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Mr. Dearman's BBC Interview

The Premise
The Reference Video
Deception and Lies
Early Pictures - BBC version
Tell Me Its Not So
Judge Pauffley's  Decision

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The Premise
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I was comparing Mr. Dearman with screen saves of the dad in the Audi car commercial run during the Superbowl 2017, to see how many similarities there might be. But upon my careful study of the screen saves from the BBC video interview, I discovered some very interesting things that have caused me to do this article by itself for even more consideration.

The Reference Video
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I had first watched and grabbed screen saves from this video:

Ricky Dearman Body Language analysis-Deception
The Dialogue      Time 14:27

I used this video to grab the frames. The author/channel was showing the fake/lack of tears and other non-verbal expressions, determining he was fake.
My consideration is the manipulation that was going on. The camera would go back and forth between Mr. Dearman and Victoria Derbyshire. We assume that the switches were continuous. But I am now suspecting that they were stopping the interview periodically and adding odd make-up fixtures  to Mr. D's face. 

I found that the video quality of "Dialog's" to be blurred, maybe to avoid getting deleted for copyright BS. Even though US law allows non-profit use of copyrighted material, seldom is this right ever preserved or protected. The Status Quo of the combined government, judicial, media complex still employs brutal totalitarian censorship of anything that makes them look bad. And really, they do so much that is bad, there is not much good that is left.

So I ditched the screen saves of Dialog's video for the better clarity of the BBS version. It was good that I did. Dialog's version's blur caused some misleading appearances that made Mr. D's right eye look like it was in a totally different direction from the right eye or even demon eyes. In fact, I went to the BBS version to specifically see if the same effect was present there. There 2 shots that seemed close but non that survived the improved quality. Had I stuck with the less quality, I would have had a more sensationalistic presentation, but with far less credibility.

The BBC Interview is a little longer at 22:56.   Father falsely accused of being a 'satanic cult paedophile ring leader' Victoria Derbyshire       BBC News

I had seen this broadcast on youtube when it first came out. But video goes too fast to stop, pause, and give careful thought. As well, time has allowed more things to stand out in my mind and slo-mo and screen capture are simply amazing tools for a more precise and careful analysis. I made transcripts/text of most of this video, as things were sticking out to me that I had not recognized in the past.

In all, I took 105 screen shots of this interview. I don 't plan on using them all but I wanted to be careful and sure. And I supply the conversation of about 16 minutes of transcribed conversation from a 23 minute video. Most of it starts at 7:11.

Another purpose of the many screen grabs was to get enough precise shots to compare to the "father" of the daughter in the Audi commercial played during the Superbowl. MY suspicion is that if Alisa and Gabriel are in the commercial, then dad is likely to be with them and maybe even in the commercial himself partially disguised so that no one would ever detect him. But really, these Satanic types love to sneak in stuff like this, just as the the Illuminati like to promote their symbols and project their power everywhere. It would be very uncharacteristic of them not to put Rick since he is the real dad to the daughter and they want to stick their tongues out at us, if not more that. Perhaps a middle finger, too.

My comments >> will look like this  at times<<  or (this).

Deception and Lies
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Dishonesty is dishonesty. There are various ways of deceiving.  Like it or not, whether it is lies or just leaving stuff out, its intent is still deception and misleading, which is, ultimately, a form of lying. To disguise a person's appearance in order to fake emotions and reactions, is a little and big lie. Innocent honest people do not do such things. Deceitful people do such things. To accept and not question very questionable people, like when the police did not question RD adequately or not investigate the school staff with an immediate surprise investigation team, unannounced. Or when a questionable source feeds you some info and you did not investigate to determine if it can be relied on or not, is dereliction of duty and should be punished with severity. These are normal procedures that are never supposed to be ignore and there is not good excuse for the neglect or bypassing of it.

Now I also note the same qualities in the following groups:
3rd wave feminism (current feminism)
Social Justice Warriors (SJWs)
Leftist Atheists (most are leftist)
Those promoting rebellion/overthrow
Social disrupters/rioters/looters
Marxists and Communists
Intelligence Agencies (all types)
Lying/deceiving Media Corps
All terrorists, fake or real
Many Criminals/Gangsters
Ultra Liberals
All manner of shills/trolls
Cult Members  (any type)

What do all these above want? How do they go about getting it? The tie that binds!

All of the above, either knowingly by those who sponsored them, or unknowing by getting sucked into the deceptive intent of the lies promoted.
(the elite or governments, big business or non-profit foundations, charitable foundations, philanthropic societies and the like, as they sponsors)

All of these seek to destroy the current status quo, government, or order, and replace it with another one. The other one usually believes in brute brutal force with no mercy. It usually kills in large numbers. It primarily stands for real true hate and not the phony hate promoted by the left wing.

Those who seek to overthrow, do not believe in morals, principles, decency, honesty, or integrity. Their only goal is to win, take over, and kill in large numbers. Countries conquered by Communism have never fared well. The left preaches tolerance . . . of the left. But it never is tolerant of those in conquers. Hence, the killing of many.

The most outstanding trait, by far, among all listed, is the willingness to lie, lie often and make them very big lies. Absolutely no basis in truth or honesty. In this respect, Satanists are the foremost example in that they, above all other things, lie like hell. Complete lies with not a single shred of evidence. Just all made up. You'll find this trait in 18 names/types listed in the table above, bold text. Yes, many of them are similar in name/identity.

They all want power without justification and principle, and without the mutual consent of the majority. They are always minority seeking power rather than numbers. They never have the numbers. just the lust for power, lies, and killing. They hate people!

A Democracy, in theory, tries to win everyone over or at least win a majority over. But not the left, not the subversives. Brute force is their preferred method. No discussion! Their way or the highway; or more often, the dead way.

Now one could ask, why do they always seem to hate people? Its so easy. Because the devil/Satan is behind every single one of these groups. Many Satanists claim to be Atheists, by Satan's order. This so that when accused of worshiping Satan, they can deny it saying we don't believe in gods and many say they don't even believe in spirits. And we are supposed to believe them of course. Karl Marx was a Satanist. I got a book on it! Many policies of these groups are designed to ruin and destroy society. Feminism and SJWs are of that ilk.  Disable the brains of the young with nonsense and lies and society will collapse.

The Mainstream Media are great for lies, subversion and overthrow. In my book, promoting lies or promoting anything intended to overthrow the long standing order with something else, while not seeking such in open honest dialog is rebellion and revolution. Any doing it should be shot. But now most of our nation and all nations have been fully undermined by Satan and Satanic cults, who operate thru government, big business and wealthy, thru Intelligence Agencies, whose main operation is secrecy and deceit, to promote all manner of illegal activities and over throw the order of things. I think I make my point clear. Many will not like what I suggest above.

But I note another unusual thing that I think deserves some attention. Shills typically carry on as supposed supporters of whatever cause it might be. Common are covering up for Satanic Cult activities, which activities are on a par with Intelligence agencies for evil and horror. Both work together closely. Some oppose Vaccination. Some oppose child stealing by governmental authorities. Some oppose GMOs or so many other things.

But shills wait for the right moment to sabotage during some highly successful publicity a group might experience, such as the releasing of the videos of the Hampstead kids, or revelations from wikileaks or Eric Snowden. Shills will act like trolls at times, if they have noting else to do. You'll see lots of sock puppets and phony IDs.

They sound so good, so courageous, so caring, so benevolent, until the time times and then they come out of hiding and launch their attacks. Maybe it is to divide the group or cause mistrust among it. It may be just to make a cause look bad by getting shills to act more like bad guys who claim support the group while making that group look bad with their behavior. This happens quite a bit actually. We have all seen it.

The biggest problem is that most make friends and once a friend is a friend, then people will never doubt them or suddenly hold them in suspicion. Once someone becomes a friend, they become immune to suspicion and the person liking them will never doubt them or question them about an action, statement, or position change.

Shills change when they spring their traps. This is where it gets interesting. The manner of speech they had before, suddenly changes over night and they start sounding just like the ones they used to pretend they were against. They will start to sound like the cult or say similar things to what the cult would say. Or they will start to sound like the media or a judge or politician. If  you were all awake, you would have seen it by now. I know most of you have missed it.

People do not make their friends continually accountable. In normal circumstances, this is OK. But when you are involved in a cause that is bound to attract shills and trolls, you need a different tactic. You need to watch people more carefully and question more. You should recognize when someone changes and starts to sound very different. But you don't! What good are you to the kids if you are not alert and not awake and on the watch for odd behaviors.

I recall getting in to a scrap with a woman who had her own facebook group page. She never supplies any evidence, ever! I would challenge her on it, time again. It never changed. Now finally everyone has woken up and dumped her. But really, many should have been on to her a long time ago. What took them so long? Were some looking the other way? Or were they just asleep?. The Cult loves her and still does. She is their poster girl.

Just know this. Whenever anyone lets a suspicious source get away with causing undue doubt or suspicion of something previously accepted by many, both the source of origin and those that spread it should be thoroughly looked at. But hell would have to freeze over for that to happen. For too many, its all about friendship and belonging and screw the cause. "To hell with the children." "I just want friends and social acceptance." We have all known such a person. But I know of many others, too. And they are unchecked to date. I saw one person who seemed to attract all the fallout refugees of the super shill I have been speaking of a little. The No Evidence Woman; we'll call her N. E. W. All her friends migrated over to another persons personal FB page. I thought it was interesting that they all went to the same place. Most of them have seemed like shills to me but the person they were going to, did not seem like shill. But I kept it in mind. It had an interesting turnout actually. My instincts were not wrong.

What I can say is this! Beware when someone starts to sound like the enemy rather than what they had been. Liars are everywhere in the Hampstead Cause. I have seen no environment more saturated with liars, saboteurs, and trolls/shills. We have the cult as a great example of the worst of liars. you will this clearly below in this article.

I bring this BBC interview to public attention so show how rampant and deep the corruption of this investigation was. Mr. Dearman has many things that concern quite a lot as I was considering pictures to test for him possibly being the dad in the Audi commercial. I know believe he is.  But he is partially disguised. Did you really expect any less? But regardless, this video reveals some very disturbing things that I don't believe anyone recognized yet and you all need to recognize it. The World needs to recognize it! As well, we see the dishonesty of the BBC, which is part of the UK government. All media are just like BBC! Here in the USA, it's PBS, CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, etc. They all lie and deceive! The world is full of liars!

Early pictures - BBC version                    Mr. Dearman is  R:  and Victoria is  V:
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0:17        Lots of stumbling and he is having trouble remembering.
R:  CPS says you have to go to the police station, - snap: 017 and the children have been taken away from their mom.  >>Below right, he has dark red liner under both eyes and later maybe showing above the left eye or both. My opinion is that the outside lids of his eyes are made to look red, giving the false impression that in general, the entirety of the eyes are red as if he had been crying. This is deliberate deception on the part of the BBC, they UK's biggest and government funded network. Proof that the TV media and government are deceptive as are Satan worshipers, just like RD.

If RD was innocent, there would be nothing to hide, cover up, or fake. The circumstances themselves would speak to fraud on the part of the children or the mother and Abe.. But since the children were and are, telling the truth, RD, the BBC, the UK and UK courts and the Satanic cult and its fearless leader, all got lots to hide and cover up. Either that or RD likes wearing makeup. I can't rule that out   ;-) 

I also notice that RD's reactions are not normal or typical. Further, I believe he keeps looking up and to his left a little, pretending to be near to tears, and by the way, he never once has a tear leek from his eye. The Youtube Channel, "The Dialog," also noted this point. My belief is that in the direction he looks in has a marker for him to locate and turn his head in that direction for specific lighting. The camera is aimed so that his head is far to left of the screen and the light highlights his eyes when he looks up and slightly to his left so that red is the appearance of his eyes as if red from crying. Disgusting.

0:17 into the video interview 0:41 I snapped this and the previous due to the tip of 

the bottom of his nose.  If the head moves a lot, you get a sort of blur like 0:17. When he is fairly still, his skin seems blemished in various ways as this video goes on. The shadow cast by the nose makes the tip look like it hangs down. But that is caused by the shadow to some degree. The divider between the nostrils is down as far as the tip. I have pictures that will show this.  Alisa, in my opinion, got her nose from her dad. Its much the same and will be important in establishing her features that distinguish her from Jessie in the Audi commercial article. The reality is that the two (Alisa vs Jessie) have rather different appearances which will become clear my article on the Audi commercial.

His hair is combed up and back. Interestingly, so is the hair of the the Audi dad. Further, his nose looks just like the nose on the Audi dad. How bout dat! The sides of his nostrils stand out as they do with Alisa. RD also has a vein showing under his right eye. It will show throughout. He has heavy makeup on to hide the sins of aging and maybe, possibly, RD might have suffered some physical abuse himself, perhaps due to higher authorities being mad at him. That will show more later. His chin looks very much like Alisa's. Their chins have left and right corners/points.

Victoria finishes her question at 0:35 and he is silent for 20 seconds to 0:55. R:  They said that . . .  

>>20 seconds of silence? No way! Oh, he is so sensitive. He is like hell. He tortures and rapes kids according to his own kids before they were stolen by police and CPS. Its all just poor amateurish acting. If I was accused of things that were really totally insane, I would not be worried in the least, nor scared. Nor crying. After all, this is 6 months after the kids have been taken and he has had plenty of access to them.

However, if I had really been a rapist and running a baby smuggling operation and cult, I'd be wearing diapers to catch the mess. The truth is so obvious.<<

R:  Iím OK with what they said - snap: 1:00     Its more that it came from my - snap: 1:07 children. >>Notice the crocodile tears. "The Dialog" noted that there never once was a tear to come out of his eyes. But there is red liner on the bottom lid of both eyes but much stronger on his right eye (our left). Phony as hell. Now if you are innocent, you do not need to act. But if your guilty, you might want to take some acting lessons. He strikes me as a pathological liar. If  you have ever seen  him and his sock puppets and friends post, you know how they twist everything to beyond recognition. All they do is lie constantly. It matters here. If they lie out of habit, then he is lying here. Its that simple! We should expect lies and look for them!<<  
Below left is 1:00                             and right is 1:07


Iím the leader of a Satanic (He gulps, swallows big Ė snap: 1:15) sex cult and Pedophile ring Ė (snap: 1:21) that thereís a 100 plus involvement in this Ė (snap: 1:25) including CPS . . .  >>Whoa whoa whoa! Hold on a minute. 100? The kids said 200 parents, all the kids, and all the school staff and 7 or 8 schools doing it. 100 is lying! And the BBC is going along with it. No surprise, really.<<

Note in 1:15 that his right eye is very red on the lower lid.

1:15 below 1:21 below

1:25 below 1:32 below

>>Just think about this for a minute. Who would be insane enough to make up the most insane charges imaginable, if they were not true? You would be caught in a second as a fraud. On the other hand, if this were true, it would be so easy to prove, except for just one thing! Corruption on a level that few could believe, even if they were told it and given evidence to back it up. Merely examining the school staff's pubic regions would settle it all. But police were careful to avoid that. Not to mention, the police gave plenty of advance notice to the cult members so they could cover up secret rooms or other evidence.<<

Incidentally, Alisa's ears are not  like her dad's. She actually takes after her mom in the ears. That will be in the Audi article. In fact, her narrow skull and ears close to the head are much more like her mom's. The school, - snap: 132, ah and and Iím the leader . . . (Heís laughing at 1:39 and grinning and really enjoying it all . . . I sat across from the police at the table Ė snap: 1:46

1:41 below 1:46 below    Still smirking below. My, the mood swings! First crying, now laughter. What next?

asking the questions Ė snap: 1:50  . . . 1:51  >>for at least 10 seconds he is very amused. What happened to all those tears?
Also note above that there are lines/wrinkles above right, below his right eye and lighting brings them out more. I assume it is intended. He has a brown spot there that is going to come out, too, beginning below at 2:42. Its due to lighting. Below left, 1:50, note the chin. The whole chin area muscles are all tight with determination and anger in his smirk. You see  the daggers in 1:54, too. He's gonna make those kids pay! This chin will show much more soon. At 1:50, his lips are pursed tight.<< 

1:50 above ^^^ 1:54 above ^^^

1:51 I donít know how to answer that to , ah, - snap: 1:54, ah (Victoria steps in to help. She asks him how he reacted)  R:  Well, its difficult to have a reaction because its kind of OK -  snap: 2:03 cause heís just ludicrous . . .  >>I don't know who he was referring to, or what. Maybe the charges.<<

My two children, 8 & 9 Ė snap 2:20. He is silent for 48 seconds and pretending to weep. Total Bullshit! No tears, as well. Dialog noted this in her analysis as well.  What a liar. From 2:20 to 3:09 I snapped 24 pictures of this fraud, whose eyes are lined with red makeup to give the appearance of red eye from crying, but his eyeballs are not red. Only the bottom of his eye lids. FAKE 100%  below at 2:42 he is looking far up at the ceiling. Now why would you do that?

If he were upset, or hurt or even disgusted, or embarrassed, he would hand his head low. He would not be looking so high up. Total Fake! But the light is coming down on his eyes, well. Your supposed to think he is crying. Well? Did it work?

2:20 below  Get your crying towels out! But don't look for any tears. They aren't there! 2:42 He's begging Satan for help. Just kidding  . . . maybe.

2:42a, the psychopath forgot he was in an interview. Why get upset if you were innocent? You know the answer. He's NOT! Worst case of acting I have ever seen. He might be trying to tear up or at least have his eye water, but he can't pull it off. He is not the least bit upset. He is a pathological liar. He could be there for days trying to get a tear.


Does he look ridiculous or what? Look! In the sky! Its a bird! Its a plane, it's a lousy acting job! You said it! It may be that he was told to look up so that the red liner would show better. It still doesn't work. He has skin aberrations on the forehead, left lower eye and right upper lip, but no tears. 

Above in both photos, his right eye on the outside, just below the eye, is a brown shadow or part shadow and part skin discoloration. You'll get a better shot later and can decide then. I'll call it b-spot for subsequent reference. below in 2:44, the b-spot now in the light, is much lighter. But when he turns his head a little right in 2:45, it gets dark again.


2:48 right below, his eyes are closed to fake pain and crying. Still no tears. Does he not realize how stupid he is looking. It not just bad acting. Its a total lie that can not be hidden.


 What a liar! R: 3:10 that um, that Iíd um, sexually abused them  . . . and he goes on to 3:44, another 34 seconds never once really crying and faking like crazy. A total phony! I grabbed 12 shots in this time so you clearly see the faker in action. Again Dialog says the same thing in her video analysis. At least in 2:51 far right, his head is down where it should be. But it won't be there long.


He is dragging the inside of his hand and forefinger across and back from his eye.

He rubs it kind of up. And ever so slightly, the outside part of his hand is tilting down a little more so that now a red brown line is starting to show along his index finger. It will show much better below at 3:11
3:11 The line shows really well now, from his upper knuckle down to just short of his last knuckle in his index finger. And he was dragging it real hard in the two pics above and this one below.
3:11a I am not sure what he might have been trying to accomplish, if anything.

R: 3:10 that um, that Iíd um, sexually abused them  . . . and he goes on to 3:44, another 34 seconds never once really crying and faking like crazy


3:14 & 3:16 below, look like RD's face was sprayed with water or had oil or lotion spread on, to help his face look wet, as if he had drenched himself in tears. Yeah, no way! His face was dry again right after.


I would have been a lot more impressed if Abe and Ella had been invited to this interview as well. The kids were locked up, of course. But on the bright side, RD's ugly masks would be a big hit at Halloween parties. Freddie Kruger and Jason Vorhees would have nothing on RD..

Tell Me Its Not So!                    4:17 to 7:09
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I am jumping ahead to 4:17
pic left at 4:17

4:16 that we were killing babies. I was shipping them in and uh ďWe was cooking, ah ah (he was stumbling like crazy at this point) they were uh, showing with their hand movement how I would get their hand on the knives and would cut the babies neck and drain their blood then drink the blood, and um  . . . horrific upon horrific detail. 4:44

RD had a tough time getting thru this part. Just my opinion, but his face there looks serious. But his speech was very nervous. I think he lost sight of his objective. Do you notice the many veins in the center of his forehead. They look like deer antlers. They almost look like patches put on. Strange, anyway.
>>Notice that his right eye look red due to the lower lid painted red. It worked pretty good. That was the design & intent.<<

Above is a scene (near to 4:50) you see a few of, maybe 7- 10 times of the camera on Victoria and RD back to. I did not see any movement for like the first few times and wondered if it was really RD or not. But then he showed some movement in a couple frames. But here is what you want question. What might be going on while we are facing Victoria? RD could be using his left hand to add makeup or others could be there, too. As well, did they stop filming  and switch or start up with the Victoria focus? We have no evidence but it would not be wrong to wonder and suspect. Notice that Victoria has no red about her eyes. Its a nice contrast. Further, her left face is not as shaded as RD's right face is. She is better lit and less hiding. Why the difference? She has nothing to hide. In fact, RD is wearing more makeup than Victoria! I love it!

4:44    V:  was it abroad where you think that ( Abe/Ella ) filmed your children making all these allegations? - 4:51 R: Yeah. What they did, they uh,  they uh, beat my kids 5:05 ah, they're called licks, where 5:08 you get a spoon and hit a kid. In this instance it was my two children. 5:16

4:51 5:08

4:46 Told to recount these allegations of what I had done 5:53 Or have supposed to have done. 5:55 . . . 

>>notice the 5:08 picture at right above. As he is relating the spoon licks. He has an angry look. Angry that his kids were beaten? Oh, not hardly. He is furious because the kids squealed on him and Abe got it out of them. So he hates Abe, too. You can see that when he posts around on Youtube.<<

5:52 5:53

R: as well as all these other people. 5:58  >>Just after he mentions that others were accused as well below at 5:54, he gets very upset. look at the intensity of that face. His eyes are popping. He is near to hemorrhage, wouldn't you say? ;-)  His lip is all twisted. These are not laid back feelings. They really got his face distorted. Imagine what happened to the kids from Sep. 11, 2014 to this time of March or April 2015 when this came out? Somewhere near and for at least a few months after, too. A real asshole.<<

5:54 5:54a

Again at 5:55 below is the same words as above and note at 5:55 that determined look of anger and resentment. Who do you think is going pay for that? Yeah, the kids! He is ticked. Look at him brood! at 6:28 Victoria says some watching have already clicked on some of those videos of your children. R: Yeah. He's not happy. But he has got a hold of himself and dampened his anger. It must have been hard on those kids. Being a Satanist according to the kids (and I believer them), he is used to dishing out pain and even killing babies and kicking them around. He is no stranger to cruelty according to his kids. Its gut wrenching that they fall back into his hands.

5:55 6:28

R:  6:32 one video in the first 10 days, nearly turned a 1000 views. >>Does he look super pissed or what? I am sure its at the kids and Abe/Ella all rolled into one. And you can bet the UK and Satan were ticked, too.<<  Judge says that the videos may have been viewed 4 million times around the world. That would be nice! I'll bet they were. The UK net surveillance would know! As would the US surveillance, too. RD says he received death threats. I have seen what they call death threats. As if any were serious. They never had any problem. All lies and deceit. Standard faire for the cult.

6:32 ~Those damns kids and Abe!~ A suggestion of RD's possible thoughts. 7:01   Still getting threats he says! Hah! BS! Is that a half grin I see?


7:02    another frame of the supposed threats.
I am going to jump ahead now to 7:11 in the video.

They are going to discuss the Judge's Decision now in the next section.

Judge Pauffley's  Decision
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7:09       He gets called names like pedo
He says: I get it!

Skip to 7:11

V: I want to talk about the recent judgment that was made in your case in the family courts and the judge very unusually decided to make her judgment public.
R: Yes.

V:   7:20, the judge very unusually, decided to make her judgment public. >>Well, ain't that nice. she can do whatever she wants but if we make anything public, we are monsters. The cult constantly complains about the kids names and faces being shown on the net. But since Pauffley set the precedent for this case in making it public and yet forbid anyone else from being able to say anything in public; as well, the case will never be closed so that no one will ever be able to talk about it in the UK. Double clever! Talk about evil. It won't stop me! Truth1 is on the case here in the USA, baby!<<

V: Mrs. Justice Pauffley said in her judgment: "I am able to state with complete conviction that none of the allegations are true. The claims are baseless, >>7:32 <<  Those who sought to perpetuate them are evil and/or foolish."

Truth1 now commenting: Now this is as disgraceful as I have ever seen come from a judge, so called. I have personally read many judicial decisions regarding Whistle Blower Retaliation in Maine USA Law, as well as Discrimination, Hostile Work Environment, and Sexual Harrassment. I have also reviewed Master/Servant Law in Maine and Divorce as well. I have, in great detail, Studied Nova Scotia, Canada Laws/Rules/Statutes, Statues of Limitation, and Statutes of various types, and in Caselaw, Decisions, Railroad Law, Real Property, Torts, Criminal Law. Read commentaries on Real Property, on the tort of Conspiracy, Trespass,  and many related areas including Legal Malpractice.

Many decisions were reviewed by me. I have quite a file collection (photo copies), by the way. Judges in general, were specific about the commentaries and statutes. Specific actions were also referenced. As I look at Pauffley's statements and convictions, I find no reference to anything to explain why none of the allegations are true. None of the allegations were ever investigated. That is an absolute fact.

Nor can I find anything referenced as supporting the allegations that the children were forced or that Abe beat the kids. What went on in Morocco was twisted and distorted so bad as to have nothing even close to resembling truth or reality.

Let us say for a moment that the kids later denied everything they said earlier. The first interview as well as recorded videos of the kids. It is supposed to be of great concern to police that a story changes so drastically and this only after being taken prisoner. The proper procedure is to carefully review the former testimony as well as the latter testimony. The children, even if they offer plausible reason for why they changed their stories; both sets of evidence need to be investigated completely, to make sure the police are not the cause of the retraction, which they were, in my opinion. First, you do not let the possible suspects (the police) investigate themselves. You have another appointed authority come in to investigate. None of that was ever done.

Further these were criminal charges the kids were making, of rape by the school staff and torture, prostituting all the children in the school. Murder of Babies and Ritual abuse. Importing Babies for murder. An undercover sting should have been setup to see if and when babies come in by place and go out by delivery service or by black taxi cabs. But instead, the police warn everyone and I am sure there are emergency routines and crews that go to work immediately to clean, to rebuild and renovate so anything can be changed over night to look totally different.

These are known in the USA as cleaners. Jon Benet Ramsey's parents had, in my opinion, cleaners come in to clean the crimes scenes and set up a set up a phony entrance thru a cellar window. This is how it works for cults and intelligence agencies and crime syndicates, too. Politicians get this service if they need it. Even Hitler had a cleaner when his niece was found dead of a gunshot would. Big abusive power has long covered its track and developed it into an art and science. You'll never catch them. No one was ever caught for Jon Benet's murder. But her parents know all too well what happened and the mother is dead now and just dad and his son living. The son might know, but he is not talking either.

The Hampstead case did not just involve 2 children. It was at least 400 and the 2 children say at least 7 or 8 other schools were doing the same in Hampstead. This is a criminal case of immense proportions. It would have set records anywhere in the world. Diabolically, the court called it a Custody case, ignoring all the other kids and schools. "The claims are baseless." How would anyone know since no investigation was done?

Victoria reads Pauffley's decision:    "Those who sought to perpetuate them are evil and/or foolish." Why them is fight'in words. She done said Abe and Ella were evil or foolish and child beaters and scam inventors and promoters. If there were any justice, the judge should be liable to slander, defamation, conspiracy and cover up and much more.  And the reason for saying that? No evidence of any kind was offered. Justice - UK style! Then there was no substantiated decision by this judge. She is a fraud and should be in prison for such reckless and disgraceful conduct as a judge. Only in the UK does this go unpunished, protected, and encouraged!

To make matters worse, They came to arrest the mother, but not Abraham. Now I thought Abe was the one who beat the kids, supposedly. So why try to arrest the mother? Because she was the rightful custodian and mother of the kids. Get her in prison and torture her, and you have a perfect conviction of her, but "self-confession" only after brutal torture. Why how clever and devious. It would seem to me that Divine providence might have offered a hand in this matter so that she was able to escape. As well, the alleged release of the videos supposedly by Sabine McNeil cause her to be sought for arrest so that she took refuge in Germany for some months. And had the initiative of the police and courts been successful, the kids could and would have been  given to dad, so called.

All manner of law is supposed to be based on solid evidence, in the form of witnesses, physical evidence, pictures, recording, documents and records, or a confession. With none of these to support the contentions of the police and courts, there is no case against Ella or Abe, yet they are still slandered daily on YouTube comment screens and Word Press blogs by the cult.

Interview continues >>>

V:   Those making the claims are either evil or foolish! RD reacts below while she is reading this":

7:39   Yes, these frames are real & authentic! 7:40

RD:  7:40 ahmm, well, its true!  Look at the defiant "give a middle finger to the accusers" look.  "I got you all. You could not stop me." "I'm better and more privileged than you are." The look says it all. He don't look so broken hearted at all! He continues below left.

I still think he looks crazy.

7:40a  well, its true, he says. 7:41

Above and below, there is that wild eyed look. He is angry at so many for making him trouble. He is carrying a lot of anger and rage. Its hard to miss.

7:41a 7:41b

R: Ahmm, well, its true!   7:42 ah, first of all . . . at this point he is stumbling and you can hear dry mouth, too.

OK, pay very close attention to his right eye! 7:52 The red is much more visible in this frame on the lower eye lid his right eye.

7:52 7:53


7:52 left the red is real obvious here than it was earlier. And his left eye has a slight line on the lower lid. 100% solid proof of trying to fake the appearance of red eye from tears that he has never once had in this interview. Proof that the BBC and RD are well up to lying and deceit.  Busted!!!

What may be concealed due to shadows cast by lighting are lines of read on the upper eyelids, too. The shadows would hid the color and only show dark or black.


At 7:53, down below, his is joyful that the "facts" according to detective Steve Martin and Judge Pauffley found him innocent and Abe/Ella guilty. His Satanic network saved him. He loves it. He revels in it. Its like giving us all the middle finger. God might have something to say about it all in time.


 At 7:53 to 7:59 "It couldn't be anything else, referring to his innocence. Note his defiant chin in 7:56.  Its as if he says: Got'cha all!

7:53a 7:56

7:56 and 7:56b show that obstinate defiant attitude and disregard. He is not the least bit sorry and totally defiant as well as feeling very secure and safe.

7:56b 8:01

He says he needed to get to see his children more and eventually be the ďcarerĒ of his children. 8:19  >>Children are money to Satan. Rick had this intention from a long time ago. The kids were groomed for all this. All the school kids bring in money for Satan and his governments. Trafficking right under the noses of the citizens and been like this likely for centuries, I would guess.

It has always been the goal and intention of RD and cult to have the kids belong to them, not Ella, even though she was the only rightful owner since RD never married her. He has visitation rights at best! But when you are protected by  power all around, you can ignore law and do as you please. Also note that while women are normally granted custody automatically in divorce here in the age of feminism, where men are dogs, in the case of sexual abusers, its always the men that get the kids. Its upside down and inside out of what it should be.<< 

8:16  Gotta get his kids back 8:20  V:  the judge said: . . .

8:20  V: The judge said that your children had been forced to concoct accounts of horrific events by their mother and her partner and that their stories came about as a result of, the judge said, of their relentless emotional and psychological pressure and significant physical abuse. 8:38
And that included   Hitting, punching, pinching, pushing, and pouring water on them, as they were kneeling down, half dressed, and she used the word torture.  8:55

>>This is hilarious. The kids are stolen and in custody on fabricated danger and  no doubt in my mind, threatened by police, CPS and especially dad to either say: Abraham did it all; or they would be beaten senseless. You can get anyone to say anything that way.

First,  Hitting, punching, pinching, pushing were all done by the children fighting at the orders of dear dad. She did not mention that. Do you see the outrageous extent of the lies? Then the judge says the kids were kneeling, half dressed (it is hot in Morocco by the the way) and half dress would have kept them from getting too wet and need to take off the clothes altogether like cult does. And Alisa used the word torture. Oh my God. NO! Not torture! Alisa did use the word "Torture." Her and Gabe made that up. But it was not named as such because it really was violent or hurtful. But their way of identifying it.

I remember the derogatory names my brother and I, and friends, make for various things. They were not even close to accurately describing some situations like "beaten senseless" or "tortured" or "grilled" till we confessed to whatever. Read the riot act! "Crucified by the teachers." I even recall four letter words as in someone f'd us over or f'd us up. No one took it literally.

In fact, my opinion is, based on Alisa's dreadful state of depression and extreme mood swings during the 3rd and final interview;

And her constant unusual body position that seemed very protective as if she had been attacked;

And due to this body position never having been in evidence in any video or picture prior to this;

And her emotional states also very uncharacteristic of any thing ever seen before;

That I dare say that she could have been raped quite violently. And given that she had to accuse Abraham of kicking her in the front bum when Medical exams showed no injuries to that area, prior;

That if there were injuries after, they could not possibly have come from Abraham or done by Abraham. But I could suggest who could have done it, if it was done and I suspect it was. Her body language was very clear. It was evidence of a deeply disturbed state.

In fact, the fact that no injuries were found by medical examination completely exonerate Abraham. But it leaves the cult wide open. But we can not require an examination of the girl, even though evidence merits a good examination by doctors representing the choice of both sides, individually, at different times, with the mother present at both examinations. We are not even allowed to know whereabouts of these two kids. May God judge these bastards in the name of Jesus!<< 

And by the way, if you look at the cult posting on youtube videos, of videos published by those supporting the kids, you will see how they twist and completely concoct absolute 100% lies based on absolutely nothing factual or real.. This was my point at the beginning of this article. These are not half truths or modified to become lies. They are made up of nothing at all and without any basis in truth or reality. This is the hallmark of all extreme liars who have no morality whatsoever. FACT!

And we have Victoria and the BBC participating in this very type of lying without any basis, evidence, or morality. Totally immoral and amoral.

You know, the press used to have a role and obligation in regular reporting to be objective and to carefully question witnesses or sources for a news event or item. In fact, they have a word for it. Its called investigative journalism.  But in the last 3 decades, the concepts of impartiality and reporters also being investigators is long gone. Now criminals like Dearman (based on the testimony of the kids) work with the press and the TV press with him. There is separation of duty and boundaries.

We need to throw their halos and wings out the window. Now they need pitchforks, horns and tails. There are no good guys and gals serving the common people. We left to the wolves. Police no longer serve the law impartially. Now they simply exist to serve the government and its related activities such as the press, an extension of the CIA and other branches of government propaganda and enforcement.

To put in in plain English, We are now all slaves, all around the world. In my opinion, only God can help us now or we are doomed. I do trust in God and that what is now going on in the world is a test and dispute between two very powerful forces settling who is smarter and more worthy and more right. And we are the determining factor! Are we human creations really that impressive or was God an idiot as one of His creation has suggested? That shall soon be answered. We are quickly coming to that climax. Just waiting on a world war to get things going. Its coming!<<

8:55   R: nodding his head lightly a number of times:  She did!

V: Can you imagine what your children have been thru? 9:05

R: (after an extremely long pause of 13 seconds) Theyíre 8 & 9. These guys are, ah, to me, superheros, these kids. I tell them when I see them. 9:41  Weíre talking about their heads, mixed up,  messed up, and (pause) just sick! 9:57  Who, their mom  . . . I feel really sad for.
V: Do you really? 10:06
R: I really do.
V: After what she has put your children thru? And you thru? 10:10
R: Because thereís 2 children here who are Ė magical Ė they are amazing children. And sadly, sheís not gonna be part of their lives. 10:24 >>That's Satan talking thru RD, by the way!  ;-)<<

>>Can you believe this BS? He is delighted that mom is not going to be part of their lives ever again. And he will use his kids to make lots of money or he will try to. He's proud of his powerful Satanic network that can seemingly do anything with no opposition at all. We'll see what the future brings. God might have something to say about it all. RD rapes and tortures. Puts them thru horrible pain all the time. Made other kids pick on them to make them mean. And he says "they're magical."  Somebody get me a barf bag.  Notice below, no tears. Sickening!<<

8:55  She did! (and then the pause) 9:18     still pausing


9:18b     still pausing 9:18c      still pausing

Oh, yeah, he is all broken up. Imagine how the kids feel at this time. A death sentence to them.

9:19     still pausing 9:21   They're 8 & 9 . . . 

9:30, these guy are, ah, superheros to me.  at 10:08, V: after what she has put your children thru?

9:30 10:08 "I really do." Yeah, he's real convincing. See what a phony looks like?

10:10 because there are two children here who are magical.

10:10 10:45  He laughs when V mentions him being a part of a Satanic cult.

10:51 R: "In swimming baths" when Victoria mentions the many places the kids said they were abused. He thinks that is real funny, too in 10:52. The retraction, so called, is mentioned by   V: How did you feel when you heard of the retraction. His answer below at 11:25.

10:52 he fondly recalls those changing room rapes at Finchley Pool ;-)  Happy days are here again! 11:25  "This I felt pleased about."

He dodged a bullet at 11:26 or so he thought. Its not over yet. But he thinks it is. He does not believe his network could ever be defeated. We will see, won't we! Notice the smirk at 11:28

11:26   (Whose bad now, baby!) I won! 11:28   "These are my kids." (and I'm going to kill them, the little brats!)

11:30 "mom had tried in every way to come up with a new story to stop contact."  >>Well, why not? The kids were miserable after every time they were out with him. He was a first class son of a bitch and bastard, too.<<

V: I think itís worth telling our audience how far it got. You children were interviewed on 3 separate occasions by the police. On the 1st and 2nd occasion, they made the allegations about you.  Abusing them, sexually abusing them, being the leader of this Satanic Cult, (10:45 he laughs about it) various other adults involved, abused in all sorts of places, fast food restaurants, churches, swimming pools.

It was on the 3rd occasion that they were interviewed that they revealed, admitted, whatever word you want to use, that it was all made up. Theyíd been forced to say all these things by their motherís partner or he threatened to harm them. When you knew that your children that these things had been all made up, how did you respond?

R: (after 5 seconds of pause) This I felt pleased about. Cause these are my kids and um, mom had tried in every way to come up with a new story to stop contact. 

11:30 Mom had come up with a new way to stop contact.

And be it I was violent to her,  I apparently got a background of domestic violence. 11:46 big smile!  I donít!

V:  Were you ever violent to her?
R:  Yes, on two occasions, 3 occasions, but 2 occasions are the same.  

On one occasion, because of the abuse over the years, ah, mum and myself, where she was just, ah, ah, just tried to hurt me. Just verbally and the children and so I got her glasses and I just, out of frustration, I ripped her glasses up. Thatís one. And two other times, I ah, I grabbed hold of, of mum with her jumper or whatever she had on,  I would shake her, I would plead with her, to stop hurting me, ďwhy are you doing this?Ē  And she would just be glazed. Thereís nothing there, and she would smile at me. Like sheís, like sheís not there. Something is just not connecting. And so those are the two times that you can say you were violent and I shouldnít have done that. But this is months and months and months and months of just (view switches to Victoria) umm, abuse.

Victoria: Those clips online of your children making those allegations about you. Horrific. And as we now know, completely concocted fantastical allegations. Ah, there online forever.  

11:29 11:30

He says he does not have a background of domestic violence? Are you kidding me? And look at the smile when he says that! He's lying his ass off. Again, the BBC lets him lie like hell.

11:46  (Ha ha! I'm a lying SOB and there is nothing you can do about it! I win! Always!) 13:00   Those clips of the kids . . . are online forever! (damn right!)

RD: they are.
V: and the judge said it may mean serious humiliation in the years ahead, maybe for the rest of their lives. What can you do as their father to try hard to protect them from that or ameliorate that some how?

RD: They gonna have to have, ah-mmm, some help or a lot of help. And uh, to uh, be in a good environment, umm, positive living  
{ 13:51 I noticed as he was saying this, he sort of suffering from cotton mouth and licking and clicking due to dryness }  

>>Directly above, 11:36, RD's top right tooth seems more prominent than the left one. Alisa also has the very seam feature. It will be useful in the Audi commercial analysis, 2nd, comprehensive version to silence the lying shills and blow them out  of the water. I take no prisoners. There are many other nay sayers as well out there. They will all look stupid like that guy just above!<<

And one way is to be able to give them an understanding of, sadly, a younger age then we should need to have to, of what this world can be like.

V: Why has their mother done this? Why! That is the huge question.

R: yeah, it is.   V:  They will ask why!   

R: They will ask why! And Ah, Thatís gonna be a very tough question to answer. Ah ah I, not to young children, but to two young children about their mum.
Itís about one parent. Its about one parent stopping contact. Thatís all this is. Its unprecedented. I donít get it! And this why and this is not just this case now, this is 6 years in court.

14:49  R: Before in private proceedings, for me, private proceedings, and the courts, on an epic scale, Iíve let my children down. Theyíve assisted (he then laughs:) in a way.

V: The judge talked about the long term impact on your children, her judgement which was made public and she suggested that the emotional and psychological harm of what was done to your children by the mother and the motherís boyfriend is impossible to estimate. She went on:  The impact of the internet campaign is likely to have the most devastating consequences for your two children. What might be the long term impact on them, do you believe?

R: We donít know the answer to this. Its all speculation or whatever.  I, with a lot of patience, um, I really, maybe Iím naÔve,  ahmm, but I think with a lot of patience, a lot of love, itís,  Iím hoping cause I canít answer for my children, Cause I donít know their minds, if you can have a good understanding yourself and prepare them or educate them is a better word, to educate them about things and, and, to give them wisdom and knowledge, etc, umm in a, in a ,caring environment. I think, I truly think, ,that its gonna be OK.
R: I do! I do!

V: Theyíre in care at the moment. (Yeah, I bet!) They were taken into care when the allegations surfaced last September. Your clearly fighting to get them home.

R: There is no reason why the children should not come home and live with me!

>>I could think of a few reasons! Quite a few!<<

15:30 Oh, look, he's going to sleep on us. 16:31  Nap time over

16:42  R:  there is no reason why the children should not come and live with me. >>Really? I can think of quite few reasons, actually.<<

And they would have a wonderful life, as they did back when they were 1, 2, 3 4, 5, years old (16:52) before this all started with their mum. And ah, we can get back to that.  >>The kids said it was horrible. That is what RD wants to reinstate! RD is nothing, if not a liar, 1st class!<<

V: How are they now?
R: They are very good  (with an evil smirk of revenge.) He nods his head up and down 5 or 6 times with that evil grin. He really disgusts me - 17:04)

V: Are they ?
R: Yep! But when I started seeing them, ah, under supervision, ahmm, they were not good 17:13. They were, ahmm, they didnít look well. They were touch and go.
V: What do you mean, touch and go?

R: In their state of mind. As in, umm, their behavior. Ah, they were, ah, just just just very difficult with each other. And Umm, but with patience with me. I put them right! 17:48 and give them a lot of love. But from the transition, then to now, they are two different children. These are, umm, theyíre smiling, their bright, ahmm, and ahmm . . .   >>A lot of love? Is that what they call spoons and licks, now?<<

V: there is material related to the proceedings, and more allegations, still being posted online.
R: Yes.
V: Does that still affect you?
R: Ahmm, ahmm, its ahmm, it does! Ahmm, because its negative. Nobody likes, likes these. But, ah, I have tell you: If Iíve done something wrong, Find it! Bring it to the Table! Anything! But ultimately, Its really the children. Itís about the children being safe, being well. And being happy.

V: And can you imagine a normal life with them at some point in the future?

R: Oh yeah! Itís just going to take a lot time and patience, and love, and ah, But I absolutely know that weíll be back to the way it was. There will be a shadow. There will always be a shadow, but itís just going to be a shadow. Its not gonna over-rule, ah, overwhelm the children and myselfís lives. It just wonít.

V:  What do you think the impact on you has been?

R:  Imagine what the children must have had to do in their own psyche, in their own minds, to eventually give up to beatings and stuff, to say this stuff.

V:  What was it that hurt the most, in term of those allegations?

R:  Knowing that they wanted to say it in the first place. Thatís ah, . . .  Yeah!  >>He is likely being honest here. The kids will pay, for sure!<<

16:45  And they would have a wonderful life. 16:52   Like they had when they were 1, 2, & 3  >>Such lies!<<

Notice above right that stupid but determined look. I say he likely had them most of the time already. How are they now, V asks. R:  (Grinning) They are, uh, very good. (I doubt that is what they would have said back then.) When he sees them under supervision, he says they were not good. No, they were scared shitless. Hey, he told the truth once. I'm in shock!

17:02 17:04

17:13, they  were, ah, they didn't look well. They were touch and go. (actually, he was touch and feel. I'm just saying)
Now he says they are 2 different children. I don't doubt that. That's all I can stand. At 19:45, he looks cross eyed. But its only because his right side of his face is cast in shadow so that you can not see the rest of the white of his eyeball.

17:13 19:45       cross eye

V:  How are you now?

R:  Youíre a mum, youíre a mother , yeah? (she nods yes)  I think any mom or father in their right mind, ahmm, want to protect and love. What a great job!  20:18
Yes, its hard. Itís a gift.  >> He says it is getting near to where the children feel protected again.  I canít make out exact words because I could not understand him. He stumbles all over his own tongue.<<

V:  Its your priority.

R:   Yeah! To feel safe. To be normal. Yeah. To  . . these are just fundamentals. Should be! Should be! . . . Yeah!  

20:18 22:29

>>Remember all that fake crying he has been doing 15 minutes back. Look at him above left 20:18. My, how quickly he recovered. Looks like he never cried. You don't suppose? . . .Eyes stay red for a good half hour to hour, at least. Sniffles can last for 30 second at least. Everything is wonderful now. What a load of crap!<<

V:  Why do you want to talk about this to us?

R:  That the children, umm, should not be put thru this and uh, and parents should not be stopping other parents from seeing their children.  Regardless of what goes on, or what dynamic goes on between, ah, mom and dad. And ya know and that people are the family members who had their own children named in this  . . . wrongly!  Iím sorry for that. Iím really sorry that they have had to go thru this as well.

Itís not just myself and my children, but there are other families suffering. And umm, and ah,  And to clear my name as well.


V:  Your childrenís mother is abroad as far as we know.

R:  Yes.
V:  Should anything happen to her? Would you want anything?

R:  Yeah, Iím very angry with her. Very upset with her.  She needs to come back. She has to stand up in court, and face what sheís done. She needs to come back here, Based on whatís happened. >>Yeah, I'm sure she'd get a fair trial, providing that hell had frozen over.<<

Who in their right mind would put videos of their children on the internet? Who? Nobody in their right mind! So that, sadly, there are consequences and we got to face these consequences, who do this type of actions. Yeah.  << End of transcribing.  

>>"Who in their right mind would put videos of their children on the internet?" Allow me! Maybe someone who was not getting a fair shake from the UK courts and the utter secrecy of those phony courts. So someone took the case to the public and the world for an assessment. Makes perfect sense to me. I'd do the same. But to the best of my knowledge, mom Ella did not put them up. But they have run a campaign of their own using pictures of the kids. They were her kids at the time. Its  her right!<<

Really, overall, this was a pretty pathetic performance of the BBC. It was likely heavily edited and scoured and still, this was the best they could do. There is no good excuse for the skewed lighting. both sides of the face should have been reasonably illuminated. The lighting does not have to be real bright. Further, in police interviews with the kids, the camera on each of 3 parties remains on those parties throughout so that we know nothing funny is going on, at least in theory. If the BBC really cared about integrity, they would have, at the least, provided adequate lighting of the subject. That they did not speaks volumes. Further, Victoria should have asked a few tough questions. Instead, she rubber stamps the Judge's decision as it it was the last word, done well, and beyond question.

The sad truth is that the judges decision and conduct of police, CPS, Court and law all behaved atrociously, ignoring every good procedure and practice known to investigation and procedure. The arrogance of the entire system of the UK Justice system is deplorable. The Judge should be disbarred forever.

Were Mr. Dearman innocent, there would not have been the need for the dramatic and totally overdone presentation. The Exaggeration was so obvious that clearly, there must be a lot of guilt they are trying to hide. I know supporters of the kids will have no problem believing this and of course, the cult will deny it. And the rest of the world? They will just ignore it. "What does that have to do with beer, sex, and TV?" they ask.

But I will be using some pictures from this presentation for the Audi Commercial Revision to show and expose 2 very big liars hiding in the Hampstead movement. There will be no doubt when I am done!. I do believe that Alisa and Gabriel are both evident in the commercial. And if they are both in it, then dad must at least be on the set. I say they disguised him a little and put him in the commercial as that dad, as well.

It is of great delight to these Satanic Illuminati types to rub it in our faces what they do and put it right before our eyes and see if they can sneak it past us. A small few will pick it up but most it. they put symbols on money, corporate logos, government seals and anywhere you can imagine. They want to project their power and control. They get a big thrill out of it.

But what was important about this BBC interview was how much they tried to fool us with poor acting and make-up and careful lighting at just the right angle. There are many levels of deceit in this interview. The kids in foster care? I doubt it. Where they treated poorly? haven't they always been. I suspect they are back to prostitution as all children of Satanic cults are required to be prostituted. Its the price of membership.

The one possibility is, that if the kids are part of this test and trial that Satan and God are waging, Satan might have changed his tactics to try and bribe the kids into accepting him rather than God. Whether God has been mentioned or not I do not know. But whatever he might be offering, he will not be disclosing everything. As Black Child videos make clear, Satan does not reveal all that will be required. He withholds info. You must accept the offer before you know the full deal. And once you accept, you are his forever, for him to do as he please. Its a real bad trap.

But in this case, I can't be sure of anything for certain. Sooner or later we will find out. All will be revealed in time. I would think that God would get to make some sort of pitch to His cause, but ordinarily, He does not get to warn people being tempted by Satan. See the problem?

What I can say for sure is that All things will be revealed and exposed. It is important so that none have an excuse for accepting or rejecting. All living beings will be tested for fitness and worthiness of acceptance by God, for those willing to accept His rules with 100% agreement and future obedience.

Otherwise, by default, one accepts the horror of the devil.  The test, the choice, will have to be made by everyone. Choose wisely!

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