the same requirement and standards for all races and sexes. All judged by a fair unbiased consistent standard. True equality!

How do we help teens AND put a stop to SJW hate and advocating of genocide?
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I believe any objective person should be able to see the extreme contrast just above. In both cases, the most common bullies are females. Whether teen females abusing other teen females or feminist SJWs bullying men, particularly white men I might add. Muslims are OK as are Blacks.

But I am not going to turn this into a woman bashing. Bullying is done by all to all. Its wrong and its wicked, regardless of who does it or who is picked on. The crime is the important thing, not who or even why.  To be honest, as regards teens, I don't think they have much of a reason. They just do it for kicks and giggles, and teens' lives get ruined. It needs to stop.

I brought up early ins this article, first written in 2013. I asked how we could enforce a prohibition of bullying and cyberbullying, while we are at it.

But since the elite seem to set the tone and pace of things, I am not sure we have much  recourse against bullying. I think we need to take a look at what we as a society have become. This won't be pleasant.

We have become a very hostile, insensitive, mean-spirited, hateful species toward our fellow human beings. See if this scripture doesn't fit or not:

2 Timothy 3:
1 But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come:
2 For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,
3 unloving, unforgiving, slanderers, without self-control, brutal, despisers of good,
4 traitors, headstrong, haughty, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God,
5 having a form of godliness but denying its power. And from such people turn away!

Sounds a bit like our day, doesn't it? A really nasty bunch. It was not like this in the 1960s when I grew up for my first 10 years. Where did we go wrong. First, we thru God out of our lives. We hated the niceness stuff and polite stuff that He demanded. And all those sexual restraints. What a burden! Civility? We would not have it! So we got what we deserved and asked for.

I recall an incident in my youth when I did not hold the door at a store for my father. He told me that I should hold the door for people. I asked why? He said because it was polite and thoughtful. I told him I thought it was dumb. What was so tough about opening a door? I said I did not need anyone holding a door for me? I could do it myself. I forget his comeback but he was not able to defend his argument. But he was right. Let me show you what he should have said, but did not.

Holding a door is nothing. But that we show concern for those near to us is vital. We should be aware there are others in front of us and in back and be concerned for them, always, and be thoughtful of them, always. Our level of concern and care for others is evident in our close encounters with them. Our feelings should always be moved by them being near. There should be no indifference in our feelings for them. We sow what we reap and if we let our love and concern for other become indifferent, it will soon become hostile and vicious. It is as if we were riding a river of indifference. Go with the current and you may soon end up going over a waterfall and drowning. Resist the current and you can avoid having your heart and feelings grow cold.

Put plain, one has to keep the fires of care and concern burning brightly inside us or we will lose our care and concern and that will become deadly in time. We see that now.

I'll put it yet another way. If we aim very high, and we fall somewhat short, we still might have accomplished something worthy. But if we aim low and miss that, how far have we gone? Maybe not far at all. And if we do not tray at all, we will fail utterly. so we should try to be all that we can, and as best as possible, try to reach our full potential so that if we do not accomplish all we wanted, we will still have accomplished something worthwhile.

What has also contributed to indifference, if not hate, is the growing disparity between the have's and the have not's. There are those who are among the local elites who run everything in their area thru their network of others like them. They boss principals and superintendents. They control city politicians. And their kids run the schools and the rest of the kids in the schools. I see it all the time. School is very much like how a prison runs. The few big leaders run the joint and everyone else better behave and not piss off the "bosses" or the wardens, for that matter.

And then we have the even higher levels of society like politicians, lawyers, judges, very big businessmen, of various degrees. Its the 10% running the 90% and its brutal now. Most work places are very hostile unforgiving, intolerant places where everyone bows to the will of the "boss" or the "big boss."

Compassion is gone. Restraint of rotten attitudes? Nonexistent! Let your misery rip? Its everywhere! Take it our on all those beneath you! But don't dare do it to those above you, if you know what is good for you.

We don't have respect for others anymore. It shows and it makes a difference. We are an entire species of hate. Can we fix all this? I say no! Once the Genie is out of the bottle, he is not going back in. Only God can put him back in that bottle. so what do we do? I was hoping you would ask.

What is the worst problem with bullying and don't say its the internet or cell phones. Its schools. placing lots of kids of the very same age into a dense crammed atmosphere of intense peer pressure, that is not natural or healthy. The Government does this deliberately, starting right from when schools became mandatory in 1860. This is the breeding ground for hate.

Understand that in the old one room schools of small farm communities, most were near the same in economic levels and the gap between the lowest and highest social strata was not big. So there was no one to lord it over the others too high. Now there is a huge gap the kids at the top are way above the ones at the bottom and the top lets the bottom know whose boss! Where do they get that attitude? From their parents! Where else?

Priority 1.  Get your kids to hell out of school, fast! Their sanity depends upon it.

Social media has become a real problem, an extension of the school environment. When I was in school, school ended when you went home. Now it never ends. Its on social media 24/7. But if your kids do not attend school, then they don't know you or who you are. Do you see the brilliance? Get them to hell out of school ASAP! Can I say it any louder? Then social media does not know you. if you have a friend or two around, watch where you do on social media. Makes friends in other parts of the country. Don't seek out lots of locals. you may end up in trouble. Stay to your own class level. Don't mix with the rich kids.

Some will say, its hard to home-school. I need to work. You are going to have to make sacrifices somewhere. I gave you the number one solution. From there, its your decision as to  how much you want to extend yourself. But getting rid of school and controlling your  activities on social media pretty much solve most of your problems.

The problem with getting laws to protect or punish is that those laws are enforced by the status quo government, made up of society's elites, the ones whose kids are making trouble for your kids. How far do you figure you will get doing that? Better to solve problem yourself, if possible. Besides, you can not legislate niceness and decency. And you can not prosecute the persecutors very easy, either.

As for Feminists and SJWs, I think they are on their way out. They are not going to be able to fit in the coming agenda very easy. Without the heavy funding from the elite, says I, they will crumble. Their agenda will dissolve and they will fall apart. The old saying says, "give them enough rope!" and they will do the rest to themselves. The elite are never loyal or kind to those they use. SJWs will join the dinosaurs in extinction. God will take care of them.

Sexting Laws            continuing the cyberbullying site:
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"As of July 2015, only 20 states had sexting laws in place. All 20 states that have in place sexting laws address cases in which the individual sending the inappropriate content is under 18. Only 18 of the 20 states address cases in which the recipient of the messages, images, or video is under 18.

There are currently 26 states that have laws in place to protect victims of revenge porn."

>>Truth 1>>  If there is one thing I stand for, it is teaching children to be responsible and accountable. If you don't teach them,  you must hate them and want to see them suffer, because they will, if you don't warn them what life is really like.

In the 70s, no one who was female would have dreamed of sending naked pictures of her self to a boy she liked or wanted to get the attention of. Of course, taking pictures was not as easy. We had Polaroid's, but they were costly. I don't remember any kids having them in high school. They were big bulking things to use and carry. Now cell phones have photo and video abilities so our kids are more enabled.

But what baffles me is that girls expect guys to be nice, respectful, mature and appreciate being sent a naked picture. Indeed, that is quite the gift. But remember that kids today have no upbringing or decency for the most part. Don't these girls have parents? Don't the parents tell them? Probably not! But it should go without saying that girls should have enough brains not to send naked pictures of themselves to anyone on a cell phone or anyone, period.

The first good hard lesson in life is to do something stupid and suffer the consequences. Taking responsibility for your own life and own actions and the resulting consequences, is what becoming an adult is all about. If they are dumb enough to send naked pictures, they should have to accept the consequences. I still can not fathom how stupid kids have become. But there is no better lesson the law can teach than to let a person experience the consequences of their own actions. You sent a naked picture and now everyone has seen it. Well, the girl should have been smarter. If anyone is to be punished, perhaps it ought to be the parents. I really do believe that is the case. If the girl willingly did it of her own accord, then she alone is to blame.

Here is the problem. We do not raise kids to be accountable and responsible. The Bible and God required kids to be accountable. A kid who murdered, was executed. If he refused to obey his parents, he could be taken to the older men of the community and executed. God did not mess around. Kids are capable of being monsters and God understood that. Age was no excuse. We have a conscience for things like that.

Worse, we have delayed maturity so that while kids were fairly responsible on a farm as teens, and though 14 was the age for attending college or university, we delayed it to 18. Now we put off drinking till 19-22 in various states. We can go to war and die, but not drink till 21 or 22. That is insane. Why are they being more immature and taking longer to mature? Because we keep making excuses for them at ever older ages. And as long as you make excuses, they will continue to duck responsibility and accountability. The only cure and solution is to make them accountable as soon as they can walk and talk.

Now that said, I am not going to just make one party to blame. Teen boys should know better than to treat a teen girl who likes them and sends a naked picture, with calloused indifference and worse, absolute mocking and ridiculing the girl. She meant well and for boys to completely disrespect that, it ought to be a very serious crime. Not a sexual crime. She did it of her own accord. But certainly a crime of what I will call "severe public humiliation, defamation, and ridicule."

Acts such as these ought to have very big penalties. Why? Because the level of cruelty is severe. And the extreme indifference and callousness is a serious threat to society. I really do believe that. and you could make this rule for any sort of public teasing and ridicule. The only problem is, not law maker will pass such a law because the boys doing it are usually from "good" families, i.e. rich upper middle class families and brats.

Now posing naked used to pay fairly well. but since most girls do it for free now, there is not a lot of profit in posing naked. but what if the boy's family had to pay a flat fee of say $50,000 paid to the girl or 5 years in an adult penitentiary, which do you think the parents would choose? You can adjust the price to what you want, but the penalty needs to hurt substantially, in order to deter others from doing the same.

The problem is very severe and the punishment must also be. But I also warn this. If a woman or girl were to put up the photo and blame a man, then she should pay him the $50,000 or do 5 years in the pen.

To me, there is a real nasty hate behind revenge porn. Now I hear lots of horror stories about what women have done to men, in divorce court, etc. And many of them are true and they are hateful and the laws enabling it should be fixed. But men as as guilty of hate and meanness as women are. I have no doubt about that. And real nasty hate has to be punished severely. But the penalties should be set at standard fees so no one can be surprised by what they get.

But I would get rid of all or most age laws. Any teen should know better in regards to anything. Making excuses for them is destroying them and us. Don't tell me that a 15 year old girl who sleeps with a 25 year old gut does not know what she is doing. If she has regrets after, will adults have that, too. We make the decisions and we should have to live them and stop trying to blame others. Accept that you made the decision and you have the consequences to live with afterward. That is what being an adult is. Am I harsh? Yes, because the consequences of not being so, are that our world will crumble around us as it is doing right now!

False Cyberbullying
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I can think of another supposed cyberbullying. This amounts to say, an SJW running a blog and then getting criticism for something published on it and than getting upset and claiming she is being cyberbullied. Bullshit!

First off, if you post or publish on the net, you are posting on an essentially public arena. if you are on social media of any type, even secret sites, as facebook allows, you are still posting to a select public group. There should be no expectation of privacy or freedom from criticism or exposure some something posted. If you post, any member of the public has the right to address that post and like it or be disgusted with it. If you do not like having your comments or writings analyzed or criticized or not liked, then don't post. And to run or post to a public blog or groups site, is accepting that nothing you do is private or should have the expectation to privacy or shelter from rejections or criticism.

If anyone does not like those terms, they should not post or interact with public forums, even if those forums are secret. Secrecy is not privacy. Secret is an exclusive public forum and still is not sheltered from the scrutiny of those from within that group and that might concern some outside the groups as well, who have also been part of that secret group at one time or also belong to public group sites.

For those who want total privacy, they should avoid the net since all social media record everything we do so that nothing is truly private nor is guaranteed privacy.

Many people like to open their mouths and be stars and get attention and then cry if they also get notoriety and bad publicity from activities on the net being revealed. If you don't like the heat, stay out of the kitchen.

Some will try to suggest that some comments are slanderous or defamatory. The question there is whether the defamation was a result of what was said by another or suggested, or whether the defamation was due to the actions of the one being supposedly defamed. As well, if someone expresses a strong dislike of someone, this is not defamatory or slander. A person has the right not like someone or to be big fan of them as well.

Many SJWs don't like it when some find fault with their ideas or activities. That is too bad. But the net is a public arena with no reason to assume any privacy or rights, other than not to be unjust or accuse with false intent or to deliberately want to harm without cause.

Indeed, there can be just cause for questioning what a person does or why they did it. One can even ponder or speculate, especially if the one spoken of was given opportunity to answer for themselves and refused.

Most people do not like to be accountable for what they publish or post on the net. Many hide behind sock puppets. I do not use puppets. I like to brand myself and my site name. That way, you know what you're getting and you know what to expect. I am proud of what I do. I don't want to hide it. I don't expect that everyone will like it. They are free to like it or not and I am free to say it, reagrdless of how it is received or perceived. I am not responsible for someone misinterpreting me. If they want me to clarify, I am willing to do so upon request.

So this should put an end to SJWs and critics trying to abuse the law to silence free speech they can not otherwise refute with arguments of logic and reason.

For Parents to Consider
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Parents, it has to be said that many parents are both busy working and many things occupy their minds as most work places have become nearly as bad as schools. You are to be pitied. But pitied or not, you are going to have to find some inner strength and find the time any way you have to, to know much more about what your kids are going thru. You need to talke to them often. Bad as it was for you in school, its much worse now. You had it easy be comparison. And you need to understant that the hell that school has become is largely due to the government wanting it that way. So you will need to find your own personal solution that will not depend on teachers, principles and superintendents. I'd recommend home schooling but most consider that out of the question.

But I would be a jerk if I did not have some good recommendations for you. And I do have some good ones. I got an email link that had/has some good considerations, but needs a little adjustment. That's my department. The link sent:  https://www.vpnmentor.com/blog/the-ultimate-parent-guide-for-child-internet/

 1st up! You kids do not think of consequences. They don't even know there are any. As well, what you never would considered doing is all the rage now, and teens dont give it a 2nd thought. Sending nake picuture is common conduct, dumb as it is. You need to have lots of talks about why your kids, esp. your daughters, on that can happen and why. Guys will laugh, and treat the feelings of girls as nothing. In fact, girls will often trreat guys' feelings as nothing, and neither side is right about that. your teens do not appreciate this. If you daughter shares her nudity, thinking it is something that will be respected, then she does not know much. You need to explain a lot. Self control is not a virtue of the young. You the parent, need to help them understand. Anything you might remember should be mentioned to them. You might look up cases on the net dealing with incidences like the ones you have concerns about. Ask about her friends and who they feel and what they do and think.

You teens are not going to be able to do this alone. They have no esperience to draw on. They will have to learn the hard way, by experince, if you do not warn them with the PRE-experience of others. Don't wait until after the fact. Do you go to church? If so, don't expect that your kids will automatically be diligent and serious about religion and God. No one in school is and many if not most teens in church are not concerned about God because their hormones are raging and you foolishly expect them to wait till they are graduated from both high school and college without having sex. Once upon a time, teens got married and began having kids by then. But the government wanted your kids for 12 years to brainwash them and keep them stupid. So the government clever enough to forbid teens to work or marry and breed, even though it was routinly done for at last 4000 consecutive years.

So have some undertsanding of the impossibility that your teens face. They are surroundeby loose immoral sexual conduct and little to no self control or self restraint of impulses. Home schooling solves many problems. Maybe a private school might help. But whatever you choose, you teens need your trust and understanding and your wisdom and experience. They can not read your mind, nor you, theirs.

2nd: The more you stress how long your kids may have to live with shame and embarrassment for doing something sillly and careless, even though they might have been serious in doing it. Employers might one day see it or hear of it. Your will not be conscious on social media. I personally think that if a teen can be steered away from the social scenes on the net or cellphones.

3rd: This one is important! Mom and Dad need to make it very dlear to their kids that masturbation is important and neccessary to keep them from being desperate for sex, by relieving themselves of their desires thru self-gratification. I got plenty of articles on it on my sex topics page. Do not let sexual urges build. They must be relived as often as is needed and when young, that will be often. Sure, they will not want to talk about it or discuss it and they will be embarrassed, but after you stop the talking, thye will be much better off not being burdened with guilt about having the natural instinct and desire to breed, given to us by God the Father.

4th: I do agree with making computer use be a visible to all sort of thing. No secrets. Too much at stake today.  They will complain, but tuff! And as regards online meeting of friends, discuss who people can lie, espcieally if they are of the oposite sex, because ses is a big incentive. I feel "stranger danger' is overblown and exaggerated. governments fear that some adult might wise ten up to what is going on, so they discourge the fraternizing of teens with adults. But online is the safest place to do that. You would never want them to go off with someone they only knew online. make them come to your place and you get to know them. you canpoint out things that your kids will not see or detect. Its not natural to avoid interesting people. I do not recommend avoidint them. But be carfeul and cautious and use mome and dad to help evaluate.

5th: Limiting the net is not easy. It is better to find something else more appealing and interesting and maybe even fun. With parents already lacking time, avoiding the net is not likely. Family activities should begin young so that it will be ordinary to do that. Parents should be guide and inspire interesting activities. But again, with both working, how practical is this? This is the link I was sent and it discusses cyber bullies quite a bit and is worth reading. But I will continue to repeat this. If at all possible, get your kids to hell out of school. It is a total nightmare and totally designed to be. Would you try to cool off in burning house? Sleep well, by surrounding yourself with noise? I would think not!

Now as for porn, honestly, I don't see that as a big problem. If they relieved themselves sexually, it won't often become a problem and I guarantee you it will be easy to get at and its never more exciting than it is in those early teen years. They are going to look. Rather than condemn, let them look and watch out in case they seem to be getting obsessed.  Even food can be a problem. Shall we starve outselves to death?

As you can see, I do not shy away from big issues. But if you do not avoid these, and show balance and good sense, you may very well, impress your kids and gain their confidence that you do undertanad them and care about them and are reasonable in your expectations. Too many for too long have taken the road of no credibility or reasonableness. Break that pattern and you might do quite well. You will not hear this anywhere else, for sure. I am one of a kind!

Teacher Describes an American High School
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This was a youtube video interview with a school teacher in an inner city school.  


Lee McNulty is now retired after 27-years as a public school teacher in Paterson, New Jersey. His descriptions of the school in which he worked, a regular district public school, are chilling. He taught at JFK High School.

Interviewer:  What would I see in the school today?

Lee: You’d see chaos. You’d see kids scream and yelling in the hallway. Swearing, cursing, wrestling, sometimes fighting.  And you’ll see no administration!

Lee: Attendance was horrible. 20 day policy mentioned. They don’t show up for class. They Cut. Missing for weeks at a time. 20-60 days or more. Sometimes suspended. Admin would ask about passing some. He says how could I? They were never here. The Average kid was absent 21 days and cut (not in class but in school elsewhere) another 12 days. Admin overlooks it all and they could care less. At the end of the year they will still graduate.

They (Admin) invented a class (art appreciation, a subject that did not exist) so they could graduate him. They did it to keep up the graduation numbers up.

Superintendent got a bonus for an increase in graduation numbers from 66.4% to 72.1%

Most kids don’t show up for the final exam. Most kids don’t show up for the last 2 weeks of school. He says the last 2 weeks after final exams are used to try to get teachers to pass kids who did not pass.

Truth1 >> Do you see the problem? Schools are not trying to each anything. Stupid kids will be far easier to fool and trick, for being so dumb. Principles are bribed by the government to look the other way and say they passed graduation. Employers know ahead of time that the new graduates are idiots. In reality, those in power do not want kids to learn. So they create total chaos throughout the school and in classrooms. The real job of teachers and administration is to make sure no one learns anything, by allowing and encourage disruption and Chaos in the school.

Your child would learn more, just by avoiding schools. FACT! Schools are your enemy. The solution? Get rid of schools and teacher and Administration and school budgets. Shut them down, give pink slips to teachers and hire a private teacher to teach no more than 10 kids per teacher. Maybe even less. $40,000 divided by 12 months is $3,300 a month. They can find other jobs when off for the summer for more money. I'd gladly take 3,000 a month. Per kid at 10 kids per teacher is $300 per student. Given that schools teach almost nothing, you could reduce teaching from 6 hours a day to 3 hours a day. Now you are $150 per student?

Most of you money in City property taxes goes to schools. If I assume a typical $6,000 yearly in taxes in my city of Portland Maine and divide that by 12 months, I get $500 a month. You'd save $200 a month. There other costs, but the school budget is the biggest by far. Reduce the salary from 3,300 a month to $2000 per month and you are only paying $100 per month per kid. For 3 hours work. If you say, "we will pay you $100 for month of teaching, 5 days a week for 3 hours. You could jump that to 4 hours, which would allow a lot of teaching if you really taught them something, unlike our schools of even my day in the 60s.

You are getting a lot less teacher for far more taxes as it is right now. Parents could could rotate who hosts the kids and teacher and save even more.

Lee:   Gangs of students roam the building all day, every day, all year. Will enter my room during a lesson. I ask them to leave and I am ignored. It becomes quite a mess and security is called. They are often looking for a kid and if they find him, will start a fight right there in the class. The school is an indoor street corner. When I walk in the door, I have no concept of what right and wrong are anymore. Union tells teachers not to get involved due to liability. Told to call security which can take a while sometimes.

Nothing meaningful is done to offenders. Schools have surveillance cameras all over the place but never bother with them.

He says its not because they are poor. But they do have expensive phones and sneakers.

"No restrictions in school but plenty in the real world."

"We are becoming completely illiterate."       Close the schools says Truth1.

“we are ruining a nation!”  that is the plan says I, Truth1. Don't cha get it?  < < < End of video quotes.

Truth1 >>Schools, from the 1st day they started in 1860 in the USA, the year Lincoln would get elected as President, the literacy rate quickly began to drop. Schools were created, supposedly, to prevent illiteracy. They did just the opposite. Know why? because their real goal was to diminish learning and reduce it to nearaly nothing in time. It worked like a charm.

Bullying is part of their method to prevent any learning. Bully is far more effective at preventing learning, then just having the kids stay home and saving lots of money on property taxes. You will only hear this in its brutally honest blunt truth here at Truth. Save your kids and keep them out of school. But be warned, the day is coming when homeschooling will be outlawed. I guarantee it. And they will teach Satan or the Antichrist in the schools and require all students of all ages to be instructed in sex and be forced to participate in it with other students and eventually adults, too. How is that for PTA meeting?

No one is going to be able to stop Bullying. Yes, that is not nice to hear, but it is the truth. Laws will not help you, nor will the schools. The work place will become very more ruthless and demoralizing and psychopaths gain more positions in most work places. we allowed our kids to become monsters. Kids are encouraged by mom and dad to be ruthless and take control as part of their manifest destiny to rule.

Life is a serious matter. Love and kindness are not just nice things to have, they are essential necessities. Life and death hang in the balance. Sad to say that most do not understand the ebb and flow of human behavior and that if you do not carefully keep a very close watch on that behavior, it will get out of control and become a raging forest fire. Our world is on the brink of destruction. Terrorist events are happening almost daily now, July 2016. We are in serious trouble and that calls for serious remedies. Small tiny adjustments are not going to help. This is a crisis and I hope all readers can appreciate that. I feel I can do no better than to recommend God as the one who still cares and will help individuals who seek God out for rescue from the miserable mess the world turned into.

But recognize who your enemies are. They are your governments and very rich powerful multinational Oligarchs who decide who gets elected and what laws they pass. And perhaps have fewer relationships, reduced only to those you really trust and see eye to eye with.

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