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The Last Days Part 7:

The Antichrist
as gathered from the scriptures and from 2nd century Christian writers

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2nd century writers, 2 in particular, Irenaeus and Hippolytus, relate to us what was understood or passed on by the apostles. One teaching in particular that stood out to me was their doctrine of the Antichrist. Antichrist was a name only ever used by the Apostle John in his 1st and 2nd letters which were 2 of his 3 last works along with the 3rd letter. So that was the name used for this subject. But from what John wrote about the antichrist, one could have gotten the idea that it applied to people of that time rather than a future time.

But 2nd century writers let us know differently. They let us know that Paul wrote about this particular antichrist to appear in the last days. Many know this passage from 2 Thessalonians 2:1-11, speaking of the man of lawlessness or sin, the son of perdition. Early writers let us know that this was the antichrist. His description matches that of the 2 horned beast in Revelation who is also known as the false prophet in that book. Jesus spoke of false christs and false prophets. False and anti would both be words to describe a fake christ or christs, christ being the Greek word for the Hebrew word messiah, both of which mean "anointed" in English.

We are also told by these 2nd century writers that there were 3 prophecies from the Old Testament that subtly foretold that the antichrist would come from the tribe of Dan. This information was allegedly given by the Apostles. This is why, they explain, that the tribe of Dan does not appear in the list of the 12 tribes of Israel in Revelation, chapters 7 & 14.

So for the sake of being brief, the scriptures relating to this topic have been gathered to comment on for your consideration. Many will not like the idea that this topic is not easily discerned from the scriptures alone. And while I grant it is not easy to draw these conclusions from these scriptures, it does seem reasonable, especially when the mouth of at least 2 witnesses also relate that these things came from the Apostles. It could hardly have come from anywhere else. After all, it is hardly an intuitive thing to come up with.

In addition, Jesus reveals many things that probably would not have been discerned had he not revealed them to us as having fulfilled Old Testament prophecies. But is it not always Jesus or God's spirit that reveals all things anyway? So this is just one more revelation for us to digest, by way of the Apostles and those they taught to.

I think another reason that the prophecies to do with this false prophet or antichrist are so veiled or disguised is that since he is to come from the tribe of Dan, he will be a Jew in all likelihood and that is also a sensitive subject loaded with controversy in our day so better to be subtle and relate it in code, so to speak, so as not to cause too much fuss over the matter.

This subject of the antichrist is very enlightening on the matter of interpreting the book of Revelation. It helps to put many things in perspective and make it all more clear. Another key to the puzzle to help complete the picture.

I shall put my words in brackets [{}] and red letters from here on in.

The Bible Alone
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Jeremiah 8:16 The snorting of his horses was heard from Dan; all the land trembles at the sound of the neighing of his stallions. For they come and devour the land and its fullness, the city and those who live in it.

[{ Jeremiah's prophecy spoke of someone coming to punish Judah and Jerusalem for her unfaithfulness and sin. Most times, this was Babylon. But it is a little different here. }]

Genesis 49:
1 And Jacob called his sons and said, Gather yourselves and I will tell you what will happen to you in the days to come.
2 Gather yourselves and hear, sons of Jacob; yea, listen to your father Israel:

16 Dan shall judge his people, as one of the tribes of Israel.
17 Let Dan be a serpent on the way, a horned snake on the path that bites the horses' heels, and its rider falls backward.
18 I have waited for your salvation, O Jehovah.

[{ Dan turns out to be a serpent and treacherous from which Jacob waits for salvation from Jehovah. }]

Deuteronomy 33:22 And of Dan he said, Dan is a lion's whelp; he shall leap from Bashan.

[{ It is really Paul's mention of this man of sin that gives the most detail by far on the matter. I had once interpreted this scripture as pointing to anyone who was arrogant and acted almost as if he were God as a number of religions do in claiming you can not come to God except through them. But now I recognize it was much more literal than I had ever previously recognized. }]

2 Thessalonians 2:
1 And, brothers, we entreat you, by the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, and of our gathering together to Him,
2 for you not to be quickly shaken in the mind, nor to be disturbed, neither through a spirit, nor through speech,
   nor through letter, as through us, as if the Day of Christ has come.

3 Do not let anyone deceive you in any way, because that Day will not come unless first comes the falling away,
   and the
man of sin is revealed, the son of perdition,
4 the one opposing and exalting himself over everything being called God, or object of worship,
   so as for him "to sit in the temple of God" as God, proclaiming that he himself is God. [Dan. 11:36; Eze. 28:2]
5 Do you not remember that I told you these things, I yet being with you?

6 And now you know the thing holding back, for him to be revealed in his time.
7 For the mystery of lawlessness already is working, only he is holding back now, until it comes out of the midst.
8 And then "the Lawless One" will be revealed, "whom" "the Lord" "will consume" "by the spirit of His mouth,"
   and He will bring to nought by the brightness of His presence. [Isa. 11:4]

  9 His coming is according to the working of Satan in all power and miracles and lying wonders,
10 and in all deceit of unrighteousness in those being lost, because they did not receive the love of the truth in order for them to be saved.
11 And because of this, God will send to them a working of error, for them to believe the lie,
12 that all may be judged, those not believing the truth, but who have delighted in unrighteousness.

[{ A number of people will actually fall for this guy and he will produce works that apparently fool or impress a lot of people but God's true followers will not be fooled or impressed, either. Those who want to believe lies will! But this man of sin will appear at the end. Christ can not come until this one appears. When he appears, then we know the end is now truly at hand. The man of sin, the antichrist being the most popular name applied to him, will have 7 years and then will die by the hand of Christ.

Having viewed and read considerably on UFO's from a number of perspectives, I have come to believe that UFOs are real man-made advanced technology kept secret by the military, like so many other secret weapons and will likely be used to deliver THE antichrist as the ultimate lying sign and wonder. Having been conditioned through nearly all reports to only consider these are "extra-terrestrial" rather than "inter-terrestrial," lying claims as to origin would be easy to make.

But Jesus warns us not to believe anyone who appears claiming he is the Christ for Christ's return will not be in the flesh or in a specific local, which I demonstrate in a later section here.. Regardless of how he gets here, the antichrist/ false prophet will be full of lies and while pretending to be nice, he will be a killer on a mass scale, though no one will be able to pin it on him for certain except those who believe the Bible. See my article on Lying Signs and Wonders for more on that subject. I link to it at the end of this article as well. }]

Revelation 13:
11 And I saw another [a 2nd] beast coming up out of the earth. And it had two horns like a lamb, but spoke like a dragon.

12 And it executes all the authority of the first beast before it. And it causes that the earth and those dwelling in it should worship the first beast,
     of which was healed its deadly wound.
13 And it [the "lamb 2nd beast"] does great signs, that even fire it causes to come down out of the heaven onto the earth before men.
14 And it deceives those dwelling on the earth, because of the signs which were given to it to do before the [1st] beast [with 7 heads, 10 horns]
     saying to those dwelling on the earth to make an image to the [7 headed, ten horned] beast who has the wound of the sword, and lived.

[{ We were first introduced to the dragon and the 7 headed 10 horn beast and then a 2 horned beast who sort of looked like a lamb (a messiah or christ) but spoke as a dragon (lies). In the next passage we meet the same 3 characters but notice that the last one is now called the false prophet, no doubt due to the great signs it performs so as to deceive people into thinking him a prophet or christ as Paul said would happen.}]

Revelation 16:
13 And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast,
     and out of the mouth of the false prophet.
14 For they are spirits of demons doing signs, which go forth to the kings of the earth, even of the whole habitable world,
     to assemble them to the war of that day, the great day of God Almighty.

1 John 2:18 Young ones, it is a last hour, and as you heard that the antichrist is coming, even now many antichrists have risen up, from which you know that it is a last hour.

[{ Just as we have heard that antichrist is coming, well, we would not have heard or recognized it if the 2nd century writers had not made it known that this is what Paul spoke of, we might never have known since different names are used to describe him. And as we shall also see, John uses the name antichrist as a general name like apostate, heretic, or false prophet as seems to be the case in the next verse. But most have preferred the name antichrist, to all others to describe this villain, who will claim to be the Christ in the flesh. }]

1 John 2:22 Who is the liar, except the one denying, saying that Jesus is not the Christ? This is the antichrist, the one denying the Father and the Son.

1 John 4:3 And every spirit which does not confess that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is not from God;
                  and this is the antichrist which you heard is coming, and now is already in the world.

[{ Again John describes not only one to come but also one or many who already have arrived both here and in the next verse, too. }]

2 John 1:7 Because many deceivers went out into the world, those not confessing Jesus Christ to have come in the flesh, this is the deceiver and the antichrist.

[{ Jesus also spoke of similar things. When asked about the destruction of temple and the end of the world or age, Jesus said the following, primarily in answer to the temple being destroyed. }]

Matthew 24:
4 And answering, Jesus said to them, See that not any leads you astray.
5 For many will come in My name, saying, I am the Christ. And they will cause many to be led astray.

8 But all these are a beginning of throes.
9 Then they will deliver you up to affliction, and will kill you, and you will be hated by all nations for My name's sake.
10 And then many will be offended, and they will deliver up one another and will hate one another.
11 And many false prophets will be raised and will cause many to err.
12 And because lawlessness shall have been multiplied, the love of the many will grow cold.
13 But the one who endures to the end, that one will be kept safe.

[{ I now believe it is possible that what Jesus says in 4-11 applies not only to the early centuries after him but to the false prophet/ antichrist appearing at the end, verse 8 being when Christians are persecuted as the 2 witnesses of God in Rev. 13, and spoken of in Daniel as well which I cover in this article. Matt. 24:23 definitely applies to the end times. }]

Matthew 24:
23 Then if anyone says to you, Behold, here is the Christ! Or, Here! Do not believe.
24 For false christs and false prophets will rise up. And they will give great signs and wonders, so as to lead astray, if possible, even the elect.
25 Behold, I tell you beforehand.
26 Then if they say to you, Behold, He is in the wilderness; do not go out. Behold, He is in the inner rooms; do not believe.
27 For as the lightning comes forth from the east and shines as far as the west, so also will be the coming of the Son of man.

31 And He will send His angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they will gather His elect from the four winds, from the ends of the heavens to their ends.

[{ Paul also spoke of the signs and wonders, no doubt quoting this passage of Jesus in verse 24.  Jesus said many will do it but Paul said one in particular and Revelation also says the same as do a number of prophecies in Daniel. Jesus said that his return would not be on earth. You would not go look her or there, as if he had come down to earth. His appearance would be sort of like that of lightning, the way it shines all over the sky and horizon. This is clearly the same account recorded by Luke 17:20 coming up shortly.

That Paul quoted Jesus was intentional to show that Jesus was referring to a specific character right at the end of time. And the big thing in connection with all this was that his angels would be sent with a great sound of a trumpet, like one mentioned in Revelation, and were going to gather the elect from all over at this time of this one show claims to be Jesus and sits in the temple, which obviously will be rebuilt before it is all said and done. Something else to look forward to, eh? Or dread as the case may be. This would be that harvest mentioned in Revelation. It may also be all the people of God, signifying the end, the finished mystery of God. That was the last verse describing signs.

Though it is quite subtle, what we hear Jesus say is much the same as what he later reveals to John in Revelation. He just isn't quite as specific to his disciples while on earth as he was when in heaven giving his message to John to deliver to the 7 churches and all God's people, especially those in the last days. He also gave it to the Apostles after his resurrection.

I want to also point out that while there is a specific false/anti prophet/christ, there are also many who appeared just after Jesus and continued to appear until Jesus should return again. Their signs and wonders are not that impressive. None who know the word of God would be fooled by them but those who want to believe lies will be fooled. Many came along during the days of the apostles and grew more numerous as days went on.

Many of these false messiahs and prophets are recorded by notable 2nd century Christian historians/writers who served as overseers in various churches of the time. They were known as Bishops in many writings, though that did not have the same meaning and connotation as it does today. Overseer would be a more accurate description. Iraneus, Hippolytus, and Tertullian were among the many writers who spoke of these various wicked misleaders of those times. Some are mentioned even in the Bible such as Simon the Magician known also as Simon Magus, the sect of the Nicolatains, started by a Nicolas, one of the 7 chosen to distribute to the widows of Jerusalem in Acts and his sect is mentioned in Revelation as well.

So when we interpret the meaning of the passages regarding antichrist, false christ, false prophets, and all the like, we are talking about many times and seasons. I suspect the subject was only loosely related so that it would hardly even be detected by God's people, never mind His enemies, so that no one would recognize or bother the Bible or God's people until the proper time arrived. God's people would discern the subject just in time to be warned by it. Maybe that time is now. }]

Jesus Predicts an Imposter
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[{ Luke's account covers the same things that Matthew also covered in chapter 24. I want to point out that the next few passages are ones that are the most misunderstood scriptures in all the Bible. People think Jesus is saying he is in their midst or among them. No! He is saying that you will not be able to say this about him for he is not returning in the fashion or manner that they think; He will be returning in an invisible way, as a spirit and not just any spirit, but the head one, the son of God with all power and authority. It is said similarly in verse 24 as it is in  Matthew. }]

Luke 21:
8 And He said, Watch that you not be led astray. For many will come on My name, saying, I AM! Also, The time has come! Do not go after them.
8 And he said, “Take heed that you are not led astray; for many will come in my name, saying, ‘I am he!’ and, ‘The time is at hand!’ Do not go after them.

>> Above is from Luke 21. What most people miss is that Luke 17 also deals with this very same topic and some of the same words, too. Note how the RSV does use quotation marks as I noted earlier, as being the words of the false christs, and one in particular at the end who will announce, "The time has come." [for the Kingdom of God to take over, no doubt.] Don' fall for it, though. Note the account of Luke below. <<

GLT - Luke 17:
20 And being questioned by the Pharisees as to when the kingdom of God comes, He answered them and said, The kingdom of God does not come with observation;
21 nor will they say, Lo [Look], here! Or, Lo [Look], there! For behold the kingdom of God is in your midst.

>> In 20, Jesus says the kingdom does not come with observation. That is, it will not be plainly visible with the physical eyes. It is very important to understand this and most do not! We should not expect to "see" Jesus literally in the flesh with our own eyes. We will "discern" by the events that take place that Jesus has "arrived," so to speak. He is present in spirit carrying on his conquest. The appearance of the deceiver, the antichrist, will be evidence of this.

"They" refers to Christ's true followers. They will not say, Look, here he is or There he is. For behold the Kingdom of God is here in your midst and has arrived, in the flesh and very visible. NO, this they will not say because they know Jesus will not return in the flesh.

But even more noteworthy is how most botch up 21. While the RSV in Luke 21, put the proper quotes around certain phrases, they fail to do it here and it is nearly an identical account from the very same book, no less. This entire phrase [
Lo, here! Or, Lo, there! For behold the kingdom of God is in your midst. ] should have had quotes around it, it being what people would be saying about the antichrist, claiming to be Jesus. "Look, Jesus is in your midst. Come and see him!" But Jesus says, "Do not go after them/him." For you will not be able to see Jesus in the flesh with your eyes. You will perceive him with the events you see. Hope this clears it all up. Most expect to see a literal physical visible Jesus. And they will see one, supposedly one. These will fall for the antichrist. I guarantee it! Don't you be one of them, too.  As well, most deceivers today want to convince you that Jesus will come in the flesh for they want you to fall for the antichrist and go along with him. You have been warned as much as is humanly possible. Luke continues. <<

Luke 17:
22 And He said to the disciples, Days will come when you will long to see one of the days of the Son of man, and will not see.
23 And they will say to you, Lo (Look), here! Or, Lo (Look), there! Do not go away, nor follow.

>> Jesus repeats himself. You will not see! "They" will even say, Look, he is here (in the flesh). He is over there! Go see! Don't fall for a word of it. "They" is now those who follow the antichrist, not the real Jesus. We know Jesus is not coming back in the flesh. He is a spirit in heaven, even as God is. That is his home now, even as it was before he left heaven to become a man on earth. He does not need to come in the flesh anymore. Now also carefully note his explanation in verse 24 below. It is like the lightning that shines everywhere at the same time, lighting up the whole sky. He will not be in one local place, like a man. He will be at work everywhere all over the world. You can take that to the bank!

I am virtually the only one teaching this. All the other idiots want to trick you. This account makes it plainly and outspokenly clear. You have no excuse for getting fooled by the imposter/deceiver or the false prophets who support him. And if I am the only one setting the record straight. then you might want to pay more attention to the rest of my stuff since I alone stand firm against the coming of the antichrist, which will fool just about everyone. <<

24 For as the lightning which lights up, flashing from the one part under heaven and shines to the other part
     under heaven, so also will the Son of man be in His day.

25 But first He must suffer many things and be rejected from this generation.
26 And as it was in the days of Noah, so also it will be in the days of the Son of man.
27 They were eating, drinking, marrying, giving in marriage, until the day Noah went into the ark. And the flood came and destroyed all.
28 And likewise, as it was in the days of Lot, they were eating, drinking, buying, selling, planting, building;
29 but on the day Lot went out from Sodom, it rained fire and brimstone from the heaven and destroyed all.
30 Even so it will be in the day the Son of man is revealed.  >> not to our eyes, but to our discernment and understanding. <<
31 In that day, he who will be on the housetop, let him not come down to take his goods from the house.
     And likewise, he in the field, let him not return to the things behind.
32 Remember Lot’s wife.
33 Whoever seeks to save his life [by compromising], he will lose it. And whoever will lose it [only temporarily till the resurrection], he will preserve it.

>> It would not be clear from any one account of the many accounts that speak of this wicked imposter. But when we put them all together and also consider what the 2nd and 3rd century writers had to say on the matter, that they understood all these different accounts and names used to apply to one person at the time of the end. It was not just prophets, but Jesus as well, that referred to the lawless one to come. <<

Daniel Alone
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Daniel 8:
8 Then the he goat became very great. And when he was mighty, the great horn was broken.
   And in its place came up four outstanding ones toward the four winds of the heavens.
9 And out of one of them came a little horn which became very great, toward the south, and toward the east, and toward the bountiful land.
10 And it became great, even to the host of the heavens. And it caused some of the host and of the stars to fall to the ground, and it trampled them.
11 Yea, he magnified himself even to the leader of the host. And the regular sacrifice was taken away by him,
      and the place of his sanctuary was cast down.

12 And a host was given with the regular sacrifice because of transgression. And it threw the truth down to the ground, and it worked and prospered.

[{ The he goat is Greece and specifically Alexander the Great whose kingdom would split into 4 pieces just as predicted here and in chapters 2 and 10. Two parts of that kingdom would prove to be more prosperous and powerful than the other 2 according to chapter 10 which we have yet to cover. In this chapter, the succession from one of those parts goes on to the end where and when certain things will take place. That is, all the kingdoms at some point in between, are skipped between Greece and the end. That is quite a jump in time. But what comes in between is not important here. Verse 17 and onward will make it clear it is the end.

Many currently are confusing these prophecies in Daniel for they do not properly understand the symbols and interpretations of them. The bountiful land is God's symbolic Israel. It is at this time bountiful and producing fruit. Some of the host and stars fall and get trampled. These are those who die at the hands of the antichrist and his "friends" and allies. But most survive though th preaching stops and they are imprisoned for 3.5 years. This being the same event in Revelation where the "2 witnesses" are figuratively killed and the preaching work finished. But they come back to life, so to speak, almost as if returning from the dead. They are the remaining seed of the woman in Rev. 12.

The leader of the host is the real Christ in heaven. He is also the angel of the abyss who commands the locusts in Revelation, which locusts are the people offering sacrifice by their preaching and tormenting poeple with their message of Christ. The "horn," the 2nd, lamb beast of Revelation, otherwise known as the false prophet and antichrist, will elevate himself as high as the Christ, Jesus in heaven, as far as claims and bragging go. Pretty outrageous, isn't it? The horn, the antichrist, will cause preaching to stop, ,but killing some and imprisoning all the rest, likely telling them it is forever but God says it will only be 3.5 years and then they will go free and the antichrist will die at that time just prior to their release. This abolishing of the preaching work is one and the same as causing the regular sacrifice to cease in Dan. 8:11. As well, the sanctuary was cast down, same as the 2 witnesses symbolically dying and whose bodies are left in the streets of Babylon for all to see, figuratively speaking, in Revelation.

What is important are features that become manifest at the end. But the regular sacrifice and sanctuary can only be symbolic of the services performed by Christians in behalf of Christ. These are taken away and truth was thrown down and whatever this leader and supporting countries does seems to work and prosper, especially against God's people, Christ's followers here on earth. }]

Daniel 8:
13 Then I heard a certain holy one speaking, and another holy one said to that one who spoke,
     Until when is the vision, the regular sacrifice and the desolating transgression, to give both the sanctuary and the host to be trampled?
14 And he said to me, For two thousand, three hundred evenings and mornings, then the sanctuary will be vindicated.

[{ This is a critical point in this vision. And fortunately, we are going to have some of it interpreted for us again by an angel. But as far as when this shall all take place, it was not going to be for long time, from Daniel's standpoint. But when it did, it would involve the sanctuary and the host, the army of God's people, the "locusts" if you will, so to speak, being trampled. Since this is in the end, it could only have something to do with Christianity. The symbols are vague so as to throw any enemies off of the trail of discernment. There are 2300 days to the trampling of the sacrifice and the transgression of the antichrist.

I have come across more idiots lately who insist this all applies to the modern Jews and Israel, as if they were still a part of God's people and purpose. Indeed, as many as want to be, can be! But they must accept Christ as the son of God and obey him, even as anyone on earth must at this point. Other than that, they are just another rebellious nation among many. God works with Christianity now. He ripped up the temple curtain, destroyed the temple and city by means of Rome and Romans and He transferred the gifts to the Christian followers of Jesus and the Jews were no longer of concern to him.

Some say God did not cast off Israel. They are clearly ignoring the Bible, words of Jesus and the Apostles, early centuries Christian writers, and the works of the spirit as well. So bad is this that I boldly declare here to you all, that anyone ignoring the many witnesses and events I just mentioned and say that it is Jews and Israel that the beast/horn/antichrist attacks; they have disowned God and all that is good. They are not led by the Bible or God's spirit. You can carve that in stone!!! Among those silly people (and there are many of these deceivers) who say this are Les Feldick, who applies it all to Israel and the Jews as those being attacked, as if they were still the beloved and sole object of God's purpose. Jesus said their house was abandoned to them. Les can't read English or Hebrew or even Greek for that matter. He is dull in understanding so be cautious with him.

It is Christianity that will appear to be wiped off the face of the earth! I say this like a mad man, emphatically, even hysterically. You can cast my body in the lake of fire if I am wrong.!!! All those who have rejected God or remain alienated from Him, will hate God's people,  who, according to the Bible in Acts, by Providence, came to be called Christians, these are the ones God and His prophecies are concerned with, not Jews, Jerusalem, Israel or ceremonial law keepers. Let me put it another way!

There are many who want you to believe that fleshly literal Israel is still a big part of God's plan and purpose. Lies, lies and more lies! There are many of them who say this but only me who says that Christianity will appear to be wiped off the earth and for good. That is how it will look. But . . . Looks are deceiving! God will bring them back and re-establish them among the living, so to speak. There will only be 3.5 years of imprisoned inactivity and then freedom! You heard it here and no where else. But if more should join me, what a welcome sight that would be. }]

Daniel 8:
15 And it happened when I, Daniel, had seen the vision, then I sought the meaning. And, behold, the form of a man stood before me.
16 And I heard a man's voice between the banks of Ulai, and he called and said, Gabriel, make this one understand the vision.
17 So he came near where I stood: and when he came, I was afraid, and fell upon my face: but he said unto me,
     Understand, O son of man: for at the time of the end shall be the vision.
19 And he said, Behold, I will make thee know what shall be in the last end of the indignation: for at the time appointed the end shall be.

Daniel 8:
23 And in the latter time of their kingdom, when the transgressors are come to the full, a king of fierce countenance,
     and understanding dark sentences, shall stand up.
24 And his power shall be mighty, but not by his own power: and he shall destroy wonderfully, and shall prosper, and practise,
     and shall destroy the mighty and the holy people.
25 And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart,
     and by peace shall destroy many: he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes; but he shall be broken without hand.
26 And the vision of the evening and the morning which was told is true: wherefore shut thou up the vision; for it shall be for many days.
27 And I Daniel fainted, and was sick certain days; afterward I rose up, and did the king's business;
     and I was astonished at the vision, but none understood it.

[{ The kingdom of the Medes and Persians are the first beast and Greece is the next. But what takes place next is the most perplexing move. The progression of empires is skipped at this point down to the latter times, the last days, of the final kingdom, when the transgressors have come to the full (of power), they have reached the very height of evil for which they can go no further and at this time, a king, exceptionally fierce, shall take the throne, so to speak. He is the one who "shall destroy the mighty and the holy people." It is Christians who are God's Holy and mighty people. The king/antichrist shall magnify himself in his heart, and "by peace shall destroy many." He also stands up against the Prince of princes which could be no other than Jesus. But he will be broken without hand. Indeed, Genesis 3 mentions that this one will be bruised in the head, while Jesus is only bruised in the heel. In more plain words, the antichrist will be killed by mysterious means that will have many think it is the hand of God. No one will think it was by the hands of man, which is why it is said, "broken without hand."

This is the antichrist, Paul's "man of sin" in 2 Thessalonians 2. He, too, had an arrogant heart and placed himself in the seat/throne of God, so to speak. he magnifies himself, amplifies, elevates, equates himself with Christ, the leader of the heavenly host. So we are given some features that help make this identification. But as for the 2300 days, even I can not figure that one out. But notice how it was not intended for Daniel to fully understand it and that the vision was shut up for it shall be for many days. So even God's people would not discern this until the days just before it would happen. Maybe we are finally at those days so as to be able to gain a reasonable understanding so as to be prepared for what we are to have to face.

I am next going to show you Daniel 7:15-28, where a "king" takes action against the holy ones, Christians, of course. The Antichrist, acting in cooperation with all the nations of the world obeying him as world ruler, having pulled of the charade of being the Christ and performing lying signs and wonders, according to Paul at 2 Thessalonians 2. He will conclude a covenant, a deal, with the whole world and while he is in power, with Christianity pushing up daisies (so it would appear), locked away from ever bothering anyone again with their very disturbing message, this horn/king will then proceed to kill off most of the world's population, since it will be deemed that there is no longer any need for such great amounts of people and labor to exhaust resources of the rich. Yes, I am offering just a little bit of speculation in there as well.

So though they will "cry Peace and Security" at this time of accepting a deal with the antichrist, as Paul says, then sudden destruction is to suddenly come upon them without warning. It will be as if by peace he destroys many. A false treacherous peace. It is likely by means that will not appear as man made or derived. It will have the appearance of being natural or beyond the control of man or antichrist but the Bible lets us in on the secret. The antichrist is behind it. He will  have technology and deception to kill off many, even most. Man made viruses, famine, even natural disasters in tectonic and volcanic activity, windstorms and other such things. Unknown to many, they have technology right now that can cause earthquakes and numerous other phenomena. Nikola Tesla, the greatest scientist in world history, described it all and predicted it coming in 1900. These technologies will likely be used by the antichirst to convince people he is, indeed, seemingly divine and all powerful. He will fool people with this technology and power at his command. Many will die, while Christians continue on in prison or concentration camps for 3.5 years.

Again, some of this is "speculation," derived from discernment of what the Bible predicts. What exactly will kill everyone off, you are welcomed to speculate as well. What I can say without speculation, is that anyone joining the antichrist will not only not be in the book of life, but they will no more than get rid of us and accept a deal with the antichrist when they will be killed off in unfathomable numbers never seen before or ever again. And who ever is left over will then be killed by the 7 bowls of wrath in Revelation. So it is real important not to go along with the antichrist. He is leading you all into a trap. He is lying and deceiving, promising you peace and security, and even prosperity and good times, no doubt. But not a word of it will be true. Don't fall for it. And some will go along because of fear of dying. But you are going to die, anyway, if you go along, so why not take a chance with God?

You'll notice many similarities to Daniel 8 just previously discussed. Indeed, Revelation and Daniel are essential to each other. Each supplies different details that form a complete picture. You can't have one without the other. }]

Daniel 7:
15 I Daniel was grieved in my spirit in the midst of my body, and the visions of my head troubled me.
16 I came near unto one of them that stood by, and asked him the truth of all this. So he told me, and made me know the interpretation of the things.
17 These great beasts, which are four, are four kings, which shall arise out of the earth.
18 But the saints of the most High shall take the kingdom, and possess the kingdom for ever, even for ever and ever.
19 Then I would know the truth of the fourth beast, which was diverse from all the others, exceeding dreadful, whose teeth were of iron, and his nails of brass; which devoured, brake in pieces, and stamped the residue with his feet;
20 And of the ten horns that were in his head, and of the other which came up, and before whom three fell; even of that horn that had eyes, and a mouth that spoke very great things, whose look was more stout than his fellows.

[{ Verse 18 mentions God's people, referred to as the saints who are given the kingdom. These are the ones who reign with Jesus in heaven over the earth. They are the 144,000 of Revelation chapters 7 and 14, and the 24 Elders of that same book. They are bought from among all mankind, not just fleshly Jews. They are figurative symbolic Jews, and sons of God and brothers of Christ, even. They are Christians for they have accepted Christ. Any Jews wanting to join and be a part of this must also accept Christ. Fact!!! There are not 2 roads or paths to Christ or God. Only one! Its God's way or the highway! Got it? This has been the hope held out to all by Jesus since his ministry on earth. This does not diminish or nullify the promises of a paradise on earth in which the righteous will dwell, for after all, those in heaven have to reign over someone, right? And shepherd and guide them!

Next note something very important. What comes next is exactly what is described in Revelation where the beast and false prophet in that book make war on the saints and prevail against them which results in the end of their preaching and witnessing work and cause some to be killed. But these who die in Jesus are rewarded with crowns in heaven so they suffer no real loss at all. They then possess the kingdom as Daniel 7:22 puts it. }]

Daniel 7:
21 I beheld, and the same horn made war with the saints, and prevailed against them;
22 Until the Ancient of days came, and judgment was given to the saints of the most High; and the time came that the saints possessed the kingdom.
23 Thus he said, The fourth beast shall be the fourth kingdom upon earth, which shall be diverse from all kingdoms,
     and shall devour the whole earth, and shall tread it down, and break it in pieces.
24 And the ten horns out of this kingdom are ten kings that shall arise: and another shall rise after them; and he shall be diverse from the first, and he shall subdue three kings.

[{ The 4th beast stands out from those before in its vast empire, treading down and crushing. It is Rome and its territory is far more extensive than any before it. But the most important info comes in the 10 horns and the horn that comes after them. This horn subdues 3 kings before him. And remember that this is feet and toes of iron and clay in the chapter 2 vision of Daniel. He is the one who wears and and prevails over the saints, changing times and law. Yes, he upsets everything that came before him, turning the world upside down and inside out.

God's people are given into his hand for time, times, and half a time. Revelation describes it as 42 months which is 3.5 lunar years. After this horn/kingdom attacks, he is done away with and the rule of the earth is given to Christ's brothers who are harvested from the earth as the first fruits. They are the 144,000 kings and priests, the New Jerusalem, (not earthly Jerusalem), the bride of Christ. }]

Daniel 7:
25 And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time. 26 But the judgment shall sit, and they shall take away his dominion, to consume and to destroy it unto the end. 27 And the kingdom and dominion, and the greatness of the kingdom under the whole heaven, shall be given to the people of the saints of the most High, whose kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and all dominions shall serve and obey him. 28 Hitherto is the end of the matter.

[{Notice how nicely this all lines up with Revelation and what Paul had discussed as well.}]

Revelation Alone
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[{ Revelation was actually written about 2 years before John's letters. But the antichrist was not called that, in this collection of visions. He is called a beast (2 horns like a lamb) and false prophet, though. And His description fits that of the man of sin, son of perdition mentioned by Paul, performing lying signs and wonders to mislead. This beast has two horns and the appearance of a lamb, maybe even the Lamb, but he is no lamb. He speaks like a dragon. }]

Revelation 13:
11 And I saw another beast coming up out of the earth. And it had two horns like a lamb, but spoke like a dragon.
12 And it executes all the authority of the first beast before it. And it causes that the earth and those dwelling in it should worship the first beast,
     of which was healed its deadly wound.
13 And it does great signs, that even fire it causes to come down out of the heaven onto the earth before men.
14 And it deceives those dwelling on the earth, because of the signs which were given to it to do before the beast,
     saying to those dwelling on the earth to make an image to the beast who has the wound of the sword, and lived.
15 And was given to it to give a spirit to the image of the beast, so that the image of the beast might even speak,
     and might cause as many as would not worship the image of the beast to be killed.

[{ This "miracle worker" is a fraud and is later called a false prophet as we shall see next. }]

Revelation 16:13 And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast [with 7 heads, 10 horns], and out of the mouth of the false prophet [the other beast like a lamb with 2 horns].

Revelation 19:20 And the beast was seized, and with this one the false prophet doing signs before it, by which he led astray those having received the mark of the beast, and those worshiping its image. The two were thrown alive into the Lake of Fire burning with brimstone.

Revelation 20:10 And the Devil leading them astray was thrown into the Lake of Fire and Brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet were. And they were tormented day and night forever and ever.

[{ These scriptures help us to see this lying misleading worker of signs, a false prophet of unusual prominence, to be a key player in all this mess which is what Paul spoke of. So we can see why many Christians today give attention to this antichrist. For this was the name that 2nd century writers commonly used for this subject and a number of Christians are aware of this, evidently or they have just accepted it because someone told them so. Either way, it does have support of the scriptures to some degree.

I am amazed how mow many mistake the identity of one beast from the other and can not keep them straight. The 7 headed, 10 horned beast is a political alliance that puts the muscle behind the false prophet (antichrist) who misleads the earth and ends up ruling this political alliance of kingdoms/governments. The false prophet is hardly ever given attention but most but he is the antichrist and called a horn (among other things) in Daniel as well as other names, too, just as Jesus has a number of names and descriptions throughout the Bible and the 1st 3 chapters of Revelation.

That pretty much wraps up the subject from a strictly Biblical perspective. I have next supplied the 2 writers of the 2nd century so you can hear it right from the horse's mouth, so to speak, as regards things passed on down about this subject.

The works of Irenaeus and Hippolytus will be in black and I add my own comments in [{brackets and red letters like this.}] They may not always be right but much of what they have to say definitely worth considering; very noteworthy! }]

Early Church Writings on the Last Days    By Richard H Perry
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1 - 15 Ages Digital Library – The Master Christian Library – Version 8

>> Truth1, writing in red with brackets. These below come from the above author and website. My purpose in quoting them, is to show that though only briefly mentioned in past writing, the understanding was fairly consistent. As well, this was a nice summary coming from Mr. Perry. I am grateful for his work on this matter.<<

Up until the last 180 years the Church has taught and preached that the Antichrist will come and persecute the Church during the Great Tribulation and then Christ will return at the end of the age, resurrect the Church - raise the dead and rapture those who are alive and left.

>> As well, all early writers of the 1st, say, 300 years (at least) taught that the antichrist would be a Jew leading Jews and attacking Christians. The Jewish persecutions of Christians is well known and documented for at least 300 years. Sadly, Christians also went apostate and began to return evil for evil and persecute Jews as time went on. The most horrible of these were the Spanish Inquisitions and burning Jews at the stake. Christians were not to take law into their own hands and were only authorized to shun (excommunicate if you prefer) their own and Jews were not their own and had already been put aside by God by appointing the Apostles and destroying the temple and priesthood.

As well, these so-called Christians were actually Roman Catholics, who have never really been legitimate Christians. And it was Secular (Catholic in name) rulers and their allies who saw Jews as tough to compete with in business, so they used Heresy as a pretense for execution.

Nor does God ever approve of forced (against their will) conversions. Jews should be free to do as they please. So Christianity had gone mad, quite obviously, by the middle ages if not some time back into the dark ages of say, 400-800 AD. But Jews were seen as perpetual enemies that would persecute Christianity all the way to the end, with the climax being led by the Antichrist, who would also be Jewish.<<

As you will see from the following quotes representative of the first 19 centuries of church writings, a Post-Tribulation view was the common view. They believed the clear teachings of Scripture, that the Church would face the Antichrist and go through the Great Tribulation before Christ returned. Read these examples and see for yourself.

Didache (AD 100) "then shall appear the world-deceiver as Son of God, and shall do signs and wonders, and the earth shall be delivered into his hands, ...but they that endure in their faith shall be saved from under the curse itself. And then shall appear the signs of the truth; first, the sign of an out-spreading in heaven; then the sign of the sound of the trumpet; and the third, the resurrection of the dead; yet not of all, but as it is said: The Lord shall come and all His saints with Him. Then shall the world see the Lord coming upon the clouds of heaven." (Didache - Chapter 16)1

Justin Martyr (AD 100-168) "Two advents of Christ have been announced: the one, in which He is set forth as suffering, inglorious, dishonored, and crucified; but the other, in which He shall come from heaven with glory, when the man of apostasy, who speaks strange things against the Most High, shall venture to do unlawful deeds on the earth against us the Christians, (First Apology of Justin, Chapter 110)2

Tertullian (AD 150-220) that the beast Antichrist, with his false prophet may wage war on the Church of God; (On the Resurrection of the Flesh, 25)3

>>By the time of this writing, Tertullian had gone mad, so to speak, and became a Montanist and therefore, an apostate for sure. He still sees Antichrist as Jewish leading Jews and attacking the "Church," but was making many failed predictions as to time and circumstance, seeing the coming fall of Rome as terminating after in the Antichrist.<<

Irenaeus (AD 140-202) and put the church to flight. After that they shall be destroyed by the coming of our Lord."  (Against Heresies V, XXVI, 1)4

>> I include the portions of Irenaeus dealing with this subject in this work.<<

Cyprian (AD 200-258) "[T]he Lord hath foretold that these things would come. With the exhortation of His forseeing word, instructing, and teaching, and preparing, and strengthening the people of His Church for all endurance of things to come. He previously warned us that the adversary would increase more and more in the last times."  (Treatise 7) "For you ought to know and to believe, and hold it for certain, that the day of affliction has begun to hang over our heads, and the end of the world and the time of Antichrist to draw near, so that we must all stand prepared for the battle ... “The time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service…” Nor let any one wonder that we are harassed with increasing afflictions, when the Lord before predicted that these things would happen in the last times, (Epistles of Cyprian, LV, 1,2) Nor let any one of you, beloved brethren, be so terrified by the fear of future persecution, or the coming of the threatening Antichrist, as not to be found armed for all things by the evangelical exhortations and precepts, and by the heavenly warnings. Antichrist is coming… but immediately the Lord follows to avenge our sufferings and our wounds. (Epistles of Cyprian, LIII, p.722)5

Victorinus (AD 269-271) "He shall cause also that a golden image of Antichrist shall be placed in the temple at Jerusalem, and that the apostate angel should enter, and thence utter voices and oracles... The Lord, admonishing His churches concerning the last times and their dangers, ... three years and six months, in which with all his power the devil will avenge himself under Antichrist against the Church."    (Commentary on the Apocalypse, 20:1-3) 6

Hippolytus (AD 160-240) " ... the one thousand two hundred and three score days (the half of the week) during which the tyrant is to reign and persecute the Church …” (Treatise on Christ and Antichrist, 61)7

>> I include the extensive work of Hippolytus dealing with this subject in this article of mine.<<

Augustine (AD 354-430) “... the kingdom of Antichrist shall fiercely, though for a short time, assail the Church... " (The City of God, XX, 23) 8

Roger Bacon (AD 1214-1274) " … future perils [for the Church] in the times of Antichrist... " (Opus Majus II, p. 634)9

Martin Luther (AD 1483-1546) "[The book of Revelation] is intended as a revelation of things that are to happen in the future, and especially of tribulations and disasters for the Church.... " (Works of Martin Luther, VI, p. 481)10

John Knox (AD 1515-1572)  “the great love of God towards his Church, whom he pleased to forewarne of dangers to come ... to wit, The man of sin, The Antichrist... " (The Historie of the Reformation etc., 1, p. 76)11

Roger Williams (AD 1603-1683) "Antichrist ... hath his prisons, to keep Christ Jesus and his members fast " (The Bloody Tenent etc., p. 153)12

Morgan Edwards (AD 1722-1795) "[Antichrist] has hitherto assumed no higher title than 'the vicar general of Christ on earth'..."(Two Academical Exercises etc., p. 20)13

>> It will go higher than that. Antichrist will assume Titles even greater than the Heavenly Father of us all.<<

Charles Hodge (AD 1797-1878) "...the fate of his Church here on earth ... is the burden of the Apocalypse" (Systematic Theology, III, p. 827)14

Carl F. Keil (AD 1807-1888) " … the persecution of the last enemy Antichrist against the Church of the Lord ... (Biblical Commentary, YXMV, p. 503)15

Beginning in about 1832 a new teaching and theology began to creep into the churches. One of the first to teach this view was John Nelson Darby, the father of modern Dispensationalism. His theology was later picked up by C. I. Scofield and popularized in The Scofield Study Bible. Several evangelical schools adopted the Dispensational Theology and began to teach it and incorporate it into their doctrinal positions. Many wrote and taught versions of Dispensationalism, but the most popular idea promoted by this theology was a Pre-Tribulation Rapture of the Church. This idea is very appealing because it teaches that the Church will not have to face the tribulation of the last seven-year period prophesied in Daniel 9:27. Many authors and teachers have become incredibly popular promoting the idea of a Pre-Tribulation escape for the Church and have been able to sell millions of books. Today in Christian bookstores the most popular end times books, whether theological or fictional, promote this new teaching of a Pre-Tribulation Rapture. There have even been feature length motion pictures released promoting this new doctrine.

The original and true teaching of Scripture is now maintained by a relatively small remnant of believers. They continue to hold to the clear statements of Scripture regarding the return of Christ. The Bible states that the resurrection of all believers will take place after the Antichrist when Christ returns to establish His Kingdom on the Day of the Lord.

Richard H Perry

End of Perry Article<<

Perry points out that a "pre-trib" rapture is not scriptural and was only recently proposed, to tickle peoples' hears and put them to sleep. The "original and true teaching" indeed, is held only by a few now at 2014. But as for who is faithful or not, the great separation of the Sheep and Goats, the Wheat and Weeds, shall commence with the arrival of the antichrist, who intends to (on behalf of the devil) thoroughly test each one claiming to be Christian. For the devil wants to deprive as many as he can, of everlasting life, out of spite, since he knows he must eventually and soon, die and wants to take as many with him as he can. He has no doubt declared to God that none of us are worthy and so they set up agreed upon limits as to what the devil may do to whom in order to condemn or vindicate them individually. Those who side with God, even to the point of death, will be sheep and sons of God. The rest will burn in the lake of fire (symbolic, of course), never to see life again.

Perry, like myself, has declared this the time just before the Antichrist and the time to warn all and the first time that we are finally able to discern the truth, relatively speaking. Beyond that, I can not say much more about R H Perry, since I have not read much but I get the impression he is still keeping some festivals, which I would say are not required. But you can check him out for yourself:

More Scriptures on Antichrist
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What is contained in this section comes by way of Chris White, who publishes quite a bit on Youtube and on the net, regarding the Bible and prophecy and he does a fairly good job on most things. You should check out his material. He does some good videos. It was in 3 of his podcasts (they are linked a little further down) that I got this material and was very impressed by it. Its solid as I see it. So I present it here, not as my own, but embraced fully by me. Hey, I'm just looking for the truth wherever I can find it. I care not, who the source is, as long as the reasoning and references are solid. I had never perceived what was revealed in scriptures I have long known. but they make perfect sense. Witnesses from various centuries verify these things. I'm sold! Enjoy!

KJV) Daniel 11:
36 And the king shall do according to his will; and he shall exalt himself, and magnify himself above every god,
     and shall speak marvellous things against the God of gods, and shall prosper till the indignation be accomplished:
     for that that is determined shall be done.
37 Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any god: for he shall magnify himself above all.

The Geneva Bible, Darby's, Douay-Rheims, NKJV, TRC (Tyndale, Rogers, Coverdale), Webster's, Young's Literal, to name some, all do as the KJV does in rendering 37 as "God (singular) of his fathers, which several early Christian "fathers" say is the proper translation of that word, rather then the plural form. Elohim is plural in Hebrew but used to denote majesty and power of the most high God, Jehovah, a singular identification. This is a well understood technique in Hebrew. Nor is this only a Hebrew trait. Even British Royalty, specifically, the King or Queen will respond with, for example, "We are not amused," which plurality is used to magnify the throne of the Queen or King, and only indicating the Queen or King, singularly.

Early church writers say that the antichrist was to be Jewish, and from the tribe of Dan, and that he would give no regard to the God of his fathers (indicating they say, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, but would embrace a "God" far different from that of the Mosaic Law and Patriarchal forefathers. And all "Israel" would follow this antichrist and his new "law." Indeed, the Talmud, by now long in existence for nearly 2000 years, would be a replacement and complete contradiction of the Mosaic Law and Prophets. But the Antichrist will go much further than anyone could have ever imagined possible and the world will go along with him in all this, which is why Revelation says that not one of them will be found written in the book of life.

Now the Antichrist will claim to be the most high God, the Father, Jehovah; this in fulfillment of the last part of verse 37 above. But that is just an act and he knows it. In secret, he obeys and worships the Devil as his god. So the "God" he secretly serves is not known to the world. As far as the world knows, the antichrist is the top of the heap, the king of the hill, the almighty and all powerful head of all other "gods," whoever they may be or not.

Philips' NT) John 5:
41 I do not need the praise of men,
42 but I can tell that you have none of the love of God in your hearts.
43 I have come in the name of my Father and you will not accept me. Yet if another man comes
     simply in his own name, you will accept him.
44 How on earth can you believe while you are for ever looking for each other’s approval and not
     for the glory that comes from the one God?

KJV) 43 I am come in my Father’s name, and ye receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive.

Early writers of the 1st 2 or 3 centuries suggest that this passage in John 5:43 was a prophecy, indicating the Jews would reject Jesus but accept another "Messiah" at another time. Knowing for sure that a false messiah was to come and would be in need of the Jews to help fulfill his fake twisted prophecies, this would have to indicate in the last days, a final push for power and for testing God's people. Just as Jews were the foremost persecutors of Christians, so will they be in the last days, too. Rich powerful Jews have been placed by Satan into the greatest positions of power to carry out the will of the devil against God and His People.

"anyone not listening to this (false) prophet, must be destroyed" to twist a reference from Moses concerning Jesus. This is how the antichrist will justify executing some Christians and imprisoning others. Why, he is just following the Bible he wrote earlier, he will say. But he is twisting and deceiving.

Also consider that Moses did warn:

GLT) Deuteronomy 18:
15 Jehovah your God shall raise up to you a Prophet from among you, of your brothers, One like me; you shall listen to Him,
16 according to all that you desired of Jehovah your God in Horeb in the day of the assembly, saying, Let me not hear again the voice of Jehovah my God, nor let me see this great fire any more, lest I die.
17 And Jehovah said to me, They have spoken well, what they have said.
18 I shall raise up a Prophet to them from among their brothers, one like you; and I will put My words in His mouth; and He shall speak to them all that I shall command Him.
19 And it shall be, whoever will not listen to My words which he shall speak in My name, I will require it at his hand.

Moses foretold another to come and that everyone everywhere in Israel had to listen to this prophet, who in other scriptures of the prophets was foretold to be the Messiah. Anyone refusing to listen, that is, to obey, this prophet, would be executed by God, directly or indirectly. Note too, verse 19, that God's words which this prophet would speak in God's (Jehovah's, the Heavenly Father's) name would be killed by God. Jesus actually quoted this scripture in John 5:43 "I have come in my Father's name (or in the name of my Father) and you will not accept me."

Note very carefully that Jesus speaks of being in subjection to the Heavenly Father. Deuteronomy says this prophet will speak in the name of Jehovah/LORD and not of his own name. The Antichrist, on the other hand, will claim to be none other than the Father Himself, and not in the name of anyone greater than the antichrist, but saying he, the antichrist, is the Father. Jesus said the Jews will follow that one. Jesus was trying to show how the prophecy of Moses spelled out his subjection to the Father whereas the Antichrist does not subject himself to anyone but comes only in his own (false lying) name of "Father" or "Jehovah."

This seemingly subtle difference clearly indicates the contradiction between the words of Moses and those of the future Antichrist. I am grateful for Chris White bringing this to my attention thru his podcast on his website. I had not discerned this at all till that broadcast. I'd even be fearful not to admit it, recognizing that God speaks through a variety of sources, some old, some new. I think you'll find, if honest, that no religion or denomination exists where there is not at least a few kernels of truth along with many lies. We do have to sort and judge correctly, admitting truth where it is found and exposing the lies, if any are apparent. Chris White offers far better than average as far as preachers go. Not flawless, by any means, but I recommend viewing all his YouTube channels and his websites, instead of Hollywood movies and TV.

This scripture from Deuteronomy 18:15-19 is also quoted twice in Acts.

RSV) Acts 3:
22 Moses said, ‘the Lord God will raise up for you a prophet from your brethren as he raised me up.
     you shall listen to him in whatever he tells you.
23 and it shall be that every soul that does not listen to that prophet shall be destroyed from the people.’

By the way, Early Church "fathers" reveal that the Jews changed a few scriptures concerning the messiah, since it made Jesus look good and the scribes, Pharisees, and High Priests look rather bad by comparison. Deuteronomy 18:19 is one of those. They muted it so that death was not certain, but death is certain and Greek translations of 18:19 make it quite clear that this is the case.

RSV) Acts 7:
37 this is the Moses who said to the Israelites, ‘God will raise up for you a prophet from your brethren as he raised me up.’
38 this is he who was in the congregation in the wilderness with the angel who spoke to him at mount Sinai,
     and with our fathers; and he received living oracles to give to us.
39 our fathers refused to obey him, but thrust him aside, and in their hearts they turned to Egypt

Now let us consider this. You are the devil for a moment or two. You failed to compromise Jesus at his being tested and now you know that death will eventually come to you for your failure. You want to exact revenge on humans and ruining the chance of everlasting life for as many as possible. You need to fool them as best as possible, right? You know events are coming concerning the Messiah and how better to fool everyone than to make these events look as if they had a different purpose or interpretation.

You know the prophecies! So how about making up some lies about them and twisting them? Look at the verses concerning Jesus just above. "Anyone not listening to this prophet much be destroyed!" How about introducing another prophet, supposedly the Messiah, with some impressive signs that do not quite match what was really foretold. How about if this false Messiah now says, "anyone not listening to me must be destroyed!" Would that not be a good way to get rid of Christians, who you hate? And would not threatening Christians possibly make them deny God in order to save their lives, though only for a very short time? It might! It will work some and fail some.

Basically, Satan will attempt to produce the fulfilled appearance of every prophecy uttered by God concerning the messiah, but these will be twisted distorted lying fulfillments, not the ones God intended. But to those who do not know the Bible or Love God, this will not be discerned.

Now consider that the descendants of those who hated Jesus and had him killed also hate Jesus and have been sought out by the devil. They would love to do some more persecuting, would they not? They will indeed, listen to this false prophet, this Antichrist, and go along with his ideas, who is one of them in every respect. Him they will listen to, just as Jesus promised.

Now we have another account to consider.

Galatians 4:
21 tell me, you who desire to be under law, do you not hear the law?
22 for it is written that Abraham had two sons, one by a slave and one by a free woman.
23 but the son of the slave was born according to the flesh, the son of the free woman through promise.
24 now this is an allegory: these women are two covenants. one is from mount Sinai, bearing children for slavery; she is Hagar.
25 now Hagar is mount Sinai in Arabia; she corresponds to the present Jerusalem, for she is in slavery with her children.
26 but the Jerusalem above is free, and she is our mother.
27 for it is written, "rejoice, O barren one who does not bear; break forth and shout, you who are not in travail;
     for the children of the desolate one are many more than the children of her that is married."
28 now we, brethren, like Isaac, are children of promise.
29 but as at that time he who was born according to the flesh persecuted him who was born
    according to the spirit, so it is now.

30 but what does the scripture say? "cast out the slave and her son; for the son of the slave shall not inherit with the son of the free woman."
31 so, brethren, we are not children of the slave but of the free woman.

Did we get that? Those who insist on living under the law will be judged by the law. We who accept the promise, the sacrifice of Jesus, and new covenant, are relieved of the law, since we were purchased by a ransom sacrifice, rescued from the sin of Adam that placed us under the law in the 1st place. It was those of the 1st law covenant that live under the law, that began persecuting those who accepted the Messiah, son of God, in the name of the Heavenly Father. It has continued without let up. This I shall demonstrate partially now, and completely later.

We do know that the Jews, those in power, anyway, who have convinced many of their brethren to go along with them, without telling their brethren what the leaders of the Jews are really up to, are the ones plotting to have many killed, on a scale never even imagined before. And Christians are on that hit list as well and in fact, are the primary ones on that hit list.

Many support the networks of various types, that Leadership relies on. But the left hand does not let the right hand know what is going on, as is usually the case with networks that often serve secret purposes. Many of these have the appearance of business networks or scholastic/academic networks or professional networks.

Chris White, a Bible scholar and preacher, says he has routinely found that Jews believe that the whole world must convert to Judaism once the "Messiah" comes. This idea spans almost every form of Judaism says White. Anyone who refuses to convert to Judaism must be rooted out and killed. Not a niche view but a common consistent one, says Chris White. I know I have come across it before, thinking it might just be anomalous. No group can control wandering strays from their flock. But I do wish that he would put up references in the podcast. He says a book is forthcoming with those references. But I would prefer that it is free. Below are the sources of Chris White that I gathered this info from.

White also stated that: A Jewish AntiChrist has always been the earliest view of all the church fathers, without exception. He referred to the following in addition to some of those listed by Richard Perry earlier:
Cyril of Jerusalem         John Chrysostom         John Damascene

>>This pretty much is the end of Chris White's ideas. What follows are to be blamed on me ;-) <<

The Antichrist will want to drag us back into the law of old, with its accompanying chains of judgment/death. Many Jews will gladly go along with it. But I suspect a good number of Jews will really begin to see what is going on at this point and will not go along with the Antichrist or sellout Jews and sellout Christian Zionists. For the door remains open to Abraham's seed, if they want to come back to God and accept God's son finally.

This will be the trial and tribulation of Christians who want to stay loyal to God. Jews will once again revert to persecuting Christians, even as they did in the days of Jesus, the Apostles and throughout the Roman Empire where Christians would preach in the early years of the new movement/covenant. There will be nothing new in this. Jews had killed their own prophets from time immemorial.

So this brings up a certain curse that was pronounced against Israel in the law of Moses, Deuteronomy in particular. We need to look at these. But we do know, or we should be able to see, that the Antichrist does cause the separation and distinction between Sheep and Goats, and Wheat and Weeds (tares). We will know at this time who is who. You won't be able to miss that. The Antichrist will bring us back to the law (he hopes) and many will follow him. None of them are written in the book of life.

But those killed for the sake of Christ will be resurrected and will live forever. Many Christians will also be imprisoned in one way or another. They will be told it is forever, for life anyway, but it will only be for 3.5 years so don't get too upset. As for the "new" covenant of the antichrist, it will be old and new. There will be the law, at least for Jews. But many pagan elements will also be added, and all religious beliefs welcomed, provided you observe certain minimum conditions. All will be made to violate nearly all decency and morality, claiming that morality was always just relative and we just did not see it right.

Christians and perhaps a few others, will not go along with it. More than likely, some will embrace real (& persecuted) Christianity, seeing as how its prophecies all are now coming true, just as foretold. These are the ones hired to harvest fields at the end of the day and yet get the full pay that others got who began work long before this "day," that Jesus spoke of.

Because the final persecution is so sure, another surety is that Babylon the Great is also Jewish controlled; and supported by main stream organized denominational (false) Christianity. They will all end up in the lake of fire. Recall that the devil did offer Jesus all the kingdoms of the earth, since those had been granted to him by God to do as he pleased, up to near the very end. Jesus refused but other Jews certainly had to accept that offer and have received it.

Just Like God, who raises prophets and appoints His chosen ones, Satan also is the one who seeks out those he believes will likely accept his offers and be effective for him, and be ever obedient to him.

Now, when did this offer to Jews happen? Its not recorded! But I do believe (just a strong hunch) that this is part of that mystery (a riddle to be answered) of Babylon the Great. This is why that name and symbol were chosen by God to finger the apostate Jews who embraced magic and paganism and big business/commerce/banking, all of which Babylon carried on in as did all empires. Those exiled to Babylon from Judah, for the most part, never came back to Judah and Jerusalem, or God, either.

I believe this was the time when the devil approached those who were most successful in Babylon among the Jews, and offered them all the kingdoms of the earth in exchange for worship and obedience at all times. I can not prove this, but I'd put a lot of money on it! From Babylon and from those exiled by Assyria and settled in Black Sea and Aral/Ural Sea and near to those points, and from Dan, who partnered with Javan and likely did trade with the Indian Ocean nations and South East Asian nations of the Pacific, either directly, and by middlemen who would make deliveries to the Rea Sea and Gulf of Aqaba.

Trade and commerce would grow mightily under their hand, and continually be blessed by the devil. Then Rome fell, perhaps not by accident alone, and its broken pieces were slowly reorganized into a commercial empire that directed nations and kings. Italy spawned 3 great shipping empires in Genoa, Florence, and Venice. Vikings were no doubt influential through the Byzantine Empire and points north of there. Germanic tribes defeated Rome and prospered.

The discovery of the New World came about at the same time as Jewish persecutions began by some Catholic Nations. Jews, already great sailors, navigators, and merchants, were the main settlers and developers of the New World. They also became a fleet of pirates robbing Spanish Galleons. Most of the New World, both south and north, was settled, at least commercially, mostly by Jewish traders and merchants, along with Dutch, English, and French merchants. These began going to SE Asia for trade as well.

From there began conquest, in a commercial sense, of the world. Soon many kings were going into debt to these very wealthy and power bankers and financiers.

I have put a lot out here. The total proofs are lacking but I believe sufficient evidence is within the grasp of anyone if they dare to look into it all. but it is through complete control of finance and commerce that Babylon controls the kings of the earth.

Now some will say, "I just don't buy your scenario, Truth1! Oh, that's harsh ;-) But listen, if not mine, do you have a better one? One that can even come close to explaining it all? I doubt it. I'd put money on that, too.

A Composite Profile of the Antichrist
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Think about the many words of Jesus, (Apostle) John, Paul, Daniel, that are used to identify a character perhaps best known by one of those names, the antichrist of John's letters. Here is the list:

antichrist,    false prophet,    false christ,    deceiver,    king,    man of sin,    son of perdition,    lawless one,
beast (with 2 horns, looking like a lamb but speaking like a dragon);    horn (with eyes and a mouth, fierce countenance).

This one will come from the tribe of Dan, for which reason Dan is left out of the tribes of Israel in Revelation chaps 7 & 14. He performs great lying signs and wonders, lying like crazy and deceiving the world. He will then rule the world. A study of my article on Revelation shows that He will appear and for 3.5 years, Christians will passionately warn the world about this one and what is to come. They will be as a plague of locusts, who have a leader, the angel of the abyss to lead them in this crusade. It is Jesus or some angel he appoints to lead them. But after 3.5 years preaching (offering sacrifice, so to speak, much like a priesthood in a temple, for they are pillars in the temple of God) in the wilderness, so to speak, where a place is prepared for them to be sheltered somewhat.

Then their work will be done, for the antichrist will make war with them and will kill some and imprison the rest, wiping them out and sealing them away where they will never be heard form again, so the world thinks. They celebrate and send gifts to each other, glad to be done with these tormentors of God and the angel of the abyss. But though told it will be forever by man and antichrist, they know, because God told them, that it will only be 3.5 years.

The antichrist will be struck in an unusual way that will not be mistaken for the actions of a man or men. It will be from God and many will likely sense that. All God's people will know that. Then God's people will be let loose. But then just as Pharaoh regretted letting Israel go with Moses, so these nations who let them out will then regret what they have done and will turn to attack as described in Ezekiel 36 onward. God will strike all these attackers dead, even as He wiped out Egypt in the Red Sea.

But there will be a huge war just prior to the antichrist appearing. Perhaps he will even help bring the war to an end to look like a peace maker and will call himself the prince of peace and give (false) hope to the world. He will perform amazing signs and wonders, none of which are truly amazing. Its just pure applied science and the harnessing of technology that has long been kept in secret.

I also propose  here something I briefly mentions in my Lying Signs and Wonders article. I predict with emphasis and fanaticism that the antichrist will arrive in a UFO, and claim to be Jesus, and show us amazing powers, the likes of which we have never seen. For some time now, many have discussed UFOs and they always seem to suggest that technology that great would have to be other worldly. This is the lie and deception they are forming as they speak. Jesus is said to come from Heaven, that is, outer space. So if he shows up  in a so called otherworldly vehicle with great power, many will fall for it.

In fact, UFOs can create clouds, even as some natural formations can, and therefore, Jesus comes in the clouds even as he left. That is what they will say. But they are lying through their teeth and out of both sides of their mouth. "Do not Believe them!" are the words of our true Master and Lord, Jesus, the son of God and Messiah/Christ of mankind.

Now keep in mind that the antichrist has lots of help. He has Babylon the Great. He has the political organization and alliance of nations at his disposal, thanks in part to Babylon the Great, who has a kingdom over the kings of the earth. It is not obvious to many, but not missed by all, and known to some but not enough. And there is the image of the beast to worship. And there are all the sons of darkness to lend their hand against the sons of light. God and Magog stand ready to attack Christians after their release, after the false prophet-antichrist is killed. The King of the North will be a prominent player and the King of the South will make his presence felt as well. Both are enemies of God, though.

These many players all help the antichrist to pull off this great charade and mockery to mislead all the earth; and except for God's people, all will fall for it, many of whom die shortly after the 2nd 3.5 years begins, with the sons of light, the remaining seed of the heavenly "woman," being imprisoned. Many of the sons of darkness, by peace, will be destroyed by their so called savior, the supposed return of "Jesus."

OK, now I know what you are thinking. That was one heck of a batch of acid I got a hold of, right? Well, being a health fanatic, I don't go in for that. You might say as Festus did to Paul, "Great learning has driven you mad!" But no, I am not mad, either. You say, man, that is one wild crazy interpretation. It is, isn't it?! But you won't be laughing when it all comes true. And if you doubt, I am now about to show you a very odd report or two coming from odd places. Places you would not expect such things to come from. Although these are somewhat politically oriented, and what some call conspiracy oriented (as if that was a bad thing ;-) , they knocked me right off my feet. So I must share them with you and you can do what you want with them. Its your life so pay careful attention to what the spirit says to the 7 churches, my friends.

What He Will Be & Not Be                Updated 2013 Aug 9
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The names of this imposter are important. Many miss that Jesus refers to him rather cryptically as the false prophet and false christ. This is very important for many confuse the symbols of Revelation, calling the antichrist the "Beast," that being the 7 headed 10 horned beast, representing the world of nations, politically speaking. But the antichrist is not that beast. He is the false prophet beast with 2 horns and looks like a lamb, symbolizing Jesus, for he will claim to be Jesus, but he actually speaks like a dragon (the devil) and lies like him. So he is a false Christ. We can easily tell  him apart from the real one cause the real one will not be back on earth but will be hidden in the clouds, so to speak. So Jesus makes it easy for us. Do not look for me on earth cause I will not be down here on earth. Do not look here or there. I will not be found.

This would-be "Jesus" will not be some mad or wicked dictator. The phony antichrist might be, to make the real one look "good." The real antichrist will pretend to be Jesus and a good guy, though he might also claim to be other famous religious leaders of the past, revealed in different times. Many have tried to paint the antichrist as some lunatic religious leader and dictator. That is not how he will be presented.

Now this false prophet of Revelation 19:20 is said to do signs before the 7 headed political beast. This is the man of sin who performs great lying signs and wonders before all to impress everyone.

Not this quote from Arthur C. Clarke: "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic!"

The incredible technology that has been kept secret from us since the end of WWII, allows UFOs and many other of related technology with that will seem as magic to us and so far beyond our current abilities. But that is only because we do not know about its somewhat simple underlying principles of the "new" physics hidden from us. Most will fall for this amazing display of new advanced power, treating it as if it were miracles, signs, and wonders. But as regards these marvels, they are not from aliens, "gods", or magical. I believe the Bible and prophecies will be presented as having come from aliens who "seem" like gods to us. But it is just plain science that Nikola Tesla invented and designed 100 years ago. No so advanced or mysterious at all.

The aliens and "Jesus" will not be from another planet or gods. They are human beings who ultimately came or derived from earth. They have likely built facilities secretly on earth, the moon, Mars, and who knows where else in the solar system. They have been around since probably 1947. These aliens will not be spirits or spirits physically inhabiting bodies like they did before Noah's flood. And this "Jesus" will be from the descent of the tribe of Dan, and by this, considered to be Jewish, I would imagine. We may not know he is from Dan, but God knows. He will become great and powerful and will reside, eventually, in Jerusalem in a temple rebuilt, the abomination standing where it ought not. Sacrifices will again be made, against the law of God and to the rejection of the real Christ. So "Jesus" will be a king and priest, even as the 1st real one was.

But this new phony Jesus will have a diabolical plan in mind, one that very well likely was planned and inspired by demons and the devil to communicate to their willing obedient followers in high places among men, who present this antichrist to us as the returning Jesus.

Important Point!

Satan knew everything God was going to do and God knew everything Satan was going to do. Satan knew of God's prophecies. Satan knew those would be pretty impressive when they became fulfilled. So Satan's idea was and is, to duplicate all, if possible, of God's prophetic fulfillments with pseudo fake fulfillments to deceive, fool, and mislead Christians as well as everyone else. Many Christians, not being true to God, will fall for these lying signs and wonders fulfilled in the crafty way of the devil. Lying, deceiving fulfillments of prophecies uttered by God.

Only those who pay very close careful attention to every detail of God, will avoid being fooled by the devil and will not follow the antichrist. So effort and diligence must be a part of following God and being a real true Christian and not the dummies and phonies who put no effort or care into anything in life.

But this returning Jesus will be loaded with mystical pagan like symbols and mysticism, uniting all religions in him. And he will employ the new sophisticated UFO tech, which even now as we speak, is used to control, increase and diminish, and even create, storms, earthquakes, and all sorts of other disasters. Engineered diseases, contrived created crop failures, food shortages, viruses and other germs to the effect that most of the world's population will be killed off. The greatest blood shed in human history, with nothing to compare it to or to ever happen again. Yes, the mother of all mass genocides.

To quote Jesus on this in paraphrase, "Unless those days had been cut short (by God), no flesh would have been saved."

Satan lost his battle when Jesus died faithful to God and became that sacrifice which paid our ransom from sin. So now the devil just wants to deprive as many people of everlasting life as he can, for he is jealous that he will die and does not want any human to live forever or come back resurrected. So he wants to kill as many as he can and sort of stick his middle finger up at God one last time before he goes. The antichrist will be the earthly human agent to carry out the will of the devil. He, like his father the devil, is a liar and deceiver, but he will die at the end of his 7 year reign, not be hand, and Christians will be set free from imprisonment and confinement, symbolically having been "dead" or dormant like an inactive volcano. God will bring them back to life and activity.

Take note: Jesus was baptized and then preached for 3.5 years, and then was killed. He was given 3.5 years in an agreement between God and Satan, no doubt. But as well, the antichrists, the devil's version and representative of the devil and false Christ, will also be allowed to make a covenant/contract, which will allow him 7 years, with 3.5 years remaining when he imprisons real Christians, taking them completely out of society. For the 1st 3.5 years, Christians preach in sackcloth. It will not be a good time for them.

And whereas Moses formed a covenant with God's people, and Jesus, too, formed one with his Apostles in the eve of his death, and formed one at Pentecost when Jesus delivered  his sacrifice in person to God, and spirit was poured on on Christians that day; so will the antichrist also form a covenant, as we would expect of a messiah, right? But the antichrist will speak and act like a dragon/serpent.

But know this! The antichrist will have many allies. Babylon the Great, yes the "Chaldeans" and not the original one language and peoples of Babel, are the real power controlling the nations, though not very visible, at least not yet. And there is the 7 headed 10 horned beast of nations, whose image-idol that represents it is the United Nations or new and improved United Nations. This is the political beast that Babylon rides on but will be thrown from this beast when the time is right. There are the kings of the north and south in Daniel chaps 10-11. The king of the north stands out as the one to act against Christians on behalf of the Beast and the antichrist.

The king of the North will suffer an embarrassing defeat says Daniel's prophecies, which may indicate an adjustment in the power structure of this beast, at the beginning of the last 3.5 years of antichrist. The King of the South, perhaps an alliance of nations, will turn back the North this time. For one hour, some kings are given power, says Revelation. This likely is part of that. So the USA may have to take a lesser role in the very last times, and another group or alliance may be the last to wield more power then the USA alliance. We will know when it happens.

So many of the actions of the antichrist will be through these agents, who, although seemingly headed by the antichrist, they are in fact the ones who control and direct the antichrist. Babylon the Great is the real source of that power, along with the devil in the spirit realm. So various agents are credited as doing things and so is the antichrist. No contradiction. All deserve credit and condemnation for the hideous atrocities awaiting the world.

So we will hear much about UFOs, aliens, demons, spirits, gods, and very impressive "miracles." But they are not really miracles. Demons might also perform signs for the antichrist, but they will not be making physical appearances, as best as I can tell. They might make apparitions that are only visual but not physical. We need not be fooled by any of it, since we have such accurate expectations of these lies and wonders.

But we also must remember that the world will be very impressed and go along with these charlatans and snake oil salesmen, the ultimate liars and deceivers of all time, presenting the ultimate con and charade. We must be brave and not go along with the "Show." We must be willing to die, if necessary, for Christ and righteousness. Only in obeying Jesus as the Christ and son of God can we obtain salvation. There is no other name under heaven by which we can get saved. Mohammed will not work. Krishna will not work. Buddha will not work. Zoroaster will not work. Only Jesus the Christ and son of God.

Just keep it very close in mind that any little thing Jesus did, will be something the antichrist also will try to do in a different way, to get people to believe he is "Jesus." This is as the devil intended. He is the ultimate liar and deceiver, misleader. He tries to trick and fool people. And it is not that he is all that clever. It is that the world has become so stupid and dull in their senses, due to laziness and distraction, that they will fall for anything. but they will not tolerate the Real God, Jehovah, or His son, Jesus. They hate those two. They will far prefer the devil who will tell them what they want to hear.

The Last Lie Is Upon Us
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This comes from the following:
UN Deals With illegal Aliens' of a Different Sort    I set off article quotes with these: >  < 

> If aliens from another star system were searching for intelligent life on our planet, they probably wouldn't start at the United Nations (UN). Nonetheless, according to London's Sunday Times on Sept. 26, UN representatives from the Office for Outer Space Affairs were "poised" to appoint Malaysian astrophysicist Mazlan Othman as their ambassador to greet "ET" visitors. <

Listen, you can't make this stuff up! Yes, he does sound almost as cynical as your truly, doesn't he? I like that.

> By all appearances, the Times insinuated that the UN was staking its claim and establishing protocols in preparation for some sort of global disclosure. They even provided the following quote from Ms. Othman to fellow scientists where she broached the subject of "first contact" with supposed alien beings:
"We should have in place a coordinated response. The UN is a ready-made mechanism for such coordination." <

Is the London Times serious? Is Othman serious? Honestly, I believe they are. This is what I have been anticipating for 5 years now. They are getting ready to welcome some supposed other worldly visitors. Imagine that !!! And I don't even use drugs. I bet you're jealous, huh? ;-)

> Oddly enough, by Sept. 28, the UN denied all reports of Ms. Othman being its "space ambassador?' The Times, however, used Prof. Richard Crowther—a UN delegate and member of the United Kingdom's space agency—as one of its sources. Times reporters also obtained recordings of Ms. Othman's above-mentioned address to colleagues. The Times also interviewed astronomer Martin Dominik from St. Andrews University, who organized a Royal Society conference at which Ms. Othman will speak. He stated, "Any encounter with alien life would have major consequences, and scientists cannot take the political responsibility; so we need the UN to take the lead." <

Thorn mentions other initiatives that have been going on as if to possibly suggest that something is in the works in more than one place.

        >> Ms. Othman isn't the only one considering contingency plans in regard to supposed alien contact. In Denver, Initiative 300, which would create an Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission, gained enough support to be on the ballot for this November's mid-term elections.
        On May 13, 2008, Rev. Jose Gabriel Fumes, director of the Vatican Observatory, discussed the prospect of intragalactic entities outside our solar system: "How can we rule out that life may have developed elsewhere? Why should we not talk about 'extraterrestrial' brothers? It would still be part of creation."
        In his opinion, if aliens don't diminish or negate the existence of God, then Lord Martin Rees elevated this concept to another level. As president of the Royal Society and Queen Elizabeth's official astronomer, Rees's Feb. 22 remarks opened entirely new doors.
        "They [aliens] could be staring us in the face, and we just don't recognize them;' said Rees. "I suspect there could be life and intelligence out there in forms we can't conceive. Just as a chimpanzee can't understand quantum theory, it could be there are aspects of reality that are beyond the capacity of our brains."
     Governments say they have been taking an active role in "engaging aliens" since two Voyager spacecraft carried a message in 1977 from UN Secretary-General Kurt Waldheim. In addition, the Air Force's "Project Blue Book" ran from 1952 to 1969 before being discontinued. Today, NASA's Kepler satellites and Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) radio telescopes continue to search the skies for possible alien communication transmissions that can be deciphered. <<

        >> Earlier this year, astrophysicist Stephen Hawking proposed that extraterrestrial life is a near-certainty. However, he warned, "I imagine they might exist in massive ships, having used up all the resources from their home planet. Such advanced aliens would perhaps become nomads, looking to conquer and colonize whatever planets they can reach?'
     Echoing this cautionary stance are seven former Air Force officers who addressed Washington, D.C.'s National Press Club on Sept. 28. Their testimony revolved around a long history—dating back to 1948—of UFOs being suspended over our nation's nuclear missile sites, and then deactivating their weapons systems.
     One of the speakers at this forum was Capt. Robert Salas, who this writer interviewed on Oct. 1.
     Salas described a March 16, 1967 incident at Montana's Malmstrom Air Force Base, where a glowing red object -hovered over the site and then disabled 10 Minuteman nuclear missiles.
     Although forced to sign a non-disclosure statement regarding this "classified" incident, Salas has now broken his silence.
     He told AFP in an exclusive interview: "With my background in the Air Force, as well as working for the [Federal Aviation Administration], [weapons maker] Martin Marietta, and on the Space Shuttle; I can assure you this craft was not manufactured on the planet Earth."
     He continued, "What our government says about national security never being compromised at these nuclear bases is patently false and misleading:'
     In light of this testimony, were UN delegates compelled to marginalize and make a mockery of the Sunday Times article in order to quell an array of uncomfortable questions? Or, was this exercise simply another way of floating a story to gauge the public's reaction? <<    End of AFP article  <<

Thorn hit the nail on the head in that last statement as far as I am concerned. I believe this whole thing was planned and plotted. No doubt testing the waters of response from the public. As well, a lot of shows on UFOs appearing on the likes of the History Channel, Discovery Channel, and NatGeo Channel, have featured lots of reports on UFOs and possibilities.

Now whether the US missile silos were shut down or just said to be shut down, I believe it was secret USA tech that ran the UFOs to do it or release info that it was done as such. The problem with so much of this info is that they like to muddy up the water a lot so you can't quite make out what the truth really is. But UFOs have also attacked Russian launches of missiles as well.

What TV is now presenting since 2005 is much more credible and informing than any time before that. They used to categorically deny all such phenomena. And every time this technology is discussed, the conclusion of the TV hosts or "researchers" conclude that it has to be other worldly and extra-terrestrial. Why is man and government not also considered and automatically dismissed routinely? I wouldn't rule those out.

Near to 1900, Nikola Tesla predicted and designed a UFO himself. That was nearly 110 years ago. So its not advanced technology. Its now 110 years obsolete. We could even ask, what has taken them so long to make one. But they have made one and many. That is where all the sightings come from. Its not from anywhere but earth and man, so says I! You can believe what you want. Most will.

Now the UN says they never said any such thing that the London Times reports. Has the London Time gone mad and flipped out? Is anyone recommending that maybe the Times ought to be avoided from here on in? The London Times has always been a reputable paper by the establishment and status quo. Hardly what some might call a conspiracy journal. Given the mild response to the Times article by the UN, I would say that Thorn is right about this being a test to see what reactions are obtained. Someone alerted the Times to this and let them run with the story. Major newspapers are very well behaved and are careful to avoid certain topics that are understood as forbidden to them.  The Times seemed to feel this was free to report on. And they suffered no real consequence for it. The UN used plausible deniability to protect themselves.

So is the story a fact or not. Well, you'll have to decide if you think the Times went mad or had some very good hallucinogens to imbibe, or maybe had a spell of temporary insanity. I would not believe any of those scenarios. I believe the Times reported accurately. It was a test leaked by the UN, in my opinion. They are getting ready to receive the "alien" antichrist who will promise us the sun, moon, and stars, only to kill many of us off soon after we take the bait, if we take the bait and most will.

I believe they are setting us up for a visit from a galactic "Jesus." Seriously! And they have all sorts of amazing technologies they have been keeping from you for quite some time now. Some of us dared to look into it all and find out much about it. But let me let Victor finish this off.

> Whatever the case, citizens should be aware of this compelling information because, as Franklin D. Roosevelt quipped, "In politics, nothing happens by accident." <

It sounds like maybe Thorn is a little bit suspicious about all this. Well, me, too! That is a well advised statement and well said. We are being primed for the biggest con in world history. I will go further. There will be a big war. The goal may be to eliminate anyone who might object to them tearing down the Dome of the Rock or sticking up a temple beside it. Back comes the priesthood and sacrifices, too. And the antichrist will come along, maybe breaking up with war with his fancy technology or appearing after its done, or maybe he will help start it. I don't know. But wait a minute. If this is Jesus, how come he is starting up the sacrifices again when he was the sacrifice to end all sacrifices. Has he been away so long from earth that he forgot about that? Not hardly! It obviously is not the real Jesus. You had best be on alert, my friends, if I have got this right!

Now this next account came from a YouTube video that I came across somehow in my net travels.
Uploaded Dec 25, 2010:
Salbuchi - Forecast 2011: An End Run Towards World Government - Part 1 of 2
"Adrian Salbuchi reviews the 12 Triggers being used by the Global Power Elite to drive the worldwide transition from "Globalization" to World Government during 2010 and Firecast into 2011. Also give details on his new eBook in English, "The Coming World Government: Tragedy & Hope?"."

1 global financial collapse/meltdown
2 deepening economic crises.
3 growing social upheavals
4 artificial pandemics.
5 artificial environmental crises: climatic and geophysical. (Global Warming)
6 terrorist false flag mega-attack.
7 war in the Middle East.
8 nuclear "accident."
9 assassination of key world figure.
10 beat up "rogue" states.
11 stage "religious event."
12 staged "alien event."

Those who take prophecy seriously are already in anticipation. God wants us to know before hand, not after. He does not like surprises and believes that we don't, either. But lets be clear about these predictions. They really don't take a rocket scientist or brain surgeon to figure out. Many of these 12 have already happened before. Can you say Pearl Harbor? Remember the Maine? Gulf of Tonkin? 9-11? Oh, and who can't see the handwriting on the wall as regards a complete economic collapse. Even a 10 year old could predict that. Artificial pandemics? They have been warning us now for some time. Its like they are conditioning us to accept and believe it.

Was the Gulf Oil Spill rigged? Some think it likely. Just saying. War in the Mideast? Oh, I'm shocked! Are  you sure? Yes, I am being very sarcastic. Of course, war is a given. Assassination of key world figure? Oh, that's never happened before, has it? Anyone remember the Arch Duke Ferdinand of Austria? Just asking. Yeah, I'm the world's least funny comedian.

>>> Jun. 23, 2011: No. 8 predicted a nuclear accident. Indeed, in March, 2011, less than 3 months later, the worst accident in nuclear history happened in Japan. He does not say whether accident or contrived, but let me say this. I firmly believe that the ability to control weather and create earthquakes is all well within the ability of USA secret technology. Nikola Tesla could bring a building down with a device the size of his fist and it was simple and easy to make, too. This is circa 1900. We have come a long way since. We had a strange case of over a hundred tornados just recently and  YouTube video showing it was man made.

My contention is that the quake of March 2011 that triggered the tsunamis that inundated Japan and cause nuclear reactors to explode could have, as easily as not, been engineered and set off by man, via secret black ops weapons created by the USA or allies. That it happened so close to their prediction is very noteworthy. In legal jargon, this is known as Temporal Proximity, indicating a very close timing between predictions and fulfillments. Was it an accident? It could have been. It could have been the other way, too. Only God knows right now but the truth will be set straight someday. <<<

But a staged alien event? Oh, now that has peaked my interest. Not many have been forecasting that one. But then again, a bump or two on the noggin when I was young could have loosened up some gears or something, I suppose. But this antichrist appearance will be both a religious event and an alien event, 2 in 1.

But let me make this perfectly clear for you. The arrival of the antichrist is the main sign to look for to know the end has begun, the last 7 years. This is what we have been waiting for, for nearly 2000 years. We can see it coming over the horizon now. They are letting us know its not far from happening. This is what we should be watching for with great alertness. Pay careful attention to any mention of UFOs, aliens, and Messiahs. You can't miss if you just watch for this sign alone. But you do need to learn the rest of the prophecies so you can know all the things to look out for in the last 7 years after the antichrist arrives.

Another sign you might want to keep your eye on, is not one in the Bible but one that has been built up heavy in the media concerning the year 2012, said to be forecast by the Maya and that on Dec. 21, 2012, the sun's equator, and the earth's equator and that Milky Way Galaxy's "equator" will all be aligned. As the sun and earth move from the bottom side of the Galaxy's equator to the top, the magnetic fields will change and during the change, the earth's rotation and axis could become unstable. Because we don't know if anything might happen or not, we can not be sure of what could or might happen. But with all the build up being made in the media, it is possible that those in power could make something happen, but who knows what that might be. It might be the arrival of the antichrist. It could be anything but I expect something to be done, but likely by man, not God. Just a thought.

But worth every consideration is that Freemsons love to use astronomy both pagan and original, to time their plans and events. Nothing was done by accident. Now if you wanted to put over a tall tale and make people believe it is the herald of a new age of hope and reason where peace and prosperity will reign, what date would you choose? the bigger and more significant the astronomical event, the better. How about  the galaxy, Sun, and earth all aligned and then us moving into the upper hemisphere of the galaxy as if entering a new hemisphere and a new beginning to a new cycle. I can not think of any event that could be used more significantly and  symbolically than that one. Dec. 21, 2012 and after has got to be the time. I would be very surprised if it was not. But anytime not long after would also fit. Call it temporal proximity!

So you see, things are heating up and moving fast. It won't be long now. But lucky us. We got the news in advance from an other worldly source, namely the creator of the universe in its entirety, the God who goes by the name of Jehovah/Yahuwah. Yeah, some say Yahweh but they are wrong. So you have a nice set of things to watch for as the 7 last years tick away. They begin when the antichrist shows up and makes a deal. Now Here is another interpretation of prophecy by me in the next section.

The Last Lie Part 2            New Section 2011 Sep. 8
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From the American Free Press (, issue 37, Sep. 12, 2011, page 10:
Creating Our Next Enemy - Globalists, little green men from Mars and the possibility of an extraterrestrial false-flag attack to usher in NWO
By Keith Johnson

The article has lots to say about a possible "Alien Invasion" staged by those in power on earth, not from other planets, to pretend to be harmful invaders which will cause earth to unite in the crisis to fend off the supposed enemy from outer-space. Now just 5 years ago, this would sound totally insane. But you will find many messages on YouTube and other internet sources suggesting this very thing.

Johnson asks the following: "The mainstream has been playing up the fanciful idea that an alien invasion is not only plausible, but inevitable. Why?"

So you see, its even being promoted by mainstream media as a good possibility. But as Johnson said, Why? How? Based on what? But know this, my friends, if I have any ;-) They have been planning the sorts of things since they got a hold of this UFO tech from the conquered Germans after their surrender at the end of WWII. Germans were close to making this technology operational. They had not yet solved the means to control and navigate the craft sufficiently or WWII might have had a very different outcome. That is why the allies launch 6.500 ships in a panic to get over there and stop all war production. There are reasonably well known books writing of these things. I link to them on my book recommendation on the home page here.

Our huge military budgets as well as our secret 2nd set of books that track all sources of income and spending, which account for vastly more money than has ever been admitted to publicly, has been supplied by unfathomable amounts of money to build great fleets of UFOs, and likely bases all over the world and on the moon and Mars, quite likely. the stage is set for the final great performance, the last act in this tragedy of history to unfold. And we all get to star in it!

Now it has been theorized that the New World Order, those who rule the world, might be or have been planning a World War III. Not a real one, but a pretend one, though the casualties will not be pretend. and then when all seems lost, the hero UFO good guys come in and save us. Supposed salvation by God! We do not know if either of these scenarios will prove to be or not, but it is likely that one of the other will be, if not somehow, both. But for sure, UFO tech is certain to play a big role in this deceptive lie played on us all. Real sincere Christians will not be fooled.

That Final Week of Years    in Daniel 9
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Daniel, a book largely about the antichrist and the last 7 years of events, has some particularly relevant info in Chap. 9.
Daniel 9:
23 At the beginning of your prayers the word came forth, and I have come to explain it. For you are greatly beloved. Then understand the matter and pay attention to the vision:
24 Seventy weeks are decreed as to your people, and as to your holy city, to finish the transgression, and to make an end of sins, and to make atonement for iniquity, and to bring in everlasting righteousness, and to seal up the vision and prophecy, and to anoint the Most Holy.
25 Know, then, and understand that from the going out of a word to restore and to rebuild Jerusalem, to Messiah the Prince, shall be seven weeks and sixty two weeks. The street shall be built again, and the wall, even in times of affliction.
26 And after sixty two weeks, Messiah shall be cut off, but not for Himself. And the people of a coming prince shall destroy the city and the sanctuary. And its end shall be with the flood, and ruins are determined, and war shall be until the end.
27 And he shall confirm a covenant with the many for one week. And in the middle of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the offering to cease. And on a wing of the altar will be abominations that desolate, even until the end. And that which was decreed shall pour out on the desolator.

This has been a puzzling account, especially 26 and 27. But a careful study of Dan. 9-11 shows a habit of starting off in the past and then jumping ahead to the future near the end. In 26, We see the Messiah cut off, calculated by me at 33 AD, 3.5 years after his preaching commenced. And then a people and a prince destroy the city and sanctuary, Jerusalem and its temple complex, which Jesus said would happen as punishment. But then it says that war shall be till the end. Indeed, someone was always trying to bring back the roman Empire or something similar to it, such as the so called Holy Roman Empire of Charlemagne. What was sort of secretly communicated with this is that one after another would be trying to gain control of the whole world and constant war would be the continual prominent feature.

But as well, it points us to the end, war to the end and then 27 addresses that end time, though not real obvious until compared with other accounts in Daniel and Revelation. Many good Bible scholars have recognized this jump but some do dispute it as well. Isaac Newton saw it a a jump. Floyd Nolan Jones sees the jump. It is the antichrist making a deal for 1 week of years, 7 days of years. That is, 7 years. In the middle of that week he shall cause another sacrifice and offering to cease.

This time it is Christians who are making the offerings and sacrifices by their words and preaching. This account perfectly parallels Revelation 12. The Christians as the "locusts" and "2 witnesses" are completely shut down in their preaching, never to be heard from again, so some think. This is at the 3.5 year mark of the 7 years. This shut down with some executions and mass imprisonment will be an abomination that indeed, does desolate God's temple, which is Christians, pillars in the temple of God as Peter puts it.

As well, the antichrist claiming to be Jesus in the temple, as if a temple and sacrifices were needed anymore, since the sacrificial death of the Messiah, will also constitute an abomination and will also cause desolation all around the world as the imposter through peace kills many. But the desolator will become the desolated as he is killed, not by hand (of man). He will desolate till his end at the end of the 7 years. He is left with 3.5 years after he cuts off true faithful loyal Christianity (not to be confused with the counterfeit sell out Christianity that takes the number of the beast and goes along with the antichrist), and then he dies and Christians are turned loose and come back to life, so to speak.

This 7 week period is so emphasized in Revelation and Daniel. 3.5 and 7 are everywhere in those books. God made 7 special from the beginning of time. 7 days of creation, 7 days in a week, & everywhere so we could not miss this symbolization. Yet, some do miss it today but that is because they are covering for the antichrist they know is to come, whom they will cooperate with and follow, all the way to the lake of fire. But we will not be caught off guard. We know its coming and only for 3.5 years.

God is so generous that He gives us a detailed event to happen in the last days between the King of the North and the King of the South, just before the 1st 3.5 years is up. The King of the North fails for the first time in a long time, at the hands of the ships of Kittim on behalf of the King of the South. It is this event that causes the King of the North to come home embarrasses and simmering. He then strikes out at Christians at the urging of others, possibly to divert attention. So when we see this event, we will know some of us are to die and most are about to be imprisoned for the last 3.5 years. So even in this, we can brace ourselves and pray for we will know it is coming before it even gets here.

So God has not left us in the dark. He went out of His way to keep this all secret and reveal everything about the last 7 years to help any who are willing to listen to Him. Not many years prior, likely 10 years or less, I suspect, God sees the message gets out to prepare us in a fairly quick fashion. That is why those who claim divine inspiration of interpretation or that they had figured it all out in the 1840s or 1914 or any other time prior to the 21st century, are deceived and do not truly discern the scriptures as they ought to.

Lacking in these end time chronologies are an appreciation of the prophecies pointing to the last 7 years of termination of this world and age/epoch. They imagine the last days as perhaps entailing the last hundred years or so, or perhaps the period of the Industrial Revolution. They are wrong. They missed the boat and their claims betray their lack of divine inspiration to interpret.

Many of these groups did not come about until the period called the Great Awakening came along about 1840 along with the Great Disappointment of 1844. some have come along since but still too early. Certainly the well known USA 9-11 event of the Twin Towers attack in NYC was as decisive an event as could ever be for ringing in the beginning of the last days. For from that day forward, we have been marching far faster toward a military police state, economic collapse of the entire world and a looming 3rd major world war.

But most significant to me is that the scriptures indicate that the coming of the man of sin, the son of perdition, the false prophet and antichrist, will be the most prominent sign there is or can be. When he comes, we will know its almost over. When he concludes a 7 year covenant, then we know there are 7 years left, and only 3.5 years before true Christianity is attacked and wiped out for the remaining 3.5 years. Now while the Bible/Jesus does say that we do not know the day or the hour, he speaks of the antichrist being the signal or alarm that the last 7 years have begun. It is that last day/hour, so to speak that we do not know exactly. But when antichrist arrives, it is the last hour, so to speak, the last 7 years that we have been given so much detail of.

One more point to make. The various symbols of the last days, naming the various parties involved against us, these are important to get right and most are getting them wrong. I suspect that most of them getting this wrong are doing so deliberately, since they have already been gathered into the fold of allies who are against God and His people. So they seek to fool and mislead the people, even the elect of God if possible, into falling for the Deceiver and Desolator.

These liars are trying to hide the truth for even as I write, they have this whole thing worked out and are just waiting for the right time to begin the final sequence, which has been many centuries in the making, plotting, and planning. Rome was not built in  a day and neither was this plot planned or hatched in a day. Since the days of Babylon and Rome, some have been scheming to conquer the world for their own selfish gain and pleasure at the expense of a far great majority of the world.

So be careful about who is what symbol. All these groups allied under the dragon all hate God and God's people. It is a very serious hatred, too! It will be very nasty and uncalled for. Christians can not afford to miss this if they are  to cope with it successfully. Some say false religion is Babylon. But religion is not the force that rules over all the kings. In fact, religion is ruled by kings and big business and finance. There exist far more powerful forces than religion. None today is more powerful than money. It drove the Industrial Revolution and the overthrow of many nations.

I propose that the answers are all around those who are awake. But for those who sleep, nothing is visible or apparent, even as God so desired. I should not have to point out who the enemies of God are for they are so obvious and manifest that it is shameful to even admit that one does not see. But those who see are those who are truly led by God and His spirit. They will know, says Daniel.

SO if you have not figured it all out by now, you need to act with great urgency and haste. The time left is very little. It is time to panic, so to speak. Now is the time more than even to wake up and apply yourself with great effort and diligence to grasp the true message of the Bible that so many have been missing for so long.

Irenaeus' Against the Heresies, Book 5

Chap. 26 The Apocalypse and Daniel
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1. In a still clearer light has John, in the Apocalypse, indicated to the Lord's disciples what shall happen in the last times, and concerning the ten kings who shall then arise, among whom the empire which now rules [the earth] shall be partitioned. He teaches us what the ten horns shall be which were seen by Daniel, telling us that thus it had been said to him: "And the ten horns which you sawest are ten kings, who have received no kingdom as yet, but shall receive power as if kings one hour with the beast. These have one mind, and give their strength and power to the beast. These shall make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb shall overcome them, because He is the Lord of lords and the King of kings."

It is manifest, therefore, that of these [potentates], he who is to come shall slay three, and subject the remainder to his power, and that he shall be himself the eighth among them. And they shall lay Babylon waste, and burn her with fire, and shall give their kingdom to the beast, and put the Church to flight. After that they shall be destroyed by the coming of our Lord. For that the kingdom must be divided, and thus come to ruin, the Lord [declares when He] says: "Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand." It must be, therefore, that the kingdom, the city, and the house be divided into ten; and for this reason He has already foreshadowed the partition and division [which shall take place].

Daniel also says particularly, that the end of the fourth kingdom consists in the toes of the image seen by Nebuchadnezzar, upon which came the stone cut out without hands; and as he does himself say: "The feet were indeed the one part iron, the other part clay, until the stone was cut out without hands, and struck the image upon the iron and clay feet, and dashed them into pieces, even to the end." Then afterwards, when interpreting this, he says: "And as you sawest the feet and the toes, partly indeed of clay, and partly of iron, the kingdom shall be divided, and there shall be in it a root of iron, as you sawest iron mixed with baked clay. And the toes were indeed the one part iron, but the other part clay." The ten toes, therefore, are these ten kings, among whom the kingdom shall be partitioned, of whom some indeed shall be strong and active, or energetic; others, again, shall be sluggish and useless, and shall not agree; as also Daniel says: "Some part of the kingdom shall be strong, and part shall be broken from it. As you sawest the iron mixed with the baked clay, there shall be minglings among the human race, but no cohesion one with the other, just as iron cannot be welded on to pottery ware."

And since an end shall take place, he says: "And in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven raise up a kingdom which shall never decay, and His kingdom shall not be left to another people. It shall break in pieces and shatter all kingdoms, and shall itself be exalted for ever. As you sawest that the stone was cut without hands from the mountain, and brake in pieces the baked clay, the iron, the brass, the silver, and the gold, God has pointed out to the king what shall come to pass after these things; and the dream is true, and the interpretation trustworthy."

[{ I thought this chapter interesting because it is an example of how Irenaeus is too far removed from the time in the future when this is all to happen. I do not believe the 10 horns of Revelation are related to the 10 toes of Daniel. In fact, I do not believe the 10 toes have any significance at all. But Irenaeus did understand that what John revealed in Revelation was definitely clearer light on those last times. But as we know, Rome met its end and was dissolved long before our time so it could not be part of the fulfillment of the last days. They did not know that then. But they did understand there was to be an end and a restitution of God's Kingdom over all the earth. }]

Chap. 27
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1. If the Father, then, does not exercise judgment, [it follows] that judgment does not belong to Him, or that He consents to all those actions which take place; and if He does not judge, all persons will be equal, and accounted in the same condition. The advent of Christ will therefore be without an object, yea, absurd, inasmuch as [in that case] He exercises no judicial power.

Has the Word come for the ruin and for the resurrection of many? For the ruin, certainly, of those who do not believe Him, to whom also He has threatened a greater damnation in the judgment-day than that of Sodom and Gomorrah; but for the resurrection of believers, and those who do the will of His Father in heaven. If then the advent of the Son comes indeed alike to all, but is for the purpose of judging, and separating the believing from the unbelieving, since, as those who believe do His will agreeably to their own choice, and as, [also] agreeably to their own choice, the disobedient do not consent to His doctrine; it is manifest that His Father has made all in a like condition, each person having a choice of his own, and a free understanding; and that He has regard to all things, and exercises a providence over all, "making His sun to rise upon the evil and on the good, and sending rain upon the just and unjust."

Chap. 28 More on the judgement and apocalypse
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1. Inasmuch, then, as in this world (aiwni) some persons betake themselves to the light, and by faith unite themselves with God, but others shun the light, and separate themselves from God, the Word of God comes preparing a fit habitation for both. For those indeed who are in the light, that they may derive enjoyment from it, and from the good things contained in it; but for those in darkness, that they may partake in its calamities. And on this account He says, that those upon the right hand are called into the kingdom of heaven, but that those on the left He will send into eternal fire for they have deprived themselves of all good.

[{ Take note in the next paragraph how Paul's description of the Man of Lawlessness, the Lawless One, in 2 Thessalonians 2 is applied to the Antichrist. There was apparently talk of such a man or leader but not in language I had always discerned. Antichrist and Lawless One were 2 ways that this person was referred to. But that he is the beast, this I am not so sure of. I take the beast to be a national or political power of some sort. But I could always be wrong. But there are clearly nations and powers referred to in Revelation and I do not recall John specifically referring to the Antichrist in Revelation. Rather, that one was indicated in his letters instead. }]

2. And for this reason the apostle says: "Because they received not the love of God, that they might be saved, therefore God shall also send them the operation of error, that they may believe a lie, that they all may be judged who have not believed the truth, but consented to unrighteousness." For when he (Antichrist) is come, and of his own accord concentrates in his own person the apostasy, and accomplishes whatever he shall do according to his own will and choice, sitting also in the temple of God, so that his dupes may adore him as the Christ; wherefore also shall he deservedly "be cast into the lake of fire:" [this will happen according to divine appointment], God by His prescience foreseeing all this, and at the proper time sending such a man, "that they may believe a lie, that they all may be judged who did not believe the truth, but consented to unrighteousness;" whose coming John has thus described in the Apocalypse:

"And the beast which I had seen was like unto a leopard, and his feet as of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion; and the dragon conferred his own power upon him, and his throne, and great might. And one of his heads was as it were slain unto death; and his deadly wound was healed, and all the world wondered after the beast. And they worshipped the dragon because he gave power to the beast; and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto this beast, and who is able to make war with him? And there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things, and blasphemy and power was given to him during forty and two months. And he opened his mouth for blasphemy against God, to blaspheme His name and His tabernacle, and those who dwell in heaven. And power was given him over every tribe, and people, and tongue, and nation. And all who dwell upon the earth worshipped him, [every one] whose name was not written in the book of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world. If any one have ears, let him hear. If any one shall lead into captivity, he shall go into captivity. If any shall slay with the sword, he must be slain with the sword. Here is the endurance and the faith of the saints."

After this he likewise describes his armour-bearer, whom he also terms a false prophet: "He spake as a dragon, and exercised all the power of the first beast in his sight, and caused the earth, and those that dwell therein, to adore the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed. And he shall perform great wonders, so that he can even cause fire to descend from heaven upon the earth in the sight of men, and he shall lead the inhabitants of the earth astray." Let no one imagine that he performs these wonders by divine power, but by the working of magic.

[{ I am not so sure that even magic will be performed. The "great wonders" could be anything that seems marvelous or incredible, more in the realm of political events or accomplishments, or very advanced man-made technology such as UFOs and free energy. People will be impressed and seduced into following along with the leadership. }]

And we must not be surprised if, since the demons and apostate spirits are at his service, he through their means performs wonders, by which he leads the inhabitants of the earth astray. John says further: "And he shall order an image of the beast to be made, and he shall give breath to the image, so that the image shall speak; and he shall cause those to be slain who will not adore it." He says also: "And he will cause a mark [to be put] in the forehead and in the fight hand, that no one may be able to buy or sell, unless he who has the mark of the name of the beast or the number of his name; and the number is six hundred and sixty-six," that is, six times a hundred, six times ten, and six units. [He gives this] as a summing up of the whole of that apostasy which has taken place during six thousand years.

[{ This last comment was an eye catcher and is further explained next. }]

3. For in as many days as this world was made, in so many thousand years shall it be concluded. And for this reason the Scripture says: "Thus the heaven and the earth were finished, and all their adornment. And God brought to a conclusion upon the sixth day the works that He had made; and God rested upon the seventh day from all His works." This is an account of the things formerly created, as also it is a prophecy of what is to come. For the day of the Lord is as a thousand years; and in six days created things were completed: it is evident, therefore, that they will come to an end at the sixth thousand year.

[{ Of course, Jesus said that no one knows the day of the hour, so it could not possibly mean exactly 6000 years. It could easily indicate approximately 6000 years, perhaps being just a bit more than that since if Adam was born in 4010 BC, we would have already achieved nearly 6014 years to 2004 AD (and 6022 to 2012). But the following scripture would justify that.

Habakuk 2:3 For the vision is still for the fixed time, and it is moving quickly to the end, and it will not be false: even if it is slow in coming, go on waiting for it; because it will certainly come, it will not be kept back. (Bible in Basic English - BBE)

That scripture indicates that it might seem a little late or delaying but it is not late. 6000 was not an exact figure and could not be according to the words of Jesus previously quoted. Irenaeus states confidently that the creation account was also a prophecy. So I am assuming this is what had been handed down by the Apostles, if it is so and I suspect it is.}]

4. And therefore throughout all time, man, having been molded at the beginning by the hands of God, that is, of the Son and of the Spirit, is made after the image and likeness of God: the chaff, indeed, which is the apostasy, being cast away; but the wheat, that is, those who bring forth fruit to God in faith, being gathered into the barn. And for this cause tribulation is necessary for those who are saved, that having been after a manner broken up, and rendered fine, and sprinkled over by the patience of the Word of God, and set on fire [for purification], they may be fitted for the royal banquet. As a certain man of ours said, when he was condemned to the wild beasts because of his testimony with respect to God: "I am the wheat of Christ, and am ground by the teeth of the wild beasts, that I may be found the pure bread of God."

Chap. 29 Alleged Symbolisms of 666
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2. And there is therefore in this beast, when he comes, a recapitulation made of all sorts of iniquity and of every deceit, in order that all apostate power, flowing into and being shut up in him, may be sent into the furnace of fire. Fittingly, therefore, shall his name possess the number six hundred and sixty-six, since he sums up in his own person all the commixture of wickedness which took place previous to the deluge, due to the apostasy of the angels. For Noah was six hundred years old when the deluge came upon the earth, sweeping away the rebellious world, for the sake of that most infamous generation which lived in the times of Noah. And [Antichrist] also sums up every error of devised idols since the flood, together with the slaying of the prophets and the cutting off of the just. For that image which was set up by Nebuchadnezzar had indeed a height of sixty cubits, while the breadth was six cubits; on account of which Ananias, Azarias, and Misael, when they did not worship it, were cast into a furnace of fire, pointing out prophetically, by what happened to them, the wrath against the righteous which shall arise towards the [time of the] end. For that image, taken as a whole, was a prefiguring of this man's coming, decreeing that he should undoubtedly himself alone be worshipped by all men. Thus, then, the six hundred years of Noah, in whose time the deluge occurred because of the apostasy, and the number of the cubits of the image for which these just men were sent into the fiery furnace, do indicate the number of the name of that man in whom is concentrated the whole apostasy of six thousand years, and unrighteousness, and wickedness, and false prophecy, and deception; for which things' sake a cataclysm of fire shall also come [upon the earth].

[{ I am not sure if this is so but it is an interesting explanation. I agree that the number is symbolic and so this explanation has that much going for it. }]

Chap. 30 Verification of chap. 29 & 666
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1. Such, then, being the state of the case, and this number being found in all the most approved and ancient copies [of the Apocalypse], and those men who saw John face to face bearing their testimony [to it]; while reason also leads us to conclude that the number of the name of the beast, [if reckoned] according to the Greek mode of calculation by the [value of] the letters contained in it, will amount to six hundred and sixty and six; that is, the number of tens shall be equal to that of the hundreds, and the number of hundreds equal to that of the units (for that number which [expresses] the digit six being adhered to throughout, indicates the recapitulations of that apostasy, taken in its full extent, which occurred at the beginning, during the intermediate periods, and which shall take place at the end).

I do not know how it is that some have erred following the ordinary mode of speech, and have vitiated the middle number in the name, deducting the amount of fifty from it, so that instead of six decads they will have it that there is but one. [I am inclined to think that this occurred through the fault of the copyists, as is wont to happen, since numbers also are expressed by letters; so that the Greek letter which expresses the number sixty was easily expanded into the letter Iota of the Greeks.] Others then received this reading without examination; some in their simplicity, and upon their own responsibility, making use of this number expressing one decad; while some, in their inexperience, have ventured to seek out a name which should contain the erroneous and spurious number. Now, as regards those who have done this in simplicity, and without evil intent, we are at liberty to assume that pardon will be granted them by God.

But as for those who, for the sake of vainglory, lay it down for certain that names containing the spurious number are to be accepted, and affirm that this name, hit upon by themselves, is that of him who is to come; such persons shall not come forth without loss, because they have led into error both themselves and those who confided in them. Now, in the first place, it is loss to wander from the truth, and to imagine that as being the case which is not; then again, as there shall be no light punishment [inflicted] upon him who either adds or subtracts anything from the Scripture, under that such a person must necessarily fall. Moreover, another danger, by no means trifling, shall overtake those who falsely presume that they know the name of Antichrist. For if these men assume one [number], when this [Antichrist] shall come having another, they will be easily led away by him, as supposing him not to be the expected one, who must be guarded against.

[{ Here is another good reason why I do not agree with those who seek to calculate the number of names as a means to indicate the Antichrist. Since I believe it is symbolic, I believe they are wasting their time.
Next: }]

[{ Out of Dan! }]

2. These men, therefore, ought to learn [what really is the state of the case], and go back to the true number of the name, that they be not reckoned among false prophets. But, knowing the sure number declared by Scripture, that is, six hundred sixty and six, let them await, in the first place, the division of the kingdom into ten; then, in the next place, when these kings are reigning, and beginning to set their affairs in order, and advance their kingdom, [let them learn] to acknowledge that he who shall come claiming the kingdom for himself, and shall terrify those men of whom we have been speaking, having a name containing the aforesaid number, is truly the abomination of desolation. This, too, the apostle affirms: "When they shall say, Peace and safety, then sudden destruction shall come upon them." And Jeremiah [8:16] does not merely point out his sudden coming, but he even indicates the tribe from which he shall come, where he says, "We shall hear the voice of his swift horses from Dan; the whole earth shall be moved by the voice of the neighing of his galloping horses: he shall also come and devour the earth, and the fullness thereof, the city also, and they that dwell therein." This, too, is the reason that this tribe is not reckoned in the Apocalypse along with those which are saved.

[{ This is not the only scripture referring to Dan but it is one of them and it explains the mystery of why Dan is left out of the 12 tribes of Israel listed in Revelation 7 and 14. Irenaeus seems to be suggesting that Jeremiah 8:16 had a double meaning, which of course, is not uncommon in prophecy. The horses are those of God, since He picks the nation, Babylon, to carry out judgment on behalf of God.

Irenaeus recognizes this scripture as also having some reference to Dan, as being the horses coming down from the north to devour the earth, and the fullness of the earth, not just Jerusalem and Judah. As well, since Babylon represents apostate Israel/Judah, in other prophecies, Babylon devours the earth and its fullness, and Dan in particular, seems to play a role as "Babylon," and devourer and predator.}]
[{ We will know when it happens! }]

3. It is therefore more certain, and less hazardous, to await the fulfillment of the prophecy, than to be making surmises, and casting about for any names that may present themselves, inasmuch as many names can be found possessing the number mentioned; and the same question will, after all, remain unsolved. For if there are many names found possessing this number, it will be asked which among them shall the coming man bear.

We will not, however, incur the risk of pronouncing positively as to the name of Antichrist; for if it were necessary that his name should be distinctly revealed in this present time, it would have been announced by him who beheld the apocalyptic vision. For that was seen no very long time since, but almost in our day, towards the end of Domitian's reign.

4. But he indicates the number of the name now, that when this man comes we may avoid him, being aware who he is: the name, however, is suppressed, because it is not worthy of being proclaimed by the Holy Spirit. For if it had been declared by Him, he (Antichrist) might perhaps continue for a long period. But now as "he was, and is not, and shall ascend out of the abyss, and goes into perdition," as one who has no existence; so neither has his name been declared, for the name of that which does not exist is not proclaimed. But when this Antichrist shall have devastated all things in this world, he will reign for three years and six months, and sit in the temple at Jerusalem; and then the Lord will come from heaven in the clouds, in the glory of the Father, sending this man and those who follow him into the lake of fire; but bringing in for the righteous the times of the kingdom, that is, the rest, the hallowed seventh day; and restoring to Abraham the promised inheritance, in which kingdom the Lord declared, that "many coming from the east and from the west should sit down with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob."

[{ Some do not believe that we have yet to enter the 7th day of rest as indicated by Paul in Hebrews. But it would appear here that Irenaeus believed we have yet to enter it. I bring this up, too, because it demonstrates, as do other references to the days of creation we have considered here, the those creative days were indeed, symbolic and not literal, thereby no requiring the heavens and the earth to be created in 6 literal days. }]

Chap. 34
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2. "Happy are those servants whom the Lord when He cometh shall find watching. Verily I say unto you, that He shall gird Himself, and make them to sit down [to meat], and will come forth and serve them. And if He shall come in the evening watch, and find them so, blessed are they, because He shall make them sit down, and minister to them; or if this be in the second, or it be in the third, blessed are they." Again John also says the very same in the Apocalypse: "Blessed and holy is he who has part in the first resurrection." Then, too, Isaiah has declared the time when these events shall occur; he says: "And I said, Lord, how long? Until the cities be wasted without inhabitant, and the houses be without men, and the earth be left a desert. And after these things the LORD shall remove us men far away (longe nos faciet Deus homines), and those who shall remain shall multiply upon the earth." Then Daniel also says this very thing: "And the kingdom and dominion, and the greatness of those under the heaven, is given to the saints of the Most High God, whose kingdom is everlasting, and all dominions shall serve and obey Him." And lest the promise named should be understood as referring to this time, it was declared to the prophet: "And come thou, and stand in your lot at the consummation of the days."

Chap. 35
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1. If, however, any shall endeavour to allegorize [prophecies] of this kind, they shall not be found consistent with themselves in all points, and shall be confuted by the teaching of the very expressions [in question]. For example: "When the cities" of the Gentiles "shall be desolate, so that they be not inhabited, and the houses so that there shall be no men in them and the land shall be left desolate." "For, behold," says Isaiah, "the day of the LORD cometh past remedy, full of fury and wrath, to lay waste the city of the earth, and to root sinners out of it." And again he says, "Let him be taken away, that he behold not the glory of God."

And when these things are done, he says, "God will remove men far away, and those that are left shall multiply in the earth." "And they shall build houses, and shall inhabit them themselves: and plant vineyards, and eat of them themselves." (Isaiah 65) For all these and other words were unquestionably spoken in reference to the resurrection of the just, which takes place after the coming of Antichrist, and the destruction of all nations under his rule; in [the times of] which [resurrection] the righteous shall reign in the earth, waxing stronger by the sight of the Lord: and through Him they shall become accustomed to partake in the glory of God the Father, and shall enjoy in the kingdom intercourse and communion with the holy angels, and union with spiritual beings; and [with respect to] those whom the Lord shall find in the flesh, awaiting Him from heaven, and who have suffered tribulation, as well as escaped the hands of the Wicked one. For it is in reference to them that the prophet says: "And those that are left shall multiply upon the earth,"

[{ Irenaeus and others of his time apparently believed that there would be people still on earth after the end. This will become more clear shortly. }]

2. Now all these things being such as they are, cannot be understood in reference to super-celestial matters; "for God," it is said, "will show to the whole earth that is under heaven your glory." But in the times of the kingdom, the earth has been called again by Christ [to its pristine condition], and Jerusalem rebuilt after the pattern of the Jerusalem above, of which the prophet Isaiah says, "Behold, I have depicted your walls upon my hands, and you art always in my sight," And the apostle, too, writing to the Galatians, says in like manner, "But the Jerusalem which is above is free, which is the mother of us all." He does not say this with any thought of an erratic AEon, or of any other power which departed from the Pleroma, or of Prunicus, but of the Jerusalem which has been delineated on [God's] hands.

And in the Apocalypse John saw this new [Jerusalem] descending upon the new earth. For after the times of the kingdom, he says, "I saw a great white throne, and Him who sat upon it, from whose face the earth fled away, and the heavens; and there was no more place for them." And he sets forth, too, the things connected with the general resurrection and the judgment, mentioning "the dead, great and small." "The sea," he says, "gave up the dead which it had in it, and death and hell delivered up the dead that they contained; and the books were opened. Moreover," he says, "the book of life was opened, and the dead were judged out of those things that were written in the books, according to their works; and death and hell were sent into the lake of fire, the second death."

Now this is what is called Gehenna, which the Lord styled eternal fire. "And if any one," it is said, "was not found written in the book of life, he was sent into the lake of fire." And after this, he says, "I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and earth have passed away; also there was no more sea. And I saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from heaven, as a bride adorned for her husband." "And I heard," it is said, "a great voice from the throne, saying, Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men, and He will dwell with them; and they shall be His people, and God Himself shall be with them as their God. And He will wipe away every tear from their eyes; and death shall be no more, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain, because the former things have passed away."

Isaiah also declares the very same: "For there shall be a new heaven and a new earth; and there shall be no remembrance of the former, neither shall the heart think about them, but they shall find in it joy and exultation." Now this is what has been said by the apostle: "For the fashion of this world passeth away." To the same purpose did the Lord also declare, "Heaven and earth shall pass away." When these things, therefore, pass away above the earth, John, the Lord's disciple, says that the new Jerusalem above shall [then] descend, as a bride adorned for her husband; and that this is the tabernacle of God, in which God will dwell with men.

Of this Jerusalem the former one is an image--that Jerusalem of the former earth in which the righteous are disciplined beforehand for incorruption and prepared for salvation. And of this tabernacle Moses received the pattern in the mount; and nothing is capable of being allegorized, but all things are steadfast, and true, land substantial, having been made by God for righteous men's enjoyment. For as it is God truly who raises up man, so also does man truly rise from the dead, and not allegorically, as I have shown repeatedly. And as he rises actually, so also shall he be actually disciplined beforehand for incorruption, and shall go forwards and flourish in the times of the kingdom, in order that he may be capable of receiving the glory of the Father. Then, when all things are made new, he shall truly dwell in the city of God. For it is said, "He that sitteth on the throne said, Behold, I make all things new. And the Lord says, Write all this; for these words are faithful and true. And He said to me, They are done." And this is the truth of the matter.

Chap. 36
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1. For since there are real men, so must there also be a real establishment (plantationem), that they vanish not away among non-existent things, but progress among those which have an actual existence. For neither is the substance nor the essence of the creation annihilated (for faithful and true is He who has established it), but "the fashion of the world passeth away;" that is, those things among which transgression has occurred, since man has grown old in them. And therefore this [present] fashion has been formed temporary, God foreknowing all things; as I have pointed out in the preceding book, and have also shown, as far as was possible, the cause of the creation of this world of temporal things. But when this [present] fashion [of things] passes away, and man has been renewed, and flourishes in an incorruptible state, so as to preclude the possibility of becoming old, [then] there shall be the new heaven and the new earth, in which the new man shall remain [continually], always holding fresh converse with God. And since (or, that) these things shall ever continue without end, Isaiah declares, "For as the new heavens and the new earth which I do make, continue in my sight, says the LORD, so shall your seed and your name remain." And as the presbyters say, Then those who are deemed worthy of an abode in heaven shall go there, others shall enjoy the delights of paradise, and others shall possess the splendour of the city; for everywhere the Saviour shall be seen according as they who see Him shall be worthy.

[{ It is clear here that early Christians recognized that there was more than one destiny for humans. While some would go to heaven, others would remain. They knew it then but it somehow got forgotten as time went on. }]

2. [They say, moreover], that there is this distinction between the habitation of those who produce an hundred-fold, and that of those who produce sixty-fold, and that of those who produce thirty-fold: for the first will be taken up into the heavens, the second will dwell in paradise, the last will inhabit the city; and that was on this account the Lord declared, "In My Father's house are many mansions." For all things belong to God, who supplies all with a suitable dwelling-place; even as His Word says, that a share is allotted to all by the Father, according as each person is or shall be worthy. And this is the couch on which the guests shall recline, having been invited to the wedding.

The presbyters, the disciples of the apostles, affirm that this is the gradation and arrangement of those who are saved, and that they advance through steps of this nature; also that they ascend through the Spirit to the Son, and through the Son to the Father, and that in due time the Son will yield up His work to the Father, even as it is said by the apostle, "For He must reign till He hath put all enemies under His feet. The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death." For in the times of the kingdom, the righteous man who is upon the earth shall then forget to die. "But when He says, All things shall be subdued unto Him, it is manifest that He is excepted who did put all things under Him. And when all things shall be subdued unto Him, then shall the Son also Himself be subject unto Him who put all things under Him, that God may be all in all."

3. John, therefore, did distinctly foresee the first "resurrection of the just," and the inheritance in the kingdom of the earth; and what the prophets have prophesied concerning it harmonize [with his vision]. For the Lord also taught these things, when He promised that He would have the mixed cup new with His disciples in the kingdom. The apostle, too, has confessed that the creation shall be free from the bondage of corruption, [so as to pass] into the liberty of the sons of God. And in all these things, and by them all, the same God the Father is manifested, who fashioned man, and gave promise of the inheritance of the earth to the fathers, who brought it (the creature) forth [from bondage] at the resurrection of the just, and fulfils the promises for the kingdom of His Son; subsequently bestowing in a paternal manner those things which neither the eye has seen, nor the ear has heard, nor has [thought concerning them] arisen within the heart of man, For there is the one Son, who accomplished His Father's will; and one human race also in which the mysteries of God are wrought, "which the angels desire to look into;" and they are not able to search out the wisdom of God, by means of Which His handiwork, confirmed and incorporated with His Son, is brought to perfection; that His offspring, the First-begotten Word, should descend to the creature (facturam), that is, to what had been molded (plasma), and that it should be contained by Him; and, on the other hand, the creature should contain the Word, and ascend to Him, passing beyond the angels, and be made after the image and likeness of God.

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[{ I think there is some fantastic stuff in this work of Hippolytus. But one must be cautious since a significant portion of what he has to say does not have direct confirmation of the scriptures. Some of it could well be his own interpretation of prophecy and for this we would want to be on the lookout. All the same, there is much that is also supported in the spirit of the scriptures and Hippolytus really seems to hit the mark at times. If it is speculation, then he shows a lot of insight into the prophecies and more power to him for that.

I do tend to think that some of his interpretations involving the antichrist were actually applied to or intended for nations or ruling powers. But that remains to be seen, doesn't it. If it happens to be me that is right, it is only because I am living so much closer to the time of actual fulfillment of prophecy. On the other hand, if Hippolytus' application turns out to be more correct, it was because he was closer to the first sources of those prophecies and their understanding. But I feel the advantage lies with me since it was told to Daniel and others that it was not for them to understand the prophecies which they were given but would be understood in the end. But only time can truly declare the winner.

Either way, I believe a reading of Hippolytus will be most beneficial and enlightening for its possibilities. Enjoy! }]

(1) I.
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SINCE, then, the blessed prophets have been eyes to us, setting forth for our behalf the clear declaration of things secret, both through life, and through declaration, and through inspiration of the Holy Spirit, and discoursing, too, of things not yet come to pass, in this way also to all generations they have pictured forth the grandest subjects for contemplation and for action. Thus, too, they preached of the advent of God in the flesh to the world, His advent by the spotless and God-bearing Mary in the way of birth and growth, and the manner of His life and conversation with men, and His manifestation by baptism, and the new birth that was to be to all men, and the regeneration by the layer; and the multitude of His miracles, and His blessed passion on the cross, and the insults which He bore at the hands of the Jews, and His burial, and His descent to Hades, and His ascent again, and redemption of the spirits that were of old, and the destruction of death, and His life-giving awaking from the dead, and His re-creation of the whole world, and His assumption and return to heaven, and His reception of the Spirit, of which the apostles were deemed worthy, and again the second coming, that is destined to declare all things. For as being designated seers, they of necessity signified and spoke of these things beforetime.

(2) II.

Hence, too, they indicated the day of the consummation to us, and signified beforehand the day of the apostate that is to appear and deceive men at the last times, and the beginning and end of his kingdom, and the advent of the Judge, and the life of the righteous, and the punishment of the sinners, in order that we all, bearing these things in mind day by day and hour by hour, as children of the Church, might know that "not one jot nor one title of these things shall fail," as the Savior's own word announced. Let all of you, then, of necessity, open the eyes of your hearts and the ears of your soul, and receive the word which we are about to speak. For I shall unfold to you today a narration full of horror and fear, to wit, the account of the consummation, and in particular, of the seduction of the whole world by the enemy and devil; and after these things, the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

(3) III.

Where, then, you friends of Christ, shall I begin? and with what shall I make my commencement, or what shall I expound? and what witness shall I adduce for the things spoken? But let us take those (viz., the prophets) with whom we began this discourse, and adduce them as credible witnesses, to confirm our exposition of the matters discussed; and after them the teaching, or rather the prophecy, of the apostles, (so as to see) how throughout the whole world they herald the day of the consummation. Since these, then, have also shown beforetime things not yet come to pass, and have declared the devices and deceits of wicked men, who are destined to be made manifest, come and let us bring forward Isaiah as our first witness, inasmuch as he instructs us in the times of the consummation. What, then, does he say? "Your country is desolate, your cities are burned with fire: your land, strangers devour it in your presence: the daughter of Zion shall be left as a cottage in a vineyard, and as a lodge in a garden of cucumbers, as a besieged city." You see, beloved, the prophet's illumination, whereby he announced that time so many generations before. For it is not of the Jews that he spoke this word of old, nor of the city of Zion, but of the Church. For all the prophets have declared Zion to be the bride brought from the nations.

(4) IV.
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Wherefore let us direct our discourse to a second witness. And of what sort is this one? Listen to Hosea, as he speaks thus grandly: "In those days the Lord shall bring on a burning wind from the desert against them, and shall make their veins dry, and shall make their springs desolate; and all their goodly vessels shall be spoiled. Because they rose up against God, they shall fall by the sword, and their women with child shall be ripped up." And what else is this burning wind from the east, than the Antichrist that is to destroy and dry up the veins of the waters and the fruits of the trees in his times, because men set their hearts on his works? For which reason he shall indeed destroy them, and they shall serve him in his pollution.

(5) V.

Mark the agreement of prophet with prophet. Acquaint yourself also with another prophet who expresses himself in like manner. For Amos prophesied of the same things in a manner quite in accordance: "Thus says the Lord, Forasmuch therefore as you have beaten the poor with the fist, and taken choice gifts from him: you have built houses, but you shall not dwell in them: you have planted pleasant vineyards, but you shall not drink wine of them. For I know your manifold transgressions, in trampling justice beneath your foot, and taking a bribe, and turning aside the poor in the gate from their right. Therefore the prudent shall keep silence in that time, for it is an evil time." Learn, beloved, the wickedness of the men of that time, how they spoil houses and fields, and take even justice from the just; for when these things come to pass, you may know that it is the end. For this reason are you instructed in the wisdom of the prophet, and the revelation that is to be in those days. And all the prophets, as we bare already said, have clearly signified the things that are to come to pass in the last times, just as they also have declared things of old.

(6) VI.

But not to expend our argument entirely in going over the words of all the prophets, after citing one other, let us revert to the matter in hand. What is it, then, that Micah says in his prophecy? "Thus says the Lord concerning the prophets that make my people err, that bite with their teeth, and cry to him, Peace; and if it was not put into their mouth, they prepared war against him. Therefore night shall be unto you, that you shall not have a vision; and it shall be dark unto you, that you shall not divine; and the sun shall not go down over the prophets, and the day shall be dark over them. And the seers shall be ashamed, and the diviners confounded."

These things we have recounted beforehand, in order that you may know the pain that is to be in the last times, and the perturbation, and the manner of life on the part of all men toward each other, and their envy, and hate, and strife, and the negligence of the shepherds toward the sheep, and the unruly disposition of the people toward the priests.

[{ I couldn't help but find this next one (7) fascinating since it sounds so much like our day even though there is no exact scripture referenced or quoted. But much of the sentiment has been expressed in scripture but not in the exact terms given here. }]

(7) VII.

Wherefore all shall walk after their own will. And the children will lay hands on their parents. The wife will give up her own husband to death, and the husband will bring his own wife to judgment like a criminal. Masters will lord it over their servants savagely, and servants will assume an unruly demeanor toward their masters. None will reverence the grey hairs of the elderly, and none will have pity upon the comeliness of the youthful. The temples of God will be like houses, and there will be overturnings of the churches everywhere.The Scriptures will be despised, and everywhere they will sing the songs of the adversary. Fornications, and adulteries, and perjuries will fill the land; sorceries, and incantations, and divinations will follow after these with all force and zeal. And, on the whole, from among those who profess to be Christians will rise up then false prophets, false apostles, impostors, mischief-makers, evil-doers, liars against each other, adulterers, fornicators, robbers, grasping, perjured, mendacious, hating each other. The shepherds will be like wolves; the priests will embrace falsehood; the monks will lust after the things of the world; the rich will assume hardness of heart; the rulers will not help the poor; the powerful will cast off all pity; the judges will remove justice from the just, and, blinded with bribes, they will call in unrighteousness.

[{ He describes a horrible state of Christianity which ought to make us all pause and think. Given this description which I do believe is backed by the Bible in principle, we should expect the majority of Christianity to be rotten to the core and I believe that is the case in our day. Also noteworthy were the rulers and the rich turning their backs on the poor and being harsh with them, casting off all pity. That certainly seems to be the case to me. The rich and the powerful have become absolutely ruthless. Injustice and corruption of our courts rings true to me as well. }]

(8) VIII.
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And what am I to say with respect to men, when the very elements themselves will disown their order? There will be earthquakes in every city, and plagues in every country; and monstrous thunderings and frightful lightnings will burn up both houses and fields. Storms of winds will disturb both sea and land excessively; and there will be unfruitfulness on the earth, and a roaring in the sea, and an intolerable agitation on account of souls and the destruction of men. There will be signs in the sun, and signs in the moon, deflections in the stars, distresses of nations, intemperateness in the atmosphere, discharges of hail upon the face of the earth, winters of excessive severity, different frosts, inexorable scorching winds, unexpected thunderings, unlooked-for conflagrations; and in general, lamentation and mourning in the whole earth, without consolation.

For, "because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold." By reason of the agitation and confusion of all these, the Lord of the universe cries in the Gospel, saying, "Take heed that you be not deceived; for many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ, and the time draws near: go you not therefore after them. But when you shall hear of wars and commotions, be not terrified: for these things must first come to pass; but the end is not yet by and by." Let us observe the word of the Savior, how He always admonished us with a view to our security: "Take heed that you be not deceived: for many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ."

(9) IX.

Now after He was taken up again to the Father, there arose some, saying, "I am Christ," like Simon Magus and the rest, whose names we have not time at present to mention. Wherefore also in the last day of the consummation, it must needs be that false Christs will arise again, saying, "I am Christ," and they will deceive many. And multitudes of men will run from the east even to the west, and from the north even to the sea, saying, Where is Christ here? where is Christ there? But being possessed of a vain conceit, and failing to read the Scriptures carefully, and not being of an upright mind, they will seek for a name which they shall be unable to find. For these things must first be; and thus the son of perdition--that is to say, the devil--must be seen.

(10) X.

And the apostles, who speak of God, in establishing the truth of the advent of the Lord Jesus Christ, have each of them indicated the appearing of these abominable and ruin-working men, and have openly announced their lawless deeds. First of all Peter, the rock of the faith, whom Christ our God called blessed, the teacher of the Church, the first disciple, he who has the keys of the kingdom, has instructed us to this effect: "Know this first, children, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts. And there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies." After him, John the theologian, and the beloved of Christ, in harmony with him, cries, "The children of the devil are manifest; and even now are there many antichrists; but go not after them. Believe not every spirit, because many false prophets are gone out into the world." And then Jude, the brother of James, speaks in like manner: "In the last times there shall be mockers, walking after their own ungodly lusts. There be they who, without fear, feed themselves." You have observed the concord of the theologians and apostles, and the harmony of their doctrine.

(11) XI.
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Finally, hear Paul as he speaks boldly, and mark how clearly he discovers these: "Beware of evil workers, beware of the concision. Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit. See that you walk circumspectly, because the days are evil." In fine then, what man shall have any excuse who hears these things in the Church from prophets and apostles, and from the Lord Himself, and yet will give no heed to the care of his soul, and to the time of the consummation, and to that approaching hour when we shall have to stand at the judgment seat of Christ?

(12) XII. [{ Daniel's Testimony }]

But having now done with this account of the consummation, we shall turn our exposition to those matters which fall to be stated by us next in order. I adduce, therefore, a witness altogether worthy of credit,-- namely, the prophet Daniel, (chap. 2) who interpreted the vision of Nabuchodonosor, and from the beginning of the kings down to their end indicated the right way to those who seek to walk therein--to wit, the manifestation of the truth. For what says the prophet? He presignified the matter clearly to Nabuchodonosor in the following terms: "You. O king, saw, and behold a great image standing before thee, whose head was of gold, its arms anti shoulders of silver, its belly and thighs of brass, its legs of iron, its feet part of iron and part of clay. You saw till that a stone was cut out without hand; and it smote the image upon its feet, which were part of iron and part of clay, and brake them to pieces. Then was the clay, and the iron, and the brass, and the silver, and the gold broken to pieces together, and became like the chaff of the summer threshing-floor; and the stone that smote the image became a great mountain, and filled the whole earth."

(13) XIII.

Wherefore, bringing the visions of Daniel into conjunction with these, we shall make one narrative of the two, and show how true and consistent were the things seen in vision by the prophet with those which Nabuchodonosor saw beforehand. For the prophet speaks (Dan. chap. 7) thus: "I Daniel saw, and, behold, the four winds of the heaven strove upon the great sea. And four great beasts came up from the sea, diverse one from another. The first was like a lioness, and had eagle's wings: I beheld till the wings thereof were plucked, and it was lifted up from the earth, and made stand upon the feet as a man, and a man's heart was given it. And behold a second beast, like to a bear, and it raised up itself on one side, and it had three ribs in the mouth of it between the teeth of it: and they said thus unto it, Arise, devour much flesh. After this I beheld, and lo a third beast, like a leopard, which had upon the back of it four wings of a fowl: the beast had also four heads. After this I saw, and behold a fourth beast, dreadful and terrible, and strong exceedingly; its great iron teeth and its claws of brass devoured and brake in pieces, and it stamped the residue with the feet of it: and it was diverse exceedingly from all the beasts that were before it; and it had ten horns. I considered its horns, and, behold, there came up among them a little horn, and before it there were three of the first horns plucked up by the roots: and, behold, in this horn were eyes like the eyes of man, and a mouth speaking great things."

(14) XIV.
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Now, since these things which are thus spoken mystically by the prophet seem to all to be hard to understand, we shall conceal none of them from those who are possessed of sound mind. By mentioning the first beast, namely the lioness that comes up out of the sea, Daniel means the kingdom of the Babylonians which was set up in the world; and that same is also the "golden head" of this image. And by speaking of its "wings like an eagle," he shows that king Nabuchodonosor was elevated and exalted himself against God. Then he says that its "wings were plucked out," and means by this that his glory was subverted: for he was driven from his kingdom. And in stating that a "man's heart was given it, and it was made stand upon the feet like a man," he means that he repented, and acknowledged that he was himself but a man, and gave the glory to God. Lo, I have thus unfolded the similitude of the first beast.

(15) XV.

Then after the lioness, the prophet sees a second beast like a bear, which denoted the Persians; for after the Babylonians the Persians had the sovereignty. And in saying, "I saw three ribs in the mouth of it," he referred to three nations, the Persians, Medes, and Babylonians, which were also expressed by the silver that came after the gold in the image. Behold, we have explained the second beast too. Then the third was the leopard, by which were meant the Greeks. For after the Persians, Alexander king of the Macedonians held the sovereignty, when he had destroyed Darius; and this is expressed by the brass in the image. And in speaking of "four wings of a fowl, and four heads in the beast," he showed most clearly how the kingdom of Alexander was divided into four parts. For it had four heads, --namely, the four kings that rose out of it. For on his death-bed Alexander divided his kingdom into four parts. Behold, we have discussed the third also.

(16) XVI.

Next he tells us of the "fourth beast, dreadful and terrible; its teeth were of iron, and its claws of brass." And what is meant by these but the kingdom of the Romans, which also is meant by the iron, by which it will crush all the seats of empire that were before it, and will lord it over the whole earth? After this, then, what is left for us to interpret of all that the prophet saw, but the "toes of the image, in which part was of iron and part of clay, mingled together in one?" For by the ten toes of the image he meant figuratively the ten kings who sprang out of it, as Daniel also interpreted the matter. For he says, "I considered the beast, namely the fourth; and behold ten horns after it, among which another horn arose like an offshoot; and it will pluck up by the root three of those before it." And by this offshoot horn none other is signified than the Antichrist that is to restore the kingdom of the Jews. And the three horns which are to be rooted out by it signify three kings, namely those of Egypt, Libya, and Ethiopia, whom he will destroy in the array of war; and when he has vanquished them all, being a savage tyrant, he will raise tribulation and persecution against the saints, exalting himself against them.

(17) XVII.
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You see how Daniel interpreted to Nabuchodonosor the dominion of the kingdoms; you see how he explained the form of the image in all its parts; you have observed how he indicated prophetically the meaning of the coming up of the four beasts out of the sea. It remains that we open up to you the things done by the Antichrist in particular; and, as far as in our power, declare to you by means of the Scriptures and the prophets, his wandering over the whole earth, and his lawless advent.

(18) XVIII.
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As the Lord Jesus Christ made His sojourn with us in the flesh (which He received) from the holy, immaculate Virgin, and took to Himself the tribe of Judah, and came forth from it, the Scripture declared His royal lineage in the word of Jacob, when in his benediction he addressed himself to his son in these terms: "Judah, you art he whom Your brethren shall praise: Your hands shall be on the neck of your enemies; Your father's children shall bow down before thee. Judah is a lion's whelp; from a sprout, my son, you art gone up: he stooped down, he couched as a lion, and as a lion's whelp: who shall rouse him up? A ruler shall not depart from Judah, nor a leader s from his thighs, until what is in store for him shall come, and he is the expectation of the nations." Mark these words of Jacob which were spoken to Judah, and are fulfilled in the Lord. To the same effect, moreover, does the patriarch express himself regarding Antichrist. Wherefore, as he prophesied with respect to Judah, so did he also with respect to his son Dan. For Judah was his fourth son; and Dan, again, was his seventh son. And what, then, did he say of him? "Let Dan be a serpent sitting by the way, that bites the horse's heel?" And what serpent was there but the deceiver from the beginning, he who is named in Genesis, he who deceived Eve, and bruised Adam in the heel?

[{ This account he brings up comes from Genesis 49:1 where "Then Jacob called his sons, and said, 'Gather yourselves together, that I may tell you what shall befall you in days to come.'" Dan has bad things prophesied for him in the coming days. }]

(19) XIX.

But seeing now that we must make proof of what is alleged at greater length, we shall not shrink from the task. For it is certain that he is destined to spring from the tribe of Dan, and to range himself in opposition like a princely tyrant, a terrible judge and accuser, as the prophet testifies when he says, "Dan shall judge his people, as one tribe in Israel." [Gen. 49:16] But some one may say that this was meant of Samson, who sprang from the tribe of Dan, and judged his people for twenty years. That, however, was only partially made good in the case of Samson; but this shall be fulfilled completely in the case of Antichrist. For Jeremiah, too, speaks in this manner: "From Dan we shall hear the sound of the sharpness of his horses; at the sound of the neighing of his horses the whole land trembled." [Jere.8:16] And again, Moses says: "Dan is a lion's whelp, and he shall leap from Bashan." And that no one may fall into the mistake of thinking that this is spoken of the Savior, let him attend to this. "Dan," says he, "is a lion's whelp;" and by thus naming the tribe of Dan as the one whence the accuser is destined to spring, he made the matter in hand quite clear. For as Christ is born of the tribe of Judah, so Antichrist shall be born of the tribe of Dan. And as our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the Son of God, was spoken of in prophecy as a lion on account or His royalty and glory, in the same manner also has the Scripture prophetically described the accuser as a lion, on account of his tyranny and violence.

[{ It is claimed that the antichrist is to come from Dan. It will later be related how Dan is not mentioned in the 12 tribes of Israel in Revelation 7 and 14, also mentioned by Irenaeus. All of it together seems to make the whole idea seem quite likely, in my eyes, anyway. }]

(20) XX.
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For in every respect that deceiver seeks to make himself appear like the Son of God. Christ is a lion, and Antichrist is a lion. Christ is King of things celestial and things terrestrial, and Antichrist will be king upon earth. The Savior was manifested as a lamb; and he, too, will appear as a lamb, while he is a wolf within. The Savior was circumcised, and he in like manner will appear in circumcision. The Savior sent the apostles unto all the nations, and he in like manner will send false apostles. Christ gathered together the dispersed sheep, and he in like manner will gather together the dispersed people of the Hebrews. Christ gave to those who believed on Him the honorable and life-giving cross, and he in like manner will give his own sign. Christ appeared in the form of man, and he in like manner will come forth in the form of man. Christ arose from among the Hebrews, and he will spring from among the Jews. Christ displayed His flesh like a temple, and raised it up on the third day; and he too will raise up again the temple of stone in Jerusalem. And these deceits fabricated by him will become quite intelligible to those who listen to us attentively, from what shall be set forth next in order.

[{ What is incredible to me is that many Christians believe the temple will be rebuilt and Jews will come back to Christ all as a fulfillment of God's will and prophecy. But according to this, it will be a false Christ and false deception to lead people away from God, not towards Him. How easily they will all be fooled since it is exactly what they are expecting. All because they do not understand that the law was done away with and is no longer necessary. }]

(21) XXI.

For through the Scriptures we are instructed in two advents of the Christ and Savior. And the first after the flesh was in humiliation, because He was manifested in lowly estate. So then His second advent is declared to be in glory; for He comes from heaven with power, and angels, and the glory of His Father. His first advent had John the Baptist as its forerun-her; and His second, in which He is to come in glory, will exhibit Enoch, and Elias, and John the Divine.

[{ I am not sure how he concludes that Enoch, Elias/Elijah, and the Apostle John will precede Christ's 2nd coming. For just as there were 2 advents of Christ, I also note that there are 2 sets of last days, one of which was in the days of the pouring out of spirit at Pentecost and shortly after. The later one would be the very end. }]

Behold, too, the Lord's kindness to man; how even in the last times He shows His care for mortals, and pities them. For He will not leave us even then without prophets, but will send them to us for our instruction and assurance, and to make us give heed to the advent of the adversary, as He intimated also of old in this Daniel. For he says, "I shall make a covenant of one week, and in the midst of the week my sacrifice and libation will be removed."

[{ This scripture quoted is from Daniel 9:27. }]

For by one week he indicates the showing forth of the seven years which shall be in the last times. And the half of the week the two prophets, along with John, will take for the purpose of proclaiming to all the world the advent of Antichrist, that is to say, for a "thousand two hundred and sixty days clothed in sackcloth;" and they will work signs and wonders with the object of making men ashamed and repentant, even by these means, on account of their surpassing lawlessness and impiety.

"And if any man will hurt them, fire will proceed out of their mouth, and devour their enemies. These have power to shut heaven, that it rain not in the days of the advent of Antichrist, and to turn waters into blood, and to smite the earth with all plagues as often as they will." And when they have proclaimed all these things they will fall on the sword, cut off by the accuser . And they will fulfill their testimony, as Daniel also says; for he foresaw that the beast that came up out of the abyss would make war with them, namely with Enoch, Elias, and John, and would overcome them, and kill them, because of their refusal to give glory to the accuser, that is, the little horn that sprang up. And he, being lifted up in heart, begins in the end to, exalt himself and glorify himself as God, persecuting the saints and blaspheming Christ.

[{ I believe the 2 witnesses to be symbolic of God's people preaching, God having His 2 witnesses at the trial, so to speak. But I do not see any support for Enoch, Elias, and John being present. I think he is mistaken there. But given how far he is from the fulfillment of these things he writes about, he is still doing a tremendous job. }]

(22) XXII.
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But as, in accordance with the train of our discussion, we have been constrained to come to the matter of the days of the dominion of the adversary, it is necessary to state in the first place what concerns his nativity and growth; and then we must turn our discourse, as we have said before, to the expounding of this matter, viz., that in all respects the accuser and son of lawlessness is to make himself like our Savior. Thus also the demonstration makes the matter clear to us.

Since the Savior of the world, with the purpose of saving the race of men, was born of the immaculate and virgin Mary, and in the form of the flesh trod the enemy trader foot, in the exercise of the power of His own proper divinity; in the same manner also will the accuser come forth from an impure woman upon the earth, but shall be born of a virgin spuriously. For our God sojourned with us in the flesh, after that very flesh of ours which He made for Adam and all Adam's posterity, yet without sin.

But the accuser, though he take up the flesh, will do it only in appearance; for how should we wear that flesh which he did not make himself, but against which he wars daily? And it is my opinion, beloved, that he will assume this phenomenal kind of flesh as an instrument. For this reason also is he to be horn of a virgin, as if a spirit, and then to the rest he will be manifested as flesh. For as to a virgin bearing, this we have known only in the case of the all-holy Virgin, who bore the Savior verily clothed in flesh. For Moses says, "Every male that opens the womb shall be called holy unto the Lord." This is by no means the case with him; but as the adversary will not open the womb, so neither will he take to himself real flesh, and be circumcised as Christ was circumcised. And even as Christ chose His apostles, so will he too assume a whole people of disciples like himself in wickedness.

[{ This last paragraph in particular is expressed as his opinion and it obviously is. I think he is perhaps overreaching himself but one does no harm in speculating as long as they make it clear that it is nothing but speculation so we really can't fault him too much. But I do not think there will be much attention given to the birth origins of this mis-leader when he manifests himself, if that is to be the case. }]

(23) XXIII.

Above all, moreover, he will love the nation of the Jews. And with all these he will work signs and terrible wonders, false wonders and not true, in order to deceive his impious equals. For if it were possible, he would seduce even the elect from the love of Christ. But in his first steps he will be gentle, loveable, quiet, pious, pacific, hating injustice, detesting gifts, not allowing idolatry; loving, says he, the Scriptures, reverencing priests, honoring his elders, repudiating fornication, detesting adultery, giving no heed to slanders, not admitting oaths, kind to strangers, kind to the poor, compassionate. And then he will work wonders, cleansing lepers, raising paralytics, expelling demons, proclaiming things remote just as things present, raising the dead, helping widows, defending orphans, loving all, reconciling in love men who contend, and saying to such, "Let not the sun go down upon your wrath;" and he will not acquire gold, nor love silver, nor seek riches.

[{ Hippolytus has a lot to say that can not be backed up or verified. Irenaeus had been quite brief in his account of the Antichrist whereas Hippolytus elaborates in great detail. Too much detail. I suspect he is injecting his own ideas into it all. But if the scenario plays out as he says it will, a way that many expect as a fulfillment of God's will, then there is no doubt that very many Christians will be misled and deceived by this antichrist when he rebuilds the temple and draws Jews to himself. }]

(24) XXIV.

And all this he will do corruptly and deceitfully, and with the purpose of deluding all to make him king. For when the peoples and tribes see so great virtues and so great powers in him, they will all with one mind meet together to make him king. And above all others shall the nation of the Hebrews be dear to the tyrant himself, while they say one to another, Is there found indeed in our generation such a man, so good and just? That shall be the way with the race of the Jews pre-eminently, as I said before, who, thinking, as they do, that they shall behold the king himself in such power, will approach him to say, We all confide in thee, and acknowledge you to be just upon the whole earth; we all hope to be saved by thee; and by Your mouth we have received just and incorruptible judgment.

[{ It is the interpretation of Hippolytus that the Antichrist is serving, primarily, the interest of the Jews and restoring the priesthood and the temple, with himself declared as the messiah, in fulfillment of the scriptures. Now I want to carefully point out that is this is so and I do believe it is, then it would appear the Jews were and are well behind the circumstances that bring this man to power. But bringing back the law and temple is part of the abomination causing desolation, for it denies and rejects the sacrifice of God's son, which is certainly a horrendous sacrilege and abomination.

So are the Jews the primary force behind the Antichrist? It would seem so. What other group would have this interest in re-establishing the ritual law of the priesthood and temple, with its sacrifices? Are the Jews Babylon the Great? I would say they are, along with all  the phony Christians who support this apostasy/heresy. Can the Jews be said to have the immense great power that is said to be that of Babylon the Great? Are they the ones bearing a grudge against real Christians, along with all the phony Christians?

Let me put it this way. Satan came, not to deny the scriptures, but to fulfill them in a deceptive way. To do this, he needed to infiltrate and corrupt both the movement begun with Moses and the one begun by Jesus in 29 AD. Both are now very corrupt and serving the devil; some knowingly and some not so knowingly or at least not completely knowingly. So most of the "elect" will be deceived. }]

(25) XXV.
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And at first, indeed, that deceitful and lawless one, with crafty deceitfulness, will refuse such glory; but the men persisting, and holding by him, will declare him king. And thereafter he will be lifted up in heart, and he who was formerly gentle will become violent, and he who pursued love will become pitiless, and the humble in heart will become haughty and inhuman, and the hater of unrighteousness will persecute the righteous. Then, when he is elevated to his kingdom, he will marshal war; and in his wrath he will smite three mighty kings,-- those, namely, of Egypt, Libya, and Ethiopia. And after that he will build the temple in Jerusalem, and will restore it again speedily, and give it over to the Jews. And then he will be lifted up in heart against every man; yea, he will speak blasphemy also against God, thinking in his deceit that he shall be king upon the earth hereafter for ever; not knowing, miserable wretch, that his kingdom is to be quickly brought to naught, and that he will quickly have to meet the fire which is prepared for him, along with all who trust him and serve him.

For when Daniel said, "I shall make my covenant for one week," he indicated seven years; and the one half of the week is for the preaching of the prophets, and for the other half of the week--that is to say, for three years and a half--Antichrist will reign upon the earth. And after this his kingdom and his glory shall be taken away. Behold, you who love God, what manner of tribulation there shall rise in those days, such as has not been from the foundation of the world, no, nor ever shall be, except in those days alone. Then the lawless one, being lifted up in heart, will gather together his demons in man's form, and will abominate those who call him to the kingdom, and will pollute many souls.

[{ Hippolytus has great clarity of vision here. I want to add one thing of clarity, myself. Though the Antichrist does conclude a covenant and reign in the 2nd 3.5 years, he does appear at the start of the 1st 3.5 years, as best as I can tell, and the 2 witnesses, the "prophets," the locusts, representing real Christians preaching against this Antichrist. After 3.5 years, they are symbolically killed and all preaching has been brought to an end. They return to "life" at the end of the 7 years.

It is important for genuine Christians to know that their "death" (which symbolizes imprisonment for those not martyred) shall only last for 3.5 years, after which they are freed while God pours out His  bowls of wrath to wrap up the 7 years and restore His kingdom to the earth. }]

(26) XXVI.

For he will appoint princes over them from among the demons. And he will no longer seem to be pious, but altogether and in all things he will be harsh, severe, passionate, wrathful, terrible, inconstant, dread, morose, hateful, abominable, savage, vengeful, iniquitous. And, bent on casting the whole race of men into the pit of perdition, he will multiply false signs. For when all the people greet him with their acclamations at his displays, he will shout with a strong voice, so that the place shall be shaken in which the multitudes stand by him: "You peoples, and tribes, and nations, acquaint yourselves with my mighty authority and power, and the strength of my kingdom. What prince is there so great as I am? What great God is there but I? Who will stand up against my authority?"

[{ The antichrist will show his true colors eventually. Or it is possible that he carefully and deceitfully hides his atrocities, making them appear as acts of nature rather than engineered events of man. And he will invent clever ways to justify certain killings, which many will gladly accept, being wicked at heart. }]

Under the eye of the spectators he will remove mountains from their places, he will walk on the sea with dry feet, he will bring down fire from heaven, he will turn the day into darkness and the night into day, he will turn the sun about wheresoever he pleases; and, in short, in presence of those who behold him, he will show all the elements of earth and sea to be subject to him in the power of his specious manifestation. For if, while as yet he does not exhibit himself as the son of perdition, he raises and excites against us open war even to battles and slaughters, at that time when he shall come in his own proper person, and men shall see him as he is in reality, what machinations and deceits and delusions will he not bring into play, with the purpose of seducing all men, and leading them off from the way of truth, and from the gate of the kingdom?

[{ If Hippolytus speaks in figurative terms then fine. The signs are, after all, false, lying, and deceiving signs that only mislead those who want to believe the lie. None who love and believe in the truth will ever get fooled. I say that the antichrist may make use of secret suppressed technology that will seem so advanced (even though Nikola Tesla discovered and wrote about it all, over 100 years ago) such as coming down in a UFO-like vehicle and claim to be from another world and "heaven." Also the means and ability to control weather, create lighting, earthquakes, storms and all sort of powers we might have once attributed to the gods but is it nothing but pure science that has been known by at least a few in secret for 100 years now. No real mystery and not really from a god, either. }]

(27) XXVII.
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Then, after all these things, the heavens will not give their dew, the clouds will not give their rain, the earth will refuse to yield its fruits, the sea shall be filled with stench, the rivers shall be dried up, the fish of the sea shall die, men shall perish of hunger and thirst; and father embracing son, and mother embracing daughter, will die together, and there will be none to bury them. But the whole earth will be filled with the stench arising from the dead bodies cast forth. And the sea, not receiving the floods of the rivers, will become like mire, and will be filled with an unlimited smell and stench. Then there will be a mighty pestilence upon the whole earth, and then, too, inconsolable lamentation, and measureless weeping, and unceasing mourning Then men will deem those happy who are dead before them, and will say to them, "Open your sepulchres, and take us miserable beings in; open your receptacles for the reception of your wretched kinsmen and acquaintances. Happy are you, in that you have not seen our days. Happy are you, in that you have not had to witness this painful life of ours, nor this irremediable pestilence, nor these straits that possess our souls."

[{ Here he simply quotes the Bible. Kind of hard to go wrong doing that, right? }]

(28) XXVIII.

Then that abominable one will send his commands throughout every government by the hand at once of demons and of visible men, who shall say, "A mighty king has arisen upon the earth; come you all to worship him; come you all to see the strength of his kingdom: for, behold, he will give you corn; and he will bestow upon you wine, and great riches, and lofty honors. For the whole earth and sea obeys his command. Come you all to him." And by reason of the scarcity of food, all will go to him and worship him; and he will put his mark on their right hand and on their forehead, that no one may put the sign of the honorable cross upon his forehead with his right hand; but his hand is bound.

And from that time he shall not have power to seal any one of his members, but he shall be attached to the deceiver, and shall serve him; and in him there is no repentance. But such an one is lost at once to God and to men, and the deceiver will give them scanty food by reason of his abominable seal. And his seal upon the forehead and upon the right hand is the number, "Six hundred threescore and six." And I have an opinion as to this number, though I do not know the matter for certain; for many names have been found in this number when it is expressed in writing. Still we say that perhaps the scription of this same seal will give us the word I deny. For even in recent days, by means of his ministers--that is to say, the idolaters--that bitter adversary took up the word deny, when the lawless pressed upon the witnesses of Christ, with the adjuration, "Deny Your God, the crucified One."

[{ Hippolytus says "I have an opinion." I suspect he has quite a few opinions which is why one must take much of this treatise with a grain of salt. But I picked up on the "Deny Your God" as I expect that this is the challenge that shall be presented to Christians everywhere before it is all over. }]

(29) XXIX.
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Of such kind, in the time of that hater of all good, will be the seal, the tenor of which will be this: I deny the Maker of heaven and earth, I deny the baptism, I deny my (former) service, and attach myself to thee, and I believe in thee. For this is what the prophets Enoch and Elias will preach:

"Believe not the enemy who is to come and be seen; for he is an adversary and corrupter and son of perdition, and deceives you; and for this reason he will kill you, and smite them with the sword. Behold the deceit of the enemy, know the machinations of the beguiler, how he seeks to darken the mind of men utterly. For he will show forth his demons brilliant like angels, and he will bring in hosts of the incorporeal without number. And in the presence of all he exhibits himself as taken up into heaven with trumpets and sounds, and the mighty shouting of those who hail him with indescribable hymns; the heir of darkness himself shining like light, and at one time soaring to the heavens, and at another descending to the earth with great glory, and again charging the demons, like angels, to execute his behests with much fear and trembling."

[{ I am sure that Hippolytus, too, as does Revelation, uses symbolic figurative language. }]

Then will he send the cohorts of the demons among mountains and caves and dens of the earth, to track out those who have been concealed from his eyes, and to bring them forward to worship him. And those who yield to him he will seal with his seal; but those who refuse to submit to him he will consume with incomparable pains and bitterest torments and machinations, such as never have been, nor have reached the ear of man, nor have been seen by the eye of mortals.

[{ There is no doubt that for those who refuse to worship the image of the beast, there will be persecutions and torment. Some will even be killed. But many will survive right through Armageddon so one need not get too fearful. But there will be some tough times for Christians to face, just the same. We must be prepared for the worst. }]

Blessed shall they be who overcome the tyrant then. For they shall be set forth as more illustrious and loftier than the first witnesses; for the former witnesses overcame his minions only, but these overthrow and conquer the accuser himself, the son of perdition. With what eulogies and crowns, therefore, will they not be adorned by our King, Jesus Christ!

(31) XXXI.

But let us revert to the matter in hand. When men have received the seal, then, and find neither food nor water, they will approach him with a voice of anguish, saying, Give us to eat and drink, for we all faint with hunger and all manner of straits; and bid the heavens yield us water, and drive off from us the beasts that devour men. Then will that crafty one make answer, mocking them with absolute inhumanity, and saying, The heavens refuse to give rain, the earth yields not again its fruits; whence then can I give you food?

Then, on hearing the words of this deceiver, these miserable men will perceive that this is the wicked accuser, and will mourn in anguish, and weep vehemently, and beat their face with their hands, and tear their hair, and lacerate their cheeks with their nails, while they say to each other: Woe for the calamity! woe for the bitter contract! woe for the deceitful covenant! woe for the mighty mischance! How have we been beguiled by the deceiver! how have we been joined to him! how have we been caught in his toils! how have we been taken in his abominable net! how have we heard the Scriptures, and understood them not! For truly those who are engrossed with the affairs of life, and with the lust of this world, will be easily brought over to the accuser then, and sealed by him.

[{ This is just such great chapter. I think he has prefectly summed up how people are going to feel who were fooled by the antichrist and realized it too late. }]

(32) XXXII.

But many who are hearers of the divine Scriptures, and have them in their hand, and keep them in mind with understanding, will escape his imposture. For they will see clearly through his insidious appearance and his deceitful imposture, and will flee from his hands, and betake themselves to the mountains, and hide themselves in the caves of the earth; and they will seek after the Friend of man with tears and a contrite heart; and He will deliver them out of his toils, and with His right hand He will save those from his snares who in a worthy and righteous manner make their supplication to Him.

[{ Amen!!! }]

(33) XXXIII.
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You see in what manner of fasting and prayer the saints will exercise themselves at that time. Observe, also, how hard the season and the times will be that are to come upon those in city and country alike. At that time they will be brought from the east even unto the west; and they will come up from the west even unto the east, and will weep greatly and wail vehemently. And when the day begins to dawn they will long for the night, in order that they may find rest from their labors; and when the night descends upon them, by reason of the continuous earthquakes and the tempests in the air, they will desire even to behold the light of the day, anti will seek how they may hereafter meet a bitter death. At that time the whole earth will bewail the life of anguish, and the sea and air in like manner will bewail it; and the sun, too, will wail; and the wild beasts, together with the fowls, will wail; mountains and hills, and the trees of the plain, will wail on account of the race of man, because all have turned aside from the holy God, and obeyed the deceiver, and received the mark of that abominable one, the enemy of God, instead of the quickening cross of the Savior.

(34) XXXIV.

And the churches, too, will wail with a mighty lamentation, because neither "oblation nor incense" is attended to, nor a service acceptable to God; but the sanctuaries of the churches will become like a garden-watcher's hut, and the holy body and blood of Christ will not be shown in those days. The public service of God shall be extinguished, psalmody shall cease, the reading of the Scriptures shall not be heard; but for men there shall be darkness, and lamentation on lamentation, and woe on woe. At that time silver and gold shall be cast out in the streets, and none shall gather them; but all things shall be held an offence.

[{ I would agree with most of what is said here though I am not sure about the gold and silver being worthless quite at this point but who knows for sure. }]

For all shall be eager to escape and to hide themselves, and they shall not be able anywhere to find concealment from the woes of the adversary; but as they carry his mark about them, they shall be readily recognized and declared to be his. Without there shall be fear, and within trembling, both by night and by day. In the street and in the houses there shall be the dead; in the streets and in the houses there shall be hunger and thirst; in the streets there shall be tumults, and in the houses lamentations. And beauty of countenance shall be withered, for their forms shall be like those of the dead; and the beauty of women shall fade, and the desire of all men shall vanish.

(35) XXXV.

Notwithstanding, not even then will the merciful and benignant God leave the race of men without all comfort; but He will shorten even those days and the period of three years and a half, and He will curtail those times on account of the remnant of those who hide themselves in the mountains and caves, that the phalanx of all those saints fail not utterly. But these days shall run their course rapidly; and the kingdom of the deceiver and Antichrist shall be speedily removed. And then, in fine, in the glance of an eye shall the fashion of this world pass away, and the power of men shall be brought to naught, and all these visible things shall be destroyed.

[{ This is the reminder that needs to be made. Excellent! }]

(36) XXXVI. [{ Our Reward }]
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As these things, therefore, of which we have spoken before are in the future, beloved, when the one week is divided into parts, and the abomination of desolation has arisen then, and the forerunners of the Lord have finished their proper course, and the whole world, in fine, comes to the consummation, what remains but the manifestation of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the Son of God, from heaven, for whom we have hoped; who shall bring forth fire and all just judgment against those who have refused to believe in Him?

For the Lord says, "For as the lightning comes out of the east, and shines even unto the west, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be; for wheresoever the carcass is, there will the eagles be gathered together." For the sign of the cross shall arise from the east even unto the west, in brightness exceeding that of the sun, and shall announce the advent and manifestation of the Judge, to give to every one according to his works. For concerning the general resurrection and the kingdom of the saints, Daniel says: "And many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt." And Isaiah says: "The dead shall rise, and those in the tombs shall awake, and those in the earth shall rejoice." And our Lord says: "Many in that day shall hear the voice of the Son of God, and they that hear shall live."

(37) XXXVII.

For at that time the trumpet shall sound, and awake those that sleep from the lowest parts of the earth, righteous and sinners alike. And every kindred, and tongue, and nation, and tribe shall be raised in the twinkling of an eye; and they shall stand upon the face of the earth, waiting for the coming of the righteous and terrible Judge, in fear and trembling unutterable. For the river of fire shall come forth in fury like an angry sea, and shall burn up mountains and hills, and shall make the sea vanish, and shall dissolve the atmosphere with its heat like wax. The stars of heaven shall fall, the sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood. The heaven shall be rolled together like a scroll: the whole earth shall be burnt up by reason of the deeds done in it, which men did corruptly, in fornications, in adulteries, and in lies and uncleanness, and in idolatries, and in murders, and in battles. For there shall be the new heaven and the new earth.

[{ I think he has his timing mixed up between the later things mentioned and the first things involving rewards to the faithful. }]


Then shall the holy angels run on their commission to gather together all the nations, whom that terrible voice of the trumpet shall awake out of sleep. And before the judgment-seat of Christ shall stand those who once were kings and rulers, chief priests and priests; and they shall give an account of their administration, and of the fold, whoever of them through their negligence have lost one sheep out of the flock. And then shall be brought forward soldiers who were riot content with their provision, but oppressed widows and orphans and beggars. Then shall be arraigned the collectors of tribute, who despoil the poor man of more than is ordered, and who make real gold like adulterate, in order to mulct the needy, in fields and in houses and in the churches. Then shall rise up the lewd with shame, who have not kept their bed undefiled, but have been ensnared by all manner of fleshly beauty, and have gone in the way of their own lusts. Then shall rise up those who have not kept the love of the Lord, mute and gloomy, because they contemned the light commandment of the Savior, which says, You shall love Your neighbor as thyself. Then they, too, shall weep who have possessed the unjust balance, and unjust weights and measures, and dry measures, as they wait for the righteous Judge.

[{ He imagines that those who have been bad or wicked will be brought back to be punished. I have addressed in my own article dealing with the resurrections. }]

(39) XXXIX.
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And why should we add many words concerning those who are assisted before the bar? Then the righteous shall shine forth like the sun, while the wicked shall be shown to be mute and gloomy. For both the righteous and the wicked shall be raised incorruptible: the righteous, to be honored eternally, and to taste immortal joys; and the wicked, to be punished in judgment eternally. Each ponders the question as to what answer he shall give to the righteous Judge for his deeds, whether good or bad. With all men each one's actions shall environ him, whether he be good or evil.

For the powers of the heavens shall be shaken, and fear and trembling shall consume all things, both heaven and earth and things under the earth. And every tongue shall confess Him openly, and shall confess Him who comes to judge righteous judgment, the mighty God and Maker of all things. Then with fear and astonishment shall come angels, thrones, powers, principalities, dominions, and the cherubim and seraphim with their many eyes and six wings, all crying aloud with a mighty voice, "Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of hosts, omnipotent; the heaven and the earth are full of Your glory." And the King of kings and Lord of lords, the Judge who accepts no man's person, and the Jurist who distributes justice to every man, shall be revealed upon His dread and lofty throne; and all the flesh of mortals shall see His face with great fear and trembling, both the righteous and the sinner.

(40) XL.

Then shall the son of perdition be brought forward, to wit, the accuser, with his demons and with his servants, by angels stern and inexorable. And they shall be given over to the fire that is never quenched, and to the worm that never sleeps, and to the outer darkness. For the people of the Hebrews shall see Him in human form, as He appeared to them when He came by the holy Virgin in the flesh, and as they crucified Him. And He will show them the prints of the nails in His hands and feet, and His side pierced with the spear, and His head crowned with thorns, and His honorable cross. And once for all shall the people of the Hebrews see all these things, and they shall mourn and weep, as the prophet exclaims, "They shall look on Him whom they have pierced;" and there shall be none to help them or to pity them, because they repented not, neither turned aside from the wicked way. And these shall go away into everlasting punishment with the demons and the accuser.

[{ I do not believe Jesus will come in the flesh. That they look upon him is figuratively so. They perceive Jesus is behind the events going on, when things go sour for them. }]

(41) XLI.

Then He shall gather together all nations, as the holy Gospel so strikingly declares. For what says Matthew the evangelist, or rather the Lord Himself, in the Gospel? "When the Son of man shall come in His glory, and all the holy angels with Him, then shall He sit upon the throne of His glory: and before Him shall be gathered all nations; and He shall separate them one from another, as a shepherd divides his sheep from the goats: and He shall set the sheep on His right hand, but the goats on the left. Then shall the King say unto them on His right hand, Come, you blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world." Come, you prophets, who were cast out for my name's sake. Come, you patriarchs, who before my advent were obedient to me, and longed for my kingdom. Come, you apostles, who were my fellows in my sufferings in my incarnation, and suffered with me in the Gospel. Come, you martyrs, who confessed me before despots, and endured many torments and pains. Come, you hierarchs, who did me sacred service blamelessly day and night, and made the oblation of my honorable body and blood daily.

(42) XLII.
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Come, you saints, who disciplined yourselves in mountains and caves and dens of the earth, who honored my name by continence and prayer and virginity. Come, you maidens, who desired my bride-chamber, and loved no other bridegroom than me, who by your testimony and habit of life were wedded to me, the immortal and incorruptible Bridegroom. Come, you friends of the poor and the stranger. Come, you who kept my love, as I am love. Come, you who possess peace, for I own that peace. Come, you blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you, you who esteemed not riches, you who had compassion on the poor, who aided the orphans, who helped the widows, who gave drink to the thirsty, who fed the hungry, who received strangers, who clothed the naked, who visited the sick, who comforted those in prison, who helped the blind, who kept the seal of the faith inviolate, who assembled yourselves together in the churches, who listened to my Scriptures, who longed for my words, who observed my law day and night, who endured hardness with me like good soldiers, seeking to please me, your heavenly King. Come, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world. Behold, my kingdom is made ready; behold, paradise is opened; behold, my immortality is shown in its beauty. Come all, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world.

(43) XLIII.

Then shall the righteous answer, astonished at the mighty and wondrous fact that He, whom the hosts of angels cannot look upon openly, addresses them as friends, and shall cry out to Him, Lord, when saw we You an hungered, and fed Thee? Master, when saw we You thirsty, and gave You drink? You Terrible One, when saw we You naked, and clothed Thee? Immortal, when saw we You a stranger, and took You in? You Friend of man, when saw we You sick or in prison, and came unto Thee? You art the ever-living One. You art without beginning, like the Father, and co-eternal with the Spirit. You art He who made all things out of nothing. You art the prince of the angels. You art He at whom the depths tremble. You art He who is covered with light as with a garment. You art He who made us, and fashioned us of earth. You art He who formed things invisible." From Your presence the whole earth fleeth away, and how have we received hospitably Your kingly power and lordship?

(44) XLIV.

Then shall the King of kings make answer again, and say to them, Inasmuch as you have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, you have done it unto me. Inasmuch as you have received those of whom I have already spoken to you, and clothed them, and fed them, and gave them to drink, I mean the poor who are my members, you have done it unto me. But come you into the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world; enjoy for ever and ever that which is given you by my Father in heaven, and the holy and quickening Spirit. And what mouth then will be able to tell out those blessings which eye has not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love Him?

(45) XLV.
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You have heard of the ceaseless joy, you have heard of the immoveable kingdom, you have heard of the feast of blessings without end. Learn now, then, also the address of anguish with which the just Judge and the benignant God shall speak to those on the left hand in unmeasured anger and wrath, Depart from me, you cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels. you have prepared these things for yourselves; take to yourselves also the enjoyment of them. Depart from me, you cursed, into the outer darkness, and into the unquenchable fire, prepared for the devil and his angels. I made you, and you gave yourselves to another. I am He who brought you forth from your mother's womb, and you rejected me. I am He who fashioned you of earth by my word of command, and you gave yourselves to another. I am He who nurtured you, and you served another. I ordained the earth and the sea for your maintenance and the bound of your life, and you listened not to my commandments. I made the light for you, that you might enjoy the day, and the night also, that you might have rest; and you vexed me, and set me at naught with your wicked words, and opened the door to the passions. Depart from me, you workers of iniquity. I know you not, I recognize you not: you made yourselves the workmen of another lord--namely, the devil. With him inherit you the darkness, and the fire that is not quenched, and the worm that sleeps not, and the gnashing of teeth.

(46) XLVI.

For I was hungry, and you gave me no meat: I was thirsty, and you gave me no drink; I was a stranger, and you took me not in; naked, and you clothed me not; sick, and you visited me not: I was in prison, and you came not unto me. I made your ears that you might hear the Scriptures; and you prepared them for the songs of demons, and lyres, and jesting. I made your eyes that you might see the light of my commandments, and keep them; and you called in fornication and wantonness, and opened them to all other manner of uncleanness. I prepared your mouth for the utterance of adoration, and praise, and psalms, and spiritual odes, and for the exercise of continuous reading; and you fitted it to railing, and swearing, and blasphemies, while you sat and spoke evil of your neighbors. I made your hands that you might stretch them forth in prayers and supplications, and you put them forth to robberies, and murders, and the killing of each other. I ordained your feet to walk in the preparation of the Gospel of peace, both in the churches and the houses of my saints; and you taught them to run to adulteries, and fornications, and theatres, and dancings, and elevations.

(47) XLVII.

At last the assembly is dissolved, the spectacle of this life ceases: its deceit and its semblance are passed away. Cleave to me, to whom every knee bows, of things in heaven, and things on earth, and things under the earth. For all who have been negligent, and have not shown pity in well-doing there, have nothing else due them than the unquenchable fire. For I am the friend of man, but yet also a righteous Judge to all. For I shall award the recompense according to desert; I shall give the reward to all, according to each man's labor; I shall make return to all, according to each man's conflict. I wish to have pity, but I see no oil in your vessels. I desire to have mercy, but you have passed through life entirely without mercy. I long to have compassion, but your lamps are dark by reason of your hardness of heart. Depart from me. For judgment is without mercy to him that hath showed no mercy.

(48) XLVIII.
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Then shall they also make answer to the dread Judge, who accepts no man's person: Lord, when saw we You an hungered, or athirst, or a stranger, or naked, or sick, or in prison, and ministered not unto You? Lord, do You know us not? You did form us, You did fashion us, You did make us of four elements, You did give us spirit and soul. On You we believed; Your seal we received, Your baptism we obtained; we acknowledged You to be God, we knew You to be Creator; in You we wrought sights, through You we cast out demons, for You we mortified the flesh, for You we preserved virginity, for You we practiced chastity, for You we became strangers on the earth; and You said, I know you not, depart from me! Then shall He make answer to them, and say, you acknowledged me as Lord, but you kept not my words. you were marked with the seal of my cross, but you deleted it by your hardness of heart. you obtained my baptism, but you observed not my commandments. you subdued your body to virginity, but you kept not mercy, but you did not cast the hatred of your brother out of your souls. For not every, one that says to me, Lord, Lord, shall be saved, but he that does my will. And these shall go away into everlasting punishment, but the righteous into life eternal.

(49) XLIX.

"Be you faithful unto death, and I will give you the crown of life."

You have heard, beloved, the answer of the Lord; you have learned the sentence of the Judge; you have been given to understand what kind of awful scrutiny awaits us, and what day and what hour are before us. Let us therefore ponder this every day; let us meditate on this both day and night, both in the house, and by the way, and in the churches, that we may not stand forth at that dread and impartial judgment condemned, abased, and sad, but with purity of action, life, conversation, and confession; so that to us also the merciful and benignant God may say, "Your faith hath saved thee, go in peace;" and again, "Well done, good and faithful servant; you have been faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many, things: enter you into the joy of Your Lord." Which joy may it be ours to reach, by the grace and kindness of our Lord Jesus Christ, to whom pertain glory, honor, and adoration, with His Father, who is without beginning, and His holy, and good, and quickening Spirit, now and ever, and to the ages of the ages. Amen.

End of Hippolytus

I should point out that since Daniel has made it clear that the words of prophecy given to him are not to be understood until the time of the end. That being said and maybe 1800 having passed since Hippolytus, that Hippolytus could not have really known what would take place. But all the same, many elements were and are, still discernable then and now. And Hippolytus was very good at figuring many things out. We do have to tip our hats to him. But we should not mistake his words to be infallible or not bother to try to further refine and understand the propheices. But at least we do know that basics of what early Christians expected from Daniel and Revelation. At least we learned about Dan and why he got left our of Revelation chapters 7 & 14 and some other scriptures applying to him as well.

Be sure to check out this article: Lying Signs and Wonders as it deals with many aspects of the antichrist, especially in regards to the Lying Signs and Wonders he is to perform before the beast and the world to deceive the world into following him and the beast, the image of the beast, and the dragon as well. An essential article to go with this one.

Interesting YouTube Videos & Links
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These offer possibilities of an antichrist already being introduced and passed around. While I still think arrival in a UFO quite possible, it may be another way as suggested in these videos. We will see. I say a UFO!
Wayne Peterson on World Crisis related to Maitreya, Oct 2008 1 of 2
Wayne Peterson on World Crisis related to Maitreya, Oct 2008 2 of 2

Peterson speaks of the existence of the messiah, "Jesus" who also goes by other names from other religions. Obviously not from the God of the Bible. This is what we should expect from the antichrist. He will try to be all things to all people. God does not allow any path but one; that in the name of Jesus alone. So be aware and on guard, the liars are coming and may already be here. That is how we know it is the last hour. Use caution when viewing these. Remember who is behind them, ultimately. I will try to keep this section updated from time to time as I search the net for more.

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