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The Premise
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This article seeks to expose the many illusions of deception and lies, particularly as it relates to video, life, sports, news, science, and all that we trust. How much can we believe in the age of video and computer generated graphics and editing like photoshop? I am going to suggest it is very little. Part of the reason for this is the influence of spirits in the spirit realm, who manipulate the physical world and then tell lies about what they do. Can we trust our own senses?

The modern world tests us to our limits. Satan made some pretty harsh judgments on God's creation, Man, also known as humans. Humans can perform fairly well, in simple environments that allow ample freedom. But in our age of industrialization and socially controlled artificial living, our senses are tested to their limits, which limits are dictated by how sophisticated our intellect and powers of observation and detail are.

In a time of advances technology and very controlled and manipulated environments, coupled with a high level of deceit and enslavement, are we wise enough to survive in such a hostile challenging situation? A situation we might call a high alert military battle situation. Such extremes will test and prove, one way or another, whether humans are up to this or not.

I decided to publish this unfinished, to get people thinking and then update it along the way, reaching a point of finish, though still open to updates. That way, if I am too busy to wrap it up, at least I got some of it out there.

Satan Miscalculates 
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I propose that due to Satan disrupting human developing at the first stages of its existence, in his mind, guaranteed his prevailing over God. I am sure that the situation was discussed before hand and terms agreed to, and Satan was warned that if he did all this and caused all this misery, that he would pay with his life if he proved wrong.

So humans are not put to the full test, to see what we are made of and capable of, when tested to extremes. And what we are heading for is very extreme and in fact, is now, already. Like it or not, we will have the absolute proof, one way or the other. But I suggest that God foresaw this rebellion, motivated largely by desire to be worshipped and venerated and obeyed. It evidently is very seductive to spirits to have the respect and devotion of these human creatures that are us.

So now we explore just how smart we are or can be or not, and if we are up to the challenge. I would also propose that it is not actually that big a deal to be up to this challenge. It is natural to be curious, and wonder, and learn and discover. But what makes it tough are the lies and illusions as well as the extreme emotional  hurt and trauma that we all suffer, due to Satan disrupting God's well-thought out plan and creation.

It probably seemed to Satan that it was not a bright plan and design. But all this really is, is that Satan did not fully understand the design. What happened there in the spirit realm as Satan salivated over having humans revere him and worship him, was that he wanted to justify what he wanted and desired. He wanted it so bad that he did not give the matter really full, careful, complete consideration. He was not thorough. As a result, he miscalculated and got things wrong and had bet his life on his calculations, which were compromised by his extreme desire.

This ought to be humbling to us today since I think we have all, at one time or another, wanted something so bad that we ignored danger signs or did not give it enough objective thought and analysis. In fact, many have rejected God as not being real or logical, based on subtle desires to not want to obey all God's laws, some seemingly restrictive.

For men, women are an extreme high (or is it just me?). It could easily bother us that we can not enjoy every extremely beautiful, desirable female we see. In fact, all humans also like variety, too. So what would motivate us to give God's restrictions the proper diligent consideration that is absolutely required to get it right? That is a tough question. I would only suggest that I have given as much thought as humanly possible to give everything, every possible careful consideration, in hopes of finding the very best answers to enable people to accept what God has commanded.

In fact, it is my claim, to be verified or denied by those reading this, as to whether I have succeeded or not, in my attempts to full justify God's requirements and that His requirements are not arbitrary or made lightly. He has real good solid reasons for what He insists upon. This is what should become quite evident now, now that we see the extreme harm of neglected kids  and extreme violent abuse carried out against kids without cause. Ignoring God is why we are in the extreme mess we are in now.

So each of us is being tried in God's court, along with Satan, to see what we are all made of. So it is not just God on trial but all of us. Are our intellects or our desire to increase our intellects enough to show us deserving of continuing with God in His plans and dreams for us, His Creation? Did He do the right job? Did Satan screw up?

The extreme testing going on will answer all this. God promises that He will yet prove right. He has given us enough evidence, if we are perceptive enough in what we see, to have reason to trust in Him and believe Him and most of all, obey Him, even though He as not forced that as of yet. But He soon will.

So now we need to examine our difficult day and age to see how bad it had gotten and why it is that so many do not see thru the madness, illusions and deceit that are so common in the world now? I take my aim at many things with a few examples of each major type to try and illustrate what I am claiming.

King of the Hill
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The Apostle John tell us in:
(NKJV) 1 John 5: 19 We know that we are of God, and the whole world lies under the sway of the wicked one.

John tells us that the whole world is under the sway and power of the wicked on. How did that happen? And this was about 98 AD. Our answer can be discerned in the accounts of Jesus' temptation.

    Matthew 4:

8 Again, the devil took Him up on an exceedingly high mountain, and showed Him
   all the kingdoms of the world and their glory.

9 And he said to Him, "All these things I will give You if You will fall down and worship me."

    Luke 4:

5 Then the devil, taking Him up on a high mountain, showed Him all the kingdoms
   of the world in a moment of time.

6 And the devil said to Him, "All this authority I will give You, and their glory;
   for this has been delivered to me, and I give it to whomever I wish.

 "Therefore, if You will worship before me, all will be Yours."

Luke gives us more info than Matthew. In verse 6, he has Satan saying that all authority (and power) had been delivered to him and he could give it to whoever he wanted. Really? When did this happen? Its not recorded, is it?! But God was the only one that could have given it to Satan and we know why. They have a dispute, an argument over God's exclusive right to worship and obedience and over whether His creation of man was all it was cracked up to be.

I often argue that there are many things not stated but are still obvious enough as to what must have gone on. Satan likely argued for some things not being specified in writing, in order to test peoples' trust in God and willingness to look beyond the surface of things. but for sure, Satan has all power, no doubt gained from the very beginning in the Garden of Eden.

So now I ask one and all, if Satan owns all the world and controls what goes on in the world, how far does that control extend? If you were Satan, how much would you try to control? I'd go for as much as I could, and Satan being a powerful spirit would have no limits as to what he could do. Agreed?

So he controls all governments. He controls all industry, commerce, banking, finance, militaries, technology, even. But now I have left some stuff out.

Perhaps you have seen some videos about how the entertainment industry is loaded with Illuminati, pagan, and Satanic symbols and alleged worship and veneration of Satan in secret. And I agree with those many videos. Controlling all media and entertainment would be and is, vital if you are going to control and influence society. One would have to be foolish to think Satan would not have control of all this. Celebrities have an amazing effect on people or put another way, people are enamored of celebrities and authorities and status and prominence. We could call it the worship of men.

And if media and entertainment are controlled, and I assume that should be obvious that they would be, then we can not leave out sports and athletics as also being controlled tightly. The media deliver all news typically dispensed widely, publicly, and notoriously. From these we get our modern day psyops but they are not new.

So it is reasonable really, to expect that Satan has left no stone unturned in this quest for total complete power and control. But to what end? To fool and mislead all mankind, thereby showing who laughable humanity is as a creation of God.  But Satan was wrong. Despite all his power and control and limitations accepted by God, even; Satan has not been able to fool all. What is more, he was not able to get Jesus to break God's law disobey God, even to the point of having to suffer and die.

But Satan still wants to kill as many as he can, and deprive them of the eternal life that Satan will not be able to keep much longer. He is jealous that some humans will live forever and some even in heaven as angels and yet Satan will not be around. In fact, if Satan's former rank and status was very high, lets say 2nd in command after Jesus, it is likely that some earthly man will end up  in that position. Oh, wouldn't that irritate Satan, huh? He won't take that sitting down. But regardless, Satan is scheduled to die. He lost both challenges and showed himself a fool.

The Illuminati IQ Test
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You didn't know about this? OMG, I can't believe it! Well, let me tell you about it. The Illumianti, also known as the NWO, likes to give us a check up once in a while to see who we are doing. Sort of like taking our pulse and blood pressure. How smart or how stupid are we? They want to know! They did not get to where they are being not paying attention or not checking up.

So they run a psyop false flag event by us once in a while to see how we all react. I wouldn't make this up, ya know. They know they can not fool every last soul, but they were kind of hoping for like 97% or even 99% success rate. And I imagine they are somewhere near to those two numbers.

And the false flags and psyops since 2012 have been very successful as a whole. Few think to question anything. They are fast asleep, even as Jesus said they would be. But oddly enough, there are still those wise guys and smart @$$es who insist that those were all fake events. I confess I was among those.

But part of the test of human beings to see their potential or not, was for Satan to make the world a very hostile environment for humans, and sadly, he has done quite well at it. But most fascinating of all is that some humans still see through the maze and matrix of illusion and deceit, even though the whole lies about it all.

Son on the whole, it would appear that God did design His creation (man, as God called him), as some still get through the nets Satan did cast for catching people like fish. And had Satan not interfered at the beginning, every would have worked out just fine. Satan will pay for his presumption with his life.

But meanwhile, the numbers of those with some brains is not that much. While 1% of 7 billion is 70 million. to be honest, that number seems a little bit high. But I hope I am wrong. Solomons suggested 1 out of a thousand in Ecclesiastes. That is 1/10th of 1%. That would make it 7 million. But it may be that many more will wake up before its all said and done.

But this is no ordinary IQ test. Failing this test won't just keep you out of a good college or university. It might keep you from life, itself. This is an IQ test you do not want to fail. The various psyops thrown our way, are full of very small details. It is not that hard a test to pass, really. But the trick is that you have to think to look carefully at those details, to see if they are believable or not. As they say, the devil is in the detail.

It is not natural to question small details when we grow up trusting. We take all for granted. but God is like great gardener. He see the plants growing and some of the plants have traits that He really likes adn some plants not so much. Say that apple tree in the east part of His garden. He would prefer a crisper apple. The ones growing are kin of mushy. Some trees have apples that are too hard and not much fun to eat. Some are sweet, some are sour or tart. But God selects the traits He likes and grows crops from those seeds so that soon, his orchard and garden will have all the right traits for a very tasty harvest with generous yields to put into the storehouse.

We face a harsh world. There is no doubt about that. But if we rise to the challenge, we will become incredibly wise, so that nothing will ever escape our notice. Even the slightest small detail will stand out like a sore thumb or glaring obstacle.

So I am asking you to consider, what some would say is an absurd analysis of small, subtle details. Why? Because one little detail out of place, might expose a path that leads to so much more. For instance, if I were to suggest that the moon is indeed, make of green cheese, what would you conclude about me? I hope you would declare me a mad man and a liar. But if on the other hand, I declared that the typical normal radiation outside of the earth's magnetic field would kill someone, if not within hours, then certainly in a day or so or a week at best, what would you say? I ask because that is the case and it is a well published fact by all science.

So you say, so what? What's the big deal? Well, you're not going to like this. If the radiation is there and is strong and deadly, then going to the moon was impossible. And if it is impossible, then how do we account for the moon landings? Now we could just ignore the well published fact about radiation. But then we would be denying reality. On the other hand, if we accept the truth of that the radiation, then it is possible we will  eventually discover that the moon landings really were faked. That is a terrifying conclusion to many.

So terrifying that many will not even dare explore any further and just say, I believe what I am told b those I trust, even if it contradicts itself. That is a very dangerous attitude to take.

But that and many other things like it, remain to be explored and examined, to see if they are factual or not. In the case of the moon, the one fact about radiation will determine what our next thing to examine, would be. Did they fake the moon landing in the desert or a movie studio? Were the astronauts will or forced to go along with it? What else have they lied about. These would be things to resolve, if the radiation fact is true. It is that simple and basic.

Being smart takes courage. To accept that our world can not be trusted takes even more courage. And then what is everyone going to say if we talk about this stuff? It gets real scary, real fast.

But if you believe in God, I ask you to trust that brain He gave you. He designed that brain to work in the background while you do other things. And when you encounter something you really and truly want to understand, the background brain idea processor will go to work to come up with answer or solution for you. But be careful because the inner brain helper can tell if you are lying and don't really want the answer. And if you don't, it will not go to work for you, because that inner brain is there to do whatever it is that you ask of it sincerely.

If you want it to hide things from you, so that you do not have to think about them, it will obey you and you will remain bland as long as you hold to that desire. It is that simple. How did we learn to speak a language? Did we take classes as babies? We did not. so how did we figure it out? Our conscious brain did not figure it out but the inner brain super-processor goes right to work as soon as we are born, and maybe even while still in the womb. It is very powerful even as God intended it to be.

I ask you to please give that inner brain a change to work for you.

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The best way to becoming brilliant is to become observant of detail. We don't normally give attention to detail. We see things from a relaxed general point of observation, and perhaps make many assumptions, based largely on trust. It is only when we get burned by trusting that we stop trusting or should stop trusting. And we might even begin to start looking at small details. I'll get to it in a minute. Small details are what betray lies and deceit.

But in observing detail, we will begin to see and formulate patterns. Say you are at a traffic light waiting for it to turn green. Do you notice what people walking around in busy area at a 4 way intersection, are doing or normally would be doing? Do you even notices things out of place? Do you notice when patterns change? I have seen those and much more. I started noticing those types of things kind of early, like around age 20 or so. And you get better as time goes on.

These patterns helped me realize that an alleged clip of film of a bigfoot walking in a field, just on the edge of the woods, was fake. He was walking with purpose, as it he was going to the store to get cigarettes or something. Animals do not do this. they usually meander along here and there looking for food or slowly making their way to water or a resting place. They are creatures of habit and repeating patterns. Big foot looked like he was on a mission. What is more, he was not the least concerned about the guy with the camera. If an animal, he would have either been concerned, afraid, aggressive, or fearful or perhaps even curious. He almost certainly would have changed his pattern, either speeding up or slowing down. I had figured this out in 89 or 90 at the latest.

It turned out that it was a fake and they know who, and they show him walking (without costume) and his stride was unique and exactly matched the Bigfoot stride. Athletes have patterns and styles, as do musicians, stars, politicians, generals, governments, businesses, leaders, everybody. Study patterns and you will recognize when those patterns change. Then we seek to figure out why they changed and what is behind the change. Some people go thru personality changes.

I will be using patterns to back up and verify what I have already determined must be the case with Satan at work down here on earth.

Now for some warnings. It is not always possible to know for sure what the cause of a change in pattern might be. A bribe? An accident? Manipulation by a spirit? By Drugs? By threats or blackmail? But if we have a real break in a pattern, then we likely have a big clue that there is more going on that we can not see clearly. We can speculate or wait it out for being revealed.  But often, we can get a jump on what is going on.

Now a word of caution about nay sayers. Leftists, subversionists, Satanists, and other such liars and deceivers, have no morals, and will resort to any sort of lie to cover over what they are doing or what they want to accomplish. They do not care if they contradict themselves. They only care if someone notices the contradiction. Most won't. They will leave out evidence. They know that. They are counting on you not looking into things carefully and just taking their word for it. It works more often than not. Only the smart ones will bother to dig deep and get all the facts.

These deceivers will condemn the use of patterns! Why? Because they work and work damn well. Satanists have lots of patterns and can be recognized many of their activities. I helped the creepy critter, Jackie Former, get on to that. I told her lots of things to look for in how the cults at these schools in Hampstead and around would behave and their activities. I mentioned school trips to other countries or places. She found one on Facebook and published it on her Hampstead Research blog. They were all 6th graders in a trip to an European country. And the "teachers" (guardians and pimps?) thanked all the parents for trusting them with the parents' kids. Indeed, that is no small thing.

But I think it very likely that the kids were required to accommodate paying "guests," if you get my drift. Two children from that school area said all the kids are prostituted in those schools. And that they do it in a big church, too.

You see, Satan requires that all his followers turn their children over to Satan and his interests. If they don't? Well, it would be pretty. So kids have to be conditioned to turn their bodies over to who ever and whenever. That is part of being in a cult. No sexual boundaries. I read a number of books that  informed me plenty on the patterns of these cults. There are about 3 types with little variance in each type.

So are you ready? Lets get down to business. I am going to focus on sports and entertainment, but also on what sort of ways things might be manipulated and how. But I strongly recommend considering the following links and discussions of Rob Ager. I saw his stuff 3years back or so. Maybe 4. He was a director of small short films and discusses much about what directors of substantial fame do as well. There is a lot of insight.

One thing I came away with is that very little in a film shot is left to accident. Almost everything has a reason and purpose for being in a shot. And angles are often manipulated so that you think you are seeing 4 sides of a room, and are then in another room, when in reality, you are in the same room, made up differently. When you control the camera, you control the field of vision. You even constrain or limit the vision so that one can not make out details. As well, most directors depend on the audience not questioning anything. They are watching passively, enjoying the movie. You don't have time to think about details. the narrative is going too fast, and in the plot, details are not often all that important. But sometimes they are.

but what I can say is, after watching Rob's stuff and stuff about Stanley Kubrick as related by Jay Weidner. As well, watching how the Moon landing were faked with the help of Stanley Kubrick was a huge eye opener. The effect it has on me was that I pay a lot more attention to detail now. Once your eyes open, you will not be able to close them again, in all likelihood. You will come to appreciate how important small details can be.

I now give you this, a clip from a movie, 

A Conversation about reality - My Dinner with Andre

It sums up our situation now, reality being very much an illusion. In fact, if you watch the guy telling this story, I believe he is looking too far to his right, reading the script while the guy listening to him is in front of a screen of this guy talking. The guy in the back talking looks blurrier than the guy back to us in the foreground. This screen technique was used often in Hollywood. What made me wonder was that the guy talking, did so, so fast and fluid, that I doubted that he would have rehearsed that much. It would be easier to put in all on cards and let him read.

The dialog of this video clip is essential for this article. So don't make me come over there and force you to watch this ;-)

I had been watching reruns of Nanny and the Professor, to revisit the show I had watched in 1970 and 71, to see it from an adult perspective now. I do this both with shows I have seen before as well as many I have not seen before. But on the Nanny show, I noticed that the 2 youngest kids did not look or sound like they were being recorded direct. Their lips were not synced, either. It was easier to have them read without acting and just dub it in. I can understand that. Haley Mills starred in Disney's Parent Trap around 60 or 61. Haley played two twins. So they had to use a lot of back screen techniques to make her appear as two different people.

This technique took a huge leap forward in the filming of  "2001: A Space Odyssey." This very technique would be used to fake the Moon Landings of the Apollo Missions. That will be discussed later in this article.

This will make you question EVERYTHING you see on TV   7:57 long.   Rob Ager 

"MAZES, MIRRORS, DECEPTION AND DENIAL"   an in-depth analysis of  Stanley Kubrick's  THE SHINING  Rob Ager Complete works

Added late Sep 19 016

Above are the 2 videos  I purchased in the past. Pure gold. Now as Jay tells us his suspicions, and its all making sense and fits perfect. But I said to my self and a friend as well, that how you possibly make these interpretations unless someone had received from Kubrick at some time in the past. I find this mystery similar to those in Bible prophecy. Interpretation is not possible until you are living in the midst of it or near to it.

As it turns out, Jay had actually managed to get an interview with Stanley Kubrick and in that interview, Stanley let it all rip but had made Jay sign an agreement to not publish this interview until after Stanley's death and I think there was some other conditions, too. I think he had to wait 15 years after Kubrick's death or something like that. I am doing this off the top of my head. So in the first video DVD, Jay presents the interpretations as his own, unverified, but after Kubrick had died in 1999. Below is most or all of that presentation on the video top left.

The REAL confession of Stanley Kubrick - Please Share

 Now the video top right goes into some of Kubrick's other flims. I have an entire interpretation of Kubrick's "A Clockwork Orange, primarily focusing on the dialog of the move as well as the subtle things in the visual aspects. But its all in my head for now.

These videos are amazing because for one, when doing "The Shining," Kubrick broke from Steven King's book, and put in altered info, with a very deliberate purpose. Directors usually do not make changes without good reason, either practical due to production costs or due to a special message the director wants in the movie. Jay was able to show those changes and why they were made. It fit so perfect, I could not doubt it bu who passed it on to Jay. It was Stanley K, himself. Later this would come out after contract allowed him to reveal it all. So what we have is a delayed confession of Kubrick as to his involvement in faking the moon missions.

Stanley Kubrick Confesses To Faking The Moon Landings

The above is Stanley in his actual interview with Jay Wiedner. Amazing! Could it be fake? Sure, it could. But I believe it authentic. The conversations had too many things in them that fakers would not think of, as I seeit. But even if contrived, does it reveal truth? Certainly. Either way, you need to watch it and decide.

But Stanley is not the only one to hide things in movies, pictures, ads, cartoons, music lyrics and videos, etc. The Illuminati and related sources also do much the same. They hide it in plain view. God also hid His messages in vaguely worded prophecies.

Now it might be accepted that movies and TV can be scripted and even have hidden messages. But how about news and the media? Can those lie and deceive? Hide or disclose something? For sure, I'll get to it. There are lots of faked News articles and reports, commonly called pysops now. Hardly new in 2016.

But what I suggest is looking on Youtube for documentaries on the faked Moon Landing. Some of these videos were broadcasts on TV and they were very good. Above all else the liberal and frequent doses of radiation in space make trips to the moon impossible. Once you leave the Earth's atmosphere very far, beyond the protect magnetic field known as the Van Allen Radiation belt, you can be killed or die in a matter of days if exposed to this space radiation from the sun and galaxies.

But my focus on this article is on sports and some media and entertainment aspects. I choose sports because it gets the least attention and deserves far more inspection. In sports there are lots of patterns and those patterns are broken often. The same could be said for many battle of war, too, but I'll stick with sports for now. I love athletics and sports and have long held many ideas about it all, but never considering demons in the formula, until now.

Horse Racing & Boxing                Added Sep 20 016
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Only going to cover Horse Racing briefly. I came across a woman born into a horse racing family. She describes it as cultic, insulated from the outside world, and totally rigged and controlled. My grandfather on my mother's side raced horses. I think he did it largely to get away from his wife. He did not make any money on it that I know of, but I suppose that he could have been hiding something, but not much, either. He never had a lot of money, but he liked women.

I know that visiting him at the Scarborough stables, the crowd never bothered me, as my grandfather had a lot of respect as a man of compassion. No one ever made trouble for him or his. But they all seemed quiet and distant.  And there seemed to be a lot of bums and low lifes.

But for sure, horse racing has always been a gambling business and it could not exist without being connected to crime and manipulation. Once you can establish gambling, there is so much more you automatically establish. That's the pattern that never fails. Betting means rigging and faking.

Let my give you an example. Human nature is very consistent. Rome had gladiator fights. Fact! Some gladiators had celebrity and status. With those things, I can be confident that bets and gambling were also very common. Rome had long been corrupt by the 1st century AD. So gambling would be a fact. But I want to make it clear! I am not aware of, nor do I remember reading about any Roman gladiator betting. But I know politics and I know entertainment and I know fights and gambling. Whether there is evidence of it and I just never read it, or not, there is no question about it in my mind.

With Horse racing, gambling involves fixing and crime and its long been understood that horses can be drugged to perform better or worse. Trainers could enhance or hinder the workouts of a horse, or feed the horse well or poorly. But in the end, it is all about money and nothing more and money always corrupts.



I am going to start with this from Wikipedia:

Joe Louis vs. Max Schmeling refers to two separate fights between the two which are among boxing's most talked about bouts. Schmeling won the first match by a knockout in round twelve, but in the second match, Louis won through a knockout in the first round. Although the two champions met to create a pugilistic spectacle remarkable on its own terms, the two fights came to embody the broader political and social conflict of the times. As the most significant African American athlete of his age and the most significant African-American boxer since Jack Johnson, Louis was a focal point for African American pride in the 1930s. Moreover, as a contest between representatives of the United States and Nazi Germany during the 1930s, the fights came to symbolize the struggle between democracy and fascism. Louis' performance in the bouts therefore elevated him to the status of the first true African American national hero in the United States.

1st, lets look at the pattern. Schmeling won the 1st match by a knock out and not a decision, the in the 12th round. Conclusions? They were well matched and lasted a long time, but Schmeling endured better and enough to knock Joe Louis out. We will start there.

You can see the propaganda at work. Blacks vs Nazis. Also USA vs Germany. Boxing has had betting and gambling since its earliest days. All the elements are there for corruption of some sort. 2nd match has Louis wins by knock out  . . .  in the 1st round? Are you kidding me? Really? I'm not buying it. Had they gone for 8 or 10 rounds and Louis won by knockout, I could have easily accepted it. But this in the 1st round? That's total BS. Now I have read an eye witness article on that fight. It was in "the Barnes Review."

The claim was that Joe Louis had his hands and gloves treated with plaster or similar, maybe weighted, too. It was an early hit (1st round, right?!) and the witness heard an awful crack in the chest of Max. He was crippled over and it was over. One punch, no less. Severe injury. Say what you want, the combination of factors leaves me no other choice. The pattern was so day and night different. Far too much to say this was an honest match. I say total fraud. Max never said much about it. He could have been paid off or had no idea that it was rigged or many he did not want to say. Maybe he was quite the gentleman.

But the pattern is clear. It was not possible to happen as it did without rigging. Exactly what happen can not be determined. Max cold have easily taken a pay off and walked away. It would not be the first or last time in sports that such things have happened.

Now we will jump ahead to "Their second fight was in May 1965 in Lewiston, Maine. This was where I lived, only more south in South Portland at this time. My grandparents lived in Lewiston and my grandfather races horses in Lewiston at this time. I was 6 at the time. It Cassius Clay, later to become Mohammed Ali against Sonny Liston. Many say that Liston just faked it and went down and stayed down.

Here is the pattern according this Wikipedia account:

Liston was the World Heavyweight Champion at the time of the first Liston-Clay fight in Miami Beach on February 25, 1964, having demolished former champion Floyd Patterson by a first-round knockout in September 1962. Ten months later, Liston and Patterson met again with the same result—Patterson was knocked out in the first round.

Liston was the most intimidating fighter of his day, and considered by some, at the time of the Clay fight, to be among the best heavyweights of all time. Many were reluctant to meet him in the ring. Henry Cooper, the British champion, said he would be interested in a title fight if Clay won, but he was not going to get in the ring with Liston. Cooper's manager, Jim Wicks, said, "We don't even want to meet Liston walking down the same street."

Boxing promoter Harold Conrad said, "People talked about [Mike] Tyson before he got beat, but Liston was more ferocious, more indestructible....When Sonny gave you the evil eye—I don't care who you were—you shrunk to two feet tall."[3] Tex Maule wrote in Sports Illustrated: "Liston's arms are massively muscled, the left jab is more than a jab. It hits with true shock power. It never occurred to Liston that he might lose a fight."[3] Johnny Tocco, a trainer who worked with George Foreman and Mike Tyson as well as Liston, said Liston was the hardest hitter of the three.[4] Several boxing writers actually thought Liston could be damaging to the sport because he couldn't be beaten.[5] Liston's ominous, glowering demeanor was so central to his image that Esquire magazine caused a controversy by posing him in a Santa Claus hat for its December 1963 cover.

These men who testify, all believe that Liston was better than the likes of Foreman and Tyson. Yowser! The pattern does no leave much room for the easy apparent fall Liston took.

What happened? The controversy has never gone away. Was Liston paid enough to retire and let Clay/Ali climb the ranks? Why would Liston give up an entire career, which is what he did.

This might be a clue from wikipedia again:        For much of his career, his contract was majority owned by Frankie Carbo, a one-time mob hit man and senior member of the Lucchese crime family, who ran boxing interests for the Mafia. The mob was deeply engaged in boxing at every level at the time, and Liston was never able to escape being labeled as the personification of everything that was unseemly and criminal in the sport, despite the fact that his criminality had been in the past. He distrusted boxing writers, and they paid him back, often depicting him as little more than an ignorant thug and a bully. He was typically described in thinly veiled racist terms—a "gorilla" and "hands like big bananas." Author James Baldwin understood Liston perhaps better than anyone in the press and sympathized with him and liked him, unlike boxing writers. He said, "Liston was the big Negro in every white man's hallway." He was a man who, according to Ali biographer David Remnick, "had never gotten a break and was never going to give one".

Where the mob does, expect the worst. Boxing has always been a fraud as I see it.

Wikipedia: Liston, however, brought weaknesses into the Clay fight that weren't fully apparent at the time. He claimed to be 32 years old at the time of the bout, but many believed that his true age was closer to 40, perhaps even older.[5] Liston had been suffering from bursitis in his shoulders for close to a year and had been receiving cortisone shots. In training for the Clay fight, he re-injured his left shoulder and was supposedly in pain striking the heavy bag. He secretly resorted to heavy icing and ultrasound therapy after each training session. And, ironically, because of his dominance, Liston had actually logged little ring time in the past three years. Between March 1961 and the Clay fight, Liston had fought three times and won each bout with first-round knockouts—meaning that he had fought a total of just over six minutes during a 35-month stretch.[5]

Was Sonny Older than anyone let out? Was he seeing his end coming? Did the mob keep all this secret? Did they pay Liston to go down and make Clay/Ali look good? Was Clay going to be the next great boxer in the eyes of the mob? To me, It does look like the mob and the press were hiding a lot about Liston.

I have no doubt that the fight was fake. But was Liston paid to fall or was he paid to show and fell, taking the money and laughing behind closed doors? That is tougher to answer. But it was fake as I see it many others feel that way, too. We may never know the details. but if you read the Wikipedia account, there was a big media hype about this fight and I think Liston was suffering inuried, was older than was known, and contemplating retirement due to physical breakdown.

So they mob decided to make a circus out of it and make Clay look great, while paying Sonny to fall and retire in good shape. I have no money trail and can not prove a thing. but the sum of the circumstances suggests no other possibility to me. Had Liston been in good shape and have a few years left, he should have killed Clay. That Liston retired say he was beat already and took the money and ran. I hope it worked out good for him. I'm sure he had a tough go of things in his life.

But for sure, when it comes to sports, or politics or war or assassination and so much more, we may not be able to answer all things, but we can know enough to know whether something was fake or rigged. In that respect, we can call it a psyop. Usually the motives will be easier to discern, than the detail of execution. You only have to ask, who benefits or could benefit? What remains for sure is that it was corrupt. Because it has no political consequences, it is not so much a concern.

I am going to jump ahead to my young days.    I was 21 at this time and working at the Ramada Inn and Marvin Hagler had been staying there and training at a Elementary school gym in the Munjoy Hill area. I was the drive of the shuttle at the time. I even wore my vest for him. How bout that, huh? He was carrying some agner from the last match, a draw. He believed he won that and I don't doubt him. And he used to play jokes on me, hitting the side of the shuttle van when I'd backing up or something and making me think I might have hit something. It was a good time. It was my first real introduction to boxing, too. What I can tell you now, is that Hagler was peaved about the draw decision I think he had been asked to let the Hamani fight go on for a few rounds. But Hagler was not going to have it.

1980-02-16 : Marvin Hagler 161 lbs beat Loucif Hamani 158¼ lbs by KO at 1:42 in round 2 of 10

The entire match is below, only 10 minutes. If you watch the video below, Hagler had Hamani against the ropes and was pounding the crap our of him, the ref stepped in. Hagler had something to prove.

Marvin Hagler vs Loucif Hamani

In his first bout since fighting to a draw with World Middleweight Champion Vito Antuofermo, Hagler "got vicious" and stopped the slick Loucif Hamani at 1:42 of the second round. Hagler knocked him into the ropes and Hamani fell into the press row.   << End reference quote!

I was there are the Civic Center and Hamani went right thru the ropes He did not know what hit him and both eyes were bruised. He looked terrible and was down in spirits, too. Very quiet. Many boxers are just used and then cast off. I think he knew this. I am sure it was tough and he would think about it many times, I suspect.

Hagler was feeling good. He had delivered some payback for a rotten decision, it would seem, from the previous affair noted. I mentioned to him that he did not waste any time. He said in a jovial mode, that he did not intended it to go very long. Boxing might have held grudge against him for that, too. I bought this fight up as the previous one left Hagler feeling cheated. But the next one below was far worse.

Wikipedia: Hagler was a top-ranked middleweight boxer for many years before he could fight for the title. Hagler struggled to find high-profile opponents willing to face him in his early years. Joe Frazier told Hagler, 'You have three strikes against you, "You're black, you're a southpaw, and you're good.'[6]

In November 1979, Hagler fought World Middleweight Champion Vito Antuofermo at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada. After fifteen rounds, most thought that Hagler had won. Hagler claimed the ref said he won, but the ref denied ever saying it. Hagler claimed he and many others were surprised when the decision was announced as a draw and Antuofermo retained his title. This only added to Hagler's frustrations. Hagler had the boxing skills and killer instinct to knock Vito out, but instead he played it safe and it cost him the title.[8]

You can see above what led up to the Hamani match. Hagler never quite sat right with the boxing crowd. I know something about that.

It was the Sugar Ray Leonard vs Marvin Hagler fight. "The fight took place at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas on April 6, 1987. Hagler was the betting favorite."

I am not going to bother to quote the Wikipedia article on this match. Its junk. I watched this match with my brother and a couple of his friends.

Sugar Ray ran like hell from Hagler the whole night. He hit Hagler once below the belt. When the match was first over and waiting for a decision, Sugar Ray was exhausted and could barely stand up. Hagler looked just fine. Sugar Ray never tried to engage in a fight with Hagler. And it was in Vegas, where Hagler had got screwed before. H would get screwed again. In boxing, if you want to beat the champ, you are suppose to take the fight to him, not run from him. But if Hagler had connect just a few times, Sugar Ray would have spent some serious time recovering. but the judges gave Sugar Ray the decision. It was the worst farce I had ever seen. In every possible way, Hagler had been the better. Leonard had run for his life throughout that match. The whole thing was a joke. It was quite the thing to see. Can you say the Mob in Vegas? Hagler's comment: Its Vegas. Anything can happen in Vegas, I think he said. and that was all he said. He was in no mood to talk. I don't blame him.

Marvin was unbeatable. The best heavy weight ever, as far as I am concerned. His biceps were huge. I don't know how he wore blazer. The arms stretch his blazer to their limits.

There was some other matches I question. The return of Joe Foreman into boxing seemed like a farce. He could not move around much. His punches seemed slow to me. Yet he was said to win the heavy weight crown.

On this day in 1994, George Foreman, age 45, becomes boxing’s oldest heavyweight champion when he defeats 26-year-old Michael Moorer in the 10th round of their WBA fight in Las Vegas. More than 12,000 spectators at the MGM Grand Hotel watched Foreman dethrone Moorer, who went into the fight with a 35-0 record. Foreman dedicated his upset win to “all my buddies in the nursing home and all the guys in jail.”

"Foreman didn’t hang onto the heavyweight mantle for long. In March 1995, he was stripped of his WBA title after refusing to fight No. 1 contender Tony Tucker, and he gave up his IBF title in June 1995 rather than fight a rematch with Axel Schulz, whom he’d narrowly beat in a controversial judges’ decision in April of that same year. Foreman’s last fight was in 1997; he lost to Shannon Biggs. He retired with a lifetime record of 76-5."

To me, this whole thing was a farce. I think Foreman knew it, too, which is why he did not defend his title. It was a phony show as I see it. In fact, he won by decision in  . . .  Las Vegas, of course! That alone should raise flags galore. My grandmother could win in Vegas. And She's dead. (Dead people can still vote, ya know! And it may soon their right to do so. Yeah, you think I'm kidding. I wish!).

Boxing has all the elements that give good reason not to trust. Money, gambling, organized crime and politics, too. I believe I have shown at least 3 good examples of why Boxing is rigged.

But now how about demonic influence? Does selling ones soul help or make a difference? I am sure it could. Tt does anywhere else. Foreman has done very well for himself in selling stuff on TV. I think people like his personality. He seems to have enjoyed far better success after his first career, then during his youthful days. How does that work? Marvin Hagler was unbeatable as a middle weight, but he did not seem to fit in with Boxing. It matters who you cozy up to and who your friends are. Hagler did not seem to have the connections or maybe he just would not sell  his soul. We may never know. But he did not get the recognition he had fought for and earned legitimately but was ignored for.

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In this sport, I am going to leave open the judgment but there are lots of allegations flying in this sport. I was an avid tennis player from about 87 to 97. I watched it on TV a fair amount. I practiced considerably and had about a 4.0 rating on the USTA scale. That's no where near professional level, which starts at 7.0. Tennis was changing at this time. The old rules and notions were not working anymore. Tennis had become a sport of sheer power. The fineness game was dying. Playing a net rushing game was dying.

McEnroe and Edberg were the net rushers in the late 80s, 87-89. But by 90, rushing the net was impossible as a winning strategy. You could come to the net when certain situations arose, but not regularly. Tennis with power was taking a toll on career longevity, too. You had to strain to your limits to survive. I was a light weight when I started, maybe 147 lbs or 152. To generate the extreme power on the ball, I had to put my whole body into it all the time. I am 5 feet & 10.5 inches tall. Really, too small for professional tennis and too thin.  A guy like Roger Federer who is  6 feet 1 inch and a thick rugged build is the ideal for power. At 187 lbs in 2016. To a point, taller is better for serving. Weight to a point is good, so that when  you hit the ball, you put a lot of momentum into it. I had to strain to my limits to do what Roger could do with far more ease and far less effort.

Tennis is a short career. Legs and speed wear out fast. Many players were gone by 29 or 30. Making it to 31 or 32 was really lucky. Connors made it to 34, but the game had not fully reached the power level and consistency that it gained with the likes of Pete Sampras or Jim Courier onward.

Women's Tennis was real interesting. They got bigger and stronger. Dainty girls like Chris Everet or Mary Jo Fernandez were a thing of the past. The Williams sisters dominated and anyone to come after them had to be as big and powerful. Big in both muscles and height, too. Short girls no longer have a chance.

Tennis only continues to get more aggressive and demanding. And the same with all sports. Even in the 70s, baseball players were increasingly resorting to hypnosis and there are allegations of a certain amount of mind control being employed. Tiger Woods has been said to be programmed to some degree. Federer has been rumored to use hypnotic programming.

Sports is big business and lots of advertisers make big money of star athletes endorsing their products. Betting is also a factor and wherever there is betting, there is organized crime. You can count on it.

Another trend in tennis is, throwing matches. Its not just rumors, either. Many are of the opinion that in a final match involving the Williams sisters, that Serena was told by her dad to let Venus win. Many did not think Serena was really giving it her all. She was, by far, the more aggressive and successful of the two. She was not as tall as Venus, but more compact and muscular which aided the power game wonderfully. For a while, she virtually unbeatable. Unless dad said otherwise. There have since been rumors of men deliberately throwing matches. And I suspect its true. And of course, various performance drugs are illegal, but very effective and athletes continually look for new drugs to fool drug testing and gain an edge.

My own opinion, being a bit of a libertarian in political thought, I  think all drugs, illicit, prescription or otherwise, should all be legal. Most drugs first came from nature and I am against all banning of nature and plants. And the drugs are not banned because they are dangerous. They are banned because it raises the value of the drugs exponentially. If you could grow poppies in your yard and extract the juices, you could support a drug habit for next to nothing. That is why they are illegal. Governments protect markets. They make the most money off drugs being sold "illegally." Illegal means you can not sell them unless you are government approved and you can not buy them except from a government approved source. Some gangs have full government permission and others do not have any. I am just being honest.

Now lets address throwing matches. Can you tell if one is or is not? Yes and no. People can have bad days. They can have emotional problems in their lives. Heat can be tough to play in. And sports encourage stupid behavior like playing at mid-day in the 90s. Oh, its all part of the sport. I don't agree with that. Athletes and promoters should show, for example, if for no other reason, that they have good judgment and don't play in extreme conditions. There are lights now to play at night. There are indoor options. Playing in spring and fall would be more sensible, rather than the climax of summer and its heat.

But in general, athletes do have patterns. And they train well as a rule so that even on bad days, they are fairly prepared for a good match. Preparation is pretty much a science now. But how do you quantify or measure a level of performance. We have not got there and gambling interest might prefer that we never get there. But tennis is in a tough spot right now.

Now there is a thing called tanking, whereby a player eases up or maybe throws a set that he is considerably behind on, so that he can start over in a new set. Now given the hot days and maybe he or she is not 100% that day, this may not be such a bad or dumb strategy. I saw Agassi do this  a couple times. Tennis can be a streaky game. Players all play in patterns though they may not be ware of it. Other players might be on to it, though.

But it could also happen that you tank and do not do better in the next set. But I think tanking can be a very good strategy to gain some wind so to speak and get back on your feet. But the problem is that tanking looks a lot like you are throwing a match. People pay money to see players give it their best. Sponsors pay really big money to have their players win so as to sell to their fans. When you got money involved, you got lots of problems.

Really, all sports are facing a crisis. More and more performance drugs are being made all the time. There is money to be made, by helping players win, who have big companies depending on them winning to sell products. Keeping up with ever changing drugs and testing for them, its almost sort of a joke at this point. Hence, I say, legalize it all. Listen, you can pick any racquet you want, to play with. Why not any drug? Or no drugs at all, if you prefer. Why not choice?

If anything goes, then its just a matter of who applies what drugs or food better than the rest. Besides, I am not convinced that all players get monitored at the same level. Some get favors or passes and are not as intensely monitored as others. In other words, there is lots of partiality and politics. That is very obvious in Olympic Sports that involve judging in order to win. But that said, its as easy to rig a point system or score system as it is bribing judges or fixing things. There is no perfect solution when money and greed pay a visit.





The Fake Faked News                    Nov 6, 016
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>> Truth 1 >>> Below is an article from Natural News, who I quote a lot here, respecting the level of reporting and the things reported on.

In this particular news item, I intend to show the extreme level of deceit carried on by the media. I am not saying that Mike at Natural News is to blame. Like all of us, he is a victim, too, of the lying press. But how much lying is what I want to get at. Its a lot. So with that in mind, his article follows and I will be in >>red-brown test and brackets.<<


FBI to bring down the DOJ            AP fakes the news

Associated Press reporter admits faking news stories for Hillary Clinton... stunning admission reveals how AP prints whatever the Clintons want, FACTS BE DAMNED

Thursday, November 03, 2016    by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

(NaturalNews) In case you had any doubt whatsoever about the total dishonesty of the Associated Press -- which also pushes pro-pharma vaccine propaganda and Monsanto's quack science talking points -- check out this email involving AP reporter Eric Tucker and Clinton operatives David Kendall and Cheryl Mills (source: Wikileaks).

The authenticity of this email is already confirmed via DKIM key (an email authentication code). (Bolding added below.)

Subject: Re: FW: Hi again from AP (inquiry about thumb drive)

Date: 2015-08-11 20:06
Subject: Re: FW: Hi again from AP (inquiry about thumb drive)

On Tue, Aug 11, 2015 at 6:02 PM, Kendall, David wrote:

It's getting out.

*David E. Kendall*
*Williams & Connolly LLP*
725 Twelfth Street, N.W., Washington, DC 20005
(P) 202-434-5145 | (F) 202-434-5029 |

*From:* Tucker, Eric []
*Sent:* Tuesday, August 11, 2015 6:00 PM
*To:* Kendall, David
*Subject:* Hi again from AP (inquiry about thumb drive)

Hi David,

We have been told, and we are preparing to report, that the FBI has taken possession of the thumb drive that was once in your possession. This is what we have been informed, and we wanted to see whether there was any sort of comment that could be provided. If you wanted to steer us away and say that we are misinformed, then I would gladly accept that as well. But we have solid reason to believe this. We'd welcome any comment you can offer. Thanks very much.


>>In order to believe all this, you have to accept that the press operates on its own independent decisions and has a personal loyalty to the Clintons. If you believe this, you have been fooled. If Mike believes it, he has been fooled. There is only one power on earth and has been that way, in a big way, at least since the American Colonies began at Plymouth Rock and Jamestown.

The Global Elite, a large united group of financiers, as all banks are, the NWO, if you like, run every small detail on earth. Satan is their absolute master but for this article, we will stick to the earthly source of power, most of the time. In our day and age (2016), computers and communication allow instant orders and direction and instant feedback, too. No one is allowed to just do whatever they want, in the media, industry, business, finance, politics, law, medicine, or anything that has potential to cause problems for those in ultimate power.

Everything is watched in very small precise detail. Not a molecule or atom can act without their permission and that of Satan, who sees all and knows all. He can read thoughts, feelings, and intentions as they happen. So can his other rebel spirits joining him in his rebellion against God. The control is absolute and flawless, except where God has insisted on some exceptions while both parties seek to prove their respective cases.

That means that the Media, as a whole and individually, is tightly controlled by those in power down here. All media answer to the most powerful men on earth. Same for everything on earth. So if the Associated Press was covering for Clinton, they were doing so by order from the top. Or if they were ordered to promote Clinton in devious ways, and told to let it get leaked so they could get caught, they would follow orders and do just that. You will notice as time goes on, the AP will not suffer for this. But if they do suffer, or appear to suffer, it will be orders, not by genuine screw-ups done on their own individual power or loyalty to Clinton.

What's the game you ask? I am so glad you asked.  They want to make the Clintons look like extreme corrupt "out of control" power that has to go, and is oppressing the nation. Well, they are oppressing the nation, but only because the highest of highs in this world, have ordered them to do so and make it obvious.

This is a standard pattern in any conspiracy or psyop. Find a patsy, an escape goat, and make her/them very visible and lay all the blame on them. This enables the other conspirators ordered by the elite, to escape blame, even though they are full of blame. Having patsies lets everyone think that was the entirety of the problems all along. We caught the bad guy and its all over now. We got our Oswald. So lets just forget about JFK now. We solved it all and everyone can go home now and move on. This is why escape goat patsies are so important. They are lies. They hide the far greater problem.

Hillary is not our problem. She does whatever she is told. She is a slave to her masters, the Global Elite. Our real problem is the Global Elite. No one wants to deal with that. So we will all throw rocks at Hillary, who has been groomed to look just like Satan by her bosses, and she has willingly acted the part and I have no doubt at all that she will be well paid for her service to her masters. She threw her, and her husband's legacies down the drain. They would only do that is they were getting paid and treated well. I guarantee it.

So this AP helping Hillary and rigging the press and the election, is all smoke and mirrors, one great big illusion and lie.

Now all we need is for the Elite to supply us with a Knight in shining armor. And indeed, they have crafted and designed a wonderful knight in shining armor. He is promising everything they want to hear. Sounding like no one they have heard before. His is the White Knight, indeed. The hero to save the day. All we have to do . . .  is do whatever he says. But wait, that sounds like a dictator! Yes, it is a dictator. And the Elite have a nasty offer to get pushed into motion. WW3, just for starters. Oh, you doubt me? Really? You'll change your mind. You'll see! Natural news comes next:<<

Associated Press reporter says he knows it's true, but will gladly print that it's false

What's truly astonishing in this email is how AP reporter Eric Tucker says he will gladly LIE to cover for the Clintons. In plain English, he explains that he has "solid reason" to believe the report about the thumb drive, but he will gladly publish a false narrative via the Associated Press, and he even suggests what that false narrative should be: "If you wanted to steer us away and say that we are misinformed, then I would gladly accept that as well."

In other words, he's not just corrupt, dishonest and fraudulent as a journalist, he's also SUGGESTING the false narrative the Clintons should use!

This is the exact same way the AP talks to the CDC about vaccines and measles, by the way. Essentially, the Associated Press reporters say, "We are total media whores, we will bend over and grab our ankles while you shove your fake story down the throats of our readers who foolishly think we're a credible news organization."

You gotta love Eric Tucker for this. The guy takes the prize for finally spelling out in black and white what we've known for years: the AP is a total joke when it comes to real journalism. Note carefully that the AP won't even fire Tucker for this admission. He'll probably get a prize of some sort.

>>When has the press ever been so exposed? Never, that I can recall. They have been offered as a sacrifice. The Elite know, based on newspapers going belly up all over the US since 2008, that America no longer trusts the press, including the National TV news networks. So the Elite will hang the press out to dry. Have they not done it? They have done it! So whoever the knight in shining armor is going to be, will be going against the press, too, by orders of the Elite, who scripted every last world of the Knight's mouth.<<

How many other Associated Presstitutes have deliberately LIED to cover up Clinton crimes?

It all brings to mind the obvious question: How many other Associated Presstitutes deliberately lied to cover up Clinton crimes?

Just what percentage of AP stories about the Clinton scandals are actually FAKE NEWS pretending to be credible journalism? (Answer: Probably about 99%.)

It's not just AP, either. It's the same story at every other mainstream news organization across America: They're all liars and crooks, and they're all working for Hillary Clinton, the serial killer and rape excuser.

SOURCE: Wikileaks Podesta email #45507.

Keep 'em coming, Wikileaks. The world needs you now more than ever.

<<< End of Article

>>And as you see, Mike Adams has also thrown the press under the bus. And justly so. The stage is set. The show is about to begin. Its Nov. 5 at this moment of writing and Nov. 8 is the big day. If Hillary is said to win, there will be a big fight but Trump will come out on top eventually.

I'm going back to black text now <<

>> Truth 1 >>> Edward Snowden! Is he real or was he invented and rehearsed to be a white knight whistle blower who exposes the big bad government and then is used to disseminate more and more leaks and info that come just at the right time. Jon Rappaport speculated well on this. He did not believe it was genuine but he could not answer everything either. Neither could I or anyone.

How about Julian Assange and Wiki-leaks? Is he for real? Or is it a big show and dance? He has been instrumental in many of the info leaks that are harming Hillary. His early stuff might have been legitimate. Maybe they offered him some secret amnesty if he would play along with the new releases. Or maybe he was in on it from the beginning. Some will say, No, he got in to too much trouble and false rape accusations.

Keep in mind, folks, that heros need to be persecuted. They need to look like they are being hunted down and hated. The only saving grace for Assange is that Bradley/Chelsea Manning appears to be brutally tortured by means of solitary confinement, which is a form of sensory deprivation, one of the most effective torture techniques in the world. And If this is really what is happening and not made up, it would suggest Assange is authentic. But we have no way to verify or deny anything. So we judge by what we can see. Assange attacks Hillary. Its look very suspicious to me. Why was Assange holding all this back for so long? How is he still getting all this when he has been blocked from the net, we are told?

These deserve more investigation and if that is not possible, as it seems, then we need to be far more cautious about what we believe about what anyone says from any source. What I can say from extensive review of history, including that of Rome's early founding years, like 750 BC to maybe 350 BC or so, and much of history of the last 500 years, is that the elite are way ahead of us in their plans and execution. I have depended on Bible Prophecy to help Illuminate what is going on, in the long term of goals.

The little people of nations are too busy trying to support families and look after their own. The Elite, with all their wealth, can employ armies of people to do nothing but look after the goals and interests of their Bosses' concerns. So the Elite can not be competed with for being informed, being armed, and rolling out their game plans. We are helpless against so much.

My advice is to question everything. Suspect everything. Trust no one . . . Except God. He has told us how it will end and who will be behind it. And beware of Heros and White Knights in Shining glistening armor. We are being set up for the biggest lie in history. And remember that everything that takes place, does so because someone wants it to take place. There are no accidents.

The Last Great Con                      Nov 6, 016
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I thought Jon had some great points about the media having done all they can do and now are up against a wall. Let's consider his article here.

The globalization of media: a failing strike force   by Jon Rappoport
October 31, 2016

(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, Power Outside The Matrix, click here.)

I begin this piece with three quotes from my work-in-progress, The Underground:

“There is a media metaphysics. Its basic principle states that nothing exists until it becomes information. Now we have a new twist: information only becomes real when it reaches a mind already attuned to it. In other words, the tree falling in the forest makes a sound only if a user/consumer who wants a tree to fall receives video and audio of the event…”

“Information can be dressed up a thousand different ways. But it tends to have an ‘elastic’ quality. By that I mean you eventually get to see the person who dressed it up. That’s a problem for chronic liars who inhabit the press. They expose themselves, even though they don’t want to. It takes a surprisingly small push to expose the whole operation. This is happening now, right in front of our eyes.”

>>I gather what he is saying is that as far as the media is concerned, nothing is news until they say it is news and present it to you. And maybe that some want to hear something and when they do, they are happy to accept it. In essence, their beliefs have been confirmed.

News seems to have the quality of flexibility, and can be "dressed up" any way the media wants. With nothing but chronic liars in the media, all telling the same lies, too, they become exposed. They can not hide anymore. The pattern they establish becomes too familiar to miss or ignore.

If this is correct, I agree with it.<<

“The basis of big media is theater. News is theater. Its directors and producers think they’re doing a first-rate job. But they’re sadly mistaken. Gaps and obfuscations are growing larger. The outright non-sequiturs and gibberish are becoming more apparent. The audience is wising up to the farce. Who are these fools who direct the news? They’re simply people who want to sell their souls and have found an elite buyer. But that transaction doesn’t contain any guarantees about shelf life. Mainstream news is decaying, and the expiration date is approaching. Like civilizations, the petty princes of information rise and fall…”

>>I will disagree a little here. News is theater. It is a put-on show. Its not real just like most theater is not real. But the media moguls and their underlings do not  worry about loose ends or things hard to explain or pass off. The population as a whole is too blind and stupid to notice, or to care, for that matter. Yes, a few will notice. But not many. Not enough to represent any real threat to the lies promoted.

But what has happened is that the few smart ones see thru it all and now many are starting to see the problem. Only problem with that is that they do not see the solution as well. You need both. The really smart, like you might find on say,,, or a few other places, perhaps on conspiracy channels on Youtube, know the impossible solutions as well, for the most part.

But impossible solutions are not any good. They are like mirages or wishful thinking. We have all been caught in the same trap and there is no escape. Except by the will of God. God is not a solution or hope that most people like or want. In fact, they hate the God solution. What a shame because there is no other hope or solution.

Jon notes the media folk are those who have sold their souls to an elite buyer. But Jon wonders how good that is anymore, since the news is no longer believed by an awful lot of people. Will the media still exist? Sadly, yes, says I.

Jon next examines the ability of the net to tailor the message to the individual net surfer.<<

Globalized media. It’s nice plan. Let’s examine it.

The new technocratic media is based on profiling users. There is no impactful news unless each member of the audience is surveilled and analyzed on the basis of what he already likes and wants.

Shocking? It’s to be expected. How else would technocrats parlay the untold hours they’ve spent sizing up their consumers/users?

Several years ago, I wrote: “Tech blather has already begun, since Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, bought the Washington Post at a fire sale. Jeff Genius will invent new ways to transmit the news to ‘people on the go’ and make the Post a smashing success. Mobile devices. Multiple platforms. Digital taking over from print. Ads customized to fit readers’ interests (profiling). News stories customized to fit readers’ interests (more profiling).”

In other words, non-news. If you thought media were irrelevant and deceptive before, you haven’t seen anything. The “new news” will create millions of virtual bubbles in which profiled users can float contentedly, under the cozy cottage roofs of their favorite little separate paradigms.

The tech giant Apple has waded into this territory with an app that will deliver news to users. Yahoo: “Apple News, part of the upcoming iOS 9 operating system, aims to be the primary news source for users of the iPhone and iPad… Apple says its news app ‘follows over a million topics and pulls relevant stories based on your specific interests’… Joshua Benton of the Nieman Journalism Lab said the app will be important because ‘through the awesome power of default, Apple distribution puts it in an entirely other league. This [news] app will be on hundreds of millions of devices within 24 hours of its debut’.”

Translation: Profiling their users down to their toenails, Apple will present them with virtual bubbles of news they want to see and read.

>>We all know that advertisers watch everything we do on the net to know what we buy or what we want or what our interests are. Its easy to sell to a person who you know so well. And likewise, the kind of entertainment and "news" you are exposed to, will be determined by the knowledge they have of you. So they can tell one person one thing and another person another thing. So you might see certain facts and another will not see them. Everyone will be carrying around their own select, carefully crafted new items and related facts, so called. No one will really know what the truth is because everyone will have a different truth. At least this seem to be what Jon suggests. I am going to differ with it. But I will let Jon finish his idea and I'll pick up after.<<

Not just one overall presentation for all; no, different “news outlets” for Apple’s audiences.

This introduces a whole new layer of mind control.

“You’re an Obama fan? Here are stories confirming your belief in the Prophet.”

“You want neo-con on the rocks with a conservative Republican twist? Here’s some war footage that’ll warm your heart.”

“Do you believe ‘government gridlock’ is our biggest concern? Congress can’t get anything done? We’ve got headlines for that from here to the moon.”

“Tuned into celeb gossip? Here’s your world in three minutes.”

The idea: convince users, one day at a time, that what they already believe is important IS the news of the day.

It’s Decentralized Centralization. One media giant carving its global audience up into little pieces and delivering them a whole host of different algorithmically appropriate lies and fluff and no-context psyops.

>>Even though our info can be different from one another, nothing can stop anyone from venturing off the path and exploring what is beyond the paved road in the woods and fields of life. And we could share notes with each other and realize we have been each told different things. And that should concern us. Our world is deceptive but not that deceptive or hard to see thru. God wants a difficult, fair fight, not an impossible one. So He has left us enough room to make some insights beyond the lies.

The elite will not be able to spoon feed us excrement and have us gladly eat it. We will never accept that willingly. So the day will come when only brute force will get the job done as far as our leaders are concerned. If we are forced to eat excrement, or die, many will start eating. Some might prefer death at that point. There will be life and death decisions to make.

But the elite know it will come down to some force. Many might go along with the Elite, reluctantly, or even with dread, but they will go, just the same. And some will not, even if it means death. I am referring to joining the evil that will be offered, or serving God and His rules, even if it requires death. Death is only temporary with God.

But you can't dress up a turd as a gourmet meal. Can you understand that? There will be a combination of deception and force. Deception alone will never be enough. So Jon's nightmare will never really come about entirely.<<

>> Jon >>> And for “fringe users?” “You’re doubtful about GMOs? Well, look at what Whole Foods is planning for their healthier produce section. Cheer up.” Nothing about Maui voters declaring a temporary ban on devastatingly toxic Monsanto/Dow experiments or the dangers of Roundup. “You’re anti-vaccine? Sorry, you don’t count. You’re not a recognized demographic. But here’s a piece about a little unvaccinated boy who was involved in car crash on the I5.”

Does this sound like science fiction? It isn’t. It’s the mainstream look of the near-future. Search engines are already “personalizing” your inquiries. US ABC national news is climbing in the ratings because it’s giving viewers “lighter stories,” and spending less time on thorny issues like the Middle East.

>>I don't think you have to worry about the lies. When the UFO squadron shows up, claiming to want to help us . . .When the economy collapses . . . When the riots start and food becomes scarce . . .  well, those are all possibilities, but we will all see and hear about all of them because those in power want us to hear all this, especially the false messiah showing up in an anti-gravity space ship.

What you will need to be concerned with is whether you are going to go along with the morals of previous times being turned on their heads, upside down and inside out. The media will portray whatever is needed to get us to act the right way as they see right. Since they control our food supply and distribution as well as fuel and electricity, our roads and gas for cars and jobs for money to survive, they can give these out or with-hold them as they see fit to get us to do as they want, and what they want is what the elite wants, which is what Satan wants and what Satan wants, Satan gets.

We are creatures of need and necessity. Control our air, water, and food and we will be like putty in their hands. We are not masters of our own destiny, except by the grace of God and His promises.

I am going to leave the rest of his article, so that he may be presented to the full and not censored. But I do not believe that the media, even thru the net, can hide the lies and contradictions that are becoming ever more numerous and obvious. Lies and illusions are not all that they are cracked up to be. They are weak and laughable compared to truth. There is no antidote for truth. No lie that can overcome truth!

Now Jon did touch on this. He spoke of those who sold their souls to elite buyers. But trying to cover over truth with lies never works with intelligent people and if the lies are lame enough, they won't even fool the idiots. The idiots often serve lies only because lies pay. But its not because they are really fooled. They are bribed. They are paid whores. And my apologies to all whores, since by comparison, Whores have far more morals and integrity that those who sell out our futures for a nickel or dime.

So the media are losing the battle. So then what? They pull out the last resorts. Here is the first. They know no one is buying Obama or even Hillary. In fact, the people are fed up with everything. The elite know this. They know they need to pull a rabbit out of the hat. They need a candidate who looks like a real anti-establishment, gung ho, "we're not gonna take it anymore" kind of guy. And then what? They will pretend he is their mortal enemy and that they will do anything to stop him. ANYTHING! But the truth is, he is their boy all the way. He will do whatever they say, just like all the rest before him.

This is their last big lie and deception to get their next war so they can subdue the Middle East and secure Jerusalem so the temple can be rebuilt and the antichrist false prophet/messiah can return to lead us all to the fake promise land, another deception.

This is what you will not hear from anyone else. Just me. In other words, while lets say an economic crash is possible and plausible, I don't think that is the ultimate goal now. They want people to get behind the new war effort to stop the Muslim hoards. They put on a show in Europe. I am not sure how much is Muslim and how much is just paid mercenaries, but Muslims were very war-like in the beginning and it is in the Koran as well. So they dug their own graves back then for their future generations of now. The Fix is in!

As well, it would appear that over the centuries, Muslim leaders, both political and religious, have dumbed down their populations so that technology and all that goes with that, like power, are beyond these nations at a competitive level. Islam as a whole is at a great disadvantage.

War is the ultimate goal to the temple and the greatest con of all time, the supposed returned Messiah, who is not really the messiah, but the man of sin and son of perdition, the Anti-Christ, actually called the Pseudo-Christ in the Greek Scriptures.

Ultimately, Satan wants to show that he can get nearly all human beings to commit the worst of atrocities against the small, weak, helpless, defenseless children. To sexually enslave women and children! You doubt? You laugh? You wait! You'll see! The Antichrist will have 3.5 years to make it all happen, before he begins the mass killing of humans. But first, he will get them to do the most outrageous things imaginable, changing as it were, times and seasons.<<

Jon again >>> The mainstream news business is desperately looking for audience; and treating every “user” as a profiled social-construct-bundle of superficial preferences is their answer.

“Mr. X, we’ve studied the little virtual bubble you live in, and now we can sell you your own special brand of truth.”

“Hello, audience. We’re going to pitch you on becoming full-fledged obsessed consumers, as if there is no other worthy goal in life—and then we’re going to profile you from top to bottom, to find out exactly what kind of obsessed consumer you are, so we can hit you and trigger you with information that uniquely stimulates your adrenal glands…”

The one-two punch.

Any actual event occurring in the world will be pre-digested by robot media editors and profilers, and then split up into variously programmed bits of information for different audiences.

Who cares what really happened? In the new world, there is no ‘what really happened’. That’s a gross misnomer. A faulty idea. A metaphysical error. No, there is only a multi-forked media tongue that simultaneously spits out a dozen or a hundred variations of the same event…because different viewers want and expect different realities.

In 1984, Orwell’s Big Brother was issuing a single voice into the homes of the population. That was old-school. That was primitive technology. That was achieving unity by hammering unity into people’s skulls. This, now, is the frontier of unity through diversity.

“We want to make all of you into androids, through basic PR and propaganda and a pathetic excuse for education. However, we recognize you’ll become different varieties of androids, and we’ll serve that outcome with technological sophistication. Trust us. We care about what you prefer.”

User A: “Wow, did you see the coverage of the border war in Chula Vista?”

User B: “War? They had a fantastic exhibit of drones down there. At least a hundred different types. And then I watched an old WW2 movie about aerial combat.”

User C: “Chula Vista? They had a great food show. This woman made a lemon pie. I could practically taste it.”

User D: “That wasn’t a border war. It was a drill. And then afterwards, these cops gave a demonstration of all their gear. Vests, shields, communication devices, flash-bangs, auto rifles with silencers, batons. I watch drills all over the country. Love them.”

User E: “Chula Vista? The only thing I saw on the news was ‘sunny and mild’ this week. I watch all the weather channels. I love them.”

BUT when a Big One comes along, like the 2016 national election in the US, the separate tunes come together and ring as one. Then the overriding need to extend Globalism’s goals (in the person of Hillary Clinton) blot out every other priority. Then the major media twist whatever they need to twist. Then it’s the same bubble for everyone.

One problem, though. Major media have been lanced thousands of times by alt news sites, and by Wikileaks and Project Veritas. This attack has exposed the truth and the Clinton crimes.

And alt news reflects the growing interest of the public in what’s actually happening on many fronts.

The technocratic plan for the news is failing.

It was a nice plan, but…

It’s turning out to be a dud.

Alt media are forcing public awareness of one giant scandal after another: Hillary/Obama support for ISIS; pro-vaccine liars; the collapse of Obamacare; the GMO hustle; pesticide damage…on and on and on.

The result? Major media are being backed into a corner, where they must defend lies and build monolithic lies for EVERYONE all the time. The idea of creating separate news for each profiled user is collapsing.

Major media are playing defense against the rest of the world.

It’s quite a party.

And it has no expiration date.

>>My final warning. The media has reached its limits and can do no more. Its up to UFO technology to make people gasp and reluctantly go along with horrendous acts of cruelty in the name of "God" or "Jesus." But its really a dragon speaking. "He has the appearance of a lamb, but speaks like a dragon (serpent)." But first, a war to end all wars, for the 2nd time in about 100 years, 1914 and 2016, 102 years. We never learn. We keep doing the same stupid thing. All war sucks but no one will accept that.<<

A final note: Trump, Wikileaks, Project Veritas, Drudge, and many alt news sites created a perfect storm in 2016, raining down on major media. It was and is unprecedented. The mainstream press has been exposed down to its roots, as never before. The lying, the collusion, the arrogant sense of entitlement, the desperation, the corruption—it’s all there to see, for anyone who has eyes and a few working brain cells. Expect more to come, regardless of the outcome of the election. The train has really left the station…

>>Jon shows a good vs bad scenario. The mainstream media are the bad guys, the liars, and the alt/conspiracy media are the good guys. I want to make this perfectly and boldly clear. Both sides are bought and owned by the Global Elite. There are no good guys, really, save 1! Truth 1! The only 1! Actually, I am hoping for a few more voices, but I think they will be very small, like me. I have not come across any site or attitude quite like mine. Its remains to be seen.

All the alt news and new age gurus will support the war and maybe even the antichrist, when he arrives. None of them are in the book of life. They will all support the imposter, the last great hope/hoax. I guess its going to be me against the world. But its not a fair fight. You guys don't have a chance against me and God. But when this time arrives, Satan may have requested the net to be silenced, due to the period allotted by mutual agreement of God and Satan, for people to get informed. And the great testing will commence. So my site may not be available at that time. The time for learning might have been closed, or maybe I will be the only voice who got it all right and might be served/saved for you. But I doubt it. I'll explain shortly. You'll all have to make your decisions then. I made mine already. But if you want to join me, all you have to do is ask God. Its not up to me, its up to Him.<<

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at or OutsideTheRealityMachine.

<<< End of Article presentation

Henry Makow Straight On            Nov. 13, 016
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Trump Victory Necessary to Get US Into World War?    October 28, 2016     by Kevin Boyle 

>>I stumbled on to this late, but Henry and Kevin nail this!<<

Thanks for the article on Trump. I have been thinking about trying to write such an article on my own blog for a while. The key danger seems to me to be as follows: Trump is on a project to "take back America".

From whom? Well, quite obviously ... Jewish bankers.

When he is elected he is in a perfect position to play the anti-banker-establishment game whilst a major war is engineered in which he will be a more than willing participant ... backed by the heartfelt support of an adoring and grateful public (very much in the Hitler fashion).

The international banksters will get their war and they can even publicly oppose it so that they will get everything we know they want while taking NONE OF THE BLAME.

It would be incredibly dangerous for them to try to use the hated Hillary to perform this duty in the current post-Brexit, Trumpist, Euro-Revolting anti-Banking world.

Such a game plan is probably looking to these people, our traditional (but increasingly hated) masters as just PERFECT.

They get their war, while "anti-banker" stooges and dolts can be ascribed blame and (as usual) actually take the blame for a situation that they, THE USUAL SUSPECTS, have artfully engineered.

This looks like a highly possible, even probable, narrative for future events.

On the other hand it is just possible that he means what he says and that Trump really intends, like Vladamir Putin, to make his country's culture overtly Christian again, to reduce the power and influence of the international banking cartel and set an admirable template of self-sufficiency, self-reliance and freedom for communities that other countries will rush to copy. Just possible. Highly unlikely but you never know. Here's hoping and praying.


The obvious template for comparison is, as you have pointed out, Hitler. Opposition to banking crimes and betrayals was at fever pitch and in steps the hero of the hour. He is being funded by the bankers while on the rise but attacks their systems and projects blame onto all Jews, without discrimination. Active banking parties in the German disaster​ slip away and the schnorrers take it in the neck. Conflict is manufactured, millions die and it turns out our "hero" can now be portrayed as the Devil in disguise.

End result, it's no accident ... total victory for the international bankers who can now 'fix' the problem by lending everyone all the money they need (and the bankers haven't really got) and continue their drive for global control using their latest and most effective instrument, Zionism.

Trump will win, attack 'the bankers' and covertly give the green light for local attacks on Jews and Jewish groups, which he will publicly but half-heartedly condemn. He will bring back jobs and a real boom to the USA and become beloved of his people. Now the stage is set for the big war in which he will be supported by his people. Cue 'false flags' and God knows what else leading to unprecedented horrors that, in their aftermath, demand an absolute and universal demand for a permanent international solution that will deliver a future of certain Peace.

One banking system. One central government will be the single obvious solution to our problems. Job done.

Related-  Some unsavoury characters in Trump's corner

Annette writes: 

Excellent article this morning on Trump. It could not mirror more closely my own thoughts on the matter. I am still not sure who their pick is. If Hillary does win I believe it will be by fraud through the voting machines. There is strong evidence for that scenario already. But I have asked myself the same question you have i.e., if Trump is their selection, what is the agenda ? 

The Illuminists always have their finger up to the wind to see which way the population is moving and these days it is only too easy for them with all the monitoring of chatter on the internet. They have to know the majority of Americans are fed up and getting savvy to their system. Why not let the White population have one last stab at running things and show the world how evil they are ?

I pray Trump is not a total fraud and sellout, but all that Jewishness in his family does not warm my heart. If indeed he is their pick, I am imagining something similar for the US as for Germany. What initially looks like a savior will lead us into defeat and humiliation - the final death nail for American nationalism and pride. 

More importantly it will also solidify the anti- White narrative here and around the world. Trump the trickster can and probably will turn on most of his promises and he may even lead us to war even though he talks of peace with Russia. After that the hue and cry from the jackals in the media and academics will be, " see, proof that White males are not fit to run anything, all they do is destroy".

 Remember Hitler was very conciliatory at the beginning of his regime, trying to negotiate peace with Poland and England. All that changed quite swiftly didn't it? Yes I am imagining that it would be even better for them if a White male led the world into WWIII than a White woman. It would end the all protest and confirm the assertions of the Noel Ignatiev's of the world; that Whites are the cause of all the problems and that Whiteness should be abolished ( White Genocide ) . The profound demoralization and vilification of Germans by Illuminati Jews started with Hitler and WWII. That vilification has since spread to all Whites. They are probably planning on bringing that agenda and narrative to its final culmination with the election of Trump. A very depressing thing to contemplate.

I think you are right about Trump winning. It really makes sense that the elite would actually favor a Trump win for the reason I stated previously. Acting strategically as they always do, does it not make sense to take an opponent's momentum and use it against them ? There are firm principles as in the martial art of Aikido where you literally take your attackers momentum and you steer it without force into him defeating himself. Though Hillary seems the obvious choice, if she won I think it would be the breaking point for not only conservative Americans and everything they value, but for independents and more conservative Dems as well. There could be an outright revolt. Trump, if he is deceitful, will bring a final death blow to any conservative politics, and humiliation to his predominately White supporters in a way that Hillary never could.   <<< End of article

Kevin expresses the very same concerns I had about Trump. Trump is not anti-establishment. He is part of the establishment. And it will be war as I suspected all along. To beat a dead horse, The Simpsons revealed a Trump victory 16 years ago.

The Final Countdown                        The Media Reaches Its Limits!
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>> Truth1 >>>  Jon misses just one piece of the puzzle and I will put it in for him. People are near to seeing the light of God. They are sort of fed up with the world and everything in it . . .  almost. All the old tactics; progressive change, gradualism, slowly adapting; These are no longer of any use. People can now see where this is all heading. Just one problem, though. I got something for ya-all.

This book just arrived 2 days ago, from Amazon, used. It was recommended to me by Becky Akers of  -

I ordered it right away. I had been saying for a few months, based only on patterns of evidence, that all leftists and Marxists had the very same agenda as Satan, to the letter. Well, Richard Wurmbrand knew about this way back in 1986. See how blind we have ALL been? I was 27 in 86 and well versed in the Bible, but I had no idea of how bad it all was, because it was all in secret, carried out in the darkness, so to speak.

I will paste his short introduction below. I have not read the book yet myself, but am now.

INTRODUCTION    vii         copyright 1986

This work started as a small brochure containing only hints about possible connections between Marxism and the Satanist church.

No one had ventured to write about this before. Therefore I was cautious, even timid. But in the course of time more and more evidence has accumulated in my files, evidence I hope will convince you of the spiritual danger part and parcel of communism.

Marxism has governed over one-third of mankind. If it could be shown that the originators and perpetrators of this movement were indeed, behind-closed-doors devil-worshipers, consciously exploiting Satanic powers, would not such a startling real­ization require action?

If some were to reject my thesis out of hand, it would not surprise me. Science and technology advance at a rapid pace because we are always ready to scrap obsolescent machinery in favor of new conveniences. It is quite different in affairs of sociology or religion. Ideas die hard, and a mindset, unlike a computer chip, is not easily altered or replaced. Even fresh evidence may fail to persuade. The doors of some

viii    MARX & SATAN

minds have rusty hinges. But I offer credible proofs to support my thesis, and I invite you to carefully consider them.

The Communists certainly took note of this book, which has been translated into Russian, Chinese, Romanian, German, Slovak, and other languages, and was smuggled into Iron Curtain countries in great quantities. For instance, the East Berlin journal Deutsche Lehrerzeitung, under the heading "The Killer of Marx," denounced my book vehemently, calling it "the most broadly based, provocative, and heinous work written against Marx."

Can Marx be so easily destroyed? Is this his Achilles' heel? Would Marxism be discredited if men knew about his connection with Satanism? Do enough people care?

Marxism is the great fact of modern life. Whatever your opinion of it, whether or not you believe in the existence of Satan, whatever importance you attach to the cult of Satan practiced in certain circles, I ask you to consider, weigh, and judge the documentation I present here.

I trust it will help you orient yourself to the problems with which Marxism still confronts every inhabitant of the globe today.

The majority of the members of the Russian Parliament remain Communists. Russia and its surrounding area remain on the brink of Civil war. -Ed. Notes 1993

Richard Wurmbrand        <<< End of Introduction

>> Truth1 >>>  Marx a Satan worshiper?  Wow! Who could have seen that coming, right? I am being sarcastic. But really, it should not surprise us. Communism has never been anything but a plague and misery, bringing death and destruction of all things good. Just like Satan! And the New World Globalist Dictatorship also bring the same fruits of harvest. Satan is the real force behind the Global Elite who torment all those on earth. The pattern is so clear, from top to bottom.

But now back to The Last Great Con. Most have lost faith in the system, for the most part. But deep inside, they still hold out a slight bit of hope that all this misery can be avoided. That hope resists accepting what God has said must take place. And it a test and trial of all those living, like it or not. So that last glimer of hope is very dangerous and deadly.

As humans, we have incredible capacity to deceive ourselves. We often believe something, not because of evidential support, but because we wish it to be, and hope that we can wish it into existence. In extreme degrees and maybe not so extreme, this is called psychosis, which means your totally bananas and bull goose looney. So we take that last bit of  hope, and Satan is sure we are at that point now, and he will offer you all in the USA, a man or woman who will promise to restore American to its once great condition. And most all of you are going to fall for it.

You still hold out hope for the system that has been screwing you for longer than you have lived. For 6,000 years, the devil has been guiding nations and peoples, seducing the powerful with his "granted for a limited time only" powers that can violate and manipulate the laws of physics and impress the hell out of humanity. Oddly, people do not consider that God has far more ability that that so share with those who do things His way, while not under force to do so.

Satan has slowly, from our perspective, been cultivating all nations, races, cultures and phony religions to do things Satan's way, instead of any other way, specifically, instead of God's way. Now the whole world is in Satan's hands.

RSV:  1 John: 5:
19 We know that we are of God, and the whole world is in the power of the evil one.

So if Satan has been in power for so long,  and Industrialization has had us deep in its grips since about 1820, and with Industrialization and the organizing and pooling of people of vast wealth and connections as a result of that wealth; Industrialization was accelerated greatly to bring us to where we are now. So clearly, the world is in the grips of Satan and his minions on earth.

That means that all those in power, bow to Satan. There are no exceptions. Many of you still believe there are exceptions. But no one is allowed to have wealth, power, or fame without obeying the devil. It is a fact you do not want to accept and that is what Satan will use against you. You still believe in "the system." You still think a guy can tell the real bosses of the world to go to hell and they will put up with it. You think the real bosses want to play within the rules and game.  They do not give a damn about the rules or game. They will do as they please.

The last guy that told them all to go to hell, ended up getting his brains blown out in the back of a limo in Dallas, Texas. This in broad daylight for all to see that were there and with cameras and movie film around. And then they killed the patsy in front of cameras and the press. Talk about arrogant. The system does not work for the slaves and we are all slaves. They only intend bad for us. No leader is going to do anything for us without demanding far more from us than for us.

They might throw a few tidbits our way to pacify us and then take far more from us, behind our backs in hidden taxes, oppressive laws, etc.

So let me be perfectly clear!  The next president will only be concerned with those who rule the world and what they want. He/she will not give a damn about the people. That is the understanding and attitude you should have. God should be your only hope.

But the elite know full well that most still hold out just a little bit of hope. Satan made the clear to his main guys down here. Satan knows this is the last change to fake the world out. If he lets it go any further, extreme enlightenment will take place. He can't have that! So now Satan has to play all his cards. I am sure a UFO invasion will be part of that con. A false messiah will be part of it, too. But along with all that, brute force. Do it or die, will be the offer. Or may be FEMA camps and prisons for those who refuse to go along with the madness.

So to re-word it for clarity, psyops will soon stop working except for the big ones. It will take big ones, too. People are starting to catch on a little and will continue to. So the big show is about to have the curtains rise and what a show it will be.  A regular 3 ring circus and Broadway Spectacle. This election was smoke and mirrors. Everything was carefully written, planned, orchestrated, scripted, choreographed, rehearsed, and finally, presented. But this is only Act 2 or 3. There are two or three more acts to go, before the show is over.

We will have a winner, eventually and the winner will be almost like messiah to many. And I suspect some impressive political moves will be made to inspire some confidence so that when a huge war is proposed against Iran and Islam, in all likelihood, that we will reluctantly go thru with it. And of course, it will be the war to end all wars. In some ways, it will be. There will not be another because most people are not going to be around for a next time after this time. God will take control after 7 years of the phony pretend "Jesus." So in that respect, there be no more wars after the great mass killing humanity. That is what you are in for.

So we are in the very last phase now. All the cards are being called in on this hand. Satan will have to make his wagers, place his bets, and let it rip. This is the big final showdown coming. Make no mistake about it! The big game is almost over. The two minute warning has been issued to both sides. Now it gets interesting.

How to Spot the Looney                Nov 7, 016
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Here are some things that will separate questionable types if not frauds and deceivers. What follows are ground rules for what is in existence. You'll see!

# Christians know that the whole world is controlled completely.

# Anyone who knows conspiracy well, knows that the whole is controlled, every last bit of it.

The Proof:  The global banking cartel long ago pooled its money and financed the development of the entire world. All religions were infiltrated, compromised, and thereby controlled tightly. All business was grown and developed by the global financiers. It was this large collection of capital that grew industry at very accelerated pace. All media required financing. Money and financing is how they control everything. The financed and grew all education institutions and facilities, so they could control them all. Its all about control. Even if humans were not aware or capable of this, most certainly Satan was capable.

# Satan requires 100% obedience, to the letter. He will not tolerate any defiance or disobedience.

# There can be no divisions or conflicts in a top down hierarchy such as a empire. Satan operates as a dictatorial hierarchy empire.

# Any apparent divisions or factions are only an illusion to create a false paradigm of opposing forces so that one side can be pitted against another and each be diminished in power or one grown or diminished in comparison to the other.

 Rome Opposed Carthage at one time. In 200 years, Rome overcame Carthage. Satan builds empires and destroys what he pleases, with the goal of making sure the people he wants in power centuries into the future will prevail throughout the centuries till they are where he desires. Its all about what Satan wants and what Satan wants, Satan gets. He is ruthless and very powerful; not to mention, deceitful.

# The only possible way a conflict can take place or divisions exist, is with the permission of the Global Elite AND Satan, himself.

# The Global Elite can not disobey Satan. He is all powerful and can kill at will, anyone who has made a deal with him and almost anyone who has not, unless a person is protected God, Jehovah, Himself.

# Only God can override Satan. Most conflicts are avoided by God and Satan by mutual agreements made before the challenge of long ago (just over 6,000 years ago).

* * * * * With the entire world of humans controlled by Satan, except for those who belong to God, no division and conflict can take place without the devil's knowledge and permission. Got it? Its a fact!

>>Now for a test! If two political parties are opposed to each other, is this genuine opposition or staged opposition? Take your time. Is that your final answer?

Here is the real answer to compare. Political parties can not possibly be in opposition to each other unless Satan approves. If he does approve, then he is up to some sort of deception. It remains for us to figure out what that deception is. It is not honesty or sincerity on the part of either party involved in opposing each other. Same for 2 nations at war. Satan has something to gain from their conflict or it would not be happening. Satan does not squander his resources and efforts.<<

>>This, in part, is why God requires strict neutrality. He does not want us helping Satan's cause. As well, God does not want us killing other Christians, even if they are in another nation. God can authorize war, but only did so with Israel. In doing so, God limited Israel's boundaries with the understanding that if Israel was faithful and obedient and ran out of land/room, then God could grant more land from other nations. But God did not, since He knew that Israel would not remain faithful and need more land. God eventually took Israel's and Judah's lands from them as punishment. Satan gave them back as revenge and to bring about a phony fulfillment of prophecy to fool the world and lead them away from God. Got it?<<

# Nations always lie because they belong to Satan and Satan always lies. None of them are up to any good. There is no good nation and no nation that pleases God. It is not possible because all nations belong to Satan. Got it?

# God could intervene in a nation's affairs if He desired. but He avoids that most times, allowing Satan to prove his points. God is all powerful. Satan is only relatively powerful.

# So will it matter who gets elected in various national elections? NO! Christians are to be no part of the world.

# A Christian's only concern should be matters of God and God's rules and expectations.

# Politics should only be of concern to Christians in avoiding becoming part of, or a participant in, those political affairs.

Christian leaders and/or prominent writers and advisers of other Christians, should not be concerned with elections. Satan will do as he pleases. We should only concern ourselves with becoming wise to the weapons and machinations of Satan so as not to fall prey to them; and to better distinguish exactly what the will of God is for us. That is to say, in these troublesome trying times of great crisis, we should not be expecting too much more than what Acts 15 required, which was just 4 things. To forbid things that are not important is to strain gnats while gulping down camel and binding great loads on our brothers and sisters that we could not and would not budge with one finger.

I speak with particular reference to boys, young men, and men in general since they are under severe attack by Satan and political correctness, a Marxist movement of hate, lies and malice. There is no separation or distinction between so called lust, an appetite, and our natural craving and desire for the female, also the same appetite. It is evident that the King James translators understood this when they translated into the phrase, "lusting after" as "in pursuing what one is not entitled to" or what goes beyond God's law, which is fornication. Boys, teens, men should not be burdened with undue guilt over their natural desires. As long as they are not pursuing fornication, they are fine, even if they indulge in self-stimulation for the purpose of relief of temptation and desire.

Want to know a phony Christian? Look for those who distort what lust is and unduly burden the conscience of males. All such Christians who condemn relief of the sexual imagination will also be condemned by God. You have been warned and you would be wise to give careful consideration to this. Your life hangs in the balance. Don't you doubt if for even 1 second.

My final thoughts at this moment! Trying to match current events with prophecy are difficult at best. I know this. The great imposter is coming and no doubt, that war will have to make Israel secure to rebuild the temple as required by Paul in Thessalonians. And while he will make great claims, he will speak evil like a dragon.  I know, too, that there are 2 periods of 3.5 years, for a total of 7, and then antichrist dies at the hand of God.

As for BRICS, GATT, TPP or anything like that, These do not matter at all. So who cares! I pay no attention to them. Nor do I care about the wars, either. I will not participate in them and no Christian should. The Amish got that right! My job and every Christian's job is to warn the world of where this is all leading to and that Satan is seeking to deceive and destroy mankind and that life eternal awaits any who choose obedience to God and a rejection of the world and Satan.

I make this prediction. All the so called "Alt Media, Conspiracy reporters and similar, will almost all welcome the knight in white and shining armor and will bless the alien invasion and its false messiah/god. They will cheer the ushering of the so called Golden Age. It will be total bullshit. Only true Christians will reject it. Jesus warned, "beware when all men speak well of you." I think he was indicating that all men would speak well of the white knight (let he who as ears listen) and then the antichrist. They won't speak well of me. I guarantee it!

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