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The Last Days: Part 5

The Coming Future Shock!

Revisiting the Past
An On Going Political Struggle
Lying Signs and Wonders
On Antichrist, Aliens & UFOs
Coming Consolidation of Power
The Devil Knows No Limits
The Worst Story Ever Told!
Other Super Powers
Beware of Phonies and Liars!
A Brief Break in Control

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Warning! This is the most shocking and hard hitting explanation of Revelation, Daniel and the other prophets and prophecies you will ever read. In fact, if you are weak, timid, or cowardly, maybe you should not red it at all. It could cause nightmares or if you have been trying to kick some habit, you might end up falling off the wagon again. Not for the faint of heart, by any means. Most preachers would not have the guts and honesty to tell you what I have in this article. They know it will not please many, if any. Most will plug their ears and run. So give it some good thought as to whether you should proceed.

I am going to try to sum up the many prophecies intended for the very last days and what is to take place soon. In doing so, I am not going to quote a lot of scriptures for I have done that in my other articles dealing with the prophets. I want to create a summary that gets to the points quickly. From there, you can revisit the scriptures in my articles and see what you think as to whether my ideas are supported.

In the course of Daniel, we find Daniel wanting to know and understand what the angel is delivering to him. But the angel made it clear to Daniel that he was not allowed to be in on this one. It was not meant for him to understand. It was to remain secret and not understood by anyone anywhere until the end and then only by God’s people of the time just before these events were to happen, with enough time to receive notice so that they could prepare for the blast of fierce persecution to hit the whole world, and most particularly, God’s people.

What this also means is that many who have interpreted the prophecies or tried to interpret them, at least nearly up to this point, clearly have failed for if nothing else, the timing is wrong. Isaac Newton gave it a try and I am sure he meant well but it was far too early. A number of movements, most particularly kicking off with the Millennialist movements of the 19th century in the USA, especially that of William Miller, who I believe was well intentioned himself, and he did not give up preaching the word of God when his calculations failed, as they were bound to. But from what he started, others picked up and carried on.

Such examples would be Charles Russell and the Bible Students. Out of that movement would come Jehovah’s Witnesses, who also believed they had the correct interpretations of chronological prophecy as well as those of Revelation, Daniel, etc. But again, they were far too early and the long passage of time since has surely proved them wrong. Again, timing and expectation were way off.

The Seventh Day Adventists were another group, led by a self proclaimed "prophetess" who was sure she had the answers to the prophecies but again, she was at least 100 years premature and has taken herself out of the running due to being so early and faulting the Catholic Church to the exclusion of all other guilty parties when pointing at heretics. I am sure there are many others near to them or even in the latter 20th century, say the 70s and 80s, who predicted many silly political scenarios which have fallen flat on their faces. Still a bit too early.

My belief is that we would have to wait until at least enter the 21st century before it would begin to become clear. It would take the world getting so far off course and insane that the sinister plans of the evil rulers of the world and of this curious "darkness" that engulfs humanity would begin to become obvious and transparent. I think we have arrived at that time. Why even a blind man could begin to see it at this point.

It is not just this factor that indicates to me that we have arrived at the threshold of understanding and revelation. It seems to me that part of the problem confronting Christianity was that we long forgot what took place in the days immediately after the Apostles, even though those events were recorded. Their testimony would be essential in helping us recover important writings and testimony. I believe it may have been Providence that left certain understandings of the scriptures sealed in these early post Apostolic writings that would make some things clear.

Revisiting the Past
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I know that when I began to read the Church History of Eusebius in maybe later 2001 or early 2002, that I began to realize what was forgotten for so long. I began to read all the early Church leaders/elders, called Bishops, depending upon translation, known to many as Church Fathers or the Anti-Nicene Fathers, though I do not call them fathers, for I only have one Father according to the instructions of Jesus. I began to write about what I found at this time in the summer of 2002, nearly a year after the nasty event of 9-11, 2001.

At this time, I knew of no knowledge or talk of these early writers from anyone except maybe some long forgotten or obscure writers of 2 to 4 hundred years ago or some encyclopedia editors. But many things came to light to me and I grew substantially in the understanding of God’s word and purpose. At this time on the internet, there was nothing on any of the writers to be found on search engines. In 7 years, that has all changed. Now there are huge numbers of results from search engines on the subject of the early church leaders and some of what they wrote, though I still go the most of anyone and forgive my brag, but I may even have started it all. Now it is getting around as to what was said about the trinity, the law, prophecy, heresy, etc. Eusebius alone is a remarkable work and a must read for any Christian. But I also took quotes from the many early writers on particular subjects and wrote about each subject with all those early witnesses to testify, as perhaps was God's purpose all along.

In 2004, I published my findings on the prophecies due in part, to my reading of those ancient writers following after the Apostles. Again, what I wrote was obscure and isolated, but not anymore, 7 years later. The air is a buzz with stuff now. People are waking up. The past has become a guide to the future. I would like to think my writing had something to do with it all but we will let God and time resolved those matters. And even if it were true that my efforts changed things, who the changes came through is not necessarily important. The importance is in God's message getting out to His people. But as to who gets the message right, well, there is some importance to that. It might indicate who God's spirit is operating on and who it is NOT operating on. As time goes on, and things unfold in the world, it will become more clear, not less, as to who had it right or who had it right the most, and who clearly did not. We will know eventually, who God has spoken through, and whether that be many or few that He moved with His spirit.

But it was not just the "ghosts" (spirits if you prefer) of the past, those early Christians witnesses, who helped to advance things. I found a computer to be essential to me looking up scriptures and words, and collecting them together into a collective whole, to make sense of them all. This added to the nearly martial law reaction to 9-11 and the subsequent depression that has ensued in 2008. So now we all stand at the doors of understanding, wondering when they shall finally open to us. Time, the great gatekeeper of those doors, will soon open them ever wider to us, according to God's orders, of course. Only those God wants to understand, will understand. Everyone else will remain in the dark and clueless. Funny about that, isn't it?

So it would be my opinion that those who attempted to decode prophecy prior to the 21st century, have failed miserably and have been stumbling in the dark. Whether they shall recover and admit their errors or remain stubbornly in their errors remains to be seen. But now enough of review. Lets get on with the prophecies.

An On Going Political Struggle
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The Bible indicates that in these last days, there would be a world wide control by both hidden powers as well as visible powers held under an invisible yoke. And awaiting it all is the long foretold arrival of the Man of Sin, known also as a false prophet, false messiah, antichrist, maybe even a beast, though not the only beast, and he would call himself Jesus and God. I have heard the word counterfeit Christ and that is a good one. I like it. He is a fake and an imposter.

We await this one’s arrival. For when he comes, he will conclude a covenant with the earth/world and it will remain for 7 years and then he is killed off by God (not by hand), and not by the hand of man. IN the middle of the 7 years, about 3.5 years, there will be a killing of a number of Christians, though not a majority, and the rest will be outlawed and likely imprisoned, perhaps in work or concentration camps, as after all, those are by no means new. The Germans had such camps and so did the USA . No one was innocent of such things. And we will likely see them again. All over the USA, there are what appear to be empty detention facilities waiting for some unknown purpose. You tell me what they are for!

But I want to talk more about the sort of situation that would precede this time and lead up to it so that we may better know what to expect. Even before the arrival of the counterfeit messiah "Jesus," the Bible makes the point of telling us about a special enemy of His and ours, too. He calls “her” Babylon the Great, and a whore. She likes to sleep around with the nations, and she controls them somehow like a manipulative woman might do with her sexual prowess and powers.

In addition, we have a continuing struggle going on between two major political camps or forces. The King of the North being the more successful and by far, the more dominant. The King of the South continually resists and fights in vain in his hatred of his long time enemy. They are both political interests and neither one is a good guy or a saint. Neither one could care about God and His interests. They are obsessed in their fight with each other. They will both die at the hand of God in time.

But this struggle between the 2 is important because there is an event, a sea battle coming up, with the ships of Kittim, no doubt figurative, and belonging likely, to the King of the South or one of his allies, maybe, which will take place just before Christians are to be killed or imprisoned, 3.5 years after the arrival of the Antichrist. It is God’s way of letting us know exactly when it is about to happen so we can brace for it. It may be that it is a few months earlier or later than 3.5 years so that we need this event as an additional indication of the timing, a more precise timing. There are a number of features in the struggle between these 2 bitter long time enemies worth noting.

For one, they both sit at a table and both speak nothing but lies. Some people could get fooled, imagining that because the South resists the North, who is the ultimate bad guy, a real Satan, you might say, that maybe the South is a good guy, since he resists the North. But that is not the case.  The South is a war monger, and a dictator just like the North. He will stoop to the same tactics as his enemies. He, too, unwittingly or maybe not, serves the devil, for anyone who does not submit to and serve God, by default, serves God's enemy, the devil.

Those who follow God must have nothing to do with either party for both offend God and resist Him. So be aware and beware. Have nothing to do with politics of any type. And may I point out that Christians have continually sinned and erred and ended up serving the devil by aiding him in his cause to subdue all the nations of the earth by means of war and conquering. Babylon , too, has been actively involved in promoting war and killing so that it is said that she is drunk with the blood of the saints and the blood all those inhabiting the earth and her sins have piled all the way up to heaven. What a bitch, huh?

Remaining politically neutral is a tough stand, for both and all sides will hate you for not going along with their fights and struggles with each other. To hell with them all, for obeying God results in life, even if we have to be brought back to life from death to get it.

But what is also important in this is that many Christians today can not imagine Christians being enemies of the state and being persecuted and killed or imprisoned. They do not even believe it is possible or that they will ever have to face such a thing. But remember that the Apostles would not listen to Jesus when he told them that he must be tortured and killed and they all scattered. They wouldn’t hear of it. Same today.

But I say emphatically, that it will happen. I will yet prove to be right. Not that I want to, but it is the truth whether you want to face it or run from it. Run only at your own peril! So right now as I write, there are forces plotting against Christians and they have been doing so for a long time. These are long time and long term enemies of God and His people.

Surely you have noticed that God is not very popular anymore and evolution is spread everywhere. Godlessness is prevalent and crime is everywhere and the world is getting meaner and nastier. Justice is a joke and our money is being subverted and plundered in what shall prove to be the worst time in all history, according to the prophets. Politics is totally corrupt and void of any decency or truth. Indeed, just as the Bible says, the whole world lies in the power of the wicked one.

The Coming Consolidation of Power
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Now coming upon the earth is a grab for power. This power has a purpose. One way or another, forces at work are determined to prepare for the coming of the antichrist by re-establishing the temple of “God” in Jerusalem and the priesthood and sacrifices as well, a blasphemy and possibly a or the abomination that causes desolation, though that likely applies more to the antichrist himself. Maybe its both, right?

And it could be that in order to get control of circumstances that allow for the temple to be rebuilt, they may need to subdue those who might object to the temple, such as Muslims and Islam. In addition, it could be that Babylon and/or co-conspirators may have a long standing grudge with Islam since it was the Turkish followers of Islam who took earthly Jerusalem from the Knights Templar, thereby interfering with their plans for a “heavenly” kingdom right here on earth at that time. In fact, losing that city may have led to the Templars being outlawed and attacked by the King of France, for holding all this wealth and territory without any real reason for their existence anymore since Jerusalem was lost and gone.

So right now at this very moment and having been in the works for some time, at least a thousand years, I would say, is a move to get control, complete control, of all Jerusalem and all nations and territory anywhere near or around Jerusalem, and eventually get that temple rebuilt. But some say, you would need quite a power grab to accomplish something that big. Indeed, and you will see it. Perhaps they can subdue by means of diplomacy, and I would prefer that, but being a practical and rational man, I do not believe it can be done by diplomacy alone. Brute force will almost certainly be required by those who want this dream.

At work at the very same time, is a move to consolidate and gain complete control of the whole world. We are nearly there now. Great military might and possible cooperation of many countries will likely be involved. What could bring so many countries together like that? How about a world wide crisis, the likes of which has never been seen before? Would that do it? You bet it would. Is there anything like that we can see coming? Sadly, yes!

I can think of a number of things. First, a world wide severe economic collapse, the worst one ever seen in history, is just around the corner. There will almost certainly be a major war, one that might even bring control to Jerusalem so that the temple can be rebuilt. We also have  famine and disease prophesied, which they keep threatening us with anyway, and threaten to force vaccines on us which might be designed to cripple our immune systems so that we fall prey to nearly any pathogen, but especially those developed secretly in government labs to wipe us out. Any or all of the above could be launched on us.

But lets be clear here. The Bible makes it very clear that this time we are entering into is the worst time the world has ever seen and ever will see, for all time. To coin a phrase from a deposed and executed dictator, it will be the mother of all disasters. Jesus said that unless those days had been cut short, no flesh would have been saved. Everyone would have died out. Perhaps Jesus indicates that this insane scenario will or would have gotten out of control, though not planned that way, and would have ended humanity on earth. Its not hard to believe.

Now some explaining is needed. When Adam and Eve disobeyed God, essentially telling God, by their actions, not their words, that they wanted God out of their lives and wanted to do things their own way, judging for themselves as to what is right and what is wrong; God granted them what they asked for and left them alone. Of course, we have been blaming God ever since, for giving us what we asked for and blaming Him for letting all this go on. But yet we have continually, in the more recent times, continued to push God out of our lives and out of the world's affairs; and yet, the time is coming, when we will blame Him some more for not getting involved when all He has done is get out like we told Him to. We just can’t make up our minds, can we?

But when Adam broke God’s law, and a small one at that, eating a piece of fruit God said was off limits to Adam. But that seemingly small act of rebellion and disobedience led to mankind becoming totally out of control. How far out of control, you ask? Well, you are about to find out. Let me suggest it, though.

Lying Signs and Wonders
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The Antichrist is coming with all manner of lying signs and wonders. Things that will amaze many and yet not all. But why do these seem so impressive? It has to do with secret classified technology and science that has been kept from us for 100 years so that when it is unveiled to us, we think it is very advanced. It is actually outdated and old but because we were kept in the dark and technology was held way back, it seems light light years ahead of us. But it is due to lies and deception. Artificially holding tech back so that we are unaware of the constant progress being made in secret, is deception.

I am going to go out on a limb on this one. I have revealed this stuff in other articles such as the one titled "Lying Signs and Wonders," for which this sub-heading was also named. Also in part 7 on the Antichrist himself. But the unique thing about the Bible is that God revealed just enough to let us know when the time was rapidly approaching, for we were not to know the time and understand it till it was just about arrived. It is here now!

But as well, God knew from what He would give us, that we could put  together the times and signs to figure out in more detail what was going to take place shortly. So it is with the Antichrist, knowing that he will have some very impressive signs and powers to mislead;
and knowing that propaganda of a lying deceptive nature is being spread, as regards messiahs, aliens, UFOs with a false hope of salvation, it is not hard to put 2 and 2 together and realize what is ultimately being promoted. As soon as I began to make sense of what UFOs really were in 2005, I began to write and warn about their possible use in an antichrist presentation and revealing, just a little at first. But now it begs for a more thorough treatment so that no one need be fooled any longer or be unaware of what is being planned.

My most recent search into the internet to see hat might be available on these subjects considered together brought up very pleasant results. Clearly, the word has gone out and got around and is catching on. Some have put the scenario together. So I will list interesting links now and what they reveal. I did a Google search "antichrist and UFOs" and the results usually brought up aliens as well. I list the links in the order they came up.

On Antichrist, Aliens, and UFOs
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The Watcher is perhaps the best site on the net for revealing what might be taking place.         THE END OF THE AGE & 2012         UFOs & the Bible: Genesis 6 & Nephilim 101         Highlighting the scriptures on the subject         UFOs, Aliens & Antichrist: The Angelic Conspiracy & End Times Deception     Judgment Day - Preparing the Earth for an Invasion of Heavenly Beings
Satan & Fallen Angels set up the UFO / Alien Deception

Some sources suggest that beyond the devil and his "angels" being behind the setup of this scheme, that they might also be the ones to take on bodies again as they did before the flood. I do not think this will be, though it would be no big deal if they did. The antichrist is to come from the tribe of Dan, that is, of men, not materialized angels. The fallen angels were restricted after the flood to stay out of man's realm and limited to communication, should any seek them out.

But Satan and his demons have been promoting this fake event for some time, maybe a thousand years or more. I am not saying the Watcher says this, but some I list here will. In any link, one must use great caution on what to believe or not. A lot of interesting things and some real BS, too. Take the good and leave the bad.


Another good link! He also deals quite a bit with Freemasonry, which has to figure in on all this as well. A good source for that info as well.         Antichrists, Aliens, and UFO’s         Newsletter Archives For Christians Regarding Freemasonry

-----------------------------------------------------------------         UFOs, Aliens & Antichrist: The Angelic Conspiracy & End Times Deception


This one deserves cautions. He may just be confused or deliberately throwing in some junk like Gnostics. But there is good stuff, too.         Stargods: The Awakening has Begun         The Arrival of Antichrist         Giants/Nephilim         The Ten Major Principles of the Gnostic Revelation


Again, many of these links and sites see UFOs, the antichrist, aliens, and the New World Order - One World Government, and Freemasonry and secret societies all being tied together. Where there is smoke, there is fire, my friend. There are sites too numerous to mention here if you want info on Freemasonary, both pro and con. Just use a search engine. This article focuses mainly on the antichrist, of course.         UFO'S, THE ANTICHRIST AND THE NEW ORDER         C e p h a s M i n i s t r y / L i b r a r y         BOOKS: UFOS         Cephas Ministries to Freemasons and Christians


I strongly recommend this site if you have not seen much of the UFO "documentaries" and other hype that has been on the History Channel, TLC, Discovery, Nat Geo, and other such channels. Lots of home video footage that is very good. some of it I have never seen before. So spend some time at this one unless you have seen many of these TV shows.

It appears to have lots of video from TV shows presenting UFOs as saviors and due to show up soon. They went to a lot of work to get it all or someone dumped it into their laps. The lies are already well in progress to precede the arrival of the false counterfeit Christ typically called Antichrist. So the videos are well worth watching, regardless of who is behind it. The few videos I watched were good.

-----------------------------------------------------------------         Book Title: The Antichrist is Coming! via UFO

This is a book offer. A guy trying to cash in on telling you what I and these other links have been doing for free. I do not know if this book if worth it or not. But it is another voice saying what so many others of us are saying.

-----------------------------------------------------------------         DVD offer for: Alien Bases on the Moon

I have ordered a book on this and quite likely will end up getting this DVD, too. I do not believe they are alien bases by secret USA bases or put up by the USA to look like they might be alien bases. UFOs travel at far greater speeds than our rocket propelled stuff. They can go to the moon in minutes. Same for Mars. So they could transport vast amounts of building material or pre-built stuff since UFOs can be very large and there is no weight in the high voltage fields of UFOs so weight is not limit or factor in such circumstances. This subject was first brought up and had a book about it in the 70s. Its been around a while. But recent revelations of water on the Moon by NASA in 2009, and claims made in this video by the author in 1990 that he found water on the Moon. That's 20 years ahead of time. Its all part of the greater subject of UFOs, aliens, and the antichrist.


There are numerous YouTube videos on this subject. Far too many to list here. I list a couple for you to consider and you can look at more once you go there.         Antichrist, Aliens UFO's, Giant Conspiracy 2012     End is Near, Say Your Prayers: 2012DI's Channel

As for giants, most of these really big giant skeletons look like faked photos straight out of the now extinct "World Weekly News" that used to be primarily a spoof lampoon type magazine showing such things and giving us pictures of a space alien in the company of Bill Clinton and Ross Perot, etc. The paper was a riot, especially the cover photos and the like inside. Giants are a real occurrence in the Bible but we are talking in most cases of less than 10 feet tall. We do not know the height ranges of Pre-flood peoples. But use great caution in this subject for con-artists are everywhere.


The Devil Knows No Limits
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We know the devil was a nasty guy. He told a lie to Eve, who truly was innocent and stupid, and got her and Adam killed and condemned all their descendants as well. It was not very nice. In fact, it was real nasty and mean. But the devil has never cared about human life in even a remote way. He is the ultimate in treachery and misery. There is absolutely nothing he is not capable of. And I am going to get specific here, too. But before I do, I ask, are the devil’s followers, not all of which are perhaps even aware they are his followers, but they are; are they also capable of absolutely anything? I say, You better believe it and how!!!

And that is what we are about to find out. We thought we had seen it all and the worst, but sadly, not even close. You have no idea just how low these guys can go, though you are not far from finding out. But let me describe a little.

Many people get upset when some suggest that our food supply may be corrupted, tainted, may be even poisoned; certainly robbed of decent nutritional value. They want to believe that there are things that no human being would ever dare contemplate. Yet my experience says there is no limit and could not be a limit as to how far they go. Once you begin a journey in a certain direction, there is no turning back and not limits as to how far you can travel in that direction.

Not only have they robbed us of good food, but they have deliberately poisoned the environment with poisons, toxins, pollution, garbage, waste, diseases, chemicals and everything known to man. They have engineered diseases and problems. They have attacked our kids by means of this destruction of all manner of life sustenance and life maintenance. They have sought to defraud our kids of an honest and proper education and have subverted that education so that our kids will be dumb and easily lied to and manipulated. Would the devil go so far as to harm little babies and small children. Well, actually, it is his preferred way and I do not exaggerate and what is more, his earthly disciples do the same. Yes, they are that depraved.

They have lied about and suppressed truth, science, technology, knowledge, philosophy, psychology, and the like and tried to deceive, mislead, and manipulate us even as he did Adam and Eve. Nothing has changed a bit in 6000 years. So what hope is there for us?

Well, The Bible in Daniel says God will help us with a little help, not as much as we might like, not enough to shield us from all of this, but enough to help us cope and survive, though not unscathed. Everyone is in this together. We need to learn just how bad things can get when humans disobey even the smallest commandments of God. It needs to be firmly established in our heads, our memories, our experiences, so that we never forget this very valuable and important lesson. Even a little tiny act of disobedience dooms mankind eventually, after about 6000 years or so. Are you convinced yet? Many are not and never will be. Some people just can’t learn, no matter what. That is another lesson to remember.

Now I am going to go further. The Bible says that unless the days of destruction had been cut short, no flesh would have survived. What? Isn’t it God doing the destruction? Is He going to stop Himself? Well, its not God, really. Let me explain.

We know Revelation 6 forecasts some really bad things. War, famine, disease, etc. We know there are bowls of wrath, poured out figuratively by God through His angels. But in reality, those are symbolic visions of events and circumstances. God is said to be the cause of those plagues, due to His allowing it to happen. But He does not actually instigate those things. Our God is a God of remarkable irony. He believes it is only fitting for man to die by the hands of his fellow man, die by the ones they trusted so much, that they would have nothing to do with God and His salvation offer. So God lets them have their leaders. Their leaders have very sinister plans for them. Bear with me.

You wanted to know how far gone our leaders and other such bad guys have sunk, right? Well, pour yourselves a good stiff drink and sit down for this one.

The Worst Story Ever Told!
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Once upon a time there was a man or group of men who realized that there could be tremendous benefit from making and forcing others to work for this group and its desires and interests, rather than for the benefit of the forced laborers, themselves.

So the group with big dreams asked, wouldn’t it be great if we never had to work hard ever again and we have everyone else do all our work for us? So they grabbed some weapons and made the gentle decent people all work for them for very little in return. And then the bullies said, look at all those good looking wives and daughters. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could have many of those in addition to our wives! So the bullies further deprived the laborers of compensation so that they had to prostitute their wives and daughters in order to survive.

Now these bullies had good houses, far better than those they bullied, but they wanted houses even much bigger, and in many nice places, many houses, and horses, carts, cars, boats, ships, airplanes and all sorts of great things and they said, how can we get all these unless we enslave, not just these local saps, but also the whole world and all its resources?

So they decided they would get some more conspirators to go along with them in forming an army and even trying to trick the dumb laborers into also being soldiers and fighting and dying for nothing at all. And the bullies created great armies so that they could subdue the whole world. It took a while since some countries gave them a hard time at first, but with time, they got everything they wanted. They now had all the world’s resources, and control of all the people. They had all the sex they wanted with who ever they wanted it with, and nice houses all over the world, nice cars and planes, good food and absolutely anything their hearts desired. They lived better than kings.

But as they looked around, they were still not happy. No matter how much they had, they wanted more. They never could find satisfaction. So they said, we got all these people enslaved and serving us, but look, since we got control of everything and built everything up; why, we no longer need all this many people to keep and maintain all this any longer. We can get by with far less people now. So what shall we do? One guy suggested that they use forced sterilization to reduce the numbers of people slowly and more humane like. But another suggested that people would never go along with that and that there is a danger they might try to rebel against it and might have the opportunity to do so.

Everyone agreed so that decided that if they were to get rid of most of the slaves, they needed to do so in a hurry so that the slaves would have no time to rebel. They would all be dead long before they had a chance to see it coming.

So the bullies hatched a plan to weaken the people and their health so that they would have more health problems and be more vulnerable to bad health, sickness, disease, terminal disease with premature death, and then, ultimately spring on the slaves a deliberately crafted disease that no one could resist and they would all quickly die out except for a few for which the bullies would keep alive to serve as slaves by serving them antidotes to this nasty disease.

So they built impressive labs and created a special disease which would kill lots of people very fast, but they also made sure they made an antidote that would protect them and a few slaves so that they could have the whole nice world to themselves and not have to share it with hardly anyone. Some could live as kings while others only lived to work and serve the minority ruling class.

So they made the special disease and got ready to unleash it upon all mankind to wipe out all but maybe half a billion to a billion people on earth. So at least 5.5 billion people have to go. They have to die and die fast and nearly all at once.

Do you believe this is possible? Do you think anyone could be that diabolical and horrible? Unfathomable you say? I wish you were right. But the devil has never showed any limits up to now and I don’t see any in the future, either. And the devils own are just as nasty and mean themselves. If they can concoct wars and send men to die without good reason, then they are capable of anything. If they can leave children around the world starving, or serving as prostitutes, working in sweat shops, or living in filth and squalor, then they can do anything. It is firmly established what they are capable of and what they will stoop to.

So my friends, the world you so dearly trust, according to God and His prophets, is plotting the ultimate demise of the human race, so that a few may profit from the labor and suffering of the many. This is how humans behave when they reject the commands of God, however small those commands might be.

You are about to see the worst suffering and bloodshed possibly imaginable or conceivable. It had been thought up long ago and is nearly ready to go. They just need to establish the false messiah and gain full and absolute complete control over every last detail so that when they unleash the final terror, that no one will be able to stop them and that they will not get hurt or die, themselves. Or so they think. Of course, they do not consider God as even existing so they are not concerned at all about His intervention. Pride comes very deep before a fall. That is a problem that ancient Babylon had, too. Hence, symbolic Babylon is also cocky conceited, arrogant and unconcerned with her goals and ambitions.

So there are just a few more things to accomplish and they will be ready to go and we will see the very worst of what can happen and always would happen when humans ignore the commands of God, however small they are.

This is the motivation that has been in force for some time and the direction it has been moving in. I know the picture I paint is so horrible and beyond imagination that many, even most, would never believe it. Some will not believe because it is to scary to even entertain as a possibility. Like the Apostles ignoring Jesus, they will ignore this message coming from God.

But if you ignore this, you will be certain to die and not have a chance at a resurrection to life again. Some do not like the idea of having to die for God but we will be brought back to life after everything is proved. But if we refuse to die for God or go to prison for Him, we will die anyway, and die in great misery, no doubt, and we will see it coming and will dread it ever so dearly. You don’t want to do it that way. It would be better to kill yourself that to suffer the way “they” got planned for you.

Other Super Powers
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Now, in addition to disease, it has now recently been revealed on TV documentaries, just these last few weeks, that the many things Nikola Tesla said we could do, at around 1900, and for which he was called a kook and a nut; it is now admitted that he was right and now he is a genius, although he was such more than a hundred years ago, and not just recently. They have held back technology and science that much and that long.

But Tesla did say we could create earthquakes, storms, control weather, fly in UFOs and do all sorts of things. Now “they” admit he was right. Some of us already knew that, anyway. God reveals His secrets to those who love Him and serve Him. Membership has its privileges.

But you may see many so called natural disasters come upon us in rather surprising numbers or in key places, causing massive human suffering or incredible proportions. It will appear natural and innocent. But the Bible says the antichrist, in peace, brings many to death. It will seem like peaceful and natural. But it is men behind it. It is deliberate and contrived. And God lets us in on that dirty little secret.

So we have seen the horrible future in advance because God wanted us to see and avoid it, if we want to, and have the courage and trust and faith in God to save us, even if through a resurrection after. But we must refuse to go along with the antichrist and his minions who will threaten our lives and even kill a few of us. But we will be brought back to life. You can be damn certain of that.

So God will let the stupid gutless cowardly people all die by the hands of those they were foolish enough to trust when trust should have been the last thing they gave to this bunch of diabolical losers. The trust should have went to God, how gave us plenty of reason to trust Him. But some people never learn, no matter what! Remember?

So as you reconsider the prophecies, consider that much of the plagues and disasters are actually of a man made type with a wicked purpose behind them and that only God can save any of us from this misery. This is what happens to humankind when they disrupt their psychological and physical bodily systems by disobeying even just the least of God’s commands. The worst will eventually follow. Once you being, it does not end. It just keeps escalating.

God will never let this happen again. He only needs to prove it once and then He will not tolerate a 2nd such disturbance ever again. Once proved, then we who are willing to live and die for God, will live happily ever after as the saying goes. God will wipe very tear from our eyes and death and suffering will be no more ever again, ever! But we must be brave and help show all and everyone what happens to good people at the hands of bad disobedient people who have nor regard for God or decency. We must remember and never forget. We must say, as some others have said in the past . . . NEVER AGAIN!!!

Beware of Phonies and Liars!
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Oh, you thought I was done shocking you, didn't you? Wrong again! I am going to suggest that most of Christianity is absolutely, thoroughly, and completely corrupt. Is it possible and if so, how did it happen? Well, it deserves an entire article all by itself and I hope to get to one, but in the mean time, here is a brief summary and an important aspect of the last days and the prophecies.

Recall who Jesus mentioned the devil coming along to sow weeds among the wheat that Jesus had planted. This symbolized a corruption of the faith soon to follow its creation by Jesus and his Apostles. And in fact, it is well testified to by Paul, Peter, and John. They warned in their very own day, in their letters, that already the forces were at work corrupting and deceiving and leading people away. After the death of the Apostles, this apostate movement would gain momentum and speed. By the time of the Roman Emperor Constantine, Christianity had been completely compromised, whereby a worldly political ruler became their master in the Eastern Roman Empire and the "bishops" had resorted to political force to secure their own power and influence and force Christians who did not believe as they did to change their minds or face prison, torture, or execution.

They wanted to control what people did, said, and even thought, if possible, and that has been the technique ever since. Politics and religion joined forces in an adulterous spiritual relationship. No longer would Christians be allowed to disagree in word or deed. God limited His people to shunning those who would not remain faithful to good teaching and doctrine. But now force would be used, disobeying God in the process. it has always been the goal of political leaders to control people and the best way to do that is get control of their shepherds, their religious leaders, and so it came to be.

In the writings of early post Apostolic Christianity, we are told of the many heretics and apostate movements that came along. Sex cults, Judaizers, mystic gnostics, myth creators, money grabbers, power grabbers, and the like. Before long, it was completely corrupted from head to toe. Controlling churches and their leaders was important to maintain an army of Christian (so called by this point) soldiers in their ranks so that they could carry out their worldly desires and ambitions. Kings and "Bishops" would remain joined at the hips ever since.

But something unusual happened in time, after the Middle Ages and the betrayal of the Knight Templar. They may have thought the Pope betrayed them but I think the Pope had been going along with them till the king of France, Philip, forced the Pope to renounce the Templars. But what really disturbed the Templars and their successors was the power, influence, and control the Catholic Church exerted over Europe. Templar successors wanted that control themselves. For starters, they wanted to start charging interest on loans, even high interest. The Catholics had forbid such a practice according to the Bible. If the Templar successors could get rid of the Church, they could charge interest and become a great banking power as the Templars once had been. The Templars were really more of a banking firm than anything else. Their armies and their ships only served to support their banking interests.

So while Protestant reformers had always been quickly extinguished by the Church, by the time of Martin Luther, parties and "influences" began to realize they had to attack the doctrine and authority of the Church to get anywhere. So while these would-be usurpers had formerly supported and used the Catholic Church, at least secretly if not overtly, they began to fight and resist the Church and support Reformers, making sure that nothing happened to Martin Luther and subsequent reformers to come after.

This was a blessing for freethinking, so pleasing to God and truth. It was a bitter loss for the Church and for the people for in not much time, interest began to be charged openly. But this had to be. It was inevitable. Out of this reform movement, over time, would come the seeds of Godly truth and enlightenment, which have begun to now bear fruit in our time. But, in the long run, free thinking Christians would also be a threat to those who wanted what the Church formerly had and still had to some degree. So as reform movements would pop up, there were those who would attempt to gain control of them and eventually, those movements would be compromised, controlled and they would cease to stand for what they originally started out as. It happened again and again.

Lets jump ahead to the Industrial Revolution (IR from here on in) and the 1800s in the USA, a bastion of free thinking and relative freedom for a time, due to open land far removed from civilization being settled for a while. Lots of movements were, indeed popping up. These Millennial movements were causing quite a stir. But the IR had some very interesting curious features never before known. They got legislation passed which allowed the creation of non-profit (allegedly) corporations to be established, where "well meaning and intentioned" (so they say) individuals or corporations could set up such an non-profit corporate entity to serve and promote "good" causes for the "benefit" of society and humanity. Such tax and profit shelters, which is what they really were, could be used to influence key people and organizations, and used to hire some to serve particular causes, political, religious, or otherwise. So now, rather than pay taxes to the government, whereby the people might have some direct benefit and say on how such money is spent, a non-profit, usually fond by a rich man or rich corporation, could avoid paying taxes to the people and spend a portion of that money in their own particular interests, usually antagonistic to the common people.

A common use of these "Charitable Funds" of non-profits was to donate to a particular religion. Not cause they really cared about the religion. They did not. but they wanted to leader, often called a Pastor, to preach as they wanted and not as the pastor was obligated to and by God to preach. In this way, time and again, they could diffuse any threatening movements or messages in the Christian religion and they would ensure that the leaders would encourage all their church members to participate in and fight the wars of the rich meddlers and their nations they controlled as well.

So in this way, religion has been well controlled. Most all such denominations have been subtly controlled. That is why all mainstream Christianity has been against anything of real substance and why they are all quick to fight any war just as they always have been throughout history, since the days of Constantine.

A Brief Break in Control
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But in these last days, there has developed a circumstance that has sort of back fired against the powers and authorities of our world. They developed the internet to possibly enable vast networking and up to date information gathering, and to monitor our interests and activities online, to gain an understanding of who we are. But this internet has also allowed messages and information to get out that is counter productive their domination and control of information, something they always held as so vital. Who is to say who has benefited more fro this sudden freedom. But it has enabled God's cause enough to let the word of God get out, perhaps if only for a limited time, which is why you can not afford to take for granted that the internet will always be around. Take advantage of it while it is here for it may not be here much longer.

And give careful consideration to the fact that most religion has been sold out and compromised and does not possess a lot of truth. Paul said that in the last days, people would not like good honest truthful healthy teaching of God and would seek out teachers and preachers to tickle their ears, and tell them what they want to hear, and tell them sweet little lies. This is what you got today. Paid liars to spread sweet lies and not tell you anything that might scare you or make you feel uncomfortable, like this message I am delivering is likely to do.

If you are to serve God properly, you must leave the safe and comfortable behind, and risk hearing unpleasant things and use your head and think for yourself, read and reason for yourself. Do not leave anything up to other people like religious leaders, political leaders, teacher and professors, doctors and lawyers, and the like. They will all lie to you for they serve their master, the system and the devil, ultimately. You must think for yourself and do as much as you can yourself. God is looking for motivated, independent, individuals to be in His kingdom.

If it is popular and mainstream and well respected, it if probably of the devil and his followers. If it is from God, it will be spoken of poorly. It will be small, rare, unpopular, unpleasant, disrespected, and likely require effort. The road to destruction is wide and easy to walk and follow and most are on that road. But Jesus says his road to life is narrow, hard to walk on and follow, and very few will be found on that road. this is the road you want, folks. It might not be paved and smooth, but it has great rewards that come with it after God judges the world, finally.

Most of the world has sold out to the devil. Most of the world will follow the antichrist. don't you be following the world. Follow God and live or be brought back to life after dying and being dead very briefly. I can't make the message any simpler or easier to take than that. The choice is yours and yours alone. You know the price that needs to be paid. Me? I'm paying it!!!

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