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The Last Days Part 15:

The Futility of Resistance

The Premise
In The Beginning  .  .  .
Benefits of Jews
A Previous Verified Example
The Age of Deceit
Legal Precedents

Shipping & Land Empires
Rome Falls, Power Gap
An Island Fortress & Navy
Battle 4 the New World

English Colonization
Birth of the USA
Our Founding Fathers
Hitler Says . . .

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The Premise
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 I called this one, The Futility of Resistance. I was going to borrow from the Star Trek series' enemies, the Borg, who assimilated (collectivism) all cultures they came across and who were famous for saying "Resistance is Futile!" But I felt that Futility was the more important word to emphasize. I know full well that many do not want to hear that they should not resist evil, as they see it. Indeed, helping evil would be bad. But I am not advocating helping evil. I simply say, Do not oppose evil, and Obey God rather than men. Give onto Caesar what is Caesar's, and give to God, what is God's. Tax money is allowed by God to be  collected from His peoples. He requires us to pay our taxes. We know they are high and unreasonable, but they are to be paid, nonetheless.

But what I really want to show is how severely out gunned, out planned, out witted, over powered, and completely surrounded you all are, by the devil and his earthly forces. It is as if Gog and Magog had you all surrounded. They are so far ahead and on top, that indeed, resistance is futile. But as well, resistance is in opposition to God and His orders. We will cover some history so you can understand why we, the little people, are at such a disadvantage.

Many who claim to follow God also fail to understand that God has reserved judgment of the world to Himself only! He assigned Christians to judge only their own, those they personally know as brothers in their own churches and communities. These they must judge, or otherwise be judged by God for neglect of duties. But they must not infringe on what God has reserved for Himself alone, namely the world. So we need to cover all those things again, carefully, though I have done this in other articles. But this spirit of rebellion is strong among so called Christians and it will cause some to die (though resurrected later, maybe) unnecessarily. 

In The Beginning  .  .  .

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The Last Days Part 11: Satan vs. God, on this site, explains how Satan challenged God and God's motives and each was constrained by certain rules and boundaries, even as courts of law are supposed to do, but often do not. God had far ranging plans but also agreed to some constraints while Satan was allowed to try and prove his point. But as well, Satan has limits (not many, though), and has goals and plans that he intends to carry out to prove his point. Of course, he lost the battle to 1st tempt Jesus, and when that did not work, to break and destroy Jesus, as a man of flesh and blood, who could feel fear, and pain, and die.

So after losing the ultimate contest, Satan knew that death was his fate, in due time. So now he plays, with the goal primarily, of just making people miserable, since he is jealous of their possible chance to live forever while he, Satan, must give up his life for being wrong and harming so many, and not willing to wait for human kind to develop right and see if he was right or wrong about them and God.

What this means is that the devil does have long range plans against all humanity, with the goal of, if possible, preventing every one of us from getting everlasting life. Of course, some have already obtained the promise of life, even though they have died already. They believed and trusted in God, that He could and would bring them back to life when everything had been proven and settled.

So for now over 6,000 years (and not much more to go), Satan the ultimate devil, has been plotting and planning against humanity, and more particularly against God's people, for whom his greatest rage is reserved for. For it is the likes of these that Satan ends up with mud on his face and looking silly. His monstrous pride took a real hard hit on that one.

But what seems to escape notice on the part of God's people is that the devil also has followers and they, being guided in subtle ways, as well as likely some direct ways, too, are also plotting and planning big things for themselves and against us who follow God. This big plot has been going one for some time now. I would suggest it has been on-going since the fall of Rome, and possibly, much earlier. At the very least, I think this plan began by the time the Chinese arrived on Florence in 1434, showering the people of Florence and through them, to all the West, with great knowledge and technology, including maps of the world and geography, as well as navigation techniques.

It was at this time that the West learned of lands on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. So not long after 1434, explorations were made of the African coast and around and up to the Gulf of Arabia and back. They knew what lay beyond, which was India and Cathay/China. By 1492, contact was made with the Americas, and colonization began immediately, along with trade/plunder.

Several nations began to lock horns and compete for supremacy in the Americas. They all had grand ambitions, but only one would truly prevail and which one that was, is also very interesting. 

The Battle Royal

Columbus convinced Spain to fund the 1st expedition. It ultimately proved beneficial as gold was found throughout the region. This gave Spain a big start at first. But Spain was rather foolish in their slavish devotion to the Roman Catholic Church and national business interests, who thought they saw a chance to obtain an advantage against their business competitors, Jewish merchants and shipping. The Spanish Inquisition was begun, with mandatory conversion to Christianity, something not authorized in the Bible, and expulsion or executions for those who would not convert.

Jews were forced to flee Spain, often seeking the New World as a refuge. But the New World was not all peaches and cream, and when you  have no choice, you do what you have to, to survive. So the New World had substantial numbers of Jews. Portugal also sought land in the New World. They were only slightly more tolerant. Many Jews were allowed to seek out fame and fortune as colonists in the New World as Portuguese, for a while.

Ultimately, Jews found more tolerant conditions among the Dutch of Amsterdam. Near to this time, Great Britain authorized John Cabot to explore the northern part of the New World just after Columbus began his exploits. So Britain made claim to a substantial part of the north. But France was often quicker at settling, and so began to colonize. So there were 5 major nations involved in this free-for-all.

As they all saw it, the Americas were open for the taking. That does not mean they were not inhabited, but that the inhabitants were no obstacle to conquest, since they did not have the technology and were susceptible to diseases they had not known previously, coming from the 5 nations. Many business interests saw their best advantage in siding with the Dutch and English, and obtaining the support of the Jews as well.

The Dutch and English did not seem all that opposed to each other. And ultimately, it seems to me as if unidentified parties on both sides figured that England was a far better place for a nation and capitol of an empire since it was surrounded by water, making it only accessible to attackers by water and navies. In this way, the nation could be defended by a navy alone, and also making the navy the most important arena in which to succeed and defend.

It was clear that shipping was the way to wealth and wealth the way to power and control. Everyone scrambled to build fleets and naval fleets as well. And this 5 way battle also began the practice of piracy and privateering. Jewish and Dutch ships, quickly joined by the British, began basically stealing on the high seas and robbing Spain and Portugal of their cargoes, and if possible, taking over their ships as well.

We could call this a "King of the Hill" match amongst greedy power-hungry nations. There were no limits as far as any of them were concerned. The rule of law was long gone. The spirit of avarice and greed, in hopes of more power, seized them all. But as it went on, Spain was losing much of its shipping to piracy. Portugal was not doing so well, either. Over several centuries, their empires in the New World would dry up. The Dutch eventually began ambitions voyages to India, China, and SE Asia and its islands. It almost seems to me like the Dutch sort of allowed Britain to take the lead and focus on France. Could that be? I can not see any other explanation for why the Dutch put up no serious defense of colonial stakes in New York's Manhattan Island.

So we were/are left with a battle between just 2 forces, Britain and France, and their respective navies.

I want to point out some things at this point. First, the Jews were very prominent in this overall battle for the New World. Jews were not accepted that well in any nation. They found their best chance in settling the Americas, since most nations were willing to allow Jews to subdue the New World, since most citizens of Europe were too comfortable in their nations to want to risk hardship and disease in the New Word, not to mention, hostile natives of the New World. And lets also take note that New World is just one word (Order) shy of New World Order (NWO). Nor was it "new" or uninhabited.

But as well, Jews had long pried and navigated the seas, and traded around the world, thru cooperative networks of other traders and merchants. They were skilled knowledgeable sailors with bravery and courage, if not at time a little greed, which seems to possess all merchants and traders. So in many respects, they earned their success. They also looked out for their own better than anyone else and this, too, yielded success well earned. If there was a failing, it was in not constraining their success to healthy limits. God always requires the best of behavior from His people. Jews and Christians a like bear the obligation to obey God always in restraint and moderation.

So for kicks, I will now call the New World the New World Order and for good reasons that will become apparent as I write. And I will abbreviate the New World Order as NWO.

But it is important, even crucial, that we recognize the evil of intolerance and how it violates God's word. There was no authorization of any type in the Bible, to force anyone, anywhere, at anytime, to convert to Christianity. This was only to be done by people, of their own free will, should they be persuaded by the word of God. The penalties of forced conversion, or worse, to kill others for not converting, not only will bring judgment from God, but it makes plenty of other practical problems for those who ignore God, laws, and decency.

When the Inquisition was instituted, Jews had their backs to the wall, so they naturally came out swinging. They were a big help in swaying the "Battle Royal" in favor of the Dutch and English. Spain basically committed suicide in joining the Pope in this crusade, which was likely motivated by Spanish business interests, who found it difficult and precarious to compete against Jewish merchants.

Jews were a formidable business competitor. But look at why they were. They were loyal and dedicated to each other, and cooperated with each other. So why did the nations now also do so? As well, Jews had long ago learned that shipping was a great way to riches and wealth, and that these brought power as well. Whenever a competitor becomes successful and ascends to the top, they will have the envy of those under them, competing with them. So Jews were not liked by those outfoxed by the Jews.

Part of the success of the Jews was also the fact that they had become premiere business merchants all over much of the world, perhaps more than we even know. They had a vast network of "brothers" who would lend a hand, for as they saw it, they all benefited when they helped their own, which in turn, helped them all together. Jews often used their wealth from shipping and trade to finance and "influence" political powers to favor Jews when possible, or at least allow them to compete and do business in that nation they "influenced."

The Jews were like any enterprising people. And there were likely times when some of those with wealth and finance or even just networks of businessmen, may have used their power excessively, but then that is the nature of all business and power. Anyone who has power also has trouble controlling themselves with that power, for power is among the most intoxicating drugs known to man. A failing of all humans is that we usually fail to keep ourselves restrained and always respectful of others less powerful when using our power greater power.

But Jews were also a remarkable people in their education, which high degree of literacy was the gift of God, in ancient Hebrew, Jehovah or Yahuweh. God created a very literate priesthood and bureaucracy to preserve His words and deeds. This literacy was preserved even in early Christianity, where Leaders of churches would keep records, make copies of letters and books, and attend to those in their care in their churches.

But Jews had also always proved themselves adventurous, adaptable, educated, and willing to extend themselves. They were seldom ever lazy or inattentive. They were prized by kings, bureaucrats and others for their literacy. They learned from anyone they could. They became great navigators and map makers. They could sail almost anywhere in the world with their skills. They built ships and fleets among themselves. Their tradition, in fact, seems to go all the way back to the tribe of Dan, located not far from shore and the lands of the Phillistines and Tyre/Sidon.

Dan was said to stay in his ships while judge Deborah pondered this in Judges 5:15-17. The Sea Peoples were a loose confederation of various races such as Hamitic Philistines, Cyprians of Cyprus, Phoenicians (made up of Tyrians and Sidonians), and Dan was likely in that number. In fact, Solomon, too, built some ships and had help from Hiram of Tyre. As well, Greeks were in this number. Carthaginians, who were also Phoenicians, later settled in North Africa to become a major sea power to battle with Rome.

I might add a little known history that came by way of a French Monk, Paul Yves Pezron, who demonstrates that early mythological gods Acmon, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, Poseidon/Neptune, and Mercury were "Titans" who belonged to the very early sons of Gomer, who are better known to us as Celts and Goths (Germans). These were among the 1st conquerors who briefly settled much of southern coastal Europe on the Mediterranean. They were the first ones to settle in Greece. They were the early conquerors of Italy as well, and Spain, too. It was a later conqueror of Greece who brought the Greek language we know to day. In most of those territories, the races ended up heavily mixed. But Pezron shows the many Celtic words that survived in these various languages.

The fact is, the Mediterranean was a vast great mixing bowl of races. But many shared the high seas together. Jews were among even these early sea farers, going back to the days of the Judges of Israel, and possibly a few, even while in Egypt before the Exodus or near the same time as the Exodus was taking place. It was a well known event to nations around the Mediterranean. There were break away settlers in the time of a great expulsion of "foreigners" from Egypt, a pretense for why the Israelites left Egypt, that came to settle in Greece and other places around.

But this expulsion was really the Exodus, whereby Israel left, not by expulsion, but by God defeating Pharaoh and all his army in the Red Sea and leaving Egypt devastated and incapable or rescuing any territories or vassal states in Canaan. Again, this would be 1491 BC and during the reign of Amenhotep IV, who was named as such through his 4th year and then changes his name to Akhenaton in his 5th year. So I date his 4th year to 1491 BC. This does place his reign about 140 years further back in time, but I can easily square that with dendro-chronology, the dating of things by tree rings matched between a wood sample and a master chronology of assembled continuous tree rings of different trees. Dendro-chronology is far more accurate and precise than even radiocarbon 14. The dating of this time period revolves around the well known Mt. Thera eruption of Santorini.

It is this 140 or so year gap in time, missing, that throws off Egyptian Chronology. There was a period of break down in Egypt, in the 20th dynasty, that left 140 years or so unaccounted for. Even the king names existing after Rameses III, were called generically, Rameses IV thru whatever and even these do not account for all the time missing. In the 21st dynasty, Egypt began to recover, with the priesthood gathering all the mummified pharaohs into 2 or 3 major tombs to be kept safe, after their initial plundering. That is all I will  relate for now. Lots to come in time.

--------------------------- From Wikipedia:

The Declaration of Arbroath is a declaration of Scottish independence, made in 1320. It is in the form of a letter submitted to Pope John XXII, dated 6 April 1320, intended to confirm Scotland's status as an independent, sovereign state and defending Scotland's right to use military action when unjustly attacked.

Generally believed to have been written in the Arbroath Abbey by Bernard of Kilwinning, then Chancellor of Scotland and Abbot of Arbroath,[1] and sealed by fifty-one magnates and nobles, the letter is the sole survivor of three created at the time. The others were a letter from the King of Scots, Robert I, and a letter from four Scottish bishops which all presumably made similar points.

--------------------------- From Wikipedia: Declaration of Arbroath 1320: Text quote:

Most Holy Father and Lord, we know and from the chronicles and books of the ancients we find that among other famous nations, our own, the Scots, has been graced with widespread renown. They journeyed from Greater Scythia by way of the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Pillars of Hercules, and dwelt for a long course of time in Spain among the most savage tribes, but nowhere could they be subdued by any race, however barbarous. Thence they came, twelve hundred years after the people of Israel crossed the Red Sea, to their home in the west where they still live today.
End quotation <<<<<<

I might point out that Hippolytus told of the assignments of each Apostle as well as the 70 sent forth by Jesus in Luke's account. Peter's brother Andrew, was indeed, assigned to Scythia and nearby territories. I am not sure about their accounting of the Exodus. I calculate it at 1491 BC. This would place them settling in either Ireland or Scotland 1200 years later, at 291 BC. But for the apostle Andrew to have preached to them, we would have to add about 345 years to that. They might have reckoned the Exodus at near to 1145 BC. Many place it near to that time, the time of Rameses II. But they are wrong. You'll find out someday. Truth 1 is never modest, but I declare to be the best historian there is. Only time will verify that or not.

As well, the Scots are said to have settled 1st in Ireland and then later to cross from NE Ireland over the Irish Sea to west Scotland, fighting off Picts to gain a foothold and grow. Many Irish came to be called Scotus as a surname. So the Scots did seem to be prevalent, in least in power, in Ireland and remained fairly so in Scotland. Rome was never able to conquer Scotland nor Ireland. Vikings settled among them as well as time went on, after Rome's fall. But Scotland always retained much of her character, even after Viking settlement took place. Safe to say that much of the Irish and Scottish people have significant amounts of shared genetics with Scandinavian settlers as well. Both Celts and "Scandis" derive from Noah's grandson, Gomer.

(Togarmah is quite possibly the son of Gomer most responsible for the mythological (Celtic) conquerors of Europe and many other places in the Near East.)

As for Greeks and the Exodus, Simcha Jocobovici, who has been on TV as the "Naked Archaeologist and did a DVD presentation also shown on TV, regarding the Exodus and sponsored by James Cameron of Hollywood fame, has shown very impressive evidence for the Greeks knowing and making images of the features of the temple tent and its inside features such as the alter and images of drowning of chariots. There is much more to say here, but this will have to arouse curiosity and possibility until I can write more.

What I propose is that the Exodus, in which there was a vast mixed company that went up with Israel out of Egypt, cause many migrations around the Mediterranean, which historians and archaeologists have resisted admitting. Not to mention, their chronologies, all based on Egyptian Chronology, are way off. The Society for Interdisciplinary Studies (SIS) (they have a website), has shown this. The book "Centuries of Darkness" also highlights this.

So even the Exodus itself likely triggered migrations as alleged by some historians. It is alleged that some from the tribe of Dan also left their tribe and went to Greece. There could be some merit to it, but you'll have to check out my article, The Last Days Part 12: The Tribe of Dan. But regardless, by the time of the Judges, Jews may have begun to "get around." Then when they were taken away by Assyria and Babylon, Israel was spread into all the territories of those empires, so that they could mix among all of mankind.

Further, when carted off to Babylon, where Jews resided for about 50 years until Babylon was defeated and Cyrus the Persian granted Jews to return to their homeland in Judea; only 50,000 Jews returned to their homeland. Most stayed behind in Babylon. Synagogues developed in Babylon and Jews really liked being in the midst of all the trade and commerce going on in the empire of the day. Jews even adapted the alphabet script of the Babylonians, Aramaic, which was also the name of the language they spoke. Aramaic comes from Aram, another son of Shem, like Arpachshad, from whom Abraham descended. Asshur also was a son of Shem. As well, even the pagan witchcraft of the Babylonians seems to have rubbed off on many apostate Jews, who preferred their Babylon to God's Jerusalem and Judah.

So these Babylonian Jews no doubt traded throughout all the empire and continued to do so under the Persians and Medes, likely even retaining Persian and Median identities. Jews in China were identified as Islamic according to a number of Chinese scholars. Some Jews settled in Egypt during the Babylonian exile and after the exile. They came to speak Greek in time, when Alexander conquered Egypt and made Greek the official language of that area. There were many Greek speaking Jews throughout the Roman empire. Many could not even speak Hebrew anymore. So there were lots of Jews spread around everywhere. They were bold brave travelers who also never seemed to turn a fellow Jew away. This is much to their credit.

So by the time of Columbus and the NWO, there were no doubt, many Jewish networks, always willing to lend a hand to their brothers. This made them a very powerful force throughout much of the world. They could seek out Jews in any nation and learn whatever they needed and get some help or advice. And if needed, perhaps some financing and possibly even military aid.

Most nations did not spread abroad, and many nationalities/races, often mixed in with others they move next to or among, assimilating. This can be both good and bad. God always wanted His people to stand out and be different, as in better. So when the people of a nation conducted business, they had help and maybe even protective laws and monopolies or unions, trade guilds. This kept individual nations internally strong. But it made it very difficult for other nations to do business from within other nations.

Jews would penetrate some markets by bribing kings to relax their laws and allow Jews to compete in business. The problem being that Jews has some serious advantages that other businessmen did not have. So a nation's own business could suffer when Jews thrived, since they usually took their profits elsewhere and often lived openly luxurious lives among the nations they did business in. They earned it, but it did create jealousy, all the same. They might have done well to imitate Augustus Caesar, who lived perhaps the most modest life of any Roman ruler or Patrician. But what good is money, if you can not enjoy it, right?

We can see some parallels to this in modern day business. Corporations often destroy local economies and take all the money out of state, or even out of country. They are loyal to themselves and their business partners or those who have the same sorts of interests in common. The NWO would be one of those interests in our day, says I, loosely speaking. But something more needs to be said.

Benefits of Jews
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Jealousy is an odd thing, but a very common and deeply ingrained thing in human beings. And Jews are often despised due to what are just good common sense traits. Love of education/literacy/knowledge! Teamwork, networking, brotherly love, devotion to each other! Industriousness, hard working, diligent. If one tempers their natural jealousy, I find it hard to believe that they do not manage to admire the great competitiveness and ability of a very remarkable people who have left their mark on the world and history, throughout their existence. One would do quite well to study and imitate this successful and capable race.

But as well, as Stan Levinson's Spiderman character once remarked, "with great power comes great responsibility." For any person of God, the command is to use their gifts and abilities, first and foremost, on behalf of God and His purpose, and 2nd, to his family and community, but as well, to all, as much as possible, as well. For Israel was warned by God, when approaching nations that would be given to Israel to conquer, that they must be good and kind to slaves, for they were once slaves in Egypt, themselves. Not said, but certainly implied, was that you should treat others as you would like them to treat you, if you were in their place and they in yours.

But now I want to offer my defense of the Jews and benefits they have brought along.

Each nation serves its own interests. Each nations seeks to control all internal affairs and matters. Nations can be heavy handed and bend laws to their benefit, whenever they feel like it. Nations do not like a lot variance in peoples' choices, or more importantly, opinions they might have of their government, their officials and leaders, national policies and laws, and the like. In short, nations can be very intolerant.

When the Catholic Church reigned supreme, not even the slightest disagreement with Church doctrine was allowed. Bible translations in the languages of the common people were not allowed. Death came to all who dared voice well-meaning dissent on any doctrine or religious idea or practice. All nations seeking to please the Church, strictly enforced Church doctrine, with severe penalties of torture and death to any dissenter. This was how it was from the days of Emperor Constantine onward. Those who did not agree with the Trinity doctrine, which was half of the churches at the height of the Trinity's popularity before the doctrine was made official by Constantine, who was not a Christian at that time and only on his death bed did her convert

Many good reforms were recommended at various points in time from then onward. Each was severely punished and wiped out. The devil ruled supreme in this time. That was until Martin Luther came along with his 95 theses in 1517 AD. Luther found some protectors who enable him to speak without swift retribution. It was the first time ever and would not be the last. But pay close attention to the date I just mentioned. 1517 AD! When was the New World "discovered?" 1492! There is just 25 years of separation there. I propose this is not an accident.

I will now return to the Jews' bitterly  (and from a Bible standpoint, unlawfully)  forced conversion to Christianity or lose their wealth, property, and often even be executed. As well, once converted, if they were found worshipping as Jews and not Christians, then they usually were executed by burning at the stake. Roman Catholicism did not like Jewish competition among the Church's loyal nations. So most European nations were hostile to Jews, and barely tolerated them.

Let me be clear. The Roman Catholic Church was no religion of God or Christianity. It was a political force that masqueraded as a religious force. But God never ordained any religious hierarchies. Each church was to remain a separate entity, its own insular community and family. It has committed unspeakable evils throughout its career. Killed many in the name of God. Its sins have piled clear up to heaven.

But worst of all, by putting Jews into a desperate situation, where their lives and livelihoods were in constant peril and uncertainty, they forced the Jews into a "fight" they did not want. But whether they wanted it or not, they were forced into a fight in order to survive. As a result, Spain and Portugal suffered and lost empires that may very well have become the dominant empires had they not incurred the wrath of Jews who fought through piracy to stay alive and joined the Dutch and English against the other 2. Did the Jews not have a right to self-defense?

So much of the resultant political struggles were due to (so-called) religious intolerance. The Dutch saw a benefit to Jewish cooperation and granted to the Jews, what were at that time, perhaps the most liberal laws of religious tolerance to exist at that time. Mind you, the Dutch laws were not as liberal or unbiased as might have been merited or preferred by Jews, but it was still, by far, the best thing going at that time. The Jews took whatever they could get.

So the Jews and Dutch both profited together and set upon the Spanish and Portuguese empires; more specifically, their ships laden with gold and other goods. Wherever Jews went, they sought out as much liberty as they could buy or bribe, if need be. It was very slow in coming, but eventually, England allowed certain ways for Jews to become lawful citizens and own property. England had previously made it very difficult for a Jew to own property or conduct business or even have a synagogue. Jews were not alone, like this. Puritans found it equally oppressive to live in England. So where did Puritans go? Same place the Jews went. The New World!

Jews pushed and lobbied hard for religious freedom wherever they went. In time, they slowly obtained that freedom. In doing so, they also gained it for others. The USA is quite the marvel and anomaly in history. Each nation typically had its own official religion. Nations liked homogeneity. No variances! Only 1 religion and one way of doing things. This eliminated friction and fighting. While that is good, it also eliminates any sort of individual freedom, choice, or elective.

Empires often struggled with different territories having different religions, customs, laws, history, etc. So they were often tempted to force unified ways on others. I might point out that part of the reason Constantine made Christianity the religion of the empire in his days, was to unify and avoid fights. But because it was forced, it was not appreciated by the vanquished. Other emperors would overturn Constantine's moves and reinstate paganism. Christians persecutions would ensue.

Jews wanted objective laws that favored none and allowed all to compete "equally." I say that with hesitancy. Jews also knew they had superior assets among themselves so that if markets were objectively open, Jews would win by default. So some nations forbid them to own property or openly conduct business. These were mild compared to the Inquisition, but difficult, just the same.

But as Jews sought more markets and freedom, they caused the world to be more open and tolerant of any dissenting religious voices. The USA and its Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights, made for a wonderful religious climate. Freedom of ideas and dissent. This is particularly important to me, Truth 1! No single Christian voice was ever so full of ideas contrary to everything ever previously accepted as truth, that were I born in any other place in any other time, I would not have seen the light of day and would have been dead years ago.

Nationalism is not tolerant; not in the least. It wants what it wants! It wants to be God and have no other gods. Jews enabled the USA to allow the greatest amount of intellectual freedom that perhaps has ever existed. The consequence of that is, that the USA is now the nation most engineered to be wiped out so that total martial law can be instituted and all independent thought and dissent eliminated, for there is no other nation on earth who had so many rights established, at least on paper, as did the USA in its early days.

There is a silent war and attack on American citizens. No more freedom of thought, speech, dissent, learning, and such like. Our water, land, and food all poisoned in one way or another. Our prosperity of old, sold out and away. Our way of life wiped out before our eyes. We are the object of hatred of the world. but nobody can take away from us what we have inherited for good sense and knowledge. We have the potential, right up to this point, to learn and serve God as He requires. But we will not have this much longer. Do not delay in learning now and fast!

So we have what we have, so to speak, largely due to Jews seeking freedom to live, do business, and worship.

Now some will say, Jews are very involved in politics and business and help the NWO. Indeed, I am sure some are. The devil is a very clever individual. He seeks to infiltrate every race, group, nationality, religion, and even education, as well as business. After infiltration, Satan then gets control, subverts, and starts to change the direction of the penetrated and compromised group. Jews, as in the nation of Israel, were first on the devil's list, way back in the days of Moses and the devil has always wanted control over us all, Jews included.

But the devil has long had control of Christianity, too, and this, not many Christians will admit, but an honest person will not be able to deny it. In fact, the whole entire world really is in the grips of the devil. So that many Jews might be involved with aiding the devil, knowingly or unknowingly, is pretty much a certainty. But that same thing can be said for all nations and peoples. It is by no means exclusive to Jews.

But what many do not understand today, is the Battle Royal going on in the spiritual realm, which I cover in my article: Satan vs God. Both have strategies and game plans and mutual agreements of rules and limits. To that end, the devil attempts to get control of the whole world and corrupt and ruin it all, and ruin life and decency for everyone. So he also seeks to control every group and organization on earth, every network, every system, everything!

But his favorite target is religion, especially religion that deals with God as God revealed it first through Abraham and Moses, and the many prophets and His son, and apostles after. Satan will get control and then corrupt it so that people in those groups become misled and lied to, so that they take the wrong steps and end up, often unknowingly, aiding the devil. This is why I write. So his first priority was Israel. When Christianity came along, the devil wasted no time at all in destroying it. And destroy it he did.

This is why neither of these can be trusted anymore. The leadership of both is in the hands of the devil. It is now left to Jews and Christians of good intent, to seek out the truth for themselves, knowing that their leaders have sold them down the drain and are lying to them.

But what I am also saying is that of the options existing in the world, the Jews having significant influence in politics has been to the advantage of anyone who wants to be able to seek knowledge and have the freedom to seek, find, speak about, and defend, what they believe. Had some nations gotten the control they wanted, such as Spain at one time, and later Germany, too, we would not have had the freedoms we still have at this moment, even if not for much longer.

Jews helped end the brutal reign of the Catholic church by securing freedom of religion. They helped defeat Germany, who tolerated almost nothing beyond Nazi ideals. Any refusal of military service put you in a concentration camp or got you executed. Jehovah's Witnesses (JWs), for whatever their faults, were far from being any danger to Germany yet JWs in Germany were especially persecuted for their neutrality stand. No neutrality allowed!

And it had been like this throughout Europe for quite some time, and maybe more so in Germany. Many German religious groups such as the Amish, Hutterites, Bruderhoff, and probably others, too, had all fled Germany since the 17th century. Puritans of various sorts fled England to Holland and then to the New World. Many new religions sprang up in the USA as well. So Europe was never a fun place for those who wanted to pursue religion with vigor. The USA became the mecca for religious freedom. And for many Christians long persecuted by the Catholic church, the USA was a haven and breath of fresh air, as it was for Jews, too.

What was good for the Jews was also good for Christians. In return, religious and even political freedom in the USA had led to greater freedom and discussion in nations around the world. God arranged it so that enough information of a truthful nature would get through to win over good hearts to Him. But I have no doubt that we are near to the time when this freedom will no longer be tolerated.

And what is more, and incredibly ironic, is that Bible prophecy is indicating that Jews and Christians, being ever so close to each other, will lead the world to the antichrist, who will claim to be "God" and rebuild the temple of Jerusalem and also reinstate paganism, pretending it is Judaism and Christianity, as well as other things, too. In reality, the devil is behind it all, masquerading as both a Jew and Christian.

Neither of these two "sisters" will tolerate any resistance to this New World Order and New One World religion. So do not look for mainstream Christianity to be persecuted. Far from it, she will dance for joy when the false messiah arrives. But as well, I suspect a few will come out of Judaism and mainstream Christianity at this time. They will not fall for the devil. But most will, by far.

I also want to point out that literate educated Jews were the ones who preserved the Bible so that it could be passed on to the whole world, whether that world accepts it or not. So the bureaucratic religion mandated by God through Moses, was a blessing to all mankind, due to the faith of Abraham. So it is only fit that Jews should continue to be welcomed to continue to investigate religious matters for themselves, rather than rely on leaders of their faith. Some leaders are good, but not many. The devil made sure that most belong to him.

But anti-semitism, because some in power are Jews, is totally absurd and uncalled for. Every race and nation can be found cooperating with all powers to one end! And that is to prepare the world for the arrival of the false messiah and "God" so that all may be misled. The ultimate result will be that after a deal, a covenant, is made with "God" on earth, that the great killing will begin. You'll want to be on the side of the God in heaven, not the one on earth pretending to be "God."

A Previous Verified Example
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"To understand the forces that shaped the events of the 20th century [onward], is predicated not on facts to be learned, but on secrets to be discovered." ...  Author, Dr. Stanley Monteith, "Secrets of the Illuminati Revealed "

The statement above is brilliant. It admits one crucial fact! That if one is to search out what has been going on, and on going, one can not expect to find everything out in the open to be proved beyond any doubt. Conspirators always remain in secret. Spy agencies of all nations and other organizations, conduct their affairs in secret. Its a well known fact, so lets get that out into the open right now. So in order to solve the "mystery" of the outworking of this lawlessness, this conspiracy, ultimately backed and promoted by the devil in earnest, we must seek out that which is secret. It will not be out in the open to easily behold. You will have to dig hard and long for it. You will have to really want it!

So there will not be many confessions or documents to verify. What you will have are a number of events that flow from one to the next and work and cooperate together to lead from one thing to another in a progression. When you see the end result, you only need look back to see where it started and then figure out why it started and who did it. We who believe the Bible know that the devil has long been at work in this goal of a sort of "world conquest."

The founding of the USA and Illuminati (both at the same time) are 2 of those very big events that kicked off many more to follow. But what I also want to do as I show you this progression, is show you that no one living at that time could have foreseen what was really going on then or foresee what would come after. It was too far in the future and dependent upon many slow progressive steps, any one of which was too small to see it for what it was and is.

This is why we  have no hope of resisting what we can not even recognize. And when we finally recognize it, it will already be too late. I say we are at that time now. It is already too late. We woke up too late to stop it. We can still wake up enough to not be a part of it and to stand for God. But we must not fight what God has ordered us to not resist. Do you have the courage to obey God and trust Him enough to be able to protect and deliver us from that which we can not deliver ourselves from?

Wikipedia: Titus Livius Patavinus (59 BC – AD 17)—known as Livy in English—was a Roman historian who wrote a monumental history of Rome and the Roman people. Ab Urbe Condita Libri, "Books from the Foundation of the City," covering the period from the earliest legends of Rome well before the traditional foundation in 753 BC through the reign of Augustus in Livy's own time.

I want to quote from Livy's History of Rome, vol. 1, in the preface:

"There is this exceptionally beneficial and fruitful advantage to be derived from the study of the past, that you see, set in the clear light of historical truth, examples of every possible type. From these you may select for yourself and your country what to imitate, and also what, as being mischievous in its inception and disastrous in its issues, you are to avoid. Unless, however, I am misled by affection for my undertaking, there has never existed any commonwealth greater in power, with a purer morality, or more fertile in good examples; or any state in which avarice and luxury have been so late in making their inroads, or poverty and frugality so highly and continuously honoured, showing so clearly that the less wealth men possessed the less they coveted. In these latter years wealth has brought avarice in its train, and the unlimited command of pleasure has created in men a passion for ruining themselves and everything else through self-indulgence and licentiousness."

End of Livy quote<<<<

I can not emphasize enough just how vital that Livy Quote is to this whole article and a universal theme. Excessive wealth is the worst of all things that can develop in human civilization. Excess wealth enables corrupt desires. One can obtain anything with great wealth. God knew this only too well. He set boundaries and limits for Israel but Israel would not accept those limits for very long. Neither has any other civilization.

We need to study our past, to discern our mistakes or become aware of how we have been manipulated and used. Livy believes Rome was at its best when men did not have excessive wealth and luxury. The disparity between rich and poor was much smaller for much of the history of Rome. This bears grave warning for us in our time, for in our time, technology has enabled fantastic wealth and power never imagined possible previously. Livy said they were better off without wealth and luxury, for with those also come the abuse of power, since power is amplified by wealth, exponentially. Livy says that self-indulgence and licentiousness, which also come with wealth, ruined men and Rome. Rome had not fallen when Livy wrote his history, but by 405 AD, it would fall. It was on its way, though, when Livy wrote. Livy and other writers like him to follow (such as Tacitus) also knew this.

When we can have anything we want, we do not hesitate to take whatever we want. Man can not restrain himself, when no one else can restrain him. A great man it is, that can hold himself back when there is nothing holding him back, otherwise. But most will fail to restrain themselves when nothing else can. We are a fallen race, far short of the glory of God.

So now with technology developed far beyond anything in the past, creating the most incredible wealth, and disparity of wealth to poverty, we exist in far more danger now, than ever before. Those who say today as it ever was in history, are ignoring the very history they refer to. With unprecedented wealth and power being cultivated for quite some time now, we have reached a point of no limits to abuse of power and are on the verge of collapse and disaster.

This is part of why I am suggesting that resistance to the NWO is futile now. I do not say to go along with it or like it, but as long as what they demand does not conflict with God's rules, then you should obey. But you can not sin against God's rules for the sake of the NWO.

Rome is Founded, Sets a Pattern

{{{ Below is a link to my sister site,, dealing more with secular history and sciences. I'd recommend opening another window or tab in your browser when you click it on, using Ctrl-click with Windows or Cmd-click with Mac, I believe . . . so you can come right back here, to the greatest web site on earth, of course! ;-) }}}

Livy's Book 1:  1.4 - 1.22 show how the founders deliberately set out to make Rome the almighty power of the world. Things are fully in place by the end of 1.22. From there, Rome begins further expansion till all Italy is subdued and then on to the rest of the world in their sphere of influence. This pattern is of vital importance to see and understand. Great Empires do not arise by accident. They are dreamed up and then shared, joined in, and planning begins. Controls are put in place to make sure it all happens according to plan.

Rome is particularly remarkable in that from its foundation till its fall, it lasted over 1000 years. It was mighty for at least 800 years. It lasted far longer than any kingdom or empire prior to it or after it, either. Indeed, it seemed to enjoy a certain "demonic" providence that sustained it for so long, almost as if demons were trying to teach bullies something on how to make and run an empire. And someone was likely listening, too.

Rome began near to 750 BC. It took a long time just to conquer and subdue the Italian peninsula. But after Italy was secured under Roman authority, they then began conquest of surrounding nations. Greece fell. Egypt fell. Spain fell. North Africa fell. The Eastern Mediterranean coastlines fell. They kept expanding the borders of the frontier. Each conquest added far more wealth. Nations that formerly created wealth and prosperity for themselves, now produced it for Rome, leaving little for themselves. Rome had all markets for themselves. Rome was the undisputed and unrivaled power of much of the region.

And this is when the rot became great. Corruption became the rule rather than the exception. Now we stand in the same position today. New "Forces" have gained far more of the world today than Rome could have wished for or dreamed about. Rome fell. Greece before them fell. The Medes and Persians fell before that. Babylon fell. Assyria fell. Ancient Egypt fell. Every great empire rose and every great empire died. It is our turn to decay and die.

How did we get here? How did Rome get there? Its worth finding out. Let me start by sort of verifying when Livy suggests, that early Rome was made up of people with better character and morals then in later times. Tertullian noted this of the Roman empire as well, writing in the 2nd to 3rd centuries AD. He noted how Romans used to have different standards than in Tertullian's day. Rome's own records verify this. I am going to pick up just before 1.22 of Livy.

Livy, vol. 1, book 1, 1.21: notes "that the sacredness of promises and the sanctity of oaths were a controlling force for the community scarcely less effective than the fear inspired by laws and penalties." Romans had character and principles.  "The State was strong and disciplined by the lessons of war and the arts of peace. "

1.33 notes: "Amidst this vast population, now that the State had become so enormously increased, the sense of right and wrong was obscured, and secret crimes were committed. To overawe the growing lawlessness, a prison was built in the heart of the City, overlooking the Forum."

Rome just got too big and impossible to control. Rome was never big enough in its own eyes. It always wanted more and could never be content. The love of wealth, built on a pyramid scheme, whereby conquest was the only way to get more, then conquest became an addiction and compulsion. And so did corruption.

Today, the empire of Rome would be far too small. Now they (the elite 1%) want the whole world. They got it, too! 

Livy vol.1, book 2, 2.9: "The plebs (the working class) were exempted from the payment of harbour-dues and the war-tax, so that they might fall on the rich, who could bear the burden; the poor were held to pay sufficient to the State if they brought up their children. This generous action of the senate maintained the harmony of the commonwealth through the subsequent stress of siege and famine so completely that the name of king was not more abhorrent to the highest than it was to the lowest, nor did any demagogue ever succeed in becoming so popular in after times as the senate was then by its beneficent legislation."

Said in another way, The wealthy among Romans kept  themselves restrained and somewhat free of greed.  They set fair limits upon all. It kept a balance and a state of goodwill between all classes. Harmony was the result. Those who were rich were able to restrain themselves. Then again, their wealth was not so far above that of the plebs/workers. Livy goes on to relate in 2.23 onward how greed began to slowly eat into Rome, ever so slowly at first, due to money lenders (2.31).

In (2.44): "In the public assemblies throughout the cities of Etruria, the chiefs were loudly proclaiming that the Roman power would be eternal unless its citizens fell into the madness of mutual strife. This, they said, had proved to be the one poison, the one bane in powerful states which made great empires mortal. "

In book 3, there is an accounting of struggles between those in power and the plebs, the little people. It was found that peace caused the plebs to think about their rights and treatment, or lack of those. The leadership sought to make sure that they were never without a war to fight, so as to keep the plebs preoccupied with fighting.

3.19 : "By some strange fatality, we find the gods more propitious when we are at war than when we are at peace."

Get it? But yet still:        3.20:    "But the neglect of the gods, which prevails in this age (Livy's day), had not yet appeared, nor did every man interpret oaths and laws in just the sense which suited him best; he preferred to shape his own conduct by their requirements."

Men did not try to twist and distort law selfishly. He made himself obey the laws as they were intended. We have nothing of that sort today. We are essentially lawless criminals, one and all. There is no real law.

In 3.30 onward, tribunes had been continually promoting the idea that a dictator would be the best solution for all in Rome. Sound familiar? So they got one. All hell broke loose for a brief time. 3.36 begins the ascent of the dictator Appius Claudius. He began seeking out and grooming those he wanted in power with him, rather than let people be appointed by others. This is how networks start. Like minded ones start to gather and help each other to the top and back each other. As the group expands, so does their power and abuse of power.

The problem was that some attempted more power and benefits than they were entitled to, and forced a showdown in time.

Claudius seized a pleb girl of great beauty and claimed her as his, when she was already spoken for. The whole of Rome nearly fell on this occasion. The plebs had the chance to take over all of Rome. It was barely averted in 3.54-3.59. The government was changed to prevent further abuse, but only for a time, till someone would change it again.


3.65: "A levy had been decreed by the senate for service against the Volscians and Aequi, but they kept the plebs quiet by holding it over, and publicly asserting that when the City was at peace everything abroad was quiet, whereas civil discord encouraged the enemy. Their care for peace led to harmony at home. But the one order was always restless when the other showed moderation. Whilst the plebs were quiet, it began to be subjected to acts of violence from the younger patricians. The tribunes tried to protect the weaker side, but they did little good at first, and soon even they themselves were not exempt from ill-treatment, especially in the later months of their year of office.

Secret combinations amongst the stronger party resulted in lawlessness, and the exercise of the tribunitian authority usually slackened towards the close of the year. Any hopes the plebeians might place in their tribunes depended upon their having men like Icilius; for the last two years they had had mere names.

>> The younger patricians never knew any limits as to abuse. This is the nature of power. It does not have to yield, so it does not yield. Being a pleb was no fun. But take good note of that next phrase: "Secret combinations amongst the stronger party resulted in lawlessness." This is the problem that is prevalent throughout the entire world today. Secret alliances of people working together to accomplish some mischief designed to benefit them or those they work in harmony with. So you have no idea it is going on, because it goes on in secret. Livy readily admits to these, but in our world today, mainstream media admit to no such thing. Its a dirty little secret. Can you accept that?<<

3.65:  On the other hand, the older patricians realised that their younger members were too aggressive, but if there were to be excesses, they preferred that their own side should commit them rather than their opponents. So difficult is it to observe moderation in the defence of liberty, while each man under the presence of equality raises himself only by keeping others down, and by their very precautions against fear, men make themselves feared, and in repelling injury from ourselves we inflict it on others as though there were no alternative between doing wrong and suffering it.

>> Livy now brings up a great subject that has bearing on all empires and sociology and psychology. Each side pretends to be the injured party. We often see fights between labor unions and the corporations who employ them. Neither side wants to give. But there is a very important reality here that Livy does not really get into. Power always has the upper hand. Corporations have the money, and therefore, the power. The laborers need labor to make money. They can not live without it. Corporations have vast amounts of extra wealth that could sustain them for years if they walk away from negotiations. The workers can only survive a few months, if even that, if they have enough union dues saved up.<<

So in a battle of waiting it out, only the Corporations can win this battle. And if they give in, or pretend to give in, they can go to work to move their factories overseas and get cheaper labor. This is always a one-sided battle. Its no battle at all, really. The corporations pretend it was a fight. But they knew they had the upper hand all along. Unions have sometimes been seen as greedy or selfish. In comparison to many other laborers, they may be "overpaid." But really, it is only that the other workers are so poorly treated, that union workers look spoiled by comparison, but that is usually not the case.

When one examines the wealthy, they harvest obscene profits in many hidden ways and could make a substantial difference for the better for workers for no more than 10% of the net wealth the elite haul in. Cutting out greed and dishonesty alone, among the wealthy, would improve many things for workers.

Livy notes that older patricians often excused the abuses of the younger ones, saying, "it is better than we win than our opponents do so. But this is just to excuse what the patricians knew was wrong. It costs them nothing to let abuse go on, at least so they think. They have not yet seen the ultimate folly of their willingness to abuse. It is coming!

But this is why power always wins, always abuses and takes advantage of its power. It can not resist doing so, just as some men can not resist a beautiful pleasant woman. They just can't say "no, it would be wrong." So ultimately, all power comes to an end. Every great empire falls in due time, due to abuses of power, either of kings or of merchants and business.

>>Livy avoids the discussion of  power, but he kind of has to. Rome has always been about power and to expose that would never be tolerated in Rome while it was in power. Livy shows us the struggle and pretends it is due to bother sides. But we know better or should know better. Power always wins, subjects of that power always lose. This is more certain that gravity, death, or sun rising every day.<<

3.67: "It is the dissensions between the two orders, the quarrels between patricians and plebeians that is poisoning the life of this City. As long as our power respects no limits, and your liberty acknowledges no restraints, as long as you are impatient of patrician, we of plebeian magistrates, so long has the courage of our enemies been rising."

>>Any nation needs fairness and actions in good faith on the part of both sides, in order for harmony to be  brought about. Here in the USA, everyone has become selfish and partisan. That is why we are all doomed. The 1% have us right where they want us. I just had to throw in the next one, just as a piece of good wisdom.<<

The words of Roman Consul Titus Quinctius Capitolinus according to Livy: 3.68:

"I know that there are other things pleasanter to speak about than these, but necessity compels me, even if a sense of duty did not, to say what is true instead of what is agreeable. I should only be too glad, Quirites, to give you pleasure, but I would very much rather have you safe, however you may feel towards me for the future. Nature has so ordered matters that the man who addresses the multitude for his own private ends is much more popular than the man who thinks of nothing but the public good. "

>> The problem at this time of Rome's existence is that the plebs had had enough and did not fight, to the point where enemies came right up the gates of Rome, and plundered and burned around it, knowing Rome was paralyzed. Then the enemy left with plunder and joy. Patricians used this to shame the plebs and it worked. They stopped quarreling and went fighting and soon vanquished the enemy.<<

I am going back to black for a while since I have lots to write.

But I have another view of this. The elite will often hold the workers in check by saying, "we will all die together while our enemies prosper." They are bluffing to see if the workers (modern day plebs) will fall for this. Usually, the workers will happily join in any war to stop the enemy. But never have workers ever called the bluff and said, "we are looking forward to all dying together, rich and poor alike. No more distinctions now. We are all one and the same."

If the plebs had called the bluff and said, "let Rome burn in flames!," what do you think would have happened? Eventually, the patricians would have had to give in to whatever the plebs asked, since it would now be the plebs who had the real negotiating leverage. These are very rare opportunities but they have never been exploited. The Patricians knew full well that if they let the enemy attack and enjoy some modest success (note the enemy did not try to break the walls and kill), then they could shame the more well motivated plebs to cease fighting the patricians and go to war to exact punishment on the enemy. The elite were certain of this reaction. You can take this to the bank.

What is more, I suspect the patricians knew full well the enemy was not up to a full attack and would not do so, so the patricians knew they really did not have anything to fear. Listen, the patricians were not so stupid as to not pay attention to the enemies at all times, and know fairly accurately, what the real strength of the enemies were at any given time. Most groups of people, cities, kept careful watch of each other. You see this in Livy's accounts all  the time. Rome's neighbors watched Rome with great concern. Rome also watched them with great concern or great greed and ambition.

But the little plebs did not have this kind of "intelligence." This sort of stuff is only in the possession of the elite, the patricians of those times. They could pay men or informants to keep them advised, while plebs remained in the dark.

This is the biggest obstacle the plebs always had. They never truly knew what was going on, so they could not make good decisions. They had to respond to immediate problems, without knowing the full circumstances of those problems. They faced an enemy. They did not know the enemy was not a serious threat. Too often, the plebs were missing too much info to make the right decision. They were also gullible and trusting of the other side, without good reason for it.

Had they held out and continued to refuse to fight, the patricians would have had to make some huge concessions, since the alternative would have been to eventually be conquered by the enemy, which would rob all the ruling families of patricians of their power and wealth, which would have been unthinkable to them. Faced with losing everything, they would have made some serious concessions. But it never got that far, since the plebs did not see through the deception and secrecy.

We will see this again, when the patricians decide to pay soldiers for their service to the Roman army. The plebs feared something behind it, but could not discern what it was. We can see it now, much better with hindsight.

But this is a major problem for us all in our day. We do not know the many secret things that go on among those who lead over us, the secret leaders as well as the public ones elected by the people, in theory. We have had numerous moves put on over us and have yet even fully recognized them for what they were. How can we hope to see future moves in advance? We can't. But God can!

God has told us many things in advance, through His chosen prophets. This way, we do not need to be off guard. But most religious leaders have not revealed the meaning of these prophets in order to warn us. We do not see what is coming. We can not avoid or resist (passively) what we do not see coming for danger. So in this respect, you should be able to see the futility of resistance, when you do not even know exactly what is is you are resisting going along with.

Your leaders are far ahead of you, plotting your course for you and you do not know what that is. What they are making for moves now, will not be recognized for maybe 50 years. That is far too late to figure it all out. By then, there will be no escape. In fact, what happened just 70 years ago, has made it impossible for you to overcome it or escape it. You are trapped with no way out, except God.

You can not resist, stop, or overthrow the NWO, when you have no idea what they are even up to. Or if it is only a small percentage that can see somewhat, that is not enough to resist. The pleb populations of today have been dumbed down and anesthetized far more than any nation or peoples of the past. This is what makes today different from "yesterday." The devil has you right where he wants you. It is truly hopeless without God's intervention. So when I say resistance is futile, that is exactly what I mean. The little people are just too dumb to get out of their own way. Not enough have brains enough. Fact!

Bear with me, as I have more to show you on all this.

Plebs Attempt to Get Some Decent Treatment   (in vain, of course)

{{{ Below is a link to my sister site,, dealing more with secular history and sciences. I'd recommend opening another window or tab in your browser when you click it on, using Ctrl-click with Windows or Cmd-click with Mac, I believe . . . so you can come right back here, to the greatest web site on earth, of course! ;-) }}}

Beginning in book 4 of Livy's history, the 1st 6 chapters, 4.1 - 4.6, deal with an attempt by pleb leaders to allow plebs and patricians to marry and to allow plebs to be elected to the same offices as patricians. The patricians had a fit. They were determined to resist. But the defense of the proposal and its inherent justness, together with an eloquent spokesman for the cause, helped win the day. The plebs has sworn that they would never fight again, if these laws were not passed. They would sooner let Rome fall. Wiser patricians took this seriously and realized this was not an issue they could ignore or escape, and one that seemed too logical. So they quietly gave in and allowed both marriage and elections of plebs.

>>Finally the plebs threatened to let Rome fall and go to hell. But note next that if plebs did not exercise these rights, then it was all for nothing. For nothing it would be as you'll see next.<<

I am going back to black.

In return for this concession, the plebs elected patricians rather than their own fellow plebs, showing that they were sincere in their good intentions and appreciated the concession of the patricians. Some patricians had been concerned that they would never be elected again, and that plebs would run the country in no time. But it did not turn out that way. Turned out, the patricians had nothing to fear in the1st place.

Plebs should have voted 50/50 each. If this patrician concession was to mean anything at all, then plebs needed to get into power to share that power. The plebs were willing to conceed far too much to the elite. We see the same thing all the time today in our day. Plebs are just too stupid and timid. Its all futility.

Why No Marriage Mixing?

But there is something to be recognized here. Patricians had previously forbidden marriage with plebs, for many reasons that were more like poor excuses. Patricians, the elite of their time, needed to preserve unity among their own. As well, compassion could not be shown to the plebs, the little people, who were to be used and abused for the benefit of the elite. So to avoid compassion for the worker drones, marriage was forbidden to the daughters of the plebs, since a daughter could plead with her elite husband and his family and "allies" to have mercy on her family of plebs, and maybe even all plebs. So avoiding marriages with the lower class helped preserve the unity and upper hand of the upper class patricians.

God forbid marrying foreign women precisely because of the fact that women can exert a very powerful influence over a man. God made women and endowed them with substantial influence over a man. God saw this as necessary. But He also forbid marrying just any woman. Israel was commended to marry only women of Israel. The New Testament still required that we "only marry in the Lord."

As well, the patricians often conducted many affairs in secret. Had one of their own had a pleb wife, she might have discovered thru pillow talk, or overheard something and pass it on to her own people, the plebs. To avoid this, avoid marriages into the class you want to oppress. All royalty and nobles of all nations have tended to conduct themselves like this. They kept to their own class. They might indulge in sex with the lower classes and servants, and use them, but never marry them or care about them. They could be used sexually, but not accorded dignity or rights as a wife.

So most rich today also avoid marrying below their class. This is what we might call a conspiracy type behavior. They see themselves as superior and distinct, separate from the lower classes. They also see themselves in opposition to the lower classes. If one is to use another class, they must keep that class subdued and keep them from knowing what your upper class buddies and yourself are up to. This is how conspiracies are maintained for centuries and millennia. Its an "us vs. them" sort of mentality. It has existed since man began.

Those who have the power must keep the power by not letting anyone else of any other class have any power or even knowledge.

Book 4: near to about 4.55 and the Book ending at 4.61, leaves the Plebs getting paid for going to war, for the very first time. They used to have to do it as a civic duty, with no pay. But there was great evil behind this new change. The plebs were just too naive and trusting to ever see what it would lead to.

{ Book 4, chapter 55, 4.55is linked here, to my sister site,, dealing more with secular history and sciences. I'd recommend opening another window or tab in your browser when you click it on, using Ctrl-click with Windows or Cmd-click with Mac, I believe.}

Book 5 begins ( another link:  5.1 - 5.5 ) and shows where it all ended up, with soldiers no longer being able to keep their crops growing and maintain their independence. They were now slaves to the Roman state, and at its mercy. This would enable a full time military to go on to conquer all of Italy and then form a great empire all around the Mediterranean. But plebs now became full time slaves. Many lessons to be learned in this but I suggest you read these short accounts to see for yourself.

Link to Book 4: 4.55  and read on thru 5.5, and then skip to (another link: - 5.10 - 5.11 where the horrific condition of the plebs is revealed. The plebs were forever ruined and enslaved. I will summarize it here.

All soldiers served in the army in seasons. Crops were planted and then off to war. War would stop for harvest and they would winter in at home until spring again. Soldiers made or bought their own equipment. They were volunteers who had their own means of income through land and crops. Roman superiors of the patricians and senate tricked soldiers into letting the state pay them for their services but then keeping them full time as soldiers so that they could not plant crops or harvest them. They went into debt and lost their land. They were outraged when they finally woke up. But it was too late. So now I reprint my commentary from Livy's Book 5.

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Even Livy concedes the likelihood that the plebian tribunes were likely "bribed" in some way to go along with what proves to be, in my thinking, the worst and most atrocious double-cross in the history of Rome. But the senate and patricians had long been working at this scheme, always many steps ahead of the plebs. The upper elite started out with Romulus, then did him in and took it from there. The divide between patricians and plebs from that point, would grow by the years.

But we miss a lot if we do not recognize that the enslavement of average Roman Citizens, who had their land essentially taken from them, and forced them to survive by means of employment with others, namely the Roman state under the military, is much the same as happened in the USA, when industry began and started luring people away from the farms to factory work. Once a farmer gave up his land or died, and no one continued it, then all family to follow would not be able to go back to the land but would, along with their offspring to come, be slaves to the factories and owners of those factories.

What I am saying in plain English is that we are all slaves now, who serve employers, rather than living off our own land and its produce, which enables a fair amount of independence in supporting ourselves. Because most of us were born into this, we did not even know we were slaves but it should be pretty obvious by now, don't you think? That is why when Lincoln declared slaves to be freemen, he insulted them and our intelligence, too, to expect us to believe that. But even more ironic, is that most have believed that and would even now, say we are free. I think they are nuts.

Male Roman citizens would eventually have nothing to look forward to, except life in military service. If they live for 20 or 25 years in that service, then they could have a land grant in the nations in which they had served in, in behalf of Rome. So family life was soon non-existent for Roman soldiers. This brought a 2nd plague. Prostitution!

Roman soldiers were often served by brothels of various sorts. Local privately owned brothels. Some brothels were kept by the Roman army for the benefit of the soldiers. Women could be forced to serve in brothels as legal punishment. It did happen to some Christian women. Any conquered people could have their women made to serve in brothels or as slaves, which would also include sexual services, if required by the master.

Now this was a really bad thing for women, but as you might imagine, Roman soldiers no doubt enjoyed their "proper due and wages" in the form of, well, call it what is really is, sexual slavery, which is the worst type of slavery there is. So I suspect that "soldier life" was more welcomed by the soldiers when they had sex provided for them.

Whenever a problem came up for patricians, they found novel ways to ease one burden with another problem. Soldiers do not like fighting and having no family? No problem! We will provide sexual services for them and they will be much happier. I am sure it worked. Now the soldiers were more happy. But if you were an enslaved woman, it was not so great. Burdens are a lot like a phrase I have often heard, slightly refined for delicate ears. Excrement only rolls downhill! Those on the bottom, always get it from all the rest and have no way out.

But now I ask, could this all happen again? Not only can it, I predict with all assurance that it will happen again. Women will once again be forced to serve the male soldiers and provide "relief" and "recreation" for them. Ah, the brave new world. Ain't it great, huh? It many already be happening. Its being kept quiet for now, perhaps. Time will tell, I am sure.

One more lesson left. The march of the patricians towards the plebs' enslavement was slow but constant. The march of Rome toward world domination was also slow but constant. They methodically examined problems as they would come up and devise very careful, yet subtle, plans to fix the "problems" of plebs' resistance to slavery. There was a long standing and continual progress towards the goals of the Roman upper class elite. Yes, a silent conspiracy, or at least, secret conspiracy. It was there, but plebs were never aware of it. In fact, plebs were naive and very trusting of their "superiors."

The kind of ruthlessness that came with Rome, was not so common in that time. Rome was the first and worst at this sort of thing. Human society was progressing, for the worse, of course. And now a new level of ruthlessness not previously seen. The Bible clearly paints Rome as more fearsome and menacing than previous empires, crushing everything in its path.

Rome produced a great set of liars as well. This was new in say, 400 or 440 BC. But it should not be new now, nor surprise anyone, yet, many are clueless. Now we can look at Rome and say, serving the Roman Empire served to enslave the whole world around the Mediterranean. Indeed, that is true! So being willing to fight in the Roman legions really should not have been the goal of a Christian. Some had already been soldiers upon finding Christ, and it would appear that they were allowed to continue as soldiers but in a law abiding way. But those who came to Christ first, have no business becoming soldiers after that.

Now imagine if there were another Rome today, seeking world domination, in behalf of subduing the world for the introduction of the long prophesied Antichrist, and ultimately serving the interests of the devil as such! Would you want to join the military of that conquering "Rome?" I hope not! You would only be cutting your own throat, wouldn't you? And be found by God to be serving the devil!

Remember that the plebs were no where near smart enough to see what the patricians and senate were up to. And I would suggest that not many in the world today are smart enough to see what is going on this time, either. You are served best by staying away from war if you are a Christian.

Do conspiracies exist? We have proof that one did exist and was centuries in the making.
This shows great patience and long-suffering on the part of the upper class of Rome.
They were willing to serve a cause for which they would be considered part of and maybe remembered for their part.

That is to say, they had sufficient motive, if we were to establish this by law.
They were far reaching and very far-sighted in their plans, carefully concealing them from the lowly plebs, who were not let in on the matter at all.
The pattern of 1000 years was consistent, continual, and persistent. It never varied from its goal.

In doing so, Rome found novel ways to reinvent society. They destroyed family life in order to make an empire with full-time soldiers. War is a great way to change society in ways it would not do, otherwise. Women, children, and slaves had it the worst.

Rome was dreamed up as a great conquering empire long before it became one. Now I ask, is or has there been, another dreamer or group of dreamers who have long been working at the dream of world-wide conquest and slowly getting control of everything, till nothing is beyond their control? Well, the Bible does seem to indicate that there is. But most people find that too hard to believe. Why?

Because they have been assured by liars at the top that nothing is going on and that everything is fine and that we are not to listen to those who suggest conspiracies of any type. And most obediently go along with what they are told. They trust! But we have the perfect pattern shown for us in the example of Rome. It is one that can not be disputed. Now we have to examine the present, and see if there is a pattern. If there is, then we must see if we can trace it back to its origins. If we can go back a substantial way, then we have the pattern. With this in hand, we can predict the future, especially with the help of God Almighty and True! Want to give it a try?

The Age of Deceit
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We are in the Age of Deceit! I know, we could say we have always been in the age of deceit, but in the 20th century, it began to become more clear and evident to some, that we were being deceived on a very high level. Now in the 21st century, it has become very clear to some just how deceitful mankind really is, at least on a business level and government level. Secret warfare and manipulations are the most standard form of conduct now. Everything is based on lies and deception. But it is evermore obvious to us now, than it was in previous times  .  .  . maybe.

I showed you how deceitful Rome was in enslaving the male citizens into a permanent dependent standing army, who was treated poorly. I showed how Rome conducted fake wars to justify an army in the "off-season." Fake wars have been around since that time and onward. So we can safely say that by 350 BC, deceit was a well crafted means to conduct government and manipulate populations.

I'll even propose that Rome was the climax of military empires and then it fell about 405 AD in the west, and would be defeated in the east by Venice and finally disappeared when it fell to the Turks. The initial collapse near to 405 AD also began a power vacuum in which another force was beginning to take hold, organize, and solidify so that by the Middle Ages, we arrived at the system and form that has remained to this very day.

Did anyone recognize any of this as it was just starting to happen? Of course not! Too much of it was undercover and conducted in secret. Empires of old, such as Egypt, Assyria, Babylon; these were more obvious in what they were doing and yet I can say, we probably know only very small amount about who were allies, who made up their empire and government, their military, their trade and commerce, well in evidence. We know only the basics, the military campaigns, victories and defeats. Most things never made it to record, or such were lost in no time at all since recording was much more difficult and much less was recorded that could be stored in the long term and in detail.

But true wisdom lies in knowing these sorts of details. So I offer yet another thing to ponder. Bureaucracy and recording allow greater control and manipulation. But the other side of that is that this can leave quite a paper trail, if you know what I mean. Put another way, for ever action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. having long lasting paper trails in the form of books and records allows history to be recovered and we recover it because many forget how damaging that forgotten history can be to liars and deceivers.

So we have a much better chance now of examining the past in great detail and making sense of what really happened way back when, when secrets were easier to keep and we did not have a Press and world wide coverage, and many forms of media to spread "news" around. So we can better appraise both the past and the present, and even dare to contemplate the possible future, due to the vast amount of info flowing almost uncontrollably. And the internet, provide opportunities to both powers that want to enslave and dominate, as well as those wanting to escape that domination or at least opposed it on a ideological basis.

In past times, philosophers and prophets risked their lives to speak up. Many lost their lives doing so. Some still do. But as a whole, the floodgates have opened on the oppressors, as the little people grow in wisdom and understanding.

But we still have a problem. While some grow wise, most grow very fearful, stupid, or distracted, actually representing a hindrance and opposition to the wise, with their realizing they are doing so. The elite are unconcerned about the wise since the far greater number are easy to control and manipulate.

Which brings us to the grand conclusion here! The wise can never convince the stupid of the best course for the stupid to take. The wise are not big enough or strong enough to do it on their own, for there are too few of them in comparison with those who are stupid or corrupt.

So when those with some knowledge say we must fight, we must stop this, They are being very silly. The trap has been long ago sprung so that there is no stopping this by mere mortal hands. Only God has the power and the desire to stop it, but only after He has proven and shown to all just how far gone most of humanity is and why it must all be stopped. God will stop it. But Most do not believe or trust God, even though His prophecies have been uncannily accurate for almost 2000 years in advance. That is no small ordinary feat.

Either we must do things God's way, or otherwise accept death. There is no 3rd option. God will have His way and anyone getting in His way won't be doing so for long. The powers that be are planning a world wide massive genocide of probably 90% of the world population. The Devil himself is actually planning for 100%, but he has not let his followers know that they, too, are going to be wiped out for following him, the devil. Only Those doing as God as strictly ordered are going to escape.

Resistance is truly futile. so I am not asking you to stop resisting the NWO physically or militarily because I like the NWO. I ask  you to do it because God demands you surrender to Him and leave the NWO to Him. Well, you can understand why He might want that, can't you? They have dumped and crapped all over His creation and rules and to be honest, He is carrying a little bit of a grudge and He does not want any interference. So if I was you, I'd stay out of the way of God  .  .  . unless you're aching to go for a swim in the lake of fire. But that does not sound like much fun to me.

But if we had not been able to tell what was going on, once upon a time, because it was secret, and can barely discern things even now, then you are already too late to resist in forceful ways. for while we have all been sleeping, secret forces have been using and applying the real laws of physics and develop weapons so powerful and effective, that no one stands a chance if these are unleashed. You have already been check-mated and you don't even realize it. You are like the frog jumping into mild pleasant water in a pot, unaware that a fire burns beneath the pot so that in not too much more time, the frog will die of over-heating and finally boil. Then its frog legs for dinner.

The only way to escape this is to go along with God and His plans, which will not fail and will stop the NWO and the devil. If you die in the service of God, you have been assured of being brought back to life after this mess has been cleaned up. But the devil insisted that God's people not be rewarded until the contest/dispute was over. The devil did not believe that many would trust God that far. You will surely die if you trust the NWO and the devil. So why not risk it with God, since you have so much to gain. Besides, if there is  no God, I can tell you we are all screwed blue. But God has given us too much info and reason to not trust Him. But its up to you to give it good consideration and not just blow it off like humans are so good at doing.

But now that we can better discern the present, we can also better understand the past and fill in many blanks. so the next section to follow will highlight a set of rules of historical investigation that are the foundation on which to build on. We might call it a method, much like the so called scientific method or legal procedures. I want to show how we got to where we are today by showing how far back this business goes.

There are in history major events that stand out as monuments, major junctions in world affairs. These should not be ignored. So we are going to hunt these major junctions down and see if we can put the pieces of the puzzle together. We may not be able to finish the puzzle, but we can get most of the pieces in place to have a pretty good idea of the picture and scope and perhaps make a few assumptions about the rest. In either case, we still have God's orders that I believe you would be wise to carry out.

But let me share a few brief ideas about manipulation that could be possible. Deceit is a major part of these, of course.

I'll use a few brief examples. Viet Nam was a tragic war for it seemed like a war without a mission and with lots of casualties. But it did have a mission, says I. For one, the USA empire inc. needed a standing army and a growing army to take over the world on behalf of the devil and the NWO. But as well, that war also served to test new battle and fighting techniques and new weaponry that went along with that. That 53,000 or 58,000 men had to die does not bother some, as long as their objectives are obtained. So we were supposed to believe in the domino theory, and accept that a stupid system like Communism was really a threat, when Communism was a laughable alternative to the lifestyle and success we had.

Now this next one is purely fictional .  .  .  maybe. Suppose the NWO says "we want a certain senator re-elected." Why don't we get a stupid branch of government (the FDK?) to make up some stupid regulation to hurt and impact a particular group of people or business, and then have Senator John Doe rush in the save the day, look like a hero, and banish that bad ole FDK. Everyone will then re-elect John Doe just like we wanted them too. so they set up the situation and all laguh about it afterward since the FDK never would have done that in th e1st place has someone not need a phony issue to give to John Doe to get him in office again.

Or maybe you got a crusade to be carried out, and popular issue or one bound to strike at the hearts of American suckers, I mean, citizens. Say, how bout that sexual military trauma stuff? We got to do something about that. Why not hand that off to a certain senator or congressman that we want to be sure looks good and continues to get re-elcted? Who seems to be particularly desirable to grant this favor, this sweet little lollipop? Someone says, ah, how bout that little darling congress woman in the mid west. She's been real handy in a number of our votes? I think she would be a good one to hand this off to and come out looking like a hero who made this happen, even though we were going to do something anyway. What do ya say, guy? Sound great. All agreed? All say amen and Congresswoman Jane Jones is given the cupcake to pursue.

Neither of these may be true but there is the possibility, nonetheless. This is how our government truly works. Those who please the most get the most handed to them.

But because these all seem to have the appearance of normal events that just happened to be, it may not be that way. This is what you find in Rome and you would find it today in the USA empire inc. and all around the rest of the world as well. This is who it is really done in the age of "democracy" which is just a clever name and disguise for a brutal totalitarian police state bent on world conquest and major depopulation.

Now, thought they plan a 90% reduction in population, God is going to stop it somewhat short of that. He will let maybe a 3rd of the population be wiped out before He steps in with His own "final solution." The antichrist, said never to die, will die mysteriously and Babylon the Great goes right after that. Then "Gog and Magog" will be wiped out leaving only God's people to stand. In comes 1000 years of peace and rehabilitation before the devil is given a chance to test the final product one last time.

Now lets talk about those rules I mentioned!

Legal Precedents            Ground Rules for History & Conspiracy Research
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I thought these were important to cover, before we even start. These are ground rules or precedents for not only conspiracy researchers, but for any historian, legal researcher, scientist, journalist, and other such fact finders. Every path leads to somewhere if we want to follow along that path.

1. A consistent, non-varying pattern leading to a specific outcome, is sufficient to identify deliberate intentions and plans, and if secret and harmful, a genuine conspiracy.

2. I call upon the legal doctrine of "Temporal Proximity." What this means in English, is that two events joined by nearly identical timing, or place, or circumstance, that are related and dependant upon each other, clearly establish their connection and relation to each other by the close proximity of that timing, place, event, or circumstance. While plausible denial may be offered in regards to such close proximities, such denial may be refuted by continuing proximities and consistent long standing patterns of events and circumstances, always in a consistent direction, varying hardly at all, if ever.

As an example out of Maine state law, if a boss called a minority person by a derogatory racist name of that minority, and the minority person files a complaint, and then the boss fires the employee one week after the complaint was filed, Maine law would deem that close timing of the 3 events to be related and the reason for firing to be in violation of the law under Whistle Blowing and Discrimination Statue. The boss would then have to show he had another genuine reason for it. If that reason could not be verified or could be refuted, then the discrimination would stand. If the boss had no reason, discrimination would be considered a fact. - - - Then the boss would need to bribe members of the Maine Human Right Commission to get out of it. I'm not saying that happens, but the "stories" I could tell you ;-)

Put another way, if you have a suspect, find out who his friends, comrades, business partners, associates and the like are. Their friends will tell you a lot more about them than you can learn just from their isolated deeds or positions. Following money, investments, and payoffs can also reveal much.

3. Allowable Gaps. One can not expect conspirators to "conspire" openly, in what has always been done in secret, for obvious reasons. No one would violate laws openly, publicly, and notoriously. So it is not reasonable to deny a conspiracy because it is secret and lacking a portion of evidence. Demands for evidence, while having to be substantial in law, can not usually begin to approach a level that would be comprehensive in some or even many situations. There will have to be allowances for some gaps. But if one can show a solid string of actions to a certain point, and then a gap, and then again, solid string of actions, continuing the trend and connections, then it is reasonable to assume that despite the gap, there is a continuity there, even if it is not documented or verified in any detail.

While law might require a heavy burden of proof, figuring out conspiracies for ourselves would not require as much of a burden. And more relaxed connections could exist to convince some of a likely connection. Since determining a conspiracy for your own satisfaction, is not a public event, but often just a personal opinion or decision, it does not have the impact that a case in court might have, where damages might be assessed and required.

During a military struggle, normal laws of due process are suspended since taking great time and care could cost one side or the other to lose a battle, if not the war. Laws of martial law allow greater freedom to act much more quickly to protect or attack with more urgency. Even in crime syndicates, decisions must often be made without full ability to establish all things as certain. Defense of territory and retaliation are important to the survival of crime families so that reasonable efforts are made to establish certain, or just likely guilt, and then they act accordingly. So it is, with those who know that they or their nation are in great peril. They may not have the best of evidence available to them. They will have to decide, based on what little is available to them in discernible evidence.

We could wish for more in a crisis, but will be forced to settle for what chance and circumstance, along with our best efforts at research, yield to us, however little that may be. Usually enough can be had to formulate a reasonable course of strategy and action. It has worked that way throughout all the history of mankind. SO it has a well attested track record of success.

Sometimes, we can not wait until we are absolutely sure. If we wait that long, we may end up caught off guard and unprepared by a surprise attack. But on the other hand, nations often use that exact pretense to launch an unprovoked "preemptive" attack, claiming it was out of self-defense that they do so. Some attacks in history have been a matter of "if we don't do it now quickly, they may get us 1st!" And the enemy may indeed, be plotting against them so that neither is any more guilty or innocent for beginning an attack on the other.

But on the other hand, many attacks have been made, with the attacker knowing full well, they were not under any real threat or danger, but use that propaganda to justify their unprovoked attack on an unsuspecting enemy or one who is weak and not capable of putting up an adequate defense.

A military example would be a civilian approaching soldiers at a guarded entrance. A civilian could be carrying a bomb. One would have no proof of that, but soldiers call out in the native language to stop or they will be shot. Elevated danger requires such harsh measures of judgment at times. The civilian, if he/she is smart, will stop. If not, the soldier has been ordered to open fire and kill, as a precautionary action, due to heightened dangers of current circumstances. So we can understand that the circumstances we are in can have a bearing on what we can accept or not, with certainty not being possible, but with some sort of remedial action being absolutely essential and vital.

4. The "Model" Doctrine. When one has no intelligence coming in to make decisions on, one is forced to assume what a normal enemy would do, in all likelihood, to be in their best interests, and then act according to that likelihood. This is putting yourself in the position of your enemy, assuming what his intentions are. This could be called the "Model" theory or doctrine. You make a model of what you think is going on, even as a scientist might do, and if you make predictions based upon that model, and they come true, then your model has a high degree of reliability and is likely very close to the situation you can not see or be sure of. Any model that can predict outcomes, is an accurate model from the standpoint of science and should be for law, as well. This "model" doctrine is what the examples in #3 above does. They assume certain conditions and make predictions and act on those as reality.

Many nations try to 2nd guess each other when they do not have enough info about the other. Or maybe they have some info and assume the rest, based on that limited info. We would always prefer more evidence or info, but sometimes we can not get what we would like. We have to take what we can get and act on that.

5. Humans are Predictable. And human nature is pretty consistent and predictable, so that a model can be made and used. As well, if one can establish certain traits in an individual, they can predict certain actions and attitudes in that person. That is to say, we can make a psychological profile of people, with some info and known connections and actions. Law Enforcement Agencies, especially at the higher levels, are most often able to form profiles of certain criminal types, since there are a number of common traits shared by say, serial killers, etc. These "trait" and "personality" pieces of evidence are a great source for helping to tie down certain facts in a trail leading to conspiracy. They have not been used enough in history to determine things that could have been determined.

6.  Appearances can be Deceiving.   (Moving Targets are hard to hit!)    Understanding that many opponents and enemies operate in secret and under multiple identities and with allies who are not openly declared as allies are all part of the secret warfare of espionage, and can be a snare in overt military operations as well. Who really is the enemy or ally? Sometimes, that is hard to be sure of. Lets say your enemy or competition appears to be Venice. But Venice has both publicly known allies and secret allies who are not talking and may even pretend to be enemies of Venice, but really stand waiting to support Venice at the proper time.

In the Bible, a technique is employed which may have multiple reasons for that technique, but surely one of those reasons is to disguise or hide true identities. These are literary-prophetic symbols and identifications. A prophetic symbol may be hidden in multiple names, such as Babylon, Tyre, Chaldeans, The Great Harlot, the Great City, and the like, all of which identify the same source, but with varying circumstances or times and places. Combining similar circumstances and outcomes may reveal that several names all point to the same identity.

So when examining history, acting agents may appear to have no relation to each other, except that they seem to produce a coherent, consistent policy and outcome leading to a final outstanding result that could not have taken place without planning far in advance with lots of networking and cooperation of many varying participants. If we examine the parties that all seem involved together, We may discern a common thread thru those many cooperating parties. The only thing left to be solved is who was the ring leader in the group of participants.

If one has a trail of events that build to a big final climax, then again, a pattern forms, a model, as discussed in #4 above, as well as no. 2, temporal proximity of events.

One has to be careful not to overlook possible parties hiding under other groups and identities. Establishing a consistent pattern that holds over time will be the main objective, in order to discern an overall agenda or plan and rise to empire.

An Example would be the growth of Rome, quite evident and obvious from its very beginnings. Its moves were calculated, planned, and slowly and carefully carried out. At times, they might experience temporary setback, but Rome always stood back and reflected upon her mistakes and loss and came back wiser and more prepared to overcome that obstacle the next time.

7.  Great (Monumental) Results can not happen by Accident.   Great empires could never come about without great ambitions and great plans, amassed networks and alliances, control and domination of labor and resources, and using that labor and resources to forge an empire of military and commercial might. Great companies also have the same paths. They might also have great financing from collective concentrated accumulated wealth to insure success and further protect and secure that success.

So if something very big comes into being, it absolutely can not be by accident and can only come about by deliberate intention and and massive effort, usually over a long period of time, since gaining control of many nations and resources is something of a grand scale to achieve and can only be done over a long period of time when starting from very little and growing from there. Speaking plainly,  A world wide empire takes probably at least a couple thousand years to grow and develop. Possibly even longer than that.

One small nation can develop over 50 to a hundred years. We are talking like city states. Rome, once established, from approximately 750 BC to 350 BC, yielded the whole of Italy for the most part, a sum of 400 years. After growing big enough, Rome, an empire of some standing, decided to take on the other rival empire of the time, the Phoenicians/Tyre/Sidon/Carthage, begun in 814 BC and battled with Rome from 264 BC to 146 BC, and fell to Rome in 146 BC. It took 118 years of battles for Rome to overcome Carthage/Phoenicia. So big things take lots of time. This is a fact repeated throughout history.

Bigger fish swallow smaller fish over time, till one very big fish is the only one left in the sea. Power and ambition do not have any limits and naturally keep growing until there is only 1 undisputed champion/boss/dictator.

8.  The bigger something is, the more complex and complicated it is.  (The Economy of Scale)    The bigger a system, network or empire is, the more complex and complicated it will be. More groups, links, connections, and obstacles are to be expected with an empire so that trying to discern all the parties and participants in a large empire can be challenging. More than likely, you will have to start with the biggest organizations and work down from there. Trying to work up from below might be far more difficult because of the changing identities along the way described in no. 6, moving targets.

9.  Gaps and Jumping around.    Since an investigation or search into a possible crime, conspiracy or just searching out a history of an empire, nation, company, or the like, will require jumps back and forth in time and place, and one will have to leave gaps, at least temporarily, and maybe a few short ones must remain, for lack of evidence. But that there is a point of ending and another point or starting up again indicates continuity. No. 8 just above does not allow an empire to spring up over night. The gaps will usually on be on details of who or what power or influence did what during a certain time.

Many gaps will only be temporary as we build our knowledge of history up to fill in gaps. Patience is a virtue in such pursuits.

10.  Economy of Scale Expanded, Revisited, Revised.   Building on no. 8, we may find that an understanding of an earlier time may be lacking, for lack of recorded knowledge, or surviving knowledge, or knowledge that was kept  hidden and was never passed on. It may require that we discover modern day parallels that reveal mechanisms that perfectly explain what took place in the far earlier time, that could not be recognized without understanding how such things work as they do at present.

An Example would be treachery and espionage, where one pretends friendship with one side while really keeping it with the other. Or when one side is fooled and manipulated into fighting another, while a 3rd party benefits from the struggle of the 2, as when a banker or war munitions company might profit from two opposing sides going to war.

11.   False Flag Operations    Setting up an event and having "actors" pretend to be some supposed enemy to launch an attack have given many a power an excuse to retaliate and attack, not the fake actors, but the real enemy intended to take the blame for the actors. As well, many events could be staged. Some offer much evidence to suggest that that Apollo missions to the moon were all faked for propaganda purposes. I do believe this but you'll have to look into that for yourself on the net and make your own decision. I have made mine.

As well, my suggestions in the previous section suggesting that senators and congressmen are given situations to make them look good would also be such things. But basically, false flag operations are really just staged events televised and promoted to create s false reality or perception of reality. Its done on TV and in the movies all the time. Never before has power enjoyed such ability to completely fake reality and create a fake virtual world that makes black white and good seem bad, and up seem like down.

Its not that they are convincing to intelligent discerning skeptical minds, but it will fool all the dummies, which is by far, the majority. So not only can the powers re-write history, they can even fake the present and leave us all wondering what the truth really is. The truth can be had but not without effort and diligence/vigilance.

Many events of the past are cloaked in simple understandings of events that really had far more intrigue and deception than previously recognized. That is to say, politics of the Middle Ages Europe were far more sophisticated than history books usually teach. Knowing the present can teach patterns that we can then discern in earlier history. Again, patterns, models, and proximity can reveal things we might have missed otherwise.

Accommodating Moving Targets

After reading a good deal of Webster Tarpley's Against Oligarchy at

I came to realize that tactics so commonly used in the 19th and 20th centuries onward, had been used extensively by Venice, from its founding near to 400 AD, until its blending into the England and around, where it ceased to be recognized, though alive and well as an established oligarchy.

As well, the media creations of the 20th century such as film, TV, photography, mass published books and newspapers, radio, audio recording as well; these all became important objects used to deceive and manipulate, by disseminating lies in these various forms of media, in order to manipulate public opinion and obtain public support. Advances in technology have made forgeries easier but also made detection of those forgeries quite evident as well.

The end result has been that techniques of deception have become more deceptive and perhaps more effective, but still vulnerable to being exposed. Many frauds such as the moon landing photography, fake videos or film that has been tampered with such as the JFK Zapruder film. What the advancement of technology, it being such fast development, has brought tools to both forgers, liars, and also to those who seek to expose those forgeries and lies.

So fast is that development, that what would have been undetectable in say, the 11/22/63 murder of JFK, as far as photo and film tampering, is now routinely exposed. Fake photos or photos given false identities, are easily revealed now. This means that we can go back to 1963 with our new techniques and expose and reveal the tempering and lies. We can compare photos of the past and present or more recent past to gather enough info to expose things.

As well in our generation here in the 21st century, we are closer to past crimes of the 20th century onward, if not even the 19th century, hunting down names and their histories for comparison and matching to others so that connections are revealed, adding another level of certainty to putting pieces of the puzzle together. So most crimes and conspiracies of the 20th century have better chance of being exposed now thru an increase in gathered info and evidence to enable a wider picture and scope of evidence as well as, if not more importantly, to allow more minds to think on the matters of the past and sharpen and aid each other in arriving at the more refined and detailed truth.

So now the 19th and 20th centuries have got some revisions to catch up on and they are being caught up on. As of today, 1/29/015, I believe most of the JFK murder has been solved in very specific details that have been on-going in development, with greater haste, since the advent of Youtube:   (bookmark it for later).
 We can only wonder how much longer the authorities will allow us to have these things available for our use.

But an advantage of hindsight is that we can take that hindsight and to back to the past, even the deep past, and apply that hindsight to previous empires and events. For instance, I would suggest to you that everything that has been done and tried in the 20th century, was also used by Rome in the very same way, from 750 BC to its fall, near to 400 AD or the Byzantine empire near to 1400 AD.

The tactics have always been pretty much the same. Its only our tools that have progressed. We are still otherwise, quite primitive.


The fun will now be in reconstructing the past into a coherent picture that delivers us to the present with the basics all explained, showing a complete path. From there, we can fill in more details about the forces and factors that went into bring us to the present state and circumstance.

NOW if you have any ideas or additions on these ground rules, I'd love to hear about them and consider them.

I will leave you with one scrumptious thought for consideration. In God's battle with the devil and his forces, God likely placed certain requirements or restrictions upon the devil, just as the devil was allowed to require God to limit Himself in certain areas, in order to make their dispute a fair fight. God may be restricted in how plainly He can reveal something so that humans can be full tested to see how much they will extend themselves to learn about God and how much trust and faith they show in God, Jehovah, the Father.

Satan also has limits on persecution extent and how far the world system can be distorted before he has to make his final move to prove his point or not, or at least test each human for being fit or not for everlasting life.

I believe that as well, Satan is required to place a sign or symbol on his followers and their activities, even as God's servants receive a symbolic sign on their forehead or hand. But Satan's operations, as I see it, are all marked with various pagan signs, and the symbol, among many, of 666. Now I had always thought of this number as symbolic. But seeing as how the Illuminati and others in cooperation with them, used it all the time, either disguised or openly, almost as if taking a cue from the Bible, I now wonder if it really was a simple literal sign that would be apparent in the last days, because of being imposed on the devil, rather than him just taking a cue from Revelation.

This may also be why God forbids the use of religious or sacred symbols, since these would be in imitation of pagans and God wanted His people to stand out and stand apart by avoiding religious symbols, an idol of sorts, really.

So there are overt obvious signs given to us to look for. Among those are my 10 points of discerning conspiracies. The signs and symbols used by Satanic followers is one obvious way to identify them and follow their trail. It may be that God required this use of this ID as part of the fair play agreement between Him and the Devil. God may have done it to make our search possible and fruitful. So lets test it out and see what we can come up with.

Shipping & Land Empires






An Island Fortress & Navy
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Over on my sister site is this article-link:        Learning from Crete        (Be sure to come back, of course)


Rome Falls, Power Gap, Reorganization


Battle 4 the New World



English Colonization
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I want to start here with King Henry VII (7). He was begged by a lowly unimportant man, an Italian by birth, Giovani Caboti, renamed in England as John Cabot. Though Cabot started out with no status, he did not remain that way. We may never know if the King's decision to finally grant Cabot a ship, crew, and provisions to explore the New World was influenced by anyone or not. But it was a pivotal decision. For all we know, the devil might have had a hand in making sure England prevailed in Colonization. But Cabot set sail from Bristol with a small ship for the New World. He explored much of Eastern Atlantic Canada and Maine, too.


Birth of the USA
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I now want to jump from early colonization of the New World to the founding of the USA and the founding of the Illuminati while we are at it, since both came into existence in the same year, 1776. I intend to demonstrate that this was the easiest point to identify as the beginning of, in earnest, an intent to take over the world by means of the USA empire. I also want to repeat and discuss this statement quoted earlier that I put on my home page of this site as well:
"To understand the forces that shaped the events of the 20th century {onward},
is predicated not on facts to be learned, but on secrets to be discovered." 
Author, Dr. Stanley Monteith, "Secrets of the Illuminati Revealed"

There is an obvious assumption in his statement. That what we look for, in most cases, can only be discovered by things done in secret, rather than openly and published in high circulation publications and documents. We will  have to make many assumptions based on the scant evidence, along with very evident actions of various parties. But also assumed by Dr. Monteith, is that the many events of the 20th century, and I add, beyond into the 21st century (he did not live that long), are connected and all cooperate together in one big conspiratorial plan, which can be discerned and demonstrated to reasonable degrees. If he had not believed this, he would not have written the book he did. So we can expect an adventure in this undertaking.

I, personally, will start with the USA Declaration of Independence. I will have to be somewhat brief since I do not want to lose many (probably unavoidable) in going into too much detail, though it would be possible to do so.

Our Founding Fathers
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It is interesting what took place among the 13 colonies of America. When they first started out, they needed the merchants and Britain for supplies they had been used to when back in the world. If attacked by natives, they needed military support, or at least good supplies of guns and ammo, at considerable cost, no doubt. The English colonies started in 1605 and progressed at Jamestown and Plymouth Rock. Eventually, the Dutch turned over NYC (Manhattan Island) to the British, and Pennsylvania was settled. Growth was slow at first. The 1700s commenced and the colonies grew to 13.

I propose and am far from the 1st to have done so, that some among the settlers had long desired to have this new and fairly undeveloped land to themselves for a new empire. I take this from "A History of Maine" Edited by Ronald F. Banks 1971. Starting in page 1, no less, some wealthy important men who sponsored a exploratory voyage to Maine in 1605. After the return, their decision was to establish a colony there and they sought out a number of other merchants from London and Plymouth and approached King James I "for a charter to to establish a joint stock company as the instrument for colonizing."

King James decided to start 2 companies for this purpose, giving the London company lands between the 34th and 41st parallels, and to the Plymouth company the 38th to 45th parallels of lands in America. The Jamestown colony set out in 1607 under the London Company. The Plymouth company was dissolved in 1620 and James I chartered the Council for New England to settle what would be north and east of NY, what we now call New England.

Charles II came along and already, some colonies were quite unfriendly to the Crown. Ferdinando Gorges was granted the lands of Maine. He died and his heirs were to get it. But those Puritans in Plymouth decided they were take it adversely, though also referring to the earlier 1629 charter. Massachusetts interests bought off the Gorges family for $6,000 and became undisputed owners of Maine.

But what you must understand is that King James had made agreements to these various businessmen who formed the 2 founding companies and they rather resented James I changing terms and basically taking ownership of American colonies, when such had been granted to the 2 charter companies, London and Plymouth. This comes from  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

So it was the desire of these businessmen, who we know virtually nothing of, to rule over the settlements they founded and do as they please with them. James I no doubt knew their intentions, too. As James I saw it, John Cabot laid claim to those lands in 1496, just 4 years after Columbus first landed in the Caribbean. One could argue either side, but businessmen and financiers are not to be crossed. Charles I, successor to James I, was overthrown by Cromwell, who then turned traitor to his "sponsors," who were robbing and pillaging the masses with their new found power behind Cromwell. So Cromwell put an end to the pillaging and exploitation and rescinded any power to the merchant monsters. So the financiers went and got Charles II, to take the throne back after Cromwell died.

Interesting to note that so called Christians were instrumental in supporting Cromwell and fighting for his cause, which he said was their cause, too. Christians have no business fighting any revolution or overthrow. But they had been doing this since the days of Constantine in the 300s AD.

Eventually, the merchants and financiers were not happy with the lineage of James I. James II began rule after Charles II in 1685. Referring to William III of Orange, a Dutch Ruler, Wikipedia reports (under William III of England): Seeing him (William III) as a friend, and often having maintained secret contacts with him for years, many English politicians began to negotiate an armed invasion of England.[64]

Who were these "English" politicians. House of Lords by chance? Business men? In 1688, according to Wikipedia:

"In June, James's wife, Mary of Modena, bore a son (James Francis Edward Stuart), who displaced William's wife to become first in the line of succession.[68] Public anger also increased because of the trial of seven bishops who had publicly opposed James's Declaration of Indulgence granting religious liberty to his subjects, a policy which appeared to threaten the establishment of the Anglican Church.[69]

On 30 June 1688—the same day the bishops were acquitted—a group of political figures known afterward as the "Immortal Seven", sent William a formal invitation.[67] William's intentions to invade were public knowledge by September 1688.[70] With a Dutch army, William landed at Brixham in southwest England on 5 November 1688.[71] He came ashore from the ship Brill, proclaiming "the liberties of England and the Protestant religion I will maintain". William had come ashore with approximately 11,000-foot and 4,000 horse soldiers.[72] James's support began to dissolve almost immediately upon William's arrival; Protestant officers defected from the English army (the most notable of whom was Lord Churchill of Eyemouth, James's most able commander), and influential noblemen across the country declared their support for the invader.[73]

James at first attempted to resist William, but saw that his efforts would prove futile.[73] He sent representatives to negotiate with William, but secretly attempted to flee on 11 December.[74] A group of fishermen caught him and brought him back to London.[74] He successfully escaped to France in a second attempt on 23 December.[74] William permitted James to leave the country, not wanting to make him a martyr for the Roman Catholic cause.[75]"

"William summoned a Convention Parliament in England, which met on 22 January 1689,[76] to discuss the appropriate course of action following James's flight.[77] William felt insecure about his position; though his wife ranked higher in the line of succession to the throne, he wished to reign as King in his own right, rather than as a mere consort.[78] The only precedent for a joint monarchy in England dated from the sixteenth century, when Queen Mary I married Philip of Spain.[79] Philip remained king only during his wife's lifetime, and restrictions were placed on his power. William, on the other hand, demanded that he remain as king even after his wife's death.[80] Although the majority of Tory Lords proposed to acclaim her as sole ruler, Mary, remaining loyal to her husband, refused.[81]

The House of Commons, with a Whig majority, quickly resolved that the throne was vacant, and that it was safer if the ruler was Protestant. There were more Tories in the House of Lords which would not initially agree, but after William refused to be a regent or to agree to remaining king only in his wife's lifetime, there were negotiations between the two houses and the Lords agreed by a narrow majority that the throne was vacant. The Commons made William accept a Bill of Rights,[76] and on 13 February 1689, Parliament passed the Declaration of Right, in which it deemed that James, by attempting to flee, had abdicated the government of the realm, thereby leaving the throne vacant.[82] The Crown was not offered to James's eldest son, James Francis Edward (who would have been the heir apparent under normal circumstances), but to William and Mary as joint sovereigns.[78] It was, however, provided that "the sole and full exercise of the regal power be only in and executed by the said Prince of Orange in the names of the said Prince and Princess during their joint lives".[78]

William and Mary were crowned together at Westminster Abbey on 11 April 1689 by the Bishop of London, Henry Compton.[83] Normally, the coronation is performed by the Archbishop of Canterbury, but the Archbishop at the time, William Sancroft, refused to recognise James's removal.[83]

William also summoned a Convention of the Estates of Scotland which met on 14 March 1689, and sent a conciliatory letter while James sent haughty uncompromising orders, swaying a majority in favour of William. On 11 April, the day of the English coronation, the Convention finally declared that James was no longer King of Scotland.[84] William and Mary were offered the Scottish Crown; they accepted on 11 May.[85]"

"Revolution settlement

William III of England encouraged the passage of the Act of Toleration (1689), which guaranteed religious toleration to certain Protestant nonconformists.[77] It did not, however, extend toleration as far as William wished, still restricting the religious liberty of Roman Catholics, non-trinitarians, and those of non-Christian faiths.[83] In December 1689, one of the most important constitutional documents in English history, the Bill of Rights, was passed.[86] The Act, which restated and confirmed many provisions of the earlier Declaration of Right, established restrictions on the royal prerogative. It provided, amongst other things, that the Sovereign could not suspend laws passed by Parliament, levy taxes without parliamentary consent, infringe the right to petition, raise a standing army during peacetime without parliamentary consent, deny the right to bear arms to Protestant subjects, unduly interfere with parliamentary elections, punish members of either House of Parliament for anything said during debates, require excessive bail or inflict cruel and unusual punishments.[77] William was opposed to the imposition of such constraints, but he chose not to engage in a conflict with Parliament and agreed to abide by the statute.[87]

The Bill of Rights also settled the question of succession to the Crown. After the death of either William or Mary, the other would continue to reign. Next in the line of succession was Mary II's sister, Princess Anne, and her issue.[86] Finally, any children William might have had by a subsequent marriage were included in the line of succession. Roman Catholics, as well as those who married Catholics, were excluded.[86]"
End Wikipedia quotes<<<

Imagine bringing a citizen and ruler of another country to rule your own country? How close were the Dutch and English? Or was it the businessmen and financiers of both England and Holland that were involved? As you can see, there were many competing political interests involved.






In 1860, Abraham Lincoln is elected president of the USA. And right near to this time, 2 other things happened. All children were forced to receive mandatory schooling for 12 years, in theory, to make sure everyone was literate. The odd thing was, nearly everyone was already literate and in many ways, the highest quality of literacy was in existence at that time. The quality and eloquence of the letters of many Civil War soldiers show a remarkable skill in writing. But already, great planners of those over us had something else in mind.

They wanted to stop parents from teaching kids, and let the government do it. The plan was to instruct kids on what the government wanted of them, not the parents or God. Next, apply slow gradualism to the changes in teaching curriculum, so that people will not notice any particular change, and eventually have the kids turn on parents and God. But when it was first passed as law, no one saw anything bad in teaching everyone to read and write. But in our day, even after 12 years, most kids hardly know a thing. What happened to all that learning that was supposed to happen?

The 2nd big thing was the Civil War to "free" the slaves.

Hitler Says . . .
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I know some will object to me even mentioning the name Hitler, much less quote him. But real honest and objective research must follow the evidence wherever it goes. The "public" Hitler was much different from several of his private personalities. But make no mistake, Hitler was not a fool. Fools do not accomplish what he did and fools do not get the backing and financing he did. Financiers are very careful with how they spend their money. The following was taken from a book by James Pool, "Who Financed Hitler," which is a very good question, but with somewhat elusive answers as far as I can tell in this early stage of the book, which I read on a slow occasional basis. This is chapter 2, "Billions." Beginning on page 47:

    On the evening of November 22, 1922, a Harvard graduate, Ernst (Putzi) Hanfstaengl, whose mother was American and whose cultivated, wealthy family owned an art-publishing business in Munich, attended one of Hitler’s speeches on the advice of Captain
{pg 48 begins}
Truman Smith, the assistant military attache of the United States.16 Opposed to Communism and appalled by Germany’s present weaknesses, Hanfstaengl was captivated with Hitler’s oratory. A few days later he joined the Party. The six-foot four-inch Hanfstaengl, whose nickname Putzi ironically meant ‘little fellow’ in Bavarian dialect, shared Hitler’s interest in art and music and became his frequent companion.

One night as they were walking home together from the Cafe Neumaier after several hours of discussion with devoted Party followers, Hitler turned to Hanfstaengl and said: “You must not feel disappointed if I limit myself in these evening talks to comparatively simple subjects. Political agitation must be primitive. That is the trouble with all the other [non-Marxist] parties. They have become . . . too academic. The ordinary man in the street cannot follow and, sooner or later, falls a victim to the slap-bang methods of Communist propaganda.”17

Agreeing wholeheartedly Hanfstaengl told Hitler that one of the things which gave him the most confidence in the Party’s eventual success was his (Hitler’s) ability to speak in everyday language with “real punch” behind his words. Hanfstaengl went on to say that in some ways he reminded him of the American President Theodore Roosevelt who had a vigor and courage, a vitality and familiarity with all kinds of people, and a direct style of action and speaking that endeared him to the average citizen. “People in Munich say that all you and your party stand for is tumult and shouting, brutality and violence,” Hanfstaengl continued. “It may console you to know that all those things were said about Roosevelt, but he did not listen and carried the country with him.”18

    “You are absolutely right,” Hitler replied. “But how can I hammer my ideas into the German people without a press? The newspapers ignore me utterly. How can I follow up my successes as a speaker with our miserable four-page Volkischer Beobachter once a week? We’ll get nowhere until it appears as a daily. ”19 Hitler then told of the great plans he had for the Party newspaper if only he could find the funds.

    “It must have been that evening,” Hanfstaengl later wrote, “that I decided to render more substantial help.”20 About this time Hanfstaengl received partial payment for his share of the family art gallery in New York which had been closed during the war. The money came to only $1,500, but that represented an absolute fortune when converted into depreciated marks. There were two American
{pg 48 and quote ends}

What Hitler basically said was that the common average citizen was an idiot that could be appealed to only with primitive simple means. It was all they could handle or understand. The Roman Senate and Patricians felt the same way about the common Roman. Even today, elites hold the masses in contempt. Hitler also understood that the only other ones that understood that were Communists, who many in Germany did not like. Communists saw the common people the same way Hitler did. But other parties in Germany did not get it. They tried that rational-reasoning way and were talking over the heads of the people.

And you know what? I agree with them, too, which is why I wrote this article. You'll see! But Putzi agreed with Hitler and mentioned the many similar qualities that Teddy Roosevelt had and used. Teddy acted like a leader and spoke with conviction and certainty and "acted" like a he-man. So you see, if a brilliant man offered intelligent ideas, he would have no chance of being recognized and accepted. He can either use the lowest common denominator and sell out to primitive methods, or remain loyal to his beliefs and go home discouraged.

The problem is, that if you can win dumb people over, so can anyone else. A cause can not overcome and survive when most of those supporting it are fools. They are sheep waiting for someone to come along and slaughter them. They just don't know that. Put another way, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. If that link is a bunch of dummies who have no answers and can not grasp solid answers, then that link and the whole chain are doomed. This is the meaning of futility. You are facing impossible odds. Only God can fix this total mess.



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